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    I look like mikasa's lil sis lolol anyway WHERES MY EREHHH!?

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    k. (eren j. x reader)

    summary; you're well aware by now that your feelings of eren have blossomed into something more than a fuckbuddy. but you're not quite sure if he'll agree.
    content warnings; smut (18+), fingering, oral (f. receiving), vaginal, unprotected sex, unestablished relationship, degrading, use of pet names, creampie, slight dumbification, hurt at the end i’m sorry.
    word count; 2.2k
    a/n; the fic that has been sitting in my drafts for 2 months has been completed! anyways i’m sorry i’m advance

    you're well aware by now that eren jaeger isn't just a one night stand you had a week ago. you couldn't quite call it a friendship now, but perhaps fuckbuddies- or people who banged on the low with no strings attached.

    well, you wouldn't say you didn't have feelings for him by now. you couldn't tell if it was his mischievous personality or his nine inch long dick, but there were certainly more than platonic feelings on your end.

    you two had met when armin, mikasa and eren bought a house to rent out for college. you were a friend of mikasa's and had nowhere to go except to the house they rented, so you moved in. you and eren clicked almost instantaneously, as if you were best friends your whole life.

    the sexual tension between you two was inexplicable. and you both knew it. and that's why one day, eren chose to make his move when you two were watching "finding nemo: blu-ray dvd edition" on the couch in the living room.

    you two fucked during the scene when the little red-headed girl was terrorizing the other fish. but you two don't talk about it. all that mattered was that it was good sex- and by good, you meant really. fucking. good. you had no clue how he gained all this experience, but that didn't matter either.

    now you were here, nearing the end of your sophomore year. this little rendezvous with eren had lasted five months now. you two definitely fucked often- sometimes sucking him off while he was studying for is psychology course, other times bending you over the bathroom counter with a death grip on your asscheeks.

    this time he had walked into your room while you were clicking away at your laptop while you sat on your bed, doing your best to study for the exam you had next week. he didn't say a word, just laid down on the bed next to you and stared up at the ceiling.

    you tried your hardest to ignore him, but your train of thought was lost when he cleared his throat unnecessarily loudly as if you couldn't already tell that he was right next to you.

    you shut your laptop in defeat, and turned your head over to eren, a smile ever so slightly curling on his lips. you were unamused at his behavior.

    "yes, eren?" you ask, eyes locking with his jade orbs. he clearly hasn't slept in a while, telling from the dark circles under his eyes, contrasting his somewhat tan skin. his brown hair was in its messy bun like normal, tied up sloppily with some baby hairs poking out here and there.

    "dunno", he responded. "just seeing what you're up to."

    "mhm? well, that sounds like bullshit to me, mister jaeger", you scoff. "you always come in here and make yourself at home when you're horny."

    eren sighed, and sat up from his position. "fine, you caught me red handed. but i know you're as horny as i am."

    "...you're right", you admit, before he flips over so he's on all fours and crawls over so he's in front of you. the several rings that adorned his fingers glistened in the ceiling light above, his grey sweatshirt hanging loosely around his body. though what he always wore was so simple, he never failed to look breathtaking in it.

    tugging at the waist of your sweatpants, eren growled a "take it off" before you slid your hands down to your waist and did as he told you, leaving you in your panties. you didn't wear nice ones today assuming you weren't going to be fucking somebody, but here you were.

    the rest was done by him as he pulled down your panties, breath hitching at the sight of your wet cunt. eren licked his lips hungrily.

    "wet? already? what are you, some kind of whore?"

    when you only looked at him with doe eyes, he rose his voice. "well? give me an answer, slut."

    his very words made something awaken in your core, and you responded with a "y-your whore, eren."

    eren nodded in satisfaction, content with your answer. "you're learning."

    in past experiences, you had been quite a brat to him- as he would say. constantly going up against what he wanted, trying to dominate him. but every single time he ended up pushing you back down and pounding you into the nearest surface, making you state exactly who you belonged to. but since you were being good this time, he relented.

    dipping a cold finger into your folds, he collected the juices that wetted the outer lips of your cunt, savoring the warmth it provided him in contrast to his hand. in response, you jolted at the cold temperature, only for eren to hold you down by the waist to prevent too much movement.

    working his fingers inside your impossibly tight cunt, he pushed in one, swirling it around in an attempt to find your sweet spot- in which he succeeded. with a hum of approval, he pushed through another finger past the bit of muscle and into your walls, placing it in the same spot the other finger was. curling his digits around that spongy spot and placing the gentlest pressure upon it. letting a pathetic whimper escape your lips, eren is quick to stop what he's doing and reach for your panties.

    "w-what are you doing?" you croak, voice weak from the recent stimulation.

    "shutting you the fuck up", he snapped back in response. balling up your pair of soaked panties, he stuffed them in your mouth, making you gag a little. he only smirked at the fact you were struggling. "you're just too fuckin' loud. if armin and mikasa weren't downstairs i would let you have at it, but we've gotta keep this a secret baby."

    resuming what he was doing a minute ago, he moves his mouth closer to your cunt, ever so gently wrapping his lips around your delicate little clit. your hips bucked upwards as he put his two fingers in their previous spot, pumping slowly in and out.

    you're only able to mumble in approval as his pumping turns languid and rough, and before you know it you're already feeling that knot that's all too familiar in your stomach. you yelp into your balled up panties that occupied your little mouth, the sound coming out muffled. erens brow raises as he removes his fingers from your fluttering cunt.

    you're about to mutter something in disapproval, but eren starts talking before you. "i told you to stay quitet, princess. what don't you get about that? are you that stupid whore i thought you were? yeah, i thought so."

    "'m not a stupid whore", you say, making your statement clear even though there was a piece of fabric in your mouth.

    "then show it", eren demands as he slides his fingers back in, his thrusting become too quick for you to resist an orgasm, but still staying quiet so he would let you cum.

    you gush all over his fingers, creamy white liquid coating his fingers as he pulls out, and places his fingers in his mouth, licking off the substance. you're reduced to a panting mess on your bed.

    "that tired, are ya?" eren mocks you. "too bad. i still've got a hard cock and you're gonna take care of it." he isn't wrong. his print is easily visible in his grey sweats, at its full length and glory.

    "more", you pant out. "want your cock, can handle it, eren..."

    "i know you can, princess", he coos as he practically rips down his pants and boxers at the same time, exposing his hardened and flushed cock. the tip was tinted red, a few veins protruding through the skin on the side. he had a pretty cock indeed.

    "bend over", he commands. shakily, you comply and get on all fours so that your head is near a pillow in case your legs give out. "that's'a girl."

    you can feel him come up from behind you, and rub his warm tip over your cunt, making a shiver run down your spine. his size never failed to make you at least just a little bit nervous, it always hurt a bit when it went in but he prepped you well enough that it would slide in easily.

    with his right hand, he grabbed the sturdy frame of the headboard, and with his left, started to push his cockhead into your tight little hole. you squealed as you felt his flesh enter you slowly, but soon sheathed his whole self in with one thrust.

    "fuck- you're tight", he grunted, and removed his left hand so it was now gripping your ass. you could feel his fingernails digging into the supple skin, likely leaving red crescent marks. after eren took a deep breath or two, he started his movements. and he didn't relent.

    the pace he was moving at was almost dizzying, making you let out a few high-pitched wails. his balls slapped up against your behind, lewd noises of skin on skin filling the room. he held onto the headboard, making the bed shake and creak with every new thrust he took.

    "eren, eren, eren", you mumbled, completely cockdrunk by him. "more, more please".

    eren smirked, his hair starting to fall out of his bun. "liking that? i knew it, you're just a whore. begging for my cock like always, just like the slut i've always known."

    his words were mean, but they made you clamp around his dick, making him release a stuttered moan. were you perhaps sick for liking the way he degraded you? you didn't know and didn't care.

    "s' good, 'ren", you gasped, wanting him to keep calling you these names and degrading you down to the bone. you would never let any man talk to you like that- only eren could, he did it the right way.

    "i know baby, i know", he purred. "m' gonna cum, you gonna cum with me?"

    "y-yes!" you shriek, feeling your second orgasm creep up on you, making your stomach do a somersault. "please 'ren! make me cum! need you filling me up!"

    eren gave a dark chuckle, and threw his head back into a moan. your orgasm hit you like a truck, the pleasure taking over your entire body and making you shake uncontrollably, squealing into your pillow as your legs gave out. eren knew this was coming, so he removed his right hand from his headboard and put both of his hands under your legs to hold you out as he rode out his high. he jackhammered into you, balls tightening as the knot in his stomach finally snapped, making his cum spurt out of his tip and into your cunt. you were left immobile and speechless, drooling into your pillow as he pulled himself out and let his semen leak out from your hole and all over your sheets.

    after he finished panting, he looked over to you. "you good?"

    "mmph", you mumble, eren barely hearing you. you meant for that to be an affirmation.

    he flipped you over so you were on your back, your sweatshirt still on your body. he cursed himself for not removing it, but there was always a next time. he smiled at your state, knowing he fucked you that good.

    “you did good, princess”, he grinned, and pulled up his boxers again, and searched for his phone which he left somewhere in the room.

    “eren”, you ask. “where are you going?”

    “there’s a party at jeans dorm tonight. you going?”

    you sigh. “no, studying for the exam. i need to pass it, maybe i’ll go next time.”

    eren nodded, and walked out the door. “thanks again.”

    staring up at the ceiling, you wondered how eren could always treat the fact you two fucked on the regular so casually. he always went around and flirted with other girls at parties, but never took them home.

    well, it was now or never that you were going to make your move.

    you grabbed your phone from your nightstand and unlocked it, your home screen being a photo of you, eren, armin and mikasa all huddled around the couch for a movie night. you opened your messaging app, and clicked on erens contact. this is where you began drafting your message.

    | You: um okay hi eren! so thanks for today, it felt really good as always. but i was wondering if maybe you would want to take things further? we can go out to dinner thursday night if you’re free :)

    reading it over once before sending, you pressed the blue button that sent the message to him. it took two minutes for him to read if.

    the three dots in a bubble popped up on his end of the conversation. you internally panicked, wondering if this was the right choice.

    | erennn: i mean don’t we fuck? don’t get me wrong u cool but i mean idk man

    your heart quite literally froze at the sight of his message. the dots popped up again, and you held your breath waiting for an answer.

    | erennn: so like fuckbuddies basically, that’s all i want rn so uhhhh yeah 💀

    this was the exact moment you felt your heart physically sink. fuck, now you’ve embarrassed yourself. would he think your weird?

    wanting to act calm and unaffected by his answer, all you wrote was one letter.

    | You: k.

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    eren x fem!reader

    dark content

    the soft patter of ash on your leg, made your hips jump up. you could do nothing but whimper as your arms were held behind your back, your legs shaking from the thigh that was jumping you up and down.

    your pretty brown thighs no longer looked smooth as circular lesions were scattered up and down the inside of them, deep, red and starting to welt. dried up tears made your cheeks sticky and uncomfortable. 

    tilting his head, eren blew a streamline cloud of smoke in the air, making sure your hips stay grounded on the thick of his upper thigh. his left hand stayed wrapped around your wrists, the ache dulling as the pain in your cunt became unbearable.

    the boy noticed the wet patch on his jeans, who wouldn't? you were practically drooling from both ends.

    “wanna cum?” he grinned, hair covering his face, the only thing of his you could see being the smoke that left his mouth in transparent billows whenever he spoke.

    “please.” you whimper, only squealing in response when you were thrown onto the floor, knees grazing the hardwood flooring. your hair was pulled tight in his hands so your cheek was pushed up against the hard material of erens jeans that his cock strained against.

    “then say ahh.”

    #eren jeager x reader #eren jaeger#eren smut#eren #eren yaeger icons #eren yaeger angst #eren yaeger headcanons #jaeger family#jaeger #snk x reader #snk manga#snk eren #aot x reader #aot headcanons#aot smut#aot#poc#aot poc #attack on titan #armin attack on titan
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    #🍓 jess writes #tw drug mention #tw breeding kink #tw cheating#tw humiliation#tw corruption#tw spitting #aot x reader #eren smut #jean kirschtein smut #eren x reader smut #eren x reader #aot imagines#aot headcanons#aot smut#snk eren#snk smut #jean kirschtein x reader #eren jaeger smut #eren yeager smut #eren headcannons #jean kirschtein headcanons
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    #snk#snk eren#digital art#snk fanart #attack on titan #attack on titan fanart #drawing
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    Eren Yeager | Salt in the Wound

    Pairing: Eren Yeager x Fem!Reader

    Rating: Explicit (18+ Only)

    Warnings: Dacryphilia, Degradation, Slapping, Daddy Kink, Eren is fucking mean

    Word Count: 1.1k

    A/N: This is part of my Nine Muses Event to celebrate 9k! Follow the link to read more fanfics I am writing to celebrate. Heed the warnings; I like a very mean, god-complex kind of characterization of Eren. 💕

              Nothing made Eren feel more powerful than seeing you cry, not just from cruel words, but from being so wholly overwhelmed by the sin he poured into your body. Your tears were always so warm, so pretty, spilling over your cheeks and getting caught in your lashes like dew droplets in spring.

               Sometimes he couldn’t help but kiss them away, just another part of you to swallow and devour.

               He enjoyed taking you because you weren’t just some subservient little devil, no, you were good, you were strong, and overpowering you was like an addiction, something he had to have whenever the urge hit. It didn’t matter where you were, what assignments you’d be given, Eren would find you, push you down onto your knees, your back, and he would take you. You were just another thing to conquer.

               “Gonna bruise your insides tonight, fuck,” your tight pussy had him panting above you, hips brutal and sweat dripping through the rolling sinews of his back.

               You were already babbling nonsense, the euphoria of his cock spreading up your nerves and making you lightheaded. Dull green eyes were observant of your reactions, the judge and jury over your fate as he watched the pulls in your pretty face.

               He’d been edging you for so long, bringing you closer and closer to orgasm only to pull out and slap the head of his cock against your aching clit. He just liked the sounds you made, sweet little whines and pleas that made his pointed ears twitch.

               But it wasn’t enough; he wanted more, deserved a more visceral action for allowing you the pleasures of the flesh.

               Propped on one elbow, weight sinking into the mattress, Eren gripped your jaw, pushing your head back. “You’re fucking disgusting. You don’t deserve my cock, you’re just easy to control.”

               Words were forming in your mouth, he could feel them under the press of his fingers. But you choked them back, the stupid little emotions running through your head starting to bubble over.

               Good. Whenever you got choked up, your cunt only clenched harder around him.

               You swallowed thickly, taking a deep breath before parting your lips, “Ere—”

               Your skin flushed so hot when he slapped your cheek, hard, quick, like a cat swatting at easy prey. The sound you made was too perfect, a painful gasp bleeding into a shrill little sob, like he’d actually hurt you beyond just the sting of skin. Like he’d put a wound in your pride.

               “That’s not what you call me.”

               There was fear in your eyes as you looked up at him, irises tracing over the lines still etched in his face from his titan transformation. Less than an hour ago he’d been a monster, waiting in the seas and capsizing ships, and now he was just a new kind of predator, one that received pleasure from bending your legs too far back and breaking you down in anguish.

               Eren slapped you again just to encourage those tears he loved so much. He was successful, holding back a grin you whimpered, nose scrunching, salty tears streaming down your temples and staining the pillow.

               “I-I’m sorry, daddy.” Oh you were so far gone, hands reaching up to twist in his hair, bringing his lips to brush against your swollen ones.

               He smirked as he licked against your teeth, mirthful and wild as he started to thrust deeper inside of you, curling your hips back and as the meat of your thighs began to shake. He pinched your flushed cheek, laughing at the poor little coo that left your throat.

               Your abused, gummy walls were sucking him in deeper, fluttering as your belly tightened from the coil of pleasure he was building inside of you. He groaned at the feeling, shoving his head in the space between your neck and shoulder, teeth nipping at sweaty skin. Your hands were slipping in his hair, fingers catching the tie that held his hair back and making mousy hair spill over his face.

               Frustration split down his psyche at the feel of long hair sticking to his skin, getting in the way of sucking marks into your neck.

               “You better start begging,” he warned, sitting up higher on his knees so he could press his cock a little too roughly into your cunt, his toned stomach rhythmically slapping against your clit, “beg your daddy to let you cum.”

               The cry that met his ears was delicious. You hated this part, hated having to grovel, hated how you felt so good that you just couldn’t stand it. He felt your nails against his scalp, clawing, burning, egging him on. He pawed at one of your bouncing tits, twisting your nipple between his fingers until you screamed.

               “Please! Please, daddy, w-wanna cum so bad,” he kept pressure on your nipple, pistoning his hips a little harder, getting into a solid rhythm that had your teary eyes rolling back.

               He loved how your pussy felt sculpted to him like this, like every vein on his cock had carved a home on your walls, the texture of you so perfect that he hated to admit it took strength to hold himself back from finding that heaven inside of you.

               “You can do better, just a little more.”

               “Fuck,” you whined, the floodgates letting loose now. He lifted his head to watch you, your crying face like a beacon between the unruly curtains of his hair. Something inside of him wanted to praise you, tell you looked so pretty when you cried, that you were being so good letting go for him, but he didn’t want to ruin the show. Praise could be a balm.


               He gripped your thighs, sitting back so he could watch his cock be wrapped by your swollen, wet pussy, lips dragging along his length with every quick push and pull.

               “DaddyDaddyDaddy, f-fuck, please, so c-close, hurts.”

               That tickled him pink, had his eyes lighting up as he felt some sick pride awaken and crawl out of his chest. It truly was pathetic how quickly you came when his thumb touched your clit, just a few measly swirls and you were a blubbering mess, cunt squelching as slick gushed from your tight hole. He pulled out of you as you orgasmed, leaving your pussy to spasm around nothing, your arms crossing over your eyes as you fell into hearty sobs.

               He ripped your forearms away from your face, stroking his cock hard and fast as he straddled your body. He swore that he’d never come so hard before, cum spurting from his pulsing cock and painting your face, dripping down your cheeks. He felt relief deep in his balls, over all his muscles, strings of cum still pouring over you, mixing into your tears.

               And he left you there, sniffling, wiping away salty cum and even saltier tears, not knowing when he’d come for you again.

    #eren smut #Eren Yeager x reader #eren x reader #eren yeager #eren yeager x you #eren x you #snk eren#aot eren #attack on titan #attack on titan fanfiction #aot fanfic#snk fanfic#eren fanfic#eren fanfiction
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    Whispers, "Tatakaeeeeeeeeee"

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    #snk mikasa #eren x mikasa #mikasa ackerman #attack on titan mikasa #shingeki no kyojin mikasa #mikasa aot#eren#snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #eremika#snk eren#eren jäger#eren yeager#mikasa
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    Eren: Here Captain, a nice hot cup of tea!

    Levi: This is cold.

    Eren: Nice cup of tea!

    Levi: It's horrible.

    Eren: Cup of tea..?

    Levi: I'm not sure this is tea.

    Eren: ... Cup?

    #incorrect quotes #attack on titan #incorrect attack on titan #incorrect aot quotes #incorrect attack on titan quotes #aot #shingeki no kyojin #levi akerman#aot levi#snk levi#eren yaegar#aot eren#snk eren#ereri
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    17.04.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Cowboy Eren bc I love Eren he deserves to be a cool cowboy man

    Don’t look at his hands I can’t draw hands or hats and I suffer

    Also I haven’t read the manga yet so ahhhghhhh if I get spoiled I will cry

    #eren jeager#eren aot#snk eren#eren yeager #attack on titan #aot fanart#cowboy au #shingeki no kyoujin #I’m sorry he’s a comfort character I’m literally in love with him
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    Artist : @Enviep1

    #snk eren#Eren yaeger#Aot #aot final season #aot final chapter #snk final season #snk final chapter #eren jeager #attack on titan #snk#eren yeager#fanart#snkgraphic#snk 4
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    Marleyan Mirage

    the ending we deserved

    Mikasa had known Eren most of his life.

    She was sure she was the only person left in the world who knew him the way she did.

    And with such certainty, she knew he'd made up his mind as he stood at the opening of the tent, looking up at the starless night sky.

    Whatever he was orchestrating, there wasn't a force on this earth that would talk him out of it.

    So she did what she'd always done.

    She watched him.

    With an uncertain future looming ahead, she wanted to drink him up, swallow him whole and keep him safe.

    But she'd settle with engraving him into her mind wanting to always remember him this way.

    His long hair blowing with the soft summer breeze of this foreign land. His thoughtful stance as the weight of humanity rested comfortably on his young shoulders, a weight that had never let him stand tall.

    Bitter tears stung her eyes at the unfairness of it all.

    "Mikasa." he called for her without turning, sensing she was awake, knowing her as well as she did him.

    Mikasa gently lifted Sasha's head from her lap and propped it up on a pillow before getting up.

    She felt a wave of cool air as she stepped out of the tent, turning to face the sky like Eren was.

    "What do you think?" he asked after a few minutes of silence.

    "About what?" she said turning to him, entranced by the way the moon kissed his face.

    "The devils that call us devils." he said with a dry chuckle, his voice sounded defeated.

    The rage that had once burned brightly within him, like a fire that everybody wanted so desperately to put out, now seemed to be extinguished.

    He turned to face her, his emerald eyes meeting hers, searching for a way out of this.

    She couldn't find the right words to say. The words that would make him see all wasn't lost. That he'd always have her.

    "Forget it. What is there to say?" he faced the sky again, "We see each other as devils and that'll be the destruction of us both." his tone so void of emotion it sent a shiver up her spine and struck fear in her heart.

    "Eren, don't talk like that." she said sharply, anger lacing her own voice. "With the rumbling we still have-"

    "Yes, you're right. We do." he cut her off, offering her a small smile that attempted to convey a confidence that didn't quite reach his heart.

    She returned a hopeful smile of her own, the type she only reserved for Eren, eyes glimmering with the promise of a future he couldn't yet phantom but somehow she'd seen.

    As if on cue, his eyes lit up, as the fire reignited in them.

    "I'll figure it out." his voice rang with sincerity when he said this.

    "I promise you that, Mikasa." his body now fully angled towards her as he reached a hand and took hers.

    Casting down her stare, she watched as Eren interlocked their fingers.

    She felt weightless and all she could think about was how his hand felt rough but warm against her own.

    When their eyes met again his glimmered in the darkness and she realized something. The new light in them wasn't kindled by anger, it was hope, she didn't think she'd ever seen them shine that bright.

    "I want to show you something." his voice was filled with an excitement she hadn't heard in years.

    She nodded because what else could she say as her heart exploded for Eren.

    That night, their hushed voices and spurts of laughter filled the night air throughout the camp. To locals they looked like any other young couple madly in love and hormone ridden as they slipped inside a tent. Had their friends been awake they would not have recognized the pair as they wondered around looking for an empty tent, hand in hand, and absolutely drunk on each other.

    Absolutely alive.

    The night lasted forever, both feeling the most free they'd ever felt in their lives. Their love for each other was transmitted with every word spoken and when everything had been said they turned to their hands and bodies.The patience finally paying off as they discovered all the different ways through which love could be felt.

    Mikasa woke up abruptly to the impact of Sasha's arm falling heavily on her chest.

    Where was she?

    Where did he go?

    Hange was somewhere close, yelling something, but Mikasa couldn't understand a word, her head was pounding.

    She was back in the tent where they'd began last nights festivities.

    But Eren, where was Eren?

    Fragmented memories from last night came back to her at once, knocking the wind out of her for a second time that morning.

    Had it really happened?

    Had it been a dream?

    She looked around the tent, her friends hungover faces were all around, but not the one she wanted to see the most.

    Eren was nowhere to be found.

    The next time she saw Eren other, more imperative, conversations were had and that night in Marley was swallowed by the war. Regardless of its nature, Mikasa buried the believed to be memory in her heart like a treasure.

    She never got to ask Eren directly if that night in the tent had been a dream or even a booze induced hallucination.

    The answer instead had come in the most unexpected way, as the best things in life usually do.

    Mikasa sat under the shade of the tree.

    Even now that the world had grown boundless and the walls had fallen, it was still the place she loved being most in.

    Her sore back from working all morning was pressed against the tree trunk and her hands rested comfortably on her lap as she felt the breeze.

    The wind pushed back her hair as her eyes watched the cloudless sky. She felt a gentle tug on her skirt, her eyes turning to meet the familiar emerald ones.

    He smiled, gifting her torn shreds of grass as he released a fistful of them onto her palm.

    "Thank you." she said closing her hand around the bits of grass as he flashed her the familiar smile that had always been home.

    Mikasa watched as he waddle on his little toddler legs down the hill to keep picking at grass, laughing all the way down.

    His childhood giggles the soundtrack of her days, forever her reminder of how real that night and Eren had been.

    #eren yeager #eren jeager fluff #eren jeager headcanons #eren jeager x you #eren x y/n #eren x mikasa #eren mikasa armin #eremika#eren yaegar#eren headcanons#eren fluff#snk eren#aot eren#eren aot#eren snk #eren attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan #snk 139#aot 139#139 spoilers#aot spoilers #attack on titan spoilers #snk spoilers#mikasa ackerman #mikasa x eren #eren jaeger #eren yeager fluff #eren yeager x mikasa ackerman #eren yeager angst
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    ︴⋄ 𝐄𝐫𝐞𝐧 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐫 𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐭

    ғᴀᴠ ᴏʀ ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢ ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ᴜsᴇ/sᴀᴠᴇ

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    Just imagine actor Eren saying this after /that/ fight

    #aot fanart #shingeki no kyojin #anime #atack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin fanart #snk fanart#eren jaeger#snk eren#actor au
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    Artist: @enviep1

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    Natural Sinners

    summary: you’re at a banquet with your family. it’s nothing you hadn’t experienced before. however, this night in particular provides you with more than you bargained for.

    ➳ eren jaeger x fem!reader, smut

    ➳ tw: nsfw/18+, stepcest, rough sex, choking, breeding, dumbification, slight praise kink

    It started off innocent. A tug of the hair here, a shove and a nudge of the shoulder there. Honestly, he annoyed you quite a bit of the time. So, how you ended up in this position? You had no clue.

    You summon a moment to take in your surroundings. Low hanging chandeliers littered the ceiling, it’s light providing enough exposure to see everything and everyone while remaining dimly lit enough to maintain a calm ambiance. Numerous circular tables were scattered across the room, each coated in a rich bronze tablecloth with seating tags and a fine dining set to match.

    The walls were golden, a nice affinity against the coca-colored flooring of the place. The room was at least a thousand square feet. Placing your elbow onto the table top, head in hand, you tapped your fingers against your cheek as you watched numerous people congregate to be seated. Shifting your gaze to the front you see a man standing with a microphone, talking to some woman. Tending to last minute preparations, you presume. That must mean it’s about to start.

    Closing your eyes, you blow a stray curl from your updo out of your face and heave a sigh. You didn’t mean to, you just knew that this was going to be another forty five minute to hour presentation that you’d have to sit through. All before dinner being served too, and god you were famished. You hadn’t eaten all day, too busy running errands and preparing for the night. You wonder what they were gonna serve this time. Probably some fancy dish you couldn’t to pronounce. How nice would it be if they didn’t though? You could go for a nice burger right about now. Yes, a cheeseburger with fries on the side and —

    A voice snaps you out of your out of your reverie. “Is something wrong, honey?” You opened your eyes to see your mom staring at you worriedly.

    You sit up straight, remove your elbow from the table and place your hands in your lap. You had almost forgotten yourself. “I’m sorry. I must be tired from all the running around earlier.”

    “Think you’re gonna be okay for the presentation?” Grisha asked voicing his concern as well.

    You give a soft smile in return before adding, “I’ll be alright.” You always liked Grisha. Not only was he was sweet to your mom, and amiable with you, but you could tell he valued family, and you liked that.

    ‘Speaking of which...’ you glance toward the entry way of the banquet hall, in time to see just the person you were looking for making their way to the table. Hair pulled back into a neat bun, dressed in all black from head to toe. You quickly let your eyes roam his frame before turning back to face your parents.

    “Sorry, the line for the bathroom was longer than expected,” Eren says while buttoning his blazer and adjusting the sleeves, before pulling out the chair next to you to be seated.

    “I’m glad you’re back, it should be starting soon.” Grisha shot him a nod before continuing to converse with your mother.

    Arms crossed, Eren leans into you. “Hope you didn’t miss me too much.”

    “Oh, I think I managed just fine, even better if I’m being honest.” You extend your hand to view your nails smugly. A creamy shade of nude coming into view.

    “Yeah, alright.” The tone of his voice was a bit too sarcastic for your liking, but before you could retort a group of four walked up to your table, three men and a woman.

    “Well, if it isn’t the man, Dr. Jaeger himself.” Grisha stands to meet the male. “David,” he smiles embracing him with a clap on the back and a hug. You watched as both of your parents continue to exchange pleasantries with the three of them.

    You were wondering when the remainder of your table would show. You look at their seating tags and catch their names: David, Naomi, Michael, and —

    “Hey, the name’s Jayden.” You turn to see a man who looks to be around your age. He extends his hand so you follow suit, reaching out as well to shake it. However, he bends down and brings your palm to his lips placing a gentle kiss upon it.

    You could feel your face heat up. “It’s nice to meet you Jayden, I’m [Name].” You place a hand on your chest.

    He smiles, “A beautiful name for a beautiful lady.”

    “Wow, thank you.” You look away sheepishly, catching sight of Eren whose eyes are trained on the man standing before you. “Oh, where are my manners?” You chuckle, “Jayden this is my brother, Eren.” You say gesturing to the brown haired man sitting next to you.

    “Nice to meet you dude,” he offers his hand only to have Eren stare at it for a few seconds before looking back up at him, making no effort to return the sentiment.

    “Well, alright then...” he lowers his arm and awkwardly rubs at his his pant leg, as he went to take his seat to your left. You turn to face Eren, wide eyes saying ‘what the fuck?’ He shrugs and fiddles with his name tag.

    So, it was that kind of night. ‘Alright,’ you decided. If he was going to be a dick tonight, you’d leave him be. You weren’t going to let his negative energy, for whatever reason it may be, affect you.

    The man in the front began to speak, testing the mic; and for the next forty minutes, you attempted to understand whatever medical terminology was being spewed.

    Presentation having been over, dinner was served; Potatoes Dauphinoise as the main course and Apple Tarte Tatin for dessert. Jayden helped you out with the pronunciation of both. Now, you were all exchanging words, dining, and drinking champagne.

    “I’ve meet Eren, but Grisha has yet to let me meet his daughter,” Jayden’s dad, David you recalled, said to you. He introduces himself to you officially, and you give him your name and a hand shake in return. “You’ve got a beautiful young woman on your hands,” he vocalizes to your parents. His wife, Naomi, her tag reads, nods in agreement.

    The praise you’ve been receiving tonight has left you bashful more times than you can count.

    “Could’ve sworn I told her the exact same thing,” Jayden turns to you, a smirk on his lips.

    “Tch.” The table goes silent. It came from the left of you. You see Eren, utensil in hand looking down at his dessert. Upon closer inspection you realized his chair was a bit closer to yours. Was he always that close?

    “Is something the matter, Eren?” You hear Grisha voice from across the table. To Jayden and his family, it probably sounded like a genuine question, but you could hear it, a certain sternness hidden behind his words.

    “I spoke the truth did I not?” Jayden pipes up.

    Eren finally looks up at you, the few seconds being the most you’ve acknowledged him since before the presentation began. “Oh, she’s something.”

    You held each other’s gaze for a few more seconds before you decided to look away. You didn’t know what to take from that. The tone in which it was said making you question whether or not it was an insult; but by the look on Grisha’s face Eren may as well had outright said you looked like dogshit.

    You furrow your brows. Something’s been off about him all night and you don’t understand it. He’s being an actual asshole. At least it seems that way.

    Clearing his throat, “So, [Name], tell me about yourself.” Jayden spoke, putting a halt to whatever tension had arisen. Everyone went back to their respective conversations.

    “Well, what do you want to know?” You could feel the table cloth graze against your knee.

    “Hmm,” he tilts his head back, seemingly in deep thought. “I can’t say everything can I?”

    “We can bounce off of each other so shoot,” you reply offering him a kind smile. You could feel the cloth, a little higher above your knee and you absentmindedly use your hand to swat it away.

    “Alright, favorite food?”

    For some reason you weren’t expecting something so trivial. He’s actually trying to get to know you. You assumed this whole thing was just for the business of it all, but you suppose you didn’t mind making a new friend.

    Raising a finger, you shake your head. “Nope, I’ll do you one better. Go to meal: a cheeseburger and fries, topped off with a milkshake.” You laugh, “I was actually thinking about it earlier right before the presentation.”

    “We should exchange numbers at the end of this. We could go grab exactly that, sometime when you’re free?”

    “Um, there’s ice cream involved? Count me in.” Translation: duh!

    You feel a tight grip above the knee, and you swiftly turn your head to Eren, only to find him staring past you at Jayden. Was that him touching you before?You wanted to ask him what was wrong, but his hand began to move.

    You were wearing a high slit satin green dress, and boy did you know it. With his soft yet calloused fingers making their way up your exposed thigh, your stomach began to twist.

    You were looking at Jayden, but could barely pay attention to him with the hand of the man to your right sneaking along your skin.

    You were holding a breath, scared that if you so much as breathed wrong, it would alert everyone of what was happening below the table.

    You gathered yourself enough to ask his favorite color since he seems to be into laid back questionnaire. You were appreciative of that. Questions that didn’t require intensive thinking, or really any thinking at all. Especially in this moment.

    “Blue, and yours?”

    “Mine? Favorite...uh...favorite color, yeah it’d have to be green.” If your voice wavered, he didn’t comment on it.

    “Alright, since we’re going for cheeseburgers and ice cream, what’s your favorite flavor?”

    “It’s vanilla,” the voice from your right cuts in. “sweet and simple,” he adds, hand never straying its course up the slit of your dress. By this point his fingers were pressed well into your inner thigh, thumb gripping the outer.

    What you thought first started as some act of irritation on his end quickly turned into something else; and you become hyper aware of the moisture beginning to form between your legs. What the hell was he doing? Your mom and dad were seated right across the table. Jayden was sitting on the other side of you too. What the hell was he doing, and why do you like it?!!

    “Good to know,” Jayden takes a mental note, completely oblivious as to what’s transpiring beside him. Eren’s proximity being greater than his was obscuring his view luckily for you. “So how about you,” he asks Eren, feeling a little bad for having left him out.

    He began to rub circles on your inner thigh and you intake a soft gasp. “Personally.” Rub. “I like the taste...” Rub. “Of something a little more,” Rub. “Saccharine.”

    Moving higher, index finger almost grazing your clothed clit before removing his hand entirely. Jade irises meet yours, “but I guess vanilla will do.” He picks up his fork and takes a bite out of his dessert.

    After dinner, you were all let out into the main hall where people could engage in conversation before taking their leave. You and Jayden exchanged numbers and you didn’t see Eren again until the four of you were packed into the truck on your way home. You were staying at your parents place since you knew you’d be leaving the banquet late.

    Upon entering the house you a lean hand against the wall, bending down immediately to remove your nude colored heels. Sighing, you wiggle your toes to gain some feeling in them. Your parents had shuffled themselves up the stairs uttering tired ‘love you’s’ and ‘goodnight’s’ to both you and Eren.

    You make your way to the bathroom on the first floor and remove your hairpins, letting your hair fall smoothly past your shoulders. Flipping it over you ruffle it up a bit, and cut the light off before leaving.

    Barefoot, your feet dragged across the floor. You scratched your head as you made your way to the kitchen, opting to get a glass of water before heading upstairs to bed. Only, you find Eren leaning back against the kitchen counter beside the fridge.

    Hands in pockets, head tilted back with his adams apple in clear view; and one leg crossed in front of the other, at the ankles. You could see his black blazer was draped over one of the kitchen chairs. He was standing before you in just his black shirt, dress pants, and oxford shoes. The man looks like a model, even at this time of night. You almost laughingly scoff at the thought.

    Sensing motion, his eyes snapped open and trailed over to you. You reached into a cabinet, to grab a cup, and made your way to the fridge to pull out the glass water pitcher.

    You hadn’t talked about what happened, nor had you any plans in doing so. You don’t even know what you’d say because truthfully, you don’t even know what that was.

    You were unaware of his eyes following your every movement.

    “So, you and Jayden huh?”

    “What are you talking about?” You scooped some ice from the ice making machine behind him on the counter, slipping it into your cup, adding the water shortly after.

    “Did you get his number?”

    You take a sip before turning to face him head on. “I did.”

    “Of course.”

    “Alright, what’s your problem? You’ve been more annoying than usual this entire night.”

    Pushing himself off the counter he takes a step forward. “Why haven’t you brought it up?”

    You avert your eyes away from him, taking an interest in the marble lining of the island table instead. “Brought what up?”

    He grabs your chin, bringing your line of vision back to him and only him, his eyes boring yours.

    “I got jealous, you know.” You furrow your brows, butterflies starting to rise within your stomach. You weren’t sure you liked where this was headed. “The man was practically drooling at the sight of you, and you were flirting back. No hesitation.”

    “He wasn’t drooling, nor was I flirting. Look, Eren it’s getting late we should go to bed.” You try to break away from his grasp but his hold on your face tightens.

    He didn’t say anything more, but you knew. You just knew. “Eren,” you said sternly in warning. You were about to cross a line that was best left untouched. You could feel your own resolve chipping away.

    He loosens his grip, but runs a thumb along your bottom lip. “You look so goddamn sexy in that dress.” His eyes roam over your body. “I thought about ripping it off you all night.”

    Your eyes widen. You could feel the dampness between your thighs for the second time tonight. Between his grip on your face, his words, and his lust filled eyes? You had found yourself already soaked. You had to cut it off before you both crossed that line. “Eren, what are you —” you were cut off by lips smashing against yours.

    It took you a second to register what was happening. Hurriedly placing the glass on the table, your hands made haste to find some part of him to grip on to, fingers deep within his silky locks.

    Abruptly, he flips you over and pushes your upper body down. Your face and breast flat against the island table, shoulders cold. He runs a hand up the slit of your leg, and lifts your dress up to bunch around your stomach, catching sight of your lacy black underwear.

    “I’ll only ask this once,” he leans over from behind you, bringing his head closer. Lips are against your ear before he whispers, “Do you want this just as badly?” Yes, god yes.

    “Our parents are upstairs.”

    He knew you were deflecting, “Then, I guess we better keep quiet. What will it be, [Name]?”

    You look back to get a better look at him. Your eyes locked and he remained still, patiently awaiting your answer. In that moment you think that maybe the hue of his eyes is why green is your favorite color. Always has been.

    You had already kissed, and now you’re bent over the island table, pussy on full display for him. It had gotten this far because you wanted it to, and you knew that.

    “Shit, okay. Yeah. Yes.” You go back to your original placement, cheek against the cold surface.

    He wastes no time unbuttoning the cuffs of his sleeves and rolling them up to his elbows. He pulls your panties down to your ankles and chuckles.

    “Already wet for me, huh?” He lines his index and middle finger up, running them against your folds, and earning a soft hum from you. “That’s what I like to see.”

    You couldn’t even blame him for being smug. You could feel more heat pooling in the pit in your stomach. If he kept talking like that you didn’t know what you’d do with yourself.

    He squats down and uses both hands to spread you open. “You’ve got such a pretty pussy,” he asserts, voice deep and low. Closing the distance he brings his tongue to your core and does one long lick from your clit to you entrance.

    “I just knew you’d taste sweet.” And then he’s back in and lapping expertly at your core.

    “Mmm fuck, Eren.” His tongue felt so warm, a nice contrast to the cold surface you were bent over on. If you had something to grip on to, you would.

    He stood up and you instantly missed the warmth of his tongue; but found yourself letting out a gasp as he inserted a digit inside of you. He begins pumping in and out while rubbing his thumb against your clit. “That feel good babygirl?”

    “Feels so good,” you let out.

    “Good,” he said, middle finger now being added, continuing his strenuous pumps. “Think you could cum like this?”

    “Y-yes, please.”

    He was delightfully surprised at that. Usually the two of you were going back and forth. He always thought you had a smart mouth on you. “Good, because I need you nice and stretched before I fuck you.”

    Your hand covered your mouth, muffling your moans as you came all over his fingers. Slowly you turned around and he got a good look at you. Hair draping your face, eyes lazy, and limps plump.

    “Fuck, just looking at you makes me hard.” His dick twitched at the sight of you.

    You kicked your underwear off of your ankles and grabbed his hand bringing it to your lips, licking his fingers clean, the taste of you evident on your tongue. You stared at him intently. “So fuck me already.”

    “Shit...you’re gonna be the death of me, [Name].” he lifts you up by the thighs, placing you on the counter. In a second his lips have found yours again, slipping his tongue in to caress yours. You found yourself hastily unbuttoning his shirt, but it was proving to be too much of a hassle. In a fit of annoyance your rip it open. You had half a mind to apologize but he didn’t seem to mind.

    Tugging his arms out he tosses the shirt. His chest exposed, you trail kisses from his neck to his pecs. His hands are roaming over your waist and grabbing your ass before being brought to the spaghetti strap of the satin material clinging to your body. He slowly pulls it down, and places a kiss on your shoulder, littering kisses around the area before nipping at your clavicle.

    You hissed at the action, and he moved towards your neck, tongue running along each part of your exposed skin.

    You were hot all over. It’s like you were set ablaze and he was the only one capable of dousing your fire. You were too deep within your thoughts to notice him slide the other strap down. Your breasts now bare, his tongue swirling over one of your pert buds. You couldn’t take it anymore.

    You reached down to rub at the bump in his pants causing him to groan. Quickly unbuttoning, you pull them down his thighs along with his boxers. You watched his cock spring free and smack against his abdomen. You lick your lips at the sight. ‘Shit he’s big,’ you thought, thinking back to his earlier comment about stretching you.

    You rub his pre cum along his tip. He lifts the hem of your dress once again, this time now completely bunched up, resting mid stomach. Hands push you down so your back is now feeling the shock of the cold surface, goosebumps layering your skin.

    He glides his cock up and down your folds before positioning it at your entrance, making him bite his lip at the feeling. He slowly slides into you inch by inch. “Fuckkk...” he tilts his head back, eyes closing.

    Finally bottoming out, you clench around him.

    “You grip me so good, [Name], so fucking good.”

    Your name on his tongue in such a filthy way sounded like music to your ears, and you soon found him ramming himself into you, the calm Eren dissipating completely.

    You brought your hands up to your mouth again, trying to keep the wild noises you were making contained.

    He grabs your hands to remove them from your mouth. “Ah ah ah, I wanna hear you scream for me. Keep your hands on the table.”

    “B-but —” you began in protest, struggling to get a word in, in between thrusts.

    “I said on the table.”

    You clench around him. “You like that huh?”

    Eren stares at you in awe as he fucks into you. Your hair was splayed behind your head, tits bouncing, and pussy glistening. Your legs were spread wide open for him, and he wanted it to remain that way.

    “Jayden wants you, [Name]. I won’t allow that. I don’t want him to lay a single finger on you. Do you understand me?”

    “O-oh my god...” you moaned as the sounds of his cock sliding in and out of you filled the space.

    He wraps a hand around your throat, fingers digging into the sides making your head fuzzy. “I said do you understand me? Whose pussy is this? Say it.”

    “Yours. F-fuck, Eren it’s all yours,” you struggle to get out, his grip on your neck firm.

    “You being a good girl underneath me? Huh, [Name]? Are you a good girl?”

    “Y-yes,” you nod hurriedly. “I’m a good girl.” You’d be whatever he wanted you to be in this moment. Say whatever he wanted you to say.

    He laughs, actually laughs. Voice coming out gruffly he declares, “Nah you’re not. Good girl’s aren’t taking their brothers dick with their parents asleep up the stairs, aren’t screaming his name.”

    By this point your tongue was lolling out of your mouth drool threatening to spill. You could barely make out what he was saying. You were at the tip of the precipice teetering just over the edge.

    He could see you nearing the climax and going completely dumb on his cock. “Want me time fill you up baby?”

    “Mhm,” you give a slow nod of your head, the pleasure was just too overwhelming. “Be a good brother and fill me up,” you mutter weakly.

    He had let up from his grip on your neck now lifting your legs higher from the back of your knees. “You gonna cum on your brother’s cock, hmm? Can you do that for me?”

    You nodded your head rapidly and screamed his name for the last time as you creamed over him, just like he asked. Somewhere in the back of your mind you prayed that your parents were still deep sleepers and that the walls were as thick as you remembered.

    The sound of you screaming his name had him releasing in time with you, his seed warm and coating your walls.

    He rubbed your clit, bringing you down from your high before pulling out. He placed your shaky legs down gently, watching as his cum oozed out of you.

    You laid there, spent. Mind still hazy and filled with post orgasmic bliss. Eren was feeling the same, but you came first and foremost.

    He lifted you off of the table and pulled your dress back up your body, carrying you to the living room couch. He laid you down while he went into the bathroom to prepare a bath for you. He knew what you both did was wrong, but he’d be lying if he said he wouldn’t do it again a million times over, and little did he know you’d agree.

    #eren yaeger#eren jaeger #attack on titan x reader #aot x reader #eren jaeger x reader #eren yaeger x reader #eren jaeger x you #eren jaeger smut #aot smut #shingeki no kyoujin eren #shingeki no kyoujin x reader #snk smut #attack on titan smut #snk eren #snk x reader #aot eren#eren smut #eren jaeger x y/n
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  • rem-j
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    -Where's Eren?

    =Oh don't worry, he's with his big bro.

    Meanwhile his big bro:

    I seriously didn't think I'd finish it but what a shame it would've been xD

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  • unloved-cadillac
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    P1- Forbidden. (Eren x Reader)

    Summary: A medical nurse falls for the one they call Kruger.
    C/n: it’s a two part story. Part Two tomorrow.


    Marley soldiers make their way out of the train as they arrive home. Many didn't make it back, but the ones that did had families eager to see them.

    “Warriors” as they’re called, are the soldiers that are the Titan soldiers of Marley. The Cart Titan, The Jaw Titan, The Armored Titan and the Beast Titan. All held in high regard in Marley.

    The kid soldiers also made their way to the top. Especially a young girl named Gabi Braun, related to Reiner Braun who was in fact the Armored Titan. Apparently, she threw herself into enemy territory and blew up a train. Quite ballsy for a 12 year old.

    Y/n waited with her nurses to get the injured and deceased. A line formed with all of the impaired soldiers that needed help. She walked in between the crowd, trying to get to them as fast as she could.


    She hears a man say and laugh as all of the injured and mentally impaired fall down. ‘How disgusting.’ She thinks of the person who yelled. As if these soldiers haven’t already been through enough.

    When she came to the line, she helps some of the men stand.

    “Are you okay?” A young boy asks a soldier. He helps him up and Y/n places a hand on the young boy’s shoulder. “Thank you. I’ll take them from here.” The young boy smiles and introduces himself. “I’m Falco. Falco Grice.”

    “Lovely to meet you, Falco. I’m Y/n L/n. A medic. I suggest you go before you get into trouble. I’m sure your family must be waiting for you.” She smiles and he nods, leaving after thanking her.

    Y/n helps the man stand up and puts his crutch under his arm. ‘No leg.’ She looks at the man, who doesn't meet her gaze. His long, brown hair covered his face and he didn’t look up. His aura seemed like he was so sick of all of this havoc, rightfully so. If Y/n went to war and only came back with one leg, she’d be pissed too. She held him and smoothed his hair down. His moved his head and looked at her, making her breath hitch. ‘No eye, either.’ She sympathizes with him by giving him a smile.

    As she was about to speak, the other head nurse and a soldier took the men to the mental hospital. Y/n had to break away from the mystery man and see to the others.


    The amount of trauma and suicidal behavior you see in these fallen soldiers make you want to stop the war yourself. No one deserves to live a life of trauma and no one deserves to see their closest friends die right in front of their eyes.

    In the hospital, you took care of everyone. You changed bandages, helped in medicine, changed sheets and talked to those who would.

    The man who you saw earlier was there too. He sat right at the end of the massive room, all alone on his bed. He didn’t cause any problems, didn’t speak nor did he have any problems in following rules. After you checked everybody’s vitals and medication, you walked over to him.

    You look at his medical chart. Kruger. Just Kruger. You stood in front of him as he had his head down and started to check him. “Hello, Mr Kruger. I’m Y/n. May I please check your body for any other injuries?” You ask politely and he lifts his head to look at you. His mossy, green eye looked deep into yours as he nodded.

    You smiled and inspected his body. Few bruises, few scratches and apart from the major loss of an eye and leg, he was in pretty good health. Setting your clipboard down and picking up a new set of bandages, you reach for the bandage around his head. His hand quickly grabs your wrist. As shocked as you were, you just smiled. “Please let me replace your bandages? It’s dirty and you could make your injury get infected.” You say with a soft voice, careful not to startle the troubled soldier.

    You could see he furrowed his eyebrows and studied your face. Compassion. That’s what he got off of you. You weren’t like the other nurses. You genuinely wanted to help and he felt it. Letting go of your hand, he allows you to do what you want. You felt some pride build up in getting him to trust you, even if it was just a little. You undid his head bandages and took off the little patch that laid on his injured eye. There was no saving it. It looked like the eye had been smashed with a strong force and shattered the whole eye as well the cord.

    You took a cloth and dabbed the wound with a medicine and carefully dipped and dabbed his eye. It burned and Kruger winced a bit. “I’m sorry. It will sting.” You say and he looks up at you. You slowly continue and Kruger never took his eye off of you. Your hands were so soft and caring as it moved around his face.

    After sorting out the wound, you place a new patch on it and wrap it all up again. When you moved down to his leg, he stopped you. “It’s alright. The other nurse sorted me out there already.” He says and you look up at him. His voice. It was so deep and raspy. Probably lost it due to so much screaming.

    “O-Oh. Alright then.” You say and get up. After you take back your supplies you face him. “I’ll come and check on you every hour. Get some rest.” Kruger nods and watches you leave. This was definitely something he wasn’t expecting. A rose in a garden of thorns.


    And so everyday for a week, you helped Kruger in healing. You spoke to him and he spoke back. Hardly about himself or the war so you just spoke about you.

    Your family had sadly passed on. Your brother and father joined the war and didn’t return. Mother died of pain and loss and it drove her insane. Now, you were alone. No family so you decided to join the medical team for the army.

    “What do you think about the so-called “devils”?” Kruger suddenly asks you as you both sat on a bench outside his room. You shook your head. “I don’t necessarily believe that they’re devils. No one has ever met a Paradis person. So how could we judge? From what I heard from Zeke Yeager and Pieck Finger, they are horrible. But won’t everybody be horrible to someone who invaded their homes?” You say and Kruger looks ahead, processing your words.

    “Apparently, a family is coming down to Marley. A royal family or something. I’m not too keen on it. Everything is about war and it just isn’t fair to the innocent people who have nothing to do with it.” You say and Kruger looks at you. Letting go of his crutch, his hand makes its way to yours and he holds it.

    You meet his gaze and squeeze his hand, softly. “I agree.”

    Now, you began to see the little warrior who helped Kruger that day, visit him. He sat next to Kruger and began talking about his day and all of the other things. You walk up to the pair and greet Falco. “Oh! Ms Y/n. Hello. So nice to see you again.” He smiles and you greet back. “Lovely to see you, Falco. How goes the training?”

    “Oh. I’m getting better, I guess.”

    “That good. I’m sure you will be a strong young man if you keep it up.” You say and smile.

    Falco blushes. You look at Kruger and hold out your hand. “Come. Dinner is ready.” You say and Kruger takes your hand in his.

    Before he leaves he turns to Falco and nods his head. Falco gets up and runs out of the hospital garden and waves goodbye to you.

    “Good to see you talking to someone other than me, Kruger.” You smile and lay your head on his shoulder.

    “Yeah well. I like talking to you. I guess Falco isn’t so bad but I prefer you.”

    You blush at his words and continue to walk him to the cafeteria to eat.

    A few days had passed and Eren started to prepare on what was to come. He had no distractions. He couldn’t afford to have any. He had a mission that needs to be completed. That was his original thoughts. The thoughts before you came along.

    You had come into his room with sweets and other delicious treats you got from the stalls in town. You showed him the treats and sweets and fed him all of it. He...loved it. He loved the treats you fed him and he wanted more. You asked him to accompany you to town to which he kindly declined. Not wanting to walk around on a crutch and cause attention to attract him. You agreed but brought him more and more treats whenever you went.

    You started to realize Kruger began to heal. He was getting better and the day before Tybur's speech, you asked him some questions.

    “Kruger. You’re getting better. Do you have a place to stay if you get discharged?”

    He shakes his head. You take his hand in yours and he looks at you.

    “Come stay with me then. I have a small house just outside of town. It’s not much but it’s enough. What do you say?”

    Eren’s breath hitches. Why were you so kind? Why did you have to make him feel of these things that he swore he wouldn’t feel? He had a mission for God's sake. So why did he want to say yes? Why did you make him feel like he didn’t need to do all of this?

    Why did you make him fall in love with you?

    He doesn’t answer you. Instead, he brings you in for a hug. It’s gentle yet firm. He was secretly confessing to you. Telling all of the things he is going to do. Where he came from. How he came here. His real name. His real nationality. Yet, nothing passed between you except silence.

    You hugged him back and buried your face in his neck. “Kruger? You okay?” You ask and his grip on you tightens. “I’m sorry.” He whispers, soft enough that you couldn’t hear it. But you did hear him say something. “What was that?” You ask and he pulls away and kisses your forehead. “You should go. Your nurse is calling you.” He points to the last and you look to see her tapping her wrist. “Oh. Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow okay?” You cup his cheek but he doesn’t answer. “Bye.”

    Goodbye, Y/n.


    You went to the Tybur speech. You saw the Warriors and your nurse friend gushed over Porco Galliard and Zeke Yeager. “They look so handsome in their uniform. We should go say hi.” Your friend pulls you to them. You let them, mostly because your mind was preoccupied with Kruger. You couldn’t find him when you went to his room and you searched everywhere. ‘Maybe a family member came and took him home.’

    “Hello, Warriors!” Your friend exclaims and Zeke, Porco and Pieck look at you two. “Hello, young ladies.” Porco greets and walks to you two. Your friend and Porco chat up while you look around. You see Zeke staring at you and it felt so weird. Why was staring like you killed someone or something?


    “I see you speaking with that young medic here. Did she catch your interest?” Zeke asks Eren as they both lean against a wall. Eren doesn’t answer and instead looks up at the sky.

    “She’s one of the good ones.” Eren simply says and Zeke looks at his younger brother. “You think?”

    “I know. Y/n doesn’t like war. She told me that if she had the chance to choose, she’d let Marley and Paradis live their own lives without any interference from each other.”

    Zeke nods as he listens to Eren.

    “What are you going to do with her?” Zeke asks and Eren looks at Zeke, who puts out his cigarette. “In an ideal world, I’d steal her away from here. Take her to my home and keep her safe there. But, I can’t. So I have to let her go.” Eren says with a crack in his voice. Zeke hasn’t seen him so vulnerable like this before. The girl has him contemplating his choices and that took a lot.


    Zeke studies you as you spoke with Pieck. You really were kind, just like Eren says. Too bad this world is cruel and merciless.

    Few minutes before the speech began, you see Reiner being dragged by Falco. You wonder what was up but figured it was none of your business.

    As you sat down with your fellow nurses, you looked around, hoping to see Kruger. But he wasn’t anywhere. Hopefully, he’s safe and taken care of.

    The speech Willy Tybur spoke made you ache. All of these things he said, were they really true? Were these so-called devils as bad as Marley made them seem?

    The night took a dark turn.

    As soon as Willy said the man who had the Founder Titan, a huge Titan burst from the underground and killed Willy. You quickly grabbed your friends and pulled them aside. You ran and ran, away from the chaos and went straight to the medical center. So many bodies. So much of death.

    This Eren Yeager was here and he planned on getting this Warhammer Titan. Paying no attention to that, you started to help the people who were injured. It was impossible to save some since they were literally crushed by boulders. It was terrible. It wasn’t like anything you had seen before.

    Suddenly, everyone saw people flying across from building to building. They had strange things on them and guns. You quickly hid behind a wall and watched them as they shot innocent people and light up lanterns. “What the hell is going on?”

    “Those devils! They ambushed us!”

    You hear soldiers scream to each other. Paradieans? Here? But how?

    “Ms Y/n!! Ms Y/n!!” You hear your name being yelled and you turn to see Falco running to you. “Oh my god. Falco! Are you alright? Are you hurt?”

    “I’m fine. The Titan. I-It’s Mr Kruger. Well, Eren Yeager. Mr Kruger lied to us.”

    You shake your head. “Wh-What? How? I don’t understand.”

    “It’s him! He and Mr Braun were in the army together back in Paradis and something happened and Kruger hated Reiner and..oh my god. It’s all my fault.” Falco holds his head and you bring him for a hug. “No. None of it is your fault.” You cry.

    How was this possible? Kruger being Eren Yeager? That Titan? It couldn’t be. You didn’t know what to think but all you knew was that you had a job to do. To heal the broken.

    Falco ended up going with Gabi somewhere as you began to work. Your thoughts were clouded by him. How stupid were you to think that he cared for you? How stupid were you to not see through the whole act?

    Then, why did you want to see him?

    As you continue to treat wounds and lose lives, you see the Attack Titan. But it isn’t moving. Instead, steam surrounds the nape and a man emerges from it.

    “Kruger?” You whisper and you see one of the soldiers with those weird equipment standing next to him.

    So many things were happening all at once. You tried to save so many people but it was all useless.

    “Y/N! Get the wagon!” A doctor yells to you and you nod. You walked outside the building and tried to get to the wagon that was a few feet away from the main gate of the hospital.

    By the time you got to it, you felt a sharp pain to your stomach.

    “Ah! What the..” you hold your stomach and look down at your hands. Blood. Your dress started to get stained by the blood being poured out of your stomach. You looked around and saw a soldier with a weird beard and a gun in her hand, it’s barrel releasing smoke. Your breathing started to become heavier and by the time you could call out to the person, they left.

    You collapsed onto the ground, clutching your stomach and you looked around. Nobody looked at you since there was already havoc being caused. You laid on the ground and looked up to the sky.

    ‘So this is how it ends, huh?’


    On the plane back to Paradis, Yelena stood next to Zeke and Eren as she took off her beard and settled her hair.

    “Did you do it?” Eren asked her and she nods. “Yes.” “How many times?”

    “One shot. Just like you said.”

    Eren grinds his teeth and closes his eyes as he puts his head down. Scenes flashed through his head of you. How your face lit up when you saw him. The way you combed his hair and held his arm while you two sat in the hospital. The only peace he felt in all of his years, was next to you.

    And even then, it was forbidden.


    “I miss you.”

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