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    when the moon kisses the sea ⤷ 𝘩𝘺𝘶𝘯𝘫𝘪𝘯 𝘹 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳

    Genre → Slow burn (?) | fluff | Hyunjin! neighbour | friends to lovers |

    Contains → fluff 

    Listen to →  a duet between the piano and the moon

    Word count → 4K

    TW → none

    Chapters → oneshot

    Summary → from observing the moon glaze the ocean from your bedroom window, dancing in the moonlight alone enduring pure the happiness you felt, you notice a new light across from your bedroom. A new face, a new friendship, a new way of living life. 

    Authors note → ‘italics with inverted commas’ are for Hyunjin’s speak / thoughts. Bold is for the readers speech / thoughts. Speech marks are used as normal; once characters meet these are no longer in use.

    ‘You pushed your window out as far as it could go and opened your curtains wide open, your lamp on the dimmest setting to the point where there was no need to even have it on since the moonlight illuminated your bedroom. You leaned against your window ledge and rested your tired head on your palm, gazing into the sea where the moon’s reflection kissed the ripples and waves that rolled onto the pearlescent sand - even thought it was 2:34 am, you could tell the sand was pearly. Your carefree dancing in your bedroom, moving with the wind and the breeze without a care in the world. That was my first impression of you, you were an interesting character I was yet to meet …”

    As you heave open your window until it opens as wide as it possibly could, you glance up at the milky orb in the abyss above you. You sigh to yourself; “it’s just you and me against the world, don’t fail me,” you scold the moon jokily. It was a little sad how you’d talk to the moon in your bedroom alone although the moon provided you with the utmost comfort when you had no one. You sit on your window ledge with your black kitten plushie in your lap and a notebook with a pen wedged into the spiral spine. Writing was your passion as well as gaining further knowledge about astronomy - although it was super hard- though people called you a poet since you wrote from deep within your heart. The tides came in gently rolling onto the grains that cloaked the beach; it was quiet. The leaves and trees rustled in the silence though it wasn’t a problem to you since your bedroom was filled with the melodious sounds of music. You liked listening to classical music during the earliest hours of the morning - 2am and later- as you noted down your ideas, feelings and thoughts with swift motions. Luckily, you found some quiet since the construction outside was halted for the night; a new home was being built next to your home and you wondered who would move in. Perhaps an elderly couple who needed a beach view, a family with young, loud children or perhaps a young, newly wed couple. The possibilities were endless. Sometimes you would fall asleep on your window ledge and wake up to the sun scorching the side of your face. The ceiling fan in your bedroom whirred, buzzing in one ear and the bluetooth speaker on a low volume playing one of your favourite orchestral pieces. Your bedroom lamp that sat towering over your paperclips and sticky notes was set to a warm light on a low setting too; your bedroom wasn’t a mess today, only a few things were misplaced like the charging cords on the floor and the dejected childhood teddy, tattered and frayed wedged into a box of ring binders and paper. It didnt bother you, that was your charm - forgetting things and misplacing things but being ever so focused on the one thing you love. That was you. 

    Your left cheek was scalding and it was none other than you sleeping against the window again, clutching your kitten plushie and notebook close to your chest. Your door was open ajar again meaning either your sister or your mother walked in to check if you woke up yet. Work. Panic struck, you scurried through your dresser and your clothes to find your work attire - you completely forgot you started at 12:35 today and it was 12pm already. Your notebook and plushie sat looking over the ocean although this time with the ocean lapping slowly onto the shore. You began walking to the bus stop praying you weren’t yelled at by your manager today but to your convenience, a large van blocked your vision to even see the bus come your way. Your groaned in downright distress and held your head in your hand running back to your house to beg your sister for a lift to your work place. Of course with all siblings there’s always a small negotiation and a quarrel; you had to give her some cash in order for her to drop you. A deals a deal but at least you were at home for the fraction of the time.

    ‘ I told my father the bus stop was a bad place to stop but I couldnt blame him, we couldnt turn because of someone waiting at the bus stop. I can’t blame her either, she seemed so… panicked. It’s true, I felt bad because I was in that moving van but maybe one day i’ll make it up to her. I wondered she worked, cafe perhaps?  A hairdressing assistant? Or maybe a waitress? Whatever she worked as she looked too young to be a lawyer or something so prestigious although it’s not good to judge before hand now is it. Never, i’ll know her better one day, she looked like she was from the same neighbourhood I’m moving into and also looked around my age…’

    You sat at the reception of the hairdressers, boredom striking you like a bolt of lighting. It wasn’t very busy today so you waited for time to tick by. “Any new appointments yet Kit?” the manager sighs with a coffee in her hands - how typical of a manager - you shake your head. ‘Kit’ was your nickname at work because you apparently reminded them of a baby fox. Who knew the reason but you thought it was cute. 3pm and you were off to have your lunch break and though it was a late one you were glad to at least move your legs a bit and get something to drink. The door to the coffee shop next door chimes and the barista greets you with a great smile. Iced vanilla latte. You’ve been craving one since you had that one dream that you went to cafe with someone and they bought you a iced vanilla latte. You’ve been getting strange dreams and as you seated yourself at a window seat, you pondered about them. One time you dreamt that you were in a verduous space, a wide path adorned with tall hanging trees that loomed over you. It was chilling indeed - not in a relaxing way - but there was an element of safety within that dream. You looke down to see you hand interlocked with someone and it’s ever so typical of dreams to just blur out that person. Just a smear in your memory, you just couldn’t fully remember who it was though the laugh they gave was hearty and full of pure happiness. You couldn’t forget. But a dream is a dream right? They’re not real. 

    Break time is over… back to work you go.

    ‘The new home was absolutely wonderful. The seascape below was so new to me and hearing it was so calming. It was a new start for me. My bedroom window was wide; a lot of natural lighting and I loved that indeed. The window faced  the ocean to a degree but was right opposite my neighbour. Judging from the sheet curtains and the piano on the opposite side of the bed, they seemed like a girl who loved music perhaps? Possibly even around my age although I cannot judge can I? I’ll meet them some day, if we’re destined to.’ 

    Tiresome and fatigued, you drop onto your bed as soon as you get home from work. Your new neighbours were quite strident whilst moving in, hearing boxes being placed, talking, laughter - that laughter. There was one that sounded like the one you dreamt of? Perhaps you were too overly tired since you slept at 4am the night before but who’s to judge you but yourself? There were birds nattering outside on the roof of the new house opposite; as you were watching them, a shadow walked out of the room opposite. You hoped they didnt see you and continued to do what you needed to do and the first on the list was to water the flowers outside in your garden. There was a yapping of a small dog coming from the garden next door and a couple people talking about something, one sounding distressed.

    “ Kkami’s ball fell over the fence,” a young male voice spoke out sounding out of breath. Kkami? Kkami must be his dog. You look in your garden to see a red squeaky ball and glance over to the fence, should you just throw it over? It was now in your grasp and the most polite thing would be to return it so you lifted your arm and threw it over. You head a ‘ouch’,  it did not just hit them on the head! You continued to water the plants and your flowers. “Mother, the neighbour threw Kkami’s ball back!” He sounded happier now. You were going to cross paths with him a lot more… a lot more than you thought anyway… 

    It was June 14th and your bedroom window was wide open to allow some sort of breeze to glide in. Your curtains were open and you were sitting cross legged on your bed flicking through your book, letting the entire vibe just settle. Ever since you moved to the home you were living in you visited the beach 3 times; once for a beach party with your friends; another time with your family during summer when the sun was practically scalding your skin; the last time was alone although it started to rain which was just plain bad luck. You went to close your window but that’s when the universe decided to change something, an energy shifted. Your eyes locked with a dark brown haired man? No boy! Well, you couldn’t really judge. The sheer shock and fear was quite evident on both of your faces, the male in the house opposite just got out of the shower! Luckily he was just shirtless with his chestnut toned hair stuck to his forehead only just shirtless though. . He broke out into a smile and you simply raised your hand. ‘That was kinda endearing’ You quickly shut your window and darted towards your door. What was that for? Why did you do that! You ask yourself. He was shirtless, what if he thought you were weird! Many thoughts scrambled your poor mind but you tried to not let it bother you, maybe writing ‘I’m sorry for staring at you’ on your window is a good idea! Are you dumb? That’s so strange! Maybe just an ‘I’m sorry’? A simple apology is straightforward and effective. In fact, you just left it and didn’t do anything hoping he’d just simply forget about it and wouldn’t talk of it again.

    Your heart thumped out of your chest like it was trying to resuscitate itself back to life. Was that normal? The palpitations were getting oddly frequent. “Do you mind? I’m trying to study here!” you speak to yourself softly before glancing to see your neighbours desk facing your window; he seemed to be doing some type of work too? He looked up and it felt as if the world stopped spinning for a split second for you, the moon began shining brighter and the stars were gleaming harder - just in that second. A simple smile is all he returned. You smiled to yourself and thought that this could be something good and that you could have a new friend like you see in movies. Who knows? You found yourself asleep at your desk at 6:45 AM, your notebook wide open with some ink smeared because you suddenly slept on it. It was the weekend and you had time to sleep in although you had to leave for your job at midday. 12:15 PM, you walk down the stairs humming a melody that you've played on your piano and into the kitchen before you get a glimpse of people in the living room with your mother. “Oh you’re awake! What good timing, these are our new neighbours and their son who’s your age,” your mother smiles as they all turn around to you and there he was. Smiling at you fondly with a single strand of hair lingering at his forehead. “Hi, i’m Hyunjin by the way,” he raised his hand giving a slight wave and a side smile. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you and I don't mean to be rude but I am super late for work right now and I have to go-” you panic before dashing for the door. You dismiss yourself before biting the back of your hand for embarrassing yourself.

    “Hey neighbor!” you hear before you walk into your home after your shift. You freeze at your front door and turn around with a painted smile to see it was your neighbour Hyunjin - Dream boy. “Oh hey! How are you?” you ask him. He smiles and points towards your feet; “ you’re stepping on my dog's toy,” he giggles as he bends to pick it up. You never felt more embarrassed. “ We met earlier but we didnt get to talk but it seems like you’re busy and injured,” he points to the back of your hand which you hide behind your back. “Oh yeah sorry about that i’m so busy with uni and work and i barely have time to even talk to my parents so i-” you ramble before he interrupts politely. “ well here’s my number so we can text any time you’re free since we’ll be seeing each other more often,” he smiles before leaving a little note in your free hand and taking his dog’s toy. “Talk later window friend,” he smiles. Friend? Did he just call you friend? Of course he did. That’s Hyunjin.

    Hyunjin was a talented dancer and a genius at physics. Surprisingly, he loved philosophy and learning about it since he studied philosophy in his previous university. Hyunjin had a welcoming personality; his strong, passionate and king aura radiating warmth and compassion. An all round nice person to be friends with. 

    You sit on your bed cross legged and hold the note and your phone in the other hand, side eyeing the window to see if he was there and then turning your head around since you were certain he wasn’t there. You were wrong. He picks up his phone and points at it before pointing back at you and you shake your head, of course he playfully drags his finger down his face to indicate he was crying. Your roll your eyes and type his number in and message him.

    You: what?

    HJ: omg you finally messaged me, i just wanna get to know you :D

    You: I suppose I didn’t make the best impression on your family earlier did i? 

    HJ: no my parents though you were a hard worker, I must say I do agree, do you always sleep on your desk. 

    Oh no.. he saw you passed out on your desk from studying til the early hours of the morning.

    You: no i don’t, don’t tease me on that!

    Minutes pass, hours pass and you and Hyunjin sit at the window talking all night, getting to know each other and becoming closer by sharing things in common. Your eyes match and lock every time there was a sweet exchange of words, the internal giggling you endured  when he teased you in the most winsome ways, the way his fingertips were raking his chestnut locks back and smirking sweetly at you. It felt nice having someone to experience your early hours of the morning with. It seemed like a perfect start to a long term friendship. One thing caught you off guard:

    HJ: are you free tomorrow night to hang out? 

    It was the fact he asked about tomorrow night and not any other time of the day. Of course without a second thought you replied with a simple ‘sure:)’ and turned off your lights to go to bed. Though the fluttery sensations toyed with you, it was bizzare to you; Inexplicably extraordinary even! Forget it. It’s the nerves talking nothing more.

    The following night was blissful; the ocean’s waves softly crashing against the bay of the beach below against the gritty sand which appeared to look like satin spread across for miles. You wait at the window again, watching the evening go by; the elderly couples walking hand in hand across the beach; the puppies experiencing the sand for the first time; the sun finally kissing the ocean goodnight before the moon rose to dance on the motionless ocean. There was a sudden flicker disrupting your train of thought and it was him. Hyunjin. He was searching for his jacket all of a sudden and caught you staring at him. Without fail he smiled at you with great compassion you could almost feel it radiating off his body, gleaming. 

    HJ: grab a jacket, it gets colder during the night 

    Where on earth were you both off to? You met him outside your front door and he waved at you again. “Seems like the first time we met,” he smiles again, his eyes turning into the crescents you loved to see in the night sky. “In my house or when I was stepping on your dogs toy?” you laugh back. “Hmm the second time seems a lot more memorable, since you didn't even realise you were standing on Kkami’s toy,” his hand rests on your shoulder. “No worries, Kkami forgives you even if you don't know his name.”. You roll your eyes, “come on, you just moved in and now you’re making fun of me?” you poke his arm. “Hmm, friendly banter?” he shrugs and flashes a mischievous smile. He begins to walk and you follow, standing by his side. His complexion was illuminated by the moonlight, highlighting his features; the sharpness of his jaw, the way his lips were naturally a rosey pink. It was interesting how such an angelic person existed with such a vivacious personality balanced out perfectly with the correct amount of introversion. He was like a warm spring’s day and a garden of freshly bloomed flowers dispelling such sweet fragrance. He reminded you of a freshly baked pie left at an open window for cooling. It was hard to explain, though that’s what he made you feel. “How many times have you come down to the beach?” he asked you whilst swaying side to side. “Hmm not many, maybe 3 times in my whole life?” you reply without having a second thought. He gasps. You stopped and looked at him with such confusion tilting your head at him. “Why what? Did I say something wrong?” you look around. “How could you miss out on something like this?” he points at the beach and the ocean. “I can see it from my window, what more could I ask for?” you shrug. He grabs your hand; “hey we are NOT this close yet!” you yelp before he drags you into the sand. The smile on his face lights up right in front of you. He seemed so happy. Genuine happiness. Your heart felt so warm. Though you were not happy about your shoes getting covered in sand that’s for sure. “Hyunjin -” you whine at him meanwhile he excitedly swings his arm around your shoulder. “I never took you for a whiner,” he giggle before looking up at the stars.

    “The stars are so bright tonight,” Hyunjin looks up, encapsulated by it’s heavenly beauty. “Are you into astrology and all that?” you ask him shrugging slighting so his arm falls off your shoulders. He didn’t seem to have minded at your gestures, he wanted to respect you as his new friend. “I am, I think the stars have such an interesting meaning don’t you think?” he turns to you, the speckles of light from the stars glossing his umber orbs that were glazed slightly by the pale moonlight. “I don’t know, I never really thought of it much thought the moon seemed to have given me some type of comfort, it’s just so weird,” you pause, “don't worry,” you ridicule yourself. “Well, maybe you might change your mind,” he smiles, pulling the draw strings of his hoodie tighter, “it’s getting colder, maybe we should head home.” he turns around beginning to walk though you stood there watching the ocean lapping onto wet sand. It was unusual; the ocean was pitch black almost hidden, almost like the moon during the day.Perhaps people were like that too? Hidden in the open, ready to be seen though it takes some time to finally be noticed. Those who do notice the true beauty of the moon and the ocean are those who appreciate the small things, notice the small intricacies of what makes these things so valuable. Hyunjin was one of those people who notice the small valuable things in life, it was indeed an admirable quality you saw in him.

    “You alright? Are you not cold?” he taps your shoulder. “Oh yeah, let’s go,” you shove your hands into your pockets and stroll alongside him. “That was a nice talk,” he smiles, ear to ear. “It was and I suppose we should do this more often?” you suggest. You never usually suggest things like this so this was a first. Hyunjin’s warm smile felt like a pleasant spring day, a cool fruit tea; “no need to ask, we’re friends now,” he holds out his pinkie finger and you look at it blankly. What’s that supposed to mean? “Make the promise and lock it girl next door,” he inches slightly closer to you. “Alright alright, don’t come any closer then,” and that’s when you made the promise and locked it. 

    Never break promises.

    Months pass, around 6 months, and you and Hyunjin became very close friends. It was easy to connect with him, he was like a friendly golden retriever. You discovered that he was a very talented dancer and also incredibly intellectual. You saw the way he studied; his eyes scanning his textbooks, the window slightly ajar to let in the breeze, the desk lamp set to a warm and dimmed so it wasn’t too disruptive to any other neighbours. Your stomach churned and twisted like it was making its own dough, abnormal indeed though it started ever since you started to spend more time with Hyunjin. Hyunjin would ask to meet you at the window or ask you to take a stroll down the beach with him. 

    Tonight it was warm and pleasant. Hyunjin walked by your side and handed you one of his headphones; “what’s this for?” you ask puzzled as to why he would just hand it to you. “ Music usually helps with silence, sometimes there just isn’t much to say,” - he wasn't wrong and he was very much correct. You willingly took the headphone and placed it to your ear and you were surprised at the music he listened to. Slow yet fulfilling to listen to. “I would have never guessed this is the music you liked?” The subtle smile he gave spoke a million words. Gestures that were deemed irrelevant to you prior to meeting him suddenly meant a lot  like the gentle hand on the shoulder or the way his eyes softly blinked when he was listening to you speak. Speaking from the heart, you had to admit there was steady proliferation of your emotions to him but your stubbornness refused to confess; however today everything seemed to have merged within your path. As you both sat on the sand, hands buried deep within the grains gazing up at the bleak sky that was adorned with speckles of light and glitter, Hyunjin began to speak. 

    “Have you ever seen a dolphin in your dreams recently?” it was a strange question to ask nevertheless you responded with something simple. “I haven’t, it’s a weird question to ask,” you couldn't help but smile at his confused expression. “Ahh okay,” he buries his face into his palms “i feel so stupid!” his cheeks visibly going red. “Why is that?” you nudge him. 

    Dolphins are a symbol of protection and often signify needing some freedom from tumultuous emotions that an individual has been enduring. Hyunjin was embarrassed to even utter what was on his mind but he had to at some point right? 

    Under the pale moonlight that began to beam brightly, it was endearing to see Hyunjins ears blush with a  pink tinge, his face buried between his hands. “Is it weird to say,” he paused for a moment before gathering himself together, “i’ve fallen for you, really hard,” you could hear the pit in his throat as his voice began to sound croaky and hoarse. Everything became muffled; the ocean crashing against the shore, the breeze skimming the sands, your own heartbeat was the only thing that was deafening to you as it thumped out of your chest and into your hands. “Sorry, that was a bit out of line, I- I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable,” Hyunjin’s voice began to get shakier and that isn’t what you wanted. “NO-” you burst, “I mean, no, not at all,” you couldn’t help but let a smile loose. During that very moment the red threads were tightening meaning that two souls have finally met the way they should have. The sudden silence was abrupt yet soothing and in this moment whatever happened, happened. Hyujin’s hazel irises observed you for a moment before you felt his hand slide up the side of your cheek, his thumb brushing over your cheek thought you didn't move at all and you knew you didn’t want to. 

    It was like a rollercoaster that sat at the top before the big drop, you didn’t know what to expect. That’s when your heart stopped for a moment; Hyunjin’ free hand held onto your hand as he leaned into a tender kiss that was burning with passion. You weren’t certain with your feelings until this very moment when you pushed yourself towards him. How did you and the boy next door fall for each other? It was as if fate was on your side for once. For the first time ever, you felt like your feelings have been reciprocated, the way Hyunjin treated you was something almost too heavenly to imagine. “I thought you would react badly...” Hyunjin shyly looked down, but you shake your head and lay a wholesome kiss on his forehead. “of course not, you went with your heart and i’m glad you did because that’s what I love about you, you follow what your heart tells you,” your hand caresses his cheek as he tilts his head into your palm intentionally. A new way of living had just begun. From strangers to neighbours, neighbours to friends and from friends to much much more. 

    The moon and the ocean were so close yet so far to which they would only meet at the horizon when the moon would set and the sun would appear. The moon gleamed with rich pale rays of light onto the ocean just like Hyunjin’s enthusiasm and playfulness would compliment your toned down, almost mysterious personality. That’s how Hyunjin described you and himself because the most beautiful moment to witness is when the moon kisses the sea. 

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    Hello everyone! I have decided to open my requests for this prompt list, so if you’re interested in any of these prompts, send me a request.

    Send in 1 prompt + a member of your choice

    Thanks everyone!! ♡´・ᴗ・`♡

    #stray kids #stray kids drabbles #stray kids imagines #stray kids scenarios #stray kids fluff #stray kids reactions #skz imagines#skz fluff#skz scenarios#ateez imagines#ateez fluff#ateez scenarios
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    [09:28 am]

    If it wasn't for your friend, you wouldn't have been late. If it wasn't for your friend you wouldn't have been sent to the principle's office. If it wasn't for your friend you wouldn't have to show the new boy around school.

    That last part wasn't a complaint. The new boy was really handsome. Maybe too handsome.

    After showing him around school, you shown him to his first class which just so happened to be your next class. And of course, what the universe wanted, the universe got, meaning you were stuck next to the hot new boy.

    Again no complaints as he was very handsome.

    Once the day was over you realised you never got his name and you mentally kicked yourself for not asking. Fortunately for you, the new boy walked up to you to ask if you could take him to the library, the one place you never shown him.

    The library was quiet, almost everyone had left except for you two. This was the perfect time to ask for his name. Just as you opened your mouth to talk, you were interrupted.

    "Thank you for showing me around today. And also sorry for the hassle. Might I get your name and number so I can thank you properly." His smile was gorgeous and it almost made him look like a bunny.

    Handing him a piece of paper with your number on you thanked him for his offer.

    "Y/n? That's nice. I'm Minho. I'll take you for some coffee on Friday after school." He smiled again before walking off to find the books he needed.

    If it wasn't for your friend, you wouldn't have been late. If it wasn't for your friend you wouldn't have been sent to the principle's office. If it wasn't for your friend you wouldn't have to show the new boy around school. If it wasn't for your friend, you wouldn't have a date with a hot boy.

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    From Resentment (hhj)

    Pairing: Hyunjin x Reader (she/her)
    Summary: After a fated meeting involving a cute and fluffy puppy, you found yourself drawn to Hwang Hyunjin: the school prince. Everybody in high school loved him. It was hard not to. Not only was he rich, smart, and athletic, but he was also incredibly kind-hearted.
    However, one day seemingly out of the blue, everything that you thought Hyunjin was came crashing down.
    Now a freshman in university, you were excited to live out your dreams. That was, until Hyunjin came hurtling back into your life like an uncontrolled meteor. His presence threw a curveball on all your plans and would eventually change your perspective on everything that you thought you knew.
    Genre: studentl!hyunjin au, angst, enemies to lovers
    Warnings: cursing
    Word Count: 8.8k
    A/N: Not an Intentional update but a hyunjin oneshot!! disclaimer: no aspect of hyunjins personality here was drawn from real life — irl hyunjin is a ray of sunshine <3

    You looked at your math homework, proud that you got all the answers correct. Since it was a slow afternoon at your job today, you had extra time to focus on your homework. The boss at the convenience store you worked at allowed you to have your homework out, as long as it was hidden behind the cash register.

    As you stared at the rest of your homework, you started to feel the weight of tenth grade pile up on you. Because it was your first year of high school, you were still trying to adjust to everything; your grades, your teachers, and all the new students walking around the halls.

    You stuffed the rest of your homework in your backpack. It was the end of your shift, and you wanted to go home as soon as possible to start with the rest of your studying. Crap. No matter how hard you tried to zip up your backpack, it wouldn’t close. After trying one more time, the zipper tore from your backpack.

    You cursed under your breath. You couldn’t afford to buy a new backpack right now.

    You had just been able to afford your new school uniform by taking up extra shifts at the convenience store, and you still needed money for your grandmother’s prescriptions. You sighed, annoyed to have another monetary stressor weighing on your shoulders.

    Walking outside with your now torn backpack, your eyes widened at the group of boys in front of you. You immediately recognized them from behind.

    The school princes. These three seniors were all known for three things: being extremely smart, handsome, and talented.

    On the left was Seungmin, and from what you’ve heard, he was the smart and quiet one. He was always helping the teachers, being the class president and all. Any time a girl or a boy needed academic help, Seungmin was there and happy to assist.

    The person on the right was Jisung. With his charming and charismatic personality, he had dated tens upon tens of girls in his grade. Just in the last year. It helped that he was really good looking — and also stinkin’ rich. His father was a notorious restaurateur, and with him being the first son, he was basically given unlimited spending rights.

    The only person richer than Jisung was the boy in the center of them both: Hwang Hyunjin. This boy was the school prince. The prince of princes. He somehow managed to participate in music clubs, engage in study groups, and captain the soccer team all the while keeping up excellent grades. Every girl that Jisung had dated was said to have been rejected by Hyunjin first. That was his only flaw: he was notoriously cold to any and all romantic confessions.

    You followed behind the three princes, staring at your torn up sneakers. You knew you didn’t exist in their world, but even being near three handsome and rich teenage boys made you nervous.

    Suddenly, you heard a whimper coming from behind a bush to the left of you. It sounded like a hurt animal.

    Worried and curious, you walked over to the bush to see what it was.

    It was a puppy. Small and fluffy, it looked up at you with it’s beady black eyes and cried out. His paw was bleeding.

    You panicked. Having never seen a hurt puppy before, you had no idea what to do. You called out for help.

    “Help!” you cried, hoping that somebody had heard your call for help. You desperately wanted to help this hurt puppy, but you hesitated to touch it, afraid that you would hurt the animal even more.

    The puppy howled in pain, making your panic rise. You were about to call out for help again, when you heard somebody running up behind you.

    “What is it?” The voice asked.

    “I-I don’t know. I just saw this dog here, and-and his paw is bleeding,” you anxiously stuttered.

    “Here, let me take a look.”

    You heard the voice behind you, so you shuffled over to make room.

    It was Hwang Hyunjin. The person that responded to your cry for help was the most popular and well-liked person in the school. You were shocked, a bit intimidated actually, so you silently moved to the side for him. His black hair shone in the sunlight as he bent down to examine the dog.

    “Come here, boy,” he chirped. The puppy listened, and started limping to him. “Something hurt you, didn’t it.”

    He stood up, picking the puppy up along with him.

    “C’mon,” he gestured with his head, “my vet isn’t too far from here actually. We can make it by walking.”

    You silently nodded and followed him.

    He was right. The walk to the veterinarian clinic, though very awkward, wasn’t too far. The clinic was empty at this time of day, with the receptionist being the only person in the room.

    “Hyunjin! Always a pleasure,” the receptionist beamed. It seemed like Hyunjin’s likeability wasn’t only confined to your school. “My, what do we have here?”

    “There’s something wrong with his paw,” Hyunjin tried to show the receptionist where the blood was coming from, “is the doctor free right now?”

    “As a matter of fact, he is,” the receptionist said whilst checking the schedule. “I’ll take this little boy to the back where he can get prepped for the veterinarian.”

    Hyunjin handed the puppy carefully to the receptionist. The receptionist took out a crate for the dog, put him in, and then disappeared through the back door. The two of you were now left alone in the waiting room.

    “Uhm,” you coughed, “thank you. I know you probably want to get back to your friends, so you can leave now.”

    “No, I’ll stay,” he looked at you and smiled, “those idiots are just playing LOL at the PC room anyways. Plus, I want to see how this little boy turns out.”

    You smiled back at him, nodding your head. A few moments of awkward silence passed.

    “I’m Hyunjin by the way,” he said.

    “I know. I’m Y/n.”

    “You’re in your first year, right?” he said, looking at the colour of your uniform.

    “Yeah, it’s so hard to get used to though. I’m trying my best with my homework, but I think this school stuff just doesn’t click with me,” you rambled.


    “I want to go into dance. I’ve never been able to afford professional lessons, but I’ve always wanted to go to university for dance. My grandparents said they would let me if my school grades were high.” You didn’t know why you were giving your life story to Hyunjin. He just had this natural charisma that made you want to spill everything to him. It was the way he looked at you with those cat-like eyes.

    “I know what you mean. It took me forever to convince my parents for me to major in dance. I got in by early admittance, but I’m sure they still have their reservations about my major.”

    “You’re majoring in dance?” you asked, eyes wide.

    He smiled. “I’ve loved dancing ever since I could remember. It’s my passion, and truthfully, the only thing I’ve got going for me.”

    You were shocked. At school, Hyunjin was known for so many things other than dancing. Hell, you didn’t even know he enjoyed dancing and you thought you’d heard everything about him already.

    The two of you chatted for a while longer before the vet came out with the now happy looking dog.

    “It seemed like this little guy got into a fight with something, and he got a pretty large gash on his paw. Luckily, it wasn’t bleeding too much so I just gave him some anaesthetic and stitched it right up.”

    You sighed in relief. “Thank god he isn’t too hurt.”

    “Yes, it’s good that it wasn’t too bad,” the veterinarian agreed. “I’m assuming this is your dog? As soon as you finish with the bill, I can release this little guy and the both of you are ready to go.”

    Oh yeah. The bill.

    Although you knew you couldn’t afford to pay the vet bill, you didn’t know where this little dog would go if you couldn’t take him home. You did the mental calculations, and if you worked some extra shifts, you could probably be able to pick up the bill today. Buying a new backpack could be saved for another day.

    “Sure, where can I pay?” you asked.

    “Just over by the receptionist.” The veterinarian pointed.

    You walked over to the receptionist, and she handed the bill over to you.

    You almost fainted.

    Just the anaesthetic and the stitches alone cost over two hundred dollars. This was extremely over your budget, and probably even more than the amount in your savings. You felt uneasy.

    “Uhm, actually, I don’t think I can-”

    “Do you take cash?”

    Hyunjin had interrupted you, walked up to the receptionist, and pulled out his wallet. He peaked over your shoulder and took out a huge wad of cash to hand to the receptionist.

    “Hyunjin, you don’t have to,” you begged. You felt bad that this guy you didn’t even know had just offered to cover you for over two hundred dollars.

    “Think of it as a good luck gift from a fellow dancer.” He smiled.

    That was when it clicked. You didn’t know what clicked, but it just did. It was his smile. It was the way the corners of his eyes crinkled up and how the corners of his lips pinched at the end. You now understood why all the girls at school were in love with him. He was quite literally perfect.

    You thanked him profusely, even after the two of you had left the clinic. With the dog in your hand, you walked side by side with Hyunjin.

    “So,” he started, “have you thought of a name for this guy yet?”

    Oh yeah — he was your dog now. “Hmm, I don’t know yet.”

    “What about Coco?”


    “Yeah, let’s see if he likes it.” Hyunjin leaned in and cooed at the little puppy. “Hi, little Coco!”

    The puppy’s eyes lit up, and with his tongue stretched out, he started panting.

    “I guess he likes it,” Hyunjin smiled. God, his smile could melt all of Antarctica.

    “Coco it is.” You poked at Coco’s nose.

    Hyunjin was about to say something back to you when his phone buzzed. He took a peak, rolled his eyes, then smiled. “My friends are god awful at games. I swear, they can’t even win one round without me. You’re okay with going home alone?”

    He was going to walk you home? Could he be any more perfect?

    You nodded your head. “Thank you, Hyunjin. I’ll pay you back for the bill one day.”

    “No need,” he winked. “Like I said, it’s a good luck gift. Oh, and you can ask me if you need help with any school work. Anything to help a fellow dancer.”

    He waved goodbye, then went running off in the other direction. You held Coco close to you, heart pounding. Although you didn’t want to be like all the other girls who fell for him, you felt like you were already falling for Hyunjin.


    The next day, you had planned to go shopping for dog supplies after school. After a really long and arduous debate with yourself, you decided to sacrifice all of your savings in order to buy everything that Coco needed. You knew Hyunjin owned a dog himself, so throughout the whole day, you worked up the nerve to ask Hyunjin to come with you.

    At the end of last period, you gathered all your stuff from your desk and headed to the soccer field where you knew Hyunjin and his friends would be. Whilst you crossed the field, you noticed Jisung staring at you. You found his stare intimidating, but you tried to brush it off. He then whispered something in Hyunjin’s ear.

    “Hi, Hyunjin,” you said anxiously, biting your lip. “Umm, do you want to come with me to shop for Coco?”

    He stared at you for a couple seconds, then, a look of disgust appeared on his face. “Why? So you can use my wallet again?”

    You stared back at him, wide eyed. Who was this person? It wasn’t the Hyunjin that so graciously helped you out yesterday.

    “W-what? No!” you exclaimed. “I-I just wanted your opinion…”

    “Sure,” Hyunjin smirked coldly, “opinion my ass.”

    “Hyunjin,” tears were pooling in your eyes, “I don’t understand.”

    “If you need money so much, here.” He reached in his pocket and turned up a wad of cash, throwing it at your feet. “Just don’t come to me next time. And buy yourself a new pair of shoes while you’re at it.”

    You looked down at the money, trying to hold back your tears. Why was Hyunjin being like this? You didn’t understand. His two jockeys beside him didn’t even bother to stop him. As you tried to stop yourself from crying, you felt your sadness turn into rage.

    “I don’t need your stupid money,” you said, kicking the cash back to him. “Maybe you can use your daddy’s money to buy yourself a new personality.”

    Hyunjin’s two friends tried to hold back their snickers at your words. Hyunjin heard, turned around, and gave them both death stares.

    You didn’t bother to listen to whatever he was going to say next and simply stomped away, rage burning inside you. Everything about him was a lie. His charming and charismatic personality, his generosity, his kindness. They were all lies. He really was nothing but a rich, spoiled boy living with his father’s money.

    There was rage behind every step you took. Wiping away your tears, you headed to your locker. You didn’t need him anyways; it was better to realize his true personality earlier rather than later. Hands shaking from anger, you dialed the combination to your locker.

    “Hey, sorry about what happened earlier.” A voice came from behind you. “He can be a real jerk sometimes.”

    It was Jisung. You rolled your eyes. You didn’t want to see him either.

    “Why didn’t you do anything about it then?” Your voice came out shaky. It was obvious that you had cried.

    “Once he starts, there’s no stopping him. It’s usually better to let him finish uninterrupted, or else he will get more mad.”

    “Oh,” you said. Your hatred for Hyunjin grew even more.

    “I could come with you, though. I don’t know much about dogs, but I can help you carry your bags.”

    “I don’t know…”

    “C’mon, no way you can carry everything by yourself.”

    You hesitated. “Okay, I guess.”

    And so, you left for the pet store with Jisung, still confused about everything that had happened. It was strange with him. He was nice and cracked a joke every now and then, but it was just different from being with Hyunjin. At least he was nice, you thought.

    Your trip went well. You managed to buy everything you needed for Coco. In a turn of events, Jisung had actually come in handy as he offered to carry the huge bag of dog food you bought. He even offered to buy you a coffee.

    “Thanks for all your help, Jisung.” You stood outside the door of your apartment, smiling at him.

    “No problem, gives me an excuse to work out my guns.” He pretended to flex his arms.

    You choked back a laugh.

    “You should get going now. It’s late,” you said.

    “Alright,” he started to leave. “Hey, if you see me in the halls, feel free to say hi.”

    You nodded and waved to him as he turned and walked away, remembering his words. Every time you saw Jisung in the school hallways, you gave him a small wave in which he happily returned. However, whenever you saw him walking with Hyunjin, you made sure to purposely avoid them. You didn’t want any negativity in your life.

    You kept up the waves, and soon, waves turned to small conversations which soon turned to flirting. By the end of the semester, you and Jisung somehow ended up as a couple. Jisung was polite and sweet, unlike a certain person. With every free moment you had, you hung out with Jisung — all the while avoiding Hyunjin.

    The two of you stayed a couple for the rest of Jisung’s senior year. Somehow, the two of you had even kept up your relationship throughout your whole high school experience. It was hard at times as he went to university, but with a lot of effort, you had made your relationship work out. You barely had time to talk with him, but you enjoyed the little time that you did have. Jisung had never even once mentioned Hyunjin when you were together, and with time, you had totally forgotten about that jerk. You weren’t even sure if they were still friends.

    You worked hard in school and reaped all the benefits. Your rank had consistently been in the top twenties amongst all the other students, and you even had time to practice your dancing. You remembered the day that you received your acceptance letter from university. Hands shaking, you had barely managed to open the letter all the way before you screamed. You had gotten into university with your dream major: dance.

    Because of your excellent grades, you were able to pay a lot of your tuition with scholarship money alone. You hesitantly decided to quit your job at the convenience store to focus on university. Although quitting meant that your bank account would take a big hit, you decided that it would be best in the long run. There was a lot in your savings, and you even had a little extra to buy a new outfit for your first day of school.

    Jisung had been busy on the first day of university. He had previously promised to show you around campus, but with him being a no-show, you wandered around by yourself to try to find your classes. You had trouble with the campus map at first, but after walking around for a bit, you were able to find all your classes with ease.

    Your first few classes were a snore. Because they were all theory, you had to down two cups of coffee in order to stay awake. Somehow, you managed to take coherent notes despite being bored out of your mind. You just wanted to dance.

    The good thing was, after sitting through many classes, your time to dance finally came. Your last class of the day was an introduction to dance course, and you couldn’t wait to go. You wanted to know your teacher, your peers, and most importantly, express yourself.

    The dance class was in a studio in the university’s fitness center. It was huge, way bigger than the tiny gym in your high school. Upon entering the studio, you were immediately met with the sight of students, exactly like you, already stretching. You chose a spot in the room and started stretching as well, making good use of your time before the instructor comes in.

    After some time, most of the students — including you — had finished stretching and were sitting in silence waiting for the instructor. The door swung open, breaking the silence. The instructor had come in.

    “Hello new students,” he said, “welcome to Dance 100. Today, I will go through the curriculum with you as well as introduce your final project.”

    The instructor whipped out a projection of the curriculum and started explaining the purpose of the course, what you would be graded on, and how you would be graded. He then read through his class expectations before moving to your final project.

    “This final project will act in place of a final exam,” he explained. “You will be required to create a dance that includes everything we’ve learned in class and write an essay explaining all the elements in your dance. It will be worth half your grade.”

    The class gasped in surprise. Not only did this project sound extremely difficult for a first year course, but the fact that it was worth half your grade made it borderline unfair.

    “I know it might seem difficult, but worry not, you won’t be doing this alone. Every year, the first year dance students get mentored by the third year dance students for the final project. Each student has already been assigned a random mentor which will be introduced this class.”

    The whole class murmured, talking amongst themselves and expressing their opinions on this project. It was definitely an interesting project. You hoped that you would be paired with a good mentor that would actually care about how well you did.

    There was a knock on the door.

    “Ah, this must be them.” Your instructor opened the door and a wave of third years came flooding in. Each one of them had a name tag pinned on their shirts. “Class, these are the third year students.”

    You all politely greeted them.

    “Now,” the instructor continued, “I will put the class list on the projector, and each of your names will correspond to a third year mentor.”

    The instructor put out the list for display. You scanned down the list of names, eventually finding yours. Following the dots to your corresponding mentor, you almost choked on air when you saw yours.

    It was Hwang Hyunjin.

    You were at a loss for words. Just when you thought he was out of your life forever, the man that was so incredibly mean to you — the man you hated with your whole soul — was now your mentor. Just the thought of being in the same room as him filled you with disgust.

    You scanned the sea of third year students, and your eyes immediately found him. He was staring back at you with the same shocked expression that you had on.

    He looked different. Not only had he grown taller, but he had lost all his baby fat as well. His hair was different too. It was bleached blond and it almost hit his shoulders. What was the same, however, was his intense stare and his plump lips.

    You walked over to him.

    “You look different.” His eyes scanned up and down.

    “So do you.” You clenched your jaw and sighed. “I guess we have to work together.”

    “Yeah, I guess so,” he said flatly.

    “Listen,” you copied his tone, “I’m not excited about this either, but I want to get a good grade for this class. If you don’t wanna help me, just say so and I’ll just work alone on this.”

    “Don’t be stupid,” he rolled his eyes, “this is part of my grade too. I can’t let you fuck this up for the both of us.”

    You rolled your eyes back at him and pressed your lips in a thin line. Ignoring what he said, you asked, “where do we start?”

    “Let’s find a time to meet every week.” He pulled out the newest iPad model from his bag. Of course he would have the newest iPad. “I’m busy every day except Saturday, so let’s meet then.”

    Way to consider your opinion. He was lucky that you weren’t busy on the weekends.

    As Hyunjin worked on sorting his schedule, you took your time to look at how he had changed. With his hair blonde, he looked like a completely different person. You didn’t understand why he kept his hair long though. It kept falling in his eyes.

    “Stop staring at me. It’s freaking me out.” He narrowed his eyes at you.

    “I wasn’t.” You crossed your arms, defending yourself.

    “Whatever.” He tucked his hair behind his ear and put his iPad back in his bag. “Don’t be late on Saturday.”

    And with that, he left. You looked around the class. Most of the other students were still with their mentors, presumably getting to know each other and discussing the project. You almost wanted to ask your instructor to switch with somebody else, but that would mean passing on the nightmare known as Hwang Hyunjin onto a perfectly innocent person. You had your moments, but you weren’t evil.

    The interaction with Hyunjin had left you in a sour mood for the rest of the day. You tried to study, but you were too distracted by the thought of having to work with that monstrosity for a whole semester. It was worth so much of your grade, too. You had just hoped that Hyunjin was as good at dance as he previously told you. You remembered him saying how dance was his passion in life. That was when you still liked him. Who knows, maybe he only said that so he could play you like every other girl he played with.

    For the rest of the week, whenever you thought of the dance project, you were filled with dread. You tried to ignore it, and sometimes it worked, but most of the time it kept reappearing in your mind like a virus. The way Hyunjin had infected your mind bothered you to no end.

    Time passed fast though, and before you knew it, Saturday had already come. Searching through your closet, you picked out a simple outfit for practice today. You slid on your tattered old sneakers and headed off to the studio that Hyunjin had told you to go to.

    Entering the dance studio, you noticed that you were right on time. However, Hyunjin was not. Great… He made such a big deal over you being on time that he himself forgot to be punctual. You sat on the wood floors and started to do some stretches to warm up.

    Eventually, after you finished your stretching, he entered the studio. With a girl. Holding a textbook, Hyunjin handed it to the girl and put on his signature deceitful smile. His ugly, perfect smile. The girl batted her eyes and waved her fingers goodbye before strolling out the door. You rolled your eyes at this, feeling bad for the girl. Hyunjin was playing her right in front of her own eyes and she didn’t even realize it.

    “Were you really late because of a girl?” you sneered.

    “Why do you care?” he retorted, flinging his bag to the corner of the room.

    “I don’t.”

    “Sure you don’t.”

    Not wanting to waste time with that childish banter, you decided to end the conversation then and there. “Okay, well anyways, I’ll show you what I learned in class this week.”

    Hooking up your phone to the speaker, you chose the song that you’ve been practicing with for the whole week. As the song progressed, you found it hard to not get lost in the music. Just dancing was the easy part; incorporating everything learned in class was another story. Although it was fairly difficult, you thought you executed everything very well as the song came to an end. Finishing up, you panted from exhaustion and looked at Hyunjin for his comments.

    He stood, with his arms crossed across his torso, leaning against the speaker. There was a blank expression on his face.

    “Not bad.” He started to walk up to you.


    “But you’re too stiff. You’re too focused on perfectly executing the technical moves that you forget to just move your body. Do what you did half-way through the song again.”

    You turned the music on, trying to do the dance with Hyunjin’s criticisms in mind. Looking in the mirror, you did your best to show as much emotion as possible, all the while moving more fluidly. The room was filled with heavy bass and the squeaks from your sneakers.

    Suddenly, the music was abruptly cut off.

    Hyunjin had stopped the music and was making his way over, face still unreadable.

    “You’re still trying too hard and it shows.” Hyunjin shook his head.

    Clenching your jaw, you did your best to hold back your anger. Were you just not supposed to try? This annoyed you. Just because he didn’t need to try to be good at anything didn’t mean you couldn’t.

    “Well,” you tried to say calmly, “how can I do this then?”

    “You have to relax.” He put one hand on your hip and started to guide you. “Don’t focus on each individual aspect, but try to imagine everything as a whole. Then, things will come naturally.”

    You followed his hand, allowing Hyunjin to guide you to his own rhythm. After a while, every movement felt so fluid and you didn’t even notice that your face started to match your movements. Glancing at your reflection, you gasped, noticing how different your dancing looked. You whipped your head to face Hyunjin, the two of your inches apart and breathing heavily.

    “See,” he mumbled, looking down at you. “Once you stop thinking, everything just comes naturally.”

    You looked back at the person inches away from you. It almost felt as if he was being kind. But you knew the type of person he was. You weren’t going to let this happen again. Snapping out of what weird trance you were in, you pushed him away in an act of self perseverance.

    He didn’t say anything.

    “I’ll try again,” you said.

    Hyunjin strolled over to the speaker and turned on the music. This time, you didn’t think about anything you learned in class or Hyunjin’s criticisms. You just trusted in your body. Everything else was blank.

    Taking a step forward while still in your trance, your shoe lost its grip on the floor, causing you to fall right on your knee. You cried in pain, holding on to your knee.

    “Fuck,” Hyunjin hissed. He ran over and bent down to your level. “Can you move it?”

    “I think so.” You tried to straighten your knee. It hurt, but you were still able to do it. There would most likely be a nasty bruise there the next morning.

    “You’re still wearing those scraps that you call shoes? They’re literally coming apart at the seams. This is going to happen again if you don’t get new ones.”

    You blushed in embarrassment from his remarks. “I’m not going to spend money on things that I don’t need.”

    “Well, you need shoes. Just go buy a new pair later.”

    Was he being serious? Or was he just spoiled?

    “Hyunjin, not everybody can just go spend money whenever they want,” you loudly sighed. “Unlike you, I need to consider my budget for most things.”

    “Well, why can’t you ask your boyfriend to buy it?” he sneered. “Seems like you’re good at doing that.”

    How did he know you were still dating Jisung? What did he mean by ‘good at doing that’?

    “What?” You crossed your eyebrows. “Do you think I’m with him just for his money? Do I really look like that kind of person to you?”

    “You used me for my money,” he mumbled under his breath.

    “What?” You couldn’t hear him right.

    “Nevermind, rehearsal's over.” He stomped off, leaving you alone in the practice room holding on to your injured knee.


    You busied yourself with everything and anything you could do over the weekend in order to forget what happened during rehearsal. However, no matter how hard you tried to forget, Hyunjin’s comments on your shoes stuck in your mind like glue.

    During your shift at your job, you couldn’t help but keep staring at your worn sneakers. You never paid attention to your shoes before until now. They did the job, so why would you need to buy a new pair? Still, you unconsciously paid attention to every step you took.

    On Monday’s dance class, you decided to go early. It was always nice to warm up in a room with other try-hards. They felt less judgemental than the others.

    The studio barely had anybody in it this early before class. Everybody was either stretching or had already started going over what was taught last week. Shuffling your way over to your locker, you couldn’t help but compare everybody else’s shoes to your own. You’ve never cared about trivial matters such as shoes, but you couldn’t help but feel a little self conscious as your worn-in sneakers squeaked its way over to the lockers.

    Opening your locker, your eyes widened, shocked at what you saw. Inside was a box containing a brand new pair of sneakers. It was an expensive brand as well, a brand that you never thought you would be touching in your life. You turned your head around, scanning the room. Everybody seemed to have been busy with their own thing.

    Did somebody put these in your locker by mistake?

    Taking the shoes out, you noticed a small slip of paper fly out. You picked up the note.

    Keep these. I was a jerk.

    You knew who had sent this. It was Hyunjin. You didn’t know what game he was trying to play at, but you weren’t going to fall for it like you did that day in high school. Gingerly putting the shoes back in your locker, you decided to return these back to Hyunjin at your next practice.


    “No, I gave them to you as a gift.” Hyunjin turned his nose up at you, refusing to take back the shoes.

    “Why would you give these to me if you think that I only use people for their money?”

    “Because,” he rolled his eyes, “if you’re unable to dance then my grade is screwed as well.”

    He made a good point, but you were stubborn. “Still…”

    “You know what? Keep it, give it away, sell it, I don’t care. Let’s just start practice.”

    After that dance practice, you threw your old shoes in the trash.


    It was midterm season a month into school. You thought you had gone to hell and back with high school, but this was even worse. Each day consisted of waking up, studying, and going back to sleep. You lived on coffee and toast. It wasn’t much, but it gave you the energy to sit at the library for hours to study.

    You didn’t see anybody during the midterm season, Instead, you chose to hermit yourself up at the library for days on end. This meant that, at least for a couple of weeks, your dance practice with Hyunjin was put on hiatus. Not that he minded, of course. He happily deleted the practices from his schedule.

    You also didn’t see much of your boyfriend, Jisung. Ever since school started, he seemed to always be missing in action. He would almost never have time to be with you, and with the few moments that he was, it seemed like he was always so apathetic towards you. You brushed this off as stress though, as you finally knew what it was like to experience university exams.

    It was a clear and sunny day on the morning you finished your last midterm. Leaving the exam room, you looked up to the sky, basking in the sun. Today was going to be a good day. Not only were you now stress free, but you were also invited to an end-of-midterm party for your dance class tonight. You had never gone to a university party before, so when a classmate asked if you wanted to go, you eagerly accepted.

    Wrapping up your dance class, you stood at your locker, gathering the rest of your stuff.

    “Hey.” An arm wrapped around you.

    “Hey, Jisung.” You smiled, turning around to face him.

    “You’re done all your midterms?”

    “Yup.” You nodded happily.

    He took a look at your shoes.

    “New shoes?”

    You hesitated in answering his question, not knowing where Jisung was with Hyunjin in terms of friendship. It was better to be truthful now rather than apologizing later.

    “Hyunjin gave it to me.” You looked down, fiddling with your fingers. Why were you afraid of Jisung’s response?

    “Wait, what? Hwang Hyunjin? Like from high school? Y/n, I thought you hated him.”

    “I did! And I do,” you tried to explain, “but he had a reason to give me this.”

    “Bullshit, Y/n. You’re really gonna believe any reason he pulls out of his ass? I thought you actually matured from high school.”

    “Well, you would understand if you were around more often!” you yelled. You knew it was wrong to address other problems and blow this out of proportion, but you couldn’t think straight. Your mind was clouded with anger.

    “What does this have to do with anything?” Jisung barked back. “What we’re talking about is how you, no matter how shitty of a person Hyunjin is, keep going back to him! Y/n, all that man does is take. He takes from you and he sure as hell takes everything from me. I won’t let that happen this time.”

    When had he taken anything from you? All he had done was give.

    “Jisung, let’s end this.”

    “You’re right. Let’s cool down and talk later tonight.”

    “No,” you shook your head, “I mean, let's end us.”

    Jisung looked at you in disgust. “It’s Hyunjin, isn’t it?”

    “No,” you vehemently denied, “Jisung, you never have time for me, and the little time we do have together you act like a different person. And now you’re being all possessive just because Hyunjin gave me a gift? I’m sorry, I just don’t see us recovering from this.”

    “Fine, whatever.” Jisung turned around. “We’re done. But Y/n, don’t come running back to me when Hyunjin screws you over like he does with everybody.”

    After Jisung left, you stomped your foot on the ground, tears pooling in your eyes. It was for the best — breaking up with him. For the past month, you hadn’t been happy with where your relationship was going, but this wasn’t the way you wanted to end an almost three year relationship.

    Wiping away your tears, you tried to compose yourself before heading over to the pub. Jisung wasn’t worth the tears.

    The walk to the pub wasn’t far as every establishment catered to students was a short walking distance from campus. For your entire walk over, you kept your head down so as to not receive looks from others. The headache from your cries and a blush of anger still lingered with you. Hopefully you’ll look somewhat normal by the time you reach the bar.

    Checking your reflection once more in your phone camera, you fixed your hair a bit before going inside.

    The bar was filled.

    With students from both your dance class and the third year class, there was not an empty corner in sight. The music was loud, but the sounds of chatter coming from the students were louder. The place was dark, with the only source of light coming from very dim, bright blue LEDs.

    It was surprising to see everybody in a different setting. You were used to the sight of your classmates being only in sweats and workout clothes, but now that they actually had time to get ready, everybody seemed like a completely different person.

    You saw a few of your classmates wave at you, beckoning you over to where they were sitting. As soon as your butt landed on the chair, they spared no time to push a shot glass filled with clear liquor in front of you. You gladly took the drink, wanting to just let go and forget about everything that happened today. Holding back a cough, you scrunched your face as you felt the alcohol burn in your throat. It had been so long since the last time you drank.

    After five you stopped counting. Partly because you knew you were going to drink more, but mostly because your head couldn’t even count to five anymore. Scrunching your eyes, you tried to focus on the blurry figure of your classmate complaining about her professor. Bored out of your mind as her mindless babble went on forever, your eyes started roaming around the bar. As your eyes wandered, you noticed somebody behind your classmate staring at you.

    Hwang Hyunjin.

    Even in your inebriated state of mind, you knew that it was Hyunjin. What other university student had the balls to bleach their whole head blonde? Your eyes met, and he ran a hand through his golden locks. Why do the most beautiful people harbour the most wretched personalities?

    You tried to ignore his staring by focusing your attention back on your classmate, but eventually, you couldn’t help but glance back at him. He was still looking at you.

    You saw a girl come up to him. She was the same girl that showed up with him on your first ever practice session. Because of the dimly lit bar and your drunken vision impairment, you had to really squint to make out what was going on. The girl, all smiley and giggly, put her hand on his shoulder, making Hyunjin break his eye contact with you. He smiled at the girl, mouthing words that were drowned out by the music. For some reason, this made you furious. Why was he so nice to everybody else but you? What had you ever done to him to make him hate you so much?

    You kept your eyes on the girl, knowing full well that you shouldn’t have. You hated that — even on your night off, even when you had just broken up with your boyfriend — Hyunjin was still in your mind like an unkillable parasite. You hated the way he tucked his hair behind his ears. You hated how the corners of his eyes crinkled up when he smiled at her. You hated him.

    You watched as she leaned in and whispered something in his ear, causing him to laugh. That was the last straw. In a drunken haze, you took your phone and bolted out the door, ignoring the concerns of all your classmates. Maybe it had been a mistake breaking up with Jisung. Maybe he really did know what was best for you.

    Stumbling out onto the street, you tried to dial Jisung’s phone number. It proved to be too difficult of a task, however, as your drunken fingers could only tap on random numbers on the screen. You cried out of frustration.


    The voice coming from behind you startled you, causing you to lose your grip on the phone. It dropped on the cement with a loud crack. Tears welled up in your eyes as you bent down to pick up your phone. There was a huge crack right down the middle of the screen.

    “You cracked my phone,” you said, trying to keep your composure.

    “So? It’s not like it’s worth much anyways. Just ask your boyfriend to buy you one.” Hyunjin’s evil eyes squinted down at you.

    “Why are you still on about this? Hyunjin, I’ve never used anybody for money and I never will!” You couldn’t control the tears flowing down your face. “Plus, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. I broke up with Jisung today.”

    You didn’t know why you were spilling your guts to the last man in the world you would trust. Surely, it was the alcohol.

    “Y/n.” His tone had completely changed. He almost looked — concerned?

    “Whatever, Hyunjin,” you slurred. “Just leave me alone. You can go back to that girl and have your fun with her.”

    “Why do you care?”

    “I don’t care.”

    “Y/n, why do you care?” His tone got louder.

    “I don’t!” you yelled at him. Your tears made everything even more blurry.

    “Y/n! Tell me, why do you care?!” He spat back at you with just as much fury.

    “Fuck you, Hyunjin. News flash, not everything in the world revolves around you and your rich and prestigious life. Maybe you wouldn’t be so toxic if you would just understand that.” You screamed at him through your sobs. “Also, I don’t know where you got this stupid story of my being a cash whore from, but I will say this one last time: I have worked for everything in my life and I have never and will never use anybody for their money.”

    Hyunjin looked back at you, shocked. You stared back at him in disgust. Not wanting to waste anymore time on him, you stumbled down the street to look for a taxi. However, as you wobbled down the pavement, everything became even blurrier than before. You felt nauseous. You couldn’t control it anymore.

    You threw up. All over the sidewalk. You couldn’t stop. Every time you thought that it was over, more and more came out. Your throat burned, and it wasn’t just the alcohol.

    As you hurled out all the remains of today’s lunch, your hair was held back.

    “Get away from me, Hyunjin,” you groaned. You didn’t want him to see you this weak.

    “Who else is gonna take care of your drunk ass, idiot,” he mumbled.

    That was the last thing you heard before everything went black.


    It was a blinding white light that woke you up. You groaned, trying to block the light with your forearm. Cracking your neck, you tried to holster yourself up.

    You were on a leather couch. Squinting, you surveyed the room you were in. It was clean, spacious. The floor was a white marble — there wasn’t a single speck of dust to be seen. Across from you was an incredibly wide TV with many game consoles scattered around it. You looked behind you. There was a large kitchen island illuminated by warm pendant lights. Sitting at the island, on his laptop, was Hyunjin.

    “Wh-what happened to me?”

    “You’re the worst fucking drinker I’ve ever seen, that’s what happened.”

    You rolled your eyes.

    Hyunjin ignored you, standing up and leaving for another room. Less than a minute later, he reappeared with a toothbrush and a roll of toothpaste.

    “Go clean up. You look disgusting.”

    You snatched the toothbrush from his hands. He pointed over to the bathroom and you trudged your way over. His bathroom was huge, almost bigger than your bedroom at home. You felt as if you were in a hotel.

    “Your bathroom is huge.” After washing up, you felt not only cleaner, but more awake. “You’re really living the life with your family’s money, huh.”

    Hyunjin sighed, slamming his laptop shut causing you to flinch. “Why, after everything, do you think I’m this rich, pretentious fuck?”

    You rolled your eyes. Not this again. “Well, why do you still think I’m this money hungry monster?”

    “You really wanna know why, Y/n? It’s because Jisung told me so. He was the one who told me that all those years ago.”

    You were shocked. Jisung was the one who told him that? Your ex-boyfriend that you had loved and dated for almost three years? You didn’t want to believe it, you really didn’t, but there was this tiny whisper in the back of your mind telling you that it was true. He had a reason to — Jisung was always going on about how Hyunjin always took from him.

    “But Y/n, I-” He stopped mid-sentence.

    “You what, Hyunjin?”

    He pressed his lips to yours, caressing the back of your head. You were shocked, but almost autonomously, your lips parted feeling the heat of his breath against yours. He pressed his body to yours, running his hand down your waist. His lips, the same lips responsible for his perfect smile, felt so soft against your own. You heard the thuds of his heartbeat as he held you closer.

    You broke apart, gasping for breath. The realization of what you had done just hit you.

    In a panic, you used your whole strength to push his body away from you. “I-I have to go.”

    “Y/n, wait!” Hyunjin called.

    You paid him no attention. Instead, you ran across the marble floors, hoisted the front door open, and sprinted out. Hoping that Hyunjin wasn’t following you, found your way outside and took a taxi home.

    You sat in silence, trying to process what had just happened. You had just kissed Hyunjin. You had just kissed Hyunjin. Hands shaking, you grasped at the ends of your hair, trying to calm yourself down. Did that just happen?

    You were more mad at yourself than at him. How could you have just kissed Hyunjin? You hated him. He was nothing but rude to you, never smiling and always accusing you of things that were clearly lies. He made you feel self conscious, nervous, and everything in between. You hated him.

    But he was so sweet on that fateful day in high school. He gave you a new pair of shoes when you had slipped during practice, and he held your hair for you when you were drunk. His hair glistened in the sunlight, his smile made your heart race, and his lips ignited sparks of every colour in the rainbow in your chest.

    You hated Hwang Hyunjin. You hated how fast you became infatuated with him on that day in high school, and no matter how much you tried to deny it, you hated that your feelings haven’t changed ever since. You hated Hwang Hyunjin. You hated that you loved him.

    Curling up in your bed, there was no stopping the tears flowing down your face. You cried and cried upon this realization, and you remained this way for the rest of the day. The effect Hyunjin had on you was bigger than you ever expected, and you hated it.


    At school, you tried to avoid as many people as possible. The kiss you had shared with Hyunjin was plaguing your mind, distracting you and igniting the fire that was your inner turmoil. Even the thought of Hyunjin put a strain in your heart. It was the way his breath fanned over your nose, gently tickling it like a bird’s feather and the soft silk of his blonde locks brushing up against your cheeks.

    You shook your head, trying to erase any and every thought of that man. Walking to your locker, you were stopped in your tracks, the dam in your eyes starting to crack. You couldn’t do this today. You turned around to go somewhere else — anywhere else.

    “Y/n, wait.”

    You sniffed, wiped stray tears from your eyes, and picked up your pace.

    “Y/n.” He grabbed your shoulder, turning you around to face him.

    “Hyunjin, please, I can’t do this today.”

    “Are you… Are you crying?” He touched your face, wiping your tears with his thumb. “Y/n, why are you crying?”

    You shook your head. You were scared of what would happen if you opened your stupid mouth.

    “Y/n, please.” Hyunjin begged. His voice was shaking. “Tell me why.”

    You shook your head again.

    “Y/n, please.” His voice cracked.

    “Hyunjin,” you paused, taking a shaky breath, “it’s because I love you. I’ve loved you ever since the first moment you smiled at my pathetic ass. Even when you hurt me more than anyone has hurt me before… I never had a choice, Hyunjin. It’s always been you.”

    You tore yourself away from Hyunjin, embarrassed to your core. That was the most humiliating thing you’ve ever done, but at least you had closure now.


    “No, Hyunjin. You’ve torn me down and humiliated me enough already. What more could you possibly want?” You demanded, aware that everybody around you was staring.

    “Y/n,” Hyunjin rasped, “It’s only ever been you. I’ve spent the last three years miserable knowing that you were with someone else. I’ve-I’ve never even been with another girl in the past three years. I know you have no reason to believe me because I was such an ass. I am such an ass. Y/n, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for projecting my insecurities on you, I’m sorry for accusing you of things I know you’ve never done, and I’m sorry for anything else I might have fucking done. Y/n, I love you. Please, I don’t fucking deserve it, but is there any way you could forgive me?”

    You stared at Hyunjin’s bloodshot eyes, tears freely flowing down your cheeks, and before you could even think, you found yourself pressed against his lips. Your eyes closed, savouring the feeling of his soft lips touching your own. His wet cheek pressed against your own, and with a nudge of the nose, Hyunjin deepend the kiss with a raw passion in which you’ve never felt before.

    You cradled his head, relishing in his silken blonde hair as you brushed your fingers through his locks. He sighed in response, his breath tickling against your cheek. You were fully aware that everyone on campus had seen both your messy confessions of love, but you didn’t care. All you could do was replay the moment that Hyunjin had said those words — those three tiny words — over and over in your head as you ran your fingers through his hair and kissed his soft, honey lips.

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    about love


    thirteen - girls night

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    taglist: open! send an ask!

    a/n: just a filler but also kinda moves the story along ? idk anyways i never made this explicitly clear but yn & lolo are roommates but lolo has basically moved in with changbin! also yn changes her lockscreen a LOT so if you see different background photos just know she changes it often! also half based on real experiences of mine NDGSGS


    taglist! @marsophilia @happy-at-home @dayawantstosleep @90s-belladonna @uwustaytiny @hiy-breadcheeks @itsyaapollochild @skzooo @rindomo @napalmskiez @freckledquokka @bubblegumji @unexceptional-h @ninjaleeknow @hyunnie-bee @jeyyes @skzxexo-vevo @haliwithluvv

    if your name is in bold i cannot tag you!

    #skz fluff#skz hyunjin#skz chan#skz changbin#skz felix#skz jeongin#skz seungmin #changbin x reader #felix x reader #hyunjin x reader #seungmin x reader #skz smau #skz social media au #stray kids smau #stray kids social media au #jisung x reader #skz jisung #stray kids felix #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids jeongin #stray kids seungmin #jeongin x reader #minho x reader #skz #skz lee know #skz angst #stray kids chan #stray kids han #bang chan x reader #stray kids fanfic
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    Subtle Things Like – Part 12 (Lee Felix x OFC)


    A/N: First I must address the number of times I have died this week because of Felix. All of those photos and how incredible he looks in all of them 😍 I am going to combust honestly. Second, enjoy this part because from here on out, it's gonna get fluffy.

    Summary: It's time Felix tells Mia what he couldn't say when she ran.

    Warnings: Some minor (super minor) angst that turns into fluff

    Words: 2.2k

    Tags: @maybedeja

    If you want to be tagged, let me know!

    It’s the sounds of someone moving about the kitchen that stir Mia in the morning. Her first thought is someone broke into Chan’s apartment and hasn’t made it to the room. As soon as she smells food, Mia wonders why Chan is cooking breakfast there when Hyunjin has a kitchen he can use. And then Mia remembers yesterday and what she asked of Chan. Suddenly, Mia is anxious to get out of bed and see who’s cooking, knowing exactly who is out there. When she hears the sound of dishes being placed on the table, Mia chickens out completely, pulling the covers over her head to hide. She can’t do it. Maybe he’ll go away if she never comes out of the bedroom… It’s a shame she doesn’t close the door at night.

    Mia catches the soft scuffle of slippers on the carpet and knows he’s looking at the mound that is her under Chan’s bed covers. She holds her breath as if she’s being hunted by some terrifying beast.

    “Mia.” His voice is so gentle like he doesn’t want to frighten her, but she flinches anyway.

    She clenches her eyes shut, inwardly begging him to go. Luck isn’t on her side.

    Instead, he gets closer to the bed, sitting on the floor on the side of the bed she chose to sleep on. “I made pancakes for you. I remember they make you feel better when you’re having a hard time.”

    Mia begins to chew on her bottom lip feeling that sting behind her eyes at the kindness she doesn’t deserve. And for him to make her favorite comfort food all because he remembered… How can she say sorry enough?

    “I know you’re awake,” he says. Mia can hear the smile on his face. “If you don’t get up, I’ll eat all of the pancakes by myself.”

    She makes a little sound of protest but doesn’t uncover her head to look at Felix.

    “You have about five seconds to get out of that bed before I do something drastic, Mia.”

    “I don’t want to…”

    “It’s too bad that I don’t care. Your breakfast is getting cold.”

    Mia pulls the covers tighter around her head.

    Felix stands and sighs audibly. “You asked for it.”

    There’s a beat of anxious silence from Mia’s safe place before she’s smothered by Felix’s weight. The beginnings of a scream shift into a belly laugh when his fingers dig into her ticklish sides, distracting her and making her squirm enough to reveal her flushed cheeks. Mia’s heart is in her throat when he stops tickling her just to give her the warmest smile she’s ever been given. Felix doesn’t make it any better as he brushes her messy hair away from her face, his eyes lighting up.

    “Come on. Breakfast is getting cold.” And just like that, Felix leaves the room as if nothing happened seconds before.

    Mia can’t catch her breath.

    A couple of minutes later, Mia manages to find enough courage to leave Chan’s room in one of his oversized hoodies that completely cover the shorts she wore to bed. It makes her feel comforted like Chan is hugging her through it all. At the sight of Felix grinning at her from the table, all that comfort seems to slip away to be replaced by her nerves. But the smiley face on her pancakes made from bananas and strawberries is too sweet for her to let her nervousness overpower her stomach.

    Mia sits and once again ignores the stinging at the back of her eyes. “Thank you. It’s cute… the smiley face.”

    “I remembered how your mom would make faces in your food and how you’d cheer up no matter what.” Felix meets her gaze firmly. “Does it help?”

    “Yeah. A little.” It’s just another reminder of how silly she acted yesterday… how she shouldn’t be treated this kindly by him. But that’s Felix. Kind to his core no matter what. “Thank you, Lix.”

    The sound of his nickname brings Felix more comfort than Mia realizes. “You’re welcome. Go ahead and eat now before they get much colder. I think all the syrup soaked in already.”

    Mia watches her fork cut through the smiley face. “That’s okay. They’ll still be good because you made them.” It’s hard for her not to cringe at her words. It's a sentence that is natural for her to say, but her overthinking makes it sound too serious.

    “I hope so,” Felix says, cutting into his own breakfast. “I don’t make pancakes very often.”

    “As long as you didn’t cook them with too much butter…”

    The little jab makes Felix chuckle. “I used an appropriate amount of butter. Don’t worry.”

    A couple of bites into her breakfast and Mia can’t take the awkwardness she believes is between them. The silence is too much. Felix notices instantly, setting his fork aside to wait for whatever Mia has to say to him. He’ll give her all the time she needs because he cares for her… because he likes her.

    “I’m sorry about yesterday,” she finally says, her eyes not meeting his. “I… I shouldn’t have run away and made you worry. It was selfish. I was just embarrassed about what I said to you that I never should’ve… I spoke without thinking and ruined a good day.”

    “You didn’t ruin anything, Mia. I swear you didn’t. I was scared something was going to happen to you if I couldn’t find you all because I made you feel like running away was your only option.”

    “It’s not your fault.”

    “Don’t make me the good person in all this,” Felix frowns. “I haven’t been the kindest to you in the past and that’s why you ran. I didn’t understand you back then, how you were so… dedicated even after I hurt your feelings and I’m sorry for that. It’s why I’m not upset you ran away.”

    Mia manages to meet his soft gaze. “You shouldn’t be sorry for the past. I come on too strong and I had no regard over how you would feel being thrown into a situation like that without any warning. And in front of your friends. That wasn’t smart of me.”

    “But if you hadn’t done that, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

    “With me almost ruining our friendship?”

    Felix chuckles. “It’s going to take a lot more than that to ruin our friendship, Mia.”

    “You’re really not upset?”

    “Not really. I mean, I’m sad you didn’t give me a chance to say anything.”

    Mia’s fidgeting starts, her fingers twisting with each other. “Oh. What… What did you want to say?”

    Now it’s Felix’s turn to be nervous. His gaze drops to his plate and he starts twisting the ring on his pointer finger. “Well, um…” He takes a deep breath. “I… I like you, Mia.”

    The fork Mia had picked up to grab another bite of her food tumbles onto her plate. “Y-You do? Really?”

    “Yeah. I’ve been trying to find a way to talk to you about it and then you gave me the perfect chance to say something, but you ran away.” Felix glances at her shocked face. “I started feeling this way when I saw you two years ago back home when you still treated me like I never left… You still treat me the same, like I’m not an idol.”

    “You’re just Felix to me. You being in Stray Kids is an added perk because I still get to see you even when I can’t see you. I have no reason to treat you differently.”

    “And that’s–” Felix takes a second to calm himself a little, “That’s why I like you. It just took me a little longer to see that.”

    Mia’s eyes well up the longer she stares at the sincerity in his features; the longer he stares back at her with his warm smile bursting through any anxiety showing on his face. “This is real? You like me? Like… for real?”

    He hums as he nods, dark eyes shining like they do when he’s performing.

    Before any sobs can spill from her lips, Mia pulls the hood of Chan’s sweatshirt over her head and pulls the ties as she turns her back to Felix to cry into her sleeves. All of those years of dreaming, hoping, yearning, to hear him say something like that to her come forth in her tears. The sounds trapped in her throat don’t come forward until Mia feels Felix stand in front of her and touch her shoulder. As quick as lightning, her arms go around his waist and she cries into his stomach. It’s nearly impossible for her to catch her breath the louder her sobs get despite being muffled against Felix. He does his best to cradle her head close and comfort her while trying to keep his tears from falling, but he can't stop them. Instead, Felix silently cries with her, his heart breaking a little understanding the magnitude of his confession.

    A few minutes go by, Mia’s cries slowly becoming sniffles that no longer mask Felix’s. She pulls her head away, the hood no longer hiding her frizzy hair and puffy eyes, and looks up at Felix in surprise. Without hesitation, she’s on her feet using the sleeves of Chan’s hoodie to wipe away his tears, making him give a weak laugh.

    “I think this is backward,” he says. “I’m supposed to comfort you.”

    “I’ll be okay. Why are you crying?”

    “Because I’m sorry I took so long.”

    Mia blinks as Felix attempts to rid her cheeks of tears. “Please, don’t be sorry. Better late than never, right?”

    A gentle smile. “Sure… but you wouldn’t have cried like that had I never hurt you.”

    “There’s just a lot of emotions going on in here right now,” Mia says as she taps her head before pulling the hood back up. “Ew… I cried all over this hoodie. I was hoping to wear it even though it’s hot out.”

    Felix runs his hands down the front of his. “You didn’t cry too much on this one. You can wear it if you want.”

    “You’ll let me wear your hoodie?”

    “Sure. I don’t mind.” He grabs the collar and starts pulling it over his head.

    Mia giggles when his arms get stuck for a second, pulling up the white t-shirt he's wearing a bit. She calmly tugs the hem down and takes hold of the hood for him to slip the rest of the way out of it.

    Felix’s face is a little pink as he straightens his t-shirt. “Thanks.”

    “Yeah. Thank you.” Mia is far more graceful taking off Chan’s hoodie and replacing it with Felix’s. She can’t resist hugging it around her. “I like your hoodie. It’s warm and smells good.”

    “You can have it,” he says in a rush, blushing more. “I, uh, I can get another just like it if I want.”

    She stuffs her hands in the pocket. “You’ve just given me the piece of clothing I’m going to wear 24/7.”

    “You’ll have to wash it eventually.”

    “Only when it stops smelling like you.”

    Felix’s stomach flips several times. “That’s… so cute.”

    That stalls Mia’s brain long enough to make awkward silence.

    “Are you okay?”

    She blinks. “You think I’m cute?”

    “Wait. That made you go quiet?”

    “Lix, my whole brain shut down.”

    Felix laughs. “Yes, I do think you’re cute. Is your brain still working properly?”

    “Ha. Don’t let it go to your head, Felix Lee.”

    “I’ll try.” Still smiling, Felix glances at their food. “I don’t know if those pancakes are any good anymore, but we can still eat the fruit.”

    “I can put mine in the microwave and they’ll be fine with a little more syrup on top. I’m not letting this breakfast go to waste when you worked so hard on it to make me feel better. I don’t deserve it.”

    He shakes his head, his eyes sending her a bigger smile than his lips. “You deserve a lot more than this.”

    Once more, Mia malfunctions. “Felix!” she whines, hiding her face behind her hands. “I don’t have the brain capacity to handle this so early on in the day.”

    “Sorry. It’s the truth though.” Felix sits at the table again and nods toward her food. “Finish what you want and go get ready. Chan wants you to come with us to the studio today since we all have to be there. He doesn’t want you to be lonely.”

    “I wouldn’t be, but I’ll go. Is thirty minutes an okay time for me to get ready? I need to shower.”

    “Yeah. I can clean up out here while you do.”

    “Okay.” Mia can’t help grinning at Felix as he takes a big bite of cold pancakes.

    He looks at her. “What?”

    “You like me.”

    All Felix does is laugh, covering his mouth with his hand. “Eat your food, Mia.”

    She kicks his foot under the table but begins shoveling what’s left of her food in her mouth before rushing to the bedroom with a little skip in her step. The door closes behind her.

    Felix can’t help staring at the bedroom door and replaying the morning a couple of times with a soft smile. Even though he made Mia cry – again – he’s glad he finally had the chance to talk to her. If the morning is already eventful, he’s not sure how the rest of the day will play out, especially with his confession now on the table. But one thing he is one hundred percent sure of? His clothes look adorably perfect on Mia.

    #stray kids #stray kids fanfic #skz#skz fanfic#lee felix #Lee Felix fanfic #felix#Felix fanfic #stray kids felix #skz felix#ofc #original female character #oc#original character #Lee Felix x oc #Lee Felix x ofc #fluff#mild angst
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    10:25pm — your boyfriend, seungmin, decided to stay with you at your parents' house after knowing you were sick. but despite of not feeling well, you whined about taking a night stroll with him to make you feel a little better. he wanted to protest at first since he is worrying about you catching a cold, but being stubborn as you are, you said you're okay. seungmin didn't have a choice but to lend you his hoodie and dragged you outside. walking side by side, you wrapped your arms around his, and watched the streetlights glimmer. “why do you want to go out so bad? you might catch a cold.” he pouted but you just kissed the tip of his nose and continued walking. “i missed doing this with you since you're busy. maybe being sick is a good reason to see you.” you smiled at him as he pulled you closer to his body. “busy or not, i'm still looking for a way to spend time with you, okay bub?” he said kissing the top of your forehead. seungmin placed his arm around your shoulder to keep you close and walked down the streets, feeling the cold breeze. “yes, baby.”

    #stray kids #stray kids imagines #jyp stray kids #stray kids scenarios #stray kids blurbs #stray kids soft hours #kim seungmin #kim seungmin imagines #stray kids seungmin #seungmin soft hours #skz imagines #skz seungmin imagines #skz soft hours #seungmin imagines#seungmin #skz seungmin x reader #kim seungmin x reader #seungmin x you #skz fluff #stray kids seungmin imagines #stray kids kim seungmin #stray kids fluff #seungmin fluff#seungmin au #seungmin x reader #just posting soft hours because i haven't posted something decent for days #except for the prologue but oh well #i'm actually writing something for my college au series before i proceed to bang chan's royal au #THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING
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    you loved the crown more than me

    like/reblog if you save 🥺👉🏽👈🏽

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  • ahskz
    25.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    requested? yes ! by @0325gems

    pairing : minho x gn!reader genre : situational! (imagine) prompt #1 a stray eyelash on someone's cheek.

    tw: none


    8am classes were the worst. in fact high school in itself was the worst to begin with. this no-end nightmare that you had to face every single day was going to be the death of you, at least that’s what you thought.

    but you still woke up everyday at the exact same hour, having the exact same routine, eating the exact same breakfast before leaving home, accompanied by your earphones to listen to the latest musics you had found.

    you wish things were different, you truly believed that college would be the opposite of high school, for the sole reason that you’ll get an education that you actually wanted.

    “ are you still daydreaming silly ? “ a voice took you out of your slumber, a voice you knew too well.

    “ mind your business min, i’m still half asleep i don’t feel like talking. “ you groaned, putting some hair strands back in place.

    “ yet you still replied to me. “ he responded, a cocky grin plastered on his face.

    you also hated him. actually, he was your best friend, but all of his numberless overweening acts tickled your boundaries.

    “ whatever. i just wish i could get out of high school soon and start the life i actually want. “ you said, looking at him with ever so sleepy eyes.

    he was staring back at you, exploring your face, your eyes barely opened, your lips somewhat parted and your rosy cheeks from waking up not too long ago.

    you were too tired to make a sarcastic remark so, instead, you let him do his thing, until you felt his fingertip on your upper right cheek.

    “ what’s wrong ? “ you demanded while raising your right arm to prevent any other movement from him.

    “ chill y/n, there’s an eyelash on your cheek please put down your arm i don’t want to hurt you. “

    obviously taken aback by his sudden action, and because you also felt embarrassed at the fact you thought it was a threat, you slouched your arm down, muttering a small apology.

    “ here, i got it off. “ minho simply said. “ oh and by the way, i hope you were also thinking about me in your desired life. “ he added with a smirk.

    “ don’t even dream about that lee. “ you retorted, a smile covering your face.

    yet deep down, you wished he’d still be a part of your life once you’d start college.


    © ahskz. please do not steal or copy.

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  • ninamidnightscribbles
    25.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The Letters - Chapter 4

    Par: Lee Felix x Seo Changbin

    Género: Fluff e Angst

    Avisos: Nenhum

    Palavras: 1.2K

    Nunca fui muito madrugador, mas, no que toca a estar no meio da natureza, tornei isso num hábito, pelo menos durante as férias, por ser uma experiência única.

    Eram 6 da manhã quando acordei e o sol já espreitava pelo meio das árvores. O orvalho matinal dava uma energia misteriosa à floresta e só se ouvia os pássaros a chilrear. Tão terapêutico que, se pudesse, eu ficaria na cama para sempre, se não tivesse de ir embora.

    Estava apenas eu na cama. Changbin, por algum motivo desconhecido, tinha saído mais cedo, deixando-me sozinho.

    Levantei-me, decidi tomar um banho e vestir algo, preparando-me para ir embora.

    Já na cozinha, que estava vazia, comecei a preparar o meu pequeno almoço até que o meu telemóvel tocou, avisando-me que recebi uma mensagem.

    -Oh, Changbin... - Murmurei, lendo o nome que apareceu.

    "Felix. Peço desculpa por ter ido embora assim tão de repente, mas houve um imprevisto e tive de ir… Eu não me lembro de nada do que aconteceu ontem à noite, eu devia estar muito bêbedo. De qualquer forma, obrigada por tudo. Foste a minha salvação nesta semana. Obrigado, Lixie! -Binnie"

    "Ele não se lembra?" Pensei eu, tendo alguns flashbacks do que tinha acontecido. O meu corpo arrepiou-se todo e suspirei, um bocado embaraçado com a minha reação. Era algo estranho ele não se lembrar o que tinha acontecido, especialmente tendo em conta que adormecemos completamente colados um ao outro.  Porém, decidi dar-lhe o benefício da dúvida, já que ele devia estar com uma ressaca demasiado grande para se preocupar no que tinha acontecido.

    De qualquer forma, as imagens de Changbin na noite anterior fazia-me reagir de uma forma muito estranha e fez-me aperceber que, na verdade, os meus amigos tinham razão.

    Eu estava apaixonado por Changbin.


    Setembro chegou num abrir e fechar de olhos e, com isso, as aulas vieram incluídas. Com tempo, o grupo afastou-se e deixamos de manter o contacto frequente, como é natural, já que estávamos todos cheios de trabalho. No entanto, um dia, Minho lembrou-se de combinar irmos a uma discoteca que havia por ali perto e era muito frequentada por alunos da universidade. Eu tinha muitas saudades dos meus amigos e por isso não demorei muito a aceitar.

    Como foi combinado com eles, preparei-me e, depois do jantar, fui direto para a discoteca.

    Lá dentro, o ambiente estava exatamente como eu esperava. Cheio de gente, a dançarem quase todos colados, com música a tocar muito alto e luzes a piscarem freneticamente. Cheirava muito a álcool e a suor, o que me enojada. Definitivamente eu não ia dançar ali! Talvez o bar me salve nesta situação!

    Eu não sabia dos meus amigos e ia ser muito difícil encontra-los naquela confusão. Olhei para o meu telemóvel e tentei mandar mensagens, a ver se os poderia encontrar.

    "Onde estão vocês?" Mandei por mensagem para o grupo.

    Rapidamente recebi a resposta, vinda de Seungmin.

    "Estamos na zona VIP! Anda cá ter!"

    "Zona vip? Como assim?".

    Esta pergunta foi rapidamente respondida no momento em que vi quem estava no palco.

    Chan. Ele era o DJ da noite.

    Não tive problema nenhum em lá entrar, já que os outros estavam à minha espera nas escadas e o guarda, que nos identificou como “acompanhantes do artista”, deixou-nos passar. Era no andar superior e dava-nos uma vista ótima para a pista de dança e para ele, que estava no palco.

    Era estranho vê-lo novamente depois de tudo que aconteceu naquelas férias. Ele parecia estar bem divertido, dançando enquanto mexia no computador e no set de DJ que tinha, estando ele rodeado de mulheres que igualmente dançavam com ele.

    -Estás bem, Lixie? -Alguém gritou ao meu ouvido, de forma a ser ouvido, pois o som da música estava extremamente alto.

    Virei-me para trás, dando de caras com IN. Ele parecia estar feliz de me ver, já que tinha um sorriso de orelha a orelha.

    -Oh sim! Eu estou bem! E tu? Estás a gostar da festa?

    Encostamo-nos os dois à grade, observando a multidão que dançava.

    -Sabes uma coisa? Depois daquela festa que fizemos nas férias de verão, o chan voltou para a ex dele, que era a namorada do Changbin!

    -Sim, eu sei disso, infelizmente…

    Olhou para mim muito desconfiado.

    -Ai sabes? Quem te contou? - Perguntou, muito curioso.

    -Eu gostaria de te contar, mas acho que isso não é conversa para agora… - Murmurei, olhando para o vazio.

    De repente, a conversa foi interrompida, quando ouço gritos atrás de mim. Não eram gritos de pânico ou algo assim, mas sim gritos de alegria, como se estivessem a festejar algo. Quando finalmente entendi o que se passava, senti como se tudo estivesse em câmara lenta.

    A poucos metros de mim, estava o homem por quem me apaixonei. Naqueles meses que haviam passado, não tinha mudado nada, continuava tão atraente como sempre. Ele sorria meio tímido, embaraçado por se ter tornado no centro das atenções, mas também parecia feliz.

    IN juntou-se aos outros, o que me fez sentir como se estivesse a viver uma cena de um filme clichê muito romântico, em que mais ninguém existia naquele momento, apenas eu e ele. Como se tivéssemos luzes sobre nós ou algo assim extremamente dramático.

    Porém, quando volto à realidade, noto que ele não vem sozinho. Atrás dele, vem uma mulher que lhe segura a mão e, tal como ele, sorri timidamente para todos nós.

    O meu coração parecia ter saltado do meu corpo naquele momento, partindo-se em pedaços no chão e, no momento em que Changbin finalmente nota em mim, sinto o meu corpo a tremer com raiva e tristeza.

    -Felix! Eu…

    Eu não aguentei. No momento em que o ouço pronunciar o meu nome com uma voz culpada e envergonhada, sinto o impulso de fugir dali, antes que piorasse.

    E foi exatamente o que eu fiz. Desci as escadas o mais depressa possível, quase tropeçando uma ou outra vez, mas nada me parava. Consegui sair da discoteca bem depressa.

    O meu carro estava estacionado por ali perto, dando-me uma grande vantagem.

    -Lee Felix! Onde vais? Espera! Deixa-me falar contigo! - Uma voz rouca chamou-me novamente, que me era muito familiar.

    Ele tinha vindo atrás de mim e estava prestes a alcançar-me, mas a dor que sentia era demasiado forte e deu-me forças para ignorar e arrancar a prego a fundo.

    Sentia-me traído, extremamente traído! Depois de tanta coisa que fizemos e de termos partilhado um momento tão íntimo um com o outro, era assim que eu era tratado? Como se eu fosse algum tipo de prostituto? Usado uma vez e deitado fora?

    A raiva rapidamente passou a dor, fazendo-me chorar descontroladamente. Eu sentia-me sujo, relembrando-me dos beijos e dos seus toques no meu corpo.

    Só quando finalmente cheguei a casa e me enfiei na cama é que notei que o meu telemóvel não parava de tocar com mensagens e chamadas do meu grupo, especialmente de Changbin.

    E eu, que não tinha paciência, desliguei o telemóvel, ficando finalmente sozinho, apercebendo-me de tudo o que se havia passado.

    Nessa noite, dei a mim próprio a liberdade de soltar as minhas emoções. Chorei imenso e, infelizmente, nos dias a seguir foi igual.

    Changbin tinha-me usado e me deixado num no fundo de um poço.


    NOTAS: Meu Deus, estamos quase a chegar ao último capítulo! Espero que estejam a gostar até agora da minha fanfic!

    Como já disse anteriormente, todas as histórias que escrevo são pura ficção. Não pretendo ofender ninguém, seja as pessoas que estão envolvidas na história, seja quem lê.

    #changlix#skz changbin#skz#skz felix#lee felix#seo changbin#stray kids #stray kids fanfic #stray kids fluff #stray kids angst #portuguese#pt
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  • cobiehaven
    25.07.2021 - 13 hours ago

    [ 5:57 pm ] “jinnie?” you looked around aimlessly as you called for your boyfriend, stepping out onto the back porch to see if had maybe stepped outside to get some fresh air after what happened today.

    calling his name again, this time dropping the nickname and going with his first name, you sighed and was about to walk back inside before you heard a small and faint groan come from somewhere nearby. it didn’t sound like it came from inside, so that must have meant that he was outside. somewhere.

    turning back around to scan the area once more, you found it confusing that you could hear him but you couldn’t see him.

    maybe it was mixed with the exhaustion that you were feeling right now, that somehow playing with your vision.

    hearing another small groan come from hyunjin, your eyes darted towards the direction of the sound. finally being able to catch a glimpse of his laid back body in the hammock tied between two trees. the cloth surprisingly wrapped around his long and slender body very well.

    subconsciously, a smile creeped on your face before you made your way over to the man.

    “hey silly, whatcha doing out here?” you asked him, now standing over him and being able to see than his eyes were closed. if he really came out here to sleep, he must have been really tired. “mm, just resting my eyes..” you wanted to laugh, “really? looks like you’re shifting between life and death,” you said followed by a small eye roll. hyunjin peeked his eyes open a few seconds after, looking up at you from where he was laying. a small silence passed before he reached for your hand, giving it a light tug towards him. “come lay with me,”

    “no way, the hammock will break if i lay in it with you.” you pouted, it was literally a cloth tied between two trees. one that could easily be broken when applied enough weight. a chance you didn’t wanna take when it resulted in rolling off the other end of the hill.

    you watched as hyunjin rolled his eyes the same way you did, soulmates they say.

    “just lay down with me, please.” he whined. “if you don’t do it then i’ll just force you on it with me.” you hated how this man could switch so easily between being cute and hot all in 0.5 seconds. he made you want to cave in for him all with him only using words against you. oh how weak you were for him. “besides, i think i’ll be the only thing breaking here.” a devious smirk forming across his face.

    and there was that sassy hyunjin you always knew and sadly fell in love with.

    taking in a much needed yet dramatic gasp, you slapped his arm. “you’re such an asshole sometimes, y’know that?”

    “but you still love me,”

    “sometimes i question why,” he pouted in response, but you quickly added. “but then i remember i’m stuck down this entire rabbit hole of being so in love with you and just about everything you do to the point that i don’t think i can even stop loving you.”

    he smiled, in the instance that he was standing; he would have actually pulled you in for a kiss and said some snarky remark to make you roll your eyes even harder than before. his dramatic ass always wanting to play games with you. but right now, of course he was laying down and couldn’t do much of anything to you.

    “well maybe you should show me how much you love me by getting in this hammock with me and kissing the exhaustion out of me,” he shot you one of his most gentle and pure smiles. but you knew it had so much more meaning than that.

    you crossed your arms with an unimpressed face, “i’d rather be in my comfy zone, otherwise known as the bed.”

    “that can be arranged too,” he smirked back. your cheeks heated up while he watched you have a mini panic attack. “stop playing games with me.” you said in frustration, the whole reason he was teasing you was just for his boiling entertainment. he always loved switching you up between your emotions so easily.

    he only laughed before tugging at your arm again. “come on, please? i’ve been wanting to hold you all day.” another game he was trying to play with an added on pout.

    you knew that if you did what he wanted, he’d never give you a break between teasing and being dramatic, trying to scare you half to death. but if you didn’t do it, then you’d be inside doing nothing but sleeping alone for the rest of the tiring day. and who wanted to skip cuddling with your significant other just to cuddle your pillow wishing it was them?

    he was also hwang hyunjin, so that was part of the reason.

    “ugh, fine. if you complain about my weight again i swear i’ll rip your hair out.” you warned which made him instinctively cover the top of his head. you shot him a smirk before letting him help you climb into the hammock, laying yourself down halfway on top of him. “i really hope this thing doesn’t break because if it does then we’re not buying another one.”

    “well if it does break then it’ll be yo-“

    “are you asking for your hair to be ripped out?”

    hyunjin chuckled before wrapping his arms around you, pulling you closer to him as if there wasn’t already no space between the two of you. “i love you,” he nuzzled the top of your head.

    god, those words would never get old. you felt your heart flutter for the hundredth time. “you’re lucky i love you too.” you said before snuggling into his chest, your hands drawing small circles against his shirt. you felt the male start to play with your hair, twirling strands between his fingers before placing a kiss on the top of your head. he knew you loved when he did this. he knew because you never pushed him away for it, instead you leaned into it.

    you felt your eyes start to get heavy at the comforting touches he was giving you on top of your deepening exhaustion. today was a long day for the both of you. you could tell he was just as tired with the way his actions started to slow and his body became heavy against yours.

    “wake me up in ten minutes..” you muttered enough for him to hear, “i don’t think i can last that long.” he closed his eyes.

    before you knew it, you both fell asleep under the setting sun in the comfort of the hammock, holding each other.

    © cobiehaven 2021

    #cobiehaven #hyunjin x gn reader #hyunjin#skz #stray kids fluff #hyunjin x reader #pls the way i posted this after i said i was busy 😭 #i really have no schedule #anyways i hope you guys enjoy #i don’t know when i’ll post again ): #fluff#crack#stray kids#skz writing#destinyversenet #gn reader x hyunjin #reader x hyunjin #hwang hyunjin#skz hyunjin#skz imagines#skz timestamps#skz fic
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  • starchxn
    25.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Mr. Sandman | Bang Chan

    ⥃Stray Kids Masterlist

    𝔾𝕖𝕟𝕣𝕖 ➳ Angst, fluff if you squint.

    𝕎𝕠𝕣𝕕 ℂ𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕥 ➳ 1,884 𝓦𝓸𝓻𝓭𝓼

    𝕎𝕒𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤 ➳ One small mention of a knife, multiple mentions of the ‘Sandman’, Chan has a few depressing thoughts.

    𝕊𝕪𝕟𝕠𝕡𝕤𝕚𝕤 ➳ As an insomniac, Chan has had countless sleepless nights. This night was the same, nonetheless, something special seems to greet him.

    Under the dim moonlight filtering in through the window, Chan’s eyes lay wide open staring at the ceiling right above him in complete silence as Changbin’s gentle snores rang through the room, Felix’s slow and deep breathing sounding relatively muted under his bed.

    Chan would do anything to escape the suffocating silence, but there’s only so much he could do to get out of the top of the bunk bed without making a huge ruckus and waking up Felix and Changbin in the process.

    Their schedule had been a mess these past few weeks, and their sleep schedule even worse. The members never had a fixed time to go to sleep, it was as if one member goes to sleep and the other awakes to take over his shift. The dorm had not seen peace ever since their album release process had begun.

    This was the first night the entire dorm was finally shrouded with a hushed kind of peace and quiet as each of the seven members roamed through their own dreamlands, some quite deep into their fantasies, others quite restlessly.

    Chan had no plans of disrupting his fellow member’s peace, not when they were fully deserving of it.

    He had no option but to remain laying down on his bed in deafening silence, regretting the decision of leaving his earphones behind on the writing desk in the middle of the room, moonlight illuminating it as if to mock him about it.

    It wasn’t long before his mind started to wander into the depths of his mind, picking and ruffling through each and every memory of his, trying to claw deep into his wounds and his embarrassments and slash through his ego with a deeply sharpened knife.

    He just wanted it to stop. He just wanted it all to end.

    He wanted to feel empty.

    Flinching, he drew the covers closer around him, yet careful not to jerk around too much to disturb Felix with incessant creaking. Felix was a light sleeper compared to the rest of them, and he just happened to be paired with him as a roommate.

    It wasn’t like Chan minded that Felix was his roommate, in fact, he was glad he could spend each night looking and listening to the boy before he slept. It was as if his face set off a trigger, reminding his mind not to bore him with violent thoughts and calming it more than any melodious tune could. Sometimes he would even doze off for a couple of hours just from listening to his voice, but it never truly lasted long enough.

    Chan had the burden of being an insomniac as long as he could remember, and though sometimes, it did benefit him as some type of twisted ‘gift’ of being able to work late into the night without a hint of being tired, it often left his body dwindling with exhaustion and emptiness, as if he longed for the thought and the gift of dreamland greeting him one night.

    There was always a war raging inside his head. A war between his overly exerted and exhausted body and his hyper intensive senses, which never once seem to tire in the course of a whole week.

    He sighed gently as the little hints of a headache began to creep in, a sign of how tried his body had become with the stubbornness of his seemingly uncontrollable mind.

    Finally feeling sick and tired of his thoughts for the night, he picked his phone up from under his blanket and hurriedly lowered its brightness before it could blind him and proceeded to open his Bubble message app, mind not quite registering what his fingers had done before the message had already been sent to probably millions of his fans all around the world.

    💌 New message from Chan has arrived! 💌

    2.47 AM

    Help… There’s no end ㅠㅠ

    In an instant, hundreds of messages flooded into the chatroom, some comforting him, some giving him suggestions, and others leaving him positive messages.

    And clearly, this was not what he had asked for. Of course, he would be ever grateful for all the encouraging messages the fans left for him, but he wasn’t one who thought he deserved their pity or even their sympathy for that matter. Besides, he was an idol and he had a principle of prioritising his fans before his own problems.

    He sighed lowly in defeat, gently laying his buzzing phone on the blanket and resuming to stare at the ceiling, having nothing else to do. He didn’t know how much time had passed before he picked up his phone yet again in an attempt to amend the mess he had created.

    💌 New message from Chan has arrived! 💌

    3.01 AM

    I want a hoverboard hehe

    Messages began to buzz in yet again, some laughing at his random messages and others not quite convinced by his attempt to redirect their attention from the topic.

    His eyes caught one such message, the sender having an anonymous sort of username by the name of ‘star’. He didn’t know it was possible to skip through the process of entering your full name in the app while registering, but the sender seemed to have somehow skipped through it.

    I know you’re struggling with your thoughts and you’re not ready to open up yet
    And that’s perfectly fine because we know how you feel.
    I know you get like thousands of suggestions of how to get some sleep
    Let me be the thousandth person to recommend something
    Although I doubt you’d ever try it
    Whenever I have difficulty in sleeping, I have one song I go to
    Try listening to Mr. Sandman by SYML.
    I doubt it’ll help but it’s better to try than suffer this way.

    Quitting out of the app, Chan decided to go for it. One song wouldn’t hurt him, he only needed to make sure to keep the speaker volume low so as to avoid disturbing the others. By the time he typed the name of the song in the music app, his vision seemed to be getting a little blurry and hazy, but he brushed it off as the effect of staring at his phone screen for too long.

    The low hum of piano keys drifted through the speakers of his phone, volume barely audible and muffled under the blanket.

    Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream Make her the cutest that I've ever seen Give her two lips like roses and clover And tell her that her lonely nights are over Sandman, I'm so alone Don't have nobody to call my own Please turn on your magic beam Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream

    Chan seemed to be getting accustomed to the calming song. Although the song seemed to be talking about the loneliness of not having a lover, Chan related to it in a way and it seemed to calm his mind.

    For the first time in what felt like years, Chan felt the voices inside his head nullify. The raging war came to a standstill as his senses fought one last time to gain the upper hand, but simply ebbed down into an abyss.

    His vision turned blurry, the dim moonlight streaming in through the window looking like a halo of an illuminated figure, glowing at its own accord.

    Then, he wasn’t conscious anymore.

    He felt like he was floating, feeling otherworldly though he was inside his own body. Then he saw a figure far away from his sights, though quite blurry. Her hair was long and her arms were wrapped around her protectively as she turned away from him. He seemed to call out to her and she’d turned her head to look at him for one fleeting moment before disappearing, but that was enough for Chan to know,

    She had eyes made of glass.

    He awoke with a start, feeling as if his breath was knocked out of his lungs as if he had run for thousands of miles on end, salty sweat making his shirt cling onto his body. Just then, he began to notice his surroundings.

    Instead of the gentle moonlight streaming through his window, it was now the harsh sunlight of the summer heat that greeted his burning vision. Instead of the gentle snores and deep breathing that echoed through the night, his ears rang with the muffled clinking of dishes and chopsticks outside the closed door with an occasional muffled voice talking to another.

    Chan couldn’t believe it, he had actually slept.

    Just then, an irritating itch began to develop at the edges of his eyes and he gently lay his finger on it to pull it out, but when he pulled it closer to get a look at what it was, it was as if he was frozen in shock.

    There was actual sand at the edges of both his eyes.

    In pure disbelief, he climbed out of his bed and opened the door in a hurry to leave the room.

    “Oh Chan-Hyung, you’re awake?” Jeongin questioned from the dining table, setting his bowl of rice down.

    “How long was I asleep for?” He asked instead.

    “We didn’t know when you had slept and we noticed the bubble messages you sent late at night so we decided to let you sleep in. Luckily we don’t have any schedule for today.” Hyunjin answered from beside Jeongin.

    Chan turned to look at the wall clock situated directly parallel to the dining room and almost had to do a double-take, fighting to keep his expression neutral as the situation began to sink into his mind.

    It was almost 3:30 PM.

    He’d slept for almost 12 hours.

    “Is something wrong?” Hyunjin asked as he stood in the middle of the dorm in his pyjamas, continually staring at the clock.

    “No, nothing at all. Why are you guys having lunch so late?” Chan made an attempt to redirect the topic, luckily it seemed to have worked.

    “You’re not the only one who slept late.” Jeongin shrugged.

    “Alright, I’ll get changed and be out in a few minutes,” Chan announced before returning to his room and closing the door behind him. He sighed loudly before climbing back up into his bunk and searching around his blankets for his phone. As soon as he found it, he scrolled through his bubble app trying to find the messages he had read last night, but it was as if they had never existed. Even as he scrolled through the section of messages he had remembered to be there, it had vanished.

    The only evidence he had about last night were the bubble messages he had sent in his disparity and the recently played songs in his music app, where the song, Mr. Sandman, stood there as the last played one. A reminder that he had after all, not imagined everything.

    His mind wandered back to the moonlight and the figure he seemed to notice. Was that real too?

    Then he was reminded of the girl with the eyes of glass. Was she the one who helped him, or was it some kind of his own twisted imagination?

    If his eyes really weren’t playing tricks on him, he was sure of one thing.

    He wanted to meet the Sandman again tonight.

    The End

    © starchxn 2021. do not repost, modify, or translate.

    AN:- Not my usual writing but Chan’s late night messages tend to inspire me sometimes so I whipped this one up quickly. Sorry for being so inactive on here, there’s a lot going on with my school stuff. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

    #stray kids#chan#bang chan #bang chan fluff #bang chan angst #stray kids fluff #stray kids angst #bang chan scenarios #bang chan fanfic #bang chan preferences #stray kids fanfic #stray kids reactions #stray kids imagines #skz#kpop#kpop fanfiction#kpop fluff#kpop angst#minho#hyunjin#lee know#felix#lee felix#han jisung#changbin#jeongin#seungmin #on a side note someone save this man #if insomnia was a person #it'd already be 6 feet under
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  • thevampywolf
    24.07.2021 - 21 hours ago


    Genre: smut, fluff, dd/lg

    Warnings: cockwarming

    Request: no

    Member: Chan

    "Daddy," you pout, nuzzling your face into the side of Chan's arm. "Daddy?"

    Your boyfriend turns to look at you, the deep lines of concentration diminishing from his brow as his face softens at the sight of you. "Yes, my little one?"

    You look up at him, your eyes wide. "Want daddy," you whisper, clutching at his hands. They're warm and calloused from constantly working on his laptop, and you instantly raise them to you, pressing them up against your cheek. "Miss daddy."

    Chan smiles at that, and he gently detangles his hands from your grip so he can move his laptop away from his lap. He places it down on the coffee table infront of him before he takes a hold of your hands again, pulling you gently into his lap. "Yeah?" Chan hums, running his hands up and down your back as you snuggle into his broad chest. "Is my baby girl feeling clingy? Does she want some attention from daddy?"

    "Mhm," you nod happily, wiggling closer to him so your stomach is pressed flat against Chan’s. You want to be as close to him as possible, want to almost be him, want to crawl inside of his skin, drawing him around you like a blanket and breathe his air and feel his feelings. Sometimes the urge to be connected to him in such a way becomes so strong that it leaves you breathless, and makes you become so needy and clingy for him that your need to be with him dominates everything else.

    "Come here my little one," Chan murmurs his sweet nickname for you and you almost purr into the crook of his neck that you bury your face into; he makes you feel so small and vulnerable sometimes that you end up dropping everything and let him take care of you. And he does, in every way that you could ever hope for. He shows his love for you in every thing he does, from the way he gently brushes your hair when you're too sleepy to do it, to the way he holds you close to him with lips pressed against your temples.

    Now, his eyes search for your own as he cups your face, his forehead resting against yours. Your eyes almost flutter shut at the tenderness is his eyes, his nose brushing softly against yours, his lips grazing your mouth. "What do you want, princess?"

    You curl your fingers into his shirt, feeling shy. Sensing your thoughts, Chan laughs quietly and he leans forward, gently kissing your nose.

    "Ah," he whispers, moving you slightly away so you're perched on his knees while he slowly unzips his trousers. "I know what my angel wants."

    You flush. Your gaze stays on Chan’s, his head resting back against the sofa as he unbuttons his boxers. Then he pulls his member out slowly before reaching for you again, your skirt flowing out around Chan’s thighs as he settles you down on his crouch. Your hands on Chan’s shoulders, your eyes widen as your core stretches out deliciously slowly around him.

    "Better?" Chan asks you, pulling you towards him again. His arms snake around your waist, slipping under your hoodie and his skin is hot against your own; you breathe heavily against his neck at the feeling, the slightly rough texture of his palms like heaven on your skin. You nod against him, enjoying the feeling of his warmth surging inside of you. He smiles fondly as he squeezes you tightly, his lips tracing over your cheekbone and your lips, his lashes fluttering against your face like the wings of butterflies.

    "I love you," Chan breathes and you giggle, your hands curled up into little fists resting against his chest as you lean against him.

    "I love daddy," you whisper, your walls clenching around him. He's buried deep, deep inside of you, just the way you like him; you love sitting like this with him, your bodies tangled and your hearts beating as one.

    Chan's heartbeat drums like a unique pulse through your fingers, slightly vibrating as he breathes, making you drowsy. It's as though your boyfriend knows, for a second later your favourite blanket is pulled around your shoulders, tucking the both of you into the soft cushions of the sofa.

    You look up at the man who smiles down at you, his eyes crinkled up at the corners. Your heart soars. You love when his eyes do that.

    "Thanks daddy," you grin sleepily up at Chan, and he just holds you even tighter, his hands massaging the skin of your shoulder blades.

    "Always for you, my princess," is the las thing you hear before you fall asleep, your bodies completely locked harmoniously together.


    Tag list ~ @koos-euphoria @es-kay-zee @ex-skz-me @raethethey @hugs4chan @hotmesshapa @manonblackbeak-trash @hendsernoodle @tahaing @sir3racha @donghyucksbutterfly @jl-micasea @nightshade-minho @water--gang @yourdaddychan @n-bokhari @stanskzseungmin @loving-unicorns106 @hanscheesecake @ateez-babygirl @dalamjisung @cuddlychrisbang @jisungsjheekies @freckledquokka @dinosdawn @cookiemonstermusic258 @strwbrryfroyo @gazelle-des-pres @qtieskz @airwaveee @stigmvta @love-stays @necromancersupreme @visiblemisfit @jorgofthejungle @super-btstrash-posts @changlix-mp4 @pradajaehyun @exonations @fluffybitch0325 @jeyelleohe (lemme know if you wanna be added or removed)

    #stray kids #stray kids scenarios #stray kids text #stray kids text post #stray kids texts #stray kids imagines #bang chan #stray kids fluff #bang chan room #stray kids bang chan #chris bang#christopher bang #bang chan smut #stray kids chan #chan#skz fluff#skz au#skz imagines#skz#skz scenarios#skz drabbles#kpop scenarios#kpop fluff#kpop texts#kpop
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  • imaaroy
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    "𝘐𝘵'𝘴 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘵𝘰 𝘣𝘦 𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘬 𝘩𝘰𝘮𝘦."💕



    Hwang Hyunjin 💝


    •Christmas. The season of greetings. Hyunjin just entered the chaotic household after a walk in the mild snow. He dusted the snow off his coat and hung it behind the door, before excusing himself to go in the kitchen and make some hot coco for himself, whilst seeing the antics his brothers were pulling on each other. With the mug in his hand, he took a seat on the sofa, staring at his brothers, smiling.

    Smiling to the extent that his cheeks were hurting.

    Han was playing around with Jeongin, Minho was as usual, disturbing Seungmin, Changbin was minding his own business, and Chan was merrily eating the new brownies that Felix tried.

    "Yah hyung, keep some for us too!"yelled Jeongin, who now ran towards the duo, Seungmin tailing behind him. Soon, the rest were chasing Chan around the dorm to get some of the brownies. Seeing his brothers playing around and smiling made him realize that he can't stay without them for even an hour. He smiled looking at the 'lovestay' cup in his hand, and then his brothers.

    "It's good to be back home."

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  • skzfairies
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    minji’s relationship with skz

    chan (bang-ji)

    minji knew chan since she was like, 15

    so since 2015 but they didn’t become friend’s until like 2016

    they had classes together but they just never crossed paths, until they did a performance together for monthly evaluations

    it was just the two of them, and they got like, super super close

    chan was like, a mentor for her and he helped her improve a lot and gave her advice

    and minji was like, his annoying little sister, because she got on his nerves SO MUCH

    she listened to him, of course, but she was so energetic and loud, chan was like 😕😕 i don’t get payed for this

    and four years later it’s still the same way 🥳🥳

    chan feels like he’s babysitting her whenever they hang out

    he has good reflexes, so whenever he sees shes about to fall, he normally catches her

    if he was annoyed with her and it wasn’t a big fall, he would just let her fall 😅😅

    but if he knew she was going to get hurt he would make sure to catch her, he got fatherly senses with her 🤞

    chan is like, a very tired father and minji is like an excited little kid, this girl doesn’t even need coffee or candy.....

    when she was in school chan always helped her with her homework, they literally spent so many nights at the kitchen table with minji in tears and chan desperately trying to get her to understand the math equation in front of her

    they eventually get it tho 🤞 because chan big brained

    lee minho (🐱+🐹)

    these two are literally tom and jerry

    hence their ship name being a cat and a mouse <3

    but minho is the cat and minji is the mouse

    it’s like that one talker where hyunjin is running from minho but minji is literally ZOOMING

    once they were playing outside and minji was running and she bumped straight into changbin and fell on her butt 😳

    minho had no sympathy tho cuz he picked her up and threw her in the lil kiddy pool that was outside (yes they are CHILDERN<3)


    minji stole one of his hoodies and she was wearing it so minho started to chase her, and she was running around the house and somehow she ended up sitting on top of the fridge ????

    cuz of this minho started calling her flash because SHE ZOOMS

    when they aren’t chasing each other or trying to kill each other they are a POWERFUL duo

    they will either a. roast the hell out of you. or b. literally kill u with their charisma <3

    both of them are so hot and powerful together and they know it :D

    seo changbin (chang-ji)

    changbin is literally the reason why she is who she is today :D

    he taught her so many things, like how to write songs, how to get over writers block, how to produce, how to rap, everything

    her first song she even wrote was w him and he let her take the wheels for it, and he gave her pointers on the way, it was mostly her but changbin edited it and helped her when she was stuck and when they were recording it and she was helping the members w their lines he was having a big proud dad moment and he was just like ☺️☺️ THATS MY DAUGHTER

    she’s like changbin’s #1 fan oh my goodness, like she barely teases him ITS ALL PRAISE

    she’s like how hyunjin is to her but to changbin 😭

    man this is mf LOVE TRIANGLE ???

    changbin makes her laugh SO HARD and he’s just like 😏😏 i’m a comedian yup yup

    minji and changbin always fool around during pratice, LIKE THEIR WILD, chan had to scold them once and separate them, and they kept making eye contact and they were literally fighting the urge not to laugh that were like 😸😸

    just another chaotic duo <3

    hwang hyunjin (hyun-ji)

    hyunjin babys her a lot, she says she hates it but she secretly loves it 😳😳

    hyunjin always gives her head pats or pinches her cheeks or screams “CUTEEE” whenever ever she does anything


    gaming buddies <3

    since their roomies they stay up late together and play games till either they fall asleep on each other or seungmin or minho yell at them to go to bed 😭

    they always cuddle and nap together ITS THE CUTEST THING EVER

    seungmin has an album of them cuddling and it’s like 200 pictures of them sleeping IT HAPPENS SO OFTEN BUT ITS STILL CUTE

    minji is ALSO very hard to wake up and when she’s asleep on top or next to hyunjin it’s even harder so their roomies basically hate them 😕

    seungmin blasts music into their ears to wake them up, SOMETIMES THAT DOESNT EVEN WORK OH MY GOSH AHHA

    but if they had no where to be hyunjin normally wakes up before her and he’s just like 🥺🥺🥺 MINNIE <333 SO CUTE

    she normally falls asleep laying her head on his chest or she’s curled up into his side or HE is the one curled up onto her, no other way.

    but these two are again, so cute, so iconic, SO LOUD, we love to see it <3

    def stays fav ship

    han jisung (2ji)

    minji is VERY extroverted so it’s kind of hard for them to hang out and plan stuff

    because minji wants to go see the world and jisung is like .... MOVIE NIGHT :D

    but every extrovert needs an introvert bestie 🤞

    whenever she’s really tired she will go and watch whatever show or movie jisung is watching.... she always falls asleep but jisung doesn’t care cuz he’s too busy quoting each line of the movie to even notice

    but when minji has a lot of energy and so does jisung.... it’s a party


    minji is so chaotic herself so any friendship is has is immediately chaotic

    so many dance parties <3

    so much laughs and jokes


    lee felix (min-bok)

    the cutest duo ever omg

    also the silliest and goofiest

    and weird

    felix taught her how to do that vibrate thing he does and she has never stopped doing it since <3

    she ate the banana peel w him and went “we have to die together, i’m not letting you see the end of life before me.” and everyone was like “mINJI YOU CANT SAY THAT ON VLIVE”

    but they are literally besties omg


    once they recorded an hour video on jisung’s phone because he fell asleep in the dance pratice room and it was just the three of them so they just recorded themselves joking around and dancing, they even recorded jisung sleeping (they may or may not have drew on jisungs face 🤞)

    minji has an aussie accent because of him and felix is the proudest person ever, he’s like a proud dad even tho they are almost the same age 😭😭


    kim seungmin (seung-ji)

    whenever minji crashes seungmins vlive he’s always like 😕😕


    she ALWAYS crashes his vlive, she either stays or the rest of it or just walks into the room he is in and screams, and then runs out AND YOU CAN HEAR HER GIGGLING and seungmin is just like ????.....hehe

    he secertly adores her

    he shows his love in a small way, like minji slightly shivers? he’s asking his managers for a blacket, or giving her his hoodie/jacket. she’s hungry? he’s dragging her to the nearest vending machine

    seungmin best boy :D

    minji loves him to pieces, she feels so safe and loved when she’s around him so seungmin knows all her secerts and he always comforts her in the best way

    seungmin also feels so safe and loved by her, whenever he’s feeling down he comes and lays his head in minji’s lap, and she will immediately stop what she’s doing and if she’s around someone she’ll kick them out and will just play w seungmins hair and listens to him or just a sits w him :)

    softest friendship ever 🤞

    yang jeongin (jeong-ji)


    she loves him so much


    when maknae on top she sent a bubble message of her going “MAKENAE ON TOP WHOOO MAKENAE ON TOP WHOO OH OH” like SHE SCREAMED IT

    she posted so many screenshots of the video on insta and was like “PLEASE LOVE I.N LOTS <3 I SWEAR HES NOT PAYING ME TO DO THIS I PROMISE :D”, JEONGIN YELLED AT HER FOR THAT ONE 😭😭😭

    she makes it seem like i.n is the ruler of the house and has no mercy 😭😭

    ohhhhh and when i.n’s first cover came out SHE CRIED SO HARD SHE WAS SO PROUD AND SHE WAS SO AMAZED

    she crawled into hyunjin’s bed and was like “🥺🥺he🥺🥺HES SO PRECIOUS”

    and she facetimes jeongin after she was done crying cuz ur girl is too lazy to walk to his room and she wqs like “i am SO PROUD OF YOU.” and hyunjin was just sitting behind her laughing HIS ASS OFF

    and jeongin was like ☺️☺️ thanks, and he smiled and then minji started crying AGAIN

    she loves him so much :D

    jeongin is like .....?? okay whatever noona :D

    #aesocnet. #deluxeoc#stray kids#skz #stray kids au #stray kids fluff #stray kids ninth member #stray kids 9th member #skz au #stray kids female oc #stray kids oc #stray kids extra member #stray kids female member #stray kids female addition #stray kids addition #stray kids fan fic #kpop extra member #kpop au#kpop oc #kpop idol oc #chan fluff#seungmin fluff#changbin fluff#hyunjin fluff#jeongin fluff#minho fluff#jisung fluff #han jisung fluff #felix fluff #stray kids imagines
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  • allurence
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    [12:12 pm]

    the sunshine peeks through the hastily closed windows, rays of light dashing through the blinds onto minho’s sleeping figure. it lays on his lashes, glitters the expanse is his cheeks and dusts gently on his lips, and you just think he’s so beautiful. reaching up with a tender hand, you push some of the hair that’s gone astray, falling into his line of sight. and as much as you tried to not disturb him, your minimal touches seem to be enough to wake him up, eyes fluttering open softly as a grin makes its way into your lips.

    “hi, honey.”

    “___?” minho asks, rubbing his eyes before grabbing fistfuls of the ivory blanket to cover him even more. “cold.” he puts simply.

    you chuckle at his morning antics before running a hand through his bed head, watching as he grumbles before turning his face into the silk pillowcase.

    “i’m sure you are.” your boyfriend doesn’t respond, shutting his eyes as he shifts under the sheets to find a good position to lay in. his hands wanders until they find your waist, pulling you in (but it’s mostly you moving towards his grabby hands pulling at your shirt.)

    “you’re so needy.” you tease him, but you still snuggle closer to his warm body. minho slips a hand under your heather gray shirt (presumably his) and keeps in on your waist, rubbing gentle circles in your skin.

    “’m not.” minho protests, but it fails on deaf ears as you intertwine both of your hands together. you feel his lips curl into a smile against your skin, and the action erupts butterflies in your stomach.

    “i love you.” you mumble, voice quiet.

    “go back to sleep, idiot.”

    you feign hurt as you twist your head to get a good look at him. “you’re not saying it back?”

    minho finally opens his eyes again, staring pointedly before closing them and burying his head in your shoulder.

    “…love you too.”

    #guys i… #i don’t know how to FEEL… #i’m so mfing devastated #WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF #IM CRYING#LORD #anyways i have to be a girlboss and get the rest of these tags in!! #minho#lee minho#lee know#lino#minho skz#stray kids#skz #lee know stray kids #stray kids minho #stray kids lee minho #minho x reader #minho fluff #minho stray kids #stray kids x reader #skz x reader #stray kids drabbles #stray kids fluff #lee know x reader #lee minho x reader #lee minho fanfic #lee know fanfic #minho fanfic#allurence
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  • hyunjinspark
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    part 36: don't say no

    only fools fall for you | hyunjin sm au

    you’re excited to finally get a new start at university, majoring in the thing you love the most; dancing, and you’re positive that absolutely nothing can ruin the quintessential college experience for you.

    that is, until you run into your lifelong rival, hwang hyunjin and to make things worse…you can’t seem to get rid of him.

    ⇐ masterlist

    a/n: welpppp.

    any and all feedback, in the form of comments, reblogs or asks would be appreciated, it keeps me going 🥺🥰

    taglist: @caratinylyfe @peachy-maia @bambibamb @born5sos @rawrrain @the7thcrow @annawolfhard19 @skzooo @velvetand-roses @rindomo @gothmingguk @thegracerammy @minaamhh @hyunjun-jpeg @unexceptional-h @danyxthirstae01 @super-btstrash-posts @iwanttobangchan @egzyste-ncja @ificouldhelpyouforget @404-incorrect @lauraneuuh @seoryoungies @mstarlight @jakesahi @goddessofdestructionbeast @inlovewithasa @cutendshort @exonations @kxxhanii @summikii @90s-belladonna @fuckunrequitedlove @imhyvnjin @neverstaynever @princess-kayleigh @ninjaleeknow @sunastars @vantxx95 @purpleskzsworld @youurkryptonite @milyberry @glitteryskzstraykidsdream @rae-blogging @geniejunn @putmetogetheragain13 @hhjkji @mi-sumi @diue @are-you-bored-yet @jin-neck-shaft @seungcheoluwu @songsmenu @thonkingdeepo @cioud-recesses @chaitae-bae @haniehae

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  • vincianwrites
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    New writer

    Hi i am a new kpop writer. I will be writing kpop idols x m!reader. I will also do gender neutral at times but you will have to state that in your request (it will contain male anatomy as well unless again if you state other wise)

    Slight angst



    I will write for

    Txt (smut will be choi line ONLY)
    The boyz
    Stray kids

    I will probably add more groups later

    Feel free to send requests. They are open

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  • insideofrose
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Break - Lee Minho

    The bass of Sneaky Link made you turn your head towards the doorframe Minho was leaning at, immediately turning back to what you were doing after seeing his expression.

    His feet stomped at the rhythm of the music, his body shuffling towards you as it got louder and louder. “Minho, I am busy”. “Break time”. “No”. “Yes”. You push your glasses up, patience wearing thin, “I have to finish this for tomorrow”. Your boyfriend grabs you by the shoulders, turning your chair around until you are face to face with him, only to then turn the speaker’s volume to the maximum, aggressively lip-syncing the lyrics while trying to get you to stand.

    “Move your ass out of there” your eyebrows furrow, puppy eyes appearing on his features as a plea. You take a second to think, and knowing well that he won’t let you simply go back at your papers before standing slowly. “Just one song, then I’ll come back”. “One song and one snack?” He offers. “One song and one snack,” you say while following his silly dance moves as his smile grows bigger.

    #Minho#stray kids#skz#fluff#au#imagine#scenario#minho imagine#minho fluff#mino skz #stray kids fluff #stray kids imagines #stray kids scenarios #stray kids drabbles
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