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  • inkdflowers
    06.05.2021 - 9 hours ago
    me, who just tossed out my promo. i wanna change my url :^(
    #( ooc . ) #( tbd . ) #i am real bad at urls but i found one i like #i found the url right after i posted it i cry #also hullo new mutuals #im riley. your local gay who is slow af with replies and cries about bedo 25/8 #i also game a lot ( genpact & fantasy finals 14 ) both mutuals can hmu for #disc is always open to mutuals as well ouo/
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  • distortingmirrors
    05.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    May end up quite from the mirrors. Certain Mirror Monster is going to be finding a good place to create some tea that’s not broken or catching tendrils on fire. 

    #on the flipside ( ic ) #[ still trying to find out a place to boil the tea asdvb ] #[ that and head is being a little fuzzy right now so replies and things may be slow ]
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  • aycaysin
    05.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    some1 let me play ahsen eroğlu against any female fc

    #plz 🥺#1x1#1x1 rp#discord rp #also should note that i’m bit slow on replies! #but so much muse #we can even do mumu!!!
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  • naru-uzumaki
    05.05.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #slides onto the dash #i am here for the rest of the afternooon #buuuuut i have been up since 4am so i might be a little slow on replies today since my brain is fried #hope everyone is having an amazing day tho
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  • silvermun
    05.05.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #thinks about how sonic is very good at adapting to new areas and getting used to new spaces isnt too hard for him #but this takes a slow toll on him and lance sees it happening each day and it kills him inside #and if he wants to do something about it what matters most - duty to the crown or the person that (never actually wanted to) wears it #yall all the time: but lansoni has lots of angst- me: well i am here to change that #replies
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  • fullthrottled
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    consider the fact we're all fucking losers and we should prob rp with each other though 🤭

    #* shut up moogs! / ooc. #i... love u guys i am just slow but srsly im begging u all #turn my ask replies into threads #im trying not to post new memes until j get to the ones i have currently but like #HMU k feel free to send random shit
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  • moonlitdabi
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #Sukuna is so chaotic #he wouldn't even feel the slightest bit guilty or bad for this brother 😭 #also no rush anonnie!! whenever you're free to drop by~ 🥺💕 #my replies are also slow asdfghjkl #twin au#sukuna#itadori yuuji#jujutsu kaisen#anon:🥷
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  • ocellxus
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago


    ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ❆ | Finally home! Time to write Kaeya angst for cope /j

    EDIT: My villain arc have started

    #;// most likely building on genshin! #;// will be kinda slow with replies
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  • banettepost
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Y'all turned this into an I draw your scenarios, but I am not complaining jfndncsjdj

    #squib talks #I'm a bit slow on replies rn bc I've come down with a bad flu so orz #Might go out of commission until I'm well enough just a heads up ✌️ #Also I'm closing the ask box until I can get through the rest of the asks
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  • nailsinmywall
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago
    #nails replies #low quality silmarillion comics #silmarillion#feanor#fingolfin #at this point i'm completely ignoring canon #child fingolfin literally my favourite #also i just wanted to say outofangband you always leave the kindest asks and i'm sorry for being so slow with replying to them but i read #them all and they warm my heart and make me reallly happy thank you sm for your support ! #my trash comics of the finweans 💖
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  • pawnshopsouls
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Bonely’s location Maps

    (With little Bonely for scale)

    • Bonely’s Old Den

    Location areas:

    Front room: in here are the drying racks where Bonely makes leather and jerky from various meats he’s able to gather. (mostly Nyarlagroth from nest-rivals killed by Lucious and Ezma, or stalkling meat when one of the hoard is maimed enough for him to get at them)

    Sitting Room: This is the room he keeps for chilling and guests. There’s a burnwallow at its center that doubles as a fireplace to keep the rest of the place warm. It also sports a small watering bowl that is filled by a small trail of water dribbles down the cave wall.

    Sanctuary: Bonely doesn’t use this room much except when communing with the Great Sovereign. It’s here that he was once turned into a dragon by his Sovereign, and ended up severing ties in his misplaced anger when he thought Gunmar had been killed by @kiltar-crystal​‘s Renjai. This room has been sealed off since then, with the broken remnants of his altar still there.

    Workshop: This is the more cluttered space of Bonely’s den, filled with boxes, barrels and shelves filled with items and supplies of all sorts. From gemstones to light crystals, from bones and minerals to ores and teeth, Bonely has as much as he can find and barter for to make his magic trinkets with. Though one project in particular still rests unfinished in its corner: a giant fetch meant to circumvent the need for the bridge. If only things were that easy.

    Bonely’s Den: The room is rather bare save for a pit of goblin furs and a few trinkets and items hung on his walls. Leather worked images of his past life hang like giant comic book pages made with petroglyphs instead of actual pictures. He made them to remember himself and his life before becoming a troll. To remind him of the world he’s working on returning to. There are two slots in his room that he keeps though, one filled with coals so his room doesn’t get cold, and the other where he keeps his human clothes. He couldn’t bear to have them destroyed, so when he arrived in the darklands all battered and scuffed, he decided to spare his threads and tuck them away safely, neatly folded, in his den. Not many know that the tattered pinstripe jacket still has a bit of magic to it and that it’s Infinite Pocket still links to his beloved pawnshop in his home of Vansia, Bel’Terum.

    • Bonely’s Magic Item + Enchantment stall

    Location areas: A literal hole in the wall store dug out by Bonely himself. He’s done better at making sure the doorway is at least accessible, but the shop itself is still incredibly small. That aside, Bonely has numerous things available to sell, from the barrels of rune-modified weapons to walls of semi-enchanted armor, he has a host of things to offer.

    Entry Way/Main Shop: This is the main area of the shop. It’s lined with shelves and drawers filled with items of use and possible value. Barrels of swords, spears, and other long items are stacked strategically to keep “customers” from going behind the desk or entering the back room.

    Back Room: The Back Room keeps the different knicknacks Bonely doesn’t want up front or doesn’t feel safe keeping far from him in his den. Items such as his modified fetch that links him and Salem, or the completed Spy’s Eyes and other such important, magical items. There’s a work desk there two which allows him to do minor spell casting and repairs without having to trek all the way home to do it. He’s careful not to keep snacks back there, however, since snacks attract goblins and goblins like shiny things.

    • Bonely’s Heartstone Brewery

    Location areas:

    The Entrance: The entrance to the Brewery is a huge set of stone and iron-banded doors, all fit with protective rune stones to keep out any being with ill intent toward the Brewery’s contents. The doors and Shielding Runes were implemented after Gunmar ransacked the Brewery previously, and a ring of protective runes have since been installed all the way around the Brewery’s perimeter to protect it from further harm.

    Crystal Pools: Inside each of these pools are radiant, glowing crystal clusters, each one an experiment to see what kind of heartstone could best be grown here. As a result, there’s a multitude of crystal types and colors, all of them sporting different growth styles too - from spiny to blockish to some of them being round of all things! Still, these pools provide both light crystals and miniature almost-heartstone crystals needed to keep both the soldiers’ and Gunmar’s strength up.

    The Boilers: Through various venues of research, Bonely learned that crystals grew best in hot, still water, but that one had to drain excess cold water water to maintain their health. So he developed a system of plumbing that would transfer cold water to boilers he’d built while also transferring hot water from said boilers into the Crystal Pools. The steam produced by the boilers will gradually build on the ceiling and drip back down into said boilers as precipitation. They are also used to warm the barracks beside the brewery and the nursery above it.

    The Heartstone Vat: of all the pools in the brewery, this one is the most important. Normally Heartstones grow at the rate continents move, but with Bonely’s additions to the Hearstone Brewery, this particular heartstone could very soon become large enough to start actually supporting the surrounding gummgumm army.

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  • aeipcthy
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hello! tis I, Emory!! I’m back from work (sorry no-- I’ve BEEN back from work, but took a nap hehe... but I’m awake now so!!) I am here to say hello (and to say hi esp to my new mutuals!! hello!) welcome to the uphill molasses race that is my blog hgfgjf if you haven’t yet, please do consider filling out my interest tracker!!

    I say “I’m awake now” as if I’ll actually end up being here (ill probably end up asleep early tonight tbh orz’’) but I’ve got two days of work till my few days off, so hopefully I’ll be able to do more stuff then! But for now, I’ll be sticking some stuff in the queue every now and then! Meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to reach out to chat, send in memes, or feel free to go thru my opens if you’d like!

    #( ooc ) #( tbd ) #if u couldnt tell........yes..... yes i did lose my train of thought halfway through typing this hgfugdfj WHICH.....is why i likely wont be #here much  if at all--- apologies ! #I'll try my best to at least get to my ooc replies though omg #sorry for the wait! i be like.... * is low-activity * #fkjjfsd yessir #anywho..... theres still some starters left in the queue to spit out so im ! hoping! that it lasts at least til tuesday fjfs #i have......a dr appt tomorrw (phone call ig) so if hes like 'no lol dont go to work get ur ass to such-and-such first' bc . my stuff then #lmao maybe ill have more time on my hands!! but i doubt it kffkfk #thinking and concentrating has been extraordinarily difficult lately so thats why ive been so flaky orz' heres hopin #that the dear ol' doc' can help me along here or somethin' #my brain is.......mush...... health is. more so 'mush'. #anYWAY MINDLESS RAMBLING ASIDE #✌️ ill be around!! sorry to those ive made (and will make) wait further for my slow ass hgufjk the ol health be like.......... #*makes simple things harder than it has to be* but anywho #...........squints at my tags after posting this....... #wow boy i sure do repeat myself a lot jesusu fhdufdjsj i need another nap oml #hyfdujf man when i say im struggling to think/focus i really do /Mean/ It yo lmaO woof this is abnormal #rip @ emory and his brain #guess ill just go lay on the floor and fufill my dream of becoming a puddle
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  • themechaneer
    02.05.2021 - 4 days ago


    #‟ i am but a sensitive pillar of salt ” || ooc #it’s almost 1 AM here which when I’m outside my own home environment tends to mean it’s sad hour for me #but honestly despite feeling like the epitome of that sad tigger gif #you all know the one. where tigger feeling unwanted and annoying just kinda sadly walks away? (mood 😔) #that I really am grateful to each of you who do bother to send ic things to my inbox #even when you know I’m in no situation to reply to them rn #it really helps me to feel—— worthwhile I guess when even when I’m not sending people things be they ic #or Hc prompts and when you KNOW I can’t reply rn #that some of you still take the time to hit me up on discord to talk about our muses #to check on me #and to send me delightful little ic things and ship inspo things to my inbox #there isn’t a single one of you that have ever made me feel poorly for being slow and I’m grateful cause trust me I do it enough myself #but for those who bother and go out of your way to let me know you enjoy Joel and writing with me without me needing to reach out first? #you all are angels and you have no idea how much it means to me just—- thank you so so much #I won’t name names #you all know who you are #I love you thank you for being so sweet and reminding me it really all is in my head when I really need it 💚 #ya’ll are the REAL MVP’s #and I promise just as soon as I’m home you’re the ones getting replies first ;w; #I love you all 😭
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  • shadowsouled
    02.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    “Normally when I meet Trainers with all the bells and whistles, they’re usually rather rude.”

    “But, the people I’ve met thus far, Miss Yuugetsu, and Miss Wyverna have been nothing but kind. Even their Pokemon are super sweet. I want to meet even more people, and even more than that, I want to learn even more about Pokemon I’ve never seen!”

    #Full Moon||Aruna Aiko #[My girl is on top of the world now and I just wanna say thank you. I'm sorry I'm slow with replies but I promise I'm enjoying each and #every thread!]
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  • kneelcassady
    02.05.2021 - 4 days ago
    #top 5#communistmishacollins#replies#messages #my computer got so slow because i was scrolling through messages afhuahs
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  • von-eldritch
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    //okay that’s that don’t worry about her crying we’re going back to antics now just needed to get my weekly dose of whiplash outta the way

    #wouldn't be hellsa without it <3 #N E WAYS I might be slow with replies today 'cause uhh #idk I feel a lil drained #but we'll see! I got dnd later today and uhhhhh #talking to people might help so like I said #we'll have to wait and see is all #OOC
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  • preylist
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago

     i might cave and start making icons like this.

    #𝐢.   out of character. #maybe idk yet. #everytime i say i'm going iconless - #it lasts about 2 weeks. #but also since i'm queue based mostly now... #i don't have to worry about being slow with replies.
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  • nakizumie
    30.04.2021 - 5 days ago


    #QUEEN AND BEYONCE HAVE BEEN MY MORNING SONGS AMEN MWA #IM SORRY FOR BEING SO SLOW WITH MY REPLIES ;-; #[ kicks my random panique attackeths and sad waves in the face ] #[​☝️] thoughts!!
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  • chazz-anova
    30.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    good fucking god work is getting so busy again since we raised our payout AND im having to stay at my moms while they do work on my apartment which side note apparently im NOT moving because the work they need to do in my current place is going to be done in week so i am just FRAZZLED 

    #ignore my ranting #i just cant wait for the fucking WEEKEND #one. more. day. #today was awful #i went immediately to the liquor store FR #thats why my replies on things have been awfully slow as well as my writing ofc #which doesnt make me a happy camper #goodness fucking gracious i am ranting again #mist appears
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  • chiildishhopes
    29.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    inbox call.   I need somethin’ to do while it’s dead at work, so if you like this post I’ll raid your memes. If you want to plan anything though, feel free to IM me, I need somethin’ to do. 

    #ooc. YO WHAT UP IT’S SCALES HERE | ooc #;; > it's literally so slow that I am just aaaaaa mode #;; > gonna go hop on ryder's blog real quick and do his replies #;; > then continue to scream to the abyss probably.
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