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  • ok so hear me out but sbi pirate au…?

    this is gonna be a long post so it’ll be under the read more if your interested

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  • #anon you are so wonderful #i would actually die for you #thank you so much #you make me very happy :D #tommyinnit#technoblade#sleepyblr#dream smp#mcyt#my writing#writing prompts #The Real World #Anonymous
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  • I love how mcytblr is still in denial from the 16th

    Which 16th? Yes

    #mcyt#sleepyblr#dteamblr#mcytblr #i know youre still sad about when phil said 'youre my son!' dont lie to me #nap posts their thoughts #shitpost
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    #dream smp#mcyt#tommyinnit #sleepy boys inc #sleepyblr#technoblade#techno#technoblr#philza#dadza#killza#philza minecraft #philza dream smp #wilbur soot#Ghostbur#tubbo #wilbur and tommy #wilbur and techno #wilbur and philza #tommy and techno #tommy and wilbur #tommy and tubbo #tommy and phil #techno and tommy #techno and wilbur #techno and phil #phil and techno #Phil and Wilbur #sleepy bois inc #sbi
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  • The more I consume DreamSMP, or more specifically, SBI angst, the more I realize none of you bitches know how wing clipping actually works.

    #there’s like... only two feathers you have to actually clip #you can’t just clip whatever one either. some feathers have veins n shit in them #you also logically couldn’t remove all of a wing #it would fuck with the musculature #you CAN partially remove wings #it’s called pinioning #mcyt#minecraft youtubers#dream smp#mcytumblr#mcytblr #sleepy boys inc #sleepyblr
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  • okay if any of you make a comment about me projecting in this i will beat you to death w/ a chair. enjoy 😊;

    • tommy hasn’t ever been the most gifted child. in comparison to wilbur, he’s always been sort of a fucken mess. it’s always been hard for him to excel in certain things; somehow, he’d always end up messing up because he was ungraceful with the way he went about these tasks, or he simply wasn’t thinking. wilburs always been on the end of phil’s attention— he’s always been on the end of phil’s praises, of phil’s compliments, and tommy has always been given a halfhearted head pat whenever he presented something he did that was lackluster in comparison.

    • he’s also always gotten into fights with other people? he’s always had a short temper, his entire life and that’s led to him getting into a lot of trouble w people he wouldn’t want to get in trouble w? phil’s always had to get him out of these situations, & every time he’s gotten out of trouble he’s always been punished, regardless if he started the fight or not. phil’s always viewed him as a sort of problem child.

    • phil always used to complain about him to wilbur. he didn’t ever think tommy could hear, but every time he’d complain about him tommy would be listening; he’d either be sitting on the staircase as phil complained about him to wilbur in the kitchen, or he’d be listening from his room, or he’d be right outside the door to wilbur’s room; no matter what he’d always hear phil complain about what a hassle it was to parent such a “problem child” like him

    • phil has regularly forgotten tommys birthday. after techno started living with them he had yet another kid to pay attention to instead of tommy. throughout multiple birthday’s tommys spent alone, making his own birthday cake and getting his own presidents; which were just stuff he’d gotten from his closet and forced himself to act surprised upon seeing. every time tommy tried to tell phil it was his birthday he’d always be busy. he wouldn’t ever have time for it. phil still doesn’t know when his birthday is

    • phil would always compare him to techno. tommy doesn’t know if he meant to do it, but every time tommy would make a mistake phil would always say something like; “techno would never do this” or “why can’t you be more like techno? he’s so well behaved” or “maybe techno should start teaching you since you clearly don’t know how to behave” every time phil would brush it off like it was nothing afterwards but it would stick with tommy.

    • TOMMY, upset about something: phil, can i talk to you? there’s something i—,

    • PHIL: i’m busy, tommy. techno needs me to help him train

    • TOMMY: yeah, but i—i’m— i need to talk to you?

    • PHIL, sighing; why don’t you go talk to wilbur? he’s probably free.

    • TOMMY: but—

    • PHIL: honestly, tommy. why can’t you be more like techno? he never begs for my attention

    • TOMMY: oh. right. yeah. i— sorry.

    • wilbur’s always been there for him when he needed him, though. every time phil would forget to get him something for christmas, or forget his birthday wilbur would always come in his room & bring him a little gift that he brought with his own money. on his 14th birthday he even baked him a cake; it didn’t tast very good at all but it was worth it. …tommy totally didn’t cry when he was eating it, what’re you talking about

    • TOMMY: he forgot.

    • WILBUR: what?

    • TOMMY: he forgot my birthday. again. i’m 14 and he forgot. why isn’t he— doesnt he remember?

    • WILBUR: tommy

    • TOMMY: if it were techno he wouldn’t have forgotten, he has— he fucking had technos birthday on a note on the fridge! why doesn’t he— why can’t he remember my birthday?

    • WILBUR: he’s probably just busy, tommy, you know him—

    • TOMMY: yeah. he’s always busy. too busy for me.

    • every time phil would speak to tommy it would be awkward. he’d always get what tommy likes mixed up; either he’d get him and wilburs interests mixed up, or he’d pick something completely random and expect tommy to like it. he didn’t ever ask tommy what he liked, he just assumed things. one time, phil got him a guitar for christmas; he’d never played the guitar in his life. he didn’t have interest in music. that was wilburs thing. but when he tried to tell him, he brushed it off

    • he told wilbur about the guitar, told him he didn’t want it, but instead of letting him give it to him wilbur instead decided to let him keep it. when he asked him why wilbur told him that he could teach him how to play; he said it wouldn’t be fair to throw away such an opportunity like that. he’d told him that it would be his christmas gift to him, teaching him how to play one of his favorite instruments. tommy wasn’t very good at it. he could only play one song on there, but wilbur still told him he was proud of him every time

    • PHIL: oh! you have the guitar i gave you!

    • TOMMY: yeah.

    • PHIL: well, i told you you’d like it! it’s quite nice isn’t it?

    • TOMMY: yeah, i guess… but i’m not—

    • PHIL: next time, tommy, don’t lie to me about things you like.

    • TOMMY: i—

    • TOMMY: yeah. sorry.

    • in pogtopia, wilbur, him and techno would always write letters to phil about what was going on— how they were faring alone. it wasn’t something tommy was very fond of doing, but he did it anyways; his notes were always short, because he still wasn’t very good at communicating with his father, even after all these years. after a couple days of sending off the letters they’d always get one in response— well. wilbur and techno did. tommy didn’t ever get any letters in response.

    • TOMMY: what’re you holding, techno?

    • TECHNO: oh. it’s a letter from dad. he says he’s doing well—

    • TOMMY: it’s a letter from dad.

    • TECHNO: …yeah?

    • TOMMY: you got a letter back. and i didn’t.

    • TECHNO: oh.

    • TECHNO; tommy, look, i—i’m sure it’s not that bad—

    • TOMMY: it doesn’t matter, anyways. i’m not surprised.

    • TECHNO: …

    • TECHNO: do you want me to write to him for you?

    • TOMMY: don’t try. it’s not like he’d respond anyways.

    #long post#:] #WOOO!!! #fuck c!phil!!! can i get an amen and a hallelujah #can you tell that i’m in a writing mood? #boy do i love making tommyinnit cry #mcyt#mcytblr#dream smp#tommyinnit#minecraft youtubers#mcyters #dream smp spoilers #sbi#sleepyblr#/roleplay#philza minecraft #anti c!phil #philza#technoblade#wilbur soot
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  • hey if i posted some sad least favorite child c!tommy hc’s would y’all interact. because i want to make you all cry and beg

    #i’m gonna do it anyways because i think the concepts funny #in a way that’s like ‘haha me too’ #yes i am projecting what abt it #mcyt#mcytblr#dream smp#tommyinnit#minecraft youtubers#mcyters#sbi#sleepyblr#philza minecraft#roleplay#/rp#philza
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    #don’t mind the fucked up quaclity of the bell #techno live#mcyt#mcytblr#dream smp#sleepyblr#technoblade
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  • (Taking place after Doomsday, Technoblade sits alone in his cabin and tries not to miss the raccoon child that invaded his home a̶n̶d̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶h̶e̶a̶r̶t̶)

    The air is heavy with silence as Technoblade strides into his cabin. The door slams loudly behind him the noise echoing across the cool night air. He’s made a habit of letting the wind close the door instead of his hands. The wood creaks under his boots as Techno paces the length of his entryway. His piglin ears flop lazily against his cheeks not detecting anything. Yet an unease still creeps up Techno’s back. It’s too silent. Even the voices are more tame than normal, a few cries for blood but they’re not as desperate as normal.

    Techno supposes it should be quiet as Phil was out tonight. He ignores the fact that he used to live entirely alone and it was never this quiet. Techno lets out a sigh rubbing his temple before spinning on his heel towards his bedroom. He roughly pulls off his armour and throws it into a corner. When he’d first done that in front of Phil, he’d gotten a very concerned glance. Techno was normally very careful with his armour considering how long he spent grinding for it. But the clatter is worth the small damage the armor takes. Techno tosses his baby blue cape over a hook without much thought, no noise follows and Techno cringes.

    He drops down onto his bed. It’s late, he should rest now. Techno’s body doesn’t move, every muscle inside of his body is tense with anticipation. He knows there aren’t any threats nearby, he can’t hear the sizzling of creepers or the rattling of skeleton bones, there are no moans from zombies in the air or screams and clattering of Tommy rummaging through his chest.

    Techno stops his thoughts there. He doesn’t miss Tommy. Since the nuisance of a child betrayed him, he’s had more time, energy and golden apples than he’s ever had. He’s now teamed up with one of the most powerful figures he knows, Dream and most importantly he isn’t being used anymore.

    Techno isn’t a weapon. He is a person. Tommy didn’t know that. Tommy used him and took advantage of him only to leave him behind in the dust.

    But the cabin is so quiet. Techno doesn’t understand, he’s lived alone for years, he’s lived alone in this cabin as well and he was fine. Why is the silence bothering him so much now? He hated Tommy’s yelling, he hated how Tommy messed up all of his organization and he hated how there was always a constant stream of noise. He hated it. He doesn’t want it back.

    So why is he so uncomfortable? Why when he hears any noise behind him he instantly turns around ready to scold Tommy only to be disappointed when Tommy’s never there? Techno shouldn’t feel like this, he did everything right. He dismantled the government and got his revenge, he’s fine. Sure, every time he closes his eyes for more than a minute he sees Tommy’s broken and betrayed expression staring out at him as L’manberg falls to the ground around them. Techno growls a low sound growing in his throat, he’s angry. He took Tommy in. He helped the broken child get back on his feet, He protected him from Dream. He was clear about his motives from the beginning. But then again, Tommy was clear about his as well.

    Techno wanted to destroy the L’manberg, but Tommy didn’t want anything to happen to Tubbo or his ‘’home’’. So they settled on a simple exchange, Tommy helps Techno get back his weapons and Techno helps Tommy get back his discs. A business partnership. That’s it. And Tommy held up his part of the deal and Techno managed to get off without even having to help Tommy his discs and the child apparently doesn’t care about them anymore letting them being given to Dream to secure an allyship with Tubbo of all people. How could he ally with Tubbo, the man who threw him out, who runs a government, who only hurts everyone? Then again Techno did ally with Dream. Even after all the nights Tommy would wake up crying screaming Dream’s name, even after Dream threatened to burn Tommy’s disc if Tommy didn’t ‘’go with him’’ and even after he learned that Tommy was only exiled because Dream demanded it.

    Well, the ends justify the means and it paid off as now the government is gone. They’ve learned their lesson. Techno shakes his head removing the thoughts of Tommy being homeless again, cold and alone. Tommy has Tubbo, so he’ll be fine.

    Techno cringes when a deep dark part of him almost doesn’t want Tommy to be fine. Not because he hates Tommy. But because he almost wants to hear a knock on his door and see the kid standing there again. He wants to pretend to glare down as Tommy fumbles some lame excuse as it’s clear he needs help and then pretend to be annoyed when Tommy barges in. No, Tommy sided with the government. Tommy only used him. But didn’t he also use Tommy? Techno only even acknowledged they could be maybe friends, not equal friends but that Techno has a little respect for Tommy after Tommy was uncharacteristically violent. Sure, the kid has always been chaotic but he also always kept but his morals of protecting others.

    Techno tenses his hands into fists. Why is this nagging him so much? Why does he miss Tommy? Oh God…he misses Tommy…Techno reaches up and takes the golden crown off his head and fiddles with it in his hands. He runs his fingers over the shining gold to distract himself from the hurricane of thought forming in his brain. He’s so entranced that Techno finds himself surprised when a tear falls down onto the surface of the crown. Techno covers his mouth quickly. He doesn’t remember the last time he cried.

    ‘’Please…just come home, Theseus.’’

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  • technoblade feels very much like my friend’s cool older brother that i look up to and KIND OF have a crush on, but he’s also really weird and annoying

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  • the day wilbur calls tommy ‘toms’ is the day sleepyblr goes insane

    #listen we have wilby #when is toms gonna happen #we know ur on ao3 wilbur dont lie to us now give us what we want /j #wilbur soot#tommyinnit#mcyt tommyinnit#mcyt wilbur#sbi #sleepy bois inc #sleepy boys inc #sleepyblr#mcytblr#mcyt
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  • not me genuinely getting invested in wilbur’s rust server & his and tommys stupid little characters. there’s no lore to get invested in. i just think they’re neat

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  • yeah.

    [ID: two drawings on a pale yellow background. the first shows tommy, tubbo, and ranboo, running and laughing together. they are all wearing purple winter outfits similar to phil and techno’s. the second image shows wilbur and techno seated at a table, with phil behind them with a hand on each of their shoulders. wilbur looks broodily at the table while techno glances away guiltily, and phil looks happy and content. end ID.]

    #wilbur is resurrected in this btw :-] #mcyt#mcytblr#dream smp#dsmpblr#dsmp#tommyinnit#tubbo#ranboo#wilbur soot#philza#ph1lza#technoblade #sleepy bois inc #sbi#sleepyblr#art #artists on tumblr #fish makes art
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  • hey ❤️. stop comparing c!ranboo to c!tommy & stop saying he should replace tommy in sbi. ranboo didn’t make his character to be a replacement to tommy. stop saying ranboo’s better than tommy. stop comparing their two characters just so you can shit on one of ‘em. thank you for your time

    #i cant believe i have ever have to fucking say that #it’s so fucken wild here #hey <3 everyone stop being dumb fucken cunts #mcyt#mcytblr#dream smp#tommyinnit#minecraft youtubers#mcyters #dream smp spoilers #sbi#sleepyblr#/roleplay#ranboo#/rp
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  • Secrets to Save You

    Its here after way too long of a wait!

    Tommy plays baseball, Techno has a few issues in the Nether, and his family gets increasingly worried

    This took longer then expected because I just really didn’t want to write this chapter but then next one should be out soon!!

    Chapter 3. Rising Restlessness

    TW: non graphic violence, swearing, fighting

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  • if i had a nickel for every time c!tommy had to watch c!phil stab c!wilbur, i’d have two nickels. it’s not a lot but it’s weird that it’s happened twice, right?

    #ABOAGAHAHW #that awco taco moment when you watch ur dad kill your brother once again #literally can tommy get a break. just like. a shred of a break #mcyt#mcytblr#dream smp#tommyinnit#minecraft youtubers#mcyters #dream smp spoilers #sbi#sleepyblr#/roleplay#wilbur soot#philza minecraft#philza#/rp
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