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  • The Sims 4: Latest Game Patch Adds “Birthday” Filter to Build/Buy/CAS

    Sims 4 Game Patch has added a new filter to the game that allows players to sort content based on the “Birthday” tag. Today’s game patch added 21 new items to Create-a-Sim and Build/Buy Mode. To easily find them, use the content filters, find the new “Special” filter, and select the “Birthday” tag.

    Categories without this tag will not have the new “Special” filter.  Hovering over the new items will reveal the creators of the item.

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  • Oliver had seen Cade leave out the front door. He was confused for two reasons. One because Cade had yelled at him to leave and he didn’t do anything wrong. Two because Cade was dressed in clothes he normally wouldn’t wear. It was too strange for Oliver to just stand there and wait for Cade to come back.

    He decided to follow Cade. He quickly went out the front door and caught up with him from a safe distance. Not close enough for him to notice he was being followed. 


    Oliver saw him go into a nightclub. Another confusing thing because Cade wasn’t the type to go to places like this.


    Oliver went inside and continued tailing Cade. Seeing Cade drinking alcohol was another surprise. Since Cade didn’t drink. Oliver continued observing. He could hear him chatting up a storm.
    His voice sounded different somehow, deeper. Even his laugh was different and it made Oliver uneasy.


    He saw Cade get up and go toward the restrooms. Another person was following him. That was odd. Oliver followed too. What he saw next shocked him and caused him to cover his mouth so he wouldn’t gasp. Cade was drinking from a woman’s neck, drinking her blood!


    His boyfriend is a vampire. He had heard about them in stories and knew they existed but never thought he would be so close with one. He could only stand there too shocked to move. When Cade stopped drinking from the person, the person passed out.


    He knew he was in danger before Cade spoke. The look in Cade’s eyes was different his normally green eyes were red. But the worst part was the black vein-looking things on his face and the slight dark circles under his eyes. He looked scary. Not human.
    Cade laughed: “I guess you found me out. I’m a vampire. But since you also saw me drink from a victim. I can’t let you go without punishing you a bit.”


    Next part with be under a read more for physical violence.

    Trigger Warning: Physical Violence

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    just remembered that i took a bunch of pics a few nights ago and found this cozy shot of a random san myshuno apartment in my new save

    this is also an attempt to be more active on #simblr but honestly with my attention span who knows

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  • McSimmerton Family

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  • Still loving knitting 

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  • her bed is right there, but I guess she just conked right there

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    dylan was working on some homework as she receive a call, dinky beats wants to sign her!!

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  • Снова всё шло не так, как ей хотелось.

    Почему Рик не замечал женщину на репетициях? Стоило признать, что вот фокус её внимания рыжий смог поглотить на работе достаточно сильно: она заходила иногда в танцевальный зал даже просто так, от скуки.

    Почему же именно сейчас?

    Вновь без макияжа, в халате, с дурацкой причёской, так ещё и танцующая! Поющая!

    Сердце брыкалось в её груди.

    - Извини, Дженн. Я правда не хотел тебя напугать.

    - Боже, хорошо, что я была хотя бы не в женской раздевалке, - мотала головой блондинка.


    - Дженн…

    - Ничего не говори, пожалуйста.

    Согласился, уважительно кивнув. Чувствовал себя виноватым. Ведь он сам потревожил её покой.

    - Ты закончил?

    - Ты о чём?

    - Плавать. Ты закончил?

    - А, да, я собирался в душ и сразу в номер, - растерялся Рик. Создавалось ощущение, что он не поспевает за разговором.

    - Отлично.

    Сначала не понял, что она его теперь молча выгоняла, однако до Батлера вскоре дошло. Пусть и не сразу.

    Он вышел из коридора, закрыв за собой дверь, а потом снова появился. Девушка опять вздрогнула, выругнувшись.

    - Извини. Если я бы мог загладить как-то вину, ты скажи, Дженн.

    - Всё в порядке. Просто уйди уже, Батлер.

    Кивнул. И быстро ушёл.

    Стояла, рассматривая стену перед собой. Поперебирала пальцами у губ. И побежала за ним.

    Застала мужчину у бассейна. Рыжий уже практически скрылся в мужской раздевалке.

    - Рик, поплаваешь со мной?

    Обернулся, не расслышав вопроса.

    - Поплаваешь со мной? - повторила Дженн. Старалась держаться твёрдо, но стеснительность её слышалась даже сквозь слова.

    Стоял не зная, что ответить. Теперь он полностью расслышал её предложение, но был в ступоре.

    - Ладно, забудь, - улыбнулась Кларк. Махнула рукой.

    - Ты хочешь вместе поплавать? - не совсем понимал Рик. Вопрос был о соревновании? О чём был грёбанный вопрос? Чувствовал себя дураком. По сути, он таковым и являлся сейчас, не понимая намёков девушки.

    - Просто мне немного трусливо, - призналась блондинка. - А после того, как я увидела тебя за своей спиной…

    - Извини.

    - Всё хорошо.

    Оба просто смотрели друг на друга.

    Рика почему-то резко осенило, что Дженнифер была не намного ниже него. Это было… необычно.

    Мужчина молча прошёл мимо Дженн.

    Та стояла, рассматривая его обнажённую спину. Одни плавки.

    - Ты идёшь? - обернулся Рик, как будто почувствовав обжигающий взгляд на своём теле.

    - Ты о чём? - махнула головой блондинка, но затем сразу же пошла за ним в сауну.

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  • Before long, it was Nani’s birthday! She asked her mom to make her a blue cake, and she’s excited to start school. There’s a lot of kids in Sulani to make friends with!

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  • the isle

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  • “𝕤𝕒𝕪 𝕕𝕒𝕚𝕪𝕒”

    𝔸𝕦𝕥𝕦𝕞𝕟𝕒𝕝 𝔹𝕣𝕚𝕟𝕕𝕝𝕖𝕥𝕠𝕟 𝔹𝕒𝕪

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  • Thanks to HollieBBtv she not only provided this awesome set up, but instructions on how to do it. So grateful! It was just like watching it on the actual show…gross lol

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  •      When the sun sank below the horizon without so much as a by-your-leave, Vlad gave free rein to his worry and left the house in search of Aerendyl. Fear writhed inside him, twisting him into anxious knots. He stretched his senses wide searching for his child, for his son, but found only a vague thread of horror that propelled him toward the old ruins.
         It made sense he would flee to such a place, the question was why. What had happened since this afternoon that would send Aerie fleeing into hiding on such a miserably cold night?
         He got his answer when he reached the ruins, the echoes of his voice mocking him with Aerie’s name as he caught sight of what—who—awaited him.
         “Meredith,” He said her name with disdain, cursing his habit of underestimating her. He’d leaned too heavily on their shared history of her deference, and gods only knew what price Aerendyl had paid for Vlad’s oversight, “Where is my son?”

    From the Beginning

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    Aerendyl Echo by @dynastiasimss

    Winter Echo

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  • And then Pumpkin decided the best way to join the conversation was from behind Marigold. 

    Okay, great Pumpkin. 

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  • hey guys! i just uploaded a new youtube video and i would really appreciate if you could check it out! 💞

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    This was huge.

    All of that hard work had finally paid off. Marliegh had finally isolated the new element she knew was hiding in there somewhere.

    If only she wasn’t so angry with Joaquin that she could truly enjoy her achievement.

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