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    27.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    What a Beautiful Wedding Ch. 6: The Wings of the Antarctic Empire

    Summary: Tommy is desperate to convince Phil and Techno they’re in some kind of trap and he’d like to be taken seriously just once.

    Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


    Channel 6


    Tommy found himself at the foot of the long, tall black stone staircase. Philza was looking down at him.

    When he set his foot on the first step, Techno drew his sword and stepped in front of Phil. “I don’t think so.”

    “Phil!” Tommy yelled up. “Yer[1] both in some kinda[2] illusion. Wake up.”

    About five guards appeared from almost nowhere and aimed their arrows at him, Tommy recognized the pink of Niki’s hair among them. Techno took two steps down from the altar.

    “Take ‘em ta the holdin’ room,”[3] Phil ordered, spreading his wings and he held the baby close to him as he flew off.

    “Let’s go,” Techno ordered as he walked down the steps, Tommy found himself at the dangerous end of Techno’s sword. “Come on.”

    Tommy held his hands up and turned, which resulted in Techno pushing Tommy forward.

    “Don’t fuckin’[4] shove me!” Tommy shouted, but Techno and Niki lead them to the palace.

    Tommy sat down in some uncomfortable chair as Techno and Niki stared at him. Ghostbur looked at Niki nervously.

    “H-Hey,” Ghostbur smiled at Niki.

    “Stay back,” Niki told him, bow and arrow pointed down, but not notched or ready to fire yet.

    “The two of you are waiting until the old man gets back,” Techno told him.

    “Techno, come on, man, you have ta[5] know this is Dream’s doin’[6],” Tommy groaned.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but if you’re not careful you will get yourself shot,” Techno warned.

    The heavy doors of the room were pushed open and Phil walked in. The lack of snow or distance gave Tommy a good look at the man. Little things about Philza were different. His eye color for one. The Phil that Tommy had always known had blue eyes but now he had more of blue-green color. He was maybe an inch or two taller. Not any taller than the other people in the room but it was noticeable enough to Tommy. His blond hair had a slightly dustier tint to it.

    Phil paused when he looked at Tommy. “Stand down.”

    Niki took her arrow away from her bow, “If you’re sure.”

    “Yeah, wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had a visitor like this,” Phil told them. “You two are from the future aren’tcha[7]?”

    “Uh, yeah?” Tommy said. “We’re in an illusion. It’s Dream, he’s done somethin’[8].”

    Philza just started staring at Ghostbur as a look of realization dawned on him. “I . . . Wilbur?”

    “My name is Ghostbur,” Ghostbur corrected nervously, ducking behind Tommy a bit.

    Niki seemed to recoil and Techno began slowly coming back to himself, clutching his head as he began grunting in pain and his knees crashed to the ground.

    “Techno!” Phil rushed over.

    “They’re too loud,” Techno grunted.

    Tommy began stomping over, “What’s that green bastard doin’ ta yeh?”[9]

    Phil used a wing to knock Tommy away before Techno was able to stab Tommy with a sword, his eyes a blood red and a frenzied look in his eyes.

    “Tech, Tech, follow my voice, yeh[10] don’t need ta[5] fight here,” Phil told Techno as the warrior thrashed his head back and forth.

    Niki inched closer and passed Phil a vial, he placed it under Techno’s nose and he began calming down.

    “Thanks,” Phil said and inched closer. “Techno, yeh[10] need me ta[5] clear the room?”

    “No, I,” Techno paused, swallowing. “I’ve got it.”

    “What did that fucker do ta[5] you?” Tommy demanded. “It’s bad enough he’s got us trapped in here.”

    “Dream’s not powerful enough for that,” Techno had a slight chuckle to his voice as he stood up.

    “We still need ta[5] get out,” Tommy reminded him. “Tubbo an’[11] Ranboo are still trapped.”

    Philza sighed, rather dramatically before he held his hand up and magic covered his hand before there was what felt like an earthquake and then a crash of some kind. Tommy, Shroud, and Ghostbur’s outfits changed into something that matched Phil and Techno’s. Tommy realized he was wearing a circlet, perched on his head and when he went to take it off to look at it he saw that it was studded with green and blue stones, and etched with perfect craftsmanship.

    Tommy immediately rushed to the nearest window and saw at the foot of the palace, right outside the ground, an inn. And Tubbo stumbled out of it, looking around wildly. He was in an outfit that almost matched Tommy’s, but without the circlet and he was wearing thick gloves.

    Ranboo followed after him, he was wearing a long purple cloak. But behind him, Michael was peeking his head out from behind Ranboo’s cloak.

    Tommy immediately raced out of the palace, shoulding past guards and palace servants as he tried to get to Tubbo.

    “Tubbo!” Tommy raced over but Tubbo glared at him, his false eye’s iris glowed with its radioactive symbol right before he punched Tommy in the gut.

    “The fuck!” Tommy shouted angrily.

    “I was safe!” Tubbo shouted in a fury. “Me an’[11] Ranboo an’[11] Michael were safe. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

    “I didn’t do anythin’[12],” Tommy shouted back in anger.

    “T-Tubbo,” Ranboo warned, and tried to hide Michael in his cloak.

    Tubbo stopped and looked past Tommy to see, to his horror, that Techno was watching them as Michael peeked his head around Ranboo’s cape, holding his larger hand in his much smaller one.

    Techno’s eyes narrowed and Tubbo moved, scooping Michael up and glaring at Techno.

    “Stay back!” Tubbo ordered Techno with an angry snarl. “Get away!”

    Techno looked between the three of them, Michael just staring at Techno with huge, wide dark eyes, the gears clearly starting to turn in his head.

    The warrior took a step forward and Ranboo took a step forward. “Techno! Techno! Wait please, don’t hurt them.”

    “Are you with them?” Techno demanded.

    “I, uh,” Ranboo clearly had a look of panic on his face. “Yeah, but look I just want you to know—”

    “I don’t care what you spend your time with but did it have to be with the government?” Techno spat at Ranboo.

    “He’s my husband, of course I spend time with him,” Ranboo told him.

    “Ehhh!” Techno sputtered. “When did you get married?!”

    “Almost a year ago?” Ranboo asked.

    “A year? Why am I just learning now?” Techno told him. “I’m like your mentor, I should have been the first person you told.”

    “You don’t like Tubbo,” Ranboo reminded.

    “Because he and Quackity tried to kill me with axes, why would I like the guy?” Techno snapped.

    “Well, yeah, that makes sense,” Ranboo admitted.

    “Take the kid, we’ll go inside to Phil,” Techno jabbed his thumb at the palace. “And don’t worry, not killin’[13] the kid. He’s Ranboo’s too after all, right?”

    “Yeah,” Ranboo answered.

    “Good,” Techno told him but Tubbo still glared at Techno suspiciously. He followed at the back of the group, always braced to dump Michael into Tommy’s arms and pull out the first weapon he could get his hands on.

    He only marginally calmed down when he saw Phil and Techno started complaining to Phil about Ranboo, and then balked when he found out Philza was already aware of the boy.

    The little meet-up was interrupted when Jack Manifold raced in, in uniform after getting pulled in from the bubble Tubbo and Ranboo had been trapped in.

    “Emperor! Enemy soldiers were spotted at the gate!” Jack yelled, the trio of teens and Niki stared at Phil in surprise.

    “Where from?” Phil called out.

    “From the Errin Empire,” Jack reported. “They were dressed like they were in the royal guard. We were able to apprehend them.”

    “Shit,” Phil spat. “I want three guards in front ‘a[14] the nursery. Ranboo, take Michael an’[11] go with them. Niki, make sure no one gets in.”

    “O-Okay,” Ranboo stammered nervously, grabbing Michael, and standing in front of Tommy expectantly. It took Tommy a bit to realize he was quietly asking Tommy to take Shroud. Tommy nodded and passed him over, Shroud became very upset to leave Tommy’s arms.

    “On it!” Niki pushed Ranboo after the soldiers the instant he had both young boys in his arms.

    “Tommy, Tubbo, behind me,” Philza ordered.

    “Hold up, why are you the Emperor, yer[1] an anarchist?” Tubbo asked.

    “We’ll talk about it later,” Techno interrupted as Puffy, Jack, and a couple soldiers dragged Chase and Jackie in.

    “That’s new,” Techno hummed.

    “We spotted an enemy force, we think it’s Lord Phantom,” Puffy announced.

    Jackie turned to look out the window, seeing a wall of darkness in the sky, coming for them. “Storm’s comin’[15] in,” Jackie commented.

    “That’s the Entity,” Phil corrected.

    “What? Dark?” Chase perked up, starting to try and twist himself out of the rope tying his wrists behind his back.

    Puffy kicked him down, so that he was face-down on the ground and placed a foot on his wrists. “Not so fast, buddy.”

    “Puffy, let him up,” Phil ordered, “cut ‘em[16] both from their bonds.”

    “You sure?” Puffy asked, taking her foot off.

    “Yes,” Phil ruffled out his wings. “Battle stations! Average, can you talk Ent down?”

    “I think so?” Chase said, rubbing at his wrists as he wisely kept his distance from Phil. “I just need ta[5] reach him, I didn’t forget so I imagine he’s still good too.”

    The storm reached them and Phil started to hear the screams.

    “How’d they sneak up that quickly?!” Jack yelled.

    “Because none ‘a[14] this is real,” Phil told him.

    The door was thrown open and Phantom was standing there in royal purple. “Phil, Techno, long time no see. It’s just like old times.”

    “So yer[1] awake, then,” Phil sighed.

    “Where’s Dark?” Chase demanded.

    Phantom motioned with his head back, “Dealing with the town.”

    “Then move outta[17] the fookin’[4] way,” Chase snarled.

    “Aww, he’s having fun out there,” Phantom smiled.

    “Here I’d hoped he wouldn’t work with yeh[10] again, yeh[10] always have been a shite[18] friend,” Phil glared at him.

    “Ehh, we were both standing on the cliff, and he wanted to blow off some steam,” Phantom shrugged. “You know empaths, they get a little needy when they’re emotional so I just let him go off.”

    “Fook[19] off,” Chase spat at him. “Jackie!”

    Jackie grabbed Chase and they blitzed past Phantom, who rolled his eyes.

    “Don’t blame me when he starts getting snippy,” Phantom scoffed, bracing as he smiled at Phil and Techno. “Let’s tango, boys.”

    As Phantom braced for a fight, Chase raced out into the storm.

    “Dark!” Chase screamed over the whirlwind of snow. Chase was racing towards the darkest part of the storm. “Dark!”

    The darkness seemed to evaporate and Dark had some soldier by the throat, when he looked at Chase he paused. “Chase?”

    “There yeh[10] are,” Chase felt relief, walking over, a rumbling passing through the bubble as it began weakening from outside attacks. “We’re goin’ home. Yer okay. I’m takin’ yeh home an’ yeh can relax.”[20]

    Dark blinked in disorientation, he felt drained. Phantom must have snagged some of his aura when he wasn’t looking, or the anomaly was taking more from him than he realized. “Yeah, I think that’s for the best.”

    Chase was almost within arms reach and Dark realized his body needed a nap because it was getting harder to focus on things.

    “Hey, yeh[10] look tired,” Chase smiled as Jackie noticed something shooting towards them, but because of the coloration of the smoke he thought it a part of Dark’s aura.

    At least until it hit Chase.

    Something stabbed Chase right through the heart and the marksman knew he should be dead. But he felt something in his very soul snap. Dark flinched, his eyes widening in horror.

    Chase knew should be dead, the human heart was a fragile organ, but as he was tossed to the side, he felt weak and was losing blood but his heart was too stubborn to stop beating and blood was still coming from somewhere. As his soul cracked in two before snapping back together, good as new.

    “Hey, Dames,” Marc spat as he grabbed Dark and pulled him closer. “Let’s try this again.”

    “How dare you? What did you do?” Dark spat at Marc as he looked at Chase in horror. He was only slightly calmed when he saw Chase starting to try and pick himself up, glaring murderously at Marc. But the Actor burst into smoke and ripped a portal open, dragging Dark with him.

    When the portal snapped closed, it destroyed the bubble with it. Barely a second’s warning as it shattered and violently dropped all its inhabitants onto the floor.

    The bubble the Actor disappeared into snagged the Sanders bubble and seemed to violently tear it in half as it pulled it inside.

    Phil screamed in agony as his bad wing returned and reminded the avian demon that he’d been grounded for years now.

    “Phil!” Techno rushed over to him in concern.

    Chase looked around, becoming furious when he couldn’t see Dark. “Fooker! That fooker! I’m gonna kill him.”[21]

    “Average stop movin’[22]!” Jackie yelled and raced over. “Henrik! Chase needs attention, now!”

    “Let me go!” Chase snapped at Jackie who was looking at him like Chase had flesh hanging off his bones. “I’m fine.”

    “Yeh[10] were stabbed in the fookin’[4] heart! Stop movin’[22]!” Jackie yelled and that made people stare at Chase and Henrik who was at a brisk walk was now suddenly racing over as fast as he could. Marvin followed suit.

    “Average! Lay down now!” Henrik yelled, forcing the marksman to a halt.

    While the chaos of trying to get medical care and everyone just tried to figure out what was going on, Techno took a look around as Phil seemed to regain his strength and stood up.

    “You okay?” Techno looked around as Ranboo was starting to get frantic.

    “Where’s Tubbo?” Ranboo asked, an acute sense of panic growing within him. He scooped Michael and Shroud into his arms.

    “He was right next ta[5] me, did that fucker grab him?” Tommy yelled as he looked around, his eyes locking onto Quackity who was just staring at Ranboo. Or more importantly, at Michael and Shroud, who were both crying. The screams only made Tommy even more agitated.

    “What do you mean he’s just gone!” Ranboo yeled.

    “Okay, give ‘em[16] here,” Philza swept in and just scooped the two toddlers into his arms, his aura soothing them and they stopped crying.

    Techno took out his axe and walked closer to the remaining bubble that hadn’t been consumed by the Actor’s. His other hand summoned something that looked like a fishing pole with a small hand-sized grappling hook on the end of it and reeled it back before aiming it at the bubble and dragging it closer to him.

    “Hey, let’s think about this,” Quackity urged.

    But Techno slammed his axe into the bubble the instant he could and it cracked before shattering. Antfrost, George, Skeppy, and Bad all dropped to the ground but Dream rolled into a kneeling position and looked around. He almost stabbed Techno but the warrior easily used his weapons to deflect the blow.

    “Hey man, chill out for five seconds, okay?” Techno chuckled.

    Dream got up and looked around. He helped pull George up to his feet.

    “Thanks, Techno,” Dream told him.

    “That clear the books?” Techno smiled.

    “Fuck no,” Dream chuckled. “You did that on your own, I didn’t ask you to do anything.”

    “Ehh, it was worth a shot,” Techno shrugged, a smile still on his face.

    Skeppy looked up from where he’d been laying on the ground next to Bad and when he looked up at Ponk he surged up.

    “Give it,” Skeppy took the tome from Ponk, and checked it over. His eyes began to glow blue as parts of his skin began to crystallize. Magic fluttered around him. “Thank you, Ponk.”

    “I was doing my best,” Ponk told him, emphatically throwing their arms up. “Took you long enough.”

    “I was a bit busy,” Skeppy shot back.

    Chase, once Henrik deemed him impossibly still alive and despite the blood he wasn’t dying, he looked up at the final bubble. Illinois gave Eric a kiss before he walked over to Chase.

    “Actor’s up there?” Illinois glared at it.

    “Yeah,” Chase said. “Fooker’s[23] a demon so snappin’[24] his neck’s so isn’t a crime.”

    “Not a punishable one, and he’d only come back to life in a week,” Illinois agreed.

    “Hey, the two of you are not going alone,” Silver said, in the middle of orchestrating ways to get people home. Dream ordering most of the Server group back home. Silver and Jackie quickly agreed to go with Chase and Illinois.

    Philza was staring at Shroud before smiling at him. “I’ll take these two back home.”

    “Deal,” Ranboo said without thinking, racing over to Chase. “Is Bomble okay in there?”

    “We don’t know, but we’ll get him back home, the Sides seem to be in there as well,” Silver told him.

    “No, I’m coming with,” Ranboo insisted. “I can open up a portal right into the bubble.”

    “Count me in too,” Tommy rushed over.

    “Absolutely not,” Silver told him.

    “Let me rephrase that,” Tommy told Silver in his usual loud volume. “I am goin’[25] in there. With or without yer[26] fuckin’[4] permission.”

    Silver sighed in frustration. “You two don’t take chances, and if you see Bomble, you two need to bail immediately.”

    “Deal,” Ranboo spoke over Tommy and his eyes turned purple as he opened up a portal right over the group and took them right into the bubble.


    Accessibility Translations:

    1. You’re

    2. kind of

    3. Take them to the holding room

    4. fucking

    5. to

    6. doing

    7. aren’t you

    8. something

    9. What’s that green bastard doing to you?

    10. you

    11. and

    12. anything

    13. killing

    14. of

    15. coming

    16. them

    17. out of

    18. shit

    19. Fuck

    20. We’re going home. You’re okay. I’m taking you home and you can relax.

    21. Fucker! That fucker! I’m going to kill him.

    22. moving

    23. Fucker’s

    24. snapping

    25. going

    26. your

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    this is what a year long hyperfixation  looks like everyone 

    #its friend! :D #dsmp#ghostbur#friend#dsmp friend#dream smp #its a minecraft sheep #my whole bathtub is blue #so are my hands
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    #dream smp#dsmp ghostbur#ghostbur fanart#doodles #will i ever stay with a signature design? #probably not because i am an indecisive person #IFDHSGFIUJDSOL#samuart
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    #alexa how to art #fill the page game #dream smp#dsmp#ghostbur#wilbur soot#fanart#ghostbur fanart #brb gonna cry it’s a tag on my blog now #if george is gods favourite white boy then this ones the least favourite
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    27.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    4 mcyt emojis, commissioned by somebody on my discord. In order, Ghostbur, Stampy, Philza, and Karl. 

    Feel free to use in your server, and if you like what I do, maybe send me a tip?

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    26.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    see i wanna point out goalpoints in how long ghostbur’s been in limbo, like now he’s been there for 12 years, almost as long as wilbur, but then i remember that canonically speaking, he sees anything we say about him


    is it crueler to remind him or to us how much time has passed?

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    26.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    it's been 12 and a half years since ghostbur was put into limbo. he ran out of blue a long time ago.

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    Daily Drawing 75: Ghosting fanart

    “...Sally,” Wilbur’s smile turned sad. “My Sally. She was as lovely as the sky, and the moon, and the stars, all together. She belonged to no mortal, only the sea could give her the freedom she deserved, But still she smiled, smiled brighter than the sun could shine, and she loved me more than the universe could dream of.”

    “What happened to her? Do you remember?”

    “The same thing that happens to everyone. She went back to the sea.”

    fanart for @emandms-writing-updates​’s fanfic, ghosting! i thought this line was so beautiful, i had to draw something for it :)

    #mcyt#dream smp#wilbur soot#ghostbur#fundy #sally the salmon #tommyinnit #(hes the second person talking) #daily drawing#daily 75 #i hope you like em!!! #its a quick thing but its the best i could muster after doing those icons
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    26.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Guys Beeduo villain arc… Tommy bird… Ghostbur in the reals… Fragrance man return… little gloopy guy… it’s all coming back….

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  • gim-mecontentpls
    26.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    ghostbur’s an angst sponge


    i have an au where c!tubbo dies, becomes ghostbo, and only has memories of stuff before lmanburg

    since he has very recent memories of being human and identifying with “tubbo”, he has a hard time accepting that he’s a ghost


    related to:


    (click below for dialogue if you can’t read the writing)

    Tubbo: “… I hate being a ghost. how do you deal with it, Ghostbur?”

    Ghostbur: “Deal with what, specifically?”



    Tubbo: “Being alive, but not completely?

    Having scars you don’t remember getting?

    Being treated like someone that you’re not?


    Tubbo: “How do you deal with it, Ghostbur?”


    Tubbo: “I’m not like you … I’m still Tubbo, not Ghostbo

    But people keep saying that Tubbo is already dead …

    If Tubbo died, why do I even exist?”



    Ghostbur: “Don’t cry — I just said water will hurt you”

    Tubbo: “Ahhh, stop, stop, I’m sorryy”


    Ghostbur: “You are your own person; who you say you are isn’t determined by others

    I don’t know why we exist, but there’s not a reason why we shouldn’t”


    Ghostbur: “I know how hard being a ghost is, but give it some time”


    Ghostbur: “You’ll get used to it!”

    #dsmp#ghostbur#ghostbo #no hes not canonically dead #c!tubbo #c!wilbur #c!quirkyduo #quirkyblr#wilbur#tubbo#dream smp#myart#dsmp fanart #character death cw #blood cw#injury cw #ghostbur blocks angst #people on twt said he blocked the angst #wasn’t intentional #meant to make it sad #but yknow #tried and failed
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  • dramaticsnakes
    26.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    The Revived: Chapter 21: Observations

    This is chapter 21 of the Dream SMP multichapter fic @rainbowbutterfrosting​ and I wrote together! I hope you’ll enjoy!


    Read in order (on Tumblr)

    Characters in this chapter: Wilbur, Ghostbur, Ranboo

    Word count: 3551

    Cw: intrusive thoughts about hurting others, overworking, isolation, food, mentions of burning, tension between characters, arguments

    Fic summary: Wilbur was alive, and it was such a magnificent feeling, that made his mind spark with anticipation. It didn’t take long, however, for Wilbur to realize that this new breath of life, was not just his own. An echo-y voice hides in the back of his mind, and before he knows it, the transparent version of him he saw at the endless train station, is a lot more ingrained than he’d expected him to be.

    And Wilbur really shouldn’t care. Because he’d be damned, if he spent the life he’d awaited for so long, babysitting a lost cause of a ghost, stuck in the very same limbo Wilbur spent so long in. It was an even exchange, and one Wilbur wasn’t going to mess with. Why exactly he ends up setting out to get the ghost out of his mind, in order to save the both of them, however, is beyond him. And perhaps Wilbur’s past isn’t as easy to leave behind, as he’d hoped it would be.

    The ticking of the clock became a constant to Wilbur, in the days that followed. It filled the silence when there was no dialogue between the two. The stacks of books next to him grew, as he tried to sort through them. The information wasn’t very useful for the most part, but there were always more books. More incomplete notes and recounts to look through.

    Occasionally he would venture downstairs, to harvest some crops and settle his growling stomach. Once he took some of the remaining blaze rods and made some strength potions that joined their place next to the remaining instant health ones. He placed a finger on the glass bottles of potions, just to make sure they were still there, and then he would return to his seat.

    He read whatever he found out loud, perhaps to remind Ghostbur of his presence. To fill the train station with something other than emptiness. He let out a quick breath, whenever the silence was broken by the ticking of the clock, that reminded him to get back to work, instead of letting his mind drift off into prime knows where. Into the void, and to the walls, that he could claw at all he wanted to no avail. 

    The ghost spoke less and less as he read, and Wilbur’s hands shook, as he tried to pay attention to the way the arms of the clock moved. The words seemed to flow off the page as he read each one, incomprehensible to him aside from their sound. Information. Work. He needed to do something. Anything.

    “Ghostbur, you said you liked writing books?” Wilbur had asked, once his mind had nearly succumbed to the silence.

    “Oh, yeah?” Ghostbur had said quietly, a bit of curiosity creeping in. “It helped me remember and understand things better.”

    Wilbur had smiled to the best of his ability. “How about we write one! We should keep track of what we know about everything somehow.” he said, finding that the words made more sense than he had originally anticipated, “We could write down what we know about our connection, and eventually figure out how to… Separate us.”

    The ghost had gasped, “That’s a great idea!” he said, sounding a little more excited, even if  he still seemed tired.

    And so, that was exactly what they’d done. In a chest downstairs, Wilbur had managed to find a dusty old empty book and quill, and had set it down on the nearest table. It dawned upon him that it had been quite a while since he’d written anything at all. Memories of declarations, and lighthearted words of victory, flooded his mind momentarily, until he managed to make sense of the quill’s movements. 

    Ghostbur can communicate verbally with me, and I with him. The words seem to be clearer once they are directed at Ghostbur, though it is possible that the connection has simply become clearer over time. In addition to this, Ghostbur can hear the words and sounds of anyone and anything nearby, including muffled versions of them while I am unconscious.

    As they wrote down more observations, the ghost seemed a lot more excited by his inclusion in something. By having a project to work on.

    Wilbur thought, the self-centered bastard that he was, that perhaps this partially came from himself. That perhaps the ghost’s interest in keeping track of information in a library, or having a plan or something to complete, were some of the remains of Wilbur’s presence. Whichever part of Wilbur’s soul, however faint, that had stayed behind, upon his exit from this world. 

    “You should mention that I see you sometimes too!” Ghostbur had chimed in.

    Wilbur’s grip tightened around the pen, as he tried his best to remember some of his past interactions with Ghostbur regarding that. “Right…” he said quietly, “When have you seen me, again?”

    “First time was right before Phil gave you that gapple, when you were really cold,” Ghostbur began, “Then after Phil left the mansion and you were on the ground shaking a little bit, then that one time with Niki,” Wilbur found his limbs turning heavier at each instance the ghost listed, and Ghostbur’s voice seemed to gain a tint of uncomfortable realization as he spoke as well, “During that conversation with Tommy where he… Got upset, shortly after you were shot, and uh… Under the table in the bunker a few month- days ago.”

    Wilbur swallowed something in his throat, pressing the quill harder against the paper than he intended. “Got it.”

    Ghostbur is apparently able to see me when I am experiencing intense emotions or experiences. We are uncertain if this works both ways.

    Wasn’t that pathetic? That all those times, Wilbur hadn’t even looked up, or paid attention to his surroundings enough, to catch a certain glimpse of the one he had been speaking to ever since he returned? Did it work when Ghostbur was feeling intense feelings as well? Had he been so dense, as to not even pay attention to that?

    Wilbur shook the thoughts off, and added a side note at Ghostbur’s request, detailing how it felt to pet Friend. It made Wilbur smile, ever so slightly, that that was something that was considered of utmost importance. 

    Ghostbur feels what I feel physically to a certain degree. It seems to be related to the feeling’s intensity, however the longer I’ve stayed alive, the connection to touch seems to have grown stronger. Once again, we are uncertain if this works two ways.

    With shaking hands, he added:

    If it does work two ways, water appears to be an exception, as it burns Ghostbur regardless of which world it touches us in, without burning me.

    He hardly punctuated the last sentence, before he shut the book, memories of pleas and apologies filling his mind. The addictive feeling of control, that was so incredibly unearned, yet appealing nonetheless. Submerging himself in water, until silence was all he would ever hear, and he would be alone. Alone in his mind, alone with his thoughts, and the ghost would never stop feeling the pain.

    He kept his hand on the cover of the book, and his other tightly wrapped around the quill, until it felt too much as if both were burning him.

    Instead, Wilbur sought out the bookcases, and the information that wouldn’t make Wilbur’s mind overflow with thoughts of the control he had. Because if Wilbur was always mere moments away from grasping at said control, the least he could do was postpone it, until such would only affect himself. Not that he cared particularly, but he could weave a few fragile threads of something that resembled it. Just for the time being.

    And when even that became too much, he would lie down on a mattress, or lay his head down at the table, tossing and turning as he tried to drift into oblivion. The comforting darkness, that seemed more and more inaccessible to him each moment, and all the more tempting each day. He would eventually succeed, and would wake up to read a new time on the clock. Sometimes minutes later, sometimes hours, but always enough for him to hesitantly get up and keep going.

    Totems weren’t any good for revivals. Apparently they’d tried using them to get Wilbur back. Nearly finding it in himself to ignore the strange improbable fact that there had been attempts to bring him back at all. Was his revival Dream’s own doing? Or the doing of wishes from others? If it was the latter, why had the reaction he’d gotten been so tense?

    It was funny that, despite the attempts to revive him, everyone looked to him as if he brought himself back into the world. As if they didn’t spend hours if not days trying to bring him back. How their plans had changed and shifted constantly, and how the universe didn’t care.

    There was also a bit of irony placed in Dream and how he hadn’t given a direct account on any historical events, since before L’Manberg. He found a few from George, but none of them were about Dream himself.

    So that was what it had taken to take that perspective away from history, Wilbur had thought, ignoring that anything he might’ve said on the matters himself, had likely been blown up along with the nation in question.

    Absent-mindedly, Wilbur had reread the parts of the book on Pandora’s box, about how he could gain access.

    Not that anyone would let him. Not that the gist of memories didn’t fill him with dread that wasn’t his own. Not that it wasn’t a last resort. Though he latched onto the information nonetheless.

    He was about to flip the page when the familiar echoing whisper filled his mind, “Wilbur?”

    His voice was hoarse when he first tried to speak. He cleared his throat before responding once again, “Yeah?”

    A hesitance lingered in the back of his mind. It oddly didn’t feel like his though. It was a soft blue contrary to his warm browns and occasional reds. 

    “So…” Ghostbur took a deep breath, “Y’know how we aren’t going outside and stuff like that?”

    Wilbur nodded, though confusion was portrayed on his face, “Mhm, why do you bring it up?”

    “Oh! I- well, I was thinking about us going outside again?” Although it was a suggestion, the tilt at the end made it sound like a confirmation of thought. 

    “Why would we do that? There’s enough food in here to last a while.” His eyes flickered across the page, “I would read to you again, but this book is about Dream.”

    Ghostbur’s breath hitched as he stayed silent for a moment. “That’s fine. I was just wondering about seeing someone again.” Ghostbur quietly added near the end, “It’s been a while.”

    “Don’t you want to get out of limbo?” Wilbur felt his words come off as disinterested with a hint of annoyance, but he frankly didn’t mind.

    “I mean- yeah, but that doesn’t have to be our main priority right now. You can still enjoy your life.”

    The life that no one wanted to be in. The life without a purpose. Well- he wouldn’t necessarily say that. His goal was to get the ghost out of his mind. Preferably, out of limbo as well.

    “My life can be put on hold temporarily.”

    Ghostbur hummed in a slight agreement, but it oddly lingered in distaste, “What if I want you to live your life?”

    Wilbur rolled his eyes, “Living my life won’t give me information.”

    “Interacting with people gives you information.”

    “I can’t interact with people when there’s a ghost in my head constantly asking what I’m doing.” 

    The moment he said the words, he was about to apologize when Ghostbur sharply spoke, “Maybe you could interact with people if you stopped running away and talked it out.”

    A scowl melted onto Wilbur’s face with ease, “You haven’t even spent a day in my shoes so don’t act like you know everything.”

    “Well- maybe I would know things if you talked to me more!”

    “There’s nothing to talk about. Wow, Ghostbur, feeling upset right now. Wow, Ghostbur, feeling pain again.” He mocked Ghostbur’s voice as if he was imitating a small child, “Oh no, what’s that feeling? I have to react to absolutely everything because I’ve got nothing better to do!”

    “I-” Ghostbur sharply cut himself off before taking a sharp inhale, “Maybe I don’t have anything better to do! Especially when you keep on throwing yourself directly into danger without even trying to give me a warning.”

    Images flashed through Wilbur’s mind to dunk his hand in the cauldron that was only a few long strides away. Screams that echoed through his mind. The pain would be longer for Ghostbur as well since time passes differently in limbo. Just a few quick moments. Just a few seconds of his time and Ghostbur would finally shut up. 

    His legs stood up automatically before he forced himself to sit down again. “Maybe it’s hard to give you a warning. Surprise, surprise, I don’t know when someone is going to shoot me!”

    “It’s not about knowing when the moment comes! It’s about you putting yourself in dangerous situations that hurts us.”

    “Oh. My. Fucking. Prime. Have you ever thought of why I stay in this bunker? I’ve found a place that’s safe and you just keep on complaining about it. We’ve only been here- what a few days?” Wilbur exhaled out of his nose in astonishment, “I’m trying to do something to help the both of us and you’re just whining like a toddler would.” All he had to do was walk to the cauldron. Just a few seconds of his time. It would be so easy. 

    Ghostbur’s astonished voice cut through his thoughts, “Whining?” Ghostbur bitterly laughed once, “I’m just offering a suggestion to you, and you’re not even bothering to listen. If anything you’re- you’re the one acting childish!”

    “I’m not!” His eyes focused on the cauldron, no longer looking at the air as he usually would when talking to Ghostbur.

    “If you really aren’t childish, then go to someone and genuinely apologize!” Wilbur couldn’t even get a word in as Ghostbur continued, “You’ve constantly been running place to place without even thinking how others feel. That includes me! It includes the fact that you don’t tell me what you’re doing and you keep on hurting me with your recklessness!” 


    But the silence was oddly different this time. It lingered on Wilbur’s end more than it did Ghostbur’s. He blinked a few times, attempting to pull his thoughts together before they wrapped around the cauldron. It would be so easy to pull a few screams out of Ghostbur. His breath hitched when he imagined pretending to injure himself, just to wash it off with water. The ghost would believe him too. He would believe Wilbur was hurt and willingly let the water be put on him.

    Yet, it gave a much different feeling to not warn him. He wanted to hold an ice cube in his hand, explaining it to Ghostbur as he did it. The naive ghost wouldn’t even know what would happen. There would only be the faint burning as the ice cube melted. Even more so if he squeezed it. Sure, Wilbur would feel a bit of pain from the action, but he could always switch hands. He’d hear some new pleas if he did that. More crying if he continued doing it. The ghost would become so incoherent near the end, just begging for it to-

    “Wilbur?” A voice made him jump as he looked over to see the source of it. The one and only Ranboo was staring near him, his hands were wrapped around a book he held to his chest. It looked similar to the other books Wilbur had been flipping through, but the cover seemed newer than the other ones. Slightly thinner as well.

    “Ah- yes, I suppose that is me,” Wilbur stated.

    “I… thought Tubbo didn’t really want anyone down here?” 

    Wilbur slowly nodded, “Oh. Yeah, I guess he did say that.”

    Ranboo awkwardly bounced on the balls of his feet, “Do you need help leaving?”

    Wilbur glanced at the books remaining on the bookshelf, “I’m good.”

    Ranboo laughed for a few moments. The sound filling the air rather than joining a joke, “Are you though? This place is a bit funny.” Ranboo quickly added, “I mean, not funny as in a joke kind of funny. But I guess I mean funky in a way, like it’s just sort of weird if you get what I’m saying. When I said funny, I just meant that it was funny the way it messes with your head, not that it’s actually-” Ranboo cut his own rambles off as he appeared uncomfortable, hunching slightly over his book.

    “Don’t worry, I’ve gotcha.”

    “Yeah, cool.” Ranboo met Wilbur’s eyes for a quick moment, the green one almost mesmerizing Wilbur. “So, is Tubbo asking you to help out?”

    Wilbur raised an eyebrow before his eyes flickered to the book Ranboo was holding. A look of realization came across Wilbur’s face as he pieced together that Ranboo was probably helping Tubbo with the library. The boy seemed rather reserved, so he supposed that made sense. “Not exactly.” Wilbur continued after a few seconds of the clock next to him ticking, “I just figured I’d stay here a few days.”

    Ranboo tilted his head slightly, “You don’t have a house? I thought you ran a nation and all of that stuff.”

    Wilbur shrugged, “I don’t know, man. Houses aren’t really my thing.”

    Ranboo exhaled sharply in a way that could have been interpreted as a laugh, “So you’ve been sleeping here for how long?”

    “I’d say a few days now? Not sure, I haven’t really been keeping track.”

    Ranboo nodded, “What do you do for food though? I don’t really see a pantry anywhere around here.” Ranboo inspected his surroundings once more as if a magical kitchen was going to appear right behind him.

    “There’s some carrots and melons downstairs. I did see some wheat seeds in one of the chests though. I might start making bread.”

    A confused expression came across Ranboo’s face, “Do you know how many rooms our mansion has? You can just go into one of the hundreds and we wouldn't know for weeks.”

    Wilbur’s astonishment bounced off of Ranboo’s, “I didn't know I was supposed to break into your home and sleep in a random room?”

    Ranboo was speechless for a moment as he starting talking and then cutting himself off before he simply stated, “Or you could have asked?”

    Wilbur’s mind went back to Tubbo. The failed comfort as he went downstairs. He shaky arms around Ranboo’s torso as he left. The uncomfortableness that radiated whenever Ranboo was alone with Wilbur. 

    Yeah, he’d rather pass on their fake smiles.

    “I’m alright.”

    Ranboo stayed in silence with him for a moment. It took a few seconds before Ranboo changed the topic, “So you know Michael right?” Wilbur nodded. “Well, we were just inviting some people to our house since we’re throwing a little party for him. Would you like to come?”

    Wilbur seemed surprised that he would even get an invitation as Ghostbur quickly chimed in, “Okay, I don’t want to stay quiet anymore. Can we please go? Please, please, please, we’ll get to see everyone again!” Ghostbur’s pleas hit differently this time as they were colored with bright yellow excitement that he hadn’t heard from the ghost in awhile. 

    Almost automatically he responded, “Sounds fun, we’ll go.”


    Embarrassment shot through Wilbur. “I meant I’ll go, my apologies.” He could hardly hear his own words as the back of his neck felt warm and Ghostbur cheered in excitement. 

    Ranboo seemed slightly lost in his mind as well, as he quietly mumbled, “Right, yeah…” His face perked up when he added on, “It’s at our house- y’know the whole mansion thingy that you’ve been to a few times- at about noon.”

    Wilbur looked to the clock subconsciously as if it was about to turn noon at that moment. He strangely found it was four o’clock in the morning. “Wait, what are you doing here so early in the morning?”

    Panic glazed Ranboo’s eyes before he quickly mentioned, “I could ask you the same thing.”

    Confusion filled Wilbur’s mind. He felt like the living embodiment of a question mark as he asked, “I already told you I don’t have a house. You have one though. That’s why I’m asking why you’re here since we established I’m technically homeless.”

    Ranboo nodded, the movements seeming jerky. “Yeah, that makes sense.”

    Wilbur was about to press more about the topic until he saw Ranboo’s shifting movements along with the raw fear evident on his face. Perhaps that was a side-effect of being a centrist- never explaining yourself or your views properly. Wilbur awkwardly supplemented, “It’s whatever. Thanks for inviting me to the party.”

    Ranboo seemed to immediately relax, “No problem.”

    “Is it noon as in six hours from now, or noon as in tomorrow?”

    Ranboo looked at the clock. “I didn’t even realize it was four in the morning- wow- but yeah, six hours from now. Wait- four plus six is ten and that’s not noon.”

    Wilbur felt like an idiot, but in the kind that made him laugh gently at his mistake, “Oh, fuck, you’re right.”

    Ranboo let out a short laugh, “Mood.”

    Wilbur nodded, “But, yeah that time works for me.” After a short sigh, he realized how exhausted both of them were. The eye bags were present on Ranboo’s face after he looked for a moment. The boy seemed to constantly shift as Wilbur looked away with a yawn.

    Ranboo yawned as well, but an enderman vwoop came out instead of the typical human noise. Wilbur wanted to ask why the strange sounds came out of him, but he felt his eyes droop slightly. 

    Ranboo noted the energy in the room as he started walking towards downstairs, “Alright, I’m gonna head out.”

    “Good night- or rather good morning.”

    Ranboo chuckled, “Good morning to you as well, Wilbur.” Ghostbur chuckled along in the back of his mind, seeming much happier than before.

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  • gim-mecontentpls
    26.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    “ghosties” ft. ghostbur and ghostbo


    ghostbo has just recently appeared, and he’s used to doing human things (like calmly walking into water)

    but ghostbur has more experience as a ghost and has to teach him the ways of being non-alive (and prevent him from calmly walking into water)

    related to:


    #no c!tubbo did not canonically lose his third life #c!tubbo #c!wilbur #dsmp#ghostbur#ghostbo#quirkyduo#quirkyblr #i will take over this tag #this very very inactive tag #dream smp#dsmp fanart#myart
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  • magnificentharmonythesecond
    26.09.2021 - 17 hours ago


    what if it’s not techno or dream but wilbur who takes quackity’s second life during the prison break? what if wilbur is running, pulling dream behind him sword out even through he’s not a good fighter because dreams to weak to fight and their almost at the hole techno blasted in the wall and quackity steps in front of them. what if it’s an accident wilbur panicked and swinging his sword getting a lucky hit in quackity’s side. what if it’s not and he’s fully aware of what he’s doing as he pushes dream behind him and stabs down into quackity’s chest hating himself but doing it anyway because he has to. because dream saved him because dream was the only one who didn’t prefer that little shell of a ghost to him, the real flawed him, fractured in too many places to be anything but the bad guy. quackity thinks he might feel fingers brush over his eyelids gently shutting them. he thinks the he might hear “i’m sorry.” whispered softly as footsteps fades. but he’s dying and words mean nothing to him. when he wakes up, opens his eyes laying on his bed in las’navdas all he can feel is cold anger. ice freezing over what never really was.

    #good morning! #i have a headache and if i have to suffer y’all should to. #dsmp#Dream smp#dsmp headcanon #dream smp headcannon #dsmp lore #c!quackity #c!wilbur #c!quackbur #pandora’s vault#pandoras vault #c!dream #c!ghostbur #dsmp prison
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    26.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    AU where instead of post-Revival Wilbur saying that he only cared about “sticking it to the man” and not L’Manberg itself, and he says, “It’s not a country, it’s an idea.”

    #wilbur dream smp #revivedbur#l'manberg#l'manburg#dsmp #I said this #mcr #i said i'd do it in chronlogical order but i realized that it's also a Ghostbur line so idk for the first post lol
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  • ask-ghostburs-limbo
    26.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    * Ghostbur is stuck in Limbo.

    * Luckily, he has the people he made up in his head to keep him occupied.

    * Ask away!

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    It's missing ghostbur hours.

    #digital art#dream smp#fanart#wilbur soot#ghost wilbur#ghostbur #dream smp fanart #still sad about him :(
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    i think i might’ve posted this with the finished piece but uh, ghostbur and phantombur

    i miss origins dearly

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    here are the top 6 characters i’m either an apologist for or an extreme defender of. in no particular order:




    wilbur soot



    i wont elaborate unless i want to. just know that for every one of these i’ve easily gone on 500+ word rants or talked about for hours endlessly and i will continue to do so. 

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