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    #i am so sorry anon i completely lost it #i am guilty of thinking abt late night chan … #bang chan x reader #chan x reader #skz bang chan #skz x reader #stray kids x reader #skz reactions #stray kids reactions #stray kids imagines #skz imagines#skz fluff #stray kids fluff #bang chan fluff #chan fluff #bang chan angst #chan angst#skz angst #stray kids angst #skz x y/n #skz blurbs#skz scenarios #bang chan scenarios #bang chan soft #skz soft
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    ❛ ━━ maybe it's not our fault ━━ ❜

    (thanks to my bestie @byunfirstlady for this beautiful banner! <3)

    ✧˖*°࿐ summary: After a nasty break up that left you both heartbroken, Hyunjin goes back home for the summer to get away from everything and spend some quality time with his family. When summer ends and college starts once again, you both are set on avoiding the other at all cost, almost like your relationship didn’t even exist to begin with. But what will happen when in a surprising turn of events, your best friends start dating and one of their main goals is to restore the peace among your broken relationships?

    Will these circumstances get you back together or put an end to everything once and for all?

    Or alternatively: the one where being ‘just friends’ with your ex proves to be the most difficult task of them all.

    ✧˖*°࿐ pairing: dance major!hyunjin x music major!reader (ft all the skz members)

    ✧˖*°࿐ genre: social media!au (with some written parts), college!au, angst, exes-to-lovers!au, slow burn, fluff, humor (I mean...that's the plan anyway)

    ✧˖*°࿐ warnings: cursing

    ♡. schedule: i'll try to post twice a week, maybe even more if I have the time

    ♡. taglist: OPEN (send me an ask if you want to be added)

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ⋘ 𝑙𝑜𝑎𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑑𝑎𝑡𝑎... ⋙ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


    y/n&hyunjin's friends


    chapter 1 - he's back or whatever

    chapter 2 - this ain't about him

    chapter 3 - liar, liar

    chapter 4 - goldilocks

    chapter 5 - 3racha in the building

    chapter 6 - third wheeling at its finest

    chapter 7 - ...

    chapter 8 - ...


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    Professional Boundaries III:

    Mother Doesn't Always Know Best

    Stray Kidz CEO!Bang Chan x Secretary!Reader & CEO!Hwang Hyunjin x Secretary!Reader & Seo Changbin x Secretary!Reader | Part 1 2 3 4 Summary: You’re pretty sure the only reason why you agree to visit Chan’s son is because of Chan’s son, and not... Chan. Word Count: 3k+ Warnings: Typos, Parent AU, CEO AU, fluff, angst, reader is Jisung’s brother so she is a Han okay, jealousy, slow burn, pining, lots of pining, mentions of exes and broken families, etc.

    A/N: I dug a hole and now i cant get out ksksksk which is why I couldn’t update. TO ALL THE PEOPLE WAITING FOR THIS- yes Hi. My brain just cannot sometimes so I hope yall enjoy it.  ALSO THERE ARE ABRUPT POV SHIFTS OK also also i cant believe i have to make another chapter
    To the users @ec12 @linours @hoe4cb97 @is-nochu , @hyunjun-jpeg @p0t4t0don14ll @drrramaaaqweeen hope you like it!!!! I hope I tagged everyone. Also hi @mostlycompetentwriter annoying you yet again ((((: !!!!

    "SHE WHAT?” Changbin barked from the end of the line, making Chan pull the phone away from his ear. Chan sighs as Changbin begins to go off. He knew it was probably not a good idea to call his friend late at night, but what could he do? It was only a few hours ago in one of the most important events of his career that his ex appeared out of nowhere. He had to confide in someone.

    Amidst the heated fury, he was still able to decipher only some of his friend’s complaints. Chan decides to clarify, “She only said she wanted to schedule a lunch with Dohyun, Bin,” 

    “SHE WANTS TO SCHEDULE A LUNCH AFTER LEAVING HER KID FU-” Changbin bursts, making Chan full recoil and place his phone on the counter in front of him.  As the muted screams on his friend on the other line continues, Chan calls his son who was busy playing trucks with Chan’s mother.

    He finishes up the cup of warm milk he was making for Dohyun and calls him over, “baby c’mere, your milk is ready.”

    Dohyun, knowing drinking the milk meant bedtime, ignored his father and turned his back on his dad, grabbing the truck grandmother had, leading her attention to the opposite direction of his father.

    Chan sighed, “Hyunie.”

    Chan’s mom chuckles and places a hand on the child’s face, “sweetheart, your papa is calling you.”

    Dohyun pouts and shakes his head. He turns to his grandma, “granny, I don’t want to sleep yet. I’m not tirreeeeddd.”

    She smiles and strokes his hair, “it’s getting pretty late, dear. You have to wake early tomorrow. Granny is really tired too.”

    “But truccckkkssss!”

    “You have to sleep, or else you’re not going to have the energy to go to school tomorrow.”

    “CHAN, CHAN!” Changbin calls from the other line.

    Chan diverts his attention from his son and picks up the phone, “I’m still here.”


    Chan pulls the phone away from his ear, “Changbin, stop screaming.”


    “I heard you the first time!”

    “I’m going to let your baby mama know that I have been a better mama than she has, and will probably ever be!”

    Chan makes a sound, “Changbin-”




    “CHANGBIN,” Chan shouts, making his son and mother halt and turn to him. When Chan notices this, he sighs and cups the phone he had by his head, “I’ll call you back, okay. Or actually, let’s just talk about this some other time.”

    “BRO! NO WE GOTTA-” but Chan ends the call anyway.

    Dohyun pouts as he watches his father sigh. The boy mirrors the man’s expression, sighing, and dropping his truck. He then makes his way to Chan and tugs on his pants, “appa, milk please.”

    Chan turns to his son then hands him his milk in a sippy cup. Dohyun grabs his father’s hand and leads him off to the couch. Chan sits down and Dohyun crawls up to his lap, cuddling his daddy while drinking from his sippy cup. Chan releases a breath and kisses his son’s head, “I love you, Hyunie.”

    The boy speaks against the nozzle of his cup, “I love papa.”

    Chan wraps his arms around the boy tightly, rubbing his back.

    Suddenly, there is a ringing in the distance towards the kitchen where he left his phone. Chan rolls his eyes, thinking he’s not in the mood to argue with Changbin again. He peeks at his son and finds his eyes already droopy. He chuckles, so much for not tired.

    “Let’s go to your room now, okay?” he mutters.

    Dohyun nods, adjusting in his father’s arms so he can carry him into his room. “Papa, ring ring,” Dohyun lazily informs against his father’s shoulder.

    “I know bud. Thank you for telling me. I’ll answer it after we get to bed okay.”

    And so after Chan tucked his baby in his bed, he went back to the kitchen where his phone was still blowing up. He finds that his mother already cleaned up and was getting her own things ready.

    Bang Chan tilts his head at the sight of it, “mum? You’re not staying for the night?”

    She shakes her head, “nah. I have a date with the ladies. We’re playing bingo.”

    “Okay, let me dri-”

    “Absolutely not. Just stay with your son. No need to walk me out either. I already called an uber.”

    “You called an uber?”

    “Would you believe Dohyun helped me figure that out?” she chuckles as she makes her way to her son to give him a kiss goodbye.

    Chan chuckled and was supposed to note on how smart his son was when suddenly his phone rings again. His mom pats his cheek, “ahhh, you better answer that now unless you want Dohyun to wake up.”

    He makes a face and scrambles to his phone. He is honestly stunned to see the caller ID that he almost didn’t hear his mother calling her last goodbye as she left.


    After hearing the voice on the other line, I was suddenly taken aback, “... Chan? Hi! I’m sorry for calling you so late. Did I wake you or anything?”

    Chan leans against the counter and quickly mutters, “no, no, I just put Dohyun to bed actually.”

    “Ahhh, I see.”

    There is a moment of silence,

    I release a breath, “I know it really isn’t any of my business, but earlier today... that was Dohyun’s mom right?”

    He, for some reason, chuckles, “yeah.”

    “Uhm... I... I don’t really know what I wanted to say to you, but I guess I just wanted to know if you’re okay?”

    Chan breaks into a soft smile.

    I begin to feel bad when he doesn’t reply, “I’m overstepping, aren’t I? Gosh, I’m so--”

    “No, no,” he chuckles again, “I, eh, I’m glad you’re checking up on me. Makes me feel special.”


    “Sorry, that might not have been the best time to have said that.”

    “No- I... it’s okay. I just... I guess I wanted you to know that you’ve raised a wonderful human being all on your own. Dohyun is so bright and kind and generous and absolutely lovely. That’s on you.”

    “Well,” I can almost hear him grin, “not all on me.”

    “Mostly you.”

    He releases a sigh, “thank you. You know... I think I need that.”

    “Well, you’re welcome, Chan... And... I also wanted to say... if you, like, need someone to talk to, I’m here.”

    Chan is half surprised, “do you mean that?”

    “Of course.”

    “Well,” he smiles softly, “I’ll take you up on that offer some time.”

    What’s funny is the next time I see Bang Chan is on one of my weekends out. What makes it worse is, oh dear lord, it seems like it was on the first meeting Dohyun had with his mother.

    Gosh I really hope it isn’t because if it is, I might as well step out of the planet real quick, thanks.

    “Ah, shit, why did Hyunjin have to drag her like that the first time they met,” I whisper under my breath as I turn the side of my face to the opposite of the direction the family was. Did they really have to go to a fast food burger chain? Aren’t they like part of the 10%? Shouldn’t they be in some fricking Michelin star restaurant?

    And just my luck. When I turn my face, I am hilariously staring back at my mortified expression on the mirror. I cover both sides of my face and think it would probably be best if I just make my order to go.

    Oh yeah, sounds like the best thing I’ve thought of thus far.

    Right. I take the number I had on the table, because I was indeed waiting for a cheeseburger, fries, and a sundae before spotting who I spotted, and head to the counter, making sure to cover my face on the side which would be visible to any of the people I was trying to avoid.

    The cashier nodded lazily at me after explaining I wanted to my order to be packed to go.

    I kept my face to the right at all cost, then sighed in relief when I got my order. That is suddenly when, I see Chan pull up beside me to order a sundae himself. I internally curse, grabbing my things and heading immediately out of the restaurant.

    “Miss, you forgot your-”

    What the fuck did I forget?

    I turn and find I left my wallet on the counter. I sigh and grab it, but it was too late, Chan had already recognized me and called out my name.

    I turn to him with a bashful smile, “Hi there.”

    His lips contort into a soft smile. Wait, did he always look like a golden retriever? “You here alone?”

    I raise my paper bag, “just getting some takeaway.”

    Chan shifts to me then nods, “ah,” he clicks his tongue, “you must have been the one who got Dohyun into burgers too, huh?”

    I raise a brow, “excuse me?”

    “Well, I have never taken him in this particular restaurant before, so he must have got that from you when you brought some for lunch,” he teases, crossing his arms. 

    “For your information, I always brought pre-made lunch when I worked at the preschool.”

    Chan chuckles, and suddenly there is a loud shout, “TEACHERRRR!”

    Oh no.

    The next thing I know, Dohyun is by my legs, hugging me. I look down at him, pulling my bag away, and see he is smiling ear to ear, “HI TEACHER!”

    In this moment I realize, Chan probably always has looked like a golden retriever, because that’s exactly what his son looks like right now.

    My heart just melts. I can’t help but smile back and crouch down, “hi baby. How are you?”

    “I’m fine, thank you. How are you?”

    I chuckle, “very good. I’m very good, Dohyunie.” I give his cheeks a soft pinch.

    “Teacher! I’m eating with my mummy today!”

    I make an enthusiastic surprised face, though his words were merely confrimation, “Wow! That’s great.”

    “Do you want to meet her?”

    I spare a look at my side to see what Chan’s reaction to all of this was, but it seems he just got his sundae now. He turns to us and calls, “Hyunie, let’s go now. I have your sundae.”

    The child turns back, “But appa, I want reacher to meet mama.”

    Chan tenses, “I know baby, but this is a special day for you, me, and your mama. It would be better if you let teacher go. We can’t ask her to stay.”

    Dohyun pouts. Chan offers the ice cream to the boy, to which Dohyun could not resist.

    “It’s you again,” a voice of a woman calls. I turn and see the same woman from Chan’s event wearing a sun dress and shades as a headband. “How does my son know you.”

    Chan flinches and turns to the speaker.

    “I was his teacher,” I smile, standing up.

    Aeri raises a brow, “and now you work in SKZ corp with Hwang Hyunjin?”

    I furrow my brows at the tone of her voice, unsure of what she was implying, so I take a stab, “and what about it?”

    She seems not to expect this as she pulls back and chuckles, “nothing,” she crosses her arms, “it’s just that if you wanted to sneak into Chan’s personal time, shouldn’t you have been his secretary?”

    I can’t help but have my jaw slack at her words. Chan himself is dumbstruck by this. He takes much less time to compose himself though and immediately retorts, “what do you think you’re doing, Aeri?”

    “She clearly has motives,” she replies flatly.

    I can’t help but snort in amusement, but Chan however is not amused at all. He snips, “I think you’re well past being concerned for me,” pulling Dohyun close to him. The boy was too caught up in his dessert to even care about his surroundings. Still, he crushes up against his dad lovingly. 

    “Listen,” I say, turning to the snob with perfect hair, “I get it. You’re trying to put me in my place because it’ll make you feel better knowing I have a much better relationship with your ex, especially with your son. But if you think you can put me in my place, I’ll let you believe it, for Dohyun’s sake.”

    I meet Chan’s stunned gaze, offering him a kilowatt smile and turn down to Dohyun. I call his name and pat his head, “I’ll see you next time okay.”

    Dohyun smiles with a spoon in between his teach and goes to me, giving me a hug, “let’s play with uncle Changbin again.”

    I sigh, “I’ll try, buddy, okay?”


    Chan watches as his son waves goodbye. When he turns back to Aeri, he wants to laugh at her delirious expression. Her hands were fisted and her teeth seemed like there were clenched so hard it could break.

    “I don’t understand why you’re so worked up over nothing,” Chan notes with a small smirk, picking up his son, “you’re needlessly protective of something that isn’t yours to protect.”

    “I’m protecting Dohyun,” she retorts.

    “From his second favorite person?” Chan asks turning to his son. Dohyun is still in the process of finishing his dessert to care. Chan turns back Aeri, “I’m number three; mum’s number one. You’re not ever on the list.”

    Aeri scoffs, “you’re driving the mother of your child away for pettiness?”

    “You were only his mother for a 9 months and week,” he says grimly, “he called for you for months and I was,” he mumbles, “a fucking asshole trying to be his mother when I clearly was not.”

    That seemed to subdue Aeri’s raging emotions. Chan started to feel his throat constrict, “when Dohyun stopped calling for you I stopped wishing you’d come back.”


    The name holder is disturbed by the sound that fell from her lips. He shudders, “let’s go.”

    “What a twat!” Jisung scoffed as  he kept his eyes on the TV screen, all while I glared at him from my side of the couch. 

    “I could say the same thing about you for finishing my fries, moron,” I bark, grabbing the final fry he tried to eat for himself.

    “Hey, it’s on you for bringing food back home.”

    I shake my head in disbelief, “it’s like you didn’t even listen to a word I said.”

    “You should have brought me one,” he says, making a got-you face. The only thing he was gonna get is another broken-ass leg. Had he not been sitting next to me with his bad leg up on the table, I would have told him to run.

    I throw a pillow at his face, and another, but stop when I hear a phone call.


    I throw the last pillow on the couch at him and grab my phone. It was Bang Chan.

    “Hello?” I say right before threatening to kill Jisung for throwing back the pillows at me.

    I am stunned however when I hear Chan ask, “can I marry you?”

    Jisung’s headshot at me was what brought me back to reality. I let out a cry and kick him on his shoulder, making him whine like the child he is.

    “Is everything alright?”

    I decide to leave the room when Jisung refuses to wail as if I even hurt him, “yeah, yeah, my brother his being dramatic.”

    “Call an ambulance, call an ambulance!” he whines.

    “I think we have to go on an actual date before I can answer that,” I say as I make into the kitchen, leaning by the window.

    Chan makes a sound, “WELL! I’ve been tryna ask you but you keep turning me down!”

    I can’t help but chuckle, “I have, haven’t I?”

    “Yes!” he sighs, “you know... you’re not Dohyun’s teacher anymore and after what you did today, I actually think I’m in love with you.”

    I laugh, “I’d say you’re as dramatic as my brother.”

    “Dohyun being absolutely enamoured by you is more than enough reason for me to be in love with you.”

    I can’t help but feel butterflies creep up my stomach. I grin, “like I said, you’re dramatic.”

    “Well, can this dramatic guy finally convince you to go out to with me? Maybe tomorrow for lunch?”

    “Tomorrow?” the smile on my face shifts, “actually... Changbin asked me to meet with him tomorrow a few days ago.”


    “Yeah. He said he wanted my help getting a present for Dohyun since his birthday is coming up soon.”

    “Changbin asked you on a date... and you agreed?”

    “It’s not a date... I’m just helping him.”

    He is silent for a second but then he sighs, “alright, when I can get you alone then?”

    I freeze for a moment then think, “Wednesday.”


    I nod, “Wednesday.”

    “Alright. It’s official. If Changbin even breathes near you on Wednesday, I’m throwing hands.”

    I chuckle nervously, “you’re so dramatic.”

    He hums, “no, I’m jealous.”


    “Why does he get a yes from you before me?”

    “... I... I’m just helping him.... for Dohyun.”

    “Listen... he’s only kinda cute at the beginning. He’s really annoying, I swear.”

    I break into laugh, which releases the tension in my shoulders, “you’re kinda annoying too though.”

    “Aha! But I have Dohyun and a six pack.”


    He chuckles, “right, I think I’ve done enough for one call. See you Wednesday, m’kay love?”


    “Okay, bye~”

    The moment the call ends, Chan dials another number. Changbin doesn’t even get to speak when Chan barks out, “YOU ASKED HER OUT?”

    Changbin thinks his shock then finally says, “if you mean Dohyun’s mom, you need Jesus. It’s a life changing--”

    “NO! Not Dohyun’s mom, Dohyun’s teacher!”

    Changbin halts in realization then breaks into a smile, “ooooooohhhhh. Yeah. I did. And what about it?”

    “Well, I asked her out but then she said she was going to go gift shopping with you tomorrow.”

    “Wah! Chan, you actually did it! I’m so proud of you.”

    “Can it you, nerd.”

    Changbin gasps, “and to think I did all of this for you.”

    “Did what?”

    “Well obviously you were chickening out, so I had to wind you up so your gears would start working.”

    “Dude, are you serious?”

    “Dude, what do you take me for? Am I not your best friend?”

    Chan knits his brows, “so you were never interested in her at all?”

    “Okay, to be fair, she is really cute, but also, it’s been a while since you were interested in someone, and I wasn’t about to mess that up.”

    “Dudddeeee, that’s kind of messed up though. You have to tell her.”

    Changbin scoffs, “Again. I’ve been offended twice in one phone call. What do you take me for?”

    “So you’ll tell her? Tomorrow?”

    “I’ve had enough of this bullshit. I’m hanging up.”

    Yes, well, after hearing what Changbin had to say and all the praises he sung for his best friend, I began to anticipate Wednesday even more than I did. To be honest, I was a little thrown off when Changbin confessed he played himself up to rile Chan, but his honestly about the matter made me ultimately see the gesture as something sweet.

    And on that Wednesday, I wore an especially bright outfit after the long string of texts I shared with Bang Chan leading up to the day. It was a bright enough outfit for Hyunjin to comment on it.

    “No funreal today?” he says the first thing after seeing me as he walks in his office. He takes a moment to look at me then beckons me over, clearly wanting to see my outfit.

    I roll my eyes, “why are you such a fashion police?”

    “I have to have style or else I’ll be like all the old rich dudes who just look like they bought the first thing they saw in a designer brand’s store.”

    I sigh and begrudgingly walk over to him, placing my hands on my hips for both effect and protest.

    Hyunjin breaks into a smile when he sees the shoes I’m wearing, “ah, I see you played up your wardrobe for my shoes.”

    “The only reason why I’m wearing your uncomfortable bedazzled shoes is because it matches my dress.”

    Hyunjin makes a face, “normally I would normally think violet would be too much of a wild card but it works on you... only because of my shoes.”

    “Yeah, yeah, whatever you say.”

    He smiles, “okay. By the way, would it be okay if we have our lunch a little earlier? I want to go over some projects with you and I don’t feel like starting on it after the meeting then go to lunch in between.”

    “Oh actually, I have plans with Chan later for lunch.”

    “Pardon?” Hyunjin’s face falls, “CEO Bang? With you?”


    Hyunjin walks to his desk then sits down. He mutters under his breath, “I fucking knew it.” He turns to me then says, “can I... tell you not go?”

    “... why not?”

    He sighs, leaning on his desk, “am I just your boss?”

    I tilt my head and think I understand what he’s getting at, “no, you’re my friend?”

    “Friend?” he repeats.

    I shake my head, “fine. Best friend.”

    “... best friend.”

    “I don’t... he’s not one of my student’s parents anymore. I don’t have to keep my distance.”

    Hyunjin falls back on his chair, “so... this is like Seungmin all over again.”

    “Seu-- he is not like that jerk.”

    He throws his head back and wipes his face, “don’t you get it?”

    For a moment, I feel confused. What was he on about this time? But when he doesn’t whine or make a smart remark, I suddenly remember what Changbin told me the other day, how he swore for a second when we met, he was convinced I was Hyunjin’s wife and not his secretary.


    “I like you,” he says, “more than when I did in college, and even before Seungmin.”


    “Can I be a reason you keep your distance?”

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    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 02 "Cyber Bullying"

    Note: in the fourth screenshot, (the one containing two meme images,) is a little cut-off, but the top image is sent by Sooji and the bottom image is sent by Soobin. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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    Note: the conversation with Jake takes place two days after the conversation with Sooji. At this point in time, y/n is in her third year.

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    Bad Timing (OT8) // Stray Kids Little Space

    Published:  10/21/2021

    Words:  2560

    Relationship:  Bang Chan/Lee Felix/Yang Jeongin 

    Characters:  Bang Chan, Lee Felix, Yang Jeongin 

    Tags:  de-aging/age regression, little space, angst, fluff, JeongChanLix

    Little:  Chan (age 2)

    Caregivers:  Felix & Jeongin 

    Prompt:  Chan happens to regress at the worst time.

    Names Used 



    Requested:  No

    ~ ~ ~ ~ || STRAY KIDS || ~ ~ ~ ~

    Chan had been at the studio pretty late tonight. He was exhausted from all the work he’d been doing, and was ready to pass out in his own bed at the dorm. The leader let out a yawn, stretching his arms into the air as he sat up in his chair. The room was mostly dark, and the only light in said room came from Chan’s computer screen, which didn’t help the Aussie’s exhaustion in any way.

    He’d considered sleeping in the studio tonight, but knew that he was bound to get a scolding from Jeongin and Felix if he didn’t come back to the dorm for some proper rest. Not wanting to get himself in trouble with his lovers, the leader of Stray Kids stood up and exhaled deeply. Gathering his things, Chan exited the studio and was greeted by a familiar fuzziness in his brain once he’d made it outside of the JYP building.

    “Seriously? I can’t be doing this now,” Chan grumbled to himself. 

    The ‘97 liner was regressing, and he knew it. Chan was deeply annoyed that his headspace was starting to take over his brain, knowing that he had to stay big in order to get home. He was well aware that if he regressed now, he’d be lost and alone in the dead of night. If there was anything little Channie hated the most, it was the dark.

    So the little forced himself to stay big long enough for him to make it back to the dorms. The entire walk back, all Chan could think about was how soft and welcoming his bed was going to be when he’d lay down in it for the night. The thought of sleeping in his bed was the determination that Chan needed to stop himself from sleeping.

    When he made it to Stray Kids’ dorm, Chan fumbled for the keys in his back pocket. His hands began shaking as he struggled to find the right key to unlock the door. The leader could feel himself slipping from 20, straight down to 6, and finally to 2 years old in a matter of nanoseconds. 

    Finally finding the correct key, Chan hastily unlocked the door and locked it behind himself. He removed his shoes and huffed in frustration when he took shaky steps in the darkened dorm. His legs left like jelly and his head was most definitely cloudy.

    “Wan’ Mama ‘n Dada,” the little whispered with a pout on his face. He didn’t want to wake anyone up at this time of night, but he was in desperate need of his caregivers at the moment. 

    The dorm was enveloped in the darkness of the night, making Chan feel as if he was swallowed by it. He carefully yet aimlessly made his way through the dark, trying his best to search for something he could sit on and allow himself to collect his thoughts. The leader felt surprised, followed by a brief sense of relief, when his hands touched the fabric of their sitting room’s sofa.

    Chan didn’t even realize he’d walked into the sitting room; it was too dark for him to properly see anything. 

    The brunette Aussie continued to feel the sofa, allowing his sense of touch to guide him in the dark room and find a space to sit down. The now regressed little felt around until he was able to get ahold of a pillow, grasping it tightly against his chest.

    That’s when the tears started to fall down his cheeks. 

    Chan knew that everyone was asleep, so he had to be quiet; he didn’t want to wake anyone up from their well-deserved rest. Though he knew that no one would get angry at him for waking them up whilst in his headspace, the leader always felt so guilty whenever one of his members’ sleepy eyes fell upon a regressed Chan. Those boys worked their butts off day in and day out, and the little would never be able to forgive himself if he was the reason that one of his groupmates weren’t at the top of their game due to a lack of quality sleep. He’d never want to interrupt their sleep; they needed it!

    Just the thought made Chan cry even more. Tears made their way down his cheeks at an alarmingly rapid pace, and his frame trembled violently with every soft sob that escaped his pink lips. Crying always made the little feel even worse; he hated the way his breath would catch in his throat and every heave he let out as he attempted to calm himself down. 

    Being alone in the dark made it hard for Chan to breathe, and he was clutching the pillow so tightly that his hands were beginning to become sore from his death grip. But he was surrounded by pure darkness, which caused the young male to cry harder. 

    Simultaneously, this was also when someone woke up. Being woken up by his need for the bathroom, he shuffled down the hallway towards his desired destination. Having stood up too fast, his ears rang, which prevented him from hearing the cries of the regressor in the sitting room. Completing his task, the male washed his hands. The cold tap water rushing out of the faucet woke him up a bit. 

    After turning the faucet off, he could hear the soft sobs. Eyebrows furrowing in confusion, he kept the bathroom light on when he exited the room. Due to the dorm still being dark for the most part, he listened carefully to the cries and shaky breaths of the obviously upset person. Using his hearing as his guide, he made his way to the sitting room. Carefully maneuvering himself, he was able to find a nearby lamp, turning it on. The soft light illuminated the room, allowing the male’s vision to focus on Chan. 

    The leader's knees were huddled to his chest, rocking himself back and forth on the sofa. Cries and incoherent babbles left the brunette's lips, accompanied by tears that traced their way down the older male's cheeks.

    Seeing Chan in this state, the other male's eyes widened and he quietly made his way over to the crying leader.

    "Hyung? Are you alright?" Felix's voice spoke, laced with worry for his fellow Aussie.

    The natural deep tone of Felix's voice made Chan look up at the mentally older boy. His eyes were puffy, red at the brims, and were still watery with unshed tears swimming in them. Felix frowned in sympathy as he took in the little's appearance.

    "Da-Dada," Chan choked out brokenly. He finally let go of the pillow, making grabby hands for his caregiver.

    Felix's caregiver mode immediately kicked into high gear, collecting the regressor into his arms and holding him against his chest. "It's okay, kangaroo. Dada's here," he coaxed gently. "I'm here, baby."

    "Felix, love, you left the light..." Jeongin began as he appeared in the sitting room, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. The youngest member stopped midsentence when he saw an upset Chan in Felix's arms. He was wide awake now. "Channie? What's wrong, sweetheart?"

    The little's bottom lip quivered as he met his other caregiver's eyes, new tears threatening to fall from his own eyes. "M-Ma..." Chan tried to get out, a whine leaving his mouth when he couldn't call out for the mentally older boy.

    Jeongin instantly took his seat next to Felix on the sofa, instinctively tracing his hand up and down the mentally younger's back. "Shh, baby. Mama's here; it's okay, prince. Mama's right here."

    Chan whined as he wiggled around in Felix's hold, wanting to feel the warmth and comfort of Jeongin as well. Whenever Chan was little and upset, he tended to become clingy with his caregivers. Not that they minded, because both males found it to be quite cute whenever their baby clung to them like a koala.

    Felix, knowing what the little wanted, moved closer to Jeongin. The youngest of the trio wrapped an arm around Felix's shoulders, embracing both of his lovers in his arms.

    "Mama and Dada are right here, sweet boy. We've got you," the vocalist cooed to the still crying Chan. "Sweetness, can you tell Mama what you're doing out here so late, hmm?"

    Chan sniffled as he tried to collect himself enough to speak to his caregivers/lovers. "Ch-Channie w-wa..." was all he could muster before he began to cry again. He'd been knocked very far into his headspace, making it difficult for his mind to produce words at the moment.

    Felix seemed to understand what the little was trying to say. "Oh, baby doll, did you just get home?" He asked in English, making his Australian accent very prominent.

    Knowing Chan well enough by now, the caregiver was aware that when the leader regressed, he spoke more English than Korean. It was easier for Chan to talk in English in his headspace, instead of trying to understand Korean. That's one of the reasons why Chan adored having Felix as one of his caregivers:  they both spoke English as their primary language. Plus, they were both Australian, so it made Chan feel a bit more at ease to be around someone from his home country when he was little.

    With Chan's tendency to speak English when regressed, Jeongin spent a lot of time learning and perfecting his own English. Now, he could understand both of his Australian boyfriends whenever they would talk in English; not to mention, the maknae could speak near perfect English after taking so much time to learn the language.

    Chan nodded as he leaned his head against Jeongin’s shoulder, inhaling his mama's comforting scent. He seemed to begin calming down when the vocalist started carding his fingers through the little's hair.

    "Did you get lost in the dark, baby cakes?" Jeongin inquired gently.

    "Mmhmm," Chan hummed and pouted as he thought back to his terrifying journey in the scary darkness.

    Felix pressed a kiss to Chan's cheek, carefully wiping away the stray tears that fell from the little's eyes. "Oh, sweet baby," he cooed. "You're so brave for getting home all by yourself, did you know that?"

    "'M bwave, dada?" Chan questioned with his big glossy eyes looking between Felix and Jeongin. "Channie bwave, mama?"

    Jeongin pressed a kiss into Chan's hair. "Of course you're brave, pumpkin. You are mama and dada's super brave baby boy," he praised sweetly.

    Felix nodded in agreement with his lover, kissing Chan's temple. "You're the bravest baby boy ever, sweetheart."

    Chan let out a soft giggle when Felix and Jeongin kissed his cheeks at the same time, rubbing his tears away with his little fists. Felix carefully brushed some of Chan's brunette hair out of his face, connecting his lips to the other Aussie's forehead.

    After a few minutes of silence, Chan let out a yawn and exhaled through his nose as he nuzzled into the crook of Jeongin’s neck. Jeongin chuckled as he pulled the little into his embrace. "Are you sleepy, prince?"

    The brunette nodded, bringing his thumb to his mouth. Normally, he would suck on his dummy, but seeing as he was currently without it, his thumb was the next best thing.

    Usually, Jeongin would scold Chan for sucking on his thumb, but he let it slide just this once. "I think it's time we get you to bed, baby." The vocalist noted as he stood up with Chan on his hip.

    Chan shyly peeked over Jeongin’s shoulder, pouting when he looked at Felix. "Dada go sweepies too?"

    Felix chuckled as he stood up from the couch. "Don't worry, baby kangaroo. Dada's going to go sleepies, too."

    "Baby, do you want some milk before bed?" Jeongin asked the little.

    "No tank chu, mama. Channie jus' wan' go sweepies." Chan declined tiredly.

    The youngest smiled as he repositioned the leader on his hip. "Okay, sweet cheeks." He looked to his elder Aussie boyfriend. "Let's take our baby to bed, Lix."

    "I'm coming, Innie," Felix replied as he followed his lover and the little out of the sitting room and upstairs to their bedroom.

    Entering the bedroom, Jeongin placed Chan on his (Jeongin’s) bed. Felix headed for the set of drawers in the room, pulling out Chan's kangaroo onesie. Both caregivers assisted their little with getting into the onesie he was going to wear for the night.

    Jeongin opened the drawer on his bedside table, pulling out Chan's baby blue dummy. "Here, baby. Mama's got something for you."

    Though his eyes were struggling to stay open, Chan was able to comprehend that Jeongin had the little's favorite dummy in his hand. Almost instinctively, the brunette opened his mouth, sighing in content when the comfort item was placed in between his lips. He began sucking on the piece of plastic, staring at his mama through exhausted eyes.

    Jeongin turned around, making sure to turn on the nightlight right next to his bedside table. He and Felix had bought the small item for Chan a few months prior, knowing that their precious little one had a terrible fear of the dark.

    Turning back, Jeongin slipped into bed, holding his arms out for Chan to fill them. The little made no hesitation to burrow into the maknae’s chest, feeling a sense of security in his lover's arms.

    Before either male went to sleep, Jeongin looked around the room for Felix. He smiled warmly when he found the older boy laid out on his own bed, scrolling through his phone.

    "Lixie, love, come to bed with us."

    Felix looked over at the younger boy, smiling endearingly at the invitation. Setting his phone down on his own bedside table, the young Aussie made his way across the room, lying down in bed next to Jeongin. Chan was now sandwiched between his two caregivers, but he didn't mind it; the bed was big enough to fit all three males.

    Felix let out a soft chuckle when he saw that Chan was already fast asleep. Given the events that happened earlier tonight, it calmed both of the caregivers to know that Chan had fallen asleep so quickly.

    Jeongin glanced at the sleeping little, a small smile on his face. "Goodnight, sweetheart. Mama loves you so much," he whispered.

    "Sweet dreams, baby doll." Felix said very quietly, so he didn't disturb the brunette’s sleep. "Dada loves you."

    Jeongin let his eyes settle on Felix, reaching over and grabbing one of the older boy’s tiny hands. "Night, Lixie. I'll see you in the morning; I love you."

    Felix smiled tiredly as his hand rested in his lover's. "See you in the morning, Innie. Sleep good tonight – I love you, too."

    Once the two finished bidding each other goodnight, they both fell into a dreamless sleep with Chan snuggled in between them.

    The three males never woke from their slumber at all for the remainder of the night.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ || STRAY KIDS || ~ ~ ~ ~

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    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Maybe, I'm Afraid - Chapter Seven: A Cry of Despair

    ❥ pairing: lee minho x female reader (main pairing) feat. bang chan; seo changbin x female oc (side pairing); han jisung x female oc (minor pairing) ❥ genre: fluff, romance, angst & suggestive, art gallery!au, painter!au ❥ chapter warnings: mentions of food, crying, confrontation (let me know if I’m missing something) ❥ word count: 6.1k ❥ chapter synopsis: Y/N lets Chan know how she feels about him. Minho finally takes a decision related to his engagement. (series synopsis can be read on the series m.list) ❥ A/N: Hello, I hope you’re doing well! This chapter is quite intense emotionally. At least, I cried while writing, editing and proofreading it. I recommend having a tissue nearby, just in case! Please, like/reblog this if you enjoy reading it and let me know your thoughts, I’m always appreciative of your feedback! As always, happy reading!

    [series m.list] [stray kids masterlist] [join the series taglist]

    The canvas was already prepared and your father’s old room was ready to receive Minho. However, every time you tried to get together to bring his portrait to life, life happened.

    Seungmin went on a business trip and that meant Minho had to spend more time at the office, taking care of some of the tasks that his friend was in charge of. You had been working on getting the word out about your workshops. Jeongin had been preparing the flyers in secret and, after he was done, he presented them to you. Convinced by Mrs Yang, your friends and even Minho, you decided to give it another shot.

    Minho kept you updated on what he was doing regarding your father’s paintings. The two of you would meet at Yang’s restaurant at lunch and would have a meal together. Most of the time, Minho avoided talking about business and just focused on getting to know how you were doing and how everything was going with your father’s studio. You enjoyed that and you were thankful that someone enjoyed it when you talked about what made you happy and shared some of your interests as well.

    Chan and you continued to go on dates and you enjoyed spending time with him. At first, everything was great and you had a fabulous time with him, but after a while, his attitude towards you shifted. It felt like you were constantly hitting a wall whenever you tried to bring him into your world. Chan enjoyed taking you to wonderful restaurants, buying you small gifts, take you to amazing places you could only ever dream of going to. But every time you tried to suggest dinner with your friends or even meet for lunch at your studio, he seemed to draw a line. He was either too busy or wanted to spend time alone with you and take you somewhere better. Nothing you had to offer seemed good enough to him which made you frustrated, to say the least.

    You enjoyed his company, you enjoyed his smile and the friendship you both shared, but your mind… your mind was in a completely different place, a completely different frequency. You weren’t sure you could be with him romantically, that was something you couldn’t picture anymore. Yes, you were attracted to him, but to be in a relationship, you need more than just attraction.

    Besides, if Chan wasn’t interested in being with you in your world, would he ever be able to fully love you? Or was he only going to love the idea of having you by his side? As things were progressing between you two, it seemed like the last one was more important to him. You wanted to talk to him about this and where your feelings stood because you were afraid he was committing to an idea of you he would never have.

    Still, despite everything, you liked where your life was right now. It wasn’t heavily complicated and it was somewhat calm. You didn’t have to worry about whether or not you had money on your bank account all the time and the money you had saved allowed you to start looking for apartments to rent and be able to move out of Changbin’s and Hyunjae’s place. And you were getting back into painting. After all this time, you were ready and eager to do it again.

    “So…” You wiped your mouth and extended a small flyer to Minho. “Following your advice and everyone’s peer pressure, I have decided to start giving workshops again.”

    He finished chewing his food and glanced at the small piece of paper and grabbed it. He studied it, read every word carefully, looking at every illustration with attention and afterwards, he looked at you, smiling.

    “This is great news, Y/N. Congratulations.”

    “I decided to share it with you, in case you want to come… I’ll throw the first one next weekend just for close friends and you’re invited! I want to test the waters before fully diving into it with strangers, you know?”

    His smile widened and to you, it seemed as if his eyes were sparkling with excitement. That filled your heart with joy.

    “I’ll be there. Do you want me to be there to help you prepare things?”

    “Ah, no, there’s no need.” You reassured him. “I can do it on my own. But thank you.”

    He nodded, glancing at the flyer once more. Minho sighed and folded it, placing it on his jacket’s inner pocket. He chuckled.

    “I’ll be there earlier, just in case.” He lifted a finger to prevent you from continuing. He gave you a half-smile. “You might need help and if you don’t, then I’ll just be there for moral support.”

    “I need that constantly,” you added as a joke and he laughed.

    The two of you returned to your meal and after you were done, you walked together to the outside of the restaurant. Mrs Yang came after you and gave Minho a small plastic bag, smiling.

    “My husband prepared this for your dinner. There’s enough for two, so you get to share with your fiancée!”

    She quickly waved you goodbye and returned to the restaurant. You glanced at Minho and watched how the polite smile on his lips didn’t match the pain in his eyes. You patted him on the shoulder and he blinked slowly, clearing his throat.

    “She means well,” you said and he looked at you, nodding.

    “The bright side is that I get to enjoy this dish more than once.”

    You laughed at his comment and he chuckled, not taking his eyes from you. You sighed and continued to walk, your hands shoved in the pockets of your denim jeans. Minho joined you and you walked in silence to the studio, the traffic of the few cars driving by reminding you of where you were.

    “I’ll go with you to the studio,” he announced and you nodded. “I have to take a couple of pictures of your father’s paintings to add to the plan.”

    “Sure,” you answered, glancing at him sideways. Minho always looked great no matter the kind of lighting he was under. You were still having a hard time figuring out which kind of painting you wanted to make of him, what kind of emotion you wanted it to carry.

    You liked to look at him when he was his happiest, when his smile matched his eyes, that excitement and elegance that you had noticed the first time you saw him. But there was something else, something that you had started to notice every time you glanced at him whenever he was staring at you. It was something that you found endearing, worthy of immortalizing on a canvas. There was curiosity, care, kindness. Maybe you liked Minho best when he was staring at you.

    “Careful.” he grabbed your arm swiftly, preventing you from moving forward. You blinked and noticed you were near a crosswalk, a car driving by at full speed. “You’ll get hurt one of these days if you keep doing that.”

    You watched as the car drove away and Minho let go of your arm. You sighed and looked at his worried expression. This was also worth putting on a canvas, wasn’t it?

    “I can’t help it,” you admitted, “but thank you.”

    Minho nodded and looked away from you, fixing his tie. This time and before crossing, you focused all your attention on the traffic and after a few seconds, you and Minho crossed together.

    Throughout your way to the studio, and as much as you tried to avoid doing it, your eyes always slipped to Minho. Every time he noticed you looking at him, his smile would widen, and you noticed his chin rose a little higher, proudly. He liked it when you looked at him, you could see it.

    You shook your head, smiling to yourself as Minho raised an eyebrow at you. Good thing you didn’t mind either. After all, who gets tired of staring at art?

    ~ 🎨 ~

    Minho took his time at the studio. He had informed the art gallery he’d arrive late at the office, an occurrence that happened frequently whenever he was at the studio with you. He liked to take his time when he was here with you. He could’ve gotten all the pictures taken in less than ten minutes but between glances at you and getting lost in your mere existence, it was never just ten minutes.

    Today, Minho got lost in your self-doubt. He watched as you placed a couple of flyers at the front desk, moving them to different corners of the table, biting your lip as you stared at it, only to shake your head and try it again. Oftentimes, you’d look at him, but he’d pretend he wasn’t staring at you, an art that at this point, he had mastered.

    He saw from his peripheral vision how you’d open your mouth as if to say something to him, and then close it and move on to do something else. During his time here, you’d already gone upstairs three times, changed the flyers from position a couple more and checked the workshop room at least twice. All while Minho bought time to be in your presence, to be with you.

    “I almost forgot!” You took your hands to your head and looked at Minho. This time, he returned your stare with a raised eyebrow. “Don’t go anywhere, ok? I have to give you something.”

    “Sure,” he said and took the last picture for today. Soon, he’d have to leave.

    He walked to the front desk and saw the place where you had left the flyers. Just as Minho suspected, you had chosen the front right corner of the desk, next to where the studio cards were. It made the most sense. He’d check again tomorrow if they remained at this place or if you’d change them to a different spot again.

    After a few seconds, he watched as you climbed down the stairs at a fast pace, something in your hand. You smiled widely at him and Minho couldn’t help but reciprocate the gesture.

    “Give me your hand.” You requested and Minho gladly agreed. He extended his hand your way and you turned his palm to the ceiling, placing a small object in his palm. He glanced between you and the key, confused. “Tah dah!” You did some jazz hands and he had to contain his laughter. “It’s a copy of the studio’s front door key.”

    His eyes looked at you faster than he intended. “Why?”

    “I thought you should have it.” Minho could feel his heart wishing to jump from his chest. “You come here every day and this way you don’t have to depend on me, you can come, do what you need to do and leave. Just make sure you leave everything locked!”

    “I…” Minho glanced at the key on his palm and closed his fist, gulping. “Thank you for trusting me.” He looked at you again, uncertain. “Are you sure…? I don’t mind having to come only when you’re around…”

    He wanted that, actually. He wanted to enter the studio front doors and see you or ring the bell and hear your voice from upstairs or glance through the workshop’s room door window and find you inside. He didn’t want to come here on his own and find this place empty, his steps echoing in the silence. You made this place. You were the only reason why he came by so often, why he wanted to come here. If you weren’t here, then what was the point?

    “I’m sure, yes.” You gave him a reassuring smile and part of him wished you hadn’t. “But… feel free to text me. I might come by and say hi. If I’m not already here, that is.”

    “Of course.” He smiled. “I’ll do that.”

    He saved the key in his jacket inner pocket, next to the flyer you had given him earlier. He cleared his throat, ready to say his goodbyes to you when he saw a man enter the studio.

    His eyes followed your gaze and he watched as your smile widened, your eyes softening.

    “Did I come in bad timing?” The man asked, smiling brightly at you.

    You quickly walked closer to him, arms wide open and kissed him. Minho gulped and looked away, something inside of him shattering. He cleared his throat softly, glancing one more time at the paintings he had just photographed. Maybe one more round of photos would be a good idea.

    “What are you doing here?” You asked with your hands on his shoulders, his lips kissing your cheek softly. “I thought we’d meet at my place.”

    “I thought I’d surprise you,” he said, letting go of you. He looked around the place and Minho returned to his task, photographing the painting in front of him. “Did your father paint all of these?”

    “Yes,” you said proudly and grabbed his hand, guiding him to one of the walls where several paintings were on display. “Would you like to hear the stories behind them?”

    “Maybe at some other time?” He asked, leaning in to kiss you. You stopped him and he sighed. “I came to pick you up, Y/N. I don’t have the time for that right now.”

    Minho cleared his throat loudly this time and fixed his jacket. Part of him broke for you. Even though he couldn’t see your face, he imagined your eyes would turn sad, but you’d keep that smile you always had that Minho knew meant you were hurting.

    “You’re here early, Chan!” You counter-argued. After a pause, you added. “Fine. At least, take a look at this.”

    You happily walked towards the front desk and grabbed one of the flyers and gave it to Chan. He glanced at it and then looked at you, expectantly.

    “I’m starting to teach workshops again! I’m throwing one next weekend for close friends and you’re invited!”

    He nodded and smiled. Minho could feel his jaw clenching when he saw the way Chan looked at you. Chan didn’t understand how much this meant to you, he couldn’t even celebrate this small achievement with you.

    “That’s… good? But I can’t do it next weekend.” He leaned in and kissed you again as if to wash away the pain Minho was certain you were feeling. “I’m sorry.”

    He wasn’t sorry. Minho recognized this same attitude from Hana. How he’d share his ideas and achievements and she’d ignore him, how she rarely acknowledged him. How whenever he invited her for something meaningful to him, she’d always disregard it, stating she was busy, or how she wasn’t interested.

    Minho’s heart broke for you. He watched as you tried to keep your smile after parting from Chan’s lips, how your eyes had that veil of sadness that would quickly vanish after a blink. How you gulped as if shoving the words you wanted to say down your throat.

    Minho saw it all. Still, he had to pretend he hadn’t seen it. He cleared his throat and this time you looked at him. He smiled at you, hoping his eyes would show how much he felt for you.

    “I’ll go now. Thank you for the key.” He turned to Chan and extended a hand his way, shaking it. “Lee Minho. I am working with Y/N to get her father’s paintings in an art gallery.”

    “Bang Chan. I’m Y/N’s boyfriend.”

    Minho glanced at you, watching as Chan’s revelation made you somewhat uncomfortable. Were you dating? Or did he think you were dating? Minho had to remind himself that your love life, your life, was none of his business.

    He returned Chan a polite smile and let go of his hand, waving at you on his way out. Minho wanted to look back and see if you were staring at him or if you were talking to Chan as if you didn’t miss Minho. Part of him didn’t want to leave. But he had to. Now that you were with Chan, it didn’t make sense for him to stay for much longer.

    ~ 🎨 ~

    Chan’s apartment was just what you had expected. Located in one of the newest parts of the northern margin of the river, it had a privileged view of the grand park, a park too big for you to find its ending. It was modern and luxurious but not in an ostentatious way.

    Still, Chan’s apartment felt empty to you. Maybe it was because of how you were feeling now, but you couldn’t get over how bare it was. The walls had barely any decorations, the rooms only had the essentials and the living room consisted of things that didn’t remind you of Chan in any way. Or maybe, it was because you didn’t know him that well. Still, he had told you he didn’t want to invest in decorating this apartment because he was planning on moving out soon.

    “Where?” You asked him watching him prepare dinner. You could tell he barely cooked here. You suspected that he only used this place to sleep and nothing more. Chan lived for his work, after all. Everything else, including you, was less important to him.

    “I don’t know yet, depends on where my career takes me,” he answered unbothered. Then he stopped and turned to look at you. “I’m not going far, don’t worry.”

    That somehow gave you comfort. However, there was something inside of you that was bothering you and that you couldn’t ignore. You had to talk to him about it. You could no longer pretend it wasn’t there.

    “Why… did you tell Minho you were my boyfriend?” You carefully asked, anticipating his reaction. “We… didn’t talk about it.”

    You didn’t like it. You didn’t want it. That label, the implications it carried, the emotion associated with it, those were things you couldn’t give to Chan.

    “It just felt right,” he said. He continued what he was doing, unaware of the weight of his words, of how conflicted you were feeling right now.

    “It… doesn’t feel right to me…”

    The words came weakly, one by one, as you kept your gaze on him. Chan slowly stopped and turned around to look at you. Was it shock, worry, surprise, or heartbreak that greeted his face? You couldn’t tell.

    “What do you mean?” He asked in disbelief and you watched as he kept his distance from you, leaning on the counter behind him. “I mean… we’ve been going out, I invited you to have dinner at my place… isn’t this dating?”

    You shook your head, not breaking your gaze from him. “You think we are. But I don’t think we are.”

    “Why?” He raised his voice, unpleasantly. “I don’t understand…”

    “I can’t be your girlfriend, Chan. I…” You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. “I don’t want to be your girlfriend.”


    You watched as Chan’s expression went through different stages of understanding. Shock, confusion, regret, disappointment, heartbreak.

    “I like it when we’re together and I enjoy your company and the time we spend together,” you said slowly, watching his face turning red. “But you don’t love me, Chan. You like the idea of having me by your side, someone you can flaunt around and shower with gifts, but that’s not what I want. I need more than just material things. I-”

    “So what do you want, then?!” He asked, his face red from anger. “I… I gave you…everything, didn’t I? I took you to nice restaurants, I bought you nice jewellery…” He messed up his hair and started to pace around the kitchen, avoiding your gaze. “I… I don’t… get it. What did I do wrong?!”


    “So what was this?!” He leaned closer to you, his eyes carrying all the hurt in the world. “What was this for the past few weeks? We were just fooling around? Did this even mean anything to you? You… I thought you were ok with all of this, Y/N. I thought we were on the same page, that this was what we were supposed to do. And now you tell me that I’ve been wrong all of this time?”

    “I have tried to tell you, Chan.” He shook his head and moved away from you. You didn’t expect that being honest with him would lead to this reaction from him. “When I asked you to do things I enjoyed when I asked you to be a part of my world… I was asking you to meet me fully. Every time we hang out it’s always your choice. My friends are not worthy of your company, my hangout spots are not worthy of your time. And I can’t pretend this isn’t bothering me, not when you think everything is fine between us. It isn’t, Chan.”

    He let out a nervous laugh, shaking his head in disbelief. For a while, you watched as he paced around the kitchen, trying to make some sense of what you were telling him. You were hoping that he would understand what you were saying, that you wanted to give the two of you a chance and that you were being honest with him so you could work through this and be better for each other. But he didn’t. He didn’t listen. And you didn’t even know if he cared about your feelings.

    “Maybe you should go.” His eyes were filled with rage when he looked at you. “I’ll call you a cab if I have to but you should go.”

    “Chan, we can talk this out. I am not saying these things be-”

    “I don’t want you here!” He spat out the words as if they were poisonous, his eyes filled with rage and disappointment as he gestured to his front door. “Just go.”

    You let out a sob you didn’t even know you were holding inside and nodded. Everything else was done in silence. You left his kitchen, his eyes following you like a gun pointed to the back of your head. You grabbed your purse and your jacket, holding back your tears. You walked out of his apartment and entered the elevator and allowed yourself to cry, to sob for a while.

    What had you just done? Part of you felt stupid, foolish, idiotic. What you had with Chan was good and you enjoyed it so why did you have to go and ruin it?

    But there was another part of you that asked you to be realistic. Chan would continue to give, to give what he thought you needed, what he wanted you to need. And you’d give him the bare minimum because you couldn’t give him more. After all, he didn’t bother to let you give him more of you.

    Chan deserved better. Someone happy to be by his side. Someone who would fit into his world as he wanted them to, who would love the gifts and the expensive dinners and getaways. Right now, that wasn’t you.

    And you’d never be that person. You couldn’t ignore what you liked and loved just to make someone else happy, no matter how much you liked or loved them. And you couldn’t keep your feelings to yourself, not when you knew the consequences of not speaking them out loud.

    But all of this still hurt. And you still cried. After all, there was a big chance you had lost Chan as a friend. And oh, how a great friend he was. How a great friend he had been to you.

    ~ 🎨 ~

    Minho didn’t expect to use to studio’s key so early. However, when he was leaving the art gallery to go home, he remembered that he had forgotten what Mr Yang had prepared for him at the front desk. Afraid that the food might get spoiled, he decided to drive by before heading home.

    He drove in silence, the window by his side open to let some air enter his car. As he crossed the bridge, the sound of traffic grew stronger as more cars were driving in the same direction as he was. A lot of people worked on the northern side of the river but lived on the opposite side.

    He’d stop in traffic and drive, stop and drive again. What he expected to be a quick rendezvous ended up taking longer. When he reached the historical part of the town, he had a hard time finding a place to park. You had warned him that this part of the city often came alive at night and maybe tonight was one of those nights. If Minho had time, he’d check what was going on. It was better than going home alone and spending his time awake, waiting for the sun to rise again.

    After a few minutes, Minho finally found a place to park his car. He quickly stepped out and located himself, understanding which street he was on and where he’d have to turn to get to the studio. He realized he was near Yang’s restaurant. Before heading home, he’d probably stop by and say hi, thank them for the meal.

    He walked for a while, watching as some stores were already closed and how most streets were now decorated with beautiful fairy lights in different colours and different designs that made them much better to walk at night. Each road had its design which made them unique and special to visit. He wondered when these had been placed, he was only noticing them now.

    Finally, he arrived at the studio. He grabbed the key from his pocket and smiled at it softly. He checked his phone once more. Still no message from you. He stopped when he looked at the door, an eyebrow raised.

    The lights inside were on, something that Minho hadn’t noticed when he left. Maybe you’d forgotten to turn them off, although he thought that would be highly unlikely, you always turned off the lights before heading out for lunch.

    He sighed and unlocked the door, stepping inside. This was his mind overthinking, he just wanted his dinner. However, when he looked at the front desk, he saw your purse and your jacket in there.

    You were here.

    “Y/N?” He asked, waiting for an answer in return. “I just came to grab my dinner.”

    However, you didn’t answer. He glanced at the workshop room, its lights turned off, the room empty. And then, he heard a loud sob. And another one. It came from upstairs.

    “Y/N?” He called again louder, walking towards the end of the stairs, ignoring his dinner at the front desk. He gulped when he heard you crying, his heart sinking in his chest. He cleared his throat and fixed his suit. “I’m going there.”

    He took a deep breath and slowly started to climb the stairs. You had never invited him upstairs, so he was careful on his way up. He listened, waiting for you to tell him to stop and turn around, to stop and not come upstairs. That you were ok and had just momentarily hurt yourself. But that never came and Minho was already on the upper floor.

    The first thing he noticed was how much smaller this floor was. It had a storage room, the door half-closed, the light inside turned off. And in front of him, Minho saw you.

    You were sitting on a bench, your back turned to him. He could see your shoulders shuddering as you sobbed, eyes focused on the view in front of you. It was a beautiful view, but Minho couldn’t focus on it while he saw you like this.

    Slowly, he walked closer to you, always aware of his strange presence here. He noticed you had taken your shoes off and so he did the same. At this, you glanced back and found him.

    “Hi.” Even in this broken state, you still tried to smile at him. “What are you doing here?”

    Your voice was hoarse and you tried your best to hide the fact that you were hurting. You wiped the tears away from your eyes and stood up, walking towards Minho.

    “I… forgot my dinner,” he said, never taking his eyes from your face. “I saw the lights were on and,” he gulped, “I heard you… cry.”

    “I’ll be fine,” you said and tried to give him a reassuring smile. “I mean it.”

    But Minho had looked at you too many times to know that you were lying. Your smile didn’t match the pain in your eyes and the redness on your face told him that whatever this was, it was something that you had been crying about for a while. It was something that broke you, something that hurt you deeply. And part of Minho broke and hurt with you too.

    Without thinking twice, he walked closer to you and wrapped you in his embrace without saying anything. He felt the tension of your body melting away as you wrapped your arms around him, your sobs starting quietly and then increasing in sound and intensity.

    Minho let you be, caressing your back softly, as you cried and let everything out. There was nothing he could say that would make you feel better so he just allowed himself to stay like this, with your arms wrapped around him, letting all your suffering out.

    “I’m sorry,” you whispered in between sobs. “I’m sorry you… have to… see me… like this.”

    “Nonsense,” he whispered. “You’re allowed to break down, Y/N. You don’t have to be strong all the time.”

    Your grip around him tightened as if you didn’t want to let him go and he returned it. Partially because he didn’t want to let you go and partially because he wanted you to know that he was here for you.

    “You have no moral to give me advice,” you said looking at him. He smiled at the soft smile on your features. “You also act tough all the time. You’re probably a marshmallow under all this iron you carry.”

    He couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. This comment told Minho that you were already feeling better. He caressed your cheeks softly, wiping away your tears from under your eyes.

    “Do you feel better?” He asked, cupping your face so he could get a better look at your face. You nodded and placed your hands on top of his, removing them from your cheeks. Minho felt your fingers going over the ring on his hand and you looked at it, studying it. He looked at your expression as you glanced at it, your fingers playing with it, moving it around, looking for something.

    Minho wondered. He wondered what you were thinking about, what kind of thoughts crossed your mind as you glanced at it. He questioned if you thought of him as a fool for carrying a symbol of eternal love when his love was anything but eternal.

    “She’s stupid,” you whispered, your gaze still on the ring. “Who wouldn’t want to be loved by you?”

    Minho understood that he wasn’t supposed to have heard that. He gulped, his cheeks growing warmer, his eyes widening.

    “Don’t settle for something less than what you deserve, Minho,” you said, your eyes meeting his with certainty. “You deserve real love, someone who truly cares for you. And you deserve to stand up for yourself and call it what it is. Even if it hurts. Do it.”

    Once again, Minho wasn’t sure if you were saying those words to him or if this was what you wished to hear from him. Yet, those words resonated deeply within him. They touched him softly, but strong enough to crash down the walls he had built all his life. Someone had finally said it to him.

    And that someone was you. You had told Minho he was worthy of love, real love.

    His hand slipped from yours and you followed his movements. He looked at his hand, at the ring on it. All this time, he had wished for something that was never coming. All this time, Minho had waited for love from the wrong person.

    He gulped and grabbed his ring, his heartbeat increasing. Once it was out of his finger, what would it mean? Would he regret it right away, wishing to put it back, missing the feeling of having it? Or would he never look back? He pondered for a few moments, wondering what would be the right thing to do.

    And then, he took off the ring.

    He placed it on his palm, looking at it. A bittersweet smile reached his lips, tears falling from his eyes too. From all the emotions he thought he’d be feeling in this moment, he never expected to feel this way.

    Minho was relieved. He took a deep breath he didn’t know he was holding in and smiled at you. You smiled back at him and took a deep breath as well, looking at his palm.

    “What are you going to do with it?”

    Minho didn’t have the answer. He just knew he didn’t want to keep it, he didn’t want to save it. But maybe he’d give it to Hana, as a goodbye gift. He didn’t need it anymore. He didn’t want it anymore.

    “I’m not putting it on, that’s for sure.”

    He laughed, happily. He shoved the ring on the pocket of his pants, the furthest away from his heart and then he looked at you. The redness had faded slightly but your eyes were still puffy. However, you were calmer now. You weren’t sobbing heavily and the tears that felt were far in between, almost gone.

    Suddenly, Minho remembered something. His smile softened as he looked at you, gesturing to the stairs behind him.

    “Do you want to join me for dinner? I have enough for two.”

    “I could really use some comfort food right now…” You admitted and smiled at him. “Are you sure you don’t mind sharing?”

    He didn’t understand if that was a genuine question or if you truly meant it.

    “I am sure,” he reassured you. “Where should we have it?”

    He glanced around and you stepped out of his way, pointing to the studio where you had been earlier. For the first time tonight, Minho was able to appreciate the view, the skyline, the bridge, the nightlights. Just like his favourite painting.

    “Would you like to have dinner in my studio?” You said, gesturing to the studio. “It was my father’s, but I think I am ready to rename it. Y/N’s studio.”

    “It sounds nice,” he said, smiling. He was still amazed at the view, he didn’t notice you looking at him.

    “I want to paint you like this,” you announced and he glanced at you surprised. He raised an eyebrow, confused. You clarified. “You look… happy. And…”

    “Handsome?” He jokingly added, watching as you rolled your eyes. His eyes softened and his smile widened. “I’d like you to paint me how you see me.”

    “Why?” You asked. You crossed your arms and pouted slightly. “You looked great right now! I should’ve taken a picture.”

    He pretended to ignore you and started to climb down the stairs and you followed him behind. He ignored your attempts at trying to change his mind. He ignored how you argued that the light was better and that with him looking at you it would be too distracting, but he didn’t care.

    Well, he did care. He cared about how you would portrait him in a painting, how you transcribe him onto a canvas. How he would influence your style, which features of him would you pay more attention to.

    He cared about how you saw him. He wanted to see himself from your eyes, from your perspective.

    “Let’s have dinner first,” he suggested when you were already seating next to each other at the studio. Minho noticed how everything was already set for you to take his portrait and smiled. “We have all night to discuss the details.”

    “You won’t change your mind, will you?” He smiled. Maybe you knew him better than he thought you did. “You’re just trying to buy yourself some more time.”

    He laughed. Wasn’t that what he was always doing? Trying to buy himself more time to spend it with you?

    The two of you started to eat in silence and this time, Minho didn’t pretend he wasn’t looking at you. If he ever got the chance to paint you, he’d make sure to highlight the fire and passion in your eyes, the kindness in your smile and the lovely expression of your face.

    That’s how he saw you: kind, brave, strong, beautiful.

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    Please, like/reblog this if you enjoy reading it and let me know your thoughts, I’m always appreciative of your feedback! ©mxxndreams 2021 Copying, reposting, translating and/or modifications of my work is strictly prohibited. Moodboard images from Pinterest. I do not own the rights to any of them, credit goes to rightful owners. If any of the images featured is yours, please reach out to me so I can properly credit it or remove it.

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    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Imagine:  Squid Game style kpop end-year awards but instead of dying there’s smut.

    Award shows now have trophies for when idol groups receive both the highest and lowest score depending on the category. At the beginning of ever year, each idol individually signs their contract detailing the year’s events. The safeword always remains the same. The award show ends when every member has played.

    If they lose = humiliation award and since Yangyang, Haechan, Jungkook, Sehun, are the youngest of their respective groups they have to “take one for the team”. If any idol is too young, they are not invited and their leader has to bear the responsibility instead. It's streamed live. This means it's in front of all the members, other kpop groups who are adults, and a global audience who have been pre-verified with more security for entering the site than pornhub.

    The humiliation award, which is on a stage with every angle visible, sees Jungkook, Yangyang, Haechan, Sehun, Soobin, and others on all fours, skin blushed red from so many hits by either the leader or 2nd youngest eligible to attend. Namjoon/Jungkook, Kun/Yanyang, Soobin/Beomgyu, etc.

    The "Daesang/grand prize" winner(s) get a special treat of doing whatever they'd like to each of the ones on stage. A dream come true for some who’ve harbored crushes all year. The companies have never seen fans so rabid to get the grand prize. The respective winners tell the maknaes, and all the ones on their knees, how they’re all whores who deserve this as fans tune in to watch. The maknaes whimper because they’re baby but also because it just feels so good; the arousal, degradation, humiliation, and praise.

    The biggest year-end award show holds a lottery for lucky fans to participate on stage or online. There’s no buying your way into choosing which idol is touched in which way, but there is an all-expenses-paid option for eligible fans. A live raffle with fan submitted scenarios means the lucky fans get to milk the idols excruciatingly slow as they buck their hips into their grip or any number of creative scenarios courtesy of the fans. Steps are made to protect the fans’ identities and the idols from harm.

    The best part is how embarrassed and humiliated the idols all are but also how turned on; precum leaking and dicks hard with soft whimpers and lewd moans escaping in between bouts of panting and yes please.

    Jungkook would go hard on Soobin because they’re allowed to win their way out of the torture to be the one torturing. He’s willing and eager to give so much overstimulation because Soobin’s so pretty and because it feels great to win. (Think whump, whumpee)

    Yangie + Haechan crying prettily from overstimulation. San, Yeonjun, Bang Chan desperate as their sounds fill the air due to impact play. Johnny loving the size difference between him and Felix whose bad luck just had to land him on stage. Beomgyu with a tight grip on his stuffie because he wants this, he really does, but needs the comfort of the familiar, little dick still as hard as can be as Namjoon towers over him. 

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    send in some skz thoughts or questions i can respond to in my inbox _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

    #literally anything i am So desperate #skz reactions#skz imagines #skz x reader #skz x y/n #skz x you #stray kids reactions #stray kids x reader #stray kids imagines #skz fluff#skz angst #stray kids fluff #stray kids angst #bang chan x reader #lee minho x reader #seo changbin x reader #lee felix x reader #yang jeongin x reader #kim seungmin x reader
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    11:07 pm

    Seo Changbin / 609 words / smut

    Day twenty-one of kinktober - Seo Changbin x Restraints

    ⊱ ─────────────────────── ⊰

    The number one thing Changbin loved in the world was the sight of you tied up and almost helpless as he pounded into you. It turned him on immensely from how he could have his way with you, go as hard as he wanted with you being unable to physically stop him, only to the point he knew you loved. He never hurt you and never intended for it. The two of you trusted each other with your lives and if you were to tell him to stop, he would in a heartbeat.

    You absolutely loved the feeling of the satin ribbons that bounded your hands and feet together. Or the cold metal of the handcuffs as he cuffed you to the bed. Usually the two of you preferred the ribbons as they wouldn't leave marks behind like the cuffs and didn't hurt you when you were crying and throwing your body around in pleasure. Right now though, Changbin only had your hands bound to the posts of the bed.

    "Fuck," Changbin groaned, hands caressing your bare skin, "You look so pretty like this. Laying there so helplessly, ready to take everything I give you," He sighed, lips trailing kisses down your neck to your stomach, but stopping right above where you wanted him, his breath fanning over your sensitive area.

    Your breath hitched in anticipation and you immediately groaned in frustration when he stayed like that for a few seconds. On instinct, you tried to move your hands to push him lower, "Shit, Bin," You groaned once you were stopped by your restraints.

    Changbin chuckled, eyeing your needy figure lustfully, "Someone's a little eager tonight," He teased lovingly.

    "Bin, please," You whimpered, "Please go lower, I need you," You cried out in need.

    "Not yet," He barked, picking up the spare satin ribbons on the bed before tying them around your ankles and moving towards the posts of the bed.

    He took a moment to admire the view in front of him, all sprawled out and bare on the bed for him. He swore he could cum right then and there, but he had to contain himself. He had all the time in the world to fuck you, and he wanted to admire you from afar until you were practically begging for him.

    Which didn't take long and Changbin's knees grew weak at the sound of your whimpers and begging for him. Changbin hopped onto the bed, diving into your wet and pulsing core. He couldn't help but chuckle at your needy state, practically drooling from the mouth, "Baby, if you keep being this noisy, you know I won't hesitate to gag you."

    From being so worked up, your high was already approaching just from the use of Changbin's mouth, the way he lapped and sucked your core almost had you seeing stars. That was until he pulled away with a smirk plastered on his face. Before you could even protest, his lips were against yours and you instantly moaned at the taste of your juices coating your lips.

    "You want my cock, don't you baby?" He mumbled against your lips, fingers squeezing at your thighs, "You want to feel full with my cock?"

    At your pleas for Changbin to fuck you, he happily and eagerly obliged. Lining up his length at your core before slowly thrusting into you and setting a steady rhythm. Changbin pulled away from being flush against you to watch the way your breasts bounced with every thrust and the way your hands and feet pulled on the restraints in the urge of wanting to touch him. He'd never get tired of this sight.

    ⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰

    - Admin 🌶️


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    #seo changbin smut #skz smut#stray kids #stray kids smut #skz#seo changbin #stray kids changbin #stray kids seo changbin #stray kids timestamps #stray kids suggestive #kinktober#stray kids blurbs #stray kids boyfriend #stray kids drabbles #stray kids scenarios #stray kids imagine #stray kids oneshot #stray kids masterlist #stray kids reactions #stray kids angst #stray kids fluff #bang chan#Lee Minho#hwang hyunjin#han jisung#lee felix#kim Seungmin#yang jeongin
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    Stray kids reaction to you being exhausted/sad after a long day

    Authors note: Sorry if this ones a little repetitive. Hope u like it anyway 😗

    Warnings: angst



    Channie is so surprised when he walks through front door and finds that u aren’t home yet

    Usually u get home before him and he finds u sprawled out on the couch

    Today tho Chan finds himself in an empty house

    He’s a little worried but decides to just take a shower and wait for u to get home

    He’s sitting on the couch scrolling on his phone when u trudge through the door

    The tired look on ur face makes channie so sad :(

    He gets up and wraps his arms around u

    “Bad day huh?” He whispers into ur hair

    U nod and sink further into his big boy arms

    He leads u back to the couch and lays u on his chest

    U can talk about ur day or u can just cuddle he doesn’t mind either way

    When u fall asleep he will carry u to bed


    When Minho sees u walk through the door looking like ur about to pass out he feels so sympathetic

    He decides to quietly help u

    He doesn’t want to smother u or make things worse so he tries to give u as much space as he can while still being helpful

    He stands up from his place on the couch and walks over to help u take off ur jacket

    His hands gently brush against ur tense shoulders and he feels so bad for u

    If u make no move to push him off he leans his head in close to ur ear and places a soft kiss on the back of ur ear

    He whispers in ur ear telling u to go take a nap and not to worry about anything because he’s gonna make dinner

    U have no energy to fight so u flop onto the couch

    Minho then leaves to make dinner for the evening

    He just wants his baby to feel better so he tells u while ur eating to let him know if he can do anything else to help


    Bear hug? Bear hug.

    As soon as u step into the house binnie is concerned for u

    U look so off today and he is so confused

    He’s about to ask u what’s wrong when u look up and meet his eyes

    He sees all the tiredness and sadness in ur eyes and his shoulders instantly fall

    “Oh baby..”

    He steps forward and wraps u up in his arms trying to squeeze all the bad out of u

    The pressure around ur body helps so much u just sink into his arms

    He smooches the side of ur head and leads u to ur bed

    He’ll let u lead from there

    If u want to talk u can or if u want to nap he’s already pulling u onto is chest

    Whatever u need binnie will provide 😌


    U r having a bad day???

    Not on his watch hmph 😤

    Jinnie sees ur tired face and makes it his mission to make u feel better

    He breaks out snacks and movies

    Maybe even some face masks

    He’s got a cute excited grin on his face and it immediately lifts ur mood

    He’s just adorable ☺️

    Anyway he will cozy up next to u and play ur favorite movie while u munch on ur snacks

    U can pay attention to the movie if u want or it can be background noise as the two of u talk

    Whatever u want bby

    Hyunjin feels so proud of himself when he sees ur shoulders start to relax and a lil smile creep onto ur face

    He holds u close and reassures u that everything’s okay when ur in his arms

    “Don’t worry about anything, I’m here. Just relax.”


    Sad squirrel

    Poor boy just wanted to come home cuddle up with u and chat all night

    He missed u!!!

    But he comes home to find u in bed buried under the covers

    He’s so excited to see u!! So he jumps up onto the bed all like “Baby!! I’m home!!”

    But u just quietly whisper a “Not right now ji”

    His smile falls and he falls back onto his feet looking at ur form

    He notices ur ragged breathing and he finally realizes

    His baby is crying :((((

    He rubs at the covers trying to find ur shoulder

    “Hey what’s up?” He asks u quietly

    He doesn’t want to upset u further so he reassures u that u don’t have to talk if u don’t wanna

    If u do wanna talk he’ll sit there and listen to u and maybe get some snacks and u two will just have a little self care night

    If u don’t wanna talk he’ll scoot next to u and put a movie or tv show on that u can fall asleep to

    And he’ll wake u up in the morning with loving kisses all over ur cute face 😚


    Oh no baby

    He watches u lay down on the couch ignoring his greeting and smiling face

    His smile drops as u take a deep breath and try to forget about ur terrible day

    He sits beside u and rubs at ur hip gently trying to soothe u

    “Hey sweetheart, what’s the matter? Did you have a bad day?”

    You shudder out a breath and nod at him

    Lixie feels his heart clench at how ur all curled up on the couch :((

    He’s thinking of how to help when he suddenly gets an idea

    “Wanna cuddle? :))”

    Ofc u say yes and he lays down next to u

    Lixie wraps his arms around u and pulls a blanket down to wrap around the two of u

    He rubs at ur stomach with one hand and ur cheek with the other

    His warm hands are so comforting u feel urself drift off to sleep

    U wake up in the morning in bed to the smell of all ur fav breakfast foods

    Lixie is always there to help u



    At first min doesn’t really notice

    Not because he doesn’t care!! He’s just a busy bee

    He’ll be working on his laptop in the living room when u come home

    He’s super into his work that day so he just gives u a “Hey love.” And leaves it at that

    He’s working so hard :((( he just wants to be done with his work so he can spend time with u

    Once he’s finally done he goes to check on u and finds u staring up at the ceiling of ur bedroom

    He comes up next to u and asks u why u aren’t asleep because it’s gotten pretty late

    “Can’t sleep” u mumble

    Minnie can tell something is wrong but isn’t sure how exactly to help

    So he gets off the bed and leaves the room

    Him leaving makes u feel so much worse :(

    But he comes back! With tea :)

    He sets ur tea down and flops onto his stomach next to u

    “I’m here, love” he says kissing ur temple

    He’s just so sweet u don’t want to be away from him any longer

    U roll over and wrap ur arms and legs around his body

    Minnie smiles and holds u for the rest of the night

    Soft and gentle love and comfort from this cutie


    He a lil awkward 😬

    He knows ur upset and u had a bad day he just has no clue how to go about comforting u

    He just kinda looks at u from his place on the couch with wide concerned eyes

    Ur wrapped up in blankets on the other side of the couch

    And u look so cute but so sad :(((

    Eventually he scoots towards u and places his hand on ur thigh

    “Hey are you okay?” He’ll ask in a quiet voice

    U just shake ur head still staring at the tv

    Jeongin decides to try his best to comfort u so he wraps his arms around u and pulls u into his chest

    Might give u forehead kithes too

    He lets u fall asleep in his arms and takes care of u all night

    #fanfic#stray kids #stray kids reactions #stray kids fluff #stray kids imagines #stray kids angst #skz reactions#skz imagines
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  • shuichi-sama
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    the thunderous ones

    inspiration: thunderous - skz

    pairings: bandit! hyunjin! x princess!reader!

    genre: historical w/ some modern aspects, romance, action

    warnings: fighting, wars, weapons, blood, possible death, injury, angst, betrayal

    when the king of brookshire fails to protect the kingdom's most prized possession, he's in a state of hysteria to retrieve it before the townspeople find out or even worse, before their enemies use it for their advantage. But when the princess of brookshire, Y/n, offers a solution by partnering with the town's most-wanted group, the thunderous ones, after witnessing the one of their mischief’s. the king is quick to deny it as they are known for carrying a bad reputation for stealing and creating chaos, the thunderous ones are hated by many of the people of brookshire. but as time goes on, striking a deal with criminals seemed like the king's last and only hope.

    at first hesitant to comply, but in the end, comply when their own home and the people they care about are threatened by the enemy. the thunderous ones use their intelligence and skills through a series of confrontations and betrayals to bring peace back to the kingdom and along the road, they may find love and happiness.

    or in which, after princess y/n watches, hwang hyun-jin, the serious and ace of the group, make a good deed for the kids of the towns, she learns the true nature of the thunderous ones mischiefs. wanting to not only help her Kingdom and the town people, but she also comes to want to learn more about thunderous ones and hyun-jin, to change everyone's look on who really are the thunderous ones.

    authors note: i suddenly got this idea one night after watching the thunderous mv. i don't really like the summary but i was so excited to share my edit for the story so i couldn't wait any longer T-T im very proud of it not going to lie, ill probably change up the summary later so you can get a better look as to what hyunjin and the readers relationship would be like.

    #hyunjin x reader #kpop scenarios#kpop imagine#kpopau#hyunjin angst#hyunjin scenarios#skz#stray kids#skz imagines #stray kids imagines #stray kids au #stray kids scenarios #skz scenarios #stray kids x reader #stray kids x y/n #skz aus#skz fanfic#hyunjin au #hwang hyunjin au #skz angst #stray kids angst
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    Then and Now (Ch. 21)

    Where Jisung, Melanie, Chan and Changbin have been best friends since they were seven years old, and a mistake of the past brings troubles to the present. Melanie is regretful, Jisung is guilty, and Changbin just wants to put the pieces back together…

    Group: Stray Kids

    Pairing: Han/Fem! Reader (Third Person-Melanie); Changbin/Fem! Reader (Third Person-Melanie)

    Rating: Teen

    Warnings: Slow Burn, Pining, Kissing/Making Out, Love Triangle, Drinking, Some Language, Suggestive/Sexual Themes, Angst (with happy ending!), Emotional Trauma, Mentions of Divorced/Arguing Parents

    Word Count: 1,726

    Main Masterlist | Stray Kids Masterlist

    In Progress - Chapters Released Every Tuesday & Wednesday

    Want to be on the taglist? Request it here!

    20 | 21 | 22

    Then: Trapped


    March 22, 2019

    Jisung sat at his kitchen table, pencil scratching across his paper as he took note of the next vocabulary word on his list for homework. Melanie was in the chair beside him doing the same, and it was quiet for a moment, nothing but the low-volume music coming from her phone playing in the background.

    He grabbed his half empty can of soda, sipping it and trying his best to ignore the awkward lump in his throat that’d been there since they’d started their study date.

    If he was being honest, Jisung was feeling a bit… panicked.

    His eyes darted to Melanie, watching her scribble across her notebook quickly, concentrated, not noticing his wandering gaze yet, and he looked away again before she could, an unsettling turn of his stomach as he did so.

    He was worried about him and Melanie.

    Ever since January, things between them had started to shift.

    Jisung wasn’t sure when exactly it had happened, but he knew it’d started after the first time he’d seen his mother. It’d been an emotional visit that night, seeing Mrs. Han in her new apartment, but they’d talked for a while, and she hugged him tight, letting him know just how much she’d missed him.

    And when he’d left her home that day, Jisung had felt a little less alone.

    As January and February passed, the visits with his mother came more frequently and he was building back the close relationship he’d had with her for all of his childhood, healing the painful gash she’d left behind.

    It was around this time that Jisung realized another close relationship of his was changing…

    He was spending time with Melanie still, the two of them the same- best friends as always- and he was happy to see her and talk to her, tell her all about his visits with his mother.

    But then they were slipping through the bubble of just friends.

    Their fingers were intertwined, they were sitting so close, Melanie’s lips were pressed against his, Jisung’s hands were threading through her hair, and he found himself… waiting.

    He was waiting for that same rush of adrenaline he’d had for the first three months of their relationship; the ability to lose himself in it and lock himself away with just Melanie.

    But as time went by, February turning to March, Jisung realized he wasn’t forgetting anymore- wasn’t trying to forget anymore- and he hadn’t realized this was the whole foundation of he and Melanie’s relationship until it was too late.

    Jisung was kissing to remember again, and there seemed to be less and less feeling every time his lips met hers.

    There was nothing there but friendship with Melanie.

    She was his best friend, only his best friend, and he’d mistaken his emotional turmoil and the comfort she brought to him for actual feelings for her.

    His throat constricted, Jisung’s pencil shaking slightly in his hand as he attempted to write the next vocabulary word into his notebook, and he was swallowing hard.

    Jisung hadn’t wanted to believe any of it- believe that he had unintentionally been using and relying on Melanie to help him heal- blaming it on too much time together. Their friend Minho had been in a ton of relationships before, and he often said after a few months it was good to get some space so you didn’t get tired of one another.

    So he’d done that- making more time for their friends and explaining to a hurt-looking Melanie that they shouldn’t shut the others out because they were together- and, of course, she’d agreed.

    They’d cut down on their alone time and at first, that had seemed to work, Jisung happier now when he spent time with Melanie, subtle sparking beneath his skin when they touched, even if it wasn’t as strong as before.

    But now, even that was starting to dwindle away.

    Jisung found himself making excuses, avoiding physical contact and alone time with Melanie, trying his best to ignore the solid boulder of guilt that was weighing heavy on his chest.

    Their relationship was not at all what he’d thought it was.

    He’d thought his feelings had shifted for her- there but never revealed until he’d seen how pretty she was that night after Homecoming. Found from his realization that she was always there for him, and he loved her, couldn’t imagine his life without her-

    But Melanie was his best friend; and he only loved her like a best friend.

    There had never been feelings more than that.

    “You look handsome today.”

    Jisung jumped, making an accidental mark across his paper before looking up at Melanie.

    She was smiling, but there was something sad flickering in her green eyes like there so often was when she looked at him now.

    Like she could read the anguish going on inside of him.

    “Thanks,” his voice was soft and a little raspy as he did his best to smile back, eyes moving along the features of her face. “You look cute.”

    His words were the truth- she did- but Melanie had always been cute.

    It didn’t change the way Jisung felt.

    He watched as her eyes lingered on his, clearly waiting for something else before she was turning back to her homework, bottom lip lodged worriedly between her teeth.

    Jisung was shifting anxiously in his chair, eyes glazing over as he stared at his notebook.

    He was trapped- felt trapped in the hole he’d dug himself in, the dirt threatening to spill over, burying him in his own, stupid, twisted mistakes-

    Jisung realized not only were his feelings contorted and misplaced, but Melanie’s feelings were not.

    She’d always given him the sense that she had a crush on him- that maybe she felt something more than friendship towards him throughout their years together. He’d never acknowledged it of course- even when Hyunjin and Seungmin teased him about it when Melanie wasn’t there- but he’d had no idea the extent of her feelings.

    After six months of being in a relationship with Melanie, he realized she didn’t have just a crush on him.

    She really, really liked him.

    And she seemed to fall harder and harder as they days went by, her eyes shining with nothing but love for him, touches passionate and gentle on his skin, kisses like she’d always been there to remember, like she never wanted to forget-

    Jisung was there now with Melanie- his best friend in the world, someone he loved so much- and he’d ruined it. She was his girlfriend now, a rash and stupid decision he’d made in the moment, thinking there was something there, not looking any deeper at his feelings, and now…

    Now he didn’t know how to pull away.

    He didn’t know what to do, how to end this without hurting Melanie, because no matter what, it was going to, and Jisung didn’t want to do that.

    She didn’t deserve any of this.

    Jisung felt a warm set of fingers on his arm, and he looked up realizing Melanie had come a lot closer.

    “Are you okay?” she asked softly, her eyes moving between his own.

    Jisung didn’t want her to see, hurriedly averting his gaze, speaking to his textbook.

    “Yeah, I’m just…”

    But he found he couldn’t finish the sentence, the lump in his throat was too large for him to speak correctly, and he felt Melanie’s fingers leave his arm only to caress his cheek, Jisung forced to look at her again.

    And for a moment, he was reminded why he’d been so fooled; Melanie’s touch was warm and comforting, her face as beautiful as it’d always been as she stared at him.

    She must’ve seen it- the flicker of recognition in his eyes- because her gaze was wandering to his lips before she was leaning close, pressing her own against his.

    Jisung’s heart pounded uncomfortably in his chest, throat tightening again, kissing her back and hoping something would be different; hoping this time, he’d feel something more and all his thoughts were a mistake.

    Hoping he did love Melanie as more than a friend.

    But as her soft lips pressed against his, he felt nothing.

    Just the same, constricting of his chest, the bubble of panic in his stomach, the reminder that things weren’t the same anymore-

    Jisung broke away, inhaling shakily as his eyes flew open, Melanie’s doing the same.

    “Are you… Did I upset you?”

    Her soft words were vulnerable and seemed almost accidental as Melanie pressed her lips together, pulling back slightly, searching his face.

    “I- I’m not, I just-”

    It was hot in the kitchen, suffocating, Jisung tripping over his words as he saw the obvious pain in Melanie’s eyes, the words he knew he should say right there, but they wouldn’t come out-

    “-I’m trying to focus.”

    He motioned toward the abysmal amount of vocabulary he’d written down, shifting his papers nervously.

    Melanie nodded, and he turned to her, wishing he hadn’t, her eyes searching his own, still looking hurt-

    “We’ll do that later,” he reassured her quickly, the words spilling from his mouth before he could stop them. “But for now we should study so we don’t fail this quiz.”

    Jisung couldn’t fight the urge he had to wipe the pain from her face, knowing he’d only picked up the shovel again, digging deeper, more dirt added to the pile that would inevitably suffocate him and her-

    “Yeah-” she laughed softly, something off about it as she sat back in her chair. “-yeah, I guess you’re right.”

    And Jisung could still see the hurt in her eyes- the realization that they’d be hanging out with Chan and Changbin “later” and his promises to her were empty…

    He faced his papers once more, trapped in his own mind, sick to his stomach with guilt at what he was doing, knowing every day he let this go- every day he didn’t say the words he needed to say to Melanie- the more he was destroying things in the long run.

    But his lips were pressed together as if sewn shut, throat too tight to speak as he picked up his pencil again with trembly fingers.

    He loved Melanie, didn’t want to hurt her or lose their best friendship…

    And Jisung had no idea what to do.

    To Be Continued...

    20 | 21 | 22

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    Then and Now (Ch. 20)

    Where Jisung, Melanie, Chan and Changbin have been best friends since they were seven years old, and a mistake of the past brings troubles to the present. Melanie is regretful, Jisung is guilty, and Changbin just wants to put the pieces back together…

    Group: Stray Kids

    Pairing: Han/Fem! Reader (Third Person-Melanie); Changbin/Fem! Reader (Third Person-Melanie)

    Rating: Teen

    Warnings: Slow Burn, Pining, Kissing/Making Out, Love Triangle, Drinking, Some Language, Suggestive/Sexual Themes, Angst (with happy ending!), Emotional Trauma, Mentions of Divorced/Arguing Parents

    Word Count: 2,009

    Main Masterlist | Stray Kids Masterlist

    In Progress - Chapters Released Every Tuesday & Wednesday

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    19 | 20 | 21

    Now: Relief


    November 7, 2020

    Jisung hurried down the stairs of the house, smoothing the fabric of his shirt as he skipped the last step, jumping and landing with a dull thud on the first floor. Flicking his hair out of his face, he moved to the living room, eyes darting around the area in search of his keys, needing to find them before he could go.

    He was getting ready for his second date with Emma.

    For their first one, they’d gone to the aquarium downtown and it was just as fun as he’d thought it would be. Emma was snarky, intelligent and hilarious, but Jisung was making her laugh just as much, the two of them talking almost non-stop as they peered into all the large, intricate tanks.

    When he was with her, it was almost like a weight had lifted off his chest- a heaviness he hadn’t even known was there- and he was looking forward to tonight, the two of them meeting at a pasta restaurant they’d both discovered they love.

    “Where the hell did you put the dough scooper?”

    Melanie’s voice carried across the living room from the kitchen and she sounded half-amused, half-exasperated.

    “I didn’t put the scooper anywhere-” Changbin sounded just as annoyed, and Jisung glanced up from the pillow he was moving off the couch. “-you were the last one to have it.”

    The two of them were making cookies, having invited Jisung and Chan to join them earlier that day. Jisung had his date with Emma, and Chan had declined as well, although his excuse had been nothing but homework.

    He had a suspicion Chan had left the two alone on purpose.

    “No, you used it last, didn’t you?” Melanie asked Changbin, giggling a little.

    Jisung grinned, unnoticed by either of them as they swerved between each other and the kitchen counters, Melanie’s hair in a messy bun, Changbin wearing a ridiculous “Kiss the cook” apron.

    “No,” Changbin was chuckling now, Melanie’s giggles echoing in the kitchen as she turned to him. “I did the chocolate chip ones, you did the sugar cookies-”

    She glanced at the metal bowl right beside her, peering inside before lifting a small, silver scooper from inside and smiling guiltily.


    Changbin snorted with laughter just as Jisung was looking away, tossing another couch pillow to the side and inhaling sharply; his keys.

    He knew he’d left them in the living room.

    Glancing towards the kitchen again, he swiped the keys from the cushion, stuffing them in his pocket. He saw Changbin mixing something in a bowl, Melanie turning around with a playfully evil smile on her face, hands lifted in front of her face.

    Pulling his hand slowly from his pocket, Jisung watched as Melanie tapped Changbin on the shoulder.


    Her palms pressed to his cheeks quick as a flash and Melanie was giggling maniacally, a white powder now caked on Changbin’s face, his eyes squeezed shut against the cloud of flour dust.

    “Mel!” he laughed, throwing his spoon into the bowl behind him. “What the-?”

    “Gotcha!” she cried, bouncing away gleefully as Changbin wiped at his eyes, still smiling.

    “That’s unsanitary!” he protested, doing his best to wipe the flour from his cheeks. “Aren’t you rolling out the dough still?”

    Jisung was laughing quietly to himself, moving past the kitchen table, both of them still not seeing him.

    “The germs bake away in the oven!” Melanie argued, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “You’re just mad I got you like that-”


    Changbin turned to a glass of water sitting on the island, grabbing an ice cube from the cup just as Melanie was turning back to her cookie dough. He didn’t hesitate, pulling the collar of her shirt a little as he dropped the ice down her back.

    Jisung’s chuckles were lost in the loud squeal of surprise from Melanie as she whipped around, Changbin laughing hysterically.


    Passing right by them and through the back door, Jisung shook his head with a smile, moving into the garage.

    There was a twinge of guilt in his stomach like there so often was when he saw them interacting like that- so happy together- wondering for the millionth time that year why he hadn’t seen it; how he hadn’t known.

    He wished it wasn’t still weird between him and Melanie; that he could talk to her, tell her she needed to wake up.

    What she’d always needed was right in front of her.

    Jisung wished he could talk to Changbin, too. Wished the subject of Mel wasn’t such a sore one between them and he could tell the man he should go for it.

    That he deserved her; and he probably always had.

    Unlocking his car, he got inside, running a hand through his hair before starting the engine.

    Whatever happened, he hoped it happened soon.

    More than anything, Jisung just wanted his two best friends to be happy again.


    Emma and Jisung were walking together, hand in hand, both extremely full after an amazing pasta dinner.

    The date had been pleasant and fun as usual, their conversations overlapping from one subject to the next as they enjoyed their food and drinks. After they were finished, they walked across the street to a beautiful park, enjoying the unusually warm autumn evening as the moon shone bright in the sky.

    Emma had just told Jisung all about her family; her parents and how close they all were, her sister who was also her best friend, and everyone’s weird quirks, like her musician uncle and genius grandfather.

    They’d fallen into a comfortable silence after that, Emma’s hand warm in Jisung’s as they walked, and he found himself glancing up at the sky, smiling a little.

    “I love the stars,” he said, Emma turning to look at him. “And the planets.”

    “Really?” she asked curiously. “What’s that bright one, right there?”

    Emma was joking but Jisung followed her line of vision before grinning at her.


    “Whoa!” she laughed a little, glancing at the shining orb in the sky before looking at him again. “Wait, you’re serious?”

    “Yeah,” he chuckled, nodding excitedly. “And that one over there-”

    He pointed to their right, watching Emma try to find it.

    “-is Mars.”

    Jisung focused on the small, red-tinted dot in the sky before Emma was looking back at him, smiling with a tilt of her head.

    “So you really know this stuff, huh?”

    He laughed again, their intertwined fingers shifting against one another’s as he shrugged.

    “I’ve always really liked the sky,” he admitted quietly.

    Emma didn’t pry- only nodded- and Jisung found himself looking at her, auburn hair blowing in the wind, blue eyes shining in the moonlight, and he was opening his mouth before he could stop himself.

    “I spent a lot of nights outside when I was younger,” he told her. “I… my parents, they used to fight a lot, and I… I don’t know. I guess when I was finding planets and looking at the stars…”

    He trailed off, but Emma was squeezing his hand, eyes searching his face.

    “You felt a lot better?” she guessed softly. “Like you were there, and not with your parents?”

    Jisung was a little surprised; her parents hadn’t fought.

    How did she know?

    “I do that, too, sometimes,” she continued, as if reading his mind. “Pretend I’m somewhere else when things get hard; might be the dreamer in me.”

    He realized she didn’t have to have gone through it to know, and for some reason, that was comforting; to have someone that could understand, even without the same experience.

    “Yeah,” he nodded, glancing at the sky again. “They’re divorced now; took them forever to do it though. It wasn’t until after I graduated that my Dad finally signed the divorce papers. I guess he really thought they could work it out…”

    Emma was quiet, just listening, and Jisung found himself still talking, running his free hand through his hair.

    “I think my Dad wanted her to be like… a traditional stay-at-home Mom, you know?” he said with a shrug. “But my mom’s never been that kind of person- she’s too much of a busy body- and they were constantly going at it. I think it got to be too much, honestly, and well…”

    Jisung hesitated, glancing her way just as Emma was looking at him again, expression neutral, waiting patiently for him to continue.

    “Well, my Mom actually left-” he swallowed hard. “-my senior year. She just… I went to Homecoming that night, and when I got home, all her stuff was packed and she was gone.”

    There was a moment of silence between them as Jisung pressed his lips together, his insides tightening like they always did when he brought up the memory.

    “I’m sorry,” Emma finally whispered.

    “It’s alright…” he was shrugging again, eyes wandering along the stars of the Cassiopeia constellation. “She actually apologized… around Prom, for leaving so out of the blue. And honestly, I understand; I think my Dad was kind of suffocating her, and he didn’t want to face that.”

    “That’s good she did that,” Emma said, voice a little louder than before. “That was probably really hard for you…”

    Jisung was looking at her again and at some point, they’d stopped walking, his eyes locked with hers as he realized what he’d done.

    That, without even realizing it, he’d told Emma almost everything.

    But there was no mutual sadness- no understanding, melancholic aura; something about her was almost strengthening.

    Emma didn’t know what that was like, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t listening; and there was something so relieving about opening up.

    There was a pang in his chest as he realized it’d never been like this with he and Melanie; most things had gone unspoken, the two of them living through their issues together, leaning on the other for support while holding their own weight, and since she understood, he never had to open up.

    Jisung could keep it all locked in, and let it destroy him from the inside out if he wanted.

    “You’re really strong,” Emma spoke quietly, sounding almost in awe of him as her eyes darted along the features of his face. “For going through that.”

    Jisung laughed softly before he could help it.

    “I wasn’t actually,” he told her honestly. “I was… really angry. And confused… all the time…”

    There was guilt twisting tightly in his stomach as he remembered that year… when everything had crumbled around him seemingly before he could stop it-

    “Well, who wouldn’t be angry?” Emma asked, interrupting his self-deprecating thoughts. “That would be hard for anyone, Jisung. I think… I think the fact that you got through it and you still have a relationship with your mother is pretty amazing.”

    He stared at her, feeling almost shy at the look in her eyes; something like pride there.

    And it was so nice… to converse like this. To hear Emma’s words of- not only comfort- but reassurance that opening up was okay; being angry was okay.

    Talking about it was okay, and it was what he needed.

    Without thinking, Jisung swooped down, kissing Emma hard on the lips. She squeaked slightly in surprise before her free hand was sliding up the length of his arm, her touch like fire against his skin- alive and bright.

    He only pulled back when he needed to breathe, both of them inhaling softly as Jisung’s forehead rested on hers.

    “Thanks,” he whispered against her lips, a swelling in his chest he’d never felt before, a small smile on his face.

    “Anytime,” she whispered right back, the palm of her hand caressing his neck before her fingers were slipping into the strands of hair on the back of his head.

    And then Jisung was kissing her again, his own hand coming to the dip in her back, pulling her closer, revelling in, not only the feel of her, but the freedom of her, too.

    Emma… was exactly what he’d always needed.

    To Be Continued...

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    STRAY office.

    — control tower 🗼⧘ offices

    welcome to the 'STRAY Office'! here, you'll find my masterlist of works for STRAY KIDS, mainly one shots, and series!

    [ KEY ] a: angst - f: fluff - h: humor - r: romance

    BANG CHAN ˖ ࣪⊹방찬

    mailbox: 📭

    이민호 ˖ ࣪⊹ LEE MINHO

    mailbox: 📭

    서창빈 ˖ ࣪⊹ SEO CHANGBIN

    mailbox: 📭

    황현진 ˖ ࣪⊹ HWANG HYUNJIN

    mailbox: 📭 – shipping!

    한지성 ˖ ࣪⊹ HAN JISUNG

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    LEE FELIX ˖ ࣪⊹ 이용복

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    김승민 ˖ ࣪⊹ KIM SEUNGMIN

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    양정인 ˖ ࣪⊹ YANG JEONGIN

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    part 56: safe place

    only fools fall for you | hyunjin sm au

    you’re excited to finally get a new start at university, majoring in the thing you love the most; dancing, and you’re positive that absolutely nothing can ruin the quintessential college experience for you.

    that is, until you run into your lifelong rival, hwang hyunjin and to make things worse…you can’t seem to get rid of him.

    ⇐ masterlist ⇒

    a/n: blast to the past 🚀🐶 (also pls😭 miju is her friend from high school, in the musical with her)

    any and all feedback, in the form of comments, reblogs or asks would be appreciated, it keeps me going 🥺🥰

    taglist: @caratinylyfe @peachy-maia @bambibamb @born5sos @rawrrain @the7thcrow @annawolfhard19 @skzooo @velvetand-roses @rindomo @gothmingguk @thegracerammy @minaamhh @hyunjun-jpeg @unexceptional-h @danyxthirstae01 @super-btstrash-posts @iwanttobangchan @egzyste-ncja @ificouldhelpyouforget @404-incorrect @lauraneuuh @seoryoungies @mstarlight @jakesahi @inlovewithasa @cutendshort @exonations @90s-belladonna @imhyvnjin @princess-kayleigh @ninjaleeknow @sunastars @vantxx95 @purpleskzsworld @youurkryptonite @glitteryskzstraykidsdream @rae-blogging @geniejunn @putmetogetheragain13 @hhjkji @mi-sumi @diue @are-you-bored-yet @jin-neck-shaft @seungcheoluwu @thonkingdeepo @cioud-recesses @chaitae-bae

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    Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

    How Bad at love can you be? Some people would argue that you either succeed or fail in love, that it’s a fifty-fifty shot. I disagree. The more you fail, the worse you get. 

    And you, my friend, you’re the worst out of everyone. You’re lucky so bad that you fail to find love generation after generation. You want to argue? 

    Then let’s show you all of your heartbreak once again: 

    Bang Chan - 400s Greek

    Lee Minho - Medieval

    Seo Changbin - Medieval

    Hwang Hyunjin - Renaissance

    Han Jisung - 1960s

    Lee Felix - 1980s

    Kim Seungmin - 2000s

    Yang Jeongin - Current Time

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    ABOUT IRENE (`_´)ゞ

    hi hi. i’m irene, 16 years old, and i’m a new stray kids blog (・・?) i’m mostly a fluff blog but on some occasions, i write angst and suggestive pieces too !

    DNF/DNI: basic dnf/dni criteria, less that 14 years old, older than 22 years old (personal opinion, i shouldn’t have to justify my boundaries), you’re an adult or child that’s overly obsessed with what either ages do on the internet (go outside please :P)

    BYF: i’m a minor, i don’t mind if smut blogs follow me and i don’t mind following back if you’re comfortable with that. i’m slow with replying to requests sometimes as i’m a junior in high school, and i am also selective when it comes to requests.

    #stray kids requests #stray kids headcanons #stray kids imagines #stray kids x reader #stray kids reactions #stray kids fluff #stray kids angst #skz fluff#skz angst#skz blurbs#skz headcanons#skz imagines #skz x reader #bang chan x reader #lee minho x reader #seo changbin x reader #han jisung x reader #lee felix x reader #kim seungmin x reader #yang jeongin x reader
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    I don't have many fanfics, but I plan to write more, so I thought I'd start this now. Also, I've seen masterlists that have other's writings on it with creds/recommendations - I might make one of those as well :)

    Started and last updated: 10-19-21 Codes: 🚩- smut 💋- implied smut 🎃- fluff 🐉- angst

    Stray Kids

    Changbin ~🚩🎃🐉 Seo Changbin as a Yandere ~🎃🐉 Seo Changbin Learns About Age Regression

    Han Jisung ~💋🐉🎃 Han Jisung as a Yandere

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    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 0.5 prologue

    September. The month when people bid farewell to fond memories of summer and embraced the season of harvest. Although coincidentally, it was also the month when educators welcomed students back into the classroom.

    From the day she got her schedule for her second year at university, y/n knew it was going to be a pain. Although she had picked no electives during her first year, she was told that she needed to pick one to satisfy her graduation requirements. The counsellor who helped with her scheduling told her it was better to have that done and out of the way before her third- and fourth-year rolled around. That way, it would lessen her workload for heavier courses, and she took that advice to heart.

    Her two friends, Sooji and Soobin, whom she had met in her first year at the university, were also in a similar situation and decided that they would all take the same course to help each other out. Sooji, the resident law student in their group, suggested that they all take entry-level criminology. Though both y/n and Soobin had reservations, the three of them agreed and reworked their schedule to accommodate the new course load.

    That was nearly two months ago.

    Fast forward to the first week of classes. y/n already felt like she was going to hate this schedule.

    However, that week, she had also met Minho Lee. He was the professor in charge of the entry-level criminology class that she had taken, along with her two friends, Sooji and Soobin.

    By the next week, she had already figured out what kind of professor he was: a hard marker, (far more than her other classes,) but an extremely dedicated person who made sure that students who had trouble with his classes were not left confused.

    This class that they had taken also came with a tutorial session—that was where she, along with the rest of the students, met the teaching assistant. Heeseung was, like professor Lee, very accommodating and overall friendly with the students.

    Despite her busy schedule, y/n did well in all of her second-year classes, and without realizing it, a year had passed by.

    Before she knew it, y/n was sitting with her education counsellor, planning her schedule for third-year. This time, she was taking more specialized classes that were available to her, and she left the counsellor’s office feeling relatively relieved—at least for the time being.

    Sooji had told y/n beforehand that she was going to be taking more specialized law classes, and the three of them wouldn’t be able to have a lot of time together like the years before. Soobin, being the resident psychology major, kept on taking his courses as usual.

    The three friends promised to meet up now and then to unwind, knowing that they would become busier following the start of the new semester.

    y/n had a good feeling about her future. Her third year was just around the corner, and she was prepared. She wasn’t worried—after all; she had a whole life ahead of her.

    However, what she didn’t count on was the appearance of one unpredictable variable, and before she could make sense of what happened to her, it thrust her into a world of chaos.

    And it all started with one package sitting on her doorstep.

    Just one.


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