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  • galoots
    07.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    I have never played a single Sam and Max game but I know they're gay and I think they'd make for a wonderfully disastrous double date with Duckworth and Scrooge

    #i feel like sam and Duckworth would hit it off really well #and i assume max would try to ... eat Scrooge? murder him perhaps? #the visual of tall fancy dressed dog and small white colored boyfriend just meshes well
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  • occhiolist1
    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Doodle of my herbalist, Shimmering Rapids! She was thrown out of her original pack as a puppy for being blind, and Rising Sprouts found that to be both extremely dumb and extremely cruel, so he took her in and allowed her to hunt, patrol, etc. She found her true passion with herbs and medicine, and has worked as Silvicultrix's herbalist ever since!

    Watermark reads- my discord : occhiolist#7782 / wolvden ID #31432

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  • bellyrubspetfood
    07.05.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #Adult Small Breed Dog Food
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  • lonely-dog-song
    07.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    my brain has like, been spinning around in a weird orbit when I think abt consumption of media & cringe culture & fan content and whatever and it s like MAN I rely a lot on fiction for entertainment but i wish I didnt feel so weird or judgemental on other people for also relying on it

    #cringe culture is in my brain . i get that i can just have different tastes from other people in fandoms/in general #but in practice when other people Dont think like me i am oh So pissed #i think in the few larger fandoms im in it feels like most people are really into a thing that i am definitely not into so #i get annoyed easily trying to find content i like. or else adapt and make myself enjoy the content...? #but alas ive been into more obscure things lately with very little content and. oh mother fricker i have to be the one making content huh #< altho making drawings n stuff is how i find myself showing my appreciation for things so its not rly intended to have a huge audience #but im not out here writing fanfictions amd drawing a lot of ship art which i do see a lot of & dont particularly enjoy #back to the cringe culture idea i also feel weird abt fanfic and how extremely popular it is & it getson my nerves #but idk why or what specifically about it Does get on my nerves. bc the fact that ppl write is really cool like wahoo #but this attitude that ppl see anyrhing remotely wholesome irl & are like 'i'd read a fanfic about this' #makes me want to ponder the consumption of fiction vs appreciation of real life events or something. :·\ #< just a small trnd i've seen on popular tumblr posts #if u read this & it soumds dumb or doesnt make sense: idk what im talking about either bud #lonely dog speaks
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  • naamarie
    06.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Oh, to be a small dog sunbathing in a lazy afternoon...

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  • ghoulboss
    06.05.2021 - 23 hours ago

    I am apparently incredibly violently allergic to blueberries i thought maybe it was a salicylate sensitivity or maybe even fructose malabsorption since i have like incredibly mortifyingly bad stomach problems but no in this one case its just blueberries

    #dog barks #so sad i like blueberries:( #but i can only have them in very small amounts w/ other food or i am in so much paim #food ment
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  • coltonclay
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    DM in our Tal’Dorei game: Your need to retrieve the Deathwalker’s Ward from the sunken tomb so your Raven Queen cleric can have it

    Me: uuuhhhh that doesn’t sound good

    Me, months later: OH SHIT FREE DOG

    #critical role #our beloved darling cleric’s life is just a small price to pay for dog #dnd
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  • rezindian
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago


    #hmmmm :] #ill miss the winter though bc sometimes the air smelled like cold and wet dog #we had 2 use to sneak mahekun inside bc it was freezing in the winter but nooshum hated dogs in the house #so itd just be a bunch of 5 year olds and my one 9 year old cousin like #pretending to be asleep in the same bed with a very visibly panting dog under the blankets #my aunties just tried their best 2 ignore us though #Nothing Happening Here. Nope #LIKE I STILL RMBER THE MATTRESS SO VISIBLY.. #on the floor... no sheets.... just 15 dozen blankets and 5 very small children #AND A WET FREEZING FUCKING COLD DOG SHOVING HIS WET AND COMD NOSE ONTO THE BACK OF MY KNEE #and our space heater that melted in on itself and went on fire sometimes #IM JUST RMABBLING. bc im watching movie again #im so attracted to the parents in mvm #narcissus's pool
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  • thatfaerieprincess
    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Friends, I regret to inform you that I am yearning

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  • hirschco
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    so this wedding that im dog handling at this weekend is having a dollar dance type deal where you pay a dollar to dance with a shelter dog 🥺 so yeah ill say this weekend will be a success if i don’t come home with one

    #there apparently is going to be a 14 year old small dog there that wears diapers and yall. if those aren’t my magic words #susans adventures in petsitting
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  • occhiolist1
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Rising Sprouts again bc I love him sm. My tag is #31432

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  • moonofvesper
    05.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Late night smoke with Ms. Pickle

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  • the-game-spirit
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    asgfjfkshfkf the electricity has been out all day and this morning me and mom made a bet on when we thought it'd come back on and naturally I said 4:20 and oh my fucking god it did it. the weed number did it.

    #like it was probably closer to 4:15 but the point is the lights came on a handful of minutes later i looked at the clock and it said 4:27 #and i lost my shit #dude im so happy we got power again i have been soooo bored #also a tree fell next to our house. totally uprooted. a whole-ass pine tree. and not no small pine tree #our pine trees are Large #the scary thing about this tree #is 1: i have literally never in my life seen a pine tree get uprooted like that #ususally they snap in two before their entire root system gets pulled out of the ground (a root system that is wider than i am tall) #and 2. is it was. RIGHT there. like. #i have a phobia of storms. i live with my parents. so naturally i camp out in their room when it gets bad #me and mom and our dog were alone #and if the wind was blowing a different direction and if this tree had fallen just 90 degrees to the left #that thing would have 100% slammed right into us #i haaaaate it lmao #i still cant get over how it was uprooted #yeesh#spirit chats #spirit has lilapsophobia #spirit also has a specific anxiety of falling trees. despite the fact i live in a tree farm. surrounded by very large trees.
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  • catgirlshiromi
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    my favorite yansim characters are shiromi, horuda, raibaru, as well as anyone else in the student council. you can ask me for hc's in relation to these characters

    #i also like otohiko and hazu but my thoughts are a bit blank on them #i look like horuda but my personality is a mix of raibaru and hazu haha #i am just a small frail girl. who is also asocial. and also a bit obsessive #i am a dog
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  • occhiolist1
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Pixel art of my wolden lead, rising sprouts 👀

    I rlly enjoy this game so far! Gonna be sad when he dies :') my tag is #31432 if you wanna interact! I don't accept friends requests from just anyone, but would love a casual convo or two

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  • bothcreativitybois
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    The Mayors Sweet Treat Chapter 5

    Wordcount: 2430

    Ship: Intruality

    TWs: Food, dog, swearing, sexual references, spicy thoughts (not smutty)

    Chapters: 1 2 3 4

    Taglist: @crazydemigod666 @star-crossed-shipper @idont-freaking-know @someoneiwasnt @seraphiie @the-sympathetic-villain @cute-and-angsty-princess @lonelymuffin @bloodymari-0666 @im-an-anxious-wreck @newtnotfound @fantasticallytired @obsessive-fallen-angel

    “You’re good!” Patton shouted as Remus backed into the narrow driveway next to the bakery. His truck was filled with paints, tools, hardware supplies and a very happy looking dog. Janus stood by watching to make sure Remus didn’t hit anything. When The truck was backed in enough Remus killed the engine and jumped out, Patton rushed up to the tray of the truck and began petting the dog. Cain happily soaked up the love, Remus began hauling items out of the truck. “Who are you baby? You’re adorable!” Patton cooed, Remus smiled and Janus rolled his eyes.

    “His name is Cain.” Remus said and grunted as he pulled out a metal tool box. “If you scratch his chin he’ll never leave you alone.”

    “He also eats my food and doesn’t pay rent so I wouldn’t mind that.” Janus added. Cain jumped out of the truck and Patton knelt down to scratch his chin as instructed. Cain put up his head and closed his eyes.

    “Oh you’re so cute! I love you!” Patton continued, Remus couldn’t stop watching him. The little dimples in his cheeks, how much love was in his eyes when he looked at Cain, Remus wondered what it would be like to have Patton look at him like that. His mind raced back to the thoughts he had a few days ago.

    “Damn, you’re so cute.” Patton whispered as he bit his lip. Remus was on top of Patton and his hair perfectly fell around Patton’s face, creating a tunnel for just the two of them. Remus lent down and pressed his forehead against Patton’s, both men closing their eyes. Remus’ breath caught in his throat which caused him to let out a small noise. “I lo-.”

    Remus was brought back with a pinch to his ribs.

    “Ow, what the fuck?” Remus exclaimed as he swatted away Janus’ hand. These thoughts were getting out of hand. Yes they were fun but very distracting and uncontrollable.

    “Roman told me to do it if you got distracted.” Janus shrugged and walked away with a crate of spray paints. Patton felt guilty for not doing anything, he joined Remus at the back of the truck.

    “What can I do?” Patton asked. Remus looked around a moment, not sure how much Patton could carry.

    “Uh, can you get that ladder for Janus?” Remus replied. “Only if you can.” Remus worried. Patton smiled smugly. He leant forward and dragged the ladder out, easily carrying it with one hand. He walked past Remus just as Janus walked back over.

    “I carry ten kilo bags of flour two at a time.” Patton looked back and flashed a smile. “Don’t worry about me, honey.” Patton walked away and Remus followed half stammering some apologies. 

    Jan: Just talk to him ffs he looks incapable of hurting you 

    Virgil sat on the kitchen counter while Patton ran around grabbing ingredients, Janus and Remus were working in the other room. Virgil balanced a phone between his shoulder and ear, hold music played loudly from it.

    “What are they saying?” Patton whispered. Virgil put up a finger as a signal to wait.

    “That makes no sense, you would’ve known the location before taking the order. If it was too remote you shouldn’t have taken the order in the first place.” The voice began again but it wasn’t long before Virgil interrupted. “No, I understand but you should have contacted him, or at the least gave him an answer instead of bouncing him between numbers. Will we be getting a refund?” Virgil swung his legs off the table as the voice spoke more, Patton began dropping ingredients into a mixer. “That isn’t how it works, your contract said you’d deliver th-” Virgil was cut off by the voice followed with a disconnect sound. He threw down his phone and pressed his hands to his face. He took a deep breath and ran his hands through his hair.

    “They don’t have my sign do they?” Patton asked sadly. Remus walked over to the kitchen entrance to listen in. 

    “No they have it, but they won’t deliver to such a remote location. It’s at a warehouse in the city. They’ll refund the delivery fee but you have to pick up the sign yourself.” Virgil explained. Patton put down the top of the mixer and clicked it on before turning to Virgil.

    “How? My car is tiny!” Patton panicked, Remus quickly moved to him and put a hand on his shoulder as comfort.

    “It’s alright.” Remus soothed. “I’ll go get it for you tomorrow.” Patton felt guilty. All these people were so quick to help him but he had nothing to give in return.

    “No I need you for the picnic.” Patton reminded him. Remus had influence and in his own way always knew what he was doing, that made Patton feel comfortable. The confidence he exuded was…

    “I’ll go get it now then.” Remus suggested. He took out some keys and spun them around his finger. “Virge, message me the address.” Remus liked long drives, they helped him think. And with everything that was happening, the thoughts he was having, he could use some time to think. Patton looked around, seeing who he would be left alone with. He didn’t have a problem with making friends usually but two people he’d just met?

    “I can’t ask you to do that, Remus.” Patton said, hoping Remus would catch the hint. Unfortunately he didn’t.

    “It’s all good, just watch Cain for me until I’m back. He doesn’t like long drives.” Remus informed as he walked out the door. The elderly cattle dog padded up to Patton and leant on his leg, his innocent puppy eyes were very different to his owner's devilish gleam. Patton wanted to scratch him but needed to check his batter.

    Quite a few minutes of awkward silence went by. Patton tasted his batter and added some more tweaks, Janus used a thick lead pencil to sketch a drawing to paint over and Virgil did… something on his phone. Janus looked into the kitchen, Virgil looked awkwardly across at Patton. He sighed. Virgil wasn’t the biggest fan of new people and Patton clearly was caught off guard with Remus’ dramatic exit. Janus pulled out his phone and texted Virgil.

    Virgie: hnnngg social anxiety

    Jan: Just ask if he needs help!

    “How much business can a sign company have?” Virgil complained, Patton laughed across the room. Finally the hold music halted and Patton heard a voice drone through the phone. “Hello, I am calling on behalf of Froggy And Doggy Bakery. We ordered a sign last year and it still hasn’t arrived.” Virgil said in a professional voice. The person on the other end typed some stuff then told him something. Patton put down the eggs he had in his hands and rushed in front of Virgil.

    Virgil looked over at Janus who nodded gently in response, Virgil took a deep breath.

    “Patton?” Virgil said across the room. Patton looked up from mixing some flavours through the batter. “Is there… can I help?” Virgil mumbled. Patton wasn’t surprised anymore, he began thinking maybe all the tall men in this town had an agenda to kill him with favours. He giggled and pointed to a few aprons on a hook.

    “Grab one and come over here.” Patton smiled. Virgil walked to the hook and pulled off a pink apron, he tied it up and joined Patton at the mixer. Patton pulled out a toothpick and dipped it in the mixture before thrusting it to Virgil. “Try this.” Virgil took the stick and licked off the batter. The delicate and fluffy batter had a strong punch of lemon and vanilla. The flavours tingled the back of Virgil’s jaw.

    “That’s nice but maybe a little… strong.” Virgil shared. Patton laughed and took back the toothpick to throw away.

    “The flavour will dilute after baking, it has to be strong or you won’t taste it.” Patton clarified. He threw the toothpick into the sink and rummaged in a draw, pulling out some dainty white mini cupcake papers and a large patty cake tray. “Can you put one paper in each tray? I have to take out the meringues." Patton looked across the room to see Janus had abandoned the drawing and was in the kitchen entrance. Patton walked across to the oven and pulled out a tray of cute pastel pink meringues shaped like flat roses. Virgil began dropping the papers into the tray. The large tray probably had two dozen holes, each no bigger than an inch in diameter. Janus leant down to pet Cain while the others worked. Patton used a spatula to scrape off the sweet treats and place them in a plastic container. Janus watched Patton's hands, how smoothly he scraped off a meringue with one thrust and gently laid it on top of the others in the container. It looked effortless yet Janus was sure if he tried he'd snap at least half of them in two. Patton noticed Janus staring from the corner of his eye, he tried his best to stay calm and focus. Meringues were small and light, which means they're easy to crush. He was thankful he had Virgil to take care of the patty cake papers so he could focus and take his time. Patton placed the last meringue in the container and looked up in time to see Virgil place the last paper. 

    He’s really nice albeit a little dry and blunt.

    "Thanks. I'll put in the batter to make sure they all have the right amount." Patton thanked. Virgil nodded and looked up at Janus, he smiled smugly.

    “Wrist is tired, needed a break.” Janus opposed in a friendly tone. “Also couldn’t miss you wearing that cute pink apron.” Janus chuckled as he turned around his phone to show a picture of Virgil in the apron holding the small cake papers, Patton also stifled a laugh. Virgil took off the apron and hung it back up.

    “Send that to anyone and I’ll add another 10 hours to your community service.” Virgil warned.

    “Too late.” Janus smirked. “Officer Honeycutt loves seeing her recovered little delinquent.”

    “Well we can’t all be teenagers graffitiing forever.” Virgil shot back. Patton looked up.

    “Who is Officer Honeycutt?” Patton asked, both boys looked over like they had forgotten he was there.

    “My mother.” Janus said as he put away his phone. “Don’t worry, she doesn’t give anyone trouble. Most she’ll do ya for is drunk and disorderly but you don’t seem that type.” Virgil and Janus laughed, but it felt friendly. Not like laughing at Patton but joking with him. He laughed too.

    “And Virgil does?” Patton joked, both men laughed again and shared a look.

    “You’d be surprised what he used to get up too.” Janus eluded. Virgil hit him in the shoulder and picked up his bag. Patton’s nerves had disappeared, he wasn’t sure when but they were gone.

    “I’m going to get myself a coffee and take Cain out for a bathroom break.” Virgil announced before turning to point at Janus. “Play nice.” Janus smirked.

    “How nice exactly?” Janus asked mischievously. Virgil gave him a serious stare, Janus put up his hands in surrender. “Alright!” He surrendered. Virgil left with Cain and suddenly Patton was alone with Janus. He had no problem with Janus but out of all the friends Patton had met he seemed the most critical. Or more accurately, most straightforward with his judgement. Patton began scooping batter into the papers with two metal spoons. Janus entered the kitchen and sat on a counter, closely watching. Patton was a man in chains, facing the judge and waiting for his sentence. Remus’ voice echoed through his head.

    Patton tried his best to focus. Everything would be fine.

    “What makes you think Remus is so sexy?” Janus said suddenly and plainly. Patton dropped the spoons in shock and batter splattered over a few of the papers. His face burned a furious red. Patton looked back at Janus who was unfazed. “Is it his moustache?”

    “Shouldn’t you be drawing?” Virgil teased as Patton gathered more items.

    “That- I don’t-” Patton tried as he shakily recovered the spoons. His head raced. He didn’t think of Remus like that… did he? Even if he did he was too busy to make a move. And with everything that happened with his last partner he wasn’t sure if he was ready to move on. He attempted to gather all his thoughts into a sentence. “I don’t have time to think of Remus like that and he doesn’t think of me that way either so what’s the point?” He hoped that answer was good enough. He cleared his mind and went back to scooping batter.

    “Funny, most people don’t answer when I ask them stuff like that.” Janus remarked. “They usually tell me not to ask stuff like that or refuse to answer.” Janus laughed slightly.

    “I’m sure you mean well.” Patton answered. “Maybe you’re trying to protect Remus, maybe you’re trying to get to know my taste, or maybe you’re just curious. But I don’t think you’re asking for malicious intent.” Patton turned around and gave Janus a reassuring smile, he looked away.

    “And how do you know that?” Janus pressed. Patton put down the spoons and picked up the tray of batter.

    “You don’t seem that type.” Patton repeated with a wink. He adjusted the heat on the oven and slid in the tray all the while Janus watched him in thought.

    “What if you did have the time?” Janus asked abruptly. “To think of Remus.” Patton took a moment. He brought up thoughts of Remus, thoughts where he wasn’t worried about the bakery or his mother. He smiled as he ran the scenarios through his head.

    “Yeah, maybe something could happen.” Patton admitted. “But like I said, I’m pretty sure Remus doesn’t think of me that way.” He didn’t even know if Remus was into guys. He’d made the mistake of assuming that before, it didn’t turn out well.

    “Interesting.” Janus muttered as he walked back to the wall he was sketching on. “Remus isn’t easy to deal with sometimes. He’s loud, will do his best to annoy you and is unpredictable. But he seems to have taken a liking to you, so here’s a little advice: set up your boundaries or he’ll tear right through you.” Janus’ advice seemed bittersweet but it did get Patton thinking.

    Remus seemed gentle with him so far, was that good or bad?

    #the mayor's sweet treat #sanders sides small town au #roman took over #intruality au#sanders sides #sanders sides au #sanders sides fic #sanders sides fanfiction #ts remus#remus sanders#ts patton#patton sanders#ts janus#janus sanders#ts virgil#virgil sanders#food tw#dog tw#intruality
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  • davidcarter838
    04.05.2021 - 3 days ago
    #essential 6 for dog #essential 6 for small dogs online
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  • hex-a-decimal
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    i dont want a gender i just want whatever the fuck howl pendragon has going on

    #howl's moving castle #studio ghibli #*lies on couch* OH to be a fruity little wizard in a floating house with a cute gf a small child an elderly dog and a stray grandma
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  • millipedelee
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    My second commision, I think I did a decent job.  I don’t know what to say. But I had fun coloring and drawing this fluffy girl.

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  • nippina
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago


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