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  • i like to ask my boyfriend when he last sneezed, every few days because the less often i ask, the more chance he’s sneezed inbetween me asking, because we’re long distance so i never witness them

    EVERY TIME i ask him and there has been a sneeze that i wasn’t aware of, it sends me fucking WILD

    just knowing when he last sneezed does so much for me, it is insane

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  • #ask meme#yoi #yuri on ice #snz#sneeze #am i years too late to try and revive this fandom from the dead on snzblr? #maybe so #but damn is my love for those two never ending~
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  • Weedle struggling with a sneeze that won’t come out

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  • So I’ve been thinking of a modernized AU for Fools Gold by @dingodoodles and here’s what I have so far

    ———//FOOLS GOLD TEAM//———

    Sips- still a monkey with a crocodile hand expect the crocodile hand is an artificial one to replace his old hand. He works at an animation studio and is part of Gothi’s podcasts

    Sneeze- just a mute whatever his species is that Sips found while leaving work and just kinda took to his apartment

    Gothi- a foreclaimer still and jawbone still exists and is still a shark hound. She runs a podcast in her spare time but has a job as a writer. Her books just so happen to be what sips animates at his work

    Erina: still a magical girl. She is a fashionista that also is in Gothi’s podcasts

    Julian- poet that used to be in Gothi’s podcasts however stopped showing up due to work stuff.

    Gorthan- also used to be in Gothi’s podcasts however left for a vacation

    Also Sips, Sneeze, Gothi, and Erina all live in the same apartment


    Vicky- a Orc child that may or may not be a werewolf. Also goes to the same school as sneeze (assuming they’re the same age)

    Vashinco- yeah nothing changes for him

    Merilith- she’s that one person that goes to your house and takes away for belongings if you don’t pay your taxes

    The baron- mayor of Rascum


    Quinn’ora- a probably corrupt Doctor, also the one you have sips the hand replacement

    Potato girl- her family farms potatoes and all she does is push kids off the play sets at the park

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  • Should I be concerned that when I sneezed just now I felt a sharp, rather prolonged pain in my lower right abdomen, around my ovary? It’s late and my mind is prone to spiraling. I’m confused because that doesn’t seem normal but this is the second time it’s happened recently?

    #vent#rant #late night thoughts #sneeze#pain#ovary #female reproductive system #umm...? #my life#spiraling#health#mental health#worried
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  • Got commissioned to do a yasha snz.

    uwu Im on epsiode 5 of crit role season 2 btw

    Try not to reblog onto none kink blogs. But idm too much.

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  • When you read a sick scenario or a sickfic and there’s no sneeze—


    Originally posted by xnovember-rain

    When you read a vanilla sick scenario or a novel/sickfic and you find a sneeze—


    Originally posted by gameraboy1

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  • Dads, why can’t you guys sneeze at an appropriate volume? - AnswerAmigos

    #sneeze #high volume sneeze #sneeze kid#dad sneeze
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  • A/N based on real event enjoy

    You frown watching your sick husband perform on stage at lake shake in Chicago. He had to cancel the meet and greets cuz of his bad cold but insisted on performing despite feeling sick.

    After the show you help Keith to the bus where he Thanks the fans then once he finishes the video.

    He has a coughing and sneezing fit

    You rub his back as he coughs. “Time for NyQuil and bed.” You tell him. He nods and let’s you give him medicine and water.

    He takes the medicine and drinks the water. “Good boy” You say as you help him to bed.

    After rubbing vapor rub on his chest to help his cough, wiping his nose and tucking him into bed. You head to bed too.

    The next day

    He wakes up still not feeling well. You immediately give him DayQuil and makes him drink water to help his throat. “No more work this week” you tell him.

    He groans loudly as he rolls over in bed his back facing you. “You need to get better so you need to stay in bed.” You tell him. “What about when we get home?” He asks. “Your going straight to bed when we get home. No work!” You say. Keith moans in protest.

    Later at home

    You send Keith up to bed immediately and give him more medicine and water. You hand him a tissue box and place the garbage can next to the bed.

    “Thanks” he mumbles

    “You’re welcome sweetie” You tell him as you tuck him into bed and kiss his forehead.

    After a week off from working and plenty of TLC and medicine from you. He got better.

    A/N enjoy sorry for the long delay I’ve been so busy with vacations and recovery. I hope you enjoy this.

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  • Amadi needs to be stopped

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  • image

    u-um.. imagine someone sniffing some of this up or getting it sucked into their nose accidentally

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  • Romantic things to hear between sneezes and in hitched breaths

    • Oh, you’re here. I missed you…
    • My dear, you look lovely… but I’m afraid your p-perfume, it— *sneezes* doesn’t agree with me.
    • My nose? Yes, it is giving me some trouble today, sweetheart.
    • You’re too kind to me, even when I-I’m *sneezes* like this.
    • I want to kiss you, but this nose *sneezes* has other ideas.
    • You got me tissues? Oh, thank you! It’s like you read my mind.
    • Darling, not too close. I want you but I don’t want you to get this.
    • I’m really sorry, my love. What did you say? I couldn’t hear you a-above *sneezes* …me.
    • What would I do without you?
    • Can you hold me please? Sorry I’m such a mess.
    • I-I lov-! Hihhh- *sneezes* …I love you too.
    #god I’d love it if someone said these things to me in the midst of a sneezing fit #also if you want to use these as snezario prompts- please do and tag me 😏 #sneeze kink#snzblr#caretaking#snz kink#sneeze forum#sneeze#snez#snz#snezario#snezblr#snez kink #her majesty’s musings
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  • image

    When a woman trys not sneeze its super attractive and cute.

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    A dog sneezing is common, normal and really cute to watch! But why do dogs sneeze and what does it mean?

    When it comes to sneezing in dogs, it doesn’t tend mean that your dog has a cold, like sneezing usually means in humans. In fact, dogs sneeze for a large amount of reasons. It can be due to something minor like a reaction to dust, or more serious. Or it might be a “play sneeze” – more on that later. It all depends on how often your dog is sneezing and what color the discharge is.

    In most instances, your dog is sneezing in response to an irritant in the upper airway of the dog’s nose. The dog then sneezes to expel the irritant, much like humans do! There can be many other reasons why your dog is sneezing though, so we’ve made this guide so you can find out why do dogs sneeze?

    Why do dogs sneeze?

    There are loads of reasons why your dog is sneezing. It could be an irritant in their nose like dust, household products, perfume or even pollen. Sneezing in dogs can also be due to something stuck in their nose, such as dirt from digging!

    If your dog is sneezing a lot, it may be a reaction to something in the atmosphere. Be careful when spraying items around your pet as it may irritate their nose. Hunting dogs and those that snuffle in the undergrowth can also get lots of unusual things stuck up their nose like fragments of twigs and leaves. If your dog likes to wander nose-first through the undergrowth, be sure to be on the lookout for this.

    Usually sneezing helps the dog to expel the item on its own, but if their nose is bleeding or they keep pawing at their nose and sneezing, consult your vet as they may need to remove the object.

    Why do dogs sneeze when playing?

    Many dog owners notice that dogs often sneeze when they are playing or excited by something. This is called “play sneezing” and it’s normal and harmless. It just means that your dog is having loads of fun!

    Dogs sneeze when playing to signal that their behavior is only play, and that they’re enjoying themselves. Sneezing when playing is particularly common in small breeds but many dogs do it. If your dog is sneezing when you’re playing together, there’s usually no need to worry.

    Can dogs get nasal infections?

    Usually, the reason why your dog is sneezing is a one-off reaction to the something in the air or a play sneeze. However, if your pooch is sneezing regularly, it could be a nasal infection. Generally, dogs that have upper respiratory tract infections are more likely to cough rather than sneeze, but it’s still worth consulting your vet if symptoms persist.

    Aspergillus fungus is a common nasal infection caused by inhalation of a fungus from dust, hay or bits of grass. Symptoms include sneezing, nose pain, nosebleeds, discharge and visible swelling. If your dog demonstrates any of these symptoms you should take them to a vet as soon as possible.

    On rare occasions, persistent sneezing in dogs can also be caused by nasal mites. These tiny bugs get inside your dog’s nasal passages and are commonly picked up from digging in the dirt with their noses. Nasal mites are incredibly irritating for dogs and can cause nosebleeds and excess discharge from your dog’s nose. If you suspect your dog may have nasal mites, take them to the vet for treatment.

    Other reasons why your dog may be sneezing:

    • Infected tooth. The third upper premolar has roots that are really close to the nasal passages, so if this tooth or any near to it are infected, it may cause your dog to sneeze.
    • Tumors. Very occasionally, persistent sneezing in dogs can be a sign of something serious, like a tumor. Second hand smoke is the main cause of tumors in dogs’ nasal passages and is more common in longer-nosed breeds. If you think your dog is unwell, take them to the vet for a diagnosis.
    • If your dog is a brachycephalic breed. These dog breeds such as Boston terrier, Bulldog and Pug have compressed nasal passages, so they’re much more likely to sneeze than other dogs.

    When is a sneeze, not a sneeze?

    A sneeze isn’t always actually a sneeze in dogs. Sometimes your dog may be snorting, which if you have a healthy dog is usually a sign of an upper airway obstruction, so you should take your dog to a vet to have it looked at. Snorting is also common if your dog is overweight as the excess weight can make it harder for them to breathe.

    Your dog may also be experiencing a reverse sneeze. This is most common in small breed dogs and brachycephalic breeds. When experiencing a reverse sneeze, air is pulled quickly and loudly in through the nose, resulting in a sudden loud noise like a honk. In fact, some owners think it sounds like the dog is laughing. Your dog will also stand with their elbows apart, head forwards or back before making the sound. Reverse sneezing rarely requires treatment, so you don’t usually need to worry if your dog does this.

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  • So yea new allergy?

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  • #Noel Fielding #The Great British Bake Off #An Extra Slice #GBBO#s11e04#criticism#sneeze
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