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  • monster is the worst song off that album (i still liked it but let’s not lie to ourselves) why does sm always do that shout out to thunder, don’t stop, anything off of dmumt that wasn’t tempo, trick, step, kick, and of course red velvet’s very own time slip, you were the b sides that deserved better

    #yes thats a mix of exo shinee fx and snsd songs #sm time and time again have let me down #sorry i&s that ur first title track was so poor in relation to the album #sm ent#rv#i&s
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  • when will SM ENT leave their obsession with white girls behind and just cast literally ANY other girl in their mvs 🤪

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  • I’m not excusing the things Mnet has done, but does anyone ever really wonder as to why there’s bad blood between Mnet & YG & SM? I have a theory that YG & SM probably did something, and Mnet’s like if you don’t apologize, this is how I’m gonna treat your idols. Sounds very petty but it can possibly be true. If Mnet were only targeting big groups, then what about BTS & Twice?

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    Wow SM actually commented/shared a statement on it for once

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  • (Wong Yuk-hei (Lucas) x reader)

    ☁ You stared at him, not letting your face give anything away. Lucas was confused as to why you were looking at him that way. He was nervous that you hadn’t liked the music video, that you hadn’t liked his performance. In reality it wasn’t anything like that.

    ☁ Word count: 1.6k

    Chapters: Drabble

    ☁ Fluff, HILARIOUS, C-R-A-C-K

    ☁ Warning: Cursing, CRACK, cute, lowkey kinda cringe

    ⤑ I started writing this at two in the morning because I was looking through drafts and trying to figure out which one I should publish and my mind drifts to a crack/fluff/humor fic based on the title phrase. At first it was supposed to be for Ten because he’s a fucking pervert, but then my thoughts drifted to WayV’s “Turn Back Time” and more specifically Lucas, so here we are. Hope you enjoy.

    ⤔ Leggo



    (gif found on internet (google search))

    You were excited—for lack of a better term—for WayV’s new comeback. Especially since your boyfriend, the loveable NCT member Lucas, was participating. Of course, you were already blown away by the concept photos that you had seen and you felt very … protective … of him. Especially since he was just out there flaunting his assets. No shame whatsoever.

    You knew that it was necessary. It was a concept and Lucas was unfairly handsome and fit, so of course they’d show off his wonderful body. But it didn’t mean you liked it. You always found yourself still so in awe how exactly you got to date him. After all, he was the Lucas of NCT. The one a lot of girls loved because of his handsome features, his amazing personality, and of course, his talent. But you were lucky. You were dating him. The only problem was that girls still threw themselves at him. Because you guys weren’t public. And nobody but the members knew that you were dating.

    “Are you excited, Y/N?” your best friend, Jihyun, asked you.

    You nodded eagerly, “Of course I am!”

    You were currently hanging out at Jihyun’s house, waiting for WayV’s new music video to drop. Usually, you would have preferred to watch it with Lucas, but because of everything going on he was a bit busy and told you that he couldn’t watch it with you. No matter, you could watch it with Jihyun.

    You loved Jihyun. You had known her since forever and she was like your sister. The only problem was that she had a bias in NCT. And that bias was Lucas. And she was a bit … crazy. She was sweet and nice, but she just loved Lucas that much. It’s the reason why you always got nervous around her when you were talking about Lucas. Because she didn’t know you were dating him.

    “I am so excited. I mean those concept photos of Lucas? ABS! Abs, Y/N, ABS,” gushed Jihyun.

    You nodded and just listened to her ramble. She talked a lot, and you usually just listened to her. But she was right. Those concept photos for Lucas had been something else. Abs? You knew that he had abs, of course, but you never thought he’d go full on shirtless. Not even a simple open blazer to cover it? Like his EXO seniors? Apparently not, he just had to showcase everything to the world.

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    #lucas#wong yukhei#lucas wong#nct#nct 127#nct u#nct dream#wayv#sm ent #lucas x reader #lucas x y/n #x reader#insert reader #nct x reader #wayv x reader #fanfiction#fanfic#kpop#kpop fanfic #kpop x reader #nctzen#wong lucas #yukhei x reader #yukhei x y/n
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  • Can SM like release a video of WayV recording the new album??👉🏽👈🏽 🥺

    pls sir I need it

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  • Its okay, I can be patient.🤡

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  • Apparently the sasaeng who were stalking TVXQ is now stalking NCT. SM y'all better do something about this. We don’t want what happened to TVXQ happen to NCT now 😔😔 (the video above is TVXQ Changmin handling the sasaeng)

    Credits to the owner of the video.

    #nct#tvxq#sm ent#kpop #do any of yall remember the sasaeng incident with TVXQ before #it is so scary #Instagram
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  • stop hating on idols. some probably don’t have the freedom to post and advocate a lot due to their strict company (nct, exo etc.)

    i saw amber and she has posted a statement that you all can use as a template to post. that is something.

    i love got7 and seeing that they support and not only that, they have shown that they have donated made me really happy. but you all go hate on them? for what?

    you hate on them because they didn’t support and use their platform, now you hate on them because they publicly posted about their donation?

    that doesn’t give u a valid reason to keep hating on them though, either way.

    i don’t understand stop forcing and pushing them to keep posting and donating. let them do it on their own. it’s more genuine like that.

    i would be furious if they are publicly racist or if they are publicly ignorant.

    as for you who keeps talking shit why don’t you do something yourself instead of adding more hate to these idols who have shown support and even donated or otherwise if they haven’t.

    sign the goddamn petitions, donate share information i have said this so many times.

    let them do it. they don’t need you to nag them.

    #sm ent#yg#jyp#please stop#forcing them#to do#anything #black lives matter #blm #all lives will matter if black lives matter #acab#poc#keep fighting#kpop
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  • if i see jaehyun be more quiet, reserved, sad, or sulky in any of the upcoming vlives nct 127 will do for the repackage album, i dont think ill ever fucking forgive knctzens. he was finally getting more confident in himself, he already had the pressure of being ‘perfect’, he let himself go finally and be loud and himself and if any of that got ruined, ill be beyond pissed off for a very long time.

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    On May 11, it was announced that TVXQ and Super Junior would be the next artists to feature in SM Entertainment and Naver’s digital concert platform “Beyond LIVE.”

    NCT 127 - May 17th, 3PM KST

    TVXQ! - May 24th, 3PM KST

    Super Junior - May 31st, 3PM KST

    “Beyond LIVE” aims to create a brand new concert experience that is optimized to the online experience. It features technology such as live sync camera walking, enhanced 3D graphics, and also connects to lights sticks that fans have at home so they can change in color and pattern according to the song.

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    On May 7, Xportsnews reported that the Super Junior unit has completed the album jacket photo shoot for a June album release.

    In response to the report, Label SJ confirmed, “Super Junior-K.R.Y. is preparing to release their first physical album in Korea,” and added, “The exact comeback schedule is currently being finalized.”

    Made up of members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung, Super Junior-K.R.Y. was formed back 2006. The unit has released single albums in Japan and participated in projects such as drama OSTs, but this will be their first official album release in Korea.

    #sm#smtown#sm ent#sm entertainment#label sj#suju#super junior #super junior-k.r.y #super junior-k.r.y. #elf #e.l.f #e.l.f. #kyuhyun#ryeowook#yesung#kim ryeowook#cho kyuhyun#kim jonghoon #kim ryeo wook #cho kyu hyun #kim jong hoon #super junior ryeowook #ryeowook super junior #super junior kyuhyun #kyuhyun super junior #super junior yesung #yesung super junior
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    On May 7 at midnight KST, it was shared that DJ and producer Raiden and EXO’s Chanyeol have teamed up for a collaboration.

    Their single “Yours” will also feature Lee Hi and Changmo.

    “Yours” is due out on May 12 at 6PM KST.

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  • it’s sickening how sm disrespects shawols and taemin.

    there’s really no other date for baekhyun’s album other than 25th may? the 24th or 26th wasn’t available?

    remember when sm - through taemin - teased shawols with a mid-may comeback? i do.

    FUCK SM.

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  • As an EXO-L and New NCTZEN. Getting like 3 vid content, Tweets from members and IG Updates in a day makes me feel sooooo overwhelmed.

    I am used to EXO having Comeback and go on a hiatus after having no promotion and comeback after month Announcing Concert tour. And get an IG updates from members once a week, some of them post once a month.

    #EXO#NCT#WAYV#SM Ent#NCTZEN#EXOL #still thankful hehe #luv u exo #love lots nct
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  • Both armys and sm stans be giving me brain damage

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  • Superm online concert-30$.Seriously? I swear BH and SM …Corporations being corporations. These people will milk fans to the last drop if it protects their profit margins. At least SM is honest about it .. BigHit ace at emotional manipulation (dropping merch links during the post-concert depression period) meanwhile SM is the big bad wolf with dollar signs for eyes.Also…armys acting like they won’t release completely new merch when the tour finally happens…also the tone deafness /questionable timing.Concert ended in the AM, new merch drop in the PM  when everyone has PCD. And no mention of any proceeds going to charity.. nothing.If you still think they didn’t deliberately drop it at this moment and right on time to make the maximum profit while taking advantage of ARMYs emotional state after the BangBangCon just look at these tweets


    Now bitches will be like “if you don’t like then don’t support” ofc i’ll do that! ALSO voice my opinion and discuss with my fellow people how insane and greedy and manipulative companies are,and it’d be better if i changed some costumers’s opinions too :) we are in the middle of a fucking pandemic 

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