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  • tsukibyeollie
    16.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Cropped version of the full drawing 👀

    🔞Uncensored on Twitter ~ ❤

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  • theonlythingimfuckingisstupid
    16.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Whump/flufftober2021 day 8: cooking lessons and coughing up a lung

    Warnings: coughing but idk if that really counts

    Fandom/characters: sk8 the infinity, reki, langa, miya, joe, cherry, shadow

    It’s in hc form and not very whumpy, but I hope you like it :)

    -langa, reki, miya and shadow all go on a vacation to Canada (shadow was guilted into it, obviously, he definitely didn’t want to go, not at all)

    -when they get there, the hotel they’re staying at is really nice

    -like four star

    -and, of course, cherry and joe are there too

    -they put all their stuff in their rooms (shadow refused to take any bags this time) and went outside

    -it was very cold

    -and only langa, miya and joe were fully prepared for the cold

    -they have a great time outside for a couple hours, not really bothering to pay attention to the cold

    -they go back to the hotel and crash in their rooms

    -a few hours later, cherry wakes joe up coughing

    -shadow and reki do the same to miya and langa

    -miya rolls their eyes and walks over to joe and cherry’s room

    -joe answers and waves miya in

    -langa has to deal with a very wining shadow and a clingy reki

    -in joe and cherry’s room, cherry’s on the bed coughing constantly

    -joe is teaching miya how to make some good old chicken noodle soup

    -they’re actually pretty good at cooking, so this isn’t that hard

    -and joe’s a really good teacher

    -neither of them talk much, only when miya has a question or cherry askes a stupid fever-induced question that they feel they should answer

    -the soup is done and miya leaves joe to deal with his boyfriend while they go back to their family with a huge container of soup in their arms

    -langa managed to make it to the store and buy a humidifier for the room and he got some hot chocolate and mints

    -shadow is curled up on the bed covered by blankets and reki is hugging langa

    -miya serves up the soup and they all sit on the couch to watch some tv that langa has to translate

    #flufftober2021 #flufftober day 8 #whumptober2021 #whumptober day 8 #no.8 #whump and fluff #cooking lessons #coughing up a lung #whump#fluff#whumplr#fluffy#whumpee #sk8 the infinity #cherry sk8#sk8 shadow#cherry blossom#joe sk8 #reki and langa #reki#langa#miya chinen#miya
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  • penbwl
    16.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Me: I don’t like muscles


    Me: fuck

    #sk8 ruined my life in the best way possible #fanart#sk8 joe #sk8 the infinity
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  • lecritiquedouce
    16.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Flufftober day 16: Bed Sharing

    Fandom: SK8 to Infinity

    Pairing: Hasegawa Langa / Kyan Reki

    "So..." Langa said. His face was a bright red.

    "Do you see what I see?" Reki asked.

    "So you see only one bed?"


    "Then, yes I do." Langa looked at Reki. To be honest, he was already planning a huge gift for Miya, who had arranged the rooms. Sharing a bed with Reki, and snuggling, and cuddling... His lovey dovey heart was already going wibbly wobbly.

    "I..." Reki said, then he cleared his throat, "I don't mind sharing a bed. If it's with you."

    "Me neither." Langa confessed. Reki made the hugest smile ever and grabbed him, then shoved him on the bed: "Are you ticklish?" he asked.

    "No, I'm... REKI, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Langa started to laugh hysterically at Reki's tickling.

    Then he stopped. Somehow, they had ended up on top of each other, and Reki's face was so close... It only took Langa a tiny movement to kiss him.

    And an ever tinier movement for Reki to kiss him back.

    Yeah, so SK8 takes out my comedian side, so... The outside perspective as a bonus!

    "I need a raise for arranging the rooms." Miya announced, coming into the hotel's dining room.

    "First of all," Cherry replied, "No, you don't. Second, we're not paying you."


    "Because you put him with Shadow." Joe quietly said.

    "So what? You've been together for a million years, you will be able to stand two nights apart."

    Cherry violently blushed, and Joe almost had a stroke.

    "We... We're not together." he said. Miya stared at both of them, astonished: "Well, see this holiday as a hint to understand how much you care and to finally get your shit together."

    "Language." was all that Cherry managed to say.

    "Anyway, Reki and Langa are in the same room... And there's only one bed." Miya dropped the bomb.

    "Awww!" Shadow cheered, "There is only one bed!"

    "Where are they, by the way?" Oda asked.

    "Probably sharing that one bed." Miya giggled. That sadistic little bastard.

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  • ao3feed-matchablossom
    16.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Oh, Baby

    by Odazai

    Giving birth does not go how Kaoru imagined it would, but at least he has Kojiro and Ainosuke there to help him out.

    Words: 2071, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: SK8 the Infinity (Anime)

    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: M/M

    Characters: Sakurayashiki Kaoru | Cherry Blossom, Nanjo Kojiro | Joe, Shindo Ainosuke | Adam, Chinen Miya

    Relationships: Nanjo Kojiro | Joe/Sakurayashiki Kaoru | Cherry Blossom, Sakurayashiki Kaoru | Cherry Blossom & Shindo Ainosuke | Adam

    Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Mentions of canon events, Graphic Depictions of Giving Birth, giving birth in a car, Explicit Language, Trans Male Character, Trans Sakurayashiki Kaoru | Cherry Blossom, Trans Pregnancy, Mentioned Kikuchi Tadashi, Minor Hasegawa Langa/Kyan Reki, Minor Kikuchi Tadashi/Shindo Ainosuke | Adam, Takashi is technically in here but he's not mentioned by name

    source https://archiveofourown.org/works/34525564

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  • catlandcomics
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago
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  • matcherry
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Watching the beach episode again and thinking about how in the sub, Joe says “it’s just Kaoru!” instead of “that’s not your mom!” And I love that line but also wish they’d had Joe say Kaoru’s name one more time instead

    #there’s so much good in this episode #also cherry in this episode just <3 #there are so many dumb little things I wanna yell about #and reki and Joe’s heart to heart <3 #this is literally my comfort episode I’ve watched it so many times #bad migraine days call for sk8 #this is eli
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  • k3ithsk0gane
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Oka’s persona at S being Foxy or Fennec because of Sketchy and he wears crop tops that are a little see through and short gym shorts

    #he’s always wearing that full body mechanic suit thing #I KNOW he’s hiding something under there #he’s hot and the sk8 creators didn’t want to show us bc he’d be too powerful #oka shokichi#manager oka #sk8 the infinity #sk8#hiromi higa#miya chinen#reki kyan#langa hasegawa#kojiro nanjo#kaoru sakurayashiki#sk8 joe #sk8 cherry blossom #sk8 shadow
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  • k3ithsk0gane
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Cherry and Joe’s stage actors did not come to play they look so good

    #I’m in love pls #wow #that shit is breathtaking bro #sk8 the infinity #sk8 anime#kojiro nanjo#kaoru sakurayashiki #sk8 cherry blossom #sk8 joe#sk8#matchablossom
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  • that-shuichi-kinnie
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    i hate my brother

    me: did you like sk8?

    him: yeah

    me: who’s your favourite

    him: cherry

    me: same i love him

    him: he has a stripper name but he’s cool

    #sk8 the infinity #sk8 cherry blossom #sk8#sk8 memes#cherry#kaoru sakurayashiki #joe would say dumb shit like that #siblings #my brother is an idiot
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  • kalira
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Whumptober2021 #no.15 #Feed a Cold Starve a Fever #bees #SK8 The Infinity #fic#hospital#allergies#SK8 #Joe x Cherry Blossom #Joe (SK8) #Cherry Blossom (SK8) #Kalira writes #Kalira writes; SK8 #MatchaBlossom #Kalira writes; MatchaBlossom #Unseen (Stripey) Attacker
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  • lecritiquedouce
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Flufftober day 15: Soulmate

    Fandom: SK8 to Infinity

    Pairing: Hasegawa Langa / Kyan Reki

    Reki and Langa stared at each other: oddly, on both their foreheads they had identical bruises.

    "What happened?" Langa asked, anticipating Reki's question by a split second.

    "I kinda..." Reki blushed, "Yeah, I might have got distracted and hit a lamp post. What about you?"

    "A cobbler. I fell face-first onto the street." Langa hesitated, then went on: "It's funny. Your bruise is identical to mine."

    "Yeah..." Reki suddenly gasped and hurried: "Langa, I think I need you to sit down." he grabbed him by the hand and shoved him on a bench.

    Langa, puzzled, asked: "What's that?"

    "Listen, this might be a shock but... My sister told me all about this kind of thing."

    "What kind of thing?"

    "Identical marks that casually appear on two people... Langa, these are soulmate marks. We are soulmates." Reki seemed to be shocked, but Langa shuddered.

    "I already knew." he just said, then he flashed a gentle smile at Reki, who slightly blushed and smiled back at him.


    Cherry was staring at the wall.

    Joe was extremely focused on the tiramisu he was making.

    Shadow had come and immediately gone, muttering about some forgotten appointment.

    Miya wasn't so subtle, of course: he was openly staring at both Langa and Reki.

    "So." he said, but didn't articulate further.

    Cherry took a sip of wine and Joe started to blabber loudly about its fragrance and taste.

    Miya stood up and touched the strange, identical cuts on Langa's and Reki's foreheads.

    "Ouch!" Reki complained.

    "Hurts..." Langa said.

    "How did you get those cuts?" Miya asked. Reki blabbered something about a lamp post, Langa muttered something else about a cobbler on the street.

    "Well..." Miya said, widening his eyes, "One could even say that..."

    Cherry quickly drank a sip of wine and choked on it. Joe started to pat his back to help.

    "You know... They're like soulmate marks." Joe collapsed on Cherry, hauling with laughter, while Cherry tried to locate the nearest fire extinguishers: Langa and Reki seemed to be about to catch fire.

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