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  • i think Rimmer might die.


    i don’t know why but that first line just has that vibe. y'know . the sad boi hours vibe.

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  • SMEG + D&G via Departures Magazine

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  • “Get to know”

    By @cupcakegnome

    I was tagged by nobody

    Your Name: Jason

    Languages you speak: English, Spanish, and bits and pieces of several other languages (Japanese, Nahuatl, tlhingan Hol, etc.)

    Are you a mermaid: No

    Your play style: I don’t play, as such. I’m mostly a content creator. My Sims are pixelated crash test dummies.

    Your selfsim picture: I use an older version of my selfsim as a profile pic for some of the forums I’m active on. Newer versions can be seen at Blue Heaven Sims Adult (NSFW version) and Plumb Bob Keep (fantasy version)

    Stories or gameplay, builds, lookbooks, edits or cc: CC, occasionally a bit of storytelling

    Your favorite age state: Adult. Y'know, because adult things.

    Your favorite season: Winter

    Your favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

    How was your day: Soul-crushing. If this place burned to today, I would dance on its ashes tomorrow.

    Your favorite career:  Military or Adventurer

    Your favorite aspiration: Pleasure

    Your favorite EP, SP or GP: Mansion & Garden, Seasons

    How old is your simblr: I think I created it 2015-ish, but have only started using it in the last 1.5 years.

    Have you woohooed: More times than I can count.

    Your favorite skill: Mechanical, I guess? Kind of an odd question.

    The size of your mods folder: I run three different games (different testing environments). Modern: 6.25 GB. Fantasy: 9.63 GB. Sci-Fi: a slim 6.02 GB.

    Your 3 favorite mods: No red pause frame, freezer clock, Fourth-Wall Options (all great storytelling mods)

    Your interests (other than sims): Cooking, writing, my pets

    Your favorite sim (picture if possible): Elyse. Use her to test outfits, storytelling props, family-friendly poses, almost all my adult poses, etc.

    Which Sims games you have played (including mobile games): TS1, TS2, TS3, TS4, TSM, SimCity 4, SimCity Societies

    Propose a crazy scheme: I don’t know. A heist maybe?

    Best part of simblr: Building a community and interacting with new folks.

    Worst part of simblr: The fact that it was created as a platform to engage with creators, yet still 99 out of 100 readers will just bang on the heart icon and keep scrolling.

    What other games you play: Skyrim & Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, House Party, various adult games

    Other websites or accounts (origin, twitter etc..): Blue Heaven Sims (Blogspot), Blue Heaven Sims Adult (Blogspot), Twitter, four Discord servers, and I’m fairly active of SynapticSim’s Lair and PBK

    Are you single: Hahahahahahahaha.

    Tagging: All the cool kids

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    Cake and booze (we made sgroppino) for an evening of singing along to Rocketman and crying, silk robes not pictured. I have the best girlfriend ever.

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  • Tagged by @omnishambolichologram- Cheers for the tag! It’s been forever since I did one of these. Hope you don’t mind that I went ahead and answered this on my Red Dwarf blog instead (since that’s all I think about these days, it seemed more appropriate).

    Slow burn or love at first sight?: Slow burn, 100% all the way. Love at first sight is Fine, but I’m too much of a hopeless sap and need pages and pages of pining to survive. Of course, if love at first sight LEADS to pining, that’s also excellent. 

    Fake dating or secretly dating: Hard choice! Fake dating just about sneaks ahead because it plays on my love for endless pining. 

    “Oh no, there’s only one bed” or long distance correspondence: Honestly I can take or leave either of these, but considering how often I accidentally write ‘only one bed’ fics, that’s the winner here. 

    Hurt/comfort or amnesia: For me, these both have their place. I’ve read exceedingly good fics for both categories but hurt/comfort is more broad, and I’ve never had much of an inclination to write an amnesia fic. 

    Enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers: I have ships in both categories, but there is just something about the seeming irreconcilability of two different people who HATE the fact that they are falling for each other that really just…. *chefs kiss*. Speaking archaically here, the ships that have been my ‘OTPs’ have always been enemies to lovers. And obviously, Lister/Rimmer is the epitome of that. 

    Mutual pining or domestic bliss: This one’s obvious. I pine more than a Nordic forest. 

    Smut or fluff: Both, both! Both are good! For me, I often like my smut to have a story (slightly snobbish I know), which is why whenever I think I’m going to write a PWP, it ends up being 14 chapters long with a moral teaching (I’m only half kidding). I accidentally end up writing a lot of fluff too, just because I like being nice to the characters. Call it favouritism. 

    Fantasy au or modern au: Ehhhh… My past self would definitely say fantasy, so I’ll go with that. I don’t find myself writing or seeking out AUs as much as I used to. I think the fact that Red Dwarf is essentially a canon-less universe (every dream is reality and all that) means that the term ‘AU’ means less to me than it used to, and I can play around in a sandbox of wacky ideas without them ever technically being ‘AU’s. Having said that, there are some EXCELLENT fantasy AUs (and otherwise) in this fandom, and there are a few AU ideas I’ve had that I wouldn’t mind writing up. 

    Alternative universe or future fic: Considering I just spent several lines writing about AUs, it’s AUs. I would also argue that ‘future fic’ is a kind of AU anyway, but that’s just me being pedantic ;)

    Kid fic or road trip fic: Assuming that ‘Road Trip’ indicates any sort of story where the ‘journey’ is the central feature, and the characters stay within a vehicle (stopping at various points for breaks), isn’t the entirety of Red Dwarf technically a ‘Road trip’? These are the thoughts that bounce around my head when I’m trying to sleep. 

    Canon compliant/missing scenes or fix-it: Very tight competition between these two, but I like writing missing scenes and near canon compliant pieces WAY more than I like writing fix it. 

    Reincarnation or character death: Oh cruel. Neither. But teasing character death is allowed. 

    One-shot or multi chapter: Both. I tend to write multi chapters as a rule, or else my one-shots are very long. I read both in probably equal amount. 

    Time travel or isolated together: Don’t make me choose! Just for the record though, I liked the idea of ‘isolated together’ way more when I wasn’t being isolated myself. 

    High school romance or middle aged romance: Hello Listy and Rimsy!

    Arranged marriage or accidental marriage: *insert above answer here* I’m a comedy fic person, and accidental marriages are Gold Mines for comedic content. 

    Sci-fi au or magic au: When my ships aren’t canonically in space, you can bet that I’m going to put them there as soon as I can. 

    Neighbours or roomates: And they were room mates. 
    Oh my god they were room mates. 

    Body swap or gender-bend: You know, the amount of fic tropes that Red Dwarf just HAS borders on the absurd. 

    Angst or crack: Angst with a happy ending please!

    Apocalyptic or mundane: Oh I live for drama and flair. Apocalyptic all the way.

    I’m not sure who’s already done this, so if you want to play consider yourself tagged by me! I’d love to see people’s opinions.

    #red dwarf#tage game #smeg I don't half waffle on do I? #Thanks again for the tag and apologies it took so long to get to! #I love doing these things #WHO IS EXCITED FOR THE RD SPECIAL WHOOP WHOOP
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    Take up to 25% off these Smeg appliances and make your kitchen a retro dream

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    #IFTTT#Tech#tech#techthump#mashable #Take up to 25% off these Smeg appliances and make your kitch
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  • Oh fuck a really good artist followed me back i guess that means i have to actually be active here now

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  • Happy New Year, everybody! Best wishes for 2020.2019 was an amazing year for me.

    I stopped doing “On the Horizon” and “Coming Soon…” posts a while ago, because I feel that they put undue pressure on me to crank out the content, and quality starts to take a back seat. Still, I try to keep followers and fans in the loop by putting out a little blurb like this every six months.

    2020 will bring about some major changes. I’ll be wrapping up the very last two of the Midnight at… projects. It’s been fun, and it’s allowed me to create some amazing resources. I’ve been doing it for over two years, though, and I feel it’s run its course.

    I made huge advances on the Tutorial Library project, and got assistance from Lizzy and Fire_flower in translating my tutorials into new languages (more languages = more learning opportunities for Simmers). I hope I can continue this success into 2020.

    I may or may not pick up Combate Moderno again. Depends on my mood.


    ¡Feliz Año Nuevo a todos! Los mejores deseos para 2020. 2019 fue un año increíble para mí.

    Hace un tiempo que dejé de hacer las entradas de “En el Horizonte” y “Proximamente…”, porque siento que me presionan indebidamente para que saque el contenido, y la calidad empieza a pasar a un segundo plano. Aún así, trato de mantener a los seguidores y fans al tanto publicando un pequeño anuncio como este cada seis meses.

    El año 2020 traerá algunos cambios importantes. Estaré terminando las últimas dos publicaciones de las Midnight en…. proyectos. Ha sido divertido, y me ha permitido crear algunos recursos increíbles. Lo he estado haciendo por más de dos años, sin embargo, y siento que ha seguido su curso.

    Hice grandes avances en el proyecto de la Tutorial Library, y obtuve el apoyo de Lizzy y Fire_flower para traducir mis tutoriales a nuevos idiomas (más idiomas = más oportunidades de aprendizaje para Simmers). Espero poder continuar con este éxito en 2020.

    Puede que recoja o no al Combate Moderno de nuevo. Depende de mi humor.


    Attack Pattern Beige

    Starting very soon, I will be coordinating with several other creators to improve the state of current bodyshapes and add a few new ones (sort of a master post of WSO actions and linked skintones for each shape, and making sure each bodyshape has its own icon in BSOK). Will probably be a cross-blog posting to all of the communities where I’m active, so that it can reach as many Simmers as possible. Project includes:

            • Cyclist (a new, realistic bodyshape for athletes who do a lot of leg work).

            • Steampunk icon for BSOK and Lady Apple (an as-yet-unreleased shape)

            • More clothing meshes for BustyGal

            • Fixing up Amazonian and Death by Snu-Snu and finishing them

            • WSO actions to fill in the gaps. Male sizes including Harem Dude, Punk Junkie, Runner, Cyclist, MartaXL male, and Bear BB, and female sizes including Cyclist, Booty Cutie and a few others

    Tutorial Library

          • Time permitting, at least a few of the 10-15 pending tutorials I have planned to write.

    Midnight at…

          •   Midnight at the Biolab

          •   Midnight at the Astrolab

          •   Midnight at the Shuttle Bay

    The Shop

          • At least 10 more projects, but I really haven’t had time to organize them yet

    Untitled Steampunk project

          • An ambitious new project with roughly the scope of Midnight at… New clothes, new accessories, new objects and build sets, and so on.

    BHSA Presents…/ The BHS Repose Project Presents…

          • The BHSA Presents… project will be coming to a close after 5-6 more poseboxes are added. The reposing project will be a bit more robust; I still have 20 or so boxes I want to repose.

    Ocelotekatl’s Sims 2 Stories (Story Blog)

          • New chapters of Furor and Aftermath coming soon!

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  • I was going to post a bigger blurb about this tomorrow, but I appreciate the tag from @anachronisims

    1. Putting a nice bow on the Midnight at… series. I’ve published 60-some so far, and have been amazed by the acclaim the projects have received. But all good things must come to an end, and I only have two more major projects planned.

    2. Attack Pattern Beige. Not going into it in much detail here, but essentially a big overhaul that will fix the gaps in various bodyshape projects.

    3. The Shop- The original concept for the project will finally see the light of day (tools and garage equipment). Huge plans for developing this project going into 2020.

    4. Community building. This has been my jam throughout 2019. I’m not as interested in the admin side (I leave that to Simmers who are better community organizers) but it has been awesome to be a bridge between all of the various Sims 2 Discords that have popped up in the course of the year and actively participate, as well as being a presence on SynapticSim’s Lair and LizCrea’s Sims 2 forum. I hope I can continue being the “emissary among the tribes”, as it were, throughout 2020 and beyond. Still not 100% sold on Pillowfort, but if that’s the way the wind blows, I’m ready to expand.

    5. The Tutorial Library project and continuing to help creators create. I started doing it to provide the best and most complete information available to the community, and I intend to expand the library as much as I can (possibly as many as 15-20 new tutorials) in 2020. Additionally, will be revising and recompiling as necessary throughout the year, as usual. Translations… well, what I can say here is that I only speak two languages fluently enough to write tutorials in, and the translators who have generously volunteered their time have lives of their own. I’m grateful for the help, but I’m not willing to put words in anyone else’s mouth.

    Additionally, the Sim Crafters Discord community is shaping up to a powerful platform for teaching. We’ll have to see how it goes.

    6. BHSA Presents…/ The BHS Repose Project Presents… The BHSA Presents.. project was originally conceived as just a set of casting couch-style poses. I think there will be maybe 5-6 more poseboxes in the series. The BHS Repose Project is a different story. As long as there are bad poseboxes to repose, I have job security. I currently have about 20 planned.

    I think that’s about it. There’s probably not enough time left in the year to complete the task, but tagging anybody who wants to turn in their homework at the last minute.

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    You can’t copyright a pose, sis. If you were concerned with other people remaking your poses, maybe you could have articulated them correctly and labeled them correctly off the jump.

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