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    Puppy Love

    ♡ Teaser~

    You met him in a dog park, quickly falling in love with his beautiful border collie. And it wasn't long before you were head over heels for him, too.

    note: the miniseries will be primarily sfw, with optional nsfw chapters that are not essential to the storyline. Said chapters will be posted under a separate account.


    “You better be careful, Sim,” you teased, fiddling with Layla’s paw. The dog closed her eyes, still panting from the recent, arduous rounds of fetch, looking as though she were too tired to pull her paw away. “You might find I steal your dog and take her home with me.” 

    A dramatic gasp forced itself up out of his perfect throat, and he threw himself across the fluffy body of his border collie. “You wouldn’t dare!” Layla cracked open one eye to look at her owner with some exasperation. Apparently, she was used to his theatrics, and only barely tolerated them. 

    "Bet, Imma take her home with me right now," you challenged playfully, popping to your feet. "Come on, Layla!" 

    As Jake watched in speechless shock, the dog rose, following you across the grassy knoll with no hesitation whatsoever. In fact, she only looked back at Jake to offer him a glance that said, "Aren't you coming, you slow-poke?"

    You glanced over your shoulder with a grin, relishing how Jake’s eyes were popping and his mouth was wide open. As he scrambled to his feet, sprinting in order to catch up, you broke into hysterical laughter, chortling so hard that your stomach started to ache. 

    “Hey!” he gasped once he arrived on the scene, panting and clutching his side, “Layla and I are a package deal!” 

    “Meaning what?” you snorted. “You wanna come home with me, too?”

    Jake waggled his eyebrows. 

    “Ew!” you shrieked, swatting his shoulder. 

    “Please, I already know how painfully attractive I am,” he sniffed, faux-haughty. He flipped his hair as though he were in a Pantene commercial, while you watched on, making loud gagging noises.   

    You abruptly stopped as you realized he wasn't kidding. "You… actually want to come home with me?" 

    Your words sent a fiery blush lighting up his face. "I mean, I'd love to hang out someplace besides the dog park, but it doesn't have to be your house," Jake blurted. "And it doesn't have to be today, of course. I'll understand if you don't feel comfortable having me over, I just thought it'd be cool to meet your family and stuff…"

    His voice trailed off, eyes staring down at his shoes in uncertainty.  

    Your own cheeks burned slightly, and you had to clear your throat several times before you could even speak. "Yeah, totally…"

    Jake glanced up, and the boyish hope in his eyes made your heart flutter. 

    But you were just friends, you told yourself. Nothing more, nothing less. 

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    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    can we all agree that drunk dazed was one of enhypen's best eras bc everything about this era is ICONIC😩‼️‼️

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    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Love? Love! Fighting!! | Scene 36: Jake Redemption Arc

    Y/n walked with Yeji and Jimin towards the meeting room.”Yeji you have a charger right?” Y/n asked.

    “Yeah why?”

    “My phone is dying.” Y/n handed her phone to Yeji. “Can you charge it for me?”

    Yeji nodded, grabbing Y/n phone and placing it into her pocket. Lia poked her head out the door and stopped them from coming in.

    “What’s wrong Lia?” Jimin said.

    “We are missing a desk. Can you guys go and get one?”

    Yeji grabbed Y/n's hand. “We can!”

    Y/n shook her head. “We have to follow the trip buddies rule. Plus me and Soobin are the only ones who know where the extra supplies are.”

    Lia walked back in and pulled Jake from his seat at the desk. “Uh Lia what are you doing?”

    “We need a desk and Y/n is the only one who knows where it is.”

    “What does that have to do with me?” He said as Lia placed him outside of the meeting room next to Y/n.

    “The buddy system of course. Now chop chop we have a meeting.” She smiled while pulling Yeji and Jimin into the council room.

    Y/n turned to Jake. “Well come on, we should probably hurry and get the desk.”

    Jake nodded and followed Y/n as she led them to an equipment room in the far left wing cabins. “They should be in here.”

    Y/n opened the door and turned on the light. It flickered on and Y/n saw the desks. She ushered Jake in and closed the door. After placing her bag down she walked over to the desk and tried to pick it up but struggled.

    “Hey Jaeyun, can you help me? I think the leg is stuck.”

    Jake nodded and helped her get the leg loose. “I’ll carry it. Just open the door.”

    She nodded and went to open the door. She pulled on the handles and struggled to open it. “Uh it’s not opening.”

    Jake placed the desk down and walked over to the door. “Let me see.” He pushed and pulled on the door and it wouldn’t budge.

    “Are we locked in?”

    Jake looked at her. “Look, this isn’t a problem, get out your phone and call someone.”

    “I can’t.”


    “Yeji has my phone.”

    Jake sighed and pulled out his phone. “I have 5%.”

    “That should be enough right? Call someone.”

    Jake scrolled through his phone to dial Sangwoo’s number. After two rings he picked up. “Uh hello?”

    “Sangwoo look I can’t explain but can you please come to the far left cabin?”

    “Dude I can’t hear you, what are you saying?”

    “Can you please-“

    “Hey you’re breaking up I’ll call you back in a second.” Sangwoo hung up the phone and before Jake could redail his phone shut off.

    “Is he coming?” Y/n asked.

    “The service was bad so he couldn’t hear me. And then my phone died.”

    “So we are stuck here?”

    Jake nodded.

    “I’m back.” Sangwoo said.

    “Who called?” Beomgyu asked.

    “Jake. I think he was just trying to say they got the desks. I couldn’t hear him at all though.”

    “Okay so now that we sent them off what’s the plan?” Soobin said.

    “I say we go with what Sunoo was planning.” Yeji said.

    Few of the council members nodded in agreement.

    “Yeah his plan works fairly well with what we are working with right now.” Huening Kai said.

    “Alright we can go with Sunoos plan. Sunoo reminds us of the plan.” Soobin said.

    Sunoo scooted closer to the middle. “My plan was to have a culture walk. The same one we did freshman year. It forces them to get vulnerable with each other and then boom! Crisis averted.”

    Doyum shutters. “I cried so much during that time.”

    “I still can’t believe Mr. Park had us do that.” Beyonghee said.

    “The way we literally all strangers crying on each other that day was crazy.” Yuna said.

    “Memories aside I think it could work.” Beomgyu said. “It would force them to talk it out and maybe work it out. It’s not then confronting each other it's just opening up to each other.”

    “Well since we have a plan we just need time to do it. Mr. Kim and Mr. Park hate changing the schedules.” Chaeryeong said.

    “Hmmm we could do it tonight? We would just need to convince Jake to stay up long enough for it. I’m sure he would want to hang out with us.” Lia said.

    “Well not exactly.” Jimin said, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.

    Yuna raised her eyebrow in confusion. “What do you mean, not exactly Chuji?”

    “We kinda had a little bonding time last night.” Sunoo said.

    “You were fraternizing with the enemy?” Chaeryeong said.

    Soobin waved his hands in front of him. ”No, we only hung out when we were on the trip because we were already planning to get him to apologize to Y/n.”

    “Plus if everything goes well today he’s not our enemy anymore.” Byeonghee said.

    “Yeah exactly.” Doyum nodded. “But even if we hung out I don’t think he’d trust us enough to actually hang out as a group.”

    “Maybe Sangwoo could convince him.” Huening Kai said.

    Yuna looked around confused “How would he convince him? It wouldn’t be any difference if I asked.”

    The boys made a sharp inhale. “Actually-“ Beomgyu started.

    “We are friends.” Sangwoo said. “We hang out sometimes. I'm sure he’d come if I convinced him.”

    Yeji looked towards Lia. “How come you didn’t tell us?”

    Lia looked at Yeji with an unreadable face. “I didn’t know.”

    Everyone went silent looking back and forth between Lia and Sangwoo. “Lia look I-“

    Lia shook her head. “We can talk about it later, Sangwoo. Let's just get Y/n and Jake back so we can get this over with.”

    Soobin pulled out his phone. “I’ll call her.” He dialed Y/n phone number and Yeji’s pocket started vibrating. She quickly pulled the phone from her pocket. “Oh shit.”

    Yeji looked around. “I forgot she left her phone with me.”

    Huening Kai pulled out his phone. “Okay this isn’t a problem, let's just call Jake.” He dialed Jake’s number, putting the phone on speaker. After a few rings the phone went straight to voicemail.

    “His phone is off.” Chaeryeong said.

    “Sangwoo you said you couldn’t really hear Jake right?” Doyum said.

    “Yeah it was really staticy.”

    “Okay this is a problem then.” Beyonghee said.

    “No it’s not. We just need to all split up into groups to look for them. Better safe than sorry right?” Jimin said.

    “Alright. Let’s go then.” Doyum said.

    “I can’t believe we are stuck here.” Y/n said.

    “We wouldn’t be if you didn’t close the door.” Jake said, sitting down on the floor.

    “Look how was I supposed to know the door was broken?” Y/n sat across from him on a mop bucket.

    Jake sighed, bringing his hands to his head. “I can’t believe my phone died.”

    “I can’t believe I left my phone.” Y/n got up grabbing her bag.

    “What are you doing?”

    “I think we might be here for a while so I’m going to do some work.”

    “How can you do work if you are literally stuck in here? The guys don’t even know where we are. How are you so calm?”

    “I’m not calm. I just need something to get my mind off being stuck in here.” Y/n trailed off. “Especially with you.”

    “I heard that.”

    “Oh really? Well good.”

    The two were silent for a few minutes as Y/n filled out council papers. “Jaeyun?”


    She handed him a paper. “Can you sign this please?”

    Jake took the paper from her grabbing a pen from the shelf. “I really can’t believe you are doing work at a time like this.”

    “Well I have nothing better to do.”

    “I’m sure there is more stuff in here to do then-“ Jake lifted the council papers. “Paperwork.”

    “Like what?” Y/n looked around. “Sweeping? Window cleaning? Talking to you?!”

    Jake laughed. “And what’s so bad about talking to me? Huh?”

    “You’re an asshole, you know that?”

    “I’m the asshole?”

    “I didn’t stutter did I?”

    “Well I’m not the one that had the whole council plot against me.”

    “What the hell are you talking about?”

    “You wanted to kick me out of the council. Remember when I came for that one meeting? You thought I didn’t hear you?”

    Y/n covered her mouth trying to stifle her laughter. “What’s funny Y/n?”

    “Jaeyun, I don't want to kick you out of the council. If you stayed to eavesdrop long enough you would hear when I shut down the whole idea.”


    “Yeah. You may be a pretentious asshole but you are good at your job. Plus you are a-“ Y/n pauses for a second. “Good help.”

    Jake hung his head down in shame. “Oh.”

    “Is that all you have to say? Just ‘oh’?” Y/n stood up. “You know Jaeyun I am tired of having to bottle all this in you are such a-“

    “I’m sorry.”


    “I said I was sorry.”

    “You what- huh?”

    “You’re right I was being an asshole.”

    Y/n sat back down in front of Jake. “Are you messing with me Sim Jaeyun?”

    “No, I'm being serious. I did all of this over a misunderstanding. I’m serious Y/n I’m sorry. I fucked up, that’s all there is to it.”

    Y/n just stared at Jake. “How did you- this was so quick I-“

    “If you can put your pride aside, I can too. I’ve done a lot of shit to you. And I’m sorry.”

    “Go into detail.”

    “I tried getting you out of the council.”

    “I’m sorry, what?”

    “Long story.”

    “We have time? We are literally locked in a storage room.” She gestures to the door.

    “After I heard what you guys said about getting me out the council I may have told the rugby team that we should get you impeached.” He awkwardly rubs his neck.

    “Wow you really are an asshole.”

    “I was upset, okay?”

    “So you tried to fire me??”

    “I admit that I was wrong.Plus even if we tried you’re a damn good president. It just would be useless.”

    Y/n brings her hand to her temple. “I think I’m going to go crazy.”

    “I could say the same. I never thought I’d be apologizing to you if I’m honest.”

    “So…why’d you do it?”

    “I told you I thought-“

    “No no.” She waved her hands in front of her. “I mean, why’d you run for president?”

    “Funds for the rugby team.”

    “So I was right about that?”

    Jake nods. “Yeah.”

    “So the sponsor responses..?”

    “No it wasn’t for the rugby team. It genuinely was personal issues.”

    “Oh.” She shifts awkwardly. “ I’m sorry for calling you a liar then.”

    “I don’t blame you actually. I haven’t been the most transparent president the council has ever seen.”

    “Despite all of that you are a good president.”


    Y/n nods. “Can I tell you something?”

    “What is it?”

    “The day they announced the election results I went to congratulate you.”

    “Ah you must’ve heard what was said then huh?”


    “I underestimated you when you said how much you hated when people did that. I really am an asshole.”

    Y/n laughs. “I think we established that Jaeyun.”

    “I think I need to reiterate it.”

    “So what now?” She locks eyes with Jake.

    “Well, do you forgive me?”

    She shakes her head. “Not exactly.”

    “I deserve that.” He looks down, fiddling with his fingers.

    “We can start over.”

    He looks up at her confused. “Like a redo?”

    Y/n nodded. “Yeah. You could prove how sorry you are with that too. Thoughts?”

    “I think I’d like that.”

    Y/n smiled and stuck her hand out. “I’m Kim Y/n.”

    Jake took her hand and shook it. “I’m Sim Jaeyun, but you can call me Jake.”

    “It’s nice to meet you, Jake.”

    They let go of each other’s hands. “I know we just met but I just got this wicked sense of deja vu.” Jake said, holding his hand looking around the room playfully.

    Y/n laughed. “Do you always act like this?”

    “Not all the time. Only sometimes.” He says. He moves slightly and pays the spot next to him.

    “You want me to sit next to you?”

    “What am I moving too fast?” He asks. “I thought you’d be more comfortable here than sitting on a rusted mop bucket.”

    Y/n shakes her head and sits next to him. “I would say yes but someone who I met before called me cutie within the second time we met each other.”

    Jake makes a sharp inhale. “Wow okay.”

    “What more Deja Vu?” She asks jokingly.

    “A shit ton actually.”

    “Well it’s okay.” She says fiddling with her fingers. “I liked it then.”

    Jake looks at her. “Well what about now?”

    Y/n locks eyes with Jake and she thinks for a moment. She opens her mouth to respond but the two of them hear shuffling. “Do you hear that?”

    Jake nods signaling her to be quieter. “Do you think someone is in here?” He whispers.

    “I think.” Y/n tries to hear if the shuffling continues. “Let's listen to find out.”

    Sangwoo and Lia walked into the left wing cabins.

    “Lia please can we just talk about this for a second?” Sangwoo asks.

    “What is there to talk about, Sangwoo?”

    “Look I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Jake. I didn’t think it was that important.”

    “Sangwoo, I'm not mad, okay?”

    Sangwoo moved to walk in front of her. “Yes you are.”

    Lia stopped walking and sighed. “I’m not. Now can we please just look for Y/n and Jake?” She pointed to the storage room.

    He looked back between her and the storage room. “Lia…”

    “If you really want to talk about this we can talk about it after we find them okay?” She smiles at him, patting him on the shoulder.

    Sangwoo nodded and walked near to the storage room. “This is where Soobin said some desks were.”

    Jake and Y/n stood up from the floor upon hearing Sangwoo and Lia. They gathered their stuff and walked to the door and started banging on it. “We’re in here.” Jake yelled.

    Sangwoo rushed to open the door and revealed Y/n and Jake. They both walked out and looked at Lia and Sangwoo. “The door lock is broken.” Y/n said.

    “We tried calling but my phone died.” Jake said.

    “We are just glad you’re alright.” Lia said.

    “We should head back and let everyone know you guys are okay.” Sangwoo said. Lia and Sangwoo walked in front of them in silence.

    Jake leaned over to Y/n whispering to her. “Should we tell them we heard them?”

    Y/n looked back at him shaking her head. “I don’t think we should.”

    All the members of the council sat in the meeting room looking at Jake and Y/n.

    “You guys really got stuck in a storage room?” Yeji asked.

    They both nodded.

    “And you didn’t kill each other?” Doyum said.

    Once again Jake and Y/n both nodded.

    “How did that happen?” Huening Kai asked. “You two can’t even stand each other.”

    Jake leaned his head. “Well..”

    Y/n continued. “I wouldn’t exactly say that now.”

    “Yes you do.” Jimin said.

    “Everytime we see you with each other you are at each other’s throats.” Yeji said.

    “Speaking of which, we are so done with it.” Beyonghee said.

    “Yeah.” Beomgyu said. “You two need to find a way to put aside your differences cause it’s getting in the way of council work.”

    Sunoo nodded. “Yeah. So Y/n tell him what you told us.” The council members all let our sounds of approval.

    Jake and Y/n turned to each other and started laughing.

    Yuna looked at them confused. “Why are you laughing?”

    “Yeah what’s funny?” Soobin asked.

    They looked back at the council members. And Jake brought his arm around Y/n shoulder. “We made up.” He said. He looked towards Y/n “Right cutie?”

    Y/n laughed and nodded. “Yup.”

    The council goes silent looking at each other confused.

    “Y/n love are you okay are you sick?” Chaeryeong asked reaching over to touch her forehead.

    Y/n snacks her hand playfully. “I’m fine. We genuinely made up.”

    “Being in that storage room did a lot for us I guess.” Jake said.

    “So you two are cool?” Sangwoo asks.

    Jake and Y/n look at each other. “Yeah. I think we are.”

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    Kim Y/n Vs. Sim Jaeyun

    Results of this battle: Y/n Wins!

    Score • 2:2

    ♧ Summary: Jake is finally moving back to Korea after spending 5 years in Brisbane Australia to spend his senior year at Belift Academy. After one faithful meeting on a train with his new schools top student Kim (Y/n) he decides to make her his rival. Swearing to not be second in his class he also refuses to acknowledge his growing crush on his self declared rival. In other words he will NOT confess first. But you know what they say: All is fair, and Love is war.


    A/n: the classic locked in a storage room trope we love a bit of predictability

    Taglist (open): @msxflower @kyleeanne @sbnchaos @sunvishine @rinyx @acciomylove @milkbreadchild @liliansun @maeumiluv @elicheel @youreverydayzebra @dear-dreamie @kac-chowsballs @kai-g2titos @mykalon @lionessmane @nycol-ie @navsnct @meiiiwa @mochisnlix @c9tnoos @deez-nutzz @wh4txium1n @snowfalltxt @enhacolor @mavlogist @gay-nineties-hacker @smolberry-ren

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    how do I always manage to make so many mistakes in physics 😿😿

    #sim jaeyun...do u tutor #for the engene pls
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    The MMA and AAA enhypen was such a top tier serve …😳😵‍💫🔥🖤 what a year end gift for engenes

    I’m gonna keep reblogging this and keep bringing this up for the whole of 2022..I just know it

    Comeback new album in jan? I’m so broke buying so much enha merch this year and right off the bat another album? Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, SHUT UP happiness is enhypen merch😭👍🏻

    My lovely engenes~ would you like a part 3 of enha ff masterlist as a new year gift from me? Pls do lmk my loves 😚🥰

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    enhypen as unhappy endings.

    i don't know where this came from but i'm sad and listening to evermore the entire day wore me out.
    warning/s: implied death in heeseung's part, mention of hanahaki disease and blood in sunghoon's, implied infedelity in sunoo's.

    HEESEUNG: heeseung's story with you ends on a bitter note as his mind is constantly filled with questions of what if's and what could have been's. he desperately wishes he could turn back the time to tell you his intimate feelings because even if you didn't return them, at least he'll get to sleep at night peacefully. so as he sits in front of your grave, cursing you for not holding on a little bit longer, he asks himself the same unanswered questions all over again.

    JAY: falling out of love was never in jay's mind. because to him, he sees you as an eternity, a never-ending romance, and the person he'll spend his lifetime with. he never imagined that falling out of love would be the end of your relationship not when he promised that he'd always love you and the love between you can transcend to countless other lifetimes. but every time he looks at you and your eyes didn't shine as bright as they did before, and when he listens to his heart carefully and it tells him that it beats for another person, jay knew he had to let you go.

    JAKE: people move on and jake learns this the hard way. because as he stares at your form, with an arm snaking around your waist that was obviously not his, with the ring on your finger glinting at him mockingly, he knew he made you wait for too long. it took him too long to say those three words back, and when he did, it was too late.

    SUNGHOON: sunghoon is taught that when you fall, sometimes hitting the ground with no one to catch you isn't worth it to feel the short bliss you'd feel as you fall. and for the nth time, he scolds himself that maybe if he stopped the flowers from blossoming, maybe he wouldn't be coughing up the petals of your favorite flower adorned with his own blood.

    SUNOO: it's unfair how your hands fit his so perfectly when in reality, it has been promised to another. it slowly wears sunoo out, it slowly eats him up, slowly taking everything he has away from him until all he is, is an empty shell. because loving you only made sunoo realize one thing, while he dreams of being called yours, you can never be really his because everyday you're forced to come home to someone else's embrace.

    JUNGWON: everyday jungwon had been with you when there was no one. he always arrived the earliest so even for a while he'd become the first. he had been there through your ups and downs, your best and worst. so why until now, does he remain second? even with the leaves falling off the branches and replaced with new ones, his place was never changing. you will always choose someone else before him and jungwon thinks, was he even in the choices at the first place?

    NI-KI: he lets you go because he thinks you deserve better. you deserve someone who'll get the stars for you, someone who'll be able to give you the whole world. and ni-ki isn't that person, not when his world is entirely different from yours. not when he's unable to promise you that one day, he'll gladly call you his.

    #word vomit pt. 372772 #enhypen #enhypen x reader #enhypen imagines#enhypen headcanons#enhypen drabbles#enhypen smau#enhypen fluff#enhypen angst#lee heeseung#park jongseong#sim jaeyun#park sunghoon#kim sunoo#yang jungwon#nishimura riki #heeseung x reader #jay x reader #jake x reader #sunghoon x reader #sunoo x reader #jungwon x reader #niki x reader #riki x reader
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    마법 같은 🌸

    #제이크#kpop#photo#sim jaeyun#sim jake#enhypen jake#enhypen #Enhypen jake lq #enhypen sim jaeyun #enhypen sim jake #enhypen lq icons #Enhypen lq #enhypen lq layouts #jake lq #sim Jake lq #sim Jaehyun lq
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    211206 | ENHYPEN 02z via @smash_media_jp Twitter

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    Love? Love! Fighting!! | Scene 35: Don’t be suspicious

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    ♧ Summary: Jake is finally moving back to Korea after spending 5 years in Brisbane Australia to spend his senior year at Belift Academy. After one faithful meeting on a train with his new schools top student Kim (Y/n) he decides to make her his rival. Swearing to not be second in his class he also refuses to acknowledge his growing crush on his self declared rival. In other words he will NOT confess first. But you know what they say: All is fair, and Love is war.


    Taglist (open): @msxflower @kyleeanne @sbnchaos @sunvishine @rinyx @acciomylove @milkbreadchild @liliansun @maeumiluv @elicheel @youreverydayzebra @dear-dreamie @kac-chowsballs @kai-g2titos @mykalon @lionessmane @nycol-ie @navsnct @meiiiwa @mochisnlix @c9tnoos @deez-nutzz @wh4txium1n @snowfalltxt @enhacolor @mavlogist @gay-nineties-hacker

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    Manager: You guys can’t keep bringing home ‘pets’. We’re going to have to implement a No Animals policy.

    Jake, holding a pigeon: That’s not fair!

    Sunghoon: Yeah. You can’t just kick out Sunoo like that.

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    39. deal


    TAGLIST, open @yourlocalhotgf @hoonstrology @ddeonuism @witheeseung @starryjongseong @one800127 @jaemimpulsive @rikibae @ncityy04 @ryu-naa @curryramyeon @hyuckworld @enhacolor @xoxojayd3n @mishtidoie @jungw8ns @n1k1tty @primorange @sprngfeverr @youreverydayzebra @bayoleta @nikisjpg @jaycenzo @heeslut @she-is-dreaming @kyleeanne @mymeloem19 @enhafika @fairieweb @hobistigma @sunghonkers @itsamemarioo @dear-dreamie @taejinxkoya @baekhyunstruly @diestheticu @woniebae @softforqiankun @iamnotgrootiamthor @yougeans @strawberriki @lilliansun @thisuserwouldmarrysabrinainhbt @mahalaua @bang-bang-bangtxn @you-njinhwang @wccycc @13isacoolnumber

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    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    211205 | [Abib X ENHYPEN Photocard Promotion]

    💡From 6th of Dec 00:00 AM, you can get ENHYPEN Photocard🤍

    Click the images to check the details

    ✈️Shop link 👉 here 👈

    #enhypen#yang jungwon#jungwon#lee heeseung#heeseung#park jongseong#jay#sim jaeyun#jake#park sunghoon#sunghoon#kim sunoo#sunoo#riki nishimura#ni-ki#enhypen abib #i want to get that 👀 #but can't get it :( #my country not being on the list? totally fine #south korea not being on the list? how's that even possible
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  • binsuns
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    jake ▸ global rising award [MMA 2021]
    #enhypen#enha#enhypenet#mgroupsedit#jake#jake sim#sim jaeyun#my edits #blonde jake debut on the blog <333 #also idk why the pink in the middle one looks so patchy :///
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  • neoguriki
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    #ENHYPEN : take that and rewind it back !

    [ hyung line version ]

    [ do not repost or reproduce without the creator's permission. ]

    © 2021 all rights reserved | neoguriki on tumblr.

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  • pink-blushers
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    STALKER ; ch. 1 ー mini adventures

    summary: It all start with this misunderstanding where taehyun thought y/n, the school sweetheart, stalked him for months. And thanks to y/n obliviousness, he has to deal with this cliche yet complicated love triangle.

    masterlist ; next

    as you can see, this happen a month ago!! (let just hope i won’t ruin the timeline 🥲)

    ms. yoon is y/n piano teacher for 5 years (and still continue~) she’s actually really kind and caring, but she’s also very strict, this why she can be a v scary when you make some mistake. y/n really really really respect her. ms. yoon recently moved in to this hilly street area, like what y/n say the blocks is beautiful but there’s so many short cut and yeah, she just find it really confusing. this makes her realize she sucks at reading maps 😵‍💫

    i’m using this whisper of the heart gif set as a reference! :D poor y/n wandering around to find ms. yoon house :c

    “that’s a bit suspicious but nah :/” - taehyun

    taglist (open!): @navsnct @nyfwyeonjun @giyyuzz @i6hoons @pinkheadflowers @ilvaussie

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  • cloudninescenes
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    asking enhypen "why aren't we dating?"

    [basically you're friends and you ask them why the two of you aren't dating]

    a/n: based on a tiktok i saw today~ i'm working on something rn but i wanted to put something out for u guys heh enjoy

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  • pink-blushers
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    STALKER ; meet jake and friend

    summary: It all start with this misunderstanding where taehyun thought y/n, the school sweetheart, stalked him for months. And thanks to y/n obliviousness, he has to deal with this cliche yet complicated love triangle.

    masterlist ; meet y/n and friends ; taehyun and friends ; jake and friends

    Jake: a violin prodigy, who’s also the top student and ace of the soccer team, and this is the reason why everyone starts to call him “god’s favorite”. He’s often paired with y/n as a piano-violin duo since they were a kid (their teachers are close)

    Heeseung: a pianist like y/n, but don’t worry they’re friends and only see each other as rivals during competition!

    Jay: here comes another soccer team pride, captain of the soccer team who also do modeling in his free time.

    Sunghoon: a famous figure skater, been to several international competitions!! he spends most of his time on ice

    and lastly jake priv!

    basically they’re just a group of prodigy’s a.k.a the school pride. jake and jay are from class (3-1), and heeseung and sunghoon are from class (3-2). jake and sunghoon were friends since middle school, then they meet jay and heeseung in high school. when jay found out abt jake’s soccer skill, he begged him to join the school team and he agreed (which later makes y/n amazed by jake’s time management skill :o). jake have heard heeseung name before too, in fact he’s actually pretty familiar with his name since jake likes to watch y/n performance, both concert and competition. even though heeseung is a very very skillful pianist too, jake will always choose y/n as his accompanist, because they have this unexplainable chemistry together (this is according to jake, jay say it’s probably because he’s just down bad for her).

    taglist: @nyfwyeonjun @giyyuzz @navsnct

    all profiles been uploaded!! i’ll post the first chapter today too 😼

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  • pink-blushers
    05.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    STALKER ; meet taehyun and friends!!

    summary: It all start with this misunderstanding where taehyun thought y/n, the school sweetheart, stalked him for months. And thanks to y/n obliviousness, he has to deal with this cliche yet complicated love triangle.

    masterlist ; meet y/n and friends ; taehyun and friends ; jake and friends

    taehyun : he usually describes himself as “a normal high school boy who lives on top of the hilly street”. his friends (yeonjun) introduced him to skateboard back then in middle school and voila he’s really into it now

    yeonjun: if you’re wondering who started the skateboarding addiction, it’s him. he’s aiming to be a professional skateboarder

    soobin: just like others, he got interested with skateboard bcs of yeonjun!

    beomgyu: another skater boi, and yes even though he looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing rn, trust him, he knows

    hueningkai: his bio said it all, he skates during the day and is a gamer at night.

    and lastly taehyun priv!

    they’re all classmates (class 3-3)!! the skateboard addiciton starts when they’re in middle school, where yeonjun get boreds of playing games and he randomly clicked this youtube video recommendation, it’s a skateboarding tricks video! his eyes suddenly sparks and really want to try skateboarding. so yep, a week later he makes everyone buy and learn skateboarding. they actually really enjoy it so now skateboarding is a daily thing for them. after skateboarding, taehyun would go to an old convenience store on the hilly street to eat ice cream, he said he need it for extra energy since his house is up on the hill. and sometimes the boys join him too!

    taglist: @nyfwyeonjun @giyyuzz @navsnct

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