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    Winter, Books and Thestrals - Theodore Nott

    [ Theo x reader ]

    Summary: While most of the students spent time together outside in the snow, you found Theo, peacefully reading a book in the library.

    Warnings: none

    Word count: 2,067

    "You're such a nerd, Theodore," you chuckled, gaining the attention of the slytherin boy sitting in the library when he looked up at your figure leaning against one of the shelves. "It's snowing outside and you're here, reading."

    "Yes. It is snowing outside, so what are you doing here?" Theo grinned, pulling a chair from the other table next to his. He patted the seat as a signal for you to sit next to him and you happily obliged.

    "To find you. I didn’t see you outside, and if you thought I was gonna let you sulk in here all by yourself, then you're mistaken." You knew he was more of a loner and often preferred to spend time for himself instead of following his group of friends around all day, but you had to admit that you enjoyed those certain times since you two would occasionally bump into each other, and the only moments that you’d spend together is when neither of you were with your friend groups.

    "I'm not sulking," he said, sounding terribly offended by the accusation. You of all people should know that reading books in the library and gazing out at the other students running about and building snowmen during the chilly weather was one of the most heart-warming activities.

    For years you've talked to Theo, yet you weren't necessarily best friends. You hung out with your friends more often, and the two of you barely went anywhere together, though you'd always know where to find him

    “You can’t stay here forever. The snowballs aren’t going to make themselves,” you whined, hearing the gentle ‘thud’ as the side of your head fell to the table, next to where his book laid. You kept your gaze at the soft brown eyes that stared back at yours before Theo quickly looked away and brought his line of vision back to the book. He wasn't usually flustered around you, except in moments like these, where you two would gaze at each other and say nothing. Though the whole staring contest won't last long with Theo always looking away after a few seconds.

    “Yes I can.” You lingered there for a moment and kept your eyes on Theo who’s eyes were on the book, but didn’t seem to be reading at all. He looked to be stuck in the same sentence, over and over again, and couldn’t get himself to focus.

    “Fine, but we’re not going outside,” Theo snapped and closed his book shut a while later once he discovered he couldn’t bring himself to focus with you staring so intently at him. You grinned and linked your arms with his, beckoning him to the great hall.

    The doors were opened when you got there, lights and all sorts of decorations brightening up the room and lifting the christmas spirit. A few students hung out in the great hall, though not many since most were outside, playing in the snow.

    “Peppermint or gingerbread?”

    “Neither. I prefer the traditional hot chocolate,” you answered nonchalantly, watching Theo prepare two mugs for the both of you as you took your seat near him.

    “Thanks,” you muttered, sipping little amounts of your drink as you looked out the window. You could feel Theo’s gaze on you the entire time, and you started to fiddle with the mug in nervousness before turning to look at him in question.


    “Hm?” He steadily avoided your gaze. What you didn’t know was how so at peace you look with the gentle smile on your face, and how the sunlight shone in a certain angle that made him unable to take his eyes off you.

    You decided to avert the question and prevent the awkwardness that threatened to seep in, and bring your eyes to look around instead. You always enjoyed Christmas at Hogwarts for this reason. The festive decorations, the fun winter activities. Though you missed Christmas with your family back home.

    Whenever you visited the Weasley’s because the twins dragged you into their home, they reminded you of your own warm-welcoming family that were miles away.

    And now, looking at the boy beside you, you felt a twinge of guilt. He’d finally opened up to you about his childhood in the beginning of the year and how his dad raised him as not much of a talker, which was what brought up the topic in the first place.

    “Your hot chocolate is gonna turn cold if you keep staring at me like that,” Theo pointed out, pulling you from your thoughts.

    “Right, sorry.” You swore you could see his amused smile as you looked down in embarrassment.

    Theo had always been smart and calculating, you just hope he wasn’t smart enough to notice the unsubtle feelings that were starting to form towards him. It was new, but it would take a bit more for you to admit them to yourself, let alone the boy sitting beside you.


    “Not your strongest suit, huh?” Terry grimaced as the occamy scowled at you and flew away. This was utterly embarrassing when the entire class was watching the two of you, especially with Nott silently observing in the corner.

    Ever since the little moment you shared with him in the great hall, your body had a mind of its own whenever Theo was around. Your heart would race and your hands would get all nervous and shaky, and it wasn’t the least bit enjoyable to you.

    “Next! Parvati.”

    “It’s not my fault occamys are hostile,” you shrugged in reply, walking back to where your friends were huddled together. Parvati started feeding and petting the occamy, much to your dismay, and Terry shot you a look of pure stupid arrogance.

    “Lover boy’s watching you.” Your cheeks heat up, knowing exactly who Goldstein was talking about, and before you could stop yourself, you snuck a glance at Theo who was leaning against a tree, not seeming to pay any mind to you.

    “Very funny,” you stated dryly, shooting a look at Anthony who merely shrugged and responded, “He was, I swear.”

    Telling you friends was a bad idea. In fact, you never recalled telling your friends about your friendship-relationship thing going on with Nott. They just happened to notice moments where you’d run off to Theo to give his notes back or find you sitting with Theo in the library which led them to start teasing you because he’d say more words to you than to anyone. According to them, Theo’s quiet self being more talkative to you meant that he enjoyed your company, and the fact that he never seemed bothered whenever you approached the slytherin, despite your chatty self, just gave them another excuse to tease you.

    You noticed the group of students start to disperse as the lesson came to an end, and you thought better than to walk back with your friends who would just tease you along the way for your obvious response to Anthony Goldstein’s comment, and instead find Luna amongst the crowd.

    “Hey, Luna. Mind if I walk with you?” Luna shook her head in reply and happily strolled through the woods beside you. She was an odd one, but you were glad the ravenclaw considered you as a friend.

    “Look,” Luna calmly pointed towards nothing but the woods. You furrowed your brows in confusion, seeing nothing there other than the few students that were not already ahead of you.

    “Look what?”


    “Oh.” You didn’t really know what to say. You’ve never witnessed any deaths except for the poor bugs that your sibling would kill, which most definitely did not count. “How many are there?”

    “Just a few.”

    It was then when you noticed Theo sitting against a tree, holding his advanced potion making book, and Luna seemed to have noticed too because she quickly said her goodbye and strolled away from you to pet what you assumed was a thestral and probably not the air.

    Looking around, you slowly approached the slytherin. You’ve completed all your subjects for the day, and it wouldn’t hurt to hang out here for a while.

    “Only you’d study in the middle of the woods.” Theo glanced up at you, and shifted to make room for you to sit beside him.

    “You would, just as much. Don’t act as if you don’t enjoy reading.”

    “Not when I’d have to clean my robes even more because of the dirt and when thestrals are swarming me.”

    “You see them too?” He questioned as you sat beside him in the branch that wasn’t as muddy as the ground and shook your head in response, making sure to leave a bit of distance between the two of you just for the sake of your now quickly beating heart.

    “You’re fortunate. They’re unpleasant little creatures,” he shook his head and resumed his reading.

    “Why are you still reading that as if you haven’t memorized every single word and alchemical symbol already?”

    “Why are you so talkative today?” You didn’t take that offense well and Theo’s smile dropped once he noticed the look you were giving him. “I’m kidding. You’re always chatty.”

    That did not make it any less offensive.

    Theo shifted closer and continued to speak, hence your silence, “But I like that about you.”

    That made it slightly less offensive.

    “Didn’t think I would, but here I am. I remember how sickeningly talkative you were when you first bumped into me in our first year, and thought I was going to go mad if I kept listening to you.” That particular statement made your lips curve up into a smile, and when you turned your head to look at him, his eyes immediately found yours.

    Merlin, since when did he get his close? Your breath hitched as the sleeve of his arm brushed against yours, his head slowly moving forward as his eyes locked its gaze on your lips.

    Frozen in place from the close proximity, Theo took the chance to press his lips against yours, moving deliberately slowly against your lips as his hand cupped your jaw, bringing your head closer towards his.

    For a moment you just sat there in surprise before you finally responded, shifting closer towards Theo if that were even possible. Your head was spinning and warmth blossomed in your chest at the course of his actions that ended all too soon.

    Theo pulled back for a moment, relishing the feel of your lips brushing against his and your forehead resting against his. His thumb gently brushed your cheek as your eyes slowly opened to see his brown ones.

    “I still find you annoying.” He laughed as you pulled on his shirt to bring his lips back to yours, melting into one another's arms.


    "Where were you?" Terry asked as you finally walked into the common room all flushed, your clothes and hair slightly disheveled.

    "More importantly, what were you doing?" Anthony smirked knowingly at you before continuing, "Luna told me she saw you last with lover boy. Was he as good as they say he would be?"

    "Oh my god, no. No, we didn't do anything of that sort."

    "So something did happen?" You gave Anthony a glare as you made your way to the couch, bombarded with what felt like a million questions from your curiously excited friends.

    Theo's friends however, were much less pleasant to him. When he first stepped foot into the slytherin common room, the group halted their conversation and gave knowing looks. He never understood how rumors spread that fast in Hogwarts, especially between Draco and his goons.

    "What have you been up to lately, Theo?" Pansy remarked with a hint of satisfaction. They usually never bothered to question what he was up to when he wasn't with the group, which was pretty often, so the abrupt attention could only mean that they've, for sure, heard about his little "interaction" with you.

    He rolled his eyes in reply and made his way to his dorm, ignoring the teasing comments his friends threw. At least tried to ignore them. His face was beet red just at the thought of his little session with you, the way your lips felt, the tangling of your hands in his hair, and how sweet you tasted— it was all beginning to become too much for him, and he looked forward to more moments like those, which would most likely be happening soon.

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    Four Hogwarts Houses

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    A/N: this is my favorite chapter so far!!!!

    Part nine

    “Dray, we should take a break.” I stated, my head feeling dazed and unfocused from staring at these packets so long.

    “Okay, okay. Let's just finish this page and then we can take a break.” I sighed but nodded anyway.

    “What’s the next question?” I asked, we were sitting on the brown leather couch, him on one end and myself on the other. Draco was holding the packet that we were given to go over in our couples. Draco’s cheeks tinted pink as his silver eyes darkened over the words on the paper. His strong jaw tensed, and teeth sunk into his bottom lip. Could he get any more attractive? I felt myself heating up from his demeanor and I forced myself to advert my eyes.

    “What’s wrong Dray? What does it say?” I questioned, reaching for the packet. He swiftly moved it out of my reach.

    “Eh eh eh.” He tsked me, shaking his head. I stuck my bottom lip out, pouting at him.

    “I just want to see what it says. Dray.” I sweet talked him, he rolled his eyes at me. Muttering a here, before giving me the packet. I beamed at him, before reading over the words. My breathing froze. They cannot possibly expect us to talk about that so quickly.

    “Go ahead, honey b, read the question.” Draco taunted me. I shot him a glare, before clearing my throat and reading the words.

    “How exactly do you want to experience pleasure sexually with me?” My cheeks warmed the second the words left my mouth.

    “I can show you better than I can tell you.” Dray teased; I roll my eyes laughing at him.

    “Okay, but seriously, I like to be more dominate in the bedroom. If you know what I mean.” His smirking lips left me squeezing my thighs together. I definitely was not sexually experienced in the slightest, however I wasn’t naïve. I had read enough smut from the muggle world to figure out what to do in the bedroom when the opportunity arose.

    Draco eyed me carefully after answering. After a minute or two of silence, he spoke.

    “Your turn.” I wasn’t sure what to say, I didn’t want to out myself as the virgin I was. However, if this was going to end up in marriage, he probably should know before the situation came up.

    “I actually am not sure what I like yet.” I stated honestly. His eyebrows furrowed at my answer, before a smirk graced his perfect face.

    “Potter couldn’t perform, aye?” I rolled my eyes, shoving his shoulder lightly.

    “Oh merlin, Dray. It’s not like that.”

    “What’s it like then, honey b? You dated him almost three years. He shouldn’t have been able to keep his hands off you.”

    “Dray, that’s really none of your business. I am a virgin obviously, now can we move on.”

    “Fine, we’ll explore this question more later.” He smirked at me. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but it instantly made my body heat up.

    “What’s the next question?” Draco asked.

    “Can you show me what you would like to experience?” I read out loud, before closing the packet. “Okay we are done for today.” Draco let out a deep laugh as I tossed the packet onto the table. I stood up to unpack the rest of my stuff from my trunk. Draco’s hand wrapped around mine pulling me back down onto the couch next to him.

    “Let’s do something together.” Dray’s thumb rubbed the back of my hand. Draco’s touch brought me so much comfort, and it was different now. We were different now. It was like the wall that we put between ourselves was lifted.


    “Let’s play quidditch.” Draco said excited. My heart dropped a little.

    “Dray, I don’t know how to play.” I stated a little disappointed, “I can watch you though, if you want to.” Draco shook his head.

    “No ma’am, I am teaching you to play.” My eyes widen in excitement, and a smile beamed across my face.


    “Yes really. You can borrow my old jersey since I know you don’t have clothes to practice in.” He stated, moving to his trunk and pulling out a dark green jersey with Malfoy displayed proudly on the back. I quickly grabbed it from him and went into the bathroom to change. I was so excited; I had always dreamed of playing quidditch and while this was just for fun, the idea of it still made my whole day amazing.


    I sat on the bench waiting for Dray to come out of the locker room. He went to go get brooms for us and change into his practice clothes. I swung my feet back and forth in a childlike manor waiting for Draco. The quidditch pitch always smelled like broomstick bristles, and turf. It was a very comforting scent to be honest, most definitely in my top three.

    Draco graced me with his presence, holding two broomsticks in his hands. “You ready?” I nodded eagerly, jumping up from the bench. His deep laugh filled my ears from my actions, and I never wanted him to stop. He opened the box that contained the quidditch balls and unstrapped one of the bledgers.

    “We won’t use the snitch today; I don’t want to have to chase it down.” Draco stated, before positioning himself in front of me. “Do you know how to get on your broom?” I shook my head; I was never able to master that. I did more work with plants anyway, once I realized I wasn’t going to get off the ground anytime soon, I focused my powers on other subjects. Draco took the broom and laid it beside me, his hand grabbed mine. He lifted my arm where my hand was directly above the broom before letting his fingers trace back over my skin. His touch caused a shiver to run through my body, as little sparks fired off from his fingertips tracing my skin.

    He stepped back away from me, almost as if I shocked him, before composing himself and speaking again.

    “Okay, Honey b. Clear your mind and will the broom up into your hand.” I followed Draco’s orders and closed my eyes taking a deep breath. Come on, don’t embarrass yourself. Most of the first years can do this, figure it out, Mae. My face twisted in frustration. I glared at the broom. If this fucking broom doesn’t up itself into my hand right this minute, I am going to snap it in half.

    Just about that time the broom’s wood hopped into my hand and I excitedly jumped. “Oh merlin! Dray did you see that?!” Draco beamed at me, before nodding his head, yes. I did a small victory dance causing Draco to laugh at me.

    “Okay, okay. Let’s get you flying.” I quickly got on my broom, waiting for further instruction. Draco shook his head at me, “No you’re sitting on it wrong.”

    “What do you mean?” I questioned confused, looking down at the broom below me. He got off his broom and came towards me.

    “You need to be more-” His warm hands touched either side of my hips before lifting me and pulling me backwards on the broom. “There you go.” He muttered, moving one of my hands to the front of the broom. “This will keep you balance, now focus and fly.” He directed me. I did what I was told, and soon I was flying into the air. I was a little nervous, being up this high, but Draco quickly followed me up and it put me at ease.

    “How do you feel?” He shouted over to me.

    “Amazing!” I beamed at him, the wind around me blew against my face making me feel free. I can’t believe I’ve never done this until now.

    “Okay I’m going to pass the blegger to you and I want you to try and catch it.” I nodded, and we practiced that whole afternoon. Eventually, getting to scoring in the rings and we went over rules. We were about done, me and Draco were just hanging in the air talking to each other, when my broom started acting up.

    “Dray, what’s happening?” My voice quivered with worry; we were extremely high off the ground. Draco’s hand reached for me, but I was too nervous to let go of the broom. It bounced in the air like it was hitting speed bumps on the road. Reminding me of the time this happened to Harry, I quickly looked around me seeing no one, but the chosen one himself. My eyes went wide in disbelief. Draco’s arm quickly encircled my waist and pulled me off the wild broom, and onto his lap. He quickly went to the ground and we both got off his broom.

    Draco’s hands grabbed both my cheeks, and his eyes scanned over my body. “Are you okay, Honey b?” He lifted my arms up, examining every inch of my body.

    “Yeah, that just scared the shit out of me.” I said, a bit breathless. Anger washed over my body as I stormed over to Harry. His pale green eyes, stared at me with a bored look. My frustration skyrocketed.

    “What the fuck is wrong with you, Harry?!” My voice echoed around the pitch as I pulled my wand out, digging the tip into his throat. I was seething, he knew how it felt! This happened to him before, why would he do this to me? My blood boiled as Harry glared down at me, not denying it.

    Draco’s arm snaked around body pulling my waist towards his front, as his other hand pulled my wand away from Harry’s throat. “Relax.” His deep voice said in my ear as his warm breath fanned my neck. I shivered from his actions, but my anger was still very present. Draco turned us around, to walk back to our room, when Harry spoke.

    “Wow, it only took one day and you're already acting like a Malfoy.” Harry seethed. Before I knew it, Draco had spun around and knocked his fist into Harry’s face. It made a crunch sound and I winced at the impact. Harry hit the ground from the force, and it definitely looked like it hurt. Draco’s large hand wrapped around Harry’s jaw and forcing Harry to look him in the eyes. “That’s Mrs. Malfoy to you, Potter.” He corrected shoving Harry’s face back into the ground. He walked over to me, putting his arm around my shoulders and kissing my head as we walked back towards the building.

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    October 23rd - Posted 25th. Kinky Halloween Special Masterlist

    Kink: Hickies

    Draco x Reader.

    Words: 800.

    Warnings: Smut18+, Fingering, Hickies. 

    A/n: This is short and not one of my best. I wanted to get it out but I am having an allergic reaction (its not fun!) and i’m not dealing AHAH. I hope its still enjoyable! I’ll admit, hickies was hard to write. 



    The library was always somewhere that I would wait for Draco. The tall bookshelves allowed for hidden moments to occur and the desks helped aid our secret rendezvous. 

    I sit on one of the desks, flipping through a herbology book while waiting for Draco. 

    “Excuse me, Y/n?” My head snaps up to the familiar voice, smiling at Harry Potter as he slowly walks closer to me. 

    “Harry, how are you?” 

    “Yeah, fine, what are you doing in the restricted section?” 

    ‘Can’t really tell him im here to fuck Malfoy, can I’ 

    “I could ask you the same thing.” I cross my legs, closing the herbology book and resting it against my knee. 

    Harry stumbles over his words, his mouth opening and closing. 

    “I was wondering, do you have a date to the ball?” Harry asks, his hand scratching the back of his neck, a small smile creeps across my face at his question, Y/L/N and Potter at the Yule Ball, different, unexpected. 

    “I’m sure she will find one Potter.” 

    Butterflies flutter inside of me at Draco’s voice, Harry instantly groaning in response. 

    “And why are you here?” 

    My eyes widen at Harry's comment, unsure of what Draco is going to throw at him. 

    “Checking different areas for Umbridge, unless you want another scar to add to your collection Potter, I’d suggest you leave.” 

    I feel my panties dampen slightly, Draco’s attitude turning me on as his eyes linger on me. 

    He knows what he’s doing. 

    Harry scoffs, looking back at me as I stay completely still. 

    “Don’t worry about her.” Draco smiles as Harry shakes his head walking out of the restricted section. 

    “Flirting with Potter?” 

    “He is the chosen one.” 

    Draco rolls his eyes, his hands rubbing up and down my thighs as I open them, allowing for him to stand in between. 

    “I don’t care what he is, you’re mine.” 

    I roll my eyes at his statement, chuckle under my breath. My breath hitches as his fingers grip my throat. As our eyes lock together. 


    “You think I'm yours?” 

    Draco chuckles, his grip on my throat tightening as he leans forward. 

    “You know you’re mine.” 

    Draco closes the gap between us, his lips moving against mine in perfect sync. My fingers lace in his icy blonde hair, tugging at the strads as he pulls me closer, his grip removing from my throat. 

    His fingers dancing up my thighs, his hand cups my core as I gasp against his lips. 

    “You’re dripping for me darling.” 

    I shake my head in response causing Draco to smirk, his grip returning to my throat, digging into my skin as my wind falls foggy. 

    “Don’t you dare say Potter, we both know that's a lie.” 

    I nod in response, the lack of oxygen causing my eyes to roll back. I gasp once his grip loosens, my eyes slightly watery. 

    His fingers slip past my panties, sliding up and down my glistening slit as I moan, digging my nails into his forearms. His finger tilts my head up to look him in the eyes, my lips slightly parted as he slides a digit inside of me causing my eyes to flutter closed. 

    “Your pussy knows who she belongs to.” 

    “Shut up.” 

    Draco chuckles at my response, pulling his finger in and out of me with practiced ease. 

    “More, please Draco.” 

    My walls stretch around his added finger, moaning at the slight burn the takes over my core. Draco’s lips place a small kiss to my cheek, slowly trailing his tongue and lips down the side of my neck. 

    I hiss, gripping the back of his neck as his teeth bite my skin, sucking and kissing to soothe the mark. 

    “Everyone will know you’re mine.” His thumb presses against my clit, feeling it throb, begging to be touched. 

    I tilt my head back, a chorus of moans passing my lips as his thumb circles my clit, his fingers slowing down as they pump in and out of me.   

    Draco continues to liter my skin with hickies, my eyes fluttering closed as tingles flow through my body. 

    “Oh fuck, right there.” His fingers curl inside of me rocking against my g-spot as my fingers dig into his shoulders. I thrust my hips up allowing for his fingers to slip deeper inside of me. 

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” My legs shake around his hips, his lips brushing against my ear, whispering sweet nothings as I cum around his fingers. 

    Draco places a light kiss to my lips as he pulls his fingers from my core. His eyes shine with a glimmer of pride as he pulls the collar of my shirt down a little more. My skin littered with dark purple marks, faint finger marks lingering on my throat from his grip.  

    “Now they know you’re mine.”


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    Our Story (TEASER)

    Title: Our Story (Hogwarts AU)

    Characters: All members of stray kids (5th year), ateez (4th year), and monsta x (6th year)

    Blurb: 23 teens navigate the hardships of life, while learning magic, preparing for owls, and learning to defend themselves they are also deciding who to take to the Yu ball, exploring the world of sex and love and feelings, dealing with heartache, dealing with emotions but at least they have their best friends to get them through it! These are our stories!

    Rating: smuty, fluffy and a little angsty

    Warnings: Smut (specific kinks listed in each chapter), language, slight violence, magic things (cause it's a Hogwarts AU, duh!) This book is very gay if you don't like that then the exit is to your left.

    Pairings: (as in couples but also chapters) Chan and Jisung, Minho and Changbin, Hyunjin and Felix, Seungmin and Jeongin, Wooyoung and San, Seonghwa and Hongjoong, Mingi and Jongho, Yeosang and Yunho, Hyunwoo and Kihyun, Hyungwon and Jooheon, Minhyuk, Changkyun, and Hoseok (poly) (also resident hoes)

    Type of story: Each chapter is a stand alone one shot containing one of the above pairings. There will be 11 chapters in total! (each chapter does connect in some way, but not to the point where you will not understand if you read in some other order) (updates will be slow because it takes time for me to write please understand)

    Stray Kids character profiles

    Ateez character profiles

    Monsta X chacarter profiles


    Chan and Jisung's story

    Minho and Changbin's story

    Hyunjin and Felix's story

    Seungmin and Jeongin's story

    Wooyoung and San's story

    Seonghwa and Hongjoong's story

    Mingi and Jongho's story

    Yeosang and Yunho's story

    Hyunwoo and Kihyun's story

    Hyungwon and Jooheon's story

    Minhyuk, Changkyun, and Hoseok's story

    Tagged: @enollie (If you wanna be added let me know)

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    “shut up, shut up, shut up!”

    regulus slams his hands on the table, causing james to flinch slightly, but he doesn’t see through his anger. “just shut up! stop lying!”

    “i’m not!” the elder argues back meekly. “she’s—”

    “just a friend?” regulus finishes with a dry laugh. “then why the fuck is her lipstick on your collar, potter?”

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    *Sirius cooking*

    James: Any chance that's for me?

    Sirius: It's for Remus. I'm planning on making some bad choices tonight, and I need him on my side.

    James: I never realized the forethought that went into being a disappointment.

    #harry potter#hogwarts #marauders harry potter #marauders headcanon #harry ron hermione #james & peter & remus & sirius #marauders incorrect quotes #nymphadora tonks#james potter #draco x reader #draco malfoy #harry potter fandom #harry potter incorrect quotes #marauders fandom#marauders#ravenclaw#hogwarts houses#gryffindor#hogwarts memes#slytherin#house aesthetic#hufflepuff #remus x sirius #remus lupin#sirius black#jk rowling #moony wormtail padfoot and prongs #padfoot#lily potter#hermione granger
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    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    "La quantité de venin que ce reptile peut inoculer par une seule morsure peut être gargantuesque. C’est un mot que j’adore « gargantuesque », on a rarement l’occasion de le placer dans une conversation…" • Citation d'un de mes films favoris. Tu l'as? • Voilà les petites dernières que j'ai ADORÉ broder. J'ai envie d'en faire une petite série dans le même style, qu'en penses-tu? Je prévois une mise à jour de la boutique en fin de semaine ou ce week-end, en fonction de ce que j'aurai à mettre en ligne, je te dirai ça un peu plus tard. • Reste au frais! ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ #LeFabularium #handembroidery #broderiemain #broderiemoderne #broderiecontemporaine #contemporaryembroidery #broderie #broche #etsy #creatricefrancaise #cabinetdecuriosites #faitmain #madeinfrance #slytherin #serpentard (à 𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐟𝐨𝐲 𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐫) https://www.instagram.com/p/CQJZLGYLb_z/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • slytherin-shitp0sts
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i just finished reading one true king and when i say i cried at the end i meant sobbing so hard my eyes were red, my nose was blocked, and i used up a whole box of tissues, then curling up in bed for 3 hours hugging the book and philosophising about my life because it was just such a satisfying and empowering but also devastating end to the series.

    #one true king #sge #school for good and evil #spoilers#sge spoilers #agatha of woods beyond #queen of camelot #sophie of woods beyond #witch of woods beyond #dean of evil #tedros of camelot #king of camelot #soman chainani#slytherin-shitp0sts
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  • slytherin-shitp0sts
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    looks like they could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll: agatha, hester, anadil

    looks like they could kill you, could actually kill you: japeth, lady lesso, aric

    looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you: sophie, dot, nicola, beatrix, reena, dean dovey

    looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a cinnamon roll: tedros, kiko, hort (without agatha, tedros would be dead before the first book ended, fight me)

    #agatha of woods beyond #hester of ravenswood #anadil of bloodbrook #japeth of foxwood #lady lesso #aric of idk where #sophie of woods beyond #dot of nottingham #nicola of woods beyond #beatrix of jaunt jolie #reena of pasha dunes #dean dovey #tedros of camelot #kiko of neverland #hort of bloodbrook #school for good and evil #spoilers#sge#soman chainani#slytherin-shitp0sts
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  • slytherin-shitp0sts
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    sujaya dasgupta is such a queen and she plays zoya so well...we don't deserve her perfection *bi fangirl crying*

    #sujaya dasgupta#zoya nazyalensky #shadow and bone #shadow and bone netflix #stormwitch#dragon queen #queen of ravka #grishaverse#leigh bardugo#tv series #bi fangirl right here #i love her #fucking QUEENS#slytherin-shitp0sts
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  • slytherin-shitp0sts
    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    does anyone ever get this sudden burst of inspiration to draw or write or create something and then when you're finished...it looks ugly af and you throw it in the dustbin and never think about it again and your mood is ruined for the rest of the day

    #idk what to put here #slytherin-shitp0sts
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  • moodyhp
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #anon request#request#harry potter #harry potter aesthetic #moodboard#collage#hermione granger #hermione jean granger #hermione x reader #hermione x slytherin reader #hermione x y/n #hermione granger x reader #slytherin x gryffindor #gryffindor x slytherin #slytherin#gryffindor#red aesthetic#green aesthetic #enemies to lovers #books aesthetic#snake aesthetic#x reader#wlw#flowers aesthetic#rose aesthetic#Aesthetic#Dark Aesthetic#poc#poc characters#poc hermione
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  • grandpasauce
    25.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Watched the Harry Potter movies for the first time........ have a lil Draco sketch cause he be nice to look at

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