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  • blairefoxworld
    18.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    I really plan on getting married in Vegas in a beautiful dress and hitting the casinos in my pretty gown before we have our wedding night in our bridal suite

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  • goddessdamazonia666
    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    Canadian Dark Goddess. Goddess damazonia!!

    Goddess of the first order…

    Seeking submissive sissy slut!!!

    Domination and feminization…

    DM if you wish to serve goddess!!!

    Bow to your goddess to show your submission.

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  • musings123
    08.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Once again remembering the fact my boyfriend lost two weeks pay.

    #his visa is expired so he can't come back into the country if he leaves 😍🤩 #and his sissy's to be wed. so. #:/
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  • princess-s-i-s-s-i
    18.09.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #elisabeth of austria #sissi#wedding
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  • gabriellademonaco
    07.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Princess Maria-Anunciata’s wedding hair

    #princess maria anunciata #liechtenstein princely family #royaltyedit#royal fashion#royal wedding #the flower ornaments in the hair and on the veil blend in together #and it kinda reminds me of sissi's stars
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  • lamorchemoveilsoleelaltrestelle
    12.07.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Cristiana Capotondi and Herbert Knaup in the series Sisi (2009)

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  • eeraron17
    01.06.2021 - 7 monts ago

    so many posts about siblings lately, I might just cry

    #eeraronspeaks#tw #idk what to tw this as but i feel like it needs one #idk#anyways #my sister fully cut me and my mom off recently #long story short she (my sister) wasnt taking care of her pets. we offered to help her multiple times and warned her that if she didnt get #her shit together soon wed call animal control to take them away. we gave her so many chances and let the issue slide for months. mom #finally called animal control just to do a welfare check thing and they took all of the pets. a dog a cat and 3 guineas. none of which were #being taken care of properly. she wont talk to mom. she blocked me on everything. she wont let us see her kids (my nieces and nephew. my mom #s grandkids. they were her life. she loves those kids more than me and sissy took them away from her) #we never had a real sibling relationship so that shouldve made this easier but god i wish we did #and i miss the kids. im worried about them. sissy doesn't take great care of them either but we dont wanna call social services bc we dont #want them to end up in foster care. im so worried about them tho. they have no one responsible in their lives. idk if they could get ahold #of any of us if there were an emergency. the oldest is 2 years younger than me. we havent been close for years but still i grew up with her #the youngest and i share a birthday. shes gonna be 8 in august. i call her goose bc when she was a baby she used to laugh her head off when #id coo at her and say 'silly silly silly goose. silly silly silly goose.' she stuck her foot in my mashed potatoes one Thanksgiving #i used to give the boy piggy back rides. he didnt start talking until late but we could get him to play and smile sm #he kept his pacifier until he was like 4. he called it a bobo #one of my neices is only 11 and shes growing up too fast. she doesnt know what its like to be a kid anymore. she looks older than me and #thinks shes a grown woman. i worry about her sm. her mom lets her walk the streets alone. im in school with girls that grew up like her. #every one of them was either assulted or turned to drugs by 13. what happens when she cant call us and her mother wont pick up the phone? #i meant to give her my number last time i saw her and i was gonna get my license so she could call me if she needed without getting in troub #le from an adult. i havent seen her since march i think #god i miss them
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  • lamorchemoveilsoleelaltrestelle
    04.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Cristiana Capotondi as Kaiserin Elizabeth (Sisi) and David Rott as Kaiser Franz Joseph in the series Sisi (2009)

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  • sissyabigail77
    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Kissing my sissy wife on our wedding day 💋💋💖💖💋💋💖💖

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  • avenirdelight
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Our Little Family

    Eric Dier
    Little Princess Dier was just born.

    She had her mum’s round eyes, her dad’s sharp nose, and a combination of their lips. She was beautiful and perfect.

    Eric was holding her in his arms. She looked so tiny compared to him. He’d been so scared the first time he held her because of how small and fragile she was—but her little girl had smiled when she’d laid on his chest and Eric had felt the most immense emotion he’d ever felt in his life, even more intense than when he’d seen his wife walk down the aisle in her wedding dress two years ago.

    The little one stirred in her sleep and a smile made its way to Eric’s face; his baby girl looked incredibly cute. He slightly rocked her and she fell right back asleep.

    Another person also stirred in their sleep and it caught Eric’s attention, so he looked up and saw his wife moved on her hospital bed. But just like their newborn, she also fell asleep again.

    She looked very beautiful. More beautiful than he’d even seen her. Maybe it was because she’d transformed a lot since the first time he’d known her and he was lucky to witness how much she’d grown as a woman, even being a part of it. She was a mother now. He was incredibly proud of her, especially because she’d brought their little miracle to the world… For the second time.

    Eric shifted his gaze to their little girl again, then to her Mama again, and to a little boy wearing a Spurs kit who was taking a nap on the couch. He felt so blessed that his little family was now complete. Just like she and Eric had always dreamed; a family of four: Papa, Mama, Ezra, and Sera.

    Eric didn’t know how much more time he spent staring at his Seraphina. He was always lost track of time, trying to remember every detail of her; there seemed to always be a new one every time he looked at her. And it still blew his mind that he’d got a little princess now.

    “Is she awake?”

    A sweet little voice broke the silence. And when Eric tilted his head up, he saw his two year-old boy staring at him with sleepy eyes.

    “No, she’s still sleeping,” Eric kept his voice low, scared to wake Sera.

    Ezra stretched his body as he rubbed his eyes. He then sat up and yawned. He briefly looked at Mama before getting down the couch. The boy then took staggered steps to Eric and almost threw his body to Eric’s lap.

    Eric let out a little chuckle. The boy rested his head on Eric’s lap for a moment and Eric’s hand went to ruffle hair. Ezra then stretched his head, trying to get a peek of his little sister.

    “I wanna see sissy,” he mumbled.

    “You wanna see sissy? Come up here, then,” Eric tapped his thigh and carefully helped an excited Ezra to climb up. Ezra made himself comfortable on Eric’s lap.

    Eric smiled, he was still getting used to the feeling of having both of his kids in his arms. Sera on his left and Ezra on his right; he absolutely loved the feeling.

    “Was I also small like her?” Ezra asked as he put his hand on top of the blanket that was covering Sera.

    “You were bigger,” Eric answered. “I was big too when I was just born.”

    “So Sera is small like Mama…”

    Eric was tickled by Ezra’s words and he was trying hard not to laugh too loud. “You know Mama wouldn’t be happy if she heard that. You know she doesn’t like being teased for her height.”

    Ezra turned his head, glancing at her mum and making sure she was still asleep. “Mama is small but she’s beautiful…” He mumbled and Eric hummed in agreement. “Sera is beautiful just like Mama.”

    “And you’re handsome just like Papa,” Eric said, slightly squeezing Ezra with his arm and placing a kiss on top of Ezra’s head. Ezra melted to his Papa, enjoying the warmth of being in Papa’s embrace.

    “You’re a big brother now, E,” Eric said as he felt Ezra resting himself completely against him. “You have to protect Sera, just like how you always protect Mama.”

    “Okay,” Ezra nodded. Papa had been talking about this, taking care of his little sister, and Ezra took it very seriously. Even when Sera had still been in Mama’s tummy, he had started doing it—tell her stories and sing her songs, rub and kiss Mama’s tummy, and reminded Mama to drink her milk so Sera wouldn’t be hungry.

    “I can’t wait to play football with her…” Ezra mumbled as he softly tapped Sera’s covered legs.

    “We might have to wait a while for that,” Eric commented. “But you know what? We can buy a small football for her. Like a small football toy? What do you think?” Ezra nodded excitedly. “I’ll try to find one.”

    Ezra nodded again as he shifted a little bit, searching for a better position. He rested his head against Eric’s chest and suddenly felt sleepy again. And in no time, he really did fall asleep again.

    Now Eric had two kids sleeping in his arms. He felt like his arms were going to be numb, but he didn’t mind, he just loved being a safe place for both Ezra and Sera.

    “I really can’t wait to get home.”

    Eric looked up and found out that his wife was now awake.

    “I can’t wait to get home and we can all cuddle together in our bed,” she continued. A small smile was painted on her tired face.

    “Hey, babe,” Eric smiled and she smiled back at him. “It won’t be long now,” he said as his mind flashed an image where they were all cuddling in their big bed at home and he got excited just by imagining it. He also couldn’t wait to bring his princess home.

    She lightly nodded as she felt her heart skipping a beat. Just like Eric, she was also still getting used to things too. And she clearly still wasn’t used to seeing her husband cuddling their two little ones in his arms.

    So she just stared at them, trying to take in as much as she could. The past few days had been a blur to her; everything had happened so fast and suddenly Sera was born. But she still remembered the feeling of holding Sera while being embraced by Ezra and Eric for the first time and she didn’t think nothing could beat that feeling.

    “We’re so blessed, aren’t we?” she asked.

    Eric, who was trying to cover Ezra’s legs with Sera’s blanket, turned his attention back on her.

    “Yes, we are,” he answered without a doubt. “I’m so blessed with our little family, with our beautiful children,” he said. The look on their faces mirrored each other’s. They both were suddenly getting emotional, as they realised that the joy of being parents couldn’t be compared to anything.

    “And I’m so blessed with you,” Eric continued, and it was an easy way to make some tears pool in her eyes. “I love you, my love.” Eric stared deep into her eyes and she could see nothing but love in his pair of beautiful blue eyes.

    “I love you too,” she said the words back and they shared a little laugh.

    Eric dropped his gaze down again to his precious little ones. He was so blessed—that was the only thing that had been going around his mind lately, every time he saw his beautiful Sera, his smart Ezra, and his beautiful wife. He didn’t know what he did in his previous life to be blessed with his little family now, but all he knew was that he was always going to give his everything for the three people he loved the most in this whole entire world.

    and i really love this piece, i barely survived writing it. i just can't get the image of eric holding ezra and sera off my mind and i love that whole father-son conversation but most importantly I WISH I WAS HERRRRRRRRRRRRR

    My Masterlist🤍

    #avenirdelightwrites #eric dier imagines #footballer imagines#football imagines #eric dier one shot #footballer one shot #football one shot #footballer fic#football fic#imagine#one shot#fanfiction
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  • adkinemi06
    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Blog Post #31-Do Not Be Afraid

    Current Mood: Content

    Currently listening to: Heart of the Father by Ryan Ellis and Essential Worship

    Current verse of choice: “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” -Deuteronomy 31:6

    Unfortunately, I am making a bad habit of only blogging once every 10 months…

    Nonetheless, what a year it has been. It is hard to even start this blog because so much in my life has happened and changed. I guess I will go back to February 2021 and start from there.

    At that time, I was working a travel assignment in my hometown. It was a really good experience to work in a different hospital system, and I met a lot of great nurses that accepted me and treated me so sweetly. This isn’t always the case as a travel nurse, so I appreciate how good they were to me. It was also a blessing to spend some extra time at home with my family. At the end of February, I did my active-duty time for the Navy at Camp Lejeune in NC. It was interesting to experience this military hospital because it felt just like a civilian hospital at the time…understaffed, disorganized, and frustrating to work for. However, I met some amazing people there (Let’s be real though…everyone in the Navy is pretty awesome).

    Throughout the spring, I spent a lot of time with baby Makay, and her family. We showered her with love at her bachelorette party, bridal showers, and WEDDING!!!!!! It was a blast to see all my Ursuline girls, and we took advantage of every minute of it! It’s so hard to believe she is married, but I am so happy for her and Scott. I miss them both dearly. Once May hit, I was working part-time, and school officially started. The first semester was as easy as it was going to get… I tried to spend as much time as I could with mine and Collin’s family. It was so hard saying goodbye as I geared up for the big move.

    August came and it was time. I packed my car to the brim…seriously, it was crazy how much that little car held. Forty-five minutes after I got to Charleston, my grandma passed away. I was heart-broken, but I was at peace knowing she wasn’t in pain anymore. She was reunited with my precious mother in Heaven-I wish I could have witnessed their reunion. I took a flight back home to be there for my family and her services, then hopped on another plane to see baby Cas. We took on Texas for a couple days and said our bittersweet goodbyes. I am so proud of her.

    Then…school began. It was the beginning of the end (right, Kailey?). Let’s just say…CRNA school is not for the weak-hearted. It is an absolute grind if you want to perform at a high level. Nonetheless, it has been so great and terrible at the same time. I have met people that will now be in my life forever, and my roommate Kailey and I have been rocks together. She is a true blessing from God (as well as Cooper and Oliver), and I am overwhelmingly grateful for them. I am also so blessed to have met Molly here. The fact that we were all complete strangers 7 months ago and now are lifelong friends is a testament to God’s plan. I also want to acknowledge how AMAZING Collin has been throughout this journey we are on. Everyone always assumes people are not going to make it in long-distance relationships, but we are stronger than ever. I truly believe this is because God is the center of our relationship. Without our faith, we are nothing. Collin is my rock, and he has been unconditionally supportive. I love him so much.

    I got three weeks off in December, and it was wonderful but stressful at the same time. I don’t think I stayed in one place for more than four days at one time, but it was such a blessing to see so much of mine and Collin’s family. Spending quality time with my dad, Kendra, Sissy, Jess, Kindu, Kendra, Aunt Kathy, and my Grandpa was definitely a highlight…I just adore my family, and I hope they each know how much I love them.

    Throughout grad school, I have really tried to focus on how I let change affect me. At first, I struggled greatly adapting to a new home, new learning, a new routine, new people… I let myself get frustrated over silly things, I complained, I let other people affect my emotions. I was afraid of so much change at one time. The verse above is on my badge reel that I use for work/school, and it has been motivation to not be affected by change. God is with me, no matter what. When I feel stressed, he carries me. When I am tired and want to quit, I refocus my energy and say a short prayer. “God, I am smart, and I am where I am supposed to be because of YOUR plan…I can do this.” Don’t get me wrong, there are still multiple times a day when I question my entire decision! However, I have gotten to the point where I am now in control of my emotions with change. I lean on God, and I am not afraid. I am strong and courageous (most of the time…). Adapting to change is not easy but going to God is the easiest way for me to deal with it. I found a great church here, and I constantly declare positive things in my prayers to myself. Am I perfect at it? Absolutely not, but I continue to focus on it every day.

    Life is about perspective. Is grad school the hardest thing I have ever had to go through? No, but it definitely challenges me every day…and I am sure it will get harder and harder. However, the goal of grad school is not to get all As for me. Am I going to try to do that? Sure. But my goal is to graduate with strong emotional intelligence (and obviously a strong set of skills). How will I handle a crisis situation? Am I going to freak out and lose my cool, or am I going to slow down, stay calm, and guide myself and others through a situation? The latter is what I am here to learn. And not just in my career, but also in my relationships, my future marriage, raising my future kids. I want to be in control of the situation instead of the situation controlling me. That is a mindset that takes work and requires the ability to adapt to change quickly and with poise.

    Random thoughts: the weather in Charleston is SOOO much better than Cleveland (in the winter)…I love living on the coast…I still don’t like seafood (even though everyone said I would in Charleston)…Maybe the Browns will make the playoffs next year (lol…but really).

    Do Not Be Afraid,


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