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  • mylovelyhyunjin
    25.10.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Happy B'day Lee know Hyung 🐰

    Hyunjin is in trouble... look at Leeknow's expression holding back until the song is over 😂😂😂


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  • multifandomfantasies
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #🥊 anon#💌 letters #stray kids hard hours #skz hard hours #changbin hard hours
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  • kitsblade
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Imagine 3RACHA reading smut of themselves in the studio…

    Genre : smut

    !!trigger warnings!! smut, masturbation, mentions of master kinks, daddy kinks, kitten kinks. Hot and heavy 3racha.


    It was decently late at night when Changbin, Han, and Chan all decided it was best to take a break from producing songs in the studio. They had been in there for hours, working nonstop, perfecting the beat, vocals, and raps. Like always, they had been putting their heart and soul into all of it - and now they were exhausted. So they decided it’s be best to take a break.

    They had been on their phones, scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, secretly looking at all of the ways stays spoke of them - sweet sayings about how talented they are and edits of their hard work, but some were a bit… thirsty. Now, they all blushed reading the sweet posts, but the tent that grew in their pants when they got on Tumblr for the first time and sound the archives.

    Bangchan was reading a smut that involved him having a daddy kink and kitten play kink. He was a caring dom that loved his partner unconditionally, and he treated them like his own pet - and the reader of the story was willing to do anything for him.

    Han was reading a smut more on the sweet side of things. In the story, he had taken them on a romantic date at a fancy restaurant where they finished up some cheesecake as desert. When the night was coming to a close, he had been sweetly fucking the reader while they came undone, screaming how much they loved him.

    Changbin was reading a master kink smut. He never thought he’d find it so hot that stays not only looked up to him as an idol in the world, but as a domming leader in bed as well. In the imagine, Changbin had been fucking the reader harshly after they disobeyed the rules.

    Let’s say, 3RACHA produced some HARD pulsing beats if you get what I’m saying.

    Slowly but surely they all left the studio, claiming to be tired, but that’s not at all why they left. They left to go jerk off in their rooms because the thoughts they had wouldn’t go away. Some major tents got pitched.

    Han left first, he simply couldn’t handle how sweet and sexy the smut was and immediately jerked off in the bathroom without question. Every time he finished, another one grew. Han tried so hard to be quiet, but it was getting difficult. Stays thinking of him this way turned him on so much.

    Chan left second. He tried to have the willpower, but he broke. He thought about the times when he called himself ‘daddy’ and how stays took that quite sexually - and the man was not complaining. There was something about being called daddy that just ruined him. Being a leader, being in charge, having a pet right next to him willing to do whatever they want… made his head spin.

    Changbin stayed in the studio though. That one shot called for his partner to be in the studio, under the desk, waiting for his command to come out and satisfy him when he was stressed. So you bet your ass he stayed in there and jerked off to the thought of a stay underneath the table willing to help him at any given moment in the process - anything to help him make his music the best it can get.

    The next day, they all went about themselves feeling a bit more guilty than normal. They stopped working to jerk off to the thoughts stays had of them, but as guilty as they felt, the more they just wanted to fuck some needy, thirsty stays.

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  • 3sriracha
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    On a much happier note…



    I will 10000% post about the membership kit when it arrives, so look out for that guys🥰

    #stray kids#bang chan#lee minho#seo changbin#hwang hyunjin#han jisung#lee felix#kim seungmin#yang jeongin#skz #stray kids stay #STAY official fanclub #WHOOOO LET’S GOOOO I’M SO HYPED
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  • screechingstay
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Happy Birthday to Lee Know!!!

    an amazing cat dad, dancer, visual jduxuwuhd he's so talented <3

    #i love when he's in the leebit suit it's so cute #stray kids #happy minho day #happy lee know day #lee minho#minho#skz minho#lee know#noeasy#skz#seo changbin#chris bang#seungmin#3racha#bang chan#lee felix#dance racha #lee know icons #soongie doognie dori #skz imagines
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  • 3sriracha
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    If you know you know Stay… This just happened to me in live zoom class🥲

    #stray kids#bang chan#lee minho#seo changbin#hwang hyunjin#han jisung#lee felix#kim seungmin#yang jeongin#skz #too much work not enough rest #the life of a uni student in Korea #3sriracha’s shenanigans in korea #I know the feel Channie🥲 #I have a fucking tissue shoved in my nose because it looked like someone had stabbed me in the nose🤡
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  • kitsblade
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Imagine Changbin, Han, and Bangchan all reading smut of themselves while they’re chilling in the studio on a break late at night, and they get so hot and heavy over the idea of stays wanting to literally fuck them so bad that they just stop for the night and masturbate in their rooms because it’s getting too much for them to handle

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  • y-angjeongin
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    stray kids film ot8

    #stray kids low quality #stray kids messy locs #stray kids messy moodboard #skz low quality #skz messy layouts #skz packs#stray kids #stray kids messy headers #stray kids messy icons #stray kids packs #stray kids headers #stray kids icons #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids changbin #stray kids lee know #stray kids lee minho #stray kids lee felix #stray kids han #stray kids han jisung #stray kids bang chan #stray kids kim seungmin #stray kids seungmin #stray kids jeongin #stray kids messy edits #skz moodboard#skz layouts #skz messy icons #skz messy packs #skz lq layouts #skz messy locs
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  • stray-kids-react
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    S/O falls asleep on them


    Hi, I just want to briefly thank @that-crazy-five-foot-two-chick. Thank you for leaving those sweet comments, it really encourages me to keep writing. You're so sweet ❤️❤️❤️


    Bang Chan

    ° Is usually the one sleeping on you since he rarely gets any rest, but ever since you started your new job... Oh how the tables have turned. He can't recall a time a dinner where you don't look absolutely exhausted, it kind of breaks his heart a bit.

    ° Let's out a long content sigh when he's comfortable, smiling softly as you snore quietly into his shoulder. He'll usually either continue to work on songs or go on his phone as you take a nap on him. But very rarely will he sleep with you, worried you'd both lose the day.

    ° The least awkward member when you do this randomly, even if you two aren't dating by that point. He'll just chill and let you sleep on him, sneaking a few glances since your cheek is all smushed against his shoulder. But he won't take photos... Even if he is dying to.

    ° Will wake you up after about two hours, either having to use the washroom or getting worried that you're sleep schedule will become a mess if he doesn't wake you up any sooner. You always point out that he's so worried about your sleep, yet pays no attention to his own.


    It was 3am and you couldn't sleep, it was too cold no matter how many blankets you put on yourself. You needed Chan in bed, but he probably wasn't going to join you until 5am. You needed to get some rest, so you resorted to the most desperate option. Sleeping on him.

    "Hey, what are you-" Bang Chan greeted, soon being engulfed by your body and blankets as you laid on him.

    "Continue, I'm just going to sleep here." You explained, making him laugh by how casual you acted.

    Chan continued his work, but it was much harder to focus on when your adorable sleeping expression was right in front of him. All he wanted to do you hold you close and secretly squish your cute cheeks, but he let you rest. Knowing you had an early morning.

    Lee Know

    ° Depends on the situation for him, there are three reactions he'll do. He'll wake you up and whine a bit because you fell asleep, will join you and rest his head on yours, or will simply let you relax on him and just watch a show or something. But it all depends on the situation.

    ° When you tell him that he does the same thing to you, he'll get playfully defensive only to fall asleep on your shoulder an hour later. You both will also take photos of each other and draw on those photos. His go to for you is cat ears while your go to is a rainbow mustache.

    ° You two fell asleep in the dance practice room by accident, you both only wanted to sit down for a bit and watch a video on your phone. Hyunjin walked in, and couldn't miss the opportunity for photos. He cropped you out because of respect, then posted them all.

    ° Minho woke up to his phone buzzing, only to find out that it was from all of the likes and comments on multiple photos of him sleeping. You woke up only seconds after, hearing Hyunjin scream/laugh down the hallway as Minho chased after him.


    You were beginning to wake up from your small nap, watching as your boyfriend gently adjusted his posture after a couple of hours of staying in one spot. He didn't shift too much however, one of his cats in a deep slumber on his lap. You giggled softly as you stretched, finding it cute.

    "Don't give me that look Minho, you always sleep on me." You teased, feeling your boyfriend's playful glare.

    "I never sleep on you, the only time I do is when it's time for bed and your passed out asleep before me." Minho defended, scrunching his nose when you placed a small kiss to it.

    An hour passed, and during your favorite part in Beauty and the Beast you felt a head thump into your shoulder. Minho proved your point, falling asleep on you much more often than you fall asleep on him. He always looked so cute squished against your shoulder, so you didn't complain.


    ° You liked going to the gym with your boyfriend, whether you were there only to support him or to work out with him. You enjoyed how quiet the JYP gym was, only other members stopping in every so often. One morning Changbin decided, let's start at 6am...you weren't a fan of that.

    ° You and Changbin usually went to the gym at night, knowing not a lot of people would show up and it worked since he was busy in the daytime while you hated early mornings with a burning rage. The schedule was fine like that, it worked for both of you and you don't know why he wanted it changed.

    ° You weren't the one the fall asleep first, it was almost always your boyfriend. But at 6am you were beyond exhausted, you haven't woken up this early since you went on tour with them. And they would sometimes let you sleep in, noticing you were a mess when up so early.

    ° Changbin secretly just wanted to see what you'd be like in the morning, wondering if you'd get used to it when running around or falling asleep on one of the work out benches. He wasn't surprised when you pretty much passed out the moment you laid down for sit ups.


    "Baby, Felix brought us muffin-" Changbin announced, shocked when he saw you dead asleep on the floor.

    Changbin didn't want your neck to hurt, so he quickly rushed over and let you lay on his lap as he sat up. He's never seen you in such a deep slumber, your body resembling a Ragdoll as he placed you onto his lap. Both him and Felix couldn't contain their laughter.

    "Wow, y/n wasn't lying about not being a morning person." Felix teased, passing Changbin a muffin for when you wake up.

    You weren't going to wake up anytime soon, which Changbin knew the moment he saw you asleep. Once he finished his muffin, he dragged you back to your shared bedroom. Flopping you onto the mattress and leaving the muffin on your bedside table.


    ° If you just so happen to be tired or even the least bit sleepy, he will glue to you just so he has the chance of you sleeping on him. He's clingy in denial and everyone knows it... When you fall asleep on him, he'll act as if he didn't hope for this to happen even though his smile says otherwise.

    ° Will not stop kissing your face while your asleep, so much so that you will sometimes stir awake and grumble for him to stop. His whole body heats up when you hide your face in his neck, your melting him and he doesn't know if he can take it for too long.

    ° He will either settle down and eventually fall asleep with you, or wake you up so you two can cuddle in bed. Either way he's holding you and being able to kiss you, he can't resist doing either when you're all sleepy and pouty. The only time he's okay with PDA is when you're tired.

    ° The members have seen you two hug and share a small peck here and there, but nothing too mushy and cheesy. This is why they were shocked to see You and Hyunjin giggling and rubbing noses together, both of you babbling nonstop compliments before cuddling.


    "You're *kiss* so *kiss* cute *kiss kiss kiss*" Hyunjin whispered, attacking your exposed cheek with kisses.

    This would be fine and you probably would've kissed him back, if it wasn't for the fact that you literally got no sleep last night and were trying to sleep on your boyfriend. He could never resist you when you were sleepy, and you should've remembered that fact before cuddling him.

    You grumbled against his shoulder, trying to move away from the hyper lovesick puppy. But he always managed to still stick to you, making you crack a tired laugh when he practically laid on top of you. His kisses soon felt soothing against your neck, making you feel sleepy again.

    "Have sweet dreams my princess/prince." Hyunjin whispered, beginning to feel his own eyelids grow heavy.


    ° Some may say Seungmin or Jeongin would become the stiffest in this situation, but I'm a firm believer that it's Jisung. You would be laying in bed watching some YouTube videos on his laptop, then you grew tired and fall asleep on his shoulder. Than bam! Statue mode activated.

    ° If the members were around they'd start laughing, because he'd look like a deer in headlights as he attempted to not breath too loudly. If you stir at all he'll stop breathing until you're comfortable again, and when he breathes again it's shaky because he doesn't want to sigh.

    ° You'd probably end up waking up thanks to some clumsy mistake he did, such as accidently shutting the laptop really loud, falling off the bed, making you head roll off his shoulder, or the most common for some reason... Spilling a drink on you because he's shaking.

    ° When you wake up, you have to tell him that it's alright to be natural when you're asleep. You don't want him to become a tense mess because of you, you'll have to reassure him quite a few times til he actually does this though. So overall, don't sleep on his shoulder or he'll become frozen.


    You were watching some funny animal clips with Jisung on YouTube, and the clock was hitting midnight as your eyes began to feel heavy. You'd continuously yawn, and began snuggling closer and closer towards your boyfriend until you let sleep take over your body.

    "Aww babe look at that pug-...Babe?" The moment he heard a soft snore is when he froze, gently shutting his laptop.

    "Jisung, don't tense up you're shoulders are becoming too hard." You whispered, pushing both you and your boyfriend down to the pillows.

    You tiredly pushed yourself into his chest, hearing his heartbeat slowly become a normal pace. You shyly smiled before returning to dream land, not noticing Jisung's protective grip over your waist as he gave you a small kiss on the head. He secretly admired his sleeping beauty.


    ° You will be glued to him whether you are sleepy or not, he loves cuddles and who better to give them to him rather than his own lover? Will rub his cheek against your head, usually zoning out but it's still cute nonetheless. When you finally fall asleep on him, expect lots of head kisses.

    ° He was once giving you a shoulder massage in bed, when you fell back into him because you fell asleep. He couldn't contain his laughter, waking you up immediately to his disappointment. But that moment will forever be stuck in memories, always going back to it for a laugh.

    ° If the roles are reversed and he's the tired one, you'll be melting for two reasons. He'll be clinging to you nonstop, and he will also not stop mumbling about everything he loves about you. Felix will not hold back when he's tired, and he sometimes won't remember it the next day.

    ° It's a ritual between you two to have a long soft kiss before you both go to sleep, so if you fall asleep before the kiss he'll simply kiss you while your asleep. This makes you stir softly, but it's not enough to wake you up. He also likes to wake you up with kisses, even if you have morning breath.


    "You're already asleep aren't you?" Felix whispered, glancing down to see your shut eyes and slightly parted lips.

    He sighed to himself, content with the warmth of your pajamas and the cozy weight you laid onto him. Felix couldn't go to bed without your kiss, so he gently cupped your face and placed the most gentle kiss to your lips. He acted as if you were made of the most breakable glass.

    You loved kisses from your boyfriend, so he knew you'd feel a bit bad for missing the goodnight ritual. So he made a promise to himself to give you more kisses in the morning so you don't feel bad, you were clingy in a way but he loved you for it.

    "Goodnight lovely." Felix murmured, softly pulling you close to him before he leaned over to shut the lamp off.


    ° Everyone always categorized you and Seungmin as one of the cutest couples in existence, and they weren't wrong about it. The member's would often catch you two snuggling in bed whispering the night away, going on late night adventures, and playing guitar together.

    ° You didn't know guitar overly well, so Seungmin would teach you. He'd sit you on his lap, guiding your fingers to the proper chords. You honestly had trouble focusing on the instrument when the whole situation was so cliché and romantic. You'd both end up laughing by the cheesiness of it all.

    ° If either of you wanted to take a nap. The other would follow and nap with them. You two always slept together, so much so that it was impossible to sleep for either of you when he was on tour. So whenever he came back, both of you would be inseparable and burrito yourselves in blankets.

    ° Seungmin was chatting about some moments on tour, when he heard you snoring quietly on his chest. He couldn't help but laugh to himself, not believing that you've texted him messages over and over about wanting to see him and here you were asleep as he told you some stories.


    "I've been here for 3 hours and you're already bored of me?" Seungmin teased, watching as you snuggled further into his neck.

    He knew why you were tired, you waited at the airport for hours and had a lot of trouble sleeping without him. He simply just liked to tease you lightly, adoring your whining voice when you defend yourself. Seungmin was also relived you were sleepy since he was quite tired himself.

    "I'm just tired Seungmin, I'll never get bored of you." You replied, placing a small kiss to his lips as his face burned pink.

    The moment your lips detached, he hovered over you before gently laying on top of you. You both let out a tired and content sigh as you held each other tightly. Your hands raking through his hair as he placed fluttering kisses against your collarbone. Both of you asleep in seconds.


    ° Jeongin was comfortable he couldn't help it, he wore soft clothes, was great to hug, and placed the sweetest kisses. It came to no surprise when you found yourself latching onto him constantly, always putting a smile on his face thank to your cuddly nature. Only you could hug him like that.

    ° You can often be seen wearing his clothes, especially the ones he never wears our the ones he left behind while on tour. Jeongin has seen you dead asleep in his clothes on multiple occasions, but it never fails to become a great wallpaper so he smiles everytime he sees it.

    ° Likes dipping his hands under the hoodie to rub your back, especially if it's cold out since your body is so warm from being covered in his hoodie all day. Will press small kisses to the edge of your jaw, making you giggle in your sleep due to the tickling feeling he gives you.

    ° You will wake up sometimes and pull his head forward so you can kiss him to sleep, calming his hyper antics until he falls asleep with you. Once he's tired enough, you'll dip your head under his chin and wrap yourself around his torso. Not missing his small 'I love you' .


    You were fast asleep in your shared bed, failing to stay awake through the movie you've been waiting to see throughout the day. Your boyfriend's hoodie was simply too comfortable and led to you growing more and more sleepy by the minute. Now you were snoring away.

    "My baby was too sleepy to stay awake and greet me." Jeongin whispered to himself, smiling at your sleep talking.

    "No chicken for you." You whispered, still heavily asleep and not realizing how random you sounded.

    Jeongin broke into a fit of laughter, making you jolt awake at the sudden loud noise. He explained what you said in your sleep, making you confused because you now couldn't even remember what the hell you were even dreaming about. Once the laughter died down, he quickly joined you in bed.

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  • skz-bubble
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Seungmin sent this photo on bbl😍🖤

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  • channiechwn
    25.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    stray kids’ reaction to you doing a tiktok dance which requires you to shake your 🍑

    ◡̈ warnings: protectiveness(?), use of word “ass”, almost falling?, kinda cringey ngl sorry

    ◡̈ genre: fluffy, established relationship

    a/n: also progressively gets shorter because i’m tired and it would get too repetitive... sorry 😢 also kind of edited? not really? it was late okay 😢😢

    — bang chan!

    he would be super grumpy and grouchy, could possibly give you the silent treatment later

    when he saw heard the tiktok timer go off, he looked at you curiously, wondering what tiktok you were gonna film

    after the 3s timer went off, he heard the music start to play and boy oh boy was he alarmed

    “let’s groove” started playing from your phone and as your gluteus maximus was about to face the camera, chan lunged forward, knocking your phone off the dresser in the process

    “hey! i was dancing!” you would yell out in a lighthearted tone

    chan would cross his arms across his chest and go “hmph!” before heading towards your shared bed and return to whatever he was previously doing

    “what do you want to eat for dinner?” you would ask later on

    he wouldn’t reply and there would be a frown etched on his face

    “is this about just now?” you pouted, running up to him and snuggling with him on the bed

    he would just turn the other way and glare at you playfully

    “chann it was just a joke! i’m sorry i won’t do it again! i promise,” you whined while sticking your pinky up to seal the promise

    he would turn to face you then hook his picky with yours

    his facial expression would change from a moody look to a cheery happy one in a split second

    “dominos pizza,” he would finally reply.

    — minho!

    he would really mean in a teasing way

    when he heard the familiar tune playing, just know he would snatch the phone away in a 0.000001s

    he would raise the phone up with his hand while you tried to jump and grab it

    “if you want to record your dance so bad then do it! if you can even get your phone,” he would snicker in that sarcastic tone

    you would roll your eyes and ask for it back

    watching you prance and jump around just to retrieve his phone is his humour

    he would laugh about it and carry on

    he would also unlock your phone and exit the app so that you won’t have a chance to do the dance

    100% the kind that would purposely key in the wrong password to your phone multiple times so that your phone would be disabled for like 30mins-1hour

    he would be super smug about it when he returns the phone to you

    “that will teach you a lesson,” he would smirk.

    “next time spend time with me, it’s always that damn phone,” he would wail in a motherly tone, his arms akimbo

    when you give in and put your phone on your dresser, he would push you onto the bed and then cuddle with you until your phone can be unlocked

    but even when your phone is back to normal, he wouldn’t let you go and keep you in his tight arms despite your constant whines

    — changbin!

    he would be protective of you as he’s scared of the creeps lurking in the internet

    he would tackle you immediately / scoop you in his arms and run off frame

    “no no, you aren’t doing this trend! there are so many bad guys out there that are gonna see your bottom!” he would exclaim, alarmed.

    you would lightly hit his back and ask him to let go

    obviously, he would refuse and laugh at you struggling in his strong arms 🤤🤤

    he would then throw you onto the couch with a soft thump and wrap you up in the throw blanket on the couch

    you would be his cute burrito 😋😋

    but being a cute burrito means that you arms and legs are restricted hence NO movement at all

    and then he would just coo at you and hug you real tight

    but really you wouldn’t mind if he continued to do that because i KNOW that man smells really good and expensive mmmm 😋

    in the end, you two would just end up sleeping, all cuddled up and bundled up in his warm arms, your face against his chest!

    — hyunjin!

    *dramatic whining*

    drama queen hyunjin would let you do the dance (because he enjoys the show) but before you can post the tiktok, he would snatch the phone from your grip and save it into your drafts instead

    he is also the type that would request for the video and if you refuse to send it to him, he would just steal your phone and send it to himself when you are showering

    when he sees you dancing alone, he would complain and stomp his feet about how you didn’t invite him to do the dancey tiktok ◠̈

    like chan, he would give you the silent treatment for feeling left out but this man cannot resist not talking to you

    so about 5 minutes after his “silent treatment”, he would start telling you about his childhood days and food

    thoughts about the tiktok would be thrown out of his head and things would be back to normal, as if it never happened in the first place

    — jisung!

    loud ass

    this man will yell, shout, scream and probably cause the neighbour to complain

    either to hype you up or to distract you from continuing your dance

    if he yells to hype you up, he would be at the side doing the dance with you or making that exaggerated lip bite face

    if he yells to distract you, he would scream and grab your phone and hold it close with him

    he will not give it back

    he’s so goddamn loud but you love him for that

    there’s nothing much i can say but just know he is the noisiest boy you have ever dated and that he will not hesitate to scream his lungs out if he sees you do something daring

    — felix!

    cute and supportive

    he would probably do the tiktok with you!

    also be the one who taught you how to dance this dance

    he was the one who suggested this dance to you and introduced this idea

    there would be so much laughter when you guys film the tiktok

    after you post it to public, he would ask you to send the tiktok to him

    later that night, do not be surprised to see him rewatch the video over and over again with a small smile on his face

    the song would just play on repeat and you would get sick and tired of it but he would never get sick and tired of the video

    he’s also the type of person to visit your profile every day when he’s free and he would rewatch your past tiktoks over and over again

    when the tiktok goes viral, he would be super happy and be like “omg let’s celebrate! famous era!”

    and later that evening you would see him bake a cake or some cupcakes as a treat for becoming viral???

    would 10/10, 100% be your tiktok boyfriend and buddy ◡̈

    — seungmin!

    protective!!!! does not want the world to see your juicy beautiful ass

    this guy would immediately stand in front of the camera with a very stern face, one that would send shivers down your spine — or anyone’s spine tbh

    he would also cross his arms and glare at the camera

    another scenario would be he uses his big hands to cover the camera or your backside

    “why were you dancing this song ◠̈” he would say with a pout

    “please post it on “friends only” okay? i’m afraid of the creeps out there,” he would also warn

    he would also be very grumpy afterwards and he is super petty

    he won’t talk to you for a few minutes but after around like 20 minutes, he would forget about the incident

    “wait why was i mad at you just now?” he would question and you would answer with a shrug

    anyway, i love seungmin so much his braces are so cute

    — jeongin!

    fight (literally 👊)

    this guy would get into a brawl with you

    WILL tackle you onto the bed

    possibly bite your ankles 😡😡🤨🤨

    anyway he would squirm a lot and there would be a lot of giggles hehe

    almost accidentally rolls off the bed with you but his long legs stopped you guys from tumbling down

    if you guys actually do tumble onto the ground jeongin would always be behind you so if you fall, you land on jeongin’s chest

    he will smell good 👍

    the tiktok would be loooong forgotten and everything will be back to normal after all the giggles and laughter

    thank you for reading!

    #stray kids #stray kids fanfic #skz fanfic #stray kids fluff #skz fluff#skz imagines #stray kids imagines #skz scenarios #stray kids scenarios #stray kids soft hours #skz soft hours #han jisung#skz felix#skz jisung#skz hyunjin#skz changbin#skz seungmin #skz bang chan #skz minho#skz jeongin #stray kids bang chan #stray kids felix #stray kids minho #stray kids changbin #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids jisung #stray kids seungmin #stray kids jeongin #stray kids headcanons #skz headcanons
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    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    🍜__ !? °· . . .

    #stray kids#skz #stray kids layouts #kpop #stray kids kpop #stray kids packs #aesthetic #stray kids icons #changbin#changbin moodboard#changbin icons#seo changbin #changbin stray kids #stray kids moodboard #blue and green moodboard
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  • minnhlee
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Minho wears this safety pin that symbolises his support for minorities. he donates to charities regularly. minho sponsors a child in Africa through UNICEF who sends him letters in colored pencils and feels proud when he reads them. minho wears pins and earrings in support of abandoned animals, endangered polar bears and snow leapards. his happiest day was when he was allowed to adopt soonie at the age of 13 when he found him abandoned in a shelter, he adopted Dori from the abandoned cats website. he loves his cats very much and considers them his children. minho loves to cook for the kids, his family, he makes sure to bring food to his grandma, always sends bbl asking if we’ve eaten all our meals. minho loves to dance since he was a little boy and he does it excellently. minho takes care of the members and shows his love in different ways. Minho teach felix korean during the predebut days, and the members said he is very good at teaching Japanese. minho is a totally beautiful and talented person, please he deserves to be more appreciated

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  • crime-scene-incorrect
    24.10.2021 - 10 hours ago


    interviewer: what is your greatest wish in life?

    changbin: eternal sleep

    chan: stays being happy

    seungmin: going to a day6 concert

    hyunjin: being the most glorious face ever

    jeongin: world peace uwu

    minho: jisung

    jisung: minho

    felix: getting to yeetus the feetus

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  • skz-bubble
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Lee know sent audios on bbl 5/5

    "Okay, I'll go to sleep now, byeeeee"

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  • skz-bubble
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Lee know sent audios on bbl 4/5

    "Keep your promise, understood?"

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  • skz-bubble
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Lee know sent audios on bbl 3/5

    "Why does my voice sound like that, ahh, ahhhh, aaaaah there are 47 minutes left"

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  • skz-bubble
    24.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Lee know sent audios on bbl 2/5

    "47 minutes left"

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