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  • The Silmarillion: How It Should Have Happened

    Valar: Give us the Silmarils.
    Feanor: No.
    Valar: Please?
    Feanor: No! If you break them, I’ll die.
    Valar: Um, do you mean literally or are you just being dramatic?
    Feanor: Y’know… I’m not sure. Actually that’s something I’d like to test out. How strong is my connection to the Silmarils? Alright, you can break them.
    Valar: Uh, are you sure?
    Feanor: Yeah, go ahead.
    Valar: Okay, and don’t worry. If you do die, you’ll be reembodied much faster than if you’d refused to give up the Silmarils, started a rebellion, swore an ever-lasting oath, murdered a bunch of Teleri, and then spontaneously combusted in Middle Earth.
    Feanor: What?
    Valar: What?

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  • It’s the last night of Maglor’s visit to Himring. In the morning he’ll ride out again to the Gap; he’s already been away from his duties for nearly a month.

    He treasures every glimpse of happiness on Maedhros’s face. The Lord of Himring generally maintains a severe composure, but occasionally there will be a glint in his eye that betrays his feelings.  He doesn’t join in the banter with Maglor as when they were youths, and sometimes looks like he’s wondering if he should throw Maglor out the door on his ear, but it’s something.

    And Maglor never forgets that these moments of intimacy are far more than he deserves. Maedhros has to let Maglor visit occasionally - the Gap needs supplies and Maedhros would never abandon one of his brothers - but conversing with Maglor as anything closer than a lieutenant is a gift Maglor makes sure to always appreciate.

    Fingon is due to visit from Hithlum this week, and Maglor will be gone before his cousin steps foot in Himring. He is no longer his eldest brother’s chief confidante, and will not make Maedhros suffer his company when Maedhros has an alternative other than solitude. They aren’t as close as they once were, and Maglor refuses to resent that.

    It’s not that Maglor hates Fingon. How could he, when Fingon is so much better for Maedhros than he is? Maglor fought at Alqualonde because his father had ordered it and to save his own skin; Fingon fought to save Maedhros. If Maglor had been in Araman rather than Losgar when the ships burned, he would have turned back, not gone on to help someone who had turned their back on him.

    And of course there’s Thangoordirm. Fingon walked in and rescued Maedhros. Maglor took Maedhros’s throne and forbid anyone from assaulting Angband (they’d already lost two kings and their guards trying; it seemed hopeless.)

    The bottom line is, Maglor knows exactly why Maedhros prefers to spend time with Fingon rather than with him. But as long as Fingon isn’t here, Maglor will spend every moment he can get with Maedhros.

    #songfic #save tonight by eagle eye cherry #silmarillion#silm#my fic#maglor #the lyrics just work so well for contrast with 'day is coming' aure entleuva #*aure entuluva #tw self blame #maglor does not understand Maedhros as well as he thinks he does
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  • Would elves get lost limbs back when reembodied?

    All I remember is that they’re born into a body identical to their old one, but I don’t remember it specifying which version of their old body.

    #silmarillion #mandos like NO you lost that leg in a KINSLAYING you will suck it up. #deal with it traitor
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  • Btw, if y’all haven’t read the Silmarillion, yeah it’s a bit dense and way too biblical in its language, but man oh man is there some great stuff in there.

    Like that time Beren the mortal, who got sent on a death quest just for the chance to get to marry Luthien the literally half-demigod-angel elf maid, walked up into his future father-in-law’s court and said “Oh, I got your stupid rock in my hand.” and then proceeds to hold up one (1) empty hand and one bloody stump where the hand got bitten off and goes “TADA!”

    Or when an escaped prisoner told Turin “whenever life goes wrong for me I change my name and run off to the woods” Turambar that his father, Hurin, got cursed that his family would have The Worst Time, and Turin goes, and I quote, “That I do believe.”

    See also that time Turin accidentally killed his boyfriend and straight up dissociated for 2 weeks and I know it should be sad but I just CAN’T with this boy

    The prettiest girl in all Middle Earth, the above mentioned half-elf half-demigod-angel Luthien, grabs Sauron by his ear and steals his house after making sure he knows that if he runs home to Daddy he’s toast, so he runs off to the woods to sulk.

    The Goodest Good Boy in all eternity, Huan, who will make you want to go hug a dog and cry for several hours.

    Morgoth, aka literal satan, goes outside once to step on a tiny puny elf and has such a bad time he literally never leaves his house again.

    Eöl, the Original Emo.

    Dwarves with fire-proof battle masks (why didn’t we get this in LotR and the Hobbit???)

    Dwarves killed literally the oldest man in Middle Earth in his own basement because he was being racist and called them short

    And did I mention Beren and Luthien? I don’t care who you are, that will move you. To quote the man himself, “Among the tales of sorrow and of ruin that come down to us from the darkness of those days there are yet some in which amid weeping there is joy and under the shadow of death light that endures.” And man oh man if ever there was a time for a story of love so powerful it transcended hell twice and death and fate and destiny, it would be now.

    Also Galadriel’s husband Celeborn was, at one point, named Teleporno so do with that what you will.

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  • Me as Elu Thingol | PHX: 无颜| Well, a terrible experience to be photographed among mosquitoes OTZ… Hope u guys like my Thingol cosplay~ 

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  • The husband and I are reading the silmarillion so prepare for an influx of niche memes. I’m sorry, but not sorry enough because hoo boy is there some material there.

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  • Maglor, gesturing at the twins: they’re not hostages! I prefer to call them collateral friendships.

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  • in my mind manwë and ulmo become lovers at some point and I have text to support this

    1) tolkien up to my point in reading has NOT stated that manwë and varda are married, just that they dwell together basically

    2) in the ainulindalë tolkien writes that one, ulmo is alone, and two, Ilúvatar says “And in these clouds thou art drawn nearer to Manwë, thy friend, whom thou lovest.” AND Tolkien writes that “Manwë and Ulmo have from the beginning been allied”

    3) so if not gay lovers then very good friends, but let’s be honest there are a lot of “very good friends” in lotr that are definitely gay lovers

    4) I am gay and so it is my birthright to project gayness upon fake characters

    #the silmarillion #Kristen liveblogs the silmarillion #Sorry I’m gay if I had the energy I WOULD write ulmo x manwë fanfiction #silmarillion
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  • Ingwe, Finwe, and Olwe for a pet project of mine that, actually, has nothing to do with Ingwe or Olwe and they shouldn’t be here but they are because I’m very impulsive

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  • image

    It’s just a little Feanor next to his mother….

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  • The Tower of Barad-Dur from Lord of the Rings - Aluminum Foil Sculpture

    #barad dur#sauron#lotr #lord of the rings #lord of the rings fanart #lord of the rings art #mordor#tower#castle#tolkien#Tolkien fanart#Tolkien art#foil#sculpture#fanart#art#two towers #fellowship of the ring #return of the king #silmarillion
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  • And Finrod fell before the Throne (kuraigeijutsu)

    Reposted with permission from the artist

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  • Manwë: *arrives at the Halls of Mandos* Greetings, Namo. I’ve just decided to visit and see how my brother is doing under your care.

    Namo: Yes. Of course. *turns to Melkor* Little prisoner, show our king how well you’ve learned to behave.

    Melkor: *smiles, and turns to face Manwë* Lord Namo has been a wonderful host. I’ve learned so much from him, about how to be a good and peaceful Vala.

    Namo: And what else have you been taught?

    Melkor: A variety of things. Like this. *gives Namo the middle finger*

    Namo: *face turns red* You little pest! How dare you! *gives Melkor a backhanded slap*

    Melkor: But I thought you had everything under control?! *cackles*

    Manwë: …Maybe I should come back later?

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  • image

    And an Ecthelion to match

    (He’s sparckly)

    #ecthelion #ecthelion of the fountain #the fall of gondolin #silmarillion#my art
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