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  • mmelancholicdaze
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    All the Words Left Unspoken.

    INCLUDING. fem!reader. stray kids hyunjin, seungmin, minho, chan, felix, changbin, han, and jeongin. ateez seonghwa, mingi, and wooyoung. bts taehyung and jungkook. blackpink lisa. itzy yeji. twice nayeon and sana. somi.

    GENRES. university!au, friends with benefits, best friends to lovers, fluff, angst, smut.

    SUMMARY. What’s one to do when your boyfriend of four years suddenly ghosts you, and reappears dating another girl not even one week later? Your best friends, Lisa and Yeji, insist on helping you move on. But that proves hard to do when you see him all over campus, the new blonde right by his side. Not mention that your friends, were also his friends. With the aid of numerous frat parties, drunken mistakes, and even a couple new friends, can you make it through?

    A/N. i’ve had this idea in my head for so long, but never... done anything about it? so here we are! this is basically my first my first attempt at fanfiction, but i hope you’ll like it anyways! i don’t have a set schedule, so chapters will be uploaded just whenever i finish them. i’m super excited to finally bring this idea to life, so here’s to All the Words Left Unspoken. ( credits to one of my beautiful best friends for helping me with the title! ) ❥︎


    coming soon.

    © all rights reserved to mmelancholicdaze, 2021. do NOT copy or modify any part of my stories. do NOT translate or repost my works on any platform.

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  • starlightsray
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Strawberry lotion

    (Fluffy smut, Fem!Reader, Size Kink i.e. reader is smaller than Hyunjin, oral fixation, praise, very slight spit kink, some possessiveness)

    When you snuggled into the side of Hyunjin’s arm it was over for him. You were so small and warm and adorable, you clinging your body around his bicep as you both sat on the sofa watching tv. At least you were. Hyunjin wasn’t. He was too busy looking at his oversized hoodie you had practically claimed as your own, knowing you only wore a pare of panties underneath. It was your regular routine after work, taking off all your clothes except your underwear and slipping on something huge that swallowed you whole. God, Hyunjin wanted to swallow you whole too.

    His mind was getting foggy thinking about your soft skin and breasts, sensitive nipples and how almost therapeutic it was to have them in his mouth.

    “Are...are you hard?” You stammered.

    Fuck it. He practically dove into your neck and damn that delicious scent that always surrounded you, probably from that strawberry lotion you always use. It suffocated him so beautifully to where all he could see and think and feel was you. He pulled you unto his lap and just cuddled the fuck out of you, roaming his hands and squeezing your flesh as he gave you Eskimo kisses, you giggling adorably. Made him want to treasure you and ruin you all at the same time.

    “Why are you so fucking cute, fuck!” Hyunjin cried, always one for the dramatics. “Can I suck your tits? Please angel?”

    You bit your lip before letting out a noise of agreement but it also sounded a whole lot like a whimper. And that tiny whimper broke the dam that was all the filthy words Hyunjin wanted to say. “Aw, you want that pretty baby? You like it when your boyfriend sucks these titties?”

    His hands snake underneath your (his) hoodie to pinch your nipples, already hard from the tingles his words were sending throughout your body. You jumped when his fingers found their way to you panties, heavily petting your pussy through the fabric with his other hand. “And you’re already wet. What a sweet, dirty girl my angel is, hm?”

    Hyunjin made sure to collect a lot of saliva in his mouth so it’d be extra sloppy as he lifted the hoodie up and over your chest, licking your nipple roughly before taking it into his mouth. He was obsessed with having your tits in his mouth, horny or not, hard or soft. He wanted to swirl his tongue around your tits all the time, squishing them in his hands and just feeling your warmth. He loved it. He loved you. Damn does he love you.

    He released from you with an abrupt pop, and you were surprised to see him looking up to you from in between your breasts with an expected lust, but also an overpowering hue of adoration in his eyes. He had done this a few times but it still would surprise you, getting extremely horny but suddenly getting all lovie and soft on you. (Not literally, he was still very hard in his pants)

    “You’re my girl. Mine. Understand? Say it for me gorgeous, tell me you’re mine. Please baby I need to hear you say it.”

    A/N💌:Ok ladies, gents and others, here it is! The closest I may ever get to writing a sub!reader. Don’t expect this often.✋🏼 I was just feeling especially cute in my hoodie and wrote this, which is why the reader is kinda specific.

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  • gothicstay
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #no need to add anything thoughts have been spoken. #star askbox #star askbox: felix #felix smut #felix lee smut #lee felix smut #skz smut #stray kids smut
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  • gothicstay
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #star askbox: hyunjin #stray kids smut #skz smut#hyunjin smut#star askbox#anon #hwang hyunjin smut #this one is kinda bad oops
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  • lilithxray
    20.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I like to think that I am safe on Tumblr from the wrath of Lee Felix and Chris Bang, but honestly, I am just not sure anymore.

    Esp when i get over 60 notes on a goddamn post abt me dreaming of cHAN AND HYUNJIN WASHING C. U M FROM THEIR HAND, LAWD HAVE MERCY 😫

    #skz x reader #stray kids x reader #stray kids#skz#skz smut#skz imagine#skz scenarios#skz felix#bang chan#lee felix #stray kids smut #bang chan imagines #help me im not okay #i swear i cant have more dreams like this #i am traumatized
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  • ohmysparkle
    20.09.2021 - 4 hours ago


    ~ Paring: Hyunjin (Stray Kids) x Reader

    ~ Length: 6.2K

    ~ Warnings: Smut, pegging, anal play, impact play, bondage, femdom, piv.

    It was difficult punishing Hyunjin.

    But how could you not when you both enjoyed it so much?

    Sometimes you wanted to just lay him back, pamper him, worship every inch of his flesh until he was pink and swollen and jittery all over, and then please him until he cried… until he was all soft and pliant beneath you. You wanted to treat every bit of his supple body with the gentleness he deserved.

    But then there were those other times when you both wanted something harsher… equally rewarding and loving, just as intimate, but far more extreme. He usually told you when he wanted it, in his own silent way. He let you know with his gestures; when he wanted it gentle he became quieter, meeker, everytime he asked you for the smallest thing it seemed like a plea. But when he wanted more, more roughness, more pain, more torment, he was a clever little tease. He’d leave little touches that made you long for more, kiss you sensually just when he was about to step out so your lips would feel empty and abandoned. He’d make sure you longed for him, but would set things up at the right time so the scenario couldn’t progress, leaving you increasingly frustrated. He was also sure to flaunt the strength and masculinity in his figure as much as the elegance and femininity. He’d be sure to bare his toned body at every occasion, showing you that he was as strong as he was supple. Lithe, flexible, sexy, pretty… He used his body as that statement, but he also enjoyed how you’d stare and covertly cross your legs. It flattered him. Nothing stroked his ego more than the effect he had on you, even if he based it on his looks - it was his power and he’d use it on you until you went mad.

    So while you often treated him with such gentleness, he also wanted you to test him with the harsh hand he knew you withheld.

    It was difficult for you though, to find a reason to excuse the whole premise of you treating him as roughly as he wanted you to. He was such a good boy; you wanted to spoil and reward him like he deserved. So how could you think of being mean and cruel to him? But you needed to - because it just felt so good. So you had to take advantage of the smallest things to spin the situation into what you both wanted it to be, even if he didn’t deserve ‘punishment’, you’d punish him as best as you could. You needed to find that energy to rile you up, push you to that mindset. It couldn’t be faked and mindless.

    Hyunjin loved everything you gave him. Every way in which you made love to him made his ego soar, he loved the praises as much as the pleasure, but he also loved you using him however you wanted. He wished you were the slightest bit more selfish sometimes, just a little. He wanted you to use him like a toy, he’d let you do whatever you wanted, he was yours entirely. Knowing he was yours, and that you used him as much as how you took care of him was a thought that comforted him. He belonged not just to you, but with you, as you belonged to and with him.

    He wanted you to exploit his body, and the way he looked. To be reduced to nothing but an object to be fucked helped him purge the mentality he had regarding his looks. He knew you loved everything within him, blindly, but he trusted you enough that he would beg you to test the other extreme. Reduce him to what he was always reduced to, but on your own terms, for your pleasure. If he was just going to be a pretty thing, he wanted to be your pretty thing.

    Sometimes, just sometimes, when you weren’t in control, he’d make sure to give you back everything you gave. But it was difficult for him too, because he knew that you felt more comfortable giving than receiving. You being in charge, as the giver, was about you proving to him how much you loved him, how good you could make him feel, how you could take care of him better than anyone else and therefore were worthy of his love and partnership. It was hard for him to break through to you sometimes, get past your barriers, and give you what you deserved - so he had made it a mission of his to make sure you knew and accepted that it was ok for you to receive as much as it was to give. It was hard, but he tried hard, to make sure you were comfortable and confident enough to receive his love. He wanted to prove himself to you too.

    Today was about him proving himself to you, in his own way. He wanted you to use him, he wanted to let you do all kinds of things to his body - it was his way of giving himself and all his trust to you. It wasn’t about giving and receiving pain, it was him saying he trusted you enough to hurt him, because you would never really hurt him. It was about the way he would cry and cling to you afterwards and you’d soothe him back to sanity.

    That was his goal, that was what his scheming and flirting had all been leading to. So after days of testing and teasing you, he finally got you where he wanted, and although he was the one currently tied up, you were the one that had fallen into his trap.

    It was his idea to hang up a rather large lamp off to the side of the bedroom. A clever way for him to disguise the fact that the hook he installed was sturdy enough to support his entire body weight so that when the right time came about, you’d find him, somehow chained up by his own means.

    Like right now, in the nude except for his little black briefs, with his arms pulled up by cuffs and a chain towards the ceiling. A selection of his favorite toys laid out on the bed which he neatly made up. A cat o’ nine tails whip, a vibrator, a wand, a harness with a couple of dildos, a little bottle of lube... Goodness, this man was infuriatingly mischievous and irresistible.

    He’s looking at you expectantly, hopeful of the moment when you walk into your room, surprised by the sight of him. But when your eyes meet his, eyelids beginning to droop lustfully, his expression turns into one of smug satisfaction.

    You walk up to him and barely rake your nails over his chest, just scraping the tips of his nipples, which you know he loves. You near your face to his as much as you can without touching, feeling his heat and breaths, like you’re prowling over your prey. You like the advantage the shoes you’re wearing give you, now that you're eye to eye with him.

    He can feel the tip of your nose almost touch his and he leans in to kiss you but you pull away.

    “You didn’t do all this so that I wouldn’t tease you, right?” You purr, “You want me to draw this out, don't you?”

    “I want you to do whatever the fuck you want with me.” he growls lowly, a bit too forceful for your liking. You decide to grab his face and squeeze his cheeks toward each other until his lips are puckered.

    “That’s not a very nice way to say ‘please’.” You spit back, millimeters away from his face.

    He pushes towards you as much as he can and roughly crashes his lips against yours, and it takes a moment for you to process the surprise. The obvious comes back to you; he always acts up as much as he can until you treat him as cruelly as he fancies. So you push him away while still gripping his cheeks, and with your other hand you stroked back his long dark hair until you had a fistfull with which to steer him. He yelped and whimpered, he loved this, and with every little breathy noise he made you felt your cunt throb. You hissed between your teeth, feeling almost feral at how he looked, with his submissive and lustful expression.

    “You like this, don't you?” You ask in a quiet voice, and it's somewhere between frustration and cooing.

    “Not as much as you do.” Again with that bitchy tone. So this time you remove your hand from his face and take a nipple and pinch it. He whines like a little boy this time, until you let go and he composes himself, going back to acting all tough.

    “Turn around.” You demand, as you walk away from him and towards the bed to grab the whip he had laid out. When you face him again, he’s still in the same position; biceps on perfect display as his arms are raised, every muscle in his abdomen marked as he inhales and exhales, his legs slightly parted, long and slender and elegant with his beautiful thighs tense, his erection straining against the piece of black fabric.

    “I said: Turn. Around.” and he doesn’t.

    You manhandle him by his hips and turn him so he faces the wall, and his posture is still strong and proud with his head high. You can’t help but trace a finger down his spine, inhale his scent at the back of his neck, and place a hot wet kiss there, seting the whip off to the side. You press your body against his and move your hands to roam over his front, tracing every muscle and coming up to circle his nipples. You feel your breasts become delightfully tender when you press them into his shoulder blades, and you curl your back as best as you can to press your pelvis against his perky little bum, and raise one leg to rub against one of his.

    “Why can’t you just be a good boy for me, hmm?” You pout… you wish you could just kiss him until he’s pink all over but the method he’s chosen for today takes much more time, patience, and restraint on your end. You can feel him tremble and falter, just a tiny bit. But then he’s back at it, and he gives you a taunting chucke. You tear away from him and grab the whip and flick it harshly against one side of his back, right under his shoulder blade.

    He cries out and the noise makes you feel like your body is on fire. So you strike again, on the opposite side. And again, and again, until his back is lined with pink marks and he’s a whimpering mess. Each lash is a blooming line, swelling in the direction of the whip, perfect for you to run your fingers over.

    You press into him again, one hand stroking his back, and the other trailing down his front, slipping downward between the muscles of his torso, down to his little waist and over the dip of his bellybutton. Down and down, right to the band of his little undies. You pulled them as far as you could before releasing and letting the band snap back and sting his skin, earring another yelp from him. You proceeded to cup his bulge over the thin fabric, and the texture was soft against his hard cock. You playfully traced your fingers about, relaxing into the crook of his neck and feeling the warmth of his member beneath the pads of your fingers. It’s funny how he was all cocky a moment ago and now he mewls and fidgets like a little animal, it makes you chuckle.

    “I can be good now.” He quietly pleads, and it brings a smile to your lips to know that he's finally bending to your will.

    “Too late.” You say with a giggle.

    You slip each of your index fingers beneath the band of his underwear and slip them around the back to pull them down only to expose his bum. His tiny little cheeks, all toned and perky, were definitely one of your weaknesses. You gently knead them, as much as the firm flesh would allow. His breath becomes shaky every once in a while, in tune with your movements. His shoulders relax and he drops his head, good boy, you think.

    You pull away once more and grab the whip again, and you hesitate to mark the milky skin of his cheeks, debating if they're prettier like this or when they are all red and swollen.You whip one of his thighs while you wonder, and he yelps. Just a few should do the trick, you think to yourself, he's not begging yet. So you strike one cheek, then the other.

    While he began whining with the occasional yelp, he was now letting out little cries, he sounded like a meowing kitty and he was slashed in pink lines all over, little screams matching each mark

    “Please Y/n! Please!” He begins to whine, arms jolting against his restraints.

    You turn him around to face you. His forehead is all sweaty with little strands of black hair sticking to his face. His lips were swollen and slick with saliva from him biting on them. His neck and cheeks flushed with a pink tint. His eyes are full of pleasure and submission, his brows furrowed in desperation. You can see your reflection in his dark and beady eyes. You drop the whip and cup his cheeks with your hands lovingly, snuggling your nose against his.

    “Why do you have to be so naughty?” you say in a babying voice. He scrunches his nose cutely, sniffling.

    “Promise I’ll be good now, I promise!” He says as he tries to lean in and kiss you again.

    “Nu-uh.”You push him back by pressing your index finger to the cute fat tip of his nose. “You’re still being bad.” He whines at that, but is cut off as your hands trail down to the sides of his torso, right around the ribs. He’s always so sensitive there, shuddering as your fingers tickle him.

    “Please… Y/n, my queen, my mistress.” You roll your eyes at his pleas and reach down to grab the whip again. You strike his side once more, and his knees buckle together as he cries a little “aah” and you smile at how whimperish and high pitched his voice gets. You count six lashes, acros his sides, his thighs, you even let one just barely reach up to whip his bulge and by then he lets a tear slip. Ohhh… that’s definitely another weak spot of yours. His eyes are glossy and teary and beautiful, and when he does cry it’s like a little trail of jewels decorates his beautiful face..

    “Please, please, please.” he begs as you hold his cheek and wipe away his tears.

    “Please what?” you say playfully, as if unaware of his distress.

    “Let me go, let me touch you, give me kisses.” He pouts

    “Ohh…” You coo while stroking some messy strands of hair back gently. “What if I don't want to do that now? You said I could do whatever I wanted with you.” He mumbles and whines again.

    “No… please!” His voice sounds so boyish now, a different pitch and whiney.

    “Convince me.”

    “I’ll make you feel so good, I promise.”

    “I could do that on my own, just leave you tied up here to watch.” You trail your hand down and cup his crotch again and he hisses, but he’s careful to not grind against your palm unless you tell him to. You’re so tempted to just stop it all and make love to him, but you know playing along with this gets you just where you want, even if it requires more time and patience.

    “Please, let me just please you.”

    “Listen bunny,” you grab his crotch roughly, testing him, feeling his heavy cock stiffen in your palm. “You’ll do exactly as I say, and maybe I’ll give you what you want. If you play nice, I’ll make sure to use all of those toys on you.” He nods frantically as your words progress.

    “I can’t hear you.” You say as your grip on his bulge becomes firmer.

    “Yes, my queen.”

    You give him a little peck on the tip of his nose as a reward, before you begin tugging on the restraints until they are free from the hook and you can undo the cuffs.

    “Take these off and go sit on the bed.” You command as you tidy up and place the restraints and whip off to one side.

    You watch him bend over to pull his briefs down and he winces when the fabric brushes over the lash marks on his skin, he winces again when he sits on the edge bed.

    You walk up to him and stroke his hair back, looking at him with an apologetic pout since his pretty little bottom must hurt so bad because of you.

    “Does your little bum hurt, bunny?” He nods while looking up at you with large eyes. “Mmm.. poor little Jinne. Keep it up and I’ll make you feel good, bunny.” You appreciate the view of his now exposed cock, completely stiff and leaking, proudly pressed against his hard abdomen.

    “Yes Y/n.” He says politely, while nodding his head excitedly, but keeping the sad and teary expression that he knows makes him look so pretty.

    “Take my shirt off.” You command, and he begins to undo the buttons on your blouse slowly, as you step out of your shoes so that you can bring yourself closer to him. He slowly peels your shirt back, lovingly stroking your arms as he slips it off, then looks at you expectantly.

    “Now my pants.” He undid the belt, and button, and zipper, loosening the tighter waist and guiding them past your hips, after which they freely fell from your legs onto the floor. Hyunjin left his large hands on your hips.

    “Panties and bra, off.” You state, and he slips his hands to slide your underwear off, then up to undo your bralette from its latch at the front. Your breasts are exposed in their natural position once he undoes the clasp, and he timidly peels it off of your shoulders and past your arms. You’re both in the nude now, and you continue to look down at him, admiring how timid and small he seems like this. He can't help but stare at every part of recently exposed flesh, and when he realizes that you’re staring down at him, he shyly looks down at his own lap.

    You pull his face up by the chin, and his eyes are leveled with your breasts. “Suck.” You simply instruct.

    He sticks his tongue out, timidly at first, and delicately licks one nipple. The little gasp you let out encourages him, so he continues more decidedly, now swirling his tongue against the entire areola. His tongue feels so wet and warm and slick, but the trail of saliva makes you cold and shiver until his hot breath warms it over. When his lips close over your breast to suck, his mouth engulfs your flesh and sucks until it’s pleasingly numb and tender, and you tug his other arm up so he can massage the other breast. You circle his head with one arm and drape the other over his shoulder, pressing him further against your chest in a sort of hug. He circles his other arm around you too.

    You feel so engulfed by his warmth, but the wetness between your folds stings with coolness as it's exposed to the air after you arch your figure. You pull hyunjin by his hair and he whimpers while you pull his mouth over to your other breast. You dont let go and continue tugging until you finally pull him back all the way and free yourself from his arms. His mouth and chin glisten with his own spit, and his mouth hangs open as he catches his breath. That pretty shiny tongue of his is practically hanging out of his mouth.

    “What do you want me to do, my queen?” He asks breathlessly.

    “I want you to put my harness on me, with the pink dildo.” His eyes widen and he practically throws himself over to reach the items on the other side of the bed. He fumbles a bit, but he detangles the straps on the harness and lowers down to the floor so you can step over them. He’s diligent in bringing it all up to where it should be, locking the dildo in place, tightening the belts so each strap is properly snug. Once he's done he sits back on the bed.

    “Open your mouth, and don’t move.” You instruct. Hyunjin half expects you to shove the dildo into his mouth, but you’ve never been much of a fan of that. Instead you grip his hair to tilt his head back, and you admire his shiny lips and glistening tongue, his cute upper teeth peaking out that make him look like a bunny. You slowly lower yourself and suck on his lower lip, then insert your tongue in his mouth and swirl it around his own. You pry his mouth open just a little more and coax his tongue out so you can suck on it and he lets out a moan that he cuts off mid way. You savor his open mouth, raking your nails through his scalp, and he sighs into the kiss. Still, he remains frozen. You pull away and when a string of saliva still connects the two of you you lean in to suck it off of his bottom lip before smiling down at him.

    “Good boy.” You boop his nose.

    You harshly grab his shoulders and push him onto the bed, taking him by surprise. You crawl over him, straddling his waist, your cunt landing firm on his dick, trapping it between your folds and his pelvis. It feels so hard and hot and slick covered in your fluids. He’s trying his best to not move, not make a sound.

    “You know I like hearing your little noises, you can be loud.” You purr into his ear as you begin to slide over his cock, teasing him with folds while you hold the dildo to the side as best as you can so you can see the tip of his cock peek out whenever you slide back. It’s addictive as you glide over him, feeling every ridge in his member stimulating your folds. It’s too tempting - almost too tempting. He lets out a low moan and you bounce your hips against him, making him mewl. You like how he looks now, splayed beneath you, his hair strewn back, his swollen lips parted, his arms and hands obediently at his sides, and his toned tummy shaky as each of his breath hitch. His pathetic leaking cock beside the one you’ll fuck him with.

    He’s irresistible.

    You hop off of him and manhandle him, admiring the shape of his waist and hips as you place your hands there to turn him until he’s on all fours and you're kneeling behind him. Oh, his pretty little reddened bottom is stuck up in the air, and in this position you could see his pretty pink hole and the little shimmer of the fluid coming from it. You lean down into his ear while your hand roams over his back and the curve of his bum.

    “Oh bunny, were you preparing yourself for me?” You whisper into his ear with a mischievous smile, and as you say so, you slice your middle finger between his cheeks to circle around his hole and press over it experimentally.

    “Yes, my queen, I used lube and everything. A plug too just before you got here.” He pants out, forehead now pressed into the mattress so you can have better access to his ass. You admire his profile from here, his smooth forehead and masculine brow, the pretty curve of his nose and the cute tip, plump lips, curved chin, the beautiful jawline. You absentmindedly slipped your middle finger into his ass, and had it not been for the whine he let out you almost wouldn't have noticed that your finger was buried up to the knuckle in his warm, supple and slickened flesh.

    The ring of muscles around his hole wasn’t too tight, and you debated if you should just split him open with your dildo without so much preamble. You’d imagine how nicely he’d cry if you did that… after all, he did lead you on to treat him harshly today.

    Without a second thought, you slipped your finger out of him, despite his complaining mumbles, and quickly grabbed the bottle of lube that you liberally rubbed on your cock. You dropped a fair amount right onto his hole as well, enjoying the imagery of his dripping ass and perky cheeks, the fluids dripping from him as if he’d been creaming himself. Once you were behind him you made sure to grip his butocks, spreading them apart playfully, perfore giving him a few spanks that he cried out for. Poor little bunny, with his milky skin painted in so many shades of red. Must sting so bad.

    “I’m gonna fuck you hard bunny, ok? You good?”

    “Yes, yes! Yes!” He nodded desperately, but voice muffled into the pillow he’d just grabbed. You felt butterflies in your stomach just at the thought of all the noises he’d make, and you were warm and tingling with anticipation all over.

    You made sure the head of the dildo fit in well, and as soon as you knew he could take its girth you slammed in and he screamed. You made sure to press your hips in all the way and roll them against his ass, before you began thrusting in and out and in and out and Hyunjin cried pathetically into his pillow while gripping the sheets.

    Hyunjin feels the hot drag of your cock past his tight hole, and how it pokes his softer insides until you slide and press against that sweet spot that makes his toes curl and the tip of his cock tingle. He wants more, but he feels like he’ll burst, like he’s stretched to his limit, like something is going to rip out of his body. His arms and legs burn, his little ass throbs and clenches.

    “Too much!” He cried as his voice jolted with every thrust, and you halted.

    “Oh, really? Want me to stop, bunny?” You knew he liked to complain and whine, it was part of his game to encourage you to be rougher.

    “NO!” He screamed, and you pushed his head and shoulders down as best as you could then grabbed his hips to continue thrusting into him, hearing those amazing wet noises, seeing his ass swallow your cock, shivering every time his cries reached your ears. And the pitch of his cries became louder, mixed with incoherent words and babbles. Every version of your name he’d ever given you, every title to affirm your dominance, please for more, harder. And that’s what you gave them until you felt him jolt violently beneath you and squirm in your hold. He had come, untouched, onto the bed.

    His anus hugged your cock as you slid in and out of him, dragging along outward and being pushed inward as the gloss came from his ass. He was quivering now, quivering just enough. If only you could see how the fluids had been trickling out of his little slit.

    You pulled out of him with a pop and admired his tiny gaping hole and leaned over to see the five or so droplets of his cum on the bed. Cute, you thought to yourself, at how he’d orgasmed after only a couple of minutes. You raise his hips up again and thrust back into him, penetrating the tiny stretched ring once more, but you grab his hair and snake your arm around his neck so that he’s practically sitting on your cock, his weight forcing the dildo all the way up his ass. You thrust upwards into him, but from this angle he can bounce himself just as easily.

    “Fuck yourself bunny, fuck yourself with my cock.” You tell him as your arms move to pinch his nipples and tickle all over his torso until finally, finally, you grab his throbbing cock that he had so obediently left untouched.

    “Waaah!” He cries out and it's almost an unreal noise. You stroke it a few times and love the weight of it in your hand, but it's hard to focus on everything Hyunjin is doing at once - he overwhelms your senses. You feel his body against yours, his back rubbing against your breasts, his cock in your hand. You hear every noise from his mouth, his hips slapping against yours, the wet noises of his sticky cock in your hand. The smell of his skin, of his sex, of the shampoo in his hair. Everything is just too much and you feel your cunt desperate for him, inside of you, filling you with his flesh and fluids. Maybe you should make him as desperate as you are.

    So you let go of his cock and he keeps bouncing on the dildo, dropping almost all of his weight on your hips and thighs before lifting himself back up. His big cock flops around pathetically, occasionally slapping against his abs and he thrusts well enough that it keeps happening because he’s just desperate to compensate for the absence of your touch. It bounces around like some miserable flopping toy. Your hands rest at his waist, following his movements, and you close your eyes as you press your face against his back, occasionally pecking and licking the skin there.

    “Fuck yourself harder bunny!” You demand roughly, and he does, so you enjoy his little attempts at getting himself off.

    That is, until Hyunjin’s hand begins to grasp around until he reaches yours, brings it over to his front and laces his fingers with yours. It makes it feel as if everything had just slowed down because he broke the dynamic with this tenderness. You can’t torture him anymore… your heart swells too much.

    So you help him, moving to meet his own thrusts, reaching deeper and imagining how wonderfully supple and tender he must feel that deep into his body. Imagining the tip of your cock pleasuring itself with the tiny wet hole in his pretty ass, it hurting him only to please you. You wrap your other hand on his cock once more, and jerk him off as well as your focus allows you to.

    He can’t hold his weight up anymore and practically sits against your pelvis as you roll yourself into his ass, putting most of your effort on his cock now. He comes again, grasping your hand with both of his, falling backwards against your body. His fluids coat your hand, and you wipe them off on his abdomen as well as possible. You kiss his shoulder, sush him, calm him down and maneuver him onto his side, laying him gently.

    It almost breaks your heart to pull out of him, but you’re pleased with the sight of his gaping hole, the rim circular and neat, showing the little wet blackness within. He lays on his side completely spent, his limbs gone all soft, and the curve of his side forming a nice dip from his shoulders, to his waist and his hip.

    But you’re far from done.

    You rush to pull the harness off of your body and roll Hyunjin over onto his back. He’s a mess. You hadn’t seen his face yet. His lashes sparkled with little droplets, and his face was covered in a sheen of sweat and tears. His hair was a mess, his abdomen and cock were covered in a layer of his semen. His form was like a putty and he was completely fucked out. His eyes seemed far away, but they latched onto yours even in his exhaustion.

    But you still needed him. So you began to stroke his cock before it completely lost its hardness, and slipped him inside of you as soon as you could. He was too tired to cry out, so he just silently whined and whimpered.

    Fuck! You weren’t streched out enough to take him, and he almost didnt go in, but it hurt so fucking good. You were dripping for him, and the soreness from him splitting you from the inside out soon turned into a pleasant rub and pressure as you gradually bounced on him, his erection recovering. You rode him as best as you could, and Hyunjin slowly came back to his senses.

    “Thank you, thank you…” He managed to say between moans and cries of your name. You leaned down onto him, resting your weight on your elbows as you gripped his hair.

    “Touch me!” You screamed out between moans, and even in his tired state, he managed to find your clit with his thumb as you rolled your hips on his. “You’re gonna be a good boy and take it until I cum.”

    You clenched around him so hard, he swore his cock would burst from the pressure, and he spilled inside of you with a pathetic cry. But you kept going as much as you could, and he began to shake so hard you had to wrap him in your arms to steady him. Yet you kept riding him, feeling that desperate momentum where your cunt just wants to suck in more of his cock, feel it hit the walls within you with more force.

    He cries in your ear, please and moans and versions of your name until you came and finally removed yourself from his suffering penis.

    You felt horribly incomplete without him inside of you but he was all spent out and exhausted. In your haze, you hug him and rest your head against his. You wipe and kiss his tears away, you pet his head, you hum to him.

    “That’s it my precious baby boy, you did so well baby.” You praise him and he slowly smiles and finds the strength to open his eyes and meet yours. He’s full of pride from your compliments, smiling weakly, making his reddened and wet face even prettier.

    “I love you.” He mumbles it out and the words jumble together, but it was definitely an ‘I love you’. You peck his lips and keep on petting and praising him, lulling him into tranquility. But you don't let him fall asleep on you, as much as you’d like for that to happen. You manage to get up and pull him with you even though both of you have numb and weak legs and you can hardly stand. You drag him off into the bathroom and begin to fill the tub with hot water.

    As it does, you turn to him, see his puffy eyes and swollen lips, and begin to brush out the knots in his hair. Then you pull him into the water, and lay him between your legs. You caress each of the marks you’ve left on his skin with touches and kisses, you wash every bit of him as gently as you can, you lather and rinse his hair, making sure his skin doesn’t sting as you do.

    “I love you so much.” He says with a voice that’s hoarse from screaming, as he turns to meet you face forward in the bath, resting his head on your body, causing his wet hair to stick to your skin.

    “I love you too, my Jinnie.” You lean in to kiss his abused lips slowly and sensually. “Do you feel ok my little prince?” You say as you nudge your nose against his.

    “You fucked me so good…” he hums, and wraps you in his arms so you both twist around each other. “Did I make you feel good?” He asks with big, innocent, eyes.

    “Of course Jinnie.” Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. “Always. You always make me feel good, you make me feel loved,” He smiles more with every compliment, as if the tiredness slipped away from his features. “And you feel like home. I’ll always give you whatever you want, Jinnie.”

    “You’re too much,.” his eyes get teary and his lip trembles. “I’m too lucky.”

    “Nu-uh… you deserve everything.” Kiss.

    Eventually you pull him out of the water before the two of you get too lazy to move, and after he helps wash you in return. You dress him in his coziest pajamas, while keeping yourself in a fresh set of underwear.

    And then you laid him down in bed and covered him in soft, fresh blankets, before laying next to him and letting him curl into your side. You kissed his forehead and petted him as best you could until you both fell asleep, reminding yourself how amazing the world was for pairing you with the pretty man in your arms.

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    ¤°•《The Royal Mindset》•°¤

    ♧°a stray kids fic collab°♧


    ♧ welcome to xie's birthday collab event! This idea was inspired by and used with permission from @decembermoonskz 's wilting wisteria event, which I myself am writing for <3 Upon my signing up to write for Jisung, izzy and I discovered we share the same birthday- December 7. Hence, I decided to also make a collab event for stray kids authors to gather and submit their works.

    ♧ even if you aren't interested in participating, reblogging is appreciated <33 let's spread the word!

    ♧ the themes for The Royal Mindset event are royalty, romance, and coming-of-age (since I'm turning 18 UWU!!) You can range anywhere from medieval royal aus to vampire or fairy aus~ just have fun!

    ♧ just as izzy said, you may write your own original storyline or get inspiration from books, tv shows, or movies <33


    ♧ upload deadline: December 7 ~ my birthday T^T

    ♧ withdrawal deadline: November 10 (same as izzy's >//<)

    ♧ there will be two open slots per stray kids member (though if the slots fill up quickly and more people want to join, I'll make it a max of 3 slots) at this point I'm practically just copying and pasting izzy's guidelines ㅠㅠ


    ♧ the minimum age to join the event is 15 (exceptions may apply if I know you very well)

    ♧ the minimum word count is 1k

    ♧ those who create drama over not being able to choose their desired member (e.g. if the slots have filled up) or lie about their age will be removed

    ♧ I AM A SFW BLOG, so please don't write smut, as I will not be able to reblog your work or place it on the event masterlist. Suggestive and steamy content is acceptable to a certain point 👀

    ♧ please be inclusive; ergo, refrain from detailing race/height/hair length and color or any other things that would ruin your amazing story for certain people

    ♧ your fic can be a series, one-shot, or drabble <33

    ♧ all fic intros should include:

    °○♧ a pairing

    °○♧ the genre (fluff, angst, au, etc.)

    °○♧ rating (G, PG, PG-13, TV-14, etc.)

    °○♧ summary

    °○♧ warnings and triggers

    ¤°•《how to join》•°¤

    ♧ simply reblog this post with the member you'd like to write for and dm me at @sunshinelixie-lee!!

    ♧ please check under the cut to see if a slot for your member is open <3

    Bang Chan

    ¤°• one slot open! ¤ @0x1lovebot

    Lee Know

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    ¤°• all slots open!


    ¤°• all slots open!


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    ¤°• all slots open!


    ¤°• all slots open!


    ¤°• all slots open!

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    Or @hwa-joongie

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    Masterlist ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

    ✧ smuts



    (☞^o^) ☞Cars✧

    (*❛‿❛)→Bang Chan as boyfriend ✧

    (。◕‿◕。)➜Drunk in love✧



    (☞^o^) ☞Leaving Pluto ✧

    More to come

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    I know it’s a weird thing to ask, but... please?

    𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃 𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐓: 5.1k

    𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Strong language, vampire mythology, angst and tension, conflict from the onset, newfound resolve, loss of self, the beginning of a journey of self discovery, comradery, an essential break-up, exploration and themes of adventure, adult content and underlying themes of horror throughout.

    𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍: Chapter IX of Sanguis Limerence: Awakening™. See Chapter I for story description.

    𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Shifts in perspective from third to first person | Self-insert, female reader x Bang Chan | Self-insert, female reader x Lee Know (All members included)

    𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐍𝐀𝐕: Contents List | Chapter I | Sanguis Limerence™ | Sanguis Limerence: Origins™

    𝐂𝐎𝐏𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓: © September 2021 by jl-micasea ​

    Looks tell a thousand words.

    A passing glance or consistent stare, a sneer or a smile. 

    They speak of more than some monologues ever can, convey things you’re otherwise unable to say.

    You supposed the look on your face in this moment was failing you.

    "What… the hell is happening?"

    Minho's exclamation surmised what you were thinking well enough. You just didn't have an answer for him.

    You simply stood there, back to the wall and your wild rose pendant on the floor, with an utterly confounded vampire before you.

    Right about now you'd expected to be on your knees for him, begging to be defiled in some way or another that would no doubt please him nowhere near as much as it'd please you.

    You expected to be rid of your conflicts and pesky ideals, your ability to make choices taken from you in favour of a simpler, minimalist life.

    You had chosen the cowards way out. You knew it.

    Yet the cowards way had not chosen you.

    It had kicked you back into brutal reality, flipping you the finger as it did so.

    "I… I don't know…" you whispered, glancing down at your hands and other extremities, as if expecting to see some visual indication of Minho's allure creeping up on you.

    You saw nothing. Felt nothing other than yourself, fragments and all.

    "This isn't right. You've got something else on, haven't you?"

    "Like what?" You deflected the accusation. "You know damn well that the necklace is the only thing I ever wear."

    He looked you up and down, something akin to panic holding in his flickering crimson eyes.


    "I'm wearing a dress."



    You reinforced that one by brushing your hair aside to show him your lobes – not that he hadn't just had them between his lips moments earlier.

    He took a step back, running both hands through his fiery locks.

    "Why isn't it working? Who the fuck are you?"

    The panic was now reflected in the tone of his voice, yet you weren't quite there with him.

    Clearly something between you was broken, something had changed to the point where either he wasn't as powerful as he'd always believed, or you were stronger than you'd thought.

    And with that notion… came an unexpected clarity.

    Admittedly, it was far too late given that you'd effectively committed to making a decision you were in no right mind to make, but it seemed the universe had other things in store for you, positive or not.

    You weren't going to submit.

    You weren't going to forfeit what little freedom you had, nor neglect your ability to make choices that could land you in trouble or otherwise.

    Because that was your prerogative.

    To make stupid decisions, to fall in love recklessly. To be impulsive and selfish, to care for those whose wounds hurt you more than them. It was your right.

    And you'd been prepared to give all that up. Coaxed into it like a child to the fairground.

    You added self-loathing to the long list of burdens you shouldered. Your rock bottom seemed to have a way of getting consistently deeper.

    "I'm a fucking idiot," you hissed, grabbing your necklace from the floor and shoving past the red head.

    "Y/N, just wait-"

    "For what?" You bemoaned. "For you?"

    Anger sizzled under your skin.

    Anger with yourself. Anger with him. With everything in sight.

    He shook his head in exasperation, clearly unsure what to say. He was probably still processing what had just happened, while all you wanted to do was get past the sordid affair.

    "I waited for you for eight months, Minho. Waited for news or the slightest sign that you were even alive. Drove myself crazy with the sleepless nights and nightmares."

    His lips parted to say something, yet you held a hand up to silence him. You could barely believe it worked.

    "And now I've found you, now we've been brought back together, the only thing you want to do is enslave me again. Is it so hard for you to even exist in the same space as me? Do you hate me that much?"

    Your sentence broke off into a whimper, the manifestation of emotion catching up with you in poor timing. Yet you didn't give him a chance to reply.

    "I'm sorry I fell in love with your brother. I'm fucking sorry I fell in love with you. I don't blame you for holding it against me, I never have. If it's any consolation I've suffered for it every damn day since."

    "Y/N, that's not-"

    You interrupted him, continuing your tangent.

    "I don't know what the hell is going on with your allure. Maybe you're losing your touch. Maybe I'm so broken even the supernatural can't touch me now. But if the only way you'll be at my side is when I'm anything other than myself, flaws and baggage and fucking scars – then you can't have ever loved me."

    Minho's face darkened; his lids drooped over a vacant glare.

    Perhaps you were pushing too hard. Perhaps his intentions were good, despite the way they had been relayed.

    He had offered a taboo solution to what he believed your problems were, and while he hadn't been too far off the mark, the whole thing still felt wrong, now that you had the capacity to see it.

    You took a deep breath, sobering yourself.

    "I'm here to stay, and I won't apologise for it. Accept it. Get past it. Do whatever the fuck you have to do to come to terms with it."

    More silence.

    "I'll keep my distance, you'll keep yours. With a little determination, it'll be easy. With a little luck, maybe we'll even forget what it was like to be together."

    Your words were strong and clear, your tone stable. Yet your insides were burning as the pit in your gut expanded to impossible depths.

    You turned on your heel, no destination in mind.

    Maybe you'd run into one of the others. Maybe you'd fall off a balcony and meet your demise. You wondered which you'd prefer.

    "I swear to every fucking deity there is, Y/N - if you walk out of here, I’ll make good on those instructions. I will do whatever I have to do deal with this."

    "Go ahead," you sniffed. "From what I’ve heard you’ve already been doing just that."

    He took a step after you, almost as though to appeal, if only his pride would let him.

    "I’m warning you," he seethed. "You are making a mistake."

    "Haven't you heard?" You hissed over your shoulder, flinging open his door before you strode out.

    "That's my fucking speciality."


    Your confrontation with Minho had left you with something you hadn't experienced in too long.

    Rather than a haze of depression and guilt for going through with an objectively stupid thing, you supposed this was the proverbial kick to the teeth you’d been in need of.

    As muddled your head was, as torn as your heart remained, you found a veiled sense of unforeseen conviction in the whole thing.

    A resolve seemingly born from nowhere, though the familiarity of it told you that perhaps a semblance of your old self was returning, and whether or not that was a result of Minho's manipulation ploy, you couldn't be sure.

    Either way, it seemed to be dawning on you all too late that for the first time in an abhorrently long time, you were – for all intents and purposes – a free woman.

    You weren't beholden to WAHVA or their contracts, no longer a freelance Envoy doing their dirty work under the pretence of handing out salvation.

    You weren't bound to Dion's side, privy to his every beck and call.

    You weren't even restricted to the vampire abode, as much as your options in that regard were fairly limited.

    Felix had made it clear that the door was yours to close if you wished. And you felt that now more than ever before.

    Rather than closing it on them, you'd closed it behind you, locking it and proverbially throwing away the key.

    Settling on your decision to stay with your dysfunctional family, it perhaps wasn't the choice any of you had expected, but it was the one you had made and would subsequently stick to.

    A swell of life flooded you, and you intended to cling to it with everything you had.

    You owed it to them, yes, but also to yourself. Wallowing in the depressive pit you'd called home for so long was wearing out its welcome, and while it took some effort to see the positives of your situation, they were still patently present.

    You were going to take back control.

    To remind yourself of who you were, what you were, and what you could do.

    It was far past time.


    You took it upon yourself to complete the tour of the bunker – in small part due to the fact that you couldn't find Jisung – but largely because you simply wanted to do it alone.

    In truth, you had always enjoyed the feeling of unknown that came from doing things like this.

    Exploring uncharted places, wandering without a destination in mind. Happening upon things you hadn't expected to find, rooms or places that had been untouched for so long their predominant purpose was to house dust and cobwebs.

    If only that had been the case.

    As opposed to the wonder you experienced during your explorations of the grand old mansion, this time, you found yourself experiencing something altogether different.

    Nostalgia. A feeling of return. Near homesickness, in truth, that only grew the longer you explored.

    Rather than becoming accustomed to the charm it held, it was as if you were rediscovering it all over again. For it was a charm all its own. Uniquely comforting, even knowing it was previously home to WAHVA forces of some description.

    Any trace of the Company had long since been scrubbed from the place, no doubt at the hands of the others.

    It stood to reason that would be one of the first things they would address.

    You were sure the last thing they wanted was to chance upon their logo or a reminder of the very organisation that was exploiting them.

    The internal structure of the bunker consisted of multiple domed rooms, each one as large as the other. Connected by webs of candlelit corridors, they seemed to act as central hubs, effective landmarks or meeting spaces that had been repurposed for the brothers.

    One was now a dining area furnished with a ludicrously long, dark oak table and matching cushioned chairs, a roaring fire beside it. Another was a homely living space, filled with plush sofas and rugs of loose, real fur for comfort. Smaller rooms branched from those domes, bedrooms and several bathrooms, one even being utilised as a walk-in closet, no doubt at the behest of Felix. Others were left unfurnished, simply waiting to be allocated a purpose.

    In the end, no matter which direction you took from whichever room, you always found yourself back at the same location.

    In the elegant lobby of the bunker, home to the iconic glass firepit and balconied second floor.

    You wondered if it had been designed that way on purpose, built to confuse its’ residents with the repetitive interior before directing them back to a place they knew.

    It also hadn’t gone unnoticed that you consistently appeared to take the right corridor to get to the right place, without even thinking about it. Perhaps your adventuring skills were paying off.

    Coincidentally, you did find your way to the second floor, which you considered a small victory. A hidden staircase concealed behind a thick black curtain – which on second thought probably drew more attention to it than anything else. A curtain this far underground certainly begat its' traditional use.

    It was a short staircase, ten or so steps that led you to the balcony, and looking down upon the lobby of the bunker from your position by the railing, you realised how grand the room really was.

    Perhaps the flicker of the flames in the large, oval firepit warped your perspective somewhat, but you supposed it would be fairly easy to lurk up here, unnoticed in the shadows. Just like Minho had.

    Further exploration bore even more results, and it transpired that the bunker extended far deeper underground, as you peered over the railing of a spiral staircase that disappeared below you.

    Living up to Changbin’s bestowal of his affectionate nickname for you, you felt you were left with little choice as you descended the stairs.

    The air grew colder as you traversed them, the darkness seemed to thicken around you in the barren, silent corridors.

    It was down there, in the belly of the bunker, that you found the door.

    Identical to the ones you'd passed through on your entrance, made of solid, sturdy steel, a glass pane in its' centre. An electronic card reader sat next to it, quietly taunting you for being unable to open it.

    The silence that held there was… unsettling.

    The kind of silence that speaks of secrets long since abandoned, weighted and inherently eerie. A pin drop might have shattered the glass in the door, and you'd held your breath as you dared to peek through it.

    You saw nothing, of course. Only an endless blackness.

    Yet it was a blackness that you felt you knew, that reeked of the same familiarity you’d been carrying with you this entire exploration.

    You made a mental note to ask the others about it later, maybe they could ask Sifer what was down there?

    You wanted in. Your curiosity demanded it.

    But first, there was something else to be done.

    Something your sanity demanded. Something Minho had muttered during your confrontation, that you found yourself revisiting when you were alone.

    Because amongst all the questions he'd thrown at you in his panic, alongside the accusations, you'd gradually come to realise it was the one and only thing you didn't have an answer for.

    You weren't sure you'd ever had an answer.


    "Seungmin…? You there?"

    The living space of the bunker was home to the quiet crackling of bare flames.

    Their wavering shadows played against the cold stone walls, doing their part to warm the place.

    Vampires didn’t need fires in every other room, for heat wasn't something they required in the slightest. Not even light, for their vision was superior in every way.

    No, the lit fires were undoubtedly something they'd taken to for your benefit, and it only made you adore them all the more. That they considered your comfort at all was a luxury you wouldn’t take for granted.

    Your voice rang through the space, your bare feet padding across the marbled floor.

    You had taken Felix up on his offer of a wardrobe raid to grab a pair of loose-fitting sweats and a soft hoodie.

    It was assuredly more comfortable than your mandatory evening dress, courtesy of Dion. In truth, the first thing you'd intended to do with the thing was burn it, be rid of it for good. But common sense had quickly intervened, reminding you that your situation in terms of attire was hopelessly lacking, and unless you planned to spend the next however long in second hand slacks and silk shirts, you were probably better off holding onto it.

    The silhouette of a figure could be seen in one of the plush leather armchairs, their legs crossed elegantly and a book balanced between their fingers. The scowl etched to their features indicated that they probably didn't want to be disturbed, but you were going to anyway.

    You needed answers more than you needed a content vampire.

    "Hey," you hushed, wandering over to Seungmin's position beside the fire. "Didn't you hear me?"

    He blinked twice, letting his head rest back on the seat of the chair.

    "I did."

    You rolled your eyes in response, settling into the chair opposite him. It was almost ludicrously large, leaving ample room for another person to sit in the space next to you if they chose.

    Yet still, the whole setting felt distinctly cosy.

    You brought your legs up to the seat, curling them under you, making yourself comfortable.

    "Join me, why don't you?" He sighed, closing the book with a gentle snap.

    "I wanted to ask you something," you began, dismissing his snarky comment. "Do you remember the day we met?"

    Seungmin nodded, slotting the book beside his thigh and resting his chin in the palm of his hand. A look of glazed disinterest claimed him, but he appeared to be listening all the same.

    "You used your allure on me, didn't you?"

    "At Chan's request," he corrected. "None of us trusted you back then."

    Back then. As if he trusted you now.

    "Right… See, the thing is, I don't actually remember much of it. I know you questioned me, and I know you had to, I don't grudge that."

    "Good. I didn't have much of a choice."

    That was beside the point anyway, no matter how much you wanted to point out he'd never do something unless he damn well wanted to.

    "What did you actually ask me?" You leaned forwards in your seat, your elbows on your knees.

    Seungmin cocked his head, as if trying to recall.

    "Well… Chan wanted to know the truth behind WAHVA's reasoning for sending you to us. Or, the truth as you knew it at the time."

    You winced at the memory of the deception, encouraging him to continue.

    "He also wanted to know if you were truly with WAHVA," he glanced at his nails, inspecting them nonchalantly. "He demanded I ask you what the contracts were. He thought if you were really WAHVA, you'd know."


    "I think that's about it."

    "Are you sure?"

    He narrowed his eyes, tapping his bottom lip with pad of his forefinger.

    "Mhm, well I suppose there was the last question too, but you passed out before you could answer it," he shrugged.

    The last question?

    "What was it?" You probed.

    "Pretty simple. I just asked you who you were."

    Your breath caught as the question sunk in, the churning in your gut seemed to worsen with newfound anxiety. You had a feeling it was something along those lines, and this only confirmed it.

    Seungmin was right, it was a relatively simple question. One that any other person would have had no problem answering.

    Yet you found yourself struggling.

    A little less than a year ago, you'd have identified yourself as a freelance Envoy. More dependent on alcohol than most and with a fuse shorter than that tied to dynamite, perhaps, but that was who you were. It was how people referred to you if not by name.

    But now…?

    You weren't that person. You didn't have the corporate identifier of WAHVA's title to slap to your person, and now you were without it, you found yourself somewhat lost.

    When people are asked who they are, they may draw their answer from an endless number of things.

    Their upbringing and the lessons of their parents that shaped them. Their life experiences, chance encounters that changed them and in turn, gave birth to values they hold dear. Values they carry with them, some even until death.

    You didn't think you could do that. And not because you didn't want to, but because you simply couldn't.

    You found yourself drawing blanks.

    Fogged, vague recollections that felt like memories of those things, they brought with them a sense of unsettlement that you simply couldn't put your finger on. Perhaps because you hadn't needed to think about it before now.

    Yet now that you did – now that you really tried – the feeling of dread only worsened.

    There were stated facts of your life you were aware of, things that you could have written into a biography if needed.

    You'd had a childhood. Experienced your teen years and had a wonderfully normal high school experience, you knew, because surely you wouldn't be where you were if you hadn't.

    You’d had parents. They'd raised you well and proper, taught you manners and right from wrong. You were brought up in a loving household, in the arms of a poster nuclear family.

    But those facts held no weight. No meaning or sentimentality. They just simply… were.

    In fact, all the younger age brackets of your life remained murky. It was only after your joining with WAHVA and the discovery of your independence that your life began to hold any colour.

    Why couldn't you remember specifics…?

    A sharp pulsing shot through your head, as if a force contained inside it was threatening to escape, pushing harder the deeper you tried to think back.

    You couldn't recall the first time you'd fallen and scraped your knee for your mother to soothe it, yet you knew it had happened.

    You couldn't remember the driving lessons from your father, the Sunday afternoons spent crawling around empty car parks, but still, you were convinced that was how you'd learned to drive.

    You couldn't for the life of you remember the face of the boy who had taken you to prom, who'd whisked you away in a limousine and promised your father to have you home by ten.

    Yet nonetheless, you were so sure you'd experienced that.

    So, why then, did so much of it feel incorporeal? Unable to be clung to?

    "Are you okay?" Seungmin asked, concern clear in his voice as you doubled over in your seat.

    "F- Fine…" you muttered, waving him off. "Just a headache."

    "You should probably get some rest. None of us have had a chance to catch our breaths since the club. Take advantage of the downtime."

    You shook your head gently, swiping the sleeve of Felix's hoodie across your forehead. The fire seemed hotter than before.

    "Will you ask me again?"

    "Ask what?"

    "Ask me who I am."

    The look that crossed Seungmin's face spoke of a thousand questions and utter confusion.

    "Are you sure you're feeling alright?" He quizzed, resting his elbows on his knees.

    "I know it's a weird thing to ask, but… please?" You pleaded, doing your best to ignore the pounding in your head.

    Seungmin pursed his lips, clearly thinking something over before he shuffled his seat closer to yours.

    "Only if you tell me what's going on," he muttered, his eyes ablaze with the notion of finding something new to pass the time, something new to learn about.

    "I’m not sure myself," you admitted, and honestly, that was the truth.

    You had no idea why you were feeling displaced, and why it was happening now, of all times.

    "Fine. Then tell me what you think is going on."

    You took a deep breath, silently battling with his eye contact to stare him down. It was hopeless, you knew.

    You stood about as much chance of quelling his curiosity with silence than you did of convincing Felix his scarves weren't real fur.

    "I can't remember anything about my past," you began, your voice quiet. "I mean, I know I have one. I know I had two parents, grew up, went to school, did all the things you're supposed to do when you're young."

    Seungmin remained quiet, his crimson irises flickering in the light of the flame.

    "But when I try to picture their faces – the faces of the people who raised me – I can't. When I try to remember the name of my high school, or even the street I lived on, it's just not there. When I think about how I learned all the things I know, I can't trace anything back. It’s like… I have no origins."

    You glanced up at him, reading nothing on his expression. You took that as your green light to continue.

    "My head is filled with all these… placeholders. Pieces of paper with titles, but there's no content. It's all unfinished. It's wrong."

    He nodded gently, lacing his fingers together before he reclined in his chair.

    "And… that’s not all. Ever since I got here, I’ve had this feeling. Like… I’ve been here before. Like I know where I’ll end up if I take two lefts and a right down that corridor. But that’s impossible, right?"

    "I've always believed there was something different about you, Y/N." He eventually spoke.

    That wasn't quite the reaction you'd expected.

    "D- Different…?"

    "Mhm," he sighed, running his hand through his black locks. "Although that's probably putting it mildly."

    You swept your thumb over the surface of your wrist, the mottled flesh beneath it scraping against your skin. Comforting.

    "My brothers… Chan and Minho. They're the most dangerous of our kind. I know you're aware of that because we keep telling you, but I really mean it, Y/N. I don’t think you’ve ever fully grasped that."

    "I know they're dangerous… You all are."

    "No," he scoffed, shaking his head. "The others are fucking toddlers compared to what those two are capable of. Myself included."

    He sat forwards in his chair, catching your line of sight.

    "Chan wasn't always one of us. When we met, he was running with Dion and his crew."

    That wasn't news to you. You were vaguely aware of the past between Chan and Dion, the history therein.

    "Dion told me that. He claimed Chan was never happier than when he was… doing what he did back then," you interjected quietly.

    Seungmin shrugged, finding the point to be moot.

    "I can’t speak for his happiness – if you were to ask my opinion, I’d tell you that I don’t think Chan was really aware of himself back then. He was in a dark place. But I can speak for the things they did. Even by vampire standards, they were abhorrent. Nothing was ever too much, but neither was it enough. They were known for pushing limits, both their own and of humans. Their reign was uncontrolled."

    "They… killed a lot of people?"

    "Probably. I’m sure they themselves don’t know how many. I doubt most of it was even intentional, at least on Chan's part. You might have noticed, but he has something of a penchant for losing control."

    You shifted in your seat, visions of your intimate encounters with Chan flashing before you, and the not so intimate ones.

    "The deaths he caused, the pain he inflicted… It might sound heartless but I've always considered it collateral damage. I don't think his victims ever even believed themselves that given the things he was known to do to them. But it didn't stop him from carrying the guilt. He just drowned it enough in other vices that he forgot what it felt like to be anything other than burdened."

    Your chest tightened with the recollection of Chan's words to you, that first night you spent together.

    How he'd flipped his switch, turned everything off. By all accounts, the aftermath of V Day wasn't the first time he'd had to do it. That hurt more than you thought it would.

    "You know better than anyone, Y/N… how intense he can be. A lapse in judgement, a moment of carelessness is all it would have taken to add you to the long list of his mistakes - and he very nearly did. He mellowed when he met us, when he joined our clan and took responsibility, and I think he needed that. Something to protect, to give him purpose instead of tearing it all down. But the beast was always there, lurking under the surface. You should consider yourself lucky to have survived his affections. Lucky that it didn't show its' face until the day of the attack."

    "I consider myself lucky for many things."

    "Not nearly enough. Because not only did you bring someone as persecuted as Chan back into the light, you also managed to tame one as unpredictable as Minho."

    You swallowed thickly, his blatant knowledge of your polyamory making you feel smaller under his gaze.

    There was no judgement in it, and you knew that, but you didn't think you'd ever be able to talk about them without feeling some trace of betrayal toward the other.

    Minho had certainly made his feelings on the whole thing more than clear.

    "Between you and I," he continued, lowering his tone to that of a soundless whisper. "I think that old mansion meant more to Minho than he himself would ever admit. Much more."

    You cocked your head at him wordlessly, your brow furrowed.

    Yet he simply shrugged, leaving whatever assumption he'd made floating in the air, the weight of it growing with every second.

    "So yes, I do believe there's something different about you. Something that doesn't just extend to the tantalising scent of your blood – which, by the way – only appears to be getting stronger."

    "Stronger?!" You choked.

    He nodded, flashing you a slathering smile.

    "Nobody told you? It's definitely more pungent than it used to be."

    As if you needed one more thing to worry about.

    You sat back in your chair, a slump of defeat in your shoulders.

    Between your elusive past and the mess of emotions you were tangled in with the elder brothers, you wondered if you'd ever lead a life that wasn't fraught with stress or worry.

    It seemed unattainable to you right now.

    "What's wrong with me, Min?"

    Seungmin blinked twice, his smile wearing away at the impromptu nickname.

    And for the first time, something akin to sympathy held in his deep crimson eyes. He brought the pad of his thumb to his chin, tapping at it absently.

    "I won't tell you there's nothing to worry about," he mused. "But I won't tell you there's cause for despair, either."

    He stood up elegantly, cracking his neck before he outstretched his hand to you. You glanced up at him, catching the look of strong determination on his face.

    "Let's start digging," he announced, tugging you to your feet. "We'll crack this mystery together."

    "Is that what I am?" You laughed, feeling decidedly more positive already. "A mystery?"

    "You're a conundrum, Y/N. A sturdy vault of secrets simply begging to be plundered."

    He spun on his heel, leading the way out of the warm living space, towards one of the darkened corridors. You fell into step with him, wrapping your arms around yourself as the air chilled.

    "You think we'll get to the bottom of it?" Your voice reverberated off the walls of the dimly lit corridor.

    You couldn't hide the tinge of hope it held, the naïve notion that with Seungmin's help, you might just find the piece of yourself you hadn't known you were missing.

    "We will," he confirmed, his head held high. "You forget, Y/N, that I don't lose to anyone."

    You stifled a chuckle, finding his tenacity to be infectious.

    "And certainly not to you."


    A/N: Hope you’re ready to sink your teeth into some tasty plot beans. Feedback always desired, you’d be making my day. Take care. Mica



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    18 Plus Event

    General Warnings: Explicit sexual content and hardish kinks. Please read at your own risk. We will also be doing Trigger Warnings at the beginning of each post so please advise.

    Requests for the last smut of Kinktober are open! Please message @seonghwasbtich or @hae-tiny!We have a right to deny a request of we feel like it does not fit whatsoever.

    Day One: Dom! Wooyoung + F! Reader + Katoptronophilia + Degrading

    Day Two: Dom! Changbin + F! Reader +Overpower + Daddy Kink + Sensory Deprivation + Choking

    Day Three: Dom! Yeonjun + F! Reader +Dacryphillia + Edging + Degration

    Day Four: Dom! Q + F! Reader + Temperature Play + Sensory Deprivation

    Day Five: Dom! Yeosang + F! Innocent Reader + Corruption + Sir Kink

    Day Six: Dom! Han + F! Reader + Dom/Sub + Dumbification + Degradation

    Day Seven : Dom! Dino + F! Reader + Dirty Talking + Mutual Masturbation

    Day Eight: Dom! Hyunjae + F! Reader + Oral + Teasing

    Day Nine: Dom! Seonghwa + F! Reader + Breeding + Begging + Hair Pulling

    Day Ten: Dom! Bang Chan + F! Reader + Degradation + Fliming/Camera + Dacryphillia + Choking

    Day Eleven: Dom! Sunwoo + F! Reader +Toy Play + Touch Deprivation + Edging

    Day Twelve: Dom! Soobin + F! Reader + Nipple Play + Sensory Deprivation

    Day Thirteen: Ceo/Dom! Mingi + F! Reader + Hate Sex + Marking

    Day Fourteen: Dom! Lee Know + F! Reader + Punishment + Face Fucking

    Day Fifteen: Dom! Hoshi + F! Reader + Fingering + Praising with Slight Degradation

    Day Sixteen: Dom! Jacob + Switch but with Dom tendencies! New + F! Reader + Cockolding + Overstimulation + Cockwarming

    Day Seventeen: Dom! San + F! Reader + Spitting + Mild Pain Play + Marking

    Day Eighteen: Dom! I.N + F! Reader + Overstimulation + Power Bottom + Hair Pulling

    Day Nineteen: Dom! Vernon + F! Reader+ Shower + Daddy Kink + Choking

    Day Twenty: Dom! Sangyeon + F! Reader + Thigh Riding + Masochism + Overstimulation

    Day Twenty-One: Dom! Jongho + F! Reader+ Squirting + Orgasm Denial + Edging

    Day Twenty-Two: Dom! Seungmin + F! Reader + Masochism + Degradation + Bondage

    Day Twenty-Three: Dom! Wonwoo + F! Reader + Face Sitting + Praise + Orgasm Denial

    Day Twenty-Four: Dom! Eric + F! Reader + Breath Play + Bondage + Sensory Deprivation

    Day Twenty-Five: Dom! Yunho + F! Reader + Size + Daddy Kink + Overstimulation

    Day Twenty-Six: Dom! Felix + F! Reader + Food Play + Body Worshipping + Marking

    Day Twenty-Seven: Dom! Mingyu + F! Reader + Orgasm Denial +

    Day Twenty-Eight: Dom! Kevin + F! Reader + Praise + Body Worshipping

    Day Twenty-Nine: HongJoong + F! Reader + Voyeurism + Degradation

    Day Thirty: Dom! Hyunjin + F! Reader + Messy Sex + Edging

    Day Thirty-One: Request

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    Pairing: Bang Chan x female reader

    Genre: smut

    Word count: 1.181

    Warnings: mature content, oral sex (m and f)

    Summary: Chan challenged you to go five days without an orgasm. Will you be able to do it?

    "Baby!" Chan happily exclaimed as he walked through the door. You were sitting on the couch, working on your computer.

    "Hi, baby," you said in a soft tone. Chan ran in your direction and kissed your lips. You couldn't help but smile when he acted like that. "Baby, I was thinking about something," Chan said, taking your computer away from your lap. "What is it?" "I wanna try something with you." Chan had a smile on his face, but you knew that smile. It wasn't necessarily because he was happy, you knew he had something on his mind. He put his hand on your inner thigh, squizing it lightly. "I wanna make a bet with you" he said with a cocky smile.

    “A bet?”

    "Yeah. Remember when you told me that one time that you like to edge yourself when you masturbate?" Of course, you remembered it. It was one time when you were laying on the bed with him. You were talking about your kinks and fantasies, things got heated fast and, soon enough, Chan was inside of you. Your cheeks reddened when you remembered the nasty stuff you talked about with him. "Uhm, yes I do." You had a confused expression on your face, you didn't know where this was going. "I bet you can’t go five days without cumming."

    You furrowed your eyebrows, chuckling. “That’s easy.” “I know,” Chan smiled. “That’s why I’m going to fuck you every day, but you are not allowed to cum.”

    "That's torture, Chan!"

    "Aww, do you think you're not able to handle it?" he mocked you. "I don't blame you, I'm irresistible." You pressed your lips together, irritated. Chan knew damn well you were a competitive person. "What do I gain if I win?" you asked. "Anything you want, baby," Chan said with the dirtiest look you've seen on his face. You rolled your eyes, knowing that it was getting you excited. "If I win, I want to tie you up on the bed. And I want to take control for one night." Chan thought for a moment. He was usually the one who would dictate the rules on the bed, and you would happily obey him, but you wanted to be the boss for one night. "Okay," he said. “But don’t get too excited, baby girl.”

    You laughed. "It's a deal then." "You can use your safe word any time, princess," he assured. "And we will stop." "Fine. Are you going to start now?" "Do you want to?" he asked, with a mischievous smile on his face. "Well, of course." Chan sat by your side and kissed you. It was a deep and messy kiss, but it was enough to get you in the mood. Chan told you to lay down on the couch. He helped you to take your pants and underwear off. He kissed your thighs, leaving marks here and there. His tongue played with your skin, but he avoided the place where you wanted him to touch the most. "Chan," you whimpered, trying not to squirm too much. "You need to be patient, baby girl." Another bite, another hickey. Chan's lips finally went in the direction of your pussy. However, he was still avoiding your clit. His tongue began to penetrate your hole, going inside and out. You moaned, feeling the wetness dripping from your cunt. You knew you were making a mess on the couch, but you didn't care. Suddenly, Chan stopped and raised his head, looking at you. "Remember, you are not allowed to cum. Not with me, not by yourself, understand?" he looked right into your eyes with a serious expression, sending shivers down your spine. You just nodded, whining at him so he could go back to business. Chan kept penetrating you with his tongue for a while, but he knew it wasn't enough to get you close to an orgasm. When his tongue finally touched your clit, you bucked up your hips. "Ahh," you moaned. Chan kept a frantic rhythm, stopping once in a while to suck on your clit, making you moan louder. "Tell me when you are about to cum," he demanded. "I'm g-getting close." Chan licked your clit a few times, looking at your expression. When he saw you closing your eyes and opening your mouth, he knew you were about to cum, so he stopped. "Chan," you whined, pouting. "Sorry, baby. We have four days to go yet." Chan kissed you, making you taste your juices on his lips, and that only turned you on even more. "I don't think I'll be able to handle." "You can use your safe word anytime you want, baby girl." You sighed. "Well, let me at least help you out with this," you said, touching the boner on his pants. Chan grabbed your hand and kissed it. "Baby, you don't have to. This is about you." "Please," you purred, making the most innocent face. "I want you." Chan chuckled and you kissed the dimple on his cheek. "Okay," he said, lowering his pants. You licked your lips when you saw his dick hitting his lower belly.

    Chan was sitting on the couch with his legs spread. You kneeled between his legs, feeling your mouth watering by just the sigh of his cock. How would you be able to last five days?

    You grabbed his dick, making him hiss when he felt the soft skin of your hand against his rock-hard cock. "Are you going to stay five days without cumming too?" you asked him. Chan laughed. "No, baby girl, as I said, this is about you."

    "You are so mean," you exclaimed in a whiny tone. You ran your hand up and down on his cock, before spitting on it. Then you began to suck on the tip, making Chan moan a little. You licked the precum that was drooling from his head. "You taste so good," you said, locking eyes with him. Chan caressed your hair as his dick went deeper down your throat. You bobbled your head up and down, swallowing as much as you could. Chan moaned again when he felt the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat. You used your hand to pump his cock as you licked one of his balls. You took a moment to look at him, noticing that the vein on his neck was prominent, and there was a little bit of sweat coming down his forehead. You knew he was close. You began to suck on the head as you worked harder on the length. "Ah, fuck," Chan barely managed to say before he came. You tried to swallow as much as you could, but some drops ended up falling on your face. "Fuck, baby," he said, using his thumb to gather the cum on your chin, dragging it to your lips. You sucked on his thumb, never breaking the eye contact. "Such a good girl," he whispered. Chan kissed the tip of your nose before helping you to get up. You knew you were in for a long ride.

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    #bang chan smut #stray kids smut #mail corner 📬 #skz🔪
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    send in hard thoughts 👀

    #enhypen hard hours #enhypen hard thoughts #enhypen smut #skz hard hours #skz hard thoughts #skz smut
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    warnings // DRUGS, drug use, angst if you squint, 

    pairing // drug dealer felix x female reader

    imagine: you just got your heart broken so you rebound with the cutest drug dealer you know. there will be a part 2 to this if requested.

    authors note: i did NOT proof read this, twas simply something i wrote on a whim. sorry if its shit, will write a part 2 if this gets any attention.

    “Thanks again Lix. I know it’s really late and you were done with deliveries but I can’t tell you how much I needed this.” It was pretty pathetic, a 1:37am text to your dealer that you were out of coke and would pay double if he were to meet up with you tonight. You knew he wouldn’t say no, in a weird way Felix was kind of your best friend. Always there when you needed him, except typically with drugs in hand. 

    “Yeah about that, why did you need this? You know I never try and pry, but y/n you've been blowing through this stuff like crazy, no pun intended. Please tell me you had friends over or something? This is the third time this week.” He was right, you had been going through it like crazy. How else do you cure a heartbreak though? Because it sure as hell wasn't going away on its own. 

    “Don’t worry about me. I promise I'll be careful.” You nudge him on the shoulder and give him a smile to reassure him. Apparently that's not enough to convince him.

    His hand reached your wrist and he pulled you back in towards him. “Come on, get in the car.” He instructed. It’s not like you had never hung out with Felix, it just was a rarity. Plus you were always the one who would ask him to stay, incapable of admitting your feelings to him or yourself. Instead just trying to linger around him as long as possible. 

    “Where are we going?” You cock your head to the side in question. There was never a time in your life where you wanted to say no to Felix, but right now all you wanted to do was listen to your breakup playlist, snort as much coke as humanly possible, cry a little, and sleep until you forget what day it is. 

    “Our usual spot!” He grinned. His smile always spread to you, Felix was the kindest drug dealer you had ever met. 

    He escorted you to his car like the gentleman he is, opening the door for you and asking if you were alright before shutting the door. You shifted in your seat suddenly slightly uncomfortable, you were wearing a tank top with no bra and sweatpants, you only thought you were gonna see Felix for a few minutes tops. Plus how were you supposed to know he was going to drag you out somewhere? It’s not that he could ever make you uncomfortable, you just wished you dressed up for him a bit more. Considering you almost always do, for unspoken reasons. The door to the driver's seat opens and he sits down and puts the car in reverse without saying a word. You hated how hot he looked while driving. 

    “Y/n?” Felix looks over towards you with concern written all over his face. 

    “Huh? Sorry I just was a bit zoned out.” You realized he had asked you something and while you were gawking at how hot he looked. 

    “I said, are you gonna tell me what's been going on? Or do I have to guess?” The car turned a sharp right as he spoke, jolting you to the side. His hand grabbed your thigh instinctively to try and steady you. He left it there for a moment, hyper aware of his fingers gripping you tightly. You squeezed your thighs together when he let go, now uncomfortable with the warm feeling between your legs,

    “It’s really not a big deal, you know that guy I was seeing?” 

    “Vaguely, the one with dark hair? That acted like a dick to me?” Felix asked.

    “Yep, well it wasn’t love or anything like that but I cared for him. Found out he cheated on me with his roommate.” You spoke casually to Felix, you could tell him anything. He was the only person on this planet who truly wouldn't judge you. 

    “Knew I hated that guy for a reason. I’m really sorry Y/n.” He sounded sincere, he paused for a moment before continuing. “You know it won't mend your heart though, right?” 

    “I don’t understand?” You turn to look at him.

    “A couple of lines won't mend a broken heart. You know better than that.” His voice was low, almost as if he was giving you a warning. Anger shifted through your veins, you wanted to get defensive. Of course you knew that.

    “A temporary fix is better than no fix.” You sigh. 

    “I guess I can’t argue with that.” Felix shrugs. 

    Felix pulls into the parking lot of the waffle house, the parking lot was empty except for two other cars. It was almost 2am. 

    “Let's go.” He says as he opens the door. 

    “Wait. Before we go in, think we could...you know?” You pull the bag out of your pocket and shake it in front of his face. 

    “Fine.” His hand grazes yours as he takes the baggy from you. He pulls out his rolling tray from under his seat while you dig around in your wallet for your credit card and a spare dollar bill. You handed him your card and started rolling up the bills while he lined up the precut powder. 

    “Ladies first.” He held the tray up to you, you leaned over to rail the four lines he had neatly done for you. “Y/n shit. Two of those were for me.” You sniffle and press your finger against your nose and inhale, tilting your head back. Attempting to get any leftovers down. 

    “Shit, sorry Lix.” You laugh it off as he cuts up two more lines for himself. When he’s finished you two walk into the restaurant together. He takes your hand in his as you walk, you're not sure what provoked it, maybe he’s worried you'll fall or collapse. Either way, you liked the feeling of his hand in yours. You two sit down at a booth in the very back, he orders waffles, you order pancakes. Same as always. 

    “I’m gonna go to the bathroom before our food comes.” You begin to stand before he takes your hand again and ushers you to sit back down. 

    “I’m not letting you do anymore y/n. Not while I'm here.” His voice was deep, he was serious. Like a stupid middle schooler you got butterflies in your stomach at the thought of him being worried about you. 

    “Relax Lix. I just have to pee.” You yank your hand away and stand back up to head to the bathroom. All drug addicts lie, but you never thought you'd lie to him. 

    Frantically you search for the dollar bill you crumpled up and stuffed back into your wallet, you were already taking a suspicious amount of time to pee. Quickly you lined up two thick messy lines. Right as you were snorting the second you heard someone bang against the bathroom stall. Fuck.

    “Y/n. Open the fucking door.” Now this was a bad sign in itself. Felix was a ray of sunshine, he was never mad, he never swore. You blew the remainder of the drugs away and flushed the toilet to try and make the scene of the crime disappear.

    You open the door and look up at him, hiding your hands behind your back, white powder covering your fingertips. “What's up Lixie?” 

    “God you’re joking right?” His hand goes to your face squeezing your cheeks together slightly, he looks you in the eyes. His pupils dilated, he was obviously checking yours for the same. Your mind wandered off, unable to focus on the severity of the situation at hand. Wishing so badly his hand was somewhere else right now. “I can’t have you going and overdosing in the fucking waffle house bathroom. Would be bad for business.”

    You laughed, unsure if he was being serious. Either way the thought was a funny one. Teen girl found dead in waffle house bathroom. What a way to go. 

    “I’m fine, you're just a drama queen.” You push him aside and open the stall, walking out. 

    For the third time tonight, his hand grabs yours and he pulls you back in. Locking the stall behind him. Without time to process his lips are on yours, his hands find their way to your cheeks as he holds you gently while he kisses you. 

    Your head was too cloudy to comprehend the situation in front of you. Unable to kiss back, body stunned into place. His kiss was hungry, passionate, sloppy. Opposite of everything you thought it would be. 

    “And you’re acting like a brat.” he said as he pulled away from the kiss.

     Tonight you decided, you were going to make a bad decision.

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