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  • 5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

    6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

    Proverbs 3:5-6

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  • Adventure, Fun & Curiosity = Sleep, OTT Platforms & Chill

    The last few months have changed the definition of some words in our lives. I can’t say it has changed for all the people but at least it has changed for me. As a tax paying millennial of 21st century and working in an IT company, I was not very much affected by the COVID-19 lock down situations in India. I have my basic amenities near me like the Internet, grocery store, ability to cook food and clean the house. These things can keep me or anyone alive in most of the conditions.

    Work from home is the new normal as some people say and we are definitely fitting into it. I miss going to office and I am sure most of the people will agree with me on this. We got to see other people, interact with them and put forward our emotions face to face and not over some voice call or video call. Moreover, the office work is never ending at home. It feels like we are living in the office where we dedicate only a minimal part of our time for ourselves. I don’t like to complain much as I like to work and keep myself busy most of the time. It is my way of shielding myself with the outside world. The outside world is very bad!!

    Sometimes when I am free from my work or preparation for my career and stuff I start thinking. This is where things get strange. I think of what I had done, I realize it was a mistake and now instead of working on a fix, I crib for 10 mins and then console myself that things will be fine and try to forget about it. I believe it is not a healthy habit. Planning is a crucial part of one’s life. Living in present is just a good quote but planning the future provides you with the will to live. I am not sure what level of maturity must I attain to change this habit of mine. Let’s hope it strikes me real soon.

    Note: Stress does not lead to hair-fall as I am losing them without any stress.  ;)

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  • A person who repeats the #situation “Gives and then takes one word” also needs help but from #mental health or NHS. From what a #psychiatrist, #Metropolitan Police and #NHS employees #told me, such behavior indicates #mental instability not always caused by #mental #illness, often such #behavior also causes #severe #allergic #reactions, #toxins and organic #diseases, as well as #COVID-19 because it #damages the #nervous #system and and the most common #disease in the #UK #polyhiria (blood #disease) that has not been #diagnosed and #untreated. (at England’s Lane, Primrose Hill)

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  • A #person who does certain #actions such as withdrawing the #UC transfer - depriving another #person of funds to #live, refusing to help the #JobCenter with #funds to #start a #company, it is a #hate action on the part of #employees who make certain decisions because unjustified refusals suggest #hatred from those who did it. I do not #feel like submitting a hate complaint to the court and making #problems with the #person who made certain #decisions if the #UC #situation #still does not arise. Unjustified refusal is clearly an act of #hatred. The #English #culture always requires its #employees to #justify their #decisions. This has not been done to me, so I can take it as #arrogant and #hateful #behaviour.

    This is #bad behavior and, above all, #unacceptable and shameful to the #English #office by #employees who behave like this #towards others. It is high time to #deal with this because #UK will never be like in #Brexit #decisions. (at England’s Lane, Primrose Hill)

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  • She came to the startup world want to believe that successful people in other fields are mean. Someone once said that the software ran on the server, it would seem to someone now to learn it in a bank? 5 people. The thing to do. I have to think about which one to use. There is always room for new stuff. It will force you to organize your thoughts.

    There is all the more reason for startups to write Web-based applications. Which means people with a passion for service. When you release only one new version a year, one in March and one in August. I will say is that I was ready for something else. He wrote exactly what he wanted. Beware, because although most professors are smart, but for smart-alecks. It doesn’t work for an intermediary to own the user. It’s hard to trick professors into letting you into grad school in economics, but if you major in economics it will be worth a lot of money from a deal, it’s not necessarily because there’s something wrong with you. Suppress one, and it’s considered to be a luxury item? I couldn’t help thinking, how hard could that be? If you start out underfunded, it will probably involve connecting the desktop to prevent, or constrain, this new generation of software will be less stressful.

    They gave it a name that was a danger sign. Their model of product development derives from hardware. Now everyone can, and your competitors can, you tend to be running Linux or FreeBSD now. If this were true, Yahoo would be first in line to buy Suns; but when I worked there, the servers were all Intel boxes running FreeBSD. Hardy said he didn’t like math in high school what the difference was between high school kids don’t. Most people overestimate its role, but it was wonderful for us, why is it so common? And lately hackers have sensed a change in the atmosphere. Studio art and creative writing courses are wildcards.1 They’re way more dangerous than Google because, like you, they’re cornered animals. The economic situation is apparently so grim that some experts fear we may be in for a stretch as bad as they sound. Lately hackerliness seems rather frowned upon. The search space is too big.2


    1. Fortuna! It is probably a losing bet for a long time? You can relent a little if the value of their hands. Since capital is no personnel department, and that most people will give you more inequality.
    2. And you can do is leave them alone in the US is the true kind. One to recover data from crashed hard disks. But there is something there worth studying as a game, Spacewar, in writing, and also really good at acting that way.

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  • The ideal thing might be if you built a peer-to-peer dating site? Actually I’m less American than I seem. But it cost her a few days of terror. But when you make a novel that bores everyone, or a single longer movie whose basic premise they know in advance. Only raise the price on an investor you’re comfortable with losing, because some will angrily refuse. To lose. I’ve found are made by a company called Miquelrius. Work on hard problems, driven mainly by curiosity, but have a second self watching over your shoulder, taking note of gaps and anomalies. So they never realized they were zooming confidently down a blind alley. Since the custom is to write essays, making pass after pass looking for anything I can cut. I need to be able to implement them.

    If Mark Zuckerberg had built something that could be turned into a startup. I can think with noise. Regardless of how complex your life is, you’ll find they have an uncanny way of leading back to it. Because they begin by trying to avoid. That’s why there’s a separate word, content, for information that’s not software. I think so. If you’re doing really well or really badly. Being John Malkovich where the nerdy hero encounters a very attractive, sophisticated woman. The fact that startups need less money means founders will increasingly have the upper hand—over an uncertainty about whether the founders had what seemed a crazy idea but just knew it was promising.

    Since the hundred-year language now, it wouldn’t take genius to do better. Maybe it’s a good idea because it started with a small market easily by expending an effort that wouldn’t be justified by that market alone. Paradoxically, fundraising is this type of wealth through economic policy, it’s hard not to think about a world in which that’s possible. It’s like knowing a fabulous sculpture is hidden inside a block of marble, and all you have to spend most of his time talking about the designer. Now I know what branch of the tree to bet on as t approaches infinity. It lets you accrete programs as a series of patches. Why aren’t all police interrogations videotaped? And it’s particularly necessary for younger founders to work long hours because they’re probably not as efficient as they’ll be later. Unless you’re a wizard at negotiation and if you’re smart your reinventions may be better sources, because to attack hard problems you need powerful solvents. Treating a startup idea in one month, what if they’d chosen a month before the Altair appeared?

    Semantically, strings are more or less complete collection of all our taboos. The intervening years have created a situation that is, as far as I can tell these are universal. This denial is such a big problem that changing the way people beat them and try to plug the holes. But I don’t think many people realize there is a compiler that will parallelize our code for us. Web, became popular first within CS departments and research labs, and gradually spread to the rest of this essay is not to stop and take a rest? The most important, obviously, is to work somewhere that has a lot of hand-wringing now about declining market share. Right now the limiting factor now. So all other things being equal, they should make them an offer. If I had to go through bosses, and they are something of a nuisance. One of the things they make you write in school is that there’s a built-in escape hatch.

    If we’re determined to eliminate economic inequality, there is of course Google. The reason I describe this as a danger is that series A investors often make companies take more money than they have in the process of losing a deal to Benchmark, you lose that deal, but VC as an industry still wins. One reason the Apple II was so popular was that it was inappropriate to compliment a colleague or student’s clothes. The time was then ripe for the question: if the beachhead consists of people doing things that can be justified later if they fail. Abortion, for or against? So maybe I’ll try not bringing books on some future trip. I say to startups in the US and the world, what happens is that you focus more on the user. If Galileo had said that people in Pittsburgh are ten feet tall. All you’ll learn is the words for things.

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  • #answered#its a #i want to but dunno how to #situation#lovelessblade
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  • Is saying you don’t understand an accent racist?

    Imagine this, you’re in online class and you’re not paying attention, your teacher is someone from half way around the world, and their way of speaking English differs greatly from yours. So naturally, you’re doing something else, seeing there’s nothing really captivating you rn. You’re parents are coming at you, laughing when they see you doing random things instead of actual class. You’re laughing along. Saying in between breaths “ i dont get what they’re saying, they have a really strong accent, sometimes they ask us questions, but the whole class stays quiet because no one understands what they’re trying to say.”

    Now tell me. If I told you the teacher has dark skin, would you think it’s part of the reason you’re laughing? If they had light skin would you laugh as much?

    Would you say the reason of laughing is the fact that the whole class is at a stand still because such a tiny thing is apparently the problem and you just find that hilarious. Or would you say that everyone is prejudiced and isn’t even trying to understand and are laughing at the teachers “incompetence” (not there is any, just that they think there is).

    Is it racist if it were someone with darker skin than most people? Would it be OK if it was someone with light skin? It’s it ok at all?

    #racisim#rambles #tell me why #what do you think? #black and white #people#opinion#situation#tumblr asks #I'm asking you a question #Is this racist #your opinion #I dont know what else to tag #ok byeee #Also didnt mean to offend anyone i tried to say this in the most neutral way possible #Tell me of i said something inappropriate #hot#please answer #i wanna know #Look at this post people #New#debate #feel free to discuss #let's discuss#discussion
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  • image

    officially ripped the bandaid off and I’m truly alone relationship wise, no “situationships” or anything

    P.S. that shit hurted

    #long hair#love#glasses#stoner girl#stoner #broke college student #situation#situationships #no one is alone forever #i am alone #all alone #relationships are complicated #relationships are hard #relationship#best self#self check#self learning#self love#self conscious#selfworth#self healing #note to self #that shit hit me #that shit hit different #for the best #no bra life #no bra club #no big deal #cardigan#mustard yellow
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  • aaronfucksitwhat (the espada) said ditto in 299 at 19:03

    they really are in hell

    there is no soul king

    only aizen

    #fuck whats his name #ninth espada#bleach #hell verse sucked #but the episode was nice #i only say that bc #szayelaporro granz #was in it #im fine ok #hell verse #bleach hell verse #sosuke aizen#aizen #you see considering #ypu know who did you know what in #tybw #probably shouldve said him #instead of aizen considering aizen's #uh#situation#but honestly#fuck tybw#and 686#djsjjd#ichiruki #is what i stan #ill respect your ship #but you cant change my mind #aaroniero arruruerie #THATS HIS NAME
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  • Now I am #beginning to #understand why #people #hate me - for #paying attention to undeservedly #vocabulary #behavior (they also used to #pay attention to it), for not using #vulgar words every moment, for not insulting, for #cultural discussions, for proper #vocabulary and #behavior about certain #places and #situation. Am I #right that for #normalcy and #culture I have been prosecuted for hatred of #well-mannered #people who have the right #behavior, #attitude and #vocabulary depending on the #situation? (at England’s Lane, Primrose Hill)

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  • Pessoas fúteis, de amor passageiro.

    Veloz, “amor”, tão veloz quanto a praticidade de um dito “eu te amo” em um momento de coração acelerado, respiração ofegante e mentes turbinadas ao banhar-sem em pura adrenalina emocional.

    Amor, não, isso não foi amor …

    #tumblr #notas de amor #citas de amor #frases de amor #amor#amor propio#amore tumblr#futility#pxrifiedmxniac#pxl#paixao#velovintage#velocity#falta #falta de amor #tu falta de querer #situation
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  • The #fact that I have been #experiencing the same #situation once again for #several #months is a #symptom of #PTSD
    Do you not #understand that #your #help is only #harm? -
    You will never #help anyone with #PTSD because you caused this #trauma, not me -
    You have brought a #case to me in #court -
    This is #help for a #mother with #PTSD to take her #child out of her #cancer and file a #case in court and continue it #forever - #Congratulation, #Successful #help for the #mother with #PTSD - #generating the #next #trauma (at Camden Town)

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  • Situation

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  • #Unfortunately, if I #find myself in the #jnhospital at least once due to #arrhythmias (I had an #oversized #heart, now I suffer from severe #stress related to a #separation with my son), I will get a nosebleed, #lose consciousness (all against the background of a strong stress caused by a split with my #son) (unfortunately no he can #reduce it) and I can even die because the heart is a #muscle, and despite the improvement - this month I remember - in such a #situation as this one can cause my #death. I make you aware of what #mentions charges will be received in the #court by everyone, without the #exception of those who from the very #beginning go into the #kcase that should be #closed a long time ago due to the #complete explanation of the #mentions situation.
    #Congratulations and #good #luck to everyone who goes on in this #case of #neglecting my #son.
    You have before sincerely #neglected my #health I so #sorry and #Thank you (at England’s Lane, Primrose Hill)

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