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    05.12.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Behind: SKZ Code Pt. 2

    ° Pairing: none
    ° genre: crack fic
    ° gender neutral y/n
    ° words: 1.9k
    ° warning: mature language
    ° A/N: part two to Behind: SKZ Code. ENJOY cause it took me a while... @felixtok @sunnytaes (tagged cause doe said so)
    ««»» ««»» ««»» ««»» ««»» ««»» ««»» ««»» ««»» ««»» ««»» ««»» ««»»

    After a while of setting up the art room, we’re all in position. Suddenly I hear a scream… Oh Felix… you poor baby.

    “Who wants to bet that Felix will faint,” I ask over the radio.

    “I’ll bet my lunch he will.”

    “I doubt it. He’s paired with Minho.”

    “Naaahhh, he’ll most definitely faint or pee his pants… or both.”

    From where I am I can somewhat hear Minho trying to calm Felix but I already know it's not working. Ah this might be another long one. After a minute or two, the two enter the room full of clown pictures.

    “Oh it's a clown,” I heard Lee Know say. I wanted to burst out laughing right then and there. Of course he would be nonchalant about this.

    “I don’t like scary things. I hate It.” Oh I really hope I win this bet.

    All I could hear next is Felix panicking and Lee Know making fun of him. Figures. I glanced over and saw the scaredy-cat on the ground. I am genuinely trying to not laugh since I’m just standing by the window, still as a statue. I can’t get enough man. As they, or well Minho, looks for clues to open the lock box they get closer to the cabinets, where there’s someone hiding. Felix is up for a while… until he goes back down because of the firecracker. Maybe I shouldn’t have included them in the design…. Naaaah. They’re fine. Anyway, I hear Minho reassuring Felix and then BANG. The “ghost” jumps out of the cabinet and Felix immediately screams.

    “Oh, that was startling, hello,” Lee Know says calmly. I can’t with this man. Did he figure this all out? Or maybe it's just that he’s a soulless man with no real emotions, forever trapped in a void of nothing.. feeling nothing… or he’s just not a coward. Yep, it’s most definitely the last one. But no more of wondering because it’s my time to shine again. As Felix starts to calm down, I stomp towards them (more like a waddle though) and see the fear in Felix’s face. He screams and is back on the floor, passed out and scarred for life. YES I WON THE BET. I slow down and walk away with a straight face. Once out of the room, I let a bit of my laugh out and went to a window to continue to watch the show.

    “Ah I can’t do this,” MAN UP FELIX. See this is what he gets for being a Tik Tok whore.

    After a while they finally notice a box in the room. The box is filled with slime, fake bugs, and the passcode. I was hoping that Minho got this room. I know he hates bugs so I hope I actually got him this time…. But alas I did not. Even through his heart attack, he went and got their clue from the slime. I- I’m so disappointed. WHY IS THIS MAN HARD TO SCARE. I’ve been trying over the past few months to figure out how to scare Minho and I’ve got nothing. I mean sure he was startled a few times but I wanna see this man in fear! He’s put others in fear and I think it's payback. And I mean it’s only right for a best friend to scare the shit out of their bestie.

    They eventually got the puzzle and went out of the room and down the stairs. Ah… I’ll get 'em next time. At least we got Felix. To be honest, it probably was the easiest.

    The next to come to the second floor is Han and I.N. Ahh this one will be quick I bet. As they come up the stairs, I hear Han laugh. WHA- see now, I knew it. Of course he wouldn’t take this seriously. This time I’m hidden with a camera man. I see the two idiots in the window and Han starts to point out the cameras.

    “There’s a cameraman here and another one here,” and he keeps going. What is wrong with him? You know what… we’re not inviting him to stuff like this anymore. He’s done. Banned. No more.

    They enter the music room and I.N. goes to read the instructions.

    “I can’t play the recorder.” I- I’m about to quit.

    They go to look for the recorders for a while until Han stops to look at the camera. I swear if he-

    “This might be live. Say hello to the camera. Hello~.” The two pinheads wave to the camera and bow to the other. THEY EVEN DID INTRODUCTIONS… I CANNOT! My fight or flight mode has been engaged and it's fully on fight mode.

    “Alright Jeff, it’s time to step in.” HOPELESS I SAY, HOPELESS!

    They sit down and start making random noises with the instruments. After this… I’m putting my two weeks in. Matter of fact one week. I knew they weren’t going to play the songs given to them so I just scribbled “Just play any song you know”and gave it to the ghost teacher.

    “Does anyone have painkillers on them… or a bat to put me out of my misery,” I ask on the radio but all I get back are laughs. How dare they laugh at my pain?? I walk away for a second to get some water and relax. I walk back to hear Han and I.N. putting in the code to the lockbox.

    “We should never play detective games.”

    “We’d fail.” Yeah no shit!

    After a good struggle, Han forced the box open and got the third puzzle piece. And now it's Hyunjin and Seungmin’s turn. We went outside to the last stage of the night and made sure it was ready to go before the boys were sent out. I decided to kick it with the crew who monitored what was being recorded. I watch as one of the staff members takes away their flashlights and Seungmin jumps yelling hey multiple times. I massage my temple and start to chuckle. These guys are… a handful. We continue to watch as they enter the dormitory. Next thing I know… THEY TURN ON THE FUCKING LIGHTS. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I swear… if I could I would hurt each and every one of these boys, even if the oldest one is literally my age. The lights were finally back off and the two went to do their puzzle. I decided to have a little fun with this one. Their mission is DALGONA! I would like to give full credit to Squid Game as I was watching this while coming up with tasks. I already know they’re going to fail but I like seeing them fail.. humbles them real quick. And just in case, I made a backup mission for them to do. We watched them converse for a bit and as I expected, Hyunjin breaks his dalgona. HA! I knew he’d be the first to break it.

    As I turn away, I hear Hyunjin start singing the penalty song. Now why the fuck… you know what.. whatever makes them happy. The staff gives them their new mission and they successfully complete it. They get the puzzle piece and make their way back to the rest of the members. Ah, I’m not fully satisfied… I know just what to do. I leave the room and wait a bit from the front entrance. I wait for the boys to get the code for the lock and see them make their way towards freedom. I walk around the corner and see them all scream. And best of all I see Han literally flying away in fear. Ahhh.. just what I wanted to see.


    Once the game is finished, the guys start to get ready to leave. But we do have something extra to do.

    “Hey Hyunjin!”

    “Yeah y/n?”

    “I left my snack in the art room. Can you go get it for me?”

    “You left what where? A snack?” And he laughs in my face. I get it I mean it was last minute… but he shall regret laughing in my face…. He shall indeed.

    “Can’t I just buy you one?”

    “Jin, just go get it!”

    “PLEASE,” and he starts to throw a mini tantrum.

    “JINNIIEEEEE PLEASEEEE,” I out-yelled him.

    “Ahhhh. Do I go alone?”

    “Just go,” I say while pushing him toward the stairs.

    “Y/n please go with me,” Hyunjin tried to drag me along with him.

    “I caaan’t I have to help pack!”



    “Ah fine.” He gives up and stops at the bottom of the stairs.

    “I don’t think I can go alone,” is all I hear before I run to the room where the boys were when they monitored the others. I sat in a chair and enjoyed the show. Hyun went up the stairs with confidence… until the doll scared him.

    “AH HA HA AHHHH AHHHH” He screams. We all laugh at his misery. It’s cruel but you just can’t help but laugh. He tries again and goes up the stairs, loud as he can be. He starts screaming and runs back down the stairs.

    “Wait wait wait wait wait wait” He runs all the way back to the room everyone is in all hysterical.

    “I’m really scared. Y/n please come with me PLEASE!”

    “Hyunjin bestie! Stop being a little baby bitch and get it. I promise, nothing will happen!”

    Hyunjin pouts and goes out of the room. He goes back to the stairs screaming. After some time and hyping up he calms down and heads to the art room. I.N., Felix, Chan, and Seungmin join me and watch the “scary”staff members torture Hyunjin.

    “Was this your idea,” Chan asks me.

    “Of course it was. Actually this whole thing was!”

    Felix looked at me with murder in his eyes. “Why would you think of such a thing?!”

    “Oh you’re fine Felix. You’re alive!”

    “Tsk, barely.”

    We look back to see Hyunjin fall down screaming as someone scared him. We all laughed at it. It’s funny that the more scared ones are laughing at Hyunjin…. Hmmm thinking. Hyunjin continues to look for my snack and knocks something down, which was a que for someone to come out of the cabinets. Honestly that was probably the highest I’ve seen him jump in a while. We all die laughing as Hyunjin slowly loses his mind. Ah I kind of feel bad for doing this to him but it’s just too good.

    Hyunjin finally gets to the box with the slime and snack in it. He pulls it out and looks at it in disgust.

    “Ah so disgusting.” Sounds familiar…. Anyway he starts to run out of the room and every ghost staff member comes to scare him. I’m sure he saw his life flash before his eyes. Also was that Han on the stairs? Before I could point it out, I see Chan standing and clapping, a distant scream coming closer to the room. Hyunjin falls in and tries to calm his racing heart. I get up and try to go over to him and not laugh in his face.


    I laugh a bit and go to hug him on the floor but he starts to push me away.




    “…the views though,” I whispered.

    Before he could say something, Han came over. He explained how he was waiting on the stairs layed out. I KNEW IT! That idiot.

    “I hate you guys.”

    Ah, this may have been stressful but it’s worth it. Maybe I should do another scary themed SKZ Code again. Hmmmmm.


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  • freckledwinterfalls
    04.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    lifeguard on duty!!

    episode 7: shtick

    << series masterlist >>


    “I just wanna vibe this summer and not worry about having to save ppl’s lives and crap.” That’s what you told your best friend, Choi Beomgyu, when he demanded you become a lifeguard at JinYoungP Beach with him. But then again, that was before you met one of the guards Gyu worked with, Lee Felix. (Spoiler alert: the guy was sexy asf!!!) Suddenly, Beomgyu’s proposition didn’t sound so bad…


    Stray Kid’s Felix, I.N, and Chris

    TXT’s Beomgyu

    Æspa’s Ningning

    Enhypen’s Heeseung, Jay, and Jake

    Treasure’s Yedam and Asahi

    Twice’s Nayeon


    kpop smau, crack, fluff, romance, action ig?


    extreme crackheadery, some cursing, sexual jokes, love hexagons (it’s complicated)

    updates every tuesday/saturday

    series taglist: [join taglist] @itzfiyah @hyunjxnxee @leagreenly @rosesarentme

    permanent taglist: @oifelixcmerebrou @0x1lovebot @taecup-ontrack @grassbutneo @odxrilove @cherrycxree @staysflower @meraniki @sweetrainwrites @en-core-z @fight-me-m8 @enheun @crispy-chan @jeyelleohe @tenderfrailty @thevampywolf @super-btstrash-post @kimnamshiks @houseofincantations @ficscafe @enhypennetwork @straykidsland @gongiz @rosesarentme

    copyright 2021. all rights reserved to @sunshinelixie-lee . usage, reproduction, and translation of all works without the express permission from the author are strictly prohibited.

    #houseofincantations#ficscafe#straykidsland #stray kids smau #lee felix smau #stray kids x reader #stray kids imagines #stray kids scenarios #lee felix x reader #lee felix fluff #lee felix imagines #lee felix scenarios #stray kids fluff #skz scenarios#stray kids#lee felix#skz imagines #skz x reader #lee felix fanfic #lee felix smut #lee felix suggestive #stray kids smut #stray kids suggestive #skz fluff #lee felix angst #skz angst #stray kids angst #felix lee#felix fluff#felix smut
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    04.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Minsung photos for today's .

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    04.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Chapter 18: movie night | Isn't it Delicate?

    prev | masterlist | next

    spotify playlist: click here

    synopsis: after three years of no contact, when you get paired with lee minho for a course project you get to build back the friendship you both had left behind. It would have been perfectly fine if the reunion hadn't brought out your suppressed feelings for the boy you had bottled in years ago, but of course when is life ever that simple?

    taglist: @soothing-coffee @fourthirtyone-am @beautiful-dark-sky @rindomo @murderyoursoul @cosmic-railwayxo @burningupp-replies @yes-i-simp-for-2d-men @yoovillrge @toxiccyubin @thethreedemons @channieboyo @nattisbored @skzooo @meowtella @smrutiisiva-13 @mybabywearschanel

    you can send a message or an ask if you want to be added to the taglist ^-^

    #delicate#skz smau#skz fic#stray kids #stray kids smau #stray kids social au #stray kids social media au #skz texts#skz fanfic #skz social media au #skz social au #skz sm au #stray kids sm au #stray kids fluff #stray kids x reader #stray kids lee know #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids lee minho #stray kids minho #lee know#minho #reader x minho
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    04.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Dangerous (leeknow) - Ch3.5

    Author's note - This is a median chapter to basically introduce some more characters and clarify some parts of the story so far. Do read this to avoid confusion in the coming chapters.



    I walked down the cold dark hallways at night with my mind determined but the truth was that the closer I got to the meeting room the sicker I felt. I wasn't supposed to, but here I was poking my nose in matters I should keep my distance from. Reaching the hardwood shiny door my hand automatically grabbed the knob, mentally preparing myself, but before I could open the door I stopped, I couldn't face this, I couldn't face "her". Frozen in this conflicting state my mind involuntarily scooted to the fading noises coming from the room. "We need to find HER as soon as possible, she has the whole damn file with her." Roxanne's high pitched voice was softly audible through the mahogany door. I knew we were having a team meeting with our Alpha squad but how it infuriated me that I wasn't allowed in. I obviously knew why and that's exactly why I was here. "You don't understand! We can't just send our spies to catch her like it is what it is, she's gonna kill the shit Outta them." The older boy's frustration was finely noticable in his voice. He was the leader of "Alpha", our team , more like an older brother to me but I only rejected his comforting aura after Meika ran away, because I didn't want to let people in my life anymore, I didn't wanna care about anyone anymore. I wish I did this way back then, that was my mistake and now the damage is done. After an extended argument within the whole room I finally heard his voice, "I know you have the most capable and potential team in this whole agency, but that girl is far more dangerous than you take her. I don't care if you loose some agents, I don't care if she digs a bullet hole down your head, I want the girl AND the file." The two former CEOs of KIA weren't any less of a jerk but something about this one had always been suspicious. Roxanne's voice raged again "I can bring her back! Why don't you guys trust me?", "You clearly held the guards down for her to escape the building, what do you want us to trust you with?" Another gentle male voice heard . "Who do you think can bring her if not me huh? Last time we had three agents shot down to emergency and two tied and beaten up in the hotel room. Who do you believe will do it?!" At this point I couldn't hold back and crashed the door open, "I'll do it!" All eyes landed on me at once in shock.

    Sitting far left near the window was a girl with long brownish blonde hair, her arched eyebrows were noticeably pretty, and her frustrated blue eyes turned down to the gentle ones the moment it landed on me. Her name was Roxanne.

    Right opposite to her the chair facing the girl was occupied by the tanned male, his features helplessly defined like a squirrel. The boy with honey locks and fluffy cheeks smirked at my unexpected interruption. He was called Han Jisung.

    Skipping next two chairs beside the squirrel like boy sat the calmer woman, the one I didn't hear from through the whole conversation. The dark haired girl who only speaks occassionally. The level of peace on her face decides how murderous she gets from inside. And she sure looked peaceful now. Her name is Astrid.

    Noticing the environment I realised not everyone in our team was present in the meeting as if we've been particularly restricted. "Go back to your dorm leeknow!, you know there are consequences for going against my commands." Now standing from his chair in the middle of this meeting I surely messed up with, our so called leader was shooting glares through my already dead soul.

    His dark shiny hair complementing his pale vampire skin, his perfectly built body traced through the jacket hanging on him and the long dangling earring swinging on his left piercing only added to his cold appearance, despite the whole team was familiar with the soft cupcake person who hid behind his looks. He was our leader, he was the man we obeyed. He was called BangChan.


    "Our new spy Kim seungmin is keeping track of her 24/7, we are just waiting for the time she would least expect us to act. The situation is under control." BangChan explained to the boss and me at the same time. "Seungmin is a god damn kid!! You are only putting his life in danger, both of us know only I can do this!" I emphasized. "But Its riskier for yo-" "What makes you think you could handle this mission?" The boss interrupted Chan. After ruminating for a while I finally sighed and spoke, "She won't hurt me. I know all her weaknesses and I assure you I can bring her back." He raised his eyebrows at me and smirked, "Lee Minho" he paused "I've heard a lot about you, infact..... I've heard a lot about your whole team, but the problem is I've only heard bad about you. I've heard how merciless you can be, how you go to every extent to get your task done, and I know you're wild.........but I want the girl alive." "If I bring her alive then you have to keep her alive too." With not even a small peck of hesitation in my voice I said it. "Aww we having a deal now boy? You know there are more chances of you getting your head chopped?" His eyes lingered at me with pure doubt and he was trying to test my patience. "You have ten seconds to rethink your decision, I wouldn't mind if you take back what you said no-" "You'll see her in the next 24 hours." Without letting him finish, I spoke with a stern voice and looked straight into his eyes. The whole room was dead quite and the tension only raised with my sudden statement. BangChan's eyes still fixed at me with concern but I was determined. "We have a deal, boy." The old man said and nodded his head. Right then I bowed my head, turned back and left the now stunned room.

    Walking down the hallway leading back to my dorm I heard footsteps raising after me and I stopped with the voice that interrupted me. "Minho wait!" "What do you want Chris?" "Are you insane? Why are you doing this to yourself? I kept you away from the meeting for a reason." He spat with total disappointment. "I have an unfinished buisness to settle, you wouldn't even understand how I feel, so let me handle this myself." "I know what you feel right now, you were not the only one betrayed here so stop being selfish!" I couldn't help but nodd. "This is the only time I've ever been selfish.......and I'm liking it now." With that I just turned away and started walking. Suddenly the floor under me started moving with my steps and I realised no matter how many steps I took, the floor under me was not letting me budge an inch. It was impossible, what was happening, I looked behind me and saw Chan still standing with his eyes wide in shock and sorrow at the same time for what I said earlier. But he seemed unreal, as if he wasn't there. In the middle of this unrealistic tension , he suddenly opened his mouth and all I heard was a sharp, nerve wrecking noise continuously beeping past my ears. It was insanely loud and annoying. Right then the floor around me started shifting me closer and closer to Chan. The closer I was getting, the louder the voice echoed around my last braincells. And at last in annoyance I swung my hand accross Chan's face to shut him up with immense force and heard a loud thud with something shattering.

    🐰End of Minho's pov🐰


    🥀Author's pov🥀

    In an instant Minho sat upright on his bed with annoyed puffy eyes and messy bed hair, he peeped on the floor and saw the alarm clock broken shattered all on the floor, realising he's been dreaming his flashbacks yet another night. Taking in his surroundings he got out of bed and went straight to take a warm shower for the long day ahead. Absolutely unknown to the fact that this day was going to be longer than he was expecting.


    | prev ch | next ch |

    Note - I'm sorry for any mistakes 🥺. I added some of my favourite celebrities as the characters in this story and I'll introduce all of them slowly as the story progresses.

    Hope you like the chapter 😊 have an awesome day and stay healthy 🥀✨❤️💫.

    #bang chan#changbin#felix#han jisung#hyunjin#jeongin#lee know#lee minho#minho imagines#skz#skz roleplay#skz reactions#skz scenarios #skz x reader #skz imagines #stray kids readings #stray kids roleplay #stray kids reactions #stray kids #stray kids fanfic #minho smut#skz minho #minho x reader #spy kids#skz fluff #skz bang chan #skz masterlist #stray kids masterlist #stray kids angst #minho au
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  • kanaiii
    04.12.2021 - 20 hours ago

    City of the Sky ⇀ 04

    pairing: ateez x stray kids x fem!reader genre: battle angel!au: dystopian, cyberpunk | action, scifi, romance, adult content, bounty hunters!ateez & stray kids word count: 5.3k rating: mature series warnings: language, substance use, violence, blood, character death, general weaponry (guns, knives, explosives, etc), sexual content.

    summary: In the year 2533, humans and ‘post-humans’ live together in the trash heap city of Kuzutetsu — born of scrap and tragedy as the waste of the luxurious city above — Zalem, rains down into a mountainous pile down below.

    For most, the dream of finding a way to Zalem an accepted impossibility, but for few, an attainable prospect — and by any means necessary.

    → series mlist.

    → send ask for taglist!

    → chapter warnings under cut

    → sexual content warnings under cut

    content warnings: -

    sexual content warnings: very vanilla, unprotected, creampie.

    "Have you heard of a black market bounty?"

    The question isn't particularly out of left field, given that there be an obvious reason behind why it is that the entire lot of you be gathered into the large common room of your shared living space, but it being asked so plainly — calmly, even, in some strange way makes the hair on the back of your neck stand just that might straighter as a result.

    it's as if Jisung notices as he gently hooks his pinky finger into your own from just beside you — a comforting gesture despite your eyes never meeting in the moment.

    Silence sweeping across the room for a moment until Wooyoung takes hold of it himself — a man with a big mouth from what you've gathered in your short time together, and as a result, and aggressive sense of overachievement running through his veins otherwise unstoppable that crops its head up just in times like these.

    "I've only heard things through word of mouth, never been on one myself," he begins carefully, thoughtfully glancing up and towards the roof as if any answers further lie up there. "But basically, they're almost always S class bounties, and extremely dangerous."

    Mingi nodding from nearly across the room — seated in his own, large chair at just one of many desks for himself across the numerous rooms of the building — this one be lined with paper work and folders containing even more of it: patient related documents, agreements, and research alike mixing together to form a white coating across the dark brown wood of the furniture below it.

    Legs crossed, he pulls them apart to sit more comfortably after hearing the words from his new colleague.

    "Right, effectively that is the case, yes."

    "The main difference," now it's Chan that pipes up from a slightly different location in the room — seated closer to the lot of you but on the floor instead and with his laptop open and in front of him as if barely partaking in the discussion at all. Looking up, he glances around the room at all of you present with a half smile, as if to be proud of the knowledge already presented regardless of how little it may actually be. "They're always very bizarre bounties, typically we get a good amount of information to pass along to Hunter-Warriors that we work with, but in these cases, there's always almost nothing. No information on permanent whereabouts, specialty, or the reasoning for their criminality."

    "So, it's a cover up."

    When everyones attention turns to you upon the words leaving your mouth, it's jarring — per the fact that you hadn't expected what you had said to be all that surprising, rather, the most obvious likely outcome of such a scenario — it's the concerned faces shared among so many of your colleagues, that has you perplexed, instead.

    Not Seonghwa, though.

    "Why do you think that?" Jeongin asks from next to Chan on the floor, but even before you're able to answer the question, you here a slow and heavy inhale from someone that truthfully, you wish not to hear it from. Someone who has always got something to say, and so rarely worth hearing.

    "She's right, it's the obvious conclusion."

    Wait, what?

    It's a reaction better kept to your thoughts, but you figure the splash across your features evidence enough if anyone had been attentive enough to see it. Seonghwa agreeing with you about something, truthfully, you never thought that you'd see the day, and now that it's here, to say that you had been wildly ill-prepared would be an understatement.

    It almost makes you angry.

    "We don't have any proof of it, obviously, there are government channels that not even Chan can get himself access to, but," the tall man with the black hair tied back begins again as he shifts in a seat so large that it dwarfs even him. "Considering that bounty hunting is all above-board, government-funded and abled, there's certainly something fishy about sending out bounties with such little information, and that seem so evidently tampered with by inside officials. There's no reason we shouldn't have access to that sort of simple information."

    "So, what are you thinking, then?" Felix this time, voice so deep it's nearly startling the first few times you hear it come from the otherwise dainty man.

    "I mean," Seonghwa starts with hesitation, glancing towards Chan and Mingi both in their respective, authoritative seats comparatively to the rest of you before carrying on with the thought in mind. "Do you want the conspiracy theory version?"

    "Is that your version?" You somewhat playfully quip back at the man with an ever so gentle upturn of the corner of your lip. As if to say 'no hard feelings' in some ways, even in spite of the fact that there very much be hard feelings present.

    The man takes it well, though, and much to your surprise with his tongue poking hard into the side of his cheek as if almost enjoying the banter between the two of you. "Yes, suppose that it is."

    "Well, share with the class then."

    "Look, we're under no illusion that the government actually have any real interest in the goings on down here, right? My guess is that it's a government job to get a good number of us taken out so things don't get a little bit too nice down here."

    "Anything sound familiar, Doc?" Jisung chimes out still from your side, an address that takes Mingi by surprise — so jarred by the question coming towards his direction that he nearly loses balance and falls back into the chair he had been comfortably leaning a bit too far back into.

    Awkward laugh as he situates himself much more professionally before his desk now, he shakes his head gently. "No, no, but I didn't work for the government, either, just a doctor—"

    Then a pause, followed by eyes shifting downwards as if the mere thought of being any such relation to Zalem brings him shame: You can't pinpoint it, be it his exiled status, or perhaps precisely what Jisung had told you the other night in this very same room that appears to live heavy in Mingi's heart, but you wonder if it matter all the same.

    The shame of having come from a life that everyone else in the room now willing to die to achieve.

    "—Besides, been a long time since I've been up there by now."

    He tries to laugh it off in the tail end, but you think you know far more of the truthful feelings behind the words than the man himself would ever care to have you.

    "Well, nevertheless," Chan begins with fingers fast at work on the keyboard in front of him. "We've been discussing it and we think it best that the teams go as whole units for a job like this, rather than split."

    "Isn't that too many bodies in action?" Seonghwa is the first to question, not that you had been far behind in intent.

    "It's a lot, yes, and not ideal, but with the circumstances so unknown we can't really chance only sending out two or three of you for a job like this. For all we know, it could be more than one bounty we're walking into, ourselves."

    "So, why should we even take it? Why risk it? We don't have to accept every bounty just because we come across it on availability." You question, Jisung's pinky finger still snug within yours, but as the moments carry on, you can't help but feel the grasp of a single digit tightening against your own.

    "It's less about carrying out the bounty and more about collecting information," Mingi then chimes in. "With all intents and purposes, it probably is best that you all avoid attempting to carry it out to completion, at least, the first few times."

    Huffing out a laugh and now unable to hold back your distaste at the situation, you turn to glance at nothing before coming back to face the man that in other scenarios you adore so endlessly.

    But not today.

    "You realize that we're all doing this as a job, right? We're not out here wasting out time to collect information. This is our lives, and every time we go out there we're risking them, no matter how many of us or what the bounty is, and now we're being sent out without intention of even collecting?"

    "I'm not doing it."

    For a moment, you actually anticipate the words to be coming from Seonghwa, given his willingness earlier to speak up on your behalf, but as your eyes fall on the man seated diagonally from you and without a word spoken on the matter, your mind finally catches up on the ways in which the voice be much pitchier and lighter than the stealth agents — as well as coming from right beside you.

    Turning to grant him your full attention — strands of messy, light brown hair tossed just above his eyes that lie specifically pointed to the floor just in front of him, you can see the way that he chew on the skin of his bottom lip as he wait for a response on his unwillingness to participate, but upon receiving none, instead carry on with the thought.

    "I'm not doing it, this is a waste of time and effort. No one in this room is ever getting to Zalem with the bounties split like this."

    Not something so openly talked about, especially with the shrouding of uncertainty around the concept: The ability to pay ones way to Zalem permanently. A scrapyard pipe dream, but for so many, the only thing that get them through each day. The only thing that has them hanging on at all.

    Save enough money, buy yourself a new life.

    "Ji, it's not real, everyone knows it's not real."

    "San, don't."

    "Well, it's ridiculous!" The man who only know speaks up continues on. "If the entire reason he's not willing to go along with the mission is because of this insane dream of eventually buying his way up there, then it's pointless!"

    Listening to the men carry on between each other, you can't help but think to yourself how pointless it really, truly is — because deep down, you know that going to Zalem isn't Jisung's dream at all.

    It's yours.

    Biting your tongue, you feel your partners hand slip further into your own — more fingers lacing together for a tighter hold onto you as your new comrade goes on and on about the ins and outs of the impossibility of ever getting out of Kuzutetsu.

    The inevitability of dying by the scrapyard.

    "If this is how it's going to be," Jisung finally forces his voice back into the conversation for a moment, cutting the other man off more than halfway through a thought and very much in hope of never allowing him to finish it.

    "Then I quit."

    A loud snort coming from across the room, heavy, humored exhale through the nose — and now you know quite well who it be without the visual confirmation of such, because who else could it be?

    Childish grin splayed across his mouth, the only way you can think to describe the visual of it as Seonghwa leans forward and presses his elbows into his knees — as if taunting the entire premise of leaving the group, but even more than that, taunting his ex-comrade himself.

    "And what are you going to do instead, Ji? Become a bartender? A mechanic, maybe?"

    The irony truly only being known between the two of you — the teasing of a man about something that he genuinely have no feelings towards one way or another — but rather, feigning the fact in an effort to protect you.

    It's a rare instance that Jisung simply takes the high road, and opts out of the engagement entirely.

    "I said my piece," he reiterates with a step towards the door that leads into the corridor of their living arrangements. "It's the right thing to do, yes? If I find myself unhappy with the direction of the group, then I take my leave, correct?"

    The question is directed towards Mingi — this time all too engaged in the happenings just before him, and if you had to guess, feeling a little bit like a father about to lose a son. The man, however, does the only thing that he can do in the moment, which is nod gently in affirmation as Jisung does the same — turning heel and heading out of the room just as quickly as the bomb dropped.

    You can't help but think that the whirlwind of goings on feel just a bit like that, anyways — whiplashed and entirely taken aback at the suddenness of your friends proclamation.

    So much so that you can't help but speculate just how sudden it really is.

    "Knock knock."

    Door already ajar just ever so slightly as you arrive to the tall, steel bedroom door belonging to your best friend and partner, you're confident enough in the fact that you'll be met with positivity to begin ever so gently pushing the door open with a single, flat, open palm against the cool material. Heart beating hard against your chest and throat dry, you're taken aback by this particular feeling — a feeling of not knowing, and more than that, not understanding.

    As the mans voice rings out and through his bedroom inviting you inside, once you lay eyes on him, the lump in your throat already threatening to choke you out entirely stiffens ten fold — the sight of Jisung already beginning the work of packing up his things — three large, empty duffel bags strewn about the light blue cement as he continues digging through a dresser for shirts and other such fabric belongings, shuffling the items into one bag just next to his feet.

    You figure it to be purposeful the way he seemingly avoids making eye contact with you directly.

    "Can we talk?"

    Turning just slightly towards you, Jisung nods, giving you the go-ahead to shut the door behind you and with little noise made. It feels like a secret meeting that the two of you shouldn't be having — on account of the hows and whys of it all — it's not often that either of you so openly disagree with a decision made by Mingi, and even more so with such dramatic fallout. The truth was that despite Jisung being such a relatively new part of your life, in ways, the thought of no longer having him next to you terrified you. More than any bounty, and more than any future possibility otherwise.

    "Gonna try to talk me into staying?"

    You want to say yes — no, you want to scream it.

    After all, what is a life here in this trash heap of a city without him.

    Codependency springs to mind in an instant, only to be shaken off just as quickly.

    "No," you respond at first, voice already somewhat hoarse but ignoring it for the sake of the conversation at hand as you set yourself down at the edge of his bed and next to his growing bag of belongings. "I don't know. Would that be wrong of me?"

    Chuckling, the man closes one empty drawer only to open the one just below it before responding to the question. "You can be wrong sometimes, that's okay."

    It's affirming, but not all that comforting.

    "Can I ask you something? Just as friends?"

    He nods, briefly making eye contact with you for the first time since you enter the room as he leans over to set something inside of the carrier.

    "What is it that you really want to do? Like—"

    "—Why was it so easy to come to the decision to leave?" He interjects suddenly and much to your surprise, on account of the fact that he takes the words straight out of your own mouth. You nod slowly.

    It's at that moment that Jisung finally stops his melodic motions, stepping away from a wide open, dark brown dresser to come around to your side and seat himself at the edge of his bed next to you. Reaching a hand over to you — palm splayed open and inviting your own to meet it, you take it without much of a second thought, the man pulling the both of your fists further into his own lap and placing his other hand over them before beginning his thought.

    "It's kind of funny," he begins as he stares forward and into the nothingness of the dark grey wall on the other side of the room. "Everyone is trying to get to Zalem, but for whatever reason, that's never been for me. Never been my dream."

    It's news to you, in a way. Deep down, you suppose you've always suspected as such, given it never be much of a topic of conversation for the man. For everyone else in Kuzutetsu, and especially among Hunter-Warriors, it's the end all, be all of doing the job. Not living a better, more comfortable life in the scrapyard, but rather, getting out of it entirely.

    To hear it said out loud, however, another matter entirely you find.

    "I don't think I've ever told you this, about my family — anything about them, I suppose — my parents own a farm in the outskirts, probably a good three or four hours out from here. It's a small city that has few inhabitants but they're basically self-sufficient out there, they sort of live like the old days, I guess. Not so bogged down by technology and what have you."

    "No wonder you come off like such a country kid." You tease, leaning into his shoulder with your own.

    Smiling, Jisung carries on with his words. "I don't have any misconceptions about what my future holds for me as a Post Human now. I know that Mingi did what he could with what he had in the moment, but no one feels the effects of it more than I do everyday — when I lose the ability to walk, and I do mean when — I'd like to be comfortable, you know? Maybe just...At home, with my family and the people I love and not necessarily feeling like such a burden to those around me."

    "Or worse yet—" You mention under your breath. He nods in agreement.

    "Right, or worse. In the field. It's a nightmare for me to consider, ya know? You having to drag my body out of there, or worse than that, getting you killed along with me."

    Swallowing down the lump in your throat becoming harder and harder with every second that the conversation carry on, you squeeze his hand, still nestled into the center of his lap.

    "Anyway," he sighs, livening up the tone of the conversation briefly. "That's a long, drawn out way of saying that this is sort of something I've been thinking about for a while — I didn't want to say anything to you until I had made up my mind, maybe decided on a good time to go, but today sort of presented itself in a particular way that I hadn't anticipated, so—"

    "The perfect out." You sigh.

    Turning his head to look at you finally and with a thin-lipped smile, he nods once. "Yeah, exactly."

    Allowing yourself some time to absorb the thoughts, feelings and words associated, it's far more difficult than you anticipated. In spite of understanding, and even agreeing with his reasoning behind his decision, it's still a tough pill to swallow all the same.

    Saying goodbye.

    "You won't be disappointed in me?"

    The words startle you out of your own silent thoughts on the matter, eyes widening as your gaze washes over his features; a hopefully sad look, laced with a longing for sympathy from you. The need to be told that what he wishes for is okay.

    "Ji," you sigh, using his grasp on your hand as leverage to pull him over and against you for a tight, loving hug. "Why would I be disappointed?"

    Nose nestled into the crook of your neck, Jisung's arms delicately wrapping around the middle of your torso as the both of you share the moment together, you can so easily hear the way his voice breaks ever so slightly as he begins speaking again — now, directly into your ear with a near whisper of tone.

    "I said I would help you get to Zalem, feels selfish to abandon you long before you get there. I was supposed to see you off, remember?"

    He swallows hard at the end of the sentence, no doubt attempting to choke down the same lump you've been wrestling with in your own throat.

    Pulling the both of you apart abruptly, you bring both of your hands to his cheeks, pressing your forehead to his tenderly as you look into his eyes — a distinct glistening sighted that he quickly attempts to blink away with the sudden realization of being so seen by you right then and there.

    "I could never be disappointed in you. I want you to go. I want you to live well, and I'll do the same when I get up there."

    "Promise?" He says playfully. "Promise you'll get up there after everything?"

    A thoughtful exchange even in it's emptiness. You have no way of assuring such a thing, especially not with the truth of ever being able to get to the floating city so shrouded in mystery — rather, it's an emotional offering of understanding from your partner and between the two of you — to live well in your different roads to doing so.


    And then — in a split second decision, you lean into him to close the distance between both of your mouths.

    Hesitation heavily laden in Jisung's body at the sudden physicality of the scenario, you take it upon yourself to pull him fuller against you just as he finally allows himself to settle into the kiss. Head cocking to the side just enough and lips parting to push your tongue against the warm, wet skin of his plush, lower lip, your heart skips a beat at the breathy whine that escapes the mans mouth only to be immediately swallowed up by your own — so fervent and needy all of a sudden that you nearly find yourself unrecognizable — leaning backwards and scooting up the length of the bed and pulling your partner down right along with you.

    Quickly, you sit back up only enough to bring your t-shirt up and over your head, tossed elsewhere into the bedroom and of little concern to you — Jisung watching you carefully all the while as you lie back down and dig fingers into the front of his shirt to bring him down atop you.

    "Wait," he huffs out and into your mouth just as your hands reach down and to his belt. "Okay, wait—"


    It's evident in the moment his reluctance to truly acknowledge it with words — pulling away only just enough to glance back towards the door of his bedroom. "Anyone could walk in any time."

    It feels a little bit like a rejection without outright being one.

    "I don't care, who's going to come in?" You whisper into his mouth just as you finally break free the rest of his belt.

    Jisung swallows hard, so hard that you can hear the dryness in his throat.

    "I just—" he hesitates again, held up and over you with palms splayed against the mattress on either side of you. "—I don't want you to like...regret anything, you know?"

    Pulling him back down, you invite him to kiss you again, only for him to repeat the protest with an earnest glimmer in his eye.

    "I won't stay."

    It's information that you already know, and perhaps in ways need not to be reminded. The truth of the matter being that sex not be on the table as some sort of manipulation or bargaining chip to get him to stay with you.

    You want him to stay, and right now, in this very moment, you want him. As far as you're aware of — to the best of your conscious understanding of yourself and your feelings — the two are not mutually exclusive.

    Murky waters all the same — the concepts of platonic and romantic love — and how easily the lines between them can be blurred in an instant.

    "I know."

    You can only figure that Jisung comes to accept him having done his due diligence as he finally meets your enthusiasm into the kiss and simultaneously reaching a hand down between your legs to press his palm into the space there. It's a rather late acknowledgment of how out of order everything has been leading up to this point, and somewhat as a result of his reluctance — no doubt having been expecting you to drop out of any hasty decision making by now — but instead met with the same excitement as the first kiss, his motions are fast and sloppy in ways as he pulls up and away from your body to slip fingers into the sides of your shorts and swiftly jerk them — along with your panties — down your legs and onto the floor before coming back up to meet your mouth with his own all over again.

    "Uh," he starts again in between the making out that you would like to be doing. "Don't really have a lot of time."

    "I know, Ji—"

    Translation: Foreplay is sort of a luxury we can't really afford right now, sorry about that.

    "Just making sure, don't want you to think I'm like—"

    "Please shut up and fuck me."

    "Okay, okay! Demanding woman!"

    The both of you giggling against each others lips at the awkward commentary of such an engagement, you bring your arms up and around his neck as you feel him shuffle his pants down his hips just enough to expose himself, settling between your legs and shifting his weight off to one forearm to bring a hand down to your now exposed core. One finger running up your slit to test your wetness — or lack thereof, given the haste of things — he brings the hand back up to his own mouth just long enough to offer some saliva as help, bringing the hand back down and against your opening before slowly pushing a single digit inside of you.

    Pulling it back again, Jisung brings the arm up to redistribute his weight against your body, one hand gently tangling into your hair as it lie so perfectly in reach of him as he begins his slow, gentle drive inside of you.

    A familiar burn — lack of proper prep, no time, and an adequate stretch as the man fills you out easily before stalling with his hips pressed flush against your own. You sigh out and into his mouth at the feeling of being so full — one hand coming up to card through light colored hair as the two of you meet eyes.

    "Good?" He sighs questioningly, still in an attempt to come to some sort of understanding of what it is, exactly, that's transpiring in the moment.

    Nodding, the man dips his head down to kiss you again as he pulls from you — another slow but deep drive following it that finally has you reeling just a bit from the friction of it — the vague sound of a moan catching in your otherwise parched throat as he follows up with another to settle himself into a comfortable pace against you.

    Head dipping down further to kiss and nip at the skin along your jaw and neck, one labored and airy groan finally escaping from the man himself as he opens his mouth to speak — it comes out as a full-on whisper against the shell of your ear: "Tell me what to do, how can I make you cum?"

    You think in the split second that simply asking might just do the trick.

    Realistically though, you know that he's asking because it won't be long for himself, and he'd most likely send himself off humiliated for having a one time romp in the sheets and not even getting you off as a parting gift.

    Between the drives of his length into you, you manage to huff out the bare minimum of instructions in hopes that they make any sort of sense to the man. "A-angle—" you whine, pressing your hips up and off of the mattress ever so slightly, but shockingly, Jisung finds himself to be quick on the uptake as he reaches over for an extra pillow at the head of his bed and sitting back into a kneeling position long enough to lift you and force the cushion underneath you.

    The next push of his cock is heavenly.

    As evidenced by your reaction — a loud 'fuck' only stifled by the way it gets caught in your throat and choked on as your eyes screw shut at the sensation — the only visual just before be the man between your legs watching you intently for exactly that.

    Quickening his pace ever so slightly, and most likely in an attempt to chase both of your orgasms, you reach up for him again, fingernails curling into the fabric of his shirt to pull him tightly against your torso as he fucks you hard — harder than you would have anticipated, though you suppose fucking him at all hadn't ever really been on the agenda prior to tonight, anyway.

    With your orgasm fast approaching, you find your brain riddled with so many complex thoughts that need not be accounted for now: The ways in which this can and most likely will change the relationship between the two of you being the second-most prominent.

    And the first being just how much it doesn't matter either way going forward.

    "I'm close," he whispers against the skin of your jaw. "Please cum with me."

    You had been close as well, regardless, but the added request certainly doesn't hurt — in fact, it has your high rushing to catch up to you light a freight train. Nails digging so hard against him that he must feel it in his flesh as the muscles in your thighs and lower abdomen tighten upon your impending release, you barely manage to get another word out to inform the man — not that it's not evident, and that he isn't well enough aware from the way you tighten around his girth. "J-Jisung, I'm g-gonna—"

    "Me too," another whisper into the hot, damp flesh of your neck now as the thickness of his cock drags more deliberately against you with every thrust — pointed, and with purpose even in spite of being on the brink of his own release. "I love you."

    You don't even think twice before saying it back to him.

    With the both of you groaning simultaneously through your releases; Jisung buried deep inside of you as he paints your walls with his cum and your body squeezing down on him as he does so — now it's the man in question who is the first to initiate the kiss, lazily dragging his lips up from the crook of your neck and to your mouth for what you can only assume will be the last time that either of you share this sort of intimacy with one another ever again.

    And as you watch Jisung wave to the lot of you as he departs for his own journey — one tailored specifically for him, and not at the mercy of living for you and yours — you ponder the significance of single moments in time, or perhaps, the short-lived stories and experiences with the people that shape us along the way to our own forever.

    Articulated sometimes in ways that we never had planned for: born of a lack of the words to say, and emotions that we could never, truly describe with them anyway.

    That love is bigger than us, and that there is strength in letting go.

    a/n: some people will be mad

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    04.12.2021 - 21 hours ago


    Fandom: Stray Kids

    Sickie: Minho

    Caregivers: Stray Kids

    One evening, Minho comes home and suddenly doesn't feel his best anymore. The members are certain their second oldest is comind down with a cold and slowly Minho himself is starting to believe it too. Is he though?

    No one’s POV.:

    The first member to get into the Christmas spirit was Felix but his enthusiasm was contagious and soon Hyunjin and Jeongin joined him with the holiday preparations. They had wanted to go shopping anyway and decided to keep an eye out for seasonal decorations. Mainly they bought Christmas lights and a few more cookie cutters for Felix but at the end of their shopping trip, they came across a candle store and decided to check it out. They were pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of candles in the store, admiring the different colors. In one of the corners at the back of the store, they came across a shelf with scented candles. The two spent the next thirty minutes smelling each of them multiple times, agreeing to decide on only four of them, aware that they couldn’t just take one of each as there were just too many. Hyunjin ended up taking one pine-scented candle and one with a homely orange smell, while Jeongin chose one that smelled of cinnamon and another one that smelled of honey. By the time they payed and left the store, it was already dark outside, with a few stray snowflakes floating from the sky. They made their way back home and after taking a shower, Hyunjin placed the pine-scented candle on the coffee table and lit it, its flame illuminating the living room with a warm glow.

    Seungmin joined him on the couch, turning on a drama for them to watch as they waited for the rest of the members to come home for the night. Felix was playing video games in his room and Jeongin had already gone to bed, so only 3racha and Minho were still out but 3racha always stayed late, so they weren’t too worried. After the first episode of their drama, the front door opened and Minho sleepily stumbled into the dorm, kicking off his shoes. He had spent most of the day dancing and had exhausted himself, his muscles aching. Leaning back against the closed door, the dancer brought his wrist up to his face as his nose tingled. “hh’txCHH’uh!” Minho tiredly nudged his knuckles against his nose, trying to rid himself of the tickle at the back of his sinuses. “H’iKTsh!” – “Bless you!”, Seungmin called from the living room, pausing their drama to check on his hyung. The older looked completely drained, his shoulders slumped as he tried to find the energy to move away from the door. “Are you okay, hyung?”, Seungmin asked, taking in the other’s disheveled appearance. Nodding, Minho straightened up and sighed: “Sore and tired but that was to be expected. Today’s been exhausting.” Before the dancer could react, the younger placed his palm against his forehead but his skin was still cold from the walk home. “You didn’t really walk home in your sweaty practice clothes, did you? You’re going to catch a cold or something”, Seungmin scolded, taking his hyung’s bag when he saw his eyes flutter shut. “H’iKTsh!’tsh! H-’khSHt’NGsT!” – “Exactly my point”, the vocalist sassed. Scrubbing at his face, which was growing increasingly itchy, Minho gave a watery sniffle and removed his coat.

    “Where is everyone else?”, the second oldest asked quietly. Walking over to them, Hyunjin explained: “3racha’s still at the studio, Felix and Innie are in their rooms, either sleeping or playing games. You look like you could really use a hot shower right now, hyung.” – “And that’s exactly what I’m gonna have now. I’ll probably go to bed immediately after, so good night to you two”, Minho rasped, clearing his throat. How had it become so scratchy so quickly? Nodding, Seungmin agreed: “We’ll be quiet when we join you. Rest well, hyung!” – “Good night, don’t get sick”, Hyunjin called after him softly, worriedly watching his hyung trudge to the bathroom, “He’s so coming down with something.” – “Yes, he is”, Seungmin sighed, heading to the kitchen to at least make the older some tea if he was planning to skip out on dinner. He heard the shower running when he took the cup to their shared room and placed it on the dancer’s nightstand before going back to the living room to finish their drama with Hyunjin.

    With the hot water hitting his back, Minho closed his eyes, allowing his body to relax. Not for long though, as he was quickly overcome by another sneeze. His nose just wouldn’t stop itching and now with the steam wafting through the bathroom, it had started to run as well. At least his muscles felt a little better now. The warmth soon made him sleepy, so Minho washed up and got ready for bed. He wasn’t even hungry enough to force himself to eat something, which confused him after all the dancing he had down. Well, sleep was more important right now and if he woke up hungry in the middle of the night, he’d allow himself to have a snack. Collapsing onto his bed, the dancer couldn’t help but sigh at the way his mattress welcomed his body. He settled under his blanket and spotted a cup of tea on the nightstand, smiling at the gesture as he propped himself up on one arm, taking a few sips to soothe his throat. About halfway through, he had to take a break, scrubbing the edge of his blanket against his nose. It itched like crazy but somehow not enough to make him sneeze, instead making his eyes water. Huffing a shaky breath, Minho finished his tea and turned off the light, ready to let sleep take over. Despite his exhaustion, sleep didn’t come anytime soon, the annoying tingle in his nose keeping him up. He fell asleep mere minutes before his roommates joined him.

    When Minho woke up the next morning, his eyelids felt uncomfortably sticky. Blearily blinking his eyes open, the dancer sat up and scrubbed at his face. He gave a thick sniffle and coughed softly in an attempt to clear his throat. It didn’t feel as bad as it had the night before but he certainly wasn’t on top of his game today either. “Good morning”, Hyunjin greeted sleepily, getting up to get ready for the day. When it was only Minho and Seungmin in their room, the vocalist hummed: “You feeling better today after resting some?” – “Mhm, thanks for the tea by the way”, the older nodded, still sounding a little scratchy. They got ready in comfortable silence before parting ways for their individual schedules. For the first half of the day, the dance-racha would work on some choreographies before the rest of the group would join them in the afternoon to learn the new choreographies too. Seungmin wasn’t too worried for his hyung because he knew that Hyunjin was aware of the oldest dancer’s condition and would keep an eye on him.

    Surprisingly, after fully waking up and stretching, Minho felt a lot better and glancing at himself in the practice room mirror, he noted that he didn’t look nearly as dead anymore. The puffiness around his eyes had faded significantly and his face barely felt itchy at all, though he still was a little sniffly. One hour into their practice, he started to get a little irritated at Hyunjin always reminding him to take it slow because he felt fine and could take care of himself without his dongsaeng constantly reminding him. “Hyung, what’s going on?”, Felix asked confused about the tensions between the other two dancers. Slightly afraid of the older, Hyunjin didn’t dare to speak up but he didn’t have to. Shaking his head a bit, Minho sighed: “Hyunjin thinks I’m sick and although I appreciate your concern, Jinnie, I’m fine really.” – “Sorry but you really did sound like you were coming down with something yesterday”, the younger pouted. He hadn’t meant any harm and had just wanted to watch out for his hyung. “I know I did and as I said, I appreciate you trying to help. Whatever was up yesterday though, it’s better now, so no need for either of you to worry”, Minho insisted, walking over to the speaker to start the music again. Hyunjin and Felix exchanged a look, wordlessly agreeing that they’d keep an eye on their hyung because he always tended to hide it when he wasn’t feeling his best.

    Minho had already forgotten about that incident by the time they met up with the rest of the group after lunch. He had surprised both of his dongsaengs by not sneezing once the entire time they were there and when he joined them, Seungmin too had to admit that the older seemed to be doing a lot better. His voice had mostly gone back to normal and his eyes looked alright now, not nearly as irritated as they had earlier that morning. Their afternoon practice passed smoothly and while going over their stretching routine, the members discussed what they wanted to do that evening. “You know, I really think we could start watching Christmas movies now. It’s December after all”, Felix pleaded, Jeongin soon joining him. The maknae beamed: “We could all have a movie night together and maybe light one of those new candles Hyunjin-hyung and I got yesterday. The dorm’s going to smell so cozy and just like Christmas. Please, hyungs?” When their youngest was so excited for something, the other members had a hard time denying him, so it was soon decided they’d have a comfortable movie night after dinner. “Even if you seem to be doing a lot better, heading home early and relaxing a bit certainly can’t hurt”, Seungmin hummed smiled softly from where he was stretching next to Minho. He had been quiet enough for only the dancer to hear and although the older wanted to roll his eyes in annoyance, he reminded himself that his dongsaeng meant well and that he had appreciated his concern the previous day when Seungmin had made him some tea.

    They made it home and started preparing dinner right away. The maknae line already set up the living room for their movie night while the older members cooked and all of them took turns showering. Minho’s nose was running a bit again, so he didn’t argue when he was offered the first turn showering, hoping the steam would do him some good and maybe ward off the sniffles. He really wasn’t in the mood to catch a cold right now, considering the weeks leading up to Christmas would be especially busy. When he returned to the kitchen to finish up cooking, his eyes were stinging but he blamed the lack of sleep, as he had fallen asleep way later than he had hoped the previous night. “You feeling alright, Min? You look a little worse for wear”, Chan commented when the younger walked up next to him at the stove. Minho had to admit he didn’t exactly feel his best but it wasn’t that bad and he was surprised the leader had noticed. He wanted to answer and brush the Aussie’s concern off but with how itchy his throat started to feel, the breath caught in his throat, making him cough.

    While Minho caught his breath, Chan poured him a glass of water and hummed: “You’re not catching a cold, are you?” The dancer shook his head though he wasn’t entirely sure about that anymore. He had felt alright most of the day. “I’m pretty sure you are, hyung”, Seungmin disagreed, as he joined the older two in the kitchen, “You’ve been sneezing and coughing all evening yesterday, plus, you were tired and achy, when you came home.” – “Of course, I’d be tired and achy after spending the entire day dancing”, Minho huffed, stirring the pot in front of him. He had avoided looking at his friends, which was why it startled him when Chan felt his forehead, sighing: “I don’t think you have a fever but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not sick.” Shooting the older an angry glare, Minho felt his eyes water and quickly turned his head towards his shoulder. “huh- hh’txCHH’uh!” – “Bless you, mate”, Chan frowned sympathetically, more certain that his dongsaeng wasn’t well but still in denial. Blinking away the itchy tears, the dancer sniffled: “Thanks, not sick though.” Chan and Seungmin exchanged a look, the vocalist rolling his eyes at Minho’s stubbornness while Chan simply decided not to push the topic.

    Throughout their meal, the second oldest became increasingly sniffly, both his nose as well as his eyes taking on a soft shade of pink. He wouldn’t admit it but he was struggling to swallow his food against the itch at the back of his throat. Felix kept shooting him sympathetic glances but Minho didn’t even notice, too distracted by the growing discomfort. He had to frequently run his sleeve under his nose, both, because it was running pretty badly and because the itch was growing unbearable. Aside from his frequent sniffles, the dancer had grown quiet and merely followed along with what his members were doing. He forced himself to eat while they were eating, despite the unpleasant feeling in his throat, but helped clear the table as soon as the others were done, though his plate wasn’t empty yet. As they all settled in the living room, Felix handed Minho a fluffy blanket, which the older gladly accepted, curling up under the soft material. While the rest of the group argued about their movie choices, the dancer felt increasingly worse, surprised about how his condition could decline in a matter of minutes. His breathing started to hitch and he shakily lifted the blanket to his face. “H’iKTsh! N’gsCH!” – “Bless you, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, hyung”, Felix hummed with a sad smile. Minho wanted to reply but couldn’t as his nose still tickled badly. Handing the older a tissue, Hyunjin agreed: “At least we’re all home early and can spend a comfortable evening together.” – “It’s really cozy”, Jeongin giggled, “The pine-scent you chose really makes it feel like Christmas.”

    “’t would be lovely if I could smell it”, Minho sniffled, blowing his nose, “Mby ndose is jus’ blocked all of a sudden.” – “So you’re finally admitting that you’re sick”, Seungmin asked, raising his eyebrow. Giving another wet sniffle, the older whined: “I don’t know, was fine all day. Ndo idea what hit mbe so suddenly.” – “Well, you weren’t fine all day. You were the same yesterday and even this morning”, the vocalist sassed, rolling his eyes. To Felix though, his hyung had really seemed alright during the day and the change certainly started after they got home. Slowly putting the pieces together, the Aussie frowned: “Innie, what did you say about when you bought the candles?” – “Oh, that was yesterday, hyung. We were at the mall and picked out a few different ones”, the maknae smiled. Chan was the first to understand what his fellow Aussie was getting at and blew the candle out, humming: “Let’s do an experiment. Minho why don’t you take a whiff?” – “’Cause I can’t smell it? Oh, that was a rhetoric question”, the younger laughed awkwardly. The leader chuckled: “Yes, it was. Hyunjin and Jeongin bought them yesterday and you started sneezing yesterday. Plus, you felt better today while we were at work or in other words, away from the dorm. The moment we get home, you start sneezing again.” – “I get it but that doesn’t really make me want to smell it”, Minho frowned, accepting the candle with shaky hands.

    He hesitantly sniffed it, eyes already starting to water as he handed it back, whimpering: “No, no, that was a bad idea. I- H’iKTsh!’tsh! *sniff* N’gsCH! Huh-Hh’ktCHhsx!” – “Oh dear, bless you!”, Chan cooed, placing the candle back onto the coffee table and handing his dongsaeng a few tissues instead, “At least the mystery is solved now, I guess.” Minho only gave a stuffy whine in reply, rubbing his nose into the tissues. “H-’khSHt’NGsT! Huh-hh’txCHH’uh!” Wiping his nose again, the dancer sniffled: “I told you, I wasn’t sick but please keep those far, far away from me.” – “Agreed”, Hyunjin nodded, “You still wanna continue our movie night after I put that away?” – “Mhm, lemme just take an antihistamine really quick. Not sure this is an allergic reaction but it’s worth a try”, Minho said with a tired smile, throwing off his blanket to take the medication, while Hyunjin and Jeongin stored all of the candles away in the maknae’s room. When they all settled in the living room again, Minho got comfortable with his head on Felix’ lap, relaxing when the younger played with his hair. Seungmin had made a cup of tea for their hyung, feeling a little guilty for sassing the older earlier, when he was simply confused about what was going on with him instead of denying anything. They still enjoyed their calm evening, even if Minho was knocked out by his medication after only half of the movie.

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  • lettertothesoul
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    track #2 – yang jeongin.

    TRACK: onoffonoff, keshi

    — control tower 🗼⧘ bittersweet collection

    PAIRING ⁝ yang jeongin (i.n) x g.n reader (they/them pronouns)

    RATING ⁝ pg

    AU ⁝ toxic relationship au, breakup au

    GENRE ⁝ a

    WORD COUNT ⁝ 950

    WARNINGS ⁝ ummm a toxic relationship basically but never explicitly described I think

    AUTHOR’s NOTE ⁝ I, too, have no idea what this is, I just needed to let it out lol

    It was dark in the living room of the apartment.

    No light was turned on. The only consolation was the faint light of the world outside that filtered through the opened curtains. The only sound that could be heard throughout was the cars rushing past on the street below and those going on the highway, the need to get somewhere fast making the engines awfully loud for the quiet that was rather suffocating.

    Jeongin never pictured it would all come to this. No one ever does, he supposes. Still, this is never the end goal of being with someone else, is it?

    No one ever imagines – dreams – of coming to an end in such a devastating way.

    There are words that have to be said. Confessions that need to be made. Truths that have to be spoken aloud at least once.

    But both of you they’ll never come.

    The bruises that are left on your bodies are a painful reminder of that fact. Some fresh, some a couple of days old.

    Too much to say, too much to give – never the right words, never the right way. Turning them physical was the only way you could let go of all the emotions that coursed through your bodies, the only way to let the other know what you felt.

    It makes no difference. They are there, for now. But they too will fade away.

    The screams that had once reverberated through every wall in the apartment had long since faded, the echo of them resounding in your ears.

    A simple conversation. That was all it was supposed to be.

    Y/N, we need to talk-

    Not now, Jeongin.


    You’d seen how the exasperation began to take hold of him.

    You just ignored it all, too scared of doing something else.

    You didn’t know what else you could’ve done, either way. There was no way of saving it by that point. Whatever was left of you two.

    You made sure of that.

    Hm? You’re not going to answer me?

    I don’t know Jeongin, what do you want me to say?

    Shit, anything at this point. You barely talk to me.

    God, since when were you this clingy?

    Clingy? Are you fucking serious?

    In all the times you had that same argument, you had never heard him as broken as that night.

    What do you want from me?

    I… I don’t know.

    Then what are we doing here?

    … I don’t know.

    You felt him sit behind your figure, where you had been blankly staring out the window. His legs encased you, but he never made a move to place his hands around you, the way he knew you liked.

    He has remained in that position since then.

    Jeongin himself couldn’t stop remembering the countless conversations and warnings his friends had given him.

    They’re cool Innie, and very pretty, he remembers Chan saying, but please don’t let yourself get carried away by it-

    Hyung, I know, but they’re different this time, they’re finally giving me a chance! Let me enjoy it, will you?

    Just… be careful, okay?

    Yeah yeah, I will.

    He also could see Chan’s disappointed and equally sad face the first time he came to him crying.

    Hyung I… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, they just… they just won’t talk to me and I don’t know what to do.

    Jeongin-ah, maybe you should… you should let them go. They’re not doing you any good, you’ve spent way too much time thinking over everything you do to please them… it’s not healthy.

    Because that had been the thing all along. What he had refused to recognize until recently.

    Every word, every action, it was all carefully thought beforehand when he knew he was going to see you. And every time they failed, Jeongin would spend hours mulling over them, deconstructing every single thing he had done, what your reaction had been, only to come up with different ways to do it all over again – failing every single time.

    Yet every single time his friends pointed out to him, he would say the same words, the same line. His conviction was stubbornly stronger every time people questioned him about it.

    I love them! I’m not going to just let them go because of this, because you tell me to. You guys have always told me to fight for what I love. Why doesn’t it count if it’s for them?!

    Was it really love?

    All this breaking of what you were, of what you had built… of who he was?

    You had molded him to what you wanted, what you desired, and he had willingly – blindly – allowed you to.

    He wasn’t sure how much more he could endure.

    Once, he had compared you to his favorite song.

    I can never skip it, and whenever it comes up on shuffle, I always set it on loop until I absolutely have to stop playing it. I can never get tired of you, even if I tried.

    A lie, of course.

    A pretty obvious lie, with how his bags were being picked up from the sofa where he’d thrown them earlier.

    A pretty lie, with how he opened the door of the apartment, closed the door, and never looked back.

    You thought you had been more like a popular tune.

    The ones that only last for a while, only to fade away within moments.

    The ones you forget about for years to come.

    The ones you never listen to again, unless by chance.

    This time, you think, eyes shining, even chance won’t let us be played again.

    Some songs are just meant to be played for a little while, never to last.

    tags: @k-library @houseofincantations @prism-nw @kwritersworld @ficscafe @thesunshineshop

    #klibrary#houseofincantations #prism.nw #kwritersworldnet#ficscafe #the sunshine shop #— letters ˖ ࣪ #stray kids #stray kids fanfiction #stray kids fic #stray kids imagines #stray kids scenarios #stray kids x reader #stray kids fluff #skz#skz fanfic#skz fic#skz imagines#skz scenarios #skz x reader #skz i.n #stray kids jeongin #skz jeongin #jeongin x reader #yang jeongin
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    #stray kids#skz #stray kids fanfic #stray kids fanfiction #stray kids ao3 #kpop ao3#kpop fanfiction #stray kids au #stray kids soulmate au #stray kids y/n #stray kids scenarious #stray kids smut #stray kids imagines #stray kids stories #stray kids fluff #bang chan #stray kids bang chan #lee know #stray kids minho #changbin#hyunjin#han #stray kids jisung #stray kids felix #seungmin #I.N #jeongin
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    𝐏𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑 𝐈𝐒 𝐏𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑 // 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐜𝐡. 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐫

    Word Count: 9k-15k(?)

    Warning: angst, swearing, enemies to lovers, arranged marriage, slow burn, Knight!Bangchan, Princess!reader, royal au, mentions of supernatural powers, mentions of toxic family relationships, mentions of sexual assault, castration, cauterization, mentions of poison, mentions of war, gore, blood mention, weapon mentions, age gap mentioned, needles mentioned, power dynamics, classism, smut, oral (f.receiving and m.receiving), handjob, hair pulling, choking, breathplay, hand kink, unprotected sex (wrap before you tap), dom!Chan, brat!reader

    Synopsis: Despite trying to help your family, you are rewarded, or rather punished with the prospect of marriage. However, first you have to prove to your new husband the difference between being born with power and having to gain it. 

    A/N: Please note that the first scene in this chapter does have an SA scene, so if you want skip that the text will be bolded and in italics. No one in SKZ is doing such things only a background character. There is also a castration scene in the middle of this chapter, which will also be bolded and italics if you want to skip. Again, this doesn’t happen to anyone in SKZ nor are they the one performing the act. There is none of this in the teaser however. 

    Power is Power Masterlist

    SKZ Masterlist

    All eyes turned to you as you entered the room. The eyes of your family, all purple, staring at you. That was a trait that the goddess had given your family, despite whoever your family married and gave children to. Purple eyes were the sign of royalty, the sign of your family. Even the bastards that your father had bared had the same purple eyes. As well, other members of the council seemed to be here as well. It was like you were on trial. However, this was a common occurrence among your family. Your older siblings telling you to do better, while you simply ignored them and continued on. It wasn’t like you were going to be punished, you never were. You never deserved to be. After all, you were one of the only siblings, out of the 15 of you, that had the power. There was only one other person. The one that sat at the head of the table and glaring at you.

    It was your brother, your eldest brother, Schneizel. He was the 1st prince of Caelum. He was called “The Golden Child” or “The Sun of Caelum”, even “The Goddess’ Beloved”, having been blessed with the Geas and having been seen as the true heir, however that was yet to be determined. He was your father’s pride and joy, his favourite. Your older brother even seemed to think so, especially since he was the spitting image of your father. Not only by looks, but as well with his cunning, ambitious personality. He even dressed the same way as your father, dressed in red, gold and accents of black, along with the sigil of your family’s house on the left most side of attire. Those colours that he wore, just like your father made you scoff.

    Red, the most prominent colour that your brother and father wore. The colour that the power of Geas would glow as you stare down any enemy. There were so many means to the colour of red. Red brought upon life, health, courage, love and religious fervor. However, there was a double meaning to such a colour, having to do with anger, war and bloodshed. They say those who wear this colour have such passione and the “life force” that drove them to this passion was the red colour that flows through our veins. Red was a ruthless and aggressive colour, something that represented your brother and father well. Red, like the rose that came from your deceased mother’s sigil of her house. When your parents married, their sigils were combined to make the flag that all nations ruled by Caelum had. A golden lion and a red rose, along a purple field. 

    Speaking of which, gold. That colour was accented in all your family’s clothing, however (again), Schneizel and your father wore it the most. Gold, the colour of sophistication, prosperity and rule. The colour was so eye-catching, so attention demanding, it was no wonder that people sought it out.

    Cordelia. The 2nd princess of Caelum. She was Schneizel’s twin, only younger by 2 minutes younger and ever so close to being your father’s favourite, ever so close to having the power of Gesa, but like her birth, she fell second to that of your older brother. Even the way she dressed seemed to represent that. True, she had the same gold accents as your brother, even wearing your family’s sigil so pridefully where her heart would be, but she never wore red, only crimson. It was a form of red,true, but never a true blood red like your father or brother. Never truly red, never truly going to be heir. Despite that, she still managed to gain some favour with your father. Having been nicknamed by him, your brother and the rest of the kingdom, “The Goddess of Victory”, “The Nike of Caelum, having never lost a battle once she dipped her foot into the plains of warfare. You learnt about this on Cordelia’s 16th birthday, when she had brutally taken Liro by the neck, having come home all bloodied, but barely scathed. Your father had never once been happy with her till that day, so much so that she had gained favour with being in charge of your father’s main battalion and fighting alongside your brother. She was the sister you had spoken to the least during your youth, however, it seemed that she had attempted to mend those years by trying to teach you how to fight, however it was not your forte. You appreciated her as a sister.

    Someone you didn’t appreciate as a sister was your other older sister Eulyia. She was the 3rd princess of Caelum. Unlike your brother and sister who had gained favour by their tactically warfare methods, Euliya had gained favour by being adored by the public. A tool your family exploited often. True, you all were loved by your subjects, mostly, but Eulyia’s beauty and “kindness” towards those who were not nobility had caught the attention of not only your father, but everyone in the kingdom. She was known as “The People’s Princess” for being so doting on others and preaching about the equality that we all had to establish between those who were of lesser status. She even convinced Schneizel and Cordelia to spare over hundreds of war criminals. It was very sweet actually, had it not just simply been a facade to encourage the nations to agree to the war that your father presented to them after your mother’s passing. Euliya was more like her other nickname, which was “The Rose”, so beautiful, so appealing till you cut yourself on one of her thorns. Euliya seemed to understand that looks would get her far, but not far enough, so she became as strategic as yourself and your other siblings. She used her looks to gain favour with others, used her charm to convince and sway others. What she lacked in wanting to partake in war, she definitely made up for when it came to politicking, being adored by people and using all her feminine charms to convince those around her to bend to her will. It was a shame she didn’t have a Geas. However, with the way she maneuvered herself in court as a princess, she might as well have. Even in your youth, Euliya’s ability to speak and adapt to her surroundings made you fear her. That was mostly because she used it to get you in trouble or push your buttons.

    “You’re late.” Was all the words that your brother said when his lilac eyes glared at you.

    Full Chapter Coming Soon...

    ataglist: @siwii93 @hhjkji @jsung01 @moonseonghwa @lix-freckle3 @linonyah @nirelvega @lovesalljp​ ​

    © All rights reserved to spilledtee. There is no copying or modifying of writing. Translating and reposting work is prohibited. Please inform me if you see anything similar to my work.

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    Chapter 17: <3 | Isn't it Delicate?

    prev | masterlist | next

    spotify playlist: click here

    synopsis: after three years of no contact, when you get paired with lee minho for a course project you get to build back the friendship you both had left behind. It would have been perfectly fine if the reunion hadn't brought out your suppressed feelings for the boy you had bottled in years ago, but of course when is life ever that simple?

    taglist: @soothing-coffee @fourthirtyone-am @beautiful-dark-sky @rindomo @murderyoursoul @cosmic-railwayxo @burningupp-replies @yes-i-simp-for-2d-men @yoovillrge @toxiccyubin @thethreedemons @channieboyo @nattisbored @skzooo @meowtella @smrutiisiva-13

    (if your username is in bold that means I couldn't tag you, I don't know why tumblr does this honestly)

    (a/n: I saw this lee know pic tweet and just thought it would be a lovely addition)

    you can send a message or an ask if you want to be added to the taglist ^-^

    #delicate#skz smau#skz fic#stray kids #stray kids smau #stray kids social au #stray kids social media au #skz texts#skz fanfic #skz social media au #skz social au #skz sm au #stray kids sm au #stray kids fluff #stray kids x reader #stray kids lee know #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids lee minho #stray kids minho #lee know#minho #reader x minho
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    “Red Light, Green Light...”

    Word Count: 441 words

    Pairing: Bangchan x Female Reader

    Genre: Smut Drabble

    Warnings: protected sex, established relationship

    Synopsis: Y/N is riding Bangchan whilst playing a spicy game of red light/green light.

    “Green light…”, he breathed against the shell of my ear as I felt his lips curve into a smirk.

    One palm flat against the swell of his chest, nails digging into his skin. The other hand moving up the back of his neck and gripping onto strands of his dark hair as my hips began to swivel back and forth over his again at the sudden command.

    We had been at the this for at least thirty minutes. I hadn’t quite made up my mind on whether the dinner table suggestion from earlier to try edging each other this way was for his benefit or mine yet.

    My thought process was quickly cut off by a husky moan falling from his pretty lips.

    The slow burn of a climax was working its way to the surface once again, but the clenching wall of my core around his member gave away just how close I was to getting that long-awaited release.

    “Uh, uh, uh… red light, Y/N”

    “Bangchan… please I’m so close.”

    The grip his hands had on my hips tightened to halt the movement of my hips, but there was little to no success in the attempt.

    “Y/N, I believe I said red light…” his words trailing off into a low moan.

    I drove my hips deeper, feeling the head of his cock hit my cervix, earning another guttural noise to leave his throat and a few more feeble attempts to slow the very movements that were bring him such pleasure.

    I pull my head up from its resting place on his shoulder and placed it on his forehead, locking eyes with his now black irises.

    “But do you really want me to stop…” mouth stretching into my own devious grin as I watch his eyes roll back.

    “Red… light…” The words falling out between weakened pants and moans.

    “Hmm, louder baby, I can’t hear you.”

    “Red.. red.. light.”

    Picking up the pace from my slow, teasing movements, I feel the familiar twitch of his member inside me indicating he was beginning to reach his high.

    “Tell me when you’re getting close… this game isn’t over yet” he growls.

    “I’m close…”

    “Me too… Green light” he moans out as he releases into me.

    “You’re so unfair you know that.” Bangchan remarks looking up at me with hazy eyes.

    “Hey, don’t blame me you suggested the game… can’t help that I know how to play it” I winked.

    Bangchan rolled us over encaging me in his arms.

    “We will see about that…” his free hand working its fingertips over my swollen clit earning a few jolts from my body in reaction to the overstimulation.

    “Rematch then?” 

    His mouth trailing wet kisses down my body until his fingertips were replaced with his tongue. 

    He lifts his head after drawing a few small, slow circles. 

    “Green light.” chuckling before dropping his head back down to continue his agonisingly slow movements. 

    A/N: This is my first smutty drabble I am writing and posting to the interwebs so I hope you enjoy it xx. 

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    — Biscoitos da vovó Seo

    Capa para o projeto GetCoolCity
    Pedido por jinjiniret
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    Okay stays! I have a quick question.

    I have four works in progress. I’ll let you guys decide which two comes first and I’ll put the others out later.

    You guys can comment below which ones you’d like me to write first.

    Options are:

    There's No Back Door - BinSung

    CHEESE - HyunBinLix

    Knock You Down Like Domino - MinBin

    One By One We Go Down - MinJiLix

    The two that are the most commented will be picked!

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    you are hurt, i know | lee minho

    (gif credit to owner)


    fem reader X leeknow

    secret agent/spy au, unrequited love, mentions of violence, scars, featuring jungkook from bts, wc- 1.4K

    summary: leeknow looks at the scars running down your body and a frown graces his delicate features. when you turn away, brushing away his concerned gaze, his chest tightens with an inexplicable feeling of discomfort. when he sees you finally find comfort in the warm arms, he feels the deeper sorrow.you will never find comfort in his arms.



    you peeled the sweaty black vest off your body and threw it aside. hands found the button of your black leggings and slid them down your aching legs. once bare, you stepped into the shower and punched the tap to allow a warm stream of water to bless your tired muscles. the water hit your wounds and you winced in pain, training on your eyes to the floor where your blood swirled its way to the drain.

    grabbing a cake of soap, you hurriedly rubbed it over your skin. ridding yourself of the dirty residues garnered during the mission.

    it was supposed to be a simple mission. get into the enemy base, place the tracker and get out.

    or it would have been had it not been for the guard that caught you as you were sneaking out. it turned into a pretty nasty fight as you were all alone on the field, since nobody really expected such a detour. thankfully, chan had followed along for backup and he swiftly eliminated the guy, naming him as a liability to the mission. 

    once you felt clean enough, you spent a few more precious minutes in under the water. letting it flow through each and every crevice of your body, soothing you down with a gentle warmth that your stressful knots needed. you turned the water off, revealing in the steam it had left behind and made a small heart on the mirror, courtesy of the condensation. you wiped yourself, putting on your underwear before heading out to wear your clothes. a faint blue towel was wrapped tightly around your body when you stepped into your room. 

    it was well past midnight so you didn’t bother with privacy and threw the towel off you and began to put on your clothes. as you slipped your top over your head, a rough clearing of throat made you spin your head to the door. 

    the door where lee minho, or leeknow as he was called stood leaning against the frame. he was wearing his infamous grey sweatpants and the black hoodie you’d tried to steal on more than one occasion. judging by the light sheen of sweat on his face, you noticed that he’d been training. You shot him a nonchalant nod and slipped your top down. he chuckled, looking down briefly though it was devoid of any humour. when he gazed up again, you saw a deeper, concerned look in his eyes. 

    “how long you been standing there.” you mumbled, turning your back to the mirror and assessing your damage for the day. the guy you’d come across was one heck of a trained fighter. 

    he smirked, the small sneaky smirk that only you were allowed to see. the playful side he so carefully hid from everyone else, yet you brought it out in him and he, like a child, let you see all of him. “long enough.” He winked and you rolled your eyes, shooting him a grin. 

    “you should have said something. you just did something scandalous min.” you roll up the back of your top a little and minho’s eyes froze at the long scar running across your skin. the urge to run over to you and capture you in his arms pricked his feet yet he steeled himself.

    “oh come one, we both know you really don’t care about that.” minho ran a hand through his dark hair and scoffed mockingly. 

    it was true. you really didn’t care if minho had seen you naked or not. you both had been through much worse experiences together and you doubted that after spending three weeks locked inside a broken safe house, you both had crossed the lines of friendship. 

    you threw the towel at him and he caught it easily, barely even moving. “what do you want?” you walked to your bed, sitting down on the edge. a sharp pain made its way up your back but you bit your lip and held it in. however, being the attuned agent minho was, he easily took notice of the shifty look in your eyes and the uncomfortable way you shuffled your legs. trained or not, minho always paid extra attention to you, taking timely notices of your condition and acting on them immediately. minho cleared his throat. “so I learned what happened today from chan.” 

    you shrugged, shaking your head. “it was nothing.” 

    he sighed, staring at his shoes before he started to walk to you. “let me see them.” he said, staring into your eyes with a fragile look that almost looked unreal. any other person wouldn’t have believed it, the lee minho, showing such a vulnerable expression for someone else. however, all of minho’s resolves broke when it came to you. you, with your easy smiles and bright eyes, climbed over each of his walls with such a graceful ease that it was undeniable. minho had unknowingly, helped you climb over his walls. just you.

    you tensed when minho asked to see your injuries. you knew very well what he was talking about, yet talking about them would mean that you are asking for help from him. and weakness wasn’t a favourable trait in the organization. however, the soft look in minho’s eyes made you think that it would be okay. It was minho after all but a tiny voice held you back.

    this is lee minho y/n. He does not care for everyone and anyone. you shook your head. ‘I don’t know what you are talking about.” you crossed your arms over your chest and he let out a frustrated sigh. “y/n I just saw you naked. Do you really think I am that stupid? I could see you are injured.” he shifted his weight to the other foot. “y/n let me see them. don’t make me pull ranks and force you.” 

    when you didn’t respond but kept your head turned down, minho felt his heart soften. his expression turned to one of worry.

    are you that wary of him? you couldn’t even trust him enough to tend to your wounds? “you are hurt, I know.” he whispered.

    he quickly shook those thoughts away, you obviously trusted him enough so what was holding you back? you had been close the past few months. What changed suddenly?

    you stayed silent, earning a frustrated groan from him. “let me see them or I’ll call jeon jungkook.” he muttered, looking heavily dejected and resigned as if saying the sentence was physically painful for him and a last resort. 

    your head snapped up, eyes wide in panic as you silently begged him to not call jungkook. you hastily pulled you top up and stood before him, letting him see the dark gashes on your skin. you did not want jungkook to see you in this state, it would only pain him further. as it would pain minho. you did not want any of them to worry but minho left you with no choice. minho saw the concern for the other male in your eyes and his throat constricted against air. he took a deep breath, swallowing his emotions and carefully examined the cuts. the door opened in a haste and jeon jungkook stood there, a worried look in his eyes as he marched over to you two. “Y/N L/N!” he held you by your shoulders, effectively pulling you away from minho’s hold. minho felt your skin slip past his fingertips and a protest died down in the back of his throat. “Its okay, she just came back.” minho sighed, looking away as if he wanted to leave the room already. 

    “and you didn’t tell me? great. we are leaving and getting you checked right now.” jungkook ran his fingers over you, checking for any other injuries.” 

    “koo, its fine,” you told him but he raised an eyebrow and you quietened down. He pulled you into a hug. “god I was so worried when chan told me what happened.” he mumbled against your skin and you smiled in his familiar embrace. you see minho in the corner of your eye who has his eyebrows raised. you brush his concern away with a blink of your eyes and close them, bringing them against jungkook’s hair.

    minho looked at the scars running down your body and a frown graced his delicate features. when you turn away, brushing away his concerned gaze, his chest tightens with an inexplicable feeling of discomfort.

    he aches to be the one holding you instead, aches to be the comfort you seek in the other man right now. he wants to be the one you come running to when you are hurt. he wishes it was his hands comforting your body.

    jungkook holds you closer and whispers something in your ear, you smile in response and turn your head to see minho walking out of the room.

    when he sees you finally find comfort in the warm arms, he feels the deeper sorrow.you will never find comfort in his arms.

    minho sighed.

    he should be used to this by now.

    you were not his to comfort.

    when he sees you finally find comfort in the warm arms, he feels the deeper sorrow. you will never find comfort in his arms.


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  • cuddlepilesick
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    Take me home

    Fandom: Stray Kids

    Sickie: Felix

    Caregiver: Jisung

    Sequel to „No cookies for me“

    Maybe cuddling Jisung while he was sick with a stomach bug wasn't the best of Felix' ideas but he couldn't let his friend feel lonely. Now it's on Jisung to make sure the Aussie doesn't feel lonely.

    No one’s POV.:

    It had been a few days since Jisung had fallen ill with a stomach bug. Now, he was finally feeling better, thanks to the loving care of his friends and hours of cuddles from Felix. Much to his dismay, the rapper had ended up missing a few days of his schedule and was now pretty stressed about having to catch up. That didn’t stop him from celebrating his recovery though. Wanting to celebrate being able to stomach more than plain rice and bland soups, Jisung had agreed to meet up with Felix during their lunch break to visit a café together. He was really looking forward to his slice of cheesecake, which would give him the energy to continue with the rest of the day, catching up on the stuff he had missed. It was what he had been looking forward to all morning. Glancing out the window, the rapper noticed the thin sheet of frost on the street. Luckily, he had put on a warm hoodie, along with a sweat jacket this morning, afraid his immune system might not be back to normal. He couldn’t risk catching something again anytime soon, since that would completely throw him off his schedule, even worse than he already was.

    Felix was happy his friend was finally doing better and had eagerly agreed on going out for something tasty during lunch. Over the course of his dance practice however, he started to regret his decision. He had been tired all morning, struggling to shake the sleepy haze clouding his mind. It was showing in his dancing too, his moves sluggish and off-beat more often than he wanted to admit to himself. Although he wasn’t dancing with his usual energy, the jumps and turns still managed to mess with his body, sending his head spinning and making his stomach twist. Figuring he had just gone to bed too late last night, Felix took a few sips from his water bottle, in hopes of settling his stomach before he went back to dancing. He really needed to get this right soon, considering how long he had already worked on this choreo. With his sweaty shirt sticking to his back, the Aussie continued, frequently losing his footing as his head felt swimmy, messing with his balance. By the time he glanced at the clock and realized it was time to meet up with Jisung, his head had started pounding from the strain. Not wanting to keep his friend waiting, Felix quickly changed into a clean shirt and stuffed the sweaty one into his bag before heading out.

    Despite wearing a dry shirt under his coat, he couldn’t help the slight chill that had settled deep in his bones and made his entire body ache. Jisung was already waiting in the entrance hall, ready to leave. The rapper had a subtle bounce in his step, barely able to conceal his excitement over getting cheesecake. Felix couldn’t blame him, considering how long the other had spent living off of soup and rice, which was already hard enough for him to keep down. No wonder he was longing for some proper food now. However, just thinking of cake made the Aussie’s stomach turn and mouth water. For Jisung’s sake, he put on a smile and linked their arms as they left down the street. It might have seemed like a cute gesture, especially with how touchy Felix usually was, but the main purpose was to keep himself from slipping on the icy street, with his legs still feeling shaky from dancing.

    “Ah, nice and warm”, Jisung sighed the moment they enter the café but to be honest, Felix barely felt a difference. His skin was still pricking with goosebumps and his head felt heavy with a thick fog, through which he barely registered Jisung walking him to a table at the back of the café. They settled in a cozy corner, away from the busy bustling of the other customers wanting to enjoy their lunch break as well. Noticing Felix shiver, Jisung offered him the seat closest to the heater and joked about his Aussie genes not having prepared him for the cold climate. The dancer laughed along, propping his chin on his hand as his head felt heavier by the minute. Patting Felix’ head, Jisung mused: “I think I’ll have a slice of cheesecake and a caramel latte or do you think I should have two slices? What are you going to get?” – “Hm, I don’t know. If you feel like you can handle two slices, go for it. You deserve it. I think I’ll just have, hm, maybe a cup of hot chocolate? Not really hungry right now but something warm would be nice”, the dancer hummed, feeling his stomach twist with worry. He didn’t feel like being around food at all at the moment, even less eat anything himself, but he knew he couldn’t get out now.

    They ordered and talked about their day so far, while they waited for their drinks to arrive. “Are you catching up alright?”, Felix asked quietly, worried that Jisung would be too hard on himself, considering he was still recovering. Nodding, the other hummed: “There’s still so much I need to do but I think I can handle it. I just need to get right back to it when our break is over and maybe stay one or two hours longer for the next few days and it should be fine.” His face lit up when their drinks were served and the waiter placed a plate with two slices of cheesecake in front of him. In his excitement, the rapper missed how Felix’ face paled and the Aussie lowered one of his arms under the table, wrapping it around his rumbling stomach. After taking a few pictures, Jisung started to dig in, while the other eyed his cup with distaste. The smell alone was enough to make Felix’ stomach turn and he felt progressively more nauseous but he put on a brave face and hesitantly reached for his cup, trying to ignore how badly his hand was trembling. Taking a careful sip, he tried not to cringe at the overly sweet taste. “This cheesecake is amazing, probably the best I’ve ever had”, Jisung moaned, his cheeks stuffed with cake, “You wanna try some?” – “That’s what you say every time about every cheesecake and nah, I’m good”, Felix chuckled, setting his cup down for the fear of spilling something with how hard his hand shook. “Bold of you to assume I’d actually share”, the rapper teased, “How’s your hot chocolate?” – “It’s good, nice and warm, just what I’ve been craving”, the Aussie lied, fighting back a queasy burp.

    Felix didn’t know how but he had actually managed to force down all of his drink, the sweet taste still lingering on his tongue as he watched Jisung devour his second slice of cake. The warm liquid sloshed around his stomach uncomfortably and his throat felt off, weirdly tight and like is drink was sitting right at the back of it. “Excuse me, I need the bathroom. Be right back”, Felix muttered tensely, already pushing back his chair, not waiting for an answer. He tried to walk at a normal speed but his stomach disliked the movement and he could barely hold of a gag as he felt what little he had consumed in the past twenty minutes crawl up his throat. Stumbling to the bathroom, the dancer didn’t make it to the toilet before his throat contracted with a gag. Instead, he leaned over the closest sink, coughing up a thin chocolatey trickle. The sticky sweetness alone was enough to trigger another gag. The first tear ran down his cheek when a larger wave of hot chocolate splashed into the sink, tasting all the same as it had when he drank it.

    Felix felt a hand on his back and glanced up, spotting Jisung’s reflection in the mirror. “You’re okay”, the rapper promised, wrapping his arm around the other’s waist to steady him as he continued to be sick. The Aussie’s stomach gave an angry gurgle, causing the boy to double over in pain. He was only able to stay on his feet thanks to Jisung holding him and shakily reached for the rim of the sink to pull himself up. “Easy, I got you”, the older promised, carefully scooping Felix up and carrying him to the closest stall. With his head spinning dizzily, the Aussie propped himself up over the toilet, squeezing his eyes shut as his throat contracted with an unproductive gag. Gently running his hand up and down his friend’s back, Jisung frowned: “What’s going on? Didn’t you feel alright earlier?” – “I- I don’t know”, Felix whimpered, drawing in a shuddering breath, “I think dancing upset my stomach.” Furrowing his eyebrows in worry, the rapper rested his hand against the other’s forehead and hummed: “Not sure about that. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you caught my bug. You feel pretty warm to me.” – “Noo”, the younger whined, “It’s really cold. Haven’t felt warm since we left the company building.” – “Oh dear, that really sounds like a fever”, Jisung sighed, shrugging out of his sweat jacket, so he could drape it around his friend’s shoulders. Wiping his mouth on some toilet paper, Felix pleaded: “Can you take me home, please? I just want to lay down.” – “In a moment, yeah? I’ll just rinse out the sink and go pay for our drinks. Hang in there”, the rapper promised, getting up to take care of everything else, so they could leave. Still dizzy, Felix dropped his head back against the wall and slipped his arms into the sleeves of Jisung’s jacket, hoping to feel a little warmer at least.

    “Hey, I’m back. Let’s get you home”, Jisung smiled, comfortingly squeezing the other’s shoulder. Sleepily blinking up at the older, Felix reached out his hands, so his hyung could pull him to his feet. His legs felt like jelly and he anxiously held onto the rapper’s arm, not wanting to fall. Allowing Jisung to guide him out of the café, Felix muttered: “How’d you know to follow me earlier?” – “Easy, you were swaying, just like you are now”, the rapper chuckled, watching the Aussie’s pale cheeks flush from embarrassment, promising: “That’s alright though, you’re sick, not like you can help it. We’ll just need to get you back to your bed, so you can sleep it off and you’ll feel much better.” Giving an uncertain hum, Felix looked at his feet and tried to steadily place one foot in front of the other to make sure he was walking in a straight line, despite his head feeling light and swimmy. The longer they walked, the more he leaned into Jisung’s side until the rapper simply pulled him onto his back and carried him the last block to their dorm. Felix stumbled a bit when taking his shoes off but eventually managed, shakily making his way to his room to change into more comfortable clothes, while the other left their bags in the hallway and set about making his dongsaeng some tea. He also fixed the younger a hot water bottle, remembering how it had helped him with the cramps.

    Quietly stepping into his friend’s room, he sat down on the edge of the bed, handing him the hot water bottle. “Here you go, can I get you anything else?”, Jisung hummed, placing the tea onto the nightstand, “Maybe another blanket? You’re still shaking.” – “Thank you, I’m fine really. You should probably head back to the company building. I’m pretty sure our break is already over and I don’t want you to miss more because of me”, Felix muttered with closed eyes, tightly hugging the hot water bottle to his sore middle. Shaking his head, the rapper denied: “What are you saying? It’s my fault you’re sick to begin with and I’m not going to leave you here by yourself. Let’s just get you as comfortable as possible.” Getting back up again, Jisung pulled the trashcan next to Felix’ bed and fetched him another blanket, which he tightly tucked around the other’s curled up form. Deep down the rapper knew, he wouldn’t be able to stay for the rest of the afternoon, so he texted their group chat to see if any of the members were able to get out earlier, as he didn’t want the dancer to be alone while feeling so poorly. Checking his phone again, Jisung announced: “Chan and Changbin are on their way home. They said they could also set up their equipment at the dorm to keep you company.” Felix gave a low hum of acknowledgement, keeping his eyes closed, while the rapper took a seat next to him and started to stroke his back through the blanket, promising: “I’ll sit with you until they’re back. You won’t be alone.”

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    can i be him?

    ───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───

    lee know x gn!reader
    angst, one sided love, jealousy , reader has a boyfriend
    gor inspired from listening to james arthurs can i be him (listen here)

    ───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───

    it hurts. much more than he wants to admit.

    he can’t help but feel his heart sink when he sees you with him. every time you smile into his embrace, every time your dreamy eyes wander over his body, every time he can feel a piece of him breaking down.

    but what can he say? he’s your best friend after all. and there is no doubt that he wants to see you happy.

    but even if he won’t admit it, seeing you like this makes his pride sink every damn time. he just thinks that this isn’t right.

    he should be the one you come to, he should be the one you talk about in all your stories, he should be the one to hold your hand in a crowed hallway, pulling you close to keep you safe. he should be the one.

    every time you talk about him, he can’t stop himself from thinking that all those feelings were actually meant for himself, not him.

    he knows that you deserve someone better, he knows that he himself is the safest option for you- but all you can see is him. only him.

    him. him. him.

    it hurts so much. his heart feels like it’s going to explode at any second. but he knows that you never saw him in that way- and probably never will- so what’s the point in telling you? the thought of risking your friendship alone makes him shiver- there’s no way he’s gonna put his pride over you. over his everything. over his secret, unrequited, saddening love.

    but after all, he can’t stop his mind from wandering.

    can’t he be the one?

    ───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───


    a/n: woahhh so this is pretty much the first angst i ever wrote so i don’t quite know how to feel abt it….i also haven’t written in a while due to the overwhelming amount of school work i have to do so yeah…
    also remember to take care of yourself and drink and eat regularly!! you are with it!!
    #kpop#kpop fanfic#skz#skz fanfic#skz imagines#skz scenarios#stray kids #stray kids fanfic #lee know#minho#skz angst #stray kids angst #skz lee know #lee know angst #minho angst#skz minho#minho oneshot #lee know oneshot #stray kids scenarios #skz headcanon #stray kids oneshot #stray kids minho #stray kids lee know #kpop angst#kpop scenarios
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    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 23 Strings of blood

    (Warning: Intense g/ore.)

    The location Y/N sent ended up leading Sunoo to an abandoned warehouse. Why she was there in the first place, he had no idea. The further he drove away from the bustling lights of the suburban city, the more he was starting to doubt if the location had somehow been the right one.

    He still couldn’t ignore her request, and at this point, he could be led to heavens-knows-where and still be determined to keep Y/N safe.

    But the thought that perhaps this was someone else pulling a nasty prank or even some twisted bastard trying to misguide him could be a very real possibility, and if the stalker that Y/N told him about had her kidnapped, he would walk to fire to get her back.

    Regardless, he drove on, hoping that he would see Y/N and not some strange person waiting for him at the destination point.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    As Sunoo for out of the car to investigate the area, and hopefully look for Y/N, there was a rustle around the bushes areas that surrounded the warehouse. It was a strange place to build something like this, for sure. Or maybe it was so badly taken care of that the owner just simply decided not to keep up the maintenance.

    It was a real possibility, after all.

    His thoughts were cut short when he came face to face with a man whose face was covered up with a mask. Perhaps he was in the wrong place?

    There was no indication.

    “Where have you taken Y/N?”

    Though Sunoo wasn’t screaming out his demands, his words were thickly coated with rage. He had hoped that he would be able to reason with the man in front of him, but in the back of his mind, someone who would go that far had little need for morals, normalcy, and any semblance of sense.

    It was an obsessive stalker he was dealing with. Maybe he had already known what was coming, but he couldn’t help but hope that Y/N would still be okay. In hindsight, she might have been, if this stalker prioritized her safety over all else.

    “What makes you think I’ve taken her?”

    The masked man’s voice was unknown to Sunoo, but it was deep and velvety, the smooth tone almost lulling one to sleep without much effort. But the tension in the air around them made it ridiculously hard to even relax, and every fibre of the violinist’s being was on high alert.

    “I’ll ask you again, what have you done with Y/N?”

    There was a heavy pause before the masked man chuckled, almost mockingly.

    “You’re so trusting, dear violinist. So utterly in love with her,” he said, “I guess that’s one thing we have in common.”

    Sunoo did not utter a single word, for there was no reason to entertain the masked man.

    “But as you know, there can only be one in her life, and you, my dear violinist, are an utter eyesore.”

    Eyesore? Him?

    The subtle rage had slowly erupted into more genuine fury, though not at the claim that he was an eyesore, something about the masked man’s tone made Sunoo’s skin crawl.

    He took a step forward, trying to figure out how he was going to get himself out of this, and maybe find Y/N after this.

    And the masked man beckoned him closer.

    But the faintest pain he felt on his cheeks stopped him in his tracks. Something had cut him, and he wasn’t even aware of what. Sunoo lifted his hands up to his face and was horrified to see his own blood on his hands.

    What had cut him?

    “Surprised?” The tone was mocking, still. “It’s a special setup I created just for you, dear violinist.”

    The dear violinist was starting to really piss him off.

    “The area here is covered with hair-thin wires, one false move, and you could lose a limb,” the masked man said, finally.

    “But don’t worry, if you don’t struggle, there wouldn’t be much cutting I’d have to do.”

    There was one lingering question in Sunoo’s mind—what did the masked man mean when he said don’t struggle, and why did it have such devastating implications?

    The masked man seemed to nod in Sunoo’s direction, and before the young violinist could figure out that it was indeed not for him, a pair of hands had come up behind him and started choking him with a thick rope.

    So that was what he meant—

    But there was no time for that. As the young violinist struggled against the rope and the assailant behind him, his fingers had caught the razor-sharp wires that the masked man was talking about.

    And was cleanly sliced off.

    “No more violin playing for you, it seems.”

    The pain had kicked him into overdrive, and as adrenaline coursed through his body, he only struggled more fiercely. But the consequences had been too much for the young violinist who had very little experience against harsh situations like these.

    Though he was willing to survive, he was fighting a losing battle.

    Little by little, the flesh on his fingers, arms, and legs had all somehow caught on the wires, and though not all of his limbs were cleanly sliced off, pieces of clothing, skin and flesh littered around him.

    All while an unknown assailant was choking him to death.

    As his vision blurred, Y/N’s face popped up in his mind. The only regret he had was that he didn’t listen to her…if he had stayed with her, perhaps he would see her again.

    Little by little, the life in the young violinist’s eyes faded, and as he struggled one last time, he lost his consciousness and fell limp against the assailant behind him.

    He supposed that the one last piece he played on Christmas Eve was indeed his swan song.

    It was Christmas when the police were made aware of a crime scene through an anonymous tip. The local police precinct, with Chan in tow, had found the body of the world-famous violinist—or what was left of it, anyhow. The other detectives figured that it was a clean decapitation, but…it clearly meant something.

    Placed against the corpse’s chest, was a single violin with one string intact, the rest of the strings were severed and ripped apart, and the bow in the young man’s hand was broken into two pieces.

    It was a sight that nobody would ever want to see.

    Written across the wall above where the body was found, were letters, making up a coherent sentence:

    “Will you love me now?”

    ▾ SYNOPSIS y/n is a girl who lives a mundane life as a university student. however, things started to deviate from her sense of normalcy—gifts start arriving at her door, creepy messages bombard her phone, and the constant feeling that she's being watched. she enlists the help of her best friend, jake, and as time passes, both of them realize that this is the work of an obsessive stalker with a motive. time is running out and things are spiring out of control—will y/n be able to take back the life she once had?

    Note: I hope you were as grossed out as I was while writing this chapter. Or maybe just unsettled, like I was. The main reason why I used pronouns and descriptive titles for Sunoo is due to my own personal issues lol I’m squeamish.

    Also, I think I’m gonna refrain from writing gore (or at least excessive gore) after watching Hellbound and playing through the Tsurumi Island quest yells.

    Masterlist << previous | next >>

    taglist (open) @msxflower @mykalon @softforqiankun @freckledquokka @yougeans @kac-chowsballs @e3teungie @softyuk @yeonwon @etherealcherrie @acciomylove @blank-velvet @rindomo @cha-raena @studioreader @verifiedsunghoonsimp @pinkhyunie @you-njinhwang @w3bqrl @rikisnotforsale @felixstarry-freckles @theskzvibe @pokyloky @yurazuyori @rinyx @luvrseung

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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    It’s been three hours since your neighbour came home.

    How do you know? Because he plugged in the karaoke machine right after unlocking the door. And fortunate enough for you, the walls separating your apartments were so thin that you could hear him belt every note.

    Is that Adele?

    “Get it Jisung! Show the karaoke machine who’s boss!“ another voice cheers.

    A holler could be heard after, presumably from Jisung himself. You chuckle as you rest back against the wall, content with the simple amusement you found from the songbird next door.

    #idk i remembered that one 3racha live lmao #skz#stray kids#skz imagines #stray kids imagines #skz scenarios #stray kids scenarios #skz aus #stray kids aus #skz blurbs #stray kids blurbs #skz fanfics #stray kids fanfics #skz fluff#skz jisung#han jisung #han jisung fluff #han jisung imagines #skz crack#skz chan#skz minho#skz changbin#skz hyunjin#skz felix#skz seungmin#skz jeongin
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    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago



    Hyunjin x reader. (s,f)

    Author's note: Yes, there'll be part 3 and please vote SKZ on MAMA!

    Series chapter: PART I

    When Hyunjin said he would be taking your underwear with him, you didn’t think that he would really do it. When he dressed up in the morning after that night he spent with you, he picked up your worn underwear from the floor, crumpled it in his hand, and said, “I’m taking this with me,” with a sly smile.

    “Yeah, sure!” You half-heartedly replied and laughed.

    Then he put your underwear in the back pocket of his jeans.

    “Hyunjin, you’re not serious, right?” You asked him, your mouth hung open as he kept on gathering his things around your room.

    He turned around to look at you, and once he was done putting on his jacket, he gave you a shrug.

    Your eyes widened at him in disbelief, he crawled over to you on the bed and gave you a kiss on the mouth.

    You pulled him close, sending him tumbling down onto your lap.

    He pulled away slowly, leaving only an inch away between your lips and his, “I miss you already,” he muttered.

    “I miss you already too,” You said to him, cupping his soft cheeks with your hands.

    He gave you a lingering kiss before finally leaving you, refused to be sent off by you, and insisted you get more sleep instead. And he was right, the moment he shut the door close behind him, you miss him already.

    DAY 8.

    100 days, he would only leave for 100 days, not more than 100 days but also not less than that, and it had only been a week since he left for tour, your heart sank for every time you glanced at your phone, and he hadn’t replied to any of your messages yet. You pouted, looking at his face on your phone wallpaper, you decided to send a goodnight message to him with lots of heart emojis, it was the least you could do to show how much you missed him, then went to sleep.

    DAY 19.

    You were in your morning class when a text message came in during the lecture, you clicked on it just to peep on who the sender was, almost gasped when you saw Hyunjin’s name on it. You took your phone down under the desk and opened it.

    I know it’s morning there, good morning, love. I miss you.

    You saw the three dots still visible on his text, you quickly typed a reply.

    Good morning! I’m in my morning class right now, and I miss you so much.

    You texted back.

    A few seconds later, your phone vibrated with a new message.

    Oh really?

    Be a good student and study hard, okay? I’m going for stage rehearsal now. I’ll text you again later.

    He replied with a mix of hearts and smiling emojis.

    You pouted because you were hoping you could talk to him more. You began to type a reply, but Hyunjin had sent you another message.

    Here’s a gift for you.

    He attached a picture with it, you gasped the second you opened it. You quickly looked around just in case someone else noticed you were texting under the desk or worst, saw

    you getting a nude in the middle of a class.

    When you felt that it was safe, you looked down at your phone screen. You bite your lower lip

    to contain your thrill of seeing a mirror selca he sent.

    He was naked, but unfortunately, the mirror only fit his upper half down to his pelvic bone, but still, the whole picture was enough to send a tingle down your spine.

    His toned, lean body and muscular arms never cease to amaze you, eyes widened at the way his pelvic bone dipped lower and lower, you immediately snapped your

    head up and retreat yourself back to reality.

    You locked your phone, fanning yourself, and thanks to him, you couldn’t focus on your study for the rest of the class.

    DAY 26.

    You always think that pink was never your power color; it was either black or white. You scrolled through your cart and thought so hard whether to take the black or the pink one, you couldn’t settle on a decision yet, because both dresses were just as cute.

    Out of boredom, you sent pictures of both dresses to Hyunjin, along with a caption:

    Please, decide for me.

    You weren’t expecting him to reply right away that you got startled when your phone vibrated on your lap.

    I vote for the pink one


    You asked him in the text.

    It has the same color as your nipples

    You got to give it to him for being able to make your heart flip in a few seconds.

    Your phone vibrated with a new message.

    And the way you blushed down there

    He added, causing you to rub your thighs together under the blanket.

    DAY 34.

    Hyunjin was drying his hair with a towel then squatted down on the floor to pick a clean t-shirt to wear to sleep in when his hand accidentally found your underwear. He was lucky that his roommate Han was playing a video game with Felix in the next room.

    He brought your underwear with him, and didn’t even bother to put on a t-shirt first, then sat on the bed with his back resting against the headboard.

    He unplugged his phone from its charger and opened his phone gallery, he had to scroll all the way down to find the folder filled with your pictures.

    He scrolled it down a bit more to look for the pictures he was looking for, you in that white lingerie he told you to put on.

    He lusted on every picture of you as he replayed the moments in the back of his head, and sniffed on your underwear once in a while, caught a whiff that reminds him of that delicious scent of your core.

    He played the video of him touching you with your breathy moans playing in the background. He got so hard from it that his breathing quickened. He then slipped his hand inside his sweatpants and started pumping his length. He closed his eyes and imagined that it was your small and delicate hand that wrapped around his cock and not his. He didn’t care if Han caught him masturbating, he needed it as bad as he needed you that he ached and came close to his high to the thoughts of you.

    He shortly played the video again to listen to the low, sultry noises you made as he touched you.

    A few more pumps and he eventually came undone, shooting pearly white liquid on his hand and sweatpants.

    “Fuck, I cum a lot,” he muttered as he looked down at the mess he made.

    He immediately made a run to the bathroom to clean up, and a while later, Han caught him getting out of the bathroom, “didn’t you already showered?” He asked, lying down on his bed.

    He held up his hands at him, “Don’t ask! You don’t want to know!”

    DAY 35.

    You were having your lunch when your friend nudged your elbow, “your phone,” your friend told you, gesturing to your phone on the table.

    You picked it up and checked. A smile bloomed on your face the second you saw Hyunjin’s name on it. You immediately opened a series of text messages he sent at once.

    You smell really nice!

    The first text said.

    Then there was a picture below the text, of him holding your underwear so close to his nose.

    You dropped your spoon, sending it clattering against the plate.

    “Sorry,” you mouthed to your friends sitting at the same table with you.

    You reclined on your seat and held your phone close, away from your friends’ sight.

    You proceeded to read the next text message,

    I make good use of it.

    Below it was another picture of what appeared to be his hand holding his own cock on the bed.

    You sucked in your lips to contain your squeals.

    I make a good mess too!

    He continued along with a picture.

    It was his hand-coated with his cum. You bit on your lower lip harder than it turned white.

    “Aren’t you coming?” Your friend asked you as they gathered up their bags and things from the table.

    “Huh?” You looked up at them, completely out of it.

    “Our class is in 10 minutes,” they reminded you.

    You stifled a nod, “Yeah, sure, I’m coming!” You told them, reluctantly collecting your stuff and putting them inside your bag.

    You rushed to read the last text he sent as you half-jogged to your class,

    Send me some new pictures, babe

    And make it good

    That I can’t wait to fuck you again

    You gasped and almost tripped over the stairs when you read this.

    DAY 52.

    Hyunjin never talked about the pictures or even mentioned them in his texts ever, but here you were overthinking about it right before you go to bed.

    What kind of pictures he would like to get from you? What outfit should you be in? What if he doesn’t like what you send? What if he was just joking when he asked for it? All these questions taking turns haunting your head for days now.

    You couldn’t take it anymore, better be just get done with it, you thought.

    You picked the most decent lingerie you have in your drawer, something not too flashy and not too casual either. You decided on a matching bra and underwear in navy blue color, simple and rimmed with white lace, and hugged your chest nicely.

    You stood there in front of the mirror not sure of what kind of pose you should do, you let your hair down and started taking a full body picture of your reflection in the mirror.

    It took a few more tries to finally find your best angles and a lot of tricks to take pictures of you with your phone.

    You sat on the bed and looked at the results; you couldn’t believe you actually looked good in some of it, provocative even. You picked the best ones to send to Hyunjin and hoped he would like it.

    Hyunjin was doing one of the pre-concert rituals the group always does before going on stage. He noticed his phone going off with so many new notifications, reminded himself to check once he had done with the warming up.

    When he finished, he walked up to the dressing table to get his phone and opened your texts,

    I hope you like it.

    You texted.

    He hastily scrolled down your texts, eyes widening at the number of pictures you sent at him, he swore his cock got hard just from seeing the first one.

    “Hey, Felix!” He called out to Felix, who was drinking his water bottle, “how much time do we have before we go on stage?”

    He scrunched his nose, “25 minutes, I guess,” he replied.

    “I’m going to the bathroom,” he announced and left to exit the room.

    In the bathroom, he sat on the toilet and unlocked his phone. He opened the picture one by one, zoomed on it, and ran his thumb over his phone screen, hoping that he would get to feel the softness of your skin instead of the smooth surface of his phone screen.

    He repeatedly cursed under his breath, heart beating faster and continuously raking his hair to the back as he got through the rest of the pictures that his cock throbbed inside his pants.

    DAY 53.

    You had been avoiding checking on your phone the whole morning. You had been restless, endlessly second-guessing what Hyunjin would think when he got your texts.

    There was a part of you that dying to know, and you couldn’t keep it away,

    “Fuck it!” You muttered as you sat on the stool with an uneaten bowl of cereal in front of you.

    You unlocked your phone and found 5 new messages from Hyunjin.

    You swallowed, your heart skipped a beat when you finally clicked open.

    Guess what?

    I made a mess again.

    There were two pictures attached below it, the first one was him with his hand inside his pants taken through the bathroom mirror, and the other was another picture of his crotch with his hard-on protruding inside his boxer.

    You scrolled to read the last text,

    When I come back, I’ll make you responsible for all these messes!

    and he ended it with a winking emoji.

    DAY 69.

    I have a few minutes

    Can we video call?

    You immediately shut your book closed, and left them on the table to find somewhere safe to video call with him.

    You weren’t worried about the quiet though, since you were at the library studying for your midterm exam, but to find somewhere that nobody would disturb your rare, special time with him was tough.

    You always heard about this one section of the library that students rarely go to and head there, quickly typed your reply as you jogged before Hyunjin changed his mind.

    Your phone vibrated in your hand, and you frantically accepted the call.

    “Hey, baby,” he greeted you, his face filling the screen looking like a dream.

    “Hey!” You greeted back, half panting. You placed your phone on the shelf.

    “Did you just run?” He asked.

    You shook your head, “No, I just walked really fast to find somewhere quiet,” you answered.

    “Where are you now?”

    “Library,” you answered, “I’m studying for my upcoming exam,”

    “Oh, did I disturb you?” He asked, his fingers playing with the pendant of his necklace.

    “No,” you quickly denied without a beat, “I need a break anyway.” You saw that he was lying on his bed, “are you at the hotel right now, baby?”

    He nodded, “yes, the others are out having burgers,”

    “Why are you not going with them?” You asked him.

    He smiled, “Cause I want to call you, I miss you,”

    You caught yourself smiling on the camera, blushing like a fool at his words, “I miss you too,” you said to him.

    “I know,” he coyly said, “but what I need to know is what do you miss about me?” He smirked, tugging the pendant of his necklace between his teeth now.

    You bit your lower lip, thinking of what best answers you could give him.

    “You, as a whole person,” you decided on a wise, safe answer.

    “That’s obvious!” He chuckled, “come on, babe! Tell me what you really miss about me?”

    You glanced at your own face getting red, “hmm… your lips?” you hesitantly admitted.

    “Yeah?” He touched his lips when he spoke as if he knew that it would only make me crave it more.

    You nodded.

    “What else?”

    “Your hands,” you clasped your hands together and put them behind your back to stop you from fidgeting, “I miss them on my body,” you were past being shameless now so what gives?

    Hyunjin sighed at your honest answer, “Anything else?”

    “I miss your hugs,” you blurted out, you simply missed having him wrapped and enveloped you in his embrace and the back rubs he gave when he hugged you. Now that you got to say it out loud, you winced at how pathetic you sounded to him.

    You shortly asked him the same question, “And you, what do you miss about me?”

    He shifted on the bed, laying on his side as he rested his chin on the pillow, “your smiles,” he answered without a beat as if he had been waiting for you to ask him that, “I feel like, for every time I see you smile, I feel like I can do anything,” he explained.

    You didn’t have to touch your cheeks to know they were heating up.

    “I miss having your hands around my neck,” he added, “the way you bury your head on my neck when I hug you,” he let out a long sigh when he finished speaking.

    He licked his lower lip, “I miss that,”

    You nodded along, you could almost imagine the comfort of being buried in his neck and drinking in his scent that always gives you a sense of comfort.

    “And this is a little unexpected, but I miss those,” he pointed to you.

    You looked at him perplexed, “Huh?”

    “Isn’t that top too revealing for a college student?” He asked, pointing at your white peasant blouse.

    You looked down at your blouse and thought that it wasn’t that revealing, but it did display just the tiniest bit of cleavage.

    “I’m so jealous the guys at the campus get to see you every day and not me,” he pouted.

    If you weren’t aware that you were in the library, you would have squealed at how adorable he looked when he sulked, “but they’re not you,” you consoled him.

    “Yeah, but they get to see you in that blouse,” he pouted again.

    You chuckled, “I don’t think it’s that revealing, baby,” and you pulled down your blouse to fix it but ended up showing more of your cleavage at him.

    “Are you trying to tease me?” He said eyes squinted through the camera.

    You chuckled, “No, I was trying to fix it,”



    “Let me see them,” he said, his face leaned in so close to the camera.


    He raised both of his eyebrows, “those beautiful, wonderful breasts of yours,”

    You almost choked on your own saliva, “What?” You snapped, rather too loud that you quickly looked around, you leaned in close to your phone, “You want me to flash you, that’s what you’re asking?” You lowered your voice just in case someone was around.

    “Yes,” he replied.

    “I don’t think that is a good idea,” you kindly rejected his wish.

    “Baby, for me,” he pleaded rather adorably, “please?” He tried again with the magic word.

    You hesitated, your feet softly tapping the carpeted floor anxiously, “okay, wait,” you told him, running to the end of the shelf to check the current situation, you checked the next hall and another one, made sure that no one was around.

    When you came back, Hyunjin was touching his lips again.

    “Okay, I’ll do it quick. So, you better be ready,” you warned him.

    He dropped his elbows against the mattress, “okay,” he bobbed his head in agreement.

    Your hands tugged the hem of your blouse, and with one swift move, pulled it upward to show him your bare chest.

    “Babe, that was too quick,” he whined.

    You groaned, “I’ll do it again,” you said with a glare.

    He nodded repeatedly.

    You lifted up your blouse again and gave him a few seconds to stare, then pulled it down again, “I can’t believe you make me do that,” you told him as you fixed your top.

    “Then you’d better stop teasing me, baby,” he said to you with a flirtatious wink.

    You couldn’t help but smile at him. You caught someone from your peripheral, you quickly took your phone with you and moved to the next hall as someone came up your way.

    “Baby, I have to go,” you told him, “I’ll text you later?”

    “Of course, study well, baby!” He said to you, his face pushed closer to the camera to send you a flying kiss.

    You softly laughed at how cute he looked, “I miss you already,” you whined and returned the flying kiss to him.

    “I miss you already,” he replied, waving at you before finally hanging up the call.

    DAY 78.

    Hyunjin was in the car heading back to the hotel after another concert had done for the day, he was too tired to check on his phone but noticed your contact name appeared on his screen, he took a quick look and found a missed call from you.

    He wanted to call you back right then, but he waited until he got to his hotel room to have at least some privacy.

    When he finally arrived, he sat on the bed and started opening a heap of new notifications.

    He found a voice message from you, the first time and the only time you ever sent him. His heart beats so fast out of anxiety, he immediately played it.

    Hey, hmm… I tried to call you, but you didn’t pick up [chuckles] Of course you couldn’t pick up, you must be busy silly me! [sigh] well, I’m calling because I miss you [silence] I just came back from hanging out with my friends, we celebrated the end of exam week [exhales] the exams went well, by the way. I might have messed up my communication class but nothing… it was alright, I guess.

    There were 5 of us then my friend invited her friends and her friends invited their other friends and it ended up becoming a party. [Laughs] Funny that… there were a lot of people but I felt so… lonely [sniffles] I miss you so bad… can you… can you go home right now? [Choked sobs] Come back to me! Please? I miss you… [Hiccups] I need you, come back to me [a broken sob] [silence].

    The voice message ended abruptly just like that.

    And it hit him like a ton of bricks that made him realize how much he missed you too, and it started to eat him up alive from the inside. He missed you, and on top of that, he needed you as much. Hyunjin felt sad that someone could have that much power over him but grateful that he found that someone, and that someone is you.

    He opened Instagram and typed your username in the search box, found pictures of you at the party you mentioned earlier in your message. Those were like typical party pictures, where everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives, yet when he truly saw you, he could see the way you masked your sadness.

    His heart sank that he missed out on a lot. It wasn’t the first time he wished for a normal couple relationship, where he would go on dates every week and maybe, share belongings or even a place with you.

    He felt bad knowing that you had to suffer so much to date him that his eyes pooled with tears.

    DAY 79.

    You had been busy all morning, packing clothes and stuff cause you were heading to your parent’s house to spend the midterm holiday. Mainly because your mom insisted you come and help her do some gardening in her new glasshouse that your father built for her.

    It was when you finally made it on the train that you finally got to relax, sighed in relief that you didn’t miss the train or else you had to wait for another hour.

    You were about to doze off due to the rush you had earlier and the lack of sleep mixed with the hangover from last night when you realized you hadn’t checked your phone.

    There were a few messages from your mom and a friend from college and a few texts from Hyunjin.

    I wanted you to know that, I am so grateful to have you. You are the reason that I smile, when I think of you, all of my worries slipping away.

    When I make you smile, I feel like I can do everything and more. I feel like a failure when I know how much I made you sad.

    I know that you went through a lot to be with someone like me, but please, can you please stay with me? I can’t always make you happy, but I promise you, I’ll do better, I’ll love you better.

    I love you so much, please, stay with me. I don’t know what my life would be without you, and I don’t intend to find out. I love you, stay with me.

    You rubbed your eyes, thinking you must’ve dreamed of reading all these messages. Why was he suddenly sent you all these messages?

    You scrolled up to track every message you sent to him, found something that triggered him to send you messages like that.

    You found a voice message that you sent to him.

    “Oh, fuck!” You cursed out loud and apparently loud enough that the lady sitting on the next seat glared at you.

    You must have drunk dialed him and sent that voice message, you didn’t even want to listen to what you said to him, you cringed just from thinking about it.

    You reluctantly listened to it at the end and winced at how dramatic you sounded and the crying effect, ugh, you groaned. What were you thinking? Why can’t the drunk you send him something cheerful instead of a sob confession like that?

    You started typing a reply, thinking of something to explain yourself about what really happened last night.

    Baby, I might have accidentally drunk dialed you last night, nothing to worry about, I-

    Now that you thought about it over and over, the voice message you sent him wasn’t entirely a lie, that was how much you missed him.

    You deleted the words you had typed and started anew.

    Hyunjin, my love, I need you just as much. You mean a lot to me apart from what your profession is. You are beautiful, inside and out, you are overflowed with such warmth that I am undeniably in love with you.

    When I’m with you, I feel safe and loved and taken care of, and I don’t feel less than that even though you’re away living your dreams.

    Please don’t let me get in the way of you from living and achieving your dreams.

    I’ll always be supportive of you, baby. I love you, stay with me always.

    You pressed send without thinking twice with your heart content with so much love and appreciation for him.

    DAY 85.

    Since the day you arrived at your parent’s house, you rarely had time for yourself except when it was bedtime. They always had you helping them around the house, either gardening or prepping meals, and when you were not doing something, they would ask you about college and your life, it was always the same questions, but you understood their worries for you yet you kept your guard up when they began poking around your love life, you would always ready to lead the conversation on to another topic.

    Just like tonight, you would say, “I’m seeing someone,” then stop there because then they would ask more questions, and then it would be one endless talk, so what you did next was excused yourself to shower before heading for bed.

    You poked your head out of the door frame of your bedroom, “Goodnight, mom, and dad!” You told them before closing your bedroom door.

    You were drying your hair with a towel when your phone vibrated on your dresser, and you could see that it was Hyunjin who was calling you.

    You picked it up immediately, “Hi, hello, I miss you,” you said as soon as you picked it up.

    He chuckled, “I miss you too!” He replied, “What are you doing?”

    “I just showered,” you replied, “I helped my mom plant roses and sunflowers today. My back hurts,” you whined.

    “Oh, my poor baby,” he cooed.

    “What are you doing?” You asked him, plopping down on the bed.

    “I’m walking to my hotel room right now. We’re done with today’s schedule earlier than we expected,” he explained, you heard the rustles from his end of the line.

    “Baby, I have to hang up for a bit, I’ll call you back in a few minutes,” he said, then hung up.

    You tossed your damp towel into the laundry basket and laid down on the bed waiting for Hyunjin’s call.

    A few minutes later, your phone rang, and you frantically looked for it. You accidentally dozed off while waiting for his call, you got panic that instead of a phone call, it was a video call. You sat up on the bed, fixing your hair real quick, then rested your back against the headboard, holding your phone high up in the air, then pressed accept, “Hey, baby,” you greeted.

    “Were you sleeping?” He asked.

    You shook your head, “No, I was drying my hair,” you lied.

    He smiled, “you must be tired from helping your mom all day, hmm?”

    You stifled a laugh, “A little bit,” you lied again, barely keeping your eyes open.

    “Are you in your room now?” You quickly asked him to avert his attention somewhere else.

    He nodded, aimed the camera around his room, “Yes, you want to see the view?” You could see him walking to the window to show you the view from his hotel room.

    The view was truly something, it was beautiful, and the sun was shining so bright over the city.

    “It’s a nice view,” you exclaimed.

    Hyunjin switched the camera back to him, “Uhm… no, the nicest view is you,” he said to you, plopping down on the bed again, hugging a pillow.

    You grimaced, “cheesy!”

    “But I really got the nicest view of that,” Hyunjin raised an eyebrow at you.

    You immediately looked down at your chest, realized you were wearing nothing underneath your nightdress, “Enjoy the view, huh?” You teased.

    “Very,” he replied with a chuckle, “would you do me a favor and just take it off?” He shamelessly asked.

    You snorted, “Yeah, nice try,”

    “Come on, I need you,” he pleaded.

    You bit your lower lip, “are you alone?” You asked.

    “I kicked Hannie out of the room earlier and locked the door,” he answered with a laugh.

    “You did not!” You gasped, laughing along with him.

    “I want some alone time just with you, baby,” he said.

    You stayed quiet, unsure of what to say next to him or do what he asked you to do, “Can you wait?” You asked him.

    You set the phone on your bedside table then walked to the door to lock it, you’re a grown adult, and your parents respect your privacy but you didn’t want to risk having them barged into your room.

    When you came back, Hyunjin was fiddling with the pendant of his necklace.

    You sat on the bed and put the phone up on the bedside table, aimed at you.

    You’ve never done this before, you caught yourself blushing on the camera, you tugged the hem of your nightdress but didn’t stir, “please, don’t laugh,” you told him.

    “Why would I be laughing at you?” He said, he too put the phone steadily on a table and aimed it at him.

    Slowly you pulled up your nightdress and got it over your head, put it aside on the bed.

    Hyunjin watched you with his jaws slacked open, even though he was watching through a camera, but you could feel his eyes on you.

    Your hands automatically covered your chest even though it was useless to do so.

    “You’re so beautiful,” he said with a soft smile, “I want to touch you so much,” he heavily sighed as he spoke.

    You were too flustered to react to his praise.

    “I’ll take off my shirt too so, it’s all fair for us,” he said, his hand reached for the button of his shirt and started popping them open one by one and slid it off of his shoulders, “do you miss it, babe?” He asked, his eyes gazing at you through his dark lashes.

    You instantly nodded.

    He leaned in closer to the camera, “I miss having your hands touching me,” he added.

    “Me too,” you blurted out.

    “Can you do one thing for me?”

    “Yeah,” you breathlessly replied.

    “Touch yourself for me,” he ordered, “please?”

    You hesitated for a second, slowly brought your hands down to uncover your chest. You started touching your neck, and down to your sternum, swiped your hand to the side to cup your breast, gently fondling it.

    You saw Hyunjin watching you intently through the screen, his hand impatiently unbuckled the belt of his jeans, “fuck, I’m so hard,” he cursed with his hand still struggling to open the button of his jeans.

    You were watching him get so worked up gave you the confidence to do further, you used both hands to palm your breasts, your fingers softly rubbing over your nipples.

    Hyunjin eventually pulled down his jeans, low enough to pull his hard-on out of his boxer.

    You hummed, biting your lip looking at how hard he gripped his cock in his hand, “so hard,” you blurted out.

    “You want it, baby?” He asked, his hand slowly pumping his length

    You weakly nodded.

    “Tell me where do you want it!” he said between his pants, “in your hand? In your mouth?” He sighed, “I think your mouth would look good wrapped around my cock,”

    His filthy words did nothing but make you feel more aroused than before, your nipples were hard as you kept circling on it, “I want it inside me,” you told him.

    He groaned, “Trust me, I’ve been thinking of fucking you all the time,” he said with a smirk.

    “I want you,” your voice was low and sultry, almost like a whisper.

    “Show me how much you want me,” he told you, “take your underwear off, let me see how wet you are for me, baby,”

    You shifted on the bed, sat with your back against the headboard as your hand went lower, and slipped under your cottony white underwear.

    You faintly heard Hyunjin whimper at the other end of the call, “yes, take it off for me,” he whispered.

    You glanced at your phone screen, his hand was steadily pumping his red and swollen length.

    You took a deep breath before tugging your fingers in the waistband of your underwear, and with one swift move, pulled it down your legs.

    Hyunjin groaned louder, “turn your body to me, I want to see,”

    You obeyed, turning your body slightly to the side facing the camera, and saw your own body displayed on the screen.

    “Touch yourself,” he ordered, “touch yourself for me, baby,” he pleaded almost pathetically.

    You complied, as if your mind had been under his spell all along, cupping your own sex with your hand, you gasped at how wet it was.

    Hyunjin hummed, “touch yourself just how you would like me to touch you, baby,”

    Your hand easily found your clit and started circling on it, like how he would touch you, closed your eyes, and imagined it was his hand that was touching you right now.

    “Keep going, baby,” Hyunjin repeatedly said between his pants.

    You didn’t wait for his order to start fingering yourself, so lost in your own touch and drowned in Hyunjin’s moans through the phone.

    You slumped on your pillow, grinding your own fingers to finally come undone a moment later. Your eyes screwed shut, when you regained your composure, you glanced at your phone screen to see Hyunjin was so close to his own high, he roughly pumped himself a few more times to finally get his sweet release.

    His cock shot strings of milky white liquid on his abdomen and dripped down his own hand, raw groans escaped his mouth like melodic chants.

    “Baby, I made a mess,” he whined to you, showing you his hand coated with his own cum.

    You chuckled, pulling your blanket to cover your lower half, suddenly aware of yourself.

    “You’re so beautiful,” he said as he recklessly wiped down his mess with his shirt, “I can’t wait to make you moan like that again,” he said.

    You blushed, “I can’t wait for you to make a mess again,” you teased.

    “I’m a mess whenever I think of you,” he admitted.

    You blushed hard at his words that your hands fisted the blanket on your lap.

    DAY 98.

    Your heart skipped a beat whenever you got reminded that the day of his arrival came closer and closer. Your wait is almost over, and you were having mixed feelings about it. There was nerve, excitement, anticipation, and longing, everything at once. You missed him that it hurts, and sometimes you felt it almost physically like there was a hole in your chest making you unable to breathe properly.

    You couldn’t even concentrate on your study because you were always glancing at your phone, afraid that you might miss his messages or calls, but there was none until tonight.

    You knew he was enjoying his last days of tour enjoying the city he was in right now, yet he made the time to call you.

    “Hey beautiful,” he greeted the second you picked up the phone and pressed it close to your ear.

    “Hey, you, my beautiful boyfriend,” you greeted back, too giddy to think of something witty.

    He chuckled, “I know you must be done with your class right now,”

    “Yes, I’m on my way home right now,” you answered, “Aren’t you going out to explore the city?” You asked, walking on the inner side of the pavements to let the other pedestrians walk past you.

    “We’ve just done having breakfast. I’m waiting for Jeongin to get ready,” he answered.

    “What are you guys going to do today?”

    “I don’t know yet, we’ll probably go shopping for some souvenirs or something and eat burgers,” he clicked his tongue, “now, tell me what do you want? I’ll buy it for you,”

    You snorted, “no, thanks,”

    “Why? You don’t want anything?” He asked, perplexed.

    “Well, you can’t buy yourself so…” you said with a giggle.

    He laughed, “oh, is that how much you want me?” You could hear his smirk through the phone.

    “Yes,” you hastily replied, “I don’t want anything else. I just want you back,”

    He cooed, “I’m so lucky,” he boasted, “talking about that…”

    “Yes?” You sensed something ominous coming in next.

    “I don’t think I can see you right after I come back. It will be my father’s birthday two days after that so, I will have to go home for a few days then we have a few interviews after that…” his words trailed off followed by a sigh, “I probably would see you a week after I come back,” he informed.

    There was a lump growing in your throat as he talked but the more you swallowed the more it burns like a lump of hot coal stuck in your esophagus.

    “Is it okay, baby?” He asked, there was an edge to his voice. He too getting nervous the longer you kept quiet, “you know what, I’ll try to find some time to see you before I go to my parents’ house,”

    “No,” you quickly denied, “it’s okay, just take your time!” You said to him, tried as best as you can to not sound disappointed.

    “I’ll make sure to see you before then,”

    “Hyunjin,” you cut him off, “I’ll be happy if you use your free time to get your much-needed rest. We can see each other when you’re free,” you paused to take a deep breath to calm yourself down, “but be warned, because when that happens, I’ll have you just for myself,” you told him with a soft laugh.

    He laughed as well, at least, he knew you were trying to soften the mood, “I really am the luckiest,” he whined adorably.

    “Then you’d better never let me go,” you sneered.

    “Why would I do that?” He exclaimed, “I’ll tie you to my bed if I could,”

    You got taken aback by his words, “Oh, should I be afraid?”

    “You should be excited,” he cheekily replied.


    I got you something

    It should be delivered to you by now

    You just arrived at your place when you got texts from Hyunjin followed by the sound of the doorbell ringing. You saw through the visitor cam and found it was the delivery guy.

    You opened the door, signed the delivery note and he handed you a neatly wrapped big box.

    You placed the package on the kitchen counter and composed a new text to Hyunjin,

    I assume this is the one?

    You texted, with a picture of the package attached with it.

    Then he replied,


    I want you to wear it.

    When we meet later.

    See you real soon, baby!

    He ended the text with a heart emoji.

    You reread the texts a few more times and he really said that you’ll meet him soon? You felt confused for a second and quickly unwrap the package.

    You were stunned to find a nice silk dress in the color red, you felt the smooth fabric with your fingers, it was beautiful, you lifted it and there was a little envelope inside.

    You opened it, pulled out the note inside,

    Saturday, 8 pm, Seaside hotel

    I can’t wait to see you!

    There was another thing inside the envelope, a Polaroid photo of him holding a bucket of flowers. You smiled at how beautiful he is compared to the flowers.

    And also, you couldn’t wait for Saturday.

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