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    18.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    The character of the day is Luna from LUNA

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    18.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Leafpool And Sorreltail Are The Mothers Of The Three

    you've opened my eyes to trans woman Leafpool and she's all I think about now

    also I will admit I couldn't think of

    a lot

    but I did want to share my ideas cause I was smacked with an idea I had never even thought of and that's on me.

    I also want to make a note that I headcanon Sorreltail as a dilute calico/tortoiseshell and white and that's influenced how The Three look

    Sorreltail and Leafpool keep their close bond and only get closer. Sorreltail always offers to be the one to help Leafpool when she needs it and sometimes the two will just head off without warning

    There's a rumor that Sorreltail wants to become a medicine cat, but Sorreltail laughs it off

    As time passes, Sorreltail realizes her feelings first and she struggles with them, knowing Leafpool is a medicine cat

    However, that doesn't stop her from watching her

    She tries to get close to Brackenfur, pushing these feelings away, but it doesn't feel right he's a sweet tom and treats her well, but not long into their courting, she breaks it off

    She's thankful that he's understanding and the two remain friends

    However, during her time with Brackenfur, she did notice a change with Leafpool, with the medicine cat excusing herself often and avoiding Sorreltail whenever the molly would come near

    Even after, Leafpool is a little tense and dodgy

    Sorreltail confronts her and, at first, Leafpool won't say what's wrong

    But she manages to break her down and gets a confession; Leafpool was struggling emotionally

    Sorreltail asks why and Leafpool falls silent

    Leafpool then quietly confesses that she shouldn't have even been struggling like she did, because she knows her feelings are wrong, because she's supposed to be a medicine cat

    Sorreltail asks her to elaborate

    Leafpool, not sure what else to say, blurts out that she's in love with Sorreltail, tears in her eyes

    Sorreltail is surprised before quietly admitting she really loves Leafpool, too

    There is a moment where the two make eye contact and Leafpool's heart nearly explodes in her chest

    Leafpool murmurs, stating they shouldn't

    Sorreltail says she'll only take the next step if Leafpool wants to

    The medicine cat needs a moment to think about it and Sorreltail is very understanding

    The next night, while the two are out gathering herbs, Leafpool approaches Sorreltail and leans up to the powerful molly, giving her a lick on the cheek

    She's made up her mind

    She wants to take the next step with Sorreltail

    This makes Sorreltail happy

    Leafpool is happy, too

    The two mollies continue spending time together. Cinderpelt is aware they spend a lot of time together and tries to warn Leafpool against it.

    Leafpool doesn't listen

    Of course, Cinderpelt still ends up passing away during the badger attack and the two are saddened by the loss

    A moon later, Sorreltail learns that she's expecting kits Leafpool is excited

    The two have to be careful, though, because no one needs to know that Leafpool is the other mother to these kits

    This is easy because everyone assumes they're Brackenfur's kits, since the two had been in a relationship - granted it was a short one

    They don't question the amount of time Sorreltail now spends with Leafpool, as she's no longer the medicine cat's bodyguard

    Squirrelflight is the only one aware the two are in a relationship and she protects that secret hard

    Brackenfur has a suspicion but won't say anything because he values Sorreltail as a friend and knows that she's happy

    Sorreltail gives birth to three healthy kits - A brown tortoiseshell and white molly A white and gray tom And a cream tabby tom with white paws, a white belly, and a white streak across his face

    The two have names picked out already, though they play all three off as Sorreltail's idea; The molly's name is Poppykit The gray tom's named Cinderkit, after Cinderpelt The cream tabby is named Lionkit

    When they realize Cinderkit is blind, Sorreltail expresses worry and Leafpool feels torn

    On one paw, this would be a chance for her to mentor her own kit and be able to keep him self

    On the other paw, she knew Cinderpelt had always wanted to be a warrior and the tom had been named in her honor so that he could become the warrior she never had the chance to be

    They agree to see what their son wants when he's older

    Poppykit, Cinderkit, and Lionkit are all raised believing Sorreltail is their mother and their father is unknown - though cats speak about it being Brackenfur

    Brackenfur doesn't deny the claims but he doesn't encourage the claims, either He believes that if Sorreltail doesn't want to say who sired them, she has the right not to and he doesn't want anyone to force her to talk

    Of course, some cats joke and say their father may have been a kittypet or a loner, too

    Sorreltail is tired of the rumors but she stops herself from outing Leafpool as the other mother of the kits

    It's stressful, though

    The only cats close to the three's ages are Daisy's kits; Berrykit/paw, Mousekit/paw, and Hazelkit/paw

    Despite being the youngest cats in ThunderClan, the two sets of three don't often get along Namely Berrykit and Lionkit

    The two bump heads often

    Cinderkit doesn't like much of anyone

    A lot of the major plotpoints stay the same; namely the Daylight Gathering Graystripe's return Lionpaw training in the Dark Forest and his friendship with Heatherpaw Sol [for the most part]

    Major differences include; Warrior Cinderpaw Poppypaw training as both a warrior apprentice and a medicine cat apprentice, being the first cat trained in both [she ends up choosing the life of a warrior, but she uses her herb knowledge to help those in need]

    There's also them learning that Leafpool is there other mother while they're apprentices and they swear to keep it a secret

    Ashfur learns by accident after overhearing Lionpaw, Poppypaw, and Cinderpaw talking about it

    Their warrior names are Lionclaw, Cinderpool, and Poppyheart

    During the fire scene he reveals to Squirrelflight what he knows, knowing that these are the kits of her beloved sister and he's going to let them burn to hurt her

    Squirrelflight and Ashfur end up fighting The three end up having to save their aunt

    Ashfur manages to out their parentage instead of dying and becomes an active threat during the OotS arc

    Leafpool is made a warrior and Poppyheart must take over as medicine cat for now This is despite Poppyheart having a mate - Hazeltail. Granted the two weren't open about their relationship, as they didn't want to be.

    They never officially break up but them being together is more hushed

    Also maybe Dovekit and Ivykit being SorrelLeaf kits? Just as an idea? Like pale brown and white Ivykit? and dilute tortoiseshell and white Dovekit?

    Also Berrynose and Lionclaw rivals to friends to lovers

    Briarpaw being trained as Poppyheart's apprentice and becomes Briarsong the medicine cat but also ends up in a forbidden relationship with Cinderpool and ThunderClan gives up and allows their medicine cats to have mates and kits

    Meaning Leafpool is allowed to be a medicine cat again

    Some cats are moody about this but whatever

    Two bisexual women and their kids destroy one of the more outrageous rules in Warriors

    #au#sorreltail#leafpool#hollyleaf#jayfeather#lionblaze #the only reason this was so hard #is because#mentally #idk what to do with the fact that cinder poppy and honey are gone #like they weren't hugely important #but they were involved a lot #still i love this idea #and i really like the idea of #dove and ivy #being sorrelleaf kits #i know it's not a strong followup #to that big au i did #but it's something nice and simple #at least to me
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    18.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Decided to show up early to class thinking I’m accomplishing something and I’m thinking that I may just be here for no reason…😑

    #sighsssssss #why do I do this to myself??? #it could literally all be so simple…
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    18.10.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    Can't get sleep, so imma just get sad

    #seems simple enough #avert your eyes tho
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  • percabeth4life
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    TOA starts with a boy cast from the family.

    It starts with a girl abused by her father who is not her family.

    It starts before that with a girl loosing her father and gaining a new one who hurts. With a mother who watching.

    It is a son trying to please a father.

    It starts with a child who no longer cares.

    It is a boy stabbed in the back not rescued like his sister

    TOA is a story of broken families that are not fixed. Pain and devotion. Grief and love. It is a family that hurts. Family that breaks. It is the abusers getting it back. It is the child breaking free.

    PJO is found family, from it's start to it's break to it's end.

    HOO is about blood family, with all the pain that comes with it.

    TOA is about bad families, and breaking free from them.

    It all comes down to family.

    #toa#percy jackson#pjo#annabeth chase#meg mcaffrey#hoo#lester papadopoulos#pjo apollo#pjo nero #its all family #TOA is so simple to #both the mains are abused #both grow and learn and break free in their own ways #family abandoned#family alone#family lost#its pain#its hurt #its bad family #its why you dont hold onto bad family. #its about escaping #its about standing tall #its about family #its all about family
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    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Good morning, I think I’m gonna start a diet but idk…. I’ve been stuck around 124-125lbs and it won’t go down.

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  • karsvroomvroom
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    AWOOOOGA makima appearance

    #makima#csm#chainsaw man #I LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE HER DESIGN AND HOW IT IS SO SIMPLE #/pos
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  • iguinn
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ao3 is literally a scam website at this point. they arent using the money for anything other than their own benefit the website is the same as it has always been.

    #canções do rei #theyre scamming u like plain and simple and crystal clear
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