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    "A Dangerous Game"


    Notes: This was a special celebratory 250 followers chapter. Thanks for getting me so far you guys! And as a reward I wrote some Simpbur stuff. I have brainrot what can I say {*shrugs with an evil smile*]

    Song: "Romance Is Boring" By Los Campionsheiuekjjfv-I-forgot-their-last-name

    "Come on Quin, I am not downloading that game!"

    A whine emerged from (Y/n)'s computer speakers, making them wince and turn the volume down. The young adult's friend of five years on the other side of the world continued to complain to (Y/n) loudly at their offer being unceremoniously turned down.

    Currently (Y/n) was resting in their grey-ish blue gamer chair (or "gay"mer chair as they liked to call it) while in a call with one of their high-school buddies from forever ago. They both had been on call for so long, neither of them even knew how they had gotten there in the first place. The topic would change so frequently it was hard to keep up with.

    "But come on (Y/n)! I know you love the SMP! Plus, I already played it and it seemed fine." Quin pleaded, dragging out the e in his sentence as if that would make it more appealing; his loud words causing his discord profile picture to light up with a ring of green light.

    (Y/n) could practically see his face making that little pout that he does when convincing people to do something. Or at least trying to.

    They pinched the bridge of their nose, leaning back in their desk chair to sigh and rub their temples. From all around them, the contents of their messy apartment seemed to stare holes in the back of their head as if daring them to clean up. Stray articles of clothing, dirtied paper plates, stained tea mugs and so much more sat untouched in various nooks and crannies. That's part of the reason (Y/n) had not turned on the cam when Quin called. They didn't want him to see how much of a mess their life had gotten these past few months.

    "Yes, I do like the SMP." (Y/n) grit their teeth, leaning closer to their mic so Quin would hear them. "But that game has gotten some pretty scary reviews man. I don't know if I'm willing to sacrifice my entire computer to a website that's probably crawling with hackers and viruses."

    From the other end of the line, their best friend sputtered like a fish out of water.

    "Are you really going to believe those reviews over me? Your absolute favorite person?" Quin put on a sugary voice that made (Y/n) want to laugh. But instead they cleared their throat and kept on a glare (although the effort was a bit more forced now.)

    "I already told you dude, this is a game about real people and streamers. They already get sexualized enough, so do I really even need to explain why playing a love simulator with them in it isn't my preferred activity?" (Y/n) sighed, bringing up a good point.

    "But you see my dear friend-" Quin paused his sentence to frantically type something on his computer. (Y/n) heard his mouse click a couple times before he continued. "-it's not about the content creators. On the contrary, it's about the server. A sort of player insert if you will." He said carefully. (Y/n) could practically hear his sly smile through the words.

    They leaned forward a bit, subconsciously propping their elbow up on their desk top.

    "Okay. I'm listening."

    Quin did a silent fist pump to himself before clearing his throat and continuing.

    "When I played the game, it basically dropped you into a minecraft world. But more enhanced yet pixel-y at the same time. Does that make sense?"

    "I think so."

    "Okay good. And then basically, well I don't want to spoil it too much, but you end up meeting a few people before making decisions and blah blah blah. Basic love simulator stuff, but with the Dream SMP!"

    (Y/n) squinted at Quins profile picture (which just so happened to be a meme of Quackity beating his chair. What else of course).

    "And you're absolutely sure that this does not include the content creators?" They prodded again in a more serious tone. Quin sucked at his teeth for a second while nodding and then remembering that they couldn't see him.

    "Positive. I played the whole thing beginning to end. That fucker took me five hours to complete too." He mumbled the last part, closing his eyes in embarrassment.

    "Fucking simp!" (Y/n) laughed, eyes being blown wide and a smile practically splitting their face in half. "You played it for Dream didn't you?!"

    "Hey! Its not my fault I'm a raging homosexual!" He yelled at them, the bare hint of a smile forming in the corners of his mouth. (Y/n) slapped a hand to their mouth trying to contain their laughter.

    "Whatever you say Quin." They snorted, falling into a desperate fit of laughter. He rolled his eyes with a scoff, but smiled at his goofy friends' antics all the same.

    "Shut up (Y/n). I'm not the one who reads self insert fanfiction about Revivebur.'' He chided, ignoring the distant 'hey!' that followed his words. More clicking sounds came from his mic before a discord notif and its iconic little bell popped up out of nowhere on (Y/n)'s screen.

    "There. I sent you the link to the game. I couldn't find the webpage I played it on, so it's a different link than the original. But I checked out the first five minutes and it's the exact same thing." Quin explained in a more casual tone. (Y/n) could picture him leaning back in his desk chair with his hands behind his head.

    They sighed and glanced at the clock in the far corner of their computer screen while not answering. Dull white numbers projected the time "2:11 am" back at them.

    "Hey Q, I think I'm going to try and get some sleep. I know it's the afternoon for you and all over there, but I need to try and rest before my weekend runs out." They sighed, disappointed that they'd have to end the call so suddenly.

    "Its okay (Y/n). You have a good rest and think about that game, okay?" Quin reassured them with a soft smile. (Y/n) exhaled out of their mouth tiredly.

    "Okay. G'Night Quin. I'll text you when I get up." They said sincerely, hand moving closer to the mouse. A small goodbye was tossed out from the man as a repercussion to their own.

    And with that (Y/n) ended the call. Their discord icon disappeared from their computer screen with an echoing click that vibrated through their head like a sad mantra.

    They ran a hand down their face slowly, letting out a groan as they flopped back in their seat.

    Different thoughts ran rampant in their head as they debated on what to do next. As the enticing feeling of drowsiness sank farther and farther into their bones the longer they sat in their messy room, the more appealing the idea of sleeping became.

    But after peeking open one eye to look at the link Quin had sent them, (Y/n) relented with a defeated sigh.

    "What's the harm?" They grumbled, in disbelief with themself that they were even considering it. "I mean, it can't be worse than some of the smut I've seen..."

    Despite their bitter protest and grimacing face, they still ended up sitting poorly in their chair to click the blueish link that Quin had sent them. It immediately switched tabs from discord to a brand-new website, a basic loading circle popping up. The rotating orb reflected in (Y/n)'s tired and blood-shot eyes; as if taunting her for not getting enough sleep.

    While the (h/c) adult waited impatiently for the screen to load, they tossed around questions about what the game could be like in their head as if it were a casual game of ball. Would it be well modeled and smooth with movements, or full of clunky dialogue and chunky pixels? But based on the vague description that Quin had given them, (Y/n) could only assume.

    Eventually the grey screen loaded up into a small boxed in frame filled with yet another loading symbol. Except for this time instead of multiple rotating dots, it was white mask with an engraved smiley face spinning.

    (Y/n) cocked an eyebrow, but otherwise remained expressionless. As far as first impressions went, this wasn't the absolute worst. They were intrigued to see how the rest of it would play out.

    Just as (Y/n) had stopped paying attention to the screen however, a screech ripped through her speakers and stabbed at her eardrums. They jumped in fear and shock before looking back at the screen while slamming their hands over the sides of their head.

    As soon as they glanced back at the darkly illuminated device, the noise stopped. But that wasn't the only difference.

    Instead of Dreams mask (at least, what they assumed used to be Dream mask) portraying the boot up, a lovesick face had taken its place. Only it wasn't moving in a circle motion anymore.

    Frowning slightly and slowly removing her hands from their ears, (Y/n) squinted her eyes and leaned forward slightly to get a better view.

    The head that had taken the place of Dream had strangely realistic features. Curly brown hair with a perfectly drawn beanie (Look! The game designers had even got the wrinkles in the cloth accurate) and an old band aid resting on his nose struck (Y/n) as vastly advanced. With little pink hearts for pupils and light blue drool spilling from their mouth, it got more realistic as they looked at it. As if she could reach out and touch him...

    This isn't anyone from the DSMP. At least, not somebody that (Y/n) could recognize. Yet at the same time, a familiar feeling of knowing them itched at the back of their brain like a scab.

    But as soon as it came, the icon disappeared. The game finally emerged ready and raring to go.

    Just as Quin had described, the loading screen looked the absolute same as the login to Minecraft. Only if you took the time to stop and look at it would you notice the carefully picked and placed differences.

    It wasn't the same old neather or overworld scene playing behind the login and sign up options; as it normally is in the block game. This time an invisible camera was panning across a messy and dark apartment. Monster cans, stray pieces of clothing, dirty dishes, and a trashed guitar were only one of the many immaculate details that (Y/n) could pick out before a pop up blocked their vision.

    "Really?" They mumbled annoyed. Going to click the very tiny x up in the corner (and missing it a few hundred times), the irritable ad for an anime game disappeared into nothing more than a forgettable binary code.

    And from out behind it popped the same guy as before.

    (Y/n) made a confused sound as soon as they had clicked away the ad. From underneath it appeared a brand new addition to the login screen. It was the man with curly hair and a beanie, as stated before. Only this time he wasn't just a head. Now he had the rest of his body attached, which allowed (Y/n) to get a good gauge on how tall he was.

    Along with the strangely acute facial details, he had on a black hoodie with long sleeved undershirt that was ridden with black and white stripes. Baggy grey sweatpants clung to his long legs like a life saver. He looked cozy, but broke. Like a college student.

    The character was stuck in what seemed like a loop, waving their arms up and down in a gesture that seemed to say "notice me!!!"

    (Y/n) once again was blown away by the amount of detail being put into this game. She almost couldn't tell that he was made of pixels, but then again every once in a while a small glitch around his eyes would remind them that this was a simulator.

    "Seems different from what Q said..." They mumbled with a small chuckle. Despite their words, the gamer was not at all disappointed. In fact, they were rather exhilarated. No video game had this much dedication poured into it. At least, not that she had seen.

    So with a hearty click and drag of their mouse, (Y/n) went to start.

    Unbenownce to the adult, the moment that they clicked on the button they had sealed their fate.


    After inserting their preferred pronouns, customization, and name into the game ( (Y/n) had almost put their gamer tag, but something in the back of their brain told them to put their real name) they jumped right into the simulation.

    It slowly opened up into the same setting as the login screen. A dark apartment with messy surroundings, the same items thrown around aimlessly. As if somebody had been playing darts with random objects and losing miserably.

    (Y/n) glanced over their shoulder behind them to do a quick sweep of their own room. Yup. Looked about the same.

    Breathing out of their nose in a small laugh, she looked back at the screen. With a few taps on the arrows of her keyboard, they made the character stand up from the couch that they were, presumably, sitting on.

    At the bottom of her screen, a speech bubble popped up for her player.

    "Wow. I sure aṁ̶̡̘̳̫̰̫̻̤̭̜̔͘ ̸̞̥͙͋͗̄̄̽͆̇̋͠t̷̥͍̞͑͒̎̔̑̈́͒͐́i̶̡͖̳̪̐̿͋̊́̑̏̎̾͘r̷̰͓̯̺̹̩͑̃͊̂́͋̚e̸̯̺̰͕͚͊̂̍̀̾͋d̸͕͈̰̯͉̝̝̀̌͐͝"

    (Y/n) rubbed at her eyes swiftly before opening again. Yeah, she saw it right the first time. The damn game was glitching again.

    With a tired groan, they began mindlessly clicking their mouse over the reload button at the top of the tab. I mean, sure. A game as detailed and visually pleasing as this must come with repercussions, one of them being how glitchy and slow it was. But still! Couldn't the developers do something about this?

    The more and more (Y/n) thought about it, the stranger the innocent seeming game began to seem. Didn't Quin say it dropped you in a minecraft world? With pixels? And what was up with this new character she had never seen before. Something just wasn't adding u-

    With a ding, her mind was (Y/n) was being pulled back to the game once more. No longer was the dialogue twitching with jagged letters and symbols. In fact, there wasn't any dialogue. Just the POV.


    The same exact guy as from the beginning ran into the frame. He had a toothy smile on, his heart pupil eyes pulsating in his irises. Gauzed hands fussing over his appearance, smoothing down his staticky hair and clothes, managed to successfully captivate (Y/n) for a moment.

    They leaned back a little after taking in the strange character for a third time that day, surprised that the game was speaking and not just spelling out the dialogue before her with conveniently timed closed captioning. She just kept getting surprised every time they turned a corner in this game, it seemed.

    "Uhm, hello?" They tentatively spoke out loud after waiting a lengthy period of time for something to happen. When nothing did, that's when they had decided to say something.

    "Hi there (Y/n)! I'm Wilbur! Nice for you to finally meet me!" A long and lanky arm waved largely, white pearls still smiling brightly up at her.

    Blanching slightly at his name, (Y/n) furrowed their brows. This wasn't Wilbur. He lived in a drug van at a currently being built country (as sad as that sounded); not a cheap looking apartment with a sticky pool of aged soda on their kitchen counter.

    "But you can call me Simpbur if you'd like." He added on after a small silence. After his words came the dawning realization of recognition in (Y/n)'s brain. They could practically hear their own gears turning; creaking and snapping into place as the shade of Wilbur's brown eyes resonated something within them.

    "Oh!" They switched tabs for a second, going into personal files before pulling up one titled Fanart. Inside it were multiple pictures of different DSMP members, some more than others.

    After scrolling with long strides for a second or two, (Y/n) found the picture that they had been looking for. Inside the boxed in digital frame was a piece of fanart that they had found long ago, quickly forgetting about the work of art in their whirlwind of a life.

    Digging up more memories, they remembered a period in their life a few months ago where they had read every Simpbur fanfiction that possibly existed (even the, ahem, 18+ things dare I say...); and saving every fanart that had ever been drawn. But the phase hadn't lasted very long, only stretching a week or two at most. I guess it was the lack of Simpbur content that had sucked (Y/n) dry of any passion for the pathetic man.

    Flipping back to her original tab where Wilbur was patiently waiting for her with fidgeting fingers, (Y/n) cleared her throat with little effort to speak once more.

    "Well, hey to you too Wilbur." The end of their statement seemed to go up in pitch. Almost as if it were a question. They still had no idea how this speech recognition worked. "It's nice to meet you as well."

    His smile widened, if that's even possible. It had more of a dreamy quality to it now than the friendly and general one that was plastered over his monster stained lips before. But (Y/n) brushed it off. After all, this was a dating simulator. The characters were probably supposed to act smitten in certain ways.

    But they couldn't help but wonder where everyone else was...

    "You have no idea how long I've waited to finally talk to you!" Wilbur giggled nervously. He bounced up and down on his heels with hands clasped tightly. (Y/n) looked to the side, breathing out softly as a laugh.

    "We certainly haven't known each other long, that's for sure. And I'm positive that later in the game after I meet other people we can talk again." They joked while trying to make small talk with him. But he seemed to freeze in place, eyes wide with a more strained smile.

    "Haha, what other people?" Wilbur's eye ticked, and a small growl came from his throat. (Y/n) checked behind her computer, thinking it was a piece of machinery acting up. Again.

    "I really need to get this piece of crap fixed." They murmured before turning back to what their new companion had said before.

    "What do you mean Wilbur?" (Y/n) asked. "The other people...in your, uh, town."

    "Oh it's just us for now!" He said nothing more after that, only taking a step forward to the screen. But she didn't notice, too busy taking in how surreal this whole experience was.

    (Y/n) hummed and went to inconspicuously switch tabs. The discord home screen popped up again, her DM's with Quin coming into view.

    They typed a quick, "hey dude, this game is hella weird and not at all what you said. hope you didn't spend money. i think it might be an advanced ripoff, as weird as that sounds :/" before going right back to Wilbur once more.

    "Sorry about that Wilbur, had to-"

    "Why do you keep doing that (Y/n)?" He interrupted, hands no longer interwoven tightly with each other. (Y/n) paused, blinking twice while observing his new potion. Wilbur seemed to be much closer to the screen now. His eyebags that (Y/n) had somehow missed before cast shadows on his face. And a smile had no longer appeared on his lips.

    He now was staring- no that isn't the right word. Boreing holes into her face with a stony expression. As if waiting for an explanation. Like an owner trying shaking his head at a puppy for making a mess in the house.

    "Doing what." They asked carefully. This time (Y/n) certainly noticed how the corners of his mouth twitched and hand flexed dangerously.

    "Switching tabs. Am I not good enough for you?" He asked with a newfound pout, a small crack forming down the shape on the inside of his heart pupils. (Y/n) gaped, mouth opening and closing at random intervals.

    "W-w- how did, no of course not!?" She sputtered incredulously. "But how did you know about that!?"

    A more severe glitch than ever before spread across the screen. (Y/n) watched helpless and with eyes wide as saucers as the screen changed from the game, to pure white, a mess of binary code, back to the game, white again-

    They sat there terrified as in between every switch on the screen, the only constant interval was Wilbur, standing there with glowing pink eyes and drool dripping down his chin from a crazed and dare I say loveing smile.

    "Have I ever told you that I LOVE you (Y/n)...?" Wilbur cooed with a staticky voice, walking closer and closer to the screen.

    "Have I ever told you that you're mine?" He asked again, still walking towards (Y/n) with a lovesick and wobbly grin. She pushed herself into her gaming chair, telling their mind that this was just a hallucination and that they needed to go to sleep.

    "And that you're only mine."

    Then nothing


    Quin bit his finger nails anxiously as he typed yet another message to (Y/n)

    It had been almost seven hours since he had gotten her last message. Normally the internet addicted pair would respond within mere minutes of receiving a text from the other. But like I said, it had been seven hours and no sign of Quins other half.

    With a sigh, he leaned back in his chair, draping arm over his baggy and bloodshot eyes.

    "I'm sure they're okay.." He mumbled, not sounding convinced in the slightest.

    "I'm sure of it..."



    Also, I would like to give a shoutout to my avian today. I absolutely love you King and cant wait to give you a big fucking hug. I wouldn't be here without you <3

    Thoughts on Quin? I think he's a fucking bad ass bitch in my opinion

    3738 words


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    Since my bf, as far as im aware, doesnt look at my tumblr, im safe to share his birthday cake here.

    We were talking about cakes and he wanted a simpbur cake so... I went ahead, bought edible markers and fondant, and made it.

    Its a Chocolate and Vanilla Marble cake!

    p.s: never drawing on fondant or anything similar again.

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    Damn I'm at my follower count now. Guess I have to post that Simpbur one shot when I get done with it 😔💅

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    Well gosh golly guys. I only need three more followers before that Simpbur shit gets posted. You guys are some desperate simps huh?

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    listening to the song monsters by all time low, really puts me in the mindset of the reader who keeps calling simpbur back to the studio, maybe a different reality where after they finish practicing, y/n takes a risky chance and kisses him. kisses him so hard their teeth clashes against each other, and his nose digs into their cheek just like theirs is doing to his, breathing him in and holding him close by the fabric clenched in their fists.

    begin their heated makeouts after practice, simpbur begging to talk to them in between kisses and hickeys but they refuse to give him the room to, just wanting him close but knowing how much it hurts to have him so. because in their mind, he's still in love with rosie and being here with him hurts something different but he's a drug they cannot give up, somebody you turn to when you feel low, even if you know he's bad for you, bad for your mental and physical health.

    listen. i'm just in love with the thought that even if simpbur hurt them so bad, they can't just take the leave, they can't let go of him, even if he fucks up their life.

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    ✧・゚:* a gift *:・゚✧

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    💎me and 🦩Matt fighting in complete silence by opening up an app and the other immediately closing out of it

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    Currently obsessing over those cutesy pink baking channels. How is every part of your life aesthetic? How do you have the cutest themed kitchen I've ever seen? Why do you add 3 times more sugar than anything could possibly ever need? How do you romanticize a pink cookie with 5 cups of fucking sugar? Who adds so much sugar? Oh my god it's a pastry not fucking candy why are you adding so much goddamn sugar?

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    Should I post a fic?

    Got some George x Reader, and Simpbur x Reader lying around

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    Simpbur x Reader


    "My Darling"


    Tw: Smut with an AFAB reader, but GN pronouns

    Notes: Wrote this for a horny friend and got permission to post it on Tumblr and only Tumblr. So here ya go

    Song: "Very Smart" By Wilbur Music


    (Y/n) hated school.

    It was such a pointless and tedious task to go to college in their eyes. The four year path wasn't the silver bullet that it used to be in society. If anything, the place only brought them more troubles to attend to. Slipping grades, frustration, falling outs with friends, and more.

    So when they heard their English professor announce in front of the entire class that their final project was due on the following Monday, they nearly screamed.

    “Are you shitting me!?” (Y/n) mused to themself loudly while walking the cobblestone path back to their apartment building. The streets were relatively empty for a Friday night around their campus’s borders. At this point normally it'd be teeming with drunk students and horny teens that they'd have to navigate around just to get back to their house. But (Y/n) will admit, it was a nice change in pace.

    After a few more minutes of walking through the now rapidly darkening side-walks of their cities “finest” universities (I say finest in quotation marks considering the place was on its last limb), (Y/n) arrived at their rickety little flat.

    It was a fairly simple little building squished in between larger and more brash buildings. But it was cheap, and that's the only thing that mattered. (Y/n) didn't care if the bricks were crumbling or trash cans overflowing. Hell, they'd even turn a blind eye if they saw any rats meandering around in the lobby. Just one more year of this god-forsaken place and they could never see it again.

    Walking up the stone steps, (Y/n) spotted a figure wrapped in rags that normally hung out in the lobby. I suppose it was because the place had good air conditioning and the workers didn't really give two shits if someone slept in the lobby. As long as they weren't there when the health inspector came to visit that is.

    “Hey Billy.” (Y/n) said absentmindedly as they stepped into the front doors of the building. The homeless man inside the foyer that they had been waving at looked up and smiled at them with his few mossy stumps of teeth that were left.

    “‘Ello (Y/n). Good day at that school of yours?” He croaked out with laughter that sounded more like a dry heave. Scratching his decade old scruff, Billy waited for an answer as (Y/n) stood under the air conditioner for a second

    “Eh. I feel like murdering the school system. So about the same as always.” They grumbled, still not looking at him and instead reveling in the feeling of cool air whisking around their figure.

    “Well you’ll have that, kid.” Billy waved it off. (Y/n) nodded with a bitter smile and finally stepped out from underneath the cooling device. With a silent wave once more, they headed over to the border up elevators that looked like they had been plucked straight out of a horror movie. If they hadn't ridden them a million times before, (Y/n) wouldn't go near those hunks of scrap with a ten-foot pole.

    “Hey, before you leave, that roommate of yours came home early today. And by early, I mean early. That means a lot for someone who's been livin in the street for thirty years. At least, I think it was our roommate. No one really sees ‘em enough to know.” He said with a bit of seemingly innocent curiosity in his tone.

    (Y/n) paused with their finger hovering over the elevator button. A small dusting of blush coated their lower face as they awkwardly laughed at the mention of their roommate.

    They knew it was wrong to find their roommate attractive. Months ago they had been nothing but strangers and they already thought about him daily? (Y/n) tried to suppress the thoughts that would randomly intrude their mind during their waking (sometimes even sleeping) hours, but nothing seemed to work. At this point they were just hoping he didn't notice how soft and embarrassed they would get around him.

    After all, a tall, soft spoken brunette with just the right amount of build was right up their alley.

    “Yep, That's Wilbur for you. Ever the recluse.” They warbled a laugh that they hoped was enough to cover up the sound of their rapidly beating heart. Billy lowered his eyebrows into a face that screamed disbelief and tisked.

    “Whatever kiddo. Just be careful around that guy. He doesn't give off the right vibes.”

    “Whatever you say Billy.” (Y/n) scoffed, not letting him see that they were a complete tomato by now.

    It was dark.

    So dark.

    Wilbur drained his fourth monster can of the day. With a tick in his right eye that had only been increasing as the hours drew on and on, he crushed it into a small metal disk against the ever dented wood of his old desk.

    It was night-time outside now. Not that Wilbur could tell you that. His room was dark all the time. With blackout curtains and two different types of blinds obscuring any sort of daylight, his room was constantly bathed in an inky soup. It was a miracle that he wasn't as pale as a sheet of paper by now with how much sunlight he saw (or rather didn't see) on the daily.

    A screen radiating flickering blue light sat in front of his eyes. It blared against his watered down iris’s, practically feeling like they were attacking them with a metal baseball bat. But it didn't matter to him.

    Wilbur felt the blood in his head pound from the amount of caffeine and sugar coursing through his veins. The feeling was only increased by the sight of them.


    His beloved (Y/n).

    Wilbur nearly started giddily spinning in his chair when he saw his dear walk into the lobby. The camera up in the corner caught their frame perfectly, allowing him to see them talking to someone in the lobby.

    How he got access to that camera footage wasn't important.

    But Wilbur scowled once he saw who (Y/n) was speaking with. Billy. He never really liked Billy. The man was always stealing (Y/n)'s attention, trying to tell them to get a different roommate…

    The thought of them getting any sort of roommate but him made Wilbur want to scream and punch a hole through the wall. Instead he took a deep breath so that way he wouldn't have to tack up yet another poster to hide a fist sized hole in the fragile dry-wall. After all, he didn't want (Y/n) figuring out about his little episodes that ended in bruised knuckles.

    “Yup, that’s Wilbur for you.” He heard (Y/n)’s vice speak up, causing his ears to perk up and a grin to spread across his cherry flavor stained lips. The sound of his name falling from those plump lips made him want to rush down there and snatch them up for him and him only.

    “Ever the recluse.” They continued to awkwardly laugh.

    Was it just his imagination, or was their face red?

    Wilbur slumped back into his chair with a dreamy sigh at the thought of (Y/n) feeling the same way he does. He could imagine it now. The way their heart would leap into their throat at the sight of him, how they would wring their hands with a red face behind closed doors, how their hands would delve in between their thighs at the thought of his tounge circling their-

    The sound of a door opening broke Wilbur out of his, ah, rather interesting trance. With a pink face, he frantically clicked the large red x on the corner his tabs before shutting his computer with a violent slam. Had they really gotten up with the elevator that fast? Guess he lost track of time.

    Scrambling out of his comfortable, yet millennia old, gaming chair and across the pigsty called his room, Wilbur opened his door to peak out.

    There (Y/n) was, setting down their back pack on the kitchen table with a huff, hair obscuring their face as they bent down to take off their beat up tennis shoes.

    “Hey (Y/n).” Wilbur slid out of his room quietly, closing the door behind him without even looking. At the sound of their name, (Y/n) looked up at their tall roommate to see him standing there and adjusting the navy blue beanie on his curls.

    “Hey Wil.” They murmured with a genuine smile after seeing him clumsily walk up to them. “How was your day?”

    “O-oh it was alright. Not much happened at work.” He scratched the back of his neck, trying not to let his stomach do a backflip.

    Actually, work had been horrible today. He had spent the first half of the morning getting yelled at by his boss for not cleaning the bathrooms well enough. And then, later in the day when he was taking his lunch break, when he went to check (Y/n)’s school cams to see how they were doing he couldn't find them.

    After frantically flipping through cam after cam, he eventually found out that they had been useing the bathroom. But still, the thought of his beloved not being where they were supposed to be made bile rise in his throat.

    He wasn't about to tell them that though. In his experience it was best to just keep that to himself.

    “Well I'm glad for that.” (Y/n) huffed with a furrowed brow, having some difficulty undoing one of their shoelaces. Wilbur stiffly stood there for a moment or two more before speaking up.

    “Do, do you need some help with that?” He asked slowly. (Y/n) choked on their spit and cleared their throat quickly.

    “U-uh, sure.” They coughed.

    Okay, Wilbur definitely wasn't imagining things now. Their face was red.

    Carefully and slowly, as if he'd break them if he got too close, Wilbr bent down on one knee (in the process trying not to imagine a ring in his hands) and reached his slender fingers down to the knot on (Y/n)'s shoe.

    The young adult stood there with a flaming face as they felt Wilbur's hands skillfully undo the knot with ease. The feeling of his long fingers slipping through the lace made a small tingle of static form at the bottom of their spine.

    When he was done, the man stood up with a grin. Part of it felt innocent, but the other half ignited something within (Y/n).

    “Thanks Wilbur.” (Y/n) stuttered, slipping their shoe off and clutching it tightly in their fingers like it was a priceless artifact. He noticed their white knuckles and death grip, but did nothing but exhale air from his nose with a small smile.

    “No problem doll.”

    There was that feeling again. As if electricity was traveling straight through their belly and to the bottom of their spine. It collided with the previously stated static feeling until it was a mass of nerves that made (Y/n) involuntary shudder. Teeth chattered and eyes shut tightly like that would make the feeling go away.

    As if they wanted anything but it to stop…

    Wilbur felt the blood rush to his cock at the sight of (Y/n) shivering beneath him. He worked his tongue around his mouth in an attempt to swallow the saliva that had swelled into his mouth.

    Oh boy.

    Wilbur moaned out as (Y/n)'s hips slammed against theirs, as they had been for the past hour or so.

    He had no idea how he got in this situation; being fucked brainless on his darling's bed as the smell of sex and sweat filled the air. He couldn't believe after all these months of mindlessly pining after them they had practically become putty in his hands.

    “Such a good boy.” (Y/n) cooed with a smile of ecstasy, ignoring how Wilbur whined at their words needily. “All splayed out under me like this. Bet you’ve been thinking about a moment like this ever since I've walked through that door haven't you.”

    With another roll of their hips, (Y/n) sunk Wilbur's cock even deeper down into their needy hole. The man underneath her shook with delight, relishing in the feeling of their walls fluttering around him akin to the feeling of the soft velvet of a butterfly's wings.

    “So pretty.” (Y/n) traced a finger slowly down Wilbur's chest with a sharp nail, drawing just the slightest amount of blood from underneath his skin. He moaned with a star eyed smile, flipping them under him in a sudden move that rendered (Y/n) shocked.

    He immediately got to work with a sly grin that barely disguised an earth shattering groan, pulling out of (Y/n) only to slam back in.

    “You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this.” Was the only thing (Y/n) heard before they came

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