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    16.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    watching evangelion for literally the first time in my life. deciding to smoke a mushroom beforehand. i thought i would dislike because of the mech aspect but i quickly learned that it is not a problem.

    #skye talks #leave me alone its liek 2 years older than me and the mech shit really threw me off #specbio and weird biohorror only graced me when i turned 20 #before that i was afraid of slenderman it took a while for my tastes to refine alright
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    16.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    found this on Pinterest lmao

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  • youpsychoticoldgoat
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    why are his fingers so long-

    #slenderman vibes ngl #daveed diggs #freestyle love supreme
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  • outofcontextilivealone
    16.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #out of context #i live alone #ep 419 #i guess i need a slenderman tag now??? #slenderman
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  • jadenoryuu
    16.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Danny Phantom Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Jack O' Lantern/Bloody Mary Characters: Sarah the Manager/Cashier OC, Lisa the Waitress OC, Jack O' Lantern - Character, Bloody Mary, Ghost Carved Turnip OC, Ghost Skull OC, Danny Phantom - Character, Fright Knight (Danny Phantom), (both only mentioned) Additional Tags: Blood, mention of poison, Blood Blossoms (Danny Phantom), Murder plotting, A Calm Quiet dinner!, Date Night, Always leave a tip to your waiter/tress, even if you're a ghost!, I cackled maniacally here, Ectober 2021 (Danny Phantom), Ectober Month 2021, Ectoberhaunt 2021, Ectoberhaunt Treat, Ectoberhaunt Trick Series: Part 18 of Eenie mini Tiny moe, Part 17 of Ectoberhaunt's Domestic Phantoms Summary:

    When Phantom asked Sarah, the manager of one of Amity restaurants, to host a private dinner date for two ghosts (after reassuring her that they would be well behaved), she didn't think much of it. After all Phantom himself was a regular at their takeaway option. But on the Eve of Halloween, what do these spectral guests have in store...?

    Sequel of Halloween Special

    Gun the First: the actual @ectoberhaunt submission.

    Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Danny Phantom Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Danny Fenton & Tucker Foley & Sam Manson, Danny Fenton & Jazz Fenton, Danny Fenton & Valerie Gray Characters: Danny Fenton, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, Jazz Fenton, Valerie Gray, Jack O' Lantern - Character, Slender Man, (mentioned) Additional Tags: Stories in the dark, salt circle, Candles, obscure rituals, 5 stories collection, Mention of Slender Man, which of course is one of the stories, Horror, Ghost Stories, mention of vampires, Summoning Circles, but only Sam knows about it, the others are there just for the fun of it, Prequel of Ectoberhaunt Day 16 Series: Part 9 of Haunted Drabbles Summary:

    Five scary stories in the dark, five candles blown off and a wandering spirit seeking recognition. Or: Team Phantom & Valerie bond during Halloween night.

    Prequel to 𝕰𝖈𝖙𝖔𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖍𝖆𝖚𝖓𝖙 𝕯𝖆𝖞 𝖘𝖎𝖝𝖙𝖊𝖊𝖓

    Gun the Second: (reposting of) the origin story of the Banishing Rite.

    Let's see how you'll fare after this... ꒰(@`꒳´)꒱

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  • suprkidifficial
    16.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Y'know sometimes I fear that there will be a news story or documentary like show that gonna have a person on there that's "yandere" and such. And when that happens I'm gonna have to explain to my family what a yandere is and why I know some much about them. My secret will be out and it's gonna be awkward for everyone.

    #random thoughts #the secret must never get out #its happened before #during the time of the slenderman case I had to explain to them what a creepypasta was #it was so awkward #might i add i come from a religious household #so you can see my problem
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  • smutty-ki113r
    16.10.2021 - 23 hours ago

    ✖️Eyeless Jack✖️|| Lights Down Low

    KinkTober Week 3. Day 11

    NSFW||~ Drabble afab gn!reader, includes sensory deprivation, slight fear play, blindfold, gag, handcuffs, vibrator, caning (spanking//whipping) minors—dni. (1.6k)

    Inspired by: Bei Maejor

    There was nothing you could feel, just darkness all around you. Your body unable to move, mouth failing to form words. The last thing you remembered was taking a nap with Jack by your side, you wondered if the lights had been turned off but it actually felt like there was something restricting your vision.

    He stood in the corner of the room, watching avidly as you turned your head frantically. A blindfold covering your eyes, your hands and legs pried apart by handcuffs that were attached to the ends of the bed frame. You looked so appetizing like that, all spread out and uncovered, sweat beading at your chest as it heaved. Jack couldn’t help but breathe heavily at the sight, his mouth watering at the thought of having you.

    The only thing you could sense was the breathing, it could have been Jack but you had never heard him so desperate, so hungry. It felt like a wild animal, you gave a whimper through the ball gag; you couldn’t help but cry at the uncertainty. Tears getting soaked up by the fold, his heart clenched.

    Torn between wanting to devour you and letting you sob into his chest. Approaching you and letting out a growl of annoyance. Finally taking control of the cannibalistic beast inside and taking out his hunger in a different way. “You look so tasty” he spoke, you relaxed at the realization that it was in fact Jack. “Wanna have you so bad” he purred.

    His tone sent shivers down your spine, a wave of heat to your core. Sultry ambiance setting in within the darkness, your blood pumping so fast you knew he could feel it, adrenaline rushing at the thought of being restricted, scared that he might lose control. “We’re gonna have a bit of fun, is that ok pet?” All you could do was nod, swallowing pooled saliva in a visible gulp as he chuckled darkly.

    Now, you couldn’t feel anything other than the beat of your own heart thumping in your ears and the anticipation bubbling in your gut, slick pooling between your legs. “Are you getting wet?” He asked, nearing his face to your cunt and watching your inner thighs tighten. Hot breath fanning over your clit and making you groan around the gag, partly in response to his question. “Pathetic”

    “You’re getting off on this” he said teasingly, “fucking whore who likes the thought of being hurt”. Jack grabbing the wand vibrator on the nightstand and turning it on, holding it close to your ear so you could hear the buzzing. Your pussy throbbing when he brushed it on chest, placing the tip on your nipple but just barely. Enough to get your bud hard as he licked the pad of his finger and swirled it around the heated area. It felt so good when he took it in between his fingers and squeezed.

    An unintentional moan making its way around the gag at his gentle touches. Flicking it between his fingers and admiring how red you got. Bringing the vibrator down your stomach to press it on your pelvis, nearing your pearl so dangerously that you tried to jerk your hips forward. Big mistake, he pulled away and tutted, “if you don’t behave you won’t get to cum”.

    Legs so far apart, letting him open your sex and pulse at how your lips stuck to the sides. He wouldn’t fall easy, you trying to hold back with he put the toy to your skin again, this time working from the bottom of your slit to your most heated area. Unable to hold back when he got to your clit, jerking forward again with a whimper. This time he didn’t take the vibrator away, instead giving you a slap across the face so hard he left a print. “I said behave”. You moaning around the gag at the stinging sensation, at the harder press of the vibrator for you taking it so well.

    The burn so harsh that you couldnt stop clenching your teeth around the gag, saliva dribbling down the corners of your lips. Resting the toy on your clit and drawing circular motions to stimulate you, your mind lost in a lustful wonder as he drove you further into sinful indulgence. Not able to see, speak, or move, Jack had all the power to please you. A monster, a demon, that you were letting jerk you off. Your clit swelling at the hazy feeling that surrounded you.

    Wanting to close your legs together so badly, it was too much, a wave of pleasure washing over you between every interval of the vibration. But you couldnt, forced to the edge of your orgasm before having it stripped away from you time and time again. Your cunt red and puffy from the abuse he was putting you through, your body in pain at the constant denial.

    Crying and squirming at how he was treating you, hot all over and mumbling into the gag. Wanting to scream at him to just fuck you already but all that came out were whines, but Jack seemed to get the message. “Did you want my cock already?”

    Giving just an ounce of girth with his fingers, slipping two inside your hole. Running the vibrating wand up and down your pearl as he curled his fingers inside you. Strokes and coaxes so languid that you sobbed for more, making you so wet that his finger fucking made a lewd squelch. Your senses so restricted you heard all the obscene noises.

    “So needy for me all the time”, he complained. Stopping abruptly to uncuff your limbs and turn you around, your face scrunched up against the sheets as he re-tied you the other way. This time, your legs hoisted a full 180, inner thighs stretching painfully as you almost did splits. Hands clenching in fists because you felt so helpless, at complete mercy for him to do whatever he wanted.

    Humiliating you when he pulled out the cane, obviously you couldn’t see it; but you sure as hell felt it. When he started with one, then two then three, on your ass, all vertical to your body, the sting never subsiding before he gave you another whip. Kindly placing the vibrator underneath you at your entrance so that with every slap you unintentionally leaned into it, teaching you to like the pain because with it came pleasure. “This is what you wanted wasn’t it”

    “Whore” Leaving the cane to the side, jerking himself off with one hand and manning the vibrator again with the other, you trying to tilt your ass up so he could get to your clit. He strayed a bit too far on purpose, wanting to see you work for it even if you were tied up like that. Hearing him chuckle at your futile attempts, giving in just a bit to hear you whine around the gag when he denied release.

    Laying it steady underneath you to build you up again, grabbing the cane again. Tilting his head to the side as he changed direction, whipping you another four, five, six times and watching the red burning lines appear. In pretty little checkered patterns as he slid his tip up and down your slit, so wet you shivered. Teasing you horribly when he only managed his head in, hovering over you and giving another seven, eight and nine canings. Filling in spaces of red with each slap that faded your natural skin tone.

    You moaning words around the gag that he couldn’t understand, begging a “give it to me”, pleading “please give it to me”. At the end resulting in you whimpering as you let out tears of pain, turned on beyond compare when he finally bottomed out inside you.

    Jack tingling at the sounds you were letting out, so desperate for your orgasm that you had no shame getting off on him. He didn’t even have to move, relishing in the way you were devaluing yourself, humping back to clench around him even though he was still. His mouth hanging open at how wet you were from being coaxed to the edge so many times, deliciously warm from spanking abuse, hot in the space you shared with him.

    “Feels s’ so good around me” His balls pressed flush against your pearl, you mewling around the gag as you tilted your hips up and down, his skin rubbing against yours each time you did so. “Tight and wet just for me, isn’t that right?”. You nodded, hoping he could see even though you couldn’t. Thrusting steadily, but he was so filled, ready to burst just from seeing you like that that he couldn’t hold it.

    Pulling out to jerk himself red, his empty sockets large as he watched you restrained. Brown hair falling sweatily over his face as he grabbed the vibrator again. Then, finally pushing just hard enough to let you go, the knot snapping deliciously and the sensation of burning pleasure steaming through every inch of your skin. Pussy throbbing and clenching in full sight so Jack could fist himself red and cum on your ass. The white beads of his fluids decorating you so prettily on the reddened skin.

    “Let’s get you out of these” he told you out of breath, his stamina unrelenting as he removed your blindfold. You had never seen him so disheveled, “let’s go again” he panted, “this time you’re riding”

    #creepypasta#ben drowned#slenderman#creepypasta smut#nsft blog#lemonaid#nsftumblr#nsft post#nsft#nsft text#creepypasta fanfic #creepypasta x you #creepypasta x reader #creepypasta headcanon #eyeless jack cp #eyeless jack creepypasta #eyeless jack headcannons #eyeless jack smut #eyeless jack x y/n #eyeless jack x you #eyeless jack x reader #kinktober#♠️#demon kink#sensory deprivation #jeff the kiler x reader #jeff the killer smut #marble hornets hoodie #masky smut #Ben drowned smut
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  • somewhat-crazy
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    Happy Creepypasta Day everyone!! To celebrate, a few individuals took it upon themselves to spend October 12th and 13th scrambling to make a fic. It was a bit stressful, and I know that it's two days late, but I think it turned out pretty well (maybe??). I'm super honored that I was finally able to work on a collab with some amazing writers and create this terrible mess. I hope you enjoy our silly little fanfic and have a wonderful day/night <3

    description: a haunted house is supposed to be fun, right? add a family of psychopaths, 2 demons, 3 ghosts, some sarcastic and un-funny commentary, and it's really not anymore.

    warnings: chaotic serial killers being themselves, swearing, the type of writing when you procrastinate for a long time and then scramble to make something that actually makes sense and it doesn't really work

    part one: @crebby

    Vibrant laughter echoed through the pathways of the local gathering. Families, couples, friend groups all having a good time.

    Oh yeah, these motherfuckers were present as well. It wasn’t often that the creeps came together to do anything at all, as most were off to go do their own thing in their own time. However, Sally was growing increasingly tired of being cooped up at home, and conveniently, the state fair was starting as autumn inevitably crept through. Jane planned to go with Sally by herself, but word eventually got around and other creeps started inviting themselves.

    “フフフ…” Right. Kagekao was first to have found out. Sneaky little shit.

    “Jane, surely you do not mind if I tag along and bring Helen?”

    “Does he know of this plan of yours?”

    “Of course not, but he loves surprises.”

    “Sure he does,” the woman sarcastically retorted. Then Jonathan heard through Kagekao, whose inability to shut the fuck up led to everybody knowing and deciding they’d join in. Of course they looked like a bunch of social rejects when put together and hanging around in a state fair of all places, but most knew to mind their own business, and the creeps did all kind of make an effort to look somewhat normal.

    “Beeeen.... Earth to Benjamin Waterworks,” Jeff cooed.

    “That’s not my name, asshole,” the blonde sneered, his eyes not leaving his Nintendo.

    “C’mon, dude, you play video games all day. Can’t you at least put it down for this occasion?”

    “No.” Cowabunga it is, then. “Hey- What the fuck, Jeff?!” Ben exclaimed while the ever-smiling male snatched the other’s device.

    “So like, here’s a deal. We all go to the haunted house, and you get your Nintendo back, yeah?”

    “What is wrong with you, you assho-”

    “So you don’t wanna go in? Hah, pussy.” Jeff knew fully well that Ben would take that as a challenge.

    “Fine. Fine, I guess we’re all gonna go to the stupid haunted house,” the shorter of the two huffed.

    “Knew that’d work,” the black-haired man smugly spoke.

    “You know that’s not considerate, I can’t go in with Sa-” Jane was about to protest, until she felt the little girl tugging at her arm. “I’m not a baby, Jane. I wanna go to the haunted house.”

    “Sally, come o-”

    “Please? Pretty please?” The usually cold woman’s gaze softened. How could she resist?

    “Very well. I suppose we can,” she sighed in defeat.

    “Cool. Coolio,” Toby’s head jerked to the side a few times, to his annoyance. “You know, I’ve never been to a haunted house before,” he spoke, a statement that seemed to shock Natalie to the core.

    “Huh?! What do you mean you’ve never been?” She spoke, clearly gobsmacked. “Impossible. You’re gonna have to come with me right now,” she then added, determined to take Toby’s… haunted house virginity?

    part two: @somewhat-crazy

    “Come onnnnn~ We’re gonna be late…” Zero pulled at Ann’s arm in an attempt to move her a few more steps towards the haunted house. “Don’t you wanna see all the creepy little dudes with their guts hanging out and knives in their skulls??” She ran her thumb across her neck and laughed.

    “I thought that we would be waiting until everyone got here. A few people are still missing.” Zero rolled her eyes at the comment and turned her gaze to the left, taking a few seconds to admire the work of modern art before her. A bit cheesy, perhaps, but the haunted house would be an enjoyment nonetheless. Plastic skeletons, pumpkins, severed heads, and cloth spiderwebs adorned the entrance, making it look less like a haunted house and more like one of those Halloween stores that only sold those cheap plastic decorations that were totally bad for the environment.

    “Listen, you can wait here and be bored and lonely all you want, but I’m going ahead. Toodaloo~~” Zero began to skip off in direction of the door.

    “Just wait a few--” Ann was cut off by a clamor behind her. Two brown-haired teenagers were engaging in some sort of scuffle, although Ann couldn’t see what from where she was standing.

    “I SAID, BREAK IT UP!” Masky shoved the two boys apart, glaring at the taller and older one who still was wearing the stupid gas mask. “What’s your problem? Do you always have to be doing stuff like this?”

    Cody rolled his eyes. “Tic-face here made me drop my hydrochloric acid and burned himself. Not my fault that he’s clumsy and--”

    Toby ran at him again, and Hoodie was barely able to grab him and pull him back before he attacked Cody again. Hoodie’s arm partially covered Toby’s mouth, distorting his words. “Shutsh yer fasche, nobody carshe about yer shtupid--”

    Hoodie tightened his grip. “Toby, can you be quiet for one second please?” The brunette didn’t take kindly to the statement and attempted to retaliate. Fortunately for him, he was much weaker and scrawnier than the male holding him.

    “Cody, why were you bringing hydrochloric acid?” Masky spoke again, and it earned another eye roll from the teen.

    “Why not?” Masky sighed and raised a hand to the bridge of his nose. If he managed to end this day without committing a felony, killing himself, and/or using an entire pack of cigarettes, it would be a miracle indeed. He pointed towards where the others were, not looking up. “Just go talk about your twisted medical hobbies with some of the other squints. Toby, you’re staying with Hoodie and I until we head in.” Especially when we head in, Masky was going to say, but decided not to.

    It was a scary thought, Toby in a haunted house, with no way to keep him from… well, being himself. All the props and jump scares were nothing compared to Tobias Erin Rogers.

    part three: @moshi-roulette

    Ben walked through the haunted house, annoyed.

    “Stupid…fucking…Jeff...stupid fucking…house. I rather be playing my games right now and not be here.” he mumbled under his breath in a silent anger .

    He was so focused in his thoughts, that he didn’t notice someone pop out from behind something and jump scared him. “AH- WHAT THE FUCK?!” Ben screeched as he socked the guy in the face before running off

    “FUCK YOU!” He yelled back at the guy, who was now laying on the ground. Jeff was watching the whole scene and laughed at the blonde.

    “HAH HA! What’s wrong Ben? Did he scare you? HA!” The pale male mocked as he continued to laugh.

    “SHUT THE FUCK UP-" the blonde yelled back in a mix of embarrassment and anger. This only caused Jeff to laugh harder.


    Jane was starting to get annoyed and was this close to strangling Jeff to get him to shut up and stop being annoying. Though she was already busy with Sally, seeing how the young girl still hasn’t let go of Jane’s arm. So the masked woman tried her best to ignore Jeff, even though his voice sounded like he had been smoking a whole pack of cigarettes in one go. After Jeff was done laughing, he smirked at Ben.

    “Don’t worry Ben. I’ll protect you!” Jeff continued to mock as Ben gave him a death glare.

    Kagekao was chilling up head and was drinking some wine that they snuck into the house with them. They were acting as if they were out on a calm, nightly stroll and not in a haunted house with a bunch of dead and/or psychotic people.

    As for a certain monochrome clown, he was the one scaring the actors. I mean, how are you supposed to react when you see a literal clown that looks like it came out of you nightmares practically towering over you.

    You get scared, exactly.

    The clown seemed to be enjoying himself, finding it funny when the actors would cower behind their props in fear when seeing him.

    part four: @gyougherea

    Jane kept leading Sally through the haunted house, trying her best to ignore the bickering between undynamic duo Jeff and Ben. The two girls entered a room in the house filled with various prop hooks, knives, and slabs of unidentified flesh, with blood all over the walls; it was akin to a butcher shop from hell. Out of seemingly nowhere, a ghostly man holding a large butcher knife above his head appeared in front of Jane and Sally. The man let out a haunting blood-curdling cry.

    Jane instinctively covered Sally’s eyes, but felt her hand being tugged at by the young girl.

    “No fair,” Sally whimpered, “I want to see the scary guy!”

    Right, Jane thought to herself. Sally did want to come with for a reason. Plus, it’s not like Sally was any stranger to murderous men. That’s basically what most of the group consisted of. Jane moved her hand away from Sally’s face, making Sally beam as she looked up at the haunted house actor. Meanwhile, Jeff and Ben were trailing along, Jeff still teasing Ben.

    “I knew you were a total pussy, dude,” Jeff cackled.

    “Dude, shut up!” Ben groaned. “I bet there’ll be something in here to freak you out. That’ll put you in your place.”

    “Me? Scared?” Jeff bent over laughing his ass off. “Good one! Nothing could ever scare me.” The two turned a corner and were greeted with--

    “Jeffykins!” Nina popped out from a hall closet directly in front of Jeff, causing him to scream at the top of his lungs. Ben bit his lip trying to hold back his laughter but ultimately failed at that, letting out a hideous howl of amusement.

    “Nothing can scare you, huh?” Ben questioned Jeff mockingly.

    “Shut up…” Jeff mumbled as Nina coiled around him arm like a snake.

    “Oh my gooosh, Jeffy,” Nina rambled, playing with the fabric of Jeff’s hoodie sleeve, “I’ve waiting for-EV-er for you to get here! At least I had some fun with the other scary guys…” Nina glanced over at the man with the butcher knife from the previous room and winked, causing the man to tense up and scamper away like a prey animal. Nina turned back to Jeff and smiled widely. “I think they really liked me!”

    “Uh-huh...” Jeff trembled, looking over at Ben for help. Ben simply smirked at Jeff before diving face-deep into his game again (almost literally). Jeff grimaced before trying to pry Nina off of his arm to no avail; Nina was latched onto Jeff like a tick, there was no way she was coming off any time soon. So, Jeff sucked up his fate and kept trudging forward with Ben and his little parasite.

    part five: @somewhat-crazy (again asdsafd)

    "Rather fascinating, if you think about it." Smiley inserted his hands into his pockets and took in the horror-esque scene before him. "In itself, the house is terribly designed. The props are cheap and the actors are over-payed high school mascots. But the reason people get scared is because they enter expecting to be scared. It's simple psychology. You enter with the expectation that you will get scared, so you do."

    EJ simply shrugged and ignored his unlikely haunted house partner, instead studying what was supposed to be a corpse (the similarities were few, if any). Haunted houses weren't really his 'thing', although he couldn't remember if he'd ever been to one in his life.

    Smiley glanced at the other doctor out of the corner of his eye and subtlety raised an eyebrow. He was about to make another remark when someone ran into him from behind, almost knocking him off his feet.

    part six: @puffed-hour

    “Hey-” A sudden blur of green ran past Smiley, interrupting him once again. He and his companion turned around to peek at the faint shouting that was gradually getting louder. They both raised an eyebrow at two silhouettes rushing towards them.

    “THAT LITTLE PRICK!” Jeff yelled out, throwing his arms around in the air. The pale boy came to a stop, seemingly searching for something -- someone -- angrily. He let out a ‘tsk’ before landing his eyes on the men in front of him. “Did you guys see Ben around here?”

    “Pretty sure he went that way,” EJ gestured to the hallway beside him. “Almost knocked Smiley off his feet.”

    The black-haired doctor just shrugged and took a glance at the figure clinging onto Jeff’s arm.

    “Hiya!” Nina beamed at the acknowledgment as she squeezed Jeff’s arm, earning an annoyed groan from him. If the boy knew any better, then it was to leave before Nina could come up with some kind of weird topic. “Thanks, now I’ll get going-”

    A tug on his hood stopped him from taking any steps. “Don’t be such a killjoy, Jeffykins! Plus, it’s quite romantic even…”

    “Oh, that was FAR from romantic.” He muttered under his breath.

    “Come on, you know you liked it!” Nina laughed as Jeff rolled his eyes in disdain.

    “Anything interesting happened?” Despite already having a hunch on what had happened, EJ decided to question them anyway for kicks and giggles. Jeff shot his head at the eyeless man, glaring bullets at him. Meanwhile, the girl beside him only widened her eyes and grinned.

    “Well,” Her finger started tracing circles around Jeff’s arm. “Ben remarked how cute we look together…” The poor guy felt like disappearing in thin air. “And well…”

    “OKAY, OKAY, THAT’S ENOUGH!” Jeff clamped his hand around Nina’s mouth, a bead of sweat falling down his forehead. The girl stood in surprise for a few seconds before shrugging and going back to clinging on Jeff’s arm.

    The two creeps who were listening to them the whole time only watched in amusement as Jeff let out a relieved sigh.

    “Whatever, let’s just get going,” He nodded at the doctors and made his way through the hallway, continuing his journey on finding a certain midget, then beating the shit out of him.

    part seven: @somewhat-crazy (once again bc im awesome)

    "Where did he go?" Masky looked up and down the hallway for the brunette teenager. Hoodie just shrugged and continued walking. Natalie had dragged Toby off god-knows-where, and it was a good bet that wherever they were, trouble would follow.

    Reaching into his pocket, Masky fumbled around until he found his pack of cigarettes. He held out a hand to Hoodie, knowing that he probably had a lighter with him.

    "Do you really think it's a good idea to smoke in here?" Masky could tell by his tone that his companion obviously didn't like the idea. He relented though, and reluctantly passed Masky a lighter.

    He imagined the smoke swirling inside his lungs before exhaling and letting a small cloud escape his lips. "If I have to deal with these idiots all day, I should at least get to smoke."

    Hoodie only nodded and shrugged, a typical response from him.

    "As long as the rest of this horror show doesn't get in trouble, it's almost like a vaca--"


    part eight: @screamzz and a tiny tiny bit of @somewhat-crazy

    “Knock it off idiots. Zero, Clockwork, and Toby are still missing,” Ann shut them up, looking around the entire group. They were going to have to go back soon, and she had counted how many people there were. “Who knows what they’re up to.”

    The rest of the group came up behind the two, there were multiple groans behind the two males.

    “Really, you’re smoking already?” Jeff asked, getting pushed into the wall by BEN, who had told him to shut the fuck up before something got started. Jeff looked down at BEN and shoved the dude before dusting himself off.

    “I saw Toby run off with Clocks a while back.” Sally said, looking up at Jane.

    credits to @sh1tst0rmc0m1n for the wonderful banner they donated to my terrible cause <3

    The haunted house was rather huge, and took more than an hour to complete. They had left about thirty minutes ago, and had never been around since then. There was a rather sweet but bitter smell in the air, more sweet than bitter. There was a sudden silence, minus the screams of other people going through the haunted house.

    They stood around in a circle, awkwardly processing their options. No one said anything as Hoodie reached into his pocket and pulled something out.

    Hoodie lit the last cigarette of the night, handing the lit zippo to Masky, who leaned against the wall and held it to his lips. The silence was rather awkward; the group didn’t know what to do and they couldn’t exactly leave the three behind. Without another second passing, there was a sudden crack-- Toby’s dumbass had stepped on a stick waiting out by the exit.

    Before they could recognize where the sound came from, the three jumped out at them, letting out a loud “BOO!”

    There were a few who shrieked, there were some who jumped, and some people who didn’t really react. Jeff, Nina, and BEN let out a loud scream, jumping into each other's arms. Cody jumped slightly, and Sally jumped and held onto Jane.

    Kagekao, Ann, Jonathan, Hoodie, Jane, LJ, Smiley, and EJ just looked over at them, some even ignoring the three already, used to their antics. The most surprising reaction was Masky’s, one of those people who rarely ever gave a reaction. It had startled him for once, and he jumped, dropping the lighter on the ground. He moved out of the way as a sudden fire started, spreading down the side of the wall and lighting the cloth on fire that had been put on the wall for an easier decoration option.

    The group moved out of the way, exiting the haunted house in a rushed manner. The fire slowly spread, causing the group to slowly glare at the three.

    “What did y’all fucking do?” Jeff asked, already angered because of the fire. The three just giggled, watching the flames slowly spread over the building. The people inside finally screamed, but not just out of fright this time.

    Needless to say, they never went to a haunted house again, and on the way back they took an oath to never speak of this to Slender.

    Happy Creepypasta Day Y'all!!!

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  • whatadandydemise
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Doby x Dr. Prancer's Kiddos Backstories!


    During an attack eye was separated from eyes family who were murdered. Wounded and scared eye hid eyeself away.

    Then after two days he awoke hearing voices. Thinking eye was saved eye left eyes hiding spot and clung onto Doby. Through sobs eye explained that eye lost eyes family. That monsters chased them. Doby immediately took them in, knowing their parents were likely dead.

    Prancer even set up a room in their house to get Breeze used to less human beings. Eventually once eye was more comfortable Doby took eye to the mansion.


    She was straight up abandoned by her parents as an infant. Dr. Prancer found her while out hunting. She actually got stuck to their leg.


    Ripley started out as a fan of the proxies. As a young kid she admired Doby's transition. That he could grow into his gender even against his cruel mother. So she sought him out, mostly for advice.

    She found him blood soaked, just finished with a kill. Surprisingly unfazed she began to talk to- well more like talk at- Doby. She told him about how she admired him, and how she wishes she could be like him. But she didn't want to be a boy like him, no matter what her parents said.

    That immediately caught Doby's attention. He took her to a more secluded area and let her explain what she meant. She told him that her parents didn't exactly like her being a girl. That they cut her hair short even when she didn't want it and hit her when she asked for girl toys. This got Doby's blood boiling and he took her home to Prancer.

    Then he slaughtered her parents and replaced them.


    A prophet who worked with Slenderman say that there would be another Slenderkin this time made from a demon. After locating Heathen (who was already bonded to a possessed body) and finding out that the fate hadn't changed, Slenderman asked Doby to raise fae alongside his other children. To help fae learn morals that would hopefully positively influence fae either when they're infected or after. Though he hasn't told Doby or Prancer about Heathen's fate.

    (Heathen will be changed by Splendor, so fae still are on faes parents side)


    The pond that Dr. Prancer was living in was being drained, so they decided to find a back up hunting ground. Instead upon finding a deep enough pond they stumbled onto a sick Kelpie foal cuddled into his dead mothers body. So Dr. Prancer feeling sympathy for the foal shifted to their horse form and led her to the mansion so she could meet Splendor. But Skip decided that Dr. Prancer being the only one like them must be their father.

    And after they had gotten better they refused to leave Prancer's side. Doby thought it was cute and so did Prancer. Which ended with them adopting their fifth child.

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  • eldritch-hall-asylum
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Idea I had:

    Octavian taking footage of college kids at Spring Break and making his own "Spring Break Anthem" by Lonely Island music video.

    All of the wedding bits? Actual footage from Zephyr and Jack's wedding.

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  • eldritch-hall-asylum
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • ask-sukone-tei
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Your question makes it sound like the vipps are fun to talk to, please fix that

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  • deaths-inverted
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hey guys I wanna do an event to celebrate opening this blog so as to get in the grove of writing how about a song event!

    I love writing song fics and wanted to do some drabbles

    Playlist rules

    My general rules still apply!

    Please keep it to one character at a time

    No spamming, please!

    Have fun with it, it's not a serious thing

    Be as specific as you like but If you just request a character and song it may be a tad bit shorter...

    ex Can I have Jeff x Oh anna vs Can I have Jeff with a s/o who is very kind and wants to help him despite everything he's done.

    Request as many as you like just try to keep it varied

    It can be fluff or angst. Just tell me if you have a preference.

    #creepypasta#eyeless jack #jeff the killer #slenderman#creepypasta masky #masky x reader #eyeless jack x reader #slenderman x reader #marble hornets#ben drowned#writing#Spotify
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  • spinyax
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    #I ALLOW MYSELF TO SIMP OVER ONE (1) PROBLEMATIC WHITE BOY PER MEDIA AND THIS IS THE GUY #im still gonna call him slenderman ferin bc /we still dont have a name for this bastard/
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