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  • straypink-no-fanwars
    03.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Stray Kids Chats #2

    Chan: My day started as it usually does, horribly that is. Minho: ... Chan: because some bitch decided to throw Hyunjin's hairband in the oven. Hyunjin: it's unwearable now! * cries * Chan * sharpening his knife *: Can you guess who that bitch is, Minho?

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  • i4chaewys
    03.08.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    𝙗𝙗𝗒 𝗛𝗬𝗨𝗡𝖩𝖨𝖭 I can see the entire universe in your eyes, maybe we are soulmates!!

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  • felixielicious
    03.08.2021 - 34 minutes ago
    #they just want to bring skz down #this type of issue would cause a lot of chaos and would affect their comeback #im gonna stay quiet until then... #asks#anons
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  • felixielicious
    03.08.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    what happened now...

    #i dont want to go to twitter...i just went and its hell there #what happened #what did chan do- #skz#stray kids#chan#bang chan#skz chan#bangchan
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  • straykidsgallery
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    District 9 Unlock World Tour - Seungmin

    25 PHOTOS


    #stray kids#straykids#skz #era: clé levanter #stray kids seungmin #skz seungmin#seungmin#kim seungmin#stay #you make stray kids stay #district 9
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  • devibrat
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ⟩ ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏٫ ♥︎ — 【マルチファンダム — ଽフ 📎

    FÉLIX from straykids.   ↻ ㄔ  

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  • danielle-peaches
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    you can kiss my (uh oh)

    lee minho oil painting on paper

    #lee minho#lee know#skz minho #stray kids minho #skz lee know #straykids lee know #straykids#skz#fanart#skz fanart#straykids fanart #skz minho fanart #lee know fanart #kpop#kpop group#kpop fanart#skz edits#straykids edits #lee know edits #skz minho edits #skz imagines #stray kids imagines #skz minho imagines #lee know imagines #oilpainting#oilpaints#oilportrait #painting for sale
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  • sulfurcosmos
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    episode 31 - can i be him?

    lover of mine - music major!bang chan x english major!reader

    genre: fluff, angst, (attempted) humour

    A/N: i’ll be 100% honest. this is my favourite conversation between the sunny couple. i loved writing it so much! i hope you guys like it ^^

    i highly recommend listening to the song after reading this update. or even during. though i think... it’s more fun to read after. it really hits LMAO.

    i’ll upload the link on my blog so you can find it there ^^

    BTW! stay tuned for a ✨surprise✨ later.

    previous episode // next episode

    tag list: @fylithia @jakesahi @theirbbygirl @born5sos @jeyyes @freckledquokka @meowtella @rosesarentme @wrongbitch24 @thonkingdeepo @realisticstratosphere @jovialdelusionbouquet @john-joong @haechanight @hufflebeom @luvshye @at1nys-blog @simplewonderland @myglogic @iambabiestay @xhyunjinbbyx @skiez @elizabeth11moreno @hyunnie-bee @cookiemonstermusic258

    #bang chan fluff #bang chan imagines #bang chan x reader #stray kids fluff #stray kids imagines #bystay #stray kids incorrect quotes #stray kids incorrect texts #skz#stray kids#bang chan#skz imagines #skz x reader #stray kids x reader
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  • lixiesbabyhands
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    chan really named the new track cheese like all of us werent already inundated with dairy product themed merch

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  • 915archive
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    NOEASY Thunderous Trailer Exclusive Clip 210801

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  • neverstaynever
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ✿—ash's taglist | ongoing fics

    sorry for the sudden notification! just have been having a hard time keeping track of everyone because i have so much stuff ongoing. if i missed anyone or if you want to be added to a certain fic, let me know! <3 thanks for everyone's support.

    check out the full list of my works here 💕

    note: there are some people who asked to be tag that i couldn't link for some reason, idk why!! lmk how i can fix it!—if you want to be removed from the taglist, lmk as well!

    Out Of My League | kim seungmin fic

    taglist: @healinghyunjin​ @ellshells3 @softforqiankun @hyunjun-jpeg @suspixious

    couldn’t tag: @stay4eight @devoidimagines​

    The Epic Highs And Lows Of JYP University | skz smau

    taglist: @kuroovz @tiffychi @milene03 @sugarcubesuga @rindomo @trials--error @sometandomstuff333

    couldn't tag: @berriescape

    My Sunshine | lee minho smau

    taglist: @jakesahi @seungmoz @yangyanghasnotoes @softforqiankun @felixs-freckles-forever @staysstrays @eajone @softyfor-sweaterpaws @softy-ficrec

    couldn't tag: @changbinsworld

    You Make Me Stay | ot8 skz fic

    tags: @dandyboyseungminnie @chimmybaek7

    ✿—All Fics Mastertag

    taglist: @leagreenly @geniejunn @90s-belladonna

    #skz fic #stray kids fic #skz au #stray kids au #skz smau #stray kids smau #skz social media au #stray kids social media au #kpop fic#skz#stray kids#hyunjin#felix#lee know#jisung#bang chan#changbin#seungmin#jeongin#au
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  • stray-kiss
    03.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    aww our cutie

    credits to here

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  • dark-bin
    03.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Thanks to Changbin for revealing that his shoulder width is 50cm. I needed to know this for….scientific purposes.

    #he’s only 2cm taller than me but…..so much bigger #i officially feel tiny #stray kids#skz#changbin#seo changbin#skz changbin
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  • christianobangnaldoibnida
    03.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    "The devices are faulty at best." Felix sighed heavily as he ran his fingers through his hair and then over his eyes to wake himself up. "They only really work in an enclosed space due to them having to measure the surrounding area at all times with echolocation to hold the hologram's pattern."

    You stared at his screen along with him in the dark, albeit your gaze with more open space. "I'll pretend I just absorbed all those words without difficulty..."

    "No, I get you," he laughed airily and rubbed at his eyes again, and that's when you noticed how tired and red they really looked.

    "Hey, it's getting kind of late. Why not call it a night?"

    "I wish I could,” he plopped his arms onto the arms of the desk chair as he took in a deep breath, “we're out early tomorrow and there's a glitch in Seungmin's. It'll be a heavy hologram day. Nearly done, though," he looked up to you then and gave you an assuring wink. "You should hit the hay instead. Hyunjin's heading you back, yeah?"

    You found yourself only able to nod now that he was looking at you.

    He smiled warmly. "Then I'll see you around sometime, (Name). It's good hanging with you again. Take care out there, right?"

    “Yeah, and same to you,” you returned the warm gesture and stretched out your back, relief coming when you felt a satisfying crack.

    “Sweet dreams.”

    “Sweet dreams, Felix.”


    I’m in my felix dystopian cyberpunk rebel gang feels…

    #this doesn’t make sense rn but that’s ok #silspeaks #stray kids au #skz writing#lee felix#skzwritersclub #idek what tags to use for this can I even use that club tag
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  • matryosika
    03.08.2021 - 4 hours ago


    pairing – lee know x reader

    word count – 6.2 k

    warnings – virgin!reader, dilf!minho, sir kink, corruption kink, dirty talk, breeding kink, masturbation (f and m), squirting, blowjob, creampie, unprotected sex

    note – english is not my first language and i didn't read this before uploading, so i apologize for any mistakes made in advance!

    ever since he saw you walking into his office, minho knew you were going to cause him trouble.

    it might have been your innocent looks or how you knew so much about everything and nothing at the same time, but he couldn’t help his attraction towards you. the way you talked, walked and moved bewitched him since the very first time you set foot into his office.

    “i’m y/n, sir” you had said with both of your hands behind your back, bowing down politely to him, “thank you so much for this opportunity”.

    and just like that, you never left his mind. he would never admit it out loud, nor to his work partners or himself, but he would often dream about you in his sleep. touching your soft skin, ripping those cute dresses from your body, teaching you all sorts of things he was sure you had never experienced before. however, as soon as the sun rises, he is forced to lock down all those filthy desires, only releasing them once he comes back from work, finishing his day by stroking himself to the thought of you.

    “you wanted to see me, sir?” you questioned, your head slightly poking through his office door.

    sir. it didn’t matter how many times you had used that title on him, he could never get enough of it.

    “y/n, come in” he mumbled, leaving the sheets of papers he was reading on his desk. you walked in holding the strap of your purse on your shoulder, wondering what could possibly your boss need from you on a friday night. “can you please close the door for me?”

    you did as you were told even though the task was rather pointless since the whole building had been empty for at least 30 minutes now, no noise or person could ever interrupt that little meeting between the two of you.

    “is there something i can do for you?” you asked, walking slowly towards the two individual sofas placed in front of minho’s desk. he signaled you to them, a silent request for you to take a seat.

    “your internship period is about to end soon” he mumbled, his whole body resting its weight on the comfortable leather office chair. “you are aware of that, aren’t you?”

    “yes sir” you replied, swallowing hard in anticipation. you knew where this whole conversation was going, when you got the interview you were told that, based on your performance, there was a small possibility for you to move from an internship to a full-time job.

    but you were simply not ready to hear the verdict from him.

    “i had a meeting today, with my co-workers,” he continued, playing with his fingers as he penetrative gaze fixed on you. “we talked and evaluated your performance as an intern”.

    you sat there in silence, tilting your head slightly as you waited for his response, but he didn’t continue on talking.


    “they said very nice things about you, you should know that” he replied, giving you a soft smile that almost resembled a smirk, a twisted feeling growing up in your lower abdomen as the meeting continued, “but you already know that, at the end of the day, the only decision that matters is mine”.

    you nodded slightly, setting your gaze on the hems of your dress in an attempt to avoid maintaining eye contact with him, your mind being too weak to even bear such a small action.

    “and what do you think, sir?”

    minho licked his lips slowly, his whole body burning at the image of you struggling to even look at him. “i think you are doing great” he finally responded, a small sigh escaping your lips as if you were holding your breathing waiting for his verdict “i would love to have you working for me”.

    your eyes finally dared to take a look at him, and you gave him the brightest smile he had ever seen on you “thank you, sir”.

    “don’t thank me” minho insisted, feeling shivers all over his body once your glossy eyes found his, “you did it all by yourself”.

    you smiled again, feeling ten times more relieved than when you walked through his office. “is there anything else i can do for you or…?”

    “do you have somewhere to be?” he inquired, a faint smirk appearing on his face again.

    feeling sexually attracted to minho was nothing new inside of your mind, but you were too embarrassed about it to admit it. you were probably the youngest among the people working there, probably most unexperienced in life as well, so you spent the last six months trying to convince yourself that, if minho were to fuck one of his subordinates it was definitely not going to be you.

    even so, you constantly found yourself squeezing your thighs together whenever he was around, your mind traveling to forbidden places and dreaming about your whole body being completely used for his own pleasure.

    “not really” you answered, your heart pathetically racing at nothing but a trivial question “what about you?”

    “what about me?” he let out a deep laugh, making you think that maybe your question was out of place. maybe it was but, to be fair, your mind was working in pilot mode ever since you dared to make eye-contact with him. “i’ll just go home, have a drink and work some more”.

    “i’ll probably end up doing the same thing” you admitted “minus the drinking part”.

    “you don’t drink?”

    “it makes me sleepy”

    “ahhh” minho hummed, nodding as a sign of understanding. “one would’ve thought that women in their twenties usually spend their weekends partying and drinking”.

    “one would’ve thought that men in their thirties usually spend their weekends at bars or having expensive dinners” you counter-attacked. whoever heard that talk between you and your boss would’ve been weirded out, however, he always made sure to establish a relaxed work atmosphere with all his co-workers and subordinates, so this wasn’t really new to you.

    “don’t get me wrong” he assured, his head slightly rolling to the back until it hit the backrest of his chair, “i do enjoy going out, but this has been a stressful week and i’d rather spend the weekend at home”.

    “why don’t i-” you started talking, but your tongue didn’t seem to be connected with your mind. “why don’t i give you a shoulder massage?”. he tilted his head at you in confusion, both of his dark eyes fixing on the way your lips trembled after finishing that controversial sentence, “it sometimes helps”.

    he thought long about your suggestion, but he couldn’t turn it down. not when you were basically putting yourself on a silver tray for him, even if that was not your initial intention.

    but little did he know that, just like him, you went home every night thinking about all the things you were willing to let him do to you.

    “go ahead” he finally gave in, his body tensing up instead of relaxing as soon as you left your seat to walk towards him.

    you knew what you wanted, but you never thought you were going to be this close to get it. with that being said, and after he gave you permission to touch him, your mind went completely blank. you didn’t think he would agree to it, but now both of your hands were placed on his broad shoulders trying to release him from the burn out stress, your senses completely numb as you heard faint groans trying to escape his lips every time you stimulated his muscles.

    “just like that” he sighed, rolling his head slightly back with both of his eyes closed. the rather sinful noises that were coming out of his lips made you reconsider your whole twisted act, but you couldn’t even begin to regret it. not when the soft fabric of his shirt was against the palms of your hands, his head tilted back with his soft lips parted, almost inviting you to place a kiss on them “your hands feel heavenly”.

    and even though the context of the situation was not exactly sexual, you found yourself squeezing your thighs together while your hands rubbed against his shoulders, your tight cunt clenching around thin air and begging to be filled.

    “sir…” you whispered, your exes admiring the grimaces of pleasure and pain reflected in his face “does it feel good?”

    he let out a deep sigh before opening his eyes, his gaze feeling ten times heavier than usual and making your whole body tremble in its place, the pressure of your hands on his shoulder increasing as a couple of silent seconds passed by.

    “what are you doing?” he bluntly asked, your whole body freezing completely from your head to the tip of your toes.

    i should’ve think this whole thing through.

    “i’m sorry” you panted, your anxiety almost eating you alive. in the heat of the moment, all you wanted was to approach him, but you failed to consider that maybe he didn’t want you in that way or, in the worst case scenario, that this could end up pretty bad for you. “i-” you stuttered, your hands abandoning his shoulders in order to walk towards your previous seat, ready to grab your purse and leave his office.

    “did i tell you to stop?” his soft voice questioned again, your heart now racing at 1000 miles per hour. “keep on going, y/n” he ordered, his eyes admiring the fear and confusion plastered in your face.

    you stood near his chair for a few seconds, your mind going blank and your whole body completely disconnected from your brain. however, you understood that this opportunity was probably going to be one in a million so, with all the fear in the world, your hands returned to its original place, his head rolling back again at the feeling of your warm touch.

    “i asked you a question though” he mumbled while closing his eyes, his breathing getting heavier as time passed. “are you going to answer me?”

    “i- i’m not… i’m not doing anything, sir” you answered, biting your lower lip as you continued on working on his shoulders.

    “right” he sighed, one of his hands caressing the arms of the chair he was sitting on. a couple of minutes passed by in silence, your hands maneuvering his muscles while occasional groans and sighs left his mouth.

    “well, y/n, that would be it,” he mumbled in between groans, his hands loosening the tie he was wearing while his body settled down on his seat “you can go home now”.

    your hands withdrew from your body, the burning sensation of the shirt’s soft fabric getting imprinted in your skin. you looked at him for a few seconds, your mind battling between shooting your shot or picking up your things and leave his office.

    however, shooting your shot was definitely a plan without steps. you wanted his attention and his desire but, other than that, you were not quite sure what you else wanted from him. a kiss? his touch? his words?

    “sir” you whispered, looking at minho’s hands going through the paperwork on his table. his gaze lifted up slightly to find you again playing with your hands.

    “yes?” he asked with such an endearing, yet intimidating, tone. you looked at him in silence and he did the same thing, licking his lips while his eyes traveled from your gaze to your mouth. “y/n, i can’t read minds, you need to use your words”.

    and fueled by the way he looked at you, you took all the courage to speak up “can i stay a little longer?”

    it was impossible for him not to smirk at your voice saying those 6 magic words while knowing the meaning behind them. he understood what you meant, but he also needed you to be completely clear about it.

    “and what exactly do you want to do?” he questioned, standing from his seat as he walked towards you. “do you have any more questions about the meeting i had today or-”

    “can i kiss you?” you asked, taking him by surprise. to be completely honest, never in your life you had felt more stupid than you did right now, standing in front of him with your rosy cheeks, your whole skin burning while both of your hands were behind your back.

    you were twenty one years old asking for an older man to kiss you as if you were a teenager. you were going to be lucky as fuck if he didn’t laugh in your face at such dumb request.

    “you want to kiss me?” he inquired again, his body moving too close to yours. the air that you were breathing finally mixed with him, your chest feeling heavy every time he tilted his head at mere centimeters from your face. “since when do you want to kiss me?”

    “a while” you admitted, “i just want to know how it feels like”.

    “you’ve never kissed anyone before?” he replied with a surprised tone in his voice, maybe too surprising for your own liking.

    “no, i have” you were quick to answer “but i want to feel how it’s like to kiss you”.

    “do you want to kiss me,” he continued “or do you want me to kiss you?”

    “what’s the difference?” you asked, only to fall completely in silence once he pressed his lips against yours.

    and only then, you understood the difference of what he meant.

    his lips attacked yours slowly, parting them slightly to allow his tongue inside of you, licking and tasting every single place of your mouth. his hands, that were once inside the pockets of his black pants, were now resting on your hips as he pulled you in closer, feeling the heat of his body a hundred times more than you did before.

    you couldn’t help but moan against him once you felt his teeth gripping your lower lips, the painful sting sending waves of pleasure throughout your whole body.

    he was a good kisser, even better than what you had imagined him to be.

    “what else do you want?” he questioned in between kisses, his shortness of breath covering your whole skin with goosebumps.

    “do you want to do something with me?” you boldly ask, however, your voice never left its sweet and calming tone, something that drove him insane.

    “there are a lot of things i want to do with you, y/n” he admitted, peppering kisses along your jaw and neck “but i’m not sure if i’m allowed to do them”.

    “why not?” you sighed, one of your hands traveling all the way to his hair while you pushed his face deeper into the crook of your neck.

    “i’m not sure what your limits are”.

    “you can test them” you mumbled with broken words, your body trembling every time his teeth gripped your soft skin “it would be the first time someone does that”.

    he stopped kissing you for a bit while his eyes fixed on yours for mere seconds. “you haven’t-”

    “no” you replied without leaving him any more time to finish his question, even though you knew what he was going to ask “the most extreme thing i’ve done is kissing someone”.

    he looked at you in awe, but it was different this time. you’d dare to say that your words excited him, but you could be wrong: maybe he liked experienced women, or someone who was not as immature as you were.

    however, your doubts were all cleared out once a devilish smile appeared on his face.

    “are you familiar with the traffic-light system, y/n?” he inquired, taking your hand and guiding you all the way to the leather chair he was sitting at the beginning of the meeting. he sat down with both of his legs slightly parted, one of his hands palming his lap for you to sit on. you licked your lips in anticipation as you placed both of your legs on each side of his thighs, sitting right on top of his growing bulge.

    it was inevitable but, as soon as your hot clothed core made contact with his erection, you let out a soft moan earning a smirk from the man himself.

    “say green if you want me to keep going, yellow if you are unsure and red if you want me to stop” he ordered, placing both of his hands on your ass while lifting you dress up “understood?”

    you nodded, gasping as his nails digged into the soft flesh of your ass and thighs, the coldness of his rings sending sparks of electricity inside you, specially to your nipples that were painfully hard under your top underwear.



    one of his hands traveled to your back as he pulled you in closer, kissing you for the second time in the night. however, this time it felt needier, hungrier. his lips moved faster than before and you were not quite sure if you liked this pace more than the slow, sensual one. but as soon as you felt his tongue grazing against yours, your mind went completely blank again. your hips involuntarily grinded against him, making you moan against his lips while he held you close to him.

    “look, y/n” he muttered with a hitched breath, breaking the kiss from time to time “look how your body reacts under my touch”.

    you moaned once again at his words, bucking your hips with even more eagerness once you realized that it came natural. he gripped your butt harshly once again, his hand moving away for a few seconds only to be replaced by the sting of a spank, making you gasp in pain. “color?”

    “green, sir”.

    he continued on kissing you while you rode his lap, receiving spanks from time to time while you moaned against his lips. “have you ever touched yourself thinking about me?” he asked, breaking the kiss completely.

    you nodded with an accelerating breath, realizing how uncomfortable the clothes you were wearing felt against your sweaty body. “tell me about it” he pleaded, his hands gripping your hips while he guided your movements on his lap “tell me what you think about when you touch yourself.''

    you gave him a hesitant look, always being too shy to say those kinds of things out loud. however, you were already too out of your mind and completing such a task was not going to be hard, specially when your dripping cunt was brushing over and over his erection.

    “i think about you fucking me” you mumbled, bucking your hips on top of him “i dream about your voice telling me how good i feel around you, your hands touching every single part of my body”.

    “is that what you truly want?” he questioned again.

    “yes, sir” you replied “i want you to be the first man to fuck me”.

    he couldn’t understand why, but your words only made his cock harder against his pants. he always dreamed about ruining you, using your body as he pleased. he dreamed about railing you to tears, making you unable to think or speak other than his name. but finding out that you were a virgin excited him in ways he couldn’t describe. knowing that he was going to be the first one to truly ruin you completely was something he never thought about but truly needed.

    without asking any more questions, he lifted you from his lap, standing up as well in the process. he rested your body on his desk, lifting your dress over your arms to completely get rid of it.

    “color?” he questioned while the tip of his digits caressed the hems of your underwear, watching the piece of clothing completely soaked once you opened your legs for him.

    “green” you sighed, your heart skipping a bit as minho’s hands dragged your underwear along your legs and off of your body.

    he took a step back to admire you completely, his gaze focusing particularly on your dripping pussy, thinking about how many times he could cum inside of his pants just with that sight.

    “are you always this wet, y/n?” minho mumbled, licking his lips in despair, not being able to wait any more to take a taste from you.

    “only when i think about you” you admitted, your knuckles turning white from how hard you were grasping the edge of his desk.

    “you have a good mouth” minho admitted, kneeling before you and placing both of your legs over his shoulders, his hot breath now caressing your exposed cunt “can you use it to moan my name?”

    you looked at him nervously, your legs fairly spreaded for him to dive in your cunt with his finger and mouth.

    you had fucked yourself with your fingers before, but they were probably not as good as his. even though you were lubricated with your own juices, you were afraid to feel any kind of unpleasant pain

    “i promise you it will feel good” he muttered against the skin of your thighs as if he was reading your mind, “if you don’t like it, i’ll stop”.

    you nodded again, your head falling back instantly as soon as you felt his hot tongue rubbing against your bundle of nerves, not giving you any time to prepare yourself for such an intense sensation.

    the sight of having him in between your legs was something that you were not going to forget, his cold gaze fixed on how your breasts bounced every time you moved or how the grimaces of pleasure ruined your innocent features. you moaned his name over and over, your hands pushing his face further to intensify the feeling of his mouth against your throbbing cunt.

    “fuck, sir-” you whined, arching your back as soon as you felt one of his fingers inside your pussy “fuck, fuck, fuck”

    “does it feel good, y/n?” he groaned.

    “god, it feels amazing” you gasp, your hips grinding against his face at a brutal pace “please don’t stop sir, please”.

    “i won’t” minho’s deep voice mumbled “i won’t stop until you cum on my mouth”.

    soon, you started feeling a familiar sensation on your lower abdomen and back. it felt like those times you touched yourself on your own, but ten times more powerful. both of your legs started to shake around him but he was quick to hold one of them in place with his free hand. “keep them open for me, baby” he ordered, “we are almost there”.

    once he felt you were ready, he inserted one more finger inside you. his tongue collected the last taste of your scent before abandoning your clit, the thumb of his opposite hand that was holding your leg a few seconds ago replacing it.

    “sir, i don’t think i’ve felt this before” you cried, the task of keeping your legs opened becoming way too hard for you to handle it.

    “it’s going to be alright” he cooed with accelerated breath, his fingers curling up inside you while they hit that sweet spot repeatedly. “does this feel good?”

    “it does” you whined, almost screaming. your hips bucked against his fingers aggressively as his thumb rubbed your clit in circles, driving you to the edge in almost no time. “sir, it feels weird- fuck”.

    “i know, y/n” he panted, licking his lips at the sight of your wetness making a mess on his work desk. “just let go, baby”.

    as soon as you felt the knot coming undone, you opened your eyes to find him in front of you. his veins popping up on his arms and neck, his swollen pink lips glistening with the mixture of his saliva and your arousal, his loosened tie and the painful erection brushing against one of your thighs was just what you needed to come undone on his fingers.

    “that’s a good girl” he praised, his whole body ablazing at your attempt to keep your eyes on him and failing almost immediatly, your eyes going completely blank and empty as soon as you reached your first high. “look at you, y/n, already learning how to take my fingers”.

    “minho-” you painfully moaned, the first time you ever referred to him by his name instead of the title you have him.

    “keep on going, y/n” he ordered, his fingers abusing your throbbing cunt at a faster pace than before “keep on saying my name until you are done”.

    “minho” you screamed again, your throat now completely dry “god, it feels so fucking good”.

    “i know, baby” he mumbled, still curling up his fingers inside you and making your whole body shake under him "the way you are clenching around my fingers says it all".

    and with only one more thrust of them inside you, your arousal took complete control of your body. however, this time was nothing like when you touched yourself on your own.

    it was far from being the same.

    his whole desk got covered with your juices, both of your thighs glistening with your arousal as minho's hand smeared it all over you. "oh my fucking god" you gasped, your eyes instantly falling at the mess you just made both on his desk and him.

    "you did so, so well" he praised, his soaked fingers forcing themselves inside of your mouth. "look at you, taking your boss's fingers like this".

    "i am sorry" you mumbled still with his fingers inside of your mouth, drooling all over them while your cheeks turned red, "i made a mess".

    "why are you embarrassed, baby?" his soft voice ask, thrusting his fingers inside of your mouth while you sucked on them, "this is just the proof of how good i can make you feel".

    "i didn't know it would feel this good" you panted, still trying to recover from the nerve-wrecking arousal you just had. "it felt better than when i do it by my own"

    "of course, y/n" he mumbled while letting out a deep laugh, somewhat moved and aroused by your pureness. "i promised you i was going to make you feel good".

    you looked at him and then lowered your gaze to his throbbing bulge, too evident for him to even try to hide it. "what?“

    "can i?" you softly asked, your eyes fixed on his tight black pants.

    "do you want to suck me off?" he asked, both of his hands unclenching his belt without losing any more time "have you done that before?"

    you shook your head, standing up from his desk while minho's body sat down on the same leather chair as before. he didn't bother to take his clothes off, only freeing his painfully hard cock from his pants and underwear.

    "come here, y/n" he ordered, making you kneel almost instantly in front of him. you licked your lips in excitement, curious about how it would feel to have your boss's cock stretching your mouth deliciously. "do you want me to teach you how to properly suck my cock, baby?"

    you looked at him in the eyes and nodded again, your small hands instinctively traveling to his cock, touching it and stroking him slightly.

    "open your mouth for me" he commanded, smiling at how quick you followed his order by sticking your tongue out. "come closer, lick the tip of my cock".

    you flattened your tongue around the pink head, the taste of his pre-cum flooding your senses while you eagerly started to suck him off like a lollipop, moved by only your instincts.

    "you have always been a quick learner" he groaned, his hands caressing your hair as he maintained eye-contact with you, his cold gaze getting you wet all over again. "keep on sucking me like that, all the way down baby".

    after a few attempts, you managed to take half of his length inside of your mouth, hearing faint laughs as you failed to do so without tearing up or crying. "you look so precious like this" he moaned, "your cute eyes tearing up while having my cock halfway down your throat, drooling all over it".

    "mhm?" you hummed having him inside you, sending waves of pleasure all along his body.

    "mhm, y/n" he repeated, his hand slightly pushing your mouth even more on his cock. "give me your hand" he ordered, "and try to hold your breath for me, can you do that?"

    you nodded giving him a last glance before closing your eyes, his hands forcing his whole length inside you making him groan against you. "that's my good fucking girl" he panted, repeatedly guiding your movements on his cock "such a big girl now, aren't you?"

    you squeezed his hand and he took it as a sign to let go of you, breathing frantically as soon as you were able to catch some air.

    "it's not that hard, is it baby?" he questioned, "you managed to take your first cock this well".

    you gave him a soft smile with glossy eyes, his cock twitching almost instantly at the sight. "color?" he asked, his digits brushing your hand slightly.

    "green, sir" you mumbled, looking at his cock and clenching at the imagination of how it would feel stretching your inner walls, "i want to".

    "mhm?" he asked, getting off from his seat and placing your body over the messy desk, your whole body getting dirty with your fluids, "you really want me to be your first?"

    "i have dreamed about this for months now, sir" you whispered, opening your legs and exposing your throbbing cunt for him once again, "i want to take you, even if it hurts".

    "i'll make sure to make you feel good, y/n" he mumbled one of his hands opening the drawer to pull out a small, metallic package, "you don't need to be afraid, i will take care of you".

    "actually, sir-" you intervened before he could open the condom, "i want to feel you completely".

    having the package in between his teeth, he gave you a filthy look. almost as filthy as the image of his throbbing cock exposed, while still being fully clothed.

    "are you sure?" he asked, hoping that the answer coming out of your lips was a yes instead of a no.

    "mhm" you hummed "please, fuck me raw".

    you didn't have to tell him twice before he threw the package away, his saliva-coated cock tracing your slit slightly, making your whole body shudder. "it might hurt at first, baby" he mumbled, his jaw clenched at the warm feeling of your slippery cunt against his length, "but once you get used to it, you are going to love having me inside".

    you opened your legs even more for him, signaling that you were ready to receive him.

    slowly, his cock entered your tight walls little by little, making both of your hands grasp for dear life on his desk.

    "god, it hurts" you admitted, your eyes closing shut at the overwhelming feeling.

    he wouldn't admit it out loud, but knowing that he was inflicting you pain turned him on in ways he couldn't explain. your cunt was tight, maybe to the point that it could make him cum in less than a minute or two, but he was determined to make you cum one last time before he had his sweet released.

    "shhhh" he whispered, looking at how the tears started to prick in the corners of your eyes, "i know you can take me, y/n".

    his length finally filled you up completely and he stood there inside you for a few seconds, giving you the chance to adjust yourself to his girth.

    "your cock feels so big inside me, sir" you panted, still with your eyes closed as you tried to bear the pain. "it fills me up just fine".

    "you have no idea how many times i've cum by thinking about you this way" minho grunted, both of his hands resting on his hips. "every night i touched myself thinking about you, about your pretty face covered in my cum, your pretty breasts bouncing as i pound you hard and your tight cunt clenching around me, making me cum inside you".

    it was at his last sentence where he felt you clenching almost aggressively around you, biting your lip as your back slightly arched against the desk.

    "you would like that?" he questioned, "you want me to cum inside you?"

    and there it was again, the same feeling.

    "don't tell me you have dreamed about that too" he whispered, his hips moving slowly only to slam his cock inside you again earning a gasp out of you.

    "that's why i wanted it r-raw" you mumbled with broken words, the painful feeling suddenly becoming pleasure in a matter of seconds, "i fantasize about you filling me up with your cum".

    and just like that, a spark ignited inside of minho's body.

    he always felt attracted to your innocent and bubbly aura, how you managed to be sensual and sweet at the same time. he never thought about your sexual preferences or what you liked in bed, he just truly enjoyed the image of you being completely ruined by him, no matter what your likes and dislikes were.

    but now that he had you in front of him, admitting to fantasizing about being breeded with zero sexual experience whatsoever… it made him realize that the only innocence you had was illustrated in your eyes and nothing more.

    his thrusts began to acquire a faster pace, your cunt instantly adjusting to the size of his girth. he leaned on to be even closer to you, even though the position was rather uncomfortable.

    "you fantasize about me breeding you?" he groaned, one of his hands finding your bundle of nerves to begin rubbing circles on it. "you are inexperienced and yet your whole body is demanding for my cum".

    "breeding?" you inquired in between broken moans.

    "mhm" he groaned, still pounding himself into you. "you want me to breed you, baby."

    "i want you to breed me" you repeated like a person who just learned something they didn't before. "i've dreamed about that oft- fuck".

    his thrusts accelerated every time you said those magic words as if they were some sort of key concept for him to lose his mind. "i want you to fill me up completely please" you cried, feeling how the stimulation on your clit was doing it's job, "i want you to cum inside my tight pussy, sir".

    for him, it was heavenly to hear you talk about yourself like that. there was something compelling about being able to see you in this space, the lovely student y/n who worked hard and did everything right losing her mind completely about a crumb of his cock… that was something he will never forget.

    "fuck, fuck, fuck" you moaned as his thumb increased the pressure on your clit, making your hips moving against your cock everytime he slammed it inside you, "minho-"

    "use your words, y/n" he barely moaned, his words sounding like incoherent babbling at times.

    "i am going to cum on your cock again" you warned wanting to close both of your legs around him but not being able to. "fuck, it hurts".

    "keep on going baby" he ordered, his hips losing their pace "i know you can cum one more time for me, even if it hurts".

    you opened your eyes and fixed them on him, tears of sweat streaming down his face as his cold gaze landed on your bouncing breasts every time he slammed his length into you.

    one of your hands traveled to his tie, grabbing it in an attempt to get him closer to your body.

    "are you ready to cum, y/n?" he questioned but, judging by how hard you clenched around him and how constant the grimaces of pleasure appeared on your face, he already knew the answer.

    "i'm cumming" you chanted, your hips grinding pathetically against him, "god, minho, it feels so-"

    "keep on going, y/n" he ordered, his thrust becoming sloppier every time your walls hugged his length. "scream my name, i want you to remember who made you feel this good for the first time.

    "min-minho" you cried, your back completely arched from his desk "please breed me, please, please, please".

    the desperate and needy tone of your voice begging for him to breed you at the highest point of your orgasm was everything he needed to reach his high as well, both of your legs instinctively closing around him to force his cum inside of you. with a few more thrusts and sinful noises, you started feeling a warm sensation on your lower abdomen, your walls painted completely white by no other than your boss.

    "don't you dare waste any drops" he groaned, thrusting his leaking cum back inside you, "this is the reward good girls like you get when they learn how to properly take cock".

    you looked at him with half-lidded eyes, trying to catch your breath. after a few moments, he withdrew from your cunt as a small amount of his arousal leaked out of you, quickly admiring the scene of your ruined pussy being marked by no other than him.

    "will you reward me again in a future?" you panted still with your legs open, your hair and makeup completely messed up and your throbbing cunt leaking out minho's essence.

    "only if you keep taking my cock this well, y/n".

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    skz fic| karma is real

    summary: jisung decides to mess with seungmin, but unfortunately for him, karma is very real. 

    A/N: hello! this fic was a request from @xunknown-girlx who wanted a skz fic with lee! jisung and lers! seungmin, chan, and minho. they gave me an outline for the plot, and i filled in the details lol. i don’t wanna take credit for the idea bc they thought of it, and it’s so funny and cute imo! i hope that this turns out ok, bc i’m not super good at writing for skz and i haven’t done more than 1 ler in a while! but this is definitely different which is good.

    i apologize for my sort of hiatus recently! i’ve just been busy and sort of overwhelmed with life lately. my mental state hasn’t been great. butt,, i’m getting better and trying to get back on track with requests and being active on tumblr. if you read all this, please enjoy! and everyone, thank you if you’re reading the fic! i take criticism and suggestions. pls let me know if you enjoyed at all :) and leave any requests that you want to see in my DM’s or ask box! i always love getting requests.

    warning: lapslock,, sorry if that bugs you :/

    word count: 1,645 words


    “heyyyy seungminnn~” jisung sang, plopping down heavily on the floor next to seungmin. the taller looked up from his phone, a bit irritated at the disturbance. “hi jisung..”

    “whatcha doing?”

    “same thing as you, just sitting here being bored.” he replied shortly, returning to scrolling on his phone and not really paying any mind to jisung. he was bored, sure, but he really didn’t feel like doing anything. 

    this answer, though, was not good enough for jisung. with his naturally explosive personality, he found it difficult to just sit there and relax alongside seungmin. he felt this uncontrollable urge to bother him. but he couldn’t really help it, could he? he was bored, and seungmin was being a buzzkill. 

    luckily for jisung, he knew the easiest and most fun way to relieve boredom. in a flash, he was on top of seungmin, trapping him on the ground. 

    “are you serious right now? get off!” seungmin sneered, pushing on jisung’s shoulders, but immediately regretting it as the shorter grabbed both his wrists and held them together away from his body, granting easier access to his midsection. 

    “i’m 1000 percent serious, minnie. if you’d just lose the attitude and go along with it, then you wouldn’t be in this position right now.” jisung taunted, poking seungmin’s tummy a few times, just to see him jump. 

    “c’mon jisung, get off of me. i have an attitude because i’m not in the mood for your shenanigans right now. I just want to rel-AHAHahahax! what the hehehell?” seungmin responded, being cut off in the middle of his sentence as jisung started scribbling a few fingers along his neck. 

    “you’ve made me realize that the only way to get rid of your rude attitude is to tickle it out of you. and it’s only right for me to teach you a lesson about using that foul language! didn’t channie hyung raise you better than that?” jisung scolded playfully, letting go of seungmin’s wrists so he could use both hands to better tickle his neck.

    “jihihisung nohoho! leheheheave me alooooneeee~” seungmin whined, wriggling with all of his might to try and throw the shorter one off of him. 

    “i find it funny how all of that defiance and bite left once i actually started tickling you. starting to regret being a meanie to me, are you?”  jisung snickered, keeping one hand on seungmin’s neck and using the other on his tummy.

    seungmin grappled for jisung’s hands, managing to grab one but unfortunately, it didn’t stop jisung from torturing him. 

    “nohohoho, i’m nohohot. screhehehew yohohohou!” seungmin squeaked out, trying to keep his resolve somewhat, holding onto hope that maybe another member would hear the chaos coming from the practice room and come to his rescue. 

    “geez, you’re really laying it on thick with the tough-guy act, aren’t you? that’s fine by me, i have allllll the time in the world to do this.” the shorter said triumphantly switching tactics to squeezing seungmin’s sides and waist, enjoying the screams he heard in return.

    “AHAhahahanahahahah! jihihihisung! plehehehease~” 

    but suddenly, it seemed that seungmin’s prayers were answered. hearing seungmin’s screams, both chan and minho rushed to the practice room to see what was happening. and as soon as he heard the door open. jisung panicked and got off of seungmin at the speed of light. 

    “what on earth is going on here?” chan asked, his eyes moving back and forth to take in a wide-eyed jisung and a tired, panting seungmin. 

    “this probably looks a little incriminating, huh?” jisung muttered to no one in particular, not meeting eyes with either of the older two. 

    “jisung, what happened?” minho asked, his tone stern.

    “w-well.. I guess it wasn’t what happened.. per say.. you see, there’s actually a really funny explanation for this! it was.. uh..” jisung spluttered, cowering under the stares of his hyungs. 

    “i’ll stop you there, sungie. basically, as i already tried to explain to jisung, i’m not in the mood to play around today. but he wouldn’t listen, and he kept bothering me anyway.” seungmin explained, directing a pointed look at the shorter member.

    chan’s face turned from concerned to amused, and he crossed his arms over his chest. “bothering? oh dear. what kind of bothering do you mean?” he inquired, already knowing the answer, if seungmin’s disheveled appearance was anything to go by.

    “he kept tickling me.” seungmin deadpanned.

    minho let out an exasperated sigh. “that’s no good, jisung. you should have listened when seungmin told you to stop. now, you have to pay the price for what you’ve done.”

    jisung crumbled, quite literally begging on his knees in front of chan and minho. “i didn’t mean to! he was just being a jerk, and all i wanted to do was have some fun with him! please just let me go.”

    seungmin rolled his eyes. “i don’t think they’re gonna buy your act for a second. you were being cruel to me literally a minute ago, so what makes you think words are gonna change their minds?” 

    “yeah, i have to agree with minnie here. he was screaming pretty loud-” chan started.

    “hey!” seungmin interrupted, blushing.

    “ahem. anyways, you were clearly being mean to seungmin, and we can’t let that behavior slide here jisung.” chan said, bending down to jisung on the floor and seizing one of his arms, forcing him to stand up. 

    panicking further, jisung tried to break loose and run away. but seungmin was quick to stop him, springing up from the floor and grabbing his other arm tightly.

    “minho, do you want to do the honors?” chan invited, smiling at the younger. 

    minho nodded, stepping closer to the other three and observing his victim. “can you guys spread his arms out for me, please?” he asked deviously, already watching jisung squirm as his arms were brought out to both sides. 

    “please guys, you know i can’t take it!” jisung cried, using his best pleading-squirrel eyes to try and coax the older members into sparing him. 

    “you’re cute, sungie, but this is just too good of an opportunity to pass up. sorry!” minho chirped. not wanting to waste any time, he started fluttering his fingers on the younger’s sides.

    immediately, jisung erupted into giggles, his eyes squeezing shut. “nahahahaha-minhohoho hyung!”

    minho laughed, the sound similar to a movie villain. “i just started and you’re already this affected, sungie? you must be pretty sensitive.. but this can’t possibly be the worst spot, could it?” 

    “try under his arms,” chan suggested.

    noticing how jisung paled at chan’s words, and tried to protest, minho moved his hands upward to circle under jisung’s arms.

    it wasn’t like jisung was even trying to hold anything in, since he really couldn’t. but at the feeling of hands in his armpits, it was like a dam broke. his giggling transformed into full-blown laughter now, echoing off of the practice room walls. “NOHOHOHOHO! hyuhuhuhung~ ihihihi cahahaha-cahahahn’t dohohoho thihihihis!” 

    like the devil he was, minho only felt the urge to continue after hearing jisung’s begging. “you can’t do it? you sure? i guess you must be too ticklish here..” he teased, digging his fingers mercilessly into the hollows under jisung’s arms.

    the younger screeched, finding that no matter how hard he tried to move away from the offending fingers, chan and seungmin holding onto his arms was going to make it impossible to get away. 

    and he also found that his true nightmares were realized when seungmin decided to add to the torture. he reached a hand around to prod around at jisung’s ribcage. luckily though, chan had somewhat of a conscience and decided to observe quietly instead of joining the younger members. 

    but even without chan’s help, the sensations of minho tickling under his arms and seungmin on his ribs were enough to make jisung considerably weaker. his legs felt pretty wobbly, and he decided to just let himself slowly sink to the floor.

    “poor sungie, suffering from the consequences of your actions. it must be hard, huh? is there anything you want to say to me?” seungmin asked, trying to be as patronizing as possible. jisung fervently shook his head, still not allowing himself to lose his pride.

     “that’s not the answer i was looking for..” seungmin warned as he followed jisung down to the floor, not letting up on the tickling, even trying to make it rougher than before. jisung had to learn his lesson some how !

    but, finally, with some well-placed pokes to jisung’s torso and under his arms, seungmin was able to break him. jisung was officially depleted of his energy.

    “okay- ihihihi’m sorryyy~” jisung wheezed, hoping that the others would take pity on him once and for all. and they did, all three allowing him to catch his breath and curl up into a little ball on the practice-room floor.

    “sorry for what?” seungmin questioned him.

    jisung sighed, looking up at the taller from his place on the floor. he tried not to send a glare at seungmin and painstakingly uttered the words that he wanted so badly not to say. “i’m sorry for bothering you and tickling you when you told me not to. are you happy now, your majesty?” 

    chan raised an eyebrow at the younger boy. “really? that’s your apology?”

    minho chuckled and cracked his knuckles. “we could easily continue what we started if you keep up the attitude, sungie..”

    jisung gulped, scooting away from minho’s evil smile. “n-no, that won’t be necessary. I really am sorry, seungminnie!” he said hurriedly, hugging himself to protect from a sudden attack. 

    “okay, i believe him. down, boy.” seungmin laughed, regarding minho like he was an attack-dog. or in his case, an attack-bunny.

    “I think i’m ready to go home,” chan declared, yawning. 

    murmurs of agreement sounded and the four left the practice room together, trading cracks and jokes about the day’s events..

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    What are some Stray Kids, Enhypen, BTS, P1Harmony, TXT, NCT, and The Boyz writers/fan fictions that you recommend? Could be on Tumblr, Wattpad, AO3, or anywhere else they might be

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    (4) out of my league | k.sm fic

    ➼ genre: fluff, angst, enemies to lovers (sorta) ➼ warnings: major themes of bullying, reader's backstory being a horrible person ➼ disclaimer: this does not reflect the real life personalities of the Stray Kids members that will appear in this fic ➼ word count: 3.4k ➼ pairing: popular girl!reader x nerd!seungmin ➼ setting: first year college


    "Ok guys, in front of you, there are cue cards just to get you warmed up, it's just basic questions to get the feel of each other's truthfulness— I mean, unless you lie about the answers here too then that's just weird—"

    You both tuned out Jisung's nagging voice over the earpiece as you both looked through the cards separated for both you. Taking a seat in front of each other at a given table, you started reading through your prompts.

    "Favorite color?"


    "Zodiac sign?"


    "Favorite season?"


    The back and forth continued as such, both of you taking turns answering mundane questions about each other. The problem was: you still couldn't read a single thing about Seungmin. You feel like he could be blatantly lying to your face and you'd be none the wiser.

    Hesitantly, you rose a fist in the air.

    "Really?" He threw a look at you, obviously annoyed and honestly shocked that you'd pull the gesture such early on.

    "Seungmin, you're weird." Jisung spoke through which resulted in Seungmin making a 'what the fuck?!' gesture as he glared at the camera.

    "I'm not lying." He exclaimed, pulling out his ID to show that he was indeed a Virgo.

    "S-sorry." You didn't even know why you did that, perhaps to get a reaction out of him— or perhaps to get some comfort over hearing Jisung's voice in your ear (a feeling that you'll never admit to him) because sitting in front of Kim Seungmin while you're both locked inside a stuffy room filled with a silent atmosphere made you feel so stuffy.

    You ran your hands on your jeans, eager to shoot a quick message to your bestfriend that you were feeling claustrophobic and some music would be highly beneficial but you cursed in your head as you came up with nothing, remembering that they had confiscated it beforehand to lessen distractions.

    The two researchers probably felt the looming awkwardness that was present within the two of you so you were both prompted to just try out the normal part of the escape room— the actual puzzles, feeling like making you both drink this early on wouldn't be beneficial to either sides of the party.

    The escape room was also probably part of the social lubricants that your bestfriend had mentions: make two people that despise each other to work together towards a common goal. I mean, that's already what you're doing with the project but this current situation was more clear cut.

    Ten minutes later and you already regret even participating in this thing.

    "Y/n, for the last time, you don't solve puzzles by breaking things." He drew out an exasperated breath as you watch him run his hand through his hair for the nth time this hour. You swore you'd do it yourself if he doesn't stop.

    "But what if there's something hidden inside!?" You defended, trying to put back the pieces of the fake safe that you tried to pry open.

    "Rule one of escape rooms, if you can't force it open, it probably shouldn't be."

    You whined, feeling exhausted and stupid. You've never tried an escape room before and you definitely thought it would be a fun experience. Maybe it would've been had you not been paired with Kim Seungmin to do it.

    Nonetheless, Seungmin or not, you didn't expect it to be this hard.

    "So this riddle over here—"

    "Don't even bother, I already solved it." He clicked his tongue as you watched him go over the different clues and answers that would lead to the exit.

    "Hey! Don't solve it right away!" You hear your bestfriend exclaim and you rolled your eyes. He probably didn't expect such a brainiac to be participating in his little experiment and you figured that the puzzles just came with the room and not something he made on his own.

    "I think we should give you guys your first lubricant." You hear Felix's deep voice finally speak up. You never really noticed how... hot(?) his voice was until it's literally feeding right in your ear. The feeling of the vibrations made you shudder that you couldn't even react to how ridiculous his phrasing sounded like. "We're gonna have you guys sit back down on the chair, stare at each other for 180 seconds straight. No looking away, no looking at anything but each other's eyes. After we tell you that the timer is over, you say the first thing that immediately comes to your mind."

    Oh boy.


    "Just sit." He commanded, and although you weren't able to pick up on it, he reveled in the fact that you followed his words like an obedient puppy. Meekly sitting down as you shut your mouth.

    "Timer starts now."

    Staring at someone's eyes has never felt so awkward and intimate at the same time. The feeling of having to hold each other's gaze almost felt like a burden more than a shared moment. You were having a hard time focusing and your brain was more so repeating a chant that's reminding you to not look at anywhere but his eyes. Although who could blame you for not being able to keep your eyes to his when there's so many appealing qualities in his face that's begging to be marveled at. So you settled on just basking on those other qualities by relying on your peripheral vision— how his swept hair looked so soft to the touch, his chubby left cheek, his downturned pout that you so badly want to turn into a smile.

    Seungmin, on the other hand, looked like business as usual. He was unmoving, with an intense gaze that was completely unwavering in piercing through your soul. He looked like a complete statue while you were a fidgeting mess on your seat. Even from an outsider's point of view, one could tell that you were cowering from him.

    How much time is left?

    You couldn't tell. In the heat of the moment, you forgot to count. And you doubt the two would remind you of the countdown to prevent distractions— you guessed they'd only speak up when it's over.

    To buy some time, you tried to space out. To keep your eyes on him but let your mind wander some place else. It was the only way you'd make it through this god awful experience.

    You thought of what to ask once the timer is over and your mind seems to be everywhere but in the right head space to think of one. All you could think about is his glaring eyes and how his stare could eat you up in a second. Scary, you thought.

    "Ok. Time's up. Question in 3, 2, 1..."

    "Why do you hate me?"

    "What the fuck?"

    "—HUH." You answered in bewilderment at Seungmin's question. Unable to form a coherent response.

    He just shrugged nonchalantly, finally tearing his gaze away from you, "I couldn't think of a question."

    Confidently this time, you raised your fist again.

    "What?!" He snapped.

    "You're not doing this properly!!"

    "Guys what's going on—"

    You both tuned out Felix and Jisung's voice from your ears as you both just waged war upon each other through your words. You thought it would've been easy playing this game with Seungmin especially when you just need to be honest. You forgot that he's the worst talker in the world.

    The researchers just sat on the chairs of the security room staring into the screen in confusion when you guys wouldn't respond to their messages and made no attempt to clear the experiment. The screens just show two people sitting across from each other, pointing fingers with their mouths opening and closing per each complaint. Jisung and Felix couldn't hear it but it was obvious to see that you two aren't cooperating well especially when the argument ended with you and Seungmin splitting up to go distract yourself with whatever apparatus is in the farthest side of the room away from each other.

    "Should we just call it off?" Felix asked beside Jisung but the latter just shook his head.

    "If anything, this is a good sign to push it."

    This was supposed to be done in an hour but it ended up nearing the two hour mark.

    You don't understand why Seungmin won't just let you leave, afterall, mister smartypants said he'd already solved it anyways.

    "Aren't you gonna open the door? I thought you knew the answers already?" You snarked and he just rolled his eyes.

    "They locked the doors, dumbass. Obviously the purpose of this whole thing isn't to play escape room but to gather materials for their research."

    You hated his attitude but he was right. There was no way you'd be able to leave unless you make up for it. Jisung, goofy as he may be, is very serious with his studies and knows when to pursue a certain lead. In this case, he knows there's something to uncover between you and Seungmin so he's not dropping it.

    It's apparent with how you haven't heard their voices in a while, they've left you to your own devices to do your own thing.

    "Pretend we're not even here."— You remember them saying.

    Which was hard to do when you're wishing that they'd just haul your ass outta there every second.

    "Look, let's just give them something to work with. Why don't you answer my question? Unlike a certain someone, I'm actually trying and actually came up with one." You quipped and he pretended not to hear you. "Why do you hate me so much?" You pushed.

    You see him inwardly debating whether to answer or not and you're just realized at any small sign of progress. It seems like that's a common occurrence in your journey to breaking Seungmin's walls: baby steps.

    "Because you're a horrible person."

    "But you don't even know—"

    "Kim Yuna, first year freshman in..."

    Your eyes widened at the statement. "You're Yuna's brother—"

    And with that recollection, the walls you thought you'd broken past Seungmin had been rebuilt ten times stronger. And any hopefulness you had gathered to try and befriend him had come crashing down like a waterfall.

    He's right. You are a horrible person.

    Seungmin just stared coldly at you as all memories flashed back into your mind.

    You felt bad. Really really bad. Not just because of the reminder, but because you truly felt ashamed of who you were back then, and having someone uncover those secrets you tried to hide away is nothing short of shameful.

    Even right after you graduated, you realized how the social conundrums of high school hierarchies had gotten to your head. How uncalled for your actions were. How unfair it was to other people to follow your whims just because.

    "I-I'm sorry—"

    "Really?" He scoffed unemotionally, "You should be saying that to her. A single sorry isn't enough for the emotional turmoil you put my sister through. You weren't the one who has to witness her breaking down in tears once she gets through the front door. You're not the one who has to hear her cry herself to sleep every night. You're not the one who've seen her be raised into a wonderful girl only for her radiance to be doused by some jealous high school bitch who needs to learn her place."

    Every single sentence he spat out in your face, he got closer and closer until you were point blank. Every single word he utters drives a nail through your heart. Back then, you couldn't even bother thinking about how it would've affected Yuna. All you thought about was being at the top.

    "I told her— I told her, just wait until you graduate and leave that place. Everything will be fine. Or perhaps we could transfer her into a different school. But no, she couldn't even pick herself back up again— I've seen her dance since she was three. And now, because of you, I haven't seen her enjoy herself in years. She couldn't dance, she couldn't listen to music. She could barely attempt to go out in public. Alll because of you—" You were full-on sobbing now, putting everything into perspective, you are straight up garbage.

    Not only did it affect Yuna, it also took a hit on Seungmin. It was impossible to miss the occasional cracks in his voice as he tried to stop himself from tearing up, all in pain because of what happened to his sister.

    All because of what you had done.

    "Dude, are you okay? Are you ever gonna tell me what happened back there?"

    Jisung had probably sensed the tension in the room back then because before you could even raise your hand, he already came to get you at the door.

    And since then, you've locked yourself in your dorm room. Thanks to it being the month of the semester, classes had been cancelled to make way for final projects and last minute redemptions so you never bothered to go out. Jisung, as the great friend that he is, made sure to check in on you almost every day. Sometimes he'd bring in a worried Felix carrying a box of homemade brownies to cheer you up.

    It helped a lot but the shame was too much to handle. You looked at Jisung who sat down beside your bed, though he's still worried, he looked more frustrated as time dragged on and you still wouldn't budge.

    "Seungmin.." You started.

    "Yeah, I know about Seungmin, he hasn't said a word to me since then too! I'm really gonna throw away your shoes if I end up having to find another roommate."

    "Seungmin is Yuna's brother."


    Jisung also knew. No, he wasn't a horrible person like you. He didn't torment Yuna. He was a goofball who had more than one friend group. But even Jisung couldn't escape the quells of high school cliques and drama.

    You didn't know about it but Jisung had tried to help Yuna in his own way, behind your back. But there was only so much he could do. He couldn't bring himself to cut off ties with you either even though you guys weren't really as close back in high school.

    In retrospect, he knew that he should've stood up to you back then. But it was too late now.

    All that's left are broken hearts and unmendable scars.

    "I'm gonna go." He quickly said before you could even react, leaving you dumbfounded and worried.

    Does he hate you now too?

    Is the reminder of your past suddenly a wake up call for him?

    Is he going to replace you with Felix?

    The day ended with you feeling worse than usual. You sent texts to Jisung (and even Felix because you were desperate) but they were left unseen and unanswered— Felix tried to reach back but he wasn't of any help either.

    You can't blame him, you were utterly despicable and you felt disgusted with yourself.

    Two years ago. You were a junior in high school, you would say that you were in the peak of your high school life. Perfect looks, perfect social life, and perfect grades brought upon bossing around nerds.

    Enter Kim Yuna, a newly arrived freshman transfer student. Everyone was immediately enamored, even the teachers. She was kind, compassionate, and most of all, actually smart and hardworking. She had this cheerful personality that just spreads smiles all around.

    You felt threatened. You felt like a snake in the face of an angel. The overwhelming sickly green feeling of jealousy taking over all logic in your brain.

    So, you did everything a mature person wouldn't— make her high school life a living hell. You didn't show it at first, saving face with fake smiles and made up kindness. But bit by bit, you tried to undermine everything from her.

    You made her lose in the regionals debate competition by having her teammate sabotage her notes.

    You got someone to accidentally topple over her science fair project.

    You always somehow managed to spill your drink on her in the cafeteria every other week.

    Worst of all, you had successfully manipulated everyone into isolating her.

    Because of course, who wouldn't follow the current reigning queen bee? Yuna was great, but you've been here longer. Your reputation already established.

    The facade didn't last long and it finally arrived to a time where it was flat out obvious that you were out to get her.

    "What did I ever do to you?!" You remember her tear streaked face trying to stand up to you but you just shrugged as you watch her pick up her belongings from the bathroom floor before leaving her there alone.

    It didn't take long until Yuna's attendance started to dwindle. And what once was a shining ball of light had completely dimmered. All because of your selfishness.

    Senior year and everything had gone back to being quiet after you had finally crushed Yuna. She still went to school but she made sure not to cross paths with you. She made sure to make her presence as small as possible and dropped every extracurricular she had where public performance is necessary.

    She quit debate, theatre, and dance.

    All her passions she lost because of you.


    Horrible, he felt utterly horrible. Sure, he wasn't the one who perpetuated it, but being a bystander was just as worse.

    Jisung ran his hand over his face, trying to shake away the imminent feeling in his gut as he made his way back to his dorms after picking up a few things from the grocery.

    He knows that such an action isn't enough but this is only just the start. He isn't doing this because of you, nor is he doing it to rid himself of the guilt.

    He's doing it because he's waited for this chance for so long. He wanted to apologize and now that he finally found the right person (or at least, the brother of one), he'll stop at nothing to earn their forgiveness.

    Jisung stopped right in front of Seungmin's front door and knocked thrice, then twice. The combination made especially for him by Kim Seungmin. The first time his dormmate offered these set of house rules, Jisung was appalled, and lowkey amused so he entertained the idea despite feeling weird about it. Though after a week, he found comfort in the system and the familiarity of it all.

    Because of the fact that it was his special knock, Seungmin could very well ignore the door because he knows it's Jisung. But much to his surprise, he answered the door with a tout frown in his face.

    "H-hey." Jisung greeted meekly.

    "What do you want?"

    "I got you your favorites and two weeks worth of groceries. Also I've sent your laundry to the wash and I saw that you ran out of your favorite binder so I got you another sheet—"

    "What are you? My mom?" He eyed Jisung suspiciously as he watched Jisung give him the snacks and the notebook.

    "No, but I'm a horrible person who doesn't deserve your forgiveness but wants to earn it so that I don't lose a great roommate."

    "You can save it, Han Jisung, I'm not that mad at you."

    Light evidently came back to Jisung's face when he heard the statement but still worried for the state of his currently dysfunctional bestfriend, "What about y/n..?"

    "That's a different story."

    So many words wanted to come out of Jisung's mouth— "but she's changed." "but she's sorry." "she's being eaten up by guilt right now."

    But he knew that none of those would matter. Not just that, it wasn't his place to say. Sure, he wanted to defend his bestfriend but Jisung knows how to read the situation. And this specific time, he's out of the court. He can't ask forgiveness for your stead.

    "Yuna... how is she?"

    "Well, I won't tell you that she's doing great because that would be a lie." He started, making Jisung wince, "But she seemed very happy when she found out that you were my roommate."

    Jisung smiled at that, though he felt that he didn't deserve it.

    "She used to tell me about you. About how you'd take care of her in secret. You're one of the reasons she was still able to go to school, so even though I can't call you innocent for being a bystander and friends with the actual perpetrator, at least you did something."

    "Of course, that's fair." Jisung agreed with his roommate, nodding understandingly.


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    A/n: this is my first time writing lmao. I saw this dream and woke up at 4am and broke down. wrote this while crying lol ignore grammatical mistakes -also you can think of him as anyone you want, its upto you   Warning: might be triggerring, mentions of character death He was staring at the sunrise with dreamy eyes and a big smile etched on his face, when the camera started filming him. He looked into the camera beside him and right at you, bursting into a fit of giggles seeing how tiny you looked in the hoodie you stole from him. It was the fading green cliff edge, a comfort spot for both of you and you often came here on weekends and spent time together.

    The camera was set, filming you both as you sat in front of the small cake, him setting up a candle on it. It was your 23rd birthday and the 4th birthday you were spending with him.

    He was filming you when you stepped forward and smeared cream on his face. And then the video clip was filled with fits of giggles and laughter with both of you trying to fight with cream as well as handling the camera. When you started tickling him, he set down the camera with a thud and went to chase you.

    And then the screen went static. A sudden very familiar yet far away voice calling out your name breaking you out of your trance. You felt that the voice sounded exactly like him, but how could that be possible. He was dead for a year now.

    A car entering the garage signalled that your mom was home and you need to stop crying and spend your 24th birthday with her with a smile on your face.

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