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    © braemjeorn, all rights reserved. republication of any kind is prohibited.

    ⚠ all works are for fictional purposes; charcterization are not meant to represent idols in real life.

    also available in ao3

    wordcount : 4k



    Son Mari—22, neck length black hair—stared at the house, nearly brushing her nose to the black gate that shields its front. A grand mansion, Georgian, with two rows of windows above one another, and a few more for the attic. It has two wings, hidden slightly amongst the trees at the side of the park. The roofs are stark, deep red clay against the ivory walls. Before it is a fountain, the trickling water adds to the solemnity of the estate. A cobblestone pathway circled it, wide enough for automobiles and carriages to swiftly enter.

    MARI (nervously mutters)

    Oh, help…

    She exhales, releasing the tension in her. With a hand full from holding her bag, she pushes the gates open, enters, and latches it with her back. She pauses there for a moment before standing up with a big inhale.

    MARI (hushedly to herself)

    I, am, confident.

    She walks around the fountain, under the trees; the sight of the windows covered by the leaves.


    (mutters on, like a prayer) I have confidence, in my confidence… Oh! A pebble… I can do this… I can do this! The Lord is with me, so I can... I can do anything! So you shall see everyone, that I do have confidence, in me!"

    With a final bravado she raises her hand to knock, but abruptly halts herself. Mari looks about, finding an electric bell and fumblingly presses on it. She then sighs heavily, leaning to the wall next to it. The travel from the other side of the town had been fatiguing. Her eyes drifted back to the door, deep reddish wood. The knocker was the odd one. Greyish-blue silver, fashioned to a wolf’s head. Mari was admiring it, and suddenly a latch sounded; she startled, standing back upright.

    The door opens slowly, showing a man in a neat suit and gloved hands, kindly and curiously raising his eyebrows at her.


    (blurts out) Hello! 

    (gapes for a moment) I’m the new governess! How do you do… captain? (quickly) I’m Son Mari!

    The man blinked, a pause as he regarded her. Mari was close to breaking down in embarrassment when he breaks into a warm smile.


    How do you do? I am Kang Younghyun, the butler.

    Mari chuckles, rubs her nose embarrassedly. Younghyun chuckles with her.


    I beg your pardon.

    A-a pleasure to meet you… Younghyun-ssi?

    Yonghyun smiled, opening the door wider and gesturing her to enter.


    Welcome, Son Mari-seonsaengnim. We have been waiting for you.

    Mari stepped in, Younghyun closes the door. She lets him take her guitar case and follows him through the foyer into a grander hall inside.


    Younghyun sets her case by a settee, then turns back to her.


    If you will wait here, please. Captain will see you presently.


    (nods) Of course.

    Younghyun gave her a curt bow, walks through one of the doors and out of sight. Mari sat down, but stretches about to look around the hall, giving occasional sounds of awe.

    A grand chandelier hangs from the middle of the ceiling, glittering in the daylight sun that comes through the sheerly stained window across it. There’s a stair hall under the window—right before her, at the end of this great hall—connecting the flight of stairs on the left and right side of the wall, wallpapered in red with gold patterns. The staircases, panels, and landings are white ivory, with bannisters of polished redwood. There are doors on the higher floor. Two on each side of the wall, also on the lower ground, yet in doubles.

    Mari walks to the one at her right—carefully, no one has come for her yet. She admires the twin handles; beautiful, brass and crafted in swirls of leaves. There was a gap between the doors, darkness showing through. Her curiosity piques. Slowly she nudged the door open, just a sliver to see. Heavily it moved, but steady without squeak or scratch.

    It seemed to be an even bigger hall, swallowing darkness if not for an inch of curtain open at the left end, parallel to the stained glass. Daylight streamed through, showing just a little of the wall next to it. They are not wallpaper—paintings, burst of colours framed in golden frames, at least as wide as her height.


    (almost inaudible) A gallery?

    In the hall, a person approaches behind her.

    CAPT. BANG (O. S.)

    (cold and sternly) If you’ll step back and shut the door as it were.

    Mari’s shoulder jerked up in surprise, turning back to the speaker. A man stood in the middle of the hall, hands by his side, his face the kind which brooks no excuse. Mari felt like a scolded schoolgirl all over, caught in mischief. In a way, she is. So she latched the door back in place, stepping away.


    In the future you will remember, that some rooms are to be strictly undisturbed.

    Mari watches him. Ah, so this is the captain, she thought.


    (slowly nods) Yes, sir.

    They regard each other: she in curiosity, him in mild-vexation well-hidden confusion.


    Why such stare?

    Mari blinked, then leans back, suddenly conscious of her staring.


    (hesitant) I've… I confess, when they said you are a naval captain… (clasping her hands)—well, you’re not what I expected. Sir.

    Mari has never met a sailor, or a naval officer either; who is she to compare and think Captain Bang looks more like a gentleman. He looks younger than what she thought—no more than forty, surely. His jaw is firm, large nose with dark brown hair. Of average height, upright and prideful stance. Cold, like he has overcome both the worst and greatest things in life, and it had thoroughly refined him. His apparel is dark in shades, suit clasped with brass buttons.


    (coolly) You're not what I expected when I asked for a governess either.

    Untie your hat, please.


    (startles) Pardon?


    (nods at her headdress) Your hat, put it off.

    Mari complied, loosening the scarf off her wide brim straw hat, placing it on her front and smoothing her hair. Captain Bang gave her an overlook, then raises his hand, gesturing. Mari tilts her head confusedly.



    Mari frowns. Stiffly, she steps in place, like a ballerina figure of a rusty music box. Then waits for the Captain’s response.


    Put on something else—something more suitable before you meet the children.


    (hesitates) I…

    She chuckles dryly. Her hand brushed over the skirt of her long woollen dress.


    That wouldn’t make a difference, sir. My clothes are all of similar cut and shade.


    (frowning) How could that be…?


    You see… When we entered the abbey, our worldly clothes were relinquished to the poor. Since I am to come here—I cannot wear my robes of course, and well… Only these are immediately available. What the poor didn't want.

    Captain Bang thought it over, hums.


    We have a seamstress, so I’ll send materials for your new clothes. Today, if possible.

    Mari brushes her hand behind her head, nods.


    Thank you, sir. I would’ve made my own, but there wasn’t time…

    Captain Bang waves a hand dismissively.


    Very well, I'll see about it. Now then…

    He holds his hands behind him and began to walk about her.


    (directs a hand her way) Your name again?


    Son Mari, sir.


    Mari-ssi, I have no idea how much experience you've had in this profession, or how much Mother Abbess had described to you…


    (mumbles) Just the minimum, sir…


    (speaks louder over her) You are the sixteenth from the long line of governesses I've invited—hired, to attend to my children. I hope, you will last longer than your recent predecessor—she lasted two hours, at the least.


    (frowned)Why is that, sir?


    (musing) Acute fright, to which I cannot persuade over…

    (continued more firmly) Ten of them failed my request to maintain discipline, which this house cannot be held without. I want a productive, steady summer. There are scheduled lessons, for after breakfast until midday, followed by an hour of exercise after lunch—walk them around the grounds. Then the younger ones are to nap, while the older ones attend supplementary lessons. Between tea and dinner they are released but for a Bible reading, and bedtime is to be strictly observed.

    Mari’s eyes grew wider with each word.


    (horrified) The entire summer..?


    (brushes her off again) I shall hand you a guidebook tomorrow to help you with it. Pay attention to the subjects—they have to keep up in school.

    Captain Bang stops, turns to her, gaze stern.


    That is the first of your briefing. Is all clear?

    Mari blinks. ‘Packed schedule’ is what her mind wraps the assault of information in. She stood more upright anyway.


    (exclaiming, hands saluting) Yes, sir!

    The captain looks unamused (much she tried to indulge him). Mari puts down her hand, smiling good-naturedly. Captain Bang looks away with a sigh. He pulled out the silver whistle chained to his breast pocket, placing it before his mouth.

    The shrill voice coming out of it got Mari jerking again. Captain Bang blew it again, another long note. A door sounded in the distance, followed by another, and another, overlapped by running footsteps. Mari looks up, seeing boys running out to stand straight behind the bannister. Seven of them, three on the right side and four on the other.

    Captain Bang whistled again, two quick notes. The boys turn, facing towards the stairway. The whistle blew again, a more rhythmic, steady note, and the boys—head tall and chest held high, lifted their legs to pace in place. Steadily they marched, in step to the whistle, heading down the stairs until they reached the ground floor. Their form didn't break, faces serious, soldier-like. They align themselves before the stairway), stepping in place until everyone's in place before Captain Bang blew a long, wavy note. With a final stamp, they stopped. Another two short notes, and they turned to face their left, arms side to side.

    Captain Bang stepped forward, approaching Seungmin. His hand extended, and the child hands him the demanded book he had held by his side since the march. Captain Bang gently took it and returned to his earlier position with a slow gait.


    (loud and clear)

    This is your new governess, Son Mari.

    The boys made no response, staring straight ahead.


    At your notes, step out and introduce yourselves. Mari-ssi, listen carefully and memorize their notes so you can call them.

    Captain Bang began, blowing three quick notes. The first boy steps out, stamping a step ahead of him before stepping back in form. Each boy did the same.



    A long note, two quick ones.



    Half a note and a quarter, followed by a longer one.



    Mari lost notice of the next whistle. They sound like birds chirping next to her.



    A nearly similar shrill note.



    Another pitch of notes.


    (slower and calmer) Seungmin.

    A note for the last boy. The youngest didn't step out, but at his note turned to stare at his father. His left hand held a rag doll close. At a demanding note blown twice, he finally steps out and back in. Not mentioning his name, yet persisting to stare at his father.


    (softly to Mari) Jeongin.

    The boys kept still. Captain Bang reached into his pockets, producing a similar whistle with red ribbons attached to it.


    New, for your utilisation.

    Mari stared at the brass object, then raised her hand.


    I wouldn't need a whistle, sir. I'd call their names—why they have such lovely names—

    One of the boys turns to look at her.


    (cuts her off) This is an extensive ground, Mari-ssi. I would have no one shouting about—it is ineffective.

    (urging the whistle at her again)

    Take it, the children will help you with their notes.

    Mari reluctantly takes it.


    Now, when I want you, this is your note.

    Captain Bang started, but Mari cut him hastily.


    Hea—I'm sorry, sir!

    (her voice lowers, shifting uncomfortably) I beg your pardon—I'd never answer to a whistle. It's for dogs, and herds and—not for people, definitely. Not the children, nor me, indeed. Don't you find it humiliating…? I do.


    Yet you are under my employment, Mari-ssi—


    Then only for this one… I cannot comply with your request.

    Surely I can have but one condition.

    Captain Bang pursed his lips, pocketing back his whistle.


    (mumbles) It has barely been an hour.

    (leans back to look at Mari) Were you always this much trouble in the abbey?

    Mari cannot help smiling sadly, recollecting many nuns' horror at the practical, free conduct she does instead of their preferred demureness.


    There were much more than this, sir.

    The captain scrutinized her more. Some of the children had unabashedly turned to stare at them.


    I’m only cannot comply with what I don’t believe, sir.


    (relents) Very well then.

    Your duty begins from now, Mari-ssi. May your name lives up to your current responsibility.*

    He walked away, heading out through one of the four doors. A sudden thought came to Mari, and she nearly called out hadn’t it been for the object in her hand. She placed the brass pipe to her lips, whistling out a sharp note as she stepped forward with a playful gait. The Captain halted, slowly turning back to her stilled form. Jeongin grins at his expressions.



    And how am I to call you, sir?


    (most unimpressed)

    It’s Bang Chan daeryeong-nim. Captain will do.

    A pause, then Mari nods. Captain Bang walks away, leaving her and the children alone in the hall. Slowly Mari walked to stand before the boys, regarding each of them. Seven strapping boys, if yet but to grow out the baby fats. The eldest cannot be older than fifteen. All returned her gaze. Some with curiosity, some with narrowed eyes scaling her entire figure. Forms still upright, hands by their side. They wore knee-length pants and jackets) of dark blue colour, with white shirts underneath it, completed with white socks and shoes.


    At ease.

    As she expected, the boys rested their hands back, spreading out their right leg wider.


    (smiling softly) Well then. How about you tell me your name again, and age. Also... something about yourself. (she looks at Minho) From you?

    The eldest stepped forward firmly. Mari takes in his features, rounder and more delicately pointed than his father's squared jaw—albeit the similar way he pursed his lips.


    I'm Minho, twelve years old. I don't like governesses.

    (retreats back in-line)

    Understandable, Mari thought. He’s had fifteen—but how it came to be that much, that needs explanation.


    (smiles and nods) Thank you, Minho. I hope we might be good friends, at least.

    The boy’s eyes narrowed at her, but Minho said nothing more. Mari allows the next brother to step out, whose dark eyes and hair was sharply noticeable.


    I'm Changbin. I'm… ten. (adds softly) I listen well.


    Really? Who said so?


    Yeonhee-ssi, four governesses before you.

    And mum. (steps back)

    Mari brushed the thought for later, nodding at the third boy to start. He walks out with his chin titled up.


    I'm Sam!

    (steps back in-line)

    Jisung snorted, while Minho rolled his eyes and Changbin's mouth pulled to hide his smile. Mari amusedly looks at the blond.


    You didn't tell me your age, Hyunjin.

    Hyunjin stared straight ahead at the painted glass behind her. As if unconcerned, yet unable to stop the clench of his jaw hiding his glee. From Mari’s right, Seungmin steps out.


    He's nine! (grins) You listen well. I'm Seungmin, I'll be seven in September!


    (matching his eagerness) Is that so?


    Seungmin, you can’t just walk out like that!

    The second youngest easily steps back while leaning forward, to make an impish retort to the eldest.


    It’s not like Hyunjin-hyung’s going say it himself!


    (dramatically) Ooh…!

    Yongbok cackles beside him. Minho’s face turned indignant, while Hyunjin covered his mouth to whisper threateningly at Seungmin behind the other two. When he turned back to Mari, his eyes got lost in his smile. The second youngest only grins.


    (to Seungmin) I was scolding you first!


    (grinning) Bang Seungmin, that’s sharp, kid!


    (bland) Don’t encourage him.

    Mari chuckles, then raise her voice.


    All right, all right!

    The clamours settle down.


    Much as I enjoy the excitement… (looks to Jisung and Yongbok) If you please?

    Yongbok holds Jisung’s hand, smiling when the other looks at him worriedly. He looks up to Mari.


    I’m Yongbok! I like cookies.

    His hair is blonder than Hyunjin, almost white. It already gave him an angelic look, but then he smiled and Mari felt as if her blood cells splutter. Mrs Bang must have been a fairy; Minho, Hyunjin and this young fellow possessed a look so delicate, different from the captain’s appearance.


    (softened) Sweets?

    Yongbok nods, still smiling. Mari is miserably taken in his charm.


    I like them too, very much. They make everything better, don't they?

    Yongbok nods again, enthusiastically. Mari chuckles, turning to the brother he brought along. The boy shyly looks up at her, honey-blond hair and round eyes.


    (quietly) It's Jisung. I… I like stories.

    He looks away, hand fiddling at a thread on his pants. Mari hums softly, taking in the boy’s shyness—he was chirpy just five minutes ago.


    I'd like to hear your favourites, if you’d share them.

    Jisung looked up at her, hesitantly smiling.


    We're eight in September.


    (eyes widening)



    (mumbles) Not exactly...


    They were born right at midnight, twelve minutes apart, which makes it different days.


    (still perplexed) I see.

    They weren't identical, she realized—but their features complement one another, and their attachment itself would have been a sure giveaway.


    I hope we’ll enjoy our time together.

    Yongbok nods, then let Jisung pull him back in line.

    Mari turned to the last one in line. The youngest.

    He seemed to deserve a space of his own, the way his brothers turn with her to watch him with such rapt attention. He ignores it, stares back at Mari with a childish, daring glint. Mari waits, willing herself to not burst a coo at this—adorable pudding. Jeongin stamped suddenly, a sharp, decisive noise.


    Yes, Jeongin?

    The youngest moves his doll (a reddish-brown fox with wide ears) closer to his chest as he extends the other arm, showing her an open palm. It took Mari a second to make sense of his gesture.


    Ah, you are five years old?

    Jeongin folded back his arm to hold his doll close under his chin, nodding.

    Mari stares at him for a moment, then shakes her head in fond despair.


    (conspiratorially) You have your father's stare.

    Jeongin blinks, before giggling and breaking into a smile, showing his little teeth and pushing his cheeks upward. Mari grinned in return, then turned back to the other boys.


    I do hope we might be great friends at least. (fidgets with her hat) I've never been a governess before—I did learn to teach, but with more practise in church classes.


    (doubtful) And they sent you?


    (smiles anyway) We have a lot to learn together. For nine months, I am to share the knowledge you need. That is the duty I hope to fulfil to you.

    The boys peer up at her. Somehow she is unlike the governesses they have ever encountered. She doesn’t cower under father nor bent to appease him. A bit to easy, perhaps.

    Mari steps back, bowing slightly.


    Let’s look out for each other.

    The younger ones smile at her; Minho's gaze remains sceptical. From one of the doors, a person walks in, brisk in her steps and claps. The housekeeper, with red hair pulled into a neat low bun, dressed in matching greyish-green frock and jacket over a white blouse.


    All right boys, back to your playroom and naps. I've left snacks and tea on the table, run along now.

    The boys immediately break form, rushing quickly up the stairs.


    (to Mari) Son Mari, was it?


    (wide-eyed, bows slightly) Yes.


    (extending a hand) I'm Minatozaki Sana, the housekeeper.


    Yes. A pleasure, Minatozaki-san.

    The elder woman smiled. Her age seems closer to the Captain than Mr Kang, although more alike to the latter.


    Sana-san would do. My name and that of my late husband's are a mouthful. Come now…

    She ushers Mari to the stairs, and together they climb up.


    … I'll show you to your room, it is by the children's bedroom. How do you like the house so far, Mari-seonsaengnim?


    (flusters with her cases) Oh, it is beautiful! Very grand—that is, I have never entered a house so large, and… (looks around) the red makes it look courageous.


    This place was named the Red Crown then, for its roofs. The late Madame thought it fits her husband’s subtle passion.


    (chuckles) Must have been delightful for the boys to have such big spaces to run about.


    (rather regretfully) I'm afraid they have little lenience to do so.


    Sana opens a door at the left, gesturing Mari to enter.


    Your room, Miss Son.


    The young governess stood still as she looked inside.


    (in awe) What room—Sana-san, it is an apartment!

    Her bed could have fit two people, with pillows for more than that. Beside it is an open space, with a desk and chairs and a small ottoman. The window behind it is wide, with the late sun illuminating the ivory room. In the corner is her wardrobe, too big for her meagre amount of clothes. Beside it is a door.


    A personal bathroom is there.

    I hope you will like it here.


    Oh, it is more than I deserve!


    (smiles) Make yourself comfortable, I'll leave you to rest and settle down. You'll be called for dinner time. If you need anything, there's a bell by your bed, and a maid will attend to you.


    (nods) Oh yes.

    Thank you. Sana-san.

    The housekeeper waved it off.


    I'll leave you now. Good day, Mari-seonsaengnim.


    (with a slight bow) Good day.

    When the older woman left, Mari settled her things by the bed, then closed the door. She walked up to the window, mulling over what she had known of her new situation as she regards the garden and park beyond her.


    (to herself) That went well. Though not two hours yet. (chuckles)

    We can’t have that now. I’ve just a step into settling in.

    She withdraws to the bed sat down, almost losing her balance in the plush bed cover as her fatigue takes over. Mari giggles, adjusting herself to lay down more comfortably.


    I'll be spoiled through living here. Think of it: good air, new clothes, such fine room… a soft bed that can swallow me whole.

    (pauses) On second thought, handling the boys will compare to it.

    They don’t look capable of throwing sixteen people out of the house in the span of three years. But Mari knows better than to underestimate children—just because she’s a grown-up now, she can’t dismiss the wilfulness she had as a nine-year-old. And the family situation might play an effect…


    I wonder why Mother Abbess sent me. Even just standing, I’m such a distressed fish on drylands.

    Resolutely Mari sat up, hair tumbled out and eyes mulling. But then she nods, certain to make the best of what she has.


    But I am here, after all—Lord, I beseech your strength.

    She rose, making up a tune as she began to settle her things.


    And here I am, at the beginning...

    (A/N : I was very careful with this chapter...

    "May your name lives up to your current responsibility.*" = Mari is a name I found at Wikipedia (duh)(I'm sorry, but I hope it's... okay if it's not, tell me so) because the meaning is... rather fitting.

    Thank you for reading! Hope you've enjoyed your day.)

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    bang chan x ofc (ft. the kids)

    Captain Bang has made peace to the bleakness of life and the lump in his heart. At least there are ballroom courtesies—the loud entertainment and people distracting from his loneliness.

    The boys are tired and bored out of their minds. The same room day in, day out, the droning voices pompously instructing, fawning to discomfort… assuming without reason. Toying their patience is more amusing—more worth the time.

    Then one summer day Younghyun opened the door. Another governess, another introduction and briefing. But Son Mari counters her naivety of the world with her sparrow-like cheeriness. To the boys, she's a genuine comic; to their father... he's never been met a person more puzzling in his life.

    But hey—she’s a qualified teacher!

    ongoing, multi-chaptered (with the bonus, I estimated it to be 20), weekly updates; single-parent bangchan, and the rest are kids; fluff; some slight angst (emotional and mourning); romance; obviously, chaotic fun! (or at least I try to) ; come along the journey!


    [ 1 | ... | 20 ]


    This is the first note (introduction) so I don't have to write bollocks of sentences before each chapter.

    I wrote this the day Dad announced in the morning that Mr Plummer passed away. I'd like to raise a glass again to the man: to me growing up he was Captain von Trapp, then Henri the Pigeon and one of the few last times I went to the cinema I get to see him on a wide-ass screen as Harlan Thrombey... He's cool.

    Later in the afternoon, I was chopping vegetables to stock the fridge and the tangles in my head were like, "Chris Bang has seven 'kids' too now... It'd be fun... Make the 'Maria' a reader-insert maybe? Or OC..? Okay, but what if... JYP-folks maybe? And not at Chris' recent award ceremony looks...from last year too..."

    Yeah, just like that. This happened. Putting Stray Kids in The Sound of Music, equals #alternatuniverse. A very much delayed project so I feel like it should go out already... even if I only have... a chapter fully ready.

    I've seen the movie, I've read the book by the actual Maria, and I've seen the anime series! So it will be a blend of the three, plot-wise. I intend to post a chapter each week. Please look forward to that. Since the storyline is certain, I felt assured I can finish this (*coughs in recollection of a forgotten fic).

    But I just really want to delve deeper perhaps, into the emotional sides of each character, over what had happened in the past and how it affects them in the 'present'. I did consider having the female character being Y/N but like (*sits up in a chair, ready to put out argument)—I really want her to be a whole character. This might brush off the Y/N trope which is adjustable and inclusive because you can either self-insert or make up a character of your own imagination but I just want that character to be firm—has her own quirks and looks and whatever. I might add more to this, but, later! It is open for discussion as well, I'd like that.

    A lot of people from the kpop scene might appear. You might curse or enjoy the fun with me.

    This will be set like the movie, the year 1939. Without the war and invasion. The place would be in Korea, but—historically incorrect since the house and ways are European, and those weren't good times in the peninsula. I'm really indulging in... the advantage of fictional freedom.

    Also, I've modelled it like a script because I am awful at, internal thoughts description… or description in general, compared to dialogues. But it's fun, if not a thorn to edit. I can do this.

    My disclaimer, the 'faults' you might help or critique me in improving:

    -I am not a native English or Korean speaker, there might be grammar/cultural mistakes.

    =I am not Catholic so *sweaty smiley face*… anything mentioned here of being a nun is by shallow research (which I will do more of) or what I get from the book and movie.

    All roight, that will be all for now I think. I might add or revise more later on but for now... enjoy your stay.

    xo, braemjeorn



    #skz fluff#skz imagines#skz scenario#skz au#skz comfort#skz family#skz fanfic#straykids fluff#skz ot8 #stray kids fanfic #stray kids au #stray kids fluff #stray kids bangchan #bangchan fluff #stray kids lee know #lee know fluff #stray kids changbin #changbin fluff #stray kids hyunjin #hyunjin fluff #stray kids han #han jisung fluff #stray kids felix #felix fluff #stray kids seungmin #seungmin fluff #stray kids i.n #jeongin fluff #bangchan x oc
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    Stray Kids hwang hyunjin: video call moodboard

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    minhoshi's fic rec masterlist

    decided to start this because then i can remember my favorite works more easily but also recommend to even more people!

    * only reader insert

    will be updated weekly

    bangtan sonyeondan

    all members

    kim seokjin

    min yoongi

    jung hoseok

    kim namjoon

    park jimin

    kim taehyung

    jeon jungkook

    stray kids

    all members

    bang chan

    lee minho

    hwang hyunjin

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    [12:13am] You're not sure whether you want to laugh or cry as a rush of icy cold sea water splashes all across your front, soaking your clothes instantly. The bioluminescence of the sea glitters under the moonlight and reflects off of your soaked t-shirt as you slowly look up to see a wide eyed Felix standing near you. Chan has a hand on the boy's shoulder as his face contorts with the effort of trying not to laugh. But then Jisung trips in the dark over a rock nestled in the sand below the sea, and his clumsy stumble causes more water to splash on you and Chan can't help it; him and Felix burst into peals of laughter, their hair ruffling in the gentle wind. Taking a deep breath, you slowly take a step towards them, just as they step backwards - you catch the glint in their eyes a split second before you break into a sprint. The water is cold and splashes happily as you chase your best friends, Jisung running aimlessly beside you as Chan and Felix scream with laughter, their feet kicking up even more water. You can't help but laugh. Your hair blows behind you like a pair of wings in the wind, the rush of the waves echoing in your hair and salt on your lips; you feel free, free and immensely happy.


    Tag list ~ @koos-euphoria @es-kay-zee @ex-skz-me @raethethey @hugs4chan @hotmesshapa @manonblackbeak-trash @hendsernoodle @sir3racha @jl-micasea-fics @nightshade-minho @water--gang @yourdaddychan @n-bokhari @stanskzseungmin @loving-unicorns106 @ateez-babygirl @dalamjisung @jisungsjheekies @freckledquokka @dinosdawn @cookiemonstermusic258 @strwbrryfroyo @gazelle-des-pres @qtieskz @airwaveee @stigmvta @love-stays @necromancersupreme @visiblemisfit @sulfurcosmos @jorgofthejungle @super-btstrash-posts @changlix-mp4 @exonations @fluffybitch0325 @jeyelleohe @jaeshiddentreasure @rnjunie @bluerthanbluemk @rae-blogging @planetdemon @dani41 (lemme know if you wanna be added or removed)

    #stray kids #stray kids scenarios #stray kids text #stray kids text post #stray kids texts #stray kids imagines #bang chan #stray kids fluff #skz bang chan #lee felix#lee yongbok#han jisung#skz fluff#skz au#skz scenarios#skz imagines#skz#skz timestamps #stray kids timestamp #stray kids timestamps #stray kids jisung #felix stray kids #skz han jisung #stray kids chan
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  • strwbrryblues
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    Saddest Realization

    Pairings: Lee Minho|Lee Know x GN!Reader
    Genre: Fluff, Kinda Angst?, Established relationship
    Word Count: 1k
    Warnings: Cursing, Minor argument
    A/N: Kind of a late present for our resident big meow meow 😞 I hope he enjoyed his day 🥺💗
    Also kind of projecting my feelings at how I just realized I may be allergic to cats 😭 Been cuddling our cats so much, and I just thought that maybe it's not the dust that's literally making me sneeze for days but rather the cat hairs 😭😭😭💔💔
    Anyway, this goes for people who may have cat allergies as well. Don't worry, we still have hope with hypoallergenic cats breeds😭

    “Minho, stop being ridiculous.” You crossed your arms in front of the man who’s currently blocking your path to the front door.

    “No. You’re staying here.” He was stubborn. Shaking his head disapprovingly, with his hands still clutching on to the doorframe of your bedroom. He wasn’t letting you out.

    “Lee Minho, your mother is expecting us. We’re fucking late for dinner.” You were getting impatient. You glanced at your wrist watch to see half an hour has already passed since you were supposed to leave the house.

    “I can just say you’re sick. I know she’ll understand.”

    “What, and miss seeing your parents and the kids?” You clicked your tongue. You were not letting this opportunity to see the kids—Minho’s cats—slide. You missed the fur balls and you badly wanted to cuddle them upon arriving at his parents’ house.

    “That’s the point!” Minho groaned. He finally free himself of gripping the door frame as he sighed exasperatedly. “I’m not letting you see the kids!”

    “Lee Minho, what the fuck?!” You were in disbelief. Never had Minho stopped you from seeing his cats. It was only happening now, and you were beyond frustrated and confused. “You’re not letting me, because?”

    You wanted an explanation to why he’s suddenly doing this.

    “It’s because you’re allergic to cats!” He was wildly gesturing in the air, further showing his frustration to the events unfolding.

    Cat allergies? You doubt you had one. This was a first, and you found it utterly ridiculous.

    “I don’t have cat allergies, Minho. Stop making up things.” You crossed your arms, unimpressed at his excuse.

    “Don’t give me that look!” He answered, frustrated. “You really are allergic to cats!”

    “When the fuck did I become allergic to cats, Minho?”

    “I don’t know! Maybe since birth,” he was unsure of his answer. But there was one thing he was sure of. “You literally sneeze horribly after cuddling the kids, Y/N. Now tell me that’s not an allergic reaction.” He crossed his arms at you.

    “No! I don’t sneeze!” You denied. You don’t remember having any of those reactions after seeing any of your friends’ cats.

    “Y/N,” Minho said in a quiet tone. He approached you, grabbing on to your shoulders as if he’s about to shake you out of your reverie. “You’re allergic to cats. Your eyes literally water so much after sneezing. And you say your nose itches a lot.”

    You tried hard to think; only then did it click. It sometimes took you days to get over the sneezing after having a visit at Minho’s childhood house. But you never had those reactions when you cuddled some of your friends’ cats.

    “But…” You suddenly looked sad as you looked for words to say. “I didn’t sneeze so much when I cuddled some of my friend's cats.”

    “Y/N, they may have a cat that’s a hypoallergenic breed. Maybe someone in their family is allergic as well.” He calmly told you, letting you absorb this fact you’ve just realized.

    Suddenly, everything felt like a lie. You were absolutely devastated with the news.

    If there was one thing you loved that could rival your love for your boyfriend—slash fiancé—it was your love for cats. And for this information to only revel now, it upset you so much.

    You could have accepted it if you found out about it in your childhood days; in that way you could have avoided cats. But you grew so attached to the creature, upon growing up, that you wanted to cry upon realizing now.

    Actually, you really were crying now. “Hey, hey,” Minho hushed, as he pulled you into his arms.

    The man wanted to tease you so much for suddenly crying, but he refrained himself from doing so. It was also how you cried that upset and saddened him as well. He saw how you were in love with cats—the same as he—and so he empathized you; because, he himself thought, that if he was the one who lately realized he had cat allergies, he’d be devastated. That means no Soonie, Doongie, and Dori for him. That thought almost made him cry.

    “Come on, don’t cry now.” He gently hushed, brushing his fingers through your hair in comfort. “It’s still a hunch of mine; we can check with a doctor to see if it is true. If it really is, I’m sure it’s not a fatal one. It’s only sneezing, and you really didn’t have breathing problems or rashes—as far as I’ve observed, so I’m sure there’s still hope.” He comforted you.

    You did find comfort in his words. Still, you really can’t help but be sad at this thought. “Was that why you always avoided the topic of us getting a cat at home?” You lift your head up from where it rested on Minho’s chest. Your tear-stained eyes looking at him questioningly.

    “Uhm...Yeah, kind of.” He nervously chuckled.

    You hit his chest. “And you didn’t bother telling me earlier.” You glared at him, kind of mad at how he only told you now.

    “I’m sorry,” He chuckled lightly. “We’ll check in with a doctor tomorrow. And if it’s confirmed, we can get you a hypoallergenic breed.” He rested his forehead with yours.

    You smiled at that. He knew how to make you smile, but then again, “But what about tonight? We’re supposed to see your parents and the kids.” You suddenly felt sad again. You really hoped to see Soonie, Doongie, and Dori after months of not being able to do so.

    Minho thought for awhile. He missed his parents, and cats as well, so he really can’t miss out on the semi-annual visits. But he also can’t leave you all alone at home while he went back to his hometown.

    “You can wear a mask. It can help so you don’t breathe some of the cat furs up close.” He suggested. “I really don’t want to leave you here alone.”

    You smiled once more. “Sounds like a plan, then.” You left a short kiss on his lips as you two finally made your way out of the house, with Minho sending an apology to his parents how you two would be running late for dinner.


    © 2021, strwbrryblues. All rights reserved.

    #skz lee know #skz lee minho #lee know x reader #stray kids x reader #stray kids lee know #stray kids imagines #stray kids fluff #skz imagines#skz fluff #skz lee minho x reader #lee minho x reader
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    Les Retrouvailles 》Hwang Hyunjin

    •Chapter 1•


    'les retrouvailles sont hors du temps'

    The location or conversation doesn't matter much-- it's about being with the right person at the right time. Being absolutely present in the exact moment you are sharing after being apart. Not as lovers, but as souls connecting. Letting things fall into place on their own. 'After all, there are moments that don't fit time.'


    Language: English.

    Type: Series (Ongoing. Updates every week.)

    Pairing: Hyunjin x reader

    Word Count: 1.9K

    Warnings: Anxiety attack, vomiting, swearing

    Song recommendations: Anxiety (Julia Michaels), Issues (Julia Michaels), It ain't me (Selena Gomez), Dear Society (Madison Beer)

    [You don't have to listen to these songs while reading them. I chose them because they a) are common and so I suppose most of you must have heard them, b) fit the mood and c) it might help you get in the zone if the chapter is very small or big.]


    (Hey, Nagissa, did you know that William Shakespeare is an anagram for “I am a weakish speller”?)

    You look at the text from Felix and sigh. In the time you have been watching the dress rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet (three hours of your life that you will never get back), Felix has bombarded you with hundreds of random texts about Shakespeare. He is supposed to be doing it to relieve your boredom but, seriously, does anyone really need to know that Shakespeare was baptized in 1564? Or that he had seven siblings?

    “Nagissa, could you get a shot of Juliet leaning out of the trailer?”

    You quickly grab your camera and nod to Mr. Jung. “Yes, sir.”

    Mr. Jung Dong-hyun is the year eleven drama teacher. He is one of those teachers who likes being “down with the kids”—all gelled hair and “call me Dong-Song.” Personally, you think he is a little creepy. Teachers shouldn’t want to hang out with teenagers. They should want to mark books and stress about school inspections and whatever else they get up to in the staff room. Forget him, you are not sure why did you even decide to join the photography club. Sure, you loved clicking pictures, but was it for you? You wonder. You wanted to click pictures as you pleased. But it's fine, you settle.

    You go up the steps at the side of the stage and crouch down next to Yoona. You balance yourself on your extending left leg and shifted your weight to your right leg. Just as you focus the camera and are about to take a picture, Yoona hisses, “Make sure you don’t get my spot.”

    “What?”,  you whisper back.

    “The spot on the side of my nose. Make sure you don’t get it in the picture.”

    “Oh. Right.” You rest your hand on your right knee shift and zoom in. The lighting from this side isn’t the best but at least the spot isn’t visible. You take the picture, then turn to leave the stage, taking a quick glance out into the auditorium. Apart from Mr. Jung and the two assistant directors, all of the seats are empty. You instinctively breathe a sigh of relief. To say you are not very good with crowds would be a bit like saying Justin Bieber isn’t very good with the paparazzi. You don’t understand how people can actually perform onstage. You only have to go up there for a couple of seconds to take a photo and you already feel uneasy.

    “Shouldn’t Nagissa take a picture of me in this scene too?”, Doyoung asks, when he finally gets to the end of his speech. He is still talking in his fake American accent—which he's been doing ever since he got the part. Apparently all the top actors do it; they call it “method acting.”

    “Of course, 'Young,” says Call-Me-Song-Dong. “Nagissa?”

    You put down your phone and run back up the steps, adjusting the camera strap around your neck.

    “Can you make sure you get my best side?” , Doyoung asks you as you take your position.

    “Sure,” you reply. “Er, which side is that again?”

    Doyoung looks at you like you are crazy.

    “It’s just so hard to tell,” you whisper, and he continues to frown.

    “Because they both look good to me,” you say, desperation setting in. Oh my God! What is wrong with you? You can practically hear Yeji shrieking in horror. Thankfully at this point, Doyoung starts to grin. It makes him look really boyish and way more approachable.

    “It’s my right side,” he says, and turns back to face the trailer.

    “Is that—er—your right, or mine?” I ask, wanting to be double sure.

    “Come on, Nagissa. We haven’t got all day!” Mr. Jung calls out.

    “It’s my right, of course,” Doyoung chuckles, looking at you like you are demented again.

    When the rehearsal is finally over—and you have learned from Felix that Shakespeare was only eighteen when he got married and he wrote thirty-eight plays in total— you decide to head to 1441's.

    As you take gradual steps, Doyoung takes long stripes and joins you. His jet-black dude hair is perfectly tousled. To be honest, you are not entirely sure if he’s your type—he may be a little too angel-meets-model-perfect.

    “I was wondering . . .” he says, grinning down at you.

    Instantly, your inner voice starts finishing his sentence: What do you like to do in your spare time? Why have I never properly noticed you before? Would you like to go out with me?

    What the actual fuck, Nagissa? You don't even like him. Your habit, of over-specualting and over-analysing things, worries you.

    “. . . if I could take a look at the picture you took of me? Just to make sure I look OK.”

    “Oh—er—right. Yeah, OK. I’ll show you when we get to Pizzeria.” It is at exactly this moment that you fall into a hole. Fine, it’s not a big hole and you don’t actually disappear inside it or anything, but you do catch your foot and end up tumbling forward—making you look like as sophisticated as a Saturday-night drunk. That’s one thing you hate about where you live. It seems to be full of holes that exist just for you to fall into! You style it out and luckily no one seems to notice. Not like anyone was paying attention, anyways.

    When you get to 1441, Doyoung dives straight into the booth next to you. You see Yoona raise her eyebrows and you instantly feel like you have done something wrong. Yoona's very good at making you feel this way. You turn away and concentrate on the Christmas decorations around the diner instead—the swirls of green and red tinsel, and the mechanical Father Christmas who yells, “Ho, ho, ho!” every time someone walks past. Christmas is definitely your favorite time of the year. There’s something about it that always calms you. You turn back to the table and luckily, Yoona’s now absorbed with her phone.

    In your real-life play, Doyoung isn’t supposed to sit next to you; he’s supposed to sit next to Yoona. They aren’t actually dating or anything but they are both definitely on the same rung of the social ladder. And Yoona never falls into holes. She just seems to glide through life, all glossy chestnut hair and pouting. The twins slide into the booth next to Yoona. The twins are called Chaeyoung and Chaeryeong. They have non-speaking parts in the play and that’s kind of how Yoona treats them in real life—as extras to her lead role.

    “Can I get you guys anything to drink?” a waitress says, arriving at your table with a pad and a grin.

    “That would be awesome!” Doyoung says, offering the waitress a wink. Too much for a high-schooler and you can’t help but cringe.

    You all order shakes—apart from Yoona, who orders a mineral water—and then Doyoung turns to you. “So, can I see?”

    “What? Oh, yes.” You fumble in your bag for your camera and start scrolling through the pictures. When you get to the one of Doyoung, you pass it to him.

    “Sweet,” he says. “That looks really good.”

    “Ooh, let me see my one,” Yoona cries, grabbing the camera from him and pressing at it wildly. Your whole body tenses. Normally, you don’t mind sharing things—you even give half your advent-calendar chocolates to your brother, Minho—but your camera is different. It’s your most prized possession. It’s your safety net.

    “Oh. My. God. NAGISSA!” Yoona shrieks. “What have you done? It looks like I’ve got a mustache!” She slams the camera down on the table.

    “Careful!” you say.

    Yoona glares at you before picking up the camera and fiddling with the buttons. “How do I delete the picture of me?”

    You grab the camera back from her a little too forcefully and one of her false fingernails catches on the strap.

    “Ow! You’ve broken my nail!”

    “You could have broken my camera.”

    “Is that all you care about?” Yoona glares at you across the table. “It’s not my fault you took such a terrible picture.”

    In your head an answer forms itself: It’s not my fault you made me take it that way because you’ve got a spot. But you stop yourself from saying it.

    "Let me see,” Doyoung says, grabbing the camera from you.

    As he starts to laugh, you feel a familiar tightness gripping your throat. You try to swallow but it’s impossible. You feel trapped inside the booth. Please don’t let this be happening again, you silently plead. But it is. A burning heat rushes through your body and you can barely breathe. The pictures of movie stars lining the wall all suddenly seem to be staring down at you. The music from the jukebox is suddenly too loud. The black chairs too bright. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to control your own body. The palms of your hands go clammy and your heart starts to pound.

    “Ho, ho, ho!” the mechanical Father Christmas by the door calls. But he doesn’t sound cheery anymore. He sounds menacing.

    “I need to go."  you say quietly.

    “But what about the picture?” Yoona whines, flicking her glossy dark hair over her shoulder.

    “I’ll delete it.”

    “What about your milkshake?” Chaeyoung asks.

    You mindlessly take some money from your purse and put it on the table, hoping they don’t notice your trembling fingers. “One of you guys have it. I just remembered I have to help my mum with something. I need to get home.”

    Doyoung looks at me and for a second you think he actually looks disappointed. You feel so hot it’s making your vision blurred and you push the thought aside. You need to get out of here, now. If they keep you trapped in this booth for much longer, you are certain you're going to pass out.

    One of the twins, you can’t tell which, starts to ask if you are fine, but you don’t stop to answer her. Somehow, you make it out of the diner and onto the river front. You dart across the road and head down to the riverside. The wind is icy and fresh but it’s exactly what I need. You stand on the wet pebbles and taken a deep breath in, trying to cool down, but a stare from a concerned passerby ignites the whirlpool inside you. You rush to the side of the river where no one is standing. Your knees buckle out and you try taking in deep breaths. Tears trickle down your cheeks and you vomit out all you had throughout the day. A bitter taste in your mouth overcomes your senses and your throat burns. You don't know when or who, but you feel a hand gather your hair and hold it up for you at the nape of your neck. The person's large hands are rubbing comforting circles on your back. When you feel you are done, you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand and turn to face the stranger.

    Only, it isn't a stranger. Two strands of hair are hovering over his cheekbones and a tiny pony holds half of his hair up. His eyes are looking at you with worry. He lets go of your hair and proceeds to hold you steady.

    It's Hyunjin. Hwang Hyunjin.


    Author's note: All suggestions in the form of comments, asks or reblogs will be taken. This is my first fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it. Please, do not copy my work without my permission. If you find anything inappropriate or offensive, do tell. I will correct the mistake. If you have any problem with the story, please contact me first. It will prevent any problem from arising and I will be able to share it with you all. Thank you!

    P.S. Minors and fools BE GONE! I won't block you if I find out that you are a minor, but its solely your responsibility now, if you read it, since I had already warned.

    Disclaimer: The characters portrayed in the story are fictional and this is a piece of fiction. Not inspired by any true events. This fiction doesn't aim to portray Hwang Hyunjin from Stray Kids, nor reflects how the aforementioned idol is in real life. Same applies to all the other idols whose name and physical features has been lended. No images used are owned by me. The credit goes to the rightful owners. However, the moodboard has been made by me. For plot purposes, certain people's sexes and gender are specified. Any toxic behaviour, if portrayed by the characters, is not to romanticize or encourage them. Trigger warnings will be added in all chapters, so, do read them first.


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  • jenna-s
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Les Retrouvailles 》 Hwang Hyunjin

    'les retrouvailles sont hors du temps'

    The location or conversation doesn't matter much-- it's about being with the right person at the right time. Being absolutely present in the exact moment you are sharing after being apart. Not as lovers, but as souls connecting. Letting things fall into place on their own. 'After all, there are moments that don't fit time.'

    Language: English. Teeny-tiny bit of French.

    Type: Series (Ongoing. Updates every week.)

    Pairing: Hyunjin x reader

    Genre: Fluff, slowburn, angst, smut, anxiety, self-doubt, single parent, pregnancy. (Warnings will be put in all chapters.)

    Song recommendations: Accompanied with chapters. (Feel free to send if you find any that goes with the theme.)

    Chapter 1


    Author's note: All suggestions in the form of comments, asks or reblogs will be taken. This is my first fanfiction. I hope you enjoy it. Please, do not copy my work without my permission. If you find anything inappropriate or offensive, do tell. I will correct the mistake. If you have any problem with the story, please contact me first. It will prevent any problem from arising and I will be able to share it with you all. Thank you!

    Disclaimer: The characters portrayed in the story are fictional and this is a piece of fiction. Not inspired by any true events. This fiction doesn't aim to portray Hwang Hyunjin from Stray Kids, nor reflects how the aforementioned idol is in real life. Same applies to all the other idols whose name and physical features has been lended. For plot purposes, certain people's sexes and gender are specified. Any toxic behaviour, if portrayed by the characters, is not to romanticize or encourage them. Trigger warnings will be added in all chapters, so, do read them first.

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  • sulfurcosmos
    25.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    —thank you for everyday—

    bang chan x fem!reader
    genre: fluff
    word count: 4.4K
    warnings: mentions of food
    prompt(s): running to you when they see you + seeking more and more physical contact and touch with the other, like brushing hands or linking arms while walking or cuddling up on the sofa or hugging the other from behind or laying an arm around the other's shoulders when joining them in a conversation with other friends
    A/N: hellooo. okay i finally finished it! oof it was a long one. so i combined two requests into one because i felt like they just went really well together. so my lovely anon and my lovely chia! this is for you 💛💛 i hope you like it. it’s a little long 😅 sorry about that. i hope the content is worth it though! lmk what you guys think ^^ thank you for requesting~

    he was standing in the middle of the hall chatting with his friends when he glanced to his right and saw you standing at the end of the corridor, scrolling on your phone. a smile crept on his face the moment he you, attention diverting completely from the story his friend was telling. chan quickly ended the conversation with his friends and rushed over to you, circling his arms around your waist as he hugged you from behind.

    the way he crashed his body against yours made you jump and let out a high pitched yelp before his little breathy giggles made you relax into his chest.

    ‘why do you always have to do that to me?’ you asked after letting out a relieved sigh, making chan giggle as he rested his chin on your shoulder.

    ‘i’m sorry. but hi~’ he sang as he swayed you side to side lightly. you shook your head lightly, knowing very well that he was not sorry at all. chan lived for the random moments he’d run up to you and hug you, making you scream from the sudden movement, the little troll.

    you turned your head a little to look at his face peaking out from the junction between your neck and shoulder and slapped his face lightly as if to chastise him. ‘hi, you little child. you seem to be in a good mood.’

    ‘i’m always in a good mood when i see you.’

    ‘uh huh, sure. let go for a sec,’ you said as you held his wrists to make him loosen his grip before turning around in his arms and facing him, his fingers locking behind your waist once more. you brought your hands up to his face, holding his cheeks in your palms as you stared at the dark circles under his puffy eyes. ‘you didn’t get any sleep, did you? and now you’re all charged up with coffee. that’s why you’re in a good mood.’

    ‘wh– how did you know?’

    ‘i always know. why didn’t you sleep?’

    ‘had to finish an assignment.’

    you furrowed your eyebrows suspiciously at him, ‘is this the one due next week?’ chan looked to the side, avoiding your eyes before mumbling a quick “maybe”, making you sigh. ‘chris you could’ve slept and done it toda–‘

    ‘i know i know. but it’s okay. i’m okay. see?’ he said hastily as he shook his head like a wet puppy, making you laugh. you moved your hand from his face to smack the side of his arm before resting both of your hands on his shoulders.

    ‘don’t you have class right now?’

    ‘don’t you?’

    ‘nope. i’m done for today.’

    ‘really? okay then i’ll skip class and we can hang out!’

    ‘absolutely not! are you insane?’ you asked, brows knit in incredulous disappointment, causing the boy in front of you to giggle.

    ‘i’m kidding. professor anderson would kill me,’ chan said as he released you from his hold. ‘but. you can walk me to class?’

    ‘that... i can do. let’s go,’ you said as you grabbed hold of his hand and started making your way down the corridor to his lecture hall.


    right as you two reached the entrance of the lecture hall, you came across professor anderson walking in your direction, a knowing smile plastered across his face.

    ‘ah, mr. bang. nice to see that you’ve made it to class before me. should i be thanking your girlfriend for that?’ he asked with a teasing smile, prompting a confused crease to form between your brows as you glanced between chan and his professor.

    ‘prof i’m always here before you. i was only late twice,’ chan mumbled with a sheepish smile.

    ‘two times too many. will you be coming in or is our meeting limited to the front door today?’

    ‘no, no. i’ll be coming in,’ he replied with a shy laugh.

    ‘hm. i’ll see you inside then,’ his professor responded before sending a friendly smile your way, making his way into the lecture hall.

    once professor anderson was out of sight, you turned to chan and let out a small laugh. ‘he never lets go of an opportunity to tease you, huh?’

    ‘ugh. tell me about it,’ he replied as he pinched the bridge of his nose is mock exasperation.

    ‘why does he keep calling me your girlfriend? this is the second time he’s said that.’

    ‘how would i know? mr. anderson is always saying weird things. i’ve stopped questioning him.’

    ‘okay,’ you chuckled at chan’s troubled expression. ‘anyway, i’m gonna go now. byeeee. pay attention in class.’

    ‘always,’ he smiled as he pulled you in for a quick hug. ‘bye.’


    you were sitting in the cafeteria with minho, listening to yet another story about his cats doing... random things cats do, when your phone dinged.

    cringetopher 🙄🖤

    > where are you?


    < in the cafeteria with lino.

    < sitting by the glass door near the bus stop.

    cringetopher 🙄🖤

    > okay i’m coming.


    < you’re done with class?

    cringetopher 🙄🖤

    > no i’m skipping just to be with you. of course i’m done! what do you take me for?


    < someone who offered to skip class literally two hours ago?

    cringetopher 🙄🖤

    > ...okay fair point. but that was a joke!

    > anyway. save me a seat. i’m omw.


    < okay😂

    < you better hurry before i leave and don’t tell you where i disappeared off to.

    cringetopher 🙄🖤

    > what? hey hey hey! that’s treachery! >:(

    > now what if i almost fall because i was running down the stairs to get to the cafeteria?

    > what if i break a leg?! 😱


    < alright, calm down. no need to be so dramatic. you’re not hyunjin 🤚🏻

    you smiled at your phone screen, unable to hide the fondness you felt for the boy you’d been texting. he really always did the absolute most just to make you laugh, it warmed your heart. your happy thoughts were soon interrupted by a voice asking a question you’d heard too many times before.

    ‘talking to your boyfriend?’

    you gave minho an unimpressed look, ‘he’s not my boyfriend.’

    ‘does he know that?’

    ‘of course he does, lino. what kind of question is that?’

    ‘do you know that?’

    you knit your brows in confusion, about to ask what he meant when chan walked up to your table, taking a seat beside you.

    ‘hey pretty girl,’ he smiled as he place his elbow at the back of your chair, making you turn to him and give a shy smile back.


    ‘hey man, what’s up?’ chan greeted minho, extending his arm forward to fistbump him, the latter greeting him back with a teasing smile.

    ‘lino and i were just about to go watch a movie. wanna come?’ you asked.

    ‘oh yeah sure. who else is going?’

    ‘i’m not sure. i asked my other friends but they haven’t responded to my texts,’ you said with a pout, making chan smile at you fondly before pinching your cheek.

    ‘that’s okay. i’m sure they’ll respond soon. have you eaten yet?’

    ‘nope! i wanted to eat outside at the mall food court. i heard they opened up a new stall,’ you responded enthusiastically with a bright smile. chan nodded returned your smile with a dimpled one of his own before letting out a fond chuckle.

    ‘wait, what time is the movie again?’ minho interjected.

    ‘it’s at 6, lino. i told you this morning.’

    ‘ohhh shoot. i don’t think i can make it.’

    your smile dropped to a pout. ‘what?’

    ‘yeah. ohmygod i’m so sorry, y/n. i completely forgot. i have a meeting at 6,’ minho said apologetically.

    ‘but i really wanted to watch this movie...’

    ‘i mean, you can still watch it. you and chan can go without me.’

    you turned to chan, ‘you still wanna go?’

    ‘yeah, of course,’ he smiled.

    ‘okay, great!’ you exclaimed before turning to minho. ‘you don’t talk to me. i can’t believe you’re bailing on me like this last minute.’

    minho shrugged his shoulders. ‘that’s okay. tomorrow you’ll come running to me telling me how much you love me, i just know it.’

    ‘in your dreams.’

    ‘honestly this situation is more of your dream than mine, but okay.’

    ‘what?’ you asked with a confused expression before turning to chan. ‘what is he talking about?’ you asked the boy, causing him to shrug. ‘lino do you always have to be so cryptic?’

    ‘it’s one of my many charms,’ minho responded with a smug expression on his face. ‘anyway. shouldn’t you guys get going?’

    ‘the bus won’t be here for another 30 minutes.’

    ‘y/n i’m not sure what plane or existence your perception of time works on but for the general public it’s already 3.50pm. and the bus is right there,’ he quipped back, pointing at the bus parked outside the glass doors. ‘look there’s people already lining up.’

    ‘what?! ohmygod. we have to go or we won’t get a seat!’ you exclaimed in a slight panic, urging chan to get up. ‘bye lino!’ you said loudly as you grabbed chan’s hand and pulled him away, prompting him to laugh at your urgency.

    ‘hey hey slow down you’re gonna make me fall!’


    luckily because of your eagerness to queue up for the bus early, you and chan managed to get seats before the vehicle was completely packed. you sat by the window with chan sitting beside you, both smiling softly from excitement. a few minutes late and you wouldn’t have gotten a place in the bus at all.

    the bus started moving as you leant back on your seat in relief before looking through your bag for your earphones. after rummaging for a good minute you let out a surprised gasp.

    ‘what happened?’ chan asked, noticing your distressed expression.

    ‘i left my earphones with minho,’ you whined, feeling a little dejected. the asshole didn’t even have the decency to remind you that he’d borrowed them.

    chan laughed at your whining and childish anger directed at your friend. ‘it’s okay,’ he said before handing you one of his airpods. ‘you can listen with me.’

    your eyes lit up as you quickly took the earbud from his hand, placing it in your right ear. ‘thank you.’

    ‘anytime. what do you wanna listen to?’

    ‘anything. put your playlist on shuffle.’

    within seconds soft love songs started playing in your ear. you looked at chan and smiled at his choice of music before circling your arm around his bicep, resting your head on his shoulder. your eyes fluttered shut as you took soft breaths of contentment, soon feeling a head resting on top of yours.


    when you reached the mall, you immediately made a beeline for the food court, holding chan’s arm as you dragged him along excitedly. you only had about an hour before the movie was supposed to start.

    you made your way through the food court to the new stall before stopping right in front of the menu board, your eyes scanning through all the different things you could buy. you bit your lip trying to decide what to get when you felt a hand placed gently on your lower back.

    ‘okay what do you want?’ chan asked as he leaned in closer so you could hear him amidst the noise of the large crowd in the dining area.

    ‘what are you getting?’

    ‘i don’t know yet.’

    ‘i think i want... B13! it looks good.’

    chan nodded softly, ‘okay. how about you go find us a table while i order?’

    ‘okay!’ you said as you turned away before turning back just as quickly, ‘oh and–‘

    ‘your favourite drink from the juice stall, i know,’ he replied with a knowing smile before you could even finish your sentence. you chuckled at how proud he looked with himself.

    ‘you know me so well!’ you said as you pinched his cheek before making your way over to the dining area to find a place to sit.


    loud sounds of metal clanging and people shouting filled the cinema as the movie went on, the characters on the screen running through the valleys of an old town trying to avoid getting caught. you chuckled a little the comical way one of the characters bumped into a lady with fruit basket, spilling all of its contents before tripping over the oranges. your eyes sparkled with an amused glint as you watched the characters continue on their wild goose chase.

    as immersed as you were with the story, you could not quite brush off the feeling of a pair of eyes boring into your soul. you turned to the boy sitting beside you, catching him off guard as his head snapped back to look at the movie screen, pretending to be interested in what was going on. though you could very clearly tell he had absolutely no clue what was happening or how the characters got there.

    you raised your eyebrows in amusement before leaning over and whispering, ‘what were you looking at?’

    ‘nothing,’ chan responded, eyes glued to the screen in front of him.

    ‘well you were looking at something. or more specifically... someone,’ you said, trying to control your smile.

    ‘i was just looking at you because you laughed.’

    ‘mhm. do you even know what’s been happening in the movie?’

    chan turned to you with a smile. ‘yes. i’ve watched this movie before. last week, actually. with felix.’

    your mouth dropped open in shock. ‘why didn’t you say anything? we could’ve watched something else,’ you whisper-shouted.

    chan simply shook his head as if to say “it’s okay” before leaning closer and whispering, ‘you really wanted to watch the movie. besides, it’s a good movie. i don’t mind watching it twice.’ he pointed to the screen with his chin, urging you to continue watching as he turned back to the movie, furrowing his eyebrows in concentration.

    after a few minutes you felt his gaze on you again. knowing he’d turn away if you looked at him, you simply tilted your head towards him and questioned softly. ‘now what are you looking at?’

    you turned to look at him and he gave you a soft smile. ‘nothing. popcorn,’ he said as he reached over and grabbed some popcorn from the box sitting in your lap before popping them in his mouth, closing his eyes in exaggerated delight at the taste of the salted caramel.

    you chuckled at his antics and shook your head. ‘watch the movie!’ you whispered in between breathy laughs, making him let out little inaudible giggles of his own.

    ‘why aren’t you eating the popcorn?’

    ‘movie’s too intense. can’t focus on anything else.’

    chan gave a hum in acknowledgement before taking some popcorn and feeding you while your eyes focused on the scene playing out in front of you. you mumbled a quick “thanks” with your mouth full before chewing, your eyes trained on the movie screen.

    after a minute you open your mouth again, nudging chan with your elbow only to have him stuff a fistful of popcorn in your mouth, almost making you choke. you turn to him with a shocked but amused expression and smack his thigh, making him laugh a little harder, albeit still inaudible. you could tell it was starting to hurt his chest a little suppress his laughter as his cheeks started to gain a little more colour.

    ‘you’re going to get us kicked out!’

    ‘okay sorry,’ he replied between breathy, silent laughs, finding a little too much amusement in teasing you. he took a small kernel of popcorn to feed you again. you glared at him for a few seconds as he mouthed another “sorry” before opening your mouth, almost biting his fingers as he brought them closer.

    ‘hey!’ he chastised in a whisper, brows knit together in mock annoyance. ‘you could’ve bit my finger off!’ you retaliated by sticking your tongue out at him childishly before turning back to the movie, pulling him down a little as you rested your head on his shoulder.

    ‘then shut up and let me watch.’


    ‘ohmygod that was such a good movie! especially the ending! i was kinda expecting it but it still gave me goosebumps when it happened,’ you said as you walked out of the cinema.

    chan chuckled at you fondly as he walked beside you. ‘yeah it was really good. what do you wanna do now?’

    ‘hm, what time is it?’ you asked before checking your phone. ‘huh. it’s only 8pm. when’s the last bus arriving?’


    ‘so we have a lot of time... are you hungry?’

    ‘not yet. are you?’

    you shook your head and clicked your tongue. ‘oh wait! we can go sit by the fountains outside. they have a light show every night! we can sit on the steps by the fountain and watch. let’s go!’ you said in playful excitement as you laced your fingers with chan’s, making your way out to the botanical gardens outside the shopping area.

    the moment you stepped closer to the fountain area, you could hear music blaring from the speakers placed right outside the mall entrance, colourful lights illuminating the trees and bushes in the garden. there were large crowds of people of different ages chatting and taking pictures. you had arrived in the middle of the light show, the crowd’s cheering and mirthful laughter filling the empty spaces of the open air. chan pulled you a little closer as you made your way through the clusters of people to find a rather isolated corner at the far left of the steps, right in front of one of the bigger fountains.

    as the music rang, the fountains spurted following the rhythm of the song as countless lights of different colours flashed through the streams and columns of water. you took your phone as you sat down and started filming a few short videos of the light show before flipping the camera to film chan.

    ‘say hi!’

    ‘hi~’ he responded in a sing-song tone, bopping his head along to the music playing in the background. you turned the camera to yourself, giving a cheeky smile before ending the video and sending it to your friends, including minho.

    you were showing chan the video you took when your phone dinged, minho’s name popping up at the top of your phone screen. you quickly tapped on it to send a response teasing him about how he missed out on the best day ever when you read a rather confusing message.

    minho 😈🐰

    > have you told him yet?


    < told who what?

    minho 😈🐰

    > your next door neighbour.

    > chan obviously! who else?


    < tell him what?

    minho 😈🐰

    > ohmygod y/n are you stupid? just tell the man you’re in love with him already!

    you stared at your phone screen, frozen in a silent panic as you realise that chan had been looking at your screen the whole time. your hands shook a little as you thought of different excuses you could give for minho’s big mouth before you lost the comfort and friendship you had with the boy sitting beside you.

    you sucked in your lips nervously as you turned to him, feeling his gaze on you. he had an expression on his face you could not read, making your heart race even faster. ‘u-um...’

    neither of you had any words to say as silence fell between the two of you. even the music booming through the speakers had softened to a slower song, the light show taking a short intermission. you looked down at your lap before looking up again, trying to think of something to say to ease the weird tension building up but no matter how much you tried, you were just not sure what to say.

    you looked at chan, noticing the way his lips parted as he thought of a way to respond, his mouth opening and closing as he stumbled over his words, brows a little furrowed in apparent frustration.

    ‘i’m sorry. minho’s just being stupid. ignore him,’ you said softly, finally finding the courage to speak up. you looked at chan as he nodded silently before looking into your eyes.

    ‘so... you don’t have feelings for me then?’

    ‘oh. um. i–‘ you stumbled over your words before biting your bottom lip and taking a deep breath. ‘do you want me to?’

    chan let out a short chuckle before smiling softly. ‘doesn’t matter what i want. do you have feeling for me?’

    ‘w-well. if... i say yes. h-hypothetically. what would you do?’ you asked, voice full of nerves but also a little hope, making chan smile even wider as his dimples deepened.

    ‘well, hypothetically... if you said yes, i’d hypothetically say that i hypothetically have feelings for you too. a lot of them. maybe even too many of them.’


    ‘yeah,’ he said softly before brushed a few strands of hair out of your face. ‘and then i’d hypothetically ask if i could hypothetically kiss you. because i’ve been hypothetically wanting to since the day i met you.’

    you bit your lip to hide your smile as you let out a silent giggle. ‘then hypothetically... i’d have to ask first. why didn’t you say anything earlier?’

    ‘because i didn’t think you hypothetically liked me back,’ he said with an amused smile, making you laugh.

    ‘what? you think it’s funny?’

    ‘no,’ you laughed. ‘it’s just... we’re so nervous that we’ve made a hypothetical scenario just to confess.’

    ‘hey hey no. i didn’t make any scenario. you did. i asked you straight up.’

    ‘you still didn’t tell me you’ve been wanting to kiss me for almost a year.’

    chan nodded in acknowledgment before leaning in a little closer. ‘well i’m telling you now. i’m sorry it took me so long. you just make me really nervous,’ he whispered as his eyes flickered between your eyes and lips.

    ‘yeah but what if i don’t want to kiss you right now? should’ve asked earlier.’

    ‘i mean... that’s fine too. you don’t have to. although... you’re sending some pretty mixed signals by constantly staring at my lips,’ he said with a smirk, causing your eyes to shoot up and look into his, noticing the mischievous glint in them. ‘yeah my eyes are up here.’

    ‘shut up,’ you laughed as you shoved his chest a little, though not enough to push him back. you shyly kept eye contact with him, resolved to not allow him to tease you, despite your heart almost beating out of your chest.

    he let out a breathy giggle as he bit his bottom lip before leaning just a little closer, whispering lowly. ‘last call. you sure you don’t want to kiss me?’ he asked, only to be greeted by silence. ‘hm?’ he questioned once more as he looked into your eyes, a hand making its way up to the side of your face as he brushed a thumb across your cheek.

    you smiled as you moved a little closer, closing the gap between the two of you, capturing his lips in a soft kiss. he smiled against your lips as he tilted his head a little before deepening the kiss, his other hand finding its way around your waist.

    you pulled apart to breathe, both giggling as you stared into each other’s eyes, chan’s thumb swiping gently across your cheekbone. his eyes pooled with love and adoration as you looked at you, cheeks tinted with a soft pink that not even the dim lights around the fountain area could hide.

    ‘you’re a good kisser,’ you said cheekily, making him laugh loudly and rest his forehead on your shoulder as his hand went down to circle around your waist.

    ‘you can’t just say that!’ he whined.

    ‘why not? i’m complimenting you.’

    ‘i had a good thing going, y/n.’

    ‘oh so it’s my fault your fake confidence can only handle so much?’ you quipped back, making him look up at you with a frown, lips pouting slightly. you leant forward and kissed his pouty lips, pulling back with a proud smile as he started giggling again, trying to look at anything other than you.

    ‘stop it!’

    ‘stop what?’ you asked in a teasing tone.

    ‘this! what you’re doing. making me all shy...’ he mumbled quietly, a blush creeping up his neck, colouring his ears as well.

    you laughed before hugging him tightly, your arms wrapping around his shoulders. ‘okay i’m sorry. you just look very pretty when you blush, i can’t help it.’

    chan let out another shy giggle before whining, hiding his face further into the crook of your neck. ‘you’re just being cruel now.’

    ‘am i?’ you asked as you ran your fingers through his hair. he nodded a little, making you giggle as you pulled away to look at him, holding his cheeks to stop him from hiding his face. ‘it’s your fault, pretty boy. why are you so easy to tease?’

    ‘it’s because i’m in love with you. and you make me nervous,’ he replied with the utmost sincerity, trying his best to not look away. now that he wasn’t teasing you, it was making it even harder for him to not scream and hide his face.

    ‘you love me, do you?’ you asked, prompting him to nod softly. ‘i love you too,’ you smiled before leaning in and kissing him softly once more.

    you pulled apart right as the music got louder once more, the light show starting once again. you looked at chan with a soft smile before lacing your fingers with his, resting your head on his shoulder as you two watched the columns of water dance to the rhythm of the music along with the colourful lights.

    you suppose minho was right; you would be thanking him tomorrow. but not before kicking him in the face for almost giving you a heart attack. though something told you he might’ve known that things would work out. you looked up at chan, realising that he was already looking at you and smiled before placing a quick kiss under his jaw.

    ‘thank you for today,’ you said with a wide smile, one he responded with an equally bright smile.

    ‘thank you for everyday.’

    you giggled shyly before resting your head on his shoulder once more, holding him even closer as he pressed a gentle kiss on the top of your head.

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    A Walk Back Home

    Genre: fluff, cute/sweet, romantic, funny(ish)

    Warnings: kinda hella cringy, mini make out scene(if that)



    “Where should we go next?” Seungmin asked Changbin, the two walking side by side.

    “Anywhere you want Minnie. As long as I’m with you i don’t mind” Changbin said calmly then stopping and placing a soft kiss on Seungmins nose, the small boy giggling lightly as his senior did so.

    “you promise?-“ Seungmin blushed as Changbin wrapped his arms around his waist.

    “I promise” Changbin said kissing Seungmins nose for the second time. Seungmin, being a total romantic, shoved his head into Changbins chest and burst into a giggling mess.

    “H-hey what are you laughing at!?” Changbin half shouted, grabbing Seungmins shoulders.

    “I-it’s just that-“ Seungmin tried to finnish his sentence but failed miserably and just ended up laughing ever more.

    “hey” Changbin pouted, letting go of your shoulders and resting his arms at his side.

    “It was cute, that’s all” Seungmin reassured the pouting boy, while also trying to fight back his ‘still existing’ laughter. Seungmin grabbed Changbins arms and placed them around his waist then taking his own arms and wrapping them around Changbins neck, kissing the boys cheek.

    “Your lying” Changbin continued to pout.

    “Okay, maybe it was a little cheesy” Seungmin chuckled before giving Changbin yet another quick kiss on the cheek.

    “but at least you tried.”Seungmin said.

    “Well if you really think it was that cheesy then why don’t you go off and date Hyunjin? He’s a pretty good romantic” Changbin said enthusiastically. Seungmin immediately pulled his arms off of Changbin, bringing them to his side in a pout.

    “Seo Changbin! Are you trying to get rid of me?!” Seungmin exclaimed, grabbing the sides of Changbins jacket, of which he was currently wearing.

    “Maby- maby not-“ Changbin teased, then shot Seungmin a surprised expression when the small boy began (playfully) banging on his chest.

    “YaAaA” Seungmin shouted at Changbin when he had finally managed to get away.

    “So now your going to run away from me?” Seungmin shouted again, then began racing after his runaway boyfriend.


    They had been running for about 13 to 20 minutes when Seungmin he finally caught Changbin by practically tackling him to the ground.

    “Got ya-“ Seungmin giggles as he lay on top of Changbin.

    “I see that.” Changbin said sarcastically, gently moving a few strands of hair out of Seungmins face then kissing the giggling boy passionately in attempt to quiet him up. Seungmin grabbed the Sides of Changbins jacket intensifying the kiss, the boy then attempts to take Changbins jacket off until Changbin had suddenly stopped him from doing so.

    “What’d you do that for?” Seungmin frowned

    “Hey don’t do that- it’s getting dark anyways and the bugs are going to be out soon” Changbin explained cupping Seungmins chubby cheeks, for he still had his baby fat at the time.

    “do we have to.. I like this position, it’s comfy~” Seungmin sighed before climbing off of Changbin and dusting himself off.

    “cmon” Changbin said grabbing ahold of Seungmins hand as the two began making their way through the wheat field.

    “Where should we go now?” Seungmin thought aloud as he silently watched Changbins muscular arms at work pushing the wheat gently to the side.

    “I was thinking we could go to my place for tonight” Changbin smirked looking over at Seungmin with a devilish glare in his eye.

    “I thought you said that you didn’t care as long as you were with me.” Seungmin smiled brightly to the muscular boy beside him.

    “I did? hmm, must have forgotten-“. Changbin said in a calm voice, Seungmin resting his head on Changbins shoulders as they walked as if it was his way of agreeing to the situation.

    “I love you Minnie, and I want you to always know that” Changbin whispered into Seungmins ear sweetly, then nonchalantly slipping his hand into the back pocket of Seungmins jeens.

    “I love you too Binnie, and of course I’ll always know that you love me, and not to mention you remind me every night” The boy whispered in reply. Taking one arm Seungmin lightly placed it around Changbins waist, the two  stayed this way until they had eventually arrived home. And despite everyone on the streets talking about them saying how ‘disrespectful they were being, going around holding each other like they had been’ the two lovebirds didn’t care, because, “as long as they had each other they were happy”…..

    A/N: finally after rewriting this multiple times, I am finally satisfied with the way it  came out and I hoped you enjoyed it ;)

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    ───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───

    lee know x gn reader , a lil suggestive ;)
    for our birthday boy :D

    ───✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ───


    your eyes wandered over the sweaty body from your boyfriend, licking your tongue from the side while lee know was totally immersed in monitoring himself in the mirror. hid facial expression was dark, eyes furrowed and lips pulled into a light smirk.

    his movements seemed so incredibly smooth and clean at the same time, capturing every beat with a perfect timing.

    the sight in front of you let your thoughts wander to various places, not noticing that he finished the choreography, scanning your figure through the mirror.

    “hello, earth to y/n” he teased, quirking his eyebrows just to break out into a small chuckle at your dumbfounded gaze, your thoughts not sorting themselves in any way.

    it took you another few seconds to gather yourself, walking up to him to greet him with a big smile and a short peck on the lips.

    “your really sweaty” you noted as you took a step back from his embrace, taking the chance to look all over him again.

    you could tell that he was exhausted, chest lifting and falling in a quick pace, while small pearls of sweat decorated his forehead.

    lee know quickly picked up that you were once again lost in your thoughts as he took the chance to press you close, turning you around as you squirmed, surprised by the sudden touch.

    and before you knew it your back was pressed against the cold mirror, caged in the hold of your boyfriend while being incredibly close to his face, foreheads almost touching.

    you could feel the strong gaze from your boyfriend, but instead of returning it, you used the chance to rumor over his face once again, eyes landing on his lips, looking at them in adoration.

    you squirmed once again when he pulled you by your chin, forcing you to make eye contact with him, before crashing his lips onto yours.

    you gladly smiled into the kiss,slightly opening your mouth to deepen the kiss, letting him take control over you.

    your mind went into a daze, only being able to feel lee knows touch at your waist, pulling you even closer to him, pressing his body into yours while his tongue explored your mouth, causing you to whimper at his touch.

    you let out another, even louder as he suddenly pulled away, causing him to give you a smirk and it was just then when you noticed a familiar silhouette standing in the door, jisung standing there speechless, face almost as red as yours.

    “i…uhmm…sorry…i just wanted to ask if you want to get some food, but you seem to be…busy” jisung stumbled out, quickly walking out of the room again.

    there was a short silence, the two of you looking at the door until it was closed before the both of you breaking out into laughters.


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    Happy birthday, Lino <3<3<3

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    생일 축하해요!!!!!! 아ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ!!!!!!!! 너무 너무 너무 사랑해!!!!!! Your hard work is just so powerful! Thank you for staying with us! Thank you for showing us a beautiful human being. Your talents are just on 🔝 love you loads our leebit (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)

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    S/O falls asleep on them


    Hi, I just want to briefly thank @that-crazy-five-foot-two-chick. Thank you for leaving those sweet comments, it really encourages me to keep writing. You're so sweet ❤️❤️❤️


    Bang Chan

    ° Is usually the one sleeping on you since he rarely gets any rest, but ever since you started your new job... Oh how the tables have turned. He can't recall a time a dinner where you don't look absolutely exhausted, it kind of breaks his heart a bit.

    ° Let's out a long content sigh when he's comfortable, smiling softly as you snore quietly into his shoulder. He'll usually either continue to work on songs or go on his phone as you take a nap on him. But very rarely will he sleep with you, worried you'd both lose the day.

    ° The least awkward member when you do this randomly, even if you two aren't dating by that point. He'll just chill and let you sleep on him, sneaking a few glances since your cheek is all smushed against his shoulder. But he won't take photos... Even if he is dying to.

    ° Will wake you up after about two hours, either having to use the washroom or getting worried that you're sleep schedule will become a mess if he doesn't wake you up any sooner. You always point out that he's so worried about your sleep, yet pays no attention to his own.


    It was 3am and you couldn't sleep, it was too cold no matter how many blankets you put on yourself. You needed Chan in bed, but he probably wasn't going to join you until 5am. You needed to get some rest, so you resorted to the most desperate option. Sleeping on him.

    "Hey, what are you-" Bang Chan greeted, soon being engulfed by your body and blankets as you laid on him.

    "Continue, I'm just going to sleep here." You explained, making him laugh by how casual you acted.

    Chan continued his work, but it was much harder to focus on when your adorable sleeping expression was right in front of him. All he wanted to do you hold you close and secretly squish your cute cheeks, but he let you rest. Knowing you had an early morning.

    Lee Know

    ° Depends on the situation for him, there are three reactions he'll do. He'll wake you up and whine a bit because you fell asleep, will join you and rest his head on yours, or will simply let you relax on him and just watch a show or something. But it all depends on the situation.

    ° When you tell him that he does the same thing to you, he'll get playfully defensive only to fall asleep on your shoulder an hour later. You both will also take photos of each other and draw on those photos. His go to for you is cat ears while your go to is a rainbow mustache.

    ° You two fell asleep in the dance practice room by accident, you both only wanted to sit down for a bit and watch a video on your phone. Hyunjin walked in, and couldn't miss the opportunity for photos. He cropped you out because of respect, then posted them all.

    ° Minho woke up to his phone buzzing, only to find out that it was from all of the likes and comments on multiple photos of him sleeping. You woke up only seconds after, hearing Hyunjin scream/laugh down the hallway as Minho chased after him.


    You were beginning to wake up from your small nap, watching as your boyfriend gently adjusted his posture after a couple of hours of staying in one spot. He didn't shift too much however, one of his cats in a deep slumber on his lap. You giggled softly as you stretched, finding it cute.

    "Don't give me that look Minho, you always sleep on me." You teased, feeling your boyfriend's playful glare.

    "I never sleep on you, the only time I do is when it's time for bed and your passed out asleep before me." Minho defended, scrunching his nose when you placed a small kiss to it.

    An hour passed, and during your favorite part in Beauty and the Beast you felt a head thump into your shoulder. Minho proved your point, falling asleep on you much more often than you fall asleep on him. He always looked so cute squished against your shoulder, so you didn't complain.


    ° You liked going to the gym with your boyfriend, whether you were there only to support him or to work out with him. You enjoyed how quiet the JYP gym was, only other members stopping in every so often. One morning Changbin decided, let's start at 6am...you weren't a fan of that.

    ° You and Changbin usually went to the gym at night, knowing not a lot of people would show up and it worked since he was busy in the daytime while you hated early mornings with a burning rage. The schedule was fine like that, it worked for both of you and you don't know why he wanted it changed.

    ° You weren't the one the fall asleep first, it was almost always your boyfriend. But at 6am you were beyond exhausted, you haven't woken up this early since you went on tour with them. And they would sometimes let you sleep in, noticing you were a mess when up so early.

    ° Changbin secretly just wanted to see what you'd be like in the morning, wondering if you'd get used to it when running around or falling asleep on one of the work out benches. He wasn't surprised when you pretty much passed out the moment you laid down for sit ups.


    "Baby, Felix brought us muffin-" Changbin announced, shocked when he saw you dead asleep on the floor.

    Changbin didn't want your neck to hurt, so he quickly rushed over and let you lay on his lap as he sat up. He's never seen you in such a deep slumber, your body resembling a Ragdoll as he placed you onto his lap. Both him and Felix couldn't contain their laughter.

    "Wow, y/n wasn't lying about not being a morning person." Felix teased, passing Changbin a muffin for when you wake up.

    You weren't going to wake up anytime soon, which Changbin knew the moment he saw you asleep. Once he finished his muffin, he dragged you back to your shared bedroom. Flopping you onto the mattress and leaving the muffin on your bedside table.


    ° If you just so happen to be tired or even the least bit sleepy, he will glue to you just so he has the chance of you sleeping on him. He's clingy in denial and everyone knows it... When you fall asleep on him, he'll act as if he didn't hope for this to happen even though his smile says otherwise.

    ° Will not stop kissing your face while your asleep, so much so that you will sometimes stir awake and grumble for him to stop. His whole body heats up when you hide your face in his neck, your melting him and he doesn't know if he can take it for too long.

    ° He will either settle down and eventually fall asleep with you, or wake you up so you two can cuddle in bed. Either way he's holding you and being able to kiss you, he can't resist doing either when you're all sleepy and pouty. The only time he's okay with PDA is when you're tired.

    ° The members have seen you two hug and share a small peck here and there, but nothing too mushy and cheesy. This is why they were shocked to see You and Hyunjin giggling and rubbing noses together, both of you babbling nonstop compliments before cuddling.


    "You're *kiss* so *kiss* cute *kiss kiss kiss*" Hyunjin whispered, attacking your exposed cheek with kisses.

    This would be fine and you probably would've kissed him back, if it wasn't for the fact that you literally got no sleep last night and were trying to sleep on your boyfriend. He could never resist you when you were sleepy, and you should've remembered that fact before cuddling him.

    You grumbled against his shoulder, trying to move away from the hyper lovesick puppy. But he always managed to still stick to you, making you crack a tired laugh when he practically laid on top of you. His kisses soon felt soothing against your neck, making you feel sleepy again.

    "Have sweet dreams my princess/prince." Hyunjin whispered, beginning to feel his own eyelids grow heavy.


    ° Some may say Seungmin or Jeongin would become the stiffest in this situation, but I'm a firm believer that it's Jisung. You would be laying in bed watching some YouTube videos on his laptop, then you grew tired and fall asleep on his shoulder. Than bam! Statue mode activated.

    ° If the members were around they'd start laughing, because he'd look like a deer in headlights as he attempted to not breath too loudly. If you stir at all he'll stop breathing until you're comfortable again, and when he breathes again it's shaky because he doesn't want to sigh.

    ° You'd probably end up waking up thanks to some clumsy mistake he did, such as accidently shutting the laptop really loud, falling off the bed, making you head roll off his shoulder, or the most common for some reason... Spilling a drink on you because he's shaking.

    ° When you wake up, you have to tell him that it's alright to be natural when you're asleep. You don't want him to become a tense mess because of you, you'll have to reassure him quite a few times til he actually does this though. So overall, don't sleep on his shoulder or he'll become frozen.


    You were watching some funny animal clips with Jisung on YouTube, and the clock was hitting midnight as your eyes began to feel heavy. You'd continuously yawn, and began snuggling closer and closer towards your boyfriend until you let sleep take over your body.

    "Aww babe look at that pug-...Babe?" The moment he heard a soft snore is when he froze, gently shutting his laptop.

    "Jisung, don't tense up you're shoulders are becoming too hard." You whispered, pushing both you and your boyfriend down to the pillows.

    You tiredly pushed yourself into his chest, hearing his heartbeat slowly become a normal pace. You shyly smiled before returning to dream land, not noticing Jisung's protective grip over your waist as he gave you a small kiss on the head. He secretly admired his sleeping beauty.


    ° You will be glued to him whether you are sleepy or not, he loves cuddles and who better to give them to him rather than his own lover? Will rub his cheek against your head, usually zoning out but it's still cute nonetheless. When you finally fall asleep on him, expect lots of head kisses.

    ° He was once giving you a shoulder massage in bed, when you fell back into him because you fell asleep. He couldn't contain his laughter, waking you up immediately to his disappointment. But that moment will forever be stuck in memories, always going back to it for a laugh.

    ° If the roles are reversed and he's the tired one, you'll be melting for two reasons. He'll be clinging to you nonstop, and he will also not stop mumbling about everything he loves about you. Felix will not hold back when he's tired, and he sometimes won't remember it the next day.

    ° It's a ritual between you two to have a long soft kiss before you both go to sleep, so if you fall asleep before the kiss he'll simply kiss you while your asleep. This makes you stir softly, but it's not enough to wake you up. He also likes to wake you up with kisses, even if you have morning breath.


    "You're already asleep aren't you?" Felix whispered, glancing down to see your shut eyes and slightly parted lips.

    He sighed to himself, content with the warmth of your pajamas and the cozy weight you laid onto him. Felix couldn't go to bed without your kiss, so he gently cupped your face and placed the most gentle kiss to your lips. He acted as if you were made of the most breakable glass.

    You loved kisses from your boyfriend, so he knew you'd feel a bit bad for missing the goodnight ritual. So he made a promise to himself to give you more kisses in the morning so you don't feel bad, you were clingy in a way but he loved you for it.

    "Goodnight lovely." Felix murmured, softly pulling you close to him before he leaned over to shut the lamp off.


    ° Everyone always categorized you and Seungmin as one of the cutest couples in existence, and they weren't wrong about it. The member's would often catch you two snuggling in bed whispering the night away, going on late night adventures, and playing guitar together.

    ° You didn't know guitar overly well, so Seungmin would teach you. He'd sit you on his lap, guiding your fingers to the proper chords. You honestly had trouble focusing on the instrument when the whole situation was so cliché and romantic. You'd both end up laughing by the cheesiness of it all.

    ° If either of you wanted to take a nap. The other would follow and nap with them. You two always slept together, so much so that it was impossible to sleep for either of you when he was on tour. So whenever he came back, both of you would be inseparable and burrito yourselves in blankets.

    ° Seungmin was chatting about some moments on tour, when he heard you snoring quietly on his chest. He couldn't help but laugh to himself, not believing that you've texted him messages over and over about wanting to see him and here you were asleep as he told you some stories.


    "I've been here for 3 hours and you're already bored of me?" Seungmin teased, watching as you snuggled further into his neck.

    He knew why you were tired, you waited at the airport for hours and had a lot of trouble sleeping without him. He simply just liked to tease you lightly, adoring your whining voice when you defend yourself. Seungmin was also relived you were sleepy since he was quite tired himself.

    "I'm just tired Seungmin, I'll never get bored of you." You replied, placing a small kiss to his lips as his face burned pink.

    The moment your lips detached, he hovered over you before gently laying on top of you. You both let out a tired and content sigh as you held each other tightly. Your hands raking through his hair as he placed fluttering kisses against your collarbone. Both of you asleep in seconds.


    ° Jeongin was comfortable he couldn't help it, he wore soft clothes, was great to hug, and placed the sweetest kisses. It came to no surprise when you found yourself latching onto him constantly, always putting a smile on his face thank to your cuddly nature. Only you could hug him like that.

    ° You can often be seen wearing his clothes, especially the ones he never wears our the ones he left behind while on tour. Jeongin has seen you dead asleep in his clothes on multiple occasions, but it never fails to become a great wallpaper so he smiles everytime he sees it.

    ° Likes dipping his hands under the hoodie to rub your back, especially if it's cold out since your body is so warm from being covered in his hoodie all day. Will press small kisses to the edge of your jaw, making you giggle in your sleep due to the tickling feeling he gives you.

    ° You will wake up sometimes and pull his head forward so you can kiss him to sleep, calming his hyper antics until he falls asleep with you. Once he's tired enough, you'll dip your head under his chin and wrap yourself around his torso. Not missing his small 'I love you' .


    You were fast asleep in your shared bed, failing to stay awake through the movie you've been waiting to see throughout the day. Your boyfriend's hoodie was simply too comfortable and led to you growing more and more sleepy by the minute. Now you were snoring away.

    "My baby was too sleepy to stay awake and greet me." Jeongin whispered to himself, smiling at your sleep talking.

    "No chicken for you." You whispered, still heavily asleep and not realizing how random you sounded.

    Jeongin broke into a fit of laughter, making you jolt awake at the sudden loud noise. He explained what you said in your sleep, making you confused because you now couldn't even remember what the hell you were even dreaming about. Once the laughter died down, he quickly joined you in bed.

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  • channiechwn
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    stray kids’ reaction to you doing a tiktok dance which requires you to shake your 🍑

    ◡̈ warnings: protectiveness(?), use of word “ass”, almost falling?, kinda cringey ngl sorry

    ◡̈ genre: fluffy, established relationship

    a/n: also progressively gets shorter because i’m tired and it would get too repetitive... sorry 😢 also kind of edited? not really? it was late okay 😢😢

    — bang chan!

    he would be super grumpy and grouchy, could possibly give you the silent treatment later

    when he saw heard the tiktok timer go off, he looked at you curiously, wondering what tiktok you were gonna film

    after the 3s timer went off, he heard the music start to play and boy oh boy was he alarmed

    “let’s groove” started playing from your phone and as your gluteus maximus was about to face the camera, chan lunged forward, knocking your phone off the dresser in the process

    “hey! i was dancing!” you would yell out in a lighthearted tone

    chan would cross his arms across his chest and go “hmph!” before heading towards your shared bed and return to whatever he was previously doing

    “what do you want to eat for dinner?” you would ask later on

    he wouldn’t reply and there would be a frown etched on his face

    “is this about just now?” you pouted, running up to him and snuggling with him on the bed

    he would just turn the other way and glare at you playfully

    “chann it was just a joke! i’m sorry i won’t do it again! i promise,” you whined while sticking your pinky up to seal the promise

    he would turn to face you then hook his picky with yours

    his facial expression would change from a moody look to a cheery happy one in a split second

    “dominos pizza,” he would finally reply.

    — minho!

    he would really mean in a teasing way

    when he heard the familiar tune playing, just know he would snatch the phone away in a 0.000001s

    he would raise the phone up with his hand while you tried to jump and grab it

    “if you want to record your dance so bad then do it! if you can even get your phone,” he would snicker in that sarcastic tone

    you would roll your eyes and ask for it back

    watching you prance and jump around just to retrieve his phone is his humour

    he would laugh about it and carry on

    he would also unlock your phone and exit the app so that you won’t have a chance to do the dance

    100% the kind that would purposely key in the wrong password to your phone multiple times so that your phone would be disabled for like 30mins-1hour

    he would be super smug about it when he returns the phone to you

    “that will teach you a lesson,” he would smirk.

    “next time spend time with me, it’s always that damn phone,” he would wail in a motherly tone, his arms akimbo

    when you give in and put your phone on your dresser, he would push you onto the bed and then cuddle with you until your phone can be unlocked

    but even when your phone is back to normal, he wouldn’t let you go and keep you in his tight arms despite your constant whines

    — changbin!

    he would be protective of you as he’s scared of the creeps lurking in the internet

    he would tackle you immediately / scoop you in his arms and run off frame

    “no no, you aren’t doing this trend! there are so many bad guys out there that are gonna see your bottom!” he would exclaim, alarmed.

    you would lightly hit his back and ask him to let go

    obviously, he would refuse and laugh at you struggling in his strong arms 🤤🤤

    he would then throw you onto the couch with a soft thump and wrap you up in the throw blanket on the couch

    you would be his cute burrito 😋😋

    but being a cute burrito means that you arms and legs are restricted hence NO movement at all

    and then he would just coo at you and hug you real tight

    but really you wouldn’t mind if he continued to do that because i KNOW that man smells really good and expensive mmmm 😋

    in the end, you two would just end up sleeping, all cuddled up and bundled up in his warm arms, your face against his chest!

    — hyunjin!

    *dramatic whining*

    drama queen hyunjin would let you do the dance (because he enjoys the show) but before you can post the tiktok, he would snatch the phone from your grip and save it into your drafts instead

    he is also the type that would request for the video and if you refuse to send it to him, he would just steal your phone and send it to himself when you are showering

    when he sees you dancing alone, he would complain and stomp his feet about how you didn’t invite him to do the dancey tiktok ◠̈

    like chan, he would give you the silent treatment for feeling left out but this man cannot resist not talking to you

    so about 5 minutes after his “silent treatment”, he would start telling you about his childhood days and food

    thoughts about the tiktok would be thrown out of his head and things would be back to normal, as if it never happened in the first place

    — jisung!

    loud ass

    this man will yell, shout, scream and probably cause the neighbour to complain

    either to hype you up or to distract you from continuing your dance

    if he yells to hype you up, he would be at the side doing the dance with you or making that exaggerated lip bite face

    if he yells to distract you, he would scream and grab your phone and hold it close with him

    he will not give it back

    he’s so goddamn loud but you love him for that

    there’s nothing much i can say but just know he is the noisiest boy you have ever dated and that he will not hesitate to scream his lungs out if he sees you do something daring

    — felix!

    cute and supportive

    he would probably do the tiktok with you!

    also be the one who taught you how to dance this dance

    he was the one who suggested this dance to you and introduced this idea

    there would be so much laughter when you guys film the tiktok

    after you post it to public, he would ask you to send the tiktok to him

    later that night, do not be surprised to see him rewatch the video over and over again with a small smile on his face

    the song would just play on repeat and you would get sick and tired of it but he would never get sick and tired of the video

    he’s also the type of person to visit your profile every day when he’s free and he would rewatch your past tiktoks over and over again

    when the tiktok goes viral, he would be super happy and be like “omg let’s celebrate! famous era!”

    and later that evening you would see him bake a cake or some cupcakes as a treat for becoming viral???

    would 10/10, 100% be your tiktok boyfriend and buddy ◡̈

    — seungmin!

    protective!!!! does not want the world to see your juicy beautiful ass

    this guy would immediately stand in front of the camera with a very stern face, one that would send shivers down your spine — or anyone’s spine tbh

    he would also cross his arms and glare at the camera

    another scenario would be he uses his big hands to cover the camera or your backside

    “why were you dancing this song ◠̈” he would say with a pout

    “please post it on “friends only” okay? i’m afraid of the creeps out there,” he would also warn

    he would also be very grumpy afterwards and he is super petty

    he won’t talk to you for a few minutes but after around like 20 minutes, he would forget about the incident

    “wait why was i mad at you just now?” he would question and you would answer with a shrug

    anyway, i love seungmin so much his braces are so cute

    — jeongin!

    fight (literally 👊)

    this guy would get into a brawl with you

    WILL tackle you onto the bed

    possibly bite your ankles 😡😡🤨🤨

    anyway he would squirm a lot and there would be a lot of giggles hehe

    almost accidentally rolls off the bed with you but his long legs stopped you guys from tumbling down

    if you guys actually do tumble onto the ground jeongin would always be behind you so if you fall, you land on jeongin’s chest

    he will smell good 👍

    the tiktok would be loooong forgotten and everything will be back to normal after all the giggles and laughter

    thank you for reading!

    #stray kids #stray kids fanfic #skz fanfic #stray kids fluff #skz fluff#skz imagines #stray kids imagines #skz scenarios #stray kids scenarios #stray kids soft hours #skz soft hours #han jisung#skz felix#skz jisung#skz hyunjin#skz changbin#skz seungmin #skz bang chan #skz minho#skz jeongin #stray kids bang chan #stray kids felix #stray kids minho #stray kids changbin #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids jisung #stray kids seungmin #stray kids jeongin #stray kids headcanons #skz headcanons
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  • thevampywolf
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    Genre: fluff, husband!Chan

    Warnings: none

    Request: no

    Member: Chan

    You wake to the sound of gentle raindrops on your window, the room darker than it should be at this time of day. Blinking slowly, you frown, suddenly aware that your surroundings are very different than normal; in a flash, you sit up, and in doing so your elbow collides with something hard and warm. You jump as you hear a loud groan, and you look down to see a figure laying beside you, rubbing his jaw.

    Oh that's why I'm not at home, you think to yourself. I got married.

    "I have to admit," the man beside to you grumbles at you sleepily despite the smile spreading across his face. "I did imagine our first morning together to be slightly less violent."

    You can't help but burst into giggles at that as you reach out to gently cup Chan’s red jaw. "I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

    "I'm okay but I'd be great if you kissed this better," Chan points to his face and with the roll of your eyes, you lean down, your hair falling around you like a curtain as you gently kiss his jaw.

    Before you get the chance to pull away, Chan grabs a hand of your wrist and suddenly you're flipped over, his body hovering over yours and your bewildered face staring up at his smirking one.

    Gulping slowly, you let out a shy chuckle, your cheeks immediately heating up.

    "Now ... now who's being violent?" You manage, biting your lip.

    Chan grins down at you, before dropping a kiss to your forhead. Your eyes automatically flutter shut, his kiss so gentle that you feel like you're floating amongst clouds. His fingers gently brush the hair out of your face, his hands resting at the sides of your cheeks as cups your face.

    "Touché," your husband whispers, his eyes crinkling up at you with happiness. "Do you want to tell me why you punched me in the face, baby girl?"

    You laugh, covering your face with your eyes. "I was half asleep and I freaked out at not seeing my bedroom. Completely forgot I wasn't alone."

    "Do you wish you were?" Chan asks, studying your face.

    "Were what?"


    "Of course not," you shake your head against the pillow, smiling up at your husband. "I guess I've just been alone for so long that I was surprised seeing you next to me."

    Chan smiles at that, before he drops himself ontop of you. You groan under his weight but return his hug as he wraps his arms around you, shifting so you're both laying on your sides again, your face buried in his chest.

    "You're not alone anymore," Chan whispers, carding his fingers through your hair. His chest buzzes against your nose in a peculiarly comforting way as he speaks, and his his body heat is so intense that you're sure you're melting with his touch. But you snuggle closer into him, the stifling heat and sweet, woody scent of him making you feel safe. "I'm yours and I'm always going to be here. Okay? No more punching me in the jaw though."

    You giggle into his chest, tangling your fingers into the back of his hoodie as his large biceps squeeze you tight. "Okay. No more punching."

    Chan hums at that before you both fall into a comfortable silence, your heart beating against his body, his breathing stirring your hair. His hands rub soothingly over your back, transferring even more heat into you, and despite having slept more than enough, you find you don't want to get up. You want to stay here, wrapped up in your husband's arms.

    "What's for breakfast?" You ask instead, mumbling into the crook of his neck.

    "Hmm," Chan ponders over your question, before his body shakes with quiet laughter. "We didn't go shopping did we?"

    You furrow your eyebrows before shaking your head. "Oops."

    Chan chuckles and sighs, stretching his body out with a loud yawn before returning to his previous position of cuddling the living daylights out of you. You gasp against his shoulder; you never knew breathing against such a tight hug would be thus difficult.

    "Well we can go shopping and then I can make us pancakes," Chan continues, kissing your cheek. "Or we can go out to eat breakfast and then go shopping after. Which one do you prefer baby?"

    "Pancakes sound good," you mumble, eyes already falling shut again. "But I don't want to get up."

    Chan laughs, peering down at you cuddled up against his chest. "Is my pretty girl still sleepy?"

    "No," you smile lazily, tightening your arms around his middle. "Just don't want to let go."

    At that, Chan squeals and giggles, his face turning red. "You're so cute oh my gosh."

    "No you," you murmur, nuzzling your nose into his neck.

    "I love you," Chan whispers, kissing your forehead. "Stay here as long as you want okay? We've got all day to get breakfast."


    Tag list ~ @koos-euphoria @es-kay-zee @ex-skz-me @raethethey @hugs4chan @hotmesshapa @manonblackbeak-trash @hendsernoodle @sir3racha @jl-micasea-fics @nightshade-minho @water--gang @yourdaddychan @n-bokhari @stanskzseungmin @loving-unicorns106 @ateez-babygirl @dalamjisung @jisungsjheekies @freckledquokka @dinosdawn @cookiemonstermusic258 @strwbrryfroyo @gazelle-des-pres @qtieskz @airwaveee @stigmvta @love-stays @necromancersupreme @visiblemisfit @sulfurcosmos @jorgofthejungle @super-btstrash-posts @changlix-mp4 @exonations @fluffybitch0325 @jeyelleohe @jaeshiddentreasure @rnjunie @bluerthanbluemk @rae-blogging @planetdemon @dani41 (lemme know if you wanna be added or removed)

    #stray kids #stray kids scenarios #stray kids text #stray kids text post #stray kids texts #stray kids imagines #bang chan #stray kids fluff #stray kids chan #chan #bang chan fluff #skz bang chan #bang chan room #stray kids bang chan #christopher bang#chris bang#skz au#skz scenarios#skz imagines#skz#skz fluff#skz fanfic #stray kids oneshots #stray kids oneshot #skz oneshots #bang chan oneshot #bang chan one shot
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  • honeyvocalhwang
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Sso Ssick | Lee Minho

    Pairing: boyfriend!Minho x sick!gn!Reader 

    Genre: Sick AU, Established Relationship AU, Fluff, Comfort

    Summary: Wanting to change up roles, you take on being chef for the night. You just wanted to cook Minho a nice meal to come home to. But suddenly, you're away from the dinner table to find yourself hovering over the toilet, dry heaving your last meal. Just your luck, Minho walked through the door right as you vomited. 

    "Fine, do it yourself." 

    "Since you want to be independent, I won't help you. Don't ask me when you can't do it." 

    Warnings: fevers & other illnesses, food poisoning, medication intake, vomit, spoiled food, meat consumption, unsanitary cooking practices, Minho nags reader 

    Word Count: 3.2K

    A/N: For Minho Day <3


    - masterlist -


    “Where is it?” You bent over, looking in the darkness of the bottom cabinets where you swore Minho stored the cutting boards. You opened the cabinet doors one by one until you came across the desired item, “I would’ve never guessed the far right one.”

    You closed the doors with the side of your hip, placing the bamboo cutting board on the center island of the kitchen. The kitchen was a wide, open area, fitting many pantries of all the cooking supplies and ingredients that Minho had accumulated over the years. It was modern and sleek, sporting a grayscale scheme that matched with the dinning room. You could not even begin to understand why Minho was so obsessed over the kitchen when you and him first moved in together, but seeing him happily work to feed the both of you was worth it. 

    Minho, being the main and only cook of the house, dominated the area. You rarely ever used the kitchen, having only instant meals for your menu. But, today was going to be different. Today, you were going to make a change. Your labor of love was planned to be gifted to Minho in celebration for his big promotion. Naturally, you were attempting to make him a nice dinner. 

    “Okay!” You cracked your knuckles, sliding your laptop towards you, “How to make Japchae. Beginner.”

    Upon reaching the tutorial video, you gathered the necessary ingredients and cookware. You thanked yourself for grocery shopping beforehand and cursed yourself for not paying attention to which cabinet the different pots and pans were housed in. 

    Washing your hands, you rolled up your sleeves, readying yourself for action. If you knew anything about cooking from Minho, prepwork came first. You cut open the package of fresh pork steaks, carefully placing it onto the cutting board. The video neglected to show how to cut the meat, resulting in you feverishly slicing it with no particular method. You could only hope that they came out thin and uniform. Placing the meat onto a separate plate, you washed your hands and moved onto the vegetables. Using the same knife and cutting board as before, you fished out the vegetables from their bags and used the same quickhanded method when cutting the meat. 

    Dishing the chopped vegetables next to the sliced meat, you washed your hands, clapping them excitedly once they were dry, “No wonder why Minho hates me in the kitchen. I’m too good at this!” 

    You smiled triumphantly, feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. Accompanied with your smile, you shook your body in a little happy dance, making your way towards the stove. You were glad to say everything went smoothly, more than you expected. The food was cooked thoroughly, the hot pan didn’t catch on fire, and it only took one attempt to get it perfect on the first try. 

    Upon dishing the japchae, you couldn’t help but take a taste for yourself. With the explosion of flavor in your mouth that you never knew you were capable of creating, you snuck a bit more than a taste, chewing happily. Guiltily, you wiped your mouth with a clean napkin and craned your head to view your laptop screen. Reading the time, you knew Minho just clocked out, but it was still going to be a while before he would come home. Curse the rush hour traffic. 

    Partly, you were at fault, deciding to start cooking with much cushion time just in case something went wrong. But could you really blame yourself with your cooking reputation? Minho’s lucky to be served reheated food in comparison to burnt or better yet inedible food. 

    You brushed off the fact, deciding to start ahead on the clean up process. Taking the used equipment, you soaked them in the sinkful of soapy water and washed them. Once getting to the bamboo cutting board you first took out, you had a weird feeling as you scrubbed the used surface. Why did it feel like you should have done this earlier? You thought for a while on why you felt the need to clean the cutting board earlier, but came up with no answer. At this point, you were self-inducing a headache with all this thinking. Shrugging, you rinsed the appliance and moved on to pack the ingredients you ended up not using. Taking a quick glance at the time again, you decided the last tasks to do were to set the table and dress yourself up a little. It was a celebration after all. 

    Running up the stairs, you quickly charged into your shared bedroom and into the master closet where you changed into a nice, elegant looking black number. It was nothing too risque or dramatic, just enough for you to feel like it was an occasion and enough for Minho to struggle keeping control of himself when looking at you. You moved to the bathroom, giving yourself a once over. And damn, you looked good. 

    Feeling yourself, you twirled in the mirror of the master bathroom once before deciding to freshen up your face; however, the moment you bent over the bathroom sink, a grumbling feeling enacted in the depths of your stomach. You gripped the edge of the smooth granite countertop, knuckles turning white from your strength. Your breathing turned ragged, heaving almost. You scrunch your eyes closed, panting through your nose. You couldn’t trust opening your mouth with the contractions of your trachea. 

    On its own, your body lurched forward, gagging from nothing. You stayed like that for a while, unwillingly repeating the action. Fortunately, you managed to get a grip with a harsh cough and spit into the sink. In your desperate attempt to control your breathing, you neglected the unrestricted queasy feeling from your stomach that rapidly made its way up through your chest. The tightness stayed there, pressing against your heart and lungs. It reminded you of the time when Hyunjin and Jisung decided it was funny to pile their bodies above you until being scared off with a glare from Minho. You would’ve called him your savior if not for the fact he scolded you afterwards for being too naive of their silly tactics. 

    You clutched your chest, pressing inwards in attempts to relieve the pain. You were now taking gasping breaths, finding it hard to breathe. Thankfully, your legs began to work as you paced the length of the master bathroom. For a moment, your walk seemed to work until it didn’t. Upon passing the open toilet, your body threw itself over the seat as you emptied the contents of your stomach. 

    How do you describe the feeling of throwing up? It’s not painful, you would say. But, it certainly wasn’t pleasant either. You guessed the only right word was uncomfortable. And you sure were uncomfortable as your body jerked into another awkward position over the toilet as another wave of vomit exited you. This would be the second pass and you couldn’t find it in you to look inside the toilet. Not that you could with the tears that blurred your vision. With the amount of content your body was forced to reject, you were borderline drowning in your own secretions as the third wave presented itself. 

    You hunched your shoulders, using your forearm that rested on the toilet seat as a pillow. You didn’t bother to wipe the sticky substance on your mouth, finding your cheek against your arm the most comforting sensation compared to the earlier events. And there you lie, half-asleep.


    You perked up, reprimanding yourself for forgetting how important this night was supposed to be. You shot up from the floor, clutching your head when your vision flashes white, “In the bathroom. I’ll be right out!”

    You rushed to the sink, splashing cold water on your face to rid it of any residue and mouth washing. Once you deemed yourself presentable and clean, you left the bathroom after flushing to greet your lover, “How was your last day?”

    Minho accepted your hug, snuggling into your build, “Anticlimactic.” 

    “That’s it?” You drew back still in his hold, “Just anticlimactic?”

    Minho nodded, pressing a chaste kiss on your lips, “Yes, just that. I’d rather be home with you and the cats, but I guess a good promotion is what I’ll take for now.”

    You scoffed, “You should be lucky you got your dream job.”

    Minho replied with a scoff of his own, rolling his eyes, “Honey, I don’t dream of labor, thanks.”

    You scrunch your face at him, unsatisfied with his answer. You began to shimmy away from him before he drew you back holding you tightly. You were about to protest, wanting to show him your surprise, but Minho cut you off with the back of his hand to press against your forehead, “You’re sick. What’d you do now?”

    You removed his hand with yours but didn’t let go when it was away from your face, “What makes you think I did anything?”

    “You look like a tomato.”

    You gasped, twisting out of his grip to view yourself in your vanity mirror. He was wrong. You looked worse, almost like a, like-

    “Lobster! Yeah, you look more like a lobster,” Minho snickered, changing from his suit into much more comfortable loungewear.

    You pouted, pressing your hands against your cheeks. They were burning hot to the point your forehead was blanketed in a light sheen of sweat. You silently cursed, not wanting your incident to ruin the night. The moment Minho’s vision was blinded when donning his t-shirt, you quickly wiped your face. 

    Wanting to escape, you took his hand, guiding him towards the kitchen, “I have a surprise for you.”

    “Does it have anything to do with what you’re wearing?” Minho questioned, knowingly with a smug smirk, “You look incredible by the way.”

    You smiled, happy that at least one thing was going right, “Not quite. But, it’s a nice bonus, isn’t it?”

    “Very,” Minho pulled your body closer to his, wanting to walk near you on your trek to the dining room. 

    Nervous bubbles erupted in your stomach from the excitement and anxiety your veins were flooded with. Your thoughts were overwhelmed with questions about whether you did a good job, whether Minho was going to even like it, or whether you should have just ordered in instead. You really had no idea how he’d react. Minho was a wild card, never really being able to tell what he was thinking. But, that was one of the charming points you fell in love with when you first met him. Even now, he still manages to keep you on your toes after being together for so long. 

    “I made you dinner!” You released his hand to open your arms wide as if to hug the air. 

    In an instant, Minho’s defenses came up, guarding him from any danger. You watched in anticipation as he glanced all around the kitchen, looking for something to freak about. You smiled smugly to yourself when he realized the kitchen never caught on fire. Still defensive, Minho cautiously walked to the dish rack and picked up the frying pan to examine it. After his close inspection, he released the breath he was holding, “You’re lucky that I love you and that this isn’t damaged.”

    You pouted, “I worked hard, just so you know. And a thanks would be nice.”

    He put the pan back to dry before moving towards the dining table, elegantly done up for a nice dinner, “Thanks, Honey.”

    He picked up a fork, stabbing the japchae apprehensively as if it would come alive and eat him instead, “Is it edible?”

    “Minho,” You walked over, taking the fork out of his hand, “Do you really not believe in me?”

    Minho was about to throw another joke, but the genuinely upset expression on your face stopped him. For a split second, he questioned himself whether or not to keep his thoughts to himself and console you or lay it on you like he wanted to. A spark of sympathy panged his heart, but he loved you more than he was sympathetic, so that meant he had to tease you, “I particularly don’t believe in miracles unless Chan starts to wear clothes whenever we have a boys’ night.” 

    Annoyed, you grabbed your plate and began to tong the japchae onto your plate with spite. The poor japchae wasn’t to blame, but that didn’t stop your abuse. Just when you finished, you brought the plate up to his face to prove a point, catching a whiff of the japchae, “See, it—“

    And like instinct, you dropped the plate, running towards the kitchen sink. It felt like a hellish deja vu as your shoulders automatically hunched over with your hands death gripping the counter as you dry heaved. So much for a nice night. 

    “Honey? Y/N? What’s wrong?” All jokes dissipated as Minho rushed to your side, rubbing your back to ease the reflexes, “Woah, woah, okay, breath for me. Just let it out, okay?”

    Still gagging, you shook your head, knowing that there was nothing to come out anymore. In your struggle, you came out clean, “Already. Threw up. Earlier.”

    You glance to the side to catch his reaction, exactly seeing the expression you predicted he’d wear when hearing your confession. You turned away, holding your head low not wanting to be the recipient of Minho’s disappointed gaze. Indeed he was disappointed, not with your cooking but rather the fact you played off your sickness, especially after he’d already asked earlier. 

    Once your gagging fit was over, you tuned to bury yourself in Minho’s firm chest, finding the comfort you needed within his arms. You must admit, this was a much better experience with Minho than alone. You found this thought a pretty common theme in your relationship. 

    You closed your eyes, half basking in his warmth and half guilty. He let you stay like that until his soft fingers adjusted your chin to look at him, “Dummy. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

    He went to shift you away, but your vice grip around his waist restricted him. You shook your head with a pout, “No, I made a special dinner for you.”

    Doing the best he could, Minho shuffled both bodies towards the dining table where he gently sat you down against your wishes. He stepped over the dropped plate which fortunately didn’t shatter and used the tongs to inspect the japchae. He turned the food to the left, to the right, and picked it up. He looked closely at the meat and the vegetables, sighing loudly. He looked at the dish rack which held the infamous bamboo cutting board. And upon that view, a sinking feeling filled the depths of Minho’s empty stomach, “Did you use the same cutting board and knife?”

    “Yeah,” You replied, feeling like the answer was obvious, “I’m not going to use a whole new board for like five different ingredients.”

    Minho brushed off your attitude, “Might as well take out five cutting boards if you don’t wash between cuts.”


    Minho hummed knowingly, almost mocking you, “You cut the meat and veggies on the same board, huh? Without cleaning it in between?”


    “You cooked contaminated veggies, Y/N,” Minho moved to open the hidden fridge, inspecting the bag of used items, “Did you wash these before cutting them?”

    Your expression saddened when you saw the traces of dirt marked on his fingertips. Not wanting to listen to his criticism anymore, you put your head down, trying to calm the oncoming headache. Eyes closed, you listened as Minho’s light footsteps padded towards your seat. He rubbed your shoulders lovingly, “Come on, let’s get you something to take for your nausea.”

    “How did you know I was nauseous?” You followed him to the living room, taking your place on the couch. 

    “Because you have food poisoning, duh,” Minho grabbed some painkillers and other remedies to ease your upset stomach, “Take these.”

    You took them without argument, knowing that Minho knew more about what was wrong with you than what you knew was wrong. You looked back at the messy table, scattered with pieces of the poisonous japchae. With much effort, you tried to get up from the couch to start cleaning. 

    “What are you doing?” Minho asked with a disapproving look, “You’re sick.”

    You tried to shake your head, but the throbbing prevented you from doing so, “The kitchen needs to be cleaned.”

    “No,” He flatly rejected, leaving to retrieve a bowl of cool water and a soft hand towel. When he came back, he pushed you to lie on your back as he began to wipe your forehead. 

    Before he could, you stopped him, “No, it’s okay. I can do it myself.”

    Minho hissed, giving you a sharp look. He tried again to be stopped again. You grabbed the towel, “Trust me, I ca—“

    “Fine, do it yourself,” With that he left to clean the mess in the kitchen. 

    You sat there, dumbfounded that he actually left you. A wild card. A wild card that you already began to miss. You whined, watching him clean diligently, “Minho, come here. Min. Minnie. MinMin!”

    Every name you could think of went unnoticed by him up until he came over after finishing his cleaning job, “What?”

    You smiled sheepishly, hoping your charms worked on him. You held out the towel in his direction, “Please?”

    He chuckled, “No. Since you want to be independent, I won’t help you. Don’t ask me for help when you can’t do it.”

    You pouted, dipping the towel into the water, squeezing the excess, and patting your forehead. When he sat down next to you, you instantly recognized the look in his eyes. You brought your hand down to release the damp towel, taking his hands in yours, “I’m sorry.”

    He cocked a brow, “For?”

    “For not telling you that I wasn’t feeling well and tried to play it off when I wasn’t really okay,” You apologized, knowing that he was concerned for you, especially when you weren’t healthy. 

    “And?” He pressed.


    Minho scoffed, tugging you down so your head lay in his lap as he helped you with the damp towel, “I kissed you right after you threw up! That’s disgusting.”

    You poked his abdomen in retaliation, “My mouth was clean!”

    “I don’t believe you,” Minho replied, brushing your hair back, “If I get sick, you’re taking care of me.”

    “Sure, King Minho,” you snuggled into him, “But, thanks, for cleaning the mess and taking care of me. Happy promotion, by the way.”

    “You’re welcome, Honey,” Minho pressed a kiss to you temple, “But next time there’s a celebration, let me cook or just order in.”

    You hummed, “Should we order something now? What are you feeling?”

    Minho contemplated for a moment before a wicked smile painted his lips, “Lobster?”



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  • kyyuri
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    not what it seems || part six

    senior ! hwang hyunjin x junior !female y/n

    lower caps intended !
    word count: 756
    warnings: none as of now !
    a/n: i havent updated in a while >< but heres another chapter ! i worked really hard so do show some love for it ! thanks and i hope you enjoy it ! do check out my wattpad account as well @ rrrocky <3
    taglists are open ! (as long as i can tag your user)

    [ five ] [masterlist]

    you couldnt focus throughout the day. should you really do what mr kim advised you to ? it was confusing you a lot and it felt like a lost cause. later on that day, unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, you ran into hyunjin. you knew today was probably the last day you would see him before his major exams and your own year end exams and without a doubt, your heart ached a little. the both of you stopped dead in your tracks, admiring the beautiful features of the opposite party. “hi.” hyunjin finally spoke up, bringing you out of your trance. “hi.” you simply replied. then there was dead silence. it seemed like he was contemplating something, unknown to you, it was about whether he should confess immediately on the spot. “ um.. hyunjin ? i have to go home to revise... all the best for your exams !” you put on a façade. you didnt want him to know about how upset you are since it’s probably the last time you might see him. “thanks. i appreciate it. good luck to you too.” he ruffled your hair with a slight smile on his face.

    what you didnt know was that the effect was felt by him, just as it was felt by you. never in a million years did he think he would come in such close contact with you, yet alone be so bold. but somehow, he was glad he did. if it was going to be the last time he could interact with you, he wouldnt trade that interaction for the world.

    as he walked back into the classroom to get his belongings, he could feel some stares. “so.... that was bold.” han finally commented as seungmin chuckled a little. “s-shut up...” hyunjin blushed, flustered at the sudden comment. “you saw it ..?” he muttered. a wide grin spread across han’s face. “everything.” he assured. hyunjin buried his face in his hands. “this is embarrassing...”

    the next few following days, hyunjin barely saw you. only the occasional times where he happened to be behind you but you never noticed him as your head was buried in the books, revising for the year end exams. he could tell that it must be a hard period for you. the lack of sleep was clearly evident based on how bad your eye-bags were.”poor y/n” hyunjin whispered to himself, wishing that he could do something to help. but as he saw you lesser and lesser, his days in school started to feel more dull. nothing seem to excite him anymore. it felt as though you became the sole reason he wants to come to school. he laid his head down on the table and slowly drifted off to dreamland, hoping to at least see you there, even if its just for a short while.

    “your time is up. please put your pens down and i will now be collecting your examination scripts. anymore writing from now onwards will be deemed as an act of dishonesty and you will be severely dealt with.” the examiner said as she collected the exam papers. once you were all released, you heaved a sigh of relief as you headed for your bags and prepared to leave. you bid your friend goodbye after an intense conversation regarding the answers you guys chose. “i’ll go first ! see y’all tomorrow !” you waved. as you slowly headed towards the gates of the school, you noticed his classroom. taking a subtle peak inside, you see him passed out, sleeping peacefully with his head against the surfaces of his desk. he mustve been really tired, his exams are coming after all, you thought.

    it seemed like fate was really playing the both of you. always setting you guys to meet each other at the strangest time. he woke up, only to see your silhouette leaving the school through the window of his classroom. his female friend walked up to his desk, “who are you looking at ?” she asked. hyunjin shooked his head, trying to indicate that he wasn’t looking at anyone, even if it was far from the truth. how could he ever dare to admit that after all this time, his eyes were still only on you ? there were so many girls constantly fawning over him and yet he still chose you. no one could catch his eye quite like you did. anyone that knows about it could easily say that you have a place well reserved for you in his heart.


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    ❜─ Maybe it’s not our fault - chapter 1 - he’s back or whatever

    ✧˖*°࿐ summary: After a nasty break up that left you both heartbroken, Hyunjin goes back home for the summer to get away from everything and spend some quality time with his family. When summer ends and college starts once again, you both are set on avoiding the other at all cost, almost like your relationship didn’t even exist to begin with. But what will happen when in a surprising turn of events, your best friends start dating and one of their main goals is to restore the peace among your broken relationships?

    Will these circumstances get you back together or put an end to everything once and for all?

    Or alternatively: the one where being ‘just friends’ with your ex proves to be the most difficult task of them all.

    A/N: the first chapter yay!! i’m so excited I can’t wait for things to move forward

    ♡. taglist: @pam220000 , @onefoureightfive, @hjkith, @jhanleanne , @xa21x​ , @misosick​

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