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  • seoafin
    12.05.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #i think ur onto smt here....calling every person gojo has flirted with a victim LMAO #i think all the people gojo has flirted with should form a club #i'm going to kiss U for being so big brained!!! #hottest (not) couple i like that 😭 #also I am a staunch advocate of flustered gojo I think he is a nerd thank you very much #ripverse answered
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  • qcareelectronics
    12.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    What is the manufacturing process of motherboards?

    The motherboard is the most vital hardware component in a computer. It is a device that withstands extremes of temperature and cope up with continuous restarts and shut downs. To make sure that motherboards are able to cope up with precise tolerances, they are manufactured and developed with attention and care of every minute detail. Every peripheral device and component is associated with a particular computer depends on the motherboard.

    How motherboards are manufactured

    The first part of the procedure is the addition of surface mount technology to a bare or blank PCB. The soldering robot is automatically accomplished by heating the board to melt and reset the pre-implemented solder. Big components are placed into position by human labour before the motherboards are tested and inspected. 

    CPU and Chipset support

    The CPU processing unit chipset is vital as it is an incorporated technology. The chipset is optimized to operate with a particular CPU. The chipset can’t be upgraded or removed. The onboard chipset dictates which CPU is compatible with the motherboard.

    Graphic chipset support

    Some low end motherboards have onboard graphic adapters integrated. In more sophisticated motherboards, graphic cards are added by utilizing an expansion slot on the motherboard.  You also have to choose the appropriate SMT assembly equipment.

    Northbridge Chipset

    Most motherboard manufacturers integrate Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets into their products. These chipsets are designed to prevent a bottleneck in the computers performance during intensive chores. The layout varies from board to board and SMT feeder but in fundamental terms, the Northbridge. In most cases, the Northbridge controls communication between the Graphics Processing Unit, CPU, and memory.

    Southbridge chipset

    The southbridge chipset is responsible for communication between the slower components on the motherboard. In a regular system, the Southbridge controller communicates with the Power management, Real Time clock, PCI bus, and various other devices.

    #soldering robot #SMT assembly equipment #SMT feeder
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  • abslghost
    12.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I've been healed . I'm sorry if you followed me for my bnha content I'm no longer mentally ill

    #got the (redacted) hyperfixation back so this account might die for a while my apolocheese #i still like bnha i just wont draw for it #maybe for my friends or smt but not really feeling like doing it for my own so! #zero#<3
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  • pierrelli
    11.05.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #prost and alonso i know u see a sexy bitchy wdc in pierre .... Do Smt Now!!!!!!! #also toto bestie ..... u know my thoughts and feelings on that second seat #ask#anon
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  • minhope
    11.05.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #they’re just white women who think womanhood means pregnancy and white supremacy. from what i understand #they’re v active in cottagecore and spiritual communities so that’s smt to look out for if you mingle in those spheres #💌#anonymous
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  • kwannon
    11.05.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #like to a degree i do get it but also. idk its not smt to get super defensive ab #anon #m.inbox
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  • shoelaceeffect
    11.05.2021 - 13 hours ago


    The protagonist returns from “death”

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  • jagerliushinoda
    11.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Some Round Personas Icons. Free to use if you like.

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  • smtlaw
    11.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    What Law wanted to do in NINE

    I made this post on reddit so i decided to share here too, i played NINE while using the Neutral English script(found on NINE’s discord) and DeepL for the other parts and the Light-Law route itself, so i apologise if something is wrong.

    After playing a lot of megaten games i thought i got used to the methods Law used to achieve their goals, however the Neo-Messiahs methods was surely the most interesting one.

    The protag(Azuma Kei) start as a normal dude, live with with his mom and sister in a underground city(game takes place 30 years after the nukes were launched at Tokyo, basically around smt 1 mid-game), also your father died or something, things seems to be so bad that most want to live in a virtual reality(created by the order of the messiah) called Idea space. After helping dealing with an incident involving a legion demon and helping a girl called Sumire(one of the Chaos rep), Azuma becomes a debugger(basically sorta like a devil summuner) and get orders from Ferris and Tudumi in Idea space.

    At some point the flood happens, it kills every human in the underground city(except Azuma and friends, who were inside a submarine called the dragon palace when that happened), the Neo-Messiah were a group of messiahs with their own ideas of salvation, tired of waiting for God to create the world they wanted they decide to create their own version of it, they built True Tokyo, seems to have been built using floating islands, revived the human race with a human factory and have set up their system of rebirth with their new created goddess Maria.

    The system involves the New humans living normal lives in True Tokyo, they have peace, equality and a pretty good life there, at some point they enter idea space, a place where they can relax even more, without them knowing Life ghosts(look like humans but are not humans) consume their "Desire"(egoism) from their mind, this is done in order to "the Life Ghosts play the role of dissipating the desires of users in the Idea Space, so as to avoid the deterioration of security in the real world", basically idea space works as a place where humans get their egoism removed from them without them knowing and to make them more docile and friendly.

    After 1 year passes, a religious event happens to celebrate Maria, this is the day everyone in True Tokyo die(except for Azuma and friends because they didn't die at the flood), the death is quick and painless, at the same day the human factories somewhere in True Tokyo revives the humans using the "Desire" they have been collecting for a whole year in idea space.

    Thus the people in True Tokyo live in a system of death and rebirth that repeat itself every year, in this system they have peace and equality and are ensured of a good life.

    There are some flaws in this system tho, for one people can still be evil in this system, Sumire(Chao Rep) parents are an example of this, and while there is some order in idea space itself crime still happens there and the fact that people can still participate in violent tournaments too, sure they have peace and a good life but evil acts can still be done even if it is just in idea space.

    Second flaw is that it attract demons, accumulation of "Desire" is shown to attract demons in idea space, so the Neo-Messiah also needs the idea angels(what they use to substitute the debuggers after Mid-game) to be constantly there to defeat whatever demon appear.

    But the good part in comparison to other Law routes is that the Neo-Messiahs didn't need to make any big sacrifice to create their world, everyone revived in True Tokyo is treated the same and is allowed enjoy life in peace and happiness, no big utilitarian sacrificie is made here.

    Now to talk about the Light-Law route itself, in that route the protag agree to help the admnistration to continue their world, with the help of either Miranda or Mubiora(depending on what is the protag gender) they defeat Raguel, an archangel who was sent by God(Yaldabaoth) to destroy all humans and because God didn't like the idea of them creating another god to create their own lawful world, Raguel here was faking to be Naitou, a teacher in the ring of gaia, but this was all a ruse since he was just using the Ring of Gaia as a way to destroy the Neo-Messiahs.

    They also defeat Sariel, an angel who was using a human disguese too, but he is the opposite of Raguel, Sariel was once a loyal servant to God but after falling from grace he swore loyalty to Lucifer, he first meet the protag at the expanse where he appears as a man named Shiki and lies that he sealed the devil in that ice wall using the power of god, his intention is to steal the "desire" stored in idea space in the "desire disks" in order to break them inside the demon world and free Lucifer from the ice wall.

    So you have a Dark-Law rep posing as a Chaos rep and a Dark-Chaos rep posing as a Law rep, ironically enough Shiki is the one that helps you most of the time in the law leaning routes(until a certain poin) while Naitou is the one that helps you(until a certain point) if you decide to side with the Ring of Gaia.

    After defeating them(and also beating Sumire and Baraki), Azuma and Miranda(Law rep) go to Shinjuku, they find a portal there that allows them to travel to the expanse at the exact place where Lucifer is sealed, i am pretty sure this would be the point where you break the disk to free Lucifer if this was a chaos route but i was doing a Law route so i just choose to let Lucifer stay sealed.

    After returning to Idea space, Maria appears in front of them and ask for their help in killing God(Yaldabaoth) because he has been trying to sink True Tokyo to the bottom of the ocean, so both of you go to heaven and beat him, after this things can go 2 ways:

    1-you kill him(Light-Law)

    2-Maria seals him away(Neutral-Law)

    I was doing a Light-Law route so Yaldabaoth just had to get killed, Miranda also said a pretty raw line after his defeat:

    Miranda: Goodbye to that which mankind once called God.(さようならかつて人類が神と呼んだもの)

    That serious remineded me of Satan, after this Azuma's life in idea space flashes before him, Maria congratulated him for saving their lawful world and for cutting ties with God.

    Maria: The world of humans led by science has begun.(人ガ導イダ科学三ョル世界ガ始マリマス)

    Maria: A peaceful world that lasts forever(永遠二続ク平和ナ世界)

    Maria: Millennium Kingdom...(千年王国ガ...)

    Afterwards You appear in Shinjuku, after deciding to go back to the real world, Miranda greets you there:

    Miranda: Kei(ケイ…)

    Miranda: I was struggling with the fact that I was fighting for peace...(私は平和を望むかたわら、戦い続けていたことに苦しんでいたの…)

    Miranda: But I guess I won't have to worry about such contradictions from now on.(でも、これからはそんな矛盾に悩まされることもないのね。)

    Miranda: ...Come on, let's go.(…さぁ、行きましょう。)

    Miranda: To the world of man, created by man, for us humans...(私たち人類のために、人が造った人の世界へ…)

    And then the credits rolls.

    I always wonder how Gabriel and the Neo-Messiahs would react to each other, i would like to imagine they actually would eventually work together, after all Gabriel cares about Law as a principle and the Neo-Messiahs didn't trust Yaldabaoth because he was just like [Record scratch], i could see them(and possibly even Michael, Raphael, Uriel too) working together to get a Law ending similar to smt 2.

    Also i have a question to anyone who also played NINE, after beating the Light-Law route i noticed Miranda mentioned this at some point:

    Miranda: If Maria is destroyed, the city's population will die out in a year!(マリアを破壊されれば街の人は一年で死滅してしまうのよ!)

    So did the Neutral rep(Sophia) or Chaos rep(Lucifer) did anything to fix this? Because since Maria dies in those routes that means all humans in True Tokyo(except for the protag and whoever alignment rep survived) will die after a year passes, i try asking this on NINE discord but the most i got was the fact that Sophia was expecting them to die(Sophia: "When the last spirit is dead, the universe becomes meaningless and will disappear. You have escaped the prison of the flesh. I will return, to the place where the new humanity should wait for me... You have saved us.") And that maybe Lucifer does something in the chaos route.

    #SMT #Shin Megami Tensei #Shin Megami Tensei NINE #Maria(megaten)#Miranda(Megaten)#Megaten
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    11.05.2021 - 16 hours ago


    #op #i havent seen any of the newest season but someone i follow just mentioned smt abt her dying and i #greynatomy just needs to say fuck it and make demons real they really have just done Everything #WHYS SHE DYING WHATLL HAPPEN TO HER KIDS #i was gonna say 'well alexll just take them' but NO they ruined his character and made him leave at the end of the last season absolute #clownery. #anyways hi im a clwon a fool hello
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  • vixtionary
    11.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    // tbh questions regarding Jericho as a warlock always lead me to wonder what would happen if he was the one wearing Sylas’ chains. You could say they would simply render him a human, as he couldn’t have access to Raum’s magic, but that to me doesn’t make sense. Because him and Raum are ‘joined’ to a point where, even though Swain clearly perceives ‘it’ as something different from himself, they are pretty much ‘bound’. They share the physical form, perhaps not in the way that a Darkin can share it with a human, but they can clearly ‘merge’ to a point.

      There’s an ‘in between’ stage when Swain casts Demonic ascension where that is visible:

     I used to think the chains would just be the equivalent of ‘silencing’ him, but actually it might be much more tormenting than that, as an experience. Because Raum can’t just leave, it would be contained in Jericho’s physical, human body. Would it.. lead him to transform, despite not being able to use his powers? 👀

    #no one will write this w me yall are cowards or smt? :/ #where the sylas' at ??? #war captive plots??? :/ #;ooc#;tbd
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  • dailuna
    11.05.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #kidding right along w you ofc #but still mfs make not liking him an entire personality trait 😭 #like we get it yall i promise 😑😑😑 now say smt genuinely funny please #THATS MY THING LIKE SAY WHATEVER U WANT JUST PLS ACTUALLY BE FUNNY #🎬 take two #✮ saturn!
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  • pierrelli
    11.05.2021 - 20 hours ago
    #the charles essays ....... thats another story scream #but most of the time im rlly angry about smt so i save it to my drafts and then i read it afterwards like ....... why are u so angry pls #ask#anon
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  • ilovemarvel3000
    11.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Just me who dont ship Juke

    #Like i dont hate it or smt like that #but i just dont see it as endgame #juke #julie and the himbos #julie and the phantoms #julie molina#luke patterson
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  • harrysuits
    11.05.2021 - 21 hours ago


    #should i start tagging taylor and louis as daylight and sun and ella and harry as moonlight and moon #ITLL LOOK SO CUTE #stop sophia #like literally i think ill do this #but ill have to created and about bc people dont like ts and lorde but also tag them uhhhhhhhh #what do i do #fuck ill think smt #create an about page********
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  • r4mu-ne
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago


    #my otp needs more art istg #kissing good#hibidai #is the shit #daichi shijima #such a guy #hibiki kuze #still hate that name won't give up on my protag name ever #devil survivor 2 #desu2#smt#megaten #shin megami tensei #daichi's scarf is awful still hate it #love the shading in this style tho #very soft
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  • adorableshinee
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    IU | Last night story

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  • blue-lions-thoughts
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Annette has a hyperactive imagination. Like, duh, look at her songs, but like consider:

    She's also really good at making up stories on the spot. They're often very positive, if a bit silly. Their protagonists can be anything from a talking teapot to a human to a lizard.

    When they were in the Academy, Annette was often very shy about them and got flustered if anyone caught her while either thinking about them aloud. Only Mercedes (and eventually Felix) could hear them.

    When the war came, a part of Annette held onto those "silly" stories as a reminder of better dies. Still, she felt ashamed.

    Until one day in the monastery, Felix, of all people, asked her in that Felix-way of his to tell one. Annette doesn't know what moved her to do it, but she did.

    Slowly but surely, Storytime With Annette became a Thing. Everybody knew better than to tease her for it, and they all enjoyed it too much anyway. It was a piece of innocence and light in that horrible time.

    (Don't tell anyone, but the first time Dimitri joined the group, Annette nearly cried.)

    A few generations later a scholar would find a journal with hundreds of short stories that spread like fire through Fodlan. After all, some of them were already universally known, just... Nobody knew the author.

    But now the did.

    One Ms. Annette Dominic.

    #annette fantine dominic #annette fire emblem #annette fe3h #fe3h blue lions #Look Im in love with the idea of Annette and Bernadetta creating stories together as well #I might do smt about that #Annette told her students some of her stories as well #also the diary contained a few of her songs #they ALSO spread like wildfire #Its eleven PM Annette deserves more content but I can only give so much #BUT PLS STAN ANNETTE I LOVE HER
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  • championsofmyheart
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    oh what the fuck i have 400 followers

    #hi i am not on here very often anymore but if u want to send me like an edit request or smt maybe taht will jog my creativity #fuckery
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  • sposca
    11.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    hello my old heart by the oh hellos is langa in tfthkab. no i will not elaborate

    #just kidding i will elaborate because i’ve been listening to it on repeat for like a week #except it’s in the tags bc that’s where i put 90% of my thoughts anyway #okay so the beginning where the speaker is taking about an old heart that they’ve built walls around? #langa trying to keep his feelings in check after what happened with miguel #and then the ‘response’ from the heart that’s like. ‘i want to find a home and i want to share it with you’ #that’s his heart yearning for reki anyway and hoping to find love again despite his past bad experiences #and at the end where it’s like ‘but you’ll never find the answers until you set your old heart free’ #that’s him learning to let go of miguel (as he should) and accepting that yes he loves reki and reki might love him back #so he should give it a chance and confess #the ending instrumental is basically him finding out that yes it was all worth it to take the risk #idk if i explained it clearnly but the song is just langa’s character arc and internal conflict throughout the fic #i just love the oh hellos ok #thank u for coming to this ted talk #maybe i’ll draw smt for this #sk8#langa hasegawa#renga#tfthkab #sposca.txt #OH I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS #IT COULD ALSO BE REKI #LEARNING TO BE HIMSELF AND ENJOY HIMSELF AFTER HIS DAD LEFT #and the ending of the song just sounds so celebratory and victorious #like the euphoria of finally accepting oneself #hhhhhhhh its just. very good 10/10 would recommend
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