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  • lochness-butmakeitsexy
    04.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    han’s poor shirt sleeves are working so damn hard, give them a raise pls they deserve it

    #stray kids#skz #skz song camp ep 5 #skz song camp #howl in harmony #han#han jisung #skz han jisung #skz han
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  • minki-s
    04.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    the cutest boys on campus !

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  • yeonjuns-croptop
    04.08.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Ah yes, the three moods: horny, excited, and sad

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  • skzflix
    04.08.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    shut the gyms, folks.

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  • intotheworldofsausages
    04.08.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    The Qoukka butt unit 📖

    Boyfriend material ✨

    #you make stray kids stay #stray kids #stray kids icons #skz jisung#skz jeongin #skz song camp #skz seungmin#yang jeongin#han jisung#kim seungmin#skz ot8 #howl in harmony
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  • spilledtee
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I am staring respectfully

    #skz#stray kids #skz song camp #han#jisung#han jisung #love of my life
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  • felixielicious
    04.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    han's arms...

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  • taecup-fics
    04.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    one year blog anniversary, 200 follower celebration!

    Aug 4th – Aug 31st

    As the title implies, this blog is turning one year old! My oldest published fic on this account was on the 6th of August, last year (2020)! I'm also very close to 200 followers (like 4 away), and in celebration of both of these, I will be hosting an event!

    details and more under the cut!

    For this event, you can request anything that isn't 18+ content, including oneshots, reactions, mtls and drabbles/oneshots within a certain universes (my fics or a storyline/theory such as the I Don't Remember Me Before You (my fic) universe or the BTS World (storyline) universe)

    I am also publishing 3 other fics including part 6 of I Don't Remember Me, Before You, A Siren's Song, and Sugar Sugar!

    The event will end on August 31st, or when I decide (meaning I may push the date further back).

    The event starts today (August 4th) so feel free to start requesting whenever this comes up on your dashboard!

    #bts #bangtan x reader #bangtan seonyandan#bangtan sonyeondan #bts one shot #bts fanfic#bts taehyung #j hope bts #bts fic#bts jhope#bts imagines#bts seokjin #bts maknae line #skz seungmin #skz lee minho #jisung skz #skz bang chan #skz fanfiction#skz felix#skz angst#skz #stray kids x you #stray kids x reader #stray kids felix #stray kids angst #stray kids#follower special#follower milestone#follower celebration#follower event
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  • not-the-lesbians
    04.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    HELLO AGAIN I HOPE YOU'RE DOING GREAT- you'll get bored of me for requesting so much but if you don't mind (again lmao) could you do a sub skz were they get caught by you while wearing your skirts/dresses or when they steal your feminine clothes and wear it because they seem to like it?? Like i feel it would be adorable honestly (if you are comfortable) :D

    Hi! i'm doing well, of course i will write this, it sounds so cute!

    Also i'm not to proud of this one but i couldn't bring myself to write it again, please understand

    Stray Kids getting caught wearing your clothes fem!reader

    genre: fluff/smut

    warning: explicit, suggestive

    stray kids x fem reader



    -this man would not notice you standing at the bedroom door watching him with loving eyes as they watch him admire himself

    -he would be wearing your favourite skirt with a baggy t-shirt standing in front of the full body mirror

    -but when he does notice you his eyes widen and he looks around for something to hide himself with, but later realising it was useless cause he knows you've already seen him

    -"I'm so-" "Don't, it's ok prince i like it, you look so cute and happy with yourself, come on do a twirl for me...please?"..."fine"

    -would spin and giggle softly hearing you praising and cheering him on but would end up a blushing mess covering his face with his hands

    -but you're not having that, you pull his hands down and wrap your arms round his waist after turning him round to make him face the mirror

    -"Look at how pretty you are Channie" "Baby boy you can't look at yourself if your eyes are closed" "You are my pretty boy aren't you" you mutter softly into his ear holding him close until he ends up smiling and looking at himself in the mirror admiring the way the skirt sits on his waist


    -this man has been eyeing your wardrobe for a little to long if you ask him

    -he had the need to put on your long red dress that you wore to a wedding that he found you absolutely stunning in

    -when you were at the shops for food you needed for dinner he quickly went to try on the dress and put on some soft melodic music admiring the way the dress flows

    -when you arrive home you place the food on the counter and make your way to Minho, by now you have heard the music, muffled giggles and foot steps from your room and becoming curious you open the door seeing a precious site before you

    -Minho wearing your long red dress spinning on the spot to the music, a smile on his lips and a giggle slipping out every now and then

    -you cough gently to get his attention and he stops staring at you with wide scared eyes that hold guilt as well, but those emotions quickly vanish as you walk up to him placing his hand on your shoulder and yours on his waist and holding his other hand you hold him close and whisper into his ear "Is this dance taken?"

    -you both have a small moment that you will both remember and then soon after you make dinner and you treat him like royalty for the rest of the night


    -when you walked into your bedroom looking for your boyfriend after a long day at work you were not expecting to find him in one of your pencil skirts that you wear to work

    -he instantly panics and tries to pull the zipper down only getting caught in the fabric

    -you walk up to him and pull him into you hands groping his ass and kissing him deeply "Damn baby that skirt does wonders for your ass, fuck" "Yeah? You think so?" "I know so baby boy"

    -he calms down, quickly understanding you find it weird and kisses you back humming in response

    -you push him back onto the bed his bulge prominent against the skirt, you smirk and rub your hand over it teasingly causing him to close his eyes and let out a groan

    -you go to the zip which you do gently causing it ti slide down easily, but the real challenge is getting the skirt off because Changbin has a big ass but even bigger thighs

    -when you finally get the skirt off you place kisses all over his thighs and legs and get right to fucking but not after lots of compliments


    -you noticed something suspicious lately, your panties had been going missing and you couldn't work it out

    -they always go missing after you do the laundry and whenever you ask Hyunjin he just blushes and says he hasn't seen them

    -until one steamy night when Hyunjin is straddling your lao in an intense make out session, you are slipping your hands up and down his chest causing him to moan from the gentleness of your touches

    -you start to glide your hands down to his sweatpants which is when you notice him tense just as your hands were about to slip into them, pausing you pull your hands up and pull back "You ok? Wanna stop?" you ask softly but you notice his bright red face as he avoids eye contact and shakes his head no

    -so you continue, slipping your hands slowly into his sweats and then you feel it the lacey material of a pair of your panties

    -smirking slightly you reach further groping his ass "Oh? Whats this? Are you wearing my panties baby boy?" you ask teasingly, but instead of answering he continues to moan and whine at the feel of your large hands covering his ass

    -you pull back looking at him "Hmm? You didn't answer my question prince?" you say giving his ass a firm squeeze causing his to moan loudly "Ah! Y-yes i ammhm uh!" "Good boy for answering but you need to be punished for stealing my panties"


    -Jisung has always been quite feminine in general and in the relationship

    -always wanted you to help paint his nails or fix his eyeliner or apply lipstick for him which you enjoyed doing it made you feel like you are helping him feel more like him self

    -so you weren't to fazed when you saw him sitting on the couch wearing a skirt whilst watching tv, but what shocked you slightly was the fact that it was your skirt, though you didn't him wearing it at all you just thought with how open his is to you about the things he likes he would've bought his own skirt

    -"Hey baby, you look good in my clothes, you should wear them more often" "Oh! Uh hey baby i didn't uh didn't see you or i would've changed i'm sorry" he says rambling slightly and going to get up but you push him back and place your hands on his thighs

    -"Baby boy it's ok you look so cute, again you should wear my clothes more often i'll even buy some for you hmm?" "Oh no you don't need to do that i don't do this often, i only do it when i miss you or i'm feeling stressed from work that's all" "Yeah but i'm still gonna buy you more skirts...Oh! what about dresses!?" "Y/nnnnn"


    -Felix was already wearing skirts and crop tops before your relationship

    -and you complimented, praised and encouraged him in doing so

    -but one thing about him is he would never wear your more feminine clothes like skirts, dresses, booty shorts, crop tops in public, he would only wear them in the house

    -and occasionally would wear them to the dorm, so you sit down with him and ask him why, he seems somewhat nervous and embarrassed to say but does eventually

    -"I uh i only wear your clothes in the house because they make me feel safe and protected and i didn't want to expose them to the world only wanting to keep them for myself...but i do sometimes wear them at the dorm if i'm feeling really stressed or under pressure"

    -you find that absolutely precious and it actually makes sense, you pull him so he is straddling you and hug him tightly finding him to cute

    -"Ugh! would you let go of me a little?" "No! you were being to cute and thoughtful and tiny i couldn't resist"

    - you both end up cuddling of the couch talking quietly between the two of you about what clothes he wants to try


    -now Seungmin, he would be very shy when you catch him laying on your bed on his stomach with his eyes closed and head resting on his arms as he hums to the soft song playing in the background

    -but the part making him shy is that you caught him wearing your big fluffy jumper your pink panties and a pair of white thigh highs

    -you had slowly walked up to him crouching down in front of his resting face, gently stroking a hand through his soft hair then gently stroking his cheek with your thumb, he smiles slightly and hums in content still in dreamland

    -but only to quickly open his eyes and sit up and was about to start apologies but you quickly kiss him and get on the bed with him pulling him close you lie down next to him

    -the kiss getting more intense you run your hand up and down his side

    -lightly grazing over his growing bulge he twitches at the gentle touches, trying to grind up into your hand to gain more friction but you pull away and look at him

    -"Well weren't you just a pretty site hmm?" "Shut up" he says putting his head into your neck you laugh gently kissing his shoulder and both of you end up falling asleep for a bit before you wake up and start making dinner


    -Jeongin wore you clothes often

    -mostly hoodies as well as the odd t-shirt

    -but had always worn them as a sense of comfort to remind him of you, you snuggle into if you weren't there and if he is missing you

    -but he has always wanted to wear something a bit more personal, something only he would know about, no one else, even you until you found out

    -you found out in the morning, you were laying in bed next to Jeongin who was curled up in your arms, when he started to come to he looked up at you and gave you a kiss on the lips

    -then later sat up to get ready for the day ahead, in which he stretches, raising his arms above his head his t-shirt rising slightly giving you a view of his back and when you look lower you can see a piece of red lace peak out from the hem of his sweatpants

    -instantly noticing it as your panties you reach out and pull on the piece of material causing him to yelp and tun round to scold you only to remember what he's wearing and seeing the shit eating grin on your face was enough to make him rush out the bedroom you not far behind

    #submission #sub!straykids #sub!bangchan #sub!minho #sub!changbin #sub!hyunjin #sub!jisung #sub!felix #sub!seungmin #sub!jeongin #sub!skz #stray kids x reader
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  • letsstaywithstraykids
    04.08.2021 - 10 hours ago
    random skz gifs (17/?)
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  • eelfein
    04.08.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Orgulho e Ensino Médio

    Treino de Capa

    Changbin + Jisung (Stray Kids)

    Inspirado em uma capinha perfeita feita por @chigiri (Spirit)

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  • avocadomin
    03.08.2021 - 13 hours ago
    #it's ok to not like something from your fave or a popular group #i'm not of fan of recent b** releases and i can outline my reasons why #there's even times i don't think skz should win cause i think someone did better them lmao #i just..don't understand people like this #anon#ask #i also don't understand their hate on changbin like that dude can rap #and he has his own style and can stick with it #jisung is more adaptable but not everyone can do that #do i even think seungmin is the best vocalist in kpop? no but he's a really stable one and i love seeing his #improvements even within this past year and with kingdom #i just hope both he and jeongin can shine more on songs and be in a more comfortable range cause skz songs are always high #and their lower notes are always better in my opnion
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  • stray-kids-react
    03.08.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Shy s/o



    Bang Chan

    ° Will try his best to get you to become comfortable around him, he doesn't want you to feel insecure around him and wants you to see him as a safe place. You've gotten much better since you first met, seeing as he use to think you were mute for the first two months.

    ° Can't hold back his smile everytime you hide behind him when you're embarrassed, or whenever you whisper your opinion on a topic in his ear. He would love to see you comfortable around the members too, but he just appreciates that you trust him so much.

    ° Sometimes he can become a bit playful with you, sending you winks just to see you become flustered and cute. Chan lives for you tomato red complexion after he does something slightly flirtatious, he just wants to squish and hold you for hours when your all blushy and soft.

    "Y/n! Come over here~"


    "Just wanted to remind you how cute you are."

    Lee Know

    ° Won't let you breathe, since your shy he will go the extra mile to make you a flustered mess. He isn't subtle with his flirting at all either, he will kiss your neck and leave a hickey while the members are just casually around and on their phones. They honestly aren't surprised by him.

    ° His wallpaper is you reading a book in his hoodie and Dori is cuddled into your side. He loves coming home after a long day to your soft voice and gentle touches. Will cuddle into your chest, making you blush quite a bit. But he is too tired to comment on your tense position.

    ° Will help you out during award ceremonies and parties, always glancing at you to make sure you are okay. And if you look overwhelmed he will try to get you out of there as soon as possible. The worst time was when Shindong wouldn't stop chatting to you, even though you were nervous.

    "At least he didn't mean any harm by it."

    "It's still upsetting that he kept you from leaving."

    "I wish I could have gotten you earlier."


    ° Is the member who would need someone on the shyer side the most ngl, I just think he would want to calm down with someone after being stuck in the dorm with so many loud personalities that are teasing him often. He'd need someone to lean onto.

    ° Will avoid social places for dates, such as and carnivals. He is worried that they would make you stressed out and he knows you wouldn't admit to him if you were nervous . You'd have to tell him that you would be okay with carnival or mall dates, or else he will overthink. As it.

    ° When you are sad or being hard on yourself, he will do aegyo to try and make you laugh. It always does, along with making you squeal a tiny bit from how cute he is being. He can get embarrassed easily, but seeing you become happy again makes it worth it.

    "Jagiya, what's wrong?"

    "Nothing... Just had a really long day."

    "Yah, don't lie to your baby Binnie ~"


    ° Is the second most likely to tease you all the time, only a bit softer than Minho since he will get shy from flirting afterwards. He will kiss you constantly when in private, loving the sound of your laughter as he peppers your cheeks. But will get bashful if he gets caught winking in public.

    ° 100% takes you to the library for dates, he assumed you liked quieter spaces... Plus there was less of a chance that fans would swarm him. Will go directly behind you and take down the book you want, even if you can reach it. He just wants to be close to you and make you blush.

    ° Will lay in your lap with his head on your shoulder, cutely pouting as you tell him about the book your reading. Ends up smiling into the crook of your neck when you start to play with his hair, he's very cuddly and loves when you return the favor, since you are an introvert.

    "Shoto is such an amazing character and-"

    "Baby, please play with my hair. I want your affection.~"

    "You're such a cuddly giant sometimes..."


    ° People can see why you two make a good couple, since you both are total opposites of each other. He's an extroverted social butterfly, while you're and introverted shy sweetheart. You both balance each other out amazingly and help each other out in situations you aren't used to.

    ° If you ever attend one of their concerts, he most definitely will call you to the stage and show you off to his fans. Laughing when you try to cover yourself with your hands due to the amazing reaction the fans give you. He once jumped off the stage to rap right in front of you.

    ° His favorite dates are when you do movie nights inside your apartment, both of you snacking on some junk food in cute animal onesies. You will take turns choosing, you always choose Attack on Titan marathon while he chooses the Avengers movies.

    "Would you dump me for Levi if he was real?"

    "No! Never... Would you dump me for iron man?"

    "Yes, but I appreciate the high praise from you. *laughing his ass off at your shock*."


    ° The amount of people that are whipped for you two are insane, you literally collect people's hearts like Pokémon cards. You both are very cute to look at if that makes sense, the members burst so many uwus when they see Felix holding you in his lap as you watch some random anime on your phone together.

    ° He will always take your order beforehand and then order it for you, knowing that answering phone calls and ordering at a cash are two things that are hard to do for someone who is shy. A waiter once thought it was an act of being controlling, when in reality you wanted Felix to order for you.

    ° The cuddliest member, so he will not hesitate to cling onto you like a koala and press kisses to everywhere he can reach. There have only been a few times where a member has told you both to get a room, this made you very shy and embarrassed so you hesitated to cuddle back for a whole week.

    "Changbin was scolding me not you, y/n."

    "But I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable."

    "You don't love, he was only scolding me for placing kisses across your neck too often."


    ° Seungmin is definitely an Ambivert, he's the closest to an introvert out of Stray Kids. But he is still just as chaotic as the rest of the members, he just is better at hiding it. Knowing you're shy, he will not rush you into meeting his members since they can be a lot of energy.

    ° Will introduce you to a member one at a time, starting off with Jeongin. Whenever he holds onto you in any way, the members will burst out into encouraging embarrassing shouting. This always manages to make you turn firetruck red, and you always attempt to hide behind Seungmin.

    ° He likes to take you out to a cute café for dates, kissing off the whipped cream from your lips as if you both are in a cliché romance movie. You always laugh and push him away, saying it's cheesy while you are trying not to show how much you are truly panicking.

    "Seungmin! people are around."

    "People kiss all of the time, it's a part of relationships."

    "... Just warn me next time."


    ° You are dating the maknae of Stray Kids... Who is already quite babied by the members and the fandom. So you will not be able to escape the constant fanboying of the members whenever you two literally do ANYTHING. Chan couldn't stop grinning during a horror movie because you two were cuddling.

    ° Jeongin will take you to the theatre for dates, winning you prizes at the Arcade and giving you sneaky kisses in the back row of the theatre. You are always nervous of getting caught kissing, but no one ever catches you two... Or they just simply don't care enough to call you on it.

    ° It was in the middle of winter and you and Jeongin were cuddling in his bed, you were cold so borrowed one of his hoodie a and walked out to get some hot cocoa... The member's thought you two did something else and Minho will never let Jeongin forget that day.

    "We didn't do anything like that you pervs."

    "Then why was she wearing your hoodie?"

    "Cause she was cold!"

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  • fairymiese
    03.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    ★ ﹏ % 🍥!¥ 3,880 # 3racha (bang chan, changbin and jisung) layouts . . . 🍙.

    like or reblog if you save/use !

    chan icon it's mine, icons and headers aren't mine © to their owners

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  • wooyukh
    03.08.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #adi answers#anonymous #i’m not answering any more asks related to the issue #bc i always get attacked #for not defending skz #it happened with hyunjin #and it happened with jisung #just know i don’t support what chan did #and people have the right to be upset #chan apologized but it’s not my apology to take #that’s my take on the situation
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  • neverstaynever
    03.08.2021 - 15 hours ago

    my sunshine ☼ | lee minho smau

    chapter 5.—"stay the fuck away from us."

    warnings: berating, degradation, hyunjin's an ass.

    prev | masterlist | next

    genre: lee minho smau | fluff, angst, crack, college au, strangers to lovers

    synopsis: two people with completely different personalities living in completely different circles. in your years of college life, you’ve never once interacted with each other, and everyone thought it’ll stay that way. but after a cruel twist of fate revolving a blind date mishap, you find your lives suddenly intertwined— and perhaps, maybe, you two weren’t so different after all.

    updates: weekly to bi-weekly

    taglist: @jakesahi @yangyanghasnotoes @softforqiankun @felixs-freckles-forever @staysstrays @eajone @softyfor-sweaterpaws @softy-ficrec @seungmoz @trials--error

    mastertag: @leagreenly @geniejunn @90s-belladonna

    couldn't tag: @changbinsworld

    comment, reblog, or send an ask if you wanna be reminded ^^.

    #lee minho smau #lee minho sm au #lee minho social media au #minho smau #minho sm au #minho social media au #lee minho#minho#skz smau #skz social media au #stray kids smau #stray kids social media au #skz#stray kids#felix#lee know#jisung#hyunjin#au#skz au #stray kids au
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