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    this post contains: fluff ! sfw physical touch ! kissing

    💌 i previously did this love language series for txt and now i’m doing it for skz bc i love them <3 i hope u enjoy !

    CHAN ... always has a hand on your thigh when you’re sitting next to each other. big, big hugs that warm you up but also take air from you. likes straightening out your clothes or hair if it’s a mess. soft touches, always — even if it’s a squeeze at your thigh, he’s very gentle. likes to give you massages because you’ve been very stressed lately and that’s no good :( plants kisses on your cheek when you’re sleeping. loves taking baths with you.

    MINHO ... “acts” like he doesn’t like being in your space but would die if you moved the smallest bit away from him on the sofa. drapes his legs across your lap. pinches your cheeks so much and for what? holds onto your hand quite frequently, just to feel the softness of you—his thumb tracing circles against your flesh. grabs your chin to make you face him, doesn’t say anything just looks at you, and then goes about his business. will grab you and rub his face against yours.

    CHANGBIN ... likes to have you lay your head on his lap and vice versa. really likes to play with your hair or even the seams of your clothing, and loves when you do the same to him. he likes it when you’re standing between his legs or beside him, your hand playing in his hair while his arms are wrapped tightly around you. doesn’t even want to let you go when you hug, either. not when you feel like you’re meant to be in his embrace forever. does this thing where whenever he itches, he scratches that area on you, and ALLEGEDLY it “works”.

    HYUNJIN ... kisses all over your skin—especially your cheeks, neck, and tummy. has to be holding hands or playing with your fingers despite being attached at your hip. because wherever you go, hyunjin also goes. likes to hold you and smell your hair because your hair products smell so good—likes to help you wash and style your hair, too. applies lotion to your legs after a shower. let me emphasize: KISSES

    JISUNG ... falls asleep on you frequently because you bring him so much peace and comfort. you two could be in the middle of a movie and you’ll suddenly hear soft, shallow sighs from him as he’s resting his head in your lap. “sungie, are you sleeping?” “no, just chilling”—yeah he’ll be in a deep sleep in about 4 minutes. and when he falls asleep on you he does not let you go. likes to compare hand sizes. lets you paint his nails. loves when you sit on his lap.

    FELIX ... is undoubtedly the king of skinship. he's always cuddled into your side. likes when your legs are draped over his, that way he can draw things (usually hearts) onto your skin. holds your hand at any time—on the couch, in the car, while napping, you name it. needs a quick kiss before either of you two leave the room, even if only for a few seconds. always wants to be underneath you or close to you in general. if you’re wearing a hoodie 8/10 times he’ll try to crawl inside and go to sleep on your chest.

    SEUNGMIN ... needs to just be in your personal bubble because why not? isn’t even speaking to you, just has his head resting in your lap <3 what are you gonna do about it? oh? you kissed his nose? yeah, minnie is very shy now >.< if you're not next to him when he falls asleep he will wake up and find you, warmly wrapped in a blanket to cuddle. 9 times out of 10 has his hand on your high when he's next to you.

    JEONGIN ... literally tickles you so much it’s not even funny. doesn’t matter the occasion, his arm is going to be around you—it’s like muscle memory at the point. will literally pull you away from a conversation you're having with one of the boys to cuddle with you in his room. kisses you every chance he gets—needs at least five long kisses before you leave. loves holding your hands and playing with them.

    © PLANETDREAM 2021

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    ☆♡ Sometimes, Tears are Needed ♡☆

    Pairing: Bang Chan x GN!Reader

    English is not my first language; this is not proofread so beware grammar mistakes

    A/N: I needed a comfort fic and Chris has been on my mind recently so, here this is.

    Everyday, he worked hard. Everyday, he brought smiles to many faces. Everyday, he made sure to support anyone and everyone who needed it. Everyday, he put in his full effort with everything he did. Everyday, he was the person to help anyone in need. Everyday, he worked and worked till he was exhausted. But, some days, he was the on in need of comfort. Some days, he was the one in need of support. Some days, he had to work extra hard to get out of bed. Some days, he was the one who needed help getting a smile. And on those days, you'd be there.

    You would be there, holding him close and allowing for him to vent, or tell him how amazing he is, or just simply hold him in complete silence and allow for him to rest his head on your chest and listen to your heart beat; which never failed to lull him to sleep.

    Today happened to be one of those days. However, today was one of the worst days so far. Today was one of the few times it was so bad, tears were involved.

    You were folding laundry in your guys' shared bedroom when you heard him enter, followed by a few sniffles and whimpers. You knew what do as soon as you saw the tears in his eyes. You dropped the t-shirt you were in the middle of folding and sped over to where he stood- him with his arms out desiring a much-needed hug. You happily gave him said hug, feeling him let out all his pent up emotion from the day as soon as your arms wrapped around his shorter form.

    Nothing needed to be said as you held him- all that was needed was for him to be held in your embrace as he allowed for the tears to fall and his sobs to echo through the otherwise silent room.

    Days like this were especially bad. On days like this, Bang Chan wasn't able to be his true self. He wasn't sure why he felt like this; but whatever it was, could only be resolved by your comforting words and embrace. All that could help was you telling how much you loved him, how proud you were of him, how much he meant to you, how you would always be there for him, and that sometimes, tears are needed.

    Your voice and warm hugs always made him feel better. Really, just you made him feel better. He could be on the brink of a mental breakdown, but as soon as he spots you, or hears your voice, or feels your touch, his spirits will rise. Of course, the only way to make him feel like himself again, is when your in your shared bedroom, and he's cuddling into your side, his head buried in your neck as he lets out all the stress he has weighing down on him as your arms hold him close while you press soft kisses to his forehead.

    Being the leader means holding almost all the responsibilities of the group. And sometimes, it gets to be too much for one person to handle. So, that person will always need someone to be there for them. Someone who won't leave them the second they show any emotion. Someone who understands. Someone who doesn't judge them for their decisions. Someone who will always be there to love them and hold them close in their darkest of times. Someone who would never even think about abandoning them. Someone that they can count on to be there, no matter what.

    And Bang Chan found that person. You. You are his person. And he is yours. You two hold each other through even the toughest, and most gruesome of times. No matter how many fights, screaming, or disagreements you go through, you will always be there for him. And he will always be there for you. You own his heart, he owns yours. And you both promised to keep them until death does you part.

    And you both plan on keeping that promise. No matter what. No. Matter. Fucking. What.

    #bang chan#skz #bang chan x reader #bang chan x female reader #bang chan x y/n #bang chan x you #bang chan fluff #bang chan scenarios #bang chan angst #bang chan skz #stray kids #stray kids scenarios #stray kids fluff #stray kids imagines #stray kids x reader #stray kids x y/n #stray kids x you #stray kids x female reader #stray kids x male reader #stray kids x gender neutral reader #bang chan x male reader #bang chan x gender neutral reader #bang chan stray kids #bang chan soft hours #stray kids bang chan #skz bang chan #skz x reader #skz x you #skz x y/n #skz fluff
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    Dangerous (leeknow) - ch3

    Warning - Detailed torture scenes, violence, mentions of blood, mature language, gun violence, cold Minho.

    Note - Some scenes in this chapter are inspired by red sparrow, it is kind of sensitive so read at your own risk.


    It's calm in the dark, it's peaceful in the dark, it's home in the dark, leave me here.


    The rain poured heavily, the howling of the dark night sky echoed to every corner of the darkest alleys while the city glowed in spiritual blue under the growling lightning every other second.

    Your hair dripping down in rain and your clothes heavily soaked while you stood like a rock shivering under your anger, fist clutching impossibly tighter on both of your sides and a pool of crystal tears forming on the brim of your ocean eyes staring right into the red ones of his while he pointed his gun straight at you, even under the crystal drops falling right from heaven washing both your faces, his tears all rolling down his cheeks were still visible ,all broken. "I'm sorry leeknow." BANG! A sudden rush of pain right through the spot just above your chest and you looked at him trying your best to pull a comforting smile at him before you fell down, chest right against the already wet road and your black car a few feet away from you two, badly sunk in from the front, probably because of leeknow's car crashing right into yours a while ago. In a matter of seconds you saw red, blood flowing out of your now hollow chest and your eyes still wide open still focusing on leeknow's broken figure when you heard another loud BANG, right in front of your eyes a bullet going right through his left chest and then and there he fell right in front of your figure merely five inches away from that of your half dead body. Both of you lying down the road Staring into each other's eyes, both of you now swimming in the pool of blood and the pouring rain making the pain worse, you couldn't see who shot him clearly because you couldn't move at all. But right in that moment you felt peaceful, waiting to leave the world just like that under the spiritual sky, you were satisfied that in that moment leeknow was there right in front of your eyes, your body hurt and as if a thousand knife was being stabbed in you again and again it was unbearably painful when you tried to lift your hand, trying your best to hold him for the last time while he seemed to do the same when you saw his hand raising the same way. Eight years of friendship and love flashed all before your blurry eyes when you were about to grab his bloody hands with the red ones of yours but before that somebody pulled you farther away from him and you felt a pair of hands lifting you up the ground, you couldn't keep your eyes open any longer and the last thing you saw was his dead figure lying on the soaked road still looking in your direction. And that was your last goodbye before everything around you blacked out and you were taken away.

    ✨End of flashback ✨



    I tried to flutter open my eyes, slowly getting used to the the faint lights accross the room. In an attempt of moving my body I realised I was stuck down on something, supposedly a wooden chair and I moved my head trying to take in my surroundings. My hands and legs were tied to this chair, my face was covered with a cloth bag, the translucent material of the bag made it see through and I could figure out it was a room familiar to me because I knew every single room in the K.I.A headquarters for years and it was one of it. One thing I couldn't figure out was that I wasn't alone in this room until I heard, "oh somebody is woken from a long nap". His voice was soft and sarcastic but somehow familiar. His steps clearly audible when he moved closer to me and in a swift motion lifted the cloth up my face spreading my long hair all over my shoulder. My eyes shut closed not used to the sudden pinch of light stream. "Woah...you brought some pretty face in the building huh." Another voice heard, this time it was heavier than the first one and a bit raspy but with a sassy tone to it. I forced myself to lift my head up and opened my eyes with a scrunched expression trying to look at their faces. Right in front of my eyes there was the same cold boy with his same dead expression half seated above a not so tall cabinet. His one leg dangling left and right while it hung freely in front of the cabinet and his other leg folded up brought closer to his chest while he seated there leaning one of his elbow on his now folded knees and both his hands brought together to play with the shiny dagger in between. When I was in KIA Minho was an assassin, he surely knew how to handle guns professionally but his passion lingered mostly around blades. He worshipped his knife and no one could beat him in a slash fight. When I scooted my vision slightly away from Minho to look at the other person in the room, shock took over my spine and my expression dropped to that of a jolted one. The boy with silk brown hair stood before me, the boy I thought sounded familiar and to my surprise was the same boy with his puppy like features who bumped into me in the hotel. He looked innocent back then, soft and gentle like a tender teen, so much so that no-one could ever suspect him and that's what I did too. "What are you so shocked at? Do you think you are the only spy here?". The boy with the sassy voice spoke and I glanced at his figure standing tall beside the puppy boy. He had princely features splattered all on his face, his face glowed even in this fainted dark room and his long golden locks brushed the sides of his sharp cheekbones and his posture absolutely spat arrogance far accross the room.

    Focusing back on Minho I yelled, "what did you do to the old lady, she had nothing to do with it." Anger fairly noticeable in my voice. Without breaking the stare with me he stood up from the cabinet and walked towards me with his knife. "You wouldn't wanna raise your voice at me again" his voice was low and threatening. He came closer and stood right before me, raising his hand towards me and I felt the cold metal tip right on my skin, grazing the sharp metal through my left arm sliding up slowly giving me goosebumps. Tracing the scar under my collarbone (the scar she got two years ago when Minho shot her) he swiped the knife near my neck up to my chin with the corner of it lifting my chin so now I could see right into his eyes. My eyes were cold and showed pure anger while his was totally unreadable. In the same time from the corner of my eyes I could see the very visible smirk on both of the boys faces standing nearby with their arms behind their back in an attention position still carrying around their mocking aura. "I wish you made better decisions." One last time his voice cold and low but I tried my best to not let his words affect me, right then he pulled out the chair beside him, slid it between his legs cheekily and sat on it right in front of me. Crossing both his arms in front of him on top of the head of chair and resting his chin on top of his arms, a light pout visible on his face while his eyebrows raised up interrogating. "So why did you kill our spy Lee seonghwa?". Because he assaulted my friend and she commited suicide three days later. "I didn't kill him." His expression remained the same hearing my answer , same unreadable. "Why were you selling national confidentials to the international agency?" Because if I didn't then all you guys would be dead by now. "I didn't sell any information." He nodded. "Who is Daniel wolf?" My head raised shooked at this name, the name I absolutely despised. "I-i don't know." He nodded again this time more disappointed. "Ok so you wanna go the harder way.....your choice." With a sigh he held his temples in annoyance and in a minute stood up from his chair walked back to the small cabinet where he sat a while ago and took out a radio transmitter from his pocket and glanced at the ceiling just above the door. When I followed his gaze to the ceiling I caught up a camera. It was very likely that we were being watched, but definitely not by our boss because I killed him like two years ago before I ran away. On the other side of the transmitter I could hear a female voice faintly audible. "Positive or negative?" She spoke. Minho looked down towards his shoes and took ten seconds before he sighed and replied to her. "Negative." "Alright you can start now." With that he nodded at the two boys standing behind me for the past whole interrogation and the next thing I knew was them untying me from the chair and dragging me accross the room to push me against the wall with my back facing them. Their hold on me was tighter than ever and I suddenly felt the tip of cold knife brushing down the back of my neck and through my shirt, ripping it off my body.


    Time skip:


    The next moment you knew were in a solid tiled chamber with purposely dropped temperature, barely clothed you were already shivering being constantly drained by the frozen water showering from just above you. As a spy you've always been through worst conditions and trained to put your patience under test and you knew you were able to become a KIA's spy for a reason. The cold was painfully creeping up your spines and you held in there for God knows how long.


    23 Hours later

    You were in a huge room sitting on a wooden chair and right in front of you lied another wooden chair, visibly empty at the moment. Your body was covered in an off white, thigh long shirt and your long hair was loose down on on your shoulders, your hands still leather tied to the chair.

    After a while you heard footsteps rushing towards you from your south. It definitely was a woman from the heavy heels that echoed around the hall. She went past you and you noticed her fox like features with snake like body, she carried herself with pride and her painful stares were digging holes through your body. Right behind her followed two men perfectly like soldiers, one being a junior agent from the way he looks young and clueless and the other one obviously being Minho because he seemed to be given my case from the beginning. Although you've not been familiar with any of the new KIA recruits for the past two years it was obvious that the woman somehow managed to grab the superior agent seat with wrong means because there was no way she could beat the agents in your formal team against the higher post. Both the guys stood right beside you on each side while the woman walked in front of you and sat on the chair arrogantly. "Meika wolf" she sighed. "Let's start again, this time I'll ask you only one question to make it easier for you." Listening to her voice it suddenly struck me that she was the same woman on the radio transmitter yesterday when you thought someone was watching you from the camera. "Did you give the secret research file to ASRO?"

    She looked straight into your eyes without blinking once. "No" you said with your cold voice. She changed glances from you to the younger guy beside you and nodded, right then he pulled out a heavy metal cylinder and a cloth, he put the wet cloth on top of your hand and raised the metal bringing it down against your hand with an unbearable hit. You shrieked in pain and bowed down in agony while Minho pulled you up straight against the chair again through your shoulders facing you directly with the woman interrogating you. Your eyes were glossy and the only thing rushing through your body was pain. "Did you give the research file to ASRO?" Your voice was shaky but you knew the consequences if you would tell them the truth. You knew it would affect everyone you knew and cared for. You've seen your friends die in front of your eyes and it was your fault, maybe you couldn't take the guilt anymore or maybe you didn't want to loose the only ones left with you. "No" you replied again with your tired voice. She looked at the younger guy again and he raised the wet cloth from your hand to up your shoulder and with a loud thud again, another stream of pain rushed through your spine travelling down your body and your gutteral scream echoed in the room. By reflex your upper body hung down again and you were pulled back against your chair by Minho, all over again. "Meika tell me why did you give the secret file to them?" "I-I didn't " At this point tears of

    agony streamed down your cheeks and your expression was furiously frowned. In a minute you went through the same process again and it only repeated for another long extended minutes while you were totally broken and given up.

    Your head hung low and a visible string of blood dripped down your lips onto the floor and your vision was getting blurry. You just wanted to run away all over again. At this point you couldn't even hear the woman's voice properly. "YOU gave the file to them, YOU betrayed your country." This time it wasn't even a question, she straight remarked you as the traitor. "No I didn't betray anyone." She wasn't expecting you to answer back after all the beatings and in frustration looked at the boy, nodded to him and stood up from her seat leaving the room with Minho in defeat. Meanwhile the boy held the wet cloth right on your head and you obviously would know what happened next.


    3 hours later


    I was sitting in yet another room and there was a small table in front of me with a laptop settled on top. In a minute someone came inside the room, walking in front of me I mentally sighed when I found out it was Minho. How is his expression always the same, cold and unreadable. He was nothing like this before, he used to be the most caring person I ever had in my life, his smile was contagious, his personality was charming, he was like a bright perfectionist. He made sure I knew every single detail of what happened and what happens in his life, and I did the same too, except I only hid the darkest parts. I was scared, I wasn't ready to loose him for my filthy life I didn't choose to be a part of. But I only broke his trust, I stole the most precious thing of his life.

    No words said, no glance exchanged as he entered the room, he grabbed his laptop opening it and supposedly searched for something. In a minute or two he turned the laptop to my face and clicked play. It was a video of the same room, same chair, same person who is right in front of my eyes, only the person sitting on the chair was not me it was someone I knew, clearly knew, but how was that possible, what was he doing here. He was my partner agent in ASRO who was sent with me to steal the research file in KIA. Me and him were the only two people who knew about this mission besides our boss, Daniel. How did they catch him and moreover why did they catch him. At this point I could make out it was more than just a betrayal issue, something deeper than it should've been. The video played in front of me and Minho who happened to be interrogating the guy in this video held a gun against his head. "Last time, did you steal the research file from KIA?" My whole body shook watching the clip. The man answered "No." Right after which I heard it loud and clear as if it happened right in front of my eyes, Minho pulled the trigger and the only thing I saw that followed was blood. The video clip stopped right after and Minho shut the laptop off. Pulling out the gun from his jeans he walked past me and stood behind my chair and the next moment I clearly felt the gun pressed flush against my head. My eyes were shut closed and my heartbeat raised, I just wanted to apologise to everyone I ever hurt, atleast I would be left with a little less guilt than before. "Last time, did you steal the research file from KIA?" Memories and bunch of memories only flashed in front of my eyes. My purpose, my training, the people I was putting up in danger flashed before my eyes, and I knew one thing, i was embracing the right and that's the only thing in my life I didn't regret. It's going to be alright, I'm proud of you. My mom comforted me mentally. Ready to accept my fate I did what I had to do. "No" I said. I closed my eyes and calmed myself waiting to meet with the consequences. In a second he held at his gun and when he pulled at the trigger...................nothing happened. It was empty. As if I was holding my breath my whole body felt weak, I ducked down and threw up. Hot tears ran down my cheeks and I only felt pain, immense pain rush through my body, the pain I held for years. "Why?" I cried. "Just why?" I was sobbing in front of him.


    Next day

    After the yesterday's incident I was brought down to this observation room with cameras. I was given some clean clothes to wear, two meals for breakfast and dinner, water to drink and an air mattress put up on the floor to sleep. It was 10:00 pm at night. There was nothing that happened today, everything was peaceful. As if I've been given some time to rest. I just couldn't figure out what was happening and why was it happening. I had so many questions in mind and I only wanted to return back to the day Minho shot me on road, I wish I was dead that day, atleast I wouldn't have to go through hell all over again.

    I walked around the small room back and forth in deep thoughts when I heard my room being unlocked and from outside came two men, I didn't know these men either. I didn't expect a lot of change in two years but now that I think about it there are a lot of agents who got recruited while I was away and i didn't know any of them.

    The two men grabbed my arms and pulled it against my back tying me with handcuffs and covered my eyes shut with a black cloth around my eyes. I only could feel myself being taken to some unknown place, walking down the hallways for fifteen minutes and climbing up infinite stairs I finally felt warm when I was brought to this supposedly not so huge room. I heard someone open a creaking wooden door and I entered the room the men still holding onto my arms to guide me. After a while I was stopped at this single spot and I was totally clueless about what was to come next. In a second a pair of hands untied the cloth around my eyes and when I opened my eyes to look at my surroundings my heart dropped at the sight. My body was shivering and my mind was shattered. I only wanted to be dead by now. My biggest fear, the person I despised the most, the peron who ruined my life and is responsible for ruining all my friends life too. Right in front of my eyes, why just why didn't I die already. The biggest question in my mind was that what was he doing here. My expression was visibly shaken and I couldn't believe my eyes, he sat in front of me with same arrogance and same deathly glare, the boss of ASRO, Daniel wolf, aka my dad.


    Note - I'm sorry for this shitty chapter, I think it's a little long, I'll surely take care about it in the coming chapters 😭. And if you read it then I just wanna say thank you so much it means a lot to me. Feel free to leave likes, it makes my day. 🌻⛅🌈🌼


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    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 21 Reminiscing, Sunoo

    Y/N woke up with a splitting headache on the day before Christmas Eve, and she immediately regretted everything she had done the night before. Though it was a slow process, most of her memories flooded back. Snippets of the events that occurred pieced themselves together to form a perfect recreation, except, it wasn’t really perfect, was it?

    After torturous nights of nightmares she had to subject herself to, the raw emotions she felt was real enough for her to cower in the room she was staying in for a good few days until Sunoo, the good boy that he was, managed to convince her to get out to get some fresh air. He never asked about her experience in the dream world, and never prodded her like an interrogator. All he did was take her hand and lead her in the right direction—all of which without her knowing, god bless him—and allowed her to heal in her own way, her own pace.

    And all this, all of this, done just for her, even though he, too, had been struggling, because the young boy whom she had known all her life, would rather be a selfless person for the one he cared about.

    She told him to make a name for himself, and then confess to her then—but all of that was just a way to push him out into the world to experience all that he didn’t before, in hopes that he would find something special to his heart and forget all about her.

    She told him to make a name for himself, and then confess to her then—but all of that was just a way to push him out into the world to experience all that he didn’t before, in hopes that he would find something special to his heart and forget all about her.

    It was fruitless, she realized, because this happened, and she supposed that he had been back prematurely. The name for himself he had made—the name was already vastly known throughout the orchestral world, and one that was widely known across the globe, something she was very proud about.

    And yet, the feelings she held for her were still tightly wrapped around him. Maybe she should have put out the candle before the flames grew too big, even for her to put out.

    Regardless, the night prior, she had dragged him out to drink because it was too much for her, and she needed an outlet, erase all that hindrance, erase all that stress, and erase all that trauma she had held so tightly onto, in hopes that she could start a new page all by herself. Sunoo wasn’t going to stay with her forever, and she needed to stand on her two feet, all without someone to lean on.

    And yet, ironic as it was, she ended up being a lightweight and ended up getting drunk after only two glasses, and it had put a lot of burden and stress on the younger man who had courteously allowed her into his life, once more.

    Maybe she hated herself for that, but the headache wasn’t earning any favours at this point.

    Sunoo chose that moment to enter the room, with more room service than any luxurious hotel could afford, and sat beside her, all while offering her the best hangover medication she could ever ask for. Scratch that, it was just one of her favourite drinks, mostly. Although chocolate milk was far from the best hangover cure, she loved the stuff and it also promoted more liquids into her body and she did not want to die from dehydration just yet.

    She was kidding, by the way.

    With that, Y/N greedily took the cup with both hands and chugged it in one go. Sunoo, the ever-good boy, rubbed her back to help her to not choke, and also to help soothe any lingering negative emotions she might have had from the past few days.

    The chocolate milk moustache didn’t help.

    And Sunoo broke into laughter, because Y/N was just the cutest person in his eyes, after all.

    “…what…” she asked, almost begrudgingly. The slightly accusatory glance she cast in his direction did not dampen his mood, it seemed.

    “You have a milk moustache,” he responded, jovially, and fetched a piece of tissue from the nightstand before offering it to her.

    Y/N, on the other hand, quickly took the tissue before covering her mouth area with the tissue, effectively erasing the (adorable) mistake.

    With that out of the way, he leaned forward, and wrapped his arms around her, the previous smile on his face slowly dissipating.

    “You scared me last night.”

    The earlier mood, like the smile on Sunoo face, had also vanished, as a sense of dread slowly crawled back into her mind. Whether or not she was ready to face everything, whether or not she was ready to explain, and to have someone else carry the burden with her, she wasn’t sure, but with all that had happened, she felt like she owed him an explanation.

    “Did I…do something again?” The words came out hesitantly, and Y/N, despite already having asked the question, wanted nothing more than to retract it in fear of hearing something she wasn’t quite ready for.

    The memories of her dream were vague at best, and if he told her she was calling out to Jake yet again, she might just break.

    “No,” Sunoo answered, “you were crying.”

    A sense of relief, and then:

    “It was a heart-wrenching sob,” he continued.

    Something seemed to be tearing at her from the inside.

    “I’ve never felt so hopeless, you were just sobbing so miserably but there was nothing I could do to alleviate that sadness you hold so close to your heart.”

    Sunoo pulled back and stared into Y/N’s eyes.

    “I just wanted to make your pain go away, somehow, but…”

    Y/N shook her head, tears already forming at the corners of her eyes. She placed her hands on top of his and rested her forehead against his shoulder.

    “I need to tell you what happened.”

    Because the longer she put it off, she felt like it was going to eat her alive. And maybe those therapists were right, or rather, the words Sunoo said to her before were right, it would be better to share the burden than for her to carry it alone. She realized this now, and while it took her days of ramming her head against a metaphorical brick wall for her to understand that, she didn’t have to do that, now. She had Sunoo.

    And it was better to let him in than to leave him out.

    “About everything,” Y/N said, finally.

    They said the truth would set you free, but in this case, it wasn’t freeing, but at least someone else knew what she was going through.

    Time went by, events that had led up to Jake’s untimely demise had been explained with as much detail as possible, and despite taking half a day to cover everything that had happened up to this point, she had opened her heart to him. She expected him to be mad, frustrated, and furious.

    And mad he got.

    She didn’t think she had ever seen him so outraged. But as his anger died down, slowly but surely, he once again held her in his arms. She knew he did it for her, in hopes that it would calm her, and it did, but it didn’t really put out that tiny sense that he was going to do something stupid to compensate…

    She just wanted it to be over.


    Sunoo, who had still held her in his arms, rocking her slightly, hummed in response.

    “When this is all over, let’s go somewhere together…”

    Her voice was soft, and as time went on, a sense of relief started settling in. Maybe she would trade the world for him…

    The evening quickly rolled by, and as the sun finally set on the night before Christmas Eve, Sunoo’s phone started ringing.

    [Unknown number is calling.]

    ▾ SYNOPSIS y/n is a girl who lives a mundane life as a university student. however, things started to deviate from her sense of normalcy—gifts start arriving at her door, creepy messages bombard her phone, and the constant feeling that she's being watched. she enlists the help of her best friend, jake, and as time passes, both of them realize that this is the work of an obsessive stalker with a motive. time is running out and things are spiring out of control—will y/n be able to take back the life she once had?

    Note: Sorry for the late chapter, life happened, and had lots of work to do.

    Masterlist << previous | next >>

    taglist (open) @msxflower @mykalon @softforqiankun @freckledquokka @yougeans @kac-chowsballs @e3teungie @softyuk @yeonwon @etherealcherrie @acciomylove @blank-velvet @rindomo @cha-raena @studioreader @verifiedsunghoonsimp @pinkhyunie @you-njinhwang @w3bqrl @rikisnotforsale @felixstarry-freckles @theskzvibe @pokyloky @yurazuyori @rinyx @luvrseung

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    #skz smut #stray kids smut #stray kids hard hours #skz hard hours #corruption kink#skz scenarios #lee felix smut #sub stray kids #sub skz #skz felix smut #felix smut #sub!felix #mommy kink
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    ☾ Title : 10.15pm 

    ☾ Pairing: Lee Felix x reader

    ☾ Genre: fluff, kinda angsty, friends to lovers.. 

    ☾ Prompt: request : Heyyy! I love your writing 💙 if you have some time, could you please write a reader/Felix about the reader being 2-3 years older than him and she tells Chan or Lee Know that she in love with Felix but she hides it and avoids him bc she heard Felix say he likes younger girls. Eventually he finds out and fluff / smut (if you're comfy with that ofc) sorry if it's too specific lolHave a great day! 💜💜 - ☘️

    ☾ A/N: Hello, tiph and her kind of on and off hiatus decided to write this request,i really liked this request but my mind doesn’t really want to cooperate with me atm, so hope you like it and give feedback xoxo

    read proof is off.

    ☾ Word Count: 0.805K

    masterlist | ask or request (requests are off)

    You were sitting on your bed looking at the Christmas light outside your window, ignoring your phone next to you, keep lighting up with texts. Drinking a hot tea, trying to organize your thoughts. 

    But phone blowing up wasn’t helping, just texts and missed calls from Felix, the one you were trying to avoid. 

    Felix :

    « -Where are you ? 

    -Y/Nnie we were supposed to be baking cookies at the dorms.. 

    -R u avoiding me ? 

    -Like .. u don ’t even answer me » 

    It’s been almost a week since your started avoiding the blonde Australian, trying to move on somehow with your feeling, having a crush on him was hard for you and your mental health. He was so cute, amazing and really sweet with everyone all the time, including you. 

    You :

    «  - I’m not avoiding u just doing a lot of stuffs » 

    You put your phone next to you on your bed, and sighed loudly to yourself. 

    Hiding was your best option for the moment, Lee know knew about your feelings for his band member, but decided to keep it secret. But every time the guys talked about girls, Lix was always talking about younger girls. 

    Felix :

    « - I’m outside your door, it’s cold open pls » 

    You sighed one more time, not wanting to see him, alone and face to face. You been avoiding him and somehow moving on with your feelings.. and Felix being at your door at this right moment didn’t help you. But at same time something in you told you to face him and your feelings, being an adult and not running away from him. 

    You opened your door, to find Felix hiding in a black fluffy beanie and a huge scarf hiding half of his face. “You don’t imagine how cold it is’’ he said smiling with his eyes. 

    You only smile to him, but the smile didn’t reach your eyes. 

    “I have cookies and want to watch a film with you .. just a chill night with my friend’’ 

    .. Friend, you guys were just friends .. “Lix I’ve got many things to do .. i-i can’t tonight’’ you said, not looking into his eyes, finding the wall behind him pretty interesting. 

    “Are you okay Y/N?’’ 

    You nodded, explaining to him, that yes you were okay, but didn’t have much time to hangout with him at the time, finding excuse to yourself to avoiding him. 

    “Y/N talk to me ! Tell me what is going on ? For fuck sake’s’’ he was getting impatient with you and the way you were acting. 

    Yes your reaction was a bit too much, but you couldn’t find another way to deal with it expect avoiding him. “Look it’s been days since we last talked and I feel left out .. have I done something ? Do you hate me ? Tell me what I’ve done ?’’ 

    A lot of thing were running in your mind, but you couldn’t find the right words. “Lix you didn’t do anything, it’s just .. I have a lot of things to do and ..’’ 

    “Y/N i’m not an idiot, i know you been hanging out with the guys but you’re gone before I come home and you don’t answer my calls or texts .. and I’m done not knowing if I have hurt you or not’’ 

    Tears were blurring your vision, you’ve hurt Felix and hated yourself for it, it was your fault avoiding him to not suffer but made him feeling bad the time. 

    “I’m sorry’’ was all you said playing with your fingers. “I’m the worst friend .. I’m sorry I have hurt you and I ..’’ 

    You lost your words feeling Felix’s eyes burning your skin, and tears running on your face. “Just tell me why ?’’ 

    “Because .. because you don’t feel what I feel’’ you murmured, your head hanging low. 

    “Look at me, you can tell me everything you know’’ he said hugging you, you freeze at the sudden movement. 

    “I’m sorry Felix I can’t do it ..’’ You said parting from him “it’s too much for me’’ 

    You could the pain in his eyes, and it broke your heart more than before. Your selfishness was hurting him probably more than you. 

    “I’m sorry I hurt you Felix, it’s just .. you’ll never like me the way I like you’’ 

    He looked at you like a sort of alien. “What are you saying, you’re beautiful, gorgeous, sweet .. and I can go for a lot time lovely’’ he said shyly smiling at you. 

    “.. But I’m older than you’’ you said 

    He laughed at you, still holding you. “What are you about, older than me? It doesn’t mean anything to me ..’’ 

    Was he admitting his feelings to you ? “What about all these idols ?’’ 

    “No no, yeah I find them pretty but nothing more .. it’s you, it’s always been you’’ 

    He smiled at you, he slowly kissed your lips, barely a second. 

    #straykidsland#stray kids#skz#skz imagines#skz scenarios #stray kids scenarios #stray kids imagine #skz angst#skz fanfic#skz fluff #stray kids angst #stray kids fluff #lee felix oneshot #lee felix fanfic #lee felix fluff #lee felix scenarios #lee felix x reader #lee felix angst #lee felix imagines #skz felix #skz x reader #stray kids x reader #stray kids x you
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    lifeguard on duty!!

    episode 6: sigh....

    << series masterlist >>


    “I just wanna vibe this summer and not worry about having to save ppl’s lives and crap.” That’s what you told your best friend, Choi Beomgyu, when he demanded you become a lifeguard at JinYoungP Beach with him. But then again, that was before you met one of the guards Gyu worked with, Lee Felix. (Spoiler alert: the guy was sexy asf!!!) Suddenly, Beomgyu’s proposition didn’t sound so bad…


    Stray Kid’s Felix, I.N, and Chris

    TXT’s Beomgyu

    Æspa’s Ningning

    Enhypen’s Heeseung, Jay, and Jake

    Treasure’s Yedam and Asahi

    Twice’s Nayeon


    kpop smau, crack, fluff, romance, action ig?


    extreme crackheadery, some cursing, sexual jokes, love hexagons (it’s complicated)

    updates every tuesday/saturday

    series taglist: [open] @itzfiyah @hyunjxnxee @leagreenly

    permanent taglist: @0x1lovebot @odxrilove @taecup-ontrack @en-core-z @meraniki @staysflower @cherrycxree @enheun @kimnamshiks @houseofincantations @straykidsland @ficscafe @thevampywolf @crispy-chan @sweetrainwrites @jeyelleohe @rosesarentme

    copyright 2021. all rights reserved to @sunshinelixie-lee . usage, reproduction, and translation of all works without the express permission from the author are strictly prohibited.

    #straykidsland #house of incantations #ficscafe #stray kids x reader #Lee felix x reader #lee felix x reader #stray kids fluff #skz#lee felix #skz x reader #skz scenarios #stray kids scenarios #skz imagines #stray kids smau #lee felix smau #enhypen smau#treasure smau #stray kids imagines #lee felix imagines #lee felix fluff #lee felix angst #lee felix social media au #stray kids felix #stray kids drabbles #lee felix x you #lee yongbok#felix lee#skz felix#skz fluff#felix skz
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    Roommate!Jisung sneaking into your room in the middle of the night during a thunderstorm, not wanting to sleep alone..

    #I'm going to rewrite this when I have the time #stray kids #stray kids imagines #skz#skz imagines#han jisung#skz han #stray kids han #stray kids scenarios #stray kids fanfic #stray kids timestamps #skz timestamps#skz scenarios #han jisung scenarios #han jisung imagines #han jisung timestamps #skz han imagines #skz han scenarios #skz han timestamps #stray kids han imagines #stray kids han scenarios #stray kids han jisung imagines
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    Hyunjin x reader. (s,f)

    Without opening your eyes, you knew that daylight had come from the noise of the city’s wake from outside your window. Knowing that it was the weekend, your hand reached for your duvet to snuggle in for some more sleep. “Don’t move!” a voice said, loud enough to startle you. With your eyes still heavy with sleep, you reluctantly opened your eyes to find Hyunjin sitting a few feet away from you. He sat on your study chair with a sketchbook on his lap with his hand dancing, skillfully drawing on it. “But I’m cold,” you groaned, realizing you were naked underneath the duvet. He glanced at you, then scribbled something on the sketch, “Just a little bit more,” he said to you. You relented, staying still on the bed, lying on your side facing him with one hand folded under your head. You looked at his face, contorted in full concentration, and once in a while, glanced at you with his hands swiftly gliding over the sketchbook. “Can I at least have a sip of coffee first?” You asked without moving an inch on the bed. “I’ll make you a cup once I’m done,” he replied without looking away from his sketchbook. You almost dozed off again as the sun went higher up and slivers of sunlight shining through the blinds. “You can move now,” Hyunjin announced, folding his sketchbook closed and putting all the stationery away on your study desk. You sighed in relief, pulling the duvet up to your chest since your body had been exposed to the crisp morning air. Hyunjin walked up to you then sat on the bed, he held your chin in his hand, “Good morning,” he greeted, his voice as pleasant as the morning breeze. “Good morning,” you greeted back. He leaned in for a quick kiss on your lips, you smiled at him when he broke the kiss, “I’ll be back with your coffee,” he said to you, then left the room. You were stretching out your hands when Hyunjin returned with a steaming mug of coffee in hand. You sat up on the bed, “a cup of coffee with two spoons of cream and one spoon of sugar,” he said as he handed you your coffee. You grinned that he got your coffee right, you could almost taste it on your tongue when you took the mug from him, you found the smell of coffee oddly aphrodisiac. Hyunjin sat on the edge of the bed facing you, “and here,” he pulled out a rose from his back like some sort of magic trick, “here is a reward for being my muse,” he said, handing you the rose by its stem. The gesture was unexpected and surprisingly romantic that you set down your coffee mug on the bedside table without taking a sip. You took the rose from him by its stem and brought it close to your nose to sniff that heavenly, distinctive smell of rose. “It’s beautiful, I love it,” you said with such giddy, putting the flower so close to your lips. Hyunjin caressed the side of your face then leaned in for a kiss, you gasped at how his lips didn’t have that much difference with how the rose petals felt on your lips. “Oh, wait,” you pulled away from his kiss, “how come the rose petals and your lips felt the same?” He lightly chuckled, “yeah?” You brushed the rose over your lips again then placed a peck on his lips for a quick comparison, astounded that you almost couldn’t tell the difference. He softly laughed from looking at your reaction. “Let’s do it like this,” Hyunjin scooted closer to you on the bed, “I’ll secretly touch you, and you have to tell whether it’s me or the flower,” he raised one eyebrow at you. You considered his offer, “will there be another reward?” You slyly grinned at him. He nodded, “Yeah, sure,” You nodded instantly at the promise of the reward, your mind went haywire, wildly guessing what the reward would be. “But,” Hyunjin quickly added, “you have to cover your eyes or else it wouldn’t be fair,” Your brows furrowed in slight panic or excitement, you couldn’t decide, “okay, yes, I’ll take it,” stifled a nod at him. Hyunjin wrapped a silk scarf around your head to cover your eyes, “Is it too tight?” He asked. You shook your head, “it’s alright,” He sighed in relief, “good,” he observed to see if you could peek a sight, swaying his hand in front of you

    and earning no reaction from you. He took it that your eyes were perfectly sealed. Hyunjin felt so giddy with exuberant feeling at the idea of touching you, he couldn’t wait to press a kiss on you and did it out of enthusiasm. “That’s Hyunjin’s lips,” you exclaimed as he broke the kiss. He chuckled, “I just wanted to kiss you, you silly!” He said to you. You laughed along with him. “Okay, now lay down,” he said to you, slowly pushing you back down on the bed and making sure your head comfortably rested on the pillow. You took a deep breath, your heart beating out of control since you could only listen to his movements around you. Your hand groped around to where he sat but he wasn’t there anymore, then you felt the duvet being pulled down your body. You shuddered as the fabric brushed down every inch of your skin, then it was off of your body, exposing your naked body underneath. Hyunjin smacked his lips at the sight he was seeing, his eyes lusting over your naked body on the white sheet. His head filled with so many kinds of thoughts at once, he couldn’t choose what to do to you first. You heard him moving around the room from the faint sound of his footsteps approaching your side of the bed. Hyunjin took the rose from the bedside table, he considered his choices first and eventually made up his mind. You felt a quick, soft brush over your lips, and you were about to complain at how brief the contact was for you to guess whether it was him or the flower when he placed the flower back on your lips, you couldn’t tell at first but you caught a sniff of the smell, “rose,” you said. Hyunjin stayed quiet, he glided the rose down your neck. He gently tapped the rose on your neck to trick you before placing a short, tender kiss on your neck. You felt misguided by it for a second, “lips,” you told him. Hyunjin quietly glided the rose down to the base of your throat, he sat on the bed looking down at you. He then retracted the flower and left you unattended for a few seconds, he placed a kiss on your sternum. Your breath hitched, you knew it right away that it was his lips, “lips,” you said again. He smiled at all of your correct answers so far, and it only drove him further to try to trick you. He dipped the rose into a glass of water, until it was wet enough with beads of water on the petals, then put it on your breast. You gasped at the cold touch it gave you, you knew he was trying to trick you, but you could tell that it wasn’t his mouth on yours, “you think you can trick me?” You sneered. Hyunjin glanced at your face, “mmh?” You smiled a victorious smile, “that’s the rose,” He felt so caught red-handed that he rushed to take your nipple in his mouth. Your mouth snapped open, crying out in pleasure, “I kind of doubt it for a second, but I think it’s Hyunjin’s mouth,” you jokingly said in between your pants, your hand helplessly reaching for his head on your chest as he was sucking on the supple flesh of your breast. He was fast to catch your hands and pinned them against the bed at the sides of your pillow, “no touching!” He warned you. “Okay,” you breathlessly said. You heard him shift on the bed, you were sure he was doing something else after cause you heard other noises. Then you felt something on your stomach, moved down to your belly button. Now that your eyesight was limited, your other senses got sharpened, and you could tell exactly that it was the flower. Hyunjin moved the flower now, rubbing it down your inner thigh, you shivered as it was getting close to where you wanted him the most. You arched your back, shamelessly seeking his attention like your cunt wasn’t wet enough for him. Hyunjin smirked saw you become so needy, he lowered his head and placed a tender kiss on your pelvic bone. You hummed, certain that it was his lips from the sticky kiss he left on your skin, “lips,” you confidently guessed. He didn’t reply but picked up the rose, and put it on your wet slit, gave it a quick gentle brush. You let out a low moan, “rose,” you said to him. Hyunjin tried playing a trick on you again by blowing warm

    breaths on your cunt with the rose faintly rubbing your clit. You moaned, struggling to concentrate now, and it felt hazy to you now, “rose,” Hyunjin smirked, “are you sure?” He asked you, as a way to try to deceive you. You doubted for a second cause his breath was ghosting over your sex, “yes,” you stuttered. “I’ll give you one more chance,” Hyunjin tried again. You licked your lips, “no, I’m sure, it’s the rose,” you answered. Hyunjin chuckled, then kneeled between your legs and tossed the rose away onto the floor. “Did I get it right?” You asked, clueless whether you guessed it wrong or right. Hyunjin put his hand on your abdomen, “one last test,” he said to you. Your chest heaving with every breath you took, anticipating what he would do next to you that you got the urge to pull down the scarf that covered your eyes and see everything. You heard Hyunjin heavily sighing and shifting around on the bed then you felt his hand on you, splayed flat on your thigh. There was a long pause from there, and it felt like forever, when you opened your mouth to speak something protruding, teasing around your entrance. You knew exactly what it was right away, you moaned and didn’t shy away to let him hear it. “Can you tell?” He asked you. You hummed because you recognize that right away, “Can you just put it in already?” You boldly said. He smirked, “You have to give me the correct answer to earn your reward,” he told you without stuttering as if it didn’t make you feel more drenched down there. He ran his tip down your slit as he waited for your answer. You softly chuckled, “It is Hyunjin’s long and beautiful cock,” you answered without a beat, biting your lower lip as you waited for his reaction. It was quiet for a while until you felt a hand on your thigh, “here’s your reward, princess,” he said as he carefully entered you, slowly pushing in all of his lengths into you that you couldn’t help but moan at the delightful stretch. You took him whole just like you always do, he lowered his body on top of you and pulled down the scarf that was covering your eyes. You hooked both of your legs around his waist, sighed at how your body molded into each other. He smirked at you as he leaned in to give you a peck on the lips, “your coffee is getting cold,” he said to you, eyeing the coffee mug on the bedside table with his face hovering a few inches away above you. “Who needs coffee anyway,” you paused to throw your hands around his neck, “when I got you inside me,” you finished, pulling him for a kiss like nothing could separate you, just two bodies pressed together under the sunny haze.

    #stray kids #stray kids smut #skz#skz smut#hyunjin smut #hwang hyunjin smut #skz hyunjin smut #skz hwang hyunjin smut #stray kids hyunjin smut #hyunjin x reader #skz x reader #skz imagines#skz scenarios#skz fics #kpop stray kids #kpop skz#kpop smut#kpop fics#seospicy smut
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    I.N x reader. (s, f)

    “Can I sip yours?” You asked Jeongin, eyeing his coffee cup in front of him.

    He nodded, “go ahead,”

    You smiled at him, took his coffee cup, and took a careful sip, “Oh, it’s not that sweet. I like it,” you exclaimed, pushing his coffee cup back to him on the table.

    Jeongin’s eyes darted at the lipstick mark you made on the rim of his coffee cup.

    “Noona?” He called you.

    Your head snapped at him, “yes?”

    “Can we go to your place?” He asked, his long fingers wrapped around his coffee cup.

    “Yeah, it’s cold to stay out, don’t you think?” you answered as you looked out to the snowed pavements.

    Jeongin knew you would always say yes to him. You always bought him food, pinched his cheeks whenever he did something you found cute, you occasionally hugged him and kissed him on the cheek a few times without any hesitancy. He’s like a younger brother you never have.

    Jeongin went along with it if that means he gets to hang out with you without feeling awkward, just like today, he took you for a coffee, and you said yes right away because to you, it was just a casual meet-up and not much.

    “Maybe we can order some pizza later,” you said to him as you entered the elevator to get to your apartment floor, “what do you think?”

    The question seemed to snap him out of his reverie, “yes,” was all he could manage to say.

    Jeongin longing for the day you would treat him like you would treat his older hyungs, he wanted you to feel that tension you get whenever you’re so close to each other, and on top of that, he wanted you to see him as a man.

    “You’re in luck. I cleaned the apartment this morning,” you told him, letting the door wide open to let him enter.

    He took off his shoes and put on the slippers, he felt a tingle inside when he saw your shoes and his were next to each other on the threshold.

    You took off your coat and tossed it along with your purse on your bed, “you want something?” You asked him as you got out of the bedroom.

    He was taking off his coat and folded it, placing it on the armrest of the sofa. He looked at you rather blank-eyed.

    “I have some fruits. Let’s eat that! We have to make room for pizza later,” you suggested, walking in the direction of the kitchen.

    You took out some apples and a pack of strawberries from the fridge, brought them to the kitchen counter to start peeling them.

    Jeongin approached you, “Let me help you,” he offered, rolling the sleeves of his sweater up to his elbows.

    You glanced at his toned, veiny hands with slender fingers adorned with metal rings,

    “You’ve been working out a lot, huh?” You asked him.

    He shyly laughed, “I think of starting to impress you with my body,”

    Your mouth hung open at his unexpected reply, “oh,” you gasped, but your hand naturally reached for his cheek and pinched him, “so cheeky!” you told him.

    There she goes again, he muttered under his breath.

    He went on to wash the strawberries under the running water. You came up behind him as you were done peeling and slicing the apples.

    “Just dry them quickly with the paper towel,” you instructed,

    He nodded, his focus was centered on your hand rested on the small of his back.

    “I have a bottle of wine that would…” you words trailed off, “Oh wait, you-”

    “Yes, I am legal enough to drink, Noona,” he quickly remarked.

    You scoffed and rolled your eyes at him, “I was about to ask you if you like wine,” you told him.

    You pulled out two wine glasses from the cabinet and brought them to the table in the living room while Jeongin brought the tray with plates of sliced fruits on it and set it down the table, then sat next to you on the sofa.

    You popped open the cork of the wine, you felt relaxed as the aphrodisiac scent of wine wafted around you. You poured wine into both glasses and handed one to Jeongin.

    “Cheers,” you said to him as you clanged your glass with him.

    Jeongin took a small sip then set his glass down on the table, yes he is legal to drink, but he needs some more time to figure out his tolerance for alcohol.

    He took a piece of strawberry and shoved it into his mouth, you watched as he chewed on it.

    “So cute,” you exclaimed.

    He raised one eyebrow, “what cute?”

    “The way you eat,” you replied.

    Jeongin wiped his mouth with a napkin, “you should stop saying cute at everything that I do,”

    You chuckled, “I just can’t help it sometimes,” you admitted.

    “And stop pinching my cheeks,” he complained, picking a strawberry off the plate, “stop feeding me food like a kid,” he added, then brought the strawberry to your mouth, “says AAAA,” he ordered.

    And you unconsciously complied, opening your mouth for him. He put the strawberry in your mouth, and you closed your mouth around it.

    “How do you like being fed like a child?” He asked you as you chewed on your strawberry, and he wiped the juice leaking out the corner of your mouth with his thumb.

    You felt bad knowing that he felt uncomfortable by the way you treated him, “I’m sorry that I made you feel that way,” you sincerely apologized.

    “I want you to stop kissing me on the cheek too,” he muttered.

    “But I kissed Felix on the cheek too,” you chimed in.

    He laughed, “That’s because Felix Hyung likes skin ships,”

    You softly laughed, “so that means you don’t want kisses from me anymore?” You teased, raising one of your eyebrows at him

    He suddenly reached for your hand on your lap, “I want you to treat me as a man,” he told you, clasped his hand together with you on your lap. His foxy, sharp eyes fixated on you, “To be honest, Noona, I never looked at you less than a woman, you are so beautiful and carried yourself so well, and I find that really, really attractive,”

    Was it the silence that hung in the air, or did his voice just go lower by the seconds? You became afraid he might hear the way your heart was beating out of control right now.

    “I like how your cheeks redden either due to the heat or the cold, the way you rub the back of your neck when you’re nervous and how you would squeeze my elbow whenever you see something that caught your interest,” he said without stuttering as if those words had been there and he picked this moment to pour it all out.

    He leaned in forward, hand now gently holding your hand by your wrist, “I want to make your heart pound when I am this close to you,” he said to you.

    You swallowed by the proximity, your throat suddenly got all dry, “But I’m-”

    Jeongin leaned in closer, close enough that you could feel the warmth of his breath and the tip of his nose grazing your cheek, “and yes, I know that you’re older than me,” his lips faintly brushing over yours when he spoke, “so don’t use age gap as an excuse,” he said to you before pressing his lips on yours.

    You closed your eyes as he kissed you slowly, one hand holding you by your neck to angle your head to deepen the kiss.

    Jeongin had been dreaming of how he would kiss you, but all that was thrown aside the second he realized he wasn’t made it up in his head anymore, it was truly happening.

    He pulled away slowly, then all at once.

    You sat there still with your eyes closed, relishing the moment that when you opened your eyes, you were startled to find him staring at you.

    “So, can you start treating me like a man now?” He asked you.

    You weren’t aware that his hand was still on your neck until he rubbed your cheek with his thumb, you felt the cold of the metal of the rings on his finger.

    You nodded, “yes,” you breathlessly replied.

    He leaned forward, closing into the side of your face, you heard him inhaling so close to your ear, sending a shudder down your spine.

    “I have to make sure that you will not do that again,” he whispered.

    He pressed a wet, tender kiss on the skin behind your ear.

    Your eyes fluttered shut, surprised that he could easily find your sensitive spot like that.

    His hand moved down the side of your body then down to your lap, where he rested his hand on your knee.

    He pressed another lingering kiss on your neck as he slipped his hand under your skirt, rubbing the inside of your thigh.

    You jolted on your seat at the bold move that your hand went to put a halt on him, “Jeongin, I-”

    “Let me prove it to you, Noona,” he said with a rather soft tone, contrary to his piercing gaze at you.

    You knew exactly this was a bad, bad idea. Yet somewhere in the back of your head, no matter how much you try to resist, you always submit to his wishes.

    You retracted your hand from him, and he sighed in victory.

    His hand glided down your thigh, closer to where you ached for him. Somehow you felt a sudden embarrassment knowing that you felt so aroused, and it was all because of him.

    Jeongin eyes followed to where his hand disappeared under your skirt, he couldn’t contain his exhilaration as his hand finally landed on your clothed mound.

    You watched as his mouth slacked open, the way he heavily breathed through his mouth. He didn’t waste time slipping his fingers underneath the flimsy fabric of your underwear.

    Your hand gripped his shoulder in the anticipation of what was coming next.

    Jeongin ran a finger down your slit a few times enough to make you drenched; he pressed his thumb on your clit before finally gently circling your bundle of nerves.

    You bit your lower lip, and the fact that he knew his way around your sex made you feel more stimulated.

    He began inserting one finger inside you, he moaned at how warm you felt around his finger.

    He looked at your relaxed face, “I guess one finger is not enough for you, Noona,” he said to you as he withdrew his finger out from you then added another finger.

    You gasped at the delightful stretch it gave inside you, squirming on the seat.

    He steadily pumped his fingers in and out of you, intently listening to every noise you made, and you decided not to hold yourself back and let him hear how he made you feel from the pleasures he brought on you.

    You arched your back, shamelessly grinding on his fingers, and he was more than eager to quicken the pace.

    Jeongin curled his finger inside, eventually hitting you in the right spot, causing your toes to curl at the intensified pleasure. He pumped into you a few more times for you to finally cum on his finger.

    Your head tipped back, reclining on the headrest of the sofa.

    You let out heavy pants as the pleasure slowly dissipate. Jeongin placed a kiss on your cheek, “Noona, I want you to remember this now,” he said with his fingers still inside you.

    You winced at how sensitive you were at the slightest of his touch on you.

    “That I made you cum with my fingers,” he said to you as his foxy eyes intensely stared at you.

    He then slowly pulled out of you, letting you feel that slow drag of his fingers against your wall. You watched as his fingers coated with your arousal, then without a beat, shoved them into his mouth and his lips closed in around his fingers.

    You smacked your lips at the lewd scene unfolding before your eyes. He made a loud sigh once his fingers were out of his mouth, swollen and wet with his saliva.

    His eyes shifted to you, “I never thought you would taste this sweet, Noona,” he said with that sweet smile of his that you couldn’t find another word to describe it into but cute.

    #stray kids #stray kids smut #skz#skz smut #i.n smut #jeongin smut #yang jeongin smut #skz i.n smut #skz jeongin smut #skz yang jeongin smut #i.n x reader #skz x reader #skz imagines#skz scenarios#skz fics #kpop stray kids #kpop skz#kpop smut#kpop fics#seospicy smut
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  • corruption-skz
    30.11.2021 - 19 hours ago

    BROWNIES || Lee Felix fluff

    Little!Felix x Caregiver!Reader(f)

    • Requested: Yes

    • Warnings: little space,age regression,minor injury

    This is a little space fluff so the term mommy is not used sexually:)

    You entered your house after your grocery shopping looking for your boyfriend only to find him in his play mat.

    You took a moment to appreciate him,as you looked at your precious baby boy,Felix was a little shy at first opening up to you about little space being afraid that it might freak you out or scare you away,but once you saw him in that state you couldn't lie,you loved him even more than before.

    Seeing him so genuinely and purely happy,that smile on his face as he was playing cars,or watching his favourite Disney movie was all you needed to feel blessed knowing that he was truly happy.

    You stood at the doorframe of his play room watching him trying to solve a small puzzle on his play mat a bowl filled with smarties beside him as he would occasionally pick one and eat it as his gaze was focused on his puzzle.

    "Do you need help with that baby boy?" You asked as you approached him

    "Mommyyy, you're back already" he said excited opening his arms and you immediately wrapped your arms around him kissing his forehead

    "I bought some brownie ingredients,so how about you take a break from your puzzle and help mommy make delicious brownies?" You asked as you caressed his face.

    He of course agreed very excited to make brownies with you.

    You moved to the kitchen and started preparing the ingredients

    You needed to cut a bar of chocolate so you could melt it for the brownies.

    You suddenly heard a loud whimper and then soft cries so you immediately run up to Felix.

    Felix stared up at you with teary eyes as he showed you his index finger "m-mommy"

    Oh no.He was trying to cut the chocolate and accidentally cut himself with the knife, nothing too serious,a tiny minor cut,but it was too much for rhe little to comprehend.

    "Aw baby" you took his index finger in your hand kissing it "shh it's okay baby,wait here"

    You rushed to the bathroom grabbing the favourite bandaids of his with Disney princesses and flowers.You went back to the kitchen wrapping it carefully around his finger giving it again one small peck.

    "Does it still hurt prince?" You asked as you booped his nose and he shook his head.

    "Okay,let mommy cut the chocolate and you can mix the flour and the eggs okay baby?"

    He nodded proceeding to do as you told him so.

    Once the brownies were ready successfully,and thankfully with no other accidents,you served 2 brownies for you and 2 for Felix alongside with some milk.

    "Omg mommy they were delicious!Can I have two more?" He said as he started sipping his milk

    "No baby boy I'm sorry there's too much sugar and you won't be able to sleep tonight" you said and Felix pouted mumbling a small 'okay'

    "Noooo,not that face baby" you said holding his face in your hands kissing his nose "let's go put on our pyjamas,get ready for bed and then mommy will give you many many cuddles" you said and his eyes immediately brightened

    "Yes mommyyy!" He said pecking your cheek.

    #stray kids fluff #skz fluff #stray kids little space #little space#age regression #lee felix fluff #stray kids soft thoughts #stray kids soft hours #skz soft thoughts #skz soft hours #lee felix scenarios #stray kids scenarios #skz scenarios
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  • corruption-skz
    30.11.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #skz smut #stray kids smut #skz hard hours #stray kids hard hours #skz scenarios #bang chan smut #skz hard thoughts #stray kids scenarios #stray kids hard thoughts #bang chan hard thoughts #bang chan hard hours
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  • northsoulss
    30.11.2021 - 21 hours ago

    comfort - seungmin

    goodness today was an absolute shit day. i thought as my heels clicked against the concrete pavement. my long coat swished behind me, only adding to the annoyance that was stirring inside of me. i clocked in to work at 7am only to be greeted with a mountains worth of paperwork to do and plenty of meetings to attend. what a fabulous start to the week.

    it is currently 11pm, i have yet to have dinner and my feet are killing me. are they trying to make me lose my mind? screw the damn office attire requirements. my mind reminded over and over again, my aching feet cutting off my thought process as i winced. my fingers were barely holding onto my handbag that held my unnecessarily heavy laptop, my hair coming undone from the neat low ponytail that i had adorned this morning.

    every sound had now become too loud to bear, the cars driving by, the occasional shuffling of footsteps, the chattering of people on the street - it made me grow more agitated by the minute, leading me to the conclusion that the sooner i arrive home the less likely i am to throw my bag at the next person who talks just a bit too loudly.

    i fumbled with the keys to my apartment, my hands nearly dropping it from the pure annoyance i felt from the day alone. “having to deal with people should be a job on its own.” i grumbled, finally opening the stubborn door, feeling relief that slipped away a bit too quickly.

    i closed the door behind me, back sliding down the wood that creaked holding my weight. my head fell into my hands, the stress from work eating away at me hungrily. the last thing i wanted was to hear any sort of noise coming from my apartment, not wanting to get a step closer to a full mental break down.

    that clearly was not the case.

    it was filled with soft singing and the sound of guitar strings being plucked. i sat at the door, eyes closed while listening to the sweet melodious music coming from the bedroom, the huskiness of the singer’s, my singer’s voice lulling me into a state of calm.

    leaving my belongings at the door, i yanked off my heels, discarding them to the side to be picked up later, peeling off the blazer that clung tightly to my shoulders. i crept to the bedroom door, slowly opening the door to stick my head through the crack, seeing my boyfriend lying leisurely on our bed with a guitar in his hands, fingers moving skilfully to play different chords.

    ♪ And I don't talk shit about you on the internet

    Never told anyone anything bad

    ‘Cause that shit's embarrassing, you were my everything

    And all that you did was make me fuckin' sad

    So don't waste the time I don't have

    And don't try to make me feel bad

    I could talk about every time that you showed up on time

    But I'd have an empty line 'cause you never did

    Never paid any mind to my mother or friends

    So I shut 'em all out for you 'cause I was a kid ♪

    he poured his heart out, face scrunching in an effort to reach the higher notes. his voice was purely angelic, as people say it ‘music to my ears’. i stood there leaning against the now widely opened door, a soft smile on my face as i watched him give the song his all. his head bowed in an effort to look the the strings that his fingers pressed onto, creating blissful music that soothed my heart.

    when he finished the song, he looked up to find me staring at him in adoration, a slight flush appearing on his cheeks and tips of his ears. i internally cooed at the sight - he looked absolutely adorable. he cleared his throat in slight embarrassment, asking, “how long have you been standing there for?”

    “long enough, babe.” i joked, causing him to blush even more, my chuckles filling the room with a lighter atmosphere. he glanced over my disheveled look, lines of worry appearing on his face quickly, replacing the flustered face that he had a moment ago.

    “long day?” he questioned, patting the space on the bed next to him for me to come and crawl onto.

    “don’t get me started.” i warned, my head now resting on seungmin’s thighs instead. he hummed in slight amusement, removing the hair-tie that had come close to slipping off the ends of my ponytail. gliding his fingers through my hair, he smoothened out stray chunks of hair, brushing the strands out of my face.

    i sighed, my work attire still pissing me off slightly. he took notice of it, pressing a gentle kiss to my lips, melting away all the worries that i had from the day. “c’mon go shower. you’ll feel better, hun.” he whispered to me, caressing my cheekbones. i only nodded, dragging my body off the bed in an effort to stand up.

    “do i get cuddles after?” i looked over my shoulder to see him already smiling, guitar now set aside next to him on the stand.

    “is that even a question at this point?”

    “touché,” i said, lips curving up into a small smile as i stepped into the bathroom.


    i was irritated today lol so writing this helped me calm down a bit✨

    also the song reminded me so much of seungmin bc the singer sounds sm like him in my opinion lol.

    the original was sung by billie eilish!

    #seungmin#seungmin fluff#seungmin imagines#seungmin scenarios #seungmin x reader #Spotify#seungmin skz #seungmin stray kids #skz seungmin #stray kids seungmin #stray kids fluff #kim seungmin
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  • eroskz
    30.11.2021 - 22 hours ago

    stray kids reacting to their s/o quieting themselves during sex

    warnings : smut throughout the entire post, mention of praise kink, degrading kink, petnames (kitten, baby, angel, love), mention of degrading petnames (whore), gn!reader

    thank you to 🐝 anon for requesting this <3 i found your idea very interesting and i hope the way i wrote it was enough for you :) let me know what you think about it !

    ─ ❀ CHAN

    he was a bit clueless about it the first times who two had sex.

    he understood it better when you explained him why you were used to bite whatever pillow or bedsheets was close to your mouth.

    but on the other hand he remained a bit clueless.

    doesn’t fully comprehend why you’re quieting yourself down when he thinks your voice and moans are so pretty.

    would reassure you a lot and take his time with you though.

    once you got more comfortable and started to let out louder moans and whimpers he stopped holding back.

    couldn’t care less now the entire neighbourhood knows about you two.

    ─ ❀ MINHO

    it could go to very distinct way.

    if he’s in one of his soft moments he’ll gently run his hand through your hair while thrusting into you.

    he’d also praise you so much.

    “ don’t hold back kitten you’re so good right now i wanna hear you “.

    now if he’s more into degrading this time, will call you his personal whore and ask you why the hell he can’t hear you.

    will not hesitate and slam his cock inside you harder than ever until he gets to hear your pretty voice.

    went absolutely crazy once his name started falling off your lips.

    ─ ❀ CHANGBIN

    he was worried at first.

    “ what is it baby ? don’t i make you feel good ? “.

    stopped everything he was doing to make sure you were alright.

    after you told him you were doing this out of embarrassment, he couldn’t help himself but crack a small smile.

    not in a way to make fun of you, he just thought you were cute.

    would resume what you were previously doing and hit that sweet spot of yours so you don’t have a choice but let out moans.

    his small smile turned into a proud one thanks to you.

    ─ ❀ HYUNJIN

    he was taking you from behind so your face was resting on a pillow.

    but still found it kind of strange he wasn’t hearing much from you.

    slowly grabbed your hair into a messy ponytail to have your back pressed on his chest.

    this move itself made you moan louder than you thought.

    “ exactly angel. this is what i wanna hear from you. don’t hold back okay ? you sound heavenly just like that. “

    you nodded, not even caring about anything but him anymore.

    let go of your hair so you can fall back down, but this time he hears you.

    ─ ❀ JISUNG

    there’s chances he didn’t really notice in the first place.

    was too focused on getting off he wasn’t realising you were quiet.

    after you were done he still managed to ask you if you enjoyed it.

    to which you assured that, yes, you loved every bits of it but you were just nervous about being loud.

    he facepalmed, then apologised because he was too immersed in feeling good he felt like he didn’t take care of you like he should have.

    you on the other hand had to repeat that you were perfectly fine to him like five times.

    he’d eat you out to make it up to you nonetheless.

    ─ ❀ FELIX

    soft king.

    would praise you in this deep voice of him, making you feel loved in ways you didn’t even know existed.

    “ please let me hear you my love, you’re perfect, there’s no need to feel shy i got you. “

    his voice itself would send you over the edge so it’s right to say you let go of that pillow and began to let tiny whimpers out after what he said.

    would keep on encouraging you, wanting this intimate moment to feel right for you just as much as it does for him.

    would also make out with you while having sex.

    that way your moans are on the quieter side but still audible for both you and him.

    at the end of the day he just wants to make sure you’re alright.

    ─ ❀ SEUNGMIN

    if he knew you were really embarrassed by them he’d take it easy with you.

    would definitely talk about it with you and find ways to help you with that problem.

    however if he thinks he can have you moaning his name out loud you’re fucked.

    will simply not care, laugh while he’s manhandling you into every positions he wants until he gets to hear your voice.

    “ c’mon angel why are you shy uh ? is there anything i’m doing wrong ? “.

    asked this without stopping his thrusts.

    safe to say he got what he wanted.

    ─ ❀ JEONGIN

    last but not least.

    “ is my baby feeling a bit timid ? “.

    this may sound ironic but he was actually very serious when asking this.

    wants what’s best for you and doesn’t care if you two have to stop in the middle of having sex to make sure you’re alright.

    understood that the reason why you liked having a pillow next to you wasn’t random.

    he decided to hold both your hands above your head, to show you that you’re absolutely safe with him.

    “ here let me hold them, let’s take our time with that shall we ? “.

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  • freckledwinterfalls
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Part Three

    ♤ pairing: sea creature!hyunjin x fem!reader

    ♤ genre: fantasy au, romance, horror, angst, suggestive

    ♤ warnings: mentions of dementia and slight depression, mentions of death

    ♤ summary: "Don't go near the beach," Grandmother always warned you; it was an order you always obeyed. But that was before you saw it on the sand. Or him, rather. After he showed up, everything changed.

    ♤ word count: 1.18k

    ♤ for @decembermoonskz 's wilting wisteria collab event

    ♤ a/n: Here's part two >:) Part 3 drops in 3 days! And Part 4 will be released on December 7, my 18th birthday uwuwuwu <3

    << series masterlist >>

    You stood in the kitchen, feeling almost distraught. There was nothing to bring to Hyunjin. No meat at all, and he was still weak from almost starving to death.

    The sun had barely begun to sink below the line separating sky from sea, but Grandmother, to your guilty delight, had gone to bed already. She'd been feeling off all day, barely eating or drinking. It wasn't the first time this had happened, and a good, long night's rest always did wonders for her. Hence, the early bedtime. You were all the happier, knowing she'd feel better in the morning, and you'd get to see Hyunjin earlier in the process.

    There was only one problem: the issue of the sea creature's dietary needs.

    You had to bring him food. Not only because he would starve again if you didn't, but also because you had a strange, driving impulse to do so. You felt as though you would rather die than see him go hungry.

    "What do I do?" you moaned quietly, gripping the ends of your hair.

    Your eyes landed on it. The large birdcage in the corner, a thin, black cloth draped over the iron bars.

    Before you had even given it any thought, you were moving towards it. As you dropped the cloth to the ground and unfastened the lock on the little door, Yellow peeped his dainty head out from under his wing. Black, almost intelligent eyes peered at you, and the bird gave a little chirp.

    "Shh," you whispered. "I'm sorry, Yellow."

    You wrapped your fist around his small, frail body.


    "Let me clarify. You had never been to the shore until the first day we met?" Hyunjin said almost incredulously.

    You ducked your head, feeling a bit embarrassed. "Yes."

    As seemed to be his habit, he flicked his fins in agitation.

    "Just how stern is your grandmother?"

    Your head turned, staring out at the frothy water. "It's not her fault. She's just confused, that's all."

    A low hum sounded from the man-thing beside you as he stretched out across the boulder on which you sat. In the corner of your eye, his taut muscles bunched and jumped as he reclined back onto his elbows. You pretended not to notice; told yourself it didn't affect you.

    After several days of eating well -- mer-creatures only needed large meals once a month, according to Hyunjin -- he was looking healthier. The bags under his eyes were slowly becoming less purple, his skin glowing an even clearer white than it had the first time you laid eyes on him.

    "Tell me something about yourself," you said suddenly. "All we really ever do is talk about me."

    Hyunjin clicked his tongue thoughtfully, tail abruptly lifting to shield the two of you from a particularly violent spray of water.

    "My favorite color is grey."

    Your eyebrows shot to your hairline. "Truly?" You were bemused, to say the least. "Why on earth?"

    He laughed, looking as though he had predicted your reaction. "That's another reason why I find you intriguing, I suppose," he mused. "The last time a human asked me that question, she agreed that grey was one of the better colors."

    "How could anyone find grey particularly attractive?" you demanded playfully.

    Your heart hammered in its ribcage as his eyes shifted to a light blue, looking softly into your own.

    "Did you know that your eyes look grey in the moonlight?" he wondered gently. A single one of his pale knuckles rose to brush like a whisper across your eyelid. "It must partially be due to the sea reflecting in your eyes."

    Your heart felt as though it were pounding in your throat.

    His eyes burned into yours, glowing that beautiful shade of cerulean. As his fingers lingered by your eyes, brushing stray hairs from your temples, his lovely lips parted.

    A new melody flowed from between them, a prettier, more gentle song. The notes rang with new beginnings and baby dolphins and blooming sea flowers. It spoke of the sun glittering through the water and love at first sight and girls with beautiful smiles. You could hear him painting your portrait with his ethereal voice, drawing out your hands, your smiling eyes, your fresh-faced naiveté. Your trusting nature, your melancholy self-imprisonment, your unencompassable love for your grandmother. Your infatuation with him.

    His eyes glowed from within and without as he serenaded you, fingers now pressed against your jaw. The eerie melody, like before, danced through the air like a romantic summons, like a prince on a white horse calling to his imprisoned maiden.

    Ride away with me, it said. Be my queen, and leave this dreaded place.

    There was such emotion in his bottomless eyes that you found yourself leaning forward. And he leaned into you. Your noses brushed.


    You jerked back, springing to your feet.

    "I'm sorry," you said, ashamed.

    Before he could cry a word, you had scrambled down the side of the rock and started sprinting back up along the beach, nightdress flapping damply around your shins.

    The noisy water swallowed up his cries, and the moon mocked you all the way back to the ugly, grey house. It was skeletal, dismal, monstrous, and you wanted desperately to be with Hyunjin on the beach rather than in that dank place.

    Yet you closed the door tightly behind you as you ran inside. And then you locked it.


    A loud, shrill scream yanked you from your cot.

    "Grandmother?" you shrieked.

    Bare feet pattered against the floorboards as you ran down the stairs, almost tripping over your nightdress.

    "Grandmother, are you alright?" you called frantically.

    You followed the sobbing noises to the kitchen, where your only family lay slumped on the floor, weeping like a child.

    "What happened?" You rushed to your side, carefully helping her off the ground and into a chair.

    She had no words to speak, only waved in the direction of Yellow's cage, shoulders shaking with sobs.

    You gasped, seeing the yellow feathers littering the floor of the cage, the small droplets of blood on the kitchen counter.

    Your crime looked so much worse in broad daylight.

    “I’m so sorry,” you whispered, cradling your grandmother’s sobbing face to your bosom. You wanted to look away from the mess in the kitchen, but you were utterly unable.

    “I don’t even know where he is,” she cried into your nightgown. “He’s gone, darling. Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone--”

    “Shh,” you hushed, smoothing her hair back. “I’m here. You still have me and Red.”

    As Grandmother’s shoulders continued to shake with grief, you stared, blank-eyed, out the window. It was strange. You knew you should feel guilt or empathy or something like that. But as you felt your eyes glaze over, scanning the roaring, gunmetal grey ocean beyond, you realized there was nothing. Only a vast, gaping emptiness where any emotion should have been. It frightened you more than you cared to admit.

    You made up your mind then and there. You would not be returning to the beach.


    << series masterlist >>

    {{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}}

    ♡pls reblog if you enjoyed♡

    {main page}[request]

    taglist: @oifelixcmerebrou @0x1lovebot @taecup-ontrack @grassbutneo @odxrilove @cherrycxree @staysflower @meraniki @sweetrainwrites @en-core-z @bubblelixie @fight-me-m8 @enheun @madz-world-writing @kinzavskpop @lixesque @crispy-chan @i2gyus @ajxreads @thevampywolf @houseofincantations @ficscafe @straykidsland @jeyelleohe @danyxthirstae01

    taglist is open!


    #straykidsland#ficscafe #house of incantations #stray kids x reader #hwang hyunjin x reader #stray kids fluff #stray kids imagines #stray kids scenarios #stray kids smut #stray kids suggestive #stray kids angst #hwang hyunjin drabbles #hwang hyunjin scenarios #hwang hyunjin smut #hwang hyunjin fluff #hwang hyunjin angst #hwang hyunjin suggestive #hwang hyunjin imagines #skz x reader #skz smut#skz suggestive#skz fluff#skz angst#skz imagines#skz scenarios#skz headcanons
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  • freckledwinterfalls
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Chapter Six: Timidly

    færie prince!han jisung x fem human!reader

    ¤°• genre: fluff, royalty au, færie au, action, angst

    ¤°• rated PG

    ¤°• word count: 1.44k

    ¤°• warnings: slight angst, emotional rollercoaster

    << event masterlist >>

    The harsh words took a moment to process.

    'How much did you see?' he'd said.

    "W-what?” you stammered.

    The anger melted out of Jisung’s face as he heard your voice breaking in fear of him. “No, no, baby,” he whispered, sounding remorseful. “Don’t be scared of me.” He turned away from you, huffing out an agitated breath. "I'm angry with myself, not with you."

    You gazed at him, still feeling more than a little fearful. "Why?" you choked out.

    He met your eyes again, his face stricken. "I should've been more careful. No one was supposed to know. I didn't think-"

    Wild eyed, you grabbed his wrists, startling him into silence. "You," you stammered, "you walked into a tree."

    He hesitated, biting his lip in a way that made you think he was about to deny it. "Yes," he admitted lowly. He stared at a leaf off to his left as he spoke.

    You weren't quite sure what to say. So you started to laugh. It wasn't a mean laugh, it was a loud, shrill laugh of disbelief. Jisung glanced up at you, looking anything but amused. In fact, he looked a little sick. Your crazed laughter died after a moment, and a strange silence took its place.

    "We should go home," Jisung said quietly, cupping your face and rubbing his thumbs across your icy cheeks. "It's chilly out here."

    You nodded, letting him lift you to your feet and lead you through the forest.

    You followed him in a daze, feeling limp as he guided you by your hand. Before you knew it, he had helped you back up the slope of the mountain, over the fence, and down the Namsan trails. You didn't snap out of your shocked haze until you realized where you were going.

    "My place is that way," you interjected, pointing down the busy avenue. Jisung only shook his head and squeezed your hand harder, sparing you a quick glance over his shoulder as he weaved through the bustling Seoulites on the sidewalk.

    "I think you should spend the night."

    "But I have work in the morning," you feebly protested.

    He glanced at you again, and you gave up. His face was so serious, so desperate. You figured you could always wake up earlier in order to get to your shift on time.

    You and your boyfriend snuck into the dorm, trying not to capture anyone's attention. As far as you could tell, though, only Minho was in the kitchen, singing a rather embarrassing song about kissing kittens on their little noses. It seemed as though most of the others were out.

    Jisung peeked his head into his dorm, letting out a quiet noise of triumph when he realized his roommate was absent. He ushered you in, closing the door behind you as quietly as possible before locking it for good measure.

    Blank-faced and empty-headed, you went to sit on the edge of his bed.

    The nervousness radiated off your boyfriend in waves as he knelt between your legs.

    You stared at him. He stared at you.

    You took a deep breath, mentally and physically preparing yourself for the question you were about to ask.

    He tensed.

    "Was that magic?" you voiced in a dull monotone.

    Jisung hesitated. "Yes."

    Shakily, you let out a slow breath.

    "But not all wisteria are magic," he said, reluctantly meeting your eyes.


    "Those trees with the purple blossoms."

    You nodded slowly, remembering the wisteria you'd seen before, used mostly as decoration, as landscaping. But just as Jisung had said, those wisteria obviously weren't magic. Not like the whispering, wise queen of a tree you had seen in the forest. Every thing about that tree had seemed magic, from her violently vivid petals, to her twisting, searching branches.

    You stared at him, trying to pull the puzzle apart. "How… how did you find it?"

    "Find what?"

    "The magic."

    Jisung startled, meeting your eyes with a raw, terrified desperation.

    "I-" he choked.

    Making you jump, he suddenly leapt to his feet, whirling around with an agitated groan. His hands tore through his hair, and he blew out a harsh exhale.

    "You can never tell anyone," Jisung finally said, slowly spinning back around on his heels. With the lithe steps of a cat, he crept right up to your face. "No one. Not your family. Not your best friend."

    All you could do was nod under that heated stare, one so serious that it didn't look right on his normally chipper countenance.

    The seriousness on his face then morphed into fear.

    "You won't leave me, right?"

    You were speechless. "Jisung, what-"

    "If I tell you," he persisted urgently, "you have to swear you won't leave me."

    How could you promise something like that so blindly? And yet, you wanted to trust him. You wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Reluctantly, you nodded.

    Jisung exhaled slowly and shakily. "I didn't find the magic. I was… born into it."

    You cocked your head at him, feeling confused to say the least. "What-"

    He interrupted you with a frustrated groan, springing to his feet again and stalking over to the opposite wall. Resting his forehead against the cool plaster, he said, "I'm…"

    Your lips parted ever so slightly as he hesitated painfully.

    "I'm a sprite. A fairy.”

    You blinked. “You’re not a fairy.”

    He groaned for the nth time this evening, knocking his head lightly against the wall. “First of all, it’s færie. Like f-a-e-r-i-e. There’s a difference.”

    You blinked again.

    “And second of all…”

    He fell silent, before pushing away from the wall and coming to stand before you. Without a word, Jisung wrapped his fingers around your wrists and pulled you to the middle of the room. A sudden rush of nerves buzzed through you at his strange actions. And then he started to peel off his shirt.

    “Jisung, what-” You let the question fizzle in your throat, too distracted by the prominent muscles of his abdomen, by the V-lines running down below the waistband of his sweats where you couldn’t see. The feeling of his gaze drilling into you made you pull your eyes up to meet his. He searched for something in your irises for a second, looking worried and taut.

    “Don’t freak out,” he finally breathed. He let his eyes slide shut.

    Bewildered but unmoving, you waited for whatever he wanted to show you.

    You vaguely felt your mouth drop open. If you had been any more exhausted, your knees would have buckled too.

    Over Jisung’s shoulders, two pale lilac wings unfurled. They caught the lamp light overhead, swirling with soft, rainbow lines of reflection. Before you realized what you were doing, you started to circle him. As you moved, the light sparked off his wings, sending little pinpoints of diamond-like color skittering across the surface. They looked as soft and fragile as butterfly wings, and as translucent as stained glass. They blended seamlessly with his skin, fading from the soft purple to his natural light tan, meeting his back at a center point just below his shoulder blades.

    Gently, you ran a single finger along the edge between his wings and his back. Jisung shivered, and the trembling movement made ripples of dusky pink, deep violet, muted turquoise, royal blue, and indigo wash across his wings.

    “You’re so pretty,” you breathed, trailing your lips across his bare shoulder, hands coming to rest on the cold patch of skin below the wings. He shivered again, sending those lovely colors rippling in mesmerizing waves.

    “Really?” he asked in a tone that was deep yet timid. Walking around to stand face-to-face with the man you loved, you smiled.

    “Really.” Gently, you pulled him into a hug.

    He was shaking.

    “I wasn't supposed to let anyone find out," he said quietly, pressing so close to you that his words sent little vibrations across the shell of your ear.

    You squeezed him harder, hoping to instill some small comfort in him. "I would never tell, you know that right?"

    Jisung nodded, letting his hands slip around to cup the small of your back. "I know."

    You lay your cheek on his shoulder, staring, transfixed, at his lovely wings, which glimmered like ocean waves of lavender in the light.

    Jisung sighed. "Well," he said, gently rubbing circles on your back, "I guess there's only one thing left to do now."

    "What's that, love?" you murmured, mouth peppering kisses across his shoulder while your eyes still curiously examined the wings.

    He paused, almost like he was purposely building suspense. "I should introduce you to my real parents."


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    friends to lovers with minho

    part i


    #🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺u guys . IM SO SORRY #i won’t go back on my word dont u worry ur pretty heads #skz fluff#skz reactions #skz fake texts #minho#lee know #stray kids scenarios #skz scenarios#minho scenarios #also i’m sorry i meant to make this gender neutral but .. i fucked it up and then didn’t want to redo the whole thing so i’m sorry it’s fem #skz imagines#minho imagines #i don’t even remember how to tag these things LMFAO
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    Long Distance Struggles ~ Seo Changbin

    As silence descended between the two of you, you didn’t quite know where to look, struggling to keep yourself composed as Changbin took a moment to reply to a text with his phone beside him.

    As soon as he looked up at the screen again, he noticed how distant you were once again, resting your head in the palm of your hand, unaware of the sigh that came from you as you sat.

    “Are you alright?” Changbin questioned after watching you for a few moments, noticing how still you were. “You’ve been a little off since we decided to call, if you’ve got somewhere that you want to be, I understand, it is the middle of the day for you after all.”

    Your head shook in reply, “it’s nothing, just one of those things.”

    His eyebrows furrowed together as he noticed the pained tone in your voice. You were exhausted and fed up, staring at your laptop screen was just never the same, it was the physical side of things that you craved more than anything else after months apart from each other.

    “You can’t lie Y/N, you should know I know you better than that,” he slightly laughed.

    Your head dropped out of your hand as you moved it to run over the front of your face, trying to force a smile onto your face and stop Changbin from worrying about you so much.

    “Talk to me Y/N, tell me what you’re thinking.”

    You smiled weakly as you looked to the screen, “I’ve just been finding it a little bit difficult recently, it’s been a long time since we saw each other.”

    Although he was able to mask it better than you were, Changbin was struggling too. He hated being away from you, not being able to text you or call you whenever he wanted whilst the other members were able to see their dates whenever they wanted to.

    “I think this might be the longest that we’ve been apart from each other too,” you added, watching as the smile on his face finally dropped too, the realisation sinking in.

    Time was something that Changbin didn’t like to think about, unless he was able to count down the days until he got to see you, he wasn’t interested at all.

    “We’re going to be able to see each other soon, you’ve got some time off, and our promotion is nearly done,” he tried to assure you, “we can organise a week together, right?”

    Your head nodded, although a week still felt as if it were nothing for you both. As much as you loved Changbin, the long-distance side of things was most definitely beginning to take its toll on the both of you.

    “We tried that before, and then you got given a schedule,” you reminded him.

    “That was a mistake that I won’t let happen again Y/N.”

    You wanted to believe him and hold onto a small bit of hope, but most of the time when you did so, those hopes very quickly got dashed and you found yourself back to square one again.

    “We’ve got to keep fighting and keep finding a way to get through this,” Changbin tried to encourage, offering you yet another smile, “it won’t be too long now.”

    “I just wish that I could get on a flight and come and see you now,” you replied, resting your head back into the palm of your hand, “I’ve still got three weeks until I get some time off.”

    Three weeks was nothing in comparison to the months that you had spent apart, but at the same time, Changbin got it. It was still three weeks too long for you both, but it would be time that you would get to spend together soon, which was all that you wanted.

    “Please don’t start worrying now about us when we’ve done so well being apart for this long,” Changbin asked of you, “we’ve done so well.”

    Your head nodded in agreement with him, “the last stretch always feels like it’s the hardest bit, at least for me anyway, it’s like being teased constantly.”

    “Trust me, it will fly by,” he cheered, glancing across at the calendar hung up on his wall, “and we can call all the time to make the time go by faster.”

    As ever, Changbin was the more optimistic one of the two of you, opting to look forward rather than back. He knew that you had a slightly different perspective on things, but that never stopped him trying his best to reassure you.

    “I know being away from each other is overwhelming sometimes, but we’ll be together soon,” he promised you, “you’ll be back here, and it’ll be like you never left.”

    “Coming back over makes me a little anxious too,” you admitted.

    “I understand, it’s been a while since we got to see each other.”

    It wasn’t just being apart that made you anxious but reuniting always made you worry too. There was always a panic in the back of your mind that made you think that maybe things wouldn’t quite be the same between the two of you.

    “Give it an hour when you get here and you’ll remember why you love being in Seoul so much, and why you love me so much too,” he teased.

    You knew that you adored Changbin, and that was only heightened when you were together in person, those nerves would soon subside, but they were definitely going to linger until the time came around to see him again too.

    “Why don’t we discuss flights next week, I’ll make sure I have my schedule so we can organise plenty of time together,” he suggested.

    “Will you be allowed to do that?”

    He wasn’t convinced that the company would be quite so willing to let him off from work for the week, but after how hard he had been working for weeks on end, it was the least he deserved to be able to spend time with you.

    “I’ll make sure that I have as much time as possible with you,” he vowed, “we’ll have a full time zone to spend together too.”

    It was one of the biggest disadvantages for you both, whilst Changbin was talking to you with pitch black behind him, you were blinded by the sunshine reflecting off of the screen, barely able to see Changbin at several points throughout your conversation.

    “It’ll be nice to talk to you without constantly watching you yawn,” you joked, as if on cue, another yawn struck him as his busy day concluded.

    His head shook as he turned away from the camera, “I think I’m going to end up doing a few late nights at work to make up for the time that I’ll have off with you, best get used to me yawning all the time.”

    “It’ll be worth it when we’re back together,” you smiled, beginning to feel a lot happier again, “I really can’t wait to be able to fly out and see you Changbin.”

    “Try not to worry about it all either, we’ll make sure everything gets organised,” he promised, “and things will be alright between us too.”

    You knew that you had nothing to worry about, things were going to be fine, and you were going to get to see Changbin, which was all that you wanted, you were nervous for now, but that would soon be forgotten about.

    “Things will be alright, won’t they?” You asked him.

    “Absolutely,” he chuckled, “trust me, the time will fly by, and you’ll be here before you know it. Three weeks at work and you’ll be flying, just a little bit more patience and we’ll be back together again.”

    “I can’t wait, three weeks can’t come soon enough.”



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    Husband headcanons | Hyunjin

    ↬ how you met him

    You met him at the dog park, to this day you still tell people you got paired by your dogs because your dog decided kkami was his best friend

    You still think kkami only went with it so he could catch a break from the constant kissing, he was a dog with a plan and he succeeded

    You got his number as an excuse to set up a play date but it was the least talked about topic between the two of you

    ↬ the proposal

    We all know he is Extra™ so of course he flew you to freaking Paris and asked you to marry him during a picnic at the Eiffel Tower

    You had the most perplexed expression on your face when he showed you the little box with the ring

    ↬ the wedding

    The most intimate and cozy little wedding, only the people you two loved were there and it was perfect

    Of course, the dogs attended, if it was not for them it would have never happened

    ↬ life with him

    He is the most loving and loyal partner someone could ever ask for

    Loves to show you off to everyone

    Still can't believe how lucky he got

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