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  • royalhyune
    04.08.2021 - 1 minute ago

    SKZ - Howl in Harmony

    Chan & Hyunjin

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  • straycinameticuniverse
    04.08.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    I know some people really trying to end stray kids for something that happened so many years back and lord knows that I don’t mean that it’s wrong to shine a light on it I just think the timing is very odd in my eyes and it just feels super malicious and not based on genuine feelings of hurt or disrespect, because from what I’ve noted a lot of people are suddenly digging up so many other unrelated and made up things to pile on to the list just because they think this is some type of game.

    It’s not a game, or a competition of who feels more disrespected or hurt. Let people who are hurt speak out and state their case because I can guarantee you know nothing of what they are feeling or what they wish to express, y’all just want to cancel SKZ now you’re using this as some sort of tool and it’s so sick.

    I would gladly chew up a damned truck before I let kpoppies invalidate things and blow things out of proportion. Being hurt and requesting a proper and formal apology doesn’t equal un stanning although it’s okay if you want to instan we aren’t holding you down with bolts and chains but it’s no big deal if you still want to stick around.

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  • swagpenguinscoffee
    04.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    when you heard chan and hyunjin’s song in one second

    #stray kids#skz hyunjin #skz bang chan #howl in harmony #skz song camp #stray kids memes #skz memes
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  • amorphine
    04.08.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    i'm too feeble for this

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  • 914o4b
    04.08.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Lemme just leave this here

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  • sunnyville36
    04.08.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Hyunchan really don’t want me to survive huh?

    #stray kids#skz#hyunjin#bang chan #howl in harmony #don’t worry I’ll be howling #HOWLING IN PAIN
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  • swagpenguinscoffee
    04.08.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    their outfits are chef kiss💋

    #stray kids#skz hyunjin #stray kids fluff #skz bang chan #howl in harmony
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  • lochness-butmakeitsexy
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    look I need HyunChan to quit using the word “stimulating” while describing their music video, I simply cannot take it today

    #stray kids#skz #skz song camp ep 5 #skz song camp #howl in harmony #hyunchan#hyunjin#chan#bang chan
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  • yeonjuns-croptop
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ah yes, the three moods: horny, excited, and sad

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  • ortali
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [SKZ SONG CAMP] Howl in Harmony Ep.05

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  • intotheworldofsausages
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The 강박 unit 🔥🥵 (part 2)

    Just Bang chan and Hyunjin choking eachother 🔥🥵

    #stray kids #you make stray kids stay #howl in harmony #skz hyunjin#bang chan#christoper bang#chris bang#skz chan#skz ot8#skz #skz song camp
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  • intotheworldofsausages
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    The 강박 Unit 🔥🥵🔥

    They're so hottttttt idk what to expect on their MV bruhhhh ,I'm speechless throughout the video

    I can't move on their see through outfit!!!!!🥵🔥

    Have a great sleep staysss🤣🤣

    #you make stray kids stay #stray kids#chris bang#bang chan#hwang hyunjin#hyunjin#skz chan#skz#skz hyunjin#skz ot8 #howl in harmony #skz song camp
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  • poutypoutybin
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    [ 9:40 pm ] love you

    for my loves, @bubblebeom & @smileysuh

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  • huiracha
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • felixielicious
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • dreamescapeswriting
    04.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Take A Hint ~ BC [Request]

    WORD COUNT: 2.2k

    GENRE: established-relationship, friends to lovers, first kiss, 

    PAIRING: Chan X Fem!Reader

    When Chan invited you around for a movie night with him and the boys this isn't where he pictured it going. Normally the boys would be out by 10 pm and you would curl up in bed beside him around 2 am. The two of you struggled to get some sleep but whenever you were together you slept soundly. Except for tonight. Tonight felt different. Neither of you could sleep and it was almost 5 in the morning. It was completely quiet inside of the house apart from some light snores coming from the bedroom and the TV playing in front of you both. Chan had one arm wrapped around your shoulder while your head resting on his chest, keeping your eyes glued to the drama you were watching. 

    Chan hadn't been paying attention to anything that was happening on the screen, he'd been too busy trying to keep his heart rate slow so you wouldn't hear it racing for you. It was the same whenever you went to sleep together, he would have to focus on keeping himself steady so you wouldn't know about the crush he had on you. Though he wanted you to know, he wanted you to know how much he truly cared for you but he would never say it out loud. Dropping hints sometimes but never speaking the words into existence. 

    The only time it was ever mentioned was whenever one of the boys wanted to tease him for it, or someone at work thought the two of you were together.

    Everyone thought that you were dating, everyone. Chan knew that neither of you was going to date but he always pictured it happening in his mind. The two of you spent every minute you could together, doing whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. It was no wonder people thought that you were dating. You would wear his clothes all of the time, sleep over at the dorms in his bed but it was all normal to you both. Nothing felt awkward or forced between you.

    It felt normal because the two of you had been friends for what felt like forever, despite it only being a couple of years. You'd moved to Korea and began working at JYP entertainment as a stylist when you met him. Bonding a friendship with almost everyone there but there was something you and Chan had that was different. Neither of you knew how to explain it but it felt as though you'd known one another your whole lives.

    "I think Felix has baking supplies..." Chan whispered as the two of you sat on the sofa inside of the dorms. Your eyes moved away from the TV set as you looked up at Chan. His eyes were staring off into the kitchen as he tried to think of something the two of you could do together that would be productive.

    "He does?!" You asked excitedly as you followed Chan into the pantry, watching him as he pulled out different ingredients to make Felix's special cookies. Felix only ever made them when it was someone's birthday and would never, ever, give out the recipe no matter how hard you begged.

    "Do you know the recipe?" You laughed as he pulled out small heart-shaped cookie cutters. The cutters weren't for the recipe but for Chan, maybe this could be another hint for you not to pick up on.

    "We'll wing it," He nudged you playfully walking back to the countertops and laying everything out. Neither of you knew where to start with any of it. Felix simply refused to ever show you or the boys how he made the cookies. 

    "Dry ingredients first and then wet..." Chan nodded his head as you spoke and watched as you began to wash your hands in the sink. It was only now that Chan could see you standing in one of his black button-up shirts and he could feel his heart beginning to melt. 

    Seeing you in his clothes always made him weak for you, if he could he would have made your whole wardrobe some of his clothes. Watching you walk around in his clothes filled him with some kind of hope that there could be you and him together after all. All he ever wanted was to confess to you but he never could.

    Chan was far too scared that something could ruin your friendship or cause problems at work if he ever told you. So instead he dropped hints that he wanted more than friends. 

    Letting you use his clothes, letting you hang around even when he wanted no one near him. Letting you stay at his place. Baking you heart-shaped treats, giving you flowers but it was as if you were blind to it all. That, or you were trying to let him down gently without saying it outright to him. Chan always went with the last option since he was way too hard on himself.

    "Chan?" You questioned when you realised he wasn't listening to anything you had just said. Blinking and shaking his head he stared at you. You had been trying to tell him you had no idea what the measurements were but he'd been staring at the sink.

    "Sorry, I was distracted." He mumbled as he watched the way you looked at him. Your hands were on your hips as you tilted your head to the side trying to look annoyed at him but failing.

    "I was wondering where we should start, what measurements?" You questioned as you turned your back to him, looking at everything that was in front of you. 

    "Flour and I told you," He moved closer before whispering in your ear,

    "We wing it." A shiver ran up and down your body as you felt his breath on your ear. Your whole body felt as though it was going to collapse right into his arms as soon as you heard him whisper but you kept your cool. Straightening your back and looking at everything in front of you.

    "Wing it," You repeated as you began taking the flour and pouring it into the bowl Not paying too much attention to how much you were pouring since you could feel Chan right beside you.

    "Too much," He hissed as you poured a little more than intended, leaving a large pile of flour in the bowl. You laughed softly as you put the bag down and shrugged your shoulders. No big deal, you could always take some out of the bowl.

    "I'll just-" You took some out with your hand and turned to look at Chan. 

    "Take some out," His eyes locked onto your hand filled with flour and he shook his head. It didn't take a genius to know where this was going to go, 

    "Y/n...We both know that we shouldn't make a mess or noise...The kids are sleeping," You smirked at him as you shrugged your shoulder, blowing the pile of flour into his face. 

    Coughing out some of the flour he grabbed your arms and smirked, pulling you into his chest. The evil glimmer in his eyes made you whine as you tried to wriggle out of his grasp.

    "Give me a hug," He whined as he began shaking his head violently, causing the flour to drop down onto you, you held back a scream not wanting to wake anyone else in the dorms up.

    "Channie!" You whisper yelled as he continued to let the flour fall onto you, you pushed against his chest trying to get away.

    "Here..." You mumbled as you picked up the eggs and looked at him, the two of you had stopped throwing things at one another when the flour incident happened. But you didn't trust him not to throw something at you now. 

    "I will crack the egg into the bowl...Nice and slowly so you can see me." You told him as you began picking up one egg and cracking it on the side before spilling the contents into the bowl of dry ingredients. Raising your eyebrow to prove that this was all one slow and easy process and that you had no ill-intentions with the eggs. You knew there was something brewing inside of Chan's head so you wanted to show him how nice you were going to be about everything,

    "Nice and slow," He said as he picked up an egg this time, cracking it into the bowl, you smiled at him and clapped your hands together,

    "See...We can play nice." You laughed softly as you continued to add a third egg before going to look for the milk. The moment your back was turned Chan reached for an egg, clutching it in his hand so you couldn't see it. 

    "How much milk?" You questioned innocently as you looked up at Chan, he almost felt bad for what he was about to do but just shrugged his shoulders. 

    "Right, wing it." You mumbled as you began to pour milk in, little by little until you felt something slimy roll down your back. The carton dropped onto the side and spilt all over the floor. 

    "C-Chan," You whined out as you felt it sticking to his shirt and your body, 

    "Noooo," You whined looking down at yourself and then up at Chan. Your hand reached for the eggs about to throw one at his chest when you heard someone clear their throat from the doorway.

    "The cute and messy couple," Felix teased as he walked into the kitchen to see you both making a large mess. He'd come out for a glass of milk but smirked when he found something better. 

    "He stared it," You grumbled flicking some of the egg from your body onto Chan as he blushed, you felt disgusting having the egg clinging to you. 

    "I'm going to shower, Chan can clean." You said smugly as you patted his chest, smirking as you walked past him to go and shower.

    Coming out in one of Chan's fresh hoodies, you were about to help clean up when you stopped before the doorway. Frowning when you heard Felix and Chan speaking in hushed tones with one another. The kitchen was clean and they were just standing there together, 

    "You need to tell her Chan...You can see how much she likes you just by watching you both together," Chan sighed as he ran his hands through his hair. Leaning against the counter as he stared at the ceiling, it wasn't as simple as just telling you how he felt. 

    "Lix, you don't get it...It could ruin everything between us."

    "Tell her...Even if you're scared it'll cause problems." He told Chan as he smiled weakly. Watching Chan fall for you harder each time you were around one another was torture enough, he couldn't even imagine what Chan was going through. 

    "I want her to have everything in the world that can make her happy...Even if it isn't me Lix I want to be around to make sure Y/n is happy...To fall in love with whoever she wants," Your hands played with the necklace around your neck, it was something Chan had gotten you out of the blue. Something you'd fallen in love with as well as your best friend but hearing him tell Felix all of this hurt. 

    "I want her to have the best even if it isn't me...She deserves the entire universe and more." You teared up a little, doing your best not to sniffle as you heard Chan's voice crack. 

    "As long as she's happy I'm happy Lix. Y/n's happiness is the most-" Chan was cut off when you walked into the kitchen and pressed your lips against his. Eyes wide as he realised that this wasn't some kind of dream but that you were really doing this and in front of Felix. A witness. Someone who could tell Chan that this was happening. 

    "You're what makes me happy," You breathed out as you pulled away from him, leaning your forehead against his as you both did your best to catch your breath. 


    "Yes, it happened," Felix mumbled as he began heading back to his room while you laughed softly. Looking up at Chan as you stepped away from him, not quick enough though as he wrapped his arm around your waist. 

    "Don't...I want you close." He whispered as he took your face into his hand, rubbing your cheek with his thumb as if he couldn't believe you were really standing there. 

    "You should learn to take a hint," You mumbled at him as you remembered all of the hints you had given to him over the years. 

    "Me?! You should learn to take one!" He cried out as you began giggling and walking away from him. Suddenly being spun around into his arms and into another loving kiss. 

    Tag line: @minholuvs​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​ @taeechwitaa​ @mwitsmejk​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​ 

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  • xxbangchanswifexx
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    2021 06 01 (All-Night SKZ) Ep.02 - part two

    #stray kids#nom nom #the blankets war #the reason why my boyfriend and i have two blankets #bang chan#seo changbin#lee felix#kim seungmin #all night skz
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  • xxbangchanswifexx
    04.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    2021 06 01 (All-Night SKZ) Ep.02 - part one

    #stray kids #i was so emotional when I first watched it and saw Jiniret in Lix's hood #binnie looks like he's being scolded by chan xD #binnie kitchen master honestly #five star michelin at least #chan is basically a dad #felix is the cutest little bean #bang chan#seo changbin#lee felix#kim seungmin #all night skz
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  • sproutminmin
    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    cottagecore inspired skzoo lockscreens🌻

    #pls take them... i am very proud of these #and they also took a long time... #stray kids #stray kids art #stray kids fanart #skz#skzoo#my art#puppym#wolf chan#bbokari#dwaekki#han quokka#jiniret#leebit #foxi.ny
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