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  • bxrbxtos
    24.06.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #yandere zeke jaeger #yandere yelena #yandere bertholdt hoover #yandere aot#yandere snk #yandere attack on titan #yandere shingeki no kyojin #yandere headcanons#yandere imagines#yandere#kj writes
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  • bokebelle
    24.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    18+. minors dni.

    TW: degradation, deep throat, hair-pulling, face-fucking(?), a bit of praise

    mean dom! Porco who hates seeing the way you talk to his friends. You're such an attention whore, flirting, no, practically throwing yourself onto his friends and for what? A smile? A laugh? Fucking pathetic. He doesn't give a fuck if you say you're just "being nice", you're being a whore, and if that's what you want to act like then so be it

    mean dom! Porco who can hear your pathetic whimpering through the walls. You knew the walls were thin but you chose to touch yourself anyway, knowing damn well he could hear you. He could hear your wanton and desperate moans as he jerked himself off in the next room. If you were so loud with just your fingers, he'd give you a reason to scream his name. He finishes at almost the same pace as when your moans die down. Thick ropes of cum spurt from his cock as he milks himself dry, imagining what would be like to cum on your face.

    mean dom! Porco who was insanely turned on with the you hungrily suck on his the tip of his cock and massage his balls. The way you take him, all of him, is wrong, but you can't help but squirm at how good he feels down your throat. Your hand reaches down desperately to satisfy the building heat in your lower body, but not without him noticing. "Just what the fuck do you think you're doing?" He grabs the top of your head to pull your mouth away from his cock. "please, i want more." you whine, practically begging for any form satisfaction. "more? Who the fuck are you to ask for more? you're just a whore for me to use, understand? Whores don't ask for more. You take what I give you." He suddenly thursts his hips, and his cock is deeper in your throat than it previously was. Fuck, you can't help but squirm and shiver at his words. The words that left his mouth weren't supposed to ignite the steadily building flame inside you, but it did. Maybe he was right. Maybe you were Porco's little whore. And honestly, was that such a bad thing?

    mean dom! Porco who was going crazy with the way your throat consticted tightly around his length. It felt so good when you gagged around him. He relished in the way you desperately pulled away to breathe, they way the tears that clung to your lashes threatened to fall every time you took him your throat, the way your mouth filled with spit that dribbled down your chin, making it so fucking easy to practically fuck your face. Fuck, he was close. He could feel it. He grabbed your hair and kept your head still, thrusting his hips faster and deeper into your throat the closer he was to cumming. Lewd sounds filled the room — mainly your gags and his deep breathing that grew more ragged the closer he got. He pulled you closer, your nose practically touching his pelvis, as his high hit him. He painted the back of your throat with his cum, thick spurts flowing down your throat as you desperately swallowed what he gave you.

    mean dom! Porco who grabs you by the jaw to inspect the inside of your mouth, satisfied as he saw you swallowed every single drop he gave you. He gave you a moment to breathe. You were good. You were his good little cumslut. Maybe he'd reward you with his cock next time, fucking you senseless until you could barely stand. Hell, maybe he'd even let you cum. Who knows? All you two know is whatever happens, you take what he gives you, because Pock's pretty little whore never asks for more.

    reblog if you're Porco's pretty whore 😌

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  • vvasilisa
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    writing pieck being a little bit passives aggressive to annie feels so wrong, like they do not fight a lot, most of the time it is worked out through simple conversation.

    #unlike other warrior couples..... throw shades at reinrer and bertl like #modern verse reallly getting wild #i cant #meanwhile canon is just pieck being like... annie you cant do that calm down #like most of it is pieck just talking to annie and making her behave skjfjkjksdf #but now there is more freedom and ya know relationship stuff ahhhh #imagine pieck being passives aggressive in canon to annie....no one would make it out alive skjfdjkfsjkdfdjks #⎛ I'M ERASING MYSELF FROM THE NARRATIVE. ⎠  ◦ ━━━  〈  OOC. #tbd. #snk /
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  • incorrectsnkships
    23.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Ymir Historia

    #incorrectsnkships#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #snk#lesbian#yumikuri#yumihisu #historia reiss x ymir #ymiruh! >:( #chirstah! :D #ymir x krista #omg imagine ymir and historia living a cottagecore lifestyle #krista lenz#historia reiss#historia #the lesbians from next door #ymir freckles #the lesbian one not the other one
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  • yelenassecretlover
    23.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    medieval au hcs [sfw]

    anime: attack on titan

    characters: yelena, hange, levi

    a/n: First time writing head canons hope you enjoyyy, there will be more parts to this ofc :D (Beware any grammar/spelling mistakes I read it over ten times but I somehow always manage to miss something)

    Inspired by @lexstacy-fics knight! Yelena <3


    A Knight, a leader in her position only second behind the King’s head knight. Trained for this role her entire life, it also helps that she’s 6’7 and made of muscle, she can snap you in two.

    Extremely hardworking to a fault, her entire life revolves around the kings demands, she’s at his beck and call. Never has time for herself, doesn’t help that the rookie knights never listen.

    Born from a Lord, so money has never been an issue but honor is extremely important to her

    Is not afraid to kill for the kingdom, and is known to get rid of anyone that steps out of line….sometimes even permanently, whether asked by the king or out of her own will

    Raging bitch face syndrome, her looks naturally kill. Definitely hard to approach, the King seems easier to talk to according to her subordinates. 

    Stick up her ass when it comes to rules, always follows them to a tee and makes sure those around her are also doing so….even the king

    Hates the summer the heat turns her armor into a fuqing oven and she hates it

    Loves to go into town and see the way the villagers cower in her presence, while simultaneously praising the ground she walks on

    God complex

    “ Never fear as long as I’m around, feel free to place your troubles on to me”

    Not a loser, has won every war she’s lead and helped lead...you can imagine how this has fed her ego


    A wizard, the kingdoms sole wizard

    Hit or miss with their work. The good is really good and the bad….well….really bad

    Accidentally sent the kingdom into an eternal winter from trying to create a talking snowman…dont worry fixed quickly, in part thanks to the head knights threats (still has nightmares from his words)

    No family, they randomly appeared in the kingdom and quickly accepted thanks to the miracles and power they possess. Folks have rumored they came from the forbidden land as a spy….but those are just rumors right?

    Had a spooky wizard tower built but they hated it and now reside within the castle, in the dungeons where any unlucky prisoners are volunteered for their spells

    Hates violence so the bulk of their magic is spent on protective enchantments 

    Loves the art work collected by the king, can stare for hours at any paintings, just thinking and wondering of the worlds created in the illustrations 

    Wakes up at 3pm, can not be reached before that hour, annoys the head knight to no end

    New set of glasses a week, because they always end up losing or breaking them (could easily cure their sights, but claims glasses add to their character)

    Low key mysterious aura to them, but instantly forgotten by people once they open their mouth

    “ Now if I could just give the spiders the ability to talk, we could have our own little spider harvesting army ” “or you could bless the soil to fix the famine” “hmmmm I guess I could do that too”


    Head knight, with having the highest rank, one of the kingdoms hero’s alongside Yelena and Hange

    Hates Hange, but is somehow always found in the dungeons with them

    Constantly giving the king unsolicited advice 

    “The dining tables cloth is entirely too peach, completely ruins the ambiance of the room” “…….okay”

    Extremely cold, personality wise and also the rookies claim the room drops a few degrees when he enters it

    Eyes like daggers, his face has probably killed a few enemy’s just from his stare. ( But what he’s really thinking is how the silver plated armor on the enemy’s horse ruins the shine of the emerald detailing on the enemy’s body armor)

    Aesthetics are extremely important to him, sure the enemy stole land from the kingdom but the real crime lies in the incoherency in their army’s uniform

    Has a personal office in the barracks just for drinking his tea

    Up before the sun, and never asleep before it

    Admired by the villages women/men but never has time for love, too focused on keeping the castle from falling apart due to Hange’s spells or the Kings ridiculous demands (once asked Hange to create a bouncy house out of bubbles for his daughters ) 

    “Seriously how the fuck is this building still standing…”
    #yelena aot#hange zoë#levi ackerman#x reader#aot headcanons #aot medieval au #this didn’t really have that much x reader lol ill guess ill make a seperate post for that #aot#snk#aot imagines#snk imagine #attack on titan headcanons
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  • kaito-is-baby
    23.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Let me take care of you

    Levi Ackerman x Reader

    from this event: “no, you’re not going anywhere. You have a fever.” + Levi 🛐

    “What the fuck are you doing?” Your usually sleep deprived boyfriend yelled at you when your shivers woke him up in the middle of his 4 hours of rest

    “Baby...?” He asked noticing your lack of response, you were shivering asleep

    He tried to wrap you in blankets and in between his arms, his own body keeping you warm

    Then he realized how hot you were

    Your skin was burning at this point

    “Damn, you’ve got a fever”

    Levi got out of your shared bed, turned off any alarms on your bedroom and wrote some warnings ordering to ‘DO NOT BOTHER Y/N TODAY OR ENTER THEIR ROOM/KNOCK THEIR DOOR’ 

    He left them on your squad shared room, in the kitchen, in Erwin’s office (this one did explain the reason tho)... and after everything was set and done he laid down with you again, making sure you weren’t cold but also not making you high temperature didn’t get any higher

    “Levi... What time is it?” Your sleepy voice asked him 

    “Hi” He whispered 

    “What time it is?”

    “It’s 3 p.m. Lay back again. You need to rest” 

    “Why did you let me sleep until this late? I had to train the cadets at-” You stood up

    “You’re sick brat, you need to rest” His hand trying to make you sit back on your bed

    “I have to go to the kids and-” 

    “No, you are not going anywhere” Levi stopped you, passing his arms around your knees and soulders and carrying you princess style “You’ve got a fever. Rest. Is an order” 

    “Levi I have too much to do today I can’t afford to stay in bed” You tried to argue with your stuborn partner 

    “I already asked for today to be both our days off so you have nothing to worry about” He tugged you back on bed

    “Both?” You looked at him surprised

    “Both” He reassured, joining you in the blanket “Someone has to take care of you right?” 

    “Alright...” You admitted resting your head in his chest and finally relaxing “I can let you do that.”

    You knew Levi, if he allowed himself to leave his duty for a day to take care of you you could only accept his love in return.

    This was maybe the most beautiful way he has ever told you “I love you” without any words and that was more than enough to let all your responsabilities aside while he caressed your hair

    #shingeki no kyojin #shingeki no kyojin x reader #shingeki no kyojin imagine #shingeki no kyoujin fanfiction #levi x reader #levi x y/n #levi imagine#snk fanfiction #snk x reader #levi ackerman imagine #levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman scenario #levi ackerman x reader
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  • dreamyjaeger
    23.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    guitarist!eren as a bf

    as per anon’s request here are some more guitarist!eren headcanons :))) i got excited and i came up with these so quickly lol, there is slightly nsfw content in this so MINORS, Do Not Interact, this post is 18+, please and thank yooou. anways, i hope you enjoy my headcanons, if you have your own headcanons my ask is always open :)

    - if you’re dating guitarist!eren expect a looooot of playlists carefully curated for how he feels about u, he takes pride in his music taste and it’s one of the only ways he knows how to express his feelings for you

    - also expect him to compose a lot of music inspired by you, since he’s not the best at lyrics he obviously will honor you with the only way he knows how which is through his music

    - okay so this is in context outside of the world of Just a Spark (for those of you who don’t know that is my musician au fic about guitarist!eren and singer!reader, pls check it out ;)) but if his S.O. isn’t the lead singer of his band, you’ll obviously be backstage watching him from the sidelines and every so often (or more like the whole god damn show) he would glance over at you with a smirk or a wink, and while all the girls are yelling his name tryna get his attention he only has eyes for you, he’s practically playing just for you at this point as his body is angled directly towards you (especially if the band is playing one of their more provocative songs)

    - when you two are cuddling he softly strums his fingers across your bare skin as if you were his guitar

    - guitarist!eren ditches band practice to be w u and it pisses drummer!reiner and bassist!jean off to no end but he doesn’t stop and he never will

    - guitarist!eren would make out with you hardcore between takes for recording his bands music bc he can’t get enough of the sight of you through the glass as you sit and watch him in awe as he shreds on his guitar (the producers leave the room at that point bc they know he would’ve kicked them out anyways

    - OH GEEZ WAIT eren would fuck u in the recording booth (during late night sessions and no one else is there) and he would record the whole thing and THEN he would use your moans in his song and it wouldn’t be obvious but only you and he would know what it really was (you burn with shame during the listening party but it also excites u lmao)(omg maybe i should write this out)

    - also i should say … he’s a guitarist .. like bruh he’s gonna be good with his fingers js

    - guitarist!eren will stop in the middle of doing the deed w u bc he got inspiration for a song (from your pussy) and he would grab his guitar and play butt ass naked while u got more and more frustrated and he would only stop when u start continuing by yourself,

    - guitarist!eren HATES taking requests absolutely hates it, he plays whatever tf he wants… unless you ask him to play it then he will learn it in literally ten minutes

    - he loves when you sing along to his guitar playing, and you guys create this wholesome moment where your singing and he’s playing and every so often you couldn’t help but giggle while you sing and he can’t help but laugh along but you guys still keep the music going as you laugh and it’s just so cute and wholesome (this is one of my favorite things in the world a good example of this is in the movie ride your wave in the japanese dub)

    - you leave hickeys on eren all the time so that his little groupies know that he’s taken (eren absolutely loves this)

    - sometimes during his shows you’d rather stand in the crowd than backstage so that you can experience the whole vibe, and one time when you did this a guy was hitting on you in the crowd and eren saw the whole thing and he had to hold himself back from jumping off stage and absolutely decking the guy, you handled it on your own but later that night he showed you exactly who you belonged to (u couldn’t walk straight for a week)

    - guitarist!eren used one of your voicemails as an intro to his song

    - you are guitarist!eren’s number one fan you buy all his bands merch and albums and even tho he insists on giving them to you for free you still pay for them bc u want them to succeed (the first time he saw you in his bands shirt and only his bands shirt he went fucking crazy)

    - that’s all i have rn, if u have any of ur own guitarist!eren headcanons pls send them my way, it will be greatly appreciated

    - Alle <3

    #alle’s thoughts #eren x reader #eren yeager x reader #eren headcanons #aot x reader #snk x reader #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan eren #snk eren#aot eren#eren imagine #eren jaeger x reader #eren jeager#eren yeager#eren#aot#snk
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  • achillesunhinged
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    “come on baby, just one more for me?”

    you smoothed back the blonde hair on Armin’s forehead, pressing a kiss onto his sweaty skin. “mommy i can’t, ah-” you cut off his whines with the motion of your hips as you ground yourself on to his cock, “shh, yes you can baby, i’m so proud of you my pretty boy,”

    his eyes rolled back at the praise. you sat back and rested your hands on his thighs, rolling your hips in rhythm with the soft music that played in the background, “‘m gonna cum again, gonna cum!” his nails left crescent shaped indents on the fat of your hips. “beg for it love, beg for mommy to let you cum sweetheart.” you let out a breathless laugh as Armin pathetically bucked his hips into yours, he was definitely close to orgasm. a soft moan escaped you as he thrust into you.

    “oh fuck, please, please, please, let me cum mommy i’ve been so good please!” he begged. tears rolled down his cheeks and the grip he had on your hips became stronger. you hunched over and kissed the salty tears off his cheeks, “you’ve earned it baby, cum for me Armin.”

    with your words of approval his dick twitched, spilling his cum into you with the prettiest and softest moans he could utter.

    “my sweet boy, always so good for me.”

    #achilles thirsts <3 #tw.mommy kink #tw.smut #armin x reader smut #attack on titan armin #armin imagine#armin headcanons#aot armin#armin arlert #armin x reader #armin smut#aot imagines#aot smut #aot x reader #snk armin #snk x reader #snk smut
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  • tsukidrama
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Road Not Taken

    {I Doubted If I Should Ever Come Back}

    "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

    I took the one less traveled by,

    And that has made all the difference."

    Summary: After a few months of living in a cramped apartment building in the remaining 1/5th of the world, Annie moves to a cottage by the forest with you and her dad. For the first time in her life, she knows peace.

    Annie Leonhardt x (fem) reader

    Ao3 | Wattpad | ♫

    Chapter Index:

    ✰ Ch 1 - A Place To Call Home

    ★ Ch 2 - Fathers and Daughters

    ✰ Ch 3 - Pages and Paws

    #finally have enough chapters that i feel justified in making a master post for it #annie-isms#trnt annie #the road not taken #annie leonhardt #annie leonhardt x reader #annie leonhardt imagine #annie leonhardt x you #annie x you #annie leonhart #annie leonhart x reader #annie leonhart x you #annie leonhart imagine #snk x reader #aot x reader #snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin
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  • zeeroweenies
    23.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #🍓 jess writes #eren yeager smut #eren smau#eren jaeger#eren icons #eren jaeger smut #aot imagines #aot x reader #eren hcs #eren jaeger x reader smut #eren jaeger headcanons #eren jaeger x reader #eren yeager x reader #attack on titan smut #snk smut #snk x reader #tw daddy kink #eren smut
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  • tsukidrama
    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Road Not Taken

    {I Doubted If I Should Ever Come Back}

    Chapter 3: Pages and Paws

    Summary: You try to surprise Annie by reading one of her favorite books, only to have her one-up you with something even more unexpected. The household expands.

    Ao3 | Wattpad | ♫

    🡰 Chapter 2 | Chapter 4 🡲

    Word Count: 3.3k

    Author's Note: bonus points to anyone who can guess the 2 books i'm referencing! Donut is inspired from elements of the lost girls ova but i have no clue what to name this other cat so i will be taking suggestions lol

    You knew that Annie liked to read. In the past, you bonded over how you both found refuge in books as children, and you both had stayed awake far past your bedtimes to read under the covers with a flashlight.

    On Paradis, you only talked about books that you had both read. Often over the years you wondered if she really had grown up reading the same books as you, or if that was one of the many lies she came up with as a cover.

    Eventually you discovered that up until a certain point in history, yes. The stories were the same. Fairy tales, and what Annie referred to as "the classics," were what you read growing up. Yet when you saw the size and variety of her father's personal library, your jaw hit the floor nonetheless.

    After a certain point, the influence of Marley’s expansion and other cultures caught up with the times, and after you left Paradis you discovered a treasure trove in the form of libraries - over a hundred years of literary and art movements that you had never even heard of.

    Annie had a field day showing you her favorite books from her childhood, the ones you had never heard of. You stayed up all night with her while she plucked volume after volume off the shelves and talked your ear off summarizing the stories she escaped into when she was a kid.

    "This isn't even my dad's full collection," she tells you, as your fingers run over several dozen stacked volumes, "this is just what he's rebuilt since the Rumbling. If you see something you like, go ahead and buy it."

    The vast majority of the books you come across, you've never heard of. Titles with foreign places, and authors with names you can't even begin to pronounce jump out at you from unfamiliar and exciting covers. Now and then, you see one of the stories you grew up with, and toss it aside.

    The night before, she excitedly showed you a volume thicker than it was tall, and nostalgically recounts to you her fondness of the story during a bad time in her life. She talks about it like it were a magical storyland where her creativity frolicked freely for a few hours after bedtime, and you wince as you read the summary. But between the stress of competing for her place amongst the Warriors and the exhaustion from constant training at home, you can’t bring yourself to judge her too harshly. Though your eyes do widen considerably.

    “Fucking hell,” you mutter as you skim the description on the inside cover of the book, “how old were you when you read this? This is a lot for a kid.” You close the book, and hand it back to Annie disbelievingly.

    “Eight or nine, I guess. My dad had a lot of foreign novels and I didn’t know the difference when I was young. They were translated anyway.”

    “I’m not talking about the language of origin or how complicated the writing is,” you scoff, “I’m talking about the fact that your favorite story when you were nine was about an axe murderer and the tales of his axe-murdering.”

    Annie tilts her head to the side, unphased. “Yeah, except for how that’s not what the book is about at all. It’s about guilt… and, and rehabilitation. I’m telling you, it’s a good book. You’ll get why I like it.”

    You suck air in through your teeth but decide to not argue with her. Considering the childhood she lived through, maybe the story of a double murderer’s guilt was as light of a read as any. You bite your lip hard, and you’re flooded with anxiety as you realize you don’t know how old she was the first time she killed. Probably sickeningly young.

    To change the subject, you ramble: “It’s just… so long. What is that, six hundred pages?”

    “Almost, yeah. But it’s actually shorter than the last book I made you read and you loved that one. What did it take you, all of three days to read?”

    Your brow furrows. “The one about the two sets of brothers and the evil woman?”

    She nods. “Arguably the most evil woman in all of history until I came along.” A laugh escapes her, then a snort. She claps a hand over her mouth.

    You take your arm away from where it rested around her shoulders. “Not funny, Annie.”

    She whines and tries to pull your arm back into place, but you resist. You’ve lost count of the amount of times you’d told her to stop making jokes about the murdering and the genocide. It’s just as uncomfortable now as it was the first time.

    “Leave it,” you remind her. This wasn't the first time she'd make an uncomfortable joke on the matter, and it wasn't the first time you've called her out on it.

    “Fine, I take it back,” Annie says, with an impatient sigh, “but yes. That is the book, and there was murdering in that one, too. You know that you loved it.”

    You nod, and you smile as she abandons her self-bashing. “Yeah… not because of the murdering. You have a good point there, though. Hand over the ten thousand page book.”

    “Ha ha, hilarious,” she says sarcastically, and rolls her eyes at you. Despite her joking, it’s obvious that she wants you to read the story.

    So when she leaves the next morning to run into town, you decide to surprise her by diving right into the new book. You make yourself some tea and a sandwich, then curl up on the couch and tackle the lengthy volume.

    Papa comes in and out, making brief conversation with you before he makes himself breakfast in the kitchen and eventually you hear the back door open and close as he leaves. A couple of hours pass, and you’re able to knock out the first hundred pages by the time Annie returns.

    You’re vaguely aware of the sound of hoofbeats approaching the house, though you don’t get up from where you sit. It’s so comfortable where you sit on the couch, and if you got up then you’d have to take the blanket off your legs. So, you decide to stay put and continue leafing through the book you’ve been reading. The noises you hear outside grow indistinct as your focus once again becomes fixed on your book.

    Your train of thought is interrupted, and you’re jostled back into reality as you hear the door crash open. Instinctively, you mark your place in the story with a scrap of ribbon.

    “Y/N! Where are you?” Annie calls from the foyet. “Y/N!” The front door bangs against the wall loudly, and you’re a little annoyed when you realize she doesn’t bother to close it behind her.

    “Over here,” you reply. You stay seated, but you do look up at her when she comes in.

    For a few moments, Annie stands in the archway just looking at you. It takes a little while for you to realize she’s waiting for you to acknowledge her. You close the book quickly and give all of your attention to her.

    “Yes?” you ask, a little confused.

    In your mind, you’re the one who was surprising her by reading the book. Yet judging from the expression on her face and her uncharacteristic enthusiasm, she has something even more pressing to share.

    Annie holds a cardboard box in her hands with a white-knuckled grip, and smiles so widely that her teeth show. It’s an uncharacteristic expression for her to have, and it sends chills down your spine for a moment. You look around to try to figure out if something is out of place. A muffled squeak comes from inside the box only to be covered by Annie’s nervous laughter.

    “So, I may have done something…” she confesses.

    You stand up, your previous comfort forgotten entirely. The blanket around your shoulders flutters to the couch and the book falls heavily to clunk against the hardwood.

    “What did you do?” you ask, narrowing your eyes at her with extreme suspicion.

    Giggling all the while, she crosses the distance between you until she’s within arm’s reach. Annie sinks down to her knees slowly, and she keeps whatever she’s holding still and level to the ground as she lowers it.

    Annie’s eyes are wide, and she gently sets the cardboard box down on the floor. After a few tension-filled seconds, the flap on the side moves, and a very familiar, fuzzy head peeks out from underneath.

    “Holy shit,” you say, and gasp, “Annie, tell me you didn’t...”

    “It’s Donut!” she squeals excitedly, “I saw him when I stopped by to get the soup pot from Pieck’s apartment.”

    “And you stole him?” you ask, bewildered. Annie nods happily, and pets Donut on the head.

    You refocus. “Wait, so you finally got my soup pot back?”

    Annie winces, and audibly sucks in air through her teeth. “I may have forgotten it once I saw Donut. Pieck gave me this cardboard box, though.”

    “Annie!” you groan, “Damn it. I’m gonna have to go get it myself.” You roll your eyes and plop back down on the couch.

    “I’m sorry! I just couldn’t leave Donut alone on the street by himself. He was looking for me, I could tell.”

    “Humph,” you grumble, crossing your arms. “You told me you didn’t want any pets inside the house.”

    Annie stammers for a moment. “I… Well -- maybe so.” She glares at you, and points a finger at you with an accusatory look on her face. “You’ve been leaving food out on the porch at night for that one cat, haven't you?”

    “The Siamese? Not since you told me to stop!” you lie.

    Absolutely do you still leave food for that cat, just not on the back porch anymore. Instead you leave it next to the tree that you had once rested underneath during the house’s construction. The small pile of bricks serving as a counter remains, and you can’t see the bowl behind it from the house. You glance out the window semi-nervously.

    Annie shrugs, and avoids your gaze. “Fine,” she agrees, “if you let me keep Donut here, you can take in the Siamese.”

    At first you’re caught off guard by her generosity, and you almost happily accept before you do a double take and narrow your eyes at her. “Wait. Donut has an owner. He belongs to the old woman across the street from the apartments. ”

    “Mm, maybe technically. But she won’t even notice that he’s gone — I’ve seen a good twenty or thirty cats coming and going from her place.”

    “Yeah… But she’s just an old lady. And it’s stealing?”

    Annie blinks twice. “...Okay?” she says, but it comes out more like a question.

    Despite the fact that you can feel the futility, you still try to argue: “And stealing is... wrong.”

    It's quiet for a moment, with only the sound of the purring cat audible. Eventually, Annie sighs, and pulls her hands into her lap.

    “Y/N,” she says and her voice trails off. She holds back a laugh, and looks at you evenly, “Do you really think that I’ve ever been worried about the morality of stealing?” She gazes fondly at Donut, and scratches between his ears.

    “No, not stealing,” she corrects, “rescuing.” He purrs and leans into her touch. “That woman was a hoarder. Donut doesn’t deserve that. He’s a good boy, and he reminds me of a cat I used to like to pet in Stohess.”

    You laugh from the absurdity of it all. After thinking back, you rewind a bit.

    “You’ll really let me keep the Siamese in the house if Donut stays?”

    Annie nods. “That’s what I said.”

    Donut turns around and swishes his tail as he comes closer to you. He nuzzles his face against your leg as he looks up at you with wide, adorable eyes. You crumble to his will, and kneel down to pet him.

    He purrs while you scratch him. Then, when he rolls over onto his back to show you his soft and fuzzy little belly, you can’t resist poking your fingers into the fluff. He playfully swats your hand away and wraps his paws around your forearm.

    Even if you had been stubborn enough to turn the cat away in the first place (which you aren’t), you couldn’t bear to turn him away after such a cute display of affection.

    “Ugh,” you groan, “you win. But I hate you for forgetting my soup pot.”

    “Yeah, yeah,” Annie says, and she pats your back. “Sure you do.”

    That evening, you take the bowl of food you left out for the Siamese cat and bring it back to the porch. You leave the kitchen door cracked open in hopes that she’ll come by sometime in the night, and leave a trail of food from the porch to inside.

    Donut sleeps at the foot of your bed that night. He hovers on Annie’s side, and stares daggers at you when you toss an arm over her shoulders in the middle of the night. (Every night over the next week, he progressively moves a little higher up the bed until one day, you feel his fur brush up against the arm you hold Annie with as he curls next to her. Needless to say, this is his favorite spot to sleep from then on).

    Thrillingly, when you went downstairs the next morning, you found the Siamese cat sitting on the kitchen floor as if she was waiting for you. You fall to your knees and offer your hand, which she happily rubs up against.

    “Hello,” you coo, and scratch the cat under her chin, “I’ve been waiting for you, pretty girl.”

    “Waiting for me to do what?” Annie asks, popping her head over the side of the bannister as she comes down the staircase.

    “I’m not talking to you,” you chuckle in your girlfriend’s direction, and you continue to pet your not quite new, but still-unnamed cat.

    “Then who the — oh! It’s the Siamese, she came in the house” Annie’s voice grows louder in excitement, and the sudden noise makes the nervous cat jump.

    Both you and the cat hiss. “Shh! Don’t scare her away,” you whisper urgenty.

    Annie slaps a hand over her mouth. “I just want to pet her… I’m so sorry,” she says, and her voice drops to a whisper as she sinks to her knees, “ooh, you are a pretty girl.”

    You smile, and watch proudly as the cat rubs its cheek against the side of Annie’s hand.

    “She likes you!” you say.

    Annie looks at the cats with a gentle and fond expression on her face, “It's so nice to have them here," she sighs, “to pet cats at all hours of the day. It’s a dream come true.”

    You shoot her an amused look. “I’d like to remind you that I’ve always wanted pets.”

    “Oh shush, Y/N. You got what you wanted in the end, didn’t you?” she asks rhetorically with a roll of her eyes. She climbs back up onto her feet and dusts off the front of her pants where she’d been on the floor.

    Even though you know that she doesn’t mean it like this, you look at her standing in the kitchen of the home you built together with your cat purring at her ankles, you can’t help but blurt: “I already have what I wanted.”

    Instantly, a blush spreads across her cheeks. “Hey, it’s too early for that kind of talk,” she mutters, rubbing the back of her neck nervously.

    You share a knowing look, and you both laugh. Yours is in amusement, though Annie's is from her nerves.

    “I’ll make coffee,” you offer, and open a cabinet to get three mugs out. You make your way over to the full pot of hot coffee, and fill two of them.

    Annie leans down for a few seconds to pet the still-unnamed Siamese, then looks out into the hallway as if she’s looking for something.

    “Hm,” she muses, “I should go get Donut so we can introduce the two of them.”

    “Good idea,” you call after her, though you aren’t sure if she hears you over the sound of the kiss noises she makes to call the other cat to her.

    You pour a teaspoon of sugar and a splash of cream into Annie's coffee, and add a much more generous amount of both for yourself. It's still hot, but you taste each one to make sure you got the ratios right.

    As soon as you bring your own mug up to your lips, the doorknob rattles on the door into the kitchen from outside and swings open to reveal a very tired-looking Papa, still in his pajamas and a robe. He takes only two steps into the room before he notices the Siamese sitting on the floor.

    He looks up at you, and back to the cat. He stares at her for a few seconds until she blinks and breaks their gaze.

    You offer him a warm yet obvious greeting. “Good morning, Papa. Did you know that we have cats now?”

    Papa blinks twice. “Cats…? As in plural?”

    Nodding, you pour him a cup of coffee, as well, leaving this one black. “That’s right,” you say, then slide the mug down the counter where he catches it.

    He looks down at the mug without much expression. “Oh, great. They live in the house?” he asks, then looks back nervously at the Siamese.

    As he asks, Annie re-enters the kitchen from the hallway with Donut wandering a few paces behind her ankles, as if to answer his question. He and Papa look at one another for several long seconds before Donut slinks underneath the dining table.

    He gives Annie a look that you can only describe as a glare. “You said the animals were supposed to live in the barn," he says.

    Annie snorts. “That’s what I said about the goats and the horse. Cats aren’t barn animals.”

    Papa looks at Donut.

    “Cats are not kitchen animals, either,” he says stonily. Annie locks eyes with him for a few seconds.

    “They are if they’re house cats," Annie says, and she shrugs.

    Papa's gaze is level. "And these have to be house cats?" He rolls his eyes when his daughter nods.

    He humphs, and crosses his arms. “There’s no reason they can’t live outside. Let them roam around and chase the birds.”

    Annie shakes her head. “I know that’s what you think. I spent my entire childhood without any pets.” She sticks her bottom lip out, and squats down so that she can reach down and give Donut some pats.

    “But cats are hunters! Their functions are killing vermin and fertilizing the garden.”

    “Dad!” Annie laughs out loud, and the scowl on her father's face disappears at the sound.

    Papa chuckles. “Well, you've planted vegetables out there, haven't you? There you go.” At long last, the stone cracks, and a smile etches into the lines of his face.

    “These cats are our pets. They live in our house,” she kisses Donut on the head to make her point, “And I built the house, so I have the final say-so.”

    He nods, and lifts a hand to concede. However, he sends a sharp look towards the both of you, and says: “No animals in my room.”

    Annie rolls her eyes, but smiles nonetheless. You nod, and put an arm around her shoulders.

    "Deal," she agrees.

    At long last, once he drains his mug, Papa reaches down to offer a hand in introduction to each of the curious new cats.

    #omfg i been so sick then work has been NUTS ive been running around like a headless chicken #annie-isms #the road not taken #trnt annie#annie leonhardt #annie leonhardt x reader #annie leonhardt imagine #annie leonhardt x you #annie x you #annie leonhart #annie leonhart x reader #annie leonhart x you #annie leonhart imagine #snk x reader #aot x reader #snk#aot #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin
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  • allsfair-inloveandwar
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    When their meeting is about to start but they can't get their erection to go away.

    Sprays the minors be gone spray

    Warning: (Fem reader) In this scenario you have been in a sexual on again off again relationship with these guys individually. You're not dating them. The guys have all tried masturbation before coming to you. Also mommy kink for everyone except Levi.


    Poor thing has been hard since he woke up which was about four hours ago.

    He runs into your room almost slamming open the door.

    "Mommy, please.. I can't make it go away."

    He almost cries when he slips inside. The pain in his balls eased a bit as he wraps his fingers in the blankets.

    Mouth open as he lets every noise out unabashedly.

    He can't even begin to be ashamed of his noises when your wet cunt continually sucks him in.

    "You're so hard baby." You moan as you tug him in close, running your hands over his undercut and through his hair. "What were you thinking about?"

    "I wasn't being bad mommy, I promise.. I-I just-" He gasps as he sheaths himself all the way inside. Barely pulling out for each thrust.

    Pretty blue eyes rolling towards the sky.


    "I woke up hard and.. I tried to go back to sleep but it got so painful.."

    You kiss his pretty red lips coaxing them out from where he's biting them.

    Your legs stay spread for every rough pound of his hips. His cock pressed impossibly deep.

    "I need you." He whines "I need you so much."

    The ache inside him slowly being released.

    "You're gonna make me cum.." He whimpers

    You cover his mouth with your hand. His face impossibly red as his eyes finally flutter open.

    Blue doe eyes filled with tears that quickly begin to trickle down his cheeks.

    "Finish baby. You're such a good boy. Don't moan too loud ok? Let it stay our secret."

    When he cums inside you his hips stutter and his screams are covered by your hands.

    "That's it, good job baby." You moan back arched for him.

    When you release him he inhales sharply letting out one last gasp as he fills you up.

    "Mommy there's so much.." He heaves

    "Hurry and get to your meeting ok?"

    "Ok. I'll be back later to properly thank you." He says tongue curving over his lips.

    He takes one more second to stare at his cum where it's flowing down to your ass and he almost gets hard again.

    Waits until there's like 10 minutes left before the meeting starts.


    Partially because he thought he could manage to get rid of it before then and partially because he was worried you wouldn't be up this early.

    He just kinda awkwardly shuffles around until you notice the very obvious bulge in his pants.

    When he does finally go to you he's glad to see you awake.

    "I.. it won't fuck off." He grunts

    The second you wrap your hands around his cock he lets out the deepest groan throwing his head back. And when it slides inside..

    His soul almost escapes him.

    "Mommy.." He grunts

    You need a couple seconds to adjust even though it hasn't been that long since he last fucked you.

    When he finally gets going he's so rough but slow as if he doesn't have a meeting to get to.

    His hips pressed right up against your inner thighs and pelvis.

    "Baby speed up." You gasp softly "You need to cum so you can get to that meeting."

    "I know.. but fuuucckk."

    He's absolutely losing his mind.

    He's got the bed slamming into the wall, hands making permanent marks where they're squeezing around your waist.

    Starts fucking your tight cunt a little harder when you start to sound breathless.

    At some point he's pushing both your knees forward into the pillows using that leverage to fuck you so deep you can barely breathe.

    He growls into every kiss he plants on your lips.

    His cock pounding your g-spot so roughly you've started crying.

    Starts to shake when he gets close.

    His hands slipping from the backs of your knees to right next to your head.

    "God.. fuck!" He huffs, cum painting your insides. "Shit.." He groans in your ear.

    You can't even speak too focused on trying to catch your breath.

    Veins dark where they show up in his knuckles.

    Mouth hung agape as he pulls his now limp cock out.

    Gives you a sweet kiss before he leaves.

    "Thank you mommy." He smirks at your blissful expression.


    "Help me? Please?"

    Doesn't wait as long as Eren and Armin.

    Probably around 15 minutes of stroking himself to zero effect before he's coming to you.

    "What's the magic word, love?"


    Has your legs wrapped around his waist. His cock mixing your insides and you can't help but let every sinful noise spill from your throat as he does.

    Simultaneously kissing you and playing with your nipples

    He's fucking you like you're his girlfriend and he doesn't have a meeting to go to.

    "Jean, baby.. you gotta hurry."

    Even you don't want him to hurry. Or stop.

    "I promise I'll get to my meeting on time I just wanna spend as much time as I can here with you mommy."

    Rubs your cheek in circular motions with his thumb when you sob over his pace.

    Spreads his legs and presses as deep as he can with a hand on your stomach until you're whimpering on every thrust.

    "You feel so fucking good mommy. So good, please keep squeezing my cock."

    Till you're cumming around his cock.

    Has you moaning his name and arching your back.

    Only then does he actually speed up and give in to his need to cum.

    Deep moans of mommy falling off his lips onto yours.

    Every bit of your pussy full of him till his name is the only word you remember.

    He wraps his arms around your shoulders. Keeping himself deep as he empties every drop of his load inside.

    He stays in you for almost too long just giving you kisses all over your face and hands.

    Whines your name in between little mentions of gratitude

    Honestly you're a little sad to see him go.

    Finally pulls out and gets dressed.


    "I kept thinking about the mission tomorrow and that kept me up most of the night. Then I started thinking about you and that kept me hard the other half." He laughs

    Abuses the fact that he can ask you for sex and you'll almost always say yes.

    But it's more because it's you than because he's constantly after sexual pleasure.

    Just a little. 🤏

    You know because the first time you let him hit was surprising but the 45th time he's still in shock but he's adoring every second he gets to climb in your bed and touch every bit of your skin.

    Bites his lip a little when he slips in balls deep.

    Only because he loves the fact that it's you more than the fact that he can get off with someone.

    As soon as it hits morning and he knows you're awake he's pulling himself out of bed.

    "Shit.. mommy this is what I needed." His eyes roll back as he penetrates you from below.

    Cock twitching inside with every thrust.

    Somehow still manages to smirk and flirt with you while groaning in between each word.

    "Mommy, you never deny me.. might as well tell me you're in love with me."

    You snort, "Cum already so you can go to your meeting."

    "I'll cum when you tell me you love me."

    He tries he really does but he's getting so close and the way you're squeezing his cock just isn't fair.

    Profanity flying from his lips when you slam your hips down using your knees as leverage.

    "God mommy please.." He begs reaching out for your waist.

    He lifts himself up latching his tongue to one nipple while his free hand is cupping your breast.

    Groans low in his throat when he cums. His eyes fluttering shut

    Whispers of fuck and goddammit cresting off his lips.

    His cock twitching against your walls. The feeling making you bite your lip.

    "You take such good care of me mommy." He cooes

    He leans into your ear, "What if I just stayed here and fucked you all day?"

    "Go to your meeting!" You huff, getting off of him.

    He finally leaves when you give him a silent glare.


    Walks into your bedroom without so much as a knock and locks the door.

    He waits it out for almost 3 hours before finally going to you with all his pent up frustration.

    He wants it to go away on its own so bad.

    "What's up with you this morning?" You laugh as he tosses your panties aside haphazardly.

    He doesn't need to answer his dick print speaks for itself.

    Thrusts all the way inside with no warning.

    Like Eren he has your feet in the air, knees pressed into the sheets.

    You wanna tease him so bad for being this hard and a little loud this early in the morning but his cock feels like it's in your stomach.

    You can only keep your head back, noises spilling off your lips with every thrust.

    Eyes coasting north when he slams into your sweet spots.

    Keeps fucking into you like you're his little toy. Simultaneously rough and gentle.

    Angles his hips in a specific way to hear you scream and then mutters for you to be quiet.

    Groans when your nails dig into his back.

    Eventually he lets your legs go, allowing them to wrap around his waist as he finally picks a pace.

    His thrusts so hard you can hear small clatters from the wood under the mattress hitting the floor.

    And you're clenching around him so tight.

    Screaming his name along with every curse word known to man.

    He lets out a long drawn out moan as he fills your tight pussy with every bit of pent up frustration he possesses in all 160 cm of himself.

    And surprisingly it's a lot.

    And finally he's letting you go with a chaste kiss to your lips.

    "Good girl." He whispers, thumb coaxing strands of your hair off your cheeks.

    Meanwhile your heart beat is slamming against your rib cage so loud you're sure you'll bust.

    You probably have shit to do today too but after that you just wanna go back to sleep.

    #aot x reader #attack on titan #shingeki no kyoujin x reader #levi ackerman x reader #snk x reader #eren x reader #jean krischtein x reader #armin arlert x reader #connie x reader #aot imagines#aot scenario#aot smut #levi ackerman smut #eren yeager smut #armin smut #jean kirschtein smut #connie springer smut
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  • colossal-fallout
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    You certainly can, my lovely ❤

    Kruger - Levi - Erwin

    Warnings: light mentions of sex.


    Kruger low key bursts with pride that his s/o is a professional dancer - a ballerina no less.

    He has a soft spot for the arts & theatre. So you'd better believe you absolutely take his breath away.

    He's starstruck, lovestruck and luststruck all at once. He cherishes you as if you're one of those little ballet figurines in a beautiful music box. That's how he sees you. His perfect, beautiful and elegant dancer.

    However Kruger is a little stoic, so on the surface, all of these intense emotions don't really show. But you'd better believe he's feeling them.

    He'll show you in his own way how he feels about you - attentive to your needs. Protective and oh so loyal.

    It wouldn't be too long before he's on one knee, asking you to be his for the rest of eternity.


    I think you've chosen perfectly because honestly, I see all three of these men being absolutely in love with the idea.

    Levi adores your grace and elegance. It suits his personality perfectly. A good balance to his hectic life in the military, and serves his posh side well.

    Levi thinks you're super delicate - he's always super careful not to be too rough with you in the bedroom. Not to mention extremely protective over your frame around others. Especially when those other people are big, burly soldiers.

    Daydreams about you. And thinks about you at night when he can't sleep and you're not there. If you are there, he'll watch your form resting, in stone-faced awe.

    To him, you're the human, physical embodiment of the wings of freedom. His pet name for you is "little bird" or "Feather" because that's what you remind him of.


    My dear, mark him down as besotted.

    Another who has an interest in the arts and theatre. It's a great, relaxing and refined way of unwinding after a long ass day of bloodshed or planning bloodshed.

    Loves loves loves holding your hand. The feel of how light you are makes him so needy for you, he can hardly take it.

    One of his favourite things to do with you is have a nice glass of wine by the fire and slow dancing together. He'll gaze deeply into your eyes, the spark of someone hopelessly in love glinting in those ocean blues.

    Your delicate frame suits his size kink.

    Yet he's always amazed at your core strength. A lot of muscle is hidden in your beautiful form.

    Will do anything he can to try and watch you preform. He can't always make it, being so busy. But when he does, he swells with pride, even a small tear form's within his orbs as he watches the woman he loves express herself in the way he knows she adores.

    #snk #attack on titan #snk imagines #snk season 4 #snk fandom#snk headcanons #attack on titan x you #erwin x y/n #eren kruger#kruger#snk kruger#aot kruger #levi x y/n #levi headcanons #attack on titan erwin #erwin headcanons
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    pairing : armin arlet x fem!reader

    warnings : car sex, multiple mentions of sweat lol, literal sweat licking, switch armin, switch reader, use of the word ‘whore’ , mentions of cum, creampie, mention of masturbation, titty sucking, that’s it i think nothing too extreme

    wordcount : 2k

    theme : student council president armin x reader

    (another drabble thingy cause armin brainrot lol)

    ! for mature audiences !

    Armin isn’t a stupid boy.

    Actually, he’s far from it. A straight A student, participated in Model UN, the smartest person in the room like 95% of the time and currently takes on the current role of the president of the college student council.

    He’s nothing less than intelligent.

    But one thing he couldn’t explain, couldn’t wrap his head around, couldn’t control was none other than you. He told himself everyday that the scandalous relationship he had with you would soon be over, that he wouldn’t let you snatch him into your alluring orbit with your pretty face and teasing words.

    Unfortunately, he never succeeded in doing so, and time after time, he’d find himself victim to the irresistible force that was you.

    Which is why he often found himself in situations similar to the one he is is now, they type of sitauation that he assured himself he wouldn’t let happen again.

    Here he was panting in the back seat of his car, with a thin layer of sweat coating his shirtless body, while you were perched on top of him, in a pretty mauve colored bra and your skirt hunched around your waist as you dragged yourself skillfully up and down his aching cock.

    It didn’t take too much convincing this time round, just a simple touch to his prominent bulge as he was driving and that mischievous look you’d always give him, pouting your glossy lips and batting your eyelashes, until he felt he had no choice but to let you coax him into the back seat, carelessly pushing each other’s clothes aside and letting him bury himself into your hot and pulsing cunt.

    “You’re- you’re gonna make me late.” He groaned out, hoping his voice didn’t crack too much, with one hand placed on your hip, sinking you back down onto his length in a steady pace.

    “Promise I’ll make you cum quick, you know I always do.” You purred in retaliation, as you angled your hips in such a way that his angry red tip was brushing against that delicious spot that had your thighs trembling and pussy tightening around him.

    The feeling of your walls almost angrily clamping down on his cock, had Armin jutting his hips up before he could stop himself, causing both of you to moan out in unison.

    “You can’t keep- oh fuck- you can’t keep doing this,” He spat out just as you rolled your hips forward making his breath hitch “I’m late to every meeting these days.”

    A pitchy whine slipped past your lips at the overbearing pressure of having your hole stuffed to the brim with his cock, knocking the air out of you each time you sunk back down on it. “I just couldn’t wait, I- i needed to feel you.”

    He only groaned out in response so you went on to speak, “Haven’t seen you this whole week, ‘min. couldn’t stop thinking about you, needed you so bad. even touched myself thinking about you everyday.”

    And just as you said it, the image forming in Armin’s mind of you laying in bed with your arm reaching down between those plump thighs of yours, hand creeping inside your panties, as you desperately tried to get yourself to release, thinking it was him, wishing it was him, sent a spike of electricity down Armin’s body and straight to his dick, making it twitch inside you.

    “God, why’d you have to be such a cock-hungry whore.” He growled throwing his head back to rest on the seat behind him, and screwing his eyes shut, in an attempt to contain himself from cunning right there and then.

    It wasn’t too often that Armin degraded you like this, atleast not with such a harsh word that almost sounded foreign coming from his lips that usually spoke soft and kind words. But when you’d messed with his head enough, attacked all his senses with the immense pleasure you gave to him, he would spew out breathy insults such as this.

    And god, did you love it.

    “Look at me.” You whispered in between moans, your eyes choosing to focus on a single drop of sweat running down his neck. You couldn’t resist the bubbling urge inside you, coming forward to lick the bead of sweat just before it got the chance to move down his chest and going on to lick up his neck, until you were just behind his ear and you could feel him shudder at your action, “C’mon ‘min, wanna see you.”

    You leaned back just in time to watch as his hand came up to push back his blonde hair that was now slightly damp from the layer of sweat coating his forehead, head still thrown back and eyes still screwed shut. “Can’t, I’ll cum if I do.”

    Armin had a secret deal with himself that if he was too weak to resist your constant pleas for him to fuck you until you were brain dead, the least he could do was finish after you. A true gentlemen.

    His words only made you smile, bringing a lighter and sweeter mood to the increasingly hot atmosphere. You pressed your lips on his shortly before speaking, “s’okay.” and assured him further by purposely clenching down on him then grinding forward.

    Hesitantly, he brought his head back up, eyes fluttering open, revealing that lazy and fucked out expression he usually wore that never failed to make your clit tingle. The blotches of red that were there before, now grew, coloring his usually pale face in a light shade of pink that extended down to his neck.

    He peered down to where the two of you met, and the sight of your cunt leaking uncontrollably, spilling your juices onto his balls, almost made him throw his head back up once again at how overwhelming it all was.

    His gaze slowly moved upwards, over your torso, and landing on your tits, god those fucking tits, always hugged tightly by those blouses you wore, cleavage constantly attacking his line of sight. He had some kind of love-hate relationship with them, always cursing them for corrupting his mind and distracting him all the time, yet still wanting to hold them in his hands and have them in his mouth.

    He didn’t have it in him to deny the tempting voices in his head, and trailed the hand on your waist up, grazing over the material of your bra for a moment before pulling a cup down, leaning forward before engulfing the soft flesh into the heat of his mouth.

    “Oh Fuck, Armin.” You whimper pitifully, hips stuttering in their moment, now your turn to involuntarily throw your head back, trying so desperately to keep your pace up with what he’s doing to you.

    You shamelessly moan out, probably loud enough for someone outside the car to hear, as you felt him lightly bite down on your nipple, then giving it one last lick before proceeding upwards, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses up your neck.

    You didn’t even notice the warm and pulsing feeling that suddenly developed in your center, building up by the second , making your cunt tighter and tighter and your head lighter and lighter, and sending goosebumps all over your body at the thought of your high sneak attacking you and pulling you off the cliff when you were caught off guard, mind completely overtaken by the feeling of the blonde haired boy infront of you.

    “ ‘m gonna cum. oh god, gonna cum so hard ‘min please.” you babbled stupidly as you messily bounced yourself up and down his cock, losing coordination and order, simply plunging yourself downwards until you found the perfect angle that had his dick pressing right onto the spot that made you cry out loud.

    Armin muttered out a quick ‘fuck’ at your statement, before slapping both hands down on your waist, grasping onto them in a manner that would certainly leave bruises, and sucking in all the strength left in him to rut his hips right back up into you, pistoning into your fluttering cunt at a rough pace, as if he was letting out all his frustrations out onto you. The two of you filled the warm air around you with embarrassingly loud noises of your increasing moans and the slick sound of your sloppy pussy being completely demolished by the force of his thrusts.

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck. ‘min I’m there, I’m right there.” You cried out fingers grasping onto his shoulders and head spinning as the growing ball of pressure inside you rumbled threateningly.

    Armin’s abdomen tightened at the lewd sounds that left both your upper and lower lips, teeth biting down harshly onto his own lip, “You better fucking cum you- fucking hell- making me late all the goddamn time.”

    “Want you to cum with me - want your cum inside me so bad.” You pleaded, tear filled eyes struggling to stay open. You needed to feel it, needed to feel his hot, hot spurts of cum spilling into your aching cunt.

    “I’m gonna give it to you.” he practically whined out loud and you hadn’t noticed the hand that somewhere in between thrusts travelled down, and before you could even process his movements, a single brush on your clit, made you release a full blown scream. Your orgasm crashed into you at full speed, hips pausing in its movements as your body slumped back, head landing on the headrest of the front seat and pussy gushing out messily all over him.

    The sight of your sweat covered abdomen spread out infront of him and your pussy clenching around him unrelentingly as if it was trying to suck his fucking soul out of him, was all Armin needed, letting out a throaty moan before the head of his dick practically burst out, shooting spurts of his searing hot cum deep inside your fucked out hole and causing your tired hips to twitch at the burning feeling of it.

    So incredibly fucking messy.

    The air around the two of your gradually became quieter, both of you taken over by your highs, panting into the air. It was you who moved first, slightly reddening at the feeling of his cum leaking out of you and smearing onto your thighs. You placed a chaste kiss on his lips, making his eyes flutter open slowly.

    “That was soo good ‘min. missed you so much.” You purred at him, welcoming the way he rolled his eyes at you in faux annoyance.

    “Why’re you always so needy right before I have a student council meeting?” He groaned out but you didn’t miss the passing smile that graced his lips.

    “Can’t help it. Does it make you mad?” You teased hand coming forward to bury themselves in his hair.

    “Actually, yes, it does.”

    “Oh. But you still did it, didn’t you?” You let out daringly with a playful smirk on your lips and the way his eyes slightly widen at your words only makes you feel all more accomplished.

    “What, you’re gonna keep making me mad and late to every meeting?”

    “Only if means you’ll fuck me this good each time I do.” You say teasingly, with your upturned bottom lip slipping between your teeth, and the hand in his hair lightly tugging the strands of his hair.

    Armin was so fucked, so utterly and completely fucked. You had him trapped in everything that made up you, and there was no light, no sign of escape anytime soon.

    And he knew it. And he was on the road to accepting that there was nothing he could possibly do about it. Not with you looking at him like that.

    “Fuck the meeting.” He muttered out, before wrapping his hand at the back of your neck and pulling you forward until your lips met his once again.

    a/n : could not stop thinking about student council president armin since the last drabble so here you go i guess <3

    #aot x reader #attack on titan x reader #aot smut #armin arlet x you #armin arlet smut #armin x you #armin attack on titan #snk armin#armin drabble#armin arlert#armin #armin x reader #armin aot#aot drabble#aot fanfiction#snk smut#snk fanfiction#snk imagines
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    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Clockwork 🕰

    Levi X reader

    “There is glass between our touch

    Phantom limbs of former love

    And the truth is that I am so terrified”

    Setting up his easel Levi gazes out the frost covered window of his little shack, silver eyes intently focused on the marble balcony just a few feet away. You were coming… everyday at exactly noon you would grace Levi with your presence. A pretty gown matched with red lipstick and the same white tea cup grasped in your slender fingers.

    Levi was captivated, paintings upon paintings of you adorned the wooden walls of his home. His love for you ever present in each one… his forbidden lover, a real life Romeo and Juliet story, one he would make sure had a happy ending. The gracefulness of your smile and the gentle flame behind your eyes kept him sane, the thought of the day you could finally be together taking up every corner of his mind.

    He was terrified… the way you consumed his heart so quickly left him breathless. You were his muse, your being inspiring him to find everything beautiful in a garden full of thorns. His one singular rose and oh how he would be so lost without you. Seeing the pool of emerald green lace his hums, “You are as beautiful as ever my muse.”

    “That the callous is deeper

    Than the surface of our skin

    And it takes us twice as long

    It takes twice as long to heal”

    Each stroke of his brush against the canvas is like a memory coming back to life. He remembers how it feels to run his fingers through your hair, the feeling of those soft lips on his, your warm hand holding his while you sleep against his chest. He wished your love could be know, he wanted everyone to know you were his… but scars run deep and family bonds can’t be amended easily.

    He knew being with him would mean losing everything. You had a life you deserved, everything you ever wanted was within your reach at home. How could he give you that, a painters salary doesn’t exactly go far. He cursed himself for being born into the life he was, he cursed his family for ruining every chance he had of ever peacefully living amongst your people… peacefully living with you.

    “We'll lift up the ground to see

    The system of roots beneath

    Gears turn, endlessly

    To bring the world back to life

    Like clockwork, when it dies”

    Taking a break from his painting he gazes at you, silent words of love flowing between as your eyes meet. His pretty rose, the one thing bringing life back to the garden of his life. Flowers bloomed with each wound you healed on him, birds sang with every “I love you” that slipped past your lips, and the fountain of his heart splashed with every “forever” you promised him.

    Just like clockwork Levi found himself immersed in you once again. The gears in his mind running a mile a minute at the thought of your love, an endless plethora of colors filling the canvas. He has never felt such an intense wave of creativity… your love managed to wake him up, bringing his cold heart back to life. “Thank you my muse… always right on time, exactly when I need you the most.”

    “The cadence of beating hearts

    The clock of its moving parts

    Grows louder and louder

    From this restless earth”

    Your love was earth shattering, every fragment fitting together perfectly. It was gentle it’s tune in time with the ticking of a clock. He couldn’t wait for the hours when his little hand would meet him, even if only for a minute. With every tick he sang you would echo a tock in response… each one louder than the last, your restless hearts calling for one another.

    He remembers the last night he saw you, only a few days ago the memory freshly burned into his mind. “Levi let’s live together… I won’t run away cause what we are doing isn’t wrong, I just want you to come to my front door and take me, let’s do this right okay.” Giving a ghost of a smile at the memory his hand moves quicker, the joy you filled his body with pushing him to make this perfect… an offering of his love to you a means of surrendering to this insufferable war.

    “Future gardens wait patiently below

    And somehow we smell them blossom

    Through the snow”

    You watch in amazement as your lovers hands fly across the canvas, today was the day… today he was gonna make you his. The warmth of your hearts melting the icy snow, it’s water bringing to fruition a future you never even imagined. To build a home and a family with him was all you ever wanted, the hands on your clock spinning out of time as your hearts race to finally belong to one another.

    You smile as he sets his brush down, his fingers grazing the side of the canvas. “Oh my muse… I promise I’m coming.” Giving you one last glance through the window you notice the way his eyes shine with an undeniable light. Heart thrumming in your chest as you make your way inside. “I know you are… I’m ready.”

    “Still unsatisfied

    We chase what we're denied

    As generations wait

    We can't resist the taste of possibility

    Gears turn, endlessly

    To bring us back to life again

    Like clockwork, we begin”

    Running his fingers along your painted cheek he sighs, “I’m ready my Rose, I won’t make you wait any longer.” Fixing his shirt collar he glances out his window one last time, the marble balcony making his eyes soften. Picking up the painting he sets out the door, ready to satisfy his desiring heart.

    With every step he takes the “tick” of his heart grows louder, hands trembling as he stands in front of the large oak doors of your home. Tapping his knuckles against his final barrier his eyes widen at the quick response. The “tock” of your heart filling his ears, his little hand standing before him bags packed and ready to go.

    Gripping his hand you place the painting he brought on the little table by the door, a simple note left for your parents beside it. The two of you wanted to do this right, no running away or unfinished conversations. You wanted them to find you when they were ready, talk to you both when their hearts could accept everything. This was the start of your new life the one you two made together, and just like clockwork you set off. The two hands finally meeting, a beautiful “tick tock” resounding with every step you made.

    Inspiration song- “Clockwork” ~ Sleeping At Last

    #attack on titan #snk#aot #aot x reader #aot imagines#snk imagines#aot guys#snk guys#aot oneshots#snk oneshot #aot levi ackerman #levi ackerman oneshot #levi ackerman imagine #levi ackerman drabble #levi x reader #levi x y/n #levi x you #levi ackerman x reader #levi ackerman x you #levi ackerman x y/n #levi ackerman fluff #aot songfic#snk songfic
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    Nobody is You - Chapter 9 - Somebody’s Birthday

    Fanart credit to Nago on Pixiv

    Summary: Miche’s birthday celebration! Content: NSFW kind of nudity, tiny bit of food play, lots of kissing (same sex/opposite sex), penetrative sex (sort of), lots of alcohol, it’s really just a lot happening in this with so much vets interactions. Song: Thanks to @luanabonn this whole chapter was written listening to Maneskin. Specifically Fear Nobody, Are You Ready?, Close to the Top, Niente da dire, Moriro da Re… Literally on repeat. Word Count: ~ 6,500

    A/N: I wrote this chapter having a lot of vets interactions in mind. If you’re a fan of the vets, I really hope I did a good job on this chapter because I think they are just so fun and would be the greatest friends. I wanted to show their young and fun side. Think chaotic fun between friends.

    As always, feedback is always appreciated! :)

    “Come on, I want to open it now.” Miche reached for the present Y/N was holding, but she pulled it away, trying to hold it as far from him as she could.

    “Just wait until you open everyone else’s.” She struggled against him, trying to keep him away as she sat on his desk, her knee pushing him back.

    Miche was tall, but Y/N was also tall and she was just tall enough to be able to hold the present out of reach. Miche gave it one last try, leaning over her to grab it, but then gave up, huffing in frustration.

    “Fine. I’ll wait.” He stood back and leaned against his dresser, waiting for her to let her guard down. She slowly stood up straight and adjusted her jacket.

    That’s when Miche quickly grabbed it from her and laughed tauntingly, waving his prize in front of her. Y/N launched herself at him, jumping up to grab the present back.

    “Hey, wait!” Miche managed to grab her in midair, but lost his balance and they both laughed as they started falling backwards. Miche’s body provided enough cushion for the fall, but as they went down, her hand got caught in between Miche and the dresser, her wrist getting jammed and she yelped.

    Miche honestly thought she was joking, trying to make a diversion to steal the present back, but once he looked at her face, he knew she wasn’t. It wasn’t like she wasn’t crying, but he could see her reddening eyes and a grimace on her face, her lips starting to frown.

    “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” She hissed, her voice cracking as she repeated the same word over and over. She lifted her hand up slowly and cradled her limp wrist. Miche sat up quickly and tossed the gift to the side.

    “I’m sorry. Shit.” He held Y/N in his lap, reaching for her wrist. “I’m sorry.”

    “Don’t grab it so quickly!” She held her wrist securely in her hand and pulled it against her chest, away from him.

    “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He lifted his hands slowly, gently pulling her hand away. “Let me see it.”

    She moved her hand and let him hold it as she tried bending it all directions to see if it was broken. She watched as Miche rubbed his thumb lightly over the swelling skin.

    “God, I’m sorry.” He lowered his head down. Y/N prepared herself for him to aggressively rest his forehead against her hand and she held her breath. Instead, Miche placed the softest kiss over her wrist, moving down to the back of her hand and placing another. Again, moving to the side of her wrist and placing another kiss, so delicate she barely felt it against her skin.

    Her mouth hung open and her eyes went wide, amazed and confused at what he was doing. She couldn’t even remember the last time someone kissed something better. Her body forced her to swallow as she watched Miche’s blonde lashes flutter against her skin. She couldn’t even blink, afraid she might miss the way his lips lightly pursed out and softly pressed against her skin, the way his hair fell over her arm like a sheet of golden silk or how gently his rough hands held onto hers. He placed one final kiss on her wrist and looked up at her, shaking his bangs out of his face.


    She could barely focus on the one word he just spoke because all she could see were his eyes. Is it possible for eyes to really twinkle like that? They were like a giant pool of sparkling water as bright as the sky and as deep as the ocean. Swirls of colors she’s never known the names of, all right in front of her. She had never seen eyes holding such a kindhearted glimmer, especially from Miche. She just stared at him, her eyes focused and unmoving while her face held an unreadable expression.

    “Y/N?” She blinked quickly at her name and looked down at her wrist then back up at Miche.

    “Better… thanks.” She didn’t know the gentleness that his eyes could hold until that moment and as he smiled at her, they somehow became even more tender and warm.

    She resisted the impossibly strong urge to kiss him, knowing that she would hate herself if she did it. Instead she just sat there looking at her wrist. Miche grabbed the present and set it in her lap.

    “I can wait.” She looked up at him and he was smiling. “I can open it with the other gifts.”

    When Y/N got dressed, she had forgotten that she put her birthday gift for him in her jacket pocket and when she pulled her jacket back on, the gift slipped out and fell to the floor. She felt stupid having him open it now with just the two of them, but looking at his smile and this new look in his eyes, she held the gift out to him.

    “You can open it now.”

    “Are you sure?” She nodded and Miche smiled widely, the excitement dancing in his eyes.

    He pulled off the brown paper that covered the box and set it aside then carefully lifted the lid. She looked at him and then at the gift and back at him, waiting for his reaction, but he only just stared at it.

    She didn’t think it was necessary, but she was about to explain what it was before she noticed the smile returning to his face, slowly growing until it she could see the creases in the corner of his eyes and he looked up at her.

    Miche was looking at the watch sitting in the box he was holding. The gold frame sparkling from the sun shining through the window behind him. He had never been given a watch before. It’s not that he didn’t like wearing them, but he never found a reason to have one. He wondered what made Y/N choose this for him. The thought of Y/N getting him something that he could keep with him at all times made him smile and he rubbed his thumb over the face of the watch and looked up at her.

    “I love it.” He pulled it out of the box and noticed some leather pieces were attached to the sides.

    “I had Hange’s help attaching the strap. You can wear it on your wrist or just put it in your pocket or whatever.” She was smiling at him, an abnormally proud look on her face that made Miche feel particularly appreciated, like she thought of only him for this gift. “That’s not it though.”

    She leaned forward, sitting herself closer to him and took the watch from his hand. Miche watched her moving and adjusted his feet to give her more room. She flipped the watch over and handed it to him.

    “I had it engraved.” He took the watch from her hands and saw the small inscription on the back. Four small words carved into the gold backing. Never stop being Miche.

    Miche felt his heart swelling with warmth in his chest and a weird sensation overwhelm his body as his cheeks flushed pink. He couldn’t even think of thoughts to form, let alone words to say to her. His heart was beating so quickly, so heavily in his chest and he didn’t know if it was because the thoughtfulness of the gift or because he could physically feel his feelings for Y/N growing.

    “Do you like it?” Her voice woke him from his thoughts and he looked up to her quickly. He knew Y/N saw him. The realhim. One of the few people who actually did, but for some reason in that moment he felt the depth of it. He felt the extent of her seeing him and knowing him and he never felt more naked and vulnerable while still feeling so totally and completely comfortable and seen than he did right then. Where his voice was always lost to everyone else, He knew she heard him.

    “I love it.” He held her gaze and watched her smile, a penetrating and deep look in his eyes. “Somehow, I love it even more than I loved it before.”

    He couldn’t resist the pull to be closer to her and he reached forward pulling her into a hug. The kind of hug that’s so tight she could feel how quickly his heart was beating in his chest and she smiled because he must have really liked the gift. She wasn’t always the best at giving gifts, but she wanted Miche to feel special.

    Miche pulled back slowly, his eyes looking at hers briefly before they dropped to her lips and he leaned in closer, slowly bring his lips to hers. It was a gentle kiss, Miche’s tongue peeking out just enough to wet her lips. He somehow pulled her even closer into him and he opened his mouth for her, his tongue finding all the corners of her mouth, making sure not to miss any. He groaned into her as her tongue met his and as the feeling in his chest became too overwhelming, he pulled back, separating their lips.

    “God, I… I just…” Miche kept his eyes closed, his heart beating even faster than it was moments before. He breathed deeply against her lips, his forehead pressed against hers. “I love the gift. I love it so fucking much.”

    “I see that.” She laughed nervously. She pulled her hand from where it was resting on his waist and Miche backed up.

    “Sorry.” He couldn’t even fake a laugh or a smile, he just sat back and looked back down at the watch.

    “I’m just glad you like—”

    “We’re ready!” Hange burst into the room singing and stopped when they saw Y/N and Miche on the floor. “You guys okay?”

    “Yeah, Miche was just opening the present I got him.” She explained.

    “It’s a great watch, right?” Hange watched as Miche kept his eyes on Y/N.

    “It’s perfect.”

    “Let’s hurry up and get some cake.” Y/N stood up from the ground and held her hand out to help Miche up.

    They both thought they were going to the kitchen to celebrate with the cake, but after making it down the first set of stairs, they turned down the hall.

    “Are we stopping by our room first?” Y/N asked, her hands moving to her pockets.

    “Nope.” Hange turned around to look at them with a huge smile. “Erwin prepared a surprise.”

    “In our room?” Y/N couldn’t imagine what he could have prepared considering she was just in their room a couple hours ago. They reached the door and Hange did a weird knock which consisted of several knocks alternating between quick and slow. They waited there until a quick double knock came from the other side.

    “Isn’t this a bit much?” Miche chuckled and his hands moved to the back of Y/N’s waist and she stiffened, pushing him off before Hange opened the door.

    Y/N was expecting to see their basic bedroom, but when the door opened and they walked in, the room was completely different. Erwin had pushed their desks together and covered it with a tablecloth, lining them with lit candles. The table also held a bunch of snack foods on it for them to eat as well as the cake he and Hange had been working on.

    He moved Y/N’s bed and opened up the room, giving them all space to sit on the floor while all along the edges of the walls, he hung ribbons and banners for decorations.

    “Erwin did all of this?” Y/N’s eyes were wide as she looked around her normally very familiar room. She looked over to Erwin standing in the corner and smiled.

    Miche followed behind Y/N, looking around at all the decorations. Never, for any of their birthdays, had they ever decorated an entire room for each other. Most of the time, they just celebrated outside, but during Miche’s birthday the weather was always too cold to do that. He looked down and the smile on Y/N’s face was bigger than his.

    “Who knew Erwin could be so cool.” She smiled wider.

    Miche saw the look on Y/N’s face and a weird feeling ran through him, making him feel worried. He watched her eyes turn back to Erwin, fixedly gazing at him and Miche started feeling annoyed, almost angry. He watched her step forward and he grabbed her hand to hold her back.

    “He’s not that cool.” He laughed nervously. “I mean, it’s Erwin.”

    Y/N shrugged and they all gathered around the table of snacks. She reached her hands for something to eat and Miche pulled it away.

    “First, alcohol.” He smiled.

    “Right!” Hange moved to pull the bottle from their desk drawer while Y/N looked at them confused.

    “I thought I was supposed to get the alcohol?” Y/N asked, reaching for the bottle she picked up behind her desk. Erwin stepped closer.

    “That’s funny, Miche told me to get the alcohol.” Erwin pulled his bottle from the table. They all looked at Miche and he was smiling while leaning up against the wall.

    “I wanted to guarantee we would have fun.”

    “With three bottles of wine?” Y/N’s eyes were wide.

    “Well now we can start with the first game.” He took the bottle from her and opened it, taking a big gulp.

    “What game is that?”

    “Drink it Until It’s Gone.” He smiled and Y/N narrowed her eyes, smiling cheekily back at him as she took the bottle.

    “You mean Drink Around the Rosy?” She took two big gulps.

    “When did you get so cool?” Miche smiled and she smiled back, handing the bottle to Hange.

    They all took turns taking drinks from the first bottle of wine until the bottle was finished and Miche’s “game” was over.

    “Hanj, give me another bottle.” Miche set the empty one aside and grabbed the new one.

    “Can we eat yet?” Y/N complained. “I’m getting sleepy.”

    “Already? We just started.” Miche pulled out the cork and handed her the bottle.

    “We need another game.” Hange jumped up and looked at all of them. They could all tell by the look on Hange’s face what game they were thinking and they quickly backed away. “Tag the Titan!”

    Hange ran to the closest person to her which was Erwin and tried to get at the nape of his neck which he covered with his hands tightly.

    Tag the Titan was a favorite game for Miche and Hange, but Y/N and Erwin couldn’t stand it, all of them being intoxicated didn’t help. The objective of the game was like tag, but you had to tag the nape of someone’s neck.

    Miche was the worst and everyone hated when he was the tagger because he just tackled everyone without caring at all what he ran into. He nearly broke Hange’s bed in an attempt to reach Y/N and ended up bruising Erwin’s cheek when he threw him to the ground.

    Hange’s go-to was biting and would bite anyone’s hand when they covered their nape. At one point, Miche refused to backdown and move his hands causing Hange to draw blood.

    Y/N’s choice was to tickle everyone until they dropped their hands, she was known for being the most aggressive tickler. Erwin was the easiest to get with this because after the first time she tickled him, he farted. They all burst out laughing, but he refused to admit that he did it. So after that, anytime she came after him, he would just drop his hands and allow himself to get tagged.

    Erwin tried to be the most practical and talk everyone into moving their hands. When that failed, which it did every time, he started playing dirty and jabbing their ribs. Miche was always able to hold out so Erwin had to get dirtier, giving wedgies until he gave in.

    As soon as they all got too tired to keep playing, they collapsed on the floor laughing. They grabbed the snacks and ate while chatting before they slowly made their way into a circle and started their favorite game, Questions and Commands.

    The punishments were always different, but the rules were always the same. Everyone takes turns and gets to choose between a question they must answer or a command they must perform. If they refuse to do what is requested, they must perform the punishment. Since it was Miche’s birthday, he got to choose the punishment and in pure Miche fashion, he chose having to kiss the requester. This was made even worse considering how much all of them had already had to drink, the questions and commands quickly moved from dirty to dirtier.

    “Hange, question or command?” Miche asked and Hange thought about it.


    “You’re already drunk enough for that?” Miche laughed. “I’ll keep it simple for now, I command you to hold Erwin’s hand for the next round.”

    “Easy.” They moved closer to Erwin and grabbed his hand. “Miche, question or comm—”

    “Command. Obviously.” He laughed.

    “Sniff Y/N’s armpit.” Hange giggled and Miche sat up.

    “You think that’s a bad thing?” He laughed again moving over to Y/N.

    “You guys suck.” Y/N complained as Miche lifted her arm up and stuck his face in her armpit, taking a deep breath. He groaned jokingly and took another breath, then a third one and was about to take a fourth when she pulled her arm back down. “Hange said one sniff! Calm down.”

    Miche laughed as she shoved him back and he fell onto the floor. It was Miche’s turn to be requester again.

    “Erwin, question or command?”

    “Command.” Erwin pulled the newly opened bottle of wine to his lips and took a gulp, passing it along to Y/N who was sitting next to him.

    “This should be good.” Y/N took a gulp, excited for what Miche was going to make Erwin do.

    “Sit in Hange’s lap for the next round.” Miche reached for the bottle, but Y/N pulled it away.

    “That’s it?” She stared at him with as much annoyance as she could while Erwin crawled closer to Hange.

    “I feel like I’m being punished somehow—oof” Hange complained as Erwin plopped himself in their lap and laughed. “You are so heavy.”

    “My turn!” Erwin smiled drunkenly and looked around at everyone, but turned back to Hange and smiled wider. He put his hand on their cheek. “Hange, you have to get tickled by someone of your choice for ten seconds.”

    Hange laughed lightly and looked up, their eyes on Miche then Y/N. There was no way they were going to let Y/N tickle them. Not with those aggressive and bruising fingers. Hange’s hand lifted up and pointed directly at Miche.

    “Get over here and tickle me.” Miche moved over quickly and tickled both Hange and Erwin until time was up. “This is fun, but we need to spice things up a bit.”

    “Thank you!” Y/N passed the bottle of wine to Hange. “Those keeping it interesting, get to drink.”

    Y/N looked directly at Miche as she spoke and he scoffed, crossing his arms. Hange took a sip and looked around at everyone.

    “Y/N.” They took another sip. “Change shirts with Erwin.”

    “You didn’t even ask me if I wanted a command.” Y/N pointed out.

    “No questions.” Hange took another sip and Miche took the bottle from them. Meanwhile Erwin already had his shirt off and tossed it across the room.

    “Erwin! I’m supposed to wear that!” Y/N stood up and went to grab the shirt, quickly taking off hers while they were distracted and putting Erwin’s on. She tossed her shirt at him and made her way back. “Erwin, question or command?”

    “Command.” He was struggling to put Y/N’s shirt on, each time he pulled it down, the tight size forced it to roll back up. He gave it a couple more attempts before giving up and just kept his stomach showing.

    “Choose someone to lick cake off of you.” Y/N smiled mischievously. “Wait, not someone. I want Miche to do it.”

    “Of course you do.” Miche laughed and pulled the cake from the table and brought it to Erwin who was already laying on the ground with his shirt lifted up and Miche let out a noise of complaint. “Come on, man! You’re really going to lay down for this?”

    “I want the Miche experience.” He laughed and Y/N and Hange joined in, moving closer to watch. Erwin propped himself on his elbows and looked at Y/N. “Do I get to choose where he eats from?”

    That wasn’t what she originally planned, but so far this was moving in a fun direction and she was interested in where it was going. Erwin wasn’t always fun, but when they got drunk and hung out, he was exponentially more fun than usual. His often-hidden affectionate nature came out along with his incredibly playful side.

    “I like how you’re thinking. Yes, Erwin you can choose where.” Erwin smiled and gruffly grabbed a handful of cake, putting some on his stomach and his cheek, keeping the rest in his hand and Miche glared at him.

    “This is starting to feel like my command. I’d rather take the punishment.” Miche rubbed his forehead and laughed to himself, muttering a quiet “fuck” before bending down and licking the cake off of Erwin’s stomach.

    Erwin couldn’t stop giggling and Y/N and Hange couldn’t stop laughing at his giggle as Miche’s movements tickled him. It wasn’t as bad as Miche thought it was going to be. Since Erwin switched shirts with Y/N, if Miche closed his eyes, he could almost pretend that he was licking cake off of Y/N’s stomach.

    As soon as Erwin’s stomach was clean, Miche moved up to his cheek and Erwin squirmed against his licking again, giggling again.

    “I feel like I’m being licked by a dog.” Erwin laughed. Miche backed up, thinking he was finished when Erwin held up his hand, his fingers covered in cake still. Y/N and Hange started laughing even louder than before. “Not done yet.”

    “Erwin, I love you so much right now.” Y/N was laying on the ground, holding her stomach while she laughed.

    “You are enjoying this way too much.” Miche complained to them all, still laughing himself. He grabbed Erwin’s hand, fitting as many fingers in as he could in his mouth, trying to get it over with as quickly as possible. He pulled Erwin’s thumb out of his mouth and sat back, rubbing his face roughly before returning to his spot and wiping his mouth. “The cake is pretty good though.”

    “Who’s up, Erwin?” Hange turned to Erwin.

    “Miche—” Erwin started, sitting up from the ground.

    “Fuck.” Miche breathed and dropped his head and they all laughed.

    “Miche, who has been the best sex you’ve had?” Erwin smiled shamelessly and Miche quickly looked up at him.

    “I—I choose command.” Miche did his best not to look over at Y/N, feeling his heartrate pick up.

    “I command you to tell me who has been the best sex you’ve ever had.” Erwin’s smile almost turned dark, but he couldn’t hold it and instead started laughing. Miche took a deep breath and crawled back to Erwin, his hand going to the back of Erwin’s neck and he pulled him in and kissed him.

    “Aww first punishment!” Hange declared, their arms in the air. Miche backed up to his spot in between Y/N and Hange and turned to Hange.

    “Hange,” he started, “I command you to give a note to Commander Shadis, but we get to write what it says.”

    “YES!” Erwin threw his arms in the air, Y/N’s shirt in one of his hands having taken it off at some point.

    “Hell. No.” Hange leaned over to Miche and planted a clear kiss on his lips. Miche kept laughing after they pulled away. “Y/N, question or command?”

    “I get to choose?” Y/N’s eyes went wide with excitement. “Command.”

    “You have to go to the bathroom with Miche next time one of you has to go.”

    “Easy enough.” Y/N shrugged. “Erwin, I command you to make out with your own hand.”

    “What kind of question is that?” Miche exclaimed, his eyes opening wide and a small flash of anger moving over them. “He either makes out with his hand or you.”

    It took a little bit for what Miche said to make sense in her head and when she realized it, she sighed quietly.

    “I’m bad at this.” Erwin was already in front of her. His hands quickly went to cup her jaw and he bent down, Y/N closed her eyes as his lips met hers. Miche could feel his stomach twisting and tightening in a way he’d never felt it before. His body was getting hot, but not in a good way. He could feel a burning pit of heat in his chest and his hands started shaking.

    He watched Y/N’s hand rest on Erwin’s bare chest and sat up straighter, his jaw tightening. Erwin set himself closer to her, his mouth opening and his tongue slipping out and he licked over her bottom lip.

    “Whoa! What the fuck!” Miche moved forward and pushed Erwin off. “When did we start using tongue during the punishments!”

    “Sorry, sorry.” Erwin laughed and noticed Hange giving him a look as Miche huffed. Erwin turned to Y/N. “I apologize.”

    “It’s okay.” She nodded, honestly not even aware of him using tongue.

    “Miche, I command you to pour cold water on yourself.” Erwin smiled and Miche narrowed his eyes at him, the pit in his stomach growing hotter as he kept thinking about Erwin kissing Y/N. He stood up swiftly and moved to the bathroom, Y/N following quickly behind him. Hange slapped Erwin’s arm and they both followed.

    Miche stood in the bathroom with a cup of cold water in his hands. He kept lifting the cup up and lowering it, taking quick, deep breaths to try and get himself ready to do it.

    “You want me to pour it for you?” Y/N asked. He nodded and gave it to her.

    “Try not to let me know—Fuck!” Miche shivered as the ice-cold water was dumped on his head, the water dripping down his neck and back. “Fuck, now I have to piss.”

    “Y/N has to go with you.” Hange reminded, pulling Erwin back from the bathroom and closing the door, leaving Y/N and soaking wet Miche standing there.

    “You can use my towel to dry off.” She pulled her towel from the hook and handed it to him.

    “Thanks.” He wiped himself, holding the towel to his face and smelling her. She moved to go sit on the edge of the bathtub, but Miche grabbed her wrist, stopping her. She turned to look and he grabbed her waist and the back of her neck, pulling her into his lips and kissing her roughly. His mouth opened quickly and he moved to his lips to her neck.

    “What are you doing?” She whispered, pushing him off. Miche pulled back as soon as he smelled Erwin’s shirt which she was still wearing.

    “I don’t know.” Miche looked down, holding her hands. “I don’t know. I’m sorry. I just feel weird.”

    “I think it’s all the alcohol we’re drinking on very little food.” She laughed, lifting his chin so he was looking at her. “Don’t you have to pee?”

    “Yeah.” He smiled, completely forgetting about it.

    He knew he was being stupid. Erwin was his friend and obviously wasn’t trying to make him upset. He didn’t know that kissing Y/N would bother him and so he didn’t know what he was doing. Miche had no reason to feel bad. He was being dumb, getting jealous for no reason.

    He quickly moved to the toilet and peed, washing his hands and walking with Y/N back into the bedroom where Erwin and Hange were waiting. Even as stupid as Miche was feeling, he really did want to show Erwin up, even if Erwin didn’t realize that’s what he was doing. So when Hange reminded Miche of his turn, he quickly went to Y/N.

    “Close your eyes and walk towards us. Whoever you touch first, you have to kiss.” He smiled, knowing he would be able to step in front of both Hange and Erwin to get to kiss Y/N in front of both of them.

    “Weirdo. Either way I am having to kiss someone.” Y/N laughed and walked to the other side of the room, she closed her eyes and started walking towards them, swinging her hands back and forth.

    This was going to work. Miche set himself right in the middle and was directly in line to have to her touch him first. He smiled at how easily he came up with the plan and how quickly it was working.

    She was a couple feet in front of them now, moving slowly still, but in the same line towards Miche. As her arm swung out, just before touching Miche, Erwin brushed his hair back with his hands and Y/N caught his elbow.

    “I think I hit someone.” She opened her eyes and Erwin stood there with his eyes wide and it was in that moment that Miche realized he could have just had her do something she would most definitely refuse and he could have kissed her with the punishment.

    He sighed and Y/N leaned forward and planted a small kiss on Erwin’s mouth. Thankfully much smaller and faster than the kiss Erwin gave Y/N.

    “Hange,” Y/N started, “I command you to knock on Commander Shadis’s door. Right now.”

    “Are you kidding?” Hange looked at their watch. “It’s like two in the morning. I’ll take the punishment.”

    Damn it! Miche thought. Even Hange was getting to kiss Y/N before he did. He closed his eyes, hugging his knees and rocking back and forth as Hange and Y/N both leaned towards each other and kissed.

    “Erwin.” Hange began.


    “Give me your pants.” Erwin stood up and unbuckled his pants, removing them and handing them to Hange.

    “Are we trading?”

    “No, I just want yours.” Hange laughed.

    It was Erwin’s turn and Miche could feel himself getting upset again. He knew, he just knew that Erwin was going to pick Y/N. And when he did, he knew he was going to get upset again. He tried his best to breathe and calm himself down, reminding himself that Erwin didn’t know it was making Miche upset.

    “Y/N.” Erwin turned to Y/N and Miche was almost growling. “I command you to get a back massage from each of us while blindfolded. Whoever you like best, you have to kiss.”

    “So either way I am kissing someone again?” She laughed and Miche started intensely chugging wine from the bottle. “I’ll take the punishment.”

    Erwin looked towards Miche, this time a slightly nervous look in his eyes. He kept watching Miche until Y/N’s lips pressed lightly against his and he close his eyes, forcing Miche to quickly look away.

    “My turn!” Y/N announced. “Hange, I command you to let Miche do your hair.”

    Hange smiled and turned their back to Miche as he made his way over, untying the tie that was already in there.

    “Erwin, I command you to do a sexy crawl,” Hange giggled. Miche quickly looked to Erwin, watching him eye Y/N, and accidentally pulled Hange’s hair. “Ouch Miche, damn.”

    “Sorry.” Miche watched Erwin crawling to Y/N, his back arched lightly and a playful smile on his face. He continued tugging Hange’s hair and finally gave up as he watched Erwin bite his lip gently and move to kiss Y/N. “You’re not supposed to do the command and the punishment.”

    “You’re right.” Erwin sat back on his heels in front of her. “I command you to take off your bra and toss it out the window.”

    “What? No! No. No.” Miche crawled his way over to them.

    “I think I can say ‘no’ myself.” Y/N laughed and Erwin leaned in to kiss her. Miche got to them in time to grab Erwin’s cheeks and pull him into a hurried and aggressive kiss. Erwin’s arms went wide and he laughed into Miche’s mouth.

    “I’m so done with this fucking game.” Miche wiped his mouth, pulling away.

    “At least you still have your clothes on.” Erwin continued laughing as he fell back on the floor.

    “You chose to strip down.” Miche was angry, but seeing his friend drunkenly laughing to himself on the floor made him smile still and he jumped down to tackle him even further. Hange joined in, landing on top of them. Y/N sat there laughing until Miche grabbed the sleeve of Erwin’s shirt she was still wearing and pulled her into their pileup.

    Miche was laying on his back, his right arm around Erwin, his left arm around Hange and Y/N laid on his chest.

    “I love you guys.” He pulled them tighter. “Thank you for this.”


    It took a while for Miche and Y/N to get away without Hange and Erwin realizing they left. Shortly after the questions and commands game, they all passed out on the floor of the bedroom. Y/N woke up an hour later with Miche’s arms wrapped tightly around her and she did her best to quietly wake him up. By the time they actually made it to the stables, it was nearly morning.

    “Take off your clothes.” She ordered and Miche started to pull off his shirt as she pushed him to sit down. Through his drunken tiredness, he got caught and lost his balance, falling backwards onto the ground and they both laughed. He was on his back, still caught in his shirt and she straddled his hips to help pull his shirt from his face. They quickly removed the rest of their clothing and Y/N climbed on top of him, lining herself up.

    “Don’t you need to warm up a bit?” Miche’s eyebrows came together.

    “I really think I’m okay.” She smiled.

    “Are you sure?” Miche flipped them over so he was on top.

    Y/N positioned herself again and lined him up, helping him push in. Miche squeezed his eyes shut and let out the sweetest moan. It was right into her face, but she really never had any complaints about that and quickly brought her lips to his.

    “How are you already so wet?” He started slow thrusts into her.

    “Maybe it’s a bit of that Tag the Titan game.” They both laughed, remembering how messy and out of control it got. Miche could feel himself already close to coming undone.

    “Damn it. I come way too fast when I’m drunk. I shouldn’t have had so much.”

    “Oh, you mean Finish the Bottles was a bad idea?” Miche laughed loudly and Y/N followed, both of them trying to get air and continue to drunkenly have sex. The weight of Miche’s body made Y/N snort.

    “What the hell was that?” Miche laughed harder and it had tears in Y/N’s eyes as she tried to catch her breath. Both of them were gasping for air as they laid there giggling into each other’s faces. “Well now I’m soft.”

    “Kiss me.” She demanded. Miche smiled, leaning in and they kissed. It didn’t matter whether they were sober or drunk, there was never a time Miche didn’t love kissing her. Her soft lips moving so gently against his and it took no time at all before he was moaning into her, his erection stiff again. He pulled away and looked at her.

    “Can we change positions a bit?” He asked.

    “Sure.” She nodded. Miche watched her sit up and climb on top of him and smiled. He really did want to have sex, but after the day he’s had and seeing her sitting on top of him now, he really wanted nothing more than to just lay down next to her. It’s not that he was even that tired, but he had been fighting the urge to hold her all day and now he had the chance.

    “Y/N?” She looked down at him and he rubbed his thumbs along her hip bone. “Can we just skip the sex tonight?”

    “You don’t want it?”

    He opened his mouth to speak, not really sure how to explain to her how he was feeling. He hated that he could never get his feelings into words for her.

    “I guess, maybe I’m just feeling tired. We’re both probably tired and—” He looked up and saw the sun starting to come up “—we don’t have much longer to sleep.”

    He smiled at her and the look on her face as she was thinking. Without feeling the need to put up a front and not realizing that Miche was watching her, she didn’t try to hide the fact that she was thinking with that distinctive, cold expression she wore. It took him a minute of admiring her before he realized that maybe she had already gotten riled up and maybe she wanted to have sex.

    “Oh, um, if you need to get off or whatever, I can help.” He moved one of his hands from her hip to his head, scratching his temple. His voice broke her from her thoughts and she smiled, leaning over him.

    “No, I’m pretty tired too. Does this mean we are getting old?” She smiled at him, leaning closer to his face.

    “I don’t mind it as long as I have you.” He lifted up to kiss her and when she laughed, he knew that she wasn’t understanding what he said or the way he meant it.

    “You’ll always have us.” They both smiled and Miche pulled her down to lay next to him, his nose nuzzling hers as he pulled her closer.

    She really just has no idea, he thought and used his teeth to lightly tug her upper lip into his mouth and he held it there.

    “Nee-kay.” She tried speaking and they both laughed at her voice. He pulled himself away and she turned around, both of them situating themselves comfortably as he held her. He pulled her as closely as he could into his chest and sighed, wondering how he was going to sleep with his heart beating so quickly. This was perfect. Everything was perfect. He had never had a better birthday than this one. He smiled to himself, wondering how anything else could ever top this moment.

    Y/N was smiling, her nose lightly breathing in the scent of Miche from his arm wrapped around her. She smiled again, turning her body around to face him and when she looked up at him, he was smiling at her, that dopey grin she would never admit how much she really loved.

    “Happy birthday, Miche.” She tucked herself into him, nuzzling her nose against his chest hair the same way she did a couple nights before.

    Miche leaned in and kissed the top of her head, his arms wrapping tighter around her. Yeah, this one is going to be a tough one to top.

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    Masters, your humble servant has had an idea and wishes to present it to you, please sit back and enjoy.

    Yours truly,


    These are some headcanons that I believe Zeke would be into!

    He is into facefucking. Not only that but doing it to punish you for being a brat like desobeying his orders to not talk to anyone else, or to make you understand your place when you behave too bratty.

    He loves being sucked under his table (I believe this one had already been written) and if he is talking to someone else, say his brother, he would make sure to give his brother that knowing look so that if perhaps his brother wanted to tap in he would have permission.

    Threesomes and public sex are things Zeke is very much into, however, if you weren't into one or the other he would understand but, woud try to coerse you into said hobbies, especially if the threesomes are with either Eren or Colt.

    Breeding (again I believe that I have talked about this). But also, watching one of the other guys (Colt) that would be such a turn on for him knowing that even the guy that has used you submits to him.

    Dumbification, we all know he is a smart man, a man of philosophies and politicalness, so if you acted dumb on his cock it would give him that rush of dominance over you, knowing that all you could think about was his thick cock that rubbed you in all the right places.

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