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  • hannibalhadalittlelamb
    16.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    i think will should be able to express himself however he wants (original post)

    #the original post killed me i can’t stop looking at it and laughing #i think this is one of my favorite hannibals i’ve ever drawn #just a silly bc i’ve been goin through it with my art again #littlelambsart #accept the part of me that is you #hannibal#hannibal nbc#nbc hannibal#hannibal fanart#hannibal lecter#hannibal art#will graham#hannigram#hannibal meme#hannibal memes
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  • musiccat1971
    16.06.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    took a look at spotify's Pride Classics playlist and found that i already have like half the songs favorited. feeling validated right now ngl

    #i mean it's such a silly thing but- #😆#music #happy pride 🌈 #personal post
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  • modestmuses
    16.06.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    ( closed starter for @charming-entrance )

    “Rakan!  Rakan!” Neeko calls out, racing down the sidewalk towards him.  Above her head, she holds a round, white seal plush.

    It is an ordinary day, more or less, without any intergalactic threats to face, at least not to her knowledge.  The sun is shining in the clear sky, and she has spent most of the day goofing off.

    She skids to a stop when she reaches him and shoves the soft fabric of the plush directly in his face.  “Look!” she commands, a little breathlessly.  “Look at what Neeko got.  Isn’t she so cute?  Don’t you love her?!”

    #ic: neeko#replies#charming entrance #v: star guardian [ neeko ] #//something lighthearted and silly haha.... #//this can be either pre corruption or #//her attempting to rekindle the friendship post corruption #//and acting like nothing happened #//bc... she would KFDJSAKJFDS #//i just had a need for cute neeko shenanigans
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  • placebant
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    truly wish i could stop living like this <3 sometimes the first thing i think when i wake up is how im failing myself, my family and friends? im so fucking worried about next semester, im so afraid of failing and not being able to keep up with the workload, or at least handling it but either not learning anything or not learning enough to keep up with posterior semesters. dont wanna delay this course anymore, i already feel like im falling behind but im so. afraid of not being strong enough, i dont wanna drop subjects mid-semester because i NEED to truly start this fucking major

    #just silly me venting #os desastres de rebeka #pls dont interact w this post btw
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  • agejodiaries
    16.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    im sooo abt to be the good vibes in this swanky bookstore & art exhibit tonight

    #and i'll get out of these silly bunny socks and into some beige kitten heels later too #and maybee i'll wear my new hat wait lemme post it bc it's so cute it deserves its own post
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  • robotlover
    16.06.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #delete later #i will now hide under a roc k #i am about to actually log off i'm so silly hsydyshdyhadhysgdhsgd #i was adamant about not posting that bu t i said fuck it dydhwhdusjhdjshdjshfjhhdjsjdh
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  • my-head-is-underwater
    16.06.2021 - 3 hours ago


    #that comic i was making that turned out to be a canon scene is now like. the topic of the fandom #this is so silly but it is actually so upsetting for me to see literally a thing i'd been planning for. over a month. #like. not be done when probably hundreds of ppl have now made their own versions in just a few days. #and i just feel bad looking at any canon content now bc it just reminds me of this #why am i so upset it literally doesn't matter just finish the comic and post it literally everyone is doing the same thing rn #but then a part of me is like :/ i had this idea separately and now it doesn't matter #whatever. whatever! i hate everything. #they speak!
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  • floaromaxtowns
    16.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    So, what is the most problematic thing I've done? What's the big problematic achievement?

    Liberally use the block feature, and find a way to block/blacklist 70% of a small roleplay community.

    #[ rambles ] #this silly thOughT crossed my mind today BCKAJSKDJA #but yeah i 10000% encourage blocking that's just a god's gift #but it sure is funny to look @ a post's notes and only find like #a small portion and they are just the folks I already follow #BKFSKDJSFNSLS
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  • mcyt-ftw
    16.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    *seeing an anti-mcyt post* i must not reblog i must not reblog i must not reblog i must not reblog

    #it's the 'who the fuck is dream/its when you sleep silly' post #and i want to rb it SO BAD
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  • ka-koala-studies
    16.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    liveblogging my day before the exam cause it's being harsher than anticipated and i need to vent

    19:18- just cried while watching videos about the Krebs cycle, so I'll say this is going great

    #this is so silly but i need this not to go crazy #i won't even tag this as an og post #i just don't want to hate learing as much as i do know
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  • davidkingreplyguy
    16.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    HWY IM ULTRA FUCKIMG STUPID . THAY WAS A RICK ROLL I DIDNT EVEN CLICK THE WIKI LINK I WAS GONNA READ IT IN A BIT LIKE OJ COOL DOR REAL ? FOR REAL ? UNTIL WIL MESSAGES, THREATENING MY LIFE, FOR RICK ROLLING HIM . if I ever met a sphinx who told riddles I would be dead . I can't get off this desert metaphor !!! The scenario !!! I must get off the internet . I am a one man clown show right now I live to be a FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #motorcycle group gays only #everyone i must go back to bed . i must go sleep in the desert 🏝️ #ONCE AGAIN POST MADE TO BE VERY SILLY
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  • mellow-elbow
    16.06.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #I’m about to vent hold up lol #luv posting shit on twitter #‘ew I h8 the unleashed humans they need to look like anime because sega is Japanese!!1!’ #kill kill bite bite kill kill bite bite #RABID actually. I don’t care. if you want your weird 16 dpi anime models from the 90’s w/e but leave me aLONE #I didn’t ASK #let me make my silly little doodles in PEACE. #@ the rando who actually gave me constructive criticism: thank you!! you are the only mf I respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody else Rot💗 #as in everybody else who commented weird nonsense not just. everybody else in general lmao
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  • davidkingreplyguy
    16.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Cocoa pointing that out made me realize I am a gigantic fool, who forgets every gender model has one specific frame & theyre not all individual ... I have gotten very very little sleep this week I've chosen to check my brain into a hotel and forget how video games work !!!!! Going to slip bhvr a cool 10k to fix this for the gay community (me)

    #LOL !! #post is being made as silly as possible #so blinded by Chris cake i forget video.gams models #ive known abt the killer since birth
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  • wise-sage-rambles
    16.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Why Gumball is a good brother

    A couple of days ago I saw a post on CN's official account taking about big siblings in their shows and Gumball was (obviously) one of them. Then I saw a comment saying "Lol Gumball isn't a good brother lol 😂" and I IMMEDIATELY GOT ANGRY INTERNALLY! Sure there are moments where he isn't a good person but that's because he's a kid not every 12 year old is perfect. Him being a bad brother is kinda false? And by kinda I mean really false. Have you forgotten about his whole friendship and brotherly bond with Darwin and how he cares about Anais and her problems and how concerned and over protective he gets once she meets new people above her age that may take advantage of her? (The Parasite, The Guy). When Darwin gets mad at him during The Signal due to a glitch that made him think Gumball was calling him fat Gumball got genuinely afraid and confused on why Darwin got upset and tried millions of ways to make up for that incident (I may make another analytic post in the future for The Signal and why it's underrated). This is also present in The Disaster where Darwin thought Gumball was calling him stupid and how the family would be more rich without him and Gumball got so confused and afraid in this situation too that he was literally CRYING. Gumball got better with looking after Anais too. In the same episode when Anais was running off to get the already broken up Richard and Nichole, Gumball runs after her and says "I'm supposed to he looking after you!" Sure he says this because Richard told him too but keep in mind that Gumball took this job seriously and wanted to help her even though things have gotten worse. If Gumball were a horrible brother Darwin wouldn't even be part of the family and he wouldn't even follow Gumball around to begin with. If he were a horrible brother he would have went with Darwin to go save his little sister from danger (The Rival). There are so many other points that can make but that's all I got for now. |:P

    I hope you have a nice day and please look more into certain aspects before you make comments saying negative traits about a certain character when they have so much more layers. |:[

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  • jetblackjoos
    16.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Recently had a dream about wandering through empty houses and down old dirt roads. Into places I’m not supposed to be, but feel at home in.

    It was quit3 beautiful. 0ld trailers with leaves on the floor, screen doors left open to any visitor. I thought people lived there, but I’m not too well acquainted with human b3havi0r, it s33ms. H3h.

    How realistic can dreams get?

    Is it normal to feel the wood under your feet creaking in weakness? Is it normal to feel a cold breeze on your face? To see the littlest details? Wonder fleetingly if you can take that coffee mug back as a memory of this forgotten place, but brushing the idea aside at the idea of germs and spiders?

    .... I was singing an old song. One I’ve never heard before anywhere else. It was stuck in cy head, l00ping and l00ping.

    .... I f33l s0 3mpty. And al0n3.

    Wh3r3 did 3v3ry0n3 g0?

    #tw unreality#unreality #silly ghost posts
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  • candyradium
    16.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    hrhgh bad day

    #candy posts #everything is going wrong <3 #yes im on adhd meds. yes my brain refuses to work. i exist <3 #yes i didnt eat breakfast and cried when my cat came into my room yes im under a weighted blanket yes i have a fan going full blast #yes i tried to read through part of my maths textbook and yes i immediately stopped yes everything feels wrong <3 #so i am just sitting here watching my silly little streams and reblogging my silly little posts <3
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  • ottelu
    16.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    hey hi besties 🥺 i recently hit 500 followers and i wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that has hung out with me for the past 10 months. whether you’ve helped me learn to gif, supported my writing, humored me when i do a billion ask games, or just been with me along the way, i’m so so grateful for the amazing family i have here 🥺💛 this lil blog is my safe space and i wanted to let you all know how much you mean to me 💗💗💗💗

    i’m doing a few things to celebrate 💛 first is one of those as ranked by my followers things 🤪 i’ll prob leave the form for a couple weeks if u wanna vote :)

    vote for ur fav of my top 15 skamverse characters here!

    next is gif requests! this is inspired by @fatoudixon’s lil christmas present series bc it was so adorable 🥺 

    give me a gifset idea that would make you happy, or send me a mutual you love and an idea for a gifset you think would make them happy. you can just give me a character/music video etc, or you can describe color(s) you/they like, a fav character’s trademark lil mannerism, a theme, a quote, parallels, literally anything and i’ll do my best to bring your idea to life! 

    if you don’t know what to request, a list of skamverse seasons and musicians i'll gif is under the cut! if we have a mutual interest i didn’t list, u can totally go rogue 🤪 if ur requesting a gift ideally i’d be mutuals with them bc i wanna do a Good Job and not seem like a weirdo gifting to people that don’t know me lmao so feel free to read thru things under the cut as I should (hopefully) have tagged all my mutuals unless they've been inactive for 200 days bc I don’t wanna to bother them akjfghjgakj butttt if in doubt feel free to dm me to check! 

    last i want to send loving brainwaves to the mutuals that have made tumblr such a fun and comforting place for me, so that's under the cut as well :’)

    things I'll gif :)

    skam: skam france (i haven't watched the new seasons tho eek), druck s3 + new gen my beloved, og s3 and s4, skam nl (i just started the other day so i've only watched isa’s season but by the time i finish these i hope i’ll have watched both ajhfahfj) music: troye sivan, conan gray, hayley kiyoko, dua lipa, dodie, lennon stella, one direction & solo harry, and i like plenty of others just these are the ones i feel like i know and like a significant enough portion of their discography 😌 but i love giffing music stuff so don’t feel limited to the list !!!

    alrighttttttttt time to get sappy 🤪✌️

    to my mutuals:

    whether we frequent each other’s asks or we only ever interact telepathically by liking each other’s posts, thank you. thank you for putting awesome things on my dash, thank you for the amazing things you create, thank you for hyping up my personal posts, for tolerating my very long tags, for sharing all your lovely personalities. a lot of you feel more like pocket family than pocket friends. thank you for allowing me a space to be myself for pretty much the first time ever and being the most amazing and kind and talented friends I could ask for 💛💛💛💛 without further ado, here’s my bizarre way of saying i love you: mutuals superlatives.... kind of.....

    mutuals i want to sip tea and watch the sunset on a porch swing with: @wilderness-solace @tawmlinsun @katzen-kinder @evilhersxlf @sanabakkoushd @saltyflowr @awake-dreamer18 @lesbianearn​ @fireflysxx​ @katnisseverden​

    mutuals i want to take me to a museum and tell me about all their favorite pieces of art: @luxandobscurus​ @nyttvera @smblmn @lepetitepeach @nellsdani @blanxkey @beachbathe @fatoudixon @vexedtonightmares @clairdelalune @demauryss​

    mutuals i would go on a rollercoaster with if they asked even though i hate rollercoasters with everything i am (i will protect u at all !!!! costs !!!!!!): @kritiquer @vanillalipstick66 @ffriluftslivv @sunflouwermoon @lesbeanadiamcnll @isakeijjser @maxberninis @birthdaysentiment @letisnotonfire @sandersdocs @thenerd10​ 

    mutuals i want to adopt me like pls i literally have the paperwork ready: @spiritinanitecap @alwayskissmeatnight @caroldanvr @lallemcnt @buckywilsn​

    mutuals i want to be my cool older sibling pls and thank u <3: @alexauriant​ @tsjernobyl​ @ayarambles @lifeisevak @germericangirl​ @bethisneckdeep​ 

    mutuals i want to take on a petting zoo date SO BADLY: @sonderthroughthestreets @harubirus @lololil @racoons-hedgehogs-and-pixiedust @polarisrodulv @yaraaimsakul @genjasafin​ 

    mutuals i want to literally kiss on the lips: @lieverobbe @graceryders @hidden-joy @arzkiya-hai @ijzerengels​ 

    mutuals i want to be at the sleepover after i kiss the other mutual on the lips: @alinaoretscv @starryfreckles @fatousjallow @isakeijzer @theflowerisblue @dagcutie​ @franboos @gucciboner @torisgf​ @sandersyasmina​ 

    mutuals i would call if i needed to dispose of a body: @lucasotteli @noorengels @thegirlyouknow @lolasluquette @womenstan @herlade​ 

    mutuals im scared to even call mutuals bc holy shit I am Unworthy: @veerledejaegers @noramachwtz​ @marjvn @fatoujallow @floraflorenzi​ 

    my wedding bc why not it’s my post bride: @hidden-joy ofc <3 wedding party: @luxandobscurus @lucasotteli @sandersyasmina @vexedtonightmares @clairdelalune​ flower girls: @thenerd10 @arzkiya-hai @ijzerengels​ @yaraaimsakul​ ring bearer: @genjasafin​ officiant: @fireflysxx​ wedding planner: @katnisseverden​
    #ellie500 #<< tag to block for gif request stuff #ellie's skamverse top 15 #<< tag to block for the characters as ranked by my followers #ok that's all I talked too much as always no surprises there but I love you allllll 🥺💛 #i may be silly and ... schedule this for when europeans r waking up just for fun #so if you see this on ur dash at 3am for me don't be concerned im prob awake but im not actively posting this rn i promise
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  • malewifestiel
    16.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Au that Charlie met cas when he was human and going by Steve cause she got hurt during a hunt and he was like “I know hunters and have hunted” n crap like that and they become friends and she’s like “oh I know these hunters you guys will totally get along” so she takes Steve to meet them at a hunt and guess who the fuck it is

    #personal #my silly little posts #Charlie: CASTIEL?????? #I love the thought of cas making friends on his own cause the cw network constantly hate crimes me #cas has been talking about getting over an ex and she’s like oh thank god another gay person and then she sees cas’s face #when he sees dean again #and she’s like oh god #this is the ex #and cas begs her not to tell dean about his feelings or something #hc
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  • bitter-feminist
    16.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    real BPD momence. when you bond deeply and quickly to ppl and like you’ll talk to someone for a short while and you’re like You are My Best Friend Now while knowing that to them you’re just an acquaintance and you just have to like. smile and nod at a distance like no this is fine

    #just like. realizing other people probably don’t like me as much as I like them :( #I have many best friends it doesn’t mean they’re my only friend #its silly I know but i can’t help it #BPD#actually bpd#alekz talks#text post
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  • sleepinglionhearts
    16.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    long time no Niles

    #doodles#fire emblem#fe fates#niles#my art #fe art tag #i have been reminded that i love him too #i wanna draw more later when i have more on hand than my blue multipen and a highlighter #love the zebra mildliners but also hhhngh copic would be better #I'm actually considering a little return to water based markers tho #kino carries some of the lil kuretake marker sets and I've been curious #couldn't hurt to try em out #hnnngh i wanna doodle and draw silly things more #so i will draw silly things and cute things and post em it'll be fun #ah it's 1 am for me rn.. im getting my hair dyed...! #it'll be done soon.. i hope... #anyway enjoy the art!
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