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    pairing : armin arlet x fem!reader

    warnings : car sex, multiple mentions of sweat lol, literal sweat licking, switch armin, switch reader, use of the word ‘whore’ , mentions of cum, creampie, mention of masturbation, titty sucking, that’s it i think nothing too extreme

    wordcount : 2k

    theme : student council president armin x reader

    (another drabble thingy cause armin brainrot lol)

    ! for mature audiences !

    Armin isn’t a stupid boy.

    Actually, he’s far from it. A straight A student, participated in Model UN, the smartest person in the room like 95% of the time and currently takes on the current role of the president of the college student council.

    He’s nothing less than intelligent.

    But one thing he couldn’t explain, couldn’t wrap his head around, couldn’t control was none other than you. He told himself everyday that the scandalous relationship he had with you would soon be over, that he wouldn’t let you snatch him into your alluring orbit with your pretty face and teasing words.

    Unfortunately, he never succeeded in doing so, and time after time, he’d find himself victim to the irresistible force that was you.

    Which is why he often found himself in situations similar to the one he is is now, they type of sitauation that he assured himself he wouldn’t let happen again.

    Here he was panting in the back seat of his car, with a thin layer of sweat coating his shirtless body, while you were perched on top of him, in a pretty mauve colored bra and your skirt hunched around your waist as you dragged yourself skillfully up and down his aching cock.

    It didn’t take too much convincing this time round, just a simple touch to his prominent bulge as he was driving and that mischievous look you’d always give him, pouting your glossy lips and batting your eyelashes, until he felt he had no choice but to let you coax him into the back seat, carelessly pushing each other’s clothes aside and letting him bury himself into your hot and pulsing cunt.

    “You’re- you’re gonna make me late.” He groaned out, hoping his voice didn’t crack too much, with one hand placed on your hip, sinking you back down onto his length in a steady pace.

    “Promise I’ll make you cum quick, you know I always do.” You purred in retaliation, as you angled your hips in such a way that his angry red tip was brushing against that delicious spot that had your thighs trembling and pussy tightening around him.

    The feeling of your walls almost angrily clamping down on his cock, had Armin jutting his hips up before he could stop himself, causing both of you to moan out in unison.

    “You can’t keep- oh fuck- you can’t keep doing this,” He spat out just as you rolled your hips forward making his breath hitch “I’m late to every meeting these days.”

    A pitchy whine slipped past your lips at the overbearing pressure of having your hole stuffed to the brim with his cock, knocking the air out of you each time you sunk back down on it. “I just couldn’t wait, I- i needed to feel you.”

    He only groaned out in response so you went on to speak, “Haven’t seen you this whole week, ‘min. couldn’t stop thinking about you, needed you so bad. even touched myself thinking about you everyday.”

    And just as you said it, the image forming in Armin’s mind of you laying in bed with your arm reaching down between those plump thighs of yours, hand creeping inside your panties, as you desperately tried to get yourself to release, thinking it was him, wishing it was him, sent a spike of electricity down Armin’s body and straight to his dick, making it twitch inside you.

    “God, why’d you have to be such a cock-hungry whore.” He growled throwing his head back to rest on the seat behind him, and screwing his eyes shut, in an attempt to contain himself from cunning right there and then.

    It wasn’t too often that Armin degraded you like this, atleast not with such a harsh word that almost sounded foreign coming from his lips that usually spoke soft and kind words. But when you’d messed with his head enough, attacked all his senses with the immense pleasure you gave to him, he would spew out breathy insults such as this.

    And god, did you love it.

    “Look at me.” You whispered in between moans, your eyes choosing to focus on a single drop of sweat running down his neck. You couldn’t resist the bubbling urge inside you, coming forward to lick the bead of sweat just before it got the chance to move down his chest and going on to lick up his neck, until you were just behind his ear and you could feel him shudder at your action, “C’mon ‘min, wanna see you.”

    You leaned back just in time to watch as his hand came up to push back his blonde hair that was now slightly damp from the layer of sweat coating his forehead, head still thrown back and eyes still screwed shut. “Can’t, I’ll cum if I do.”

    Armin had a secret deal with himself that if he was too weak to resist your constant pleas for him to fuck you until you were brain dead, the least he could do was finish after you. A true gentlemen.

    His words only made you smile, bringing a lighter and sweeter mood to the increasingly hot atmosphere. You pressed your lips on his shortly before speaking, “s’okay.” and assured him further by purposely clenching down on him then grinding forward.

    Hesitantly, he brought his head back up, eyes fluttering open, revealing that lazy and fucked out expression he usually wore that never failed to make your clit tingle. The blotches of red that were there before, now grew, coloring his usually pale face in a light shade of pink that extended down to his neck.

    He peered down to where the two of you met, and the sight of your cunt leaking uncontrollably, spilling your juices onto his balls, almost made him throw his head back up once again at how overwhelming it all was.

    His gaze slowly moved upwards, over your torso, and landing on your tits, god those fucking tits, always hugged tightly by those blouses you wore, cleavage constantly attacking his line of sight. He had some kind of love-hate relationship with them, always cursing them for corrupting his mind and distracting him all the time, yet still wanting to hold them in his hands and have them in his mouth.

    He didn’t have it in him to deny the tempting voices in his head, and trailed the hand on your waist up, grazing over the material of your bra for a moment before pulling a cup down, leaning forward before engulfing the soft flesh into the heat of his mouth.

    “Oh Fuck, Armin.” You whimper pitifully, hips stuttering in their moment, now your turn to involuntarily throw your head back, trying so desperately to keep your pace up with what he’s doing to you.

    You shamelessly moan out, probably loud enough for someone outside the car to hear, as you felt him lightly bite down on your nipple, then giving it one last lick before proceeding upwards, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses up your neck.

    You didn’t even notice the warm and pulsing feeling that suddenly developed in your center, building up by the second , making your cunt tighter and tighter and your head lighter and lighter, and sending goosebumps all over your body at the thought of your high sneak attacking you and pulling you off the cliff when you were caught off guard, mind completely overtaken by the feeling of the blonde haired boy infront of you.

    “ ‘m gonna cum. oh god, gonna cum so hard ‘min please.” you babbled stupidly as you messily bounced yourself up and down his cock, losing coordination and order, simply plunging yourself downwards until you found the perfect angle that had his dick pressing right onto the spot that made you cry out loud.

    Armin muttered out a quick ‘fuck’ at your statement, before slapping both hands down on your waist, grasping onto them in a manner that would certainly leave bruises, and sucking in all the strength left in him to rut his hips right back up into you, pistoning into your fluttering cunt at a rough pace, as if he was letting out all his frustrations out onto you. The two of you filled the warm air around you with embarrassingly loud noises of your increasing moans and the slick sound of your sloppy pussy being completely demolished by the force of his thrusts.

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck. ‘min I’m there, I’m right there.” You cried out fingers grasping onto his shoulders and head spinning as the growing ball of pressure inside you rumbled threateningly.

    Armin’s abdomen tightened at the lewd sounds that left both your upper and lower lips, teeth biting down harshly onto his own lip, “You better fucking cum you- fucking hell- making me late all the goddamn time.”

    “Want you to cum with me - want your cum inside me so bad.” You pleaded, tear filled eyes struggling to stay open. You needed to feel it, needed to feel his hot, hot spurts of cum spilling into your aching cunt.

    “I’m gonna give it to you.” he practically whined out loud and you hadn’t noticed the hand that somewhere in between thrusts travelled down, and before you could even process his movements, a single brush on your clit, made you release a full blown scream. Your orgasm crashed into you at full speed, hips pausing in its movements as your body slumped back, head landing on the headrest of the front seat and pussy gushing out messily all over him.

    The sight of your sweat covered abdomen spread out infront of him and your pussy clenching around him unrelentingly as if it was trying to suck his fucking soul out of him, was all Armin needed, letting out a throaty moan before the head of his dick practically burst out, shooting spurts of his searing hot cum deep inside your fucked out hole and causing your tired hips to twitch at the burning feeling of it.

    So incredibly fucking messy.

    The air around the two of your gradually became quieter, both of you taken over by your highs, panting into the air. It was you who moved first, slightly reddening at the feeling of his cum leaking out of you and smearing onto your thighs. You placed a chaste kiss on his lips, making his eyes flutter open slowly.

    “That was soo good ‘min. missed you so much.” You purred at him, welcoming the way he rolled his eyes at you in faux annoyance.

    “Why’re you always so needy right before I have a student council meeting?” He groaned out but you didn’t miss the passing smile that graced his lips.

    “Can’t help it. Does it make you mad?” You teased hand coming forward to bury themselves in his hair.

    “Actually, yes, it does.”

    “Oh. But you still did it, didn’t you?” You let out daringly with a playful smirk on your lips and the way his eyes slightly widen at your words only makes you feel all more accomplished.

    “What, you’re gonna keep making me mad and late to every meeting?”

    “Only if means you’ll fuck me this good each time I do.” You say teasingly, with your upturned bottom lip slipping between your teeth, and the hand in his hair lightly tugging the strands of his hair.

    Armin was so fucked, so utterly and completely fucked. You had him trapped in everything that made up you, and there was no light, no sign of escape anytime soon.

    And he knew it. And he was on the road to accepting that there was nothing he could possibly do about it. Not with you looking at him like that.

    “Fuck the meeting.” He muttered out, before wrapping his hand at the back of your neck and pulling you forward until your lips met his once again.

    a/n : could not stop thinking about student council president armin since the last drabble so here you go i guess <3

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    Clockwork 🕰

    Levi X reader

    “There is glass between our touch

    Phantom limbs of former love

    And the truth is that I am so terrified”

    Setting up his easel Levi gazes out the frost covered window of his little shack, silver eyes intently focused on the marble balcony just a few feet away. You were coming… everyday at exactly noon you would grace Levi with your presence. A pretty gown matched with red lipstick and the same white tea cup grasped in your slender fingers.

    Levi was captivated, paintings upon paintings of you adorned the wooden walls of his home. His love for you ever present in each one… his forbidden lover, a real life Romeo and Juliet story, one he would make sure had a happy ending. The gracefulness of your smile and the gentle flame behind your eyes kept him sane, the thought of the day you could finally be together taking up every corner of his mind.

    He was terrified… the way you consumed his heart so quickly left him breathless. You were his muse, your being inspiring him to find everything beautiful in a garden full of thorns. His one singular rose and oh how he would be so lost without you. Seeing the pool of emerald green lace his hums, “You are as beautiful as ever my muse.”

    “That the callous is deeper

    Than the surface of our skin

    And it takes us twice as long

    It takes twice as long to heal”

    Each stroke of his brush against the canvas is like a memory coming back to life. He remembers how it feels to run his fingers through your hair, the feeling of those soft lips on his, your warm hand holding his while you sleep against his chest. He wished your love could be know, he wanted everyone to know you were his… but scars run deep and family bonds can’t be amended easily.

    He knew being with him would mean losing everything. You had a life you deserved, everything you ever wanted was within your reach at home. How could he give you that, a painters salary doesn’t exactly go far. He cursed himself for being born into the life he was, he cursed his family for ruining every chance he had of ever peacefully living amongst your people… peacefully living with you.

    “We'll lift up the ground to see

    The system of roots beneath

    Gears turn, endlessly

    To bring the world back to life

    Like clockwork, when it dies”

    Taking a break from his painting he gazes at you, silent words of love flowing between as your eyes meet. His pretty rose, the one thing bringing life back to the garden of his life. Flowers bloomed with each wound you healed on him, birds sang with every “I love you” that slipped past your lips, and the fountain of his heart splashed with every “forever” you promised him.

    Just like clockwork Levi found himself immersed in you once again. The gears in his mind running a mile a minute at the thought of your love, an endless plethora of colors filling the canvas. He has never felt such an intense wave of creativity… your love managed to wake him up, bringing his cold heart back to life. “Thank you my muse… always right on time, exactly when I need you the most.”

    “The cadence of beating hearts

    The clock of its moving parts

    Grows louder and louder

    From this restless earth”

    Your love was earth shattering, every fragment fitting together perfectly. It was gentle it’s tune in time with the ticking of a clock. He couldn’t wait for the hours when his little hand would meet him, even if only for a minute. With every tick he sang you would echo a tock in response… each one louder than the last, your restless hearts calling for one another.

    He remembers the last night he saw you, only a few days ago the memory freshly burned into his mind. “Levi let’s live together… I won’t run away cause what we are doing isn’t wrong, I just want you to come to my front door and take me, let’s do this right okay.” Giving a ghost of a smile at the memory his hand moves quicker, the joy you filled his body with pushing him to make this perfect… an offering of his love to you a means of surrendering to this insufferable war.

    “Future gardens wait patiently below

    And somehow we smell them blossom

    Through the snow”

    You watch in amazement as your lovers hands fly across the canvas, today was the day… today he was gonna make you his. The warmth of your hearts melting the icy snow, it’s water bringing to fruition a future you never even imagined. To build a home and a family with him was all you ever wanted, the hands on your clock spinning out of time as your hearts race to finally belong to one another.

    You smile as he sets his brush down, his fingers grazing the side of the canvas. “Oh my muse… I promise I’m coming.” Giving you one last glance through the window you notice the way his eyes shine with an undeniable light. Heart thrumming in your chest as you make your way inside. “I know you are… I’m ready.”

    “Still unsatisfied

    We chase what we're denied

    As generations wait

    We can't resist the taste of possibility

    Gears turn, endlessly

    To bring us back to life again

    Like clockwork, we begin”

    Running his fingers along your painted cheek he sighs, “I’m ready my Rose, I won’t make you wait any longer.” Fixing his shirt collar he glances out his window one last time, the marble balcony making his eyes soften. Picking up the painting he sets out the door, ready to satisfy his desiring heart.

    With every step he takes the “tick” of his heart grows louder, hands trembling as he stands in front of the large oak doors of your home. Tapping his knuckles against his final barrier his eyes widen at the quick response. The “tock” of your heart filling his ears, his little hand standing before him bags packed and ready to go.

    Gripping his hand you place the painting he brought on the little table by the door, a simple note left for your parents beside it. The two of you wanted to do this right, no running away or unfinished conversations. You wanted them to find you when they were ready, talk to you both when their hearts could accept everything. This was the start of your new life the one you two made together, and just like clockwork you set off. The two hands finally meeting, a beautiful “tick tock” resounding with every step you made.

    Inspiration song- “Clockwork” ~ Sleeping At Last

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    Here is the chibi I made at the request of @glassesandswords for the Levihan Reading Event, organized by the team of @levihan-drabbles ! I loved doing this <3

    I am so happy to have joined this caring community, full of life and lovely members! <3

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    Mikasa x reader Drabble,

    0.4K words, smut ahead.

    Some may imagine that Mikasa’s favourite thing to do on expeditions is to eliminate titans, or perhaps to feel the refreshing breeze of wind on her short raven locks as she swiftly flies through the air, a sentiment of profound freedom taking over her body and soul... But no. Her biggest motivation to come back alive, to keep fighting despite the fatigue she feels incessantly throughout her skin and bones, it’s you. You and your delicious body she can’t get enough of.

    “How good and obedient you are for me, sweetheart…” Mikasa commented, her soft and humid tongue already savouring your sweet and lovely self, black hair strands falling lightly on your soft skin.

    “Mikasa... Please…” Your fingers effortlessly found their way to her scalp, grabbing some of her hair and pressing her head forward to your wet folds. You desired and needed more of her, so much more.

    “Shh… You wouldn't want me to take back my compliment, my love... Stay still like the good girl you are, okay? You waited long enough, let me take care of you now.” She said, moving her tongue through your pussy, using one of her digits to play with you even more, teasing your entrance.

    You’ll soon find your back pressed against a tree, near the encampment, her hands wandering on your cold skin before entering you with the same skilled fingers she used the entire day with her ODM gear, doing almost the same rough and merciless movement but with, for sure, more love and passion.

    You’ll soon find your back pressed against a tree, near the encampment, her hands wandering on your cold skin before entering you with the same skilled fingers she used the entire day with her ODM gear, doing almost the same rough and merciless movement but with, for sure, more love and passion.

    You’ll soon find your back pressed against a tree, near the encampment, her hands wandering on your cold skin before entering you with the same skilled fingers she used the entire day with her ODM gear, doing almost the same rough and merciless movement but with, for sure, more love and passion.

    “What if someone hears us… we can’t do that here…” You murmured, even though you knew it would fall on deaf ears.

    “Do I look like I care? I just want to fuck you right now. You’re the noisiest one here.” The dark-haired woman’s attitude was always colder and unsympathetic after a long day outside of the walls, her usual sweet and amorous voice was now monotonous and sombre.

    If your body wasn't already sore from all the battling and combating, Mikasa will be there to fix that; because trust me, this woman never gets tired of this.


    ꒰ఎ ♡ ໒꒱

    #mikasa x reader #attack on titan #snk#aot imagine #snk x reader #aot headcanons#snk fanfiction#aot #shingeki no kyojin #mikasa attack on titan #mikasa smut#aot smut#snk smut #shingeki no kyojin mikasa #mikasa ackerman#mikasa aot #mikasa x you #mikasa Ackerman x reader #mikasa x reader smut #aot drabbles #snk x you #aot x reader
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    A Latte For Erwin Pt 3

    Summary: Erwin and Levi wait out the storm together, 1.7k words
    Here I am with yet ANOTHER chapter :)
    This is like SO different from what I usually write, I’m a teensy bit worried but I’m trying to remind myself that you can’t get better at writing without just getting started and allowing yourself to produce some shitty writing at first, so uhh yeah on that note, enjoy
    Part 1   Part 2

    Levi set the stack of papers down on a coffee table, flicking on a lamp, and Erwin was finally able to get a good look at the house. Even from their few interactions so far, he could tell that the house was so very fitting for Levi. It was somewhat small, barely decorated yet very cozy, and impeccably clean. There wasn’t a single item that seemed out of place, and the few decorations that could be seen were sophisticated and neat: clearly, he put care into his home.

    “Sorry, I know it’s a bit of a mess. I was planning on taking my day off to clean the carpets, they’re filthy.” Levi frowned as they walked towards the kitchen, and Erwin had to hold in a laugh.

    “Levi, this is the opposite of messy, it’s completely- wait, you were going to deep clean your house on your day off?” Erwin stared in a sort of impressed shock, and Levi shot him a look of confusion.

    “... yes? I already said, the carpets are filthy, and I never have the time to clean them properly. Except for a day like today.” They reached the kitchen, and Levi gestured for Erwin to sit at the small wooden table in the corner. He then began opening cabinets and gathering what Erwin quickly assumed were coffee ingredients. Fitting.

    “I suppose that’s fair. I just can’t imagine it being very relaxing.” Levi rolled his eyes in response.

    “I’d rather relax once I know my house is taken care of. Besides, what else would you suggest I do with a day off?”

    Erwin smiled slightly. “I mean, I had a nice evening planned out for the two of us before I knew your coworker was messing with us. Doesn’t that sound like more fun than cleaning?” Levi froze for a moment, thankful to be facing the wall so Erwin couldn’t see the slight panic in his expression.

    “I don’t know, when’s the last time you cleaned carpets? Kind of hard to beat.” Erwin laughed at the sarcasm and Levi relaxed a bit, finishing up with the drinks and sitting down at the table. Erwin accepted the cup and went to take a sip, but he noticed something off. It didn’t quite smell like coffee, more like-

    “Tea?” Erwin looked up at Levi in surprise, and once again, Levi stared blankly back. 

    “Do you not like tea?”

    “No, no, I do! I guess I just figured you would make coffee at home, considering you have such skills with coffee.” 

    Levi felt his face burning once again and lifted the cup to cover it. “I don’t really like coffee. I like tea.” Erwin leaned back in his chair and flashed a confused grin.

    “You- you don’t like coffee? You work at a coffee shop!” 

    “I know, I know, but that doesn’t mean I have to drink it.” Levi caught himself smiling, partially at the irony being pointed, but also at Erwin’s expression of awe. Against his will, he noticed the beginnings of butterflies in his stomach, and quickly shoved the feeling away. 

    Erwin finally took a sip of the tea, and his eyes went wide, making Levi laugh quietly. “THAT’S AMAZING, LEVI. How do you manage to be this good at making coffee AND tea?”

    “I’m glad you like it.” Levi’s eyes wandered away and he stared out the window, unsure of why he couldn’t make eye contact. He cleared his throat and hastily redirected the conversation. “The weather doesn’t seem to be clearing up at all.”

    “You’re right. I guess I won’t need to cancel the reservations I made for tonight, they wouldn’t be open in a storm like this anyway.” Both men fell silent, reminded of the awkward situation. “Levi, I’m sorry if this is uncomfortable, but I think I should at least ask. Were you planning on calling? Should I find new reservations for another day? Because if not, then that’s fine, not a problem at all, but, you know, it’s better to know, and I just want to clear it up-” Erwin started out calmly, but it quickly became a nervous ramble, one which Levi had to note was endearing.

    Levi sighed and composed himself before responding. “If I’m being honest, Erwin, no. I wasn’t going to call.” He saw the embarrassed expression on Erwin’s face and quickly elaborated. “That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to!” It came out a bit louder than he had meant, and he blushed. “I just mean... well, that’s not me. That’s not my role, it never really has been, and that’s fine with me.” Erwin watched as Levi shrunk into his chair, unused to having actual discussions with anyone but Hange.

    “What role? I don’t understand.”

    “You know, I’m just a coffee guy. I make coffee, and I clean my house, and I try to stop Hange from letting the shop explode. That’s me, that’s what I do. I don’t do... this.” Levi gestured in between the two of them, and Erwin did his best to connect the dots.

    “I see. So, you’re saying... you don’t date?”

    “I don’t date.” Levi crossed his arms in front of him and did his best to maintain his unbothered expression, but screaming internally for allowing himself to share personal information with essentially a stranger.

    “But, you want to? I mean, you wanted to call me?” 

    “It’s complicated... but, yes. I just can’t.” This time it was Erwin who rolled his eyes, and Levi was taken aback.

    “I’m sorry, Levi, but that’s bullshit. I like you! I think you’re a really interesting person, and I would love to get to know you. And from what I’m hearing, it sounds like you feel the same way. So if there really is something stopping you here, then of course I respect that. But don’t limit yourself for no reason.”

    At this point, Levi could no longer control the redness crawling across his face, but he finally forced himself to look up and make eye contact. Erwin’s expression was genuine and concerned, and Levi hated to admit how comforting it was.

    He sighed again and ran a hand through his hair. “You’re right. You’re right, I know! I just don’t know where to go from here.”

    Erwin grinned. “Well, luckily, that I can help you with. Levi. Do you want to go on a date with me?” Levi didn’t even bother concealing his smile this time.

    “Yes. Yes, I would like that.” He glanced out the window, and his face fell a bit. “If this weather ever clears up, that is.” Erwin shrugged, still smiling.

    “I don’t think that’s an issue. I mean, we went for a walk together, we’re sitting in your kitchen having tea... why can’t we consider this our first date?” Levi really thought about it for a moment, and agreed.

    “We should do something. You know, like watch a movie or something, that’s what people do on dates, right?” Levi asked, and Erwin tried not to laugh. “What? What’s so funny?” He grinned, blushing.

    “You really don’t date, do you?” Erwin gave in and laughed, and Levi shot him a look of fake hurt, still smiling.

    “We already knew that, jerk. You didn’t answer the question, what do people do on dates?” 

    “Whatever they want! Here, do you have any puzzles? We could do a puzzle.” This time it was Levi’s turn to hold in a laugh, trying not to spit out his tea.

    “A puzzle? Alright, old man. Or is this just part of the Sophisticated Professor thing?” He teased. 

    “Oh, I’m old? Do you want to count the number of antique lamps in here?” Erwin teased right back, and Levi gave in. 

    “Alright, alright, that’s fair. I do have some puzzles, actually. Hange got them for me last year, said I needed a new hobby. Apparently they don’t think coffee should be someone’s entire personality.” Levi went into the adjacent room and rummaged around in the cabinet.

    “Oh yeah, and how’d that new hobby go?” 

    He returned with two puzzle boxes, both still wrapped in plastic. “I decided to stick with the coffee afterall.” Levi was just about to sit down when his phone rang, back with the pile of paperwork by the door, so he set down the puzzles and went after it. 

    He snorted when he saw Hange’s name as the caller. Of all people to interrupt, of course it was them.

    “What do you need Hange?” 

    “Geez Levi, you don’t have to be so aggressive, I just wanted to make sure you got home alright. I feel bad, tricking you guys like that, it was a dirty move, I just couldn’t watch you miss out on an opportunity, and I know you wouldn’t have gotten in contact if I didn’t take initiative, so I just decided-” Levi was getting restless listening to them ramble.

    “Stop, you don’t need to explain, listen, it’s fine.” 

    “Really? Because I figured you’d be pissed! I know how serious you are about your privacy and not wanting to talk to other people, and I know I messed up-”

    “HANGE. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still mad, but you don’t have to explain, not right now. I have to go.”

    “Oh... oh? Go where? Are you still planning to clean the carpets? I’ll come over after we close and help, it’s the least I can do, do you think we could close early? I could be there in an hour-”

    “No, no, don’t come here.” Levi could feel Hange’s intrigue, especially since he’d never stopped them from coming to visit him randomly before. It would probably be easier to just come clean... “I mean, unless you want to interrupt and ruin my first date. Goodbye, Hange.” Levi hung up just as he heard them start to freak out. He would have to deal with that later, but as he hurried back to Erwin in the kitchen, he couldn’t care less. 

    First date... sounded nice.

    #attack on titan headcanons #attack on titan #aot headcanons#aot #shingeki no kyojin headcanons #shingeki no kyojin #snk headcanons#snk#snk eruri#eruri headcanons#eruri drabble#eruri fluff#eruri#eruri feels#levi ackerman#erwin smith
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    21.06.2021 - 2 days ago
    #levi ackerman #levi ackerman smut #levi ackerman x reader #aot smut#levi smut #levi x reader #levi ackerman scenario #aot scenario #aot x reader #snk x reader #snk smut #attack on titan scenarios #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan smut #levi aot#aot drabble#snk drabbles #attack on titan drabbles
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  • misins
    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Happy father’s day to Eren since I know that mf wants to fuck a baby into you so bad. Really, I bet he’s pawing at his dick while thinking about it right now. His sweatpants and the air around him are both becoming so tight that, they’re conforming into the familiar, yet sweet feeling of your cunt squeezing him ‘til it hurts. He could ponder about this all day, drilling in and out of you by the time it’s almost impossible to decipher who’s more wet; you or him? Honestly, no one knows that. But all that’s important right now is how sensitive and prone to the most airy touches you are— or will be. In other words, the thought of how your clouded, milky tits are to come sooner or later is what kept Eren going. Not to mention how cute and plump you’re about to look as he helps you ride against him with his baby inside you.

    #redemption since I missed out on mothers day #eren x reader #eren x you #aot fanfiction #aot x reader #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #snk x reader #eren x y/n #eren x reader smut #eren smut#drabble#eren drabble #eren jaeger smut #eren jaeger #eren yeager smut #eren yeager
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  • onyxoverride
    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #♥️.moots #♥️.boston!!bakedbeans #mean dom! zeke #◆.aot #❖.zeke jaeger #snk smut #snk x reader #aot x reader #aot smut #⚫.filth #⚫.drabbles #cw sadism #cw impact play #cw humiliation #zeke jaeger x reader #zeke jaeger smut #zeke yeager smut #zeke yaeger x reader
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  • espritmuse
    20.06.2021 - 3 days ago
    #reiner#reiner drabbles#reiner snk #reiner braun x reader #reiner x reader #the warriors #attack on titan #snk#aot headcanons#aot imagine #snk x reader #snk fanfiction#aot #shingeki no kyojin #reiner smut#aot smut#snk smut #aot x reader #reiner aot #reiner x y/n #reiner braun
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  • clovertitan
    19.06.2021 - 4 days ago
    #jean kirstein #jean kirstein drabble #attack on titan #attack on titan drabble #aot#snk#lauren💜 #900 followers 🌻
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    18.06.2021 - 5 days ago
    #levi ackerman x reader #levi x reader headcanons #levi ackerman #levi ackerman headcanons #levi ackerman imagines #levi ackerman fanfic #aot imagines #aot x reader #aot headcanons#aot fanfiction #levi x reader #levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman drabble #snk x reader #snk headcanons#writing requests
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    #zeke jaeger x reader #zeke jaeger smut #zeke yeager smut #zeke yeager x reader #zeke yaeger x reader #zeke yaeger x reader smut #aot smut#snk smut #aot x reader #snk x reader #◆.aot #❖.zeke jaeger #❖.nanami kento #◆.jujutsu kaisen #♥️.🍆anon #⚫.drabbles #⚫.answered #cw power difference
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    #grisha x reader #grisha jaeger x reader #grisha yeager x reader #grisha smut #grisha jaeger smut #aot smut #aot x reader smut #aot x reader #snk x reader #snk smut #snk x reader smut #◆.aot #♥️.moots #♥️.sierra!!hex #❖.grisha jaeger #cw sadism#cw masochism #cw impact play #cw slapping #⚫.drabbles
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  • jeanscowboyhat-levisteacup
    18.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Little Prince

    (Minors DNI)

    Erwin X reader

    “Darling… have you given any thought to what we talked about yesterday?” Closing the book he was reading, Erwin places it gently on the bedside table his eyes turning to yours as he awaits your response. “Yeah E-Erwin I thought about it.” Noticing the slight tremble in your voice he gently grabs your hand, “Y/N darling what’s wrong?” You let out a little sigh, “Erwin do you really think I would be a good mother… I mean do you really want to have a baby with me?”

    He smiles as he gently lays you down against the silk bed sheets. “Darling I think you would be an amazing mother, in fact I would really love to show you if you’d let me.” He purrs, his hands slowly raising your night gown up, his lips leaving hot open mouthed kisses against your neck. “Would you let me show you? Would you let me breed this sweet little cunt of yours?”

    You can’t stop the whimper that leaves you, your thighs clenching together as your arousal starts to soak your lacy white panties. “Hey now, what did I say about using your words? I asked you a question and I’m expecting an answer.” Bringing a hand down Erwin provides a harsh slap to your covered clit. The moan that escapes you can be described no better than absolutely whorish, your mind left completely stunned as you wonder how this man is able to make you a complete wreck in a matter of minutes.

    “I’m gonna ask you again alright… would you let me breed your pretty little cunt Y/N? Would you let me fuck you tell you are big and swole with my spawn?” You nod a loud, “Y-Yes Erwin please fuck me, please put a baby in me!” leaving your trembling lips. Reaching down you slip your fingers through the waist band of your panties quickly tugging them down your legs, Erwin’s eyes trained to the sight of his little whore so desperate to get fucked.

    “You gonna give me a show? I wanna watch as you get yourself off to me pretty, cum real good and I’ll give you what you want.” You shudder at his words, the sight of his blue eyes trained to your glistening pussy makes you flutter around nothing. “ ‘m gonna be a good girl Erwin, ‘m gonna cum n-nice and hard for you.” Running your slender fingers up your wetness you groan, eyes rolling to the back of your head as you start to rub sweet little circles on your clit.

    “Erwin baby, feels so good… wanna make you feel good too.” Lowering a hand down his dark grey pajama pants he lets out a deep growl, “Trust me Y/N if you keep touching yourself like that I’ll have no choice but to feel good.” Leaning over so his lips are pressed to your ear he stroked himself, every move of his hand matching the pace of your fingers now knuckle deep in your heat. “Tell me darling, do your fingers feel as good as mine? Do your fingers fill you up like my fat cock does?”

    “N-no baby not e-even close.” You mumble, the sounds of your husbands heavy pants and the squelching of your cunt more than enough to make your body tingle. Moving your fingers faster you can’t stop yourself from reaching out for Erwin’s shirt, your grip so tight in an attempt to ground yourself as the coil in your lower stomach threatens to break. “ ‘m close Erwin, so so close.” Biting your earlobe he mutters, “Yeah pretty, why don’t you let me see you cum all over those little fingers?”

    You throw your head back into the pillows, back arching so far off the bed your chest meets Erwin’s. Drool running down your cheek as you watch the way your husband runs him large thumb over his bright red tip. “You like that baby? Like seeing how good you make me feel… F-fuck I can’t wait til I fuck you full of me, you better take every last drop too or else I’ll breed you all damn night.”

    His words were like a spark, lighting your body aflame as your fingers brushed against that oh so delicious spot deep within you. An endless plethora of “Erwin” and “please” leaving your lips, body left in shambles as your orgasm washes over you in waves. “Such a g-good girl for me cumming just like I asked you to, I promise I’ll make you feel even better in a minute d-darling, open that pretty little mouth for me though okay?”

    You open your mouth, tongue slipping out as your husband leans his swollen cock down, tip pressing against your pink muscle. “D-Damnit Y/N, that’s it b-baby let me cum in your mouth.” Body tense he shoots rope after rope of his warm cum down your throat, his deep groan reverberating through the room. “Take it all baby, next time in your little pussy… you’d like that huh?” “Y-yes Erwin want it now, need you to fill me so good baby.”

    Sitting you up the two of you make work to get the nightgown off your body, a needy moan escaping you as Erwin makes a point to pinch your nipples once they spring free. Moving your hands you quickly tug the shirt off his body, “So needy huh darling, want me that bad do you?” You nod spreading your legs as Erwin makes work of his pants. “N-Need you Erwin, I wanna feel your cock.”

    Erwin goes absolutely feral, his hands pressing your thighs against your chest, teeth leaving bite marks all along your neck. “My dirty little whore wants to feel my cock… who am I to refuse when you beg like such a slut.” With one hard thrust Erwin sheathes himself inside you, walls fluttering uncontrollably at the unexpected intrusion. “C’mon my love let me in… yeah that’s it just breathe for me. You take me so so well my darling, this pretty cunt was made just for me.” Tears pricking your eyes you whimper, “F-Fuck Erwin more… please more.”

    Smirking at your words Erwin slams his hips against yours. “So fucking tight for me darling, wanna milk me for all I’m worth huh? Don’t worry I’ll give it all to you.” His pace is relentless, his tip brushing against your cervix with every stroke, the pain so so delicious to you. You are completely fucked out, incoherent little babbles escaping your lips as that one big vein on Erwin’s dick rubs your walls just the right way. “W-Win it’s to much w-way to much!”

    “If it’s too much baby why are you holding me so tightly? Why do you keep bucking your hips up? You know I don’t like when dirty little whores lie to me.” Gripping your throat tight in his hand he smiles as the tears brimming your lash line finally stream down your cheeks, Erwin taking this as his cue to fuck into you even harder. The weight of his body mixed with the tight grip of his fingers leaves you light headed, little gasps leaving your form as you struggle to find a breath. “Win p-please, fucking h-hell p-please.”

    “I know what you want baby, r-relax and let me give it to you.” He pulls your body close, heavy balls slapping against your ass as he goes as deep as possible. Snaking a hand down he rubs at your clit, a moan escaping him as your walls clamp him tighter. “ ‘m gonna cum Win, I’m gonna-“ you can’t even finish your sentence, your body convulsing as Erwin continues to pound into you. He grips your hips tight, his thrust getting sloppy as he fucks into your clenching heat. Mind so far gone as he feels his orgasm approaching.

    “God f-fuck darling I’m gonna f-fill you so much… G-Gonna fuck a little b-baby in you.” Your fingernails rake down his pale back a, “C’mon Erwin f-fill your little slut, p-please give me a baby.” Giving you one last thrust he pulls his hips flush against yours, his balls twitching as he empty’s his hopes and dreams into your sweet aching cunt. Both of you holding your breath as an intense feeling of bliss dances across your bare bodies.

    Brushing the hair out of your face Erwin gives you a gentle kiss, his large thumb coming up to rub your cheek. “Darling… what if we just made a baby?” You give him a tired smile, your eyes trailing down to where your still connected. Brushing his messy hair back you lean up to give him a gentle kiss on the forehead a quiet, “I really hope you made me a mommy… I hope even more that I was able to give you what you wanted most.” Giving you one last gentle smile he snuggles into the crook of your neck… the two of you still connected not knowing this was indeed the night you made your little prince.

    @killerbananas I hope you enjoy this babes!!!

    Also I was gonna try and make this sweet but I know Erwin is an absolute freak in bed don’t @ me 🙈

    (Ps for those of you who don’t know this goes with my pregnancy series 👀)

    #attack on titan #snk#aot #aot x reader #aot imagines#snk imagines#aot guys#snk guys#aot oneshots#snk oneshot #erwin smith imagine #erwin smith drabble #erwin smith smut #erwin smith x reader #erwin smith x you #erwin smith x y/n #erwin smith #erwin x reader #erwin x y/n #erwin smut#aot erwin#snk erwin
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  • killerskillercaptain
    17.06.2021 - 6 days ago


    a little drabble with your one and only

    pairing : levi ackerman x reader

    wc : 238

    warnings : none

    Holding hands, making your way in the middle of a flowery field, levi's hand was warm, as warm as the soft sun watching over you two. There was no horizon, the field was boundless, akin to your affection and love for the black-haired man next to you, boundless.

    "Levi, this moment, is all we have"

    You said not looking at him, taking in everything around you, from the clear blue sky to the soft breeze brushing your uncovered legs, not noticing levi planting his gaze on you, never wanting to look away, ever, pressing gently this sight of you in his memory, a sight he rarely witnessed, a happy one.

    You shifted to meet his eyes, tired, restless eyes but so full of affection, he didn't say so no word, just stared at you fondly, even when he wasn't smiling you could read the love in his orbs, it was there, in his features, people just didn't look hard enough to see how much of a sentimental man he was. You were now closer to him, trapping him in your tired arms as if you were afraid this moment would evaporate, with him being snatched away from you, you took in his sent, the soft fabric of his cravate, the scent of him on his shirt and his muscular body underneath, this body that gave so much to you, to the world, to the walls, to humanity.

    "We are alive" you let out softly

    "Yeah" he said just as softly.

    #levi ackerman drabble #levi ackerman x reader #levi ackermand x you #levi ackerman x y/n #levi ackerman fluff #levi ackerman imagine #levi fanfiction #attack on titan imagine #shingeki no kyojin imagine #aot imagine#snk imagine
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  • onyxoverride
    17.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    AOT Characters Hitting It From Behind

    warnings: all aot characters I can think of (think strap ons if they don't have a dick,) repeats of characters, part of this is just for laughs ok pls, butt stuff, idk bear w me <3

    Watches your ass jiggle, smiles real smug, and goes harder just to see it bounce back:

    Eren, Jean, Porco, Magath, Hanji, Onyankopon, Reiner, Annie, Levi.

    Sees your asshole and puts their thumb over it and keeps railing you from behind:

    Jean, Porco, Reiner.

    Caves and puts the thumb in your ass:

    EREN, Connie, Sasha, Grisha.

    Bending over to hold you close, chest pressed against your back, probably whispering dirty talk between thrusts:

    Erwin, Miche, Mikasa, Reiner, Nanaba, Armin.

    Pulls your back to their chest with a firm hand on your throat, smiling watching you struggle to take it:

    Ymir, Hanji, Zeke, Kenny, Carla, Pieck, Yelena.

    Really wants to see your face as you both fall apart and will probably switch positions soon:

    Historia, Bertoldt, Colt, Nile, Armin, Moblit, Marco.

    Smokes while they do it:

    Zeke, Grisha, Eren, Erwin, Magath, Yelena, Hanji.

    #aot x reader smut #aot x reader #snk smut #snk x reader smut #snk x reader #aot smut#fuckin aughhhh #◆.aot #⚫.filth #⚫.drabbles
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  • sashabrausbrainrot
    16.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    redamancy | l. ackerman

    featuring: levi and gn!reader

    synopsis: just thinking about how much the captain truly means to you

    content warnings: fluff themes, light angst, just a little drabble

    redamancy (n.) the act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full.

    you like to think that captain levi ackerman is the missing half of your soul.

    the final note in an unfinished symphony, if you will. your own personal achilles heel. he is the calm in a world full of storms; he is the smell of the earth after it has rained.

    and he is yours.

    oh what a feeling - to be loved so deeply in a world so cruel. she must have some mercy though, to keep you and your beloved alive, both sides of the bed still warm.

    the captain was never one for romance, a plethora of emotions still so foreign. you are his saving grace. the missing piece in his puzzle, a guiding light in his path of darkness. you are his sanity in the midst of anything but; and for that his heart is eternally pledged to yours.

    there’s something so familiar about him that you can’t quite put your finger on. loving him feels like coming home after a long and hard journey - a feeling so intimate, so secure and wrapped in a warmth only he can provide.

    you love him so much that it hurts. at times you wonder how one human being can hold all this power, before being reminded that he feels the same. his mind, body and soul are completely bewitched by you and you alone. your hearts yearn for each other, something so beautiful yet so terrifying all at the same time.

    levi is your moon and all of its stars, just as you are his sun. your every strength, and his every weakness. you are his constant reminder of what exactly he fights for - humanity be damned. he’d watch the whole world burn as long as you had a front row seat beside him. a love as strong as yours is every hopeless romantic’s wet dream, the type of passion one can only find in books.

    he is your beginning and your end all at once. and what a hell of a way to go.


    #aot x reader #attack on titan #snk x reader #aot oneshots #levi attack on titan #levi x you #levi ackerman #levi ackerman x reader #levi x reader #levi aot#levi heichou #shingeki no kyoujin levi #levi x y/n #aot veterans#aot drabble #shingeki no kyojin #snk levi #aot x you #ellie writes
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  • someonestolemyshoes
    16.06.2021 - 1 week ago
    #ask#levihan#my writing#snk #the way this has kicked my ass for hjkjhg MONTHS #I'm so sorry for the delay but thank you so much for the prompt!!! I was so excited to work on it #and I'm glad I finally got it finished :) #sorry it once again got incredibly out of hand length-wise #drabble my ass
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  • amagnolia
    16.06.2021 - 1 week ago

    〖being good〗!Eren Yeager

    ─ ✦ [You(n)]: "Want a good girl that does bad things to you"


    % CHARACTERS. leitor (fem) x Eren Yeager

    ❥ WARNINGS. Nfsw, Smut +18, Established relationship, Overstimulation, Unprotected sex, Penetrative sex, hot Eren 👀, you being his good girl.

    ─ 🎥;; A/N. Hello loves ❤ good reading and I hope you enjoy it! this drabble was inspired upon this post <3

    You lost track of time, sex with Eren was always intense and violent, he was intense in everything he did, including making you have multiple orgasms, your bodies were naked together as one shining through the sweat that ran all over your skin, marks and love bites were traced all over your body, after a few rounds you felt exhausted, your muscles were loose, your hair spread out under your white robes, your lips parted followed by slow gasping breaths, both the sensation of tiredness and arousal went through your head, your pussy was sore and throbbing filled with thick layers of his cum dripping down your thighs, he kept sliding his thick cock through your sloppy folds savoring your moans and the way his nails dig into your tanned flesh.

    -” What’s the matter love?” - Eren teases sliding his length along the base, slamming into her aching clit, the tip of his erect, swollen penis oozing pre-cum, he pressed against her hole, his hips twitching.

    -“I can’t take it anymore Eren…. ”- You whimper, squirming from the overestimation. - “This is too much,” - You choke, feeling thick tears start to well up in your eyes as you feel he enter you again.

    -“is it too much baby?” - He croons trying out his words in a low, sarcastic tone - “but my atta fucking girl said she wanted to be filled” - His fingers slide down my sweaty back stopping to massage my hips, pinning me against the bed, his thighs fit into this position rubbing against mine, I feel the heat and wetness begin to build up more and more, he begins to thrust at a steady pace.

    -“I know more….” - You try to pull away, but his firm hands grab your hips making it impossible for you to move, despite your sensitivity, he continues to keep control of the situation, the only thing left for you to do was to moan and beg him to stop, despite all this, you wanted to be a good girl, his good girl, your mind could no longer reason a voice in the back of your head begged to be ruined by him.

    He increases the pace violently emitting a splashing sound that increases by the minute, heat begins to build in his belly, the familiar burning sensation in his stomach begins to return, his cries of pleasure are intense, he had barely recovered from one orgasm and was already on his way to another.

    - “Will you be my good fucking girl and receive everything I give you?” - He leans in and places a kiss on the corner of you lips.

    - “Fuck…”- You moan shaking your head positively at him, the feel of her walls around him made him lose his mind, squeezing his length harder and harder, making it harder to get through.

    Eren’s strokes becoming looser and slower giving one last thrust before ruining his orgasm, ribbons of white cum squirted into her swollen pussy, her hot body falling exhausted on the white tissues, her legs trembling.

    You take it all, as he said you can handle it all, since you were his good fucking girl.

    #aot drabble#snk drabbles#aot smut#snk smut#snk fanfiction #aot x reader #eren yeager x reader #eren yeager smut #eren yeager #eren yeager fanfiction #eren yeager drabble #attack on titan x reader #eren jeager #eren jeager x reader #aot fanfiction
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