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  • seospicy
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Lee Know x reader. (f, suggestive)

    Author’s Note: I thought of sucking Lee Know’s fingers then my brain malfunctioning. Anyway, happy birthday to the main character of my wildest fantasies!

    "Happy birthday!" You showed him the birthday cake you bought after you got off of work, grateful that the strawberry shortcake one hasn't sold out for the day. Minho doesn't really have a favorite kind of cake, but who can resist a soft cake with icing white cream and strawberries on top of it? Minho grabbed your hips and pulled you close to him, you stood close next to him while he sat on the stool. You planted the candles on the center of the cake, trying not to topple the cake decoration in the process. "Okay, done!" You successfully stick the candle without ruining the cake. "Well done, baby!" He muttered, his hand rubbing the small of your back. You smiled at his praise, almost forgetting that you had not lit the candle yet. Minho took the matchstick from you and lit the candle himself, "Now come here!" He ordered, pulling you to sit on his lap but ending up sitting on his thigh. Your legs were trapped between his. "Now what?" He asked, raising one of his eyebrows at you, "aren't you going to sing for me?" "You want me to sing?" You stuttered, taken aback by his sudden request. "Well, it's my birthday, you are obligated to grant my wish." He made it sound like a command rather than a request. You know there was no way around that, if he asks you to do something, you do it, and as if your mind has been under his spell all this time, you don't have any other option but comply. You reluctantly started singing with the hope that you didn't sound like a broken record, he watched you sing, and soon enough, it began to get more cringy by the second.  You nuzzled your head onto the crook of his neck out of embarrassment, a hand resting on your back holding you from falling off his lap while his other hand pulled your chin to face him, "happy birthday to you~~~" you finally finished the song. You put up your hands to shield your face from shame, "Please don't ever tell me to sing again!" you told him, half whining and half pleading. Minho chuckled, "you sound just fine to me, honey," He pulled your hands down, he leaned in to press a kiss on you. "Can I blow the candle now? I think the cake is melting!" he asked as he broke the kiss. You gasped, "Oh! Don't forget to make a wish!" You reminded. He put a hand around your waist, then leaned forward, closing his eyes as he faced the cake. The warm glow of candles illuminated his face, he is so beautiful you wondered how your brain could comprehend it. After a moment of silence of wish-making, he blew the candle off. You softly clapped and congratulated him once more, "Happy birthday, honey, I love you," You said, looking him deep in the eyes because you want him to know just how much uttering your sincere feeling of him means to you. He stared at you, thumb brushing your lower lip before his mouth took over, "I love you," he said against your lips right before his tongue pried your mouth open. You immediately gave in, letting him deepen the kiss. You wrapped your hands around his neck while he hoisted you higher on his thigh. Minho softly sucked on your lips before gently biting your lower lip, causing you to moan into his mouth. You felt smirking on your lips. If breathing wasn't necessary, you wouldn't think of stopping to kiss him. Minho eventually pulled away, he then rested his forehead against yours. Panting, breathless, the two of you were gasping for air. Minho playfully nudged the tip of his nose with yours before landing another kiss. You took a moment to collect yourself from what just happened. You never know what would happen when you're with Minho, and when you think things can't get better than this, he rises to the occasion and few times, beyond your expectation. "Let's cut the cake!" He suggested, snapping you out of your head. You handed him the plastic knife, he began cutting a slice off the cake and slid it off onto a small plate you had prepared. You dug a spoon into it, took a spoonful, and brought it close to his mouth. He willingly opened his mouth for you, but you accidentally smeared the cream on the corner of his mouth. He glared at you, but instead of recoiling, you quickly wiped the cream off with your thumb, "I'm sorry, honey," you apologized, half laughing. You decided to collect the rest of the cream on his mouth by kissing him, licking it off clean off of his lips. You know he enjoyed it the moment you saw his mouth curled upward. "There, done," you told him, rubbing his cheek with your thumb. "You want a bite?" He asked you, You nodded. Minho cut a small piece with the fork, you opened your mouth for him, hoping he would feed you just like you did to him, but Minho shoved the cake into his mouth instead. You frowned while he smirked as he was chewing the cake. "It's my birthday. I can do what I want, remember?" he said with a mocking tone. You squinted at him, "I'll just get it myself then" you reached for another fork on the dining table, but Minho pulled you back down onto his lap. "You can't have it unless I told you so," Minho clearly likes to tease you, and you're getting used to that. He then pokes the icing cream off the cake, making a dollop of cream at the end of his index and middle fingers. He looked at you, and you recognized that gaze: head slightly facing down but eyes looking at you through his dark lashes, a faint smirk painted on his face, the kind that got you weak on your knees. "Open your mouth!" He ordered. He won't tell you twice, you considered it for a while but eventually obeyed. "Open wide for me!" he told you again. You opened your mouth wider and stuck your tongue out for him. Minho puts his cream-smeared fingers into my mouth, "You know what to do," he firmly said to you. With eyes intensely watching you, your mouth closed on and around his fingers, you locked gaze with him before you swirled your tongue around his fingers. His mouth slacked open, letting a low moan slip past his mouth. There was no cream left, but you decided to keep sucking on his fingers. "Such a good girl," He breathlessly praised you. Minho shoved his fingers deeper into your mouth, almost gagging at the sudden move, your hand automatically reached his wrist. "What? You can't take it?" Minho asked in a condescending tone. You hummed in a retort with his fingers still knuckles deep inside your mouth. "That's my good girl," he cooed. He slowly retracted his fingers out before jamming it in back into your mouth. This time you eagerly took in his fingers and sucked harder on them. Minho rested a hand on the arch of your back, you could feel his thigh clenching under you as you began grinding on him. You looked back at him, his eyebrows furrowed with eyes focused on your mouth, his fingers pushing in and out of your mouth at his mercy. Minho tried to pull his fingers out of your mouth, yet you sucked on them harder instead, not letting them off easy. He shot you another glare at your effort to rebel. You relented, loosening your mouth around his fingers. "I see what you did there," finally have his fingers out of your mouth. He looked at his fingers, swollen and wet with your saliva. What he did next was unexpected, he put them into his mouth, curling his tongue around the tips of his fingers while maintaining eye contact with you. Feeling so aroused from the sight, you pressed your thighs together. "So sweet," he exclaimed. Your hand restlessly reached for his, aching for those fingers to be back inside you. "You want these fingers back inside you?" He asked as if he heard the wild thought running through your head. He put his wet fingers on your lips, then dragged them down to your jaw and my neck, leaving a trail of his saliva on your skin, "Maybe if you behave," his fingers dipped into the cleavage of your blouse and stopped there, you softly groaned in complaint. He softly chuckled, "You're going to do whatever I say, right kitten?" as his cold, slick fingers made their way down your sternum. Your skin pricked at his fingers wake, Minho leaned in close to your ear and whispered, "I can't hear you, honey?" his fingers now tugging on the cup of your bra, waiting for you to respond. You barely function at his touch, "yes," you breathlessly replied. Minho hummed against your ear, "now listen to me," he paused to rake his hand through your hair, "you are my birthday present, and I'm," he paused again to nibble on your ear, "I'm going to unwrap you slowly," You gasped at his lascivious words, sparked something in you, set your body alight. "I hope you're ready," his lips grazed your earlobe as he speaks, "because it's going to take all night long."

    taglist: @changbinscypher @octalalica​ @fabudabu​ @channinn​

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  • thesilentgirlfromyourclass
    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Happy birthday, Lino <3<3<3

    #Stray kids#Leeknowsday #Happy birthday Minho #Lee know#Skz#Skzminho#Imagines #Stray kids imagines #Stray kids fluff #Kpop fluff#Kpop scenarios
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    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Are y’all breathing or?..

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  • screechingstay
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Happy Birthday to Lee Know!!!

    an amazing cat dad, dancer, visual jduxuwuhd he's so talented <3

    #i love when he's in the leebit suit it's so cute #stray kids #happy minho day #happy lee know day #lee minho#minho#skz minho#lee know#noeasy#skz#seo changbin#chris bang#seungmin#3racha#bang chan#lee felix#dance racha #lee know icons #soongie doognie dori #skz imagines
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  • channiechwn
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    stray kids’ reaction to you doing a tiktok dance which requires you to shake your 🍑

    ◡̈ warnings: protectiveness(?), use of word “ass”, almost falling?, kinda cringey ngl sorry

    ◡̈ genre: fluffy, established relationship

    a/n: also progressively gets shorter because i’m tired and it would get too repetitive... sorry 😢 also kind of edited? not really? it was late okay 😢😢

    — bang chan!

    he would be super grumpy and grouchy, could possibly give you the silent treatment later

    when he saw heard the tiktok timer go off, he looked at you curiously, wondering what tiktok you were gonna film

    after the 3s timer went off, he heard the music start to play and boy oh boy was he alarmed

    “let’s groove” started playing from your phone and as your gluteus maximus was about to face the camera, chan lunged forward, knocking your phone off the dresser in the process

    “hey! i was dancing!” you would yell out in a lighthearted tone

    chan would cross his arms across his chest and go “hmph!” before heading towards your shared bed and return to whatever he was previously doing

    “what do you want to eat for dinner?” you would ask later on

    he wouldn’t reply and there would be a frown etched on his face

    “is this about just now?” you pouted, running up to him and snuggling with him on the bed

    he would just turn the other way and glare at you playfully

    “chann it was just a joke! i’m sorry i won’t do it again! i promise,” you whined while sticking your pinky up to seal the promise

    he would turn to face you then hook his picky with yours

    his facial expression would change from a moody look to a cheery happy one in a split second

    “dominos pizza,” he would finally reply.

    — minho!

    he would really mean in a teasing way

    when he heard the familiar tune playing, just know he would snatch the phone away in a 0.000001s

    he would raise the phone up with his hand while you tried to jump and grab it

    “if you want to record your dance so bad then do it! if you can even get your phone,” he would snicker in that sarcastic tone

    you would roll your eyes and ask for it back

    watching you prance and jump around just to retrieve his phone is his humour

    he would laugh about it and carry on

    he would also unlock your phone and exit the app so that you won’t have a chance to do the dance

    100% the kind that would purposely key in the wrong password to your phone multiple times so that your phone would be disabled for like 30mins-1hour

    he would be super smug about it when he returns the phone to you

    “that will teach you a lesson,” he would smirk.

    “next time spend time with me, it’s always that damn phone,” he would wail in a motherly tone, his arms akimbo

    when you give in and put your phone on your dresser, he would push you onto the bed and then cuddle with you until your phone can be unlocked

    but even when your phone is back to normal, he wouldn’t let you go and keep you in his tight arms despite your constant whines

    — changbin!

    he would be protective of you as he’s scared of the creeps lurking in the internet

    he would tackle you immediately / scoop you in his arms and run off frame

    “no no, you aren’t doing this trend! there are so many bad guys out there that are gonna see your bottom!” he would exclaim, alarmed.

    you would lightly hit his back and ask him to let go

    obviously, he would refuse and laugh at you struggling in his strong arms 🤤🤤

    he would then throw you onto the couch with a soft thump and wrap you up in the throw blanket on the couch

    you would be his cute burrito 😋😋

    but being a cute burrito means that you arms and legs are restricted hence NO movement at all

    and then he would just coo at you and hug you real tight

    but really you wouldn’t mind if he continued to do that because i KNOW that man smells really good and expensive mmmm 😋

    in the end, you two would just end up sleeping, all cuddled up and bundled up in his warm arms, your face against his chest!

    — hyunjin!

    *dramatic whining*

    drama queen hyunjin would let you do the dance (because he enjoys the show) but before you can post the tiktok, he would snatch the phone from your grip and save it into your drafts instead

    he is also the type that would request for the video and if you refuse to send it to him, he would just steal your phone and send it to himself when you are showering

    when he sees you dancing alone, he would complain and stomp his feet about how you didn’t invite him to do the dancey tiktok ◠̈

    like chan, he would give you the silent treatment for feeling left out but this man cannot resist not talking to you

    so about 5 minutes after his “silent treatment”, he would start telling you about his childhood days and food

    thoughts about the tiktok would be thrown out of his head and things would be back to normal, as if it never happened in the first place

    — jisung!

    loud ass

    this man will yell, shout, scream and probably cause the neighbour to complain

    either to hype you up or to distract you from continuing your dance

    if he yells to hype you up, he would be at the side doing the dance with you or making that exaggerated lip bite face

    if he yells to distract you, he would scream and grab your phone and hold it close with him

    he will not give it back

    he’s so goddamn loud but you love him for that

    there’s nothing much i can say but just know he is the noisiest boy you have ever dated and that he will not hesitate to scream his lungs out if he sees you do something daring

    — felix!

    cute and supportive

    he would probably do the tiktok with you!

    also be the one who taught you how to dance this dance

    he was the one who suggested this dance to you and introduced this idea

    there would be so much laughter when you guys film the tiktok

    after you post it to public, he would ask you to send the tiktok to him

    later that night, do not be surprised to see him rewatch the video over and over again with a small smile on his face

    the song would just play on repeat and you would get sick and tired of it but he would never get sick and tired of the video

    he’s also the type of person to visit your profile every day when he’s free and he would rewatch your past tiktoks over and over again

    when the tiktok goes viral, he would be super happy and be like “omg let’s celebrate! famous era!”

    and later that evening you would see him bake a cake or some cupcakes as a treat for becoming viral???

    would 10/10, 100% be your tiktok boyfriend and buddy ◡̈

    — seungmin!

    protective!!!! does not want the world to see your juicy beautiful ass

    this guy would immediately stand in front of the camera with a very stern face, one that would send shivers down your spine — or anyone’s spine tbh

    he would also cross his arms and glare at the camera

    another scenario would be he uses his big hands to cover the camera or your backside

    “why were you dancing this song ◠̈” he would say with a pout

    “please post it on “friends only” okay? i’m afraid of the creeps out there,” he would also warn

    he would also be very grumpy afterwards and he is super petty

    he won’t talk to you for a few minutes but after around like 20 minutes, he would forget about the incident

    “wait why was i mad at you just now?” he would question and you would answer with a shrug

    anyway, i love seungmin so much his braces are so cute

    — jeongin!

    fight (literally 👊)

    this guy would get into a brawl with you

    WILL tackle you onto the bed

    possibly bite your ankles 😡😡🤨🤨

    anyway he would squirm a lot and there would be a lot of giggles hehe

    almost accidentally rolls off the bed with you but his long legs stopped you guys from tumbling down

    if you guys actually do tumble onto the ground jeongin would always be behind you so if you fall, you land on jeongin’s chest

    he will smell good 👍

    the tiktok would be loooong forgotten and everything will be back to normal after all the giggles and laughter

    thank you for reading!

    #stray kids #stray kids fanfic #skz fanfic #stray kids fluff #skz fluff#skz imagines #stray kids imagines #skz scenarios #stray kids scenarios #stray kids soft hours #skz soft hours #han jisung#skz felix#skz jisung#skz hyunjin#skz changbin#skz seungmin #skz bang chan #skz minho#skz jeongin #stray kids bang chan #stray kids felix #stray kids minho #stray kids changbin #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids jisung #stray kids seungmin #stray kids jeongin #stray kids headcanons #skz headcanons
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  • honey-hao
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    day twenty four | b. c. | skz

    content : gn!reader, dirty talk, fingering, daddy kink, ~150 words (getting burntout yikes) 

    “So pretty, baby,” Chan purrs, thrusting his fingers into you slowly and gently. “Look so pretty like this, love having you whimpering on my hand like this.”

    “Chan,” you gasp out, breath hitching as he hits deeply inside you with scissoring thrusts of his digits. “Fuck me, please,”

    He smiles, and pulls his fingers out, only to replace them with his cock in a smooth thrust straight into your sweet spot, making you cry out. “Dad-dy,” you whimper, eyes rolling back as his thrusts get harder and faster, abusing your sensitive hole.

    “Daddy? What do you want daddy to do, baby?” He pouts mockingly as your eyes roll back and you drool on your chin, fingers tightly gripping the sheets. 

    “Want daddy to ruin me,” you beg, words slurred and skin flushed and sweaty. “Please,”

    He grins devilishly. “Of course, baby, daddy will ruin you. Don’t worry.”

    #skz smut #stray kids smut #stray kids reactions #stray kids imagines #skz reactions#skz imagines #skz x reader #stray kids x reader #stray kids drabbles #skz drabbles
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  • thevampywolf
    24.10.2021 - 11 hours ago


    Genre: fluff, husband!Chan

    Warnings: none

    Request: no

    Member: Chan

    You wake to the sound of gentle raindrops on your window, the room darker than it should be at this time of day. Blinking slowly, you frown, suddenly aware that your surroundings are very different than normal; in a flash, you sit up, and in doing so your elbow collides with something hard and warm. You jump as you hear a loud groan, and you look down to see a figure laying beside you, rubbing his jaw.

    Oh that's why I'm not at home, you think to yourself. I got married.

    "I have to admit," the man beside to you grumbles at you sleepily despite the smile spreading across his face. "I did imagine our first morning together to be slightly less violent."

    You can't help but burst into giggles at that as you reach out to gently cup Chan’s red jaw. "I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

    "I'm okay but I'd be great if you kissed this better," Chan points to his face and with the roll of your eyes, you lean down, your hair falling around you like a curtain as you gently kiss his jaw.

    Before you get the chance to pull away, Chan grabs a hand of your wrist and suddenly you're flipped over, his body hovering over yours and your bewildered face staring up at his smirking one.

    Gulping slowly, you let out a shy chuckle, your cheeks immediately heating up.

    "Now ... now who's being violent?" You manage, biting your lip.

    Chan grins down at you, before dropping a kiss to your forhead. Your eyes automatically flutter shut, his kiss so gentle that you feel like you're floating amongst clouds. His fingers gently brush the hair out of your face, his hands resting at the sides of your cheeks as cups your face.

    "Touché," your husband whispers, his eyes crinkling up at you with happiness. "Do you want to tell me why you punched me in the face, baby girl?"

    You laugh, covering your face with your eyes. "I was half asleep and I freaked out at not seeing my bedroom. Completely forgot I wasn't alone."

    "Do you wish you were?" Chan asks, studying your face.

    "Were what?"


    "Of course not," you shake your head against the pillow, smiling up at your husband. "I guess I've just been alone for so long that I was surprised seeing you next to me."

    Chan smiles at that, before he drops himself ontop of you. You groan under his weight but return his hug as he wraps his arms around you, shifting so you're both laying on your sides again, your face buried in his chest.

    "You're not alone anymore," Chan whispers, carding his fingers through your hair. His chest buzzes against your nose in a peculiarly comforting way as he speaks, and his his body heat is so intense that you're sure you're melting with his touch. But you snuggle closer into him, the stifling heat and sweet, woody scent of him making you feel safe. "I'm yours and I'm always going to be here. Okay? No more punching me in the jaw though."

    You giggle into his chest, tangling your fingers into the back of his hoodie as his large biceps squeeze you tight. "Okay. No more punching."

    Chan hums at that before you both fall into a comfortable silence, your heart beating against his body, his breathing stirring your hair. His hands rub soothingly over your back, transferring even more heat into you, and despite having slept more than enough, you find you don't want to get up. You want to stay here, wrapped up in your husband's arms.

    "What's for breakfast?" You ask instead, mumbling into the crook of his neck.

    "Hmm," Chan ponders over your question, before his body shakes with quiet laughter. "We didn't go shopping did we?"

    You furrow your eyebrows before shaking your head. "Oops."

    Chan chuckles and sighs, stretching his body out with a loud yawn before returning to his previous position of cuddling the living daylights out of you. You gasp against his shoulder; you never knew breathing against such a tight hug would be thus difficult.

    "Well we can go shopping and then I can make us pancakes," Chan continues, kissing your cheek. "Or we can go out to eat breakfast and then go shopping after. Which one do you prefer baby?"

    "Pancakes sound good," you mumble, eyes already falling shut again. "But I don't want to get up."

    Chan laughs, peering down at you cuddled up against his chest. "Is my pretty girl still sleepy?"

    "No," you smile lazily, tightening your arms around his middle. "Just don't want to let go."

    At that, Chan squeals and giggles, his face turning red. "You're so cute oh my gosh."

    "No you," you murmur, nuzzling your nose into his neck.

    "I love you," Chan whispers, kissing your forehead. "Stay here as long as you want okay? We've got all day to get breakfast."


    Tag list ~ @koos-euphoria @es-kay-zee @ex-skz-me @raethethey @hugs4chan @hotmesshapa @manonblackbeak-trash @hendsernoodle @sir3racha @jl-micasea-fics @nightshade-minho @water--gang @yourdaddychan @n-bokhari @stanskzseungmin @loving-unicorns106 @ateez-babygirl @dalamjisung @jisungsjheekies @freckledquokka @dinosdawn @cookiemonstermusic258 @strwbrryfroyo @gazelle-des-pres @qtieskz @airwaveee @stigmvta @love-stays @necromancersupreme @visiblemisfit @sulfurcosmos @jorgofthejungle @super-btstrash-posts @changlix-mp4 @exonations @fluffybitch0325 @jeyelleohe @jaeshiddentreasure @rnjunie @bluerthanbluemk @rae-blogging @planetdemon @dani41 (lemme know if you wanna be added or removed)

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  • honeyvocalhwang
    24.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Sso Ssick | Lee Minho

    Pairing: boyfriend!Minho x sick!gn!Reader 

    Genre: Sick AU, Established Relationship AU, Fluff, Comfort

    Summary: Wanting to change up roles, you take on being chef for the night. You just wanted to cook Minho a nice meal to come home to. But suddenly, you're away from the dinner table to find yourself hovering over the toilet, dry heaving your last meal. Just your luck, Minho walked through the door right as you vomited. 

    "Fine, do it yourself." 

    "Since you want to be independent, I won't help you. Don't ask me when you can't do it." 

    Warnings: fevers & other illnesses, food poisoning, medication intake, vomit, spoiled food, meat consumption, unsanitary cooking practices, Minho nags reader 

    Word Count: 3.2K

    A/N: For Minho Day <3


    - masterlist -


    “Where is it?” You bent over, looking in the darkness of the bottom cabinets where you swore Minho stored the cutting boards. You opened the cabinet doors one by one until you came across the desired item, “I would’ve never guessed the far right one.”

    You closed the doors with the side of your hip, placing the bamboo cutting board on the center island of the kitchen. The kitchen was a wide, open area, fitting many pantries of all the cooking supplies and ingredients that Minho had accumulated over the years. It was modern and sleek, sporting a grayscale scheme that matched with the dinning room. You could not even begin to understand why Minho was so obsessed over the kitchen when you and him first moved in together, but seeing him happily work to feed the both of you was worth it. 

    Minho, being the main and only cook of the house, dominated the area. You rarely ever used the kitchen, having only instant meals for your menu. But, today was going to be different. Today, you were going to make a change. Your labor of love was planned to be gifted to Minho in celebration for his big promotion. Naturally, you were attempting to make him a nice dinner. 

    “Okay!” You cracked your knuckles, sliding your laptop towards you, “How to make Japchae. Beginner.”

    Upon reaching the tutorial video, you gathered the necessary ingredients and cookware. You thanked yourself for grocery shopping beforehand and cursed yourself for not paying attention to which cabinet the different pots and pans were housed in. 

    Washing your hands, you rolled up your sleeves, readying yourself for action. If you knew anything about cooking from Minho, prepwork came first. You cut open the package of fresh pork steaks, carefully placing it onto the cutting board. The video neglected to show how to cut the meat, resulting in you feverishly slicing it with no particular method. You could only hope that they came out thin and uniform. Placing the meat onto a separate plate, you washed your hands and moved onto the vegetables. Using the same knife and cutting board as before, you fished out the vegetables from their bags and used the same quickhanded method when cutting the meat. 

    Dishing the chopped vegetables next to the sliced meat, you washed your hands, clapping them excitedly once they were dry, “No wonder why Minho hates me in the kitchen. I’m too good at this!” 

    You smiled triumphantly, feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished so far. Accompanied with your smile, you shook your body in a little happy dance, making your way towards the stove. You were glad to say everything went smoothly, more than you expected. The food was cooked thoroughly, the hot pan didn’t catch on fire, and it only took one attempt to get it perfect on the first try. 

    Upon dishing the japchae, you couldn’t help but take a taste for yourself. With the explosion of flavor in your mouth that you never knew you were capable of creating, you snuck a bit more than a taste, chewing happily. Guiltily, you wiped your mouth with a clean napkin and craned your head to view your laptop screen. Reading the time, you knew Minho just clocked out, but it was still going to be a while before he would come home. Curse the rush hour traffic. 

    Partly, you were at fault, deciding to start cooking with much cushion time just in case something went wrong. But could you really blame yourself with your cooking reputation? Minho’s lucky to be served reheated food in comparison to burnt or better yet inedible food. 

    You brushed off the fact, deciding to start ahead on the clean up process. Taking the used equipment, you soaked them in the sinkful of soapy water and washed them. Once getting to the bamboo cutting board you first took out, you had a weird feeling as you scrubbed the used surface. Why did it feel like you should have done this earlier? You thought for a while on why you felt the need to clean the cutting board earlier, but came up with no answer. At this point, you were self-inducing a headache with all this thinking. Shrugging, you rinsed the appliance and moved on to pack the ingredients you ended up not using. Taking a quick glance at the time again, you decided the last tasks to do were to set the table and dress yourself up a little. It was a celebration after all. 

    Running up the stairs, you quickly charged into your shared bedroom and into the master closet where you changed into a nice, elegant looking black number. It was nothing too risque or dramatic, just enough for you to feel like it was an occasion and enough for Minho to struggle keeping control of himself when looking at you. You moved to the bathroom, giving yourself a once over. And damn, you looked good. 

    Feeling yourself, you twirled in the mirror of the master bathroom once before deciding to freshen up your face; however, the moment you bent over the bathroom sink, a grumbling feeling enacted in the depths of your stomach. You gripped the edge of the smooth granite countertop, knuckles turning white from your strength. Your breathing turned ragged, heaving almost. You scrunch your eyes closed, panting through your nose. You couldn’t trust opening your mouth with the contractions of your trachea. 

    On its own, your body lurched forward, gagging from nothing. You stayed like that for a while, unwillingly repeating the action. Fortunately, you managed to get a grip with a harsh cough and spit into the sink. In your desperate attempt to control your breathing, you neglected the unrestricted queasy feeling from your stomach that rapidly made its way up through your chest. The tightness stayed there, pressing against your heart and lungs. It reminded you of the time when Hyunjin and Jisung decided it was funny to pile their bodies above you until being scared off with a glare from Minho. You would’ve called him your savior if not for the fact he scolded you afterwards for being too naive of their silly tactics. 

    You clutched your chest, pressing inwards in attempts to relieve the pain. You were now taking gasping breaths, finding it hard to breathe. Thankfully, your legs began to work as you paced the length of the master bathroom. For a moment, your walk seemed to work until it didn’t. Upon passing the open toilet, your body threw itself over the seat as you emptied the contents of your stomach. 

    How do you describe the feeling of throwing up? It’s not painful, you would say. But, it certainly wasn’t pleasant either. You guessed the only right word was uncomfortable. And you sure were uncomfortable as your body jerked into another awkward position over the toilet as another wave of vomit exited you. This would be the second pass and you couldn’t find it in you to look inside the toilet. Not that you could with the tears that blurred your vision. With the amount of content your body was forced to reject, you were borderline drowning in your own secretions as the third wave presented itself. 

    You hunched your shoulders, using your forearm that rested on the toilet seat as a pillow. You didn’t bother to wipe the sticky substance on your mouth, finding your cheek against your arm the most comforting sensation compared to the earlier events. And there you lie, half-asleep.


    You perked up, reprimanding yourself for forgetting how important this night was supposed to be. You shot up from the floor, clutching your head when your vision flashes white, “In the bathroom. I’ll be right out!”

    You rushed to the sink, splashing cold water on your face to rid it of any residue and mouth washing. Once you deemed yourself presentable and clean, you left the bathroom after flushing to greet your lover, “How was your last day?”

    Minho accepted your hug, snuggling into your build, “Anticlimactic.” 

    “That’s it?” You drew back still in his hold, “Just anticlimactic?”

    Minho nodded, pressing a chaste kiss on your lips, “Yes, just that. I’d rather be home with you and the cats, but I guess a good promotion is what I’ll take for now.”

    You scoffed, “You should be lucky you got your dream job.”

    Minho replied with a scoff of his own, rolling his eyes, “Honey, I don’t dream of labor, thanks.”

    You scrunch your face at him, unsatisfied with his answer. You began to shimmy away from him before he drew you back holding you tightly. You were about to protest, wanting to show him your surprise, but Minho cut you off with the back of his hand to press against your forehead, “You’re sick. What’d you do now?”

    You removed his hand with yours but didn’t let go when it was away from your face, “What makes you think I did anything?”

    “You look like a tomato.”

    You gasped, twisting out of his grip to view yourself in your vanity mirror. He was wrong. You looked worse, almost like a, like-

    “Lobster! Yeah, you look more like a lobster,” Minho snickered, changing from his suit into much more comfortable loungewear.

    You pouted, pressing your hands against your cheeks. They were burning hot to the point your forehead was blanketed in a light sheen of sweat. You silently cursed, not wanting your incident to ruin the night. The moment Minho’s vision was blinded when donning his t-shirt, you quickly wiped your face. 

    Wanting to escape, you took his hand, guiding him towards the kitchen, “I have a surprise for you.”

    “Does it have anything to do with what you’re wearing?” Minho questioned, knowingly with a smug smirk, “You look incredible by the way.”

    You smiled, happy that at least one thing was going right, “Not quite. But, it’s a nice bonus, isn’t it?”

    “Very,” Minho pulled your body closer to his, wanting to walk near you on your trek to the dining room. 

    Nervous bubbles erupted in your stomach from the excitement and anxiety your veins were flooded with. Your thoughts were overwhelmed with questions about whether you did a good job, whether Minho was going to even like it, or whether you should have just ordered in instead. You really had no idea how he’d react. Minho was a wild card, never really being able to tell what he was thinking. But, that was one of the charming points you fell in love with when you first met him. Even now, he still manages to keep you on your toes after being together for so long. 

    “I made you dinner!” You released his hand to open your arms wide as if to hug the air. 

    In an instant, Minho’s defenses came up, guarding him from any danger. You watched in anticipation as he glanced all around the kitchen, looking for something to freak about. You smiled smugly to yourself when he realized the kitchen never caught on fire. Still defensive, Minho cautiously walked to the dish rack and picked up the frying pan to examine it. After his close inspection, he released the breath he was holding, “You’re lucky that I love you and that this isn’t damaged.”

    You pouted, “I worked hard, just so you know. And a thanks would be nice.”

    He put the pan back to dry before moving towards the dining table, elegantly done up for a nice dinner, “Thanks, Honey.”

    He picked up a fork, stabbing the japchae apprehensively as if it would come alive and eat him instead, “Is it edible?”

    “Minho,” You walked over, taking the fork out of his hand, “Do you really not believe in me?”

    Minho was about to throw another joke, but the genuinely upset expression on your face stopped him. For a split second, he questioned himself whether or not to keep his thoughts to himself and console you or lay it on you like he wanted to. A spark of sympathy panged his heart, but he loved you more than he was sympathetic, so that meant he had to tease you, “I particularly don’t believe in miracles unless Chan starts to wear clothes whenever we have a boys’ night.” 

    Annoyed, you grabbed your plate and began to tong the japchae onto your plate with spite. The poor japchae wasn’t to blame, but that didn’t stop your abuse. Just when you finished, you brought the plate up to his face to prove a point, catching a whiff of the japchae, “See, it—“

    And like instinct, you dropped the plate, running towards the kitchen sink. It felt like a hellish deja vu as your shoulders automatically hunched over with your hands death gripping the counter as you dry heaved. So much for a nice night. 

    “Honey? Y/N? What’s wrong?” All jokes dissipated as Minho rushed to your side, rubbing your back to ease the reflexes, “Woah, woah, okay, breath for me. Just let it out, okay?”

    Still gagging, you shook your head, knowing that there was nothing to come out anymore. In your struggle, you came out clean, “Already. Threw up. Earlier.”

    You glance to the side to catch his reaction, exactly seeing the expression you predicted he’d wear when hearing your confession. You turned away, holding your head low not wanting to be the recipient of Minho’s disappointed gaze. Indeed he was disappointed, not with your cooking but rather the fact you played off your sickness, especially after he’d already asked earlier. 

    Once your gagging fit was over, you tuned to bury yourself in Minho’s firm chest, finding the comfort you needed within his arms. You must admit, this was a much better experience with Minho than alone. You found this thought a pretty common theme in your relationship. 

    You closed your eyes, half basking in his warmth and half guilty. He let you stay like that until his soft fingers adjusted your chin to look at him, “Dummy. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

    He went to shift you away, but your vice grip around his waist restricted him. You shook your head with a pout, “No, I made a special dinner for you.”

    Doing the best he could, Minho shuffled both bodies towards the dining table where he gently sat you down against your wishes. He stepped over the dropped plate which fortunately didn’t shatter and used the tongs to inspect the japchae. He turned the food to the left, to the right, and picked it up. He looked closely at the meat and the vegetables, sighing loudly. He looked at the dish rack which held the infamous bamboo cutting board. And upon that view, a sinking feeling filled the depths of Minho’s empty stomach, “Did you use the same cutting board and knife?”

    “Yeah,” You replied, feeling like the answer was obvious, “I’m not going to use a whole new board for like five different ingredients.”

    Minho brushed off your attitude, “Might as well take out five cutting boards if you don’t wash between cuts.”


    Minho hummed knowingly, almost mocking you, “You cut the meat and veggies on the same board, huh? Without cleaning it in between?”


    “You cooked contaminated veggies, Y/N,” Minho moved to open the hidden fridge, inspecting the bag of used items, “Did you wash these before cutting them?”

    Your expression saddened when you saw the traces of dirt marked on his fingertips. Not wanting to listen to his criticism anymore, you put your head down, trying to calm the oncoming headache. Eyes closed, you listened as Minho’s light footsteps padded towards your seat. He rubbed your shoulders lovingly, “Come on, let’s get you something to take for your nausea.”

    “How did you know I was nauseous?” You followed him to the living room, taking your place on the couch. 

    “Because you have food poisoning, duh,” Minho grabbed some painkillers and other remedies to ease your upset stomach, “Take these.”

    You took them without argument, knowing that Minho knew more about what was wrong with you than what you knew was wrong. You looked back at the messy table, scattered with pieces of the poisonous japchae. With much effort, you tried to get up from the couch to start cleaning. 

    “What are you doing?” Minho asked with a disapproving look, “You’re sick.”

    You tried to shake your head, but the throbbing prevented you from doing so, “The kitchen needs to be cleaned.”

    “No,” He flatly rejected, leaving to retrieve a bowl of cool water and a soft hand towel. When he came back, he pushed you to lie on your back as he began to wipe your forehead. 

    Before he could, you stopped him, “No, it’s okay. I can do it myself.”

    Minho hissed, giving you a sharp look. He tried again to be stopped again. You grabbed the towel, “Trust me, I ca—“

    “Fine, do it yourself,” With that he left to clean the mess in the kitchen. 

    You sat there, dumbfounded that he actually left you. A wild card. A wild card that you already began to miss. You whined, watching him clean diligently, “Minho, come here. Min. Minnie. MinMin!”

    Every name you could think of went unnoticed by him up until he came over after finishing his cleaning job, “What?”

    You smiled sheepishly, hoping your charms worked on him. You held out the towel in his direction, “Please?”

    He chuckled, “No. Since you want to be independent, I won’t help you. Don’t ask me for help when you can’t do it.”

    You pouted, dipping the towel into the water, squeezing the excess, and patting your forehead. When he sat down next to you, you instantly recognized the look in his eyes. You brought your hand down to release the damp towel, taking his hands in yours, “I’m sorry.”

    He cocked a brow, “For?”

    “For not telling you that I wasn’t feeling well and tried to play it off when I wasn’t really okay,” You apologized, knowing that he was concerned for you, especially when you weren’t healthy. 

    “And?” He pressed.


    Minho scoffed, tugging you down so your head lay in his lap as he helped you with the damp towel, “I kissed you right after you threw up! That’s disgusting.”

    You poked his abdomen in retaliation, “My mouth was clean!”

    “I don’t believe you,” Minho replied, brushing your hair back, “If I get sick, you’re taking care of me.”

    “Sure, King Minho,” you snuggled into him, “But, thanks, for cleaning the mess and taking care of me. Happy promotion, by the way.”

    “You’re welcome, Honey,” Minho pressed a kiss to you temple, “But next time there’s a celebration, let me cook or just order in.”

    You hummed, “Should we order something now? What are you feeling?”

    Minho contemplated for a moment before a wicked smile painted his lips, “Lobster?”



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  • chanswifey
    24.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Prompt #6

    (Chan's version)

    Chasing someone's lips after they pull away

    Chan x gn!reader

    Synopsis: baking cakes with boyfriend!Chan

    author's note: I had to think a bit to do this one, I'm kinda drained today so I hope this came out good. Thanks to the anon that requested this. Let me know if you like it, your comments are very much appreciated 🥰

    Like and reblog to show support
    Do not repost or translate


    You love to bake, and this is one of the many things Chan loves about you. He loves to wake up to the smell of fresh brownies or cake and see you in the kitchen, hair tied up, flour everywhere. No one said you are organized. But he loved it, he thought it was the cutest thing ever.

    This one week, both of you have been feeling down, Chan was having trouble sleeping and spent most of the days at work, so when he was home, he was always tired and not in a very good mood. And neither were you, work and college were draining you out so bad and you felt yourself getting a bit distant with him. It's not like you were mad at each other, just too exhausted for words. Most nights together consisted of laying down in silence in each other arms.

    You didn't like how things were going, you didn't like feeling like you were just going through life. So you decided to take matters into your own hands and planned on doing what you liked most, and you planned on taking Chan with you, so to the market you went and got all the supplies you needed.

    Your boyfriend got home, his gym bag on his shoulder, hair wet and looking really tired. You greeted him with a kiss, making him surprised.

    "What is this about?" He asks.

    "We need to get our heads out of work a little bit." You answered. "I don't like that I didn't remember the last time a kissed you or heard you laugh."

    You took his hand and led him to the kitchen. Chan always tried to help you cooking but you never let him because it would turn into an even bigger mess. So this time, no matter how big of a mess it turns into, you wanted to do it with him.

    "We are baking, today," you say showing him the supplies on the counter.

    "What? Why?" He asks.

    "Because I want to have fun with you, and we can do it here"

    "Okay then," he was already excited.

    You most definitely underestimated the mess the two of you could make. Everything started just fine, the cake was almost ready to go to the oven when Chan decided it was time to play with you, he was in charge of the chocolate topping, he took advantage of the moment you were concentrated on mixing the cake to smear chocolate on his lips. He turned you around and kissed you on the lips. It took you a second to realize what he had just done before pulling your lips away. You looked at him shocked while he laughed at you. You love the sound of his laugh and how his eyes almost close when he smiles.

    You took the chocolate and smeared it on his face, he pulled you back into a kiss and the cake was the last thing in your mind in that moment.

    prompt list | masterlist | request here | what I write

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  • binnieiips
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    [09:30 PM] — your bedroom [s]

    you whine loudly, bouncing on chans cock. you feel him grip your ass whilst pulling on the collar he’d given you for being such a good girl for him.

    “yeah that’s right kitten. you’re making daddy feel so good.” he groans. chan pulls on the collar more, making you fall back into his chest. he grabs your thighs and starts thrusting up at a faster pace from what you were going at before.

    “you’re going to take all my cum, got it? you’re going to be my little cum dumpster.”

    do not copy, translate, or repost with out asking for permission!

    pls request some scenarios for skz !! (or just request anything! i just now write if i get inspired by a request or something ^^)

    #stray kids hard hours #stray kids smut #skz hard hours #skz smut #bang chan smut #sorry this sucks ^_^ #i haven’t had any motivation #stray kids drabbles #stray kids imagines #stray kids scenarios #stray kids x reader #chan smut #chan hard hours #bang chan headcanons #bang chan hard thoughts #bang chan hard hours
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  • kyyuri
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    not what it seems || part six

    senior ! hwang hyunjin x junior !female y/n

    lower caps intended !
    word count: 756
    warnings: none as of now !
    a/n: i havent updated in a while >< but heres another chapter ! i worked really hard so do show some love for it ! thanks and i hope you enjoy it ! do check out my wattpad account as well @ rrrocky <3
    taglists are open ! (as long as i can tag your user)

    [ five ] [masterlist]

    you couldnt focus throughout the day. should you really do what mr kim advised you to ? it was confusing you a lot and it felt like a lost cause. later on that day, unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, you ran into hyunjin. you knew today was probably the last day you would see him before his major exams and your own year end exams and without a doubt, your heart ached a little. the both of you stopped dead in your tracks, admiring the beautiful features of the opposite party. “hi.” hyunjin finally spoke up, bringing you out of your trance. “hi.” you simply replied. then there was dead silence. it seemed like he was contemplating something, unknown to you, it was about whether he should confess immediately on the spot. “ um.. hyunjin ? i have to go home to revise... all the best for your exams !” you put on a façade. you didnt want him to know about how upset you are since it’s probably the last time you might see him. “thanks. i appreciate it. good luck to you too.” he ruffled your hair with a slight smile on his face.

    what you didnt know was that the effect was felt by him, just as it was felt by you. never in a million years did he think he would come in such close contact with you, yet alone be so bold. but somehow, he was glad he did. if it was going to be the last time he could interact with you, he wouldnt trade that interaction for the world.

    as he walked back into the classroom to get his belongings, he could feel some stares. “so.... that was bold.” han finally commented as seungmin chuckled a little. “s-shut up...” hyunjin blushed, flustered at the sudden comment. “you saw it ..?” he muttered. a wide grin spread across han’s face. “everything.” he assured. hyunjin buried his face in his hands. “this is embarrassing...”

    the next few following days, hyunjin barely saw you. only the occasional times where he happened to be behind you but you never noticed him as your head was buried in the books, revising for the year end exams. he could tell that it must be a hard period for you. the lack of sleep was clearly evident based on how bad your eye-bags were.”poor y/n” hyunjin whispered to himself, wishing that he could do something to help. but as he saw you lesser and lesser, his days in school started to feel more dull. nothing seem to excite him anymore. it felt as though you became the sole reason he wants to come to school. he laid his head down on the table and slowly drifted off to dreamland, hoping to at least see you there, even if its just for a short while.

    “your time is up. please put your pens down and i will now be collecting your examination scripts. anymore writing from now onwards will be deemed as an act of dishonesty and you will be severely dealt with.” the examiner said as she collected the exam papers. once you were all released, you heaved a sigh of relief as you headed for your bags and prepared to leave. you bid your friend goodbye after an intense conversation regarding the answers you guys chose. “i’ll go first ! see y’all tomorrow !” you waved. as you slowly headed towards the gates of the school, you noticed his classroom. taking a subtle peak inside, you see him passed out, sleeping peacefully with his head against the surfaces of his desk. he mustve been really tired, his exams are coming after all, you thought.

    it seemed like fate was really playing the both of you. always setting you guys to meet each other at the strangest time. he woke up, only to see your silhouette leaving the school through the window of his classroom. his female friend walked up to his desk, “who are you looking at ?” she asked. hyunjin shooked his head, trying to indicate that he wasn’t looking at anyone, even if it was far from the truth. how could he ever dare to admit that after all this time, his eyes were still only on you ? there were so many girls constantly fawning over him and yet he still chose you. no one could catch his eye quite like you did. anyone that knows about it could easily say that you have a place well reserved for you in his heart.


    taglist 💌:

    @ninjaleeknow @97lovestay @oifelixcmerebrou @freckledquokka

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    ʏᴏᴜ || ʟᴇᴇ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ꜱᴍ ᴀᴜ

    ᴘᴛ. 1: ʟᴜɴᴄʜ ᴅᴀᴛᴇ & ᴀ ᴘᴀʀᴛʏ

    ᴘʀᴇᴠɪᴏᴜꜱ • ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ • ɴᴇxᴛ

    #lee know social media au #lee know skz #lee know x reader #lee know imagines #lee know x you #lee know #stray kids lee know #lee minho sm au #lee minho x y/n #lee minho social media au #lee minho x you #lee minho x reader #stray kids sm au #stray kids imagines #stray kids social media au #stray kids #stray kids x y/n #stray kids x you #stray kids x reader #social media au lee know
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  • cosmic-railwayxo
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    ❜─ Maybe it’s not our fault - chapter 1 - he’s back or whatever

    ✧˖*°࿐ summary: After a nasty break up that left you both heartbroken, Hyunjin goes back home for the summer to get away from everything and spend some quality time with his family. When summer ends and college starts once again, you both are set on avoiding the other at all cost, almost like your relationship didn’t even exist to begin with. But what will happen when in a surprising turn of events, your best friends start dating and one of their main goals is to restore the peace among your broken relationships?

    Will these circumstances get you back together or put an end to everything once and for all?

    Or alternatively: the one where being ‘just friends’ with your ex proves to be the most difficult task of them all.

    A/N: the first chapter yay!! i’m so excited I can’t wait for things to move forward

    ♡. taglist: @pam220000 , @onefoureightfive, @hjkith, @jhanleanne , @xa21x​ , @misosick​

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  • seospicy
    24.10.2021 - 17 hours ago


    Lee Know x reader. (mild smut,f)

    Author’s note: I think we all agree that Lee Know exudes that hard dom energy BUT, I also think that he’d be the type to give you the best after sex care and up to talk about random things until one of you fall asleep. (I mean, I can see that from the bubble messages he sent.)

    You cried into Minho's ear as you straddled him. He was endlessly thrusting into you, bucking his hips into you again and again. He gripped both of your hips so hard, you were sure his nails dug into your flesh, leaving crescent marks on your skin. Your hands helplessly tried to break free from its knot, yet it was hopeless, Minho tied it so tight it would only bruise your wrists. You buried your head into his neck, leaning at him to prevent you from falling off your back, "you're doing so good, honey," he murmured into your ear. His thrusts became sloppy the second you clenched, he definitely knew that you were so close to your high, he took the signal to pick up the pace, thrusting harder, deeper caused your legs to tremble on his lap. "Let it go, honey," he whispered into your ear. You could feel your body shake as his thrust hits you right in the spot, once, twice, and then it just washed over you, it felt like he just set your body on fire. Your eyes screwed shut from the overwhelming sensation, tipping your head to the back, repeatedly crying out his name. Minho thrusting into you a few more times, riding out his own high. You collapsed at him, drained from the overstimulation as you gasped for air. Minho pulled your head by the back of your neck, you weren't aware that you cried until he wiped the tears off of you with his thumb, "was it that good?" You weakly smiled and just nodded, unable to form a word to answer. His hands moved to untie the silk scarf that was used to tie your hands behind your back. Minho took your hands, placed them on his shoulder then wrapped his hands around you to hold you close. He planted soft kisses along your collarbone with a hand rubbed the small of your back, "you did so good!" he murmured onto your skin. Telling you praises is his way of making up for all the things he did to you, the two of you did consent on these things beforehand, and he knew your limits, but sometimes when things heat up, he might lose some self-control. After regaining some strength, you draw yourself back to take a look at him, his hair stuck to his sweaty forehead, and there were tiny beads of sweat on his nose, you weren't less of a mess too, but he, he was as beautiful, messy but beautiful. You pressed a kiss, feeling the softness and plush of his lips on yours. He placed his hand under your chin, he let go of the kiss first, "you must be tired, let me lay you down," he said. He grabbed the back of your thighs, "hold on to me," he ordered as he slowly lifted you off of his thighs. You held on to him with your hands around his neck. He shifted his body to the side and lowered you onto the bed, making sure your head hit the pillow just right. It amazed you how he managed still inside you after that little maneuver, you let go of your hold as he hovered above you. He stared at you lovingly before placing a tender kiss on you. It took you by surprise when he slowly pulled out of you, you let out a low moan, warm cum pooling right there between your legs and seeped into the sheet. You felt full of him from filling you and feeling hollow that he was no longer inside you at the same time. He looked down on your legs, his hand moved to caress the inside of your thigh. He snapped his head back at you, "just wait a minute, okay?" He said, rolling his body to the side of the bed and walking to the bathroom. It felt really nice when you got to finally rest your body on the bed. The tension must have had evaporated, left you completely drained, your eyes drooped due to exhaustion. You must have dozed off for a bit cause when you opened your eyes, Minho was wiping your legs with a warm cloth, and you whimpered the mont it touched your already sensitive skin, "Keep it open for me," Minho softly said, rubbing your inner thigh with one hand, keeping your legs open for him so he could clean you up properly. Once he was done with the cleaning, he walked back to the bathroom and came back with his boxer on, he picked up his sweater from the floor. He climbed onto the bed, "Can you sit up?" He asked. You slowly got up, "ouch!" You winced, feeling sore around your waist, hips, and legs. Caught your own reflection on the mirror from across the room, you could see the dark bruises and bite marks on your breast, neck, and waist. You looked down and found a few more bite marks on your inner thighs too. It was not the first time he did this, and you never really mind it, he has his own reason for doing that to you, but it certainly was going to give you a hard time choosing a piece of clothing to cover them with the next day. "Hands up!" He ordered as he slips the sweater through your arms and your head, pulling it down your body. It was also another Minho thing, he always puts you in his clothes, and he'll be wearing it when he leaves the next day. He pulled the duvet to cover your lower half body, and he got under after, lying beside you, You giggled as you spotted another bite mark on your inner arm. "What's so funny?" he asked. You slowly pushed yourself down onto the mattress, you softly whimpered at the sore feeling rippled throughout your body once again. Minho scooted closer to you, putting one arm under your head and the other one resting on your back, rubbing on your sore hips and waist. You laid sideways facing him, "I look like I just survived a zombie apocalypse" you poked fun at all the biting marks. "You should be glad that I ate you somewhere else and not your brain," He sneered, his hand gently massaging the back of your thigh. He is always confident when it comes to his performance. You couldn't deny the fact that he knows what's he's doing, whether it's his fingers, or his mouth, or that exquisite thing between his legs. You flushed at his words, "if I were a zombie, would you let me bite you?" you jokingly asked him out of the blue. "I would run, of course!" He answered without a beat. You frowned at his disappointing answer, "why?" He pursed his lips, "survival instinct!" You scoffed, "so you're going to let me chase you, and you would probably not hesitate to kill me?" You pouted, whining like a toddler. He considered his answer this time, "I'll pet you, you know, chained you or keep you in a cage," You sighed, again not feeling so amused by his answer, "wow, that sounds very fun!" you said in a passive-aggressive way. Minho kissed you on your temple, "if I let you bite me and I become a zombie, I won't remember that I love you because all I want is to eat the brain," Your eyes widen his explanation, impressed and flustered at how casually he inserted those three words in a sentence, "but we can be zombies couple!" You reasoned. He furrowed his brows in confusion, "you mean, you and me getting married as zombies?" You nodded. "Is that what you want?" He asked. You shyly nodded. He pressed his mouth on your shoulder to suppress his waves of laughter. You frowned, should have known that he would make fun of your sincere answer. When he retracted his mouth, he was still laughing. "I hate you," you muttered out of spite. You took your hands off of his chest, trying to get away from the hold around you. He was quick to catch you by your waist and dragged you closer to his body, "Where are you going?" "Away from you," you answered, irritated. He tightened his hands around your waist, "Oh, someone is mad," he teased, eyes squinted at you. Your hands helplessly tried to get his hands off of you but failed, he was so strong, and you could see that from the prominent veins underneath his skin. You sighed at your fruitless effort, eventually giving up. Minho hooked his leg with yours under the duvet, "you cannot get away from me," he said. "Yes, I can!" You persisted. He shook his head "no, you can, and I won't let you," he said to you. You rolled your eyes at him, decided not to give in to his bait. "You know why?" He asked you, leaning in and pressing his forehead on yours. You went silent, pretending not to care, but curiosity got the best out of you. "Why?" You caved in. He smiled, feeling victorious that he got you wrapped around his little finger. He rubbed the tip of his nose with yours, "because you are mine!" A fluttering feeling washes over you, sending your body to soften around him. "You are mine and mine only," he said again, giving you the affirmation that you weren't even asked from him. As if it wasn't enough to sweep you off of your feet, he kissed you tenderly, in an almost desperate way like he tried to convey his feeling through his kiss, you must be lying if it didn't make you the slightest bit lightheaded. He slipped one hand under your clothes, splayed his fingers on your back, softly rubbing, pressing you to close in the space left between your bodies. You broke the kiss, mouth gasped for air the second it unattached with his. "Honey?" "Yes?" He breathlessly answered. "I'd like to continue, but I feel so sleepy now," you told him, feeling drained as drowsiness started to take over your body. He cupped the side of your face, "It's okay, you can sleep, honey," he said to you as he placed a kiss on your forehead. Your mouth reached for his mouth instead to place a quick peck on the lips, "goodnight," you muttered, then nestled your head on the crook of his neck. "Goodnight," he whispered, hands placing soothing rubs on your back. You closed your eyes, lost in his soft touches that slowly lull you to sleep and the steady rising and falling of his chest under your palm, inhaling his scent that gave you a sense of comfort. It was quiet in the room, the kind of pleasant quiet that signified a day had ended and a new day about to begin, a clean slate. As you were about to drift into sleep, Minho clicked his tongue and said, "Zombie brides? Are you kidding me?" Filling the room with his low chuckles. You playfully hit him on the chest with your fist, "I heard that," you mumbled. "Go back to sleep, honey," he said to you, dragging you closer, engulfing you in his warmth. He placed a kiss on top of your head, "I love you, see you tomorrow," he softly said, and you couldn't help but smile against his chest.

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    Happy Birthday

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    Autumn Daze | Danceracha

    Pairing: Danceracha x gn!reader 

    Genre: Fluff & Friendship

    Synopsis: You, Minho, Hyunjin, and Felix argue whether Halloween pumpkins should be carved or painted. 

    Warnings: Use of knives for pumpkin carving only, food fighting, paint fighting, Felix gets a little wild

    Word Count: 2.2K


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    “Are you sure you want that big of a pumpkin?” You asked, worriedly. You moved to step around another large pumpkin to avoid entrapment in the winding stems and vines. 

    “Of course!” Hyunijn slapped the large pumpkin to emphasize his point, “The bigger the better, duh.”

    “You do know you’ll have to carry that back to the car yourself, right?” Minho pointed out, carrying a decent size pumpkin of his own, one that was much smaller than Hyunjin’s. 

    Hyunjin crouched to wrap his arms around his pumpkin, fully hugging it before carrying it like a baby, “Well, let’s get walking then. The faster we get home, the faster we start decorating.”

    Minho and Hyunjin left the field first as you stayed back to check on Felix, “You ready?”

    Felix struggled to pick a pumpkin, having looked through the fields the entire time they were exploring in the pumpkin patch. You did feel bad for him, watching his frown crease intensify; however, you debated whether picking a pumpkin was really that grueling of a task. Nonetheless, you offered him to stop by a store on the way back home in search of the perfect pumpkin. Reluctantly, Felix agreed, “Yeah, let’s go before Minho leaves us and we have to call Chan again.”

    “Minho wouldn’t leave us,” You reassured him, but hesitated once seeing the look on his face, “Right?”

    “If you say so -- Hey, look!” Felix ran towards the edge of the pumpkin patch, grabbing a cutely sized pumpkin, “This is perfect!”

    He held it up to his face, comparing its size to his own head. His eyes squinted with happiness, “It’s so small!”

    You giggled at Felix, “It’s barely the size of your face!” 

    “It’s perfect, I love it,” Felix examined his pumpkin in awe, “I’m taking this one.”

    You nodded, carrying your decent sized pumpkin of your own. Just like Minho’s, it was smaller than Hyunjin’s but bigger than Felix’s. Just as you both stepped out of the patch, Minho shouted from afar, not realizing how far they had gotten without you, “Hurry, before I leave you!”

    “I told you!” Felix teased, jogging besides you. 

    You shushed him, not wanting to hear it. Once making it to the car, you all placed your pumpkins in the backseat. Minho scowled, “You really had to grab the dirtiest one, Y/N? You’re getting mud all over my car.”

    You pushed him away from the trunk, “Hush, hush, I’ll wipe it down later, Mr. Clean.”

    “You better,” Minho entered the driver's seat, making sure you saw his side eye before closing the door. You entered afterwards, taking the seat directly behind him as Felix joined you in the back with Hyunjin up at front. Perks of being the oldest passenger, Hyunjin declared at the beginning of the trip. 

    In retrospect, this trip was rather spontaneous. With everyone being so busy, especially with Halloween being only one week away, no one had the time to prepare for spooky celebrations; however, luck had presented you a call from Felix and Hyunjin to quickly get ready and meet them in the parking lot where Minho was already in the driver’s seat. 

    It was tradition for you all to visit a pumpkin patch and pick out your favorite to bring back home to decorate. Although not much of a decorator, Minho still partook in this tradition if it meant he could use your pumpkin seeds to roast for his cats. Honestly, you never knew cats ate roasted pumpkin seeds before meeting Minho. 

    An hour drive later, everyone but Minho was sound asleep, cramping their bodies in the most comfortable position the small car allowed them to be in. By the time they made it home, Minho’s icy sass mellowed out, choosing to treat the tired kids kindly when waking them up. He parked the car, “Hey, wake up.”

    He waited, but no one woke up. He unbuckled his seatbelt, turning, “Hey, I said wake up!”

    Still, no one seemed to even slightly stir from Minho’s tone. Trying one last time, Minho pressed the glaring red button on his car fob, causing the panic alarms to go off, “WAKE UP!”

    From the constant honking of the car horn and his screeching, Minho managed to awaken the dead. Hyunjin was the first to wake, flinching inwards to shield himself and flaring out his arms erratically as if to fend off an imaginary adversary. He ended up knocking his phone right off his lap, landing somewhere underneath the passenger seat. The backseat was no less chaotic with you using Felix as a cushion for the catalyst of disaster. Some time into the trip -- you couldn’t recall anything, memories being fogged with drowsiness -- you must’ve maneuvered yourself, feeling cramped with your neck bent to rest your head against the window. Felix happened to be your best option, using his thigh as a pillow. Initially, it was a good idea, but with the way Felix kicked up his legs in a fight or flight response to Minho’s wake up call, you instantly regretted making that decision as your body rolled off the length of the backseat with your face kissing the floor. 

    Hyunjin’s panic screams fueled Felix’s panicked questions. Meanwhile, you lay on the floor, writhing in pain. Once Minho checked that everyone was awake, he turned off the panic alarm. He shot your confused and groggy eyes a sassy smile, chirping happily, “We’re home! Time to decorate!”

    You groaned, being the first one to follow him out the car and towards the trunk, “You couldn’t have woken us up in a nicer way?”

    Minho scoffed, opening the truck to grab his pumpkin, “That was me being nice, actually. You should be thankful that’s all I did. I was tempted to use the hose as the line hasn’t frozen yet, but that would’ve meant me having a wet car ride for the next few days. And, we can’t have that now, can we?”

    “Of course not,” You gritted your teeth, slightly nudging out of the way to grab your pumpkin before he got the chance to grab his. Yes, it was petty, but it was the most revenge you could ever get with Minho. Waiting for him by the door, you made sure to enter first before he could. Minho scoffed, keeping his sharp eyes on following your retreating figure. He definitely knew what you were up to now, not that he particularly cared though. 

    Being the first in the kitchen, you called dibs on the sink, plugging the drain to wash your semi-dirty pumpkin. By the time the surface was squeaky clean, Hyunjin and Felix finally walked through the door, dirty pumpkins in tow with their sleepy bodies. Felix blinked to rewet his dry eyes while Hyunjin let out a harsh yawn. 

    “Don’t get the dirt on the countertops. You know how Minho is,” You moved from the sink towards the island, placing your pumpkin on the towels Minho laid out. 

    Minho watched with detest as the water droplets from your pumpkin glided off and settled on the floor and countertop. Noticing his sharp look, you smile sheepishly, quickling grabbing a paper towel to clean your water trails. 

    While trying to maneuver through the chaos of pumpkin washing, Hyunjin complained about the lack of ambiance, taking responsibility for playing some spooky special rerun on the TV. If it wasn’t noisy before, it definitely was noisy now. Eventually, everyone settled together around the island, ready to start decorating. 

    Taking out the large kitchen knife, Minho carved out the stem, prepping for gutting. He turned to you, “Do you want me to do yours?”

    You perked up, pushing your pumpkin closer to him, “Yes, please!”

    You thanked him loudly, taking your pumpkin back once he was done. Minho glanced at Hyunjin and Felix to offer them the same until the sight before him froze his actions, “What the heck is that?”

    Confused, you glanced over to see what Minho was questioning, “Is that paint?”

    Hyunjin picked up a bottle of acrylic, waving a synthetic brush in his other  hand, “Yeah, you want some?”

    “Do I want what now?” You cringed away, “Since when did you cross over to the dark side?”

    “Dark side?” Felix picked up a bottle of paint, squeezing some product onto the paint tray you hadn’t noticed before, “What dark side?” 

    Minho cocked his head, “You too?”

    Hyunjin scoffed, picking up what you and Minho were picking at, “Painting pumpkins counts as decorating.”

    “We’ve always carved pumpkins before,” You argued, “I thought you were on our side!”

    “Painting is fun too, Y/N, maybe you should try it before you knock it,” Hyunjin attempted to slide a brush towards you before it was halted by Minho’s lightning reflexes. 

    He picked up the brush and threw it back at Hyunjin, “Pumpkin painting is for lazy decorators.”

    Hyunjin and Felix gasped, “Lazy? We’re lazy? Yet, you’re the one that always complains about pumpkin guts every year.”

    “Well, maybe if you were more careful and didn’t make as much of a mess, then there would be nothing for me to complain about,” Minho jabbed. 

    “What if I just genuinely just like painting, huh?” Hyunijn replied, pointing his brush like a weapon, “You insulted me and the arts.”

    You looked at Hyunjin like he was crazy. Sure, he was a great artist -- you agreed with that -- but specifically a pumpkin artist? Even you, had your limits. Turning towards Felix, you held your hands in mock prayer, “Are you going to tell me you’re an artist too?”

    Felix shrugs, “It’s just like decorating a cake!”

    Minho was just about to retort again before Hyunjin grabbed a new bottle, curling his hand around its shape and giving it a strong squeeze. Instead of waiting for the paint to hit him, Minho grabbed you to use as a human shield. Taken by surprise, you had less time to react than Minho, ending up with you covered in orange paint. Sadly, it seemed to gravitate mostly towards your hair and face. Let’s not mention the damage done to your poor hoodie. 

    Hyunjin looked at you in absolute horror, shocked that you became his unintentional victim. He really hadn’t meant to get you involved unless, of course, you continued to mock him. Hyunjin was pretty forgiving until he decided enough was enough. And Minho was more than enough, yet you were caught in the crossfire. 

    Staring at Hyunjin with the same amount of shock, you wiped away a dribble of paint before it could get in your eye. Looking at your fingers, you pursed your lips, “Really, Hyunjin?  You’re painting an orange pumpkin with orange paint?”

    “Art is subj-”

    Without letting him reply, you used your painted hand to smear over Minho’s face. Surprisingly, Minho stayed still, allowing you to draw a mustache, “Why, you look quite dashing, good sir.”

    Minho smirked, opening the top of his carved pumpkin to land a glob of inner guts above your head, “Why, your hat is absolutely stunning, milady.” 

    The feeling of pumpkin goo and the squishing inner fibres made the hairs stand on the back of your neck. Not only did he fix a crown on you, but Minho proceeded his actions by messily massaging it in, looking like you had pumpkin seeded clip-ins. 

    Felix watched in amusement, grabbing two bottles in both hands, “Last one standing wins!”

    Simultaneously, Felix squeezed both bottles, causing red and green paint to spray everywhere, “Ho, ho, ho, suckers!”

    Hyunjin, being the person closest to him, received the brunt of the hit, entangling the most in his long hair, “Not my hair!”

    And so the war began. Somehow the battle became less about carvers versus painters, having everyone fend for themselves. You crawled under the table, using it as a shield only to be dragged out by Hyunjin. Evilly, he stood above you, ready to release another colorful blow until a pumpkin chunk hit him in the face. Hyunjin clutched his cheek dramatically, “Not my face!”

    You looked over to the culprit, witnessing Minho by the island with a chopping board and knife in hand. Truthfully, Minho dedicated himself to chop the pumpkins to use as ammunition. Seeing you defenseless on the ground, Minho cut another piece, ready to throw at you; however, he was promptly stopped by a screaming Felix. Somehow, he had found the time to carve a pumpkin to fit his head and act as an all organic helmet. 

    Perched upon the countertops and isolated in the corner, Felix attacked him with a hybrid mixture of paint, pumpkin, and whatever else he found in the fridge. Whatever convocation he created had Minho running for the hills. However, Felix was determined to get Minho, jumping down from his station to chase him. 

    With the TV still playing and the screaming, the kitchen sounded like an old time slasher film. Paint and pumpkin parts flew everywhere. Some landing on people, some landing on the cabinets and walls. Needless to say, everyone and everything became stained with rainbow pumpkin seeds. Best believe it was a sight to see.

    And it very well was, especially when the owner of the house came home earlier than expected to witness the chaos, “What is going on here?”

    Horrified and clad in the mess, you all turned to look at the furious homeowner, “Chan!?”


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    Cuddling Felix while you watch old Disney Channel shows while you eat snacks 👌

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    The Other Girl (L.MH)

    Warnings : cheating, argument

    Word Count : 4360

    Synopsis : she reaches out to minho, desperately wanting to get over the man she loves. as the time passes, she notices that minho has done much more than help her move on, he made her fall in love with him.

    Have a love you want to get over? I can help with that. The words stared her in the face, taunting her. She almost missed the flyer completely with how many flyers are pinned to the board, but it’s like she was meant to find this specific one. The number listed along the bottom tempted her. And as she typed it into her phone, ready to send a text, that very love she’s been dying to get over called her.

               “Coffee date?” She could practically hear his smile through the phone, and though she wants to decline, tell him no for once, she happily agrees, a skip in her step as she makes her way to their café.

               It wasn’t until the following week when she saw the flyer once again that she finally sent the text.

     Is this the person that will help me get over love?

     Oh uh, I didn’t expect anyone to see that.

     I’m desperate. I’ll take any advice at this point.

     Meet me at the library. Back corner. I’m the only one here, so I’ll be hard to miss.

               She was surprised when she made it to the back corner, a single table with a couple chairs set up, one taken by a man, to see that it was Lee Minho. She’s heard all about him and how he declines every girl that has the courage to ask him out. She always thought it was because he thought of himself as better than these girls, but she’s starting to think there’s something more to him; a heartbreaking story that led him down this path.

               “Hi.” She greeted as she sat down across from him, a shy smile on her face when his eyes met hers.

               “Y/N?” He’s shocked when she’s the one sitting across from him, desperation clear on her face.

               “Y/N? Like Changbin hyung’s Y/N?” Jisung asked as the information processed in his brain. Minho only nodded, hoping this information doesn’t get back to her. “So you’re telling me you’ve rejected nearly every girl on campus because you have feelings for Changbin’s best friend?”

               “Yes, Jisung! How many times do I have to repeat it?”

               “Okay sorry!” Jisung threw his hands up in surrender before placing them back down on the table and leaning closer to Minho. “What makes her so special?”

               “Everything.” Minho shrugged. It seemed like such a cop out answer, but he meant it. If he had the time, Minho would go on about everything about her. How kind she is to everyone around her, even if the same kindness isn’t reciprocated. How smart she is, seemingly without even trying. Everything about her draws him in; it’s not even about looks, not to say she isn’t beautiful. Because she is. He remembers being a teenager, dreaming up the perfect girl that he thought couldn’t possibly exist, and then first day in university in his first class, she walked in and he couldn’t think of a better match to his dream girl. “She’s just perfect.”

               “Oh so you got it BAD bad.” Minho sighed, resting his head in his arms that were placed on the table. “I have an idea on how to get over her. You need to get under someone else. And I have just the way to find the perfect someone else.”

               Minho really thought no one would ever see the flyer Jisung posted over a week ago. He thought he could just continue day to day pretending he wasn’t helplessly in love with a girl who barely knew him, but now she’s sitting in front of him, asking for his help to get over someone she loves. And he feels hopeful that maybe this could be his way into her heart.

                “Oh, I didn’t know you knew me.” She blushed in embarrassment, tucking her hair behind her ear, and barely meeting Minho’s gaze.

               “Is that weird? Sorry! I’m friends with Jisung. He talks about you a lot actually.” He nervously chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. It was a total lie. Jisung does talk about her, but only when asked by Minho.

               “You’re friends with Jisung?!” She exclaimed, now seemingly excited. “I wonder why he never introduced us! How dare he keep the Lee Minho away from me.” She giggled, looking at him with a smile that seemed to brighten up his whole world. He couldn’t look away from the galaxy that seemed to exist within her eyes. It was in that moment that the helpless crush he had on her turned to love. There was no going back for him, not anymore.

               “I’m guessing you’ve heard the rumours about me.” He tried to keep his voice even, trying not to seem so nervous.

               “I’m sure everyone on campus has heard about you, Minho.” She teased, but there didn’t seem to be any malice or anger in her words. “You don’t have to be so tense. Just because I’ve heard the rumours doesn’t mean I believe them.” He let go of the breath he didn’t realize he was holding. “Besides, I doubt Jisung would be friends with the Minho everyone describes.” He can’t help but feel relieved at this information.

               “So who is this mystery man that has stolen your heart? If you don’t mind sharing, of course.” A flash of confusion crossed her face before she regained her composure.

               “My best friend.” She told him simply, hoping Minho wouldn’t catch the obvious lie. And if he did, he didn’t say anything.

               “Falling for your best friend is hard.” He admitted. “It’s like, you know absolutely everything about them. And you want nothing but their true happiness. But you know they don’t feel the same way. And you just have to stay by their side, watching them fall in love with someone that isn’t you, and act happy about it. Because even though it hurts, losing them would hurt more.” In that moment, she came to the conclusion that she had accidentally uncovered Minho’s tragic backstory. She also came to the conclusion that she wanted Minho in her life.


             “Binnie!” She ran towards her childhood best friend, jumping into his arms. He caught her like he always does, squeezing her tighter than she squeezed him. “Heading to the studio?” She asked, looking passed him, her eyes meeting Chan’s. “Hi Chan.”

               “Hi Y/N.”

               “Yeah, we’re headed to the studio. Did you want to come? I could use your opinion on some lyrics.” She looked at her phone that was blowing up with texts from the man she loved so dearly, the man she needs to get over. “Or do you have a date with lover boy?” He teased, nudging her lightly with his elbow.

               “Nope, I’m free! I want to spend time with my best friend.” Changbin threw his arm across her shoulders and the three of them headed towards the studio where Jisung was already working away. “Sungie!”

               “Y/N!” He stopped what he was doing to give her a quick hug. As they pulled back, she slapped him lightly in the arm. “Ow! What was that for?”

               “For keeping Minho away from me! We’ve been hanging out a lot the last couple weeks and he’s such a delight!” Jisung’s eyes widened as he looked towards Changbin and Chan and then back to her.

               “My bad, Y/N.” He pouted at her, knowing she couldn’t resist his pout.

               “Okay fine, I forgive you. Just don’t pout at me.” She pouted back to him before the two of them burst out laughing.

               “Why did I ever think introducing you two was a good idea?” Changbin sighed, taking his usual spot, Y/N plopping down beside him.

               “Because you love us and value our happiness.” She answered, taking his lyric book from him, and flipping through the partially written songs, mentally taking notes to give to Changbin. The songs he wrote were all quite good, there was no doubt about that. She’d always been envious of the talent her best friend possessed, wishing she could write her feelings out even half as well as he could. Sometimes she would just recommend a word change here and there to make it flow easier.

               Changbin was always grateful for his best friend. She has always supported his dream and helped with his lyrics since they were kids, long before he met Jisung and Chan. He knew he could ask the two of them for help with his lyrics, but it was a habit to ask her at this point. And the two boys never took offence and would actually ask for her help here and there as well. All three of them valued her opinion and her friendship.

               “You never cease to amaze me, Seo Changbin.” She smiled, placing his lyric book on the table in front of her. As she went over her recommendations with Changbin, Chan reached over and grabbed what he thought was Changbin’s book and began reading the lyrics on the most recent written on page.

               “Y/N, please don’t be mad at me.” Chan announced, looking up from the book he now knows doesn’t belong to Changbin, but the girl sitting beside him. She looked up at him, noticing the familiar book in his hands, and immediately flushed red.

               “I uh, was actually going to ask for your help with that. I know it’s nowhere near as good as the stuff you guys write, but I was hoping with your help it could get there.”

               “Y/N, this is incredible. You need to give yourself more credit. Is this about who I think it’s about?” She slowly nodded as Changbin took the book from Chan, scanning the lyrics his best friend wrote. He could feel the pain and heartache she must have felt when she wrote this. The faint tear stains really tied the whole piece together, and he couldn’t help but pull her into his arms.

               “Why didn’t you tell me this was happening?” He whispered. It was Jisung’s turn to look over the lyrics. He drowned out the quiet conversation happening next to him as he looked over the lyrics, his own heart breaking like hers must have when the words poured out onto the page. He sat there just staring at the words, reading them over and over again until he had them completely memorized. He could see the lyrics even with his eyes closed.

               He pictured her sitting at the desk in her dorm, scribbling away, getting all of her feelings out. While the man this song was about was out galivanting with someone that wasn’t her. The love she wanted so desperately to hold onto was slowly slipping through her fingertips, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. And he knew this was something he needed to talk to Minho about. Warn him just how broken this girl was.


             “You signed up for the talent show?” Changbin asked her, an eyebrow raised as he wonders where his shy best friend went.

               “You guys have helped me a lot with the song in the last few days. It’s almost done, and I think it’s something that deserves to be heard, especially by him. My way of ending things for good.” She answered, fiddling with her fingers, unable to meet Changbin’s gaze. “I’m really nervous, but I know you’ll be cheering me on.”

               “Of course! All three of us will.”


             During the weeks leading up to the talent show, she spent practicing in the studio with the boys of 3RACHA. When she needed a break, Minho was there to take her mind off everything. “Is it an ice cream day or a cake day?” He joked as the two of them walked together. As she opened her mouth to answer, she caught something out of the corner of her, something that used to break her heart.

               The love she tried for years to hold onto was slipping through her fingers, and for the first time, she didn’t seem to care. Instead of wasting anymore time looking at him with another girl, she smiled, turning towards Minho. “I’m really craving that cake you bought for me last time.”

               Minho could feel his heart pick up pace as she looked up at him with such a beautiful smile. He felt like the only person in the world, his own smile growing wider as he led them towards his favourite cake shop just off campus. “You have a beautiful smile, Y/N.”

               “Thank you, Minho.” She tried to ignore the skip in her heart. She tried to ignore the familiar feeling of butterflies in her stomach, something she’s only felt with one person before Minho. She tried to ignore how hot her face felt, knowing Minho could see the blush on her cheeks, knowing it was caused by him. “You have a really nice smile. I think you look so handsome when you smile.”

               He tripped over his own feet when her words processed, causing her to giggle before asking if he was okay. “So you think I’m handsome?” He slowly stumbled out his words, his throat suddenly feeling dry. She couldn’t help but giggle at him again, wondering just when Lee Minho got so cute.

               “Who knew I could have this affect on the infamous Lee Minho.” She teased, gently knocking him with her shoulder.

               “So I get nervous when pretty girls call me handsome, what about it?” He looked at her with an angry pout. She thought he looked so cute she almost didn’t realize the indirect compliment, causing her to trip just like Minho did moments earlier. He immediately reached out to stop her from falling. “Whoa, are you okay?” She turned her head to look at him, underestimating just how close they were.

               She could feel her breath hitch in her throat when her nose brushed against his. She watched as he took a glance towards her lips, risking a glance towards his. They looked so pink, so soft. She suddenly felt this need to feel them against her own.

               When he noticed she wasn’t pulling away, and instead was leaning in, his heart picked up pace, seemingly trying to beat out of his chest. She lazily wrapped her arms around his neck while her eyes fluttered shut. Something he had only dreamed about was about to happen, and he refused to mess up this perfect moment.

               His hands dropped from her arms to her back, pulling her closer to him, and a wave of confidence took over him as his own eyes closed. Their lips met in the middle; the feeling even better than Minho could have ever imagined.

               There was no thoughts, no firework show, there wasn’t even any butterflies erupting in her stomach. There was only him and her. The world around them disappeared; it was only them, falling in love.


             “You’re going to kill it out there.” Changbin reassured his nervous best friend backstage. “You worked so hard and everyone will notice that. And he’s going to feel stupid for letting you go.” Honestly, she hadn’t even thought about him. The only thing she’s been thinking about the last couple of days was the kiss she shared with Minho.

               “Is it possible to fall for someone while you’re trying to get over someone else?” Before Changbin could ask what she was talking about, Jisung had draped his arm across her shoulders as him and Chan joined the two of them.

               “Minho’s really excited to see you perform today.” Jisung told her, smirking at her like he knew something the others didn’t.

               “I know someone in the audience that won’t be too excited when he realizes the song is about him.” Chan chuckled. The three boys noticed she didn’t seem to be as broken as she was when she first brought the song to them. Changbin and Chan brushed it off as music therapy helping her realize she deserves better, but Jisung knew better. Jisung knew the reason that her heart was more whole than before was sitting in the audience, anxiously waiting with a bouquet of flowers to give her at the end of the show.


             Minho could barely pay attention to the other acts, impatiently waiting for the one person he came to see. The man sitting next to him seemed to also wait for someone specific, a similar bouquet in his hands. “Waiting for your girlfriend?” He suddenly asked Minho, pulling him out of his thoughts.

               “I’m hoping she’ll be my girlfriend by the end of the night.” He admitted to the stranger, a wide smile dancing across his lips, the same lips that kissed the girl he loves only days before. “What about you?”

               “I’m waiting for my girlfriend. We’ve been dating since the beginning of high school and I had no idea she could sing. According to her best friends, she wrote the song about me.” Minho wondering what it would be like if she wrote a song about him. What would she write in a song for him?

               Would she talk about how she thinks he’s handsome when he smiles? How she blushes when he compliments her? Would she write about the kiss they shared? He got so lost in his own thoughts he almost missed them announce that she was next.

               “This is my girlfriend. I’m excited to hear the song she wrote about me.” Minho’s eyes widened at this information, staring at the strange man beside him. “She’s beautiful, right?” He asked Minho as she took the stage. “I’m Hyunjin, by the way.” Minho ignored the hand Hyunjin held out, standing to leave the auditorium. Hyunjin shrugged at Minho’s strange behavior, not thinking too much about it and focused on his girlfriend on stage.

               Slow piano music filled the auditorium, and Hyunjin’s smile widened as the lyrics rolled off her lips. Talking about a long-lasting love, but his smile quickly faded by the chorus. Her eyes met his with a look of anger as she sung about his infidelity.

               He couldn’t look away from her no matter how badly he wanted to leave. Her eyes were solely trained on him, singing every single word right to him. Other students noticed her gaze was locked on one person, and turned to look right at Hyunjin, but he barely noticed. He could only see the anger and sadness written on his girlfriend’s face. How did she find out?

               Hyunjin didn’t stay to watch the final performances and instead went backstage to confront her. “How could you do that to me?!” He yelled, catching the attention of those who were still backstage. Changbin was the first to approach him, ready to give him a piece of his mind.

               “Binnie.” Her voice was stern as she uttered the nickname she gave him when they were kids on the playground. He took a step back, allowing her to come face to face with the man she once loved so dearly. The reason she turned to Minho in the first place. “I don’t think you have a reason to be angry at me, Hyunjin.”

               “I love you!” He yelled, causing a scoff to come from her mouth.

               “Hyunjin, you’ve been cheating on me since we got to university. If that’s how you love someone, I don’t want it. I’m done. I don’t love you anymore.” She turned to leave but stopped to say one more thing. “Give those flowers to your other girlfriend, I don’t want them.” He glanced down to the flowers still in his hand, and then to her walking away, Chan, Changbin, and Jisung following after her.


             “Man, that really sounded like a breakup.” Jisung commented as the four of them sat in the same restaurant they frequented after 3RACHA performances.

               “It was.” Changbin told him, his brows furrowed towards the younger boy. She wasn’t paying attention, only focused on the fact that Minho had blocked her number.

               “Didn’t you say Minho was going to be watching?” She questioned, not looking up from her phone.

               “Why didn’t you tell me Hyunjin was your boyfriend?!” The anger in Jisung’s voice caused her to look at him.

               “I thought you knew.”

               “Obviously not. You all acted like he was just someone you had feelings for! The word boyfriend was never said!” The anger running through his veins was escalating and he knew he couldn’t look at her face anymore. “You know what, Y/N, you don’t deserve Minho.” He stood up from the table, ignoring Chan’s and Changbin’s protests.


             “I think I actually have a shot, Jisung.” Minho smiled as he sat next to Jisung on the couch. “She called me handsome today. And she kissed me.”

               “Y/N?” Jisung asked, the lyrics of the song she’s performing in a matter of days ringing in his mind. The song he wanted to bring up to Minho, but never did. Maybe he had read her all wrong. Maybe she’s no longer hung up on Hyunjin and has let Minho into her heart.

               “Yeah, Y/N. I think I’m going to ask her to be my girlfriend after the talent show.”

               The memory hit Jisung as he ran towards Minho’s apartment. How much did he know?


             Days passed and she hadn’t seen Minho around at all. Jisung was ignoring her as well, leaving all her texts on read. She tried to approach Jisung after class, noticing Minho wasn’t attending school at all, but Jisung walked passed her as if she wasn’t even there. “Sungie, please.” She pleaded, following after him. At the sound of the loving nickname she gave him when they met at the start of university, he stopped. He could hear the hurt in her voice, and deep down he knew she didn’t mean to hurt Minho. But he couldn’t bring it in himself to forgive her.

               “You don’t have the right to call me that anymore, Y/N.” He couldn’t look at her, knowing as soon as he saw the heartbroken look on her face, he would cave. Since they met, her sadness as been his weakness. She’s too kind, too giving, and he vowed to make sure the smile never left her face.

               “I know what you and Minho must think, but I promise you it was never my intention to hurt him!” Jisung kept his back turned to her, tears filling his eyes as he heard the sob she choked back.

               “You told him you were in love with your best friend, Y/N! Knowing full well that Hyunjin was more than that.” He turned only halfway, still not meeting her eyes.

               “I didn’t want to explain why I needed to move on from the guy I was dating. I didn’t want to explain why I was still in love with a guy who had been cheating on me for over three years. And honestly, I liked that he didn’t look at me with the same pity you, Binnie, and Chan always did.”

               “We were worried about you. We always saw how you gave up on yourself every time something happened. We all just wanted the happy Y/N back.” He finally met her eyes, fully caving as soon as he saw her tear-stained face and swollen eyes.

               “Minho brought her back, Sungie.” His own tears fell.

               “I know.” He took a breath, knowing Minho was going to hate him for what he was about to do. “I’ll take you to Minho. Please fix this.”

               “I’ll do my best. Thank you, Sungie.”


             “I have a surprise for you, Minho.”  Jisung called as he and Y/N entered Minho’s apartment. He hadn’t moved from his spot on the couch that Jisung left him in before leaving for class. “Please just listen before you hate me.”

               “If you think I could hate you for this, why would you do it?” She could hear in his voice how much he had been crying. She tried to blink back her own tears, hoping to tell him everything she needed to without sobbing.

               “Because she’s the only one that can fix this.” Minho was about to ask what he meant when his eyes met those of the girl he loved, the girl who broke his heart without trying.

               “Get out. Both of you.”

               “Minho, please.” He’s not sure if it’s the sadness he hears in her voice, or the fact he can tell she’s been crying just as much as he had, or the pleading look in Jisung’s eyes, he allows her to sit next to him. Jisung slipped out, knowing this was a conversation just for the two of them. “Words aren’t enough to express how sorry I am for not telling you the truth.”

               “Why did you lie?”

               “Because, out of everyone in my life, you were the only one who didn’t look at me like I was an injured puppy. I liked how close we got, and I didn’t want to lose that when you learned that I had a boyfriend.”

               “Did you know I had feelings for you?” She shook her head, looking down to her hands before meeting his eyes again.

               “Not until the kiss. That’s also when I realized I had feelings for you.” Minho scoffed before getting up from the couch. “Minho, please listen!”

               “I’ve heard enough. Does Hyunjin know you’re here confessing to me right now?” She also stood from the couch, reaching out to grab his arm, but he stepped away.

               “Minho, Hyunjin and I broke up. He’d been cheating on me since we started university. That’s why I begged for your help. I didn’t want to love him anymore, and I don’t! I love you, Minho.”

               He stood in front of her, staring at her, as he processed the words she just told him. He still had a million questions, but he knew there was time for that another day. Her love confession bounced around in his mind, and he couldn’t help the small smile that broke out on his face. He cupped her face and pressed his lips to hers in a kiss even better than the first. “I love you too.” He whispered as he rested his forehead on hers, watching the smile spread across her lips.

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  • dreamescapeswriting
    24.10.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Kinktober ~ Day 24

    WORD COUNT: 1.2K

    PAIRING: Seungmin x Fem!Reader

    GENRE: Smut, just pure porn, mirror sex, squirting, no protection, soft-dom Seungmin, Seungmin losing control in front of a mirror.

    Seungmin smirked against your lips as he pulled your body closer to his own. His fingers were working their magic inside of you as you clenched around him, moaning his name loud enough for anyone to hear.

    "Y-You're doing this on purpose." You cried out as you rolled your head back against the sofa. The two of you had been dancing in the practice room for a little while until you decided to take a break. Making out on the sofa with one another until it led to this.

    His fingers pushed knuckle deep into your pussy, curling them against your walls as you cried his name out. This was supposed to be a nice evening of dancing but it had quickly changed into something much more. 

    "You love it," He chuckled biting down on your neck as you moaned out once again. You thanked the lords that the two of you had locked the door when you started dancing. If anyone was to walk in right now you would be mortified. 

    "I-I do!" There was no denying that fact you did, you truly did love it and so did Seungmin. 

    "W-Want you." You whimpered as you looked at him, grasping his wrist so he would stop moving his fingers.

    Smirking at you he pulled his fingers out from your core and hummed, 

    "So fucking wet," He moaned out before pushing his fingers into his mouth, licking them clean as you whined. 

    "Seungmin please-" You stopped as he began to undo the buttons on his jeans, taking his hard cock from his pants. 

    "Please, what?" He chuckled as he began to slowly stroke himself in front of you. You practically rushed to sit up straight, putting your knees on either side of him. Placing the head of his dick at your entrance he nodded at you to let you know it was okay. 

    Sinking down onto him he let out a moan as he felt himself being swallowed by warmth. A moan escapes your lips as you stayed still on him for a moment, eyes fluttering shut as you enjoyed the feeling of being full. 

    "God, you're so beautiful." Seungmin whimpered as he looked at you, putting your face in his hands as he kissed you deeply. Your hips moving automatically against his and you slowly moved up and down his length, moaning against his lips. 

    "Seungmin." You breathed out, putting your head in his neck. Seungmin's eyes looked behind you at the mirror and he moaned louder. Watching the way his cock disappeared into your cunt turning him on more than he thought it would have done. 

    "B-Baby," He chocked out as he pulled you to look at him, 

    "I want to try something," You nodded at him, you would try anything with him if he wanted you to, 

    "Sorry." He whispered as he pulled you off him, a whimper of sadness leaving your voice as he left you empty once again. 

    "What are you doing?" You questioned as he got up and pulled you with him, walking you to the mirror with a giant smirk on his face. 

    "Bend over just a little." He smirked as you faced the mirror and bent down just a little, your head turning to look at him over your shoulder. 

    "What are you doing?" You repeated as he rubbed the head of his cock at your entrance, teasing your hole with just the head. 

    "I want you to look at us while I fuck you," He grunted suddenly pushing into you and holding your hips steady, your knees shook a little. Moaning his name out as your hands grasped onto the single railing that lined the mirror wall.  

    "S-Seungmin," You breathed out, eyes fluttering shut as he began to thrust his hips softly at first, massaging your inner walls as you moaned out. 

    "I said to watch as I fuck you," He grunted looking at you in the mirror as your eyes shut open. Turned on more by the suddenly dominating tone that had left your boyfriends throat, 

    The moment Seungmin began to thrust he lost control, his mind completely forgetting where he was as he watched himself fucking you. Seeing it from in front of him and from the side, thanking the heavens that the room was lined with mirrors. 

    "You look so fucking good, swallowing all of my lengths like this angel." He grunted as his hips began to move hungrily as if this was the last time he was ever going to get to do this. Your cries grew louder as your hands gripped onto the railing, head buzzing with excitement. It was a new side to Seungmin you had never seen and you loved it. 

    Seeing him lose control the way he did made you clench around him tighter, wanting to savour every moment you watched him. Moaning out louder with each jerk of his hips, listening to the way your name sounded coming from his desperate lips.

    "Fuck Seungmin!" Your heart raced against your chest as you felt a build-up in your stomach, eyes trying to stay open as Seungmin's hips began to move more frenzied. 

    "You look so good with my cock buried inside of you." He moaned out at you, grunting as he continued to ram his dick in and out of you.

    Your eyes screwed shut as the tightness in your abdomen began to get too much to bear. 

    "You're going to cum already?" He chuckled darkly, hand-making his way to your clit as he began to rub vigorously. 

    "I wanna feel you do it, I wanna feel you milk every last drop of cum from this cock." He smirked at you as your eyes locked with his in the mirror.  

    The feeling of his cock hitting that deepest point in you was sending you over the edge. His fingers felt too good on your clit for you to just ignore. 

    "S-Seungmin," You warned feeling an unfamiliar build up inside of you, your hands grasping wildly for something to clutch onto. 

    "Oh, you can't handle t?" He chuckled getting rougher with you as he moaned out. The two of you had safewords in place, if it was far too much you could call it quits at any time. 

    But this wasn't something you couldn't handle, it was something new. Something you needed and chased with each jolt of his hips. 

    "Seungmin!" Your walls began to spasm around his cock, your eyes widening as you looked up at him in the mirror. With one last powerful thrust, you came undone around him.

    Screaming his name loudly as you convulsed on his cock, muscles tensing as your whole world felt as though it was on fire.

    A gush went between your legs as your legs buckled beneath Seungmin. His arm wrapp[ed around your midsection protectively as he released inside of you. Pulling out and watched as your arousals mixed together, he let out a breathy chuckle. 

    "That is something new." Your eyes lazily looked down at the floor to see how wet it was and your gut tightened. Something you had only ever seen in porn movies. You'd squirted. 

    "Let's go and get you cleaned up and some water," Seungmin whispered as he grabbed one of his towels from the sofa and began to mop the floor up. No one had to know what happened inside of the dance studio besides the two of you.   

    Tagline: @minholuvs​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​

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