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    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Interview with the sith

    Chapter 1 • Chapter 2 • Chapter 3 • Chapter 4 • Chapter 5 • Chapter 6 • Chapter 7

    Summary: Darth Du Lac, former Jedi and rebellion hero Luke Skywalker, spends his days at his Emperor's service and struggling to cope with his new Sith's life. His struggle aggravates after capturing Din Djarin, a mysterious Mandalorian who represents the only obstacle between the Galactic Empire and a little force-sensitive creature.

    Pairing: Din Djarin/Luke Skywalker.

    Characters: Luke Skywalker (Darth Du Lac), Din Djarin, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Grogu, Leia Organa.

    Rating: Mature. +18 Minors DNI (Rating Will Change)

    Warnings: Canon typical violence. Non consensual touching. Emotional distress. (Adding More With Every Chapter)

    Tags: Canon Divergence AU, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Enemies To Lovers, Non-consensual Touching, Dubious Consent, Sith Luke Skywalker, Mand'alor Din Djarin, Protective Father Din Djarin, Dom Luke Skywalker, Sub Din Djarin, Top Luke Skywalker, Bottom Din Djarin, Possessive Behaviour, Luke's struggling loosely based on Interview with the vampire's character Louis De Pointe Du Lac, Self Loathing, Inappropriate Use Of The Force, Other Additional Tags To Be Added.

    Chapters: 7.

    Guide: Next Chapter.

    He contemplated every inch of the bounty hunter's body, covered in shiny beskar, pure beskar, he realized the man was taller than him, with broad shoulders, toned arms, narrow hips and long legs, and a smirk appeared on his pale face, his golden eyes glistening under the dim light. The mandalorian gasped as he noticed the way the sith's eyes were devouring his body. "No need to worry mandalorian, you're not here to become my pleasure slave." He didn't mind to hide the amusement his voice revealed, his plump lips curling up in a filthy smile. Maybe he was lying.

    Chapter 1 - Newborn's Eyes

    "A vampire or a victim, it depends on who's around." - U2

    The mandalorian was leaning against a wall, standing, arms heavy hanging from a pair of handcuffs, chains attached to them. The sith walked into the dungeon and came to a halt, staring at the man in front of him, noticing the way his helmet pointed into his direction. There was something intriguing about a man who wouldn't show his face, the sith considered it as strength, not as weakness. He contemplated every inch of the bounty hunter's body, covered in shiny beskar, pure beskar, he realized the man was taller than him, with broad shoulders, toned arms, narrow hips and long legs, and a smirk appeared on his pale face, his golden eyes glistening under the dim light. The mandalorian gasped as he noticed the way the sith's eyes were devouring his body. "No need to worry mandalorian, you're not here to become my pleasure slave." He didn't mind to hide the amusement his voice revealed, his plump lips curling up in a filthy smile. Maybe he was lying.

    He started walking towards the mandalorian again, his golden hair contrasting the black clothes covering him from neck to toe. His face was inches apart of the man's helmet, he was lifting his chin to catch the eyes behind the black visor "Although you're making that difficult." He hummed moving his head back to take a sight of the mandalorian's chest, then his eyes were running up to his arms, his tongue rolling slowly over his bottom lip. The mandalorian sighed under the helmet. "You even sound as good as you look." He said staring into the visor again, raising an eyebrow. "Like I said, you're making things difficult." He chuckled and the mandalorian shuddered, the sound of chains clashing together echoing around them. "Aaah, what a delicious creature you are, mandalorian." His breath fogging the black visor as he praised the man before him. "I'm sorry." He said, brushing his fingers over the visor to wipe the cold surface. "I want you to see me." He smiled.

    The sith rested a hand on the mandalorian chest plate, the mandalorian groaned, the sound made the sith's eyebrows furrow, he tilted his head to a side, eyes fixed on his visor again "You're enjoying this..." He said almost offended.

    "No." The mandalorian deadpanned.

    The sith smiled, then took a deep breath "I'm not here to please you. Unfortunately. But..." He was digging his fingers under the chest plate, the mandalorian gasped "You're going to please me and my emperor." The mandalorian froze under his touch. The sith's face was close to the helmet now, anger radiating off of him in waves "Now tell me, where is the child?"


    4 ABY - The battle of Endor

    "The emperor will show you the true nature of the Force. He is your master now." Vader told Luke.

    "Then my father is truly dead." Luke walked away.

    Soon, both of them would be right.

    After facing his father, Jedi Luke Skywalker came to a crossroad, when Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine threatened to destroy the alliance and kill his friends and his twin sister Leia. Although he refused to kill his own father, Luke felt the anger taking over every fiber of his body and soul. It was too late. Suddenly, his journey to the dark side was completed. He kneeled before his new master, something inside him broke, the air smelled rotten, his tears burning his skin. "You're fulfilling your destiny, young Skywalker."

    "Let them go." Luke pleaded.

    "A powerful sith you will become. You shall be known as Darth Du Lac."

    Emperor Palpatine managed to take an exhausted Luke and himself out of the Second Death Star before it blew up. Luke passed out the minute the explosion took place, his body was reacting against the transformation he was suffering. He woke up finding himself sitting on a copilot seat, on an imperial ship, his throat was dry, his limbs numb with cold "Where's... Where is my father?" He asked under his breath.

    The emperor was sitting next to him "He didn't make it. He never left the battle station. There's only you and me now, my young apprentice." Luke frowned feeling his blood going ice cold. He turned his head to the other side, avoiding Palpatine, searching his feelings, he couldn't feel his father's vital force, but he could feel Leia's and that was enough to soothe his pain.

    Darth Du Lac was indeed powerful. He became the emperor's right hand very quickly, taking the place his father, Darth Vader, left vacant. Still he wanted to refer to himself as Darth Luke, and that was only the symptom of something bigger, something Palpatine was very concerned about. Behind those golden eyes and that red lightsaber, the emperor knew that the Jedi in him was still alive. Luke would never destroy villages or kill anyone at least they were a real threat to him. Sometimes he would hide for hours, locking himself inside his chamber. When he came outside his eyes were irritated and his eyelids swollen. Luke hated himself, every piece of him, especially his soul. "Forgive me if I have a lingering respect for life." He said when Palpatine was addressing how conflicted his apprentice seemed to be.

    The alliance had retreated, Luke was hoping to never face his twin sister again, he would rather die before hurting Leia. But he still could count some casualties between the rebellion at his hands. He hated himself. And his anger was always focused on his master. Still he obeyed him and tried to please him. And then guilty absorbed him, like a black hole. Anger. All the anger in the galaxy contained in his lithe body.


    9 ABY

    Years passed like that and eventually Palpatine asked him to track a little creature.

    "It's a little force user, bring it to me. It would remind you of my little green friend. Master Yoda." Luke winced at his old master's name. "What is it Lord Du Lac?" The emperor's voice showing concern. Luke shook his head.

    He left Coruscant that same day, apparently Moff Gideon's mission failed. The Moff lost the little creature to some mandalorian's hands. An inferior life form, Luke thought remembering Boba Fett, that unscrupulous bounty hunter he hated with a burning passion. Mandalorians, all of them meant trouble to Luke. This mandalorian we're after won't be an exception.

    Fortunately, they found the mandalorian on Mandalore. Unfortunately, the little creature wasn't with him. Luke fought against other mandalorians but didn't kill anyone. His stormtroopers managed to capture the one they were looking for. They took him to Mustafar, Luke wasn't on the same ship. By the time he arrived on the volcanic planet he knew that he would torture the man till the little creature's location came out of his mouth. Or so he assumed. The sith planed on that. But Luke? The one inside Darth Du Lac might have something to say about it.

    #dinluke#dinluke fanfiction #sith!luke #sith luke skywalker #din djarin #please mind the tags #you're welcome to tell me if i need to add tags #skydalorian #interview with the sith
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    Cloud is a Steel/Dark Type!

    Tifa is a Fighting/Water Type!

    Aerith is a Grass/Fairy Type!

    Barret is a Steel Type!

    Red XIII is a Fire Type!

    Yuffie is a Dark/Fighting Type!

    Vincent is a Ghost/Dark Type!

    Cait Sith is a Normal Type!

    Cid is a Flying Type!

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    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #she had been growing so much in the years before this #she became more comfortable with herself and her roles #less unbalanced by disappointments and challenges and overall less erratic in behavior #but this defeat really set her back again #she hasn't lost all the progress #but it's gonna take time and a lot of frustration to get back to where she was #thanks again for asking!! and for your patience! #oc: na'brina#sith inquisitor#twi'lek
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    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I just spent the last two hours busting out this angst so here, cry with me. I’m on mobile so I can’t put in a click to read button right now, I might put one in later

    Theron stands in the middle of an empty plain, nothing around but tall brown grass. The wind whips around him, screaming in his ears so loud he almost can’t hear himself think. He’s missing something, something important.

    He turns in a circle, searching the horizon. It’s only once he’s turned a hundred and eighty degrees from where he’s started that he sees something that isn’t the brown grass. Something small, maybe a mile away from him. He starts walking towards it. Every step feels like he’s fighting against the wind, pushing him back, away from where he needs to go.

    He needs to move faster, get to her. He’s searched for so long, even when they said she was dead, he couldn’t believe that she was. Ovrarri survived so much betrayal, Jedi, the Sith. She can’t have died because of a simple explosion. Not her, not after he was just beginning to believe that he could have something like this. Please, just let him get to her.

    When he does finally reach her, Odessan is burning. She’s surrounded by bodies, Lana, Arcann, Senya and so many others. She looks at him with those burning eyes, and opens her mouth. He can’t hear her over the sound of the screams in his ears. She turns away from him, and starts walking away. He doesn’t know what she said. And he has to know. Everything has been destroyed, and he knows he’s the cause of it.

    Theron steps forward, and tries to walk after her, but she just keeps getting further away. He starts to jog, chasing after her, but he still can’t keep up. Odessan is burning around him, the smoke burns his nose, but he can’t stop chasing her. She’s all he has left, and if he just catches up to her, maybe they can talk.

    He’s fully sprinting now, as Iokath burns around him. She is so far away from him, and he just can’t catch up to her. It’s important that he gets to her. She collapses onto the Throne he sent her to, and doesn’t move anymore. Her dark red skin is blackened from the electrocity he sent through the Throne, and her hair is flying about her head, having escaped from it’s bun. He reaches out, and tries to ignore the way his hand trembles. She’ll be fine, she always has been, through things that even he wouldn’t have believed possible.

    There is no pulse. There’s nothing, no rise of her chest, and he feels something break in his chest. He pulls her into his lap from the burned wreckage, and rocks back and forth on the burned plains of Umbara. He knows he's talking, rambling, a mess of words as he cradles her in his arms. “Hey, come one, you gotta wake up. It’s not safe here. They’ll be coming for you and you have to wake up. Please, it was all for you, so we could have a future. Please, it wasn’t supposed to be this way.” He’s begging her cooling body. He stumbles over his words, a hitch, then two, then he’s sobbing into her hair.

    “So you were a traitor all along,” comes the voice of Vinn Atrius from behind him. “A pity.” There’s the burn of a lightsaber through his middle, and he feels like he’s burning alive.

    Theron jolts out of sleep with a gasp of pain, curling around the throb in his abdomen. The bed is cold behind him, and despite the pain in his abdomen, it’s the pain in his heart that causes him to let out a sob. She’s gone, gone, and once more he’s lost something he would give the universe for.

    The creak of the bed and the dip of the mattress behind lets him know someone has sat down on it, but he can’t seem to turn to get a look at them. The waves of pain, exhaustion, sorrow, guilt, and grief freeze him in place. “Oh, Theron.” It’s the hand that comes to rest in his mostly shorn hair, and the soft imperial voice that gives him the ability to turn into the woman behind him.

    He sobs in pained relief, and curls one arm around her waist as he tries his best to calm himself. “Shh, I’m here. It’ll be alright.” Ovrarri pets his hair, running clawed fingers through the top of his hair as the other hand rests on his upturned shoulder. He can feel the gentle scratch of her claws on his scalp as she gently starts singing in an attempt to calm him down. He can feel his breath hitching in his chest, well on the way to a panic attack when her voice washes over him. It’s not the prettiest voice he’s ever heard, but that she’s willing to try calms him more than anything else. Eventually his sobs peter off, and he slips back into sleep, but this time, there are no nightmares to meet him.

    #theron shan#sith warrior #female sith warrior #after the traitor arc #hey remember when he said he had nightmares about the love interest walking away from him and that no matter how fast he runs he can’t seem #to catch up? #yeah so what if those didn’t go away #aka#angst #lots of angst #so much angst #but! #there is some comfort at the end #also the song my Sith warrior sings is Wandering Child #which fits Theron on so many levels #also I have a total head cannon that he has a small scar on his lip he refuses to talk about
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    lemon banana stans (derogatory)

    #idk what's worse #when they call theron koth or the commander dumbasses #when they say lana is the only smart person in the alliance #when they call her a lesbian (bi erasure sucks) #when they say koth doesn't deserve her #or when they call her their sweet and soft sith wife uwu #she's cool tho but i can't stand some of her fans
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    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    “I think you’ll be needing this”

    #star wars #obi wan kenobi #commander cody#codywan#digital art#my art#digital painting#quick painting #yes i love shadow paintings what about it #sw#tcw#sw prequels#sw fanart#fanart #star wars prequels #star wars fanart #the clone wars #star wars revenge of the sith
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    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Commission of a lovely Pureblood family for @halactic_art on twitter!

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  • dorissou
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    My Dear Ghosts

    A'atroxa ( Sith Inquisitor ) : What doesn't kill me should run, because now I'm fucking pissed.


    A'atroxa : You seem familiar, have I threatened you before?


    A'atroxa : Not trying to brag or anything, but I can wake up without an alarm clock now simply due to my crippling anxiety and all the ghosts inside my head so...


    A'atroxa : When someone points at your black clothes and asks whose funeral it is, having a look around the room and saying 'Haven’t decided yet' is typically a good response.


    A'atroxa : Fool me once, I may forgive you. Fool me twice, I’m gonna kill you.

    #swtor #swtor sith inquisitor #swtor kotet#swtor kotfe#starwars#eternal alliance#eternal empire#star wars#sith empire#outlander#swtor oc #incorrect swtor quotes #incorrect quotes star wars #incorrect quotes #swtor incorrect quotes
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  • jetiisse
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    can’t resist a theme 🤷

    #obi wan kenobi #qui gon jinn #star wars#sw prequels#prequel trilogy #the phantom menace #attack of the clones #revenge of the sith #master and apprentice #sw books#sw eu#quiobi#merch#enamel pins#sw merch#fanart#my art
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  • redminibike1
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Has there been a Sith!Obi-Wan AU where he turns after ROTS??

    I’m thinking…Padmé dies, Obi-Wan cradling young Leia in his arms, and it is the final nail in the coffin. Seared in his mind are images of the burning Temple, of childrens’ and elders’ bodies scattered across the floors, of millions of clones’ minds going dark, of people who had never really been free, but who are slaves now more than ever, of a brother screaming his hatred from the shore of a fiery river, of Padmé screaming as she begs for the pain to stop. The images will never leave him, and when he looks up from Leia’s sleeping face, his eyes are no longer blue.

    He goes through the plan with Yoda, who is so hunched with grief that he cannot sense the anger swirling beneath Obi-Wan’s skin, the yellow of his eyes only just locked away as they speak. They decide that Yoda will go to Dagobah, and Obi-Wan will take Luke to Tatooine. But when Yoda has left Bail’s ship, flying towards his exile, Obi-Wan tells Bail that there’s been a change of plans.

    Florrum is in chaos. Hondo is unable to get a grip on his men, who fear for their lives under the strict rule of the new Empire. Obi-Wan has no such problems. Even Hondo does not hesitate in joining his new cause. After all, being Kenobi’s enemy had not served well for either of the Zabrak men, and Hondo has always been smarter than that. The young child sleeps long and cries often, and Kenobi will feed him with soft eyes. The pirates are confused by the displays of vulnerability, but, if anything, it adds to the strength of Kenobi’s brutal fighting. The child is small and weak, and the pirates love him just as they love Kenobi.

    Obi-Wan takes on the Empire from the very beginning, sabotaging their invasions at every turn. He is a wraith, there and gone again. He frees clones, hijacks Destroyers, and stokes the fire of rebellion. He is a one-man army, and his goal is clear: he will kill the Emperor, and he will tear the Empire down.

    The Emperor sees this happen, as does his new apprentice. All too often, the Empire’s forces will arrive to a planet to find it empty, stripped of potential slaves and valuables. Or, the slowly depleted clone forces will fail to return, and their bodies will never be found.

    Rather than being frustrated, the Emperor is...intrigued. Perhaps, he thinks, Tyranus was correct. Clearly, Kenobi might have been the better choice. It was a lack of determination on his part to assume that Darth Vader’s former Master would never fall. Now...if only he could get Kenobi to kill Vader, and take his place instead...

    #im never gonna write this #bc I think Sith are boring #and I can't write them in the way I think of them #without making them a sad lonely selfish bastard #and I think it would be kinda sad to erase the sheer strength of character Obi-Wan displays at the end of ROTS #but it would be satisfying to have Obi-Wan decapitate Palpy #and if he needs to be a Sith to do so #so be it #also #think it would funny if Palpy wanted sith Obi to join his cause #and kept trying to recruit him #as Obi is trying to slice his head off #red writes#kinda #just throwing out ideas #also I like the idea of Obi Wan and the pirates working together #ignore this lmaooo
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  • eliterevy
    24.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Kessres Portrait

    Ihren kritischen goldgelben Augen entgeht kaum etwas... und trotz der Narben, die an ihre Vergangenheit in Sklaverei erinnern, ist Kessre eine durchaus ansehnliche Sith, die viele Blicke auf sich zieht.

    [Star Wars - The Old Republic]

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  • gentlespace
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    These colours reminded me of the sun and the moon ☀️🌙

    #star wars #star wars fanart #obi wan kenobi #obi-wan kenobi #the clone wars #anakin and obi wan #anakin skywalker #revenge of the sith #my art#illustration
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  • doseisama
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I‘m working on my Mandalorian OC

    I have nO idea how tf i‘m gonna color the beskar i never learned how to rly color stuff so please send help qwq

    And i still have to add detail to the arm thingy and the belt but I‘m lazy-

    I‘ll already working on their story idk if I‘ll ever post it tho

    #star wars fan character #star wars#sw#sw tbb #sw the mandalorian #the mandalorian#mandalorian#mandalorian oc#oc#din djarin#sw tcw #sw tcw fanart #x reader#FanFiction #star wars fanfiction #star wars fandom #darth maul#sith#jedi #sith is shit in different order #dathomir#savage opress#mother talzin#grogu#clan djarin
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  • amazinghaydenchristensen
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    #hayden christensen#ewan mcgregor#george lucas#darth vader#vader#star wars #revenge of the sith day #attack of the clones #star wars prequels #amazing hayden christensen
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  • lost-and-cursed
    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I want a fic with young!Obi-wan & Vader!Anakin, Anakin being somewhat adequate, angry at Obi-wan, though. Or precisely at Ben, at General Kenobi. He wants to be angry at any version of Obi-wan ‘cause, Sidious knows, he deserved it. But it’s just smol sad wary war-hardened child in front of him. He begrudged his former Master his happy childhood, marveled at his unexpected set of skills and comprehesion. He resented his pacifism and all-serenity (lack of passion) for fighting against injustice. (how that turned out, huh) But teen infront of him did not look having a nice upbringing. He really didn’t. (And maybe, just maybe, Master did do an adequate job of raising him peacefully... He didn’t, after all, looked at this age like he was found on outer rim planet with civil war)

    #obi-wan kenobi#time travel#i guess#headcanons#star wars#darth vader#Anakin Skywalker#melida/daan#falling #obi is smol #and fierce #Vader gets pretty much angry street cat vibes #that's not how he thought his master looked #he is so shocked he is not even angry #lots of protective feelings #probably kills sheev #no sith lords messing with smol s- brother #he did it for luke after all #and here he's out of (his mind) bullshit palpatine fed him #he kinda failed to protect his master from doooku #Not Again when he fin- adopted him #obi thinks it's something like if xanatos cared for him #scary future with loving darksider #who want to led revolution it seems #well at least it's the known ground #he probably should help this time if he died before succeeding #yes he plenty sure that he dead in this time #cause Vader phrases everything weirdly #Vader does choke every time smolwan casually mentions death of ben #Ben actually fucking finally investigating this
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  • userffa
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    “Will I die as The Hero or The Villain?”

    #anakin skywalker #revenge of the sith #dailyanakin#theforcenetwork#prequelsnet#swcreators#starwarsfilms#swedit#starwarsblr#userwookiee#tuserrex#uservanillachip#userplum#userderin #my first anakin gifset!! #idk if i like it or not sjdhkshdk #and idk if  this gifset dedicated for hayden being back again to be in the new two star wars project #darth vader#*creations #and guess what i am able to make gifs again #but i'll be busy again :)
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  • desrenati
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Rewatching Revenge of the Sith

    Yes, I know i’ve been lagging on watching, but there’s other things I’ve wanted to watch.

    The first thing I want to talk about is the part where Obi-Wan informs Anakin that the council wishes him to report to them everything about the Chancellor. Anakin insists this is treason, yet demands the glory of sitting on the council without having earned it. He was to be “the eyes, ears, and voice of the Republic.” The eyes part strikes me as him reporting to Palpatine much in the same way the council asks him to do. Not to mention at least 2 conversations within these thirty minutes about how the Senate continues to give Palpatine more and more executive power, then he pulls this, and Anakin wants to complain of treason? It’s hypocrisy, plain and simple. Anakin is fine with fascism and executive abuse so long as he gains from it, but once those who are targeted by the overreach want some oversight wherever they can get it, that is a step too far. He can sit on the council against the wishes of his people, including his master and best friend Obi-Wan, but he can’t spy on the man who whispers whatever he wants to hear and has been holding on to power for too long. It’s especially daunting to me that he stands behind Palpatine, insisting it is wrong to spy on him, while Padme herself asks for Anakin’s help and speaks of her concern that Democracy is dead or dying. His wife, his best friend, his mentors, all of them are saying the same thing, but he ignores them in favor of Palpatine. Was he groomed that well or is it because Anakin will always place power over what is right?

    You know the scene where Mace mentions how he doesn’t trust Anakin to be up for his assignment, to which Obi-Wan objects? Well, I realized now that it could be Obi-Wan’s attachment prevents him from seeing who Anakin is while Mace doesn’t have these reservations. Food for thought.

    Then there’s the opera house, Palpatine spins this tale of the Jedi planning to overthrow him, how they don’t trust him, the Senate, the Republic, or democracy itself. It’s actually some fantastic writing here, the parallels between Obi-Wan in the hallway of the temple and Palpatine here. Obi-Wan makes clear they serve the Senate and how Palpatine has stayed in power longer than he should’ve, which should be concerning. Yes, I can see how one could twist it to the Jedi distrusting of democracy, but to believe all Senator’s believe in democracy and promote it solely because they were elected democratically is ridiculous. It’s an easy lie to tell oneself to ignore the abuse by people you like, especially if they provide you with something in return. The Trump years are a perfect example of this. It’s almost sickening how familiar it is. “All who gain power are afraid to lose it. Even the Jedi.” Says the man who is abusing said power, clinging to it more than he should, and he begins to lose Anakin here which is why he pivots. He can’t change Anakin’s mind with philosophy alone, he needs to give something to Anakin that helps him personally. While Palpatine knows Anakin is selfish and will always put his needs above others, thus why he focused on how similar the Jedi and Sith were before, Anakin himself refuses to believe it until you hit the personal nerve. He understands the Jedi teachings, but they matter less when something he cares about is on the line. Like Padme and his mother. I think is does a great job illustrating who Anakin is, what he values, and how well Palpatine knows him.

    Really, so far, everything illustrates perfectly that Anakin’s distrust comes from not being favored while the Jedi focus on what is right and are weary of the continued oversight of a man with immense power and ability to persuade one of their own. Mace is blunt, his distrust is clear “The Council will decide whose to go, not the Chancellor,” but he’s not wrong. Again, the entire movie is proving that the Jedi should be weary. Palpatine places Anakin on the council against their wishes and then says Anakin should lead the Utapau mission. It’s clear favoritism and that should be concerning, especially for a body that is meant to be impartial and removed from politics. Jedi have friends in the Senate, but they do not gain this level of favor with them. Not to mention Yoda backs Mace up instantly (granted, the suspicious scrunch of his eyes right before Mace’s blunt comment is enough of a giveaway that he already agreed) by saying a Master is needed to which Ki-Adi Mundi agrees by nominating Obi-Wan, which is followed by multiple agreements expressed. Democracy! Anakin is upset (more frustrated or disappointed) because, once again, he is not given what he wants.

    It’s almost funny how Anakin apologizes to Obi-Wan about being arrogant and not appreciating his teachings because it’s instantly followed by “I’ve just been so frustrated with the council.” That’s an excuse if I’ve ever heard one, a justification for his actions. Though, he at least apologized which is better than many like Anakin. That said, the funny part comes from the fact he apologizes for his arrogance, but can’t admit where his frustration comes from. Which, personally, I believe comes from a place of selfishness and arrogance depending on the situation he’s thinking of.

    What I love about this is that it shows Palpatine’s machinations. He’s implanted the seed of doubt in Anakin’s mind, saying the Jedi wish to overthrowing the Chancellor and Senate. Meanwhile, the Jedi see clearly the true intentions. A plot to destroy the Jedi. Yet, all this does is confirm to Anakin what Palpatine said despite the realization that he is the Sith who orchestrated this whole war. It is a great display of the mental justifications one will play to confirm their bias. You can see clearly how Palpatine’s narrative could seem correct, but you must deny everything that shows the other side’s. For Anakin, he convinces himself of Palpatine’s narrative because it’ll save Padme. He cares more about that then anything else. Thus, he willingly gives into the dark side and continues to try to convince himself that he is doing the right thing while knowing it is wrong. He tells the Council who Palpatine is, recognizes the danger, does the right thing, but then he changes his mind. Why? Because Palpatine will give him what he wants. Saving Padme and power.

    (Little gripe, but on the march to the Jedi Temple to execute Order 66, it’s not in beat. They aren’t walking to the marching sounds. It is at first as they come up the steps, but not during the overhead shot which is annoying. Also, yes I cried during it. The complete trust they have in their troops and the betrayal. The music. It’s so fucking devastating.)

    To end this long post. It’s such a great cautionary tale that remains relevant, even more so in my opinion, now as it did then. Of course I have some gripes with the acting, facial expressions during fights, dialogue, and the obvious ADR like with AOTC, but overall it was great.

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