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  • haechanhues
    02.12.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    - written - 

    chapter sixty six : lazy mornings

    warnings : the next four chapters are going to be written! this is just soft shit man. 

    The curtains are still drawn on a Sunday afternoon. It was still warm and the two of you were wrapped in your little cocoon. You had spent the whole night with Jay at his house, talking about anything that popped up in your mind and watching a collection of movies. 

    Jay had you in his hold and brushed at the skin of your leg. You smiled warmly and dug your face into his chest to which he winced at the feeling of your bony jaw puncturing holes through his skin. 

    ‘Ow, soft chin, soft chin,’ Jay pleaded as he rubbed at the tender spot where you giggled in response. He poked you with his own finger and you recoiled, ‘You did that on purpose.’ 

    You giggled and lay back on his shoulder and you watched him watch you with soft honey eyes. With your finger you started to trace his eyebrow and the ridge of his nose to which he grinned at you. 

    ‘Are you seriously okay with me going with Sunghoon to the wedding?’ You asked him, twirling your finger on his palm and your leg draping naturally over his body. 

    His smile slightly dropped but he sighed, ‘it might be good to have you there.’ 

    You frowned at him, picking up on his hesitation. He rolled his eyes at the scowl on your face before pressing a kiss to your nose, ‘I can handle it.’ 

    Pursing your lips, you cradle his face in your hands and bring him into a sweet kiss. Jay’s lips are soft and almost pillowy against yours. He grins against your kiss as a way to tease you. 

    ‘What do you want to do today?’ You muse, watching him from above. His eyebrows raise at your question and his arms cross to support his head.

    ‘This,’ He answers, ‘I just want to spend time with you.’ 

    ‘We spend a lot of time together though?’ 

    ‘Yeah, not like this. When we were just hooking up I would take you places for the good bit. But now that you’re my girlfriend I want to be able to just relax with you.’ 

    You rolled your eyes at his cheesiness but can’t help but let your body be inflamed by his words and how much they touched you. Jay’s eyes closed with a smile and time gradually lulled him to sleep whilst you were made to admire your boyfriend and how lucky you were. 


    it was once a love triangle that you walked away from. you find you must make a choice once again. however, tensions will rise as a third guy is added to your already complicated predicament.

    chapter sixty six : lazy mornings

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    taglist : @softforqiankun @penny-quinn @youreverydayzebra @p2arks @hobistigma @studioreader @ncityy04 @mykalon @liliansun @pixyseeun @woniebae @lionessmane @diestheticu @acciomylove @luvrseung @jay-durian @kac-chowsballs @strawbrinkofdeath @theskzvibe @dandelionxgal

    #enhypenwriters#houseofincantations#ficscafe#enhypen fic #enhypen jay fic #enhypen sunghoon fic #enhypen jake fic #enhypen#enhypen smau#enhypen angst #enhypen angst fic #enhypen jay angst #enhypen sunghoon angst #enhypen jake angst #enhypen scenario#enhypen imagines #enhypen social au #enhypen jay social au #enhypen jake social au #enhypen sunghoon social au #enhypen x reader angst #enhypen x reader social au #enhypen x reader fic
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  • tyunsview
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    READY TO LOVE | a baby with a baby 🤧


    SYNOPSIS. jay didn’t believe in love at first sight, but when he saw the sad looking girl hanging out with her friends, he knew what he felt even though he was scared.

    TAGLIST: @mykalon @pepperrye @enhacolor

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  • beybeezle
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago


    1.14 - Damn bungeoppangs





    It's probably the bizarre new fascinating feelings of how different yet similar you both are, but something definitely struck when your and his gaze meet each other. What could it be?

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  • mrmustachious
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    Part 1

    Dates and times are going to be very important in this. Also don’t forget that time zones exist, so things might vary a bit! The time zones everyone is in is as follows:

    Scott - AKDT (UTC -8)

    Gordon & Penelope - BST (UTC +1)

    Everyone else - NZST (UTC +12)

    The times on all tweets and social media posts are also in NZST. I hope it doesn’t get too confusing (it certainly was when I was trying to work it all out XD)


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  • soobnny
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago


    49 — lily-of-the-valley (sweetness)

    notes: oh we’re so close to the end :’) what has been ur favorite moment hehe

    taglist: @ja4hyvn @lokideadontheinside @acciomylove @heatrache @giyyuzz @msxflower @sarang-wonie @vegetablespuppets @gongiz @choibinn3 @yvashj @sluxie @meijiamikas @creamkwan @meiiiwa @strawberryyukhei @lumixen @vampsvngie @you-njinhwang @amakumos @stoatwashere @pixyseeun @bigtittietoji @diestheticu @leefelix-gf @witchitzy @itzxvaxella @sunysunoo @iamnotgrootforiamthor @junnnoooo @wonamour @tomorrowbymoa-together @from-xero @miwonie @hakuyeo @woniepuffle @she-is-dreaming @chirokookie @tenten-67 @yangrden @instahann @wonluvrbot @sunoo-bby @emobeomgyu @forjusticeandspite @sonjuyeonnie @hwalllllllelujah @kixua @pepperrye @unipanda1006 @nochuwastaken @enhypenisnotforsale @shynypeacekitten @pr0dbeomgyu (send an ask to be added!)

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    #enhypen x reader #fluff#jungwon fanfic #jungwon x reader #jungwon x y/n #jungwon x you #social media au #yang jungwon x reader #jungwon smau #jungwon x reader smau #yang jungwon#smau#text au
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  • lemon-boy-stan
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago


    Beomgyu couldn’t believe that two out of the three times he’d been to Derry’s Fun Fair was because his friends had been abducted, but still. The fortune cookies told him to come here.

    Making his way through the carnival, Beomgyu paced with his thumb rubbing the beaded friendship bracelet on his wrist - it'd become a habit now, and honestly, he didn't mind it.

    This time, a happier memory crossed his mind, and he smiled.

    Beomgyu and his friends had done paintings in art class. Because Y/N and Kai were in the year below, they didn't do it with them, but it was okay because they would be doing it next week, so they weren't totally missing out on things.

    They spent the night at Yeonjun's house after school, and the boys had asked Y/N to choose her favourite painting.

    Of course, the competition results came to a draw between Beomgyu's painting (a poor renderation of the Barrens Beomgyu and his friends liked to play at) and Taehyun's painting (an equally poor depiction of the night sky).

    Long story short, Y/N liked Taehyun's painting better. And for some reason, that made Beomgyu upset. Y/N always chose Taehyub over him. Why couldn't she choose Beomgyu like she used to?

    It was okay, though. Later, Y/N pulled Beomgyu aside and told him that she really liked his painting because it was pretty and reminded her of fun times. So that was good.

    The same feeling of victory Beomgyu had felt ten years ago washed over him now for a while - then he remembered whathe was doing. Gritting his teeth, he made his way through the carnival.

    Instead of the large circus tent, there was a big dent in the ground where the tent had been. In the centre of the empty space of land, something crisp and golden lay in the grass.

    Frowning, Beomgyu walked over towards the middle of the pit, and jumped back when he saw the fortune cookie.

    Rubbing his bracelet and sighing, Beomgyu bent down and plucked it from the ground, breaking it open hurriedly. His stomach churned at the message, an uneasy feeling settling over him.


    summary: derry, maine, 1989. there have been a collection of missing persons cases, but that doesn't stop the losers club from having fun. y/n and her friends are determined to have a good time, and nothing is going to get in their way. genre: fluff, crack, it 2017 au. pairing: choi beomgyu x reader

    prev <- next -> series masterlist -> series playlist -> add yourself to the taglist! (or send an ask to be tagged)

    tags: @fictional-character-whore; @fourthirtyone-am; @wooyukh; @sweetrainwrites; @pinkheadflowers; @wonclusion; @wh4txium1n; @yolk-ashi; @kac-chowsballs; @chillfilms; @epiphany-beom; @erosoobin; @soobin-chois; @ibunnyw0n; @the7thcrow; @solarswonderland; @yeonwon; @biuebinnie

    #tomorrow x together #txt #tomorrow x together smau #txt smau #tomorrow x together fluff #txt fluff #tomorrow x together social media au #txt social media au #tomorrow x together scenarios #txt scenarios #tomorrow x together scenario #txt scenario #tomorrow x together text au #txt text au #beomgyu#choi beomgyu#beomgyu smau #choi beomgyu smau #beomgyu social media au #choi beomgyu social media au #beomgyu text au #choi beomgyu text au #beomgyu fluff #choi beomgyu fluff #beomgyu scenario#choi beomhuu #choi beomgyu scenario #LO$ERS. CBGYU
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  • tyunsview
    02.12.2021 - 4 hours ago



    SYNOPSIS. jay didn’t believe in love at first sight, but when he saw the sad looking girl hanging out with her friends, he knew what he felt even though he was scared.

    TAGLIST: @mykalon @pepperrye

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  • aksemz
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    IN WHICH y/n does unexplainably stupid things that makes riki head over heels for them —


    Riki — Head over heals for y/n, will not admit it. Though its very obvious. In Belift High’s Dance club, and great at photography. Will do anything, and i mean it, anything for y/n even if it is stupid.

    Jungwon — Literally has to deal with Riki’s shit everyday. Does not get any sleep, has stacks of assignments and people asking him to help them with their assignments. Please just let this poor boy get more than 3 hours of sleep.

    Heeseung — Music major, basically one of the best students, lives on ramyeon and coffee, asks Jay to cook for him and does not get any sleep. Always in his room/studio, will not get put even if you beg him.

    Jay — Fashion major, says that Rikis a pain in the ass, which, is right. But, we all know he loves Riki dearly. An amazing chef 1000000/10.

    Jake — Engineering major, amazing at physics and math, a tutor, needs money.

    Sunghoon — I honestly don’t even know if he can deal with everything he’s dealing with. Does get sleep, 3 hours, complains about not getting sleep but stays up all night doing anything other than sleeping.

    Sunoo — Amazing. Basically knows everything. Except for lessons, but still manages to get a high grade. If you wanna know more about the latest gossip come to him.

    Series Masterlist !!

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  • haechanhues
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago


    it was once a love triangle that you walked away from. you find you must make a choice once again. however, tensions will rise as a third guy is added to your already complicated predicament.

    chapter sixty five : paint picnic

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    taglist: @softforqiankun @penny-quinn @youreverydayzebra @p2arks @hobistigma @studioreader @ncityy04 @mykalon @liliansun @pixyseeun @woniebae @lionessmane @diestheticu @acciomylove @luvrseung @jay-durian @kac-chowsballs @strawbrinkofdeath @theskzvibe @dandelionxgal

    #enhypenwriters#houseofincantations#ficscafe#enhypen#enhypen smau#enhypen fic #enhypen jay fic #enhypen sunghoon fic #enhypen jake fic #enhypen angst #enhypen angst fic #enhypen jay angst #enhypen sunghoon angst #enhypen jake angst #enhypen scenario#enhypen imagine #enhypen social series #enhypen jay social au #enhypen jake social au #enhypen sunghoon social au #enhypen x reader angst #enhypen x reader social au #enhypen x reader fic
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  • rxnswhxre
    02.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Name That Animal!

    A/N: Dangaroo🐬🦘

    #Kota: Simps#Ran; Thoughts#Rindou; Thoughts#Tokyo Revengers #Tokyo Revengers x Reader #Tokyo Revengers Imagines #Tokyo Revengers Smau #Ran Haitani#Rindou Haitani #Ran Haitani x Reader #Ran Haitani Imagines #Ran Haitani Smau #Rindou x Reader #Rindou Imagines#Rindou Smau
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  • dolliejoon
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    yn and friends <> infinity

    in a world where soulmates define ones capability in the world, you’re stuck begging to any high power up there to not assign you any. luck is never on your side though, not when you come to realize that the fucked up universe assigned you seven soulmates. and god, are they hot, which only makes it all the more difficult to ignore the persistent men.
    authors note. hello, these are my babies i hope u love them as much as i do! give this lil intro a reblog or comment ur thoughts if u can! :)
    taglist! @borahebangtan @kawennote09 @dreamamubarak @btsarmymochi97 @tsukkisukkii (send an ask or comment on the stories masterlist to be added!)
    #bts smau #bts social media au #bts social media #bts fake texts #bts fake chats #bts fake social media #bts sns#bts poly #poly!bts #bts au fic #bts poly au #bts poly!au #poly!bts x reader #bts polyamory#poly bts#bts angst#bts fluff#bts messages #bts fake messages #bts x reader #bts ot7 x reader #bts social au #namjoon smau#jin smau#hoseok smau#yoongi smau#taehyung smau#jimin smau#jungkook smau #bts ot7 x yn
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  • yonkimint
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Still Want You [Jin x Reader]

    20. New Stepdad


    TAGLIST (send an ask or leave a reply if you want to be added!):

    @pb-n-juju @jikooksgirl19 @sopebubbles @halesandy @unadulteratedlyunique @bangtantruffle @danny-boy27 @esteemedsalt @lyra0cassiopeia-deactivated2021 @breathing-inthemoon @daydreambrliever @hey-itsmina @bri-mal @alinaax3 @pineapple-hoseok @dreamamubarak @lilacdreams-00 @bubblytaetae @proflyndo @just-another-keysmash @90s-belladonna @letmebreathepls @jaiuneamesolitaiire @kawennote09 @friendlywraith @lena7bangtan @theestrangeddreamer @yoongicap @lostbitvh @xxxanimangxxx​ @curedblues​ @thehuntresswolf​ @kissme-ornot​ @lochness-butmakeitsexy​ @goldenhoney-cas​ @naajix​ @jinscharms​ @may1996s​ @broken-glowsticks​ @sunflowerbebe07​  @apolloxxivmin @juju-227592​ @somelazysundays​ @jooniesbanoonies​  @annoyingtimemachinee​ @piecesofapril11​ @malewife-supremacy​ @brit97​ @magicalmarauder​ @fairy-jaykay​

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  • jhanleanne
    02.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Chapter thirty eight: What if


    Perfect Mismatch || heeseung sm au

    In which two weeks of moving on after your long time boyfriend, now ex-boyfriend Yeonjun broke of you with a reason of wanting some time for himself. Y/N, the campus bad bitch happened to find herself pulling off a fake relationship with one of the campus prince, Heeseung Lee when they find out  that their exes who dumped them not so long ago started dating each other.

    Chapter 37 || Masterlist || Chapter 39

    Leave a comment-ask-dm if you want to be tagged :)

    — taglist: @lovingjaeyun  @lazyasbitchree  @heenotes @neovrse @kyleeanne  @msxflower @hime98 @dyzennie ​ @punneysushi01 ​ @imjustme-things ​ @alo-ehas @tomorrowbymoa-together ​ @studioreader @sunshineshouchan @genderlessflower @nycol-ie @jay-durian @lionessmane @jwonz @tsukypoetic @ja4hyvn @mymeloem19 @ddeonubaby @tobiosbbyghorl @luvrseung @gongiz @papiibuprofen @rcveribin @lost-leopard-beanie @itzsora @nyfwyeonjun

    — can't tag: @hibuki-chan @freessaaenhaa @elicheel @upper-side-dreamin-supremacist

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  • justalads
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    mangoball has the exactly same feeling as karkalicious

    #mangoball fic#mangoball smau#mangoball au#mangoball#homestuck#karkalicious#hhelpo #these are the ramblings of a madman #thanks lad 2 for this awful realization!
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  • m1ng-how
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    thirty-four - unrequited love

    warnings: cursing, riki and sunoo fighting again lol

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    SUMMARY ༄ y/n moves into a new apartment under short notice, thanks to her cat making her old landlord a little too unhappy but she didn't check the details of her new place all too well, realising now that she's moved in with a guy. however, she has to make the best of it as not only is the rent cheap, it's close to her university and her roommate is actually kinda okay...? except for the drama that comes in between the two of them and the interference of feelings. she started to wish she never moved in with him yang jungwon.

    TAGLIST ༄ @studioreader @hysique @ncityy04 @squiishymeow @youreverydayzebra @yougeans @markleebee @shuabot @tlnyjoong @planethyuka @ghjasksdk @dongyucks @kelki @idkimjustkindahere @kimaya2209 @nishinet @sunysunoo @mika-monalisa @yenart @lycorisdoreablack @korejijiyo @rinyx @woniecore @dear-dreamie

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  • embermarie-0
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    okay so i liked this haikyuu smau but it disappeared and it's could've been deleted but if it wasn't i'd really like to keep reading it. it was a sakusa x reader and they work for like the fbi (?) and sakusa was an it guy and so was hajime they were just in different departments. oikawa was the readers supervisor too. it was definitely an enemies to lovers, if anyone finds it please lmk!!

    #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu smau#hq sakusa #sakusa kiyoomi x reader #oikawa tooru#hajime iwaizumi#sakusa kiyoomi
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  • amakumos
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    shoot! - seven ; another day another slay

    -synopsis: number one rule of having online friends: don’t fall in love with them. but after one year of being friends with cheolsoo, someone you met while playing co-op with in genshin, the little fluttering feeling in your stomach every time he texts you is too hard to ignore. so, after a year of talking and being friends, you and cheolsoo finally decide to meet - but then you realise that “cheolsoo” is actually nishimura riki, a famous kpop idol. so now, you have to deal with having the fattest crush on someone you basically don’t even know. shoot. -genre: friends to lovers, crack, fluff, smau + some written chapters -pairing: idol!riki x fem!reader -warnings: swearing, Riki are reader r both dumb, ignore timestamps -taglist (closed): @shinsou-rii @ddeonubaby @vilenishis @hakuyeo @hoonslvr @primorange @wonamour @ncityy04 @mildlystupid @yjwfav @hobistigma @giyyuzz @yenart @dinosdance @icywhatim @youreverydayzebra @meijiamikas @ja4hyvn @c9tnoos @mitsukifilms @minkyeos @sunshine-skz @bridgebridgebirdiebridge @emwonx @floverful @yanqsfairy @iamnotgrootforiamthor @sheepgardenenha @dear-dreamie @sugastapes​ @liliansun​ @yunatic0​ @cwsana​ @vampsvngie​ @emobeomgyu​ @art-junkie-13​ @sushiriki​ @riklvrs​ @duolingofanaccount @neptuniees @isaluv​ @sanshinexxxsan @kimiczi​ @currently-existing​ @enhypenisnotforsale​ @silkyyvenus​ @ahnneyong​ @ifornishii @shynypeacekitten​ @beomslonghair​ @xoxojayd3n​ @nashionalpotatocorner​ @acciomylove​ @itzxvaxella​ @meiiiwa​

    previous. ★ next. ♡ masterlist.

    authors note: eunkyung thinks yn sus 

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  • raspberrygyus
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ❛❛ 𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗬𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗧𝗛 ❜❜ 22 Faint cradling of Christmas lights

    (don't forget to read the text portion at the bottom!)

    Turned out one of the violinists had called in sick—was that even possible, Sunoo wasn’t sure. They knew that it was off-season for him, at least, and wanted to ask for a favour.

    Just one performance, nothing more, they begged. We’ll even pay you handsomely, they added.

    For a gifted violinist like Sunoo, it was never really about that money, but bills still need to be paid, and food still need to be bought.

    He stared back at Y/N—who was still sitting on the bed—and made his way over to her so he could share the news with her. He wasn’t keen on leaving her behind in the apartment, and with the new development that he learned, he was more hesitant to accept the offer than before.

    He wasn’t sure how she would take it, especially in such a fragile state.

    “The local orchestral hall wants me to do a performance tomorrow,” he started, “because one of the original performers called in sick.”

    Y/N didn’t look too persuaded on that matter.


    She knew she shouldn’t be too selfish, but there were parts of her that screamed that she should take her mental health into consideration and if that meant keeping the one good thing in her life close to her, perhaps she should.

    On the other hand, she really didn’t feel like tying him down like this. Especially when he was so world-renowned and showing his face anywhere would garner him more exposure. Not to mention the amount of love he had for music, there was no reason for him not to accept.

    “Does it…have to be you?”

    Damn selfish self. She couldn’t help but lower her head as she spoke, hoping that she wouldn’t have to see the expression he had on his face.

    When she looked back up at him, she was slightly shocked to see such a genuinely concerned look on his face. It was such a soft stare, and she wanted to cry.

    “It doesn’t have to be me, I’m sure they’ll find someone else if I end up rejecting them,” he contemplated. “But…”

    Maybe the decision had already been made in his head, she thought.

    “It’s okay,” Y/N said, finally, “you should go, you’ll do wonderfully. Don’t let me stop you.”

    She was caught off guard when he pulled her into his arms, and to her. However, regardless of her surprise, she wrapped her arms around him and fully buried herself into his embrace.

    “I really don’t want to leave you alone, Y/N,” he said, wistfully, “I really do want to spend every waking moment with you.”

    She leaned further into him, “I won’t go anywhere.”

    “You promise?”

    He felt her nod her head.

    “I have no plans, and…I really don’t feel like going anywhere, so you don’t have to worry,” she said, after much thought.

    When they finally pulled apart, she gave him a contented smile.

    “It will be ok, I’ll get to watch you when they preview the show online, right? Most orchestras do, don’t they?”

    He thought for a moment, then nodded. “Usually…”

    The smile on her face only widened with his answer. “I won’t go anywhere, I’ll keep the doors and windows locked, I’ll stay here, and I won’t go anywhere. And then, when you come back, we can celebrate Christmas eve together with some hot cocoa, and spend the rest of the Christmas morning together.”

    She leaned forward and pressed a kiss on his cheek.

    “How does that sound?”

    Damn, he really loved her so much.

    “I love you, Y/N, so much, did you know that?”

    She only smiled more.

    Yes, everything will be ok.

    (The first two screenshots are in sunoo’s POV, the third one is in yn’s POV.)

    ▾ SYNOPSIS y/n is a girl who lives a mundane life as a university student. however, things started to deviate from her sense of normalcy—gifts start arriving at her door, creepy messages bombard her phone, and the constant feeling that she's being watched. she enlists the help of her best friend, jake, and as time passes, both of them realize that this is the work of an obsessive stalker with a motive. time is running out and things are spiring out of control—will y/n be able to take back the life she once had?

    Note: OHOHOHO. Please be prepared for the next chapter, it will pull at your heartstrings.

    Masterlist << previous | next >>

    taglist (open) @msxflower @mykalon @softforqiankun @freckledquokka @yougeans @kac-chowsballs @e3teungie @softyuk @yeonwon @etherealcherrie @acciomylove @blank-velvet @rindomo @cha-raena @studioreader @verifiedsunghoonsimp @pinkhyunie @you-njinhwang @w3bqrl @rikisnotforsale @felixstarry-freckles @theskzvibe @pokyloky @yurazuyori @rinyx @luvrseung

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  • seungstarss
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    revelations !! epilogue


    <[previous] 42 the final | sequel [next]>

    a/n: yes, there's a sequel
    @ncityy04 @nyfwyeonjun @studioreader @youreverydayzebra @berriniki @hoonbokki @neovrse @kac-chowsballs @enhacolor @i-dont-know-dont-know @shdowhuntr @ghjasksdk @papiibuprofen @milkycloudtyg @jayk1wrld @meltinghershey @softforqiankun @shuichi-sama @jisungsquirrelhabits @meiinumaki @bakukags @fiantomartell @032421 @niafics @wintertaev @chimsugacookie @niikipuff @gyuza @witheeseung @abdiitcryy @guanhanggf @lokideadontheinside @bokkiyo @zhaixiaowen @uhhalexwashere @sichengplace @punneysushi01 @enxnesblog @killyoselff @k1ttyl1x @shoftiiel
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  • ninihoons
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    stereotype! — two ; she’s not that bad.

    -synopsis: everyone told and warned sunghoon about y/n and the way she plays people, but sunghoon didn’t listen. after being paired with her for a chemistry assignment he was keen on letting people know that she was not what people thought of her.

    -genre: classmates to lovers, angst, the rest of enha being assholes except sunoo & riki & jungwon but it’s okay! they get better, crack, smau, & etc

    -pairing: highschool student!sunghoon x fem!reader

    -taglist (open): @acciomylove @primorange @papiibuprofen @luvrseung @jup1t3r-n1ah @ja4hyvn @enhacolor

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    author’s note: sorry for the late chapter i lost track of time 😭 you guys will find out what these “rumors” are about pretty soon i think but enha aren’t like this irl (atleast i don’t think so) so just please remember that this is purely fiction and is only for my storyline.

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