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    People who says “fiction can affect reality” are the same who thinks videogames can make you violent. Y’all need to see the difference between reality and fiction.

    Thinking a character is attractive when it’s drawn that way, IT’S NORMAL, THAT WAS THE POINT, even tho they could be 15 yr old bc 1) it’s fiction 2) a real 15 yr old doesn’t look like that

    It’s literally part of the character, being attractive among other things.

    No one bats an eye when it’s 14 yr olds thirsting over aizawa, kakashi, gojo, or other fictional adults bc ✨it’s fiction✨

    Stop being so worked up about this things, get a job or go talk with your mom to take away the internet from you bc tbh i see a lot of minors talking about this, the same ones who thirst over 25+ yr old people (even real people lol).

    Let’s see when y’all are 25 watching an anime and obviously not finding attractive a drawing that was actually drawn in a way that people could see them attractive or thirst over them.

    Ped*philia is a real issue for y’all calling a random person who likes an anime character a pedo.

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    New Attack on Titan merch preorder

    POP UP PARADE: Eren Yeager: Attack Titan Ver.

    He got caaaakkkeee 🍑💕

    And someone wants it 🤭🤭🤭

    #attack on titan #pop up parade #good smile company #eren jaeger#attack titan#snk merch#ereri#rivaere#riren
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    Additional Information:

    Prompts were chosen based on the 300+ responses on the interest check

    A creator may use one prompt, two, or all three. It is their prerogative.

    The +1* is a special bonus day! It is a Free Day that is also reserved for late submissions!

    A Checklist prior to posting will be released closer to the date. However, you can find some information on our carrd or you can send us an inquiry through cc!

    You can find an easier-to-read version of the prompt schedule on our cc!

    Happy creating until then; we can’t wait to see your amazing works!

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    That one simp trend on tiktok 🤪

    Commission Info

    Close ups below

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    WIP But I can’t seem to get their faces right .... Does that exist? face artist block?

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    rivamika week: summer ☀️

    day 5: wedding


    #i was testing ibis paint x (again) #and a new style #i love draw rm weddings #i need rm wedding ffs #rivamika#levimika #levi x mikasa #mikasa ackerman#levi ackerman#snk #shingeki no kyojin #aot #attack on titan #rivamika week#mine
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    D&D: Season 8 was mistake

    Isayama: Hold my beer 🍺

    #snk shitpost#snk ending #anti snk 139 #got season 8
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    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    can you come pick me up?

    summary: warriors react to his daughter being harassed. feat Reiner & Porco.
    tags: dad! Reiner & dad! Porco, fem! Reader, sfw, topic of harassment

    note: heyyy. I wasn't planning to write this, but suddenly my imagination took flight. Important: reiner's daughter will be named Nadine, and porco's daughter will be named Alyssa.

    hope you enjoy it uwu

    Reiner Braun

    Reiner has always been protective of you since he met you, although at first he reacted badly to people who bothered you, and several times you had problems with the police because Reiner would go out of his way to beat your aggressors uncontrollably.

    And if he's like that with you, you know that with your daughter, Nadine, he'll be much more protective.

    While he knows how strong she's to take care of herself, just like you, that doesn't mean he will remain any less protective. Likewise he never had a problem letting his daughter use public transports since she was a pre-teen. Of course, if she was going to a place of questionable safety, Reiner preferred to drop her off in his car himself.

    One day during the evening, Reiner saw several missed calls from Nadine on his phone. Of course he was alarmed and immediately called back.

    "Honey, I was busy at work. Did something happen, are you okay?"

    "Can you come pick me up? There's a strange man following me."

    Her voice sounded muffled, Reiner didn't hesitate to leave work earlier for going to pick her up. Nadine sent him her location and in less time than she expected, her father had finally arrived. The young girl ran to hug him seeking comfort and reassurance.

    "Calm down, it's all okay" he spoke softly. Meanwhile he raised his golden colored eyes in search of the stalker, he would be lying if he said didn't feel the urge to dive in and punch whoever the wretch was that dared to molest his little girl.

    It's not like he didn't do it when he was younger when he was dating you, but you were overwhelmed by the violence so after a while he simply decided it was best to control those impulses.

    After all, Nadine grew up in a peaceful environment. Seeing her father in a rage hitting someone else could also overwhelm her and in a very bad way.

    Soon his eyes connected with someone who seemed to recoil at the sight of him, Reiner needed no further effort to intimidate others. The stranger walked off repeatedly glancing over to where the blond stood next to his offspring.

    "Let's go back" he spoke again.

    Nadine wiped her eyes and nodded. Once back, Reiner also stopped by to pick you up from work and told you they were going for pizza.

    "Uhmm... Is that okay?" you replied quizzically after greeting him and Nadine.

    "I'll explain later" he told you in a low voice wanting Nadine not to hear, for the moment he preferred to give her a moment where she could clear her mind of a bad time.

    Porco Galliard

    Porco is a bit more impulsive and upset when it involves the safety of his wife and daughter. You still remember in your youth that you had to separate him from several fights, he just can't stand the idea of someone disrespecting you.

    You can imagine that this is magnified when it comes to Alyssa, his precious daughter and the fruit of your love.

    Unlike Reiner, Porco had a hard time giving Alyssa more freedom of mobility, so most of the time he prefers to drop her off at other places as well as pick her up. And if he is with his group of friends he doesn't bother to take them home either.

    His daughter doesn't complain much either, to tell you the truth she doesn't care if someone picks her up or if she has to go by public transports. However, there was one time when Porco couldn't pick her up from where she was.

    Porco's phone was suddenly full of missed calls and a couple of messages.

    "Aly!? where are you!?" he asked upset when his daughter finally answered.

    "I'm at the station" was all she said almost voicelessly. Porco thought no more and took off from work to pick up his daughter.

    When he found her, Alyssa was puffy-eyed. It didn't have to be a genius to know that a stranger had been bothering her.

    Porco was furious.

    However, now was not the time to pour out that anger he was holding back, his daughter needed support and contention. He went through the same thing with you when you were young, he learned that reacting with violence in the first place instead of providing safety could only make things worse.

    Whoever it was that tormented his daughter wasn't around, but there was no point in thinking about it anymore.

    "Let's go home" he spoke to her trying to be as sweet as possible.

    When they arrived at your home, Alyssa went to her room and Porco went to talk to you to tell what had happened. You decided not talk to her about it for now, and concentrated on preparing a delicious dinner to forget the bitterness.

    To tell you the truth, you concentrated all that week on comforting and spoiling your daughter.

    #reiner x reader #reiner imagine #reiner braun x y/n #reiner braun x you #reiner braun x reader #porco x reader #porco galliard x reader #porco galliard x you #porco galliard x y/n #porco imagine#aot imagines #attack on titan imagines #attack on titan fanfic #warriors headcanons#aot warriors#marley warriors #warriors x reader #snk x reader #snk imagine#porco headcanons#reiner headcanons#reiner hcs#porco hcs
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    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Summertime Fun

    Summary: It's summertime and there's a hot mechanic that lives across the street
    Pairing: Mechanic!Jean Kirstein x black!fem!reader
    Warnings: sexual tension, Hitch being a bomb wingwoman, Jean is a fucking TEASE, reader trying to be a tease but fails lmfao, no full-blown mechanic dynamics, but it's there, smut (18+!!), fingering, nipple play, orgasm denial, unprotected sex, ass smacking, creampie, lowkey breeding kink (briefly implied at the end)
    Word Count: 4175
    A/N: *sighs* omfg, im late for ANOTHER collab, but this is for @tteokdoroki's Coming This Summer summer collab, and to be honest, I finish this in 30 minutes bc it's late and I really wanted to get it out and also I definitely just went a little crazy with the smut 💀 hope you guys like it!

    "That guy's staring at you."

    "God, Hitch, really? We haven't even been out here for five minutes," you groan, propping yourself up on your elbow as you roll onto your side. "And you always say that," you add exasperated.

    You and Hitch were on a "much-needed" vacation as she called it, dragging you out to the beach house her parents owned. She didn't give you a reason as to why you both needed this vacation, (more like there wasn't one), and now you currently find yourself laying next to her in the front yard, sunbathing.

    "Well, that's because it's always happening," she laments. "But seriously, take a look," she says, nodding her head in the direction behind you. You roll your eyes but roll back over so that you're resting on both elbows. She coaxes you with a wave of her hand, and you sigh, letting your head fall to the side.

    And you feel your mouth drop open when your eyes land on him.

    Smoking hot would be an understatement. You can't see that much because you're separated by the street, but what you can see is his shirtless torso practically shining in the sunlight, his arms resting on the car you suppose he's working on. The basketball shorts he's wearing practically leave nothing to the imagination, the combat boots pulling his look altogether.

    He lifts his head up in a quick motion at you when your eyes meet his, and you lift up one of your arms to throw him a small wave. You feel Hitch shove your shoulder, and you turn to look at her. "I told you."

    You roll your eyes again. "Hitch, both of us are out here, he could be looking at either one of us," you argue, and now you understand why she decided to lay in the front yard. She must've seen him when you got here, and you can already feel the plans forming in her mind.

    She counters with a snort. "Yeah, okay," she laments. "Hey, do you think you could grab the sunscreen for me?" You give her a blank look as she smiles widely at you. "Get up slow," she teases when you start to stand, and you kick your foot in her direction as she laughs before walking into the house.

    You find yourself rolling your eyes when you can't find the sunscreen where Hitch swore she left it. You walk outside, standing over her with your hands on your hips, and she moves her head back to look at you, sliding her sunglasses below her eyes.

    "His eyes? All over your ass." You laugh at her words as you lay back down. "I'm serious," she continues, and you look back over at him, telling yourself you're only doing it because you're talking about him. "And it looks like he's a mechanic. You should take my car over there."

    You raise an eyebrow at her idea as you turn your head to look at her. "There's nothing wrong with your car, Hitch."

    "What is wrong with you is that you're not actively trying to fuck this man," she counters quickly.

    "I don't even know him," you reply lamely.

    "Strangers fuck all of the time." You shake your head as you close your eyes and face up towards the sky. "There's nothing wrong with a little summertime fun."

    "I'll think about it," you say, and you hope it'll make her drop it for the time being.

    You've been here a day, and Hitch has not stopped talking about him. Every time she comes in the house from doing something outside, he's always the first thing that comes out of her mouth. Like today, for example.

    "He was definitely looking for you," she states before she can even close the front door.

    You roll your eyes as you drink some water. "And how do you know?"

    "You should see how he reacts when the door opens. He tries to play it off, but he's anticipating you every time."

    You scoff as you rest your elbows on the counter before scrolling through your phone. "Yeah, okay."

    "I still think you should take my car over there." You don't even acknowledge her, keeping your attention on your phone. "You know what? I'll just do it."

    You think she's just testing you, but then you hear her grabbing her keys, and the sound of the front door unlocking, and you're racing over to her, grabbing her wrist just as she gets out of the door.

    "Fine, Hitch," you groan, snatching the keys out of her hand as you hear a satisfying hum come from her. You glare at her as you stalk down the driveway, checking the street before you cross it, and when your eyes land on him practically waiting for you to walk up to him, you bite your lip nervously.

    He's resting his arm on the hood of the car, his foot hooked over his ankle, and the position does wonders for his biceps, which your eyes are currently trained on until you almost get right in front of him. He's got on a white tank top this time (thank God), but his shorts leave basically nothing to the imagination. Yes, they highlight everything.

    You don't know how long your eyes have been looking everywhere but his face, but the smirk on his face when you finally do look tells you it's been pretty long. "Hey, neighbor," he quips, making you huff softly as he sits up, shoving his hands in his pockets. "What can I do for you?"

    A lot of things. And now that he's standing upright, you can see how tall he is along with how broad his shoulders are before you quickly remind yourself to respond. "Uh, my friend says that something is wrong with her car, and she thinks you're a mechanic?" You finish it with a question as you point softly in his direction.

    He gives you a soft nod as he chuckles. "She would be correct," he answers. "You know what's wrong with it?"

    You shake your head. "No, she wouldn't tell me," you respond, annoyance laced in your voice at Hitch's fucking antics.

    "If you bring the car over here I can take a look at it," he offers, and you nod your head quickly before walking back across the street to get the car.

    You back it into the garage, turning the car off before you get back out. You take a few steps back as he moves closer to start looking over the car, giving you access to admire him without getting caught. You're not even paying attention to what he's doing, your eyes following him but not registering anything but the flex and bulge of his muscles. It's very hot right now, but the weather is only the partial reason why your body is hot all over.

    You sigh in sexual frustration when he lifts the hem of his shirt to rub off the sweat accumulating on his face, ultimately showcasing the shining plane of abs that you can finally see up close.

    Maybe Hitch was onto something.

    "...anything's wrong." You jump softly as you shake your head, realizing he's talking to you and that you've only gotten the last of his sentence.

    "Sorry?" You watch him chuckle as he nods towards the car.

    "It doesn't look like anything's wrong," he repeats, amusement in his words, and you give him a small nod, trying to keep your eyes away from the massive muscles in his arm that is currently holding up the hood. "You wanna take a look?"

    Your legs are moving before you can even think, taking the very short walk towards him, his fingers sliding around your wrist softly as he pulls you to stand in front of him. You gasp quietly when you feel him against your back, his arm still next to your head, holding the hood.

    "See?" The whisper of the word makes you shiver softly, his hand moving to your hip, and fuck if his touch didn't make you melt. "Nothing's wrong." You're not even looking at the damn car, and your turn your head, your eyes instantly meeting his.

    You take a deep breath, hoping that'll help calm you down, and your eyes trail down his face, lingering at his lips before you watch him do the same. He huffs softly, a smirk appearing on his face, and you squint at him slightly, your lip curling into a soft smile.


    You feel him squeeze at your hip before he starts to lean in making your mouth fall open in anticipation, and you don't even realize that you've closed your eyes until you hear him chuckling, your eyes shooting open.

    "Nothing." He starts to move away from you, breaking you out of the trance he seemed to put you in. "You mind closing this for me?" He glances towards the hood, and he walks away when you grab it.

    He moves over to the sink that you hadn't noticed, washing his hands as you slam the hood closed, making sure it's down before you lean against the driver's side door. "The only thing I can really say is that it could use a wash."

    You laugh softly as you nod your head, crossing your arms. "Yeah, I know. She's been talking about getting it washed." He dries his hands off before turning towards you, stopping only a step away from you.

    "Well, I can do that too. If you want," he says, and you shake your head quickly as you frown.

    "Oh, no. I can't ask you to do that after you just wasted your time looking at nothing," you counter, feeling yourself lean further against the car when he takes that step closer to you. "I don't even know how I'm gonna pay you back."

    He gets even closer, resting the heel of his palm on the car right next to you. "You don't know?" His lips are practically touching yours, both of your breaths mingling together as you shake your head. He leans in again, pulling away just as you meet his lips, and he smiles when you huff in frustration.

    He leans in again, and this time you take the initiative, nearly crashing your lips onto his, and he leans flush against you before pulling away again, the kiss way too short for your liking. "Stop it," you whine softly, and you can feel him smile against you as his lips gently trail down your jaw towards your neck.

    "Stop what?" he asks, feigning innocence as he kisses down your neck, but his lips ghost over your skin, barely making contact, making you push him closer to you when you cup the back of his neck. His hands move to your hips, pulling you flush against him as he deepens the kisses, and you're glad you decided to ditch the bra because of how hot it was as his hands start to trail under your tank top.

    He looks back at you as his fingers rub over your nipples, and you tug him back when he pulls away from your lips again. "You know what."

    He finally allows you more than a few seconds of contact, your tongue slipping into his mouth at the same time his slides into yours. Your grip is tight on his shirt, making sure he doesn't slip away from you again before your arms move to wrap around his neck, your hands running through his hair.

    The firmer his kisses become, the more you're pushed against the car, and the more eager his hands get. You gasp when you feel his hands quickly undoing your shorts, your legs tensing for a quick second when his fingers run over your panties, and he smirks again when he can feel how wet they are.

    You grip his wrist as you pull away when he slips inside, rubbing at your clit with his thumb. His lips are back on your neck when you let your head fall back on your shoulders, and you moan softly when you feel him easily slide his fingers inside of your throbbing sex.

    You feel his teeth pull a little at the juncture of your neck, and when you feel your legs start to shake slightly, he's grabbing your hip with his other hand to steady you, his fingers curling deliciously at that spot inside of you. He trails back up your neck, his eyes watching your face as he brings you to your high.

    He can't help the smile on his face as he goes back to kissing you, and you can barely kiss him back. "Your friend probably needs her car back, right?"

    You barely register the words, that knot building up in your belly seconds from snapping, but what you do register are his fingers sliding out of you. You instinctively scoff in surprise, that high you were about to have ripped away from you as you open your eyes to look at him.

    "What?" you whisper, next level confused, and he raises an eyebrow at you before shoving the fingers coated in your juices in his mouth.

    "Your friend needs her car back," he repeats as he buttons your shorts back up. "I'll come pick it up tomorrow, 'kay?"


    You barely give Jean--yes, you did learn his name--a second glance when he comes to get the keys from you. You only walk outside, giving him a frustrated look as you hold the keys out on your finger. He only gives you a sly grin as he takes the keys from you before pulling you into his chest.

    He's sliding his hand in your back pocket as his lips ghost over your ear, putting you flush against him, and you nearly scream when you feel yourself chasing after his lips when he closes in on them. "Hour and a half."

    And then he's squeezing your ass softly before hopping in the car and making the short drive to his house. You roll your eyes as you walk back inside even though your pussy is beating with arousal.

    You're annoyed that he can get you to melt so easily, that it takes nothing but a light touch to send you into overdrive. And you also hate to admit that Hitch may have been right. That there's nothing wrong with a little fun during the summer. But you'll never tell her that. You can hear her shoving it in your face now, and you laugh to yourself softly as you close the front door.

    There's not really much to do for the next hour and a half except wait, and Hitch is out doing whatever, so you're home by yourself. So, for about half of the time, you're scrolling on your phone or aimlessly watching TV, and when you go back to your room, you find the bag of clothes that you bought when you went shopping with Hitch a couple of days ago.

    And for the forty-five minutes, you're trying on the stuff that you bought, seeing how it fits, and immediately finding your favorite piece. It's a yellow drawstring mini dress with thin straps that hugs every part of you. You were a little skeptical about it in the store when you tried it on, but Hitch convinced you to get it, claiming it made you look "fuckable," and you shrug as you look yourself over in the mirror. She had a point.

    You're about to take a couple of pictures because, duh, you good as fuck, when you hear a knock on the door. You frown as you look at the time on your phone, and yep, the hour and a half has passed. You make your way to the door, not wanting to keep him standing outside in the blazing summer heat.

    You actually forgot you had the dress on until you answered the door, and instead of words, you watch a hungry look form in Jean's eyes. "Cleaned the inside," he tells you, almost subconsciously, and you hum as you open the door wider, silently telling him to come inside.

    You lead the way, a thrill running up your spine knowing that his eyes are drilled onto you. "You can sit," you tell him, nodding towards the couch, and he gives you a once over as he hands you keys before sitting down. And you can't help it when your eyes cut right to his legs as he leans back and spreads them open, and he's once again, wearing shorts that hide nothing.

    "You want some water?" you ask, and his tongue runs over his bottom lip as he shakes his head. "You sure? It's really hot out there, no?"

    "I'm not thirsty for water," he counters quickly, but you don't falter, tilting your head like you don't know what he means as you walk over to him.

    "Oh? Then what are you thirsty for?" He curls his fingers quickly, and you oblige, leaning down so that your hands are resting on the back of the couch, caging his head between your arms, your face inches from his.

    "What's in between your legs."

    At that, you falter slightly, swallowing a little bit harder than you wanted to, and his chest huffs with a short laugh. You inhale sharply when you feel his hand on your body, staring at your tit. His finger runs over your nipple, bringing it to attention as his eyes run down your body again.

    "What's this?" he asks quietly, keeping up his ministrations, clearly talking about the dress.

    "Something I was trying on," you answer plainly. "Why do you ask?"

    "Cause you look good as fuck," he answers without missing a beat, his hand leaving your body, and you have to will yourself to not make any noise.

    "Yeah?" you respond nearly breathless.


    "And what're you gonna do about it?" you press, and he's grabbing your arm, pulling you closer to him, his other hand starting to run down your body as he parts his lips, but when you go to straddle him, that's when you pull away.

    He frowns at you, confusion blooming in his eyes as yours glint mischievously, a big smile on your face. You stand up straight, turning around, and you look at over your shoulder, seeing that his eyes are zeroed in on your ass, and you arch your back dramatically as you make a move to sit on him, his hands already grazing your body before you pull away once again.

    "You didn't answer the question," you tease, but instead of a response, he's pulling you down onto him by your hips, his hardness press right up against your ass as he pulls your back right against his chest.

    "What d'ya think you're doing? Hm?" he asks roughly in your ear, making you shudder before turning to look at him. You shake your head as you lean in, pulling the same stunt he did, and chuckling softly in satisfaction when he chases after you.

    That feeling doesn't last long because he's grabbing your face, pinching your cheeks together as he turns your head to look at him. "You trynna be a tease now?" he questions, his voice darker than it's ever been. "That's not how this works, angel." He doesn't kiss you, instead yanks your dress down under your tits, and you jump when he's pinching and pulling at the taut buds as he aggressively marks at your neck.

    He keeps one hand occupied on your chest as he moves his other hand to the hem of your dress, but then he's forcing you to stand, and he's snatching your dress over your ass, pulling your underwear down. You barely have time to step out of it before he's bullying his fingers into you, your legs nearly crumbling at the sudden stimulation as you moan loudly.

    He's using one hand to grab your asscheek, spreading you open so he can how shiny you are where his fingers are currently thrusting in and out of you, and you can hardly stand, but before you can fall, he's yanking them out of you and spinning you around.

    You nearly can't comprehend where you are, dizzy with lust and the sudden movements, but you realize you've settled on his lap again, your hands digging into his shoulder when his fingers find their way inside again. You squeal in surprise at the slap to your ass, the action only making you pulse around his fingers even more.

    "You wanna be a tease, yeah?" You start to shake your head, knowing what's coming next, and you bounce deliriously on his fingers, the grip on his wrist almost brushing to keep him from snatching your orgasm away from you.

    "No, no. Please don't," you beg, your legs starting to burn from your motions, but you don't care, not when you're so close.

    You make the mistake of slacking your grip, thinking he'll let you cum, but with your guard down, it's easy for him to stop that path to euphoria, and you're crying out again. "Jean--" you start, and he cuts you off with a chuckle as he shoves his fingers into your mouth.

    "For a tease, you do taste sweet, don't you?" he asks, darkly, and you whimper around his fingers, your pussy dripping with slick, and you nearly collapse in relief as he starts to shove his shorts down. You eagerly help him, getting just enough of the material down for his dick to spring free, and he's pulling his fingers out of your mouth and using them to stroke himself.

    "You want it?" he jabs, and you nod dazedly, your eyes never moving. "You think you deserve it?" You nod quicker this time, and he bats your hand away when you reach for him, but you're moving quickly when he guides you on top of him, but he stops you when you try to sink down on him.

    He rubs the thick head of his dick through your folds, over your clit before sliding just the tip in before moving back down. "You think you deserved to be fucked after being a tease?" he asks you like he's scolding you as he continues to slide more of himself into you, but pulling out of you almost instantly.

    You're babbling yes at this point as you claw at his shirt, tears forming in your eyes from desperation. "Please, Jean, I want it, want it so bad. Please, I need it." You're past begging at this point, and it only fuels his desire, his dick throbbing at the sight of you, and he cuts off your incoherent murmuring by pushing himself in a little, then slamming you down the rest of the way.

    You almost scream as your back arches, and you hate how your nails are digging into material and not his skin, and he easily helps you throw his shirt over his head and over the couch. The moment it's off you're bouncing, rolling your hips in every way, shape, and form, having no set rhythm because of how desperate you are. You both moan loudly before he guides your lips onto his by your throat, his tongue sloppily tangling with yours, a string of saliva connecting you when you pull away.

    He grabs your hips when you start to slow down, your legs protesting, and he plants his feet, and you run your nails down his torso when he starts fucking up into you, the throbbing head instantly hitting that spot that makes stars spot your vision.

    Your face falls into his neck, but he's quick to yank it back up, putting his lips to yours, both of you breathing into each other's mouth, as you feel your highs quickly approaching. He smacks your ass again, digging his fingers into the flesh, essentially driving him deeper inside of you, and he groans loudly when you pulse around him violently.

    "M'gonna cum--fuck," he gasps, his vision turning blurry, wanting to keep his eyes on you.

    "Me t-too," you wail, your eyes crossing as your back arches further into him.

    "Where d'you wan' it?" he rushes out, trying so hard to wait for your answer.

    "Inside, Jean, I want it. Give it to me, fill me up," you babble, barely registering what you're saying, and he lets out a guttural moan as he shoots into you, his balls twitching as he coats your walls, the feeling sending you crashing over before you ride out your highs.

    You both are gasping for air as you come down, both of you nearly falling asleep when you hear the door open.

    "I'm telling you, y/n, I think you should sleep with him--"

    Your eyes are bulging out of your head as you meet Hitch's eyes, the door swinging closed behind her, and without missing a beat, Jean lifts a hand from your bare ass to wave at her.

    "Yeah, she did already. Name's Jean."

    #jean kirschtein smut #jean kirstein smut #jean kirschtein x reader #jean kirstein#jean kirschtein #jean kirstein x black reader #jean kirstein x reader #attack on titan #attack on titan fanfiction #aot smut#snk smut#snk fanfiction #🛶.hoarny
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  • kellbeancos
    31.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Three years ago I posted my first video on what was once musically.

    If I had known about all the stupid and immature crap I would stumble upon on that app, I would have stayed away.

    But here we are, three years later, still making AOT content.

    #cosplay#kellbean cosplay #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #snk#aot#historia reiss
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  • tamewkii
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago


    seven: D:💔

    pairings: armin x reader
    summary: armin arlert and y/l l/n stalking each other not knowing they go to the same college, this tea is pipping hot
    warning(s): definitely cursing, caps, suggestive(?)
    a/n: so so late haha, enjoy mwah. (just thought abt it, but how did I managed to type stained the mf floor😭)

    prev / next

    series masterlist

    main masterlist

    fun facts:

    eren then played with Jimmy bc he was sad

    (lined user is unable to tag) | taglist:

    @akaashigiri @lagrimasdeglitter @tatiquichi @angelicxr

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  • watercolourdreamer
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I have this headcanon that even after the testimony of the Battle of Heaven and Earth on Paradis, Levi continues to live in Marley.

    He’ll say it’s because Marleyans bath once a day and don’t stink like people on Paradis, which is definitely part of the reason, but it’s because he wants to be around Gabi and Falco.

    He wants to see them continue to grow up — be there through the tears of them finally dating, the joys of their marriage; and meet Gabi and Falco’s kids. Because Gabi and Falco are the reminder, the reason why Levi’s and the Survey Corps’ sacrifices are worthwhile: the peace of living fully without war beating on your door.

    The peace of living without the poverty of war tearing the food from your hands and your loved ones from your hearts. The peace and forgiveness of just being able to just exist — because I do think Levi and Gabi do have a discussion years later that Sasha would’ve forgiven Gabi, because they’re both child soldiers themselves and Sasha would’ve understood that.

    I think Levi would talk about how living in war, poverty and violence rips the humanity from you at a young age and crafts you into a weapon to survive. And surviving isn’t a crime (similar to his discussion with Jean and Armin during The Uprising arc).

    And whilst Levi is past those (heteronormative) milestones of his life (i.e. marriage, kids, etc.), he is glad to see those he cares about live a normal life full of love, kindness and forgiveness.


    I need to explain why it’s Gabi and Falco, and not the SC brats: a) because the SC veterans entire childhood was war, with many of them orphans, and that will always be a significant part of them now; and b) Gabi and Falco grow up experiencing both war and peace, with caring families, and get the opportunity to move into an era of peace as children.

    And whilst Levi and the SC veterans would never admit it, they do live passively and vicariously through their chosen kids, to experience the peaceful, loving youth they never had and heal from that trauma.

    Also, I think Levi at his core wants to be part of a family but never knew quite how to create and be part of one. You can see it with Isabel and Furlan, and with his attachment to the 104th.

    So when he was subsumed into both the Braun and Grice families after protecting them during the Battle of Heaven and Earth, he just stayed.

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  • restlessamateur
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    can someone explain to me what the fuck is happening in s4 of attack on titan?

    #aot #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyojin #I am very confused
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  • vaor
    31.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ah yes, my favourite scene from season 3

    #totally canon just lost in translation #levihan#snk #shingeki no kyojin #levi ackerman#hanji zoe#armin arlert #attack on titan #back on my shit can you tell #i have two things keeping me above water rn and two of them are levihan and aruani #s.nk #maya screams into the void
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  • just-average-writer
    31.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • fawnstarwarriors
    31.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    My little meow meow

    #aot #attack on titan #armin arlert #armin arlert fanart #aot fanart #attack on titan fanart #snk#snk fanart#fanart#fawnart #season 4 aot #this was for my friend's birthday lol #i havent seen aot im on like vol 11 of the manga tho
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