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    23.01.2022 - 10 minutes ago
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    23.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Penny: Whenever Simon asks me for the Latin names of Shep's plants, I just give him the names of rappers.

    Simon: These Ludacrises are coming in great.

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    23.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    Simon Snow is a surfer dude change my mind

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    23.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Bro I actually cannot stand listening to Penelope and Shepherd’s POVs lmao…

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    23.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    rereading carry on while drunk.. ladies this is so good

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  • youraveragebookworm
    23.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Here’s my Carry On tribute! Finished Any Way the Wind Blows and accidentally got obsessed with the series again

    I love these poor dumb charcters ; _ ;

    #simon snow#carry on #carry on fanart #watercolor#my art #i don't have a scanner at school so quality is questionable #also my paint got old so shepard's face is a little funny #simon snow fanart
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  • sexysirius
    22.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Soooo I completed carry on by rainbow Rowell and the mage just died excuse me?!? Like Simon dosen’t know who his parent were ever like yo what’s that all about!?!?

    And Agatha leaving the magikal world is mood ✨

    Is it just me or does it feel like the story has a lot of loose ends?

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  • clockworkbee
    22.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    firstprince / snowbaz : parallels

    —Red, White & Royal Blue

    —Any Way The Wind Blows

    #firstprince#snowbaz#rwrb parallels#snowbaz parallels #alex claremont diaz #henry fox mountchristen windsor #simon snow#baz pitch #red white & royal blue #any way the wind blows #the freaking parallels
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  • flourmelon
    22.01.2022 - 17 hours ago

    I’m 50% through Any Way the Wind Blows and… I can’t believe this but… while I love the 🔥 scenes between Simon and Baz, and Agatha and the vet student (total surprise, did NOT know I can actually like Agatha), there hasn’t been as much magical action as the first or second books (second book is my favorite at this moment, what in the world)… and the scenes with my fave girl Penelope and Shepherd actually really really really drag, the most exciting scenes with them so far is when they meet Penelope’s dad LOL… hoping it picks up in the second half but keep the snowbaz coming. Also, Penelope and Simon really need to interact again, they’ve been apart for half the book and that is unacceptable.

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  • pennyisaqueen
    22.01.2022 - 19 hours ago

    Penny: Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't have feelings for Baz.

    Simon: *looking lovingly at Baz across the room* I don't have feelings for Baz.

    Simon: Julieta, you are nowhere near my eyes.

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    22.01.2022 - 21 hours ago
    new patreon post is up! go check it out!

    please consider supporting by becoming a patron or sharing! it means a lot!

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  • johnwgrey
    22.01.2022 - 21 hours ago

    Summary: Young Simon grows up in the loveless home of his uncle. Until he is unceremoniously sent to school, that is. Young Simon gets older and finds a job teaching the younger sister of the mysterious Mr Grimm-Pitch. It quickly becomes obvious that his employer has things to hide but does that matter when feelings are involved?

    A modern-ish fic based on Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre.

    Chapter Preview: When Mordelia was done, she brought her horse back to its stall and went running, barely stopping long enough to inform us that she was going to play in her room. "You know," Mr Grimm-Pitch said once we were alone "this is my favourite part of the day, too." "I can see why. It's peaceful. I feel like a friendship is blooming here," I answered, caressing the horse's muzzle tenderly. He smiled. He was braiding the horse's mane but he looked up at me when he said "I feel the same way."

    Read Chapter 4 on AO3!

    or start at the beginning

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  • forabeatofadrum
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    che col tuo lume mi levasti - chapter thirteen

    Notes: Oh Rome, Rome! I’m really excited for you to meet Emma!




    “Buongiorno signore. È una bella giornata, vero?” the woman says with a smile.

    “Sì. Fa freddo fuori,” I reply. It’s cold for late February, but I prefer this over the scalding heat in the summer. “Scusi. Lei parla inglese? Non parlo bene l’italiano. Sto ancora imparando.”

    “Well, it sounds proper,” the woman replies in flawless English. She has a northern accent. Then she ruffles the Normal’s hair. “Don’t mind my son, though. He doesn’t speak English.”

    “Your son?” I ask in shock.

    Meanwhile Simon has crouched next to the kid and they’re talking in rapid Italian. I can’t keep up. Simon is showing the kid his sword.

    “My pride and joy,” the woman says and she’s beaming, not understanding my shock and confusion. Then she tilts her head. She bares her fangs, but not in a threating way. “You’re one of us, aren’t you?”

    I show her my fangs in return. It is fucking weird. We’re in public. There are other people in the park.

    “My name is Baz,” I tell her.

    “Emma,” Emma replies, “And this little rascal is Mario.”

    “Ciao, come stai?” Mario asks when his mother mentions his name.

    “Sto bene,” I answer, “Grazie mille.”

    Mario doesn’t pay any more attention. He’s really interested in Simon’s sword. He reaches out to touch, but Simon won’t let him. It’s still sharp.

    “Are you new in the neighbourhood or are you a tourist?” Emma asks, “I haven’t seen you around before and I happen to know all the vampires in the area. You’re English, like me?”

    “You’re English?” I ask before answering her question, “And no, I’m living up north in Salò, but I moved there from England, almost three years ago.”

    Emma lets out a whistle. “Up north, huh? That’s almost unheard of.”

    Simon shrugs. He’s told me before that there is some tension between the north and south of Italy, but we’re in the middle of Italy now.

    “It’s lovely,” I tell her. It is. Salò is the place to be, after all.

    “I bet,” she says wistfully, “I’ve always wanted to go up north.”

    “Then why don’t you?” Simon asks her.

    She looks at him and then back to me. “You two don’t know?”

    “Don’t know what?”

    “The vampires up north give the community a bad name,” she says bitterly, “They’re hostile and unorganised. It’s not safe. They aren’t hostile towards other vampires, but they are to Normali, so I can’t take my family with me.”

    Normali. Her Normal son. Does she have a Normal partner as well? It now occurs to me that Emma must realise that Simon’s a Normal and she doesn’t seem bothered by this.

    She narrows her eyes. “But you don’t know that?”

    I live up north as a mage. I did encounter violent vampires, but Lago di Garda is vampire free.

    “We’re fairly new to all of this,” Simon says and then he extends his hand, “Simon Snow, nice to meet you, ma’am.”

    “Ah, don’t call me ma’am,” Emma shakes his hand with a smile, “Makes me feel old. I am only a hundred and ten years old, boys.”

    “Almost twenty-two feels like nothing then,” I say.

    She looks at me for a little bit longer.

    “You’re young and from England?”

    I nod.

    “Oh,” she says, understanding. She hands me a sandwich. “Sit down, Baz. Let’s finish the picnic. Then, let’s go to my house, okay? You have a lot to learn.”


    Simon and I follow Emma and Mario through the dead spot. I’ve gotten a bit used to it, but it’s still terrible and Simon has to steady me. I just pretend to have a sore ankle. We stop at the intersection of Via Baveno and Via Arona. There are vampires everywhere. I can feel them. We’re surrounded by flats. Is this vampire housing?

    I can’t believe I am voluntarily following a vampire to her home, especially without magic, but Emma seems nice enough and I came here for answers after all. Simon still has his sword.

    “Home sweet home,” Emma says as she unlocks a door. We pass some doors and some inhabitants open them to get a look at me.

    I wave awkwardly.

    “Sorry, it’s been a long while since we’ve seen a new vampire,” Emma says, “The vampire hub in Casalotti is very small. Most new vampires move to the Abruzzo area, a bit more to the east. I prefer it here. The small scope makes it feel like a strong community.”

    “This is amazing,” Simon looks around in wonder. There are a lot of people. Some kids also point and stare at me. There are indeed entire families here, and this is only one building. “These are all vampires?”

    “Some of them,” I answer before Emma has the chance. I can also sense Normali. I wonder if there are any maghi around, but we’re still in a dead spot, so that is unlikely. “There are Normali around.”

    “Normali?” Simon sounds surprised. I suddenly remember that Simon can’t sense that Mario is a Normal. Maybe he’s forgotten that I told him. I did say that I sensed a Normal with a vampires. “But Mario’s your son, Emma?”

    “Oh, you younglings have a lot to learn,” she says and she almost sounds sad. She unlocks the door to her flat. “Sono a casa!”

    “Papà!” Mario runs inside. A Normal man emerges from another room and picks up Mario. I am more confused than ever.

    “Wait, he’s Normal?” I say out loud.

    Emma and her husband (?) look at me. Emma then says something in rapid Italian. I can’t keep up, but Simon quickly translates it for me. Emma’s explaining that I am a vampire who doesn’t know anything about vampires in Italy and that she’s going to help me out. The man nods and he takes Mario to another room to give us space.

    Emma gives us coffee to drink and to Simon’s joy, she also has cookies.

    “I think you have questions,” Emma says to me when we’re all sat down.

    I nod. “England is not keen on vampires.”

    Emma lets out a sad sigh. “Yes, I remember. I fled to Italy for a reason, but I still have friends there. So sad to think that most of them live underground. Not much has changed in the past decade.”

    “The World of Mages isn’t very nice towards creatures in general. My friend started a new department, but it doesn’t include, as they say, dark creatures.”

    Emma raises an eyebrow. “Your friend?”

    Simon gives me a quick look. We decided to keep my mage-ness a secret. I try to find for a bullshit excuse.

    “She doesn’t know.” That technically isn’t an excuse, but it’s still weird. “I grew up around mages.”

    “Extraordinary,” Emma beams and thank Merlin she doesn’t ask more.

    “Growing up around mages does really impact your view on vampires,” I say. Emma nods. I then tell Emma the truth, just leaving out the mage part. I tell her that I didn’t think of vampires in a positive light and that this is all so new to me, and when I found out that there’s a vampire hub I decided to come down to learn more. I also admit that a part of me is still scared of them.

    “Is that why your friend is carrying around a sword?” Emma nods towards Simon.

    “I use it for cooking,” Simon shrugs before drinking more of his coffee, and Emma has an amused look on her face when she hears that, “But yes. My mum feels safer if I carry it, but I didn’t plan on using it.”

    “Mario really likes it.”

    “He’s a cool kid. You can buy him a toy sword.”

    “Is it normal for Normali to be around vampires?” I ask, referring to Mario and Emma’s husband, assuming that they’re married. I take Simon’s hand. “I thought the two of us were a rare case.”

    Emma looks at our joined hands and I wonder if this is a bad idea after all, but for homophobic reasons, but then she says. “Oh, of course. You’re together.”

    “We are, but I am Normale,” Simon says, “Just like Baz, I don’t know anything about vampires.”

    “You’re safe here,” Emma says kindly. Is the referring to us being two men? “The Comunità Mitica is more openminded about Normali than the Comunità Magica. We live together in peace.” Oh, that’s what she’s talking about. “We still live mostly in secret, like maghi, but if Normali learn the truth, then we don’t mind. Don’t tell those maghi that I said this, but sometimes I think they’re a bit old-fashioned with their secrecy and elitism.”

    Simon laughs. “Couldn’t agree more, Emma!”

    “So you do know about the Comunità Mitica and Comunità Magica?” Emma asks us.

    “Yes, my mum’s a maga, so she’s part of the Comunità Magica, or as we call it, the CoMa.”

    Maga. Maghe. Mago. Maghi. Normale. Normali. I am slowly understanding the Italian language but the gendered aspect of this language will always be annoying to learn.

    Emma tries to hide her confusion, which makes Simon laugh even more.

    “Yeah, we’re a confusing bunch.”

    “You’re English as well?” Emma asks him.

    “Welsh,” Simon corrects her, “British. Whatever. Although I moved here as a baby, so I’m Italian.”

    “You don’t sound Welsh.”

    “My mum raised me and she’s English, so maybe I am English. I grew up bilingual. She’s originally from the World of Mages. But back to the vampires!”

    “Ah, yes, of course. Your Italian is indeed perfect,” Emma nods. Poor woman is more confused than I am, and I just learnt that it’s normal for Italian vampires to live amongst Normali.

    “The maghi don’t care about it?” I ask Emma, “As in, the CoMi being so open?”

    “The Comunità Mitica and Comunità Magica are more separated than the Comunità Mitica and Normali,” Emma shrugs, “They don’t know what we’re doing and vice versa. It’s perfect. No offense to your mum, Simon, but maghi have always been a bit elitist in every magickal culture in the world. Italy is more peaceful with mage and creature relations, but still. We don’t need them to know what we’re up to.”

    “So, all Normali here know what’s up, and they don’t mind?” I ask.

    Emma shakes her head. “It isn’t well-known. After all, if it were, then Normali all over the country would know and then the maghi would realise that we’re not being secret. Like I said, Normali can find out on their own, or we tell some, but most don’t know.”

    “You bared your fangs in the park,” I point out.

    “Yes, but if Normali see it, then they often assume it’s a costume. Normali can be really blind to the magickal - or mythical if you will - truth, even when it’s right in front of them.”

    “I hear you,” Simon mutters. He’s been there himself and he was the most magickal person alive. Ms. Snow has told us numerous examples of her covering consequences of his magic, like pretending that she filled the tank of the car when he wasn’t home. Once Simon knew the truth, he looked back on his life and some things were so ridiculous, it should’ve been obvious.

    “And you don’t…” I trail off. I might offend her. Emma gestures towards me to go on. “You don’t kill them? Or want to kill them?”

    “I am married to one of them, Baz,” Emma says airily. (Husband then.)

    “Shit, sorry, I do not mean to offend. This is all so unreal to me.”

    Simon squeezes my hand in support. I am definitely freaking out about all of this, which might possibly offend Emma even more, but I spent my entire life hearing that vampires are pure evil only to find out that they’re not at all.

    “It’s okay, Baz,” Emma says soothingly, “I know what it’s like back in the World of Mages. The elitism and prejudice is big. They call themselves the World of Mages, for Bram’s sake. But you’re here. The Comunità Mitica will welcome you and your Normale partner with open arms.”

    I lean against Simon. The World of Mages has a fucking fit over Penny bringing a Normal home and some wealthy mages are disappointed that the lost heir of the House of Salisbury is Normal, but the CoMi doesn’t mind at all. (Same goes for the CoMa, if I’m being honest.) (No one minds that Ms. Snow has a Normal son.) (It’s that the CoMa cares more about the secrecy than the CoMi.)

    “How did your husband find out?” Simon asks Emma.

    Emma has a fond smile on her face. “Angelo and I met at university. I started my fifth degree there, since I was still immortal back then and living as a someone in her twenties. It just clicked. We dated for a long time and when he proposed, I said yes. But I also told him that I needed to tell him my biggest secret. So I did and he accepted it.”

    “Just like that?”

    “Angelo is a good man. It has happened that Normali don’t react positively. We let them be. Who’s going to believe them anyway? But yes, it happens. Or some Normali find out on their own and they want to meet us. We can read their minds to learn about their intentions, but most vampires don’t like thralling and reading minds, so we don’t do it out of principle. If they have bad intentions, we’ll find out in an ethical way, but you’d be surprised how open-minded Normali can be once they realise you speak the truth.”

    I think about Shepard, who just walks up to vampires in Las Vegas. It’s true.

    Crowley, Shepard would love to meet Emma.

    “And you gave up immortality to be with Angelo?” I ask, thinking about Nicodemus. Emma nods. “Then how were you immortal before?”

    “I know you’re really stuck on the idea that vampires kill for blood, but it’s not like that,” Emma says and I feel the shame rising. That was indeed what I was thinking about. Sure, Emma is a good vampire now, but what about before?

    “I am truly sorry.”

    “Normali can donate blood. It’s a great system,” Emma explains, “I don’t drink Normali blood anymore, now that I’ve given up on immortality, but I can get pig blood from the butcher. The butcher is Normale, but he knows that we exist. But there are plenty of immortal vampires here and they have Normali friends. I don’t kill. We don’t kill, Baz.”

    “Sorry,” I say again.

    “You’re lost and confused, Baz. Again, I understand. You might offend some vampires that have lived in the Comunità Mitica all their lives, but I know what it’s like back there. Those big families like the Pitches have always made sure that everyone is hostile. Especially since that recent murder on a matriarch in the Pitch family. What a terrible thing! Unfortunately, all creatures have to suffer for it.”

    My mother. I tense up, but Emma doesn’t notice. Simon gives my hand another squeeze. I don’t fucking know why I am compelled to say what I say next, but I blurt it out without thinking.

    “She was my mother.”

    Shit. We were meant to keep this a secret. Emma is looking at me.

    “I told you we’re a confusing bunch,” Simon jokes to make the tension disappear.

    “Basilton Grimm-Pitch. Baz Pitch for short. That’s me,” I also say calmly.

    “I really don’t understand,” Emma says.

    Simon and I look at each other and he nods. We have grown to like Emma, and it’s already clear that the CoMi is more open-minded. I really didn’t plan on doing this, but I tell Emma the truth. I even tell her that I am carrying a wand, but that we’re in a dead spot. I wonder if they know.

    “You’re a mage and a vampire?”

    “Yes. But don’t shout it from the rooftops,” I say,

    “Is the vampire community okay with that?” Simon asks her.

    Emma genuinely doesn’t know. “I mean, I don’t think it’s happened before. You’re a special something, Baz Pitch.”

    “I can’t use magic anyway.”

    “True. That’s why we live here,” Emma nods.

    “Really?” Simon asks.

    “Yes, the Comunità Mitica is more of a club, not a society, just like the Comunità Magica, but we’re mostly based in a zona morta, or a dead spot as they call it in the World of Mages. That’s the main reason the two Comunitàs are so separate. These zones are relatively new and we make the best of it. There’s a big one in Foggia, so a lot of creatures live there. Mostly goblins, but there’s more.”

    A goblin hub as well? I file this away to tell Shepard. He hasn’t replied yet. I wonder what’s taking the Lob so long.

    “Thank you so much for all of this information,” Simon says, “This is amazing.”

    “Always,” Emma says kindly, “Baz, I’ve been where you are. It can be hard to hear this. It also took me a while to fully believe it, but the truth is that there’s nothing wrong with our kind. We’re vampires. So what?”

    “So what!” Simon agrees.

    I take a sip of my now cold coffee. So what indeed. I am starting to believe it.

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    Simon: I made tea.

    Baz: I don’t want tea

    simon: I didn't make tea for you. This is my tea.

    Baz: Then why are you telling me?

    simon: It's a conversation starter.

    baz: That’s a lousy conversation starter.

    simon: Oh, is it? We are conversing. Checkmate.

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    Make it or Break it chapter 15

    “Like the first second of a fall, I wake up.”

    READ CHAPTER 15 HERE: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34381819/chapters/91245646

    START FROM THE BEGINNING: https://archiveofourown.org/works/34381819/chapters/85558030

    #chapter 17 is the last chapter btw #any way the wind blows #carry on#snowbaz#wayward son#baz pitch#simon snow #the simon snow trilogy #snowbaz fanfiction#fanfiction author
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    "Baz...,” he says again. And I wait for him to get it out. "You're- you're wearing jeans."

    I tilt my head. "I am. And you're wearing half the countryside."

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    Headcanon that Lucy made Davy watch a few episodes of Doctor Who with the hope that he might learn something.

    The only idea he gained was that he should start calling himself The Mage.

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    I just know baz is definitely the kind of person who gets annoyed when you say “literally” even tho you don’t mean it exactly ~literally and simon is definitely the kind of person who says “literally” every two seconds without failure.

    #this is canon #said by me #baz is a gramical freak idc #and simon just does his best to write #is the dislexia tho #snowbaz#simon snow#simon salisbury #simon snow salisbury #baz pitch#basilton pitch #baz grimm pitch #carry on#wayward son #any way the wind blows #awtwb
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    Fangirl is the Silmarillion of the Simon Snow trilogy.

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    darling boy! sweet sunshine!

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