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  • warmblanketwhump
    22.06.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    okay here’s a wild thought - what about mutual caretaking?

    Both of them are super sick, feverish, barely able to stand upright (much less walk) but they’re trying SO hard to make sure each other has something to drink and gets their next dose of medicine and stays comfortable. when one tries to give up their blanket for the other one, the most pathetic battle of self sacrifice ensues. both of their throats are too raw to fight for long, and they finally settle on sharing, falling asleep in a tangle of limbs on the couch.

    They’re both stranded on a cold night, equally freezing, huddled under a tree together. Sharing a single sleeping bag, they’re pressed together, holding on to each other for all they’re worth to try and keep warm. They’re so tired, but too afraid to go to sleep before they’ve warmed up. So they take turns telling stories to make each other laugh and keep their spirits up until they’re warm enough to sleep.

    They’re both injured, still conscious, desperately hoping against hope that a rescue party can find them in time. Their original spot is too dangerous to stay, but A has a head injury and can’t see while B’s got a broken leg. they each try to fill in the gaps as they hobble along, A reassuring B that they’ve got them, B gently directing them down the rough trail.

    Both of them went though the same traumatic event together, and wake up in the hospital in a shared room. Despite their injuries, the first one to wake clambers into the bed of the other one, who wraps their arms around them tightly. they both fight back tears as they reassure each other that they’re okay, that it’s all over, they’re safe now.

    #this was in the drafts so here you go! #had to take a slight breather from prompts but I'll be back tomorrow with more! #sickfic whump#fever whump#whump prompts#caretaking#aftercare#shivering#hypothermia#hospital whump#stranded#my writing
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  • whump-in-progress
    22.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    exhausted whumpee begging for the caretaker to take away the pain (not to kill them, unless that's the fic you want - just pleading for the hurt to go away) while being treated or handled, and caretaker's heart breaking silently while they work and listen to the desperation in whumpee's voice.

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  • stuckyxlb
    22.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Stucky and I / Part 15

    Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters.

    Summary: Walking up, the reader is extremely cold and alone. A hot shower could do some good. Right?

    Warnings: fever, swearing, fainting.


    After a couple of hours, I woke up to find myself alone in the bed. Everything was freezing. The blankets did nothing to help the goose bumps that were covering every inch of my skin.

    Bucky’s place on the mattress had long since gone cold. His warmth was gone like it was never there in the first place. I bit back a whine as I pulled myself out of the bed and made my way to the en-suite. I was determined to get into a hot shower and warm up.

    Stripping and leaving my clothes on the floor, I stepped into the shower and cranked it up to a scolding temperature. Though my stomach didn’t seem all that settled, the chilly air in the room has most of my attention as I seek the warmth that seems to have completely left my body.

    In my sleep and fever induced haze, I didn’t realize that I was cold to the bone because my fever had sky rocketed. After several minutes in the shower, I began to feel nauseous and lightheaded. I quickly switched off the shower and grabbed a random towel that hung on the bar.

    Wrapped in the towel, I supported myself on the wall as I made my way toward the bathroom door. I was seeking comfort as I called out, “Mom? Dad? Help..” the cry for help was almost a whisper as I slid down the door frame.

    “Y/N?!” Two voices yelled. Two voices I recognized, but I couldn’t piece it together. My fever affecting my thought process and sent me into a confused state.

    Two men came running into the room. One blonde and the other brunette. Both gorgeous. I knew them, but my brain wouldn’t catch up. They both knelt beside me as I went limp.

    “Doll, can you hear me?” The brunette asked, reaching up to hold my forehead. Upon touching my skin, he loudly cursed, “Fuck Steve. She’s burning.”

    Steve. I know Steve.

    “Baby, I’m gonna move you, okay?” Steve asked, not really expecting an answer as he lifted me and placed me on the bed.

    “Jarvis. Get whoever is closest up to our floor. Have them bring ice packs.” The brunette said, running toward the bathroom.

    “Right away Sargent Barnes.” The AI replied.

    “What’s her temp?” Steve asked next, stroking my hair as I drifted in and out.

    “104.5.” Jarvis responded. “Boss has entered your floor along with Miss Potts.”

    “Hear that hunny? Help is coming.” Steve soothed.

    Bucky, Tony, and Pepper all came back at the same time. Bucky placed a cold cloth on my head and set a medicine bottle on the night stand while Tony began placing ice packs around my neck and in the crevices of my arms and legs. Pepper climbed into the bed and set a glass down on the other table.

    “What the hell happened?” Tony asked once he stepped back.

    “I think she took a hot shower.” Bucky said, rubbing his temples. “I mean the mirrors are fogged and she obviously just got out of the shower. I don’t know why she didn’t call for help.”

    “Cc-cccold.” I mumbled.

    “What was the sweety?” Pepper asked, leaning closer to hear me.

    “Colddd.” I mumbled again.

    “I know hunny. I know.” Pepper murmured. “We gotta get that fever down though.”

    I shook my head and pointed toward the bathroom in a vain attempt to explain myself. The cooling methods working my brain as it stopped attempting to fry itself.

    “You took a hot shower cause you were cold?” Tony guessed.

    You thanked God for the genius as you nodded.

    “Ohhhh.” Steve and Bucky said. Now they understood. Your fever made you cold and you wanted to warm up.

    “Next time call us for help, okay?” Steve asked, rubbing his thumb up and down over the center of the wash cloth on my forehead.

    “Jarvis. Monitor Y/N and let the soldiers know if there are any significant changes and track her movements when she is alone. Alert anyone on the floor, or near by if the ice men are off floor, if she needs assistance.” Tony said, nipping the problem right in the bud.

    “Yes Boss.” The AI replied.

    “Sweets, why don’t you have some of this apple juice?” Pepper asked, leaning over to grab the cup with the bendy straw. Steve carefully tilted my head up as I drank a few sips. Bucky grabbed the medicine he put aside earlier and gave me two in between the last few swigs before the glass ran empty.

    “J, what’s her temp now?” Tony asked.

    “102.2. It has stabilized for the moment. The medicine should bring it down further.” The AI replied.

    “Thank you both for running down here. Sorry to interrupt you guys.” Steve said to the couple.

    “Pepper was about to make me sign some stuff in her home office.” Tony replied, grimacing. “Though I’m glad we were close by. Everyone else is a few floors down.”

    “I really just wanted him to take a break.” Pepper giggled, smiling at Tony, clearly proud of herself.

    “Well that’s enough action for me today.” Tony said, standing and rubbing his hands together before clapping Bucky on the back as he walked away. “Holler if you need me. I’m going back to the lab.”

    “Oh no you don’t!” Pepper said, planting a quick kiss on my cheek before jumping off the bed to go after her lover, shouting a good bye from down the hall.

    Bucky and Steve chuckled at the two as they turned their attention back toward me.

    Bucky rubbed the back of his neck, just like Steve does when he’s worried, before approaching me. “How you doing doll?”

    I gave a weak thumbs up as I grabbed for their hands. “Can we watch a movie?” I whispered out, wanting a distraction.

    “How about some broth and a movie? Bucky and I were eating when we heard you. It’s really good.” Steve said, pushing my hair back again to lay on the pillow.

    “Okay. Can we watch Beauty and the Beast?” I asked.

    “Whatever you want doll.” Bucky hummed.

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  • rachthecool
    21.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Kokichi Ouma

    A short lil Sickfic for Kokichi’s birthday (mainly written for my loving partner who i love v much)


    Kokichi woke to the morning announcement, only to be greeted immediately by a pounding headache, sore throat, and congestion so heavy it was almost painful. His limbs felt heavy, his head felt like lead, he was shaking uncontrollably with irrepressible coughs and sneezes…. He couldn’t go on like this. He felt so weak and exhausted he could barely move. He didn’t have the energy to force himself out of bed.

    He sneezed into a small wad of tissues, (something he never did unless he was tERRIBLY ill-- he refused to cover his nose and mouth,) silently accepting his fate… until he caught a glimpse of the date.

    June 21st. He wanted to cry. It was his BIRTHDAY and he was so sick he could barely even move? Why? Why him? And, considering it was in fact his birthday, he probably had to drag his sorry ass all the way to the dining hall and interact with everyone… ugh. Maybe, just maybe, everyone would take pity on him considering he was sick and it was his birthday…

    After taking way too long to get ready, Kokichi lugged himself to the dining hall, his heavy limbs feeling as if there was a huge weight chained to them that grew heavier and heavier with each step. He’d finally managed to stop hacking and wheezing and had somehow found the willpower to feign his usual energy, but still, he knew this day was going to be a long one.

    “Hiiii everyone!!” He greeted as he quietly entered, trying to mask the way he wobbled and limped across the floor.

    “Not now, Kokichi,” Maki warned with a deadset glare.

    “Whaaat? You aren’t going to wish me happy biiiirthdayyyyy?” He whined dramatically, ignoring the way his throat screamed in protest.

    “I apologize, Kokichi, but we do not have time for your lies right now,” Kiibo said dismissively. “Shuichi is ill and we are trying to care for him.”

    Oh jesus fuck.

    “Wh-- Well, I am too!” Kokichi insisted, knowing even before he opened his mouth that not a single person would believe him. Needless to say, his suspicions were almost immediately confirmed when every pair of eyes in the room quickly darted toward him, as if his face was a magnet so strongly attracting their gazes.

    “You’re sick too? Since when?” Rantaro asked softly in that deep, calm and soothing voice that now felt like daggers piercing through Kokichi’s heart.

    The pale, purple-haired boy shook under the heat of everyone’s stares, something he’d never do under any normal circumstance. He gulped down a lump in his throat, choking back the coughing bout that teased his lungs underneath it. “Since this morning,” He answered through a shaky breath.

    “Yeah, sounds a little too convenient, man,” Kaito said, rubbing the back of his neck with giant fingers. “Well, since you’re here, how about you take first shift taking care of Shuichi?”

    “...WhAT??? On my BIRTHDAY??” Kokichi exclaimed.

    “It’s not your birthday!” Kaede shot back knowingly. “Just do it!”

    “If you guys aren’t gonna take care of poor sick Kokichi on his birthday, can’t I at least just rest in bed? I only dragged myself out of my room to talk to you guys!”

    “Juuust do it, you wHoRE,” Miu spat, fingers curled around her hips.

    “Woooow. Shumai got me SICK on my BIRTHDAY, and you guys are just standing here making me--”

    “Just DO IT!!” Interrupted an irritated chorus of voices, promptly shutting the poor grape up.


    “Stupid meanies, making me suffer on my birthday,” Kokichi grumbled under his breath as he carried a tray of hot rice porridge to his blue-haired patient. He could feel burning fever brewing behind his eyes, tickling his brain with a feverish static that wracked his already cloudy thinking. “Hey.”

    “Oh… Kokichi…” Shuichi pulled himself into a sitting position, covering a slight cough with a curled fist. “Heh… guess you were up first? ...Thanks. I really don’t think you should have to do this, it’s just a slight fever…”

    Not for me, Kokichi almost said, but stopped himself. “Whatever, Shumai! Just get better, stupidhead!” He replied instead in his usual playful tone. He ducked suddenly into his shoulder with a sneeze that he just barely managed to stifle into silence, the force bouncing back into his head and reverberating through his sinuses.

    Shuichi raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment on it.

    For an hour or so, Kokichi had to push through burning fever that slowly rose and boiled beneath his skin, stifling sneezes and muffling coughs, hiding the way his feet tumbled over each other with every trembling step. He was barely coherent, but somehow, he managed to keep conscious.

    Finally, he exited the room, swaying from side to side. It was finally Kaede’s shift. He could finally rest. He knew he desperately needed to.


    The sudden call of his name had him stopping in his tracks, shoulders stiffening with the rest of his body. A huge wave of dizziness wracked his head, throwing him off mental balance and momentarily disorienting him. He hadn’t even fully come back to reality when it was finally over. “What?”

    The robotic owner of the voice wobbled over nervously, handing Kokichi a decently-sized box. “Here… it’s not much, but… it’s from me!”

    To say Kokichi was shocked to have received a gift would be a ridiculous understatement, but nevertheless, he quietly took the box from Kiibo’s metal fingers, carefully unwrapping it. “Nee-heehee… a 6 pack of grape soda? What, did you google my interests with your robot brain?”

    “Th-that’s robophobic!” Kiibo squeaked, a hand shooting upward to point angrily at Kokichi. “But no, I just… I just knew you liked carbonated beverages and decided this would be the most logical gift I could present you. And… now that I have presented it to you, I believe the most reasonable course of action is for you to get some rest.”

    Kokichi couldn’t help his lips from curling upward into a smile, one which he hid behind mischievous playfulness and mocking satisfaction. “Oh? You believe me, huh? I thought I was lying about being sick on my birthday!!”

    “Well… according to my monopad, your birthday is June 21st… which is.. Today. Given that it is your birthday, just like you had said… I’d assume you also weren’t lying about being ill…”

    Kokichi sighed fondly, hiding his massive relief by a quiet tsk and a shake of his head. “You got me. I can barely stand right now! Take me back to my room, Kee-boy!”

    Kiibo, once again feeling a little offput by the nickname for reasons no one could really tell, quietly led him to his dorm in silent resign. “Y’know, I don’t know why you hide behind that facade. You know you can be honest with us, right?”

    Kokichi didn’t answer with anything but a quiet hum, just continuing to wobble silently behind. A few seconds of tense silence passed before finally, he gently gave Kiibo’s metal shoulder a soft tap with his fingernail.

    The moment Kiibo turned around, Kokichi couldn’t stop himself from collapsing into their arms, wrapping his own weakly around their torso and curling his trembling fingers around their waist with a ghost of a grip.

    “W-woaah! K-kokichi--” Kiibo began, but froze and stared in horror as Kokichi suddenly started sobbing. Not those fake, mocking tears accompanied by a cartoonish wail, but actual tears, rolling down his cheeks stained a fevered hue with gentle fervor.

    Kokichi sniveled and hiccupped, the sobbing eventually turning into a fit of coughing, hacking and wheezing, coming straight from his chest and full of congestion. “I f-feel horrible… I can...can’t… breathe… ‘m’sick, Kiibo… I’m really sick, an’ I’m not lying this time, I swear… everything hurts a-an’ I can’t even m-move anymore, I hate this… it’s my birthday, this isn’t fair… I-I’m not... s-supposed to… this isn’t fair… please… I’m not lying, I promise… I swear… Please don’t… please don’t ignore me….” His grip grew a tiny bit stronger. “...Please don’t leave me…”

    Kiibo’s heart broke for the poor boy. They wanted to hug him, cuddle him and assure him everything would be okay, that they believed him and would always be there for him… but before they could even reply, Kokichi fell unconscious in their arms, breath escaping his blue-ish lips through soft wheezes.


    Kokichi woke, blurred vision slowly adjusting upon the boring beige of his dorm’s ceiling. He blinked, as if trying to make sure he wasn’t still in some fevered fantasy land. Nope, this was definitely his room… and judging by the last thing he remembered, this meant--

    “Kokichi!” Kiibo’s voice squeaked out, the high frequency wracking Kokichi’s brain. “You passed out in the hallway! I decided the most logical course of action would be for me to get help! Kaito helped me carry you to your dorm, and… it turns out you have a really high fever. Above 39 degrees celsius.”

    Kokichi groaned, coughing wetly into the open air as his chest tightened with aching congestion. “...Makes sense, ‘cause I feel like absolute shit.”

    “...I apologize on behalf of everyone,” Kiibo said softly. “We didn’t mean to dismiss your health so easily, it’s just hard to believe things like that when you lie about it so often. It must be horrible to be ill on your birthday… and, though I don’t understand the human body as well as everyone else does, I hope to be of help in aiding your recovery.”

    Kokichi couldn’t help but smile softly, trembling lips turned upwards into a curled line. “...Wow, Kee-boy. I didn’t know you were so good at blanket burritos.”

    Kiibo couldn’t help but blush lightly, tensing up at that comment. “W-Well! Despite being a robot, I… I enjoy soft things as much as you humans do. I’ve practiced turning myself into-- what I like to call a blankie caterpillar-- several times! I’ve used a secret technique that I’ve fallen asleep halfway through multiple times!”

    Kokichi couldn’t help but give a weak chuckle at this, followed by a couple coughs, though definitely less agonizing than before. “Mmh well… I’ll tease you for your stupid blankie affiliation when I’m not basically half-dead. For now… thank you for turning me into a ‘blankie’ caterpillar.”

    The smile that stretched across Kiibo’s face was indescribably wide, their eyes sparkling with happiness. “Of course, Kokichi! I’m glad you’re finally on the road to recovery. And… Happy birthday, Kokichi.”

    With that, Kokichi began to drift off, comforted by the presence of someone who cared about him.

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  • sadcannibal
    21.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Fyodor x sick!reader

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky x Reader

    Genre: Just a fluffy sickfic

    Summary: The reader catches a fever and Fyodor has to be the one to look after them.

    Word Count: 2757

    Hey sorry y’all this one’s a bit loong but I know many people are dealing with allergies and all that right now, so here’s some fluffy comfort :)

    ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ ♡ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

    You just got back home after a long and exhausting day. It wasn’t too late though, only around 5 pm, but you’ve had so much to do today, it wore you out.

    The second you got through the door, you made your way towards the kitchen to make a coffee, since you still had to keep yourself awake. But before heading to your computer, you decided to check on your boyfriend since he was at home in his office today.

    You creek open the door, “Hey,” you greet him as you walk in and over to where he was sitting, in front of like 6 different monitors.

    Fyodor turned to look at you right away, dull expression as always. He stared at you for a moment before furrowing his brows.

    “What’s wrong?” He asks right away. You were confused by this, why does he think there’s something wrong?

    “Uhh nothing’s wrong, I’m all good,” You tell him honestly.

    He cocks an eyebrow, “Alright.” Fyodor then turns back to his work.

    You gently brush your hand through his hair and kiss him on the head before leaving, not wanting to bother him any longer. So with your freshly brewed coffee, you worked away.

    After an hour of sitting at the computer, you started feeling really tired. It was this sudden wave that came over you out of nowhere. You still had work to finish though, so you walk to the kitchen to make another coffee, but the more you moved the more tired you got. While the coffee was brewing, you decided to patiently sit on the living room sofa, your body feeling way too weak.

    You just sat there with your eyes closed, relaxing, not even noticing how you slowly ended up falling asleep.

    “Love? Hey, wake up.”

    Fyodor’s sweet and strangely quiet voice woke you up. You slowly open your eyes and blink tiredly.


    “Milaya (dear), is everything alright?” He asks. He actually looked...worried??

    “Yeah, why do you keep asking that?” You say and rub your eyes. “Are you alright?”

    He looks at you weird, “Yes.”

    Before he could say anything else, you get up from the sofa. You were hit with  huge wave of fatigue, almost as if your body was just giving out on you. You nearly fall over but you managed to get your balance back. You let out a huff

    “I see...” He mumbles.

    “What the hell are you talking about? Why are you being so weird?” You tell him.

    “You’re sick.”

    You stare at him for a sec, “...Huhh??”

    “You’re ill, and you’re probably going get a fever within the next 86 to 112 minutes.” 

    “What??” You look at him in disbelief. No, you weren’t going to let yourself get sick. “I’m not even going to question the time slot you gave me, but no, Fyodor, I’m not sick.”

    You then make your way to the kitchen to grab the now cold coffee. 

    “You’re going to regret saying that.” He warns you.

    “No I’m not. Go back to your work,” you say, seeing the glass of water he filled up for himself and handing it to him, which is probably why he left his office in the first place.

    He takes it, keeping his eyes locked with yours, “Alright.”

    Fyodor then walks away. That was so strange, especially since you genuinely didn’t think you were sick. You felt strangely exhausted and weak...and your head was a bit fuzzy...but that was probably from all the work you did today.

    You continued to do work and push yourself, no matter how tired you were, until you got so disoriented you couldn’t even read the words typed up on the screen. You felt so weak you couldn’t even stand up from the desk. What was going on? There’s no way you could actually be sick...

    With your current disheveled state of mind, you decided to just sleep at the desk. So, you drop your head down and fall asleep almost right away.

    When Fyodor leaves his office once again to check on you, he sees you passed out at your desk. He sighs and makes his way over to you. Fyodor brushes some of your hair out of your face, suddenly noticing how much heat you’re radiating. He presses a hand to your forehead.

    His assumption from before was correct: you are in fact sick.

    Fyodor looked at you sadly. He knows (better than anyone) that being sick feels awful, he felt real bad for you. But he knew he was the one who has to help you right now, he’s the one you need to rely on.

    Fyodor gently lifts you off from the desk and holds you up in his arms, heading off to the bedroom.

    You stirred a little bit, then nuzzled your face in his chest. “Fyodor?” You mumble out weakly, your voice sounding so hoarse it only worried Fyodor even more.

    “Yes, my dearest,” He replied softly.

    You then mumble something incomprehensive into his chest and seemingly fall back into your deep slumber. 

    Fyodor brings you to your shared bedroom and places you into the bed gently, covering you up with the soft duvet blanket. He figured he should probably get you to drink some medicine before letting you rest completely, so he heads off to the find the medical cabinet.

    When he left, you started stirring awake due to how cold you felt and how much your head throbbed. You were very confused with what was going on. You tried to sit up, barely being able to do so with how much your head spun. You let out pained whimper, everything was hurting and nothing was making sense.

    Fyodor calmly walks back into the room, seeing you up and trying to get out of bed.

    “No, love, stay in bed please,” He says caringly and kisses your temple, helping you back down. 

    “What’s going on?...” You breathed out, “...I feel so sick...”

    “That’s because you are sick. I warned you earlier.”

    “Oh shut up,” You whine, throwing the blanket over you in despair.

    Fyodor sighs, “Well, I brought you some medicine and warm water. Drink it now before falling asleep.”

    “I’m too tired for that now—” You then have a little coughing fit, “I’ll do it later.”

    “Your fever is going up, you’ll only feel worse.”

    You knew he was right and that you should listen to him, but there was just something about him babying you that you hated. You think he sees you as weak as is, right now you’re just absolutely hopeless. Your stupid immune system decided to give in to this darn virus.

    “Ok, I’ll take it, you can go now,” You say as you sit yourself up once again. You then look up at him, waiting for him to walk out of the room but he doesn’t budge. Fyodor just continues to stand there, and looking right at you. “What?” You question.

    “Take the medicine then, I’m waiting.”

    “You don’t need to wait, just go,” You say sadly and pick up the medicine and the cup of water. You were so weak though, you almost dropped them both but Fyodor rushed to take them from you.

    “Here, I’ll help you,” he says, holding up the medicine to your mouth. You back away from it and try to take it in your own hands but he stops you.

    “Fedyaa, I can do it myself,” You whined out.

    “Clearly not. You’re so sick you can’t even hold a cup. Just let me—”

    “I can do it myself, I’m not pathetic.”

    “Milaya (dear), I never said you were. I just want to help you.”

    You pouted, “I don’t want you thinking I’m we—” You were cut off by a coughing fit once again. This time, Fyodor sat down beside you and rubbed your back soothingly.

    When you finish coughing, you look back up and sniffle. Fyodor gently smiles at you, “My love, I don’t think you’re weak. Besides, every time I get sick you stay by my side. I only want to offer the same to you.”

    You couldn’t not agree with how genuine and caring he was just then, so you gave in. “Fine.”

    He smirks, “Great. Now, open.” Fyodor then practically shoves the medicine down your throat.


    “Good girl. Now, get back into bed and rest. Do you want anything else?”

    You crawl back under the covers, “...I’m cold...” You say weakly, your body giving out as you start falling asleep again.

    “I’ll get you some more blankets then,” He says and walks off and does so. Fyodor then leaves you in the bedroom so you could sleep peacefully. 

    A few hours later, you woke up from being extremely uncomfortable, and by uncomfortable, I mean: You were extremely cold yet you were also sweating, your head hurt and you just overall felt like you’ve been dragged on the floor. It was very hard for you to breathe properly, also being generally overwhelmed.

    You didn’t know what to do, so you needed to go to Fyodor.

    You slowly get up from the bed, keeping a blanket wrapped around you, and make your way to Fyodor. You faintly heard him playing his cello, so you walked in the direction you heard the instrument.

    Walking into the room, the sound of his playing instantly started calming you, it never fails to. You saw your lover look up at you from his cello while still continuing to play.

    “What are you doing up, my love?”

    You sit down on a chair in front of him, “Just keep playing please,” you mumbled tiredly and you watch him. He smirked and continued to play his cello for you. 

    You really enjoyed hearing him play, it brought you serenity. Especially since you know just how passionate he is for it, his playing just seemed so much more beautiful to you.

    You sat there, watching him play as he had his eyes closed, trying to ignore the way your head pulsed and your body shivered. Fyodor’s cello was calming you down a lot though.

    After about 10 more minutes, Fyodor stopped playing and stood up. You look up at him.

    “You’re way too sick to be out of bed,” He says softly, walking over to you and helping you stand up. He pressed his hand to your forehead once again, this time his eyes widened in shock, “Milaya (dear)...your fever is getting worse.”

    You wanted to speak up and tell him something but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it due to how disoriented you were.. 

    He looks at you worriedly, “You got to get back into bed.”

    Fyodor walks you back up to your room, helping you back into bed and tucking you under the covers. You were in a state of delirium now. Your head hurt so much to the point where it was just numb, your nose stuffed, your chest ached, and the raspy cough you just let out wasn’t helping anything either.

    Fyodor felt so bad for you in that moment. He could tell how much pain you’re in and It hurt him knowing his precious lover was going through such a thing. He brushed his hand through your hair, moving out the strands that covered your face. He noted that you were shivering yet sweating at the same time, your eyes had darker eyebags than his, your skin was sickly pale and your nose and cheeks were flushed red.

    He had to bring your fever down, and he had to do it now.

    He brought a soaked cold towel and placed it on your forehead. Your hand subconsciously moved up to take the sudden coolness off your head but Fyodor grabbed your hand in his and kissed your knuckles gently. 

    “I know it’s uncomfortable, but it’ll make you feel better.”

    “F...Fyo...” You breathed out.

    “Yes my dearest, I’m here,” Fyodor gently brushes his thumb reassuringly over the delicate skin on your hand. You looked like you were in so much pain, especially with the way you had your eyebrows scrunched up together and eyes shut with tension.

    “...Fyodor...” You mumbled out again.

    Fyodor leans down to kiss your warm cheek. He sat there on the edge of the bed, holding your hand as you drifted in and out of sleep. He knew something was wrong the second you got back home, he should of made you go to bed right away, that would of made things much easier for you.

    You slept pretty soundly for the next few hours. It was getting really late, but Fyodor wasn’t going to go to sleep. He didn’t even want to go to sleep, all he wanted was to watch over you and make sure he can help you when you need him.

    Suddenly, your breathing got a lot heavier and you started stirring and shifting around in your sleep. Fyodor watched you very closely. 

    You let out a quiet but yet pained whimper, Fyodor’s heart froze when he heard it. “Fyo...please,” You pleaded.

    “My dear, I’m here, it’s okay.”

    “Where are you Fyo?” Your voice was hoarse and weak.

    “I’m right here. I’m right here with you,” He assures you, placing his hand on your cheek.

    Your breaths were shorter and heavier, something was clearly disturbing you. “Fyodor...where...”

    “Hey, Y/N, calm down. I’m here, you’re safe.”

    Your eyes suddenly bolt open only to be met with his worried ones. You stared at him for a moment, starting to calm down. 

    “Is everything okay?” He asked is a hushed tone, trying to make sure his voice doesn’t overwhelm you.

    “I...I...” You couldn’t manage to say anything.


    “I- uhm, I’m f-fine,” You weakly stuttered out.

    He softly smirks at you and lays down beside you to give you a hug, holding you close to his chest.

    “Milaya (dear), how did you even get this sick, huh?” He sighs.

    “I don’t know. I hate it...” You say sadly, squeezing your eyes shut from the pain in your head.

    Fyodor presses his lips to your forehead, “I hate it too.”

    You’ve never seen him so genuine and caring before, it was so strange coming from him, but it made you feel so loved.

    He then went to go make you food, forcing you eat something and take more medicine before going back to sleep. He made some soup for you from a Russian recipe he knew and reassured you it was something your stomach would be able to keep down. After eating and taking the medicine, you fell asleep right away. Fyodor would make sure to watch you all night to make sure you’re sickness goes away.

    The next day, you woke up from feeling particularly warm. When you opened your eyes, you noticed that your head wasn’t pounding anymore. You’re breathing was more-so normal and your nose wasn’t so stuffed. You still felt weak and exhausted, but it seemed like the worst of your fever went away. 

    You strangely don’t remember much that happened last night, but you turn to the side and see Fyodor sitting on a chair with his head down, breathing softly. 

    It then made sense to you. This idiot stayed up all night to look after you. 

    You slowly get out of bed. Slowly and carefully to make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself. You walk over to the man who looked exhausted even while he was asleep. He really did look really cute though, it’s not every day you get to see such an exhausted and sleepy Fyodor.

    You sat yourself down on his lap, facing him and wrapping your arms gently around his neck, nuzzling your face into his shoulder. This caused him to wake up, and he sleepily looks at you.

    “Y/N?” He questioned drowsily.

    “Yes, Fyo.”

    “Are you feeling better?” He takes a closer look at you and places his hand on your forehead once again.

    You chuckle, “Yes, much. Thank you so much for taking care of me.” You then smiled genuinely at him and he returned the same smile.

    “Of course.”

    “But, you’re an idiot. Who the hell falls asleep on a chair like that? You should of come to bed.”

    “I’m no idiot. I was just trying to watch over you,” he defends himself.

    “You should of slept!”

    “I needed to wa—”

    “Ugh it doesn’t matter,” you interrupt him, “just go to sleep now.”

    You then hug him tightly, still sitting on his lap and he relaxes himself.

    “I love you, my dearest.”

    “I love you too, Fyodor.”

    ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ ♡ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

    #bsd fyodor#bsd #bungou stray dogs #fyodor dostoyevsky x reader #fyodor x reader #fyodor dostoevsky#sickfic
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  • an-awkward-art1st
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    decided to combine these two asks and finally write an MCU fic!! thank you both for the prompts/questions! it’s rather short bc I don’t know what I’m doing T wT not very good but hope you enjoy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Bucky woke slowly, still wallowing in the bliss of his fading dreams. The golden morning sunlight peered through the blinds, draping in criss-cross pattern across the bedroom. It was warm, and it was perfect. He sighed happily and rolled onto his side, welcoming his lover’s presence.

    “G’morning,” he said sleepily, but paused when he saw the blankets tousled and the bed empty. Bucky licked his lips nervously, sitting up and slowly scanning to bedroom. “Steve?” He stood up and wrapped his half-naked body in the heavy covers, the fresh crispness of dawn making him shiver. “Stevie?”

    Bucky walked drowsily into the living room, barefoot, and came upon a sleeping Steve, curled up on the couch. Bucky’s brow furrowed—Steve never slept away from him unless something was wrong. He knelt down and studied Steve’s face; his reddened nose, the darkness under his eyes, the paleness of his cheeks. Is… is he sick? Bucky thought in a sudden panic. He was never sick. The Super Soldier Serum seemed to inhibit him from doing so.

    A sudden motion broke Bucky from his thoughts—Steve was stirring. He heard a faint moan escape his lips, and his face creased into an expression of tired pain.

    “Hey… Good morning, Stevie,” Bucky cooed as he shuffled closer to the captain. He gently ran his fingers through Steve’s golden wisps of hair, and his heart sank to find them slick with sweat. “How’re you feeling?”

    “HEh’tishhiiew!” Steve answered him with a rough sneeze, body snapping forwards helplessly. “Heh… h’ttnxgt! Ugh… snf—” He ran a quivering hand underneath his raw nose, letting out a few dry coughs. Giving Bucky a wry smile, he rasped, “Hey, Buck… I—” he broke into a sudden coughing fit, leaning weakly against Bucky’s shoulder. When his fit was over, he let out an exasperated sigh and flopped against the armrest. “…I think I’m sick.”

    Barnes gave a humorless chuckle. “No shit. What happened?”

    Cap flushed. “I’m not really sure—snf—I-I felt great all of-of yesterday…”

    “There’s something you’re not telling me, hon.” Bucky could always tell if Steve was lying. He would blush and stutter, looking anywhere but to him.

    Steve turned towards him and tried to look up innocently, but winced and abruptly brought a hand to his side—his hip was red. Immediately, Bucky began to open the layers of clothing surrounding the area. “I’m fine, I-I swear…” Rogers stammered as he tried to bat his working fingers away.

    Bucky broke away the material covering Steve’s torso, and breathed a sharp intake of air. His stomach was sticky with drying blood, and bruised to a dull magenta. The soldier grimaced in pain as Bucky made contact with his wounded skin.

    “That doesn’t look ‘fine’,” he grumbled as he stood swiftly and rushed to the kitchen. A wet towel was soaked under warm water, and Barnes cursed under his breath as he washed the blood from his fingers.

    Hurrying back to the living room, Bucky looked pitifully at the fallen soldier covered in a coat of red. “Now tell me what really happened,” he commanded as he began to carefully clean the wound.

    “It’s nothing really, I—hey, watch it there, it’s bleeding again!—I… ran into some of HYDRA’s minions on the way come, they just—will you stop?—won’t leave me alone.” Steve continued to deflect Bucky’s good intentions, insisting he hadn’t any need for help.

    “Listen, bud, if it wasn’t for me, you’d bleed to death. Honestly, being a hero involves more than just fighting and hurting, you have to take care of yourself.” He sighed and started to apply more pressure onto the ever-bleeding injury. “And that still doesn’t explain why you look like shit.”

    “It’s… I… h-hold on—Hih’tishinngxt! Httxxt! Hih-HI’tsngxt! Snf—G-Go—H’inngxt! God!” Almost on cue, Steve’s breath faltered and he shivered forward with a fit of stifled sneezes. Bucky automatically grasped Steve’s shoulder, calming him with nonsensical mutterings.

    When the captain caught his breath, he continued, “I’m immune to disease, not immune to injury… I was exhausted last night, after fighting off those HYDRA agents… must’ve been about twelve of them… so I went to sleep without treating the wound—Do you have a tissue?” Steve had been sniffling quietly as he spoke, fondling his streaming nose. Buck raised his eyebrows, then hurried to bring him a tissue.

    “Thankgs,” Rogers said thickly as he blew his nose. “I somehow think the wound weakened my body, and I received these symptoms… Snf!—I think I’ll be fine soon.”

    “At least you get to experience the misery of ‘normal’ people. Being sick is inevitable,” Bucky chuckled. He felt rather relieved on the inside, as Cap seemed better than before.

    “Buck, with our lifestyle, normal isn’t an optiHihon—HI’TISH’ishiiew! H’Itisheu! Hih… Hih’inxxggt!” Steve managed to muffle the last explosive sneeze into the tissue, disintegrating its feathery substance. He groaned and tossed the soaked rag to the side.

    Bucky laughed and planted a soft kiss on Steve’s forehead. “Love you, my Not-So-Supersoldier.” Steve exhaled and muttered something in return, leaning against Buck’s warm body. He stood up to get the soldier more tissues, smiling to himself.

    #captain america snz #steve rogers snz #sick!steve #sick!cap #stucky sick#stucky snz #captain america sick #steve rogers sick #mcu snz#marvel snz#snzfic#sickfic#snzfic prompt#whumpfic #captain america whump #steve rogers whump #mcu sick#marvel sick#mcu whump#marvel whump#tw blood
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    I saw these going around and I couldn't resist any longer.

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    I LOVE HURT/COMFORT AND SICKFICS BECAUSE THEY’RE SITUATIONS WHERE PEOPLE CAN TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER WITHOUT IT BEING ROMANTIC (i’m aromantic and other types of care often come off as too relationship-y and make me uncomfortable)



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    One for All, All for One

    It all started with Jungkook getting and cold and Yoongi getting a stomach bug. And it ends with 15 days of suffering for them all.

    6660 Words

    Involves; Sneezes, puke, belly rubs, back rubs, cuddling, head scratches and a lot of fluff.

    It was just a random Sunday, but for the members it was a special Sunday. It was finally their day off, and they could finally spend the whole day lounging around doing nothing. But one thing they didn’t expect was a pouty, sneezy Jungkook wrapped in his blanket coming down the stairs. The members watched as he plopped down in his chair beside Hoseok before placing his head on the table.

    “You ok there JK?” Hoseok asked, carding his fingers in his hair.

    “No. I don’t know if this is allergies or what. But I hate it.” Jungkook mumbled before sneezing into his lap.

    “Aww, poor baby.” Jimin cooed from the other side of Jungkook, who started rubbing his back.

    The members finished their breakfast, minus Jungkook who didn’t want to eat, and all cuddled on the couch to start their movie marathon. Jin had made sure Jungkook took some medicine for his headache and sneezing before he cuddled in the middle with Taehyung and Hoseok on either side of him. Once they started their marathon Yoongi started to feel queasy. He doesn’t know why, but he was and he hated it. Thankfully he was on the end of the cuddle pile, so he whispered to Namjoon, who was beside him, that he was going to the bathroom before making his way upstairs.

    Upstairs, Yoongi made his way to his bathroom in his room, which thankfully was the farthest from the living room, and sat down in front of the toilet while massaging his tummy. Yoongi tried to swallow the warm liquid that was climbing up his throat but his stomach heaved and warm vomit spilled from his mouth into the toilet. Yoongi burped once more and let out the rest of his breakfast before blowing his nose with some tissues. Feeling his stomach settle, he slowly and carefully stood up, with a hand on his stomach, he flushed the toilet and slowly went back downstairs.

    “Joon-ah…?” Yoongi mumbled, plopping back down on the couch.

    “Yoongi-ah? What took you so long? We finished the movie without you.”

    “I threw up…” Now all the attention was on him.

    “You feel sick, Yoonie? Since when?” Jin asked, getting up from the other side of the couch and going over to feel Yoongi’s forehead.

    “Since the movie… I don’t know why… It hurts Hyungie…”

    Now Jin was worried. Yoongi only calls him Hyung when he is really sick or really sad. Jin rushed to the kitchen to get some medicine and water while the other members turned off the television and went to get more pillows and blankets. Well, all except Jungkook who had fallen asleep mid-movie because of the medicine. Once they successfully made a nest of pillows and blankets they woke Jungkook, and Yoongi who had fallen asleep due to his headache, and got them in the center of the nest while the other members surrounded them. Jin gave Yoongi and Jungkook more medicine before they fell asleep while the others cooed at them quietly.

    “So, I’m going to start on lunch, any request?” Jin asked, getting up from the nest.

    “Nooo. No leaving. Only cuddles.” Jungkook demanded, pulling Jin back down.

    “You could just order take-out. It is our free day.” Namjoon suggested.

    “Fine. Do any of you guys give a dang on what we have?” Jin looked around and noticed only he and Namjoon were awake. “My choice is it.”

    While Jin ordered lunch, Namjoon quietly but carefully got out of the nest and made his way upstairs to the bathroom, he could hear a quiet, ‘traitor’ while passing Jin. Upstairs he seemed to know how Yoongi felt as his stomach started to turn as he fell to his knees in front of the toilet and let out his breakfast. After a round or two of vomiting, he cleaned himself up before heading downstairs.

    Once Namjoon got downstairs he started to wake the other members up, he started with Hoseok, then followed with the 95ers then lastly Jungkook and Yoongi. Once everyone was awake, or awake enough, they made their way over to the dining room while Jin was setting the table. Jin made sure to get soup for Jungkook and Yoongi, and made them both a bowl before sitting down.

    “Can I also have just soup Hyung?” Namjoon asked, placing a hand on his stomach, “My stomach isn’t agreeing with me. I might also be sick.”

    “Really? So I guess there's a bug going around? I hope only you got it.” As Jin said that Taehyung let out a loud sneeze, scaring them all. “Great. Two bugs going around.”

    “I’m sorry Hyungie… I thought it was just allergies…” Jungkook whispered, before coughing into his elbow.

    “It’s ok Kook. You didn’t know.” Taehyung said, comforting him.

    They finished breakfast before Jin sent the four sickies to bed, Yoongi and Namjoon cuddled on Yoongi’s bed while Taehyung and Jungkook cuddled on the Jungkook’s. Jin, Hoseok and Jimin, the last healthy ones, cleaned up the dining room and living room. Once they finished they sat on the couch and talked about what was going to happen.

    “So, in the end all of us are going to get sick with one of these illnesses. So I will call PD and ask for the rest of the week off, and maybe we will get the next one for free!” Jin said, pulling out his phone.

    “While you do that I will check on the sneezy boys while Jimin you check on the vomit boys.” Hoseok declared before standing up, but Jimin stopped him before he could leave.

    “Why do I get the puke?”

    “Because you have a stronger stomach than me…”

    “Barely…” Hoseok started to give Jimin the puppy dog eyes. “Fine. I’ll check on them.”

    Hoseok jumped for joy before going upstairs to the two youngests. He basically ran up the stairs to Jungkook’s room. He opened the door and saw the two youngest's sleeping, cuddling each other. Cooing, Hoseok walked over to the youngest and placed a hand on his forehead, he shook his head before doing the same to Taehyung. Both of them still had a small fever, thankfully not too high for anyone to worry about but the two youngest's were always the neediest. Sighing, Hoseok was about to walk away but a hand stopped him, Hoseok looked down and saw Jungkook holding his wrist.


    “Yes Kookie?” Hoseok kneeled down before carding his fingers through his hair.


    “I don’t know Kook. I don’t want to get sick as well. We can’t have all of us sick…”

    “Pweez…” Now it was Taehyung's turn to beg.

    “Oh fine. Scoot over.” The youngests smiled while Hoseok got into the middle, Taehyung hugging him from behind and Jungkook hugging him from the front. “You two are so cute” Hoseok cooed before falling asleep in their warm embrace.

    Jimin found himself in front of Yoongi’s door, he doesn’t know why he was so nervous but he was. He took a deep breath in before opening the door. Inside he found Namjoon hugging a trash can and Yoongi wasn’t beside him, he was about to ask but he heard a gag from the bathroom then liquid landing in the toilet. Sighing, he walked into the bathroom finding Yoongi breath heavy while laying his head on the cold seat. Jimin sat down beside Yoongi and started to rub his back.

    “You done Hyungie?” Jimin whispered into his ear. Yoongi nodded as he raised his head and his head started to spin and his stomach started to heave. “Oh my poor Hyungie… Just let it out.” Yoongi didn’t know if he listened to Jimin or his body just wanted to react for fun but his stomach turned as he let out a gag before whatever was left in his stomach came out. Jimin whispered sweet nothings into his ear while continuing to rub his back. Once Yoongi was done, Jimin started to wipe the vomit off his face before throwing it in the toilet and flushing.

    “‘M done now…”

    “Ok Hyungie.”

    Jimin carefully got Yoongi back to bed, Namjoon had put the trash can down and was curled up by the wall waiting for Yoongi to join him again. Once Jimin got in bed he was going to leave to tell Jin and Hoseok what happened and how they were but Yoongi’s hand didn’t let go of his waist. Jimin knew what that meant so he sighed and crawled in between the two rappers before sighing and closing his eyes.

    “Who saids rappers can’t be cute…”

    Downstairs Jin knew that Hoseok and Jimin were not going to come back so he had told their manager and PD that they were all sick with either a cold or a stomach bug. They now had the rest of the week off and the Manager will be stopping by at the end of the week to check up on them. Jin sat on the couch and pulled out a book to read. Once it was time for dinner Jin decided to make more soup and some ramen. Once it was finished he went to the younger two and Hoseok first.

    “Hobi… Did you have to cuddle them?” Jin asked a red nosed Hoseok.

    “‘Orry… ‘HEH-ISTIEW’ they wouldn’t let me leave…”

    “Dinner is ready. Downstairs please.” Jin then made his way over to the other three. Of course he heard someone throwing up. He just hoped it’s not Jimin.

    “Just let it out Hyung.. That’s it. Calm down.” Jin walked in to Jimin comforting Namjoon, who had his head in the trash can, while Yoongi was dead to the world… on the floor…

    “Umm… We ok in here?” Jin questioned.

    “Yeah, can you check on Yoongi Hyung down there? He fell when Namjoon bulted up and moved to the trash can. I think he kind of forgot that Yoongi was in the way.”

    “Yeah. You ok Jimin? We can switch if you like.”

    “It's fine. Just make sure he’s alive…”

    “‘M fine…” Yoongi mumbled from the floor.

    “Ok… Joonie? Are you ok now?” Jin asked, walking over to the rapper.

    “Mmm… ‘ink so…”

    Jimin carefully removed himself from behind Namjoon and took the trash can with him. Jin rubbed Namjoon’s back while he helped him off the bed. Jimin had tied the bag up and then went to help Yoongi up. Slowly the four of them made their way down the stairs and spotted the other three already sitting down eating their soup or ramen. Jimin and Yoongi sat down beside Jungkook while Jin and Namjoon sat next to Taehyung. Yoongi and Namjoon didn’t really eat any of their soup but they did nibble at it.

    Once everyone had their dinner, Jimin and Jin cleaned the dishes while the others sat in the living room. Once the dishes were done Jimin and Jin went back to the living room, Jin told the members about their week off before asking what they wanted to watch. After a movie or two all the members had fallen asleep to the sound of The Little Mermaid.

    ‘hH’AHHKShu! AHKSHhu! IIIISHhuh! hH’EESHHhiew!’

    “Bless you Seokie…” Yoongi mumbled, waking up due to Hoseok’s movement.

    “Thanks…” Hoseok sat up before grabbing the box of tissues.

    Hoseok let out another wet sneeze before pulling out a tissue and blowing his nose a couple of times. Once he was done so he fell back onto Yoongi’s chest and closed his eyes. Yoongi got the message and started to card his fingers through Hoseok hair until he heard Hoseok small snores due to his stuffy nose. Yoongi took this as a win before falling back to sleep as well.

    Day 2

    Namjoon was the first to wake up, he noticed the pain in his stomach had woken him up so he carefully got out of the cuddle pile and rushed upstairs. He barely made it in time, before what little dinner he had had made a reappearance. He didn’t even feel a hand on his back before a second wave hit.

    “Your empty Hyungie. Relax, you're making it worse.” Soon Namjoon calmed down and was conscious enough to notice that someone was behind him.


    “Yes, that's me, Hyungie. It’s ok. Are you done now?” Namjoon nods.

    Jungkook carefully got Namjoon up, flushed, and got him back downstairs. Downstairs it seems like everyone had woken up, Taehyung was coughing into his elbow, Yoongi was on the floor hugging his stomach while Hoseok was rubbing his back and Jimin and Jin seem to be in the kitchen making breakfast. Namjoon sat down next to Jungkook, who had taken Taehyung’s spot, while Taehyung made his way to the kitchen.

    ‘HEH-ISTIEW, HUH-UGHIEW’ Taehyung let out two wet sneezes into the crook of his elbow while Jin was pushing him out of the kitchen.

    “What have I told you about going into the kitchen while you're sick?” Jin asked.

    “...Not to…” Taehyung pouted

    “Good boy. Now sit.” Jin sat Taehyung down on the couch before going back to the kitchen.

    ‘hh... hH’KTtch’hiu! Nngxtchh!, huhINGgxt’

    “Bless you Kook…” The members mumbled

    “Tha...tha… ‘Ichkknt, Ichkknt, HXxxx! huh’ESSHhiUu!!’ thanks…” ‘snf’

    Jin called for breakfast so the members slowly made their way to the dining room. Jimin finished setting the table of the soup that was left over from last night and 7 cups of tea. Both Yoongi and Namjoon still didn’t want to eat but with the deadly stare of Jin they began to eat.

    “Hyungie... dizzy…” Jimin whispered, trying to grab a hold of his chair or a person.

    “What was that Jiminie?”

    But before Jin could get an answer Jimin’s eyes rolled back and Jimin fell limp on the ground beside his chair. Both Jin and Hoseok rushed to Jimin's side, Hoseok held Jimin’s feet up while Jin went to get a cold cloth for his forehead. Jimin slowly came to, seeing Jin above him. Jimin was about to say something but Jin just shushed him before he could say anything. Jin carefully sat Jimin up, keeping the cloth on his forehead. Jungkook had escaped to get the thermometer, once he was back he placed it in Jimin’s mouth and waited for it to beep. Once it did he pulled it out but he was too shocked to say anything.

    “What is it, Kook?” Hoseok asked.

    “I’m not surprised he fainted, his temperature is 104 F (40 C)!”

    “Wow… Let's get you back to bed.” Jin said and with the help of Hoseok they did just that.

    With Jimin, Yoongi and Namjoon in bed, the other four found themselves in the living room having a cuddle pile. Jin was in the middle with Taehyung on his left, Hoseok on his right and Jungkook on his lap. Jin knew he was going to get sick but it was bound to happen anyways. He was just worried about the three upstairs. With Jimin passing out and Namjoon and Yoongi not keeping any food down, it wasn’t looking good. The four discussed what they were going to do when they heard two thuds from upstairs. They rushed upstairs and saw Yoongi was on the ground with his head in the trash while Namjoon was also on the ground holding his stomach. Jin let the younger ones handle those two while he and Hoseok went to check on Jimin. In Jimin’s room, Jimin was sprawled out on the bed. He had lost his shirt and his blanket, but he looked dead to the world. Sighing, they made their way over and felt his forehead and pulled his blanket over him again. Jin didn’t think his fever got any higher so he left him to sleep and went to check on the rappers.

    “Joonie Hyung, do you want to go to the bathroom?” Jungkook whispers, still rubbing his back.

    “Nooo leave me here to die.”

    “Dramatic.” Yoongi grumbled before gagging again.

    “Shh. It’s ok Hyungie. Kookie is here.”

    “We doing ok in here?” Jin asked, quietly knocking on the door before walking in with Hoseok following behind him.


    “Well ok then… So anyone, but the dramatic rapper on the floor over there, ok?”

    “We’re doing ok Hyung. I think we are done here. Right Yoon Hyung?” Taehyung questioned.

    “I guess…” Yoongi mumbled before falling into Taehyung’s lap.

    “Do you want me to… ‘hhih... snf’ to heat up some- ‘Nngxtchh!’ soup. ‘Snf’

    “Sure Seokie, bless you baby.” Jin said, rubbing Hoseok’s shoulder.

    Taehyung tied the bag before making his way downstairs to throw it away, while Jungkook and Jin got the sick rappers downstairs to the couch. Once the soup was reheated Hoseok got a tray and placed the two bowls and two cups of tea and made his way to the living room. He placed the tray on the coffee table before sitting down to help Yoongi with his soup while Jungkook helped with Namjoon. Taehyung had gone to the kitchen to make himself some tea for his scratchy throat. Jin started to worry about Taehyung, so he made his way over to the kitchen, where he found him sitting on the ground watching water boil on the stove.

    “Hey Tae… Whatcha doing?”

    “Watching water boil…”

    “From the ground?”

    “Got dizzy…”

    “Oh baby. How about you make your way over to your Hyungs on the couch for cuddles while I make you some tea. Ok?” Taehyung tried to nod but instead he let out a few wet sneezes into his lap followed by a dry cough. “Aww, are you feeling worse than yesterday?”

    “Yeah… I dink so…”

    “Aww, sorry. I’ll get you some more medicine. Ok?”


    Taehyung made his way over to Hoseok for cuddles, thankfully Yoongi was done with his soup and had fallen asleep on Hoseok’s shoulder so Taehyung could have his lap. Jin came back with a tray of four more cups of tea and placed it on the coffee table, then took the empty bowls and mugs back into the kitchen to clean later. Taehyung and Hoseok sipped on their tea while Jungkook was too busy cuddling Namjoon.

    Once everyone finished their tea, Jin got up and took the empty mugs and tray to the kitchen and started the dishes. The members felt bad that Jin was doing all the dishes and cooking since he was the last one to get sick so Hoseok and Taehyung got the three sleeping members back to bed and got everyone, but Jimin, their medicine and got to bed themselves. Jin finally finished the dishes when his stomach started to hurt. He knew what this meant so he took some medicine and made his way upstairs into Jimin’s room to cuddle.

    Day 3/4

    The last couple of days went by like a blur. It seems like Jimin had managed to catch both the cold and the stomach bug, and that’s why his fever was so high. Jin caught the stomach bug and is stuck in bed, not being able to hold anything down for more than five minutes. All the members took turns taking care of each other, Taehyung and Jungkook made sure to help out everywhere since they only had a cold and could handle vomit. Hoseok tries to help but once the vomit shows up, he’s out of there, so he sticks to cleaning up tissues and dishes. Yoongi and Namjoon were not really doing any better but they were keeping water and broth down longer than Jin so they helped watch over Jimin.

    “Baby, please stay in bed. You're going to faint again if you try to help Jin.” Namjoon begged

    From Jimin’s room they could hear Jin in the bathroom, they tried to move Jin to another bathroom but it never worked out so one of the rappers made sure to be with Jimin so he doesn’t try to help out and end up either passing out and throwing up again. Jimin was also stubborn in not eating. Jimin hates throwing up, worse than Hoseok, so he doesn’t want to eat. The members try to make Jimin eat but it always ends with him throwing up again and crying more.

    “I need to help… it's my fault.”

    “No it’s not, baby. Calm down, just go to sleep. It’s ok, Kook or Tae is with him right now. Just sleep.” Jimin obeyed, snuggling up ro Namjoon before resting his head on his chest to listen to his heartbeat.

    Yoongi and Hoseok were having a better time, Yoongi’s stomach was calm at the moment so Hoseok didn’t have to worry about that and focused on cuddling. To a lot of unpopular beliefs, Yoongi does in fact love to cuddle, more when he is sad or sick, but he still loves a good cuddle everyday of the week. Hoseok is happy to give his Hyung want he needs, if only he wasn’t dying as well.

    ‘hh... hH’KTtch’hiu! Nngxtchh! huhINGgxt' Hoseok couldn’t move his head very well so he ended up sneezing on Yoongi’s arm, but he was too tired to care.

    “Bless you sunshine.” Yoongi was also too tired to care so he just snuggled up more.

    “I hate being sick.”

    “Me and you both. But I would take sneezing over puking any day.”

    “Yeah, me too.”

    “How long do you think these bugs would take?”

    “Who knows. I just hope we don’t end up with both…”


    Day 5

    Jimin was still stuck bed ridden until one, if not both, of the sickness calmed down. Hoseok Jungkook and Taehyung were still sick with their colds but they have finally calmed down, still sneezy though. Yoongi, Namjoon and Jin were still sick, they were better than the first or second day of their sickness but they are still throwing their gusts up once in a while.

    Jimin woke up gasping from air that led him into a really bad coughing fit. Yoongi, who was watching him at the time, woke up from his small nap and tried to calm him down but Jimin couldn’t calm down enough. The coughing fit ended with him gagging and throwing up all over himself and the blanket he had on his lap. Yoongi couldn’t do anything except rub his back and whisper encouraging words into his ear. Jimin soon calmed down so Yoongi sent a quick text to the members and asked if one of them could clean up Jimin’s bed while he took care of Jimin. Thankfully Namjoon was well enough to take care of the blanket so Yoongi helped Jimin into the bathroom and into a nice warm bath.

    Jin on the other end wasn’t doing that well either. Hoseok and Jungkook were trying to calm Jin down but Jin could not stop throwing up. Hoseok was known to have a sensitive stomach so Jungkook was doing most of the work while Hoseok tried to keep his stomach calm. Thankfully Jungkook noticed before Hoseok couldn’t handle it anymore and sent him away to check on Taehyung and Namjoon.

    “You done Hyungie?” Jungkook asked Jin before flushing the toilet.

    “I think so…”

    “Ok. Would you like to take a bath? Cool you off and help with your tense muscles.” All Jin could do was nod.

    So Jungkook started the warm water while he went and got some oils and salt for Jin’s ache muscles. When Jungkook came back he turned off the water and got the oils and salt in the bath before helping Jin take off his clothes and getting him in the bath. Jungkook knew this was a bad idea but he didn’t care he wanted to help his Hyung, if that meant he was a sneezy mess, then he was a sneezy mess. It started off good, only a sniffle here or there and Jin was either being nice or was too tired to say anything. Once Jin’s hair was wet Jungkook got the shampoo and put a dob on his hand. Jungkook either forgot how powerful Jin’s shampoo was or his nose was super sensitive but his nose had a reaction. He didn’t have time to turn his head before he ended up sneezing on Jin’s back with three wet powerful sneezes. Jin shivered as he felt the snot run down his back.

    ‘hh—HHhaashu! HH...EESH’hiuu!’ huh’ESSHhiUu!!’

    “Bless you Kook.”

    “Thanks… Snf… ‘orry…”

    "It’s ok Kook.”

    Jungkook continued to massage Jin’s scalp with the shampoo, only stopping to let out a few sneezes here or there. Once he finished he rinsed and went to reach the conditioner but Jin’s hand stopped him.

    “No, I don’t need that. Let's get you out of this bathroom so you don’t continue to sneeze your brains out.”

    “But… I’m supposed to take care of you…”

    “You have done so well Bun. Now let me take care of you. Ok?” Jungkook just nodded and moved to help Jin out of the tub. Once they got dressed they made their way back to Jin’s bed and cuddled each other.

    “How do you feel baby?”

    “Fine…” Jungkook mumbled before sniffling a little, trying not to sneeze in Jin’s chest.

    “You can sneeze, you know. It’s ok. Let it out, Bun.”

    “It’s gross…”

    “Don’t make me help you.” Jin teased

    ‘Hhh… Hihh…” Jungkook kept trying to hold in his sneezes. ‘HHIH… Noo- Hhh’

    “Let it out baby. You're fine.” Jin started to card his fingers through his hair before scratching his skelp. Jungkook let out a whine before his breath hitched.

    ‘Hnnkk, EhTSHIEW, Shiew! Nngxtchh!’ Jungkook sneezed openly into Jin’s chest before sniffling wetly.

    “There you go. Doesn’t that feel way better?” Jungkook nodded before snuggling into Jin's chest and falling asleep. “Sleep tight Bun, Love you.”

    Hoseok had made his way to Namjoon's room to find Taehyung sitting on Namjoon’s bed waiting for the rapper to come back.

    “Hey baby. How are you feeling?”

    “I’m ok… Just lonely…”

    “Where’s Joonie?”

    “Helping Yoongi Hyung. Jimin woke up in a fright and threw up all over himself.”

    “Aww poor baby. Here, scoot over. I’ll sit with you until Joon comes back.”

    “Thanks…. ‘Huheshh! HA’tshieW! H-Ha’ShiEW!’

    “Bless you bear.”

    “Thanks…” Taehyung let out a cough into his elbow before asking Hoseok if he was feeling better.

    “Kinda. I feel better after getting out of Jin’s room. He’s also not having a fun time.”

    “Poor Hyungie.”

    Taehyung and Hoseok talked and cuddled for a while until they both ended up falling asleep in each other’s embrace. When Namjoon came back from cleaning up Jimin’s bed, he saw them sleeping so he quietly took a shower before cuddling up next to Taehyung so the singer was in the middle, but he accidentally woke his fellow rapper up in the process.

    “Oh, sorry Hobi.”

    “You're fine Joon. Are you feeling any better?”

    “Yeah, a little bit. You?”

    ‘H-Huheshh, h’shiew! H-Ha’ShiEW!’ Hoseok was about to answer, but sneezed instead. “Sorry… I’ve been worse.” ‘snf’

    “Bless you.” Hoseok hummed a thank you before falling asleep against Taehyung’s chest. “Night Sunshine, Bear. Love you.” Namjoon then fell asleep with a smile on his face.

    Back to Jimin and Yoongi, after the bath they made their way back to Jimin’s now clean bed. Yoongi sent Namjoon a thank you text before placing the phone on the side table. Jimin cuddled up to Yoongi and placed his nose in Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi giggled as Jimin wiggled his nose into Yoongi’s neck but that of course made Jimin’s nose twitch, thankfully Jimin had enough time to hide his face in the blanket before letting out three quiet but wet sneezes.

    ‘HuhEshh, HuhEshh, Ha..Hatshiew’

    “Oh, bless you.” Yoongi said, surprised by the sudden sneezes.

    “Sorry. I’m so gross.”

    “Don’t say that Love. You're sick. It’s not your fault.”

    “First I almost threw up on you, then I almost sneezed on you. I’m so gross.” Jimin tried to scoot further away but Yoongi wrapped his arm around his waist and pulled him in close.

    “Min. I don’t think you're gross. You helped me when I was throwing up my guts, and helped Taehyung when he was sneezing his brains out. It’s not gross. Everything you do is super cute.” Jimin sighed before letting his head fall on Yoongi’s shoulder, falling asleep instantly. Yoongi kissed the top of his head before placing his head on top. “Night my angel, love you.” He soon fell asleep just like that.

    Day 8

    A week finally came and as promised Sejin had come over to check on everyone. Everyone was cuddling on the couch while Sejin was sitting in a chair in front of them. Jimin was in the middle with Taehyung, Hoseok and Namjoon on one side and Yoongi, Jungkook and Jin on the other. They explained that Jungkook and Yoongi were the first to get sick and Jimin and Jin were the last. They told him that Jimin was the only one who managed to get both while Jin, Yoongi and Namjoon got stuck with the stomach bug and the other three got the cold. Sejin managed to get them the next week off as well, even though most of them were over their sickness. The members bowed before thanking him and watched him leave. The members were happy they got another week, and spent the rest of the week in the living room either watching movies, kdramas or sleeping.

    Day 10

    Sunday and Monday came and went. Nothing new happened, and everyone got a little bit better. But when Hoseok woke up on Tuesday, he regretted it. He quickly sent a SOS text to the group chat before rushing to the bathroom, Hoseok now regrets sleeping alone. Hoseok’s mind was muddled as Hoseok’s yesterday dinner landed in the toilet, he didn’t even hear someone coming in and start rubbing his back.

    “Oh my poor Seokie, just let it out.” Hoseok didn’t recognise the voice at first, but when his stomach soon calms down he turns to see Yoongi. “That’s it, are you done?” Hoseok just nods.

    Yoongi flushed the toilet before helping Hoseok back into his bed and moving the trash beside his bed. Yoongi then left to get medicine and a thermometer. Once he got back he placed the thermometer in his mouth before counting out the pills for him to take. Once Yoongi got a reading and gave him some meds Hoseok was out like a light and Yoongi went to check on the Maknaes. It seems like The Maknaes also got the bug as well, they were pale and shaking while they held each other in their arms. Yoongi was about to wake them when Yoongi heard a loud sneeze from behind him that made him jump.


    “Namjoon! Don’t scare me like that!” Yoongi scolded him while holding his beating heart.


    “So you got the cold as well?”

    “Yeah. My stomach feels fine now. What’s wrong with Hobi?”

    “Stomach bug. It looks like we all switched our sicknesses. My nose is runnier than normal but I didn’t think anything about it. But it makes sense. Can you check on Jin and Jimin while I wake these two to see how they feel?”

    Namjoon agrees and leaves to check on Jin first, so Yoongi goes over to wake the sleeping Maknaes. Just as Yoongi suspected, Taehyung and Jungkook start to complain about their stomachs hurting before Jungkook jumps out of bed and rushes over to the bathroom. Sighing Yoongi follows him.

    “Oh Kookie.” Yoongi cooes before kneeling down beside him before rubbing his back. “Just let it out. Hyungie is here.

    “Jinnie Hyung…” Jungkook cries out before throwing up again.

    “Do you want me to get Jin? I can do that for you. Just hang in there.” Yoongi stands up and leaves to find Jin.

    In Jin’s room Namjoon had found him laying down in bed with tissues all around him. Namjoon sighs before going over to him with an empty trash can and cleaning up the tissues before making his way over to Jimin. Since Jimin had already caught both he was worse for wear, but as a week went by since he first got sick he was doing a lot better than most. Namjoon saw he was still sleeping so he quietly walked over to him and felt his forehead. He still felt some heat but it didn’t worry him so he just left him alone and went back to check on Hoseok.

    Yoongi got to Jin’s room and found him sleeping. Yoongi felt bad but he had to wake him up. No one likes a crying Maknae. Yoongi quickly wakes Jin up and tells him what happened while they made their way to the youngest’s room. Once they got their Yoongi sat beside Taehyung while Jin ran to Jungkook in the bathroom.

    “Is Kookie ok?” Taehyung asked, leaning on Yoongi’s shoulder.

    “Yeah, he just feels bad so he wants his Jinnie Hyung to comfort him.”

    “Will you stay with me?” Taehyung begged.

    “Of course I will.” Taehyung smiled before closing his eyes and focused on Yoongi's calming voice. “I will always be with you, even if you want me to leave, I’ll always be a call away.”

    Namjoon made it to Hoseok’s room, once he walked in he saw how bad Hoseok was looking. Hoseok could never handle throwing up, and he never wants to be alone. Namjoon ran over when Hoseok looked like he was about to cry. He scooped the dancer up in his arms and placed him on his lap and started to rock him while whispering sweet nothings into his ear. Hoseok’s voice was so quiet and broken Namjoon almost missed it if he was not this close to him.

    “Stay…” With only one word Namjoon’s heart broke.

    “Always.” Snuggling up close, the two rappers fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

    When Jin ran to the bathroom and he found a shivering Jungkook on the ground his heart broke. He ran over to him and wrapped his arms around him like a mother protecting his child. Jungkook, who had stopped crying when Jin started hugging him, snuggled close to Jin almost like he was afraid he would lose him if he let go. Jin flushed the toilet before picking Jungkook up from the ground and caring him over to the bed. Yoongi and Taehyung have scooted over to Jin and Jungkook could join them. Taehyung was laying in Yoongi’s lap while Yoongi was sitting crossed legged and running his fingers through his mangled up hair. Jin sat down beside Yoongi and mirrored him before placing Jungkook in his lap and carded his fingers through his hair.

    “Are you feeling any better?” Yoongi asked Jin when he saw the two Maknaes had fallen asleep.

    “Kinda. My stomach is still queasy, but not that much, but my head is killing me.”

    “Yeah, same. I just hope this sickness goes away soon. I could not imagine how Jimin felt with both these illnesses at the same time.”

    “Yeah, no wonder he wanted to sleep his way through this. This sucks.”

    “Namjoon is probably with Hoseok, so I think one of us should move Jimin into some of these rooms, or we can move everyone over to the living room.”

    “Living room is probably the best bet, I’m just worried how Hoseok would do if one of Maknaes didn't make it to the bathroom in time…”

    “Yeah, but we can worry about that later. Let's get these into the living room and I can get Jimin while you get Namjoon and Hoseok.” Jin agreed and carefully picked Jungkook up and carried him to the living room while Yoongi followed suit.

    “Who knew you could carry Taehyung.”

    “Yeah, saids the old man.”

    “At least I don’t act like an old grandpa every chance I get.”

    “Ha. Ha. Ha.” Yoongi sarcastically laughs before going upstairs to get Jimin.

    Once everyone was downstairs they started up a movie while Jin got more medicine and Yoongi got more tissues and multiple trash cans. Throughout the movie Yoongi, Jin, Namjoon and Jimin kept on coughing and sneezing making it harder on the Maknaes and Hoseok to fall asleep. They felt bad but they just kept saying it was payback, so they worried less. When they started to get hungry Yoongi reheated some soup and made ramen while Jin made tea. Once everyone ate, drank and had medicine, they got comfortable again and started to slowly go to sleep.

    ‘Hrrrshhhh! Hrrshhhh! HuhEshh!’

    “Bless you Yoon.” Jin said before sneezing as well. ‘hh’ishhu! Hh..hh’ekshew! hH’EESSSHHh’hiuh!’

    “Bless you too Jinnie… Sorry I got you sick…”

    “Don’t apologize Bunny, it’s not your fault. It was bound to happen.”


    “Then I’m sorry I got you sick.”

    “It’s fine…”

    “Stop apologizing, all of you and go back to sleep.” Hoseok stated, making everyone silent before they all went back asleep.

    Day 12

    Thursday is when Jimin started to feel better, he was still sneezing and coughing but his stomach was getting better and he could finally eat without needing to throw it up again. Jin, Namjoon and Yoongi were still suffering from their colds but they weren’t complaining, Taehyung, Jungkook and Hoseok were the ones complaining. Yoongi and Jin could not leave the two Maknaes for more than five minutes without them crying. Namjoon was stuck helping Hoseok and Jimin until Jimin was finally better and could get out of bed without passing out, so he was on cleaning and cooking duty.

    ‘hhNGtxch! haNGTchhiuu! Hnnk. hhNgxch.’

    “Oh your wake. Good.” Jimn smiled while walking into Hoseok’s room. “I have your lunch, Joonie Hyung.”

    “Thanks…” Namjoon blew his nose before moving so he was sitting up, waking Hoseok in the process.

    “Mmm?” Hoseok questioned,quinting at who woke him up.

    “I have your medicine and soup Hobi Hyung. Are you feeling any better?”


    “Good. Well I have other deliveries to get to, I’ll be back for your dishes. Eat well.” Jimin smiled before leaving to go find the others.

    “He’s cute.” Hoseok said, before sipping at his broth.”

    “He is. He also feels bad for being down for the count for so long.”

    “Yeah, I figured he is.”

    Once Jimin finished his rounds he found himself in the kitchen eating his bowl while texting the manager for his daily updates. Since we told him we switched illnesses he wanted daily updates just in case it takes longer than another week to get rid of the bugs. He informed him that he was feeling better and so was Yoongi, Namjoon and Jin while Jungkook, Taehyung and Hoseok were taking a little longer to heal. Once finished texting and eating he placed his bowl in the sick before going upstairs to collect the other bowls.

    “Are we done here?” Jimin asked as he poked his head into Jungkook’s room, where Jungkook and Taehyung had kidnapped Yoongi and Jin.

    "I think we are. Taehyung says his stomach is hurting more so he only ate half while Jungkook finished most of his before giving up.” Jin informed Jimin while passing the bowls over to him.

    “Ok, how are you two?”

    “Were ok Min. Are you feeling any better?” Yoongi asked.

    “Kinda. I updated Sejin and had my bowl so I’m probably going to take a nap with Hoseok and Namjoon Hyungs.”

    “Ok. Thank you for the soup, I have an alarm for the next dose of medicine so you don’t have to worry about that.” Jin said, giving Jimin a quick hug.

    “Ok.” Jimin smiled before leaving to go to the other two.

    Day 15

    It has been two weeks since Jungkook and Yoongi first got sick and everyone is finally feeling better. Sejin made an appearance to make sure no one was lying and to inform them of their new schedule. Everyone was happy they were going back to work, they never wanted to get sick again. But of course they knew that was impossible to do but they didn’t care. They would all be extra careful to not get sick again.

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  • thewatermelloncat
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Detention (Part 2)

    Part 1

    Summary: After detention is over and they’ve been released to freedom, Mik can’t help checking in on Rosé.

    Author’s Note: Sorry, I had this in my folders for ages and forgot about it.

    Warnings: None

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    The takeaway cup of soup burns at her hand as she walks down the hallways of the dorm rooms. With her other hand she taps a spoon against the lid as her eyes search for Rosé’s door. After setting eyes on the target, she quickens her pace before knocking on the wood.

    On the other side she hears rustling, slow footsteps and a muffled cough before the door handle turns. Then the door opens revealing Rosé standing in the doorframe looking confused at who had been knocking.

    “Hi, random time to barge in” Mik introduces before starting to ramble. “I don’t think you ate breakfast and I know you’re probably not hungry. But I was in the cafeteria and I decided that you’re going to eat this” she finishes holding out the cup to Rosé.

    Rosé smirks slightly at Mik giving her absolutely no option to refuse. So, she nods her head and steps aside so she can come through the door. Taking the cup and spoon that she pushes toward her.

    “I’m sorry, it’s a mess” Rosé says of the state of her room.

    Mik makes a sound of dismissal. “You should see mine.”

    There truly is no comparison. To where Mik’s room is a chaotic mess of things thrown in random places, at least Rosé’s has some order to it. Only a few clothes lying on the floor or spilling out of a basket, and a few takeaway containers of food someone must have brought her over the week. Mik can also guarantee that if Rosé was functioning like a normal person her room would be spotless.

    “Thought you might have better things to do than hang around me all day” Rosé says as she sits on her bed, pushing herself back against the wall.

    “Oh, don’t worry, I won’t be around for long” Mik says, only half paying attention. Choosing to study the album cover art Rosé has tacked up on her walls, finding that they have music interests in common. “Only long enough to make sure you’ve eaten something.”

    “Well, might as well make yourself at home then” Rosé doesn’t question Mik’s insistence like she’d thought she might, gesturing to the desk chair as the only other seating in the room.

    Mik sits down in the chair with a small smile of her lips, choosing to entertain herself with spinning the chair from side-to-side, not taking her feet off of the floor. Though she gets bored after about a minute and stands to collect the takeaway containers into a pile.

    “Just leave them” Rosé looks up from her soup that she eats sitting cross-legged on the bed.

    “It’s not a big deal” Mik dismisses with a shrug of her shoulders.

    She can tell that Rosé doesn’t want her to feel obligated to do it, but she also doesn’t say anymore. Seeming resigned to the fact that Mik will do what she wants.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    By the time Rosé has finished her soup, Mik has gathered up and stacked all the containers into a neat pile, and has just pushed open the window to let fresh air into the room.

    “You should have a shower” Mik suggests more than says when Rosé puts the cup down.

    “Look that bad, do I?” Rosé smirks.

    “No” Mik chooses not to speak further. The sweat greased roots of Rosé’s hair speaking for themselves.

    “You don’t have to lie to me” Rosé says as she pushes herself off of the bed.

    “There may be some things that I’m choosing not to bring up” Mik admits coyly.

    Rosé doesn’t speak but she chuckles to herself as she searches through her draws for a clean set of clothes to wear. As she searches, Mik moves over to the washing basket and throws the clothes that had spilled out back into it.

    She turns around to the sound of Rosé pulling in a breath to speak, but she cuts her off before she can. “I’ll run these to the laundry – and I know you’ll tell me not to worry” Mik adds before an argument can be made, “but you’re about to run out of clothes.”

    At the end of the sentence her eyes travel to Rosé’s draws, some of which are cracked open, showing a sparse amount of clothing inside. Then they focus on Rosé as she chews at her lip, and Mik knows it’s killing her to accept the help. Though eventually her teeth let go and she nods smally.

    At the permission, Mik hoists the basket more securely against her hip before leading Rosé out the door.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    “That was good timing” Mik notes to herself as the door closes behind her. Having just come back from the laundry room to find Rosé stepping out of the shower cubicle, pulling her hair out from the collar of her sweatshirt. “Do you feel better?”

    Rosé nods but as she tries to speak, she coughs instead. Moving the hand that had been running through her hair to cover them behind as she continues toward the mirror at the sink.

    Rosé’s hand that moved to brace her against the counter didn’t initially concern Mik until it doesn’t pull away after the coughing stops. Instead, Rosé continues to lean against it, breathing slowly.

    “You alright?” Mik steps forward, putting a hand to her arm. Hoping that Rosé can hear more concern than panic in her words.

    Rosé nods before explaining with only two words. “Steam… lightheaded.”

    Mik purses her lips and waits for Rosé’s eyes to blink back into focus.

    “Do you have a hairdryer in your room?” Mik asks and Rosé shakes her head.

    Nodding in confirmation Mik crouches down to search through a cupboard under the sink, pulling out a communal hairdryer. “I’ll put it back when I leave you” Mik says to Rosé before she can make a comment about it.

    Rosé either seems to take her up on her promise or doesn’t care, and lets Mik lead the way out of the bathroom.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Rosé leans on her door to push it open. She’d been looking so exhausted the whole way back from the bathroom that Mik had wondered whether she’d have to swoop in to hold her up. But it was a relief to have made it back to her room without any drastic measures needing to be taken. Though it does make Mik question if she had gotten anymore sleep after they had left detention.

    Stepping through the door Rosé picks up her hairbrush from her draws and sits in the lone chair that Mik directed her towards. Mik moves to stand behind her, taking the hairbrush from her to run carefully through her hair before turning away to plug the hairdryer into the wall.

    “We don’t have to do all of that” Rosé spins the chair slightly to look at her.

    “You shouldn’t sleep with wet hair” Mik says as she flicks on the switch. “It’ll just make you sicker than you already are.”

    “I’m pretty sure that’s mythical.”

    “Well, do you want a wet pillow?” Mik returns flatly.

    “No” Rosé admits, giving in and spinning her chair back.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Despite the loud noise of the hairdryer, near the of the task Mik sees Rosé fighting to stay awake. Blinking slowly and her head beginning to fall slightly to the side before she stops it.

    “Get into bed, gorge” Mik instructs as soon as she shuts the hairdryer off, giving Rosé a light tap on the shoulder.

    As Rosé gets out of the chair, Mik unplugs the device and wraps the chord around the handle before pulling the curtains closed.

    By the time she turns around Rosé has laid down and is pulling the covers over her. Mik smiles at her sadly as she snuggles further down into her mattress.

    Stepping forward she places the back of her hand against her forehead. “Are you sure you don’t want to go back to the nurse?” she asks, not liking the slight warmth of her skin.

    “I’ll be fine, Mik” Rosé assures her.

    Mik steps back, still looking unsure. But she won’t question her so she goes to turn away before Rosé’s voice stops her.

    “Thank you… for doing this. Not many people would.”

    “It’s not a problem” Mik smirks as she picks up the hairdryer from the desk but stops in the doorway before she makes her way out. “Us bad girls gotta stick together, right?”


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    You know when you're following a story on ao3, like daily updating the tab waiting for the next chapter, and then your soul gets crushed bc there hasn't been an update in a While so you worry it's been abandoned

    #it's an anonymous author too so I can't even read their other stuff 😭😭 #it's 51 chapters and it's over 100k words but i want MOREEE #it's not very often you get 100k words of consistamt sickfic/whump/angst on one specific whumpy character #it's hitting all my sweet spots in terms of fanfics and i just hehdhhdhxev it's my favourite thing and I miss it #WAIT A DAMN MINUTE IT'S NOT BY AN ANON OKAY LMAO #anyways read Hot and Cold by PollyPocketChewer on ao3 its a non-sexual a/b/o dream sickfic
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  • whackmewithwhump
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    here’s a fun whump/angsty thing that I love—


    first off, there are so many reasons they can happen!

    trauma, this can be recent, old, even forgotten. it can be trauma that has been otherwise dealt with and handled, it doesn’t effect them irl, but their subconscious just won’t allow them to forget it entirely

    side effects of medications, or side effects of eating at the wrong time if you’re that sort of person, both usually result in trippy and disturbing dreams

    feverssssss these especially are uncanny valley territory. It never makes sense why they’re so disturbing, you can never follow the narrative, something is just off, it’s all disorienting and upsetting

    general life stress, maybe anticipating a big event, drama that’s going on, being super busy and overworked

    recurring dreams, maybe linked to specific events, phobias, etc. but these dreams happen like clockwork

    before bed triggers like a scary movie, seeing creepy shadows, camping and hearing noises in the woods

    no discernible reasons whatsoever, just someone who is prone to them spooky spooky dreams

    And then you get the reactions. Some people are just relieved it’s a dream and get on with things, not impacted by it any further, but others end up awake for the rest of the night. They’re afraid and can’t shake the fear, they can’t go back to sleep because every time they close their eyes they see the visuals of the scary dream again. They sit there with their eyes wide open, breathing shakily, maybe they turn on a light if they muster up the courage to move, but they feel paralyzed by what they experienced.

    There are others who wake up drenched in a cold sweat, they’re shivering and breathing hard. They probably take a shower and change the sheets and their clothes, but the next night they find themselves stalling. They don’t want to go to bed to have that happen again. They deter sleep, avoiding it as much as possible, but eventually they compromise and decide to nap, which only results in the same thing. Some people take avoiding sleep to a level that’s over the top, leaving partners and friends very concerned as they become grumpier and more irrational, especially if they’re successful at all in hiding the fact that they’re staying up. In those cases they might be hiding energy drinks, acting strangely, having mood swings, but eventually they break when questioned, admitting they haven’t slept, not properly at least in ages.

    Some people become notably distressed in their sleep, and their partner might try to comfort or wake them. This only agitates them further, causing them to lash out and resist their grasp, fighting and hyperventilating until they become more conscious and melt into the arms of the other, realizing that they’re safe.

    There are just so many good angsty opportunities when it comes to nightmares and they can be used in such a versatile way :’)

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