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  • just a single mother’s attempt at budget and saving towards buying a house.

    come join my journey on my weekly grocery trip and see if it will help you save some money

    i tried vegan, that shits too hard but i did get a lot of healthy recipes and alternatives.

    i love to eat so i’m always trying new recipes and it’s the age of aquarius so let’s share

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  • This is insane homeschooling my kid. Shoutout to teachers. It takes a special kind of person to do that. It’s a whole ass lifestyle

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  • Seems like the moments of fun on the clubhouse gave Delphine a baby too, her baby is named Erza and different from Eric, Emily was super excited to receive a baby cousin. Joshua will be paying the child support for her while they dont get together. 

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  • Request:  Can you write one where David’s dating an older girl and she has a child from a previous relationship, Natalie and Erin judge her for it and question her intentions and David defends her.


    Originally posted by fabuloza

    Your POV

    Being a single mother was already hard enough especially since the father of your child was no longer apart of you or your baby’s life. So when you started dating YouTube sensation, David Dobrik, you knew there were going to be a few challenges. You told him you’d love to be apart of his vlogs but to keep your child out of the vlogs until you felt comfortable enough. 

    All his friends adored you and your baby girl (Y/D/N). Well almost everyone. For some reason David’s assistant, Natalie, and one of his friends Erin doesn’t approve of the life you had. You could kind of tell when you first introduced your daughter to the group. They were the only ones who didn’t want to hold her, didn’t seem interested at all in the conversation and kind of hung back from the group. But as you continued to bring your daughter over and hang out with everyone they started making comments. 

    “Why do you always bring your child over?” Natalie asked. You bounced your daughter up and down on your knee. You glanced over in her and Erin’s direction. David was cuddled up next to you as he dangled a toy in front of your daughter. 

    “Well, the person who usually babysits her is not in town. My parents are busy and I kind of can’t leave her by herself,” you muttered. 

    “There’s always daycare centers,” Erin said rolling her eyes as she scrolled through her phone. 

    “Your parents are still involved in your life?” Natalie asked. You shifted uncomfortably. 

    “I currently don’t have the money to put her in a daycare and yes my parents love their granddaughter.” You looked over at David, you could tell he was getting annoyed with all the questions as well. 

    “Ah, so are you just dating David for child support,” Erin said as she shook her head in disapproval and Natalie made a disgusted face at you. 

    “Whoa guys, what the hell?” David said looking at them. You held your daughter close to your chest as she snuggled next to you. You were trying to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. It hurt hearing people who were so close to David talk to you like that. Assume you were only using him for money. 

    “I’m just saying that why would she want to always be around and be in the vlogs and date you if it wasn’t for money to support the mistake she made,” Erin said letting out a small laugh. 

    “Mistake?” David said standing up, a hint of anger in his voice. 

    “Well yeah- it was her fa-” David cut her off.

    “No, it wasn’t a mistake. Her daughter is not a mistake. She’s a blessing to (Y/N) and frankly to me. I gave her the choice to not be apart of my vlogs. She has never once asked me for money or any support. She does fine on her own and works her fucking ass off to support her child,” David said his voice gradually getting louder. 

    “David, we didn’t mean it-” Natalie started. David let out a laugh. 

    “You know you two were the last I expected to judge someone. Out of all the people we hang out with who make shitty decisions everyday, who sleep around, get STD’s and do drugs and you decided to judge my girlfriend who raised a child by herself with no father in the life, who works multiple jobs? That’s a low blow guys, I’m very disappointed,” He said shaking his head as he sat down next to you and kissed your forehead. 

    “Thank you,” You whispered as you smiled at him. Your daughter put her tiny hands on your face and you couldn’t help but let out a smile. 

    “(Y/N)-” Erin started. You shook your head. 

    “It’s okay, guys. Really. I wouldn’t have my life any other way,” You whispered as you leaned your head on your boyfriends shoulder and your daughter resting her head on your chest. 

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    Imani Washington character aesthetic

    - Single mother, trying to graduate college/Botany major, BSA member, alchemist


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  • so this is all *new* to me, my baby daddy left me couple weeks ago so I’m finishing this out on my own. I’m currently staying with my friends in their spare room but baby’s going to be here soon…  This pregnancy is kicking my ass. 

    Quarantine is making all of this even harder. Someone keep a lonely preggo company?

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  • Ash ‘s Baby Registry


    Hey y'all so I’ve got a baby on the way, got fired from my job due to becoming pregnant back in May (tried to fight it but they listed different reasons to avoid getting in trouble despite my having evidence), the father dumped me 2 weeks after we confirmed I was pregnant, and I’ve got no one but myself. I tried to start a gofund me to get this stuff but my ex (who was emotionally, mentally, and sexually abusive, held no respect for me, and used me as a means of food, shelter, and sex) found out and started harassing me for it, so I’ve been scared to create a new one. Hell. I’m still scared of being in the same building as him. He instills fear in me due to our past.

    So I know this is a lot, but please if anyone can share this, I’m just trying to get it out there. I only just turned 21, and my little girl should be here in November, but I don’t have much for her except for a diaper bag, shampoo, some well-used clothing, and towels. I know I’m not ready for her. But after being told I can’t have children at age 16 and becoming pregnant at 20, I knew I had to keep her. Knowing my odds, this will probably be my only chance at having a kid. Please don’t judge. I’ve heard it from everyone already, saying that a baby needs both parents to thrive and I’m too young, that having a baby will ruin me. I will make it work. There’s a ton of single mothers out there. Just. Please. I don’t have anything for her at the moment and can’t get a job until I have her (everywhere I applied, they took one look at my belly and said “we’ll give you a call” then never contacted me again. No one wants to hire a pregnant woman so close to giving birth, apparently)

    Please, if y'all share this, I’d greatly appreciate it. I know I’m asking a lot. I would make a gofundme if not for fear that I’d be harassed again by my ex for simply trying to get stuff for the child that he tried to forcibly get rid of.

    #personal#babygirl#my baby#babyshower #again i'm sorry please don't unfollow #please help#please#please share#financial#baby items#single mother#single mom#deadbeat dad #taken advantage of #but i'm trying #trying to be positive #fear of abuser
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  • When the Camellia Blooms

    This Kdrama was praised by people. It even received the Baeksang Arts Award Grand Prize in TV which is why I thought to myself, “I must watch this to see what people are talking about.” Now, I’m at Episode 14 of 20! 

    I must say, at first, it was all slow (and kind of boring). But, it has this effect on the viewer that makes him/her watch one episode after another.

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  • 💐 In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful
    💌 The words “spinster” and “old maid” are used to describe an unmarried woman who has reached a stage that is beyond the usual age for marriage. Alhamdulillah I personally know at least five Muslim women who are in their forties or fifties and they’re contented as they are - single but independent, and free from the additional responsibilities of being a wife.
    Although she never had a husband before, the mother of Prophet Jesus, Maryam (May Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala be pleased with them both) is counted as one of the best women on earth and one of the believers promised to be granted entry to Jannah Paradise. So long as you’re blessed with Allah’s Love, you don’t need a man to feel complete nor obtain the status of being “married” to be regarded as successful in this temporal life.
    It is possible for a Muslimah to be happy enjoying singlehood, believing she’s satisfied with loving Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala, while not being dependent on another human being.
    🔸 Some of the likely reasons why a number of women choose to avoid matrimony include:
    1] They’re fed up receiving marriage proposals from men who don’t seem to be good enough according to their standards. They’d rather wait for their flawless spouse in Jannah Paradise than deal with the negative consequences of marrying “the wrong guy”.
    2] They have full satisfaction with their current job. The income they get from their profession is more than enough to sustain themselves and their loved ones. They’re the type of women who don’t require assistance and support from any human, especially a man.
    3] They could be “asexual” or not interested at all in anything that has to do with physical intimacy, romance and sexual reproduction. To them, there are other ways to achieve happiness which are not connected to marriage.
    4] They’ve seen too many “failed marriages” that they lost interest in becoming wives. They prefer staying single and free from worries to not being an “ideal wife”.
    5] They could be from the minority of females who are not sexually attracted to males. Falling in love with the opposite gender doesn’t come to them easily. Instead of marrying unwillingly and showing love to the husband artificially, these women are satisfied rejecting and not receiving marriage proposals.
    🔸 Tips concerning this issue:
    1] Never look down on a woman who hasn’t received a marriage proposal yet. A woman’s value is in her Taqwa, faith/Imaan and love for Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala, not in the amount of marriage proposals she got or the quality of guys she was married to in the past.
    2] If you’re currently single, don’t feel pressured to get married soon just because a lot of your friends and relatives finally had their wedding. Continue preserving your modesty, as you keep praying to Allah the Most Loving to bless you with a pious husband who is worthy of your loyalty and affection.
    3] Married life isn’t equivalent to joy and success. Once a woman gets married, she should expect various trials and tests, including how patient she can get with her husband and whether or not she can always remain loyal.
    Your worth as a Muslimah isn’t attached to your marital status, but to how strong and genuine your connection with Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala is.
    Single, divorced or widowed, what matters really is that you’re from those souls whom Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala loves and guided.
    📖 Abu Huraira RadhiAllahu ‘anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, “If someone proposes marriage to you whose religion and character satisfies you, then you should accept it. If you do not do so, there will be trials (fitna/fitan) on the earth and the spread of corruption.”
    Source: Sunan At-Tirmidhi 1084
    Grade: Sahih (Authentic) according to Al-Albani

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  • I spent 24 hours living with two single mothers in South America. In this video, I document how they live, what they do to survive, and show their sacrifice they make to put food on the table for the children. If you enjoy these videos, please share and subscribe to my channel :) 

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    Yo this is not my week at all. I’m so over everything. I’m crying rn. My food stamps didn’t renew. I have no food in the house but still some money on my card, thankfully. Not a lot though. And I have $20 to my name and I need household items. I woke up with a migraine. I’m so depressed. I just don’t like the month of August rn 😭😭

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    Poolside, with my son. Not as sexy as it looks. I’m a full time single mom and caregiver to my son who has severe difficulties.

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    I would give anything to go back to the days when my kids were still babies and toddlers. Back when The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh was always playing on repeat. Back to the diapers and sippy cups. Back to when I was so lost in motherhood that nothing else in the world mattered, not even a little bit. The last two years have really hit me hard and as this huge chapter of my life is coming to a close, I almost feel like an outsider. Like I wasn’t the one that did all of the wonderful things I did. I still love my kids more than anything in the world but I’m not the mom I used to be. I don’t know if I’ll ever be that mom again. Man, I wish I could be. But everything has changed. My time is limited now. We’re a split family. Nothing’s the same anymore. I just hope that as I go forward, I am able to be a decent, kind, patient, loving mother that can guide both of my kids thru this life successfully.

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  • Ya’ll ever desperately want to be in a relationship but all of your last ones were so toxic and abusive that you feel like you’re just going to keep perpetuating the cycle and it will never truly end? I’m a single mother with a beautiful baby and I haven’t been in a relationship for 2 years because I don’t want toxic in my life or hers but I desperately crave intimacy and affection (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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  • When I turned 33 I joked about the fact that I couldn’t wait to see what my “Jesus Year” had in store. At 33, I had three college degrees, two kids, two houses, I’d paid off a car, traveled abroad, and married my life partner. Life was so good. I was going to focus on giving back, growing professionally, and continue my self-care that I hadn’t discovered until well, 32. 

    I should know better. I can make plans, but the universe will have different ones for me. A gentle reminder to stay humble I guess. For someone who strives to have control of her life because for so long I felt I didn’t, it’s not just anxiety-inducing, it can be debilitating and traumatic. But since I have thrived in surviving, adaptability is one of my coping skills. 

    I’ve chronicled my journey of parenting a child who struggles with mental health, and another one with a genetic disorder. I’m used to having to be quick on my feet, doctor’s appointments, and endless medical bills (it’s a permanent category in my budget). I’d be lying though if I said this year didn’t kick my ass. 

    This year was lonely. It felt very isolated. It felt like I was constantly asking for too much and always doubted whether I was getting on people’s nerves. I felt like I was swimming upstream. Like I didn’t get enough sleep, ever. Like I lost control of my own health. l lost joy. I was in a constant battle of reminding myself whatever was happening was not fault and that I was doing the best I could. Every.Single.Day. Thirty-three sucked.

    At 33, I’ve been parenting over half my life. The comments have gone from “babies having babies” to “when are you going to have another one? Time might be running out.” My value as a person continues to be in the context of a mother, and for the majority of people my accomplishments are tied to the person I’ve married, not me as an individual. This entire year has almost erased me and only seen me as a parent. 

    As I close my Jesus year in quarantine (with my mother nonetheless!) I’m going to prioritize my health and happiness again. Thirty-two was awesome and it taught me so much and I so desperately want that feeling of freedom back. I want to continue to engage in public service, continue to learn, continue to grow, enjoy and build memories with the people who continue to be a part of my life, and continue to exercise gratitude. I’m looking forward to trying more wine, reading more books, and to start using that Peloton that will for sure kick by butt. 

    Here’s to 34. Mid 30′s y’all. 


    Celebrating 24. 


    …and almost 34. 

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