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  • Sly: “Don’t expect anything big for Valentines Day. I’m not huge on love-y stuff.”

    Huff: “Um.. okay. I’m still getting you something though.” 

    *Valentines Day*

    Huff: *sends a box of chocolates and a teddy bear.*

    Sly: *gets them* 

    *2 days later*

    Huff: *answers the door*

    Mailman: “I have 100 roses for Huff from anonymous.”

    Huff: *crying because they know exactly who it’s from*   

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  • Stop Studying//Oliver Wood

    Requested-Yes- @honeyteanocoffee

    “Oliver finds his girlfriend at the library after quidditch practices, and he helps her relax;)”

    ✨🌶-fluff and Smut!

    Slytherin female reader x Oliver wood

    Prompts 56,59,99

    56.you fuck me so good, 59.I want you inside of me,99.if you can’t sleep… then how about we just have sex?,.


    **Oliver POV**

    After quidditch practice, I strolled into the library. After looking everywhere for my girlfriend, Y/N, Her roommate said she would be in the library as she said she was many hours ago.

    I walked into the library to see my lovely girlfriend. Her dark green robes draped over her small shoulders. I walked behind her lightly placing my hand on her shoulder.

    “Darling, it is very late, let’s get you to bed” I whispered.

    **Reader’s POV**

    “Ollie I need to study” I whined as I looked in my potions textbook that I have been staring at for hours.

    “I don’t trust if I bring you back to your dorm you are not going to study” my boyfriends thick accent rolling off his tongue calmly.

    “Ollie what are you doing!” I giggled as Ollie threw me over her shoulder carrying me to his dorm.

    When we walked through the dorm room, Ollie threw me on the bed.

    “Ollie I really need to study” I said giggling.

    “No more studying you have been studying for hours” Ollie said sternly.

    Oliver threw me a pair of clean boxers and a griffindor quidditch sweater.

    “Ollie I can’t shut my brain off” I whined as we layed in the dark.

    “If you can’t sleep… then how about we just have sex?” Oliver said, even with the lights off I could hear his smirk.

    “Ollie!” I said caught off guard.

    “Shhh darling, just relax I’ll take care of you.”

    I layed back down, Oliver slowly pulling down the boxers her leant me off of my body.

    My very hot boyfriend laying in between my legs made me wet on site.

    “Ollie” I moaned softly.

    “I know what you want baby I’m going to take care of you don’t worry just relax” Oliver said, his voice soothing like waves crashing on the rocks at the beach.

    Oliver took me out of my thoughts as he put his hot warm tongue onto my clit.

    A moan overtook my vocal cords as a wave of pleasure splashed through my entire body.

    Oliver began sucking my clit earning tiny pants and moans from me.

    Little did I know my moans where music to my griffindor boyfriend’s ears.

    I tangled my fingers into my boyfriends brown hair. Earning a groan from him, vibrating my clit.

    “Don’t stop baby please” I moaned out knowing I would reach my high.

    The rope in my stomach got tighter every lick Oliver did to my clit.

    “Are you going to cum, princess?” Oliver said smirking right over my clit, sending vibrations to my clit traveling through my body again.

    “Yes baby! Please don’t stop” I cried out

    Oliver chucked before placing his tongue back onto my clit.

    Soon after the knot broke, my cum trickling down griffindor quidditch captain’s tongue and chin.

    Ollie wiped the cum off of his chin with his fingers placing it into his mouth.

    “Mhhh baby you taste so good” Ollie cooed making me moan a bit.

    “I want you inside of me” I pleased grabbing my boyfriend’s forearm.

    “Whatever you wish darling” Ollie smirked sliding his grey sweatpants and boxers off. His cock sprung out. His tip red and swollen leaking with precum.

    I slowly bent over and rubbed my thumb over his tip.

    “Princess, as much as how good that feels tonight is about you so lay back down.” Oliver said pushing me back into the bed by my shoulders.

    Oliver opened his nightstand pulling out a condom. He slowly rolled it onto his penis.

    Ollie looked in my eyes, silencely asking for consent. I gave him a nod and with that he slid his cock into my entrance.

    We both moaned at the feeling of each other. My walls clenching around him.

    “Fuck you’re so tight baby girl” Ollie groaned into the crease of my neck.

    Oliver began to thrust in and out of me at a fast pace.

    “Holy shit.. you fuck me so good” I moaned out my body rocking back and fourth with his as he thrusted into me.

    Oliver began to speed up as we were almost to our highs.

    I felt my walls clench around his cock, when my boyfriend’s thrusts got sloppier I knew he was about to cum and so was I.

    “I’m going to cum Ollie!” I yelled out gripping the bedsheets.

    “Me too princess me too, just let it out, I got you” Oliver said his breath heavy.

    We came at the same time I could feel his cum drip into his condom. And my cum drip all around his cock.

    Ollie pulled out placing a kiss to my forehead.

    “Better?” He asked with a smile.

    “So much better thank you” I said kissing him on the lips.

    “Anytime my love, anytime.”

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  • She deserved better, she just wanted to be loved …..

    Ron Weasley and Lavender Brown 💔

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  • Harry Potter Spells: writers listen up!

    Harry Potter writers, please, just listen.

    There is no such thing as only 260 spells in the Harry Potter universe, okay?

    There’s plenty of spells that do exist, but we do not know. You really think the wizarding world only has 200-300 spells?.NO. Wizards are very smart. Wands existed way before 11th century (i’ll talk about this in another post bc it’s controversial) so expecting wizards to only make 200-300 spells is delusional. However, I do acknowledge the fact that it is complicated to create a spell…

    But still!

    You can make up spells when you’re writing fanfics :) go ahead, literally you can. Let your imagination go wild.

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  • i hate that i love u

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    can we please take a minute to appreciate the absolute breathtaking view of dark academia.

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  • Chapter Sixteen: Secrets

    First chapter on @dionysus-lover-ao3

    Chapter rating: Explicit

    ⚠️❤️Smut +18: Severus Snape × Original Female Character


    About the fic:

    Rating: Explicit

    Warnings: Explicit Smut, Graphic Descriptions of Violence

    Relationships: F/M, M/M, mention of F/F

    Severus Snape × Original Female Character,

    Cedric Diggory × Original Male Character

    Summary: Andrea seems to be just another Slytherin pureblood, young woman, ready to face her senior year at Hogwarts. She would have never expected the Goblet of Fire to choose her, among all the others. What Andrea will need during this amazing year will be her closest friends, new and unexpected antagonists and the help of a mysterious, dark and fascinating professor.


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    #pro snape#severus snape#snape#snape fandom#snape love#harry potter#slytherin #harry potter fandom #hogwarts fanfiction #harry potter fanfiction #severus snape fanfiction #snape fanfiction #severus snape smut #snape smut
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    Are you scared? || DH.

    Ron couldn’t sleep, no one could, after what had happened. Moody was dead. George took a curse. They all were so lucky to be alive. His thoughts suddenly went to her. Hermione.

    What if something would have happened to her? Or to him?

    That made him almost cry. He shook his head, he couldn’t think about things like these. He couldn’t lose his mind, not now. He had to stay strong, to think positive. He had to, for him, for Harry, and Hermione. They were the ones who would lose their mind easily and he was the one who would help them to think straight.

    But still, that thought seemed to not want to leave his mind. And at that moment, he got up from the bed and made his way out of his room, walking straight to his sister’s. He didn’t even know what he was doing, he just needed to.

    He opened the door and…There she was, looking like an angel.

    He sighed and smiled at the view of what seemed a sleeping Hermione with a grin on her face. As he was about to close the door and go back to sleep, he heard a voice. A whisper.


    He opened the door again and saw that she was awake instead. She sat down on her bed and smiled at Ron, whose cheeks and ears became bright red.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” He whispered, sitting near the window.

    “You didn’t. I couldn’t sleep.” She looked down, she didn’t want to see her worried and scared face.

    “Me neither.” He sighed and looked out the window. Everything outside was quiet and peaceful, and Ron wished they could feel that peace even inside them.

    “Why…Why did you come here?” She asked and he shrugged his shoulders. “I.. Something came up to mind. Something awful. About you. I know it sounds stupid but.. I wanted to make sure you were okay. I’m sorry, it’s-it’s just stupid.. I’m going to bed.”

    He stood up and she did too and stopped him. She put a hand on his chest and looked at him. He looked at her hand and then looked up, met her eyes, which were wet and red.

    Don’t go.” She whispered and sniffed. He sat down again, near the window, and she stood next to him, breaking the eye contact.

    “Are you scared?” He asked and she nodded and broke down completely. She sobbed quietly, not wanting to wake Ginny up.

    “Come here.” He held her into a hug, put his arm around her as she laid her head on his shoulder.
She cried and let out what probably had been gelding back for days, and he caressed her hair, wanting her to know that he was there.

    They pulled away and grinned. His hands were now around her waist and hers were on his shoulders.

    “Are you scared?” Hermione asked and he sighed and nodded.

    “I am. But we’re together.” They let out a small laugh.

    We are.” She said, smiling.

    They stayed like that for a while, both didn’t want to let go of the other.

    “Hermione?” Ron called after minutes, that thought just didn’t want to go away.


    “I won’t let anything happen to you, I swear. Nothing.”

    He let a few tears come down his cheeks and she wiped them off with her finger. She put her hand on his cheeks as he cried out for minutes.

    “Ron, why do you say that?“ She closed her eyes and hugged him tightly. She just couldn’t see him like that.

    “I just feel like we have still a lot to live. And so many things to do together. You know that. We both do.” 
They pulled away and she put a hand through his hair, smiled at him and sniffed.

    “I know. We will be fine because we’re together, you said that.”

    Ron smiled back.

    “Do you want to… stay here for tonight?”

    “I do.”

    They both laid on Hermione’s bed and cuddled together.

    Art credit: tae.rhr on instagram.

    Sorry if there are any mistakes!!

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  • Slytherin: Goodnight, ghouls. If there’s any demons in here…

    Slytherin: Feel free to slither into my heart.

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    Due giorni al Plenilunio. E a distanza di due settimane è giunto per me il momento di buttar giù due righe sull'incontro con Tequila, in Russia. Luna Nuova, non posso dire che non abbia influito - perlomeno sulle mie reazioni - lasciando che la mia parte razionale avesse la meglio. Perché, a differenza di quanto ho visto da parte sua, per me Tequila Turner ha l'importanza di un Billywig che si dimena e sbatacchia le ali. Fastidioso, certo. E la vedrei meglio in quell'isola della malora da cui proviene. Ma nella mia vita - ora - conta meno di zero. Sarebbe stato diverso se avessi ancora un rapporto con Gregor? Si. Perché ho visto gli effetti tossici che la sua gente provoca e avrei fatto il demone a quattro per cercare di proteggerlo. Ora no. Ora la sua apparizione alla festa di Sasha non è stato altro che una prova - anche a distanza di tempo - di come quell'arrogante sia sempre stata gelosa di me. La differenza è che se all'epoca mi sentivo deficitaria perché mai avrei potuto competere con un branco (che tale non mi sembrava comunque) ora sono quella che sono. Inadatta per qualcuno, ma in difetto di niente. Con nessuno. “È stato lui a morderti, non è vero?” lasciare che il dubbio corroda è una sensazione piacevole, di quelle che non avvertivo da tanto. La consapevolezza che di quello che crede suo in realtà non sa niente, il giusto premio per tutte le volte in cui mi sono sentita indietro. Tequila Turner non ha mai capito niente di ciò che le succedeva attorno. Ha solo creduto di puntare la preda (che ovviamente sarei dovuta essere io) e si è illusa che in nome di un branco messo su per dovere scolastico, chiunque si sarebbe sentito in dovere di scegliere tra la funambolica Mannara e l'ostica umana. Rinunciando a me, ovviamente. Svariati anni dopo siamo qui, lei con la sua rabbia manifesta, io sempre in piedi. Sei un granello nella clessidra del mio tempo, cagna. Ma non dubito che - in quel che è diventato con il tempo ciò che hai sempre trattato come un osso - tu possa aver miglior fortuna altrove. In fondo Gregor Darsel è sempre stato bravo a dare millesime possibilità a chiunque, basta solo dirgli che ha ragione ed è un bravo bambino. Lo compri con poco, insomma.

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    Originally posted by bitch-jerk-assbutt-supernatural

    La vita a volte è curiosa almeno quanto la piuma di un artiglio di Ironbelly… come un tempo ero solita apostrofare Andrey Regan. Si, proprio quel noto scribacchino di Queste Oscure Materie la cui redazione ogni tanto mi manca. L'ho incontrato per caso dal Lepricano e devo ammettere che per una volta il Gramo si è fatto da parte, facendomi trascorrere una piacevole serata nonostante la titubanza che mi portavo dietro essendo la prima volta che mi lanciavo in qualche scommessa. È il potere di Notturn. È quell'aria che può comprendere solo chi ci ha vissuto o passato diversi anni. Ma voglio credere che sia stata anche la compagnia. Stimolante come spesso accade con i figli di Durmstrang. Curiosa come deve essere ogni scribacchino che si rispetti. Piacevole nonostante Sua Signora in cielo stia percorrendo la sua ascesa verso il Plenilunio. Lo so, dovrei scrivere anche di altri incontri fatti in terra russa. Lo so, dovrei forse fermarmi a pensare a come io l'abbia effettivamente presa. Ma preferisco concentrarmi su ciò che mi ha fatto star bene, questa settimana. Su ciò che mi ha fatto sorridere, non su quel “marginale” che arriva puntuale a calcare un palcoscenico vuoto. Quindi mi auguro che questo sia un bentornato nella mia esistenza, Ironbelly. Che sia solo l'inizio

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  • dolores umbridge / poppy drayton

    #dolores umbridge#poppy drayton#slytherin#pink#cats#proffesor umbridge#hogwarts #ministry of magic #harry potter #harry potter universe #harry potter aesthetic
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    Yule Ball ✨❄️🦋👗🥂💎💙

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