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  • perfectly-punzel2
    26.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    eager to please

    *see more pics from this set here

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  • cinimuffin
    26.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    #I'm actually caught up now #this was supposed to be number 26 and it's the 26th #i still have to figure out what to draw for actual halloween #hmm :/#halloween critter#plants #if i had a ton of money i'd want the Audrey 2 puppet #probably at the size of 'Feed Me' #i don't know what this is aside from a plant #is this a dragon? #i dunno #some might say it is #i don't#monster#creatures#creature design#drawing#digital drawing
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  • workingfortheknifegirl
    26.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    new jacket came in!! it’s a little big on my but that’s okay lol (he/they/she)

    #i might return it for a smaller size but idk #selfies #my hair looks terrible rn djdjdjdjs
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  • cryptokhajanas
    26.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    What is Lot Size in Forex Trading - (IN HINDI)

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    #crypto india#currency trading#day trading#forex#forex course#forex education #forex for beginners #forex signals#forex strategy#forex trader#Forex trading #forex trading for beginners #forex trading india #forex trading live #forex trading strategies #how to trade forex #learn forex trading #lot size #lot size explained #lot size forex #Lot Size in forex #lot size in trading #Make Money guru #Swing Trading#trading #what is lot size in forex #what is lot size in forex trading #Wise advice money guru
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  • tsumuluver
    26.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    i believe hiro’s song to you would be summer on you by pretty much. yes he may be broke all the time due to being laid off more than he’d like to. it isn’t something he does, more of what they think about him. they look at his resume. eyes widening when they see a list of jobs he’s been in and left, in such a short time span. they seem reluctant to even give him a job. always giving him the same phrase as an excuse to not hire him. he knows he can’t shower you with luxurious things, but he believes that time is a luxury. he’s willing to spend all the time he has in the world for you. he’s a firm believer in the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness,” and not just because he’s broke. no, but because even if he did have all the money in the world, it wouldn’t bring him the same joy as when he’s with you.

    #haikyuu!! #haikyuu x reader #hanamaki takahiro #hanamaki x gn reader #hanamaki scenarios #haikyuu x female reader #haikyuu x gender neutral reader #haikyuu x chubby reader #hanamaki x you #hanamaki x y/n #hanamaki imagines #haikyuu x plus size reader #haikyuu#seijoh four#seijoh boys
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  • fitzgender
    26.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    imagine tumblr getting their hands on tlog like they did with MASH

    #first of all the thought makes me want to die slightly but also #there’s a possibility that if this 20 year old show had a following that size on here it would be ripped to shreds #toadposting
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  • corywong
    26.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    hhhh i downloaded depop recently and it literally sucks i hate it. size uk 14 and 16 marketed as xxl  are you kidding me, and also why am i being recommended size xs / uk 4 and 6 when it asked me to put my goddamn sizes in for recommendations, and instead all these super thin models keep coming up ?

    #body image cw #it is triggering me lol ? which is so stupid but #like on the explore page i see something nice and it's like hhh this is super stretchy so might fit a like size 10 :))))) #like wow. great #lmao
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  • darthsomethingsomething
    26.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    No Losers Here

    Pairing: Savage Opress x Reader/You (afab/gn/no use of “y/n”) Rating: Explicit Word Count: 1,509 words Warnings: Size kink, D/s, attempted role-reversal, betting/gambling, rough sex, knotting, did I mention size kink? Size kink.

    Tags: @grinningnexu @venomous-ko @lil-king-trash-mouths

    Savage's rumble of discontentment as you thread your fingers though his reverberates through your bones. He follows you down the corridor, tugging irritably at his tunic.

    "Just take it off. You won't need it."

    Toying with him again -- tossing that little, winning smile at him like this is an invitation and not a pay off.

    "Winners shouldn't need clothing either."

    You lift a shoulder in a half-shrug, already stripping. The weight of his gaze lowers, and when the heat of his attention touches your skin, you pull off your top instead of letting him see you shiver.

    "Dejarik was your idea." Who knew Savage was the betting kind? Not you, oh no -- the odds favoured him if he'd chosen sabbaac, but Savage finds cards uncomfortable. They're too small in his fingers.

    You're small in his fingers, too: but tonight you're playing him.

    You flash a grin. "Pants too."

    Winner rules, was the wager: just you and him, however you want him, with twelve hours on the clock and the doors of his quarters locked.

    "You were wet for me the moment I lost," he murmurs, and this time, his grumpy attitude reveals itself for what it truly is. He's looking forward to whatever you demand of him without threat of reprimand or recrimination. You could make him crawl. You could make him beg to nuzzle your crotch. Rub your feet. Worship your ass.

    Savage has considered all of these things, and the look in his eyes shows it: it leaves you dripping as he stalks forward, towering over you like his size is a threat.

    "Sore loser," you purr, wriggling from your trousers and stepping out of your boots. "Why don't you come closer."

    You trail the pads of your fingers down the hard ridges of his abdominal muscles, watching his flesh jump. Such a delicate touch has such a profound effect on him that you feel his purr as it vibrates through your hand.

    When Savage steps into you, he's breathing harder; the thick outline of his cock straining against his trousers.

    "Do you need some help?"

    You flick your gaze up to his, and find him breathing harder.

    His answer is to notch his thumbs into his waistband, pushing them off himself roughly so that when his cock springs free, the tip brushes against your belly. Everything inside you constricts at the sight of his weeping tip.

    "I'm well," he murmurs, not at all convincing the way his voice strangles. "What do you wish of me?"

    You can't tell if he hates it, or if he'll punish you for this later, but you swallow because your mouth has started watering and you squeeze your legs together just the same.

    He doesn't soften, exactly, but that self-satisfied look you're so familiar with when Savage knows he's got you curves his mouth up at the corners. He lowers, dipping down, as if the torment of his lips so near yours might tempt you into handing your power over to him.

    You're hoarse when you lead him backwards a pace, brushing up against the wall at your back, "Brace me. Put your hands on the wall beside me --" you manage. "On either side of my head."

    You want him to lock you in.

    "Shall I --" he begins, doing as you asked, though the heat of his body is assaulting: an impenetrable barrier that makes you feel small and fragile, and leaves you quivering.

    He hums as if sensing what you need of him, and the reverberation of that low noise pools deep in your belly, sliding deliciously between your thighs as if the rumble of his interest could bring you off alone. If he knew it might, Savage would try.

    "What are we doing, little one?"

    It's not concern, but interest at this bold showing as you direct him, turning in the little space he's left you to place both your palms to the wall -- to press your hips backwards so that his cock brushes over your lower back.

    You hitch your hips upward in invitation. This is not a suggestion.

    "I want you to ease me with your cock." And to hell with it if your voice shudders. "Not your hands."

    Savage falls silent, growing still as he leans in, his jaw brushing yours, wanting to know for sure what you're asking for.

    You grit your teeth. "I want it rough."

    One large palm comes off the wall and touches down on your tummy, sliding across your belly so that he wraps you into his easily, his mouth coming to rest by your ear.

    "I want --" you try again, your confidence flagging as his thighs brush the backs of your legs, the enormity of him creating a complex jigsaw to fit the pieces into. "To lift me up, press my face into this wall with your hand, bow my back, hold me down if I thrash."

    The rumble of his command ripples through you, pebbling your nipples as his thumb brushes the underside of your breast, the obscene noise your pussy makes as you shift, forcing you to shut your eyes. "I want you to split me. Drag me down your cock. Ruin my pussy." You hitch a breath. "Fuck me hard, Savage. I want you to fuck me so hard that I can't walk. I'll need to crawl."

    His chuckle is low, and dark, and not at all soothing as that palm slides up to tweak your nipple, then squeeze your breast. It hurts, but not enough. "Is that all?"

    You shudder a breath.

    "I would stretch you with my fingers first," he murmurs, and when he draws back to card a gentle, probing touch between your legs, you clench, and beg, "But you lost the bet."

    You feel his shrug. It's indolent. It should be warning enough.

    "You've thought about this," he says, coating his fingers with the dew of your arousal, pushing in with two so firmly that you gasp, your back arching. He slips out, then adds a third. "You've thought about this for a very, very long time."

    Your fist strikes the wall as he flares them open, earning a groan before the sound of him leaving you drags a hoarse cry from your throat and you nearly collapse from the absence of his touch.

    "Get on your toes." You obey, because he'll give you exactly what you asked for -- and more, if you're nice.

    He grips your ass, spreading you apart, pushing your face into the wall so that you catch yourself on your elbows. The flared tip of Savage's cock rubs over your entrance, dipping in just a little so that when you crane back, you can see him watching how he lines himself up with your slick, shivering hole.

    "Your wish, my Lady, is my command," he says, and hauls you onto him in one staunch, uncompromising stroke that whites out your vision -- his grip on your ass shifting to your hips while you cream down his legs. Savage's grunt precedes his exhale, and he gathers you up to his chest, the top of your head his chin rest as he walks you forward on skittering, uncertain feet. It aches, and you think, semi-delirious, that if he brushes your clit the wrong way being this stuffed, you will come.

    "Again," he grunts, and thrusts in, seating himself closer but not all the way. Your head falls back. It doesn't even reach his shoulder. Your eyes roll. He palms your pussy, squeezes the meat of your mons like the delicious little punishment it is, taking all your sensitive nerves between two fingers and pressing down.

    You stop breathing. This wasn't part of the deal. You slap at the wall, helpless and thrashing and utterly beneath his will.

    From very far away, you realize your body is thrumming -- that someone is screaming, and it's you. Incoherences. Nonsense. Your clit suddenly his plaything as your feet leave the floor and he seats your further down his length.

    The thick protrusion three-quarters of the way up his cock is a barrier that won't relent, and gravity won't do the work of pulling you over it when it pulses as it does.

    You are keening his name, panting, babbling and stupid and so desperate to come suddenly that when he rubs you, you nearly break.

    "Is that what you wanted, little one?" he growls.

    It takes nothing to send you over. You're so full and so tight that the barest brush of his fingers halts your breathing as the oblivion that chases your pleasure threatens to drag you down. You go limp in his arms, pulsing as Savage's knot puffs and stretches you out.

    Crying, you choke out, "Yes! Yes!" as his hand sinks into your hair, turning your face to his.

    His lidded gaze swims before you. Savage is smiling, satisfied that he's gained the upper hand once more as he drops his hips and uses gravity to pop you off him with a thrust, and then two.

    "Prove it," he rumbles. "Come on my cock again."

    There's no place else for you to go, so you do.

    #Savage Opress #Savage Opress x Reader #Savage Opress Smut #Star Wars Smut #size kink #siiiiiiiiiize kink oh dear #knotting#D/s#role-reversal #attempted role reversal? #no beta we die like men
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  • gyeheons
    26.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago
    denim jacket weather u.u
    #this is so unwell of me :// but anywho #wore a denim jacket today bc dh 🙄 i think this is a disease 😭 #it’s actually several sizes way too big for me but :// #kinda love that it is … it’s like a blanket LOL #anyway this was the only salvageable pic i took 😪 #i’d prefer if you didn’t rb this btw u.u✨ #🌱.photo #not vrvr#personal#tb dl #obviously can’t compare to him but ;;;; he’s so pretty had to share 😭 #also gye king of mirror selcas lend me your powers ;((
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  • penis-sheath
    26.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Fanfiction and fanart is not easy to create

    If theres a lack of something that you want to see, then hop on making it instead of sending ugly messages to people who are creating content

    I mean if its so easy, you do it 🤷‍♀️

    #fanfiction problems #why are ppl like this #if you want plus size ff then write that shit baby #i seen a lack of roy harper x reader/plus reader so im filling that hole hard as i can #fanfiction#fanart
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  • somedaytakethetime
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The way Simon walks....

    #his walk is SO off-kilter!!! #it's the size of his third [gunshot] #MIL vs TOR #26.10.2021
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  • elephantseatpeople
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Happy rainy Tuesday.

    #plus size #girls with tattoos #girls with piercings #girls with green eyes #babe#thicc
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  • fine-ass-fatshion
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    New bralette and undies!!

    Both from Aerie <3

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  • statue-art
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A very touching and beautiful crucifix. nicely detailed and proportionate. this crucifix is beautifully made and surprisingly detailed.

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  • shigarakiism
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    rough character design for a story im working on rn

    #my art #character uses all pronouns but they don’t have a name yet #pattinson is there for size lol
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