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  • “Are you mad? I don’t have a caffeine addiction.” I say, sipping my third cup of coffee while I stir Chai on the stove.

    #random conversations from my house #not vibing#coffee#chai#caffiene addict#caffiene#sister#conversation #sipping on coffee #denial #maybe adhd idk #im gonna die lol #lol#hi
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  • Living with ungrateful hoes

    So, as you can tell by the title, I am very angry. I live with my family who is ungrateful and unhelpful. We have a cockroache problem and for some this may be an easy fix but no for my family, we have to wait til we are drowing in the problem, before we deal with them. But I don’t want to live that way. I believe that we should nip it before it manifests and it leads me to my point that I live with ungrateful hoes.

    My sister is too much of scaredy cat to kill them so she just screams at them and yells at me for not helping her when I am trying to help her deal with damn fear of bugs. Anyways, she is probably not much help in remedying this problems.

    My brother is a complete douche who only does things for his own gain. He is the type who only does his dishes and cooks for only himself. Only drives himself on his own terms and spends money like crazy. I’ve had to deal with him for so long and Im getting tired of having to essentially taking care of him even though he is older than me. Like seriously?

    My father. Where do I start with him. Now I know he is trying to have it so that we have food in our fridge and don’t starve but this boi be hoarding our whole house with unneccesary things. We have a whole section of the house dedicated to appliances he won from his gambling days. I say we donate them and he says no they are still good. Anyways, he contributes the most to this cockroache infestation. He could bring like 2-3 vegetables but NO, he brings them in bulks. WE DON’T NEED THIS MUCH FOOD. He hoards meat, he hoards, EVERYTHING. And its turned our house into a epicenter for all things bugs. We even had a lizard in our house before and a bee problem before before. Like, somethings gotta give. And I am tired of having to clean up after everyone. I got rid of that lizard, I got my brother to call the bee keeper to get rid of the bees, and I am now going to have to deal with this cockroache problem. BY MYSELF…

    The worst part is that even though I do everything my dad asks, I am still the one he blames and yells at. I clean the house; he yells at me for not cleaning the kitchen. I graduate; he yells at me for choosing the wrong path because I dont have a job out of college. Just because I speak my mind, he dares to throw it back knowing I am right and he just wants to man up to his pride.

    I hate my life…I really just want the world to stop…and it would be even better if I could get put out of this misery…

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  • I’m fucking wheezing my sister’s bday is tomorrow and I guess my parents planned on putting some sort of message in our yard (?? idk I wasn’t involved in plans) and I found out because she noticed someone creeping in our yard and panicked and told me to come look

    #rip to my parents ig #she spoiled her own surprise im- #my sister: theres someone in the yard #me: i dont want to know #her: come look #*a minute later* #her: oh is it for my birthday #us: *wheeze*#percy speaks#oml#omg#sister#percys family#lol#birthday
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  • Disculpa

    Cada día que pasa

    Cada vez me siento más carga

    Siento que me vuelvo un obstáculo

    Soy un tope sin sentido

    En medio de la nada, a la vez de todo

    Interpuesto, para hechar a perder un contento

    Soy la razón de que no sonrías, como hacías

    Soy los escombros, que ya no sirven de mucho

    Disculpa la molestia;se que lo soy en tu vida aunque no me lo digas

    #Disculpa la molestia #Tiempo#Dinero#Espacio#Alejamiento#Sister#Lo siento #Aunque no valga de mucho #Te quiero
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  • My sister recommended a bunch of stereotypical clothing stores for me to go to when I mentioned I wanted some new jeans and shirts. Girl, I don’t want your lululemon shorts and summer sandals, I want freakin ripped jeans, Metallica shirts, and flannel. Get with the program.

    #Clothes#Sister #Slightly closeted pansexual
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  • Apparently, my little sister takes my parents’ genuine concern as manipulation and emotional blackmail attempts… My dad seems to have decided he’s done trying to communicate - he’ll still be there when she needs help, but he’s not interested in trying anymore… I don’t blame him. But I also don’t agree with it and I don’t know what to do or what to say. I was just in the room while he and my mom were discussing his feelings after what was apparently a very difficult and heated conversation. I feel like I have some sort of responsibility to help somehow, but idk if that’s true, or if it’s just middle child syndrome… Or my libra side… I feel stuck and alone… I can barely have one on one conversations with my mom that leave me feeling good, or at least neutral after, let alone with my dad or both parents. And I live with them. And my little sister and I don’t know how to talk to one another.

    (She’s immunocompromised and planning to drive cross-country back to school even though classes are all online and she’ll have to drive through hot spots. She will also be driving with her gay, black friend, which seems particularly dangerous at this point in time. It just seems reckless and unnecessary.)

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  • Sister3 “you broke the world”

    Sister4 “what’re you talkin about it’s already broken”

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  • Open Letter to my Biological Sister I Don’t Have a Relationship With,

    I love you. I’ve loved you always and always will. Whether we never talk again or one day form a relationship again - I will love you, wish you health and happiness, and cheer you on from the sidelines. But right now, we’re more strangers than sisters… and I can no longer beg and plead, scream at a brick wall, or cry to cactus that can’t feel my pain. I have to take a step back.

    At some point we starting walking in opposite directions. I’ve tried to study the map of our childhood, our shared trauma from different vantage points and I try to locate where the road diverged. Maybe I hurt your feelings and you never told me. Maybe I’m just not someone you like or want in your life. Maybe there are unresolved issues that haunt you, that keep you from me. At this point, I honestly don’t know and anyone’s guess is as good as mine.

    Never in my life, though, would I have imagined I would be writing something like this - feeling this. I vividly remember being in the car, 8 years old and parking in front of the 7-11 just outside our neighborhood. Our mom was talking about our aunt, her sister, and I was thinking about how being a sister was one of the greatest things there is to be, to have. I felt pridefull to be a big sister and wanted to be the best one I could. I’m sure I failed on that many a times, but I tried. I loved you with all that I had. Maybe that wasn’t enough? Or maybe I just loved you too much?

    Either way, right now, we have no idea what’s going on in each other’s lives. Every day there are little moments I wish to share with you. There are things that no one else will ever understand the way we do. So here I am, with inside jokes and no one to laugh with. Memories, with no one to smile with. I am terrified that one day, I will come across an old photo with my kids or slip up and mention you in a story. They will ask me who you are, why they don’t you and my heart will sink as I tell them we haven’t talked in 10 - 15, 20 years.

    My heart breaks all over again every time I think of that, of you. I used to think of you as my best friend and we knew each other like the back of our hands. I wonder, if we never speak again… Will there come a day you will pass me on the street with our shared blue eyes and I won’t recognize who they belong to - that stranger you’ve become in my heart will come to fruition.

    C. Points 7.12.2020

    #prose poetry#spilled prose#estranged family#estranged #family is complicated #sisters#sister #i love you #i will always care about you #i will always love and support you #i will always love you #im hurting #i miss you #bestfriend#life quote#quote#quotes#im healing#spilled ink#open letter#its complicated
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  • The sun slowly sinks beneath the skyline
    to hide among the great mountains west
    our mother sighs and she dabs her eyes
    hoping to escape to a well deserved rest

    Distressed by her children’s selfish ways
    ever waging wars fed by greed and fear
    she longs to share her love and wisdom 
    yet she knows but few if any would hear 

    Our eyes suspiciously see only strangers
    forgetting each soul is a sister or brother
    how is it they perceive the lies we believe  
    and yet can’t see the tears of our mother

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  • Warnings: None, spoilers for Supernatural’s earlier seasons
    Words: 2500 (I swear I don’t feel like it’s that long)
    Summary: A short where you are another one of John’s bastard children who grows up with the family but never really feels apart of it until much later. 
    Reader: 2nd-person, female pronouns
    A/N: I’m trying to do some writing while I have spare time and it’s not going great but the best way to move past it is to force yourself to write more so I tried to write a short on an idea for a reader-insert I’ve had for a while :)


    Originally posted by theyremenofletters

    The night air never made you shake as hard as you did that night. Maybe it wasn’t the wind that caused your discomfort, but the yelling as your father, John and half-brother, Sam, fought. Beside you was your other half brother, Dean. You stood between your brothers with Dean closer to your father. You were freshly 18, a year and a bit younger than Sam. 

    After the death off his wife, John had turned to a rather unhealthy form of grieving. One night, after finding a baby sitter for his two young children, he encountered a rather pretty woman who took pity on his situation and offered him a night of free beers and other activities which resulted in you. Unfortunately, like many women the Winchesters encountered, your mother didn’t live long after birthing you and informing John of your existence. Now stuck with two babies, John really did try to make you someone else’s problem. He could barely take care of two kids, how was he going to take on another, not to mention a girl? Yet, despite all he tried, you just seemed to stick. Now one could get rid of you no matter how hard they might have tried. So you grew up as the illegitimate Winchester girl. The black sheep of the hunter family.

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  • Made this little sticker of one of my fav movie ever :) (U can get it on red bubble btw) <3 https://www.redbubble.com/people/lillsophie/shop?asc=u

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  • image

    Thanks god I aint dying alone***

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  • If someone gatekeeps me because I’m Ace I’ll back down because I find fighting for myself awkward and its very much on my rarely/never list.


    If someone tries to do it to my sister because she is a bi girl that has only dated boys I’ll stand there and argue until I run out of words.

    In other words fuck gatekeeping but also fuck anyone who hurts my sister!

    #siblings#sister#bisexaul#asexual#gatekeeping #gatekeeping is shitty #i love my sister #lgbtqplus
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  • 28.05.20

    My sis give me this

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  • After a long time I could eat just 600cal.

    Having just Binge because of my fck familiy I had find the power again by my littel sister to stop that shit and do sport and eat under 1000cal.

    Btw no I didn’t stop drinking and my thoughts are still the same.

    (reason i didn’t post)

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