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    if no lesbian why me want to kiss?

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    Twilight Fics

    List of Twilight based fanfiction

    Includes: rating, synopsis, my thoughts, pairing, etc.

    (I will be updating this list as I continue to go through fics, so check back here for updates- also feel free to send me your fics or fics you enjoyed)

    I have read, not read, been recommended, and want to read those in this list. I will acknowledge each one according to my relationship with it.

    The Movement of the Earth by: audreii_fic

    5/5 stars (I’ve read it)
    Written 2010-2012
    Jacob/Bella; Emily/Sam
    Completed, first in a 2-fic series (there is a second one also listed below)
    This is a rewritten ending to New Moon (the entire second half of the book) and certain parts of this fic are lifted directly from the books, although the author incorporates a HUGE amount of her own content into it. I read this fic all in one day, I couldn’t put it down. I’m now extremely upset that there is no fan art for this series.
    Jake imprints on Bella, the wolf pack plays a large role in this fic (character development, backstory, etc). There is a confrontation with Victoria and ongoing turmoil in Bella and Jacobs friendship over the imprint.
    I strongly suggest this fic to anyone who ships Jacob and Bella, I am constantly upset that New Moon doesn’t include more of their relationship and this book 100% solved that for me. This might be my new canon. If you want more info on this fic send me a message, I’ve read it fully.

    The Fire of the Sun by:audreii_fic

    ?/5 stars (It’s on my “to-read” list, will update this once I get to it.)
    Jacob/Bella; Emily/Sam
    This is a sequal to The Movement of the Earth (see above for info and link), so it is assumed that it will carry on immediately after the first fic. The author (audreii_fic) wrote that it will tie up all loose ends and serve as an alternative ending to the Twilight Saga. 
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    No sweetheart, I’m not texting other girls. I’m rewatching the Twilight saga while eating shredded cheese and crying my eyes out.

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    it was a rainy place, the colours muted, the wind cold, but my heart was warm.

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    I’m thinking of compiling a list of twilight based fanfics that I’ve read (or want to read) and then also include like my rating + a synopsis?

    I’ve been trying to find a good Bella/Jacob fic and finally found one and *love* it. It got me thinking that we are really missing out on some good ones cause we don’t have a way to search for them by quality, etc

    Anyways lemme know if you’d like this or find it useful, and also feel free to send me fics! I know a few people on here who write fanfiction for twilight, so feel free to self promo too!

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    Chapter 24: Break

    Warning: Uuuuh, sad. 

    It all happened so fast. 

    Rachel Black, Jake’s older sister, had laughed as Grace had launched her body full force into hers. The two tumbled to the beach in a heap as the pack and their partners made their way over to them. 

    “Gracie!” Rachel giggled hugging her back just as tightly, “Oh it feels like home seeing you.” She said. 

    Grace had helped her up to get a good look at her. Rachel was a little taller than Grace but had the same beautiful angled face as Jacob. Except where his hard edges protruded, hers softened. She had chopped her black hair into a short bob just above her shoulders but her cheeks were just as pink and pronounced as ever. Her amber brown eyes sparkled in the sea light. 

    “It’s so good to see you,” Grace said breathless. “What are you doing here?” 

    “I’m back home from college, just for the summer before I start my thesis this fall. Biodynamic Farming in Indigenous Communities. So I guess you could say i’m here for research?” 

    “That’s great! Wow!” 

    “Hey!” Rachel called over her shoulder as the others moved toward them. They all were suddenly crowded around them. Rachel was always a calming presence for Grace. All through her childhood, she was there in her memories. She was the thread that tied her, Jake, and Grace together. And now she was here, same bubbly beautiful Rachel. 

    Everything suddenly started to move in slow motion. Rachel still had her arm wrapped around Grace’s shoulder, refusing to let her go just yet as she pulled Quil into a one arm hug, and then Embry. 

    And then. 

    Paul. Her Paul. 

    Rachel and Paul took one look at each other and the world shifted violently under Grace’s feet. 

    “Paul Lahote, right?” Rachel had said, some coloring of recognition moving across her face. She had to have felt it. How could she not have? The feeling was palpable between them. The air electrified at this emergent shift in destiny.

    Paul didn’t move, his eyes darting from Grace to Rachel quickly. He was tethered. Rachel let go of Grace and stepped toward him, magnetized almost. The rest of the pack looked around at each other, uncomfortable and waves started to echo and crash in Grace’s head like someone turned up the volume too loud.

    Leah was next to Grace in an instant. She threaded her fingers into hers and leaned in close to Grace’s ear. 

    “Time to go.” She whispered. It wasn’t an ask, but it was urgent, begging almost. At least Grace couldn’t remember if she had asked or not.

    But either way, in the next second, Grace was gone. 

    Grace looped an arm around her midsection and sank to the bottom of the shower letting the hot water move over her back. The scene wouldn’t stop replaying in her head. Like a broken record for the past five days between being awake or asleep, the scene replayed in her head. She had to hold herself together now to get through the pain of that moment. Again and again it screamed through her brain. 

    Paul Lahote, right?

    Grace gripped the side of the tub as she felt herself breaking apart again. Steam choking the air around her. She tried her best to stay whole and to stay here. In the past few days, Grace had been having trouble controlling her recasting. Bella thought it must be a side effect of her emotions pushing and pulling her around. 

    Sometimes, Grace would wake up in the middle of the night, shaken from a nightmare and find herself somewhere in the forest. Groggily, she’d stand and look around her before recasting home. She never tried to figure out where she was, but she got the feeling that she was going to the same place every time. 

    Now, in the heat of the bathroom, the water leaving red welts on her skin, she held on tight trying to keep herself in place. She didn’t know how long she was there for, but she heard the door creak open and a voice call out to her. Everything stayed blurry for awhile. The water was suddenly off and Grace instantly felt cold. 

    A towel was placed around her shoulders and suddenly Bella’s face came into view. 

    “Hey, come on. Let’s get you to bed.” Bella had seen this look before on her own face and knew that Grace had done the same for her. She gently pulled Grace to her feet and steered her toward the bedroom, tightening the towel around her. Grace sat on the edge of her bed as Bella rummaged through her drawers and pulled out some sweats, socks and an old band t-shirt. She dressed the catatonic Grace carefully and gently combed her hair, threading it into a loose french braid down her back. 

    “Come on,” she said as she pulled her back on the bed with her and threw the covers over both of them. 

    “Where’s Edward?” Grace asked barely above a whisper as Bella wrapped her pale arms around her. 

    “Hunting. They’re prepping for the fight.” Bella said non-descriptively. Bella didn’t need to ask what had happened that day. 

    The day after Grace had come home from the beach and gone straight to bed and laid there for over 20 hours, was the first time Paul had shown up. His eyes were hard but pleading when Bella answered the door. 

    “Is she here?” He said, a rasp to his voice as if he had been yelling. 

    “Now’s not a good time, Paul.” Bella said, crossing her arms. “She won’t speak. So since you’re here, why don’t you tell me what happened.” 

    Paul looked down at the ground and shook his head. 

    “Please. I just need to see her,” he had pleaded. When he looked back up at Bella, she saw intense pain in his eyes. “I didn’t mean for this to happen. I just-” 

    “What happened?!” Bella pushed. 

    “I….I imprinted. On Rachel Black….at the beach,” Paul said the words like he had said them a million times. 

    “What…” Bella knew what it meant to imprint. Jake had told her what it meant and she had hesitated to ask him if he had imprinted on anyone considering the intensity of their relationship. But he had given her a confusing answer and brushed it off. 

    “I didn’t mean for this to happen, Bella. Please. Just...if I could just see her,” Paul stammered, his body trembling. 

    Charlie was behind Bella now in the doorway. 


    “Chief Swan.” He replied trying to regain some composure. 

    “Grace isn’t feeling too hot right now and isn’t allowed guests. She’ll call you when she’s ready.” Charlie nodded. “I suggest you head home.” 

    “Thanks dad,” Bella muttered as Charlie retreated back into the house. Paul stood there, limp. 

    “Just...tell her I stopped by.” Paul said, taking a step back down the stairs. Bella just nodded and shut the door. 

    And again today. As Bella hopped down from the truck and pulled her hood up against the rain, she glanced down at her phone to see if Jake had texted her back. Her last text message was sent the day before as her worry for Grace grew: 

    SMS Text—7:47 p.m.: Bella 

    Please call me, Jake. 


    She hadn’t gone into details about Grace, but she knew that Jake should be here. Grace was having nightmares, much like the ones Bella used to have when Edward was gone last year. She was woken up on more than one night this week to cries of pain. But each time she jumped across her bed to get to Grace, she was gone. On one night, she even called out for Jake. 

    When she closed her phone and looked up, Paul was there again. Bella shoved her hands in her pocket and walked around the truck making her way toward the house. 

    “No, Paul.” Bella said, much less sympathy now. 

    “I just want to talk to her.” Paul said. He seemed less beat up today than he had on the first time he’d known up. Bella had raised an eyebrow at him, skeptical. 

    “Absolutely not. You broke her fucking heart,” Bella said, surprised at her own anger. Paul tensed at this. 

    “I know. I just need to see her.” 

    “No, not today.” Bella said, swerving around him to get into the house. 

    “Before the fight then,” Paul bargained. 

    “No. When she’s ready, not when it’s convenient for you,” Bella said, not bothering to turn around. She slammed the door behind her before hearing an explosion and tearing out on the front lawn that could only mean one thing. 

    Now, as Bella listened to Grace’s rhythmic breathing as the light faded away outside, she worried about what happened next. If Grace tried to join the fight like this, she worried she’d get hurt. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone again. 

    Still nothing. Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

    SMS Text—8:32 p.m.: Bella

    Jake, you need to come home now. 

    It’s Grace. She’s in pretty rough shape. 

    Bella clipped her phone shut and wrapped her arms around Grace who had fallen asleep on her shoulder. She sighed and closed her eyes, willing sleep. 

    When she woke up the next morning, the space where Grace had been sleeping was empty. 

    Grace had been walking and walking since before dawn. Making her way to the reservation. Her body felt weak despite all of the sleep, but she held new resolve. She couldn’t sit in this pain anymore and just let it be hers. 

    She was going to confront Paul. Instead of recasting to the rez, she took the time to walk through the forest. She made her way easily in the dark, not needing to see to know where she was going. When she finally reached his door some of her resolve started to crumble. 

    What if Rachel was in there? What if she saw something she didn’t want to see? He wouldn’t have moved on so quickly would he? But she knew imprinting worked different. She took a step back and then felt the pain crash around her again. She would not be alone in this. 

    Quickly she stepped forward and rapped on the door, nearly banging on it. It only took a couple of seconds for Paul to reach the door and yank it open. His face was full of annoyance that subsided to shock that melted into desperation. 

    “Grace,” he choked out. Grace kept her hands at her side, eyes rimmed red and hands clenched into fists. 

    “Can I come in?” her voice shook more than she wanted it to. 

    “Yeah, yeah,” he stepped back so she could come in. She moved past him doing her best not to let any part of her touch him. The minute she got inside, her eyes automatically lingered down the hallway to the cracked bedroom door. She swallowed hard and turned to face him. Maybe this was a bad idea after all. 

    “Grace, I’ve wanted to talk to you for a week.” Paul said keeping his distance more for Grace’s sake than his. “I’ve stopped by. Did Bella tell you?” 

    Grace nodded her head. She suddenly felt like a caged animal. What about this was supposed to make her feel better again? She couldn’t even look at him for too long or she’d feel her stomach turn. 

    “Grace I’m so-”

    “Don’t say you’re sorry,” Grace said, her eyes hard now. “Don’t.” 

    “Okay,” he watched her carefully. She felt frantic, uneasy, where this place was once going to be her home she now felt like an unwanted guest. She kept checking over her shoulder, waiting for someone to stumble out of the bedroom. A room that Paul had filled with light for her. And now, she’d never see it again. She wanted to walk the short steps to it and push open the door to mourn her loss in peace. But she was too afraid about who was behind the door. 

    “Is she here?” Grace said suddenly. 

    “What?” Paul said confused for a second, and then realization dawned on him, “No, Grace of course not, no.” He almost looked offended.

    Grace looked at the floor embarrassed now. Paul took two steps toward her and she stumbled back. 

    “No.” she said, tears coming immediately. “Please...don’t. It’s too much.” Paul crumbled now. She’d never seen him cry, but something in him broke in this moment. 

    “Grace. Please, let me explain,” he said. Grace dug her fingernails into her palms and nodded. 

    “Okay. Explain.” She could take it. She could do this. 

    “I didn’t mean for this to happen, you have to know that. When Rachel showed up, I was just as panicked as you. I’ve barely talked to her since. I just needed to figure this out and I couldn’t….I didn’t want to let you go,” he shuddered, as tears glistened and fell from his eyes. Grace nodded to have him keep going. “I couldn’t eat or sleep. I had to see you and Bella wouldn’t let me see you. I felt so...lost without you Grace.” 

    Grace was shaking now, trying to keep herself in place. Not now, not yet. She had to hear it. 

    “I went to see Ti’Hal. I couldn’t take the pain...the weight of this. She said imprinting wasn’t a choice but that I still had one. I could still choose you.” Grace let a whimper escape and shut her eyes tight for a minute before opening them to look at Paul. “But….but she said that even if I chose you, Grace, you would never be as happy with me as we were before. And I wouldn’t expect you to be because I’d always be looking after Rachel. It would eventually destroy us.” 

    Grace held herself in place even though she felt it starting. 

     “Ti’Hal said it would be better if I-,” he choked, burying his face in his hands and letting out muffled sobs. Grace was shaking so hard she wondered if he could hear her teeth chatter. “She said, I should….” he stopped and stuttered again trying to look at her. 

    “She told you to let me go,” Grace said, her voice warbling and her knees shaking. Paul looked at her sucking in a deep breath and wiping at his face. He nodded. 

    “Yes.” Was all he could manage as he looked at her. She wasn’t sure why but something in her accepted this even though her heart was fighting like hell against it. She strode over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face in his shoulder. He immediately grabbed her and held her to him tightly. 

    She let her body collapse onto him. She tried to let her pain go but instead it swelled up inside her as she held tight to him. The pain crescendoed and she pulled back cupping his face in her hands. Paul was breathing heavy trying to bring himself under control. His eyes searched hers, hoping for her to say anything that might allow him to move forward, pretend like nothing happened, and carry her back to the bedroom like they had done last week. 

    “Let me go.” she whispered painfully. He squeezed her sides and looked down then quickly back up at her face. She planted one more soft kiss on his lips that he desperately tried to deepen, but she was gone in a flicker. 

    She recast on the edge of the forest and trudged the short way up the familiar hill to the cliff’s edge. The day around her was shaping up to be beautiful, the last solid day of sun they’d have for awhile. Grace stood on the edge of the cliff, the pain swirling up in her and tearing its way out of her throat. She let out a guttural, primal, painful scream that shook her whole body and got carried away by the wind and then fell to her knees in heaving sobs. 

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    YALL I am so excitedddd

    So today is my last heavy day of school work before exams (thank you Universe) and thennn I’m back to writing :)))

    I have so many ideas for my fic (which I haven’t updated in a month I’m sorry but school has been a priority)

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    twilight when brown is the warmest colour and Bella deserved better

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    Chapter 22: Graduation


    After Spring Break had ended, Grace was kicked into overdrive preparing for her finals. This was it. One final push and this would be off of her plate. 

    She spent most of her nights in her room studying, at the library with Bella and Edward tucked away in a corner, or staying late at Paul’s taking way too many study breaks. Sometimes she’d take the truck to Paul’s before he got off rounds to surprise him, cooking dinner and setting up at the small kitchen table with her books. He’d stumble through the door, shirtless and exhausted but immediately crack a smile and scoop her up for a kiss when he saw her there. He’d share about his rounds in between bites and when he was done, he’d tug her off to take a shower with him and try to derail her study night. 

    Other times she’d get to his house late, spread her books out open on the floor and fall asleep waiting up for him. At some point in the night she’d feel herself get picked up and placed in bed. A freshly showered Paul would slip in beside her and wrap his arms warmly around her, sighing softly into her neck. 

    But once the crush of finals was upon her and Bella, she knew she’d have to stay away to push through the end. Her last night with Paul, she was wrapped in arms as he pressed his lips to different parts of her face and neck, letting his hands absently trace the sides of her body. 

    “Okay, so I probably won’t see you for a full week. Communication is going to be limited. Tell me,” she said, trying to hide the creeping smile as he dipped his head to kiss below her collarbone, “How will you survive?” 

    Paul let out a chuckle and pulled his head up to stare sleepily into her eyes, “I won’t.” 

    “Hmmm, better make the best of it now then.” she teased. He groaned sleepily and buried his head into the crook of her neck. She laughed, kissing his forehead and wrapping her hands around to cradle his head. 

    “Rounds have been so brutal lately,” he said softly, his voice muffled against her skin. 

    “I know I’m sorry. Are you still tracking Victoria?” She said staring up at the ceiling. He took some quiet breaths and said, 

    “I mean, yeah kind of? Sometimes we catch a scent and sometimes we don’t. Leah actually picked up a new scent tonight which is why we were out so late. We traced it along the treaty line and then it kept hopping back and forth. But we typically never get a solid sighting. It’s frustrating.” He gripped her sides firmly as he said this as if the tension rising in him was causing him to physically manifest it. She wiggled underneath him to remind him she was there and he loosened his grip, kissing into the crook of her shoulder. 

    The new scent worried Grace. She’d have to check with Edward to see if they had picked up on anything new on their end. These days in her limited time on the rez, she was basically the go-between for the pack and the Cullens. Bella was hoping to get them to work together more and Grace was trying to push in that direction too, but that had fallen by the wayside when school work had kicked in. 

    “Hmmm, what does Sam think?” Grace asked after a short silence. But Paul had drifted off. Grace lay staring at the ceiling for a long time after that wondering what was coming. 

    She traced absent minded patterns on Paul’s back listening to his rhythmic breathing and before she knew it, Jake had crept into her mind. She had kept her promise to Paul—she hadn’t been with Jake alone or even really talked to him since that day. Not that Paul ever really gave her a chance. Any time Grace went on limited rounds on the weekend, she was paired with Paul and any outings outside of that were (like meeting up at Emily’s for lunch or hanging on the beach with the boys) strictly chaperoned by Paul. 

    Now, images of Jake circled in her mind. There was just the odd look every now and then during the times she did see him. He kept his distance and for that she was grateful. The tug was still there but she was able to keep at bay with her and Paul’s healthy sex life and Paul’s constant presence. But even now, Grace felt herself thinking about Jacob’s face and how she’d steal glances at him when Paul wasn’t looking and catch him looking back at her too. 

    Grace woke up early the next morning to get home before Charlie noticed. It was Sunday right before her finals and she was planning on spending the day finishing up some papers. Paul was going to be out all day on rounds anyway. She bent over the bed to plant a kiss on Paul’s mouth. He stirred and opened his eyes groggily reaching for her. She kneeled on the bed, backpack slung over her shoulder, hair tied up in a messy knot. 

    “A whole week huh?” he mumbled. 

    “Yeah,” she whispered leaning down to kiss him again, “I’ll see you on the other side.” 

    “Hmph,” he laughed sleepily. “I’ll walk you to your car.” 

    “No, stay in bed, you’re tired.” Grace protested but he was already pushing his way around her and pulling on some sweats. Paul rarely slept in clothes and made sure Grace did the same. He said it improved their ‘efficiency,’ to which Grace had laughed as he had peeled her out of her clothes. 

    He took her backpack from her shoulder and placed it on the passenger side seat before coming back to meet her at the driver side door. She wrapped her arms loosely around his neck and kissed him, opening her mouth and letting him glide his tongue just inside her lips. She sighed softly into his mouth with a gentle moan she couldn’t quite contain and his grip reflexively tightened on her hips. She already felt the kiss getting out of hand as he pushed her back against the side of the truck. She pulled back lightly and smiled saying, 

    “I gotta go.” He looked at her face seriously for a moment and then without missing a beat he said, 

    “Right. I love you.” His eyes held hers as they went wide and she opened her mouth to say something. 

    “I….” she stammered searching his eyes. He lifted an eyebrow leaning back away from her and she felt the cold creeping in between them. Panicked, she said, “I love you too.” A smile broke over his face and he leaned down to kiss her again. Grace was happy to have him close again but her ache returned. 

    “Let’s go back inside,” he said devilishly. 

    “Jesus, Paul,” she groaned,  smacking his arm and wiggling out of his arms. “I’ll see you next weekend.” She climbed up into her truck and he shut the door behind her waving her off as she went. 


    The end of finals had passed swiftly, crashing up against graduation, and now as Bella and Grace posed in their gowns with their diplomas, smiling for the camera that Charlie held before them, Grace was relieved. 

    She had done well, graduating near the top of her class, just behind Jessica and Eric—no small feat for a girl who had been expelled from her previous highschool. 

    “We better get back and get ready for the party,” Bella said as they wrapped up hugs with their friends. 

    “Right. No curfew tonight, right Charlie?” Grace joked. He rolled his eye. 

    Back at home, Grace pulled on her jean mini skirt with her dark green fitted shirt. She took time to expertly curl her hair in gentle waves around her face and tapped on some of her orange/red lip tint. 

    Bella was combing her hair behind her, “Is Paul coming tonight?” 

    Grace scoffed, “Yeah right. Like he’d ever be caught dead in a house full of vampires. That boy’s head would explode.” 

    “That’s a bummer,” Bella said softly, putting on a thin coat of mascara and pulling at her plaid shirt, “Do I look okay?” 

    Grace turned to look at her full on, “What are we going for here?” 

    Bella looked down at herself, “Just… like casual party goer.” 

    “Hmm, do you mind?” Grace said, getting excited. Bella shook her head. 

    Grace smoothed Bella’s hair in soft luxurious brown sheets that waved away from her face. She tapped on some bright red gloss across her perfectly pouted lips and dug through her closet before tossing chocolate brown fitted shirt dress her way. It was made of soft, clingy, cottony fabric that clung to every curve and dip of her body. Bella blushed as she put it on and Grace put the finishing touches on her. 

    “So, this says: Casual party goer who’s looking to stun her boyfriend into submission,” Grace cocked her head to the side satisfied. Bella let out a laugh curling a self-conscious arm around her middle. 

    “Ready?” Grace said shoving her feet in some simple white keds. Bella looked at herself once more in the mirror, pleased with what she saw and nodded. 

    The bounded down the steps together just as Edward was making his way up the steps to them. 

    “Charlie, we’re going!” Grace yelled over her shoulder. 

    “Bye dad!” 

    Outside, Grace skipped ahead of Bella so that Edward could take her all in. 

    “Nice huh?” Grace nudged him and headed toward the car. Edward was speechless. Bella tucked her hair behind her ear and gave him a simple, 


    Grace enthusiastically gave the thumbs up from behind his back before climbing into the back seat of his car. From the back seat, she watched as Edward gently took Bella into his arms and placed a careful kiss over her mouth, holding her face with one hand and saying something to her without letting his eyes leave hers. Bella stared back up adoringly and Grace felt her heart skip a beat for a minute. She never saw two people more in love. Like really in love. 

    The party was extravagant to say the very least. Grace and Bella were immediately swept into the crush of people. Edward held fast to Bella as they moved around the party, greeting friends, grabbing snacks, and hugging Carlisle and Esme each and thanking them so much for the party. They clearly had not thrown it for just their Alice and Edward. Cakes with Bella and Grace’s names were prominently displayed along with their senior pictures (that Alice had insisted on earlier that month right after finals) throughout the house. 

    Grace had whisked Bella out onto the dance floor with Jessica and Angela for a few songs before she retreated in a quiet corner with Edward who fawned over her lovingly and encouraged her temporary outgoingness. 

    When Grace found herself trapped in the middle of the dance floor as a slow song came on, she looked around her quickly for a way out. And then from behind her she heard a familiar voice ask confidently, 

    “Can I have this dance?” 

    Grace whipped around coming face to face with none other than Jacob. 

    “Jake?! What are you doing here?” Grace said, taking an automatic step back. The couples were crowding in around them though so it was hard to keep distance. 

    “Bella invited me.” Jake said nonchalantly. Grace shot a look over at Bella who was being glided across the floor by Edward. No one was paying her any attention. 

    “Okay…” Grace said warily. 

    “So?” Jake held his hands out to her, “Will you dance with me?” Grace hesitated, looking for an escape. She had promised Paul the very exact opposite of this, but now she was trapped. And she didn’t really want to say no. 

    “Sure,” she said. Grace took the two steps forward to close the small gap between them and Jake let his hands slide across her waist to rest on her lower back. She snaked her hands up around his neck as he swayed them back and forth with more rhythm than she thought he was capable of. 

    “I know you’re not supposed to be alone with me,” Jake said, staring down at her, casting his gaze away every now and then to lower the intensity that was already pulsing between them. This was the closest they had been in months and the ache that was always there had subsided for once. She let her body move closer into Jake to monopolize on the feeling of overwhelming relief she felt at being held. It was like having a rock stuck in a shoe for months with no end in sight and then suddenly you’re able to take your shoes off and dip your feet in cool, clean water. 

    Grace wasn’t going to deny it. “Paul doesn’t trust you.” 

    “Paul is a control freak.” Jacob shot back. 

    “For good reason, apparently. Look where we are,” she looked down at the nonexistent space between them and he sighed, readjusting his grip on her so that she was pressed up against him just right. She clicked into place with him like a puzzle piece and it made her dizzy. They were gathering stares from those around them. 

    “So you’re totally comfortable coming to a vampire graduation party then?” Grace said in a low tone. Jake laughed. 

    “I guess. When the payoffs are nice at least,” he said. 

    “What do you mean?” Grace said, confused. 

    “You, Grace. Obviously,” Jake replied somewhat annoyed. 

    “Me? You’re here for me?” Grace sighed and tried to pull away at this, but he held her fast and she didn’t protest too much. His grip was comforting where Paul’s could sometimes feel too tight. She relaxed into that feeling. 

    “Don’t get too excited. I came for that, too,” he nodded over her head and Grace looked over her shoulder to see Alice volleying between here and not here. A vision. Grace let go of Jacob but felt his hand easily grab hers as she made her way across the dance floor. She held onto it, just to drag out that feeling of relief. She’d take whatever fight this would cause between her and Paul, just to have this feeling for a little longer. 

    “Alice.” Grace said. Bella was right next to her. 

    “What did you see?” Bella echoed. 

    “A problem,” Edward replied as he read Alice’s mind. 

    The Cullens, Bella, Jacob, Embry and Quil who had accompanied Jacob to the party, reconvened in the study. 

    Jake had finally let Grace go and she had stood next to Bella with her arms crossed in front of her. 

    “We’ve been tracking the situation in Seattle for awhile,” Carlisle said looking to each new face around him. “It seems like Victoria has been playing possum with us and has instead been making an army to come and confront us.” 

    “An army? What, you mean like an army of vampires?” Jake said incredulously. 

    “Newborns, our kind. Their human blood lingers in their tissue so they are at their strongest when they’re first turned. And when a vampire creates a lot of us at once, it’s usually for less than savory reasons.” Jasper contributed. 

    “So what do we do?” Bella said. 

    “Well, they were passing around Bella’s scent, so their motive is pretty clear. It seems like they’ve changed course, according to Alice’s vision and they’ll be coming here.” Rosalie stated dryly. Edward tightened his grip on Bella who had a look of pain on her face at the news. 

    “It might be to our advantage to have them come here right?” Emmett said, arms crossed. 

    “More vampires mean more problems for us,” Jacob said. His eyes locked with Grace’s. 

    “We know,” Carlisle said, a genuine sound of regret in his voice. “I’m sorry.” He said quietly. Jacob nodded at him, thankful and Grace’s heart swelled. 

    “So we draw them out,” Grace said suddenly. All eyes snapped to her at once. “Woah.” she said. 

    “What do you mean?” Esme asked. 

    “Emmett said we have the advantage, which we do. And we can draw them out and attack them from both sides, right?” Grace looked to Jacob who uncrossed his arms. 

    “Right.” he nodded. “We’re in.” 

    “Jacob, do you think Sam could come to some sort of understanding in this instance, so we could work together?” Carlisle asked. 

    “It would give us the numbers,” Jasper said, the wheels turning now as he prepared a battle plan in his head. 

    “I can talk to him. As long as we get to kill some vampires.” Jake said sarcastically. 

    “No.” Bella said suddenly. 

    “Bella,” Edward placated softly. 

    “No, you’ll get yourselves killed. It’s too dangerous.” Bella continued, not listening to Edward. 

    “Bella, this is what we do,” Jacob said. Embry and Quil nodded behind him. 

    “We’ll be fine, Bella,” Grace said. Jacob gave her a warning look. Something told her that he wasn’t including her in his instance of ‘we.’ 

    “You’re definitely not going to be there,” Bella said matter-of-factly crossing her arms and getting irritated now. “Absolutely not.” 

    “Okay, mom. We’ll talk about it later,” Grace poked. Bella’s face was set. Grace and Jacob connected again, this time communicating wordlessly and coming up with a plan to convince Sam. 

    “It would be ideal if we could maybe coordinate with Sam and the pack, to ensure that there are no mistakes in the field,” Carlisle said. 

    “Yes, it would be best so we could train around each other. You’ll give us the edge we need, but if we can work with each other and learn from each other, then we can optimize our chances of survival.” 

    A weak sound came from Bella at this and Edward pulled her into him again. 

    “Got it. I’ll talk to Sam,” Jacob turned to Grace, “I’ll need your help with that.”

    “Of course.” Grace said. He gave her a gentle smile and Grace felt herself shiver. 

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  • fuckbreakingdawn
    06.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    once i turn in my final paper I'm buying sims 4 & the vampire expansion pack and I'm making the whole town of forks. don't fuck with me.

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  • twilitty
    06.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    twilight but edwards a 109 year old frat boy in a 17 year olds body

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  • tenarcansteponme
    06.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Okay, I think there are two different ways to look at authorial intent and themes/messages in books that can be neatly summed up in J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer (Smeyer). These are just two of many.

    In the Rowling view, there are many deep interpretations of of the source material and some of them are backed up by the author, who has allegories, themes and interpretations that she personally backs and promotes. Examples of these might be the ‘werewolves as a stand in for people with HIV/AIDS’ or that the Death Eaters and pure blood elitists are stand ins for racism. This also promotes the idea that these are the only right interpretations and that any others are wrong because they disagree with the author. I find this... troubling. It suggests that the author has the final say and that fans and critics are not allowed to form their own opinions on what the source material says without the author’s seal of approval. Also, I kinda suspect that Rowling didn’t originally put in all these themes/allegories on purpose and is kind of just piggybacking off what other people said that she agreed with.

    The Smeyer approach is much more simple. It says ‘the author is an idiot who didn’t put any deep thought into this series and any deeper meaning that connects to her personal beliefs is completely accidental’. This isn’t always applicable, but I really like the implication that the author beliefs and intentions have impact, but are not the final say so and do not override fan interpretations.

    Anyway, fuck J.K. Rowling and fuck Smeyer

    #Don’t kill your author #Consider them but keep them at a distance #Their beliefs have impact #But they do not dictate all interpretations #Harry Potter#Twilight #J.K. Rowling #Smeyer
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  • twilitty
    05.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    the boy you’ve fallen irrevocably in love with leaves you, he promises you won’t ever see him again.

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  • twilitty
    04.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    twilight but jasper has dreams of becoming a rockstar

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  • thebitchchronicles
    04.04.2021 - 6 days ago

    I'm sorry but can we please temper our expectations of smeyer? Please? We're talking about a woman who appropriates native culture to fit her narrative. We're talking about a practicing mormon woman. How can you possibly expect her to have created meaningful explicit inclusivity? I mean she explained that the wolves imprinting only works between the opposite sex. Can we please not expect that a Mormon woman is going to be inclusive?

    #just because it isnt right doesnt mean we need to continue to hinge our expectations of her on Something unrealistic #she is not inclusive #she is not going to be inclusive #we can headcanon all we want to because she implies things she likely doesnt even realize she implies #but don't you think instead of expecting someone to do something they're not going to do we can celebrate the people who are? #idk im just tired of people continuing to go after something that isnt there and support yucky people in doing so #but dont go out of their way to support people who have inclusive and important stories to tell #rant #the twilight renaissance #twilight#smeyer #this is a smeyer diss by the way dont get this backwards #im not defending her #she is nasty
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  • yeetus-my-feetus
    03.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Charlie Swan deserved fucking better than what he got and I will never fucking forgive Bella and Renee for how they treated him. Anyway stan Sue Clearwater 😘✌🏻

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  • unamedherlochnessmonster
    03.04.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • twilitty
    03.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Twilight as a moody coming of age. Bella Swan moves to a new town, only the untouchable rich boy can warm her heart.

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  • wandererthesoul
    31.03.2021 - 1 week ago

    wanderer (and by extension melanie) is put through so much brutalization throughout the book and experiences so much grief and heartache and pain and for her happy ending to be put into two very brief chapters (that could very easily be just one, in regards of length) makes me so frustrated every time i finish the book. like i just wish we could have seen more is all.. wanda and mel deserved a lot of more love and goodness in their lives after everything idk.. the ending has always left me feeling very discontented and incomplete

    #the host is a very flawed book in many many ways ofc. #and i could go on and on about how and why but this post isn't about that #this is just a very simple complaint about something that could have been easily fixed within reason for smeyer #and a grievance of mine since i first read this book in 6th grade lol #the little demon in the back of my head knocking on my brain like: write a fanfic!!! #stephenie meyer#smeyer#the host #stephenie meyer's the host #idk how to tag these posts honestly... hii
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