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    24.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    𝗛𝗮𝗽𝗽𝘆 𝗕𝗶𝗿𝘁𝗵𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝗟𝗲𝗲 𝗞𝗻𝗼𝘄




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    Stray Kids messages to Lee know 💌

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    Bang Chan 💌

    hey devil bunny~

    happy birthdayㅋㅋ

    we're both october babies and blood type Oㅋㅋ

    we're so similar~

    anyway, do everything you want since it's your birthday~

    Changbin 💌

    happy bday~^^ let me know if there's anything you want

    something related to cooking?ㅋㅋㅋ

    if i buy you something, cook me something yummyㅎㅎ

    love you~♥

    Hyunjin 💌

    oh~ lee know~ is it your birthday~? happy birthday~!

    eat lots of yummy food and live a full life~!

    anyway happy birthday and love you♡;;;

    Jisung 💌

    wish you a very happy birthday.

    our minho always working hard to MC.

    us members are always cheering you on.

    be healthy and have a happy day.

    happy birthday again~!

    love you


    Felix 💌

    lee know jjang♡

    hyungnim~ happy birthday♡

    your birthday is finally here♡ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    let me know if there's anything you want.

    i'll continue to give you healing, so look forward to it~

    happy birthday♡

    Seungmin 💌

    today is a very good day.

    it is lee know-hyung's birthday.

    today, you should eat food cooked by a different member instead of yourself.

    ah of course i won't cook for you.

    happy birthday~

    I.N 💌

    oh lee know happy birthday

    i want to cook you beef wellington(?) whatever that is, but i think i'll burn down the dorm...ㅎ

    so i'll buy you something more yummyㅎㅎㅎ

    i'm baby bread so skip the cakeㅎㅎㅎ

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    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    vampire | \ ˈvam-ˌpī(-ə)r \

    a creature from folklore that subsists by feeding on the vital essence (generally in the form of blood) of the living
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    happy birthday to the sweetest, cutest, prettiest boy lino!!

    luv u <3

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    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    north star 02│chan

    pairing: bang chan x fem!reader, lee min ho x fem!reader

    word count: 6k

    genre: romance, fantasy, angst, slow-burn, based off of the movie kimi no na wa (your name), strangers to lovers

    warnings: lots of swearing.....that’s pretty much it. ha. 



    you almost screamed when a ceiling fan was the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes. you blinked and blinked, but there was no doubt about the fact that you were back in chan’s room.

    holy. fuck.

    you sat up slowly, brain still trying to process the fact that you had, indeed, been right.

    you and chan were switching bodies.


    this had to be a dream.

    the reflection of a man stared back at you in the large mirror above the sink. there was a circle in the center of the steam that clouded it, smudges revealing an unfamiliar face. you weren’t sure how long you had stood in the shower, hands scrubbing at your ─ no, their rugged face ─ hoping and praying you would somehow wake up from whatever dream this was. 

    also, you probably spent around ten minutes alone staring at....that thing. 

    a shiver ran up your spine as you thought about the miserable experience you’d had of learning how to use the toilet all over again.

    you cupped your newly chiseled jaw with your hands, every touch foreign and strange. 

    right, this has to be a dream, you thought.

    somehow you managed to finally muster up enough courage to leave the safety of the warm bathroom. the humid air left your skin sticky and damp, and you grimaced slightly at the feeling. you were still struggling with the weight of your newfound limbs. the arms on this guy were a decent size, the heaviness tugging at your shoulders as they swayed while you walked. not to mention his legs were pretty lanky, so walking was weird, especially since his feet made you feel like you were a duck waddling around all over the place. 

    whatever dream this was, it felt real. 

    you couldn’t help but notice the dull, heavy feeling in your chest. 


    well. okay then. 

    open, shut. open, shut.

    you stared at the hands in your lap, turning them over. you could see little hairs sitting on the backs of their pale knuckles, callouses forming on the pads of a couple of the fingers. 

    after being yelled at a few more times, you figured that you wouldn’t be waking up any time soon. surprisingly, it wasn’t too hard to find clothes to put on. most of the wardrobe in the room’s closet consisted of black hoodies and t-shirts, and the drawers were full of jeans ranging from black to denim. you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. boys are so easy.

    “are you gonna eat? or are you just gonna keep staring at your hands?”

    changbin was peering at you from across the table, one eyebrow raised as he held his glass of orange juice up to his mouth. you looked up slowly and cleared your throat.

    “uh, i’m not that hungry i-i guess?” your voice cracked slightly towards the end, and you immediately cleared your throat again, slightly harder this time. 

    yeah, the voice was gonna take some getting used to. 

    changbin was still looking at you as though you’d just descended from the sky on a spacecraft.

    i mean, he wasn’t wrong. you felt like that was kinda what happened too.

    you pressed your lips together, the left side of your mouth turning upwards slightly in an awkward half smile. you shot it in his direction, and he did nothing but inhale with a slight shake of his head, going back to finishing the food on his plate.

    you glanced to your left where the other guy sat at the head of the table, phone shoved into his face as he forked eggs into his mouth without so much as a glance at you. 

    what was his name again? was it─

    “jisung, what time are we scheduled for again?”

    right, jisung.

    there was no response, only silence from jisung as he continued to keep his eyes glued to his phone screen, mouth slightly open and a piece of egg hanging off the side of it.

    “for christ’s sake has everyone gone stupid today? JISUNG!” changbin shouted, waving his hand frantically in front of the other.

    jisung snapped his head up. “what? what did you say?”

    changbin sighed. “what time are we scheduled for the studio?”

    “uh, like, three thirty i think.” jisung waved him off, pressing play on his phone once more which made changbin roll his eyes.

    “anyways, i’m not sure why you came out here wearing that. go change up so we can hit the gym before our session.”

    it took you a second to realize changbin was talking to you. your eyes went wide, a finger coming up to point at your face. “me?”

    changbin nodded slowly, a look of confusion on his face. “who else am i talking to?”

    both of your heads turned to jisung, who was still immersed in whatever video was playing on his phone, mouth open as he laughed. you guessed that it was pretty obvious jisung wouldn’t be a gym fanatic. you turned back to changbin who was still looking at the other in disbelief. you hadn’t noticed that he was wearing a black t-shirt that hugged his upper body in a way that seemed unholy. you also didn’t notice that you were staring.

    like, badly.

    “please stop ogling me and go get changed.”

    you jumped up, your chair flying backwards at the sudden movement. and without a word you took off towards the room, leaving your untouched breakfast and the two boys behind at the table. 

    changbin wasn’t sure what was going on. the only thing he did know was that something was wrong with chan. he pinched the bridge of his nose after you turned and walked away, heading towards the direction of the room. when you disappeared behind the door he sighed, reaching over and pressing the lock button on jisung’s phone.

    “hey! i was watching that asshole.”

    changbin shushed him. he leaned forward slightly, bringing his voice down a level to speak when jisung followed his lead, eyes full of anticipation.

    “doesn’t chan seem a little weird this morning? do you think he’s still mad at me?”

    jisung snorted. “chan? mad? about the fact that you basically shit on the song idea that he’d been working on for weeks? oh changbin, what ever do you mean?” he batted his eyelashes, pouting his lips at the other who had to resist every urge in his body to not punch the puffy cheeked bastard in the face. 

    so maybe changbin had been a little harsh the other day, saying that he didn’t want to try recording the song that chan had proposed for their next mixtape. chan was devastated to say the least. and although he wouldn’t admit it, he was a little mad that his hard work hadn’t even been given a chance. sure, maybe it needed some fine tuning. but it was the fact that there was no attempt to work through the rough edges of the song, there was only rejection.

    and changbin had himself to blame for that. 

    part of him was happy that you’d accepted his invitation to the gym. after being ignored by chan for the past few days, unbeknownst to you, he was looking forward to working out together and finally getting the chance to apologize. 

    the walk to the gym was basically silent. the two of you moved side by side, hands stuffed deeply into the pockets of your long padding coats. you could hear the swish of them as you walked, exposed arms concealed inside as best as possible. as you looked around, you noticed a few things about the dream.

    you were still in korea, it seemed, the familiar streets of seoul calming you slightly. the vendors on the sidewalk shouted and laughed, making small talk with customers waiting for their orders. clouds of smoke filled the air as both the hot breath of bystanders and steam from cooking stations danced together in the breeze. a small smile formed on your lips, things felt normal for the first time since you’d opened your eyes this morning.

    a television screen that you’d caught a glimpse of inside one of the restaurants grabbed your attention, and you stopped for a moment, eyes glued to the news report that was being played.

    “good morning, seoul. the current time is 9:45am on tuesday, november 13th. i’m your host─“

    you blinked.

    there’s no way that the date in your dream was the same as the one in real life, right?

    thinking back to the events of this morning before you had fallen asleep, you remembered the calendar that hung in the doorway of you, seungmin, and minho’s home. the silly cat themed yearly calendar that you’d brought home for minho one day always sat in the same spot, large X’s marking the days that had passed. seungmin never paid any mind to it, he was more of a dog person anyways. 

    let’s just say he was less than pleased that he’d have to start his mornings looking a cat straight in the eye as he put his shoes on at the door. 

    the wheels in your head began to turn as you tried to recall the date. the moment when minho had stopped you from grabbing your workbag left you at eye level with the calendar. you inhaled sharply.

    clear as day in your mind, despite the fatigue that plagued your entire body that morning, was the image of a big red X on the square that read november 12th. that meant that today, in your world, was november 13th. 

    no fucking way.

    “are you hungry or something?”

    changbin’s voice snapped you back to reality, whatever that meant. you whipped your head in his direction and he raised an eyebrow in confusion. looking up at the restaurant sign, he shoved his hands deeper into his pockets and shrugged. “i mean i guess you didn’t eat much of your food this morning. or any of it, for that matter. i don’t really want you passing out on me in the middle of a set so we can stop─”

    “it’s fine. i’m fine.”

    he blinked, looking at you with another confused expression. you managed to give him a small smile, pulling your bottom lip inwards. 

    “okay....well. let’s keep going then. we can grab something to eat afterwards.”

    . ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .

    chan was very tired.

    his head was against something hard, neck straining in a weird way as he tried to curl deeper into the blanket that covered him. the warmth that engulfed his entire body made up for it though, his body sinking into the comfort. in fact, he was so comfortable that he didn’t mind the way the hair that was bunched around his shoulders tickled his cheek.

    wait. hair?

    his eyelids flew open, the back of a couch meeting his gaze. 

    since when did i end up on the couch?

    the brown material made his eyebrows scrunch together in confusion. this was not his couch. he shifted slightly, a weight on his chest causing his eyes to go wide.

    chan jolted upright, hood flying off with the force, allowing a head of brown hair to be released and fall around his face. 

    “oh, someone’s up. i thought you were going to sleep for the rest of the da─“ the voice started and then stopped. 

    chan slowly turned his head at the sound of an unfamiliar man, the owner of the voice sitting at a barstool in the kitchen, eyes wide as he stared at him. chan’s eyes then moved slowly, from the unknown man’s shocked face down to where his hands were cupping the boobs attached to his chest. he kneaded them, jiggling the weight around as he tried to comprehend whatever the fuck was going on.

    “can you like, i don’t know, do that in your room maybe?” 

    chan looked back at the man, his face now disgusted instead of shocked. 

    “wh-where’s my room?” he asked timidly, the high pitched voice that came from his mouth caused his chest to start pounding, panic and confusion clouding his mind. the man in the kitchen raised an eyebrow, slowly lifting a finger to point at a door at the end of the hallway. 

    chan stood quickly, shuffling across the floor and slamming the bedroom door behind him. he threw himself against the back of it, eyes darting around the room. he caught a glimpse of light reflecting off a small mirror in the corner, and he practically flung himself across the room to get to it. 

    he stared at the woman looking back at him. she had smooth skin and narrowed eyes, lips that were full and colorful even after just waking up. 

    he blinked. 

    this has to be a dream.

    chan had given up on trying to wake himself. his cheek stung as he held a palm to it, delicate fingers tracing over the redness that was forming. slapping definitely hadn’t worked. so instead he lay there, back flat against the bed as he stared up at the ceiling. his hands were still attached to the boobs on his chest, fiddling with them every once in a while.

    this was strange. it felt like a dream but it also didn’t feel like a dream. he definitely didn’t remember ever having dreams that lasted more than 20 minutes, let alone ones where he was in someone else’s body. it was as though he could feel every heartbeat in your chest, every thump imitating the real heartbeat of a real person.

    no, this had to be a dream.

    “i don’t know she was just sitting there staring at the wall and squeezing her tits, what the hell am i supposed to say to that?” minho ran a hand through his hair, pinching the phone between his ear and his shoulder to begin rolling up his sleeves. flipping the faucet on, he pumped a few blobs of soap onto the sponge before scrubbing away at the dishes in the sink.

    “maybe she’s having some sort of mid-life crisis.” felix said on the other line, the rustling of papers and office chatter slightly muffling his voice.

    “felix, she’s twenty-two.” minho scoffed, shaking the plate in his hand to get rid of the excess water. 

    felix, huh? how many unfamiliar men were there in this place?

    chan peeked around the corner of the wall, examining minho as he stood hunched over the sink, his voice distressed as he conversed over the phone. chan was intrigued, to say the least. he was fairly certain he’d never seen this man, or you for that fact, in his life. why he was dreaming about you in particular, he had no clue.

    he did think it was interesting that it was just the two of you in this house though. what was he? your brother? your boyfriend? 

    “what are you doing?” 

    chan screamed. and it wasn’t a small one either, the shrill pitch of his new voice ringing through the hallway. 

    minho nearly dropped the porcelain plate in his hands, jumping at the sudden announcement of chan’s presence. meanwhile, seungmin continued to stare, wide-eyed at chan who stood clutching his chest. chan didn’t have much time to think about the fact that yet another strange man had shown up, minho’s voice cutting off any sort conversation that may have been about to start.

    “seungmin, come on, you know she’s sensitive right now.” minho scolded, making a tsk sound and sending daggers in seungmin’s direction. with a final shake of his head he turned back to the sink, cutting off the water and drying his hands on the towel that hung from the cabinet in front of him.

    so this one’s name is seungmin, got it.

    seungmin continued to stare at chan, face void of any expression as he leaned forward slightly. chan wasn’t sure what was up with this guy, but he definitely had some sort of psychological problem going on.

    just when he thought things couldn’t get weirder, seungmin’s lips parted and the corners of his mouth turned upward playfully.


    chan blinked, eyes still glued to the wall of the hallway even after seungmin had walked away.

    yeah. this is officially one of the stupidest dreams i’ve ever had, he thought.

    chan was able to decipher a little bit more about your life during his time in the living room. his eyes trailed across the pictures that were displayed on one of the coffee tables. most of them were of you and minho, whose name he had learned after his incident with seungmin, and they seemed to stretch back as far as your childhood. 

    there was one where the two of you stood in front of a birthday cake, the hot pink frosting spelling out your name as you and minho smiled wide, birthday hats strapped to your heads. 

    y/n, that’s a pretty name. 

    after breaking the news to your parents that you’d ended your long term relationship, you’d managed to find your way home one weekend to pay them a visit. it was nice to see them. their eyes had grown tired, smiles creating wrinkles at the corners of them. when your mom had learned that you were staying permanently at minho’s place, she sent you home with a few photos from your childhood albums.

    chan’s eyes fell on another picture, this one of you with a bunch of other guys. you were all positioned nicely on what looked to be a large blanket, your faces adorned with smiles. it looked picture perfect, the sky clear and blue without a cloud in sight. 

    that day was one of your favorites. 

    “for the love of god, can the two of you please stop moving? you’re messing up the blanket.” 

    hyunjin and jeongin pouted at your sudden scolding, both of them crossing their legs and obeying. you sighed and went back to your job of laying out all the side dishes, minho and felix stood to one side grilling the meat they’d picked up from the store. you watched as seungmin jumped around, shoving the lens of his camera into everyone’s face, and you couldn’t help but smile.

    this wasn’t a usual occurrence for the six of you. whenever you all got together, it was usually at one of the apartments, but for some reason the suggestion of a picnic had come up and coincidentally, no one had any other plans that afternoon.

    you split up into teams of three: minho, felix, and seungmin were in charge of the main course while you, hyunjin, and jeongin were in charge of snacks and drinks. this was a bad idea by the way, considering the fact that the three of you nearly wiped the snack aisle of the grocery store clean.

    “alright, meat is done.” minho announced, walking over with a plate of steaming hot beef, much to the excitement of everyone else. ooh’s and ahh’s filled the air, all of you eagerly taking your seats as he set the plate down. 

    “seungmin, i swear, get that thing out of my face.” jeongin whined, but it didn’t stop seungmin from clicking away, the sounds of the shutter going off. 

    “why don’t we take a group photo?” you suggested, rolling your eyes when minho groaned.

    “but i’m hungry.” he whined.

    you sighed, getting up and walking over to seungmin’s camera bag. you pulled out the tripod, setting it up in front of the blanket and motioning for seungmin to bring the camera over. he obliged, crawling towards you and adjusting its position.

    “come on, just one. make it cute. the sooner you cooperate, the sooner we eat.” you argued, patting minho’s cheek as you slid into place between him and felix. 

    “okay ten seconds everyone!” seungmin explained, hurrying over after clicking the button. 

    you perked up, slinging an arm around minho’s waist. he turned his head to stare at you, eyes glistening when you smiled at him. 

    “say cheese!”



    “we should do that again soon.”

    chan’s ears perked up at the sudden voice, turning to find minho staring at the picture over his shoulder. before he could respond, minho had plopped down on the couch next to him, arm draped over the back of it as he motioned for him to move into his exposed side.

    chan stared at him weirdly, making minho chuckle. “what, suddenly you don’t want to? you were fine this morning.” 

    all chan could do was blink. minho gave up, putting his arm down and changing his expression from one of amusement to concern. 

    “how are you feeling? better?” he quipped. chan licked his lips. or, well, your lips. he wasn’t exactly sure how to answer.

    “i...guess?” he hesitated, shooting a look of uncertainty in minho’s direction. 

    minho just hummed. in his mind, he deemed it better to just go along with what you, or chan in this case, decided to say. although he was worried about you, he knew better than to pry where it wasn’t wanted. but just because he couldn’t pry, didn’t mean he couldn’t let you know how concerned he was. 

    “you know, i’ve been worried about you. and i know that you don’t want to talk about it, but i need you to remember─“ he shifted his weight, leaning forward and placing his elbows on his knees. with his hands folded, he brought his eyes up to meet chan’s. “─i’m here to listen.”

    chan was certain that he could cry at any moment. hell, he didn’t have half a clue what minho was talking about, but he could hear the honesty in his voice as he spoke. it was something that chan wasn’t used to. in fact, he couldn’t remember ever hearing the words minho had just spoken come out of anyone’s mouth before, especially when they were talking to him. it frustrated him almost to the point of anger. so much so that he wasn’t sure if the tears threatening to well up in his eyes were due to rage or sadness. 

    this is some sick dream. first i’m put in a woman’s body, then i’m reminded of how much better my life could be if i wasn’t me. 

    however, instead of crying, chan scoffed. which then turned into a chuckle. which gradually turned into a fit of giggles escaping his lips. he couldn’t help but laugh at the sick mind game that his brain was playing on him at the moment. it was pathetic really, how much he craved love and affection from someone to the point that his brain went through the trouble of making him dream up such a ridiculous scenario. 

    “funny of you to say, i don’t even know you.” chan laughed.

    minho stared in confusion. his mouth parted and then shut again, finding it difficult to form words due to chan’s unexpected response. 

    chan sighed before standing up and walking away, leaving a silent minho behind.

    he wished he would just wake up already.

    . ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ━━━━━━━━━━━ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .

    i need to wake the hell up.

    if you stared at the ceiling fan any longer, you thought you might go insane. 

    to say that the gym was a disaster was an understatement. and frankly, changbin couldn’t agree more. you’d never lifted a weight in your life, so you weren’t sure what exactly you had expected to happen when you followed changbin to the gym. it was hard enough to not gape at the muscles that threatened to rip through his shirt, let alone mimic his actions. 

    changbin got the two of you out of there before you had a chance to injure yourself, or him for that matter. he dismissed your odd behavior, assuming that maybe you just hadn’t slept good the night before. you had been acting strange all day, anyways. 

    he brought you back to the house afterwards. “i’m gonna let jisung know you can’t make it to the studio session today. maybe you should try getting some sleep or something.” he’d said, before shooting one last glance over his shoulder and disappearing out the door. 

    so, here you were, stuck inside the house with absolutely nothing to do. as you laid on the couch staring up at the ceiling, the wheels in your head couldn’t help but begin to turn. 

    why haven’t i woken up yet? you thought. this was definitely one of the longest and most detailed dreams that you’d ever had. the duration made it feel as though you were probably sleeping for days in the real world by now. 

    there was no point in waiting around, clearly this dream wasn’t planning on ending anytime soon. 

    you found yourself in chan’s room for the second time today, this time your eyes scanned the place, taking in all the aspects you hadn’t been able to process this morning. 

    one of the things you’d failed to notice was the laptop on a desk in the corner of the room. a long wire was hooked up to it, trailing towards a tiny tabletop condensed mic. you walked over and sat down, placing your finger on the handprint scanner. to your surprise, the computer made a sound as it unlocked, revealing a long list of music files right in front of your eyes.

    the scroll bar to the right of the screen was no more than a centimeter long, indicating just how long the list of music was. your mouth formed an O shape as you scrolled through the songs, eyes scanning across the titles. you pressed play on one of them, a soft piano melody immediately playing out of the speakers.

    not bad, you thought.

    and then a familiar voice filled your ears.

    you knew what chan’s voice sounded like, you’d been hearing it all day. so why, then, could you feel your heart swelling at the sound of singing that was filling the room?

    his voice was smooth, lyrics gliding through the air like butter. 

    i don’t want to admit it, i still miss you. how could i forget?

    you closed your eyes as chan’s voice continued to ring in your ears. his voice sounded sad, desperate almost, as he begged and pleaded for someone to come back to him.

    the heavy feeling in your chest that you’d felt all day began to worsen, your breathing becoming short as you struggled to keep your composure. you weren’t sure what was happening. this wasn’t your life, these weren’t your lyrics, this isn’t you.

    so why does it hurt so bad?

    with your eyes still closed you laid your head down on the desk, fists clenched as you willed the feelings of sadness to disappear. you didn’t notice the tear that rolled down your cheek, nor did you notice yourself slowly drift off to sleep.

    knock, knock, knock.

    “hey, can you come out for dinner please?”

    after a couple of moments, the knocking continued, slightly louder this time.

    “i made your favorite.”

    still no response. the next couple of knocks that followed were even louder, obtaining a stir out of you.

    “y/n please.”

    your eyes flew open. looking back at you was the familiar ceiling of your bedroom. 

    “look i know you might still be upset for─” minho paused, rubbing the back of his neck. “─whatever reason. but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ea─“

    he paused again, but this time it wasn’t because he had stopped himself. it was because the door to your room flung open and a body came barreling at him. 

    the two of you landed with a thump on the floor, your arms and legs wrapped around minho’s body as you shouted incoherent words while tightening your grip on him. 

    minho was winded, eyes wide while one hand awkwardly patted your back and the other rubbed at the back of his head. that was definitely gonna bruise. 

    “you’ll never guess what happened! i had the craziest dream where i wasn’t in my own body and i had to live the life of this guy i’ve never even met before and it all felt so real god i think it’s the most real dream i’ve ever had in my entire life i can’t believe it even ha─“

    you were cut off at the sudden appearance of someone standing over the two of you. 

    “what are you guys doing?” 

    you were certain that you’d never been happier to hear seungmin’s voice than you were at that moment. 

    you scrambled to your feet, immediately jumping and attaching yourself to him which caused him to stumble, but he caught you nonetheless.

    he met minho’s gaze, the latter rising to his feet. he dusted himself off and locked eyes with seungmin who was in shock, mouthing the words help me as your fingernails dug into the material of his sweatshirt.

    they somehow managed to pry you off of him. seungmin wasted no time in running off to his room, trying to widen the distance between the two of you out of fear that you might attack again. his logic was that maybe you were getting back at him for the little scare he gave you in the hallway earlier. but little did he know, you had no clue anything of the sort even happened. 

    “you seem to be feeling better.” minho commented as he watched you basically inhale a piece of pizza. 

    you couldn’t help yourself. for some reason, you were starving. it was almost as if you hadn’t eaten the entire day. 

    as a matter of fact, you hadn’t.

    minho, however, was perfectly content watching you eat for the rest of the evening, maybe even for the rest of his life. unlike the past two weeks, his shoulders were more relaxed at the sight of you getting some food into your system. he was glad that you seemed to be a little bit perkier than what he’d been seeing as of recently. 

    your eyes fell onto the digital clock on the stove. you tilted your head in confusion at the fact that it was almost eight o’clock at night. where the hell did the day go?

    “god minho, next time, do not let me sleep that long.”

    minho cocked an eyebrow at you. 

    you took another bite out of your pizza before looking back at him, cheeks stuffed and marinara sauce smeared on your chin. minho exhaled a little bit harder than normal to mimic some form of a laugh, his hand grabbing a napkin before coming up and wiping away at your face. you gave as best of a smile as you could with a full mouth, swallowing hard right after.

    “i’m serious. i can’t even begin to imagine how much work i’ll have to catch up on tomorrow. maybe next time instead of carrying me into my room you can push me onto the floo─“

    “you only slept for like thirty minutes.”

    you blinked. 

    did you hear him right? no, of course you didn’t. 

    “yeah, alright sure. then why is it eight o’clock? i fell asleep at eight in the morning.”

    “...and then you woke up? do you not remember sitting on the couch and massaging your tits like a freak?” minho asked, staring at you with an expression that feigned both confusion and disgust. he shivered at the memory.

    you, on the other hand, could feel your head getting dizzy.

    “you mean to tell me...that i woke up... and started touching my boobs?” you asked slowly.

    minho nodded. “yep, and i made sure to tell everyone else about how weird you are. hyunjin thinks i should send you off to the psych ward first thing tomorrow morning.” he joked, but you couldn’t laugh.

    "i think i’m done eating.” you said quietly, pushing the plate away as you stood. you could barely make out the sounds of protest coming from minho as you left your dirty plate behind, ears ringing as your heart stammered in your chest. you walked back towards your room quickly, shutting the door and immediately pacing across the floor.

    you bit your lip as your arms crossed themselves over your chest, your mind working at a hundred miles per hour. 

    you were going crazy, there was no other explanation. you simply had just gotten the times in your head mixed up. maybe minho was just forgetful, or maybe he was creating a fake scenario as a joke to mess with you. 

    you kicked yourself internally. your ideas were stupid.

    there was an unshakable feeling that began to settle in the pit of your stomach, one that was reminiscent of the way your dream had felt impossibly real. you remembered how the day progressed as if you were living in real-time, your conscience and actions completely tangible despite the fact that you were dreaming.

    and then it hit you. the news report in the restaurant had announced the exact same date and time as it was when you fell asleep on minho’s lap this morning. by the time you had gotten home from the gym with changbin, it was already the mid-afternoon. you had sat around in the living space of their house for a couple of hours, messing with the channels on the television and finding snacks in the cupboards. by the time you were sitting at chan’s computer desk, the sun had began to set outside of his window.

    everything matched up.

    there was no fucking way.

    but then again, there was. you felt crazy for even feeding into the idea that maybe, just maybe, you had switched bodies with this chan guy. god, it sounded even worse the more you thought about it. but come to think of it, if you had switched bodies with him, that means he had also switched bodies with you.

    that would explain why minho saw you─ or well, “you”─ fondling yourself.

    perverted bastard, you cursed. 

    there was only one way you could think of that you could test your theory. clearly there was some sort of connection between you and chan, whoever he was, that allowed the two of you to switch places based on whether or not you were sleeping. you took a deep breath and shut the lights off, walking over to your bed and sliding underneath the covers. 

    you stared into the darkness that covered your room, and for the first time in two weeks, you willed your brain to send you off into dreamland so you could prove to yourself just how insane you actually were.

    you didn’t know what you would do if you were right. 

    you almost screamed when a ceiling fan was the first thing you saw when you opened your eyes. you blinked and blinked, but there was no doubt about the fact that you were back in chan’s room.

    holy. fuck.

    you sat up slowly, brain still trying to process the fact that you had, indeed, been right.

    you and chan were switching bodies.

    it was morning time now, and you concluded that chan must’ve also fallen asleep for the night, explaining why the switch happened again. but then─

    if you were here, that meant that chan was there. he had to have noticed that he also was not dreaming about waking up in your body. if he didn’t know before, he certainly did now. 

    you jumped up from the bed, eyes frantically searching the room. 

    if everything was working in real-time, then that meant chan was in your room, under your covers. that meant he was also right next to your cellphone that you had left sitting on the nightstand next to your bed.

    the the door to the room opened, and the sight of jisung greeted you when you turned around. in his hand, was a phone.

    “it kept vibrating, i found it in between the couch cushions.”

    you walked over to him quickly, grabbing the phone from his hand and muttering a small thanks, shutting the door. you listened for his feet which shuffled away down the hall before you ran back to the bed, sitting on the edge of it. 

    the phone unlocked as soon as it scanned your face for recognition. you quickly searched for the messaging app, fingers shaking. 

    but before you could begin typing a new message, your eyes went wide at the sight of your own phone number sitting at the top of the conversation list. apparently, you and chan both had the same idea.

    [new number, 8:32 a.m.]

    who are you?

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