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    Sir that is not how you run

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    17.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    xu xialing x fem!reader | lavenders one-shot

    warnings: cursing ; nsft mentions (not explicit) ; alcohol ; sexual harassment ; sorta angsty yearning ; happy ending tho
    pairings: xu xialing x fem!reader
    word count: 1,737
    summary: an uncomfortable experience at a club makes you realize how much xialing cares for you, maybe even more than she’d like to admit.
    a/n: SHE’S HERE!! MY WIFE IS HERE!! seriously tho. shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings is my favorite marvel movie next to thor ragnorak and black panther. if you haven’t watched it and find the opportunity to do so, take it! it really resonated w me since i’m chinese and it really captured the asian american experience and awdjkawdkawhiafww 😭 so much serotonin from this movie. i would risk it all for xu xialing <3 anyways, requests are still open (if you’ve sent one in, i’m working on it and it should be done soon; sorry for the wait!) and i’m still accepting prompts from this post. thank you so so much and i hope you enjoy reading!

         You had welcomed Xialing into your apartment with an eager smile. Your good friend Shangqi’s sister, and current paramour. At first, it was just fun flirting, blooming when you first met her at Macau. It eventually evolved into soft touches of reassurance when you were taken by Wenwu, Xialing vowing to keep you safe. It all came to a romantic, relieved hug you both shared after fighting in Ta Lo. Thus began the journey downhill. You were determined to ask her out, but it seemed a bit more complicated after she became your roommate. Despite the affections the two of you had shared, the woman you grew to adore had become distant. Maybe it was the sudden move to America or the events that had transpired in Ta Lo stressing her out. If you’d done something wrong, she wouldn’t tell you. But ever since that hug it’s as if she wanted nothing to do with you. Considering that, it was shocking when she asked to move in. But you were the most viable option, occupied in a vast apartment perfect for two. If only it felt that way.

         “Y/N, just ask her out. She spends more time with you than I or Katy, and that’s saying a lot since we’re pretty much the only ones she talks to,” Shangqi assured.

         “In fact, they should bone!”

         “Katy. Please don’t,” your friend pleaded.

         “Don’t deny it! The sexual tension that fills the room when they’re together is killing me. If you just did it already, everything would turn out fine!” Katy was dangerously adamant, to a point where if you and Xialing hadn’t sorted out your tension soon; she’d force you to.

         “Ew. For one, that’s my sister we’re talking about. And two, it’s pretty obvious the two of them want something more than that,” he clarified.

         “What we need,” he paused for dramatic effect, “Is a parent trap.”

         “Awesome! I love it!”

         “How is that supposed to work when one of the parents is sitting right here?” you deadpanned, gesturing towards yourself.

         “Good point Y/N. Get out.”

         “What? You can’t be serious.”

         “Very serious. You gotta go, Y/N. We’ll relay our plan to you soon!” Katy proceeded to giggle, with a mischievous tone that worried you immensely.

         “Shangqi- SHANGQI!” Your tall friend had now begun to briskly carry you out of the apartment, quickly closing the door in front of you with a cheeky smile and wink.

        An anxious hour or two later, you finally got a text from them.

       “We’re going clubbing! Xialing, Y/N, you have to join us! No buts!” That was from your group chat, the less conspicuous text being sent only to you: “Wear something pretty, reds her favorite.” Shit. They really weren’t joking about this. Before you could interfere, Xialing had responded with an instant “k.” It was now or never, you thought grimly, as you perused your closet for something cardinal and alluring. A small, scarlet dress found its way into your hands, the smooth silk of it pleasing to the touch. It was bold. But, maybe some boldness was just what you needed.

        After getting ready for a good hour and a half or so (40 minutes of a said hour calling Shangqi & Katy for outfit advice), you headed out into your and Xialing’s shared living room. She wasn’t ready yet. Despite your impatience, you awkwardly sat on your couch, tangled in your thoughts. Would she like how you looked? Hell, how would she look? What if she was so pretty you embarrassed yourself, ruining any chance you had with her-


        Xialing stood there silently. How long had she been standing there?

        “Shit Xialing, you scared me.”

        “Sorry. Spent a second or two looking at you. You look nice,” Xialing rarely gave compliments. Your heart raced with every syllable.

        “Thank you!” You abruptly replied, “You look…” Her outfit consisted of an onyx suit jacket, accompanied by a pair of navy blue pants and shiny heels. 

        “Amazing,” you smiled genuinely. She nearly took your breath away, just as you had done to her.

        “Thanks. You ready?” she asked, offering her hand. Hah. No.

        20 minutes. For 20 fucking minutes, the two of you stood outside of the club, waiting for the other half of your group to appear. After that excruciating period of awkward silence, you got two notifications. “Oops. I forgot. Have fun!” From Katy. “Sorry guys, I have work to do. Vigilante work. You know the drill. Also, you guys don’t need to come help. I don’t want you to. Please don’t come to help me.”

        “Either he’s been kidnapped, or he just really doesn’t want our help,” you giggled.

        “He always sounds like he’s been kidnapped. C’mon, let’s head in.”

        You trailed behind her closely, desperate to stay with a familiar face in this crowded club. It would be completely dark if not for the flashing fluorescent lights that blinked in tandem with the booming music. 

        “Y/N. Could you hold those seats for us at the bar there? I just have to use the restroom.”

        “Sure!” And that left you. So much for being set up alone with Xialing tonight. You nimbly sped over to the bar seats, more people were coming in, which equated to far more competition. The tentative battle of who would get to rest their butts on soft cushions with a drink or two. In silent victory, you sat down, patiently waiting for the bartender. You scanned the crowded room with a frown. Despite coming here to spend time with Xialing, she left the second you walked in. Maybe she really was avoiding you? The thought was dreadful. Before you could spiral, you were intruded on.

        “This seat taken?” The young man asked you obnoxiously. He was clearly too confident for his own good, desperate for his annoying attempt at charm to compensate for his lack of personality.

        “Yeah. Sorry.”

        “Well, I don’t see anyone,” he simply said, before sitting uncomfortably close next to you.

        “You are positively stunning,” he stated.

        “Thanks. You’re in my seat,” you deadpanned.

        “I think it’s safe to say we can call it my seat now. Besides, what kind of guy leaves a girl like here sitting all alone? I’d say I can do far better than him.”

        Your gaze shifted nervously. Where was Xialing? This man was getting persistent and soon you’d probably end up punching him. Instead of an intimate night with Xialing, you had received an uncomfortable night with a creepy stranger.

        “I’m serious. My friend is in the bathroom. Can you go?” you glared.

        “But I want to sit here with you,” he replied, standing his ground. Suddenly his sleeved hand caught your wrist.

        “And maybe you could do me a favor and sit with me?”

        Now you were more than uncomfortable. His grip on your wrist was tight and his smile was anything but friendly. Before he could force his lips onto yours, he collapsed. 

        “What the fuck?!”

        A heel kicked him in the groin not so gently.

        “Get the hell away from her, before I make you.” There she stood, powerful and imposing. Xialing in her beautiful, angered glory. The club lights flickered, illuminating her face with iridescent colors for seconds at a time. She was incredible.

        “You crazy bitch-” he moved towards her, clearly a little too intoxicated and eager for a fight. The last thing anyone should do is try to fight Xu Xialing. She swiftly caught him in a choke-hold, his face turning cherry and his insults becoming choked-up sobs.

        “Xialing! Please, let’s just go.” It was as if you broke her out of a trance. She reluctantly dropped the man to the floor, letting him crawl away miserably, like a snail drenched in salt. You quickly grabbed her hand as you headed for the exit.

        As soon as you both were alone in the cold evening air, her expression shifted from anger to concern.

        “Y/N, are you alright?”

        “Yeah. A little shaken up but, I’ll be okay. Thank you for that Xialing.” Before you could say more, your hand touched her cheek with gentle care. She flinched.

        “Shit, it looks like you’re bruising a bit. Let’s get you home and clean up, yeah?”

        Somehow, you cupping Xialing’s cheek had caused her to malfunction. As you sat on your plush couch, applying ice to her face, all she did was glare down at the floor. You were getting sick of this. First, she saves you from a creep, all chivalrous and mighty, and now she’s fucking ignoring you.

        “Did I do something wrong, Xialing?”

        Her head perked up quickly. 

        “What? No. Of course not.”

        “Then why do you ignore me?”

        Xialing paused. You noticed all of her attempts to avoid you. She frowned. It’s not like she enjoyed it either. But the fluttering in her chest and butterflies in her stomach got to be too much for her as time progressed. She couldn’t handle bumping into you in the morning, beautiful in your comfortable attire and befuddled state. It became torture when the two of you would hang out, your gorgeous eyes piercing into hers. Others flirting with you, and being creepy as well? That was the last straw.

        “I hate how they look at you.”

        “How so?”

        “Like you’re a piece of meat. You looked stunning tonight,” she sighed, “But unfortunately I wasn’t the only one looking at you.”

        “You… look at me?”


        “I just don’t know how I can do this anymore without falling in love with you, Y/N,” she softly confessed.

        You were shocked. Shangqi and Katy were right. It turns out you had a better chance than you thought. Before she could take it all back and apologize, you interrupted her.

        “Can I kiss you, Xialing?”

        Her brown eyes bore into yours for a second. She let a small smile grow on her face before leaning in close to you. She smelled like lavenders. You could almost feel the soft touch of her skin. And then you did. The kiss was invigorating. She kissed you as if she were starving and you danced with her lips with the same ferocity. Her hand went to the nape of your neck as she pulled you in closer.

        “Is that your phone?” Shit.

        Annoyed and disappointed at the absence of her touch, you answered the call in a breathless haze.


        “Oh my god. They finally boned.”

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    Simu Liu

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    Paid Request: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: Shang-Chi [ISFP 9w1]

    Paid Request: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: Shang-Chi [ISFP 9w1]

    Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te Shang-Chi has a strong moral compass and a desire to protect his family; when he finds out his sister is in danger, he drops everything to rush home to China and warn her that they will be coming for her emerald pendant, the same as happened to him. He can’t stand by and allow his father to massacre an entire village when the truth becomes known to him of his…

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    #9w1#ISFP#Paid Request #Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings #Simu Liu#Shang-Chi #isfp x 9w1 #official typing#character typing
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    Simu Liu

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    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    if anyone is wanting to fill some wanted connections (either familial or romantic) in a new bombass supernatural rp, i’m looking for some people to fill these (and i know some awesome muns are looking for their wcs to be picked up as well, so check theirs out too!!) but i’ll drop mine below!! and feel free to check out the rp’s main: terrecove !!

    ˖ ✧ ( florence pugh, vampire ) » i hear charlotte ‘charlie’ davenport is looking for a familial connection in the form of a found family/the davenports (4). this person is a vampire and around 220-410 years old. if they were to look in the mirror, then they would probably resemble utp. honestly a lot of this connection; ie what your characters are like personality wise, what they do and what their backgrounds are, are all completely up to you! basically the main thing you need to know going into this is that they’re the vampires who formed the davenports (charlie having been the oldest of them) back in the day. i figure that they have big found family vibes, you know the kind, where no one messes with their family except themselves, and when it comes down to it are protective of each other. charlie will absolutely adore whoever you bring in so, have fun with this! you do not have to contact the mun prior to filling this connection out. » cdavenportfm

    ˖ ✧ ( florence pugh, vampire ) » i hear charlotte ‘charlie’ davenport is looking for a romantic connection in the form of a romance/endgame. this person is a utp species and around 28+ years old. if they were to look in the mirror, then they would probably resemble sebastian stan, ben barnes, alfred enoch, daniel henney, michiel huisman, simu liu, rahul kohli, raymond ablack, aaron taylor johnson, utp. i really wanted to leave a lot of this connection up to player’s discretion; ie, personality, background etc. so the general idea i had for this is that charlie has been alive for quite a few years…okay more like 422 when you break it down. and i’d love a romance for her that has her absolutely falling head over heels tbh. whether they were involved previously and are rekindling an old romance (maybe they’re both old asf and knew each other years ago) or this is a new thing in the beginning stages is totally up for discussion! let’s have some fun with this, shall we? you do not have to contact the mun prior to filling this connection out. » cdavenportfm

    and the other fab wanted connections can be found HERE !!

    #wanted connection#supernatural rp#appless rp #florence pugh fc #ben barnes fc #sebastian stan fc #alfred enoch fc #daniel henney fc #aaron taylor johnson fc #raymond ablack fc #rahul kohli fc #new rp#town rp #simu liu fc #michiel huisman fc #chris evans fc #ngl if someone brought in like a keanu reeves fc for the familial connection i’d d!e happy
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    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021, US)

     • Dirección: Destin Daniel Cretton

     • Guion: Dave Callaham, Destin Daniel Cretton, Andrew Lanham

     • Cinematografía: William Pope

     • Cast: Simu Liu, Andy Le

    #Película #Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel #Shang-Chi y la leyenda de los Diez Anillos #Superhéroes #Destin Daniel Cretton #Dave Callaham#Andrew Lanham#William Pope#Simu Liu#Andy Le#Film #Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings #Superheroes Movie #Marvel Cinematic Universe #MCU#Xu Shang-Chi#Death Dealer#Marvel#2021#20s
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    he needs to be the new Global Ambassador for the raptors

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    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    No but fr I really am unwell bc I was watching Simu’s IG story of him snowboarding and it reminded me of DJ Khaled’s snapchat story of him riding a jet ski and I’ve been snorting and crying bc they both radiate the same energy. Why am I like this?

    #unwell thoughts with jordan #simu liu#dj khaled #my humor is broken bc I laugh at anything and everything
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  • shaoliwen
    16.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    literally googled charles yu simu liu out of blind desperation that one of them must have mentioned the other at some point and i am soooo vindicated rn

    #if there is a target audience for interior chinatown its simu liu #atlas.txt #.jpg
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    15.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    i just think about the fact that both simu and nora have ig stories indicating that they're both on the road? i'm soft

    #shaun x katy #shang-chi x katy #nora lum#simu liu #can they date please please please
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    14.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Check this movie out when you can!!! It's currently on HBO MAX

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    Simu Liu

    Jesus Christ!

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    Simu Liu

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    Simu Liu

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    13.01.2022 - 4 days ago
    sofia hernandez (lindsey morgan) is looking for their ex-fiancee !!
    Name of the Connection: UTP 
    Preferred Faceclaim: Simu Liu, Rami Malek, Dylan O' Brien, UTP 
    Description: When Sofia (29) was 25 she met the love of her life. He was her everything and thought that he was someone she was going to grow old with. They were suppose to marry when they were 27 but he left her to the alter. She was heartbroken and it destroyed her trust in relationships and people. The reason as to why he left can be up to the player.
    Player Contacted before application?: Yes please @sofiahernxndez
    #simu liu fc #rami malek fc #dylan o'brien fc #small town rp #original character rp
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    13.01.2022 - 4 days ago
    #watcha thinkin darling? #wint3r h3art #jordan loves linda #simu liu #jordan is a s word for simu liu #can never get enough simussy. never I swear!
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