“Airshot Semi Lightness Air Mask Black 4 Sizes with Adjustable Face Mask strap Black White”

High Quality of Lightness Black Mask 4 Sizes with Mask Strap

WHAT’S INCLUDED - Mask 2 EA and Mask strap 1 EA Skin low irritation, UV 99.9% protection
Protective material that can be used by children.

[ Mask 4 Sizes ]
XS : 149 X 113 mm
S : 160 X 119 mm
M : 170 X 120 mm
L : 184 X 120 mm

[ Mask strap Size ]
67cm, Snap is locked 58.5cm

Mask - Black,
Mask strap - Black, White

[ FaceMask Washing Tip ]
Hand washing with lukewarm water.
Avoid using chlorine, bleach and neutral detergent.
If you twist or pull too much, it may tear.
Do not iron and machine dry.

[ How to use Mask strap ]
1. Hang the strap around your neck
2. Hang the strap on the mask earring
3. Lock snap button
4. Wear a mask

Link To Purchase: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08P43QKVR

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