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  • ileanaamarawrites
    05.12.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    There's a place inside of me that no longer wishes to be filled with love. It's like a void where everything passes through but love. But why is that so? I wonder too. Is it because the void will never know love the same way again? or is it because it longs for love but is incapable of it?

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  • missusk
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #lowkey this is a longass wip #one of the most plot heavy things ive ever tried too #lots of planning #whichhhhh is also why it's not done yet lololol #hopefully this snippet is enjoyable!! #writing#pokemon #pokemon sword and shield #reader insert #reader x raihan #raihan#kibana#pokemon swsh #stow on side #stow-on-side#fanfiction#fanfic#ask game
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  • ammonitetheseawing
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Just finished watching Encanto and I have… many thoughts.

    The songs?? Are all freaking awesome??? Surface Pressure especially slaps.

    Maribel walking up the stairs on all fours is my eternal mood.

    Bruno my beloved-

    Isabela embracing a more unapologetic, artsy side of things and throwing colors all over the place is everything to me.

    Th- the scene where Maribel knows that Dolores knows about the house and Bruno and that whole thing, and stares her down to keep her from spilling the beans, and each time her eye contact is broken the truth is whispered further down the table- liSTEN - that scene cracked. Me. The hecc. Up.

    The whole “I’ll never be good enough for you/the house is breaking because of you” scene… frickin’ O U C H.

    I really like how this movie tackles the conflict. It’s like one of those “being older doesn’t always mean you know better” messages with a lot of nuance. Abuela is controlling and creates a lot of insecurity among the gifted in the family, but the movie doesn’t frame her as a bad person. It’s shown that she’s been through a lot, and the harm she unknowingly does comes from a fear of losing her family and home, so much so that she just… ends up losing sight of what’s best for the family in the end.

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  • narrativefoiltrope
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #i am INCONSOLABLE about the song choice for them. INCONSOLABLE!!!!!!! (thank you!!) #viraj beloved uses he/they pronouns as a note if you were confused reading #narrativefoilwriting #viraj x amilia #commander viraj randhawa #these lil hundred word snippets are so fun omg #lavampira
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  • crimsongrimoire
    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    bare bones but here we go

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  • polkadotheart
    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Dean felt their skin growing cold in his hands, their eyes unfocusing as they stared up at the blood red sky. A city of the dead, trying to gain one more in their personal legion.

    “Don’t let me go, Dean… I just want to go home..” The courier’s words echoed in the ghouls head as he watched them slip into unconsciousness, all the while their mother’s voice mingling with their own, her hologram flickering like a ghost.

    “Let go.”

    #just a little snippet of what I’m writing with my fnv s/i… :3c #richie.txt #okay to interact! #*almost dies in the same place my mother does and then crawls out for two days to get back to my husband to have him nearly die* #you be gone for 3 weeks and barely eating or drinking and running around.. see how well you fair. #i gave my rations to the other 3..: they needed it more than I.
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  • forjoanofarc
    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #SORRY i know this is worst elaboration ever but LGBSLGF #im very worried about sounding stupid because i don't know how to plot things at all #but darcy and wren are so very cute. like sometimes when im bored i just write tiny snippets of them being in love and im like :0) #i also like morgan. winnifred is a bit hard to write for but i love her as well #wren and darcy meet and darcy is mildly scared of wren bc wren seems spooky and all darcy can hear is the voices of ghosts being near her #but wren is a sweetheart she's just kind of awkward #and morgan and winnifred meet with them running away from Mysterious Evil Substance Eating The Forest And Their Magic Is Not Working #and winnifred is yelling at morgan to run the other way so. they don't get off on the best foot but they come to understand each other soon #enough . yeah. essentially. anyway
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  • agildedcrow
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    From fics I will (probably) never write

    {part 3}

    "I've never thought of her as a monster."

    "She kills people!"

    "She must, in order to survive. Calling her

    evil is like calling the wolf who hunts the

    stag evil. It is not a matter of morality. It

    is for survival, for taking care of one's


    "The wolf does not make wine for its

    leisure." she hissed."How can you be so

    heartless, to be so unbothered by-"

    "It does bother me!" She snapped. "The

    screams give me nightmares I can't wake

    up from!" She took a breath, composing

    herself. "But I suspect I would also get

    nightmares from watching a stag being

    ripped apart by wolves."

    After a moment. the woman scoffed. "So

    you have resigned yourself to being prey.


    If this inspires you, please credit me <3

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  • mushroom-winners-proof
    04.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    in my heart of hearts i know vanitas referring to ventus as his brother is more patronizing than anything And Yet i can’t help but also wonder if it’s also a spiteful title because he knows he was never meant to have such a bond like brothership.

    meanwhile he was all too aware about the love ventus was free to express for and simultaneously gain from the people around him, and the only way he can really vent that strange feeling- the feeling of something missing yet not precisely knowing what he wants, or rather being conditioned to reject it- is by using a sort of backhanded title (if that makes sense) in relation to the source of that feeling

    #snap chats #ive been thinking about vanitas lately hi #COULD BE VERY MUCH WRONG OR BE WACK but meh- dont hurt to think do it #i have a comic drafted that like. Lowkey goes off this but is more from that one xehanort report #but yeah anyway i like my tragic villains #is he a tragic villain Who’s To Say #he’s utterly rancid but can he help it when he’s an amalgamation of all the darkness in ven #bruh bbs manga so sad tho i gotta get the full of it one day #ive only heard and saw snippets of it but boy’s really been through it #oh for everyone to be happy But Alas
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  • ur-cute-so-i
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    spotify changed the women in folk playlist and removed one of my favorite song from the list and i can remember NOTHING about it. not the name, not the lyrics, and barely the melody. this is the worst day of my LIFE

    #snippets of my life #itd been a while since i listened to the playlist #it was about a woman leaving her husband #she was remembering that people whispered in the aisles that it wasn't going to last #and something about good intentions #god i can't believe i cant remember a single concrete lyric
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  • theclandestineclementine
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Mickey getting so fat he is unable to find anything at walmart (or wherever) that fits him.

    Ian: well... they do have the sweatpants and sweatshirts in a 4x

    Mickey: number one I'm not that low maintenance. Number two only old people, housewives, and lazy fat fucks wear those. And three you know a 4x wont fit for long so why waste the money? I may be a fat fuck but I'm working hard here!

    Ian: good point, besides I like it when you wear your tight clothes, it shows off all the hard work you've already done.

    #fat mickey milkovich #chaser ian gallagher #gallavich#wg#mickey milkovich #gainer mickey milkovich #ian gallagher #ian loves his fatass husband #wg snippet #may or may not be based on a recent trip to walmart #where it was realized that the 3x is tiight
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  • hzrtechhub
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) Meaning & Features

    Search Engine Results Page (SERPS) Meaning & Features

    In this article, we are going to learn what is SERP or search engine result pages. In this article, we are going to learn what it is, what are the main elements within it, and how you can effectively use them. What is SERP? It stands for Search Engine Results Page it is the list of the results page you get back once you type something and press enter in the search bar in search engines. Main…

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    #Featured Snippet#Google Auto-Suggest #Google Shopping Results #Image Results Snippet #Local Results Snippet #Page Navigation Snippet #People also Ask Section #Search Engine Results Page #serp #Social Content Snippet #Video Results Snippet
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  • booberryfun
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    #Snippet 10

    Villain was burying their head beneath piles of papers and reports when a buzz from their phone disrupted their flow. It was past 1am, who could be calling?

    "What kind of prank call is this at 1 am may I ask?" Villain grumbled as they stretched a few muscles lose after sitting at their desk for 4 hours straight.

    "Hey, can you come and pick me up?" It was a low, breathy voice from someone far too familiar, seemingly on the verge of cracking if one paid enough attention. Or that they could have already broken down and was trying to suppress the next wave of tears. Either way, that didn't give any hint on why they would call Villain of all people.

    "Oh," the receiver smirked, twirling a pen in their free hand. "Did someone just have a bad breakup and can't go home on their own? Too bad I'm rath-"


    Villain froze at the plea. They could hear the faintest sob on the eerily quiet background at the dead of the night and as much as they hate to admit it, their heart sank at the sniffle.

    "Where are you?" Villain hurriedly grabbed the keys in the drawers and sprang out of their seat to get their jacket and dashed through the office door.


    "Be there in 10."

    #hero#villain #hero x villain #villain x hero #heroes and villains #villains and heroes #hero x villain community #hero x villain prompt #writers block#prompt#snippet#writing prompt#writing snippet
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  • 7devills
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    WIP INTRODUCTION; The Language of Wolves

    - Portal Quest Fantasy
    - Third Person Limited POV
    - Writing [First Draft]
    - TW: violence, depictions of ptsd


    Conner was thirteen when he fell through the door into the Vale Lands and became their Champion. Fourteen when he slew the Goblin King and fulfilled the quest set out for him.
    Fourteen when he was unceremoniously dumped back into the real world, a veteran of a war no therepist would believe he had truly waged and cut off from the magic that had become as much part of him as his heart.
    Now twenty two, Conner has just about let go off that wonderful, terrible part of his life. That is until doors start opening for him again, the Vale Lands calling for a Champion once more. But Conner isn't the same kid that he was the first time around, and the Vale Lands aren't as whimsical and adventurous as they once seemed.
    With old friends twisted into enemies and old enemies calling for his aide, Conner must navigate the fantastical world of his youth with the jaded lens of having survived it once and grown to realise just how fucked up the whole thing actually was.
    The Language of Wolves is portal quest fantasy set after the hero has come of age and been thoroughly traumatised by it.


    “They called me the Whisper Mage,” Grace had said, when they were alone and they didn’t have to lie about what happened. “They called me Champion.” Conner had replied.

    TAGLIST; ask to be +/-

    @frozenstillicide / @twoseeds / @kingsinking


    available to read on wattpad
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  • gebrochener-adler
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #Schmelzer snippets #Sandwiches for breakfast erryday
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  • hufflepuffwritingstuff2
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Driving Whump Snippet

    A kidnapped whumpee that is stressed because they've been kidnapped by a whumper that can't drive

    "Watch out for that truck!" Whumpee cried.

    "I see it, I see it!"

    "What driving school did you drop out of?"

    "Captives aren't supposed to talk- AHH"

    Whumper swerved around a deer that had jumped out into the road, just barely missing it.

    “Do you want me to take the wheel?” Whumpee asked.

    “No, I got this,” Whumper said.

    Whumpee most certainly did not have this, and as it turned out, Caretaker was on duty that evening.

    Whumper pulled over to the side of the road as Caretaker stepped out of their cop car and up to the driver’s window.

    “License and registra- Whumpee?” Caretaker paused, “what are you doing in there?”

    “Oh, hey Caretaker,” Whumpee said, “not much, just being kidnapped.”

    Whumpee held up their hands, which were secured with duct tape.

    Caretaker’s eyes widened, then they turned to Whumper.

    “I’m gonna need you to step out of the vehicle.”

    “Oh come on” Whumper said with a sigh.

    It was an awkward ride back to the station, with Caretaker driving, Whumpee in the passenger seat, and Whumper in the back.

    ‘I was going to give them back, honest!” Whumper said, “I just needed a hostage for-”

    “For what?” Caretaker asked.

    Whumper had said too much.

    “Nevermind,” they said quickly, “I plea the fifth.”

    “Uh-huh” Caretaker said, smiling.

    #whump #based on the stress of being a passenger #hurt/comfort#kidnapping#driving whump#comedy whump #is that a thing? #comedic whump? #snippet#drabble
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  • winterlovesong1
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Because I’m been writing this all day and it’s over 3000K and I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow so here’s a little snippet

    3x09 untitled speculation fic...

    After a moment or two of her unwavering support settling between them, she starts to turn her lips up into a barely there smile, one that is hesitant to show over what it might reveal, but he notices it all the same and saves the detail for himself.
     “We have to follow our instincts no matter where they lead us.”
     And she’s talking about the ghost - she’s consulting him about that ethereal friend of his - but at the same time her words are spoken, something inside him knows it’s not what she really means.
      (he keeps that detail for himself)
    #nace fic coming soon #nace fanfic snippet #nancy drew spoilers #yes this is my speculation of that Ace/Bess scene
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  • sarcasticassian
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    sambucky snippet

    Bucky gets Sam a Christmas present, snippet of some new writing


    Bucky supposed, as he trudged back to his and Sam’s house, that it was too late to back out now. He gently juggled the things in his arms so he could unlock the door and ensconce himself in the comforting feeling of being home. He set down the paper bag he’d had in one hand and held up Sam’s Christmas present in front of him. He had to admit it had been a bit of an impulse buy, he’d seen it in a shop window a week ago and before he knew it he’d been at the counter asking if he could pick it up on Christmas Eve. He’d heard they were good for stress and things and boy was Sam stressed.

    This time last year Sam had only been Cap for a few months, he was still feeling pretty fresh and the busy holiday schedule that Captain America apparently had (although Bucky was pretty sure he’d never heard of Steve doing any of this but then again it was Steve), hadn’t worn Sam down as much. Now a year on and several tough missions and one reforming of the Avengers team later and Sam was starting to bow under the pressure of the title.

    Staring down at the present in his hands Bucky hoped he’d been right to follow his gut feeling as the present stared back. The little black and white kitten let out a quiet, curious meow but then just continued to look up at Bucky. It seemed he’d met his match for a staring contest. Breaking the eye contact he lifted the kitten up a little higher and turned him so he could look around the living room.

    ‘This is your new home.’ Bucky said as he circled the couch, ‘well hopefully, I don’t think Sam would make you leave straight away anyway so don’t worry.’ Subconsciously Bucky found himself tucking the kitten into the crook of his arm and gently stroking between his ears with one finger as he moved around the house, showing the cat the main places Bucky thought he needed to see. He made his way back to the living room and pulled out the red collar he’d got for the kitten and the matching bow he’d picked up on his way to the pet store.

    read the rest here

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  • save-the-villainous-cat
    04.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The hero hugged them from behind.

    At first, they considered jerking away or pushing them off, anything that would’ve made the fluttering of their heart go away. But their brain just stopped functioning and they froze in place.

    The hero’s arms around them, their face against the villain’s back - the truth was, they didn’t want to stop this, they didn’t want the hero to go away.

    Eventually, the hero did let go and walked around them.

    “I missed you,” the hero said. Shit, the hero was doing it again. They were smiling softly.

    The words “I missed you too” were already on the villains tongue but their mouth was filled with cotton. The villain cursed themselves. Surprisingly and luckily, the hero hugged the villain again, this time from the front. They buried their face in the villain’s suit, squeezing tightly.

    The villain didn’t know what to do with their hands, didn’t know where to put them. All options seemed too intimate. Before they could make up their mind, the hug was over.

    For the second time this evening, the hero stepped back from the villain. And for the second time, the villain regretted not telling them the truth.

    “Yeah, sure. Whatever,” the villain said, not quite believing it.

    “I did,” the hero said.

    The villain huffed. Heroes weren’t supposed to miss their villains.

    “You’re being dramatic,” the villain observed dryly, looking at the ground.

    “I’m being honest.”

    Silence crept up between them. The villain wanted to say something. But all they could think about was the last week when they didn’t show up. When they were in their bed, thinking about the hero. And how they wanted them beside them.

    “I could’ve brought you soup,” the hero said. When the villain looked up, they saw how the hero was shrugging with a crooked smile. “Can I ask where you were?”

    “At home.” The villain turned around. They hadn’t considered the hero would actually care. But now it was rather clear that this assumption was stupid. The hero always cared.

    It felt more natural, it felt easier, to end the conversation right here and right now. To just walk away and not think about what had happened last week. Or rather, avoid what had happened last week. Which was thinking and thinking and thinking.

    “Were you sick?” the hero asked.


    In mere seconds, the hero was in front of them again.

    “I could’ve brought you soup,” the hero repeated. The villain fought a smile. Soup wasn’t exactly a cure for an aching heart.

    “I am fine,” they answered bluntly, almost shooing the hero away. Pushing people away seemed to be the villain’s secret gift but the hero was either completely oblivious to that or they didn’t care. Whatever it was, the villain turned aside again, giving the hero a cold shoulder. But the hero was faster.

    “Next time you better tell me that you’re feeling unwell.” The hero raised a warning finger, trying to look intimidating but they weren’t incredibly great at it.

    The villain lifted a lazy brow, crossing their arms.

    “Is that supposed to be a threat?”

    “No — I mean, yes! I missed you! And it was terrible to sit here and watch the cars. Or fight some thieves.” The hero stepped closer and the villain could get a better look at the face they had been dreaming about the last week.

    “I will bring you soup the next time,” the hero decided. “No debate.”

    The villain smiled. Maybe soup was a cure for an aching heart.

    #so someone asked for a snippet about a grumpy villain who was falling in love with their sunshine hero and i accidentally deleted the thing #like the big brain i am #what can i say #i am smort #writing snippet #heroes and villains #heroxvillain snippet#heroxvillain prompt#hero#villain#heroxvillain #hero x villain #request
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