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  • ravenlixwitch
    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    1:43 am

    This is so stupid...

    You made your way down the hall of your dorm to find your roommate's bedroom. There was an intense thunderstorm occurring outside and you couldn't quite fall asleep because it was too scary loud.

    I'm so stupid.

    And to say the least, you were embarrassed that you had to retreat to Seungmin's room for comfort.

    He's probably gonna kick me out anyways, why am I doing this?

    And you were now going to find your roommate for some security.

    But it's worth a try, I guess. The worst that could happen was get embarrassed in front of him and it's not like that's never happened. So carefully, you knocked on his door before slowly opening it.

    The boy on the bed sat up to greet you with an intense bedhead. He retrieved his glasses from his bedside table and clicked his lamp on.

    "Hey, come on in." Seungmin's groggy voice suggested he had just woken up.

    "I'm sorry to bug you b-but I was wondering if-"


    You jumped a little at another thunder strike and Seungmin smiled understandingly. He scooted over in his bed and patted the spot his just moved from. "Yes, you can sleep here if you really need to." He rolled his eyes in feigned annoyance in contrast to his kind smile.

    You approached his bed softly and slid under the covers next to him.

    "I'm only in my boxers, is that alright?" He whispered from next to you.

    You nodded. "It's fine, I don't mind."

    Rolled onto your side facing away from him and he reached over you to turn the lamp back off. He gently laid his extended arm around your waist. "Is this okay?" He asked once again and you nodded.

    "Yes, please." You accidentally let out. You didn't want to seem that scared but Seungmin didn't seem to notice or mind. He just cuddled up into your back.

    There was another boom of thunder and you shook slightly but your roommate just held you tighter and stoked you waist softly through your tank top.

    You put your hand on his that was on your waist and caressed his skin in gratitude. "Thanks, Seungmin."

    "Of course, I don't mind." He buried his face further into your hair and sighed deeply. And with that, you were finally able to get to sleep.

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  • pastelracha
    15.06.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I'd give you the world

    ☾ Title : I'd give you the world

    ☾ Pairing: Lee Felix x fem!reader

    ☾ Genre: angst, established relationship, suggestive

    ☾ Prompt: request : Can I request making out with Felix after an argument

    ☾ A/N: I read this request at 3 am, and been thinking about it most of the night so here we are, I hope you like it :)  don’t forget to give me your feed back guys xox

    ☾ Word Count: 0.716K

    You could’t remember what started the argument but here you were in front of your boyfriend, Felix. It was late and you were tired as hell, all you wanted was sleeping and not fighting with your lover, you saw his lips moving but not listening to the words he was saying.

    “ I mean y/n I don’t know anymore .. I .. ’’ he said harshly.

    He was running his hand in his blonde hair, feeling frustrated, not knowing how to get your attention back, but also feeling sorry. It’s been hours since the argument started and he also lost the reason that you guys started to fight.

    You guys didn’t fight much, but you did it was huge, you gave everything you had in this relation, meaning you love hard and fight even harder, and Felix was the same.

    But the Australian couldn’t bear going to bed being mad at you, he couldn’t sleep well if you weren’t in his arms.

    He was looking at you, seating on the stool in front of the breakfast bar, not knowing what to say. You were looking so fragile seating in the front of the couch in your living room, Seoul skyline behind you, Felix wanted to run to you and make up.

    Even if you couldn’t remember the reason of the argument you both knew it was stupid.

    After sometime you got up, without looking at him and getting yourself a glass of water, until you felt two arms around your waist and a head on the top of your shoulder. Your boyfriend was behind you, hugging you strongly “I’m sorry love ..’’

    His hand slipped under your -his- shirt, caressing the skin on your left hip and his lips find your skin right behind your ear, kissing it as a second apology.

    “Babe, look at me?’’

    Felix wasn’t that good expressing his feeling, he was more the type to show than talk, every kisses, touches and looks was his way to tell you his feelings to you.

    You turn around still in his arms to look at him, and saw sadness in his chocolates eyes, his hand find it place on your cheek, and his eyes never left yours, letting his soul connecting with yours.

    Felix was testing the waters, could he kiss you ? Could he make up to you ? Would you let him ?

    He gently kissed your forehead, and your hands find their place on his chest on his shirt, getting a sniff at his perfume, the odor comforting you.

    “I’m not leaving babe, I’m here’’ he said, appeasing you.

    He finally took your chin between his thumb and index, making you look at him once again, only this time to crash his lips onto your yours, his warm lips holding your bottom one. You could taste the chocolate his mother send him a few days ago.

    Your noses bumped a few time as the kiss grew hungrier seconds by seconds, Felix needed to feel you close to him, your hands running on his torso, and his find home between the small of your back, and the beginning of your ass.

    He stopped kissing you, only to look at you, eyes closed in pleasure, half-open mouth and short breathed, to him you looked ethereal right here, in the middle of your kitchen, only in his shirt and underwear, your hair messily tied.

    His lips tracing your jaw, and his hand caressing your butt cheeks gently squeezing it time to time. Your whimpers getting him work up, his mouth working wonder on your skin.

    Your fingers were playing with his baby hair on the nape of his neck, his name was the only thing you could remember, moaning it over and over. “.. Yongbok ..’’

    You could feel his teeth gently sinking in the skin of your neck, making you his and only his. Creating small galaxies with his mouth on you while you were out of breath.

    His lips find yours back, tugging at your bottom one, and making you sit on the breakfast bar, his warm hands running on your thighs.

    Felix was sure he forgot how to breath, when you guys were kissing like that, he forgot about everything in the world expect you.

    “I love you’’ he whispered on your mouth, “I’d give you the world babe’’

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  • dirtydreamzone
    15.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Stray Kids reaction to you being a virgin:


    This depends on the situation where you tell him. Like, if you tell him right before the two of you guys have s*x, he’ll ask you if you’re 100% sure about this, and when you say yes, he’l simply feel quite honored that you chose him as your first, and make sure to be careful with you. If you just told him casually when the subject came up, he would ask if it was by choice, or if you simply hadn’t been ready/met the right person. And then he’d make sure to tell you that he wouldn’t force you.


    He won’t make a big deal out of it, mostly because he wouldn’t want to make you feel embarrassed in any way. I think he would sort of play it off. Not to make it seem like he didn’t care, but more that it wasn’t that important to him wether you were a virgin or not. But you would notice how much he actually cares the first time you guys have s*x, because he will make sure to be very careful, and not do anything to you before you had given consent. Like, he would ask you every time before changing positions, and before leaving hickeys and basically everything.


    He will feel so special, if you told him you wanted him to be your first. He will feel like that adds a whole lot of trust to your relationship. And he would, like Chan, assure you that he won’t pressure you to anything, and that he’ll wait until you feel like you’re ready. He will never once try to convince you to go further than you want to, and probably let you be in charge during your first time, unless you told him you wanted him to be.


    On one hand, I think he might be slightly… Disappointed? Like, he would have liked if you had some experience. But I think he would start beating himself up over that thought just seconds after thinking it. He doesn’t know your reasons. If you wanted to wait until marriage, or if you just hadn’t felt ready? Or maybe you hadn’t found the right person? He would be accepting of it, and try his very best not to pressure you. He would feel quite impatient to take that step in your relationship, but he would never want to force you or make you feel like you had to have s*x with him even if you didn’t want to.


    He would feel both honored and relieved. Like, he would love it if you trust him enough to be your first. And also, since you’ve never had sex, he won’t have as many expectations to live up to. He just needs to make sure that you feel good about everything. He would be especially relieved if you’re older than him.


    I don’t think it matters much to him wether you are a virgin or not. Some part of him will feel sort of chosen, but all in al, he won’t care much. He will only use this piece of information to remember, to make sure to not pressure you. When it comes to this, I feel like he will be pretty sweet and serious. When the two of you have s*x for the first time, he will probably ask you around 100 times if you’re sure. And he will constantly ask if you’re okay with what he’s doing.


    Just plain relief. I can’t say for sure that he is one, but he’s the most likely (my opinion). And since you’re a virgin, you won’t have as high expectations as someone more experienced. He just have to worry about if he can make you feel good, and that is easily solved by asking you. Depending on what age you are, he might be slightly surprised that you’re still a virgin. But still relieved that you are, and won’t expect him to be an expert during your first time. And he would gladly wait until the both of you are ready to take that step. But then he will totally start off (ya know what I mean).


    Fluff ball over here would just baby tf outta you even more than he already does and reassures you that it’s okay, if you aren’t ready yet.

    He would definitely wait to do it with you, he would wait, till you feel comfortable enough for having s*x with him. I can’t say it often enough, he is a cute little baby, but still got another side *eyebrow wink*.

    He would wait till you tell him you want it, even if it takes time.

    Just remember, he’s there. Waiting.For you.

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  • m7nghao
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago


    jisung patted his lap, gesturing for you to sit. when you took your spot between his legs, he reached over and grabbed his guitar and handed it to you, placing his fingers over yours to guide you to the correct chords.

    “this is an A! strum!” he giggled, grinning when you brushed your fingers across the strings lightly. “now i’ll teach you an E!”

    “ji, this hurts my fingers, i can’t play guitar like you do,” you pouted, tilting your head back to look up at him. he pressed a kiss to your forehead before nudging your head with his to get you to look back down at the guitar.

    “before you give up can i teach you how to play this really good song i heard the other day?” he asked, his eyes sparkling as his looked down at you.

    “fine, what is it?” you questioned, watching as he typed something into the search bar of his guitar tab app.

    you pressed your lips together, unable to hold back your smile as he held up his phone, showing you the chords to sunshine by stray kids.

    “song of the year if you ask me.”

    © m7nghao, 2021. do not copy, translate or repost.

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  • itsmoyoumuffinhead
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • atinylandtostay
    14.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    key: 💔 angst | 💌 fluff | 💕smut

    all content is mine, i will not tolerate translating or reposting. if you see anyone do this please notify me.

    [ that one anon imagine]

    ꒰ FAKE SUBS (GIFS) ꒱ؘ

    lee minho (skz) [01] [O2]

    ꒰ STRAY KIDS ꒱ؘ

    ✰ — bang chan


    night view 💕

    ✰ — seo changbin

    make a wish 💕

    ꒰ NCT ꒱ؘ

    ✰ — lucas (wong yuk-hei)

    the stealer 💕


    ✰ — kai kamal huening

    they don't mean it pt.2 💔 + 💌

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  • dirtydreamzone
    13.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Making out with Stray Kids

    Bang Chan

    -He’s often pretty busy but when ever he has time you cuddle or make out (or both)

    -Loves making out with you while he’s sitting and you in his lap or when he’s laying on top of you with your legs wrapped around his waist

    -He likes it when you are very close to him

    -Loves neck kisses (both giving and receiving them)

    -Probably praises you and tells you how good he feels

    -It’s not always getting really steamy while making out.. but when it does he loves dirty talk

    -And definitely would enjoy it when you moan while he’s whispering all the dirty stuff on your ear


    -He’s the sweetest

    -So loving and soft

    -His kisses are probably also very slow

    -Gives you pecks or kisses on your cheek/forehead in between longer kisses

    -Making out with him doesn’t get too heated often. It’s very cuddly and warm

    -Making out with him is really just a mix of sweet kisses, cuddles and a lot of “I love you”s

    -It can go on and on for hours

    -Maybe some soft giggles now and then

    -Wants to hold hands your hand


    -He enjoys it when you run your fingers through his hair and maybe tug on it softly

    -Kisses would probably get pretty sloppy fast

    -He absolutely loves it when you lick and kiss his jawline/neck

    -His hands wander under your shirt to feel more of your skin and maybe to your chest

    -Very handsy

    -He would probably

    pull away in the middle of a kiss just to look at you

    -Lots of tongue invented

    -Moans in your mouth and loves it if you do the same


    -You would be on his lap and his hands on your ass

    -You get so lost in the kiss that you start moving you hips on his thigh

    -He notices and moves his hands from your ass to your hips to help you moving on his thigh

    -Would be low key proud that he turned you on that much- would smirk cockily

    -He defined gets a boner while you ride his thigh

    -He’s very passionate

    -Calls you kitten (not only while making out tho)


    -Loves it when you bite his lip

    -Has cute pet names for you

    -And calls you gorgeous

    -Once you moaned his name there is on going back- it’s his biggest turn on

    -Firm kisses

    -Once he’s really turned on there is lots of dirty talk


    -Smiles into kisses

    -Very soft and loving probably

    -Likes laying down with you on top and his hands on your ass

    -Loves when you cup is face with you hands while kissing

    -You maybe start grinding down on him after a while

    -He would absolutely love that

    -A lot of mutual praising

    Kisses would get sloppy and messy quickly


    -Making out with him is very comforting (while it’s still non heated haha)

    -Once he gets a bit more into it.. it’s very slow and intense

    -With Seungmin there is a 50/50 chance if you will cuddle after a while or if you end up sleeping together

    -If it ends up with cuddling, make sure to give him a lot of forehead kisses and tell him you love him

    -While making out he likes when your hands stocke his neck and up in his hair (maybe also play with his hair)


    -Gets so worked up

    -Probably gets a boner as soon as you pull him closer

    -Is kind of a blushing mess (especially after you noticed that he’s hard)

    -But he will do is best to stay as calm as possible

    -Loves being very close to you

    -Gives you back rubs or runs his hands up and down your sides

    -Loves when your hands rest on his chest

    -If he gets to chance to he will lay on top of you on some point and start dry humping

    -He really loves being near you (including making out, cuddling and everything else)

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  • an-ordinaryghost
    13.06.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • itsmoyoumuffinhead
    13.06.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • itsmoyoumuffinhead
    13.06.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • alatanis
    13.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    skz reaction to their s/o's ac broke during the middle of summer / Hyung Line

    this is my first time writing so if you don't like it please give me suggestions I need it 😩, but enjoy! this is just my imagination and credit to the gif owners!

    Bang Chan

    ok, as a leader that tries to help everyone, those traits would come out. bangchan would atleast "try" and help fix your air conditioning but, the luck just wasn't there. he would telling you to call management, and will try and be bob the builder even though you've already told him that there's no chance in hell you or him could fix it..

    "Chris I'm telling you stop messing with your gonna make it worse!" you yelled at him

    "y/n the more you yell the hotter it gets, and atleast I'm trying. it's not my fault your place is old" he mumbles the last part

    you just roll your eyes, walking away shaking your head at his attempts. opening the fridge you let out a sigh of relief, letting the cool air rest on your skin.

    "Yah! get back here and help!" You hear him grumbling from across the house

    "When are these people gonna be here..." you whine as you walk back to Chan

    Lee Know

    As soon as he steps in the house he'll try and run out, the heat being too much. "Minho get your ass back in here!" you grab on to his arm pulling him back into your house, "jagi please..." he whines following after you back into your house. sweat apparent on your skin you grab the closest thing to you, and starts to fan yourself.

    "I've been in this heat for 2 days.. I can't, so I called you here to stay with me!" you grin at Minho, as he looks at you in disbelief

    "Honestly jagi, do you really love me? this is a sign of hatred why would you want me to be in this heat aswell?" He sighs reaching at the bottom of his shirt constantly moving it up and down trying to get cool air in.

    you look at him with an "are you serious right now" face. "of course I love you, it's just that i can't suffer like this alone."

    " and you couldn't just come over to the dorms?" shaking his head he grabs your hand and leads you out of your house. "Sometimes you are too much".

    you shrug in response, grabbing your keys, phone and wallet before heading out with Minho.


    as you're sitting down on your couch with bags of frozen vegetables all over your body, you hear a knock at your door. "Oh please, don't make me get up... just leave" You sigh letting your head fall back.

    "y/n! open the door! it's me!"

    "Come in!" you yell from your position on the couch, looking towards the door, seeing your boyfriend appear as your front door gets opened.

    "hey why do-" he stops talking mid sentence, as his eyes widen at the heat of the room. "ugh, I know it's hot in here" you start to get up at the feeling of the peas and carrot starting to defrost, you walk past changbin in your kitchen placing them back into the freezer. He follows after you taking off his hoodie, "what's wrong, was it cut off?"

    "I don't know, I've asked my neighbors if they had the same problem and said yeah. this place is pretty old so I'm guessing that's the reason?" you shrugged turning back to him, leaning on the counter.

    he makes an "o" shape with his mouth, nodding slowly. "Well I'm not letting you stay here, go pack your stuff. you're coming to my place"

    "is your air working..?" you ask hesitantly

    he rolls his eyes guiding you to the stairwell, "will you just go? I'll wait by the door" you nod, as you hurry and get all your thing packing them into a bag and hurrying out the front door.

    shaking his head, laughing "I honestly don't understand them sometimes."


    "Oh my god! why is it so hot in here?!" he shrieks, using one hand as a fan and the other on his forehead. "Hyunjin please calm down" you manage to get out faintly, while resting your head on the kitchen counter

    he tchs walking over to you, breathing dramatically heavilt" I could have died and you're telling me to calm down?! wow what kind of girlfriend/boyfriend are you.." to say you were annoyed was an understatement, bowing your head down wiping off the sweat on your neck " I'm pretty sure, you're still alive baby. a little heat won't kill ya" you frown looking up at him.

    he sighed " yeah yeah whatever, but how are you staying in this heat jagi?" He takes a cloth wetting it slightly before getting behind you and placing it on your neck, guiding the cloth around your chest.

    "Ahh~ that really feels good.. thank you" letting your eyes close feeling relaxed. "I've called and asked the management to come and fix it, but they have a list of people with the same problem." You jutted out your lower lip.

    he hums "so your building has the same problem?" You nod turning around to face him, "do you wanna get something cold..?" furrowing his brows "like ice cream?! oooh yeah!" His eyes light up at the thought.

    smiling, you go over to your front door putting on your slippers and grabbing you wallet, "hyunjin? let's go. what are you waiting for." while opening the front door he quickly runs over to you, grabbing your hand.

    "mhm, ice cream..." He licks his lips, laughing

    "hm, yeah let's just go okay." You both quickly get out your apartment on the way to an ice cream shop.

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  • blu-joons
    13.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Your Child Almost Walks In On You Both ~ Bang Chan

    Your cheeks flushed red as soon as Chan propped himself up above you, lowering himself gently so that his lips could press to yours. Your hands instinctively moved to rest against his chest, running along the definition that his abs gave him.

    “Wow,” he muttered, pulling away from you momentarily, “it’s nice and quiet, what do you say to having a bit of time to us?”

    “You really think that we’ll have enough time?” You asked him.

    His head nodded, with a wide smile etched across his face. “Don’t worry, I still know how to make you feel good, I can be quick about it if I have to, I’ve not lost it just yet.”

    “Are you sure? It’s been a while?” You continued to push, noticing just how wide the smile was on Chan’s face. “Reckon you last that long.”

    In response, he pushed himself down on top of you, pushing himself back up instantly, glancing across to how strong his arms were. “Do you really want to underestimate me right now?”

    “I’m just making sure,” you pushed, “you’re a dad now, you’ve not got as much energy as you used to.”

    His eyebrows raised questionably back to you, “so, that’s the game you want to play is it. Why don’t I prove to you that I’ve got enough energy for both Y/D/N, and you in that case?”

    “I’m right here,” you smiled, allowing yourself to get comfortable into the pillow that your head rested on, “unless you are secretly worried that you might not have enough in the tank anymore.”

    Although he knew you loved to joke, a small part of Chan worried that you might be right. Since becoming a dad, he’d found himself exhausted, barely finding the time for the two of you.

    “We might be mum and dad, but we’re still Y/N and Chan too,” he reminded you, trailing several kisses along your jawline, “we always vowed that we’d never lose who we used to be.”

    “And we will never lose who we once were too,” you assured him.

    Chan’s head nodded, suddenly finding a different emotion strike him as he met yours. “I still look at you sometimes in awe, not just as a partner, but now as a mum too.”

    Your smile softly grew, moving your hands up to rest against his blushed cheeks. Although much had changed between the two of you, the strong connection that you always had never did.

    “Just like the old days,” Chan smiled, slowly moving himself down your body.

    As his hands reached the hem of your underwear, the two of you were quickly startled by the sound of your bedroom door handle being pushed down. Chan instantly rolled off of you, pulling your underwear back up, and the duvet around your body, keeping you well hidden just as your daughter managed to open up the door.

    “I’m hungry,” she announced, looking between the two of you, confused as to why you both looked so scared to see her presence in your room.

    Your body completely froze, barely registering what she had said, silently hoping that Chan had paid a little more attention to her from behind you.

    “It’s seven in the morning,” he sighed back at her, “what are you doing up so early?”

    She shrugged back across at her father, taking a few big steps towards your bed until she was resting against the side of it, looking still at you both.

    “My tummy rumbled, and you always say that’s a sign that you’re hungry.”

    “We do,” Chan huffed, struggling to find an argument, “shall we go and get something.”

    Her head nodded, tapping her hands against the mattress, “yes, otherwise it won’t stop.”

    As Chan lifted the duvet off himself, your daughter quickly sprinted out of the room in the direction of the stairs, desperate to get her hands on some food.

    Once she was out of earshot, Chan looked back to you, tapping your shoulder to bring you back into the room. He quickly changed back into his pair of boxers and shirt before looking back at you with a soft smile on his face.

    When you didn’t respond, he sat back down, leaning across the bed to press two sweet kisses to your lips, muttering an apology in between them both.

    “And now I remember why we never sleep together anymore,” you sighed as he pulled away, “what if she’d have come in a few moments.”

    “She’d have seen that even if she was eating well, daddy certainly was.”

    You launched yourself forwards, hitting harshly against his arm whilst he chuckled to himself. You couldn’t hide your embarrassment, dreading the thought of how you’d have dug yourself out of that situation.

    “I’m only messing, but she didn’t see anything, it’s fine,” he assured you.

    “It’s too risky to be doing stuff like that whilst she’s so good on her feet like that.”

    Although he couldn’t hide his smile, Chan could see how worried the situation had made you, pulling the duvet further around your body.

    “Just stay here and relax for a while,” he whispered, “I’ll get her some food, and maybe see if she might go back to bed for a bit too.”

    Your head nodded, staring back across at the wall as Chan crept out of the room, shouting down to your daughter as she impatiently began to call his name.

    Once the colour had came back to your cheeks, and your heart had begun to beat normally again, you made your way out of the bed, getting yourself dressed before heading down the stairs. Chan’s eyes caught you immediately, smiling back at you.

    You sat yourself down beside your daughter, shaking your head when Chan tried to push a bit of food towards you. Your appetite had most definitely disappeared, unable to eat nor take your eyes off your daughter who innocently enjoyed her meal.

    When your daughter eventually finished eating, asking Chan if she could be excused from the table, you couldn’t deny how relieved you felt. Your shoulders dropped as you watched her run out of the room, letting go of a sigh.

    Chan moved across the table to sit beside you, resting his hand over yours that was settled nervously in your lap.

    “I know she didn’t see anything, but can we really run the risk of that happening again?”

    Chan’s shoulders shrugged, pressing a kiss to your shoulder, “I’m not going to miss out on time with you just because we’re scared about Y/D/N walking in on us.”

    “But there’s always going to be a concern she could walk in,” you reminded him.

    Although Chan knew you always ran the risk of your daughter walking in, he’d gotten too close to time with you this morning to not try and reignite that flame again. You always promised to not let yourselves go, and that was something he was desperate to maintain.

    “Look, I get where you’re coming from, but we can’t leave on nerves for the next twenty or so years until she moves out,” Chan assured you, “and what if we decide we want a second child too?”

    “That’s different,” you frowned, turning your body to face him, “but sometimes we’re far too helpless, there’s no one around to help us, give us the time with one another.”

    “Then let’s speak to the boys, our families, there’s plenty of people. And I’m sure Y/D/N won’t mind being without us for a night or two too.”

    Your head slowly nodded, knowing that Chan wasn’t going to give up that easily. “Maybe we’ll speak to someone, if this is really something that you want to consider.”

    “Time with you is always something that I have, but time alone is just what we need sometimes too Y/N.”

    “I know, and we’ll get it, I promise.”



    #stray kids #stray kids imagine #bang chan #bang chan imagine #chan#chan imagine #stray kids reaction #stray kids scenario #stray kids bang chan #stray kids drabble #stray kids one shot #stray kids fluff #bang chan scenario #bang chan reaction #bang chan one shot #bang chan drabble #bang chan fluff #christopher bang #christopher bang imagine #skz#skz imagine#kpop#kpop imagine
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  • gdaychan
    12.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    | 19 + 30 bang chan |

    pairing: bang chan x gender neutral reader genre: angst and comfort, end of the world au/doomsday au wc: 890 warnings: end of the world, cw: implied death

    a/n: this is heavily inspired by as the world caves in by matt maltese, highly recommend listening as you read! this is a prompt request from @tremendousminyoongi , ty!

    19: "it's worse than I thought" 30: "it's going to be okay"

    prompt list | masterlist

    You wake up to a cold feeling in your chest, like the remnants of a bad dream you just can’t shake. A familiar touch grazes your shoulder, and you stir from under the blankets.

    It’s early. Chan sits on the edge of the bed, silhouetted against the pale morning light coming in through the window. He smiles as you find his eyes with your bleary gaze, and lifts his hand to gently touch your cheek.

    “Is it today?” You ask in a whisper.

    He nods. You close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose, focusing on the weight of Chan’s fingertips where they press into the nape of your neck.

    “How bad is it?”

    You open your eyes again as he mulls over an answer. “The electricity cut out sometime last night, and phones are dead,” he says.

    You turn your gaze out the window. It takes you a moment to realise what feels off. “It’s quiet,” you murmur, sitting up with a frown.

    “The sirens have stopped.” His palm smooths down your back. “I think people are accepting it.”

    “I can’t hear the birds, either.” Even they must know something’s going to happen, you think. An image plays in your head of them huddled in their nests, beaks pressed together. You look back to Chan with a small, vulnerable smile. “I’m glad I have you.”

    He holds your face in his hands, and leans in to press a chaste kiss to your lips. “Until the very end. I promise.”

    You curl into him, breathing in the smell of him for what could be the last time. It’s a sobering thought, but you’d never have imagined that your final night alive would be spent in the quiet comfort of your own home, waiting for the inevitable.

    “You want some breakfast?” He murmurs above you.

    You pull back with an amused smile. “Breakfast?”

    “Yeah,” he says, and nods to the window, where you can see the sun start to break out over the horizon. “It’s just another day, right? We can take it one step at a time.”

    His earnestness surprises a huff of laughter out of you. “Okay,” you say. “Embracing normalcy, I can do that.”

    You slip out from under the covers and take his hand as he leads you into the kitchen. There isn’t much in the way of food, but Chan manages to find some crackers that aren’t quite stale yet and you take out the jam that you’d been saving as a gift.

    “It’s worse than I thought,” he mumbles around a dry mouthful.

    It half crumbles out his mouth, and you feel the first laugh you’d had in weeks bubbling in your chest. In the middle of the table between you, Chan squeezes your fingers and grins back.

    You try not to think of the redundancy as you sweep the crumbs from the table and push the chairs all the way in. But Chan follows along, putting the jam away and rinsing the plates in the sink. The routine is comforting, following the footsteps you take every day.

    After breakfast, you pick out your favourite book to read, and sit on the couch with your feet in Chan’s lap as he plucks the strings of his guitar. The end of the world feels a long way away when he hums a familiar tune, or laughs at something you say. You fall asleep sometime after noon with the book open on your chest, and only wake some time later when Chan squeezes your ankle.

    “You wanna go to bed?” He asks when you sit up. You peer out towards the window and nod. It’s still light out, no different than another early summer evening. His palm slides against yours, fingers twisting their way into your grip before he stands, gently tugging you with him. “Come on.”

    Chan leaves the curtains open in your bedroom. It’s grounding, seeing things as they always are: the sky, still blue. The clouds, still quietly moved along by the wind.

    You sit back against Chan’s chest, sinking into his warmth as he locks his arms around you. His lips brush against your temple, and he whispers, “It’s going to be okay.”

    You hadn’t cried in the days since knowing the end was coming. The initial disbelief and fear had already faded or turned to numbness, but now a lone tear traces down your cheek. Chan brushes it away with his thumb, replacing it with another kiss.

    Outside, the sky darkens. Deep violet to inky black, then the red of a smouldering ember just before it dies. You feel your breath catch as the panic swells, but Chan presses the flat of his palm against your chest just before it breaks.

    You latch onto his presence like the last gasp of oxygen before you drown, letting him turn you around in his arms until you’re tucked against him tight enough to hurt.

    He cups the back of your head and lowers his head to press his cheek against yours. You pull him closer, so that you can hear your own heartbeat echoed in his chest.

    The world begins to lighten behind your eyelids. It becomes a white glow, brighter and brighter. And then it’s searing, painlessly dissolving everything it touches, leaving nothing but embers suspended in time, still embracing.


    #districtninewriters #bang chan x reader #bang chan drabble #bang chan imagine #bang chan scenarios #bang chan x you #bang chan skz #stray kids x reader #stray kids scenario #stray kids fic #stray kids reaction #stray kids drabbles #bang chan reaction #stray kids writing #stray kids angst #dialogue prompt request #bang chan angst #angst and comfort #doomsday au #gender neutral reader
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  • tinytinyblogs
    12.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Minho As Your Boyfriend

    Stray Kids Masterlist Here

    He love you as much as he love his cats

    Or maybe more.


    He don’t want to admit it but i believe he can be jealous so easily.

    He’ll drag you away from his member, will deadly stare to the man who trying to flirt with you.

    “They gonna steal you away”

    “Minho i just want to say hi to them.”


    He will show a celebrations dance when he finally get your attention.

    Like silly dance

    “Don’t cheat on me with that laptop.”

    You guys will spend some time to play with his cats cause they are cute and Minho love it to see you with his cats together.

    It’s just so cute, and he will silently take your photo with his cats and show it to the member.

    He’ll ask you to take his picture with his cats too

    And two of you will end up running around the house to take a good picture of his cats

    Will laugh at the silly photos.

    Fall asleep with him on the couch after you guys have a long funny day together.

    “Hey my cats miss you, Come over here so we can cuddle.”

    “Oh I’ll cuddle with your cats minho.”

    “No, cuddle with me they don’t need cuddle.”

    ↪Click here if you want me to add you on my tag list

    #stray kids bang chan #stray kids minho #stray kids changbin #stray kids felix #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids jeongin #stray kids seungmin #stray kids han #stray kids reader insert #stray kids masterlist #stray kids imagines #stray kids au #stray kids #stray kids reactions #skz x reader #lee know#lee minho#han jisung#hwang hyunjin#seungmin #i.n #yang jeongin#seo changbin#skz chan#skz seungmin#skz jeongin
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  • an-ordinaryghost
    12.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    How they show affection

    mafia/ yandere headcanons


    Request: How would mafia Jungkook from bts and skz Hyunjin show affection?

    Hyunjin, Jungkook +Jimin and Felix cuz they need more love

    Requests are open


    He is a cold prince who despises any form of affection but at the same time craves it.

    Not from everyone though. Only from his s/o. But because he is so proud he will try his best to hide his true feelings.

    Hyunjin is that type of yandere who kidnaps his s/o only to avoid her afterward. In fact, he will bring other women home just to prove to his s/o that even though he has kidnapped her, he actually doesn’t need her. It’s her who needs him. At least that what he wants to believe in.

    Hyunjin wants his s/o to come to him, to beg for his touch, but for some reason, she doesn’t want to fall in love with him ( he really doesn't understand why. He is a narcissist who believes he is perfect)

    Seeing that she is not desperate for his attention will make Hyunjin furious and even colder than usual. If she doesn’t show him any kind of affection soon, he will start treating her even worse. He will do everything he shouldn’t do to make her miserable and crave him.

    There is no way Hyunjin will give up and show affection first. He is a master and his s/o is just a pet, she is someone he can replace (of course he can’t)

    The thing is, he will eventually give up. One night his s/o will wake up pressed into Hyunjin’s body, he will hold her so tight as if she can disappear at any moment. If she is smart, she won’t say anything or even mention it.

    From this night on they will share a bed and he will hold her like this without saying a word.

    Hyunjin is better at showing affection once he is sure his s/o needs him . At first, he will mock her, saying smt like “So needy for my touch, should I reward you?” but at the end, he will give her what she wants.

    Good pets deserve to be rewarded.

    It’s possible that after a long time together he will be comfortable enough to be the first one to kiss her or hug her. Nothing major but coming from someone like Hyunjin it’s a lot. It means he trusts his s/o enough to be sure she actually cares for him and that’s what he needs. Hyunjin knows he is not a good person and he is okay with it. The fact that he is a cruel bastard never bothered him until the day he met his s/o. Hyunjin's deepest fear, the one he will never admit to anyone including himself, is that his s/o will never be able to love him for who he is. That’s why he needs her affection so much, it’s proof that she has feelings for him.


    Well, he is not good at showing affection. Or receiving it. Yandere Jungkook is someone who is very messed up. He loses his temper for no reason at all, and if it wasn’t for his feeling for his s/o, I would say he is just a violent sociopath who genuinely enjoys his line of work ( that’s selling people drugs and watching them coming back and beg for more until they die or can’t pay him back for which he kills them anyway)

    But he does care for his s/o.

    He cares for her so much that he realizes he is no good for her. That’s one of the reasons he tries to stay away from her. So, even though they live together ( because being a possessive jerk he is, Jungkook of course kidnaps her and keeps all to himself) she won’t see him unless she tries to escape or do something bad enough to anger him. In that case, he will have to discipline her personally.

    However, this won’t last forever. Jungkook wants his s/o. He wants to have her, to mark her, and sooner or later he will give in to his desire. He won’t force himself on his s/o ( I think the only possibility for him to rape her will be if he finds out she is cheating on him with another man. If this happens, he will simply lose all of his remaining sanity). Instead, he will try to show her that she has nothing to fear as long as she doesn’t make him mad ( and a lot of things make him mad). He will try to make her used to his touch by putting his hand on her thigh and ordering her to stay still and “ Don’t you dare to move away from me”. Needless to say, at first she will be only more scared.

    After some time though things will become better. But Jungkook is at his best showing affection during the sex. It’s not that rough as expected. With his s/o Jungkook will be as gentle as he can be with anyone


    Felix’s way of showing affection is very rough and violent. Felix won’t show any emotions for quite some time and then suddenly they will overwhelm him and he will grab his s/o so hard, that his grip will leave bruises on her skin. He will hold her close and kiss her hard, he will bite her neck and leave his marks everywhere he can.

    Felix is not gentle. Ever.

    His affection is often triggered by his jealousy. If someone as much as looks at his s/o the wrong way, Felix will immediately start kissing her to prove that she is his and his alone.

    It’s not that Felix doesn’t love his s/o. He does in his own way. But for Felix love and ownership are pretty much the same, so his favorite way of showing his s/o his love is to mark her, to fuck her so rough, that she will not be able to walk the next day without thinking about him.

    If his s/o wants gentleness she better try and forget about it. If she ever complains to Felix, he will only get offended. He will feel rejected and that’s not how you want to make someone like Felix feel. When Felix gets angry, he is dangerous.

    He will only get rougher.

    So, his s/o better accept Felix the way he is. In fact, he will enjoy if she marks him too. He won’t ever admit to this, but to be marked by his s/o is a huge turn-on for him.


    This man always has his hands on his s/o. He is that type of yandere to put his s/o on a leash and take her with him everywhere. It’s good that he has inherited a lot of money and doesn’t have to work ( I see yandere Jimin as a spoiled rich kid who has never worked a day in his life)

    Jimin will take his s/o to all kinds of social events only to get jealous when someone tries to talk to her. In many ways, he is like Felix. He is most affectionate when he wants to prove to others that his s/o belongs to him.

    Jimin can be cruel and sadistic, he has never loved anyone and he is not sure he even loves his s/o, but every time he makes his s/o cry he feels the urge to comfort her, hug her and hold her close. During such moments he is genuinely affectionate and not just jealous.

    Jimin has never hidden his sadistic tendencies and sex with him can be painful, but it’s his s/o who makes him think for the first time that it might be wrong, and it will be also the first time when Jimin would like to pleasure someone and not just to use his s/o to satisfy his needs.

    With his s/o Jimin starts feeling something else besides the urge to hurt people. Sometimes all he wants is simply to hug his s/o.

    In other words, Jimin is not the best when it comes to showing affection because he has never done it before. So the whole experience is really confusing for him, but with time if his s/o is smart about it she may correct some of his sadistic behavior.

    But never expect Jimin to change. No matter what he will always remain a sadistic and possessive bastard who will never let his s/o go.

    #yadere bts#bts yandere#yandere skz #jungkook x reader #felix x reader #hyunjin x reader #yandere jungkook#yandere au#kpop reactions #skz mafia au #bts mafia au #yandere stray kids #bts x you #skz x you #bts x y/n #bts x reader #yandere kpop#yandere reaction#bts headcanons#bts fanfiction#skz reaction #bts reaction '
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    Imagine: You and Minho break up due to long distance

    I’m sorry it been forever since I posted an skz imagine

    #stray kids #stray kids reactions #straykids #stray kids edit #stray kids imagines #jyp stray kids #skz imagines#skz reactions #lee know imagines #straykids reactions#straykids icons#skz requests#skz masterlist #skz mafia au #stray kids mafia au #stray kids masterlist #lee know #skz lee minho #stray kids lee minho #stray kids minho #han jisung#lee felix#bang chan#skz scenarios#straykids scenarios#skz smut
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    𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨: 𝙙𝙚𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣, 𝙙𝙖𝙘𝙧𝙮𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙞𝙖, 𝙪𝙨𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝙫𝙞𝙗𝙧𝙖𝙩𝙤𝙧, 𝙤𝙧𝙜𝙖𝙨𝙢 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙧𝙤𝙡. 𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙤𝙧𝙨: 𝙙𝙤 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩.

    hyunjin closed his eyes tightly, taking in deep breaths, trying to calm himself from the lewd sight in front of him. even with his eyes closed, the quiet yet unbelievably loud buzzing noise was deafening. the sound of your soft whines and groans didn’t help either.

    ‘you could’ve been inside mommy right now. stupid hyunjin. why’d you ever have to act out?’ he thought as a lump formed in his throat.

    your hands flung towards his face, gripping and squeezing his flushed cheeks aggressively, his pretty pink lips forming an embarrassing pout. you looked at him almost scarily, which is what hyunjin would describe it as. there was absolutely no empathy in your eyes, they were darker than usual. you looked like you wanted to devour him, to make him pay for what he did. to ruin him, to make him sob and beg for your forgiveness.

    his eyes twinkled at the thought. ‘how many times am i gonna cum tonight?’ he giddily thought to himself. his thoughts were shortly interrupted by the sound of your venomous voice.

    his eyes twinkled at the thought. ‘how many times am i gonna cum tonight?’ he giddily thought to himself. his thoughts were shortly interrupted by the sound of your venomous voice.

    “so now you’re fucking sorry? weren’t you having so much fun, baby? not listening to a fucking word i said? mm, my stupid slut is only sorry 'cause he wants to cum, isn’t that right? you only feel regretful when you think with your cock?” you spat.

    hyunjin’s heart dropped. never had he seen you this angry; this disappointed. he could feel a sob bubble up in his throat, just waiting to be let out. why won’t you understand? he just wants to be a good boy! why won’t you believe him! he wished he could talk, he wished he could argue back and make you aware of how sorry he was but he knew that the second he opened his mouth to speak, all that would be heard were cries.

    your eyes slightly softened, looking at his trembling state. the vibrator was still buzzing, this time against the bed as his mind went blank, completely forgetting his original task. “you wanna make it up to mommy, baby?” you asked, biting back a smirk.

    it took hyunjin five seconds to snap out of his trance before nodding sorrowfully, attempting to lean closer to you and feel your touch, the feeling you had denied him of all day. the feeling of gentleness and care. he wants, no. he needed to feel his skin against yours.

    “please, mommy,” he whispered shakily. if he had spoken any louder, you would have been met with his tears. you smiled, the dark look from your eyes completely diminishing as you brought your hand up once again to caress his cheek softly in endearment.

    here came the waterworks. he tried oh-so-hard to hold it in, but alas, he couldn’t. hyunjin burst into tears, nuzzling his face against your hand that caressed his cheek. he sniffled, wiping his eyes like a child would, babbling about how sorry he was and how he just wanted to be good. “p-please let me make you c-cum!” he hiccuped. he moved closer to you before burying his face in your chest, the plush of your breasts comforting him.

    you didn’t utter a word as you increased the speed on the vibrator once forgotten about, before handing it to hyunjin, watching as he looked at the toy in confusion before looking at you with desperation. you interrupted him before he got the chance to speak. “you’re still getting punished, kitty. 'm gonna make you cum, but not inside me, got it?” you spoke firmly, letting hyunjin know compromising wasn’t an option.

    hyunjin whimpered, holding the vibrator shakily, his cute little pout still quivering as he tried his best to keep in his tears. he shuffled closer to you, sitting on his knees, trying his best to ignore his throbbing cock as he pressed the vibrator against your clit, letting out a deep exhale as you let out a whimper.

    “fuck.” you whispered, trying your best to keep your eyes open. you could see hyunjin’s teary eyes raking over your body, more importantly fixating on your soaking cunt, all swollen and puffy from the toys ministrations.

    “m-mommy...” hyunjin whispered, grabbing your attention as he beckoned your hand over to touch his length. you scoffed, shaking your head as you watched him shakily sigh, nodding sadly. it was cute. he looked so discouraged, his pathetic cock twitching each time you let out those soft yet filthy noises of yours.

    you lost your train of thought for a second, forgetting about how good the toy was making you feel. the sound of his whimpers and shaky breaths filled a small part of you with guilt. maybe you should touch him, you thought. no, he’s just gonna get away with more after this. you were conflicted, your precious hyunjin, he’d always be your baby. you needed to teach him a lesson but look at him! his doe eyes got him everything he wanted.

    hyunjin tilted his head to the side in confusion, staring at your dazed face. he looked down in worry to make sure the vibrator was still pressed against your clit, and alas, despite his shaky hand, it remained in that spot.

    “m-mommy...?” he asked, hesitantly. you shook your head slightly before looking at him, flushing a little. “you wanna cum, kitty?” you smiled softly, watching him carefully nod his head.

    you raised your hand to grip his hips, luring him closer to you, watching as he whined at the feeling of the vibrator against the head of his cock, which was practically sopping, flushing with an angry red. you laughed softly at the sight of him rutting against the vibrator. hyunjin was desperate for any kind of stimulation at this point, even if it meant that it wasn’t from you.

    “you’re gonna cum like this, okay, angel? can you do that for mommy?” you asked, petting his head gently before caressing his cheeks, watching his eyes well up once again, a stray tear dripping down his cheek.

    “b-but...” he started, before looking down, mumbling the last part, more to himself. “need to feel you...” he shook his head suddenly, fixating his gaze on you as he moved closer. “i-i’m sorry, mommy.” he began. “kitty c-can do that! just wanna be your good boy.” he mumbled pitifully.

    you nodded in satisfaction before rubbing up and down his thighs, helping him press the tip of his cock against the toy. hyunjin’s stomach burned in pleasure. he was conflicted. he didn’t know whether the vibrator was too much, pressing against his slit, or too little. despite the relief he felt from the toy, it still wasn’t enough to completely tip him over the edge to meet the orgasm he was so desperately waiting for.

    the sight of you helped greatly, he couldn’t take his eyes off of your lewd figure. the way your legs were spread, allowing him to see the filthy sight of your soaking cunt, all puffy and swollen, practically abused from the toy. or the way your pretty little face scrunched up each time the vibrations felt extra good. he found your flushed face stunning, if he wasn’t so caught up in how overwhelmed he felt, he would’ve admired the pretty glow on your face. or the oh-so-lewd expression you wore, your glossy eyes rolled back, and your mouth parted, just enough to see your tongue slightly hanging out.

    he would’ve fucked you dumb if he knew how, but that’s the thing. he doesn’t. poor little puppy can’t do anything without you. he can barely get off without you, the thought of taking control seemed absurd. you had ruined him to the point where it was only you who could tip him over. who could make him cum over and over again, have him dizzy from the aftershock of his climax.

    “mm, look at you, kitty. does it feel good?” you teased, watching his face scrunch up, before guiltily looking down, attempting to hide the euphoria on his face. “n-need more, mommy...” he whispered. you rolled your eyes before reaching up to play with his nipples, ghosting the tip of your finger along his bud, watching as he shuddered, subconsciously rutting against the vibrator.

    you rolled his nipples in between your fingers as he cried out. “is this enough, baby?” you muttered. hyunjin struggled to gain composure. he knew how important it was that he answered you, but each touch on his skin felt like fire. hyunjin gulped, his body jerking with each pinch. “mhm—ngh—y-yes.” he whimpered. “y-yes, m-mommy—mmph—feels so good.” hyunjin choked on his words, eyes trying their best to stay open like how you wanted of him. he could feel tears prick his eyes, so overwhelmed and caught up with the stimulation on the upper and lower parts of his body.

    the sight of him falling apart above you made it equally as difficult for you to keep up your stance. you tried your best to play with his nipples, to make sure his cock was stimulated, but the feeling of the vibrator against your spoiled little cunt was far too much. his sobs and whines stirred something inside you.

    hyunjin felt butterflies in his stomach, the ones he usually felt being touched by you. he could tell you were losing it too. you both were far too worked up. both of you felt your highs quickly approaching, the knot in your stomach becoming increasingly tighter.

    hyunjin threw his head back, panting. “mmph—m-mommy!” he whined out, feeling his cock throb as he approached his climax. “n-need to c-cum—fuck—please.” he sobbed. you let out a whimper, digging your fingers into the flesh of his thighs, surely enough to leave scratches by tomorrow. you felt your muscles tighten as your propped your elbows on the mattress of the bed. “y-yeah? dirty boy needs to cum?” you gasped, choking on your words as the sensations of your high built up.

    hyunjin nodded dumbly, letting tears cascade down his cheeks as he mindlessly rutted his cock against the head of the toy. “nghh—please! kitty needs to c-cum. been good! m-mommy!” he wailed. “c-can i cum yet?”

    for a moment you felt a burst of warmth inside you, from the way he asked for permission so softly. always my good boy, you thought, smiling. you nodded, too tired to tease him any further, needy for your own release too. “g-go head, baby. c-cum all over—mmph—mommy’s pussy.” you choked out.

    hyunjin let out a sob before he saw nothing but white. he was nothing but waves of pleasure, nothing but the cum gushing out of the tip of his cock at your words. his abdomen tightened as he let out a string of moans, coming undone all at once. he arched his back as the overstimulation took in, something he was addicted to.

    as he began to calm from his release, his attention was back on you. he quickly took the vibrator and threw it to the side of your bed before flicking the head of his cock onto your clit, slapping your pussy with his length. you couldn’t even protest, the rapid flicks and the feeling of his skin set you off completely. you gasped, feeling drool drip from the side of your mouth at the intensity of your high, dizzy from pleasure and the remembrance of the pretty sight of hyunjin a couple of seconds ago.

    hyunjin whimpered. it didn’t matter how overwhelmed he was. he was going to make you cum from his cock. “please, please—mmph—please c-cum, mommy!” he whined. “w-wanna be y-your g-good boy!” he hiccuped. the sight of your juices gushing out of your cunt all at once as you came made him feel lightheaded, on top of the sound of your filthy whines.

    you groaned softly at the overstimulation. hyunjin was too cute for you to punish him even further, he wasn’t usually allowed to take control but maybe this time you’d let it slide. you pulled away from him, watching as his body gave in to his exhaustion, falling right on top of you with a content smile.

    #hyunjin smut #hwang hyunjin smut #skz smut #stray kids smut #sub!hwang hyunjin #sub!hyunjin #sub!skz #sub!stray kids #skz hard hours #stray kids hard hours #hyunjin x reader #hwang hyunjin x reader #skz x reader #stray kids x reader #skz imagines#hyunjin imagines #hwang hyunjin imagines #hyunjin hard hours #stray kids imagines #skz reactions #stray kids reactions #skz drabbles #stray kids scenarios #hyunjin x you #hwang hyunjin x you
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  • atinylandtostay
    11.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    —  night view ;

    pairing — bang chan x male reader

    genre — smut, idol au, “9th member au”

    wc. —  1.253K  / warn. voyeurism (?), unedited

    synopsis — chan decides to risk it all and make the first move. thankfully, luck and horniness are in his favor.

    author's note — woo!! back on track! why do i keep changing my layout? cus i’m indecisive and impulsive but you should know that by now- anyway, hope you guys enjoy! reblogs and feedback appreciated~

    he was still a bit shy when it came to making a move. it was something he over thought about and barely ended up doing. but this time he didn’t need to second guess himself as he plopped himself down on your lap, facing you.

    “you ok?” you’re focus was more directed to the game you were playing, but you knew he only did certain things when he’s not in a positive mood. or maybe he was but it never hurts to ask.

    “just missed you.” he mumbled against your neck, his heart was beating in his ears as he almost buried himself more against you.

    “i’ve been here all day though.”

    it was true, it was a half day off for most of the boys, chan was busy on and off so he had to go back and forth from the dorms. but he was finally told to enjoy the rest of his evening and his first thought was to obviously spend it with y/n.

    “yeah, but i…” he sighs shakingly before finding the guts to start peppering y/n’s neck with soft kisses. “i miss you.”

    y/n froze. usually he’d be mopey if his character dies while fighting a boss, but honestly? this is worth it.

    “i miss you too.” he quickly gets off the game and turns everything off.

    meanwhile, chan brought down one of his arms from y/n’s neck and sneaked his hand under his boyfriend’s shirt. he almost whimpered when y/n’s hands placed themselves on his butt, then sliding up and under his shirt.

    he shivered slightly at the cold air that hit his skin.

    “are they still here?” y/n’s voice was soft, almost cautious.

    “mm, no i don’t think so, when i came back i’m sure hyunjin and seungmin were getting ready to go out as well.” chan sighed softly, feeling y/n’s hands now pressing on the side of his pecs, thumbs grazing over his nipples.

    “you don’t want to make sure?”

    chan’s silent, enjoying the way y/n plays with his nipples gently. “we can be quiet.”

    “we?” y/n grinned, and chan whined softly. “you sure are bold today.”

    “i blame you.” chan mumbles as he sits up, hands now on y/n’s biceps.

    y/n rose a brow, thinking chan was going to take this to the bed that isn’t more than five feet away.

    but below and behold, he was wrong. chan shifted to where he was only over y/n’s left thigh, and began to grind down on him. y/n blinked, a wave of arousal flooding over him as chan started to breathe a bit heavily.

    the soft material of y/n’s sweats rubbed against chan, and it felt wonderful. he continued to grind against y/n’s thigh, moaning softly at the sensation. by now, y/n had his hands placed at chan’s hip, guiding him.

    “feel good?” y/n pushed him down on his thigh, keeping him in that position and forcing him to feel the thigh flexing against his hard girth leaking in his shorts.

    chan’s breath hitched, “yeah”

    y/n smiled, leaning in to kiss chan. the other smiled lazily into it, his hands returning to the comfort of y/n’s neck. the kiss is messy and guideless, and neither are trying to make it pretty because that’s not what it’s for in the first place.

    the only time they break the kiss is when y/n strips them off of their clothes, which is just as messy. and instead of continuing on the comfy chair, y/n moves them to the bed. on the way, he collected the small bottle of lube that might as well have collected some dust.

    “condom?” he asked as chan pulled him down onto the bed.

    “mm, no.” chan breathes out, eyeing y/n who was now hovering over him. “wanna feel you. and i want you to feel me.”

    y/n smiled, scoffing lightly in amusement. “k then.”

    the uncapping of the bottle, the squirting of the liquid, their shallow breathing- it was quite an arousing atmosphere. chan closed his eyes when he felt y/n’s hands dip between his legs, a finger pressing into his desperate hole.

    at first they went slow, starting with one digit and a slow and careful pace. but brought to chan’s popular demand, he was at three fingers in less than two minutes. he started to thrust his digits faster and faster, sending a wave of pleasure over chan, who was now fucking down on y/n’s fingers.

    y/n’s fingers felt so good, hitting all the right places, but chan still wanted more, he wanted the older boy to ruin him, breaking him over and over.

    “fuck me." chan breathed out, feeling the churn in the pit of his stomach intensifying. he did not want to come from y/n’s fingers, at least not today.

    y/n simply nods, taking his fingers slowly out of chan. he stroked his member until he was fully hard and he positioned himself against chan’s entrance, rubbing his cock against the puckered hole, making chan whine with impatience. y/n smiled, shushing him with a soft kiss on his pinkish lips and he pushed just the head in.

    chan gasped, his head jerked back, a chill going up to his spine. y/n slowly pushed in until he was balls deep into chan, letting his boyfriend adjust to his size and waiting for his sign to keep going.

    chan felt so tight around y/n’s girth, making him groan and he thought how lucky he was to have chan in his life. chan’s mind felt intoxicated with the way y/n was filling him up just right, making him feel so full.

    “move, please.” chan said under his breath, and y/n obeyed, moving slowly, thrusting into his boyfriend shallowly, letting him get used to the stretch. chan moaned, loving the way y/n’s member felt inside him.

    y/n pushed in and out of chan at a steady pace, each thrust deeper and harder than the previous one. chan let out little moans every once in a while, his mind clouded by the pleasure. y/n wanted to hear more of his boyfriend’s voice, so he changed his angle slightly, his thrusts still slow, but forceful, looking for a specific spot.

    suddenly, chan let out a high-pitched moan, arching his back, and y/n knew he had hit the place that made chan see stars.

    “didn’t you say we had to stay quiet in case the others are here?” y/n grinned.

    chan didn’t reply, eyes screwed shut and barely managed to babble out a ‘shut up’.

    “does the possibility of someone hearing how good i make you feel turn you on, channie?” y/n almost laughed at how chan whined, tugging at the covers beneath them.

    as the warmth inside chan’s core starts to flourish towards his orgasm, one of y/n’s hands reach between them to grab ahold of chan’s base.

    and that's when it snaps. chan sees white, his senses going into overdrive as his climax rolls over him in waves. only barely does he feel y/n cum after him, warmth shooting up inside him.

    he’s panting once he comes back down, vision slowly clearing to see y/n cleaning off the cum that lies on his stomach. he catches chan’s eye and smiles.

    definitely worth the mortifying looks the others give them later on that night.

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  • soleilsuhh
    11.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    stray kids headcanons: being highschool sweethearts with them.

    chan who waits for you near your house or the bus station everyday so that you can go to school together. chan who leaves a milkbox or juicebox on your desk when you’re out of the class with your friends. chan who gives you his lucky pen when you’re anxious about an exam. chan who glances at you in class to see if you understand when the teacher has explained a difficult concept. chan whom your family adores and treats as their own son. chan who invites you for hangouts and study sessions at his house after school.

    minho who watches you lovingly while you doze off in class; minho who doesn’t look away and holds you gaze with a small half-smile when you open your eyes and catch him staring; minho who tears his eyes away only when the teacher interrupts. minho who asks for kisses in exchange for his notes when the exam is close. minho who is your personal tutor and cuddles being your payment. minho who playfully calls you a dumbass but also patiently explains the problem when you don’t understand. minho who always checks for your scores first when the results are out then grins at you proudly and ruffles your hair lightly when your grades are good.

    changbin who runs up to you during p.e to share his water bottle and to remind you to be careful. changbin who loves sneakily passing you notes in class and keeping the ones from you in a little box at home so that he can read them back. changbin who claims he doesn’t understand a certain question just to listen to you explain. changbin who lets you wear his hoodie when you get cold in class. changbin who hushes your classmates if they talk over you during group projects. changbin who brings you that day’s notes and silly school gossips to make you laugh when you missed school because you’re sick.

    hyunjin who softly kicks your chair from the back when he wants your attention and simply says hi with a gleeful smile when you finally look at him. hyunjin who saunters over to your table and claims you as his partner when the teacher says you have to work in pairs. hyunjin who offers to walk you home after school then drags you to local cafés or arcades where you have the time of your lives together. hyunjin who calls you at midnight to revise for the finals. hyunjin who always shares you his food during lunch and even calls to make sure that you’re eating well on weekends when you can’t meet up.

    jisung who gives you high-fives and messes your hair up when he passes by in the hallway; jisung who enjoys it when you chase him around after he’s purposely annoyed you then suddenly stops, causing you bump into him and holds you so that you don’t fall over before apologising with a grin. jisung who sits in your seat whenever he gets to school earlier than you and demands a kiss on the cheek when you ask him to get up. jisung who bribes your best-friend so that he can sit beside you on the bus on school trips.

    felix who absentmindedly plays with your hair while studying. felix who holds your hand or plays footsies with you under the table during lunch while the others are busy chattering. felix who always lets you borrow his stationery when you need it; felix who gets sulky if you uses someone else’s. felix who fiercely cheers for you on sports day even if you’re not on the same team. felix who drags a chair close to your table and sits by your side at recess while laughing together at your friends’ silly antics. felix who draws hearts on his skin and yours with a sharpie, claiming it’s your matching couple tattoo.

    seungmin who reaches over to tap on your table or forehead when he sees you dozing off in the middle of the lesson so that you don’t get scolded by the teacher. seungmin who packs your things for you at the end of school day, calling you a slow coach. seungmin who tries to be discreet as he whispers or shows you the answer when the teacher asks you in class. seungmin who pulls one earbud out of his ear and places it in yours when you ask him what he’s listening to during recess or lunch. seungmin who comes to school extra early every year to throw a small ‘surprise’ birthday party for you in class.

    jeongin who happily carries your bag or books before and after school. jeongin who messages you cute texts in class and glances to see your reaction and smiles like an idiot for the whole period when he sees you smile or blush. jeongin who still keeps that one pencil you gave him when you started dating in his stationery case. jeongin who always rushes over to you so that he can wish you ‘good luck’ and give a small, encouraging pat on your shoulder before every test. jeongin who always suggests café dates with the excuse to study but he just wants to spend time with you during weekends.

    stray kids masterlist.

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  • imagineurfavs
    11.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Things I Associate with Stray Kids

    “things i associate w skz plsplspls”


    Chan: curly hair, white sand beaches, hearing an owl in the middle of the night, vanilla ice cream, chunky knitwear, friendship bracelets, green tea, og pokemon, black muscle tees, falling asleep in the sun

    Minho: white chocolate, the sound of a cat purring, walking on fresh snow, dry humour, silk shirts, bobble hats, black and white movies, dancing barefoot, those face-in-hole things you put your head in at fairgrounds, the city of Paris

    Changbin: leather, the smell of coffee, crunchy autumn leaves, dad jokes, teddy bear coats, carving jack-o’-lanterns, flickering street lights, seeing your breath when it's cold, sleeping with your head in someone's lap, orange chocolate

    Hyunjin: golden hour, oil paints, Italian renaissance architecture, arcade games, stargazing, shimmery eyeshadow, white roses, smoothie bowls, street photography, Dior

    Jisung: woodland trails, the smell after rain, sliding on ice, thick chain necklaces, eye smiles, old school anime, drive-in movies, red squirrels, bucket hats, basement clubs

    Felix: the colour yellow, butterflies, those platform converse, sunkissed skin, Polaroid photos, rolling green fields, the smell of freshly baked bread, hearing the sea in a conch shell, Citrine, graphic eyeliner

    Seungmin: journailing, puffer jackets, thick morning fog, golden retrievers, hot chocolate with marshmallows, the sound of rain on a window, cream coloured bed linen, birthday wishes, palm trees, watching the sunrise

    Jeongin: flushed cheeks, shy laughter, falling asleep in class, white hair, trot music, reuniting with childhood friends, cloudgazing, double rainbows, McDonald's fries, karaoke singing


    (also just a quick A/N bc i had an anon asking me what these kinda posts are lol; theyre just the energy and vibes I get from them, or things that remind me of them lol. obv they're not gonna be the same for everyone and some people don't even associate anything with any idol like that but idk...it's relaxing to me lol)

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