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  • marvelous-writer-221
    25.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #sirius black x daughter!reader #sirius black#y/n black #sirius black daughter #remus lupin #uncle! remus lupin #harry potter #sirius black imagine #sirius black headcanon #sirius black one shot #harry potter and the order of the phoenix #the marauders headcanon #the marauders#request
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  • queerdeadwizards
    25.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #this is such a rant with no sense i love it #genius anon... #sirius black#regulus black #slytherin sirius black #xen writes
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  • evanescent-art
    25.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Snape: wow, my first day as a muggle killing death eater. I wonder who's all-

    Snape: wait, is that Peter Pettigrew? Best friends with James Potter and the man that married Lily and is close to them everyday?

    Snape: you know, common decency tells me that I should go straight to them and tell the woman that I so-call care a lot about and tell her that one of her close friends that she allows around her child is a murderer and spy and working against them and everything they morally stand for. . .



    Snape: nah.

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  • bitch-biblioklept
    25.09.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    Scars (Fred Weasley x oc)

    A new chapter of Scars! I hope you like it!

    Please vote and leave comments on how I can improve...

    For those who want to read it from the beginning, click here

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  • hoejoslutoru
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #MF IM SOBBING #TF#AWKWKSKAKSKSKAK#INHUMAN SCREAMING #WHAT WAS THIS TRAGIC ASS SADNESS HUH #BESTIE WE GOJNA THROW HANDS #wolfstar#remus lupin#sirius black#fanfic#fic rec #harry potter universe #highly recommend #also fuck jkr
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  • casstsak
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This is my book cover of some sun sick day by kitchenr011 (love the username lol)

    My friend and I have the same birthday that is coming up at she had the epub of this wolfstar fic saved before it got deleted so IM SURPRISING HER (and me) W THE paper* COPY for our bday. 

    I swear I halfway lost my will to live converting this document like ten trillion times and I stayed up super late last night but its ok I just hope it comes in time for me to give it to her. :/ 

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  • 360iris
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I randomly decided to clear out my asks box

    Feel free to send in any quick scenario you might want to see if you haven’t done so recently or in the past, but I’ll continue popping out blurbs to get rid of the much older ones in the morning 👍

    quick list of characters I’m currently willing to write “x reader” imagines for:

    - james potter
    - sirius black
    - remus lupin
    - severus snape
    - lily evans
    - marlene mckinnon
    and polyamorous!marauders
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  • 360iris
    25.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #hp blurb#remus lupin#hp imagine#the marauders#marauders era#smut #remus lupin smut #remus lupin x reader #harry potter #harry potter smut #sirius black #sirius black x reader
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  • no-usernameideas
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    That happen moment when you type ‘situation’ and it autocorrects to Sirius and you know you type about the Marauders a marvellous amount

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  • my-little-bit-of-magic
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Marauders as Things My English Teacher Has Said

    Sirius: God James, you’re so annoying sometimes!

    James: Yeah? And you’re a low grade STD

    Sirius: Excuse me???

    Sirius: I’m at LEAST like… chlamydia

    #my search history: low grade stds #james potter#prongs#sirius black#padfoot#marauders #marauders era #marauders textpost #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #moony#remus lupin#wolfstar#grant chapman #all the young dudes #atyd#lily evans#jily
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  • siriusly-cant-swim
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Sirius: So, are you dating anybody?

    Regulus: .....maybe

    Sirius: Good for you!! *lays down on stomach and swings his feet in the air* Who is it?!

    Regulus: .......

    Regulus: jamespotter

    Sirius: ~i cant hear you~

    Regulus: James. ... Potter.

    Sirius: *drops face* NONONONO NOT GOOD FOR YOU

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  • hannahyesss
    25.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    PoA when Sirius is like “we don’t have time for story circle, Remus” but Remus insists on telling a really long story to the trio while Peter’s literally just chilling in Ron’s pocket, and Sirius - who’s spent over a decade in prison and a year on the run, dreaming about vengeance - just has to wait nicely bc Remus doesn’t want to traumatize the children with witnessing murder before they’re prepared and see Sirius go fuckin insane

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  • mischiefhasbeenmanaged
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Sirius: *staying over the Tonks’ for the summer*

    Ted: And why did you need to bring your own shower supplies?

    Sirius: Why do you use a three in one shampoo conditioner and body wash Tonks?

    #harry potter#marauders era#incorrect quotes#marauders#sirius black#hp#sirius#padfoot #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #mwpp#mwpp era#Ted tonks#tedromeda #incorrect marauders quotes #incorrect hp quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes
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  • 360iris
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #hp blurb#hp smut#poly marauders #sirius black smut #sirius black x reader #james potter smut #james potter x reader #marauders era#marauders smut
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  • sylvieshay
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    celebration 🥳

    thank you for so much for 500+ followers! ❤ i've wanted to do a celebration and i may be a bit late with almost 700 now but i still wanted to celebrate with you all anyways being as it is half of a thousand.

    *closing 10/15 so you get a chance to send in if you'd like.

    *please choose up to 3 max so it doesn't get crazy. (you can submit more but just 3 per ask) if you're using anon and would like me to know its a continuation-just sign off in some way. :)

    *plot ideas must be small and check out my character list before submitting please. and you don't have to use the prompt list if you have your own idea(s).

    *the reader (you) character will most likely be written with female pronouns. if you'd like other other gender pronouns please add that when you submit.

    character list. prompt inspiration.

    • 📝 wanna talk? ask away with any questions you may have and i'll answer them as best as i can. or if you'd like to discuss something. (some examples: about me, writing mechanisms/advice, question(s) about a fic i wrote, favorite kinks/tropes?)

    • 🤪 your choice. send me a prompt or an idea you have for any genre/trope and i'll write a short fic.

    • 🔥 smutty things. send me a kink and i'll write a scene with it.

    • 🌼 pure fluff. send me a prompt or an idea you have for an adorable puke worthy scene and i'll write a short fic.

    • 🎯 bullet point. send me a small idea or scene you'd like to read and i'll write a fic in headcanon/bullet-point style.

    • 🚨 detective, paramedic, or doctor? let me know a few things about you and i'll tell you where i believe you would work if you lived in the one chicago universe.

    • 🌊 pogue or kook? let me know a few things about you and i'll tell you where i believe you fit in if you lived in the outer banks universe.

    •🕯sorting ceremony. let me know a few things about you and i'll tell you what house you'd be sorted in at hogwarts.

    • 🩸 vampire ability? let me know a few things about you and i'll tell you what type of vampire ability you'd have in the twilight universe.

    • 👀 where's the unsub? let me know a few things about you and i'll tell you what criminal minds character you're targeting and why.

    • 🪞 famous. let me know a few things about you and i'll tell you what show or movie i think you'd be in if you were an actor/actress.

    • 💍 f.m.k. send me 3 characters (doesn't have to be from my character list) and i'll tell you who i'd fuck, marry, kill. if you'd like one as well just include that into your ask and any specific fandom(s) you'd want me to choose from as well for yours.

    • ☀️ what to read? tell me something you'd like to read (character: smut, fluff or angst) and i'll see if i can find you a fic recommendation.

    • ✒ handwritten notes. send me your name, a quote, character name, or even a short sentence and i'll write it in my handwriting.


    • ❔face reveal. during or at the end of the celebration (10/15) if if i receive 200 🤠's (1 emoji allowed per ask) somewhere in your celebration asks, i will post a picture of my face so you can see who writes your fic requests. (please don't 🤣)

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  • marauders-and-stuff
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The Letter

    ⚠talk of no eating, abuse and neglect⚠

    Sirius sat beside his husband, drinking his daily morning tea. He was content with his life at the moment but his past always seemed to catch up with him. An owl came with a bang at the window. Remus put down his paper and went to fetch the owl. Sirius didn’t recognize the owl so he didn’t pay much mind to it. Until his husband called him and snapped him out of his trance.

    “It’s for you,” Remus said handing Sirius the letter and taking a sip of his tea.

    “From someone named, y/n l/n?” Sirius almost let out a little gasp. He had heard rumours of his brother dating, but none like the ones around him and l/n. Practically everyone in the school knew about them. He opened the letter and read it over a few times to make sure he had read it correctly. Every single memory of his brother rushed to his thoughts. Every sort of emotion also, spread through his mind and as a single tear slipped out of his eye, he felt an overwhelming sense of relief, Remus came over to read it:

    Dear Sirius,

    Regulus is safe. He is safe with me.

    -y/n l/n

    “He’s safe”

    Regulus had run away. After years of torment and abuse, he was finally free, finally safe, away from his family in the arms of his lover. They were at his new apartment he had been saving up forever since Sirius moved out. His partner had moved in before him since his parents would never let him leave the house once they learned of his partner. So once he left the house he grew up in for good, he knew exactly where to go.

    “You okay, you zoned out there for a second,” Regulus snapped out of it once he heard their voice.

    “I perfectly content when I’m with you,” Regulus smiled at them. The truth was he was perfectly content with his life at the moment. He had spent years neglected by his parents, sometimes not eating for weeks. And now he had warmth rushing through his body, everything was so… different. Instead of the dark candle-lit hallways he would walkthrough, this house was cozy, bright, warm.

    “It’s getting pretty late, you want to head to bed,” his lover asked. He just nodded, as they entered his new room. A room he would never have to endure the same torture he had in his own. So as he fell asleep with a smile on his face his mind was finally not filled with screams and pain, a bit of a special kind of warmth his lover gave off. Sirius was also free of nightmares of his little brother tonight and in the end, it was all okay.

    #marauders #regulus x reader #regulus black#sirius #sirius x reader #marauders x reader
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  • longlivelupin
    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i love wolfstar 'enemies to lovers' au, or 'they-are-close-friends-but-you-won't-know-they-are-close-friends-unless-you-know-them-personally-cause-all-they-do-is-bicker to lovers' au

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  • 360iris
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #the marauders #sirius black blurb #sirius black imagine #marauders era #sirius black smut #hp smut#hp imagine
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  • that-gayyy-bitch
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “fuck you, my child is completely fine”

    your child’s Comfort characters are a man who was wrongly imprisoned for 12 years, a werewolf who hates himself, and a dead 21 year old, and his (21 year old) wife

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  • fatlouistheprincessofgenovia
    25.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    harry growing up w remus and sirius and turning out to be JUST. LIKE. JAMES. im talking:

    loud laugh

    always checking in on his friends/family

    cheekily charming

    of course the quidditch genes already run strong but sirius could never let baby prongs go into hogwarts without having touched a broom before

    passionate about everything he does

    family comes first always

    strangely the same exact handwriting

    but also clearly seeing sirius in aspects of him too

    batting his puppy eyes at remus when wanting something

    the carefree personality

    always on the go

    they walk the same(shoulders back, head up, purposeful but also confident) cause baby harry wanted to be just like pads

    harry keeping his hair the same length as sirius untill before hogwarts where he cuts it to just like james’ used to be

    loves working on cars and bikes

    when he gets angry or upset he goes and lays in the backyard looking at the stars

    oh but remus is clearly there too

    always up late

    his go to tension breaker is making tea for everyone

    adores chocolate

    biggest smile when told someone is proud of him

    pretty thin temper when he doesnt get enough sleep

    tendency to kick shoes off when he enters the house and then leaves them there

    #marauders headcanon #sirius black x remus lupin #sirius black#remus lupin#harry potter#marauders #harry potter headcanon #james potter
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