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  • Ways I knew I was “old” this week: 1. I threw my back out changing my pants 😂. 2. I just used that emoji. 3. I had to research “Gen Z style” to write this. I could go either way on skinny jeans but my side part literally isn’t going anywhere. It hasn’t budged my whole life. Here’s “I Part It That Way” to the tune of “I want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys.


    We’re one gen prior

    You just inquired 

    About my hair day

    I part it that way

    We’re born, two decades apart

    Can’t even, don’t start

    When you complain 

    That I part it that way

    Tell me why

    Cry laugh emoji can’t stay

    Tell me why

    My tight jeans are a mistake

    Tell me why

    Gen Z hates wearing hair sideways 

    I part it that way

    Rather set fire

    To my attire

    Than wear clothes you conflate

    But I part it that way

    Tell me why

    You’d rather it were shag cut 

    Tell me why

    Or pants you saw on Tik Tok

    Tell me why

    My hair spent thirty years the same

    I part it that way

    Now that I hear you don’t care for my part

    Or the way we wear skinny jeans, yeah

    No matter our difference 

    I want you to know

    I’m not changing ‘cause of your memes

    This petty mire

    It’s not that dire

    Dire (dire, dire, dire)

    Don’t wanna wear crazy 

    Instagram influenced pants

    Acid wash already had a chance (already had a chance)

    Just wait til you start going gray (oh, yeah)

    You’ll part it that way

    Tell me why

    You cut up clothes I donate

    Tell me why

    My fashions up for debate

    Tell me why

    Who do you think you are anyway (who are you anyway)

    I part it that way

    Tell me why

    Cry laugh emoji can’t stay

    My tight jeans are a mistake 

    Tell me why

    Gen Z hates wearing hair sideways (don’t want to wear sideways)

    I part it that way

    ‘Cause I part it that way

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    Check these top quality women ware here https://oferta.vc/v2/59ce69076b

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  • Feel the happiness with #Denim, break-free, comfortable, and easy to go #jeans, playful with your moves, lovable to wear, and stretchable to fit. Whenever you think about jeans, Denim is the first option. A follow-up to a secret of happiness… . . 

    #mitogs mitogsjeans mitogsofficial denimjeansforwomen womenjeans jeansforwomen levisjeans skinnyjeans skinnyfit slimfit bestjeans pakistanifa
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  • The lady I was going to get the fish tanks plants from was not able to meet up with me yesterday. Will meet up with her on Saturday after work. Which will be the easiest day since I work near where she lives. Hopefully once I get my plants growing will be able to start trading or selling some of the cuttings. Either for new fish or other plants. If it goes well I may set up a tank just for the cuttings so I have a place to store them. Maybe it will allow me to open a store one day.

    Finally got my Dr Marten Chelsea platform boots yesterday! They are a little stiffer then I expected but will be using my Wonder Balsam on them to try and soften them up a bit. They are amazing looking boots and I can not wait to get to wear them with some skinny jeans! I also picked up some UGG Neumel boots as well so that I have a comfy boot to wear when I just have to make a quick errand. I do need to take an inventory of all the shoes/boots I have.

    Should be the last footwear I should have to buy for a while. Unless I need something specific for a job I will use what I currently have. I did find some shoes that I did not think I still had that will go well with my skinny jeans and khaki pants. Another pair will be great when I go to the museum during the summer since they are lightweight. Plus when I get some new pants I can get them to go with some of the shoes/boots.

    Need to do some organizing today along with some cleaning. Going to fix the side of my closet where I keep all my shoes and boots so that it is more organized. Currently it is a bit of a mess and hard to get to some items. Which will allow me better access to ones i do not wear very often. I do need to look up some new under bed shoe organizers. Since that is an easier area to get to at times.

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  • 1. Low Rise Jeans for Women  

       These low rise jeans are trending and are continuing to increase in popularity. These jeans allow you to show off your waist in style. Wear a pair of these jeans with a short top and rock the low rise jean look!  

    2. Mid Rise Jeans for Women     

       The mid rise jeans cover more than the low rise jeans but still allow you to look sexy. These pants fall below the belly button allowing you to show off those abs in a belly shirt. This pair of jeans is better for women who have wider hips. Look amazing at parties or social gatherings with a pair of mid rise jeans. Show off with out making it obvious to those around you!  

     3. High Rise Jeans for Women     

       The high rise jeans will fit your natural waist line and covers the belly button for a more modest but cute look. It is a great way to show off your bodies figure with out showing off to much skin. Even when this is matched with a short top you will still look classy.  

    4. Women’s Straight Jeans

        The classic straight jeans are comfortable and snug but not as tight as skinny Jeans. The pants are more flexible and gaining or losing weight wont impact your style with these jeans. These jeans stay narrow and straight down to the angles.  

    5. Ladies Bootcut Jeans

      The bootcut jeans looks great on ladies of all different body types. It was in every women’s wardrobe in the 70’s and 80’s and has been making quite the comeback. It is snug on the thigh and lose on the calf and below the knee. This allows you to wear boots that the pant leg can go over easily. Still a must for a jean lover today!   

    6. Women’s Skinny Jeans 

         The skinny jean is the icon jean that all women wear today. What used to be only for those with slim body types is now being worn by women of all different sizes. These tight fit jeans show off its wearers natural body features. Dress to impress or wear these because there conformable we will leave that up to you.

        7. Capri Jeans

          Its to short to be pants but way to long to be shorts yes we are talking about capris!  Capris give those that wear them a causal look. They allow the wearer to show off their calf’s but they do not go above the knee. We consider this to be the perfect fall jeans when its to hot for pants but to cool for shorts capris are always a safe bet.    

    8. Jean Shorts  

          While these are not pants jean shorts are great and never go out of style. Whether you are a country girl, city girl, preppy, rich, or middle class everyone wears jean shorts. Best worn snug on your thighs these pants go with almost anything.   

    9. Ripped Jeans

          The ripped jean look allows you to put your own twist and turns in the jean department. Any type of jeans can be ripped or bought ripped. You can have your jeans ripped on your thighs, or butt any where really. You can go for style or you can try to show off parts of your body. Making a modest pair of jeans look quite sexy!

      10. Embroidered Jeans 

         Embroidered jeans are drastically under rated in our opinion.  With embroidery you can custom create a pair of jeans yourself or buy a pair already designed. You can have different colors on your jeans allowing you to wear an artistic master piece. 

    11. Girls Colored Jeans

          Colored Jeans are becoming more and more common. It makes sense why just limit yourself to blue. You can buy jeans in pink, white, yellow, green, aqua, basically almost any color of the rainbow. Stick out from the crowd of blue jeans and I am sure everyone will complement you on your pair. 

     12. Painted Design Jeans 

         Painted jeans are jeans that have painted designs on them. Your jeans are like a canvaus and there is no limit what pictures or colors they can include. You can go for a rustic, or metallic paint look. You can include pictures or images on your jeans. The options are endless but they are more difficult to find and usually more expensive than your average pair of jeans.   

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  • Hope everyone had a good week! I have been working six days a week so have not had time to do very much. Things may be finally cooling down here so will be able to do a few things outside without burning up. May even get out my cardigan to wear since I barely get to wear it. It will look good with my skinny jeans and some boots. Yes i know I am becoming a bit of a fashionista but I will go with what works.

    Hope everyone has a good Sunday and week!

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  • That One Arm Sweater 😘
    Shop herchicappeal.com

    #onearm #sweater #skinnyjeans #croptop #chainbelt #accessories #fallfashion #trendy #outfitoftheday #outfitinspiration #herchicappeal #greenfieldplaza

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  • I am thinking of getting some Chelsea boots to wear with my skinny jeans! Which look like an amazing combination.

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  • @godsplanclothinguk Have you copped our super stretch trousers yet? They are perfect for both casual & smart look🔥👖 #sprayonjeans #skinnyjeans #jeansday #godsplanclothing


    (at Online Shopping)

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  • NEW SINGLE BY @soul_3lu_music “SKINNY JEANS” DROPPING 9/11/20 @songtradr
    #scottboymusicgroup #soul3lu #skinnyjeans
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    #rapmusic #stream #download #purchase (at Opa-locka, Florida)

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  • 9/11/20 @soul_3lu_music WILL BE DROPPING “SKINNY JEANS” 🌎 WIDE🎤🎧💿💿
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    #share #stream #follow #play #download (at Miami, Florida)

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    So my first dabble into casting. Done myself 2 long leg casts, with a spreader bar. That’s me immobilized for a while. Even better that my favourite pair of jeans fit snuggly on top. Shame there is not anyone to come and do stuff to me…😈🍆

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  • anyone else remember when the guys were wearing baggy jeans and girls were wearing skinny jeans…. and now girls are out here wearing mom jeans and guys are wearing skinny jeans :o

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