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  • i’ve written two sirius black series (three soon) and a remus lupin series…

    i now have an idea for a james potter series called “sincerely, not yours”


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  • Remus: i sleep with a dagger under my pillow.

    Sirius: weak. i sleep with a sword under my pillow.

    James: you’re both pathetic

    Sirius: what do YOU sleep with then??

    James: lily

    #incorrect marauders quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes #james potter#sirius black#remus lupin#source: tumblr
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  • Take my hand and lead the way

    Out of the darkness and into the light of the day

    And take me somewhere I’ll be safe

    Carry my lifeless body away from the pain 

    // ‘Help’ - Hurts

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  • James: Today appears to be Snivellus’s birthday.

    Lily: We should congratulate him.

    Sirius: Or we tell him there’s a treasure hidden in the lake and see what the giant squid makes of him.

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  • #4.6k follower drabble event #sirius black #sirius black x reader #sirius black imagine #sirius black imagines #marauders#marauders imagine#marauders imagines#hp#harry potter #all queue have to do is follow the spiders
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  • First time masc make-up, have a 20 year old Sirius Black cosplay!

    Feel free to leave constructive commentary :) 

    #Sirius Black #sirius black cosplay #cosplay#hp rp#hp cosplay#marauders #bring Black back #Padfoot
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  • image

    The Black Sisters:

    Are you always a sister, even when the other half of the equation is gone?

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  • Ok but the Prisoner Of Azkaban movie posters didn’t have to go off like this. The aesthetic, the colors, the subtle hints of the storyline. It’s pure art.

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  • The PB to my J

    Chapter 3



    Morning troops

    Was just wondering

    We still doing Sunday roast this year?



    Love #sundayroastclub


    Umm yes please



    Everyone ok to carry on the £3 in the #sundayroastclubkitty


    Fine by me

    Love a



    All the # this morning


    will pick up bits on my way home


    Im in


    Where tf are you??

    Its practically still dark

    And obv yes to #sundayroastclub


    Bit of an exaggeration Pads

    Its half 9

    Am on campus with Marls

    Wanted to check when the second hand book sale was


    One word

    Amazon (Prime)




    Not everyone has that luxury Potter


    BACK to #sundayroastclub

    What do people fancy?



    Can’t go wrong with a classic


    Not Pork

    Pete sneaks in and eats all the crackling



    Its not my fault its so delicious

    All fatty and crunchy


    Calm down Pete

    I can hear you salivating

    Slightly left field but my vote goes for duck


    Of course it does


    Whats wrong with duck?

    They are both hilarious and delicious

    With their little flippy floppy feet

    Waddling about all over the place


    You alright hun?


    Padfoot has just done the BEST impression of duck

    Hes def alright Dorco



    I know

    We should have poussin


    Is that an actual thing?

    I’ve literally never heard of poussin


    Wth is a poussin?


    Does it have crackling?


    Its like a mini chicken

    So we’d each have one

    Theyre delish



    You want me to buy 8 individual tiny chickens

    And roast them


    Im not doing that


    It sounds quite efforty

    And i’m not sure they sell poussins at little tescos



    When you put it like that



    Ergh, fine

    I do actually like a bit of duck



    Me too




                                        PB to my J


    Wanna keep me company when I’m cooking later


    Umm of course

    I always do?

    I’m your chief chopper and peeler


    Make us a new playlist?


    Already done moonbeam

    Its Daft Punk Heavy


    You’re the best


    No you


                                      Private Chat


    Hey Rem


    If I knew someone who was interested

    Would you be up for me giving them your number?



    I hadn’t really thought about it



    Not so hypothetically

    What would happen if this person was Caradoc Dearborn


    Oh man

    Caradoc’s fit

    And way out of my league


    Bad Remus!

    You are a total catch

    You are absolutely not out of his league

    Hes been interested for a while but obv you had the whole Fabian thing going on


    I’m not sure Al

    Its only been 3 months

    Don’t want to come across as a fuckboy


    I think you’re good Rem

    But its up to you


                       We Who Cannot Be Named


    As we have been banned from the kitchen

    I’d just like to say

    It smells SO GOOD in here

    You truly are a marvel Remus Lupin


    Can I smell parmesan parsnips??


    You absolutely can wormy

    I grated the parmesan myself

    And chopped the parsnips


    Wormy and I are off to get wine

    We’ve only got disarono and that dodgy kahlua from the martinis

    We’ll pick up the girls on our way back


    Speaking of girls…

    Alice texted earlier

    Wanted to know if she could give my number to Caradoc Dearborn



    Caradoc’s awesome!

    I say go for it

    I mean it doesn’t have to be anything serious



    Caradocs really nice


    I thought you were anti-dating?

    Focus on work etc

    Also he’s a bit of a prat isn’t he?



    You just always see him at rowing socials when hes plastered

    Hes decent


    Its only been 3 months though

    But I mean if you’re interested


    Cheers lads

    Will think about it

    You want a cup of tea Pads?


    Youre my fav

    I’ve just got in the bath


    Will bring it in in 5

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  • The King

    Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

    Warnings: none, one minor swear

    Word Count: 3 k

    Authors note: this is a sequel to Fight or Flight, and this one is based off the song The King: Conan Gray

    @2valkyrie2 thanks for inspiring this, I wouldn’t have thought to write a sequel without you lol

    Crush always making me feel like I’ve got nothing to offer

    After your fight, you and Sirius never returned to normal, or what used to be your normal. You weren’t going to stop talking to your three closest friends, Remus, James, and Lily, all because you decided it would be a good idea to fall in love with Sirius Black, and get your heart inevitably broken. So, here you were, your first day of 7th year. You had gotten over the initial anger of the situation, and now you were kinda ok with it. You shouldn’t be, but you were in a way.

    Sirius treated you like he treated any of the other Marauders. Which, depending on the way you looked at it, could be good or bad. You were somewhat back to the way you two were previously, just a little more cautious of the light touches to the others arm, or the prolonged eye contact, and it felt like something was off but it wasn’t too bad. Considering that, even after all this, you were madly in love with Sirius Black.

    But I’m the only one that can make you feel right. I’m the only one that you think of at night, baby don’t lie.

    “He talks about you a lot ya know?” James told you as the two of you took a walk around the grounds, the early autumn weather perfect.


    “Who do you think? Frank Longbottom? Sirius!”

    “Oh. Well, he talks about you a lot too?”

    “No, y/n, he talks about you!”

    “Well then, what does he say?”

    “I dunno. Just a lot of ‘oh y/n smiled at me today!’ or 'y/n didn’t seem that distant today, did she’.”

    You laughed, before saying, “Who have I replaced? What poor girl did I bump out of the spotlight for his attention?”

    “For being so smart, you are a total idiot sometimes. There is no other girl! It’s you! He loves you! He didn’t realize it the first time, until you left, which is really shitty and I’m sorry he did that and sometimes I still get mad at him, but he does! I promise! Talk to him? Please?” He ended his ramble when you returned to the entrance to Hogwarts, where you agreed you’d talk to Sirius, and you went your separate ways, James going off to find Lily whole you returned to your common room.

    You had noticed that after the thing with you and Sirius, he had “dated” 7 other people. You wouldn’t really call it dating. They last maybe 3 weeks at the most, and the last time he was with someone, that you knew about, was way back in April. There was a part of you, a part that you wished didn’t exist, that thought that maybe he was waiting for you. But you had tried to not get your hopes up, remembering what happened last time. Now, however, with this information from James, it really seemed like maybe he did love you, and he was waiting for you. Maybe the whole thing with Heather was just him trying to deny that he loved you, and he tried to forget about you and his love for you by being with those other people. Still, you didn’t want to get hurt.

    You’re always talking to me like you’re totally bothered. So why you always ring at the end of my line? Don’t you got a girl who can make you feel nice? It’s a dead sign

    After that talk with James, you noticed that Sirius was trying to talk to you more. Sure, a majority of it happened to be about the attractive people he saw. But there were still times when he came to your dorm, wanting to talk about his problems, with his family and with himself. Your topics of conversation changed so much, you almost got whiplash when he once finished a story about his brother by saying, “but not all Slytherins are bad, there was a rather cute one in my Defense Against the Dark Arts class”. Still, you had decided you wanted to tease him a little bit. It was at a celebratory party in the Gryffindor common room, celebrating some Quidditch win. Everyone had been drinking, yourself included, and while you weren’t completely drunk, you were in that stage where you were at your most confident, so you got to work.

    “You always come to me with your girl problems.” You start out by saying, leaning against the wall, while staring up at the dark haired man next to you.

    “Well, you are a girl, so…”

    “Yeah but like why me? I haven’t even been in a relationship. If anyone, you should ask Lily. You don’t even like me.”

    “Y/n, that’s not true, I like you plenty!”

    “Yeah, but you don’t like me. So why do you keep bothering me? Don’t you have some other girl to run off to and bother?”

    “Wait, y/n, what’s going on?”

    “It’s a dead sign Sirius.”

    “What is? A sign of what?”

    You see me as your lifeline. Other boys and girls never really made you feel right and you can’t explain why I’m always 'round in your mind. Don’t you see the answers right in front of your eyes?

    “I am your lifeline.”

    “Y/n, come on now, don’t you think that’s a little much?”

    “Other boys and girls never made you feel right. Because they aren’t me.”

    Sirius turned bright red when you said this, proving to you what you thought was true. If Sirius loved you, he sure as hell had a weird way of showing it. But, you didn’t know that Sirius had never loved anyone before that way he loved you. And he was so unbelievably scared that you would leave him and hurt him, so he hurt you first. He really didn’t mean to, and he would apologize and feel terrible for it for the rest of his life. He wanted to make it up to you, but he wasn’t sure if you would give him a chance, because he knew how terribly he had broken your heart. And, despite everything, including your better judgement, you would let him do it again, because you were so madly and deeply in love with Sirius Black. But he didn’t have to know that just yet, so you’d have a little bit of fun first.

    “You think of me. Always. I’m always in your mind.”

    “Oh? And why is that?” He replied, his redness fading and his shocked expression being replaced by his signature smirk.

    “Don’t you see the answers right in front of your eyes?”

    You like me, well obviously. So why you trying to leave when you know that I’m the king?

    “You like me.”

    “Obviously… wait now I’m confused, I thought you just said that I didn’t like you?”

    “Sirius, keep up! I said that you don’t like me. You love me.”

    For once more this night, Sirius Black didn’t have a snarky remark to disregard the point you had just made, making you realize that you had struck a nerve and you were once again correct. But, you weren’t going to give up that easily, and continued with your teasing.

    “So why did you leave when you know that I’m the king?”

    “The king of what? Y/n, how drunk are you?” He responded with a small smile, but you could see the redness returning to his cheeks

    You knew that he was just deflecting, trying to distract you from his growing embarrassment. You also knew that you were right, and despite the way he treated you he loved you, at least he did now. You still weren’t sure if he did back then, or if he was just too scared that you would hurt him, so he hurt you first.

    (You’ll see) cause I’m supreme(choose me). Other lovers give you no luck cause I’m the only one that’s made you fall in love. (You’ll see) so just shut up (choose me)

    “That’s why you haven’t been with anyone since… like last April or something.”

    “And why is that?”

    “Because you’re in love with me. And no one else can replace me. Because out of all of them, I’m the only one you’ve fallen in love with.”

    By then, Sirius was desperate to end the conversation, because of just how correct you were. So, in an attempt to get you to leave him alone, he stated, “Just shut up” with a small smile, before wandering off to somewhere, or someone else.

    You would have thought he was mad with you, but the smile he flashed you as he walked away, and the way he kept looking back at you made you realize that he was going to play this game with you. You were sure he was going to find someone to spend the night with, just to prove you wrong. You realized you were correct when you saw him leaving the Gryffindor common room, holding hands with a very pretty Ravenclaw, and he shot you a wink as if to say “haha y/n, you’re dumb see! I’m hooking up with someone right now!” Instead of getting a rise out of you like you were sure was his goal, you merely rolled your eyes, and blew him a kiss back.

    You noticed the small stumble in his step after you blew the kiss, and you saw him play it off as if he tripped on the step, but you knew that wasn’t true. He glanced back at you one last time, and you gave him a quick wave and a small smile. You saw the smile that graced his lips, the same smile that you used to look at you with, like you were the one who put the stars in the sky, just for him.

    Babes always flirting away getting every number and you can have you’re fun cause I know it’s fake. I know that when you’re done you’ll come running my way

    “Did you have fun with whoever that was on Saturday?”

    “Oh… yeah. Loads of fun.” Sirius said at breakfast on Tuesday morning, taking his seat next to you. However, he was lying to you. You knew this because on Monday, in your potions class, you overheard Rebecca, the Ravenclaw, talk about how she didn’t even end up doing anything with Sirius, and how he apologized and acted like a gentleman.

    “You are a terrible liar.”


    “You heard me. And I heard Rebecca talk about how you guys didn’t do anything.”

    “Oh” he said with a small frown.

    “See, your little plan didn’t even work. I don’t care how many people you flirt with because I know it’s all fake. And I know that whenever it’s over, you’ll come running back to me.” You finished by standing, and patting Sirius’ cheek as he looks at you, dumbfounded.

    He couldn’t bring himself to do anything on Saturday, and it just proved to himself, and you, just how in love he was. And now he spent every second thinking about you, and how he ruined his chances with you because of how insanely dumb he was. If he could, he would spend a lifetime apologizing to you.

    So I let you date everyone and complain that you can’t find a lover. Cause I’m the only one when the chemistry fades, I’m the only one at the end of the day, kinda cliché

    It was just about a week later, and you and Sirius were sitting on your bed, as he told you about his failed love life. You payed close attention to the large gap of time, lasting from April until the party, when he didn’t tell you about anyone.

    “You’re a good listener y/n. It’s much easier to talk to you, than someone like James or Remus. I mean, I love em, but they’d make fun of me the whole time.”

    “It’s not a bother Sirius, it’s rather nice to here your voice.”

    “Oh really?”

    “Yes, now lets continue talkin about your failed love life.” A few minutes later, you cut him off by saying, “notice how you’re talkin to me and not one of them?”

    “Well, I mean…. we’re like best friends.” He stammered, as you noticed the red hue returning to his face. You only laugh in response, and a few moments later, he joins in, until the two of you were just a giggling mess on your bed.

    I’m the one you come to when you’re feeling alone, and I’m the only one who’s gonna pick up the phone. Looking for one, but it’s me all along (choose me)

    The knocks at your door wouldn’t go away, and whoever was on the other side kept pounding on it, until you threw yourself out of bed. The door revealed a disheveled Sirius Black, with puffy, red, watery eyes.

    “Sirius! It’s 3 a.m! What’s the matter?” You whisper-shouted, grabbing his arm and pulling him inside, leading him to your bed.

    “I’m…I’m sorry, I just… i didn’t know what else to do and-“

    “It’s ok. I just, i want to know what’s got you so upset?”

    “Oh, ya know, just family stuff.” He says with a small smile as you pull him into your arms, wrapping yourself around him.

    “I’m really sorry Sirius.”

    “You have no reason to be sorry.” After a few minutes of silence, you think he might have dozed off in your arms, but he starts talking again. “You know, you’ve been the only good thing in my life for awhile. I mean…I have the boys, but it’s really not the same. I don’t love them the way I love you. And I know that I ruined that chance, and I’m really sorry. I know it probably doesn’t mean much, but I hate myself for what I did to you. And I’m not trying to turn this into a pity party for myself, I just want you to know that not a day goes by where I don’t regret what I did.” His voice cracks towards the end of his little speech, and you feel your eyes beginning to water.

    He tucks his head into the space between your neck and shoulders, and you lean your head on top of his. “Thank you. Really, I-“ you lost your train of thought, before continuing, “but let’s focus on what’s bothering you now, ok?” You felt him nod, but he didn’t make any move to continue talking, and honestly, you were perfectly content just holding him in your arms. You knew that he wasn’t one to talk about his problems, or take anything seriously, so he barely talked about the way he felt, especially with things concerning his family. It made you somewhat more at ease to know that in some way, you were easing some of his pain just by being there for him. After a considerable amount of time passed, he started to talk again, going in depth about his family and his younger brother, at you sat with him, listening, until morning.

    Baby, I’m the one, yeah, that’s something you’ve known. No, I’m not a quitter, yeah, I get what I want. Playing with your heart cause you gave me the throne. Choose me

    It was a few days later before you and Sirius had time to talk again. Well, you had talked, but not in the deep way you wanted to, where you talked about your feelings and such. That’s why it took you by surprise when Sirius ran up to where you and Remus were studying on the grounds, under a tree, and asked to talk to you.

    “We’re busy Sirius. Can’t this wait?” Remus asked without looking up.

    “No, Remus, it cannot wait, it’s very important. If you’d like, I’ll talk to her right here.” Remus looked up, and saw the way you two were looking at each other, and decided he didn’t want to deal with you two, so he rolled his eyes, which you took as him telling you to go. So, Sirius grabbed your hand, and pulled you away from the tree, until you were a considerable distance away.

    You took in his expression, and exactly how nervous he looked as he turned to you, taking both of your hands to hold as he faced you. He took a deep breath in, and blurted out, “I love you.” Your eyes widened, and you were about to say something when he said, “Shit, I’m sorry, I had this whole speech planned, it wasn’t great, James helped me write it, but still I-“

    You cut him off by repeating what he had told you earlier, and he stopped talking, taking a deep breath before his eyes darted from your eyes to your mouth, and back up to your eyes. His hands dropped yours, instead holding onto the sides of your face ever so gently, while you reached around and linked your hands behind his neck. The kiss was done much quicker than you wanted, he pulled back and set his forehead against yours, and whispered, “I’m so sorry. I love you.” Your response was another kiss, not trusting your words to portray just how much you loved and appreciated him.

    You knew that he had hurt you, but you also knew how sorry he was. You knew how shitty his defense mechanisms are, and you knew that he was just trying to protect himself. You knew that he was scared you’d hurt him, and you knew that in his mind, the only way for stop that from happening was to hurt you first. You knew that you were different, and you knew that he loved you. You knew that he had gently placed his shatterable glass heart in your hands, trusting you enough not to squeeze and break it. And you’d be damned if you broke his fragile heart, the one that had been previously blocked off from everyone, but he had opened up just for you.

    #sirius black x reader #young sirius black #sirius black fanfiction #marauders fanfiction#marauders era#sirius black #young sirius x reader #this is my first sequel and im actually quite proud of it
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  • image

    The Path to You 

    A series of moments over the course of Sirius’ and Remus’ relationship told non-linearly.

    Written for @swottypotter​’s 10 Days of Healing: Wolfstar Comfort Mini-Fest 2020.

    day one (9/19): an anniversary

    December 18th, 1981. Remus comes home to find Sirius preparing a romantic anniversary dinner for the two of them, except it’s not for the anniversary he expects.

    day two (9/20): honesty

    December 18th, 1976. James and Peter both have dates for Hogsmeade, leaving Remus and Sirius on their own for a snowy date in the village.

    day three (9/21): self-discovery

    September 24th, 1972. Sirius is the first of the marauders to confront Remus about his monthly trips to the hospital wing.

    day four (9/22): recovery

    May 15th, 1976. After the third super moon in a row, Sirius stays with Remus to help recover and rebuild their still fractured friendship.

    day five (9/23): an apology

    February 16th, 1976. Sirius feels awful about the prank he pulled on Snape, so he writes a letter—or a series of them.

    day six (9/24): forgiveness

    March 3rd, 1976. After several weeks of Sirius giving Remus space in the aftermath of The Prank, Remus decides that they finally need talk to things out.

    day seven (9/25): returning

    September 1st, 1975. When the Marauders return from summer holiday for their fifth year, Remus has gone from short, gangly, and quiet, to tall, fit, and—well, still quiet, but Sirius starts to see him in a new light.

    day eight (9/26): solitude

    August 28th, 1976. After running away to the Potter’s after his family try to set him up with an arranged marriage, Sirius locks himself in his new room until he gets a letter from Remus.

    day nine (9/27): gratitude

    June 30th, 1978. On their last night at Hogwarts, Sirius and Remus reminisce on the last seven years of their lives.

    day ten (9/28): new beginnings

    September 3rd, 1971. When Sirius gets a letter from home about the sorting ceremony, Remus comforts him the best way he knows how for his new friend.

    #10daysofhealing#wolfstarcomfortminifest#fic fest #fic mini fest #the path to you masterlist #wolfstar #sirius x remus #sirius black x remus lupin #sirius black#remus lupin#harry potter#marauders era #harry potter fanfiction #fanfiction#writing#my writing#masterlist
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  • Animalia by gyzym

    Pairings: James Potter/Sirius Black, Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, James Potter/Lily Evans

    Rating: Teen and Up || Warnings: Creator Chose to not Use Archive Warnings || Word count: 6,809

    Summary: Everyone assumed that Sirius and James got on so well because they were exactly alike and they were all wrong; everyone assumed Sirius and James got on so well because they were both crazy and that was true.

    Why I rec this: This fic has by far my absolute favourite characterization of Sirius, and the other Marauders as well. Sirius in particular is written very differently from what fandom widely agrees on, and to me, it’s so, so perfect. The whole fic is brimming with arrogance, madness, and ‘top of the world.’ The relationships are a bit messed up, a bit unhealthy, and so very intense that it’s still like a hit around the head on the second or third read.

    I’m personally not into wolfstar, and this might be the only fic I actually read them in. It’s not happy, it’s not fluffy, but it’s exactly how I’d picture it if it were to happen. On top of that, Peter’s not any more likeable here than any other time, but he’s human, which I love. Last but not least, the prose is something to behold and some of the lines still stick with me.

    Quote: I can’t possibly only pick one (yes, that’s how much I love it,) so I tried to narrow it down to these instead of quoting half the fic back at you.

    As a general rule, Sirius did not like people.

    It was, perhaps, one of those unalterable character traits bred by his family; Orion didn’t like stupid people, and Regulus didn’t like overbearing people, and Walburga didn’t like…well, living people, really. Thus, it made sense that Sirius, on the whole, possessed the firm wish that everyone would just sod off, thank you very much.

    “Sirius,” James said, watching him move about late one night in the Astronomy Tower. It was the kind of thing he liked to do, when they were alone; say Sirius’ name and mean it mostly just as an affirmation, proof that they were both still there. He didn’t know what was so comforting about the mmm noise he got in response, didn’t know why he liked everything so much better with a bit of distance and space from everyone else, but it was and he did and so he said “Sirius,” again.

    It was also maddening the way James was—just—everywhere, pushing all of Sirius’ buttons, the weirdest mixture of leader and accomplice imaginable, and people acted like he was the self-important one. Not to say he wasn’t; James’ ego was as real as its reputation and Lily Evans was quite right about his head needing its own orbit. It was just that Sirius oozed arrogance, Sirius had been bred for arrogance, and the fact that Remus knew he was scared and strong and sad under all that blood wasn’t enough sometimes.

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  • I know Sirius and Regulus fight in afterlife about whose death was bigger disappointment to noble house of Black cause they ended their bloodline basically

    I just know there’s a competition

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  • Sirius: Why the hell are people named James? You’re only ONE Jame!

    James (crying): I don’t know!

    #hogwarts#sirius black #noble and most ancient house of black #james potter#wolfstar#remus lupin#padfoot#jily #incorrect marauders quotes #harry potter#lily evans #sirius orion black #mischief managed #remus john lupin #james fleamont potter #peter pettigrew#marauders #james & peter & remus & sirius #prongs#young marauders#moony
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  • Sirius: Someone please give my brother a job, I’m tired of him asking me for money.

    Remus: What industry does he like?

    Sirius: Criminal justice but Wendy’s will do.

    James: wendys.com/careers

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  • Words: 2,111


    Chapter 27


    Originally posted by genterie

    What was left of the Christmas holidays was pretty quiet; by a miracle, my parents agreed to let me spend a few days with Apollo, Jane and Atlas and I couldn’t be happier when I finally met my nephew. His beautiful blue eyes mesmerized me at once and he too seemed excited to see me.

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  • Sirius’ diary

    Part 1? 👀

    Today I woke up and he was there. In his bed. Sleeping. He’s just so cute. I couldn’t help but look at him and smile. Damn, love drives me crazy, doesn’t it? Full moon’s in a few days. So he’s tired. I bought some chocolate and I’m gonna give it to Remus today. I hope to Bright up his day.

    I remember that today I was talking with him and I made a joke and he laughed so loudly. He’s got a beautiful laugh. That brighten up my day.

    And then I tell James to forget about lily and stop beeing pathetic, look at me, writing about my stupid love for Remus lupin, that damn nerd.

    #oh look at me #in love with a girl and writing about it as if i were Sirius black so i don't look like a nerd #but then I look worseeeee ✨ #Sirius Black#Remus lupin#wolfstar #Sirius black fanfic #Padfoot#Moony #moony x padfoot #padfoot x moony #jily#wolfstar fic#marauders era#marauders #harry potter marauders #sirius black#remus lupin#modern marauders#young wolfstar#young marauders #idk how to tag lol #my writing
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  • James, calling Sirius at 3 am: So.. I may have done something.

    Sirius, just waking up: Put the corpse on ice and I’ll be right there.

    *Sirius hangs up*


    James: Love how he just assumed I killed someone..

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