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    #NINJA LUV#sns#naruto#narusasu#sasunaru #gay gay homosexual gay #TWEET ISNT MINE. all credit to @chdorinagashi
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    cannot help laughing at Boruto the movie. you can't make it that gay accidentally

    Sasuke being all ''Naruto yes your dad my one and only'' to Boruto. Sasuke rescuing Naruto in the air. Naruto using Sasuke's katana like he's done it his whole life. Naruto rescuing Sasuke in the air (although he was himself trapped in a wall or smth). Sasuke and Naruto literally MERGING with each other to fight the ~aliens~.

    but the funniest part is how Sasuke seems to be under the impression that he's raising Boruto with his husband Naruto. i love it. he's literally like ''you're great kiddo because you're Naruto's son and my pupil.'' like Hinata? what's Hinata? is it edible? haha just kidding i know she's your surrogate mother! (she's too busy mending their clothes to notice btw. she's a woman she gotta cook and clean ya know)

    anyway really fun how Naruto and Sasuke are raising their kid Boruto together.

    #but overall i do dislike Boruto very deeply #it is trash #but at least its gay! #sns#NaruSasu#SasuNaru#anti Boruto#Sasuke love
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    CISA sonne l'alarme sur une vulnérabilité critique dans le logiciel de forum de discours

    CISA sonne l’alarme sur une vulnérabilité critique dans le logiciel de forum de discours

    Accueil › VulnérabilitésCISA sonne l’alarme sur une vulnérabilité critique dans le logiciel de forum de discours Par Ionut Arghire le 25 octobre 2021 Tweet L’Agence américaine de cybersécurité et de sécurité des infrastructures (CISA) a émis ce week-end une alerte sur une vulnérabilité critique dans la plate-forme de discussion open source Discourse. Résidant dans la gem aws-sdk-sns en amont, le…

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    211026 bscenez Instagram update
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    As I Am

    As the most powerful players on their university's Taekwondo team, Sasuke and Naruto were rivals for years. Rivals, and nothing more. After Sasuke sustains damage from an accident, Naruto grapples with his chronic health issues. Amidst mounds of misunderstandings, how can Naruto repair the bond between them?

    (This drabble is in response to SNStober’s day 25 prompt: Rivals With Benefits)

    Naruto truly thought this would work. After a horrible night’s sleep, he woke this morning with every muscle consumed by a dull ache and profound fatigue. His mind was fogged and slow, his vision blurry as his head ached. He’d had issues with these things for years, but for the past week or so, he hit a flare up.

    The cheers and shouting around him weren’t doing his headache any favors. Sakura told Naruto not to go, but he’d been waiting for this tournament for months. Ever since he’d met the aloof, ever self-satisfied Uchiha Sasuke when he first attended their university’s Taekwondo club, Naruto found it his life goal to beat him.

    Sasuke stood in front of him now, without a single bead of sweat on his head. They had already finished two out of their three rounds, with each lasting two minutes with one-minute breaks in between. The scoring in Taekwondo wasn’t exactly straightforward. Landing a basic attack scored one point, a spinning kick to the torso scored two, and so on and so forth, with the highest scoring move being a turning kick to the head - five points.

    Naruto was dizzy and flushed, the room spinning around him, his head pounding as his body begged to rest. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Naruto, appearing nothing short of infuriated. How was it that even when he was so pissed, Sasuke still looked so beautiful?

    Why was he pissed at all, actually? He was winning, wasn’t he? Wasn’t that what he wanted?

    Only two months ago, a truck hit Sasuke as he crossed the street on his way to class. He landed on his head and returned to school only two weeks later. Other than scratches and bruises on his arms and legs, Sasuke looked as good as new. That is, until their teammates landed kick after kick against the right side of Sasuke’s head during practice, and his blows landed either too short or too long.

    The rumor mill was buzzing, and eventually, Sasuke had enough.

    “You’ve noticed that something is amiss about me,” Sasuke addressed his colleagues before one practice, his tone mechanical. Sasuke rarely spoke, and when he did, it wasn’t to a crowd. “And you’re right. I lost vision in my left eye when I was hit.”

    A collective gasp issued by the group. It wasn’t even slightly obvious that Sasuke’s left eye was affected. His blind eye still tracked in perfect coordination with his right, but there was no denying that Sasuke was having performance issues.

    Naruto’s heart ached when he heard Sasuke say this. It wasn’t out of pity. He just knew how much Taekwondo meant to Sasuke, and this would make succeeding in that worlds more difficult.

    “I’m not saying this for pity. Attack me with everything you have, because I promise you, even that won’t be enough. Now shut up, stop staring, and mind your own business.”

    Currently, Sasuke was only proving his point as he annihilated Naruto, arguably the strongest player in their league. Sasuke was improving rapidly, adapting to life with monocular vision. He was an opponent to be feared, not pitied. Isn’t that what Sasuke wanted everyone to know?

    At that, the third round began. Sasuke’s eyes immediately caught Naruto’s as he muttered, just loud enough for Naruto to hear, “Fucking pathetic.”

    The words stung, made him want to lash out. Naruto thought he’d be fine today. Sasuke had no idea what he was working against, what he had been working against for years. He only went to practices when his body could withstand them. Sasuke didn’t see the days he spent in bed, didn’t feel the pain that wracked his body every day. 

    But then again, how could he expect Sasuke to know if he never told him?

    Naruto didn’t have long to ponder his thoughts, which immediately ceased when Sasuke landed a clean, powerful roundhouse kick on the side of Naruto’s face, knocking him out cold and thereby ending their match. By the time he regained consciousness, Sasuke was long gone.

    The next day, Naruto felt more rested and healthier physically, but he grappled with his mental state. Naruto did what he could to drown out memories of yesterday’s humiliating match. He hung out with Sai in art class, even though he didn’t ever draw, and grabbed dinner in the cafeteria afterward. Lo and behold, on his way back to his dorm, he ran into the last person he wanted to see.

    Naruto expected Sasuke to saunter up to Naruto with a smirk on his face, gloating in his brutal victory. As Sasuke closed the distance between them with brisk, long, and certain, strides. His current facial expression reminded Naruto of the rage on Sasuke’s face during the tournament.

    “What the fuck was that, Uzumaki?” Sasuke asked, grabbing Naruto’s shirt and pushing him back a couple paces.

    It was so out of character to see Sasuke so angry out of the context of a match. He was generally so quiet and reserved that it felt strange. A good dozen of students around them stared, wondering if a fight was brewing. Naruto knew what Sasuke was talking about. What else could it be?

    “What the hell? You won! What’s your problem?”

    Wasn’t it bad enough that Naruto had been publicly humiliated?

    “You know damn well what my problem is,” Sasuke replied, his nostrils flaring.

    “I’m afraid you’ll have to inform me.”

    Sasuke scanned the area around him, more than a few classmates still staring. Rolling his eyes, Naruto gestured to the field next to them, rolling his eyes.

    “Fine, let’s talk it out on the field. I’m sick of your brooding.”

    Naruto knew that he wasn’t exactly helping matters, but he couldn’t help but feel resentful. Sasuke knew jackshit about his life, his struggles.

    It took them a minute to enter the field, finally hiding in an isolated corner.

    “So wha-” Naruto began.

    “I expected it from them,” Sasuke seethed.

    Naruto tilted his head in confusion.

    “What do you mean? Expected what?”

    “Now you’re feigning ignorance?” Sasuke scoffed. “Don’t insult my intelligence. You barely blocked my blows and hardly even tried to land your own. You didn’t even bother to block before I knocked you out.”

    And finally, the dots connected. Sasuke thought that Naruto was letting him win.

    “I can see the pity in their eyes. But I held out hope for you.”

    Naruto shook his head. It felt as though his heart was being squeezed in someone’s fist when he realized why, exactly, Sasuke had been so incensed with him. Sasuke believed that their rivalry had turned into one-sided pity.

    “Sasuke, I would never let you win. Whether you see with two eyes or one, you’re one of the best on the team.”

    “Well, thanks for the vote of confidence,” Sasuke replied in a tone more bitter than Turkish coffee. “But tell me, why haven’t you ever aimed for my blind spot?”

    It was true. Naruto never once aimed for Sasuke’s blind spot. It was such a recent injury, and Naruto didn’t want to rub salt in his wound.

    “Sounds like a dick move to me. Besides, it’d be a cheap victory.”

    “Bullshit,” Sasuke seethed. “You know as well as I do that winning a fight means taking advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses.”

    Naruto had nothing to say to that.

    “You don’t aim for my blind spot because you don’t want to humiliate me. You don’t think I can beat you as I am now, and that’s fucking insulting.”

    He couldn’t recall the last time he heard Sasuke use so many words, especially uninterrupted. As much as he hated to admit it, he’d always respected Sasuke, always fixated on him. It was all about the sport, he told himself. He missed Sasuke between practices because he craved the challenge. He thought of his face, his body at night because he was simply visualizing his opponent, the only person in their team who could beat him.

    He couldn’t blame Sasuke for coming to that conclusion with the little information he had. It was so bitterly ironic. Sasuke understandably felt betrayed and dismissed. Naruto’s heart ached for him.

    “Sasuke,” Naruto said, surprised by the quiver of conviction in his voice. “We beat each other all the time. It’s practically a coin-flip. I… I was just having an off day at the tournament.”

    He couldn’t bring himself to say more than that. He felt like a coward, but he was too worried that Sasuke wouldn’t understand. “Everyone gets tired sometimes.” “But you don’t look sick.” “Maybe it’s just in your head.” He could deal with those words coming from almost anyone; it certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

    But coming from Sasuke? He didn’t know if he could handle that.

    “An ‘off day’? That’s your excuse?”

    If he didn’t take a risk here, Sasuke would never understand where he was coming from. As strong as Sasuke was, Naruto knew that, on some level, this was hurting him deeply. Why else would he be so angry?

    Naruto had held his breath without meaning to, hearing his heartbeat in his head for a second.

    “Sasuke…” Naruto said, a small and vulnerable smile on his face. “Please let me explain it.”

    Naruto knew that Sasuke had never seen that look on his face, but he didn’t expect Sasuke to hitch the way he did.

    “I’ve… Around five years ago, I started to notice that there was something off with my body. I was tired all the fucking time, no matter how much I slept. My body aches to some degree pretty much always. For the most part, I can work around it.”

    He hadn’t expected to see such a pained look on Sasuke’s face when Naruto confided in him.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

    Sasuke shook his head.

    “No, don’t take it that way. I just…” Sasuke trailed off.

    It was so odd to see Sasuke hesitate. Sasuke always felt so distant

    “Is this why you lost our match so easily?” Sasuke asked, looking anxious rather than eager to hear Naruto’s response. “Why you’ve been missing practice?”

    Naruto nodded.

    “How have you managed to hide this for so long?”

    Naruto shrugged.

    “I only let people see me at my best. When the tournament came, I’d been having a flareup for about a week. I was a wreck. I probably shouldn’t have competed in that state. I wouldn’t let my friends stop me, because I’d been looking forward to the tournament for months.”

    “I would’ve done the same,” Sasuke admitted. “That’s some shit luck.”

    Naruto nodded.

    “Yeah, it wasn’t great. I’m...just embarrassed now, honestly.”

    Sasuke nodded for a few moments, then stilled, deep in thought.

    “Naruto…” Sasuke began.


    “I’m sorry. I projected my own issues and came after you when you were struggling too. Thanks for telling me the truth.”

    He’d never heard such tenderness in Sasuke’s voice before. He never expected an apology. It was like seeing a new, human side of his rival, who always seemed so untouchable. Popular, handsome, multi-talented, but ever the loner, he seemed so perfect at times.

    It was difficult to imagine Sasuke speaking that way to anyone else. Maybe, as Sasuke’s one and only rival, he held Naruto in higher regard.

    “Of course. How would you know if I didn’t?” Naruto asked, a few seconds lapsing. “Besides, I hoped some day you could know me a little better, just as I am.”

    Sasuke nodded, pausing several seconds more.

    “If you don’t mind my asking, do they know what it is?”

    Naruto looked deep into Sasuke’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but notice the concern infused into his gaze. It was wild. He never expected Sasuke to respond so compassionately.

    He shook his head, but he kept the softest smile on his cheeks. As distant as Sasuke could be, he cared, didn’t he?

    “I’ve been having workups for autoimmune diseases for years. They’re notoriously difficult to diagnose. Maybe lupus, maybe fibro...”

    Sasuke frowned.

    “Sounds rough.”

    Naruto had been so worried that Sasuke would dismiss him. Naruto shrugged.

    “We all have our challenges to work around, right?”

    “That we do,” Sasuke agreed.

    Naruto didn’t know if even Sasuke realized it, but there was the faintest smile on his lips.

    “How do you feel tonight?” Sasuke added.

    “Ya know…” Naruto paused for a moment. Today was one of his better days. These came so rarely. “Actually pretty good.”

    “Maybe we can finish what we started.”

    Sasuke didn’t mean what he thought he did, right?

    “What do you mean?”

    “If you’re up to it, we can have a real match. We’ll film it with my phone and tally the points at the end.”

    “Now?” Naruto clarified. 

    “Why not?” Sasuke shrugged.

    “Alright,” Naruto said, a smile finding its way on his face without his permission. “You’re on.”


    They entered the school gym, long after hours. Both of them had stayed late to practice in this dojo enough to know when people came and went. There would be no audience this time around. They turned on the studio lights, donned their protection pads over their casual clothes, and went to work.

    Before they knew it, they were five minutes in. Naruto scored highest in the first round, but Sasuke rallied in the second, carrying a three-point lead over Naruto: 52 to 49, to be specific.

    “Don’t get too comfortable, Sasuke,” Naruto said, panting. “I’m coming for you.”

    “About time,” Sasuke quipped, staring Naruto down as their meager one-minute break until the final round elapsed.

    A beep from Naruto’s phone announced that the round had begun. They bounced on their toes as they faced each other for the next twenty seconds, both ready to block, attack, or pivot at a split second’s warning. Their bodies settled into standard form, with their left feet facing directly forward, and their right fight angled out, knees gently blent. Their left fists were in front of them, right fists behind.

    The look on Sasuke’s face was a far cry from the look of concern and empathy he issued just minutes ago. It sought to intimidate, provoke… This was a look from one opponent to another. Naruto looked right at him and grinned, challenging Sasuke to topple him. 

    Sasuke was the first to attack. He landed a jab on Naruto’s torso, but Naruto stayed firm on his toes. He followed up quickly with a punch to the same area, but which Naruto blocked with his forearm. Their moves were lightning fast, even the most challenging moves performed in a fraction of a second. The only sounds were the slamming of their limbs against the protector pads, their panting, and the occasional grunt or swear.

    Taking advantage of the momentary weakness caused by Naruto’s block, Sasuke charged up toward him. Before he could land a kick to Naruto’s chin, Naruto swung his right foot forward and flung it up so far that his leg was almost perfectly vertical. He slammed a spinning hook kick against Sasuke’s head, a loud fwap resounding as Naruto slammed the top of his foot against Sasuke’s left head protector.

    Yes! Five points! This was the highest-scoring blow in the game, and it was notoriously difficult to pull off. While Sasuke was still off balance, Naruto followed up with an undercut.

    Even despite all of their conversations, a part of him felt guilty attacking Sasuke’s blind spot, but the smirk on Sasuke’s face afterward told him that he’d clearly made the right decision. Naruto stuck his tongue out at Sasuke, laughing and shooting him a devilish grin.

    He was killing it this round! He was in the lead now, right? They landed their blows so quickly that he couldn’t be sure. Whatever the case, he had the momentum now.

    He approached Sasuke, who feinted left and then zipped to his right, landing a clean blow on Naruto’s head protector. He followed up with another jab to the stomach. The round couldn’t be much longer now. Sasuke was gaining on him. Maybe he’d spoken too soon.

    He knew that the round was moving to a close. It had worked the last time, so maybe it would serve him again. He once again tried to hit Sasuke’s blind side with his spinning kick, but this time, Sasuke dodged. As Sasuke punched Naruto in the stomach, Naruto wondered why he seriously thought he could fool Sasuke twice with the same move.

    Naruto allowed himself to fall to the floor, lying on his back with his arms spread out. After removing his padding, Sasuke grabbed his phone, turned off the recording, and replayed the video for scoring while sitting cross-legged.

    “Not without me!” Naruto cried, quickly throwing off his padding as he wriggled up to Sasuke on the floor.

    Naruto rolled onto his stomach and half scooted, half crawled up to him, watching over Sasuke’s shoulder as he played their round again. He held his notebook, writing a number under the relevant name every time a blow landed.

    A good third of the round had passed until Naruto interrupted with, “Hey, I landed that kick!”

    “Like hell you did,” Sasuke said, rolling his eyes. “That was more like a brush.”

    “I did! Let me show you.”

    He grabbed his phone out of Sasuke’s, playing their video in slow motion and proving his point.

    “Fine,” Sasuke huffed, adding another two points to Naruto’s score.

    Just as soon as Sasuke stopped talking, the spinning right kick Naruto landed on him took the screen. He couldn’t help but notice Sasuke raise his brows. He likely hadn’t seen him coming. Sasuke shook his head as he finally came to the total.

    “65 to 62,” Sasuke announced. “Your game.”

    He’d never seen Sasuke look so happy to lose.

    “I. Am. Victorious!” Naruto shouted, swinging his fist into the air and playfully rolling onto Sasuke. “But then again, what other outcome could there have been?”

    “Idiot,” Sasuke tsk’d, moving Naruto off of him as he removed his padding.

    “I didn’t even see that 5-pointer you scored coming…” Sasuke admitted, sitting cross-legged. “What a beautiful kick… Too bad it only worked once.”

    If Naruto hadn’t aimed for Sasuke’s blind spot, Sasuke would’ve walked away the victor yet again. He couldn’t forget that smirk on Sasuke’s face as Naruto finally went for his weakness.

    “Luckily for me,” Naruto answered, peering up into Sasuke’s eyes impishly. “I only needed it to work once.”

    “Don’t count on it working ever again.”

    Naruto smirked, shaking his head as a yawn emerged.

    “Tired?” Sasuke responded.

    “Nah. I mean, yes?” Naruto asked, scratching his head awkwardly. “I almost always am, at least a little. But I like chilling here with you. It feels different this time.”

    “I suppose it does,” Sasuke muttered.

    Boldly, Naruto rested the back of his head on Sasuke’s thigh, lying down. He hadn’t expected the contact to jostle him as it did, his heart beating faster.

    “Thanks for being cool about everything today,” he murmured, looking up into Sasuke’s eyes. “I thought this could always be my secret, but it got so bad at the tournament… I was always afraid to tell you about it.”

    “Why?” Sasuke asked with a frown.

    Naruto shrugged.

    “I dunno. A lot of people don’t really get invisible illnesses, and I’ve had some bad experiences. I guess I was worried you’d think I’m making excuses.”

    He left unsaid that he dreaded rejection from Sasuke, specifically. He didn’t know why, but it would’ve crushed him if Sasuke, his only rival, dismissed him. Sasuke shook his head.

    “We both know you’re not the type to do that. It’s bullshit you have to deal with it, but if anyone can do it, you can.”

    Naruto nodded slowly.

    “I mean, you too. Things must be tougher after the accident.”

    Sasuke shrugged.

    “I suppose,” he sighed, shaking his head and smirking. “I should’ve appreciated my depth perception more. Never spilled so many drinks in my life.”

    A few more seconds passed. Why was his skin flushed now? He could smell Sasuke’s soap. He’d never been close to Sasuke for so long when they weren’t competing. Naruto put his hand down, accidentally putting it over Sasuke’s. Sasuke didn’t move.

    Sasuke really was beautiful, wasn’t he? His muscular frame was the result of a dozen hours of training every week. His collarbone was sharp, his long, elegant neck stretching as he cast a curious look at Naruto.

    “If you keep staring at me like that, I’m going to think you have a crush on me.”

    Naruto felt his eyes open wide without his bidding, his cheeks going bright red.

    “No,” Naruto laughed nervously, pulling his hand away. “Why would you say that? I don’t…”

    Even Naruto had to admit that it certainly looked that way, even as he protested.

    “You’ve seriously been in denial all of this time?” Sasuke asked with a smirk.

    Oh god… For exactly how long did Sasuke believe that Naruto was smitten for?

    “I’m not in denial!” Naruto shouted, quick to defend himself. “I don’t feel that way about you.”

    “But if you did,” Sasuke interrupted, “I wouldn’t mind playing into it from time to time.”

    Naruto pivoted onto his stomach, peering into Sasuke’s eyes in shock. Sasuke said a lot of things today that Naruto would have never expected, but this topped them all.

    Naruto sat up, mirroring Sasuke’s cross legged position. Ever so slowly, Naruto’s fingers searched for Sasuke’s. Once they met, Sasuke pulled Naruto close to him by his shirt, kissing him softly. Naruto moaned into the kiss, shocked but enjoying himself too much to question.

    In the back of his mind, he’d always wondered if the extent of his interest in Sasuke was typical of that toward a rival. This exchange cast all doubt from his mind. All of this time… This was how he felt about Sasuke.

    It annoyed Naruto that Sasuke knew more about Naruto in this regard than Naruto knew himself, but caught up in the unexpected bliss, Naruto couldn’t complain. All pretenses cast aside, Naruto wrapped his arm around Sasuke’s body, resting it on the back of his head. He felt a few scars on his scalp, likely from Sasuke’s accident, but Naruto didn’t flinch, only leaning into the kiss more hungrily, emitting the faintest purr as he opened his mouth, both of their eyes closed as their tongues now caressed each other.

    But then, Sasuke bit Naruto’s lower lip, tugging outward and letting go with a self-satisfied smirk. This was all it took to change the mood from tender to heated. No longer ashamed of his urges, Naruto jerked Sasuke close to him, kissing his jaw, then moving down his beautiful, almost feminine neck. As he breathed against the area where Sasuke’s neck met his shoulders, he saw goosebumps speckle Sasuke’s forearm. Sasuke wasn’t the loudest, which came as no surprise. His body did the talking for him.

    Naruto tugged the bottom shirt upward, an unspoken request.

    “You first,” Sasuke asked with a raised brow.

    Naruto didn’t need to be told twice, quickly throwing off his shirt, flexing his muscle, and kissing his bicep with a cheeky grin, only for Sasuke to roll his eyes. Whatever, he knew he looked damned good. Even as horrible as he felt lately, Naruto refused to let his conditioning slide. He was determined to be the best on the team. He couldn’t let Sasuke defeat him, after all.

    Sasuke followed suit, removing his shirt. As breathtakingly gorgeous as Sasuke was, what garnered his attention first was Sasuke’s nipple piercings.

    “Holy shit, I didn’t know your nipples were pierced!” Naruto squawked.

    Perhaps not the sexiest thing to say, but Naruto’s impulses had bested him as they so often did. It wasn’t that the piercings were shocking in and of themselves. Sasuke just didn’t seem like the type to have them.

    “That’s the least of the things you’ve yet to learn about me,” Sasuke said as he pushed Naruto to the ground with a smirk, taking advantage of his lapse in concentration

    Naruto wasn’t left with much time to ponder what Sasuke said, but somehow, the mystery about his rival made him even more alluring. He was already straddling Naruto, who tried to wiggle against Sasuke. Sasuke held his arms to the ground with a smirk.

    “If you want me underneath you, you’ll have to do a lot better than that.”

    It wasn’t the position that bothered him as much as who, exactly, had put him in it. The competitive way Sasuke spoke, so dominating and arrogant, reminded him of their many matches. Naruto struggled, immediately raising his left leg to push Sasuke off but only failing.

    “You can’t keep me down like this forever,” Naruto countered. “You’ll have to use your hands eventually.”

    “Sure,” Sasuke shrugged. “But not for this.”

    He hungrily kissed Naruto’s jawline and neck, biting and sucking on the skin by Naruto’s collarbone.

    “If you want to…” Naruto began. “I don’t mind if you leave marks.”

    Naruto wanted to be reminded of this night. Otherwise, it would feel more like a dream than reality.

    Sasuke didn’t have to be told twice, his sucking and slight biting leaving an angry dark purple mark on underneath Naruto’s collarbone. Naruto couldn’t help but moan when he beheld the angry red mark left behind, prompting Sasuke to plant a matching one on Naruto’s other side.

    “So you’ll remember what it feels like to be beneath me.”

    He knew he wanted to fight Sasuke, but this felt too good… That look of feral possession and lust in Sasuke’s eyes stripped all protests from his lips. He was entranced.

    Sasuke moved down Naruto’s chest, trailing down his sternum, then flicking his tongue over Naruto’s nipple, sucking it before ending with a gentle nip. Naruto whined and arched his back before he could stop himself. He was getting harder by the second, and he was humiliated when he felt the back of Sasuke’s rear press against his erection.

    “If I release your hands, will you fight me?”

    Naruto shook his head quickly. This felt too good for him to even consider budging.

    “Maybe you can be reasoned with,” Sasuke murmured, releasing Naruto’s arms so that he could rub the heel of his hand against Naruto’s erection.

    Naruto could help but shamelessly grind against it, even as humiliating as it was. For years, Naruto had unwittingly lusted after Sasuke. He knew that now. He reached up, running his fingers through Sasuke’s bangs and tugging him in for a passionate kiss.

    His right palm rested against Sasuke’s head as his left explored Sasuke’s neck, trailing the back of his fingers down it. He slit his palm down until it ultimately rested on Sasuke’s strong pec, his thumb happening upon Sasuke’s nipple piercing.

    He gently pattered his pointer and middle finger over Sasuke’s nipple, one after the next, then tugged every so slightly on Sasuke’s piercings. The deep but quiet moan from Sasuke told Naruto that Sasuke was loving this. Maybe they were sensitive?

    Sasuke grabbed the denim by Naruto’s button and cast him a look, a silent request for permission. Naruto nodded, and Sasuke unbuttoned Naruto’s pants and slid them down, his needy cock bouncing up. Sasuke moved so that he sat on Naruto’s upper thighs, following suit soon after. Naruto was shocked to see that Sasuke was almost as hard as he was.

    So, Sasuke had lusted after him as well? For how long? If only he’d known…

    He wasn’t left with much time to lament this, as goosebumps rose on his entire body when their erections ever so briefly tapped. Sasuke discreetly spit in his hand, soon after wrapping it around both of their lengths and pumping. Naruto moaned wantonly, rocked by the intimacy of their most sensitive parts pressed together. Occasionally, Sasuke tapped his thumb over their tips, causing them both to shiver.

    He aggressively pulled Sasuke’s face down to his, one hand grabbing the hair on each side of Sasuke’s bangs. As they kissed, they devoured, teeth tapping from time to time in their frenzy and tongues wrestling against each other. Naruto bit Sasuke’s lip hard, which seemed to galvanize him as he pumped with more strength and vigor.

    Naruto was mortified that he was so close to cumming already. He could usually last much, much longer, but it was different with Sasuke, unlike anything else he’d experienced. Naruto played with Sasuke’s nipple piercing with his left hand, using his right to scratch Sasuke’s back hard enough to bleed.

    “Fuck…” Sasuke panted, enraptured by the slight pain that Naruto doled out to him.

    “Sasuke, I can’t…” Naruto began.

    “Already?” Sasuke asked, teasingly arching a brow.

    Both of their bodies adopted a faint flush as they pleasured each other, but now Naruto’s face was almost a primary red.

    “It’s not normally like this!” he bristled, almost yelling.


    “It’s just…” Naruto began, uncertain whether he should finish his sentence. “It’s different with you.”

    Sasuke paused, the ghost of a smile appearing on his lips.

    “So it is.”

    Sasuke kissed Naruto again, but Naruto didn’t cease his ministrations, giving his piercing a tug as he slapped Sasuke’s ass with his opposite hand, clawing his fingernails into Sasuke’s flesh. Sasuke snarled under his breath, bucking against Naruto.

    “Fuck, Sasuke…” Naruto panted. “More…”

    He hung on for several minutes louder as they lasciviously stared each other down, tucking, pinching, scratching, slapping, and biting wherever they pleased. He was so hard now that it was almost painful.

    At last, Naruto’s toes curled, his back arching as he unloaded onto both of their stomachs, a loud moan breaking the relative silence.

    “There you go,” Sasuke said, holding the palm of his hand up to Naruto’s cheek and releasing his cock.

    Naruto almost whimpered before another spurt followed, then a much smaller one. But Sasuke was still unfinished.

    “Let me…” Naruto said, moving down before Sasuke could stop him.

    Sasuke now straddled just above Naruto’s face. This wouldn’t take long. Sasuke was already red and painfully swollen; he could tell just by looking. He grasped the base of Sasuke’s cock with his hand.

    At this moment, it occurred to him that he had actually never given a blow job before. He’d never been with a man before either, but this hadn’t even entered his mind. The only thing that mattered to him was that it was Sasuke.

    Still, how difficult could it be? He knew what he liked. He licked Sasuke from base to tip, flicking the tongue over its slit. Sasuke purred just loudly enough to hear, encouraging him to continue.

    He gently took the rest of Sasuke into his mouth almost all the way to the base, his lips coming into contact with the hand he’d wrapped around it. Naruto bobbed his head, his cheeks suctioned inward every time he approached Sasuke’s tip.

    “Fuck, just like that...:” 

    Naruto quickened his pace, gently fondling his hard, sensitive balls in his other hand. Sasuke reached down, feverishly latching into Naruto’s hair and thrusting into his mouth. Mouth moaned so wantonly onto Sasuke’s cock, knowing that he could feel the vibrations.

    “I’m almost…” Sasuke panted.

    Naruto nodded, only intensifying his movements until Sasuke finally unleashed into Naruto’s mouth. Naruto loved the way Sasuke’s thighs so desperately squeezed his shoulders. He swallowed every last drop, another spurt coming just as he’d finished the last. Once Sasuke finished, he abruptly rolled onto his back, lying next to Naruto while looking up at the ceiling. They were flushed and panting, just like during their match.

    “Swallowing the first time?” Sasuke smirked. “You really do like me.”

    “Please, get over yourself,” Naruto countered despite a faint blush on his cheeks, playfully punching Sasuke on the arm.

    A few more silent seconds lapsed, both of them taking pleasure in the aftermath of their bliss.

    “Naruto…” Sasuke began.


    “Thanks for fighting me as I am.”

    Sasuke didn’t have to say more. Naruto knew exactly what he meant, nodding.

    “I never pitied you, you know. I was just giving you some time to adapt.”

    “I believe you,” Sasuke answered. “But that time’s past now. It’s not just about pride.”

    Naruto waited for several seconds, somehow knowing that Sasuke had more to say.

    “I can’t learn how to accommodate for my blind spot if no one targets it, and I’m sure no one at a competition would have any qualms doing so.”

    Naruto nodded slowly.

    “You’re right. I can’t believe it’s barely been two months. Fuck, you’re...really resilient, you know that?”

    Sasuke simply shrugged. He’d expected a “naturally,” or maybe even just a smirk.

    “I could say the same of you,” Sasuke replied.

    Sasuke didn’t realize that those words meant to Naruto. After being dismissed so many times, hearing Sasuke, of all people… Sasuke, who was the last to praise, the last to acknowledge, and the last to back down, his one and only rival, the one he respected more than anyone else… Naruto’s eyes teared despite his mind’s protests.

    “I guess we both just refuse to let our bodies boss us around, huh?” Naruto said with a sheepish grin.

    “Save for tonight, perhaps,” Sasuke muttered.

    Naruto couldn’t help but laugh, which devolved into a notably less-than-sexy snort. True, their bodies’ carnal urges had overtaken them both, but Naruto was more than pleased with the fallout.

    “So…” Naruto mused after his laughter subsided. What are my chances of this happening again?”

    Sasuke paused, and Naruto wondered if he was waiting so long to respond out of pure sadism. It certainly wouldn’t be out of character.

    “Not shabby,” Sasuke replied. “But don’t think I’m going easier on you next time we square off.”

    “Yeah, you’d better not!” Naruto answered with a smile. “Oh, and next time? I’m on top.”

    “You actually think you can top me?” Sasuke scoffed, his voice patronizing.

    “I sure as hell do, and I’ll prove it next time.”

    “Sure you will,” Sasuke muttered.

    “Hell yes I will,” Naruto corrected.

    “Well, I’ll be waiting.”

    And so would Naruto. Time and time again, they’d fight each other, and time and time again, they’d make love. That wasn’t a bad setup, Naruto thought to himself. Not bad at all.

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  • shinyvulture
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • sasukays
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Day 26!: Gender bend💞

    They’re happily married in Naruko Shippuden.

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  • kinmics
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    "You gonna stand there all day or are you gonna come touch me?"


    SNStober day 26: genderbend


    #snstober21nsfw #if you genderbend one you gotta genderbend the other thats the rule 😤 #naruto#my art#naruto uzumaki#sns#sasuke#sasuke uchiha#genderbend#narusasu #sasuke is a sexy lady no matter what gender he is #Boruto era so theyre adults
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  • fmdhyeju
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    minhyejs: goodbye, na jina 👋

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    4ily4ever: you should have ended up with me... not cha jooik.... yearofcandy: you were too good for any of them!!! na jina solo please!!! titanswife: hyeju isn’t even a good actress idk why directors keep using her lol waveqave: it’s been how many years and i’m still in love with hyeju? beyondot4: she’s simply too pretty

    #( ✧ —  sns. ) #[ these comments are me projecting about na jina's ending ] #[ she should have ended up alone bc none of the boys were worth it ]
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  • markleebee
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Walk You Home

    part 56 - platonic husband

    taglist: @jaembluey @runawayreki @dammit-jjk @jnguwus @t-toodumbtocare @markistheloveofmylife @sotmtwwgrm @jeyyes @beemarkie @patchi-chi @sweetmoonlight9 @sinfulketchup @thepinknabi @neoteez01 @nctufh @haechans-sunflower @minavenue @rebellionburnsthemup @jinnieyeolele @sunflowerhae @artfulbarnes @chenleee @hereaeth @marklexleaf @faiirysnana @babbydaddyjaemin @urlocalnctstan @lokideadontheinside @colpen @injunsdimple @rebel-lious-alien @staysstrays @ikyk-leeknow @m1ss-foodi3 @ridinhyuck @topi3333 @chanfilms @sunnyteez @13isacoolnumber @bts7aus @just-howaboutyou @yuthereal-mp4 @philanarose @mrkleelvr @hoteldelyoona @nshitae @flower-lise @lovebuginlove @purpleheejin @nycol-ie

    extended taglist: @bluejaem @kireijae @jiye0n0 @jiheonie @shawkneecaps @ellie-@idk-anymore @chnhua @i-yes-ana-yes-i @hikunstudio @kaye-lantern @wonietree @nanamericano @thejeongjaehyun @smarkling @jeongyeonsluvbot @aka-minhyuk-kun @alifethatsonlyonthepage @sunshine-skz @catscoffeeandkpop @constantlybeingbiaswrecked @yutapwark @allie-mcginn @bls-luv-me @vantxx95 @euphoricjaemin @h0ney-el @butterfliesinthenightsky @notbeforelong @childofhelios @im-just-trying-to-survive-man @renjuns-dreamer @bbnana @lune1897 @luv4dream @calumsfringe @renjunvibes @lyleo @leagreenly @jejenono-ren @shotarology @john-joong @olivia-te-pig @bbymin23 @haknyeonsju @taekookcake @artgukk @xiaodejunfair @kpopwhore123 @luvjeongjaehyun

    unable to tag: @little-cold-hands @constantinpleo @t1huy @alonelychix11 @leejoie @jaywhyypee

    a/n: will I disappear after posting this update? we'll never know,,

    prev | series masterlist

    #nct fanfic #nct dream fanfic #nct social media au #nct dream social media au #nct sns au #nct dream sns au #nct series #nct dream series #nct fluff #nct dream fluff #nct au #nct dream au #nct dream x reader #jaemin fluff #jaemin social media au #jaemin sns au #jaemin scenarios #jaemin x reader #jaemin series#jaemin fic#jaemin fanfic#jaemin au
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  • im-troublesome
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I found out people could be something other than straight because of Wattpad sasunaru fanfiction. I think about this too often but fr,,. My mom is bi how was that how I found out. 10/10 parenting haha

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  • forgyuhan
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    SVT Listening Party

    Jeonghan: Because it’s Sunday, everyone should eat salted pollock roe and rice

    Jeonghan: Drizzle sesame oil all over it

    Jeonghan: It’s Sunday so you have to eat it

    Jeonghan: That’s how I ate it

    Jeonghan: With Minggoo

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  • feelsasif
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    crying and shitting and laughing tears rn because there is not a single thing abt this fic on tumblr. if you’ve read this or at least heard of it please contact me i will literally smooch you on your ass cheeks.

    #bruises and bitemarks #sns#sasunarusasu#sasuke uchiha#naruto uzumaki#ambrosaurus #wattpad ??? is that cringe??? #wattpad#fanfiction
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  • daylighteclipsed
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I’m thinking about how giddy Naruto and Sasuke must’ve been training for hours together in the forest and then stumbling back to Inari’s house in Land of Waves. Especially that walk back. Like knowing they’ve both wanted to be friends for years and they just spent the afternoon helping each other learn chakra control and now they’re so exhausted they have to lean on each other for support as they walk back and it’s just the two of them, it’s the first time they’ve been alone together, that’s exciting! That’s nerve wracking ! And these boys are touch-starved af so the physical contact between them must’ve been so!! Wow!! And for Naruto it must’ve been unexpected. I doubt he was expecting Sasuke to offer his shoulders for Naruto to sling an arm around. I doubt Naruto was expecting Sasuke to wrap his arm around Naruto’s waist and hold Naruto’s wrist to keep his arm from slipping as they walked. That expression of care. The intimacy of holding each other. The mutual sense of companionship, warmth, a bond forming. So new and exciting and scary after so many years of wanting this but being too burned to reach out for it, to reach out for each other… idk idkidk I’m going to cry they must’ve been so happy that night

    #i bet they went to bed smiling #naruto#sns
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  • duck-that-does-stuff
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The first set I ever got in Shining Nikki was caprico's ruin set. The blue one you can get from the sea of fantasy gleam, and I had also gotten his reflection aswell. So when I got to level 7 where you finally meet him, my entire thought process as he talked was,


    Like, that was just screaming in my head all the time, and it was great.

    #sn#shining nikki #it does make me think though #if you have like #a designers reflection #and you use it against the person your going agaisnt #what do they think of it #like are they surprisingly at all #what does Lilith think when i use ashely as my designer reflection against her #i kinda want to know lol
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  • blueskrugs
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    tonight’s entertainment is Steve dangle watching the leafs/pens game from Saturday

    #thx sn yt channel
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  • duck-that-does-stuff
    26.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    I wanted to try that UR to R challenge with clothing, but also wanted something somewhat challenging, so pov: they all went to a costume party with different budgets for their costumes!

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  • suhnandmoon
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    starlight: chapter one - black holes and revelations 

    pairing: huang renjun x reader

    summary: after a few weeks of adjusting to your new life as a vampire, your friends start to realize that you’ve been avoiding them. what other way to cover up for your sudden flaky behavior than to fake date your neighbor's friend?

    previous / masterlist / next

    note: heyyyy thank you for the support so far on starlight! im so excited to share this :) i think my posting schedule is going to be every three days? lmk what u guys think,, for the most part this is an introduction chapter it’ll pick up soon!!

    taglist: @colpen​ @blossom-rea​ @neoteez01​ @jeongyeonsluvbot​ @eboyjuni​ @youngestdelacour​ @thejungjaehyun 

    (let me know if i missed anyone)​

    #renjun#huang renjun #starlight: huang renjun #renjun sns au #renjun social media au #renjun x reader #renjun imagines#renjun fluff#renjun scenarios#renjun fics#nct #nct x reader #nct sns au #nct social media au #nct fluff#nct imagines#nct scenarios#nct drabbles#nct dream #nct dream x reader #nct dream sns au #nct dream social media au #nct dream imagines #NCT Dream Scenarios #nct dream renjun
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