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    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Stray Kids - Ex | Yang Jeongin
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    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    minho looks so happy and calm with his cats, it really shows how he loves them and they love him. but he can only see them for a few days and I can't really imagine how much he must miss them, I'm so sad :(

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    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ~ I.N Lockscreens ~

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    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    this is the most beautiful thing you are going to see today😭😭

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  • incorrectskzquotes
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Jeongin: Hey, that's my umbrella.

    Jisung: I'm life hacking.

    Jeongin: You're stealing my umbrella.

    Jisung: Life hack.

    Jeongin: How are you hacking life, you are literally taking my umbrella.

    Jisung: Life hacking.

    #Jeongin#Yang Jeongin#Jisung#Han#Han Jisung#stray kids#skz#incorrect skz #incorrect stray kids #incorrect skz quotes #incorrect stray kids quotes #incorrect kpop #incorrect kpop quotes #kpop
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    18.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    jisung: what if mayonnaise came in cans?

    felix: that would suck because you can't microwave metal...

    changbin: good morning to everyone but these two

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  • imagine-a-life-like-this
    18.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Transferring Hearts (L.MH)

    Warnings : gangs, fighting, swearing, drugs, suggestive content (if you squint)

    Word Count : 3453

    Synopsis : she didn’t only transfer schools, she also found herself transferring hearts.

    “You’ll regret choosing them over us.” Her now ex-boyfriend, Choi Hyun Suk, threatened, his hand wrapped around her arm so tight she could feel the bruise forming before he let go. “I’ll make sure of it.”

               “You don’t scare me, Choi Hyun Suk.” She spat, hatred in her eyes that once held so much love for him. A sinister smirk took over the anger on his face as he pushed her up against the wall, holding both her arms above her head, watching as she struggled to get away.

               “I should, princess. I know all your weaknesses.” She stopped trying to get away, meeting Hyun Suk’s eyes. He wouldn’t go that far. He wasn’t that evil. But one look into his eyes and she knew. The boy she fell in love with in high school was gone; there was absolutely no sign of him left.

               “You leave him out of this.” He let out a sinister chuckle before leaning in really close to her face. She could smell the booze and cigarettes on his breath, a smell she definitely won’t miss.

               “I don’t think I will, princess. He’s always been apart of this, and you know that.” He let her go, taking a couple steps back, but she stayed put, knowing he wasn’t finished. “He created this family, he made us who we are today.”

               “You look really out of it today.” Hyunjin said, pulling her out of her thoughts. She broke up with Hyun Suk one month ago now, and he hasn’t made a move. Not on her, not on her friends, and not on her brother. He was planning something big, that’s something she knew for sure.

               “Just some personal things, Jinnie.” She replied, barely able to meet his eyes. When she transferred from YG to JYP, she didn’t expect things to get messy. She promised herself she would always return to her boys; she would always return to Hyun Suk. They were her family, her whole world.

               But Felix was persistent on being in her life. No matter how hard she pushed him away, he always came back. She found it difficult to say no to the freckled face boy, suddenly wanting to be in his life. It’s not betrayal to make new friends.

               “What happened?!” Her hands delicately grabbed Felix’s injured face, inspecting each injury thoroughly before sitting him down and grabbing her first aid kit. “Who did this to you, Lix?” She asked, tears in her eyes every time he winced from the pain.

               “Choi Hyun Suk and his goons.” Her working hands froze at his name, her heart shattering. “It’s okay.” He smiled, grabbing one her hands, pulling her from her thoughts. “It’s not the first time, don’t worry about it.”

               “I’ll take care of it.” She whispered, going back to working on his injuries. “No one will hurt you again, not on my watch.” He chuckled, not realizing how serious she was.

               She knew her boys were no longer her boys the day Felix came in with bruises and cuts littering his body. And she was going to take care of it.

               A couple days after Felix came to school with injuries, it was her turn. Hyunjin was the first to bombarde her with questions as the two of them, along with Seungmin, shared multiple classes together. “I had to take care of business. This is nothing.” She tried to be nonchalant, but she was in pain. She just wanted to talk to them, figure out where they were going wrong. But they labeled her a traitor, attempting to beat her to a pulp like they did others.

               “What do you mean you were taking care of business?” Hyunjin questioned, his brows furrowed.

               “I think you already know.”

               “You were one of them.” The slight nod of her head was all the confirmation Hyunjin needed. “Did they do this to you because you stood up for Felix?” She turned her head to look at Hyunjin. He could see the answer in her eyes, the way she looked so hurt, so betrayed.

               “I made my choice and suffered the consequences.” But Hyun Suk’s words echoed in her mind like a catchy song from the radio. “I just hope I won’t regret it.”

               The class ended and the three of them headed for the cafeteria, meeting their other friends at their normal table. “Hyunjin. Seungmin.” Chan said, his eyes glossing over her completely. “Minho needs us.”

               “Bring me with you.” She spoke up, knowing the familiar look in Chan’s eyes. The same look Hyun Suk would give the boys when business needed to be done.

               “No offence,” Chan tried to speak, but she interrupted him.

               “You’re going to need me. I know those boys better than anyone.” The groups eyes were trained on her, thinking about what her words could mean. But Hyunjin knew. Hyunjin figured it out a month ago but kept it a secret.

               “She’s right, Chan.” Hyunjin spoke up, taking everyone by surprise. “She’s their weakness.” The conversation Felix had with her after his beating started to make more sense. The bruises that littered her body a couple days later made sense. They didn’t want to believe that the girl they befriended, the girl they opened their group to, was apart of the rival gang.

               “Follow us.” Her eyes quickly met Felix’s, giving him an apologetic look, before following Chan with Hyunjin and Seungmin by her side.

               Changbin and Minho were already in the meeting room when they arrived. She held her head up high as she approached Minho. “Why are you here?” He questioned, glancing behind her, and scowling at Chan. “This is an important meeting, and you’re not welcome here.”  

               “She was one of them, hyung. Without her, we don’t know where to start.” Hyunjin spoke, earning a glare from Minho.

               “Listen, I know you don’t like me, and if I’m honest, I’m not fond of you either. But I need you, and frankly, you need me too. Those guys play dirty, but I know all their secrets.” Minho scoffed, crossing his arms across his chest, and sitting back in his chair.

               “How can I trust you?” She took no offence, knowing she would wonder the same thing had the roles been reversed.

               “Because Choi Hyun Suk threatened to kill my brother. And I would do anything to protect my brother.” No one else said anything for a couple of minutes; Minho pondered her statement, wondering if she was telling the truth.

               “She got beat up protecting Felix, hyung.” Hyunjin spoke up again. “She chose us, now we need to choose her.” The anger on Minho’s face softened at the new information. Felix, Jisung, and Jeongin have been friends with the five of them since high school, long before the five of them got into this life. But still, they vowed to protect the three of them. Minho always hated that there was nothing he could do to help Felix, knowing that boy couldn’t hurt a fly even if he tried.

               “You protected Felix?” He asked, his voice no longer had the bite it previously did, allowing her to let her guard down.

               “He’s been nothing but kind and giving since I got here. My loyalty runs deep for those I care about, and that no longer includes Choi Hyun Suk, Kim Junkyu, Yoshi, Yoon Jaehyuk, or Bang Ye-dam. Just as I would do anything to protect my brother, I’ll do anything to protect Felix.”

               “What’s the plan then?” When those words left Minho’s mouth, everyone took a seat and the meeting finally began.


             Everything happened so fast; she could barely comprehend everything that just happened. All that could be heard was the heavy breathing of everyone surrounding her, but she didn’t focus on that. She could only focus on the smug look on Hyun Suk’s face as her shoe dug into his chest. “What did you just say?” She tried to keep her voice level, trying not to let anyone know how close she was to breaking.

               “I said, shouldn’t you be protecting your brother instead of fighting with me?” She looked around at the others, all having varying injuries to their bodies, some collapsed on the ground. Slowly, she backed away from her ex, allowing him to come to his feet once again, staring at her like she was the only person that mattered. “This could all end, you know.” Her eyes met his, and she immediately knew what he wanted. He wanted her.

               Minho watched from the other side of the room. He watched as she looked around at everyone, her eyes barely meeting his own, but he could see the pain. This was a difficult decision for her, and he knew in that moment that her brother would come before anyone else, even herself. Minho watched as her tearful eyes met Hyunjin’s, who took her side as quick as he could, protectively standing in front of her, staring directly at Hyun Suk. “She’s not yours anymore.” Choi Hyun Suk scoffed as he crossed his arms across his chest, meeting Hyunjin’s angry eyes.

               “Oh look, her new boyfriend came to her rescue. Fun, isn’t it? Protecting her and having her repay you in her special way.” He stuck his tongue in his cheek and threw his head back while letting out a soft moan. “I miss that the most.” He chuckled while looking right passed Hyunjin, into her eyes. “I know you miss me too, princess.” Minho had heard enough, stalking over to Hyun Suk, and punching him in the face.

               “Get her out of here.” Minho growled to Hyunjin, who promptly grabbed her hand and ran out of the room, Y/N trailing closely behind him.

               “I have to go to the hospital.” She let out, her tears finally streaming down her cheeks. “I have to see my brother.”

               “I’ll drive you.” The drive was quiet; soft music came through the speakers while she tried not to let out her sobs. Hyunjin had barely parked when she was jumping out of the car and running through the doors of the hospital. She had the route to her brother’s room engrained in her mind. Third floor, turn right, sixth room on the left, room 312.

               “Oppa.” She whispered as she took the chair beside his bed, her hand wrapping around his. Her heart started to calm down seeing him calmly laying there, still alive.

               “Miss Kwon, what are you doing here at this hour?” The nurse that normally watched over her brother glanced down at her watch before meeting her eyes once again.

               “I missed him.” She lied, wiping away the tears that wouldn’t stop falling. “Please tell me some good news.”

               “Still no change.” She turned around, facing her brother once more, brushing the hair out of her brother’s closed eyes. The injuries that once adorned his skin had faded, leaving his face in perfect condition, but he still wouldn’t wake up. “You know the chances of him waking up are small.”

               “But there’s still a chance.”

               “Yes, but if he does, he won’t be the same.”

               “He’d still be my brother.” She sobbed, laying her head on the bed while looking up to her brother’s sleeping face. The nurse just patted her shoulder before leaving, taking one last glance at the heartbroken girl crying at her brother’s bedside, silently begging him to wake up. How she wished she could do more for the young girl, but nothing could be done. They could only wait.

               “Excuse me, I’m looking for my friend. She ran in here for her brother but I don’t know her brother’s name.” Hyunjin asked the nurse as she approached the nurses station on the third floor. “Kwon is her last name if that helps.”

               “Sixth door on the left. Room 312.” She said with a soft smile. “Remind her to take care of herself, please.” The nurse pleaded, remembering the first month Ji-yong was admitted, she refused to leave his side. She remembered watching this young girl wither away before slowly getting better with the help of her boyfriend.

               Hyunjin just nodded before walking towards the room he was told she’d be in. Quietly, he slid into the room, listening as she told her brother stories of her time at JYP. “I know that YG was your home, oppa, but I think JYP is mine. I tried following in your footsteps, but they’ve tarnished your name. They even threatened to kill you, oppa. How could I stay when my new friends are so much better? I betrayed them, but I don’t feel guilty about it.”

               “You shouldn’t feel guilty for choosing people who care about you.” Hyunjin spoke up, startling the girl. “So this is your brother?” He walked closer to her, glancing towards her brother that lay there motionless.

               “The one and only.” She smiled. “Kwon Ji-yong, better known as G-Dragon.” She giggled as Hyunjin’s jaw dropped.

               “You mean to tell me you are the notorious G-Dragon’s sister?” She nodded. “Isn’t he-“

               “As you can see he’s not dead, but he’s not far off.” There were no external injuries, having all faded throughout the months he’s been laying here, but Hyunjin knew that must mean there are some extensive internal injuries. Everyone’s heard the story. It’s what started the rivalry between the big three: YG, JYP, and SM. G-Dragon was an underground rapper, the best of the best really. He was an older brother for a lot of younger guys, like Hyunjin. He also was apart of an underground boxing ring; fighting to make money and dealing on the side to make ends meet. Everyone knew G-Dragon had something to fight for, but Hyunjin couldn’t believe it was a little sister.

               “He helped me through a lot. He helped a lot of people.” She nodded, knowing very well the kind of person her brother was. The kind of guy that would do anything he could to protect those he loves. That’s what put him here. Taeyang had been his best friend since childhood. The kind of guy that wouldn’t back down from a fight, even when the odds were stacked against him. Ji-yong had to step in to stop Taeyang from getting beat to death. And now Taeyang is walking around just fine, while Ji-yong lay in this hospital bed, no one knowing if he’d ever wake up.

               “He’s all I have left.” Hyunjin placed his hand on her back, rubbing it lightly to let her know he’s here.

               “We’re your family now. You’re safe with us, I promise.”


             She didn’t go to school the next day, instead opting to stay by her brother’s side. Hyunjin tried to stay with her, but she all but pushed him out the door. “Is she okay?” Felix asked when he saw Hyunjin approach their table in the cafeteria. Hyunjin looked at all the concerned faces of his friends as he took his usual seat, shaking his head.

               “I’m not sure she ever was.” He admitted, images of her crying while washing her brother with a warm cloth flashing through his mind. How had he not seen the broken girl she hid behind her tough girl exterior? “Her brother has been in a coma for the last year with no signs of waking up.” Everyone exchanged saddened looks, wondering what they could do for their new friend.

               “Where is she?” Minho asked.

               “Still at the hospital.” Minho stood from the table and stormed out of the cafeteria. He ignored the calls from his friends. He only had one thought in his mind; she would not be alone, not during a time like this.

               He got the room number from Hyunjin who knew exactly where he was heading. Only a week ago he hated this girl with every fibre of his being, not trusting her the way the others did. But when she stood in front of him, ready to fight her ex because of Felix, he opened his heart to her. And now here he stood, watching this girl who seemed so strong, so tough, sobbing while holding her brother’s hand. “You should take care of yourself too.”

               She jumped slightly at the sound of his voice but smiled softly when she saw Minho standing at the door. “He comes first.” Minho walked closer to her, not liking that answer.

               “Then I guess I’ll have to take care of you.” He slid his hand into her free one, pulling her up from the chair she spent all night in. “At least grab food with me.” His grip tightened around her hand when she tried to pull away, tried to deny his request. One look in his eyes and she could tell he wouldn’t back down.

               “Okay.” She finally agreed, reluctantly letting go of her brother’s hand and following Minho to the hospital cafeteria, his hand not leaving hers until they were sitting down. “You didn’t have to come here, you know.” She said as she began to eat.

               “You shouldn’t be alone right now.” She didn’t know why, but her heart picked up at his words. Just a week ago, she couldn’t stand him, thinking he was just an arrogant prick. But now here she was enjoying a meal with him, wondering why things felt so normal with him.


             Minho stayed with her at the hospital, taking her to the cafeteria every day to make sure she eats. He even convinced her to allow him to take her home so she could shower and change.

               The more time she spent with him, the more she started to fall for him. Besides her brother, no one has ever taken care of her the way Minho has. He knew she needed to be by her brother’s side, so instead of forcing her away from him, he stayed by her side while she hoped for her brother’s recovery. “Oppa, I think I like him.” She spoke softly to her brother while Minho was gone on a call. “You wouldn’t believe that we hated each other only a month ago.” She giggled, shaking her head at all the memories.

               The way he would roll his eyes every time she joined their table. How he always had something to say when she spoke. Everyone else welcomed her with open arms, but he was hesitant to let her in. He hid his fears behind cocky arrogance, pretending that he was too good to be around her. But they had more in common than they expected.

               “I think you’d like him, oppa. He has the same morals you do, unlike Hyun Suk. I’m sure if you were awake, you’d approve of all my new friends. You’d be okay that I chose a different school. You’d be okay that my heart belongs to someone from a rival school.”

               Minho stood at the door, listening to the words she was telling her brother, unbeknownst to her. He could feel the familiar feeling of butterflies in his stomach, knowing that she was talking about him. He could feel it in his heart that his feelings were returned. He wasn’t quite sure when it happened, his hatred turning to love, but he wasn’t going to hold back. “He’d be happy as long as you’re happy.” He spoke up, startling her much like he did when he showed up a month ago.

               “How long have you been standing there?” She asked, her eyes wide as if she had just been caught doing something illegal. He chuckled to himself, wondering if this is how she looked when she got caught by the dean of YG, a story she told him only a week ago.

               “Long enough.” He smiled, walking towards her with determination in his eyes. Once in front of her, he cupped her face and pressed his lips to hers. It was a kiss so different than the ones she shared with Hyun Suk. And she knew then that though her brother belonged at YG, she belonged at JYP. She belonged with her new found friends. Felix, Hyunjin, Chan, Jeongin, Jisung, Seungmin, Changbin; she belonged with all of them. She belonged with Lee Minho.

               This was the family she was missing. She didn’t have to try to fit in with them, she didn’t have to try to make them like her. She wasn’t walking on eggshells trying not to make them angry. They accepted her just as she was. This was the family that her brother spoke so highly of. He found his at YG, and she found hers at JYP. Because she didn’t just transfer schools all those months ago, she transferred hearts. YG to JYP. Choi Hyun Suk to Lee Minho. It just all made sense.

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    stray kids I.N packs

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    ! 🧃%% skz jeongin

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    𝗃𝖾𝗈𝗇𝗀𝗂𝗇 𝗐𝖺𝗅𝗅𝗉𝖺𝗉𝖾𝗋𝗌

    𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾/𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 𝗂𝖿 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗎𝗌𝖾

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    Chan: Is that cheese?

    Jisung, holding a very large block of cheese: Thirty pounds! It’s for my camping trip.

    Chan: ...alright cool. Who else is going?

    Jisung: Me, Felix, Yeji, these two girls we met at the junkyard, and Yeji’s grandmother.

    Chan: Why are you taking Yeji’s grandmother?

    Jisung: In case there’s bears.

    #stray kids#skz#stay#kpop #stray kids incorrect quotes #skz incorrect quotes #kpop incorrect quotes #chan#changbin#bangchan#bang chan#seungmin#felix#minho#lee know#jeongin#in#jisung#han#hyunjin#yeji#itzy #itzy incorrect quotes
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    🛒🍎🧩! Maknae On Top ༚.° ◌

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    Ciega Devoción

    Capitulo #8: Será solo eso, ¿Verdad?


    Autor: multyeverything

    Tw: Insultos y groserías, comportamiento machista ligeramente, menciones de s*acrificios humanos, mención de sangre y consumo de ella, sexo consensuado, uso nulo de protección, creampie, amor no correspondido, relaciones inter especies.

    Rating: 18+

    Sinopsis: Los sentimientos ocultos son una carga difícil de sobrellevar cuando tienes tan cerca pero tan lejos a la persona que más deseas en el mundo, pero es más pesado cargar con los grandes pecados que en tu corta vida puedas haber cometido. La consciencia toma relevancia a partir de ahora.

    Au: Paranormal/Smut/Slow burn

    Emparejando: Seo Changbin X T/n X Yang Jeongin



    ¿¡Qué la hizo pensar eso?!

    ¿Por qué no puede ver lo obvio? Me gusta

    La misma serie de preguntas atormenta la cabeza del herido Jeongin. Su ego y masculinidad heridas tras las inocentes palabras de su indiscutiblemente 'amiga' para su desgracia. Sus intentos por conquistarla han sido mermados por la amenaza de alguien que no conoce y, para él, probablemente no exista. Eso espera. Tener que competir nunca se le ha dado, odia tener a alguien que desplazar a cualquiera en la 'carrera' o la posibilidad de perder.

    Si bien no es dosil y tranquilo la mayoría del tiempo, tampoco es amante de agachar la cabeza y ceder ante nadie. No existe la derrota en su vocabulario, pero sí el respeto, que es lo que lo ha mantenido unido a su grupo de amigos, a Chan específicamente es quien más respeta de todos. Otro aspecto de su salvaje naturaleza, lo que llamaría alfa.

    Verse inferiorizado por aquella a quien corteja significa una ofensa mayor a la dominancia que quisiera reflejarle.

    ¿Le gustaría más si se sometiera ante él?

    ¿La desearía más si fuera sumisa ante su persona?

    Probablemente no, gusta de personalidades fuertes. Aplica a sus amistades por igual.

    Aunque cuestionar su orientación resulta más doloroso que una insolente o boca suelta. Creía que su masculinidad era incuestionable, atractivo y peligroso ante toda hembra que posara ojo en él. Puta madre, su único interés afectivo es inmune a sus encantos.

    ¿Qué debería hacer?

    ¿Ser más directo?

    Consultar su situación con su líder es tentador. Contar con el consejo del mayor y más experimentado de los ocho sería bueno para tener un guía en el camino que cruza por primera vez. Oh sí, jamás había deseado estar con alguien tanto. Nunca había tenido una novia oficialmente, ni la había deseado carnalmente tanto como a la ciega de t/n.

    Tal vez debería derrumbar la puerta y cogerte como la perra estúpida que eres.

    No, cálmate animal. Piensa con la cabeza correcta. Quieres que esté contigo por voluntad propia y no por un sortilegio.

    Que penoso hablar de esto con Chan, siendo que tiene tantos asuntos con que lidiar. No puede ir con él.

    ¿Minho? Se burlará de mí hasta que muramos

    ¿Jisung? No creo esté interesado por nadie o lo haya estado jamás en esa manera.

    ¿Hyunjin? Solo ha amado a alguien en toda su existencia, a sí mismo.

    ¿Seugmin? Le contará a Minho.

    ¿Felix? Me crucificará por pensar así de t/n.

    ¿Changbin? Es el indicado, tiene la cabeza más calculadora que conozca. No juzgará los pensamientos indecorosos ni contará lo hablado al terminar.

    Solo queda localizarlo, un lugar donde sí o sí estará. La zona gris de la materia oscura, su escondite favorito para no lidiar con la realidad que ha dejado en claro que odia con la inexistente alma que posee. Ya que cuenta con su permiso para acceder, no hay que recurrir a llamarlo con pentagramas o cosas por el estilo, basta con entrar en espíritu. Para entrar tiene que dejar el vehículo en un lugar seguro, ya que lo abandonará al ingresar a la zona.

    Le es natural desaparecer en la nada y presidir de su cuerpo físico. Dentro no es nada más que una sombra mate en el infinito panorama ardiente en la distancia (su propio infierno), sus ojos verdes sobresalen de el caos interno que Changbin ha diseñado como su guardia. Tétrico como su alma, complicado como su mente; demasiado apegado a su interior. Es fácil acceder debido a que no hay restricciones a sus amigos para verle ahí, ya ha fungido como escondite cuando escapaban de matones tras ellos, todos muertos al enfrentarles unidos.

    - Sabía que estarías aquí. -
    - ¿Vienes a decirme algo importante? Quería estar a solas niño. -
    - Ver cómo estás. -
    - Decepcionado, el tequila no me ha mareado siquiera. Me odio aveces. -
    - Bebidas humanas jamás podrán alterarte. -
    - Saben mejor, estoy harto del vino. Siempre el mismo sabor. -
    - Tampoco disfruto del vino. -
    - ¿Quieres? - Extiende la botella a medias
    - Paso, gracias por cierto. -
    - En serio, ¿Quieres decirme algo? No entras a la zona en siglos y cuando lo haces es para "ver cómo estoy". A otro perro con eso hueso. Sin ofender. -
    - Entraste a mi mente o no. -
    - No hace falta. -
    - pfff promete no juzgarme. -
    - Sabes que soy el único de nosotros que no mezclará mi propia moral con la tuya. -

    Cabizbajo relata la odisea de hechos y pensamientos que han pasado por mi cabeza, con lujo de detalles. Atento, Changbin registra todo lo que le cuenta sin siquiera pensar que es un pervertido o ha actuado de manera incorrecta. En ese aspecto, es el más maduro de todos, jamás va a juzgar qué es correcto y qué no, a diferencia de Chan que siempre busca hacer el bien. Los demás tienen que batallar con sus propios fallos, no son confiables al 100% para aconsejar, dejando de lado que guarden el secreto.

    - ¿Es todo? -
    - Ehh si. -
    - Te diré lo que pienso, sin afar de ofender. espera unos segundos Idiota te la hubieras cogido como si no hubiera un mañana. Con tu semilla en todo su cuerpo dentro y fuera, de tanto placer se habría enamorado de ti. -
    - No voy a forzarla. -
    - ¿Quién habla de eso? Libera algunas hormonas y te rogará la partas por la mitad con tu súper pene. -
    - Lo haré en su debido tiempo. Pero será porque ella me lo pida, no porque le lavé el cerebro con lujuria. -
    - Suena a que era feliz mientras pasaba tiempo contigo, y ya han estado jugando al juego del coqueteo un rato. No le veo lo malo a intentar. -
    - ¿Y si la bestia sale? Que tal si no me controlo. -
    - Lo harás, también está en tu naturaleza no dañar a nadie. Hay una gran diferencia entre deseo y peligro, tu cerebrito de cacahuate notará la diferencia y comandará actuar de acuerdo a la situación. Imposible que la dañes. -
    - ¿Y si la tomo muy brusco? ¿Y si la lastimo? -
    - Comienzo a creer que lo único que tienes es miedo por hacerlo con tu primera humana. Tienes nervios. Aclara la garganta rasposa de tanto alcohol No puedes embarazarla de todos modos, es naturalmente inconcebible. -
    - Desearía. - Otro comentario con la cabeza equivocada.
    - Así se dice jaja, pero hazlo. Te aconsejo que lo hagas ahora, sino esos sueños húmedos realistas te van a volver loco y terminarás por desquitarte con la pierna de alguno de nosotros. -
    - No soy perro. -
    - Son familia, biología. Guiña Y para todo esto, ¿Por qué no la he conocido? -
    - Lo habrías hecho de haber venido a la fiesta, me contaron que tenías planeado asistir. -
    - Así es, cambio de planes de último momento. -
    - ¿Chan? -
    - Si, ¿Quién más me controla de esa manera? Con tanta facilidad.
    - En parte tiene razón, ¿Sabes? -
    - Lo sé, tal vez me lo tomé muy a pecho. -
    - ¿Le has dicho esto? Que has cambiado ligeramente de pensar. -
    - Lo sabe, siempre entiende. Solo me da mi espacio para calmarme. -
    - Sigue siendo un sentimental, apreciará como líder que le digas estas palabras. -
    - Tenías que decir eso. Odio esto. La puta palabra "líder", estuve a punto de considerar hablar con él. Pero tienes toda la razón, es un líder. Demasiado superior a nosotros los simples seguidores. -
    - De nuevo con tu mierda de anarquismo. Acepta que tienes a alguien superior a ti Changbin, no es un cargo, es la monarquía del poder con que nacimos. Por una vez. -
    - Cállate. Si vienes como portavoz de ese cabron lárgate. -
    - Hyung, tranquilo. La guerra ya se acabó, deja los traumas detrás. Escalaste el asunto a proporciones mayores. -
    - Cómo sea, soy mayor que tú así que no me sermonees. Vienes por mi ayuda, recuerda pequeño. -
    - Ok dejemos el tema, nos desviamos. Siempre lo arreglan de todos modos, sacaré mis narices del asunto. -
    - Bien, ¿Cómo dices que se llama? - Suena despreocupado por la afortunada que corteje su amigo.
    - No lo dije aún, es t/n. Me gusta mucho, en todos los aspectos. -
    - Y ¿Cómo es ella? - El interés aumenta cuando menciona ese nombre.

    Conforme enlista todas las virtudes físicas que conoce ya muy bien del análisis experto que hizo de tu cuerpo todos los momentos que compartió a tu lado, la realización de que es la misma persona lo golpea tan duro que su enojo con Chan se reduce a nada comparado a la sensación de idiotez que tiene. Se siente usado como servilleta al pensar que permitiste a su amiguito verte en ese vestido (que tomó por sentado usaste para tentarlo en un principio a él) y que penetró tu privacidad al verte tan vulnerable en tu estado depresivo. Cómo si solo Changbin pudiera ser tu hombro para llorar.

    - Suena como tu chica ideal. - Mantiene el tono casual
    - Creo que lo es. Todo de ella me intimida, en el buen sentido. -
    - ¿Por qué no vuelves a verla? -
    - ¿¡Ahora?! Me veré como desesperado. -
    - Todas las mujeres aman eso, déjala pensar que estás tan loco por ella que dejas tu dignidad de lado. Que no soportas un momento más sin ella. Caerá por tu cuento al mismo tiempo que su ropa al suelo. -
    - Si estoy un poco loco... -
    - Muy bien campeón, eso no me importa. Pero si buscas otro consejo, vuelve y doma a la bestia de la manera que quieras. Pero inténtalo, lo peor que puede pasar es que te mate en defensa propia y luego te vea regresar a la vida porque su cuchillo de acero no te daña. -
    - Es lo que menos quiero que pase. -

    Lo que parece un consejo sincero de su amigo, en verdad es una plan con doble finalidad. Si bien quiere ayudar a su amigo a vaciar el líquido de sus bolas, también quiere comprobar si se trata de la misma t/n que causa erecciones a diestra y siniestra.

    - Salgamos de este horno. Aún es temprano en el mundo real. -

    Con la cautela suficiente, toman forma dentro del vehículo que solitario esperaba por su conductor. Nadie vió nada.

    08:34 apenas han pasado unos minutos. Nervioso conduce por las calles casi vacías en dirección al departamento que hace no mucho dejó. Cada calle le es familiar al consternado copiloto, teme llegar al edificio que piensa y comprobar que hablaba de su muy deseada t/n. Mientras más cerca, mayor era su desilusión.

    Tal vez haya dos t/n viviendo en el mismo edificio y que luzcan físicamente similares.

    - Va a la universidad contigo ¿Verdad? -
    - Sí, no la misma carrera. Pero compartimos clase de idiomas. -

    Oficial, le han robado la chica.

    Cómo sea, hay demasiados peces en el mar. Demasiados culos para admirar. Si a Jeongin es a quien quiso todo el tiempo, adelante puede tenerlo. No somos nada, ni para que molestarse en pedir explicaciones.

    - Será interesante conocerla. -
    - Primero debo tenerla presentarla a ustedes. -
    - Buena suerte Romeo. Aquí estaré por 15 minutos, apresurate. -
    - Gracias, y jodete Hyung. -
    - De nada malagradecido. -

    Lo ve dejar el auto y alejarse al timbre que igualmente tocó hace un día. Se llevará el auto pero esperará unos minutos en caso de ser rechazado. Ojalá así pase.

    Toca una, dos veces antes de ser permitido dentro una vez más en el edificio.

    T/n se siente confundida de verle de vuelta tan pronto, tal vez olvidó algo dentro y quiso recogerlo antes de hacerse muy noche. Lo deja entrar sin dudar.

    - Hola Innie, ¿Todo bien? -
    - No del todo, ¿Estás sola? -
    - Si. - Responde cautelosa. Azota la puerta tras entrar sin tu permiso.

    Planta un beso casto pero con fuerza en sus labios, aún con sabor a los dulces que comieron durante la tarde. Dura poco, ella los separa. Una mirada de confusión derrumba la confianza que tenía sobre conquistarla con un beso.

    Tal vez no debí hacerlo sin preguntar.

    Lleva su pequeña mano a sus labios y los oculta de su mirada expectante. Una idea cruza por su mente, la oportunidad perfecta para conseguir una ofrenda. Fingiendo estar sin palabras, voltea y avanza hacia su ventana, puede notar que alguien lo cuida desde dentro de su auto. Tendrá que esperar un poco más si no quiere que atestigüe algo terrible.

    Va tras ella para ofrecerle sus disculpas, en cambio recibe una respuesta positiva a su atrevimiento anterior. El intercambio de saliva comienza rápidamente, a Changbin le toca ver todo el espectáculo desde su asiento con ayuda de sus habilidades para ver todo en kilómetros a la redonda, claro como el agua. Mejor enciende el vehículo y se aleja al instante, no quiere ver cómo resultan las cosas, se siente asqueado. Sabe perfectamente qué pasará, encendió la llama de su amigo él mismo, cavó su propia tumba. La chica que comenzaba a atraerle ya pertenecerá a alguien más, literalmente.

    Ambos son muy verbales, los gemidos no son sofocados. La cercanía de cuerpo y su fricción manda ondas de electricidad por sus cuerpos.

    - Vamos a tu cama, no quiero hacértelo en otro lado. - Dice con seguridad. La lujuria comienza a respaldar su dominancia.

    Eso enciende la mecha en el interior de su fémina presa. Le gusta sentir la fuerza de un compañero sobre su voluntad, justo como Jeongin actúa ahora. Quién diría que el dulce e inocente compañero de clase sería en realidad un fuerte y pasional hombre, ya no es un niñito ante sus ojos. Eso la excita más. No piensa en nada ni nadie ahora, un buen acostón es lo que necesita, no ha sido acariciada en demasiado tiempo desde que llegó a la universidad, incluso desde antes. Ashur no la tocaba en meses, con la excusa de sentirse impotente por la depresión que sufría.

    Será eso, solo eso. Un polvo de una vez. Sin sentimientos.

    Cariñosa toma su mano y guía a la pequeña habitación que permite la cama matrimonial, devolviendo el gesto la recuesta lento en el colchón con su inmensa fuerza como pluma cayendo por el aire, eso la hace sentir extrañamente bien, ser tratada con delicadeza sin que tengan que tratar demasiado. Coloca ambas manos en cada lado de su cabeza y continúa con la intensa sesión de caricias mientras ella se abre de piernas y brazos para envolverlo hasta donde la diferencia de tamaños permite, no deja caer ni un gramo de su peso en el cuerpo que yace debajo de su forma. Continúan el vaivén por al menos 20 minutos, sin prisa ni presión, en caso de que t/n se arrepintiera.

    - Innie, necesito más. -
    - ¿Estás segura? - Ser considerada en una desición conforta su herido corazón.
    - Lo estoy, por favor. -

    Se rompe el entrelazado que tenían, él se encarga de desvestir con cautela cada pieza de ropa que portaban. Prestando atención a cada detalle del cuerpo que pronto estará tomando, dejando caricias al removerla de su vestimenta. Hace lo mismo con él mismo pero sin la misma delicadeza, se apura para no hacerla esperar.

    - Quisiera haberte ayudado. Lo hiciste demasiado rápido. -
    - Ven aquí. -

    Se reincorpora en sus rodillas para quedar a la misma altura, ahí comparten un abrazo que concluye en ambos recostándose sobre sus hombros frente a frente. T/n levanta su pierna, recargándola sobre la cadera de Jeongin justo a la altura de su descubierta erección, que ya pica la carne de su entrepierna sin entrar realmente en ella. Pensar ahora en protección y anticonceptivos no es posible, t/n está sumergida en el placer de ser tocada con tal deleite, y Jeongin no desearía nada más que preñarla con su descendencia.

    Él toma la iniciativa de iniciar el acto sexual al introducir su punta lentamente, por la inactividad sexual de ella, su dolor es evidente por su cara enrojecida. Lo que calienta más al hombre, creyendo que tal vez esté adueñándose de una deliciosa virgen. Limpia y para para tomar. Más equivocado no puede estar. Sus movimientos son lentos de inicio, llegando profundo con cada penetración para su gozo.

    - Mírame, me gusta tu cara. - Obediente levanta su rostro, gotitas de sudor empapan la almohada que comparten.
    - Puedes ir más rapido, estoy lista. - Clava las uñas en su bícep y cuello, que es donde posa sus manos.

    Tentado a sangrar su labio, muerde al besar. Su líquido rojo en sus papilas da potencia a sus embestidas, la esencia que emana embriaga sus aumentados sentidos, llevándolo a un estado de nirvana nunca antes alcanzado. Sus suaves gemidos son música para sus oídos, como droga auditiva que confirma la está complaciendo, que es lo único que puede pedir. Son los golpes de su pelvis con su clítoris lo que más gozo le dan, sumado a la profundidad que alcanza con su inusual longitud y grosor. Una conexión indescriptible, según Jeongin, existe entre sus ojos que nunca se separan. No se avergüenza de gemir apesar de ser hombre, lo que le encanta a t/n, su único otro amante jamás lo hizo porque "es de mujeres gemir". Ver el placer en la cara de su enamorado es una nueva experiencia, mas le agrada; arruguitas en su frente y sus labios abiertos le invitan a acercarse.

    - No soportaré mucho más Innie, terminaré en cualquier momento. -

    Es cierto, no una mentira para quitárselo de encima.

    - ¿Soportarás por mí? -
    - Por favor déjame venirme. -
    - Lo haremos juntos. Aguántalo. -

    Mantiene su orgasmo contenido en su abdomen bajo, trata de pensar en algo más que el placer en vano, es la orden que le dio lo que la obliga a obedecer.

    Con movimientos rápidos y circulares, hace que su orgasmo se apresure en llegar, no desea lastimarla con sobre-estimulación o agotamiento intenso.

    - Puedes hacerlo, puedes venirte ya hermosa. -

    Con el permiso dado, sus paredes y clítoris contraen en una deliciosa y bien merecida oleada de calor alrededor de su miembro bien metido hasta el fondo, acariciando su punto g. Sin detener el movimiento ligero que la incita a llegar más alto, al ver su rostro relajándose saca poco a poco su roja verga, terminará el trabajo sobre su vientre o donde ella le permita.

    - No, lo quiero dentro. -
    - ¿Venirme dentro de ti? -
    - Sí, lo quiero de esa manera. -

    Su desición se basa en darle unos últimos momentos de placer intenso, que tenga el mejor orgasmo de toda su vida. Darle un sentido de pertenencia y amor final antes de actuar. Complacer una fantasía o fetiche que seguramente tiene.

    Feliz de sobremanera, libera su caliente semen en sus entrañas, o así lo siente ella, asegurando disfrutar hasta el último momento de ese capricho que tenía; hinchando su grosor unos cuantos centímetros (justo como los caninos) haciendo difícil salir de su interior, ella tampoco insiste en que saliese ya. Un sueño hecho realidad, literalmente. Tardan unos minutos en recuperarse y separarse, un debilucho Jeongin quiere ayudarle a limpiarse pero no puede, está cansado de pues a cabeza.

    - Volveré. Pasa la noche aquí, está oscuro fuera y estás cansado. No tardaré. -

    Que se preocupe por él toca fibras sensibles en su corazón.

    - Por favor. -

    Sin más lo deja y camina al baño, queda frente a la puerta de la habitación del otro lado del estrecho pasillo. El líquido sale borbojeando por sus muslos ya.

    ¿Habré sido su primera vez? Es demasiado semen para una sola ronda. Tal vez no se había masturbado en un rato.

    ¿Habrá creído que era mi primera vez? Probablemente, se sintió así. Dolió como nunca.

    Mañana estaría adolorida, es un hecho. Afortunadamente será domingo, nadie verá su caminar de caballo recién nacido, por el contrario será un obstáculo en moverse rápido para ya sea cargar su cuerpo o cavar una tumba.


    Considero que las cosas hechas en nombre del amor no deben ser llamadas errores ni mucho menos pecados. Por amor no hay nada digno de llamarse cruel si se es hecho pensando en él, ya que es el sentimiento más puro que existe. Se haría todo para ya sea conseguirlo o mantenerlo, al ser combustible para el alma, en verdad. Exime todo aquello de culpa en su totalidad. No son solo mis palabras, es un hecho. Una realidad a la que se atiene la naturaleza, la vida en si. Que cada individuo se apegue en distinto nivel, es diferente; incluso hablando de moralidad y cómo no debemos actuar en contra del bienestar ajeno. Patrañas digo yo, fue amor el que me salvó y cada cosa que he hecho en mi vida (por más terrible que fuera) quedó perdonada al entregarme a él.

    ¿Qué es la justicia si al actuar acorde a ella no me siento amada?

    ¿Qué es hacer lo correcto junto a un abrazo consolador de tu amada pareja?

    ¿Preferirías la soledad si eso hace feliz más a alguien que no seas tú?

    Difícilmente responderé esas preguntas y complazca a todos, cada quien tiene un criterio.

    Claro, hay diferentes tipos de amor. Se harían variadas acciones con variada intensidad dependiendo de qué tipo de amor se esté tratando. Una pequeña línea separa al amor de la obsesión, tan delgada que es invisible si una venda cubre nuestra vista.

    Es por eso que me considero inteligente, sé cuándo soy impulsada por amor y cuando mi deber hace que actúe impulsivamente. Ahora mismo, es un tanto de ambas.

    ¿Que haré para aumentar mi "nula efectividad"?

    Lo que sea necesario

    ¿Quién podrá detenerme?

    Nadie. Absolutamente nadie. (Espero?)

    Al estar segura de utilizar todo mi potencial actualmente, tengo que requerir a ayuda externa que de alguna manera lo incremente ya que no tengo otros medios para hacerlo por mí misma. Justo como él dijo. Lo que tengo que hacer para lograrlo es un acto que aborrezco, pero es necesario ya. Odio el hecho de que alguien más esté ayudando a Ashur en retomar sus poderes porque yo no puedo sola. Vergonzoso y humillante.

    Para conseguir ayuda, hay que devolverla. Dentro del rubro en el que me encuentro, no se trata de cualquier ayuda; hay que entregar algo con el mismo valor que lo que se pide, si quiero encontrar a cierta persona tengo que entregar a otra persona. En otras palabras, un trueque. Una vida por una vida, como sea que sea llamado.

    Aquí desnudo en mi cama, parece estar dispuesto en bandeja de plata para lo que sea que cruze por mi mente hacerle. Duerme tan profundamente por su agotamiento que solo la sensación de mi navaja podría despertarlo, aunque sería demasiado tarde para cualquier intento de supervivencia. La seguridad (flaqueante) que creía tener en hacer lo necesario tiembla a indecisión cuando veo sus pacíficos ojos cerrados junto a su sonrisa tatuada a la cara, está feliz, sinceramente feliz y enamorado a simple vista. No necesito meterme en su cabeza para comprobar que el ángel abrazado a mi pecho ha caído en el encanto del amor, ahora está sujeto a su nombre, justo como mencioné. Puedo acabar con su vida de manera agradable, sin dolor alguno y con un último recuerdo alegre. No sentiría culpa demasiado pesada si ocurriera de esa manera, tendría el cielo asegurado. Se lo merece.

    Muevo su sedoso y aún húmedo pelo que estorba la vista completa de su cara, aumenta la sonrisa que tiene para mostrar sus marcados hoyuelos. Un suspiro también se le escapa. Pensándolo bien, que pena arrebatarle un ser tan adorado entre todos a sus padres, amigos, hermanos, comunidad estudiantil... Seguiría la lista hasta que se volviera día. No muy diferente a lo que ya hice con la chica a quien robé su vida. Carajo, aún es difícil pensar en ella, un poco de arrepentimiento se asoma de vez en cuando al pensar en trivialidades; como cuando tengo que llamar/mensajear a sus padres o viejos amigos suyos me saludan, si pudiera le regresaría su vida intacta al terminar de usarla. Tristemente no puedo, solo me queda estar agradecida por ella y mantener con dignidad el regalo que me dió. Recordar el fantasma de la inocente representa un peso que jamás quitaré de mis hombros, no quiero cargar con otro, por más que me repita que mi mantra sobre el amor y su apología. Soy más inteligente que eso, alguien o algo más serán de ayuda.

    Sería demasiado bajo de mi parte arrebatarle la vida en su estado tan vulnerable. Justo después de que me hiciera el amor, porque eso fue lo que hizo conmigo. No me folló como muñeca de trapo con la que no comparte ningún sentimiento (aunque así sea, ya que no comparto el mismo afecto que demostró tenerme), sino que se abrió para mí pensando que ocurriría lo mismo.

    Retomando el argumento del amor, creo que matar a alguien que quiero es incumplir la regla.

    Ya que la amistad es otro tipo de amor, ¿No? ¿¡No!?

    Haría lo que fuera por él, aunque no toooodo como en el caso de Ashur. Es diferente el tipo de afecto que siento hacia Jeongin. Aún así hay algo, lo que lo salva de tener que convertirse en cordero expiatorio. Lo que me recuerda...

    - Duerme pacíficamente, querido Innie. Hoy te salvaste. -
    - ¿De la ronda dos? -
    - ¿No estabas dormido tonto? De que te coma vivo. -
    - Sigo desnudo. Comerme vivo es posible si quieres. -
    - Duérmete ahora o lo harás en el sofá. -

    Su última sonrisa y cierra los ojos para dormir en verdad. Aprieta su agarre a mi pecho, enterrándose en mi carne. Que se porte de esa manera, ayuda a mantenerse aún más lejos del cruel destino que le deparaba.



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  • im-sakura
    18.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

    new things | y.ji

    𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞 : smut

    𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 : mature

    𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 : dom!jeongin x f!reader

    𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 : 1k

    𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 : subspace, orgasm control, sex toy usage, slight nipple play, implied edging(?), restraints, use of lube, use of the color system, squirting, mentions of protected sex.. i think that's it?

    𝐩𝐥𝐨𝐭 : pwp

    𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 : not really edited or proofread...

    "P-p-please, Innie," you softly cry, tugging at the soft restraints around your wrists. "I've been a g-good girl! I d-didn't do anything naughty!" You whimper, your thighs quivering.

    He pulls away the vibrator from your clitorsis, listening as you catch your breath. "I know," Jeongin murmurs, turning off the wand and soothing your thighs. "You are my good girl. You have been so horny and needy all day, but you didn't even tease. Not in front of the others, or alone," he murmurs, kissing your thighs to help you calm back down.

    "Y-y-you could tell?" You bashfully ask, not thinking your needs were obvious.

    Jeongin hums in affirmative.

    "How could you tell?" You ask in a small voice.

    "Well," Jeongin giggles despite being in his dominant role. "Your thighs would rub together, your gaze would linger on my hands," he emphasizes this by running a finger down your collar bone, over your breast, and down to your hip, "and my crotch, your breasts seemed a bit swollen but not painful," Jeongin gently cups your breasts before rubbing his thumbs over your nipples, "and I know it's the time of the month when you get really horny." He grins, rather proud of himself for noticing all of that.

    You gape up at him, your mouth open until he closes it with two long fingers.

    "Surprised, darling?" Jeongin asks with a smirk.

    You nod, eyes wide.

    "Now precious, will you let me take care of you? I'll let you cum this time," he promises, to which you eagerly nod. "Are you still doing okay? What is your color?" Jeongin pointedly asks. He knew edging you could oversensitize you to the point of no return, so he needed to check.

    "It has been enough of a break, so green," you manage to say.

    Jeongin nods before giving you a sweet kiss, an intimate reminder of his love for you and wanting to take care of you. He settles himself between your legs once more, not picking up the toy.

    Jeongin blows cool air onto your core, making you wiggle. He smiles before rubbing his thumb on your clit, the rest of his hand resting on your pubic mound. Soft moans begin to escape you before you make a slight face.

    "What is it, darling?" He asks, slowing down his movements.

    Your cheeks heat up as you shyly request, "can you use more lube?"

    He says nothing, merely getting up and taking the bottle. Jeongin pours some into the palm of his hand before massaging it onto your labia and clitorsis. He settles himself between your legs once more, continuing where he left off. A smile graces his features as you whimper and whine more, his ego boosting that he could make you feel so good.

    When Jeongin notices a slight change in your muscles indicating your hole is fluttering, he replaces his thumb with his mouth. He gives your clit a soft kiss before sucking on it, his tongue alternating between massaging and flicking the sensitive bud. Jeongin’s forefinger prods your entrance, and he keeps his eyes trained on you as he inserts it slowly.

    "Innie~" you gasp out, your glazed over eyes trained on him.

    You feel him smirk against your clit, pulling away to watch your hole take his finger. He begins to curl it, repeatedly pushing on the spongy area of your g spot.b

    "Please please please?" You beg with a sweet pout. His finger felt heavenly, but you craved more. Another finger or two, his mouth, or better yet, both.

    "As you wish, darling," Jeongin soothes, adding another finger and pumping them more, wet noises filling the room. The sound used to bother you, but now you love it.

    After a moment, Jeongin adds his lips to your core, the knot that had previously been slowly building growing at a much quicker rate.

    Your gasps and cries of his name let him know you were getting close, so he adds a third finger and sucks against your clit harder, letting his teeth scrape the sensitive area.

    With two squeezes to your thighs – your indication of permission to cum – the knot and mixture of needing to pee escapes you. Your eyes widen at the wetter than usual sensation, tugging at your restraints to see what happened as you snap out of subspace.

    Jeongin pulls away, and his face is much wetter than before or from your usual juices.

    "You squirted for me, precious," Jeongin explains with a grin, a glint of mischief in his eyes.

    He goes over to the drawer where you kept your sex toys and condoms, and pulls out a washcloth. Jeongin wipes off his face before coming over and cleaning off your legs.

    "You were planning that," you say, shocked.

    "It felt good though, right?"

    You nod but say, "I was afraid I peed on you…"

    He raises a finger, shaking it some. "There's a few good reasons why I have you pee before sex, and this is one of them," Jeongin assures you.

    When you scoff, he raises an eyebrow.

    "I didn't expect you to be such a little shit," you bashfully explain.

    Jeongin laughs wholeheartedly, shaking his head. "Channie hyung had said something about it, and Changbin agreed that it was quite the site. So I looked into how to make my lovely partner squirt. One thing led to another, and here we are," he explains himself.

    You shake your head and roll your eyes – which he lets slide – before stating more so than asking, "you're going to tell them later, aren't you?"

    Jeongin hums in affirmative, grabbing a condom and setting it on the bed before slowly undressing. "You can't act like you don't talk about our sex life to your friends," he points out.

    "Touche," you concede, your eyes eagerly following his movements as he unrolls the condom onto his erection.

    "Do you want to keep going, my previous love?" Jeongin asks, settling over you and leaning on a forearm, his cock hard against your thigh.

    "Please," you murmur, pouting your lips to get him to kiss you.

    He easily gives in, resting more of his weight onto you and rubbing his cock against your folds to lubricate his length.

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    ~ I.N Lockscreens ~

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    Texts With Jisung- Him as your best friend

    1. When it's his birthday

    You: Happy birthday Sungie!



    Jisung: It's my bIrThDaY today?!

    You: .....😄🔪

    Jisung: Well in that case, thanks for reminding me.

    You: Fuck you.

    2. When he meets his ex at Walmart

    Jisung: Do you think i'm worth someone's love?

    You: Where's this coming from jISUNG?!

    Jisung: Nowhere, answer my question.

    You: Of course you are! Everybody is. We all deserve someone who will love us beyond words.

    Jisung: Guess I'm not among the "everybody" you mentioned. Mina told me so.

    You: WTF?! So out of all the people in the world you gon believe in what MINA claims? You're gonna believe that bitch-of-an-ex over me?

    Jisung: Damn- chill candy. She told me she's had a boyfriend since 4 months now, dude how quick is that!

    You: It's okay. She's crazy. A crook. Totally. SHE IS THE KIND OF WOMAN NO PERSON DESERVES TO BE WITH.

    Jisung: I think so, but you know how I am. These things really get to me.

    You: I know. Anyway, let's go to the mall later. It'll clear your head.

    Jisung: Sounds pretty awesome to me. See you at 1.

    You: Ok bye!

    3. When you guys make a fun plan






    You: AND WHAT?!



    Jisung: YES 😘

    4. When you text him at 3 AM

    You: Yo squirrel boi

    Jisung: Yo boomer it's 3 AM


    Jisung: ok and?


    Jisung: Be right there.

    5. When someone bullied him for his height



    You: Wtf happened now?!

    Jisung: The love of your life aka Choi SOOBIN just mocked my frickin height I MEAN I AIN'T EVEN THAT SHORT C'MON!!

    You: I never said I'm into him but GAWD- THE AUDACITY 💩👏

    Jisung: IKR?! Nobody wants to be with a giant like him anyways 😒

    You: I'll have to correct you there-

    Jisung: I always knew you were a traitor! Bye felicia <3

    You: NO! I NEVER MEANT IT THAT WAY! *not delivered*

    You: BRO WHY'D YOU BLOCK ME *not delivered*

    You: SUNGIE YOU'RE LITERALLY THE ONLY PERSON I TALK TO... please *not delivered*

    Anyway, that's it for this post.


    Your personality largely influences the way i write, thank you very much for that. Just continue being your giggly, cute self, and the world will continue to flourish as it does today. You stand second to none, and that's a fact. Anyway, i'm probably just talking to the walls because this is going to be of no knowledge to you ever :') But by no means will i ever not stop with the praises, even if you guys think i'm dumb 👽

    Bye!! <3

    P.S: Comment down below if you want a part 2, with them actually getting into a relationship 💀

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    hii! remember that minho loves you and wants you to be happy and stay healthy, he's proud of you<3

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